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by Infinity Dragon

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Infinity Dragon

Version: 1.70 | Updated: 06/02/13


To the Depths of the Cathedral - Basement Level 8

The Great Cathedral (Basement Eight).
Map Legend
A = Lord Asura
B7 = Stairs to Basement Seven

Exceptionally short floor. Your objective here depends on your alignment.

Law and Neutral

Before moving a step, make sure your party is fully healed up. Use a Soma if you need some MP back, there's no point in hoarding items at this point. When you're ready, head towards reference point A and enter the door. Inside is Lord Asura, Lucifer's right-hand man. He'll chastises you for the path you have chosen and attacks. Continue the walkthrough immediately below at the Tenma Lord Asura boss section below.

Tenma Lord Asura
Level: 110
HP: 10000
MP: 400

EXP: 3080
£: 5280
MAG: 2200
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~170 Physical damage, hits 5-8 characters)
Megidolaon (~120 MT Almighty damage)
Maha-Agion (~43 MT Fire damage)
Diarama (~210 HP recovered)

Strategy: Lord Asura is a big step up in difficulty from the last few bosses, but he's not terribly hard if you have a good system going. As you can see from his ability list, he's nothing but pure damage (and paltry healing). This means no accurate status effects you need to worry about. With the Heroine's Diarahan (and Vishnu's, if you are Law), you should have plenty of healing to last the duration of the battle...especially if you have a second or third ally who knows Diarahan, such as Yoma Ganesha. What you want to do is leap-frog your healing so only one or two characters are badly injured at a time. If you wait until everyone is injured, you risk losing multiple party members if Asura decides to nuke you with Megidolaon. Your Hero, as always, should use his Sword attack. Your other demons should either use their attacks or support abilities. The -kaja spells can be exceptionally useful in this battle due to its length, and Tetrakarn and Makarakarn can reflect insane amounts of damage back at Asura.

Asura has a whopping 10000 HP on top of excellent defenses (the Hero's attack with the Hinokagutsuchi will likely only do 330 or so damage per round, and many of your demons will struggle to break 70 damage). Just be patient and wear Asura down. If you are Law-aligned, then Vishnu has an incredible amount of MP, so be liberal in your healing. Likewise, if you are Neutral, you have a vast array of exceptional demons to choose from (Dragon Maya and Megami Lakshmi both have Mediarahan, and you can recruit both...). Asura will eventually fall.

What happens after Asura's defeat depends on your alignment.


Following the battle and hearing Asura's last words, a voice will congratulate you and summon you. You'll be teleported to the top floor of the Cathedral. Finish the walkthrough, and the game, by reading the Cathedral Summit section below.


If you have defeated Michael, then your objective in defeating the leaders of both the Gaians and Messians is complete. You will hear a voice congratulate you, and you'll be warped to the top of the Cathedral. Finish the walkthrough, and the game, by reading the Cathedral Summit section below.

If you have not yet defeated Michael, then the voice will congratulate you for defeating Lord Asura, but reminds you that the Seraph Michael is on the top floor of the Cathedral and must be dealt with. Continue the walkthrough at the The Great Cathedral - To the Top of the Cathedral section above.

Cathedral Summit

Immediately upon defeating the respective final boss of the path you are on, you will be warped to the Eighth floor of the Cathedral in what looks like a giant hall.

Simply head forward and go through the door and you'll automatically take the staircase up to the roof of the Cathedral. On the roof of the Cathedral, you will meet the representative of whatever path you were on.

Now sit back, enjoy the ending, and congratulate yourself for completing Shin Megami Tensei! Well done!


These events are completely optional and occur outside the scope of the main story itself. That said, I highly recommend doing all of these events. Some give great rewards, some give good background information regarding the story, and many of them will influence your alignment.

Defeat Ozawa in 199x

This quest opens up when the Heroine is captured by Yuriko, and is available until the Chaos Hero leaves the party shortly before the Goutou/Thorman arc begins.

If you head west of Shinjuku, instead of going south towards the Government Buildings, head north instead and you'll find a red mansion. Enter the mansion and in the back room you'll find Ozawa. The Chaos Hero picks a fight with him, and Ozawa will summon a Haunt Baykok to deal with you.

The Haunt Baykok is a standard enemy, albeit a difficult one at this point in the game. Just keep the Law Hero on healing mode and have the Chaos Hero use Fire magic, and you shouldn't have any real problems. If you want an even easier fight, fuse a Divine Angel and cast Hanma. Since the Baykok is Undead, Hanma will kill it instantly with 100% accuracy.

No real rewards to this quest, but since the Haunt Baykok is a fairly high-level demon (level 25), you'll probably get enough experience to go up a level or two. This can be extremely helpful if you're struggling with the Tokyo Government Building battles when rescuing the Heroine.

