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Reviewed: 12/14/03

How can someone live without playing this game?

The Fire Emblem series is the best series in existence. Fire Emblem 4 is only bested by Fire Emblem 5. FE4 is unique though because the game is separated into two parts. The First Generation is the most interesting because you have to pair people together so you can play as their children in the second gen. But the kids are always awesome, due to the way their stat growth is decided.

Fire Emblem 4 has the best set of characters. No other game has so many awesome characters. Just to name a few, you have Arya, who is a First Gen Sword Fighter, Shannon, a Second Gen Sword Master, along with Arya's brother, Lachke (sp) Arya's daughter, Sword fighter, Susuka, Arya's Son, Sword Fighter, Lex, Axe Knight.... The list just keeps on going. And for once, the leader, Sigurd, isn't affected by the usual ''sucky-leader-syndrome!''

The Game play differs from other FE games because it isn't strictly an army vs. army fight. There are several castles and armies to each level, making you shift your goals from a ''race to the castle and kill the dude on the throne'' is a more passive approach. Also, there's a set number on weapons, and you repair the weapon instead of buying a new one. In other words, you can't give everyone a silver weapon. This is a drag occasionally, but there are alot of God weapons, and plenty of Hero and Special weapons lying around. Plus, not too many people use A weapons, especially before promotion.

The promotion system is different in FE4 than in all other FE games, yet that's not to say it's worse. Instead of going back to level 1 when you promote, you just continue to level 30. It's a cooler system, but there aren't as many levels. So you're people ''shouldn't'' be as good. But the stat growths make up for that. If anything, the people in FE4 are better than those in any other FE game. How many other games do you have people with HP in the 70's?

Hardly anyone knows the story to the game, but if you play the game as you read a FAQ, it will give you a brief overview of the story.

The graphics of FE4 are only surpassed on SNES by the graphics of FE5. The Sprites are a bit better in FE5, but the battle animations are all the same.

As you should come to expect from the FE series, the music is great. Though it does occasionally get annoying as you prepare for battle in your castle.

I don't know who could argue that FE4 is not only a great game, but one of the best games ever created. Though it is the odd ball FE game, its a great change of pace if you're playing all of the FE games.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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