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Guide and Walkthrough by Dag

Version: 0.98 | Updated: 04/02/2015

 by Dag

  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                            

INTRODUCTION                                                           [IN000]
 Glossary                                                               [IN001]
REVISION HISTORY                                                       [RV000]
STORY & CHARACTERS                                                     [ST000]
GAMEPLAY BASICS                                                        [GP000]
 Game Flow                                                              [GP001]
 Controls                                                               [GP002]
 Main Menu                                                              [GP003]
 Status and On-Screen Information                                       [GP004]
 Basic Outline                                                          [GP005]
STARTING A NEW GAME                                                    [NG000]
 Game Start                                                             [NG001]
 Name Entry                                                             [NG002]
 Saving and Loading                                                     [NG003]
BUILDING THE CAVE                                                      [CV000]
 Starting the Cave                                                      [CV001]
 Rooms and Corridors                                                    [CV002]
 Rooms Types                                                            [CV003]
 Resources and Energy/Sentan Usage                                      [CV004]
 Turns                                                                  [CV005]
 Recount Time                                                           [CV006]
 Dragon Furnace                                                         [CV007]
 Elemental Attributes                                                   [CV008]
 Feng Shui                                                              [CV009]
 Rooms and Feng Shui Upgrades                                           [CV010]
PROTECTING THE CAVE                                                    [PT000]
 Battles                                                                [PT001]
 Enemy Invasions                                                        [PT002]
 Scenario Characters                                                    [PT003]
 Senjuu                                                                 [PT004]
 Senjuu List                                                            [PT005]
 Colorless Worlds                                                       [PT006]
 Senjutsu                                                               [PT007]
 Enemies                                                                [PT008]
 Items                                                                  [PT009]
SCENARIO ENDING GUIDE                                                  [SE000]
SCENARIO WALKTHROUGH                                                   [SW000]
 Lecture                                                                [SW001]
 Scenario 1                                                             [SW002]
 Scenario 2                                                             [SW003]
 Scenario 3                                                             [SW004]
 Scenario 4                                                             [SW005]
 Scenario 5                                                             [SW006]
 Scenario 6                                                             [SW007]
 Scenario 7                                                             [SW008]
 Scenario 8                                                             [SW009]
 Scenario 9                                                             [SW010]
 Scenario 10                                                            [SW011]
MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION                                              [MS000]
 Special Demo                                                           [MS001]
 Sound Test                                                             [MS002]
 Saturn Version Differences                                             [MS003]
 Release Info                                                           [MS004]
RESOURCES                                                              [RC000]
 Credits                                                                [RC001]
 Legal Information                                                      [RC002]

  INTRODUCTION                                                          IN000  

Chaos Seed is an extremely unique, well done mix of genres. Developed by
Neverland (makers of the Estpolis/Lufia series), it's one of the best SFC
games. It has a high learning curve though, and there are not many English
resources for it, so I hope this FAQ covers it all.

In Chaos Seed you control an apprentice "Dousen" whose mission is to revive
the land. He builds "Enchanted Caves", extracts "Energy" there and uses it to
fix the disrupted balance that is destroying the land. However, people don't
understand his goal and attack him, thinking his actions actually harm Earth.
With this setting the game is roughly divided into story (RPG), cave building
(action) and management (strategy) parts.

Keep in mind my Japanese (and English) skills are rather limited, parts of the
FAQ might have mistakes. Outside the story and walkthrough, most of the FAQ
is info about the game's subsystems.

The game was released in Japan for the Super Famicom and Sega Saturn. This
covers the SFC/SNES version; you may use it with the Saturn version but be
aware there are some differences (covered later), although they are pretty
much the same game. The FAQ makes use of Shift-JIS (Japanese text) so change
your browser's encoding to display it correctly.

The game's subtitle, "Fuusui Kairouki", roughly means "Feng Shui Corridor
Chronicles" by the way.

NOTE: this FAQ was created before any translation patches for the ROM were
released. Be aware some terms and translations will differ.

