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General FAQs

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 01/04/08 Johnny_TM 1.0 34K
English Mantra Guide 07/15/03 Zajin 0.75 15K
Item List 08/22/04 Reonis 08.22.04 26K
Level/Stat Chart 02/19/05 Reonis 02.19.05 117K
Magic FAQ 07/31/01 Chief Ug 1.0 13K
Mantra List 10/03/04 Reonis 10.03.04 588K
Monster List 09/11/04 Reonis 09.11.04 65K
Save State Hacking Guide 10/24/06 xxxJagoxxx 1.20 11K

Maps and Charts

Aboveworld Map (PNG) 09/12/04 Reonis 09.12.04 90K
Underground World Map (PNG) 09/04/04 Reonis 09.04.04 87K
Underwater Map (PNG) 09/06/04 Reonis 09.06.04 88K
World Map of Day 1 (PNG) 08/20/04 Reonis 77K
World Map of Day 15 (PNG) 08/20/04 Reonis 115K
World Map of Day 8 (PNG) 08/20/04 Reonis 93K

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