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Reviewed: 10/06/08

Most addictive FE to date.

Last week I got a hold of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu and slowly started to spend all my days playing it. Despite it's age, it is one of the most remarkable games I have played. In this review I will cover different areas of the game, and tell you my personal opinion on the game.

Graphics: 8/10

Firstly, despite this game being out for a decade, I find its graphics remarkable for its time. Anyone can say that they are not on par with many other games, but this is a strategy game; and these graphics are pretty well done for one. The only gripe I have is with the pictures of the characters. Some faces are recycled quite a few times; a tyrant king has a long lost twin brother who's a general in another country 20 years later.

Sound: 9.5/10

The soundtrack isn't outstanding, but it is the way it was done that makes it remarkable. As the hero sets out with his companions to clash with the enemy, fitting music is played. Then when the enemy starts to move, slower, darker music starts to play. And finally, once you are near capturing the castle, an upbeat, merry tune is played.

Gameplay: 10/10

Here the game doesn't disappoint, and lives up to the Fire Emblem name. At the start of a campaign you set out with your noble freedom fighters to crush the enemy. However, you need to make some important choices. Will you move your soldiers to save the village while a few units protect your castle? Do you use your strong units to crush the enemy, and spend precious time training your other soldiers, and risk the villages getting pillaged in your absence?

Also, the battle strategy is very important. You finally seize that enemies castle, but then a neutral lord decides to send his army towards your new base, and you have barely two turns to think of a plan. Do you send your most powerful unit to take a stand in the tile wide valley, to butcher them one at a time to get even stronger? Or perhaps he will fall, and you must send all your characters to hold them off in the woods, where they will be protected. The game is a challenge, as you always need to be one step ahead of the A.I.

But perhaps you want to have a break from the front lines, and you send your troops to town. Here they can fight for money in the arena, or go to the fortune teller, and see who they truly love. The gameplay is amazing, with different classes, weapons, and the ability to make characters fall in love and have children of their own, who will later take up arms against your enemies. The only thing I disapprove of was the fact that my two best characters fell in love... Did I mention that they were first cousins? >_>

Story: 10/10

Here the game shines, and it is this that has gotten the game many positive reviews. It starts with a noble Lord fighting back invaders from his kingdom, and trying to rescue his old friend. Many of his friends come to help along the way, and he meets many more. But as the game goes on a story worthy of a movie unfolds. Knights fight their childhood friends on behalf of their tyrant Kings, to protect their honour. (Yes honour, New Zealand spelling for ya.) Lost siblings meet up on the battlefield, and must choose between family and friends. The story weaved is one of love, friendship, betrayal, sadness, sorrow, and hope.

Final Grade: 10/10

All I can tell you to do is to get a hold of this game. You've seen the reviews, the lowest score (to date) is 8/10. Find it, buy it, steal it from a friend when he's playing Halo like the sucker he is. All it requires is time (to feed the addiction[which is worse than that of WoW, believe me]), and a little basic brain power to not let your characters die (and when they die, they stay dead). With these you are well on your way to playing a lost treasure of gaming.

Rent, buy, or borrow:

Well you can't rent this, unless you time traveled to the 90's, Japan. Terrible, I know. Buying is difficult due to the age, location and language of the game. So I guess trying to borrow and english version from a friend, or roming it is your best bet. I wouldn't advise roming, but it wasn't released here. So maybe you write a letter of confession to the makers and attach a 20 dollar note. Or pound. whatever. All I can say is, GET THIS GAME. IT IS BRILLIANT. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN OFF THE COUCH FOR A WEEK JUST SO I CAN PLAY THIS 24/7. *cough* erm, I hope you get the point. My lord is waiting outside a castle at the moment, time to conquer!

Ganstamaori, out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (JP, 05/14/96)

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