While the game never left Japan, the fine folks at dynamic-designs.us have
released a full translation patch for the game ROM. I've only tried it briefly
but it looks very well done.

 Glossary                                                                IN001 

Here is a quick glossary of most terms and concepts used through the game and 
the FAQ. I've tried to use as little Japanese as possible, but some terms
don't translate too well into English (most are just made up, not real words).

Doutenfuku (洞天福)
- The country where the game is set, whose Douten Army soldiers have sought
  to defeat all Dousen. Has an "ancient China" image.

Sennin (仙人)
- A "hermit" or "sage". The Japanese image of these sennin is of people that
  after many years of hard training have mastered powerful arts.

Dousen (洞仙)
- A "Cave Hermit", sennin who hold the power to revive the land by making
  underground "Enchanted Caves". Another spelling would be Dohsen or Dosen.

Senkutsu (仙窟)
- "Enchanted Caves" (or "Hermit Caves"), special types of caves the Dousen
  can build. These caves allow them to revive the land.

Heyagami (部屋神)
- "Room God", gods of the five Chinese elements who reside in the Enchanted
  Caves and watch over rooms.

Fuusui (風水)
- "Feng Shui", a kind of Chinese geomancy. Controlling the elements' "ki"
  (energy) flow, Dousen can improve their Caves in many ways.

Ryuumyaku (龍脈)
- "Dragon Vein" or "Dragon Pulse", ki (energy) currents within Earth, that
  are linked to its life. When one of these flows is disrupted the land the
  begins to die.

Ryuuketsuro (龍穴炉)
- "Dragon Furnace", core of each Enchanted Cave and related to Dragon Veins.
  Energy extracted from the caves can be channeled there to revive the land.

Hipparu (引っ張る)
- "Draw", a secret skill Dousen can use. They can "draw" in different places
  to activate special abilities.

Furikomu (振り込む)
- "Transfer" or "channeling", the ability to pour Energy into a Dragon Vein
  to save the land. Dousen may only channel Energy in a Dragon Furnace.

Fuusuiban (風水盤)
- "Feng Shui Board", a special menu the Dousen invoke when they "draw" walls
  within a Enchanted Cave. It allows them build rooms and corridors, choosing
  their position and size at will.

Dungeon Points (ダンジョンポイント)
- "DP" for short, points needed to build rooms and corridors. While the points
  used are separate, the game collectively calls them DP. I'll call them Room
  Points (RP) and Corridor Points (CP).

Inso (因素)
- "Resources" (actually more like "Elemental Factor"), natural resources found
  in Enchanted Caves, used to extract Energy, Sentan and Items.

Energy / EN (エネルギー / 陽気)
- Basic energy gathered from natural resources, needed to revive the land and
  to maintain Enchanted Caves. EN is the abbreviation. Also known as "Youki".

Sentan / SN (仙丹)
- "Hermit Pills" (also "Elixir of Life"), resources used for many things in
  the Enchanted Caves (basically currency). SN is the abbreviation.

Senjuu (仙獣)
- "Hermit Beast" or "Hermit Animal", animal familiars the Dousen can summon
  to the Enchanted Caves as helpers, doing many different tasks.

Senjutsu (仙術)
- "Hermit Arts", secret spells Dousen and certain people in Doutenfuku use.

Mushokukai (無色界) 
- "Colorless Worlds", special dungeons the Room Gods can open after meeting
  some conditions, where new challenges await.

Shuukei Time (集計タイム)
- "Recount Time" or "Reckoning Time", where cave management takes place.
  Using the menus you can tweak the cave in many ways.

  REVISION HISTORY                                                     [RV000]

v0.98 (2015-04-02)
- Minor typos fixed, reminder that the translation patch was released.

v0.97 (2012-04-09)
- Scenario 4 mostly covered, minor touches here and there.

v0.95 (2011-10-09)
- Various fixes/additions/trims with help from the official SFC guide. Tweaked
  the section format a bit in hopes it's simpler now. The walktrough has been
  simplified, since there is a translation patch in the making.

v0.90 (2009-09-13)
- Walkthrough almost complete, fixed/rewrote/trimmed stuff.

v0.80 (2008-05-19)
- Expanded the walkthrough, upgrades, fixed/rewrote stuff.

v0.60 (2006-10-25)
- Completed Scenario 2, added senjuu info/list, added/rewrote sections.

v0.50 (2006-05-17)
- Initial release. Large parts of the FAQ done.

