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Close X FAQ/Walkthrough
by Infinity Dragon

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Infinity Dragon

Version: 1.70 | Updated: 06/02/13


American Embassy - Second Floor

American Embassy (Second Floor).
Map Legend
¥ = ¥6720
E = Emerald
A = Ambassador's Office
1 = Stairs to First Floor

Two more items to pick up, and then we're ready to meet the American Ambassador.

First head to reference point ¥ to collect a nice ¥6720, then head to the room just east of there, reference point E to pick up an Emerald. After collecting the two items, work your way to the north edge of the floor and go through the metal doors to enter the Ambassador's office (reference point A). Ambassador Thorman will give you his side of the story, then ask for your help.

This is first third of the first major alignment choice you can make in the game. If you agree to help Ambassador Thorman, then he will task you with defeating (killing) Goutou. If you refuse to help Ambassador Thorman, he will ask if you believe Goutou should do as he wishes. If you say no here, he will give you time to reconsider. If you say Goutou should do as he wishes, he'll attack you. Regardless of the path you are playing, you don't want to fight Ambassador Thorman at this time.

Law Path

If you are on the Law Path, then you will want to agree to help Ambassador Thorman.

Chaos Path

If you are on the Chaos Path, then you will want to formally accept Goutou's offer before outright refusing the Ambassador. As such, you should decline to help Ambassador Thorman, but you should also say you don't believe Goutou should do as he wishes.

Neutral Path

As the neutral path, you want to avoid taking sides. As such, you should decline to help Ambassador Thorman, but also say you don't believe Goutou should do as he wishes. This is the same course of action for the Chaos Path (for now, at least).

Once you have made your decisions regarding aiding Ambassador Thorman, return to the underground corridor and exit to the city map.

Hammer of Thor

Superhuman Goutou (Neutral and Law)
Deity Thor (Neutral and Chaos)

Your first order of business is to get all the best gear currently available. Return to Kichijoji Mall and pick up an MP5 Machine-Gun and some Shotgun Shells. Replace the Heroine's Nerve Bullets with the Shotgun Shells, and give the Main Hero the Nerve Bullets; this will make the upcoming dungeon MUCH easier. Now return to Shinjuku Mall and purchase the best armors available: Headgear, Kevlar Vest, Rivet Knuckles, and Rider Boots. For a sword, you can either purchase a San-Setsukon in Shinjuku Mall, try to win a San-Setsukon as a drop from Jaki Orc, or try to win a Gladius as a drop from Touki Spartoi.

After fully outfitting the main character, it's time convince some decent demons to join. Make sure you have a good stock of cash, Magic Stones, and Magnetite; demons often demand quite a large payment before deciding to join.

Here are some demons worth considering: Fallen Forneus - Found in Gotou's Headquarters. Divine Angel - Fallen + Faerie Haunt Ghoul - Fallen + Brute

Commander Goutou

You should now be fully prepared for closing out this arc. Your main objective for all three paths is to meet with Goutou again. Return to Goutou's Headquarters and enter his office on the third floor. This is the second third of the first major alignment choice.

Law Path

Goutou has already learned that you agreed to aid Ambassador Thorman and summons two waves of demons to attack you. Continue reading the guide at Commander Goutou Attack - Wave 1.

Chaos Path

If you are following the Chaos Path, you will want to agree to help Goutou convince Ambassador Thorman to pull back. Your next objective is to return to Ambassador Thorman to see if he will reason with you. You won't have to fight Goutou or his minions, so skip ahead to the Ambassador Thorman section below.

Neutral Path

Walking the Neutral Path requires you to disagree with Commander Goutou (and this is where Chaos and Neutral diverge). Seeing that you will not be of any aid to him, he summons two waves of demons to attack you. Continue reading the guide below at Goutou Attack - Wave 1.

Commander Goutou Attack - Wave 1

The first wave consists of a single Spirit Pishacha and a single Wilder Nue. This wave is straightforward. Just focus fire your best damage attacks on the Pishacha until it's dead, then turn and do the same to the Nue. If you have a demon with Hanmna--such as Divine Angel--then use Hanma on the Pishacha to instantly kill it. As long as you aren't careless, this should be a breeze.

Commander Goutou Attack - Wave 2

The second wave consists of a single Spirit Shade and a single Haunt Beikoku. This is a bit harder than the first wave. While the Shade is a non-factor, the Beikoku can dish out some heavy damage and has good defenses. If you have Hanma, cast it to instantly kill the Beikoku. Otherwise, just use your best non-Gun attacks and any Fire magic that you might have. Heal when needed and you should do fine; just don't get reckless.

After seeing how ineffective his demons are, Gotou will directly challenge you himself. Time for a real boss fight.

Superhuman Goutou
Level: 28
HP: 440
MP: 60

EXP: 448
¥: 1344
MAG: 560
ITEM: Meito Kotatsu

Attack (~37 Physical damage)
Sibabu (Inflicts MT Bind at ~40% hit rate)
Diarama (Recovers some of Gotou's HP)
Critical (~50 Physical damage)

Strategy: Gotou isn't terribly hard. He'll often open the fight with Sibabu, which will usually Bind one to three of your party members. Have most of your team attack. Main Hero should use his Gun, and your demons should use their best attacks. If you have a Fallen Forneus, have it constantly use Maha-Zionga and Gotou will often be Shocked before he can move. If you have a Haunt Ghoul, have it use its Extra attack (Paralysis Bite); if you get lucky, the Ghoul will inflict Paralysis on Gotou, effectively ending the fight. Heroine should heal when needed, otherwise have her cast Zionga on Gotou--if you have it--or Maha-Zio: both have an excellent chance of Shocking him.

Gotou's attacks can cause some damage--especially his Critical Hit--but it's all single target. A single casting of Diarama should usually recover any of the damage he deals. Just keep the pressure on Gotou with a mix of damage and status attacks and you should be fine.

