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Reviewed: 03/13/02 | Updated: 03/13/02

This game's replay value blasts right through the roof!

Must... play... MORE!!! Seriously there's no game out there that has so much replay value besides Tetris Attack(which was made by the same guys who made this game).

Graphics- 10/10

The graphics themselfs don't push the SNES to the limits. Heck it doesn't even use fancy FXs like mode 7. What you do get is colorful, and well drawn characters and graphics. The most amazing part is the animation during battles. You won't notice it at first but when your characters starts doing critical attacks, they make Street Fighter look silly. Another thing are the battle backgrounds. They are very detailed and look very nice.

Music/Sound FX- 10/10

Lots and lots of music. I believe the number is around 119 track or so. Although most of them are pretty short tracks they're still good. The best tracks are the ones during the maps, conversations, and the battle themes. The sound FXs are pretty neat when you cast spells. I love the sound of the El Wind.

Plot - 9/10

Ok here's the problem with the plot. First of all it's in Japanese so most people wouldn't understand it unless they're like me and go all over the place digging for all the information on the plot. Second it does star out rather unoriginal but give it time and you'll find a story filled with romance, political battles, heroics, family feuds and betrayal. There are some plot twists so shocking, and so big that you don't even need to know Japanese to understand it. Lots and LOTS of character development. You have over 48(actually 49 cause there's 2 characters you have choose between) characters split up into 2 generations with 24 each. Plus 16 all new characters if your first generation characters don't fall in love. Speaking of love most of your characters don't just fall in love with anyone. YOU get to decide who they'll fall in love with. Only a few where you have no control over, but 90% of them are yours to control. I gave it a 9 only because I don't speak Japanese and got all my information from other people. There's still some little things here and there that I don't know. If you can read Japanese then add one point to my score.

Gameplay- 10/10

Man there's just no way I can tell you everything about the gameplay. Ok there's the battle skills during battles that adds so much depth yet it's so subtle you won't even know it until you understand the game. Even moving your units has depth and a subtle innovation that I love. Speaking of love you'll love making your characters fall in love. Not only does it make your couple fight better they even pass on their battle skills that I mention above to the second generation. The combination is almost unlimited and get you playing over and over to get different combinations of skills. You get to use the second generation by the way.

Replay Value- 10/10

Giving this game a 10/10 for replay is actually a low score. Boy you'll want to play over and over to make different couples, getting different characters, finding hidden items, getting better score, trying to find out new information about your characters. There's no way you'll know everything about them on your first play through. Even after you beat the game you get bonus things like different intros each time you beat it. There's like 12 in all. Not only are they cool to watch but it even gives NEW INFO on the plot that you won't get when you play.

Final Score 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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