The FAQ has some mistakes since I wrote stuff from memory. Parts marked
with "(?)" need to be checked again.

  STORY & CHARACTERS                                                   [ST000]

"On the base of the tallest mountains, a mythical paradise called the country
of Doutenfuku exists.

"Long ago, there was a country named Doutenfuku, where sennin called Dousen
existed. Using Feng Shui arts they could make underground Caves to reactivate
Earth's source of life, the Dragon Vein, so the land could regain its former
greenery. That was their mission.

However, people in the land were puzzled by the Dousen's behavior. With all
those bizarre monsters being summoned underground they assumed it would be
something evil. Bounties were placed on the Dousen's heads to drive them off.
As gossips spread many people even from other countries, such as adventurers
and men testing their skills, came to challenge the Enchanted Caves."

HERO                              主人公 / しゅじんこう
Data: SECRET / Male               [Age 20 / 177.3cm / 65.2kg]
A young Dousen apprentice under Roushi's guidance. In his pursuit of knowledge
people of Dountenfuku have placed a bounty on his head.
- A brown haired young man, in a white and blue outfit.
(the Hero doesn't have an official name, he is just "Shujinkou", meaning main
character/hero/protagonist in Japanese).

HEROINE                           ヒロイン
Data: SECRET / Female             [Age 16 / 151.4cm / 45.6kg]
A young girl who becomes the Hero's friend. She comes to understand the Caves'
purpose, and wants others people to realize the truth. An honest girl, with
a stubborn side and whose strong point is cooking.
- A dark-haired short girl, wearing a white hat.
(the Heroine does not have an official name either, she is simply "Heroine".
In the Saturn Omake CD she is named Sakura, but it's not official).

SANKAI ROUSHI (Roushi)            三界老師 / さんかいろうし (ロウシ)
Age ~80 / 160cm / ?kg / Male      [Age 80? / 160.1cm / 56.5kg]
The Hero's teacher, a Dousen who has lived for a long time. He is quite
- A bald old man with a long white beard wearing a blue robe.

RYUU RAIKAN (Raikan)              龍 雷漢/龍 雷潅 / リュウ=ライカン (ライカン)
Age ~30 / 180cm / ?kg / Male      [Age 30 / 180.5cm / 73.7kg]
A general in the country of Doutenfuku. With many merits in the battlefield,
he uses his legendary sword skills to subdue the Dousen.
- A black-bearded tall man, in a shogun armor.

KOU MEIHON (Meihon)               公 明紅 / コウ=メイホン (メイホン)
Age ~24 / 163cm / ?kg / Female    [Age 24 / 166.2cm / 55.4kg]
A female martial artist in training while travelling to avenge his father.
Has a strong competitive spirit and talks rudely, yet has a kind character.
- A pink haired girl, wearing a yellow/orange garb.

RIN REIRAN (Reiran)               林 玲蘭 / リン=レイラン (レイラン)
Age ~18 / 168cm / ?kg / Female    [Age 18 / 159.8cm / 52.8kg]
A charming bounty hunter that deals with any kind of underground touble.
Her sorceress skills are top-notch but the fees are high so her work is 
- A geisha-like girl, with long hair and wearing a pink/white outfit.

IZANAGI (Izanagi)                 伊邪那岐 / いざなぎ (イザナギ)
Age ~26 / 176cm / 70kg / Male     [Age 26 / 175.8cm / 64.1kg]
A mysterious sorcerer from an eastern country. While looking for the Realm of
the Dead where his his dead wife Izanami is he meets the Dousen.
- A green-haired man, wearing a blue-ish outfit.

