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by Infinity Dragon

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Guide and Walkthrough by Infinity Dragon

Version: 1.70 | Updated: 06/02/2013
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Shin Megami Tensei


By: Infinity Dragon / Justin Blood

Copyright © 2013 Justin Blood

VER: 1.70


This FAQ/Walkthrough is meant to be a gameplay guide and assumes that you either can read Japanese or that you are playing the game with a translation patch. If you want more in-depth information on the game's story or translation, then I recommend looking at Re-miel's FAQ located at GameFAQs.

If you are looking for a guide that gives precise instructions on where to go or what to do, however, then this guide is for you. As good as Re-miel's FAQ is at delineating the story of the game, it's not as effective when it comes to providing an in-depth gameplay walkthrough.

This guide will also be a comprehensive compilation of strategies and tips, sidequests, demon info, and item info. Anything that's relevant to the gameplay of Shin Megami Tensei will hopefully be included in this FAQ at some point.

With that, happy reading and enjoy playing one the greatest games for the SNES!


Before diving into playing the game, take a moment to review this section. As befits an older SNES RPG, Shin Megami Tensei has a few gameplay quirks that may cause some frustration. A review of this section will help prepare for those frustrating oddities!

This section will cover the primary and derived character statistics, the two different exploration modes and their differing gameplay controls, main menu functions, gameplay during battle, and demon negotiation.

The Primary Stats

The main effect of the primary stats is to increase the derivative stats, which are the stats that actually tend to matter in combat. A couple of the primary stats do have noticeable effects beyond affecting the derivative stats, however, so pay special attention to those stats.

Increases HP, Power, and Accuracy (Improves Defense for Demons)
Increases Evade and Magic Effect; improves your ability to negotiate with demons.
Increases Magic Power and Magic Effect.
Increases HP and Defense (Improves Power for Demons).
Increases Accuracy and Evade; increases the chances of escaping in battle and increases ability to act sooner in battle.
Increases Accuracy and Evade; increases the chances of finding an item after battle, increases chances of getting in a first strike in battle, increases the chances of escaping from battle.

The Derivative Stats

The derivative stats are generally the stats that are taken into account during a battle.

Improves the damage dealt by a physical attack.
Improves the likelihood of an hitting a target.
Decreases the amount of damage received from a physical attack.
Decreases the likelihood that an attack or ability will hit.
Improves the damage dealt or HP healed by a Magic ability.
Improves the chances that spell's effects will work.

Calculating the Derviative Stats

This is where you can see just how much the primary stats affect the derivative stats. This is important for deciding the best way to distribute your primary stat points at character creation or when you level up. The larger the overall increases given by a primary stat, the more important it is to raise that stat.

Also note that because demons cannot wear equipment, the game calculates their derivative stats in a slightly different manner. Since you cannot really raise a demon's primary stats, this is more for those wishing to understand the game's mechanics rather than as a tool for planning character growth.

AGI + [(INT + LCK)/4]
MAG + (INT/8)
INT + (MAG/8)
(STRx3) + (VIT/4) + (LEVEL - 19)
AGI + (STR/4)
(AGIx2) + (STR/4) + [(LEVEL - 19)/2]
AGI + (INT/8)
MAG + (INT/8)
INT + (MAG/8)

If you need any further help guidance in allocating stats, please see the FAQs section of this guide.

Exploration Controls

Exploring is a major component of this game, given how large the various buildings are and the size of the city map.

Exploring the City Map

The City Map is primarily used to move from building to building. Do note, however, that just because you aren't in 1st Person Exploration mode (i.e. you aren't in a building) doesn't mean enemies won't attack you. You'll encounter random enemies as you explore the City Map, but not at the same frequency as you would in a building. There are some obstacles you cannot traverse over while on the city map. These obstacles include trees, buildings, walls, and debris.

Entering Buildings

There are two types of buildings on the city map you can enter. Yellow buildings are entered through the visible door. Red buildings are entered by simply moving your character pawn over the building.

City Map Controls
Moves your character south, scrolls through menu choices.
Moves your character north, scrolls through menu choices.
Moves your character east, scrolls through menu choices.
Moves your character west, scrolls through menu choices.
Brings up the main menu, used to confirm a choice in the menu.
Cancels out of the menus.
L, R, X, Y:
No effect.

1st Person Exploration Mode/Buildings

Whenever you enter a building, you are brought into first person mode to explore it. While the controls can be sluggish and counter-intuitive at first, hopefully you'll get used to them shortly. The worst part of this mode is that the design for first person mode is just plain bland, making it hard to establish landmarks for navigational purposes. Thankfully you get an auto-map shortly into the game which will help you with this. The main objective in this mode is to find and enter the rooms containing characters important to the plot so that you may speak with them, as well as rooms containing bosses so that you may kill them. This is also where you'll find the various shops you can enter.

There are a few features in this mode that deserve explanation.


While not important on their own, doors can serve as makeshift navigation landmarks, since they are clearly marked on your auto-map. Additionally, whenever you pass through a door, you have a higher chance of being attacked by enemies on the other side. I've found that there's roughly a 50-70% chance of being attacked in this way. Keep that in mind if you're exploring while low on health.


There are two types of traps in this game. Damage Floors and Poison Floors. Damage Floors will take away a large chunk of HP (usually 25% or 50% of your current HP) from all your characters. Some Damage Floors will only deal damage to characters that are not of a certain alignment. Poison Floors will randomly poison some of your party members.