If you're really lucky, you'll receieve a Meito Kotatsu at the end of the battle, a solid sword. If you don't get one, don't worry too much as you'll be getting a much better weapon shortly.

After defeating Gotou, he will criticize your decision and die.

Now that Gotou has been defeated , it's time to report your success to Thorman. Return to the American Embassy and head to Thorman's office.

Ambassador Thorman

Regardless of how you dealt with Commander Goutou, all paths need to return to the American Embassy to talk with Ambassador Thorman. Head back to the second floor of the American Embassy and enter the Ambassador's office. Again, the path you are on alters how you deal with Ambassador Thorman.

Law Path

Upon hearing of your success, Thorman will reveal his true identity, the Norse God, Thor. Due to your success, Thorman will ask if you wish to continue your work in the name of God. Since this corresponds with the path you wish to take, CHOOSE YES.

Thor will thank you for you continued efforts. However, he'll also say that it is too late to save Tokyo. To destroy the demon infestation, Thor has summoned his hammer, a cluster of nuclear ICBMs, to purge Tokyo of its sins. Thor bids his farewell. A 30 second countdown appears on the screen. Don't worry about trying to stop it; the strike is inevitable, and you'll be unable to escape. Perhaps this could be called a test of Faith? Once the 30 second timer finishes, the nuclear missiles hit and the screen will be engulfed in white. In order to prevent you from dying, the Heroine will teleport you far away from this world.

Since you have no further business with Thor, continue reading the guide at Kongokai below.

Chaos Path

Thorman will be displeased that you sided with Goutou and will reveal his true form, the Norse God, Thor. Regardless of your motiviations for siding with "the demons," Thor claims that such an act is unforgivable and must be punished. He'll then attack you. Unlike Gotou, Thorman will challenge you directly. Continue reading the guide at Deity Thor below.

Neutral Path

After defeating Gotou, it's time to tell Thorman we don't agree with his methods either. Inside his office, Thorman will be pleased that you defeated Gotou and will reveal his true identity, the Norse God, Thor. He will then ask if you would like to continue fighting in the name of God. Since Neutral does not agree with this course of action either, CHOOSE NO.

Thor doesn't take kindly to your refusal to do God's work and sentences your party to death. Unlike Gotou, Thorman will challenge you directly. Continue reading the guide at Deity Thor below.

Deity Thor
Level: 30
HP: 482
MP: 90

EXP: 480
¥: 1440
MAG: 600
ITEM: Bead

Attack (~48 Physical damage)
Zionga (~46 Lightning damage, inflicts Shock at 95% hit rate)
Maha-Zio (~12 MT Lightning damage, inflicts Shock at 95% hit rate)
Piercing Howl (~6 MT damage, inflicts Bind at 95% hit rate)

Strategy: Thor can be an incredible pain in the ass if you try to simply slug him to death. Eventually he'll use Piercing Howl, which will likely inflict Bind on your entire party. After that, he'll just beat on your helpless characters until you lose. The way to beat Thor is to beat him at his own game. If you have Fallen Forneus, have it cast Maha-Zio while the Heroine casts Zionga. Both spells will probably come off before Thor moves, and at least one of them should Shock him. If you have the MP for it, just continue doing this until Thor dies. If you run out of MP, hopefully you have a Haunt Ghoul. While Thor is being Shocked to death, have the Ghoul use its Paralysis Bite until Thor becomes Paralyzed. After that, switch to pure damage attacks and Thor should die before he recovers.

In summary, like Gotou, use balance between accurate status effects and damage in order to defeat Thor. As long as you can prevent Thor from taking too many actions, he should be relatively easy.

After defeating Thor, he brings his trump card to the table before he dies: Thor's Hammer, a cluster of nuclear ICBMs. In 30 seconds, Tokyo is going to be a smoldering nuclear crater, and there's little you can do to stop it. Although there's a 30 second timer, just let it run out as the nuclear strike is inevitable. After the timer finishes, the screen is engulfed in white as the strike begins.

At the last second, the Heroine teleports the Main Hero away from the inferno. Although you are safe for the time being, your location is completely alien. Chaos and Neutral path should continue the walkthrough with l.) Kongokai below.


Jirae Tsuchi-GumoSoma
Beast NekomataSoma
Beast TangieGuillotine Axe
Wilder Nue1440 Magnetite
Brute AzumiKodachi of Light
Yoma AsparasMikazuchi's Tachi
Yoma Kinnari
Faerie Gandharva
Superhuman Phantasm (Blue)
Superhuman Phantasm (Red)
Touki Zenki & Touki Genki

Regardless of the path you have chosen, you end up in the same place: Kongokai.

When you come to, you'll be greeted by a man named En no Ozuno. He'll tell you that two others like yourself have also wound up in this strange place; gee, I wonder who those two could be. He'll also mention that his two minions, Goki and Zenki will assist you. It may be hard to tell just looking at the map, but Kongokai is actually three concentric circles or rings; you'll start in the central hub.

Map Legend
E = En no Ozuno (Starting Point)
G = Gouki (Heal Point)
Z = Zenki (Save Point)
J = Jakyou
D1 through D8 = Previous Demon Allies
CH = Chaos Hero
LH = Law Hero
OD = Outer Door
ES = En no Ozuno's Spirit
S = Soma Spring
BP = Blue Phantasm
Mg = 1440 Magnetite
RP = Red Phantasm
T = Fight with Beast Tangie
GZ = Gouki and Zenki
X = Exit

Kongokai: Inner Section

After you leave En no Ozuno's room you'll be facing south. If you wish to heal, talk to Goki who resides in the room directly west of En no Ozuno's room (reference point G). If you wish to save your game, talk to Zenki, who is in the room to the east of En no Ozuno's room (reference point Z). When you are finished with them, exit through the door directly south of En no Ozuno's door. Your first goal is to locate the two people En no Ozuno mentioned.