WAN SOUGEN (Wan)                  王 蒼幻 / ワン=ソウゲン (ワン)
Age ~14 / 155cm / ?kg / Male      [Age 14 / 155.0cm / 46.2kg]
A child-looking sorcerer. He is actually the world's strongest sorcerer, who
used a transmigration technique to reincartate inheriting his old knowledge
and memories.
- A short purple-haired kid in a black outfit.

SOUJIN SHIROU (Shirou)            捜神死朗 / ソウジン=シロウ (シロウ)
Age ~38 173cm / 65kg / Male       [Age 38 / 173.3cm / 65.7kg]
A master swordsman from an eastern country. He travels looking for strong
opponents to battle with, to test his own skills.
- A samurai-looking man, carrying a red hat in his back and swords

SHASTA HOLTH (Shasta)             シャスタ=ホルス (シャスタ)
Age ~24 170cm 55kg / Female       [Age 24 / 170.2cm / 58.5kg]
A magic user from a western country, She user powerful "magic" to aid his
father Alex, as they travel with Kevress.
- A blond girl, wearing a pink dress.

KEVRESS REALY (Eiyuu)             ケブレス=リアリー (エイユウ)
Age ~30 / 186cm / 85kg / Male     [Age 30 / 187.9cm / 100.5kg]
A Knight from a western country, who once defeated the Devil. Carrying his
beloved sword Black Steel he travels with Alex and Shasta.
- A tall blond man, wearing a white cape and carrying big sword.
(Eiyuu means "hero")

ALEX HOLTH (Yuusha)               アレックス=ホルス (ユウシャ)
Age ~23 / 180cm / 55kg / Male     [Age 23? / 180.3cm / 55.6kg]
An eternally young hero from a western country. After awakening from a long
slumber of many years, he travels with Shasta and Kevress.
- A blond man, wearing a green-white outfit and a cape.
(Yuusha also means "hero", but more like a "brave")

YOU KOKUSUI (Kokusui)             揚 刻水 / ヨウ=コクスイ (コクスイ)
Age ~60 / 175cm / ?kg / Male      [Age _ / _cm / _kg]
Better known as the High Priest (Dai-soujou), he is a gentle religious leader.
Yet he sees Dousen as dangerous individuals.
- An elderly monk in a white robe.

I included a small description in case you can't read who is who. Names in
brackets are nicknames displayed during battles and menus. The names, age and
other stats are official, however some were altered in the Saturn version
(I've listed those stats in brackets for some trivia fun). The character
backgrounds were also extended, but I've used mostly the SNES descriptions.
The Hero's age was only listed in the old official site though.

The name order should be first name/family name except for Shirou and maybe
Sankai Roushi (it roughly means "Sage of the Three Worlds" so it could be a
title rather than his name). Most of the names are made to sound Chinese
and could be rendered closer to it (Wan -> Wang) but I kept them in their
Japanese style, since I don't really know how they'd be romanized in Chinese.

  GAMEPLAY BASICS                                                      [GP000]

 Game Flow                                                              [GP001]

The game is roughly be divided into three parts, as shown below. Much of it
takes place in "Enchanted Caves", where you actually build the cave yourself
moving around and creating rooms, with some story sequences mixed in. You also
get to manage your cave's resources in a special menu.

- This covers prologues and special events during the cave phase.
- Sometimes you'll move around towns and talk to people, like a regular RPG.
- The story is split into chapters called "scenarios" which can be played
  separately, though they often are related.

- Making rooms: you move around the cave building rooms and corridors that
  connect them. There are 8 types of rooms, each with concrete uses.
- Creating allies: in "Summoning Rooms" you can invoke "senjuu", your animal
  helpers. They patrol in groups and can be party members as well.
- Fighting: enemy groups will invade and try to destroy your cave. You can
  fight them yourself, have senjuu beat them, place traps, etc.
- Channeling Energy: the main objective in a cave is to gather "Energy" and
  transfer it back to Earth in the "Dragon Furnace". This gives you the points
  needed to make more rooms and restores HP/MP. Once the required number of
  Energy is met you beat the chapter.