Saving Law Hero's Girlfriend

NOTE: Doing this quest will shift your alignment towards Law. It will also most likely delay your acquisition of the Hinokagutsuchi.

If you explore Roppongi, you may find the Law Hero's girlfriend in holding cell in the club. If you talk to her, she'll explain that she is an Undead, but has retained the memories of when she was alive. She'll then ask you to use a Soul Incense on her, so that she may finally die and her soul can move on.

Soul Incenses are rare items, and the only way you can get them right now is through gem trading at Rag's Shop. Unfortunately, Rag requires a Diamond, the rarest gem, in order to give you a Soul Incense. You can find a Diamond in a box on the Second Floor of Shibuya.

Bring the Soul Incense back to the girlfriend and use it on her. She'll say thanks and disappear, and you'll get a hefty shift towards Law alignment (but no other reward).

Tokyo Reconstruction

This sidequest involves visiting the various yellow buildings that become available as you progress through the game. The trick to this sidequest is that you need to visit the buildings during the correct moon-phase in order to receive the good items.

When you visit the building, an old man will congratulate your efforts in protecting Tokyo. He will then let you choose one of three boxes to open. Ordinarily, you would receive crappy one-time use items. If you visit during the correct moon phase, however, you can get some excellent equipment.

The buildings are listed in order of availability.

Shibuya Building - East

Meet Yama in Ikebukuro
Meet Law Hero in Shinagawa
Location: Warp to Shibuya. Exit to the city map. Head east and you will come to the yellow building.
Moon Phase: Half-Moon
Left - Molotov Cocktail
Middle - Hand Grenade
Right - Stinger
Left - Kuchinawa's Sword
Middle - Claimh Solais
Right - Valhalla Sword

Shibuya Building - North

Meet Yama in Ikebukuro
Meet Law Hero in Shinagawa
Location: Warp to Shibuya. Exit to the city map. Head north and west to the clearing south of the West Mansion.
Moon Phase: 3/8 Moon
Left - Magic Bottle
Middle - Hiranya
Right - Soma
Left - Brionac
Middle - Tokkosho
Right - Renki no Ken

Ueno Building

Requires: Defeat Ladon in Ueno.
Location: Warp to Ueno. Exit to the city map. Head southwest from the northern Ueno entrance to the grove of trees with the building in the middle.
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Left - Poison Arrow
Middle - Hiko-Bari
Right - Smoke Bomb
Left - Magician's Mask
Middle - Moonbeam String
Right - Suwa-Hossho's Helm

Ikebukuro Building - South

Requires: Meet Echidna in T.D.L.
Location: Warp to Ikebukuro. Exit to the city map. Head due south and you'll come to a small building in the middle of some white buildings.
Moon Phase: 1/8 Moon
Left - Sonic Blade
Middle - Ame no Nuboko
Right - Yatsuka's Sword
Left - Renki no Ken
Middle - Maken Murasame
Right - Majousen

Ikebukuro Building - North

Requires: Meet Echidna in T.D.L.
Location: Warp to Ikebukuro. Exit to the city map. Directly to northeast will be a small yellow building. Enter it.
Moon Phase: 5/8 Moon
Left - Stinger
Middle - Dragon ATM
Right - Poison Bottle
Left - Shichiseiken
Middle - Gae Bolg
Right - Higyosanko

Ginza Building - South

Requires: Meet Echidna in T.D.L.
Location: Warp to Ginza and exit to the city map. Directly to the southwest will be a small yellow building. Enter it.
Moon Phase: New Moon
Left - Magician's Mask
Middle - Moonbeam String
Right - Suwa Hossho's Helm
Left - Headhunter Spoon
Middle - Luna Blade
Right - Sol Blade

Ginza Building - North

Requires: Meet Echidna in T.D.L.
Location: Warp to Ginza and exit to the city map. Head due north a short ways and you'll come to the small yellow building. Enter it.
Moon Phase: 2/8 Moon
Left - Kikusui's Kodachi
Middle - Cat of Nine Tails
Right - Renki no Ken
Left - Lotus Wand
Middle - Longinus
Right -

Lord of Flies

You can start this very late-game sidequest after talking with Louis Cypher on Basement Six of the Great Cathedral.

Exit the Great Cathedral and use your Turtle/Octopus to head due west, via the shallow water. Soon enough, you'll come to a small island with a lone building in the middle of it. Disembark your ride onto the island. Before entering the building, prep your party depending on your alignment.


Make sure you have an open space in your party, then enter the building. Inside, you'll meet Tyrant Beelzebub, who has been told by Louis Cypher to provide assistance to you. He'll join your party; a whopping level 99 demon with good stats and ridiculous defenses. Have fun curbstomping the rest of the game (as if the bosses weren't easy enough...)

