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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

A Must Play!!! Better yet a Must have!!!!

(This is my first review on Gamefaqs)

This game is truly a masterpiece.If I had played this game when it came out (if only it came out in America) it would have been my favorite game.This game was the beginning of many series that after.One of them is Front Mission.This game is almost or little better than the Final Fantasies series.


The only problem with the game was that this game never was released in America so this gives you the point that it is not in English.(dammit)I would give it a 10/10 if someone could find a translation of the game cuz I have found many games in Jap. that was never released in America that was translated but this is the only game that I played that is in Jap..Anyone find one please contact me.Sigurd is the main character of this game and he is one of the 3 legendary knights.He is my favorite character and he starts as the strongest character and ends as the strongest (If you don't include the infants that you create.)


The game is nice gameplay.Your move depends on your abilities to move with your horse and the better your horse,and pegasus, the more squares you can move to, and the wider the range.The stats depends on your ability to avoid hits and attack stronger after leveling up.If you like rpgs , this is definitely one of the best ever!!!


The visuals are bright and colorful (if you look at it from 6 years ago).It has terrains such as mountains,grass,trees, and cliffs.I outta say they did a little lacking on the castle looks as they all look exactly the same but on the other point, the other part of the visuals looks awesome!!!

Replay Value:10/10 (Closer to 11/10)

This game has the best replay value of any game.This game involves a mini-game that gets you to control relationships and have different infants.Yes I said control it.It depends on what you do with the parents (Fight together,Talk to each other, and stand-by-side in battles)that gives you different infants and new abilities for the infants.There are more than 50 different combinations and each one has its weakness and differences of course.

In conclusion this game is a must have!!! Oh Yea and anyone that finds a translation of this game contact me.So in all the visuals and gameplay are perfect.Get this game somehow.On rom or importing it doesn't matter but just play this great game.The series is an awesome one and it should have been released in America but none the less FE6 is coming to America so don't get your hopes down about seeing Roy and Marth again.(I'm addicted to SSBM)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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