- Cave phases are divided into turns of varying length. Once one ends
  you are taken to the "Recount Time" phase where you manage stuff.
- You can check the Cave and room's status and assign room upgrades, organize
  animal groups and patrol routes, buy and place traps, save your game...
- After you are done the next turn starts and you resume the Cave building
  phase. This keeps repeating turn after turn, until you beat the scenario.

The game flows more or less like this: Story > Cave > Recount Time > Cave >
(story) > Cave... These sections will be explained later in detail.

 Controls                                                               [GP002]

- Story
Directional pad         Move
A                       Accept / Talk / Dash
B                       Cancel
Y                       (hold + dir.) Change facing direction
X                       Menu
L                       Unused
R                       (hold + dir.) Move and hold direction
START                   Pause
SELECT                  Unused

- Cave
Directional Pad         Move
A                       Accept / (dir.) Dash / Open treasure chest (still)
B                       Cancel
Y                       (hold + dir.) Change facing direction
X                       Unused
L                       Info screen
R                       (hold + dir.) Move and hold direction
START                   Pause
SELECT                  (hold) Display a room's elemental graph
L / R / SELECT          (hold) Hide letters in the room-making subwindow

L+R                     Info screen with grid map
Y+L                     (hold) Fast forward (cannot move while doing it)
Hold A + opposite dir.  (near a wall or the core of a room) Draw

- Battle
Directional Pad         Move
A                       Dash
B                       Attack
Y                       (hold + dir.) Change facing direction
X                       Menu
L                       Unused
R                       (hold + dir.) Move and hold direction
START                   Pause
SELECT                  Unused

Y+L                     Change spell
Y+R                     Use currently selected spell

A                       Dash
B                       Small Attack
Tap B                   Scroll Attack
Y+B                     Medium Attack
Dash A, Y+B             Strong Attack
Dash A, B               Smash
A, B                    Kick
A~B                     Super Kick

 Main Menu                                                              [GP003]

Use the X button while controlling the main character to enter the main menu:

Senjutsu (仙術)
- Select and use a senjutsu (magic). Press up/down to highlight one, A to
  use it (costs MP) and right/left to change between page 1/2.
Tools (道具)
- Selects items. Press Y to reorder your items, and A for a submenu:
 * Use
 * Explanation
 * Dispose [yes/>no]
Senjuu (仙獣)
- Party/senjuu submenu. Select a character and press A:
 * Equipment: change equipment. First slot is weapon, second is armor.
 * Status; checks the character's status. Explained in the next section.
 * Dismiss: only available for senjuu, dismisses them from the party forever.
 * Return: cancels menu.
 Press the X button to check the status screen, (explained later)
Information (情報)
- Takes you to the Info screen (same as pressing L). This only appears during
  cave parts. Check the Recount Time section for more info.
Others (他)
- Game options:
 * Music Volume           [0 1 2 >3 4 5 6]
 * Sound Effect Volume    [0 1 2 3 4 5 >6]
 * Voices                 [>On  Off]
 * Stereo Mode            [>Stereo  Mono]
 * Senjuu Advice          [>Explanation  Conversation  None]
 * Window Level           [>Explanation  Warning       None]
 * Key Repeat  Beginning  [Fast   >Normal  Slow]
 *              Interval  [Short  >Normal  Long]

- "Voices" they are those little samples the game uses for some actions.
- "Senjuu advice" means... I have no clue, I guess it has something to do
  with the tutorials your animal friends give you in some Scenarios.
- "Window level" controls these messages with generic explanations that pop
  up sometimes. "None" deactivates them while "warning" limits them.
- "Key repeat" affect when new button presses are registered. Beginning
  changes when next presses are accepted after the first (set it to "long" and
  when you dash it will wait a bit more before registering more A presses).
  Interval affects the delay between presses ("short" makes tapping B easier).

 Status and On-Screen Information                                       [GP004]

You can check a character's stats in the main menu (third option).

Stats increase on LV ups. If the main character's HP becomes 0 it's game over
(regardless of party members), though there are some events where you won't
actually die (will be listed in the walkthrough).