Along the way you will want to get your old demons back. Up to four of them are available right now. Visit reference points D1, D2, D3, and D4 to find your old allies. Do note that if you had less than a full stock of demons when Thor brought the hammer down, you will find a small amount of Magnetite (~10) in place of each demon you were missing.

If you ended your old-ally-hunting at reference point D4, then finding the first human--our old friend Chaos Hero--is a short walk away at reference point CH. From there, head on over to reference point LH to pick up our other old buddy, Law Hero.

Once you have both Chaos Hero and Law Hero, return to En no Ozuno at reference point E. En no Ozuno will tell you where you are and what has happened to the world following the destruction of Tokyo. En no Ozuno will help you return to Earth, but he asks you to find some Soma from a spring first. To reach the spring, he also opens the south gate, allowing you access to the Outer Ring of Kongokai.

Kongokai: Outer Ring

Time to leave the central hub and move on to the outer ring; you do this by accessing the sealed door at reference point OD. Continue south through the now-opened door to reach the outer ring.

Not a whole lot of stuff to do in the outer ring, so make your way to the Soma Spring at reference point S, located in the far northeast corner of Kongokai. If you want some info on what actions can affect your alignment, then you can visit En no Ozuno's spirit by visiting the rooms in the other far corners of Kongokai (all labeled as reference point ES). Otherwise, just collect some Soma, then exit the room.

From the Spring, head west through the doors until you come to a long hallway. Before returning to En no Ozuno, you can retrieve two more of your old demon friends in the this hallway. Make your way to reference points D5 and D6 to find them.

After collecting your old friends, you can return to En no Ozuno in the Central Area to give him the Soma. Note that on the return trip, you'll find that some of the doors you passed through are one-way. To get back, just follow the hall way as it angles around those corners.

Give the Soma to En no Ozuno. Unfortunately, he's a thirsty bastard and he'll ask you to go get some more. Backtrack all the way back to the Soma Spring and you can pick up a second Soma. Return to En no Ezuno with it and he'll finally be satisfied (and let's you keep the second Soma). He'll mention that there are two Phantasms in Kongokai that carry powerful weapons and that you should bring the weapons to him. Unfortunately, he has something else in mind for Law Hero and Chaos Hero, so you'll need to do this with just your demons. To find the Phantasms, he'll open up the north gate, allowing access to the Middle Ring of Kongokai.

Kongokai: Middle Ring

To enter the Middle Ring, you'll want to make your way to reference point MD. Go through the now open door to reach the Middle Ring.

Before finding the Phantasms, you can collect the seventh and eighth previous demon allies at reference points D7 and D8.

Now that you have a full stock of demons again, you can track down the Phantasms. The order you retrieve their weapons doesn't matter a whole lot, especially if you are Neutral. If you are Law or Chaos aligned, however, you may find a small benefit in collecting the weapon from the same-aligned Phantasm first. Chaos aligned heroes will want to visit the Blue Phantasm at reference point BP first, while Law aligned heroes will want to visit the Red Phantasm at reference point RP first.

This walkthrough will address the Blue Phantasm first.

Make your way to the eastern side of the Middle Ring and head to reference point BP to meet the Blue Phantasm.

If you are Chaos-aligned, then the Blue Phantasm will treat you as an ally and give you the Guillotine Axe. Chaos path players can skip the boss fight section below.

If you are Neutral or Law-aligned, then the Blue Phantasm will treat you as an enemy and immediately attack you.

Superhuman Phantasm (Blue)
Level: 32
HP: 310
MP: 60

EXP: 512
¥: 1536
MAG: 640
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~60 Physical damage)
Agirao (~80 Fire damage)
Maha-Agi (~25 MT Fire damage)
Sibabu (Inflicts Bind on all characters at ~33% hit rate)

Strategy: If you haven't fused any demons in the Jakyou, this could be tough as the damage jump is quite substantial. If you have fused some level 20-25 demons, however, his heavy damage will take 2-3 hits to kill anyone. As long as you have one demon that can cast healing magic, you'll be fine. Heal whoever is attacked by the Phantasm and have all your other characters go all out. The Phantasm has less HP than Thor, and you should have much better demons at this point; the Phantasm should die within a half-dozen rounds or so. He'll almost never cast Sibabu, so don't worry about being status-locked to death.

After talking with or defeating the Phantasm, you will receieve the Guillotine Axe. Only Chaos-aligned characters may use this axe, so if you are Chaos-aligned, go ahead and equip it. Otherwise, save it for Chaos Hero's use for when he returns.

Before tracking down the second Phantasm (or returning to En no Ozuno if you already have) you'll want to pick up a nice batch of Magnetite. Make your way to reference point Mg to find a container holding 1440 Magnetite.

Now make your way to the western half of the Middle Ring (or return to En no Ozuno if you have both Phantasms' weapons). Head to reference point RP to find the Red Phantasm.

If you are Law-aligned, the Phantasm will treat you as an ally and give you the Kodachi of Light. Law path players can skip the boss section below.

If you are Chaos or Neutral aligned, then the Red Phantasm will treat you as an enemy and attack.

Superhuman Phantasm (Red)
Level: 32
HP: 320
MP: 60

EXP: 512
¥: 1536
MAG: 640
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~60 Physical damage)
Zanma (~45 Impact damage)
Maha-Zanma (~33 MT Impact damage)
Diarama (Recovers ~80 HP)

Strategy: Overall, this Phantasm is much weaker than the Blue one. All you need is a demon with decent healing and the Phantasm will never come close to killing you. Just heal whoever has taken damage and have everyone else unload their best damage onto the Phantasm. Like the Blue Phantasm, the Red Phantasm has bad HP and will drop quickly.

After talking with or defeating the Phantasm, you will receive the Kodachi of Light. Only Law-aligned characters may equip it, so if you are on the Law path, go ahead and equip it. Otherwise, just wait to equip it on the Law Hero when he returns.

