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Reviewed: 07/09/02 | Updated: 07/09/02

A remarkable game that never made to the U.S.

This awesome game is one of my favorite Fire Emblems of all time. Despite that it's Japanese and I haven't learned enough of the language to understand it, that didn't stop me from enjoying this fantastic game. It's such a pity that this game didn't get to the states of the U.S.

Graphic/Visual Effects: 9/10
This is SNES game, so graphics aren't going to be all fancy. However, the game provides you with great illustrations of the character's portrait, bright and colorful maps, and amazing battle scenes. Just watching Lakche laying the smackdown on an opposing unit is simply fun to watch. Also each weapon designs are unique. Even the map battle animation is fun to watch sometimes. So basically, the Visuals on this game are outstanding despite the age of the game.

Sound/Music: 10/10
I love this game's music! All the melodies are quite catchy, each map has a different background music. Each tune are fit toward the mood whether it's battling or simply having a nice conversation, the music is well planned out.

Gameplay: 10/10
Oh yes, the gameplay is astonishing! Each character has a range of movement, the tiles indicate how far that unit can move. Also using the terrain to your advantage is also a clever idea. Sometimes, terrains might lower your dodge and movement, making you think twice about putting your unit in that spot. When character dies, they die like in real life. You can bring them back to life (With one exception).This makes the gamer think about them and tries to avoid getting them killed, adding more strategic thinking. The love system is oh so great. Pairing different parents to receive different stat percentage and skills can lead in endless possibilities. Of course, to get the girl(or guy) of that unit's dream, various tasks are required such as standing by them and battling with them, having intimate conversations, or at some point, luck. By all means, the gameplay of Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu is marvelous!

Replay Value: 10/10
Actually, the replay is way more than a mere 10. With endless possibilities of the children's stats depending on your pairing or hell, play the substitutes to make just a bit harder. This game is pure genius, leaving you to play it over, and over again. And the length of the game is quite long. (13 chapters overall, but the maps are very long)

With that all said and done, I declare this game a must have. You can try to port the cartridge of japan or emulate it. Just try this game and you'll be hooked on it for days to come.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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