While exploring the various buildings, you'll find doors that are labelled various names. This means that on the other side of the door is a shop where you can purchase items, receive healing, or save your game. The various shops are as follows:

Antiques: Useless at first, but later on it will sell you firearms.
Knives: Sells melee weapons.
Armors: Sells armor.
Survival: Usually sells a mix of gear.
Arms: Sells firearms.
Junk: Sells consumable items.
Drugs: Sells consumable items.
Kaifuku: Provides healing services and sells consumables. Neutral.
Mesia: Provides healing services and sells consumables. Law.
Gaia: Provides healing services and sells consumables. Chaos.

Terminal rooms are very important. Terminal points are the primary save points in the game, so make use of them often. Additionally, you can use a Terminal to transport yourself to any other Terminal room you've been to.


Some rooms contain boxes, crates, or chests. Usually you'll get an item if you open one of these boxes. Sometimes, however, the box will be trapped instead, taking away 25% of all party members' current HP. Also some boxes will be empty, sometimes this is based on alignment, sometimes the box is just empty.

1st Person Exploration Controls
Turn around 180 degrees.
Moves your character forward.
Turns 90 degrees clockwise (North->East->South->West)
Turns 90 degrees counter-clockwise (North->West->South->East)
Brings up the main menu, used to confirm a choice in the menu.
Cancels out of the menus.
Turn 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
Turn 90 degrees clockwise.
X, Y:
No effect.

The Main Menu

The main menu is accessed by pushing A in either of the exploration modes. The various choices are:


This command is broken into various sub-commands.

Summon Minion:
Brings a demon on the sidelines into your active party. Summoning requires a small payment of money, and demons require a constant upkeep of Magnetite to remain summoned.
Return Minion:
Moves a demon from your active party to the sidelines.
Dismiss Minion:
This removes a demon from your party AND sidelines permanently. Be careful when using this.
Change Formation:
Allows you to change your party formation.
This is where you can pull up a map of the current building you are exploring. Explored areas are shown in green, unexplored areas are black.
Devil Analyze:
Allows you to look at the statistics of the last 36 demons you have defeated.


This command allows you to select a party member to cast one of their spells. The spell you want to cast must be one that can be cast out of combat.


This command is broken into various sub-commands.

This lets you select and use a consumable item.
Allows you to select a party member and change their equipment.
Allows you to select an item you no longer need and discards it, freeing up precious inventory space.


This command lets you look at the current status of your party members. Additionally, you can push L or R while viewing a character's status to view a complete list of your item inventory. This will also show key items in your possession, which are normally not seen under the normal item command.

The Enemy Encounter Menu

The Enemy Encounter Menu is accessed whenever you encounter an enemy, as well as at the beginning of each round of combat.

Engages in battle with the enemy. Switches to the Battle Menu.
Allows you to attempt to escape from the enemy group.
Starts Demon Negotiation mode.
Engages in battle with the enemy and enters Auto-Battle Mode.

The Battle Menu

Character performs an attack based on its Power stat. For humans, this uses the Power stat for the equipped sword.
Humans only. The character performs an attack based on its Power stat for the equipped gun.
Demons only. If the demon has any special, non-magical attacks, then selecting this will command the demon to use that attack. Note that if the demon has more than one Extra attack, the one used will be chosen randomly.
Main Hero only. This allows the Hero to summon any benched demons and allows analysis of the current enemies.
After selecting this command, you will be given a list of the spells that the current character has learned. Select the spell that you wish that character to cast that round. (Note: The Hero cannot use Magic, so he doesn't get this command).
Humans only. Selecting this command opens up a list of all consumable items that can be used in combat. Select the item that you wish the character to use during the round.
Demons only. Selecting this command returns the demon to the sideline so that you can summon a more effective demon.
The character won't perform any action during the round, but any damage dealt to the defending character will do roughly 1/2 to 2/3s less damage.

Demon Negotiation

Negotiating with demons is at the core of Shin Megami Tensei's gameplay. By talking with the various demons, you can receive Money, Magnetite, or even have them join you as an ally.

You can begin negotiating by selecting TALK from the Enemy Encounter menu. You will then be given two ways to begin the negotiation: you can act Friendly, or you can act Threatening. Beyond that, the different choices you will be given will be based off of the demon's reaction.

Different demons will react in different ways to the same choice. One might become scared and give you an item if you let it live while another demon might get angry and immediately attack you. The same demon, however, will almost usually respond in the same way to the same choice. For example, if you meet a Girimekhala and decide to approach it, that Girimekhala will likely be impressed by your courage. If you later encounter a second Girimekhala, it will also likely be impressed if you decide to approach it.

The key to successful negotiation is learning how a demon responds to a certain choice through trial and error. If you remember the choices that please a particular demon, then you will have a much easier time negotiating with that demon in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will give my answers and suggestions to various questions that have been asked about this game.

Q1: I'm having trouble managing my items, I run out of inventory room quickly and I always have to discard items to open a treasure box. Any help?

A1: Item management shouldn't be too much of a concern once you learn what items are worth keeping and what items should be discarded. Some tips:

  • Only keep one stack of Orbs and one stack of Magic Stones for negotiating with demons. Any additional Orbs or Magic Stones you find should be used immediately. This will help with both keeping your party healed and it will help prevent your inventory from becoming bloated.
  • Sell old equipment immediately after upgrading to newer gear.
  • Items that have the same effects as a spell can by and large be discarded. If you want that effect, just use the appropriate spell instead.
Q2: These dungeons are too long! The enemies spawn to frequently and I run out of healing halfway through the dungeon! How do I survive this?

