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Reviewed: 01/01/00 | Updated: 12/16/02

A completely new Dragon ball RPG genre!

Dragonball is definitely one of the best manga. In my opinion, Dragon ballZ Super Gokuden 1:Totsugeki-Hen introduces some really cool concepts but stillit's not totally flawless.

The story focuses around Dragon ball, that is during the adventures ofyoung Goku and ends after defeating Piccolo, the main villain in the game.

Gone are the cards found in most Dragon ball RPG. Super Gokuden 1 introducesa very cool combat system. In Super Gokuden 1, the only character that youcan control is young Goku. Luckily, i have read some or most of the Dragon ballcomic books, if not i will really have some problems of choosing a choice.

During combat, charging up your battle point is essential as it makes youstronger. This can be achieved by holding L and R button. The higher yourbattle point is, the stronger you are. Hit Points are basically your life.Once it reaches 0, it's KO.

So, what's new! You don't choose cards like before. Along the way, Goku getsto learn new special attack like Kameihameiha and technique. Attacks canbe divided into special (A), defend (X), Y and B (Mainly Punches and Kicks).Specials are mainly ki blast like Kameihameiha. Of course, Goku has manyways of defending and attacking as well. He can even use his golden rodas well.

Now, how to use these commands. Basically, you can enter into the statusscreen to view Goku's life, Battle Point, Attacks and so on. In one of theoptions, you can choose which attacks you want to use. Okay, for example,you have learned about six special attacks and one of them is Kameihameiha.So, if you put kameihameiha in one of the slot, for UP + A, during battle,when you want to use Kameihameiha, simply press UP + A. You can choose upto a maximum of four for each category of attack, meaning Up, Down, Left,Right + whatever button. Each attack you make or recieve will reduce yourBattle Point, so that's why i say it's important to charge your battlepoint.

The combat system, in my opinion, is really cool! It could really end upas one of the best Dragon Ball RPGs but somehow, a few flaws make it a tadless awesome than Dragon Ball Z legend of the Super Saiyajin.

Throughout the game, there are countless dialogues, even longer thanXenogears. Almost 90% of the entire game are dialogues. Unlike any otherRPGs, there's no way you can explore the enviroments on your own.

Along the way, you get to make several choices. For example, when in adungeon, it will ask you something like whether you want to walk left, walkright or go straight. And, if you choose a wrong option, you might losesome valuable skills or techniques to learn, or fight less enemy. Of course,you wouldn't want that to happen. And, what's the bad! The game is inJapanese and making wrong choices for the first time are sometimes inevitable.Because of the long conversations, the game gets boring easily! Depending onhow you select your options, it will affect certain parts of the ending.

The graphics, in my opinion, are easily one of the best in the SNES. Detailsare just as amazing as in Legend of the Super Saiyajin and the characters arevery well-animated. For a game made in 1995, it does show the power of themode 7 effects.

The musics is one factor which it really scores. Tunes are really goodand the sound is definitely top-notch. During combat system, you caneasily hear voices like kameihameiha etc.

Overall, it's still a great game. The good points still outweights the badpoints. I still recommend it to every Dragon ball game. Hopefully, i hopeBandai will change the gameplay a bit. I mean, retain the combat systemsince it's so good and innovative but removes the long dialogues and givingplayers a chance to explore and not asking them to make choices.

So, what's the good and bad points?

Good Point
-Very cool combat system. +++++
-Beautiful graphics and well-animated character. +++
-Great Music and Sound. ++++

Bad Point
-Only get the chance to use one character, Goku. ----
-Too many dialogues and choices to make, often -----
leading to fustrations.

Here's my rating of this game.

Story : 7.5/10.0
Concept : 6.0/10.0
Graphics : 9.0/10.0
Music : 8.5/10.0
Sound : 8.5/10.0
Control : 8.0/10.0 [Do not have any complaints!]
Gameplay : 6.5/10.0 [Too many dialogues!]
Replay : 5.5/10.0 [You probably wouldn't want to play it again!]
Originality:10.0/10.0 [Very Original game!]
Overall : 7.0/10.0

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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