Before returning to En no Ozuno (or tracking down the Blue Phantasm if you haven't dealt with him yet), you can trigger a guaranteed fight with a Beast Tangie at reference point T.

Once you have acquired both the Guillotine Axe and the Kodachi of Light, return to En no Ozuno at reference point E. Law Hero and Chaos Hero will congratulate your return and rejoin your party. En no Ozuno will give you Mikazuchi's Tachi: a decent weapon, but it can only be equipped by Neutral characters (go ahead and equip it if you on the Neutral path, otherwise wait to sell it later). En no Ozuna will say you're ready to return to Earth and opens the east door to allow for your exit.

Kongokai: Exit

Head back to reference point OD and enter the Outer Ring. In the Outer Ring, make your way towards reference points GZ and X.

At reference point GZ, Zenki and Goki stop you. You have one last test before being allowed to leave Kongokai: you must defeat Zenki and Goki.

Touki Zenki & Touki Genki

Touki Zenki

Level: 32
HP: 340
MP: 80

EXP: 768
¥: 1536
MAG: 640
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~70 Physical damage, can hit 1-2 times)
Zionga (~50 Electric damage, inflicts Shock at ~95% hit rate)
Raku-Kaja (Increases Defense)
Critical (~100 Physical damage)

Touki Goki

Level: 32
HP: 290
MP: 70

EXP: 768
¥: 1536
MAG: 640
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~50 Physical damage, can hit 2-4 times)
Media (Recovers ~30 MT HP)
Makajama (Inflicts MT Close at ~25% hit rate)
Taru-Kaja (Increases Attack Power)

Strategy: You'll want to focus-fire Goki first. His Physical attack can mess you up if it hits 4 times, and you definitely don't want him boosting it further with Taru-Kaja. Have Law Hero use Zanma on Goki to inflict some heavy damage (~60-70). Have your Hero and Chaos Hero use their Sword attacks. The rest of your demons should use their basic physical attacks, or their Extra attacks if they cause more damage. With decent demons, you can pile on nearly 250 damage per round and Goki won't live to see an attack on the second round.

After dealing with Goki, use the same strategy on Zenki. Law Hero's Zanma will still do great damage, and Sword attacks with the special weapons you found will do nice damage as well. If you have a demon with Diarama, you can beat Zenki without losing a character as long as you heal whoever was attacked last.

After Zenki and Goki are defeated, you'll go through the sealed door and meet En no Ozuno (reference point X). He'll warn you that Earth has changed dramatically and not to be surprised by it. You'll then end up back in Earth.

Return to Earth: Shibuya & Shinjuku

Jirae DwarfLuck Incense
Gaian Executioner RiderIntelligence Incense
Gaian Hakai-ZoGarnet
Gaian Oni-JoroDiamond
Juujin Werecat
Machine T93F
Mesian Temple Knight
Mesian Zealot
Undead Corpse
Night Lilim
Flight Kokakuchou
Faerie Elf
Faerie Kelpie
Faerie Rusalka
Haunt Ghoul
Haunt Maneater
Kishin Takeminakata

After leaving Kongokai, you'll find yourself in the middle of a grove of trees. As you try to leave, a bum stops you and asks for your money. You'll be forced to give him some. Unfortunately, it seems that your money is no longer worth anything and Makka (£) is the new currency.

After taking a few more steps, the Main Hero will hear a woman's scream that nobody else hears. The woman will then ask for your help. Hmm, I wonder who that could be? Head west once you're out of the grove, then follow the ruined road south, parallel to that purple tube thing. The road will lead directly to the building in Shibuya we need to visit.

Shibuya - First Floor=

Shibuya (First Floor).
Map Legend
T = Terminal
M = Messia
K = Kaifuku
Ju = Junks
J = Jakyou
LI = Luck Incense
II = Intelligence Incense
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
L1 = Landing point from the hole at F1 on the Second Floor
L2 = Landing point from the hole at F2 on the Second Floor
X = Exit

Your first stop here should be the Terminal at reference point T. After registering Shibuya into the system and saving the game, do any shopping or demon fusing you want at the Jakyou and Junks.

Once you're ready to explore this relatively small area, make your way to the northwest part of this floor to reference point LI to pick up a Luck Incense. From here, take a short hop to reference point II for an Intelligence Incense.

After clearing out the goods, head to reference point 2 and go up to the second floor.

Shibuya - Second Floor

Shibuya (Second Floor)
Map Legend
G = Garnet
D = Diamond
MI = Magic Incense
H = Chained Girl
F1 = Floor hole to L1 on the First Floor
F2 = Floor hole to L2 on the First Floor
1 = Stairs to First Floor

If you didn't experience the one-way doors in Kongokai, you will here. You'll also experience the joy of dark zones, too!

First, navigate through the first dark zone towards reference point G. Shortly after you exit this dark zone, you'll meet an old man who will tell you about the current condition of the Messiah and how a psychic in Shinjuku may be of some help. That could be useful...Continue along to reference point G to collect a Garnet.

Now make your way towards reference point H. To get there, you'll need to go through a series of one-way doors south of the old man. Head west through the first one-way door, then immediately go south through a second one-way door. Navigate through a second dark zone and enter the room at reference point H. Inside you'll see a girl who has been chained up and is paralyzed. Again, you'll hear a cry for help.

Leave the room and head due east to reference point MI for a Magic Incense. Go back to the second dark zone, and as soon as you enter, head east and you'll exit it. From here, make your way to reference point D to collect a Diamond.

To quickly get back to the first floor without having to deal with one-way doors or dark zone nonsense, head to reference point F1 and you'll fall down a hole to the first floor at reference point L1.

From here, make your way back to the Terminal. Save your game and warp to Shinjuku (remember what that old man said about a psychic in Shinjuku).

Shinjuku Mall - Revisited

You're here to find out about the psychic that could help out the girl Messiah back in Shibuya.