Law and Neutral

Prep your party for a boss fight, then enter the building. Inside you'll meet Tyrant Beelzebub, who tells you that Louis Cypher basically wants you dead. Beelzebub considers you to puny to be a threat, but carries out his orders anyways and attacks. See the Tyrant Beelzebub boss section below.

Tyrant Beelzebub

Level: 108
HP: 2710
MP: 433

EXP: 2160
£: 5184
MAG: 2160
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~150 Physical damage, hits 5-8 characters)
Tentarafoo (~20 MT Nerve damage, inflicts Panic at ~95% rate)
Poison Gas Breath (~20 MT Poison damage, inflicts Poison at ~95% rate)
Death Spell (Inflicts Sudden Death at ~25% rate, single target)

Strategy: For all the buildup, Beelzebub isn't anything you haven't seen before. Like most bosses at this point in the game, Beelzebub is loaded with status effect spells that do next to no damage, and apply status effects that do not matter. Tentarafoo's damage is poor, and the Panic effect wears off quickly. Likewise, Poison Gas Breath has bad damage, and Poison is not a threatening status. Death Spell could be a threat, but the AI uses it so rarely, and the accuracy is so low, Beelzebub will likely be dead before


Sword NamePWRACC*STATSHitsG/ALocation
Attack Knife61-----1A/AKichijoji
Tonfa62-----2M/AKichijoji, Shinjuku
Spiked Rod85-----1M/AShinjuku
Replica Sword90-----1A/AKichijoji, Shinjuku
Scorpion Whip105-----3-5F/AHeroine
Unnamed Kataka137-----1M/AKichijoji
Battle Hammer183-----1M/AFaerie Goblin*
Athame Knife2214-----1F/AFaerie Dryad*
Tomoe's Naginata2416-----2F/AYoma Apsaras*
Chainsaw252-----1M/ABrute Bogle*
Lotus Whip2519-----3-8F/AFaerie Rusalka*
Gladius290-----1-2M/ATouki Spartoi*
Mikazuchi's Tachi3020-----1-3M/NEn no Ozuno
Meito Kotetsu327-----1M/AChoujin Gotou*
Kodachi of Light3528-----1M/LPhantasm (Red)
Bizen Osafune3510-----1-3A/AKishin Takeminakata*
Raiden's Whip3714-----3-6F/AGaia Oni-Joro*
Guillotine Axe402-----1M/CPhantasm (Blue)
Kusunagi no Tsurugi4010+1INTALLA/AShinagawa 2F
Plasma Sword4020-----2-4M/LMessian Temple Knight*
Sonic Blade445+1STR1-8M/AHaunt Sawobak
Lance of Curses**500-----1-2M/AFallen Orobas*
Kuchinawa's Sword588+1STR3-6A/ARyuu-Ou Naga Raja
Brionac6020-----1F/ARestoration Building
Shichiseiken7730+1INT1-2M/ARestoration Building
Cat of Nine Tails7820-----2-8F/NRestoration Building
Futsu no Mitama803-----1-3A/ASword Fusion
Deathbringer9015-----1-3M/CFallen Ose*
Gift from Hades9015+2STR2M/LRestoration Building
Higyosanko875+2MAG1M/ARestoration Building
Kikusui's Kodachi8815+1LCK1F/ARestoration Building
Gae Bolg9040+2MAG1-2F/ARestoration Building
Claimh Solais9810-----1A/ARestoration Building
Renki no Ken9830-----1A/ARestoration Building
Ame no Nuboko10011+2STR2F/LRestoration Building
Yatsuka's Sword1155-----1A/ARestoration Building
Yoto Nihiru**1200-----1A/ABeast Manticore*
Maken Murasame**1200+2STR1-8F/ARestoration Building
Majousen1203+3MAG1-8F/AResotration Building
Headhunter Spoon**12025-----1A/ARestoration Building
Lotus Wand13010+3STR3-5A/ARestoration Building
Luna Blade1404+3INT2F/ARestoration Building
Longinus16520+3INT1A/ARestoration Building
Ame no Murakumo1800-----1A/ASword Fusion
Sword of Heaven1908-----1-3M/LCathedral 3F
Hinokagutsuchi20020+1ALL2-4A/ASword Fusion

Valhalla Sword (C)


Gun NamePWRACC*STATSHitsG/ALocation
New Nanbu188Single1A/AKichijoji
Beretta 92F2215Single1A/AKichijoji
MP5 Machine-Gun343Group3-6A/AKichijoji
M16 Rifle435Group2-8M/AShinjuku II
SPAS12558Group2-4A/AShinjuku II
M249 Mini6810Group2-8M/AGinza
Browning M2720Group1-8M/AGinza
Explosive Gun8010Group2-8A/AIkebukuro
Golden Gun9530Group3-6A/AIkebukuro
Kunimoto's Gun11040Group3-5A/ATDL
Pauza P5011025Single1M/AGinza
L134 Minigun1250GroupALLA/ATDL
Rail Gun15035Group3-8A/AGreat Cathedral


