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Beginner's Guide by LockeScythe

Updated: 03/01/02

Written By Locke Scythe
Version 1 March 2001
Feel Free to email me with any further questions and for permission to 
put this on your web site. 

This FAQ is intended to help you.

This FAQ will NOT tell you where every spell is or every item

All this FAQ will do is help you get prepared for the game.

This guide will most likely contain some spoilers.

All right now that I'm done with all my little rambling I'll start with 
my guide.


A-History and main character choices
B-Newport and getting started
C-The mansion

The Town is new port, it's 1920 and there have been mysterious 
disappearances at the Benedict Manor. You are an Investigator, Male of 
Female your choice, and your job will be to discover the mystery of the 

You get to choose what your job will be.

Your choices are,
Detective- A class who are great with guns and are well rounded in 
stats. ((Suggested for first time players))

Dillettetant- A class that can use both guns and magic. If you are 
trying to chose a main character this or detective would be your best 

Medium (psychic)- They have magic powers. I actually Avoided using this 
class because I just never thought they were that useful.

Scientist- uses a machine to damage your opponents. Magnet beam is very 
useful at start of game.

Journalist-MOST USEFUL ALLY IN GAME. Bad main character though. Can 
take pictures of your opponents making you loads of cash. A journalist 
is the ONLY way to make money in the game. ((Unless you sell things and 
you won't make enough for a living anyway))

Newport is a small town consisting of a few places.

The first place you should visit on your journey. 

There are 5 people who will join your party here.

Dick August- A medium.

Morgan Dylan- A journalist

Lamont Blackwood- A Dilettetant

Vincent Hoffman- A Scientist

Alex Quinn- A Detective

In addition to your 5 new friends there is a worried mother who offers 
1000 dollars to you if you find her daughter Amy.

The Bartender will give a short explanation on classes and then tell 
you to go visit the Fortune-teller.

Leave the bar and re-enter.

These are the new residents of the bar who give helpful advice for you. 
After visiting the mansion a few times return and talk to the bartender 
I believe he gives you a job to do.


For now its not very useful but if one of your party ends up in a body 
bag come here and treat them for 300 gold. Later in the game hurt 
travelers will be staying in the rooms.


Not very useful. You'll visit this place probably 3 or 4 times 
throughout your journey. You can reread notes and books you found on 
your journeys and that's about it. Oh yeah and you can view all 
monsters you've taken pictures of.


Very useful. If you ever get stuck visit her and you'll get a useful 
hint to continue.


Not going to be used right now but after every visit come here and use 
your experience to power up your skills. I suggest leveling up each 
person's specialty. Like photo for the journalist and so forth.


A pivotal place in the game. You come here to heal up after trips, save 
your game, change party members and get money for selling the photos 
you take in the mansion.

Since it is your first time at the Hotel I suggest. ((Depending on your 
class) that your party consists of A journalist, A 
detective/Dilettetant, and A scientist/medium.

The scientist or medium thing is your choice really. But you'll need 
one of them for sure.

A journalist is your only money source therefore you need one. If your 
main characters a journalist then take both the detective and the 
Dilettetant and a medium/scientist.

If you're a detective bring a Dilettetant; if you're a dilettante bring 
a detective. 

Again it's your choice. I go with a detective, a Dilettetant, a 
journalist and a scientist. Sand since it's my guide that's what I will 
give a walk-through for.


Another place you will be visiting after every trip. 
Id buy as many bullets, film and batteries ((IF you're using a 
scientist only)). 
For your first visit you're pretty broke buy 20 films, 2 derringers, 
100 batteries and 100 bullets. Equip the 2 derringers on the detective 
and the Dilettetant. Sell the weapons of the detective and the 
Dilettetant and get 100 bucks then head to the other shop. 

The other side sells items that are used in and outside of battle.
Buy a shovel, compass and a shovel. You should be broke by now so head 
out of the shop and save your game at the hotel.

This may not be too helpful BUT this is my first guide so cut me some 

Helpful hints:

-Use this guide only if you are stuck the mansions. Its not that hard 
to navigate through someday I'll make a detailed map and this will be a 
lot easier.

-REST after every battle rest!

-Make sure to buy film every time you leave the dungeon.

-Most likely you're using an emulator. If you are SAVE VERY OFTEN.

-Do not equip Beyond, Cassandra, The Thief, or any other character that 
doesn't leave the castle with you. They will leave your party or die at 
one point so be warned. 

-Remember to bring 1 shovel, 1 holy water and a compass for the manor.

-The door reappears every time you leave. Fight it for a quick 400 exp. 
Not to mention that his photo is worth 300 bucks a shot.

-Do not enter the church unless you have a bible in hand or the mental 
damage will kill you

-If Mr. Journalist runs out of film either return to town or equip him 
with a weapon.

-If you find a body take them to town and get rewards and money.

-Do not attack the first crazy guy you meet talk to him and he will 
help you out.

-When you reach the castle there will be A LOT of human people talk to 
them, don't kill them.

-Ghosts, souls, wraiths use the scientists magnet line ((you'll have to 
fix his machinery now and then)) or magic to defeat them.

-The silver knife and sword are AMAZING weapons that hurt mind and body 
which means they can damage ghosts, souls and the sort as well.

-If someone dies. Leave, go to the hospital and return again unless 
it's late in the game then you'll have soul stones for them.

D- BEYOND........................ 

All right here's the deal with the ending. There are 2 endings that I 
know of. Ruvan will ask if you want to leave and never return. If you 
accept the game ends and you'll get a bad ending. Continue and you'll 
get the better one.


E Thanks
Thank you to RPG Classics
for having the game on their site.

Thank you GameFAQs for posting my FAQ 

Thank you Survivor board for having fun games for me to participate in.

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