Shinjuku Mall Revisted (Basement Level One).
Map Legend
T = Terminal
J = Jakyou
K = Kaifuku
W = Weapons
A = Armors
D = Drugs
M = Messia
G = Gaia
Ba = Bar
Di = Disco
PD = Stairs to Basement Level Two (Where Psychodiver is being kept prisoner)
HM = Stairs to Basement Level Two (Where the Hooded Man is located)
1 = Stairs to First Floor
X = Stairs to First Floor Exits

Your first goal is to locate the psychic rumored to be in Shinjuku. Head to reference point PD (same as the stairs to the resistance headquarters in 199x) and go down the stairs. Make your way to where the Heroine was located back in 199x, by following the hallway. Along the way, a Jaki Wendigo will stop you. Regardless of what you say, it attacks. It's normal enemy, so dispatch it quickly and move on. Once you reach the back room, you'll see Psychodiver stuck in a cell. He'll tell how he's a prisoner of Ozawa and forced to brainwash people.

Nothing you can do with Ozawa yet, so you'll need to gather more information. If you did any extra exploring back in 199x, you may have noticed a Disco that was full and wouldn't let you in. Perhaps some nuclear warheads lessened the crowd? Return to stairs and go back up to Basement Level One. Now head to the Disco at reference point Di and you'll be allowed in this time. As you talk to the customers, you'll gain some information on both Ozawa and a town called Roppongi. Make your way to reference point HM and go down the stairs to another section of Basement Level 2. There aren't any meaningful actions or choices here, so just make your way to the far northwest corner. At the end of that hall, you'll meet a Hooded Man who gives a hefty amount of information regarding Ozawa. Looks like Ozawa managed to make himself the de facto ruler of Shinjuku.

If you did some exploring in 199x, you may have seen some Yakuza offices on the top floor. That sounds like a perfect place to find Ozawa. Return to Basement Level One, then head to the far southwest portion of the building to reference point 1 and go up the stairs to the First Floor.

Go north one space, then turn west and head up the stairs to the Second Floor.

From the stairwell, go west to the wall, then north to another wall, then east two spaces. Turn south and enter the Yakuza office. Go through the door to the southeast to meet Ozawa. Unfortunately, Chaos Hero gets pissed off and threatens Ozawa. Ozawa will summon Kishin Takeminakata. Before you can do much of anything, Takeminakata attacks you, forcing you to retreat.

Head back the way you came towards the Mall proper. Along the way, Chaos Hero will stop you and say he can defeat Ozawa if he gains demon power.

Return to the main floor (Basement Level One) of Shinjuku and head to the Jakyou at reference point J. Chaos Hero will fuse with a random demon and become substantially more powerful (arguable...he gains ~10 levels, but you have no control over the stat point distribution)--you do lose a demon in the process, sadly, hopefully it isn't a good one.

Now save the game, then return to Ozawa. Ozawa isn't happy to see you and summons Takeminakata again. Time to fight him for real!

Kishin Takeminakata
Level: 43
HP: 560
MP: 50

EXP: 688
£: 2064
MAG: 860
ITEM: Bizen Osafune

Attack (~126 physical damage, hits 1-3 characters)
Sibabu (Inflicts MT Bind at ~50% hit rate)
Bufula (~34 Ice damage, inflicts Freeze at ~95% hit rate)
Maha-Zionga (~35 MT Lightning damage, inflicts Shock at ~95% hit)

Strategy: Not to tough, overall. Have Law Hero use Zanma to deal ~80 damage per round. Chaos Hero should use his Sword attack, which should deal another ~40 damage per round. Along with the Main Hero and demon attacks, you should be able to dish out nearly 200 damage per round against Takeminakata. This coupled with your surprise attack means he'll be close to dead after his first action. Just keep the high damage attacks up and don't bother with status attacks. Takeminakata's only threatening ability is his physical attacks, which can cause some damage; especially if it hits three characters. However, due to how quickly he can be killed, it's not worth trying to heal it unless your damage is substantially lower.

After defeating Takeminakata, Ozawa will ask you to spare his life. The end result will be the same, so answer in the way that best reflects the alignment you want.

Whatever you chose, Chaos Hero will step in and kill Ozawa. He then decides that the Main Hero and Law Hero are too soft-hearted and decides to strike it out on his own and leaves the group.

Now that Ozawa is gone, it's time to free Psychodiver. Return to Basement Level Two and make your way back to Psychodiver's cell. He'll mention who he is and comment on exactly what that girl's voice you've been hearing is. He'll then head to Shibuya to see if there is any way to help the girl.

Return to the Terminal at reference point T on Basement Level One and teleport to Shibuya.

Shibuya - Revisited

Return to where the girl is (reference point H on Shibuya - Second Floor)and Psychodiver will enable you to enter her soul via Astral Projection.

n.) Girl's Mind

Spirit Pishasha
Spirit Remorse
Fallen Orobas
Femme Lamia
Raptor Furiae
Touki Yakshini
Night Lilim
Night Nightmare
Yoma Apsaras
Faerie Kelpie
Femme Arachne

After entering the girl's mind, you'll be in the same room as Psychodiver. If you want to leave the girl's mind to heal or get supplies, return to this room to have Psychodiver take you out.

Girl's Mind.
Map Legend
P = Psychodiver (Entrance/Exit)
1 = Warps you to reference point A
A = Warps you to reference point 1
2 = Warps you to reference point B
B = Warps you to reference point 2
3 = Warps you to reference point C
C = Warps you to reference point 3
G = Girl Cutscenes
F = Femme Arachne

This dungeon can be an incredible maze if you don't know where you're going. Use of the Mapper spell is highly recommended so you know exactly where you are as you follow this guide. That said, the directions and goal are pretty straightforward. You want to work your way towards the center of the "building" by finding three different, successive warp points.

Pink Area I

From the Psychodiver's room (reference point P), make your way to the first warp point at reference point 1. Along the way, you can take a short detour to the first reference point G to see a cutscene involving the Heroine.