A2: The first thing you should do, related to the item management section above, is to use Orbs and Magic Stones for healing when you can. This will save you precious MP. Secondly, don't use Sword attacks against random encounters. Instead, use Guns that have a high hit-spread. Guns do more total damage against random encounters than swords until they very, very late game. Moreover, if you buy Ammo that can cause different status effects (Nerve Bullets = Sleep, Magic Shells = Charm, Medusa Shells = Stone), then use those. By using a Gun that hits up to eight enemies and with some status shells equipped, your human characters can lock all the random encounters up quickly, preventing them from ever getting a turn!

Q3: My alignment shifted, what can I do to correct it?

A3: The easiest way to correct your alignment is to play the mini-game at Tokyo Destiny Land. See the "Tokyo Destiny Land Alignment Game" section in the Secrets and Sidequests chapter of this guide. If you don't want to wait until Tokyo Destiny Land, then you'll need to focus on killing enemies ONLY of the alignment you wish to shift away from (i.e. if you're Chaos aligned and you want to shift to Neutral or Law, then focus on killing only enemies that are Chaos aligned). Be warned that this method is EXTREMELY time consuming and ultimately probably not worth it.

Q4: What happened to all the shops where I could by Swords?

A4: After a certain part of the game, all the Knife shops disappear. While you can no longer buy swords, you will still find some exceptionally powerful swords in the various boxes in the different buildings. You can also use Sword Fusion to get some good weapons. See the "Swords" section of the Items chapter of this guide to find the locations of some good weapons if you're having trouble finding them on your own.

Q5: How should I distribute my stat points for the Hero?

A5: The short answer is that it depends on your playstyle. The long, technically correct answer is to focus on Stamina and Speed early on. Try to max Stamina by level 30 or so, then start working on finishing Speed and start putting points into Strength. After Speed is maxed, start putting points into Luck as you finish Strength. Finally, start working on Luck. While doing all this, put an occasional point or two into Intelligence. Try to have about 25 Intelligence by level 25 or so.

An important caveat: you don't need 40 in a stat to max it. Due to the stat bonuses from the final equipment sets, you'll have a +7 bonus to Strength, a +4 bonus to Intelligence, a +4 bonus to Speed, and a +1 bonus to the rest. This means Strength is effectively maxed at 33, Speed is effectively maxed at 36, and Stamina is effectively maxed at 39. Also keep in mind that there are a LOT of stat-boosting Incenses to be found throughout the game. Don't waste points in maxing out a stat if you know you'll get 10 incenses that boost that stat later.

Q6: What about that stat distribution for my other characters?

A6: Again, the simple answer is to use the stats in a way that matches your own playstyle. The min-maxing answer is as follows:


Max out Magic ASAP, then work out Stamina and Speed. Since the Heroine is best used as a Gunslinger, don't bother putting points into Strength. Likewise, Luck is useless on everyone but the main Hero, so avoid that as well.

Law Hero

Put points primarily into Magic, as it will make him very helpful for dealing damage thanks to Zan. Also put some points into Stamina so he can take a hit.

Chaos Hero

Put points into Strength and Stamina. While he does have magic, it's not very good magic. Especially considering a large number of enemies are resistant to Fire.


Here is the main meat of this guide. Since the three alignment paths are nearly identical when it comes to trapsing through buildings and exploring Tokyo, this walkthrough is going to cover all three paths at the same time. Any walkthrough areas with significant differences between the alignment paths will address each one, delineated by seperate section boxes for each path. By and large, this will occur only in the final states of the game.

An Introductory Dream

Enemies: None-------------------------Items: None

The game starts off in a weird dream-like maze. Just watch the scene as the game automatically moves you around. Eventually you'll reach a wall with a talking head. The head asks for your name. Enter your desired name and continue and you'll next be asked to allocate 18 statistical points. There are a few ways you can go about this. Magic is near-worthless to the main hero, so don't waste points on that. Intelligence, on the otherhand, isn't a bad stat. It increases Defense and Evade, and improves demon reactions during negotiations. Right now, the money stats are Strength, Stamina, and Speed. Luck is also a solid stat, but we can improve that later. I'd suggest allocating around 5 stats each of Strength, Stamina, and Speed, 2 more into Intelligence, and the last in Luck.

After allocating your stat points, continue watching the scenes. The face in the door tells you that ahead lies both the followers of Law and the followers of Chaos, and to avoid tipping the scales between them. Eventually, you'll reach a scene with a ghost-like figure being crucified as an offering to God. A robed man next to the cross tells you that you can awaken the crucified man by speaking his name. Name him whatever you wish, and you'll next be asked to allocate his stats. Unlike the main hero, this character will find the most use out of being a mage. An important note to be made here is that Intelligence does *not* increase M.Power. Instead, it increases M.Effect (Which determines the success rate of spells). Luck is pretty useless on anyone who isn't the main character, so skip that (Unless you really want lots of Evade). I'd allocate 5 points each to Magic, Intelligence, and Speed, and the remaining 3 points to Stamina. He'll now join your "party", sensing that he'll remember his purpose by remaining with you.

Continue along, and you'll come to a scene where another ghost-figure is being tormented by a demon. Again, you'll be told that he'll awaken if you call his name. Name him whatever you want, and you'll be asked to assign his stats. This guy is best made into a pure fighter, making Strength, Stamina, and Speed the best attributes to raise. I'd recommed putting 6 points into each. Now the second ghost-figure joins your party.

Continuing along, you'll reach a scene with a woman bathing in a pond. She'll recognize who you are and tell you that her name is Yuriko and that she's been waiting for you, since you're her eternal partner. Continuing along, you'll suddenly hear your mom's voice telling you that you've overslept.

Kichijoji I

Enemies: None-------------------------Items:
Demon Summoning Program
Attack Knife

You'll wake up to discover that a man named Steven has sent a file to your computer. According to Steven, creatures of legend have begun to awaken and will soon threaten the earth. In order to harness the demons' power, he has sent various people the Demon Summoning Program. Now you'll finally be given a choice of what to do.

