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Reviewed: 12/07/03

What Story?

WARNING: - NOT MARTH, NOR ROY ARE NOT IN THIS GAME - And it still kicks butt. This game is truly remarkable. The series itself is a masterpiece, and this game is no different. Why a 9? Well, I don't read Japanese, so I really have NO IDEA what the story is. You know it's pretty cool when a game can still get a 9 with no story. The gameplay and character development make this game worth playing over and over... and that's all you'll ever need.

Graphics - 10/10

The sprites are pretty sweet, but the battle sequences are awesome. Just wait, you'll know your living the peak of gaming on the SNES when one of your characters dashes in on horse back, slice an enemy, dodge a counter attack, and take another slice - all happening in fully animated attacks. You'll see everything that happens, and it looks good while it happens.

Sound - 10/10

You'll often find yourself having to stop playing for a second to notice the music in a game, or turning the volume all the way down because you're fed up with the noises coming out of your TV. Well, get that out of your mind, because this music rocks. I found myself stopping for moments at a time just so that I could concentrate on the music. It's not like you need to do that though, you'll find it plenty enjoyable just hearing it in the back of your mind while your army surrounds an enemy outpost. It sets the mood in a way. Very cool.

Story - 0/10 - haha.

Like I said, I really have no room for talk here. The only parts I understood were the parts that played out without words. You know, the seeing someone injured and having to rescue them type. But trust me, it really won't affect how enjoyable this game is.

Gameplay - 10/10

Ah, of course, the gameplay. Brilliant. If you've played any strategy game before (Advance Wars, Ogre Tactics, etc.) knows the base gameplay behind this. It's turn-based in a manner like chess. Each character, having different mobile abilities, can move a certain amount of squares around a map per turn. You can set up units in formations, like having stronger melee characters up close and weaker or longer ranged characters behind them, which cannot only lead to victory, but saving all of your characters. Oh, and about characters... once a certain character dies they're gone forever. Each character is different: they all have different stat potentials, weapon uses, and magic uses. You may often find yourself restarting a chapter because a good/favorite character of your dies. Just like in any old RPG, your characters will become more experienced, level, and become stronger. It just adds to character development.

Once you beat a chapter, you have the option to save (thank god). However, if your main character dies, it's game over. If your castle is conquered... say it with me, GAME OVER. Some missions are tough, but in a good way. Most mission objectives can be reached by simple, eliminating the enemy, beating a castle boss, and conquering the castle. As simple as it sounds, it's an absolute blast.

Playability: 9/10

It's actually fairly easy to understand. Once you mess around with the options a little bit, you'll begin to figure out what everything does. So if you're worried about not being able to figure out how to do stuff, forget about it. I'm willing to bet you can figure out the important commands within the 1st 10-15 minutes you're on the battle field. I still don't know what all of the commands mean and do. It shouldn't hamper your fun. Still, I felt I HAD to dock a point (although, I would have given it a 9.5 if it was possible) for anyone who doesn't speak or read Japanese. It just makes everything a little less convenient, and you can't get into the story. Oh well!

Overall: 9.5!/10

Oh c'mon, as if you didn't see it coming. It's an awesome game that no one should miss out on. This was my first strategy game, so you don't even need to be into this sort of game to like it. Go find this game!!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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