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Reviewed: 08/18/02 | Updated: 08/18/02

Awesome game...

There were only two Dragon Ball games released in America (unfortunately, neither were very good): Dragon Power and Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout. However, in Japan, there were numerous games, including this one. This game focuses on the story of Goku during the series ''Dragon Ball''. Every event that happened in the Dragon Ball manga is here. The game is mainly text, mixed with a few battles here and there, but mainly it's text.

-GRAPHICS (8/10): The graphics are superb! The characters look the same as in Dragon Ball, the backgrounds are nicely done and they're all around good. The only think that is pushing the score back is the fact that characters are squares on the screen instead of full bodies. It has their face, which doesn't change and the box moves around to symbolize movement. Other than that, superb graphics.

-SOUND (10/10): The sound match perfectly with the actions. A car sounds like a car, an explosion sounds like an explosion, you get the picture. The sound is done really nicely and there is random speech scattered through the game.

-MUSIC (10/10): This has got to be some of my favorite music EVER. The music fits the scene perfectly and seems to grab your soul and make it feel the way the music is supposed to sound. For example, when Goku beats up Buruma's car, the music is fast and dramatic. When someone's sad or confused, it plays a slow beat. All in all, awesome music.

-GAMEPLAY (7/10): Great game. Fun to play...but it lacks something. About 80% of the game is text, so you have to read a lot. They mix in action scenes and battles, which are very fun. However, they give you choices often and if you do what they do in the manga, you'll complete some of your checklist and earn a manga in the game. Some of it is very funny and is sure to keep you entertained for hours (it only takes a few hours to beat).

-REPLAYABILITY (5/10): Its a fun game, but most of it is choices and talking. You can go back and choose different choices, but mainly, there isn't much reason to play it again.

-BUY OR RENT: Buy it if you can read Japanese, can hack into the cartridge and change the script to English or can have someone translate for you. If not, its still great but I wouldn't recommend it until you can read and understand Japanese.

-OVERALL (8/10): Great game...definitely worth playing, especially if you're a big dragon ball fan like I am. There are a few flaws, like the massive amount of reading needed to be done and the characters, but all in all, its worth it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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