Choosing "Computer" will give you info on the Demon Summoning Program. It's too early to go too sleep, so go ahead and leave the room. Your mother will talk to you. Apparently, there was a large police investigation during the night. She'll then give you ¥10000 and you'll be on your way. Head outside and you'll be in the hallway. You can talk to your dog, Pascal, in the little alcove in the hall, but that doesn't do much. Exit outside.

You'll now be on the world map, in Kichijoji district. If you explore, you'll discover that your neighborhood has been barricaded off from the rest of the city, due to the crimes last night. The yellow building to the south-east is the Hosptial, but it is closed right now. The building directly west of it is the Echo Building, and it is also currently off-limits. You can also visit your neighbor's house (The red house directly south of your house), but you'll learn nothing of importance.

Kichijoji Mall I

Your destination is the yellow building complex that has 3 entrances. Go ahead and enter it. Unfortunately, your Demon Program doesn't have the "Map" function yet. Just explore the area and get a feel for the first person controls. Use the map in the walkthrough below as a reference.

Kichijoji Mall.
Map Legend
A = Antiques
K = Knives
S = Survival
D = Drugs
C = Cafe
Y = Yuriko
G = Gang
X = Exit to City Map

Meanwhile look for a section with three rooms in a row (It's in the corridor perpendicular to the corridor with two exits). From the middle door (inside is a street gang that promptly kicks you out), turn around to a little side alley. At one end of the alley you'll see a man get his throat ripped out by a demon. The demon attacks you (You'll lose 5 HP) then runs off. You'll then automatically pick up an Attack Knife left behind by the dead man. Go ahead and equip it. Now head to the room labelled "Cafe" (labeled "C" on the walkthrough map above). From the entrance of the cafe, head north through the door. The cafe owner will tell you can pay him for the coffee later and you'll leave the room. Now turn right (west) and go forward to find out that a girl was killed in the park last night. Now turn right again (north) and head forward once more to find Yuriko.

Home I

After recieving the coffee and talking to Yuriko, exit the mall and return home. Head to the room at the far end of the hall to talk with your mother. She'll comment on the murders and how you need to play with Pascal more often. Following that conversation, go to your room and go to sleep. You'll have another strange dream. You'll meet the man you saved from crucifixion (Law Hero) and the man you saved from the demon (Chaos Hero) and they'll join up with you. The dream will continue and you'll meet Yuriko. Continuing along, you'll come upon a strange ceremony where some cultists are trying to sacrifce a girl. Choose to save the girl (or not; either way, one of the Heroes will think you're making a mistake) and you'll be asked to enter her name. Call her whatever you want and the priests will disappear. You'll then be allowed to allocate her stats. Like the Law Hero, she's primarily going to be used as a magic user. I'd recommend giving her 5 to Magic, Stamina, and Speed, and the remaining 3 points should go to Intelligence. The girl will say you'll meet sometime later, and then your mom will wake you from your dream.

c.) Kichijoji II

Enemies:-------------------------Items: None
Spirit Ghost
Jirae Brownie
Foul Moryou
Foul Thug
Foul Yakuza
Faerie Pixie
Machine Puppet
Hybrid Weredog

When you wake up, you'll find that Steven has sent you the Auto-Mapping Program (YAY!). Leave the room and you'll see your mother. She'll comment on how you were calling out a girl's voice last night. Leave the room, then exit the house.

As you walk around, you'll find that demons have begun appearing around town. For now, just kill them with Sword attacks. Your destination is the barricade south of your house that leads to a park with a mansion in it.

Inogashira Park

In Inogashira Park, you'll find an old man sitting on the road waiting for you. He warns that the forces of Law and Chaos are about to clash for supremacy, and that no matter who wins, the balance of the world will be off. He'll then send you to another dreamscape where you'll meet up with Law Hero and Chaos Hero. You'll automatically be taken around the building, to where you'll see a ghostlike figure of your mother warning you not to go ahead. You'll be taken into a Terminal where another strange ceremony is underway. The head of the ceremony sees you, and tells you that he cannot let you live now that you've seen the ceremony.

Choujin Douman: It doesn't matter what you do for this fight, since the old man will warp you out of the battle after the first round.

Back in Inogashira Park, the old man will tell you that you are not ready, and that you might be forced to fight Douman sometime in the future. He warns that you should prepare yourself for that possibility, then leaves. Head north towards your house, and you'll run into some police just south of your neighbor's house. They'll accuse you of ripping out the man's throat at the mall and take you to "jail".


Spirit GhostDemon Analyze Program
Jirae KnockerStrength Incense
Hybrid Weredog
Undead Zombie
Haunt Gaki
Fallen Orias

Hospital - First Floor

Hospital (First Floor).
Map Legend
B = Beginning Location
L = Law Hero
J = Jail Cell Door
S = Steven's Cell
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
D = Locked Door
X = Exit to City Map

In your "jail" cell, turn around and walk to the back. You'll find the Law Hero sitting down. He'll recognize you and tell you how his girlfriend has disappeared and that he was arrested for killing some demons. Agree to help him find his girlfriend, and you'll find out she has the same name as the Heroine you named earlier. After he joins, head towards the jail cell exit. An employee will tell you it's time for "surgery," but he's rushed by the Law Hero and knocked out.

Outside the cell, make your way to reference point S on the walkthrough map (Steven's Cell). In the cell you'll find a man in a wheelchair. He'll tell you that he wrote the Demon Summoning Program after he accidently opened a portal to the Abyss. Moreover, the Terminal Systems have been taken over by a man named Gotou, who is trying to make his own demon army. He'll then give you the Demon Analyze Program, which allows you to view enemy stats. He'll also unlock the door to the Hospital Director's office and save your game.