Blue Area I

When you reach reference point 1, you'll be taken to reference point A on the eastern side of the map. You'll also notice you are now in a "blue" area. From the warp point, make your way towards reference point 2. Again, along the way you can take a short detour at another reference point G to see another cutscene involving the heroine. When you reach reference point 2, you'll be warped to reference point B, located just south (but not directly accessible to) reference point 1.

Pink Area II

You'll notice you're back in a "pink" area. There are no detours to take here, so make a beeline from the warp point to reference point 3. When you reach reference point 3, you'll be warped to reference point C.

Blue Area II

You'll notice you are back in a "blue" area. You can see the third and final detour cutscene by hopping over to the reference point G in this section. When you are ready, make your way to reference point F and prepare for a boss fight. Inside the room you'll find the demon attempting to possess the girl's mind. Of course, the demon doesn't like intruders and will attack you.

Femme Arachne

Level: 48
HP: 700
MP: 90

EXP: 1152
£: 0
MAG: 1152
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~70 Physical damage, hits 3-6 characters)
Maha-Zanma (~40 Impact MT damage)
Dolminer (Inflicts MT Sleep at ~33% hit rate)
Marin-Karin (Inflicts Charm at ~20% hit rate)

Strategy: Arachne is a small-step up in difficulty from Takeminakata. You're going to want a healer for this fight; luckily the Law Hero is still with you so he can do this job well. The main threat from Arachne comes from her physical attack, which will often hit all your party members for solid damage. Just methodically heal characters as they need it and it shouldn't be too much of a threat. You will want to damage her quickly, however, as the longer the fight draws out, the more likely it is you'll start losing party members to her Charm status effect. If a character does end up Charmed, immediately have that character Defend each round until the status wears off. As long as a Charmed character is defending, it cannot attack your allied. Unload with your best damage attacks from your other characters, and have Law Hero use the ever-useful Zanma on Arachne when he isn't healing.

In short, have the Law Hero heal when needed while everyone else uses their highest damage attacks. Arachne's 700 HP will drop quickly.

After defeating Arachne, you'll see that the girl's consciousness is free and back in control. Now you just need to leave this god-awful dungeon. Thankfully, with Arachne's defeat, all the demons that used to roam about are gone. Backtrack to each warp point (reference point C to reference point 3, reference point B to reference point 2, and reference point A to reference point 1) and make your way back to Psychodiver (reference point P)to exit the girl's mind.

Upon returning to your physical bodies, the Heroine will tell you how it is she's still around after the nuclear strike. She'll say her fate is inseperable from yours and rejoin your party. Return to the first floor of Shibuya and head to the Kaifuku; buy a Hiranya, you'll need one later. After picking up a Hiranya, exit Shibuya and return to the city map. If you talked to anyone in the Shinjuku Bars, there were rumors that Roppongi had some suspicious activity going on. It's time to head there.


Spirit LarvaeSpeed Incense
Spirit PhantomTopaz
Spirit PishashaStrength Incense
Fallen OrobasGushing Jar
Fallen Sytry
Foul Black Ooze
Undead Bodyconian
Undead Corpse
Undead Lady Zombie
Undead Obatarion
Undead Zombie
Night Lilim
Haunt Baykok
Haunt Maneater
Tyrant Belial
Fallen Nebiros

From Shibuya, head north towards Shinjuku. As you come to the grove we started at, start following the road east. Keep heading east off the road until you reach a river blocking your way. Follow the river south and you'll eventually come to Roppongi. You'll notice, however, that a barrier of some sort prevents access to Roppongi. Head west from Roppongi and you'll see a yellow building that isn't blocked off by the barrier. Enter the building. In this building, just follow the single hallway to the exit on the other side. Back on the city map, you'll see that you're now inside the barrier. Enter the yellow building directly to the east and you'll be in Roppongi.

Roppongi - First Floor

Roppongi (First Floor).
Map Legend
T = Terminal
A = Alice
Di = Disco
G = Law Hero's Girlfriend
W = Weapons (Abandoned)
Ar = Armors (Abandoned)
J = Junk (Abandoned)
E = Elevator
B1 = Stairs to Basement Level One
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
X = Entrance/Exit

As with most new areas you visit, your first destination should be the Terminal at reference point T. Go ahead and visit it to log Roppongi in the system and to save your game.

Despite this being a town of sorts, all the stores are abandoned. Suspicious, I'd say. Anyways, head on over to reference point A to meet Alice, the game's resident disturbing little girl. She'll tell you about the Red Count and Black Baron and suggest that you meet the Red Count. The Red Count resides on the third floor, but there's an item on the second floor you'll want to pick up first.

From Alice, head to the Disco at reference point Di, and talk to some of the patrons. Continue on to reference point G to find a girl locked in a cell. Turns out that she's an Undead, along with the rest of city. At this point, you can engage in a little sidequest, if you'd like. See Saving Law Hero's Girlfriend for details.

That does it for the first floor, so make your way to the second floor by either elevator or stairs.

Roppongi - Second Floor

Roppongi (Second Floor).
Map Legend
SI = Speed Incense
3 = Stairs to Third Floor
1 = Stairs to First Floor
E = Elevator
D = Sealed Door
Dark Purple = Poison Floor Trap

Not much to do on this floor but to grab one item. Go to reference point SI to pick up a Speed Incense. Make sure you avoid the Poison Floor traps as indicated on the map.

Once you've collected the Speed Incense, go on up to the third floor.

Roppongi - Third Floor

Roppongi (Third Floor).
Map Legend
T = Topaz
SI = Strength Incense
R = Red Count
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
E = Elevator

You have two items to get before meeting the Red Count. First go to the room at reference point T to collect a Topaz. Now head towards reference point SI. As you enter the large open area, you'll meet a secretary who tells you that the Red Count is busy. The secretary will let you pass--with some help from Alice. Continue along to reference point SI to pick up a Strength Incense.

