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Reviewed: 06/02/17

Still the Strongest Entry in the Series to this Day!

Ah Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu a game often regarded as one of the ''best Fire Emblem games in the series'' And..Well all the people that have said that are not lying either it really is high up there. The game was released in 1996 and back then Fire Emblem original creator Shouzou Kaga was still working on the series, this is also the 2nd Fire Emblem to be released on the Super Famicom right after the 1st SFC entry Monshou no Nazo. This Fire Emblem introduced a lot of things that would later become series staples aswell as have a very unique and innovative system overall and the storyline is just perfect! This Fire Emblem has probably one of the darkest and most deep storyline in the series as a whole and is very good! Some of the characters are very great too and have backstories that one could write an entire novel off of yes just 1 character. Now let`s get to the review shall we?

The storyline in this game ooh the storyline! It`s the greatest in the entire series in my opinion and it get`s even better if you play Thracia 776 and see the 2 plots connected it`s really wonderfully done! And some of the characters are so deep! Take Alvis for example heck even Ishtar! If I sat here and explained everything about the story here it would literally eat up the entire review the story is just too large and grand. Whats more the battles span generations! In the game sometimes years pass by in their battles, Here is a very basic compressed version of the plot of the 1st generation. basically Prince Kurth of Grandbell makes the decision to subdue Isaac which is unusual as Grandbell and Isaac have been at peace for years,meanwhile Siglud (who is the main protagonist if ya didn`t know) remians in Grandbell at Chalphy while his fatther Vylon goes to Isaac along with Duke Ring to assist Kurth. However Siglud isn`t just left to stay in Chaplhy in peace Prince Gandolf of Verdane attacks Jungby and take down Midayle! in the process he also kidnaps Adean and takes her back to Verdane with him, so Siglud and his small army set out to save her and then the storyline just start unfolding into something bigger with many twists, turns and secrets revealed along the way. like I said the plot evolves into something else entirely as you go but it starts out like a typical Fire Emblem would with the weak bandits attacking. Oh yeah and did I mention this game has incest too? Oh yes just another nice bonus to add to things.

Okay the gameplay I am only subtracting some from it due to a single little flaw in this game that is a bit annoying. You see unlike other Fire Emblem games this game has gigantic maps!!!! And when I see gigantic I mean it! Seizing just one castle will take a long time depending on what chapter you are on sometimes it can take up to an hour or more, a whole map is atleast about that long and more. Now the gripe I have is the foot units anyone who does not have a horse is as good as useless and will be very hard to level up especially if they are crap units like Dew who not only can`t kill anything at first, but has trouble catching up to the group or an armor knight like Ardan who has very bad movement. So yeah this game leans more on horse back units and your foot guys will often get left in the dust on these gigantic maps and some parts you just can`t sit around and wait for them to catch up a good example is chapter 2 where you have to rush to save Rackesis and then rush to hurry and get up to the village with the bargain ring before the bandit destroys it. Everything else though is perfect in this game, it introduced the special skill system where nearly every unit has their own unique skill set! Some classes had skills too attached to them known as class skills. Personal skills also had this neat feature of being able to be passed down in the 2nd generation so you could make all sorts of combinations depending on what pairing you chose. Another neat thing is the lovers system it works a lot like how modern FE games used the support system where if they stood near one another they gained supports. Here if you had two units stand near one another for a set amount of turns they fell in love. The max amount of turns per map is 50 after the 50 is up love points for all units are no longer gained. The other neat feature of this game that no other FE game to date has had is Holy Blood the game has 13 different bloodlines and your unit can either have one or two of these in one of two forms either minor blood or major which is identified by the little bluish green circle in the holy blood menu flashing white brightly (purple for major Loptousu blood.) Now what does this holy blood thing do you ask? Well it does a few neat things for one depending on what bloodline you have it increases weapon ranks of a character with whatever their bloodlines main weapon is usually all the way up to A rank automatically or atleast B rank, for example someone Holsety blood gives extra weapon rank bonus to wind magic, those with major holy blood however have a special * rank people with * rank can use any kind of weapon of that type aswell as access to their bloodlines holy weapon. Another benefit of holy blood is it gives bonuses to growth rates see for example Levin he has major Holsety blood so due to this his chance for his speed stat to go up on level up is very, very high! The next thing is arenas unlike other FE games arenas here work different you go into them from inside any castle and you fight up to 7 rounds each and do not worry about your unit dying as there is no death in the arenas so it`s very helpful as you can enter them anytime and train someone weak without worry. Equipment also works different there is no trade option in this game and the only way to swap items save for holy weapons is to sell it in the pawn shop and buy it back, but a positive is you can repair items here unlike what other FE games did if something breaks here it remains in the inventory and you may repair it at anytime holy weapons included so they no longer feel like just the one endgame item that is just slapped into the game just because so you can beat the boss real quick and they felt special since they are blood locked to certain units and you do not have to be afraid to use them as they can be albeit expensive be fixed, because let`s all be honest in later FE games what happened to most legendary weapons? Dunno about you guys but me? They ended up sitting and rotting somewhere in the item convoy never being used.

Ah the music it`s very great in this game and there are a lot of songs in this game almost all of them are great and express the mood and feeling of things very well or match the characters. Another thing that is neat about how the music is used in this game is unlike other FE games there is a different song for every single map for the player phase so you are never stuck hearing a single song for too long each map has it`s own unique theme!! Enemies also have different themes each for their phases. This game has such a great soundtrack I can`t even begin to explain it in words go hear for yourselves! Some great ones include, Girl of the Spirit Forest, Decision 3, Lion King Eltshan, Disturbance in Agustria, Alvis`s Theme, A New Advance the list goes on and on and on it`s too many! You could get joy from this game by hearing the soundtrack alone before even ever playing it.


The visuals in this game are very well done and in my opinion next to Thracia 776 and Monshou no Nazo the best visuals in the series as a whole. You see unlike the GBA FE games that came afterwards the sprites and how they move is much more fluid, detailed and much more entertaining to see as they aren`t just planted on some platform floating in space to stand their and hit one another than run or jump back into the exact spot they were standing in they actually go at it and fight and move around like crazy. It`s especially satisfying seeing the animation for the swordmasters and their epic flips high into the air at critical hits, or the horses galloping across the field to go up to an enemy so you can attack! The magic spell animations are also much more detailed aswell and overall great looking from the awesome animations of Loptousu, Fala Flame and others to magic spells such as Aura and Yotsmungand. Overall perfect visuals wish this style would return to the series this style did it right.

Final Thoughts:
This game is truly a masterpiece in the Fire Emblem series as a whole and there is literally too much about this game to explain all at once with it`s expansive deep plot and characters and if you add Thracia 776 into the picture it just get`s even larger. Truly this is a game that should not be missed if you like Fire Emblem and haven`t gone back to play this yet you should as you are missing a lot. This game introduced so much and executed it so well all that stuff you see in games like Fire Emblem: Awakening or Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and beyond you know stuff like special skills and lovers and all that? It all originated from this game, this game did it all first even basic skills like Canto for horse back units was first introduced here. There isn`t anything really bad about this game that can be pulled up aside from the fact your foot units get left behind, everything else is done just right and it is sure to leave you impressed in one way or another. So...Get this game and play it anyway possible! Emulate it, Buy it (there are plenty of copies laying around) Virtual console the thing (if you are in Japan) do something but obtain this piece of gold and give it a go.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (JP, 05/14/96)

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