After speaking with Steven, make your way towards the staircase (reference point 2) and head up to the second floor.

Hospital - Second Floor

Hospital (Second Floor).
Map Legend
S = Strength Incense
D = Director's Room
1 = Stairs to First Floor

From the second floor stairwell, head to reference point S to pick up Strength Incense. Exit the room and make your way to reference point D. You'll be able to enter the room due to Steven disabling the Autolock. You'll be given a choice to enter the room or not: choose to go inside. The Director will ask if you've had your "surgery" yet. Either way you answer, he'll morph into a Demon and attack you.

Fallen Orias
  • Level: 10
  • HP: 120
  • MP: 55

  • EXP: 120
  • ¥: 480
  • MAG: 200
  • ITEM: Orb

  • Abilities:
    • Attack (~15 damage)
    • Pulinpa (Causes MT Panic Status)
    • Dolminer (Causes MT Sleep Status)
    • Hapilma (Causes MT Happy Status)

Strategy: The first boss of the game, Orias isn't too difficult. While he can deal alright damage with his normal attack, he'll generally not use it, casting his crappy status spells instead. Just attack with the Main every round, and have the Law Hero cast Zan, healing when needed.

After defeating Orias, return to the first floor and the door that was locked earlier (reference point D on the Hospital - First Floor map), then make your way to the exit. You'll be back on the city map.

Kichijoji III

Spirit Ghost400 Magnetite
Jirae BrownieMedicine
Foul Moryou
Foul Thug
Foul Yakuza
Hybrid Weredog
Machine Puppet
Undead Lady Zombie
Undead Obatarion
Faerie Pixie
Haunt Gaki
Jaki Ama no Sakugami

If you explore the city some, you'll find that the police barricade to Inogashira Park has been removed, allowing you access to the red building inside. Head there for now.

Inogashira Park Mansion

Inogashira Park Mansion.
Map Legend
J = Jakyou
G = 400 Magnetite
K = Kaifuku
M = Medicine
X = Exit to City Map

Inside the red building, you'll find a Jakyou on the first door to the left (reference point J). You probably can't make much use out of it now, but keep it in mind for later when your level is high enough to make us of Demon fusions. Continue along to point G to find a room containing 400 Magnetite. Return to the main corridor and continue along until you come to a Kaifuku (reference point K), where you can restore your HP, cure status ailments and Curse, revive fallen party members, and purchase some items. Heal if you need, then head back to the main hall. Continue along to point M to find a Medicine. After clearing out the red building, head to the exit and return to the city map. Back on the city map, head to the mall.

Kichijoji Mall II

You'll notice that the mall has been infested with Demons, none of which are too difficult. If you talk with the random characters, you'll find out about the Echo Building, which is now supposedly abandoned. Sounds suspicious. Anyways, purchase any equipment if you need it, then head to the room with the gang members (reference point G on the Kichijoji Mall I map). Inside you'll find a gang leader named Ozawa bullying a lone man. Your presence causes the gang to leave, for now, leaving you with the youth. He turns out to be the Chaos Hero from your dreams. He'll join up with you automatically. Exit the mall to the city map, and since you have nowhere else to go--except the suspcious leads on the Echo Building--return home.

Home II

Head to the room where your Mother usually is. She'll talk to you, but your companions will notice something strange. Unfortunately, a demon has eaten poor mom, and apparently has taken her form as disguise! Still hungry, the demon attacks you.

Jaki Ama no Sakugami
Level: 12
HP: 132
MP: 48

EXP: 192
¥: 576
MAG: 240

Attack (~8 Physical damage, can hit twice)
Tarunda (Decreases Strength of all characters, 100% hit rate)
Makajama (Causes Silence, ~40% hit rate)
Raku Kaja (Increases Defense)

Strategy: This isn't a very difficult "boss," if you can call him that. His basic strategy is to try to silence you with Makajama, then reduce your physical attacks with both Tarunda and Raku Kaja. However, his HP is pretty atrocious--only 12 more than Oriasu, and you have more levels and another party member--so he'll die quickly anyways. You can win easily enough by having the Main and Chaos Hero dish out physical attacks, while Law Hero casts Zan and heals when necessary (if ever). If Law Hero is actually hit with Silence, just switch him to Gun attacks, and Sukugami should still drop relatively quickly.

After defeating the "boss," you receive an ID Card, and you're left to have a moment of silence to yourself. Pascal, the dog, will come up to you, as though he wanted you to take him with you. DEFINITELY TAKE HIM WITH YOU, he'll make the next dungeon a total breeze. Now that there's no point in staying home, unless you want free recovery, it's time to move on.

City Map

Hmm, where to now? Well, Echo Building sounded suspicious from what people in the Kichijoji mall said, so let's make that our first destination.


Before we do that, however, make a pit stop at the Jakyou manor in Inogashira Park. Fuse one of your weaker demons, such as Faerie Pixie or Jirae Brownie, with Pascal to make Beast Cerberus, a whopping Level 43 Demon. While you normally can't fuse Demons that have a higher level than you, Pascal-Cerberus is an exception. The only real drawback to Cerberus is his expensive summoning cost, ¥1376, but he's well worth it.

After obtaining Cerberus, exit the manor and head to the Echo Building. Echo Building is the building directly South of the mall and West of the Hospital.

