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The continent of Yugdral was once under the control of the Lopt Empire, which worshiped the dark god Loptus. The people of the Lopt Empire were under oppression for a long time, but it was finally overthrown by Emperor Lopt's younger brother Myra and the Twelve Holy Warriors, and the world was ruled by the descendants of the Holy Warriors scattered all over the world.

Time has passed since then, 757 years in Grand history.
The bordering kingdom of Verdun suddenly begins to invade the kingdom of Granbell, which defenses have become thin due to the expedition to the eastern kingdom of Yzak. Yngvi Castle is subdued, and Edin, the daughter of the Yngvi family, is taken away. Sigurd, the prince of the Sialfi family, and descendant of the Holy Warrior Baldo, who was left behind by his father figure, Sir Byron, sets out with a few soldiers to help his childhood friend Edin.
This was the beginning of a war that shook the entire Yugdral continent, involving Sigurd, the other descendants of holy warriors, and their children as well.

In this title, many features were implemented that influenced later games in the series. Above all, a marriage event occurs when the bond between units rises, and the love system that changes the units of the child generation is characteristic. This work is also the first to have elements such as a skill system that emphasizes the individuality of the unit, three freezing of weapons, and relocation of the cavalry unit.

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