Now to meet the Red Count. Just head west a couple of rooms to reference point R to find the Red Count. He'll give you more information about Alice and Roppongi, then excuse himself. Afterwards, Alice would like you to buy her a Hiranya. Agree to do so and you'll be taken out of the room. If you bought a Hiranya earlier as I suggested, then just re-enter the room to give it to her. If not, you'll have to backtrack to the Junk shop in Shinjuku and purchase one.

When you return, Alice asks for another favor...she wants you to die. No matter how you answer her, you won't be able to give her what she wants. The Red Count steps in to grant Alice's wish and reveals his true form: Tyrant Belial.

Tyrant Belial

Tyrant Belial has total immunity to all attack forms, so just defend. After the end of the third round, your party realizes you cannot defeat Belial and escapes. If you did any exploration of Roppongi, you might recall that the Red Count and Black Baron had hidden a bottle somewhere in Roppongi. Perhaps that will aid you in fightning Belial.

Head to the Elevator at reference point E and take it to Basement Level One.

Roppongi - Basement

Roppongi (Basement).
Map Legend
J = Gushing Jar
B = Black Baron
C = Fight with Undead Corpse
1 = Stairs to First Floor
E = Elevator
Dark Blue = Damage Floor Trap
Dark Purple = Poison Floor Trap

This floor is booby-trapped like no tomorrow. While I'll describe the path to reference point J that takes you through the least amount of them, some are unavoidable. From the elevator, go one space west, turn turn south and go all they way to the wall--you'll have to cross a Poison trap on the way. At the wall, turn east and go through the door. Go one space south, then turn east and go through another door. Go follow this chain of rooms to the end--you'll have to cross over two damage traps along the way. In the last room (reference point J) you'll find the Gushing Jar.

With that pain out the way, there are two optional things to do on this floor.

First, you can fight an Undead Corpse at reference point C. Second, you can chat with the Black Baron and get some more background info by visiting him at reference point B.

Once you're finished with this floor, backtrack to the elevator at reference point E and return to the third floor.

Roppongi - Third Floor Revisited

Head back to where Alice and the Red Count are. Alice will contiue crying and the Red Count will attack you again. Unfortunately for him, he gets sucked into the Gushing Jar the moment he morphs into Belial. Alice will vanish and Yuriko will warp in. She'll demand the Jar with Belial in it; whatever you choose, Yuriko ends up with the Jar anyways.

As you leave the Red Count's offices, the Black Baron will stand in your way. After some more dialogue regarding Alice, the Black Baron will attempt to grab your party (with some freaky big hands, I might add), but Law Hero warns you and blocks the attack. With Law Hero in his possession, the Black Baron takes his leave. Time to go rescue our friend.

Return to the elevator and take it to the second floor. Along the way, you'll notice that because the Red Count/Belial has been defeated, demons are now running around in Roppongi. Joy.

(On a related note, if you visit the Disco on the first floor, you'll see that the inhabitants being human was an illusion; all the inhabitants of Roppongi are undead, though they'll still engage in conversation with you and will not attack)

Roppongi - Second Floor Revisited

Your goal here is to enter the room that was previously sealed. Head to reference point D on the Roppongi - Second Floor and go through the iron door to enter a 2x2 room. In the northwest corner of this room, you'll find Law Hero's soul. He'll say that the Black Baron is responsible for this. Looks like we'll have to take care of the Black Baron as well. Return to the elevator and take it to the basement floor.

Roppongi - Basement Revisted

If you did some exploring down here earlier, then you know exactly where to find the Black Baron. If not, you can find him at reference point B. Make your way to the Black Baron's room whilst avoiding all the traps. When you're ready, enter the room.

Black Baron will tell you about the Law Hero, then reveal his true form: Fallen Nebiros. He'll promptly attack you to steal your souls.

Fallen Nebiros
Level: 46
HP: 1002
MP: 220

EXP: 736
£: 2208
MAG: 920
ITEM: Soma

Attack (~92 Physical damage, hits 2-4 characters)
Maha-Zanma (~30 Impact MT damage)
Happy Step (Inflicts MT Happy at ~80% hit rate)
Mudo (Inflicts Sudden Death at ~75% hit rate, 1-2 characters)

Strategy: Nebiros isn't too tough, his physical is less threatening than Takeminakata's, and his Maha-Zanma damage is laughable. He does have one trick though: Mudo. Mudo is the reason why you want to kill Nebiros quickly, since it'll cut right through HP and Defense. Unfortunately, we lost the Law Hero and his lovely Zanma damage. In return, we now have the Heroine, and she's important in killing Nebiros as pinlessly as possible. Every round have the Heroine cast Zionga. While the damage will be negligible (Nebiros takes 25% damage from Electric attacks), the Shock effect will almost always kick in and prevent Nebiros from acting that round. Have the Main hero use his Sword attack (or Gun attack if you have Nerve Bullets; physical bullets deal 0 damage to him) and have your demons use their Attacks or any damaging Extra abilities.

As long as you maintain him in Shocked status, and pile up the damage with everyone else, Nebiros should go down without too much trouble. It might be a cheap strategy, but it's better than being spanked by Mudo.

Upon his defeat, Nebiros will finish the story regarding Alice and Roppongi. Following that, Law Hero will bid his farwell and continue to the afterlife.

It's time to leave Roppongi. Return to the first floor and exit back to the city map. When you get outside, you'll notice that the barrier surrounding Roppongi has been lifted due to the defeat of Belial and Nebiros.

Now that the barrier has been lifted, you can get to the building northeast of Roppongi--if you didn't notice it earlier, there was a building that was blocked due to a combination of the fallen buildings and barrier.