Echo Building

Jirae KnockerAmethyst
Jirae KoboldSpeed Incense
Fallen Andras¥4800
Jaki GremlinIntelligence Incense
Faerie GoblinLuck Incense
Choujin Douman

You'll automatically use your ID Card at the entrance to gain access to the Echo Building. This place is quite a bit larger than the Hospital, comprised of five floors. You can immediately jump to the 5th floor by taking the elevator in the South-West corner of the first floor, but you'll miss out on all the treasures if you do.

Echo Building - First Floor

Echo Building (First Floor).
Map Legend
X = Exit
E = Elevator
2 = Stairs to Second Floor

Nothing much to see on this floor. You can either skip to the Third Floor directly by taking the Elevator at reference point E, or you can go to the Second Floor by taking the stairs at reference point 2. The only purpose in going to the second floor is to fight a Jirae Brownie, or if you're a completionist and want to map every area (or both).

Echo Building - Second Floor

Echo Building (Second Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
1 = Stairs to First Floor
3 = Stairs to Third Floor
B = Fight with Jirae Brownie

As mentioned, the only purpose to this floor is if you want to map it or if you want to fight the Jirae Brownie. To fight the Jirae Brownie, enter the room at reference point B. Once you are finished with this floor, make your way to the third floor either by staircase or elevator.

Echo Building - Third Floor

Echo Building (Third Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
4 = Stairs to Fourth Floor
A = Amethyst

There's an Amethyst on this floor, so let's grab that before continuing to the 4th floor. Grab the Amethyst in the room at reference point A, then make your way to the fourth floor (I'd recommend taking the stairs, since that puts you closer to some treasures on the next floor, but it really doesn't matter).

Echo Building - Fourth Floor

Echo Building (Fourth Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
3 = Stairs to Third Floor
5 = Stairs to Fifth Floor
II = Intelligence Incense
¥ = ¥4800
AI = Agility Incense

This floor contains three nice treasures: Speed Incense, Intelligence Incense, and ¥4800. Let's grab the Speed Incense first. From wherever you entered, make your way to reference point II and pick up the Intelligence Incense. The ¥4800 is found at reference point ¥, one room north of the Intelligence Incense. Finally, pick up the Agility Incense at reference point AI, one room north of the ¥4800.

Once you've collected the three items, head on to the fifth, and final, floor (of this building, at least...).

Echo Building - Fifth Floor

Echo Building (Fifth Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
4 = Stairs to Fourth Floor
LI = Luck Incense
T = Terminal

Almost done with this building! Before we finish this place off, we want to collect a Luck Incense, which can be found at reference point LI in the northwest corner. Once you have the Luck Incense, make your way towards reference point T, the Terminal. In the corridor before you reach the Terminal you'll meet Yuriko. She'll say you'll do fine and you can continue on your way. Enter the Terminal door for a familiar scene. You'll see the strange ceremony you saw when the old man in Inogashira Park sent you into the dream-like state. The man conducting the ceremony sees you (again), and he'll attack you (again).

Choujin Douman
Level: 15
HP: 398
MP: 50

EXP: 240
¥: 720
MAG: 300

Attack (~22 Physical damage)
Maha Agi (~20 Fire damage to all characters)
Maha Zan (~20 Impact damage to all characters)
Sibabu (Inflicts Bind to all characters, ~50% hit rate)

Strategy: With Cerberus, this guy is a total joke. Have the Main Hero use his Sword attack, Law Hero should cast Zan, Chaos Hero should use his Gun attack, and have Cerberus use his normal attack. Cerberus alone will hit for roughly 110 damage, meaning you'll likely kill him in 3 rounds. Douman's Maha Agi and Maha Zan will hit for roughly 15-20 damage per character, so it'll take him a good 4 rounds to kill anyone. The only way this fight can be threatening is if he gets lucky with Sibabu and hits Cerberus with Bind.

After the pathetic fight, turn back north and go back to the Terminal. Cerberus will start growling at the machine and attacks it, but is warped off somewhere (You didn't expect you'd be able to keep him forever, did you?). At the Terminal, you can save the game or Transmit. Choose Transmit and you'll see you can choose a Lab as the destination. Choose it, and you'll be warped. When you exit the terminal room, you'll find you've been warped to a new building.


Jirae Knocker240 Magnetite
Jirae KoboldDemon Summoning Upgrade
Jaki Gremlin320 Magnetite
Jaki OrcLuck Incense
Faerie GoblinVitality Incense

Another building to tackle. Luckily, this building is short and easy, with a handful of useful items. You'll start off on the second floor, so the goal is to reach the first floor and find an exit.

Lab - Second Floor

Lab (Second Floor).
Map Legend
T = Terminal (Entry Point)
O = Orc
M = 240 Magnetite
1 = Stairs to First Floor

Exit the Terminal room and go to reference point O. At this intersection, you'll encounter an Orc who welcomes you, thinking you're a demon in the form of a human. He'll attack when he finds out that you actually are human. He's no more powerful than a regular enemy, so kill him quickly and easily with Sword/Gun attacks. The room directly North of here is the staircase to the first floor, but first head to reference point M in the northeast corner of this floor to open a box that contains 240 Magnetite. After picking up the Magnetite, return to the intersection where you killed the Orc and head down the stairs at reference point 1 to make your way to the first floor.

Lab - First Floor

Lab (First Floor).
Map Legend
S = Steven's Room
M = 320 Magnetite
LI = Luck Incense
VI = Vitality Incense
O = Orc
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
X = Exit

This floor contains some goodies. Your first destination as the room at reference point S. Make your way inside and you'll find Steven. He'll tell you more about Gotou and the Terminals, then ask you how you feel about the Demon Summoning Program. Answer what you like, then answer "No" when he asks about whether you are satisfied with the number of demons you can summon. He'll take your computer and upgrade it so you can summon two more demons now.

