Review by VeryInsane

Reviewed: 10/03/05

Without a doubt, Best FE Ever

Yes, this is what most people, like me, believe to be the Best FE ever and one of the most underated games in Video Game History. That's a pure solid fact. Despite the fact that the Entire FE series itself is underated, now, I start my Review with this treasure.

Gameplay - 9/10
This is the first to start the great weapon triangle, Which is Swords>Axes>Lances>Swords. Also, there are castles that you and the enemy have to guard. If yours falls it is destroyed and if it is the main castle, it's a game over. Like the Rest of the FE series, there are loads of enemies to beat and Characters to promote, you can also bring all your characters to the map. And Also they promote at level 20, where they can sometimes mix weapons with magic or vice-versa. The Legendary Weapons, weapons that can only be equipped by characters with star rankings, Boost their stats up to make your army and bosses more deadly.

Story - 10/10
The story is obviously the most complex and interesting story I've ever seen. You start off trying to rescue a princess from Vile Barbarians, which quickly turns the story into a tale of love, hate, murder, and incest. Yes, It doesn't sound interesting at first,

Graphics/Sound - 10/10 The Graphics are the best in the series right now, as well as FE5, They take a big step up from FE3 and The GBA ones. As for the sound, it's solid sound for it's age and is sometimes addicting for a Fire Emblem Game.

Replayability - 7/10
Though sometimes you feel like your going through the same proccess again, it's still an interesting Title To try out and figure out which lovers suck and which ones don't. You might also want to try Searching for items you may have missed in your first playthrough.

Buy or Rent-Buy if you live in Japan, Import if not. However, Most people, including some reviewers here, Usually get the rom version, which makes it ok to try anyway.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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