Ammo NamePWRSTATUSG/ALocation
Poison Bullets8PoisonA/AShinjuku II
Blessed Bullets9NoneA/AGinza
Shotgun Shells10NoneA/AKichijoji
Nerve Bullets15SleepA/AShinjuku II
Magic Shells17CharmA/AIkebukuro
Silver Bullets16NoneA/AGinza
Cursed Bullets20CurseA/AGinza
Uranium Slugs25NoneA/AGinza
Antimagic Shells25CloseA/AGreat Cathdral
Medusa Shells28StoneA/AGreat Cathedral
Plutonium Slugs30NoneA/AIkebukuro
Flash Slugs30BindA/ATDL
Happy Shots35HappyA/ATDL


Full Helm40----------M/AShinjuku
Fritz Helm60----------M/AShinjuku II
Metal Crown63+1INT-----F/AHeroine
Dark Crown103+2STA-----M/AGinza
Demoneater Helm105+2STR-----F/AGinza
Dragon Helm138+2STR-----M/AShinagawa
Circlet of Knowledge1511+2INT-----A/AIkebukuro
Crimson Helm164+2MAG-----F/AShinagawa
Hermes Helm211+1SPD+1LCKA/AGreat Cathedral-LW
Jesus Helm2112+3INT-----M/LShinagawa (3F)
Jagd Helm2410+2INT-----M/AUeno
Panzer Helm254+2INT-----F/AIkebukuro
Sturm Helm275+2INT-----F/AGreat Cathedral-LW/CH
Magician's Mask**2829----------A/LRestoration Building

Moonbeam String (C) Suwa Hossho's Helm (N)

Body Armor

Body Armor NameDEFEVASTATSG/ALocation
Survival Vest62-----M/AKichijoi
Kevlar Vest80-----M/AShinjuku
Robe of Law1212+2ALLA/LShinagawa
Fire Guard130-----M/AShinjuku II
Thunder Guard143-----M/AShinjuku II
Highleg Armor145-----F/AHeroine
Powered Suit2020+2ALLA/AIkebukuro
Haou's Armor258+2STAM/CGinza
Dragon Armor3015+2INTM/AShinagawa
Crimson Armor345+2MAGF/AShinagawa
Black Armor3515+2LCKM/AIkebukuro
Hakuma's Armor4017+2STAM/AIkebukuro
Jagd Armor5012+2STRM/AUeno
Panzer Suit4615+1STRF/AIkebukuro
Sturm Suit5617+2STRF/AGreat Cathedral-LW/CH
Earth Mail6515+2LCKA/AGreat Cathedral-LW
Argama Suit6616+3MAGA/AGreat Cathedral-CH
Jesus Armor7520+3STRM/LShinagawa (3F Sealed Door)


Bracer NameDEFEVASTATSG/ALocation
Leather Gloves10-----M/AKichijoji
Rivet Knuckles20-----M/AShinjuku
Kaiser Kunckles30-----M/AShinjuku II
Cyber Arm52+2STRA/AShinjuku II
Iron Claw64+1STRM/AGinza
Atlas Gauntlet73+1STAM/AGinza
Kishin Gauntlet75+1STRA/AGinza
Crimson Gauntlet105+2STRF/AShinagawa
Jagd Gloves116+2STRM/AUeno
Panzer Fist127+1STRF/AIkebukuro
Sturm Gloves137-----F/AGreat Cathedral-LW/CH
Jesus Gloves159+3STRM/LShinagawa (3F Sealed Door)


Footwear NameDEFEVASTATSG/ALocation
Leather Boots13-----M/AKichijoji
Combat Boots24-----M/AShinjuku
Rider Boots35-----M/AShinjuku
Jet Boots49+1SPDM/AShinjuku II
Dragon Boots410+2SPDM/AShinagawa
Sky Heels512+1SPDF/AHeroine
Crimson Greaves1021+2SPDF/AShinagawa
Panzer Legs1115+2SPDF/AIkebukuro
Sturm Leggings1215+3SPDF/AGreat Cathedral-LW/CH
Metal Boots120+1SPDM/AGinza
Jagd Leggings1215+2SPDM/AUeno
Jesus Leggings1317+3SPDM/LShinagawa (3F Sealed Door)
Musha Greaves146+2SPDM/AIkebukuro


This work is for private use only. Do not reproduce this work, in any form or medium, without prior consent of the author. If you wish to host this file as a text document on your own site, please e-mail me first. I'll more than likely consent; I just want to know when and where this file is hosted.

"You are back, Hero. Where did you go?" - Mother