After leaving Steven, enter the door directly facing his room (reference point M) to find 320 Magnetite. Now enter the room just north of Steven's (reference point LI) for a Luck Incense and then the opposite room (reference point VI) for a Vitality Incense. After clearing out the items, head to reference point O. Inside this corridor you'll encounter another Orc. He'll ask how you got here and attack. Kill him, then head to reference point X in the southwest corner of the floor to exit the building to the city map.


Spirit RemorseBar Matchbook
Spirit GhostGotou's HQ ID Card
Jirae KoboldEmbassy ID Card
Fallen Andras
Fallen Forneus
Fallen Gamygyn
Foul Slime
Foul Yakuza
Jaki Donko
Jaki Orc
Raptor Fukei
Beast Senki
Undead Bodyconian
Undead Lady Zombie
Undead Obatarion
Undead Zombie
Undead Zombie Cop
Undead Zombie Soldier
Night Imp
Flight Harpy
Faerie Goblin
Faerie Jack o' Lantern
Faerie Jack Frost
Haunt Oshichi

After leaving the Lab, you'll be in another District. From the Lab, head west to the road that stretches south to a barrier. Follow that road north all the way to a T-Intersection. Head East at the intersection, then take the first road north, then take the short road to the West that leads to a building.

Shinjuku Mall

You'll be in the East Entrance to the Shinjuku mall. Just follow the only corridor to the end and take the stairs down to B1 (no map provided, or needed, for that short little corridor). This will take you to the mall itself, and you'll notice right away that it is significantly larger than the Kichijoji mall. Our first goal should be to activate the Terminal Point here so we can quickly move about the city later on.

Shinjuku Mall Basement Level One

Shinjuku Mall (Basement Level One).
Map Legend
T = Terminal
Y = Yuriko/Resistance Member/Heroine
J = Jakyou
K = Kaifuku
N = Knives
S = Survival
D = Drugs
M = Messia
G = Gaia
Ba = Bar
Di = Disco
B2 = Stairs to Basement Level Two
1 = Stairs to First Floor
X = Stairs to First Floor Exits

From the eastern exit staircase, make your way to reference point T. The Terminal is the room directly north of the staircase, but you need to work your way north, then back south to reach it. Activate the Terminal and save your game.

Now what you want do do is visit the "neutral" Bar. In the south-center portion of the map you'll notice three Ba reference points, each corresponding to a separate bar with its own alignment. The bar with "neutral" patrons is the southernmost of the three. Make your way to that point, then continue on to reference point Y, where you'll run into Yuriko again. After meeting Yuriko, go through the West door to meet the bartender. Decline to buy any drinks, then choose to talk with him. He'll ask you a series of questions, so respond as follows:

  1. Yes (Do you have a demon summoning program?)
  2. No (Let demons run around unrestrained?)
  3. Yes (Do you think it's wrong to call on greater power for peace?)

After answering his questions correctly, he'll give you a Bar Matchbook and kick you out. Now return *all* the way to the East entrance. You can do this quickly by exiting the bar, turning North and heading North to a 4-way intersection, then turning East and going all the way East to the entrance. From the entrance, continue north to reference point B2. Go down the stairs to Basement Level Two.

Shinjuku Mall Basement Level Two

Shinjuku Mall (Basement Level Two).
Map Legend
G = Resistance Guard
H = Heroine
F = Fight with Faerie Goblin
B1 = Stairs to Basement Level One

From the stairwell, make your way around the basement to reference point G. As you go through the door, you'll come to a guard (who looks like a kid) who is in your way unless you show him what he needs to see. With the Bar Matchbook in your inventory, answer "Yes" and he'll let you pass. Now, if you want a guaranteed fight with a Faerie Goblin, go through the door to the right and head all the way West to a room containing it (reference point F). Otherwise, just continue South to the end of the path to reference point H and you'll find the Resistance Leader--the girl you rescued in your dream earlier.

After some dialogue, agree to help the Heroine. Before she can join you, Yuriko warps in and abducts her. Time to go save the damsel in distress. Exit the basement/Headquarters the same way you came in. Along the way you'll meet a man who tells you that the Resistance is scouting out the Heroine's location and that they'll be in the Bar once they find her. Sounds like a good place to find out where to go next.

Exit back to the main floor of Shinjuku Mall. Time to head back to where you talked to Yuriko earlier. Return to the space Yuriko used to occupy at reference point Y and You'll find a member of the Resistance. He'll warn you that the Heroine is to be publicly executed in the Tokyo Government Office plaza. Time to leave Shinjuku Mall for now. Exit back to the City Map.

Tokyo Government Office

Time to save the Heroine. Head west from Shinjuku and you should see two tall buildings. Enter the small yellow building immediately south of the two skyscrapers.

Follow the only path to a door. Enter the door and a guard will tell you that the execution is about to begin. Continue forward and you'll reach the plaza. Yuriko is about to start the execution when she notices you. She'll summon four waves of demons which you must face.

Heroine Rescue - Wave 1

Wave 1 is eight Undead Zombie Cops. This wave isn't too hard; Zombie Cops aren't particularly durable, so multi-target attacks are the way to go. Have Law Hero cast Maha-Zan, or healing if needed. Main Hero and Chaos Hero should use Gun attacks. Zombie Cops also like to summon help, which often fails, giving youplenty of breathing room. If you have a demon with Maha-Agi (e.g. Faerie Pyro Jack), use that as well, since the Zombie Cops are vulnerable to Fire.

Heroine Rescue - Wave 2

Wave 2 is eight Undead Zombie Soldiers. This is a little more difficult than the last wave, but still not hard. The same tactics apply. The thing to watch out for in this wave are the Soldiers' multi-target gun attacks, which can hit everyone if you're unlucky. If Chaos Hero's Gun attacks aren't doing to well in this wave, have him switch off to Maha-Agi. Again, since these are Undead, a demon with Maha-Agi will help out here.