Great Fork & Police Station

Spirit LarvaeDemon Summoning Upgrade
Spirit PishashaVitality Incense
Gaian Oni-JoroLuck Incense
Foul Black OozeSpeed Incense
Femme LamiaMemory Board
Kiko Dakini
Machine Bit Ball
Machine T93F
Machine T9SC/P
Machine T9SD
Undead Bodyconian
Undead Obatarion
Undead Corpse
Undead Zombie
Yoma Watcher
Haunt Man-Eater
Machine Defense System

Head northeast from Roppongi and enter the nearby yellow building. From the entrance, follow the hall east to the corner, then go one space north. Go west through the door, then turn north. Follow the spiral hall to a stairwell. Take the stairs down.

From the stairs, go east to the wall, then go south to the corner. Turn east and follow the hall to the stairs; go down them.

Great Fork

Great Fork.
Map Legend

LH = Law Hero S = Steven CH = Chaos Hero R = Exit to Roppongi G = Exit to Ginza P = Exit to Police Station I = Exit to Ikebukuro

As the name implies, this area primarily serves as a junction to other, more important areas. From the Roppongi entrance, you'll have to trek through two real small floors before reaching the Great Fork itself.

Follow the hallway as it winds towards a four-way intersection. Along the way you'll meet the spirit of Law Hero (at LH) who'll ask for a favor. The robotic police force, which used to be dormant, is now under the control of an unknown person. He'll ask you to stop them. Sounds like a good idea, and it might give some leads as to what to do next. Continue north to a 4-way intersection.

Time to upgrade your demon summoning ability. Go through the door to to the immediate northwest (point S) to meet up with Steven. He somehow managed to survive the nuclear storm *and* not age a bit, which shows just how badass this guy is. He'll ask you if it's inconvient only being able to summon three demons to battle at a time and if you'd like to upgrade. Definitely agree and he'll upgrade your ability so you can summon four demons at a time. This will go a long ways in replacing the Law and Chaos Heros who are no longer with you.

Shopping Detour

Before heading to the Police Station, let's make a detour and do a little shopping in Ginza. Turn east at the intersection and follow the hallway to the stairs at point G. Take the stairs up, then follow the next hallway to another set of stairs. You'll find yourself in a dark red area: Ginza.

Try to avoid any fights here, the enemies will are be hard to deal with if you constantly fight them. If you can recruit some of them, however, then defintely do so.

From the stairwell, go directly ahead and enter the Terminal at reference point T on the Ginza - Basement Level One map. Save your game, then make your way to reference point W to enter the Weapons shop. Buy a Browning M2 and two sets of Uranium Bullets. Equip the Main Hero with the Browning, and equip his old gun (Hopefully a SPAS12) on the Heroine. Equip both of them with Uranium Bullets; the Sleep effect from Nerve Bullets doesn't hit often enough anymore for them to be of any value. From the Weapon Shop, head down to reference point A to enter the Armors Shop. Buy a Dark Crown, Demoneater Helm, two Tetrajammers (or a Tetrajammer and a Haou's Armor if you're Chaos aligned), two Kishin Gauntlets, and a Metal Boots.

After buying and equipping all your new gear, exit Ginza the same way you entered, and return to the 4-way intersection in the Great Fork. Turn north and follow the hall to the elevator (reference point P). Ride the elevator to B1 and get off; you'll find yourself in the Police Station.

Police Station - Basement Level One

Police Station (Basement Level One).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
1 = Stairs to First Floor
L = Landing point from hole on the First Floor
X = Elevator to Great Fork (Exit)

The Police Station is rife with dark zones, so the first thing you'll want to do is have the Heroine cast Mapper. Also note that aside from the basement and the Fifth Floor, every floor on this building has a hole which will drop you back down a floor. Avoid those as you navigate this area.

Nothing of interest on this floor, so just head up to the First Floor. From the elevator (reference point X), navigate your way through the dark zones to either reference point 1 to take the stairs, or reference point E to take an elevator to the second floor.

There is nothing of value on the next two floors as well, so head to the elevator if you want to go directly to the Third Floor, or take the stairs if you wish to explore the area as you go up.

Police Station - First Floor

Police Station (First Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
B1 = Stairs to Basement One
H = Hole to Basement One
L = Landing point from hole on Second Floor
X = Exit to World Map

If you're here, that means you felt like exploring this place. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing of value on this floor, so your goal is either the elevator (reference point E) or the staircase to the next floor (reference point 2).

Much like this floor, the next floor has nothing of interest. If you're sick of exploring, take the elevator to the Third Floor. If you're an intrepid adventurer, take the stairs up.

Police Station - Second Floor

Police Station (Second Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
3 = Stairs to Third Floor
1 = Stairs to First Floor
H = Hole to First Floor
L = Landing point from hole on Third Floor
Tr = Trapped Box

If you're on this floor, you really felt like exploring! Again, nothing of value, so your only objective is to make it to the next floor, either via the elevator (reference point E) or the stairs up (reference point 3).

Police Station - Third Floor

Police Station (Third Floor)
Map Legend
VI = Vitality Incense
E = Elevator
4 = Stairs to Fourth Floor
2 = Stairs to Third Floor
H = Hole to Third Floor
L = Landing point from hole on Fourth Floor

...and now a longer floor, mostly in a dark zone. Oh well, at least there's something to do here. From either the stairs or the elevator, head over to the southwest corner of the floor to reference point VI to collect a Vitality Incense.

After collecting the lone item on this floor, head up to the next floor either via the stairs at reference point 4 or the elevator at reference point E.

Police Station - Fourth Floor

Police Station (Fourth Floor)
Map Legend
LI = Luck Incense
SI = Speed Incense
E = Elevator
5 = Stairs to Fifth Floor
3 = Stairs to Third Floor
H = Hole to Third Floor

Two good items on the floor, this place isn't so bad afterall. First head to point LI to collect a nice Luck Incense.

Now jog on over to point SI and collect a Stamina Incense.

Once you've nabbed the items on this floor, go up to final floor of this horrible place, either by elevator at point E or by stairs at point 5.