How do I beat Gomorrah?

  1. I have just beaten Rudra(With Surlent), and don't have any way to go back and buy itens, so I need to kill him with what i have now, please someoe help me, I need to know if there is a way to kill him very quickly, and I need to know good Mantras to beat Dampti(Surlent scenario).
    please someone help me.

    User Info: OmegaXis999

    OmegaXis999 - 10 years ago


  1. Gomorrah and his cronies are all weak to light, and you should go into the fight with as much dark equipment as possible. The guide suggests using Serenareem as a main mantra in this fight.

    User Info: Camden

    Camden - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. I've recently beaten him. My level with Sion and co. was around 61 - 62.
    I barely needed any items on Rudra. Just the simple use of some mantras:
    Powerup (Strength up ALL) > Essential
    Critical on Sion and Foxy > Essential
    Banish (Defense up ALL)
    Protect (Mg. Def up ALL) > Somewhat essential
    Virus (Spirit down ONE) > Somewhat essential
    Soft (Def down) > Essential
    Weak (Strength down)
    Pebefamegami (Cheat healing, 1 MP and heals a lot) > Essential at some turns.

    Powered up, Critical and Berserk on Sion should be an Overkill.
    You'll defeat Rudra much easier and have more items at your disposal for Gomorrah.

    With him, go with the same pattern.
    Critical on both Sion and Foxy (Have Sion to focus on Gomorrah and Foxy to focus on the summoned minion when it shows up. When not, just kick Gomorrah's ass with her too.)
    Soft on Gomorrah
    Virus on Gomorrah
    Weak on DarkKnight and Virus on the other minions
    And have Ramyleth equipped with the wind bow, it does a rather nice amount of damage on Gomorrah. You may like to leave Ture focused on the mantras, so leave him and Ramyleth on the back row.
    Berserk on Sion as last resort, I'd recommen only using it when Gomorrah gets red, as he'll stop summoning the monsters and will focus on attacking you.
    Have Dark equipment for safety. You gain lots of these by grinding on the overworld map at Netherworld.

    User Info: LukiaDeathstalk

    LukiaDeathstalk - 4 years ago 0   1

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