Heroine Rescue - Wave 3

Wave 3 is four Undead Zombie Soldiers and four Spirit Remorse (Lemure if you're playing with the AGTP translation patch). This is easier than the second wave. The group of Remorse will usually spam Sukunda, which doesn't have a noticeable impact on your spell accuracy. So take out the Zombie Soldiers like you did before, with Maha-Zan and Maha-Agi, then just use the same strategy against the Remorse. The only trouble is if a Remorse decides to cast Zan, which will deal ~25 damage to a single party member; still better than the multi-hitting Zombie Soldier attacks, and Zan is often dodged by your party members.

Heroine Rescue - Wave 4

Wave 4 is four Spirit Remorse and two Undead Ghouls. Not a terribly hard wave, although it can kill you if you get unlucky. Unload on the Remorse with multi-target attacks first, since Zan can become threatening at this point. Ghouls like to defend, but can also attack for solid damage. Use Maha-Agi or Agi (Depending on how much MP you have left) and Maha-Zan to mop them up. If you're having troubles, have the Main Hero just defend for most of the fight, since most attacks directed against him will either miss or do 5-10 damage.

After the fourth wave, Yuriko gives up and retreats. The Heroine thanks you and asks you to meet her at the Bar.


This is your last opportunity to engage in a small little sidequest. You can face off with Ozawa by entering a small yellow building north of the Tokyo Government Offices. See Defeat Ozawa in 199x for details. There aren't too many rewards for doing this (Experience and some Magnetite), but completionists will probably want to do this.

Recruiting the Heroine

Return to Shinjuku Mall and head to the "neutral" bar. Return to reference point Y and you'll find the Heroine. Law Hero and Chaos Hero will leave you in order to pursue their own goals and Heroine will ask you to help her stop Gotou and Thorman.

Exit Shinjuku Mall and return to the city map. You now have the choice of going to either Gotou's Headquarters the American Embassy. Since you'll be visiting both these places eventually, the order doesn't matter too much; yet. Gotou's Headquarters are on the way to the Embassy, so this walkthrough will go there first.

Gotou's Headquarters

Spirit RemorseLuck Incense
Spirit Shade¥8000
Fallen Andras
Fallen Forneus
Fallen Gamygyn
Gaian Suicide Squad
Foul Slime
Undead Zombie Soldier
Yama Imp
Brute Azumi
Brute Bogle
Faerie Dryad
Haunt Ghoul

From Shinjuku Mall, head due east on the city map. You'll see a yellow building surrounded by white buildings and trees. Head north into the complex and you'll be asked to show your ID. Since you have one, they let you in.

Goutou's HQ - First Floor

Goutou's HQ (First Floor).
Map Legend
E = Elevator
2 = Stairs to Second Floor
B = Stairs to Basement Level One
X = Exit

There aren't any items on this floor, so just make a beeline to either the stairwell (reference point 2) or the elevator (reference point E) and head up to the second floor.

Goutou's HQ - Second Floor

Goutou's HQ (Second Floor).
Map Legend
¥ = ¥8000
LI = Luck Incense
E = Elevator
1 = Stairs to First Floor
3 = Stairs to Third Floor

Two items to nab on this floor. First head to reference point ¥ to pick up a hefty ¥8000. After fattening your wallet, head to reference point LI to pick up a Luck Incense. After grabbing the items, head to the floor by means of the elevator (reference point E) or the stairwell (reference point 3).

Goutou's HQ - Third Floor

Goutou's HQ (Third Floor).
Map Legend
G = Goutou's Room
E = Elevator
2 = Stairs to Second Floor

Nothing of interest on this floor except Goutou himself. Head to reference point G to meet him.

Gotou will explain in more detail the current situation between his forces and the American army. He asks for your help and gives you time to think about it.

Now that you've seen one point-of-view, it's time to see the other. Return to the first floor and exit Goutou's Headquarters to return to the city map. It's time to go to the American Embassy!

=--NOTE--== You may have noticed that there is a basement in Goutou's Headquarters. For purposes of this FAQ, the basement is completely optional, as there are no items, significant events, or side quests that take place there. If you do explore the basement, you'll encounter three females (a little girl, a teenager, and an adult woman) who have been locked up since they share the same name with the Heroine. You may free them if you wish, but I have not seen any impact from doing so.

American Embassy

Jirae FachanLuck Incense
Jaki OrcMedicine
Beast Cu SithMagic Incense
Undead Zombie Soldier960 Magnetite
Divine Angel
Touki Spartoi
Flight Harpy
Faerie Dryad

From Gotou's Headquarters on the city map, head south and east until you see a small yellow building. This is the entrance to the Embassy. Follow the long underground corridor and you'll come to a security checkpoint. They'll let you through since you have an ID Card. Continue along the corridor and go up the stairs to enter the Embassy.

American Embassy - First Floor

American Embassy (First Floor).
Map Legend
LI = Luck Incense
O = Medicine
MI = Magic Incense
M = 960 Magnetite
B1 = Stairs to Basement Level 1 (Entrance/Exit Corridor)
2 = Stairs to Second Floor

There are some nice items in this floor worth picking up.

First, head to reference point LI to pick up a Luck Incense, then head northeast to reference point O to pick up a Medicine. Head over to the other side of the Embassy to reference point MI to pick up a Magic Incense, then head southeast to reference point M to collect 960 Magnetite.

After looting the first floor of the Embassy, head to reference point 2 and go up to the second floor.