When Senjuu die they must be revived in a Summoning Room, while other party
members (scenario characters) simply revive with 1 HP after a battle is over.

- Status shown when you move the cursor over a character:
 * Nickname   LV          X
 * NAME                    
 * HP (current) X / (max) X      
 * MP (current) X / (max) X
 * RR (room repair)    X
 * EN (max carriable EN) X  SN (max carriable Sentan) X
 * ATP (attack power)  x  INT (intelligence) X
 * DFP (defense power) X  SPD (speed) X

- Full description after you press X
 * Nickname   LV          X     EXP (to next LV) X / (current) X
 * NAME                         Technique - (special attack name)
 * HP (current) X / (max) X     Equipment - (weapon or armor equipped)
 * MP (current) X / (max) X     Charm     - (other item equipped)
 * Attack  X  Intelligence   X  Energy (carried) X / (max carried) X
 * Defense X Speed X  Repair X  Sentan (carried) X / (max carried) X
 * (description)         Leader Bonus (bonus % the party gets when is leader)
 *                        HP  MP  EN  SE  RR  ATP  DFP  SPD  INT

- Most stats are obvious, but just in case:
 * LV: a character's LV. Max is 99 (don't bother getting that high).
 * EXP: current experience.
 * HP: Hit points, the character's life.
 * MP: Magic points, needed to cast spells.
 * Attack (ATP): attack power, the higher the better.
 * Defense (DFP): defense power, protection against attacks.
 * Repair (RR): room restoration power, how much a senjuu can heal rooms.
 * Speed (SPD): how fast characters move, used for patrolling groups.
 * Energy (EN): amount of EN the character is carrying/can carry
 * Sentan (SN): amount of SN the character is carrying/can carry

On-screen info used when building caves:
 |                 Time XX   POINT                 |
 |                           RP/CP                 |
 |                                                 |
 |                                                 |
 |               (rooms and stuff)                 |
 |                                                 |
 |                                                 |
 | HP(---)                                         |
 | ENERGY   XXXX  SENTAN  XX                       |

- Time: countdown to 0, when the turn ends and the Recount Time follows.
- RP: room points, used to make rooms
- CP: corridor points, used to make corridors (what else?)
- HP: the Hero's life.
- ENERGY: amount of EN you are carrying.
- SENTAN: amount of SN you are carrying.

When you enter a room this windows in added to the upper left corner:
 * Room Name         Room Element
 * Energy Storage    Sentan Storage


 Basic Outline                                                          [GP005]

Chaos Seed is hard to understand due to the number of unique concepts it has.
Here is a simple explanation about how most things work:

Scenario Select
- The game is divided into "scenarios" (small chapters). All of them have
  their own objectives and storyline, but are part of the overarching story.
- Most scenarios have multiple endings so they are are replayable. You unlock
  more chapters by getting certain endings.
- Scenarios usually have a prologue followed by the cave building part, where
  Energy to beat the chapter. There are special events and story in between.
- Beating a chapter will save your global progress and register some data,
  like the completion %, endings gotten or number of times played.

Story Parts
- After selecting an scenario there'll be some prologue (can be skipped on
  replays) related the chapter's story.
- In some events during the chapter you interact with other characters, or
  move around towns and other special areas.
- The main plot is that the Hero (a "Dousen" in training) must create Caves
  to gather Energy needed to revive the land. But people don't understand his
  role and attack him, thinking he causes the land's demise.

Cave Building
- The goal in the building phase is to make a Cave (series of special rooms
  interconnected with corridors, in a limited map), to get resources and
  defend the cave from invaders.
- You freely move the main character around the cave (fighting, making rooms,
  using the room's powers, etc).
- The cave map is made of squares in a grid. Every room/corridor is built over
  these, You can check the map pressing L anytime.
- There are two main resources, "Energy" (EN) and "Sentan" (SN) represented
  in the map by yellow dots (EN) and green dots (SN), and also red dots (item
  resources). Rooms need EN to work and SN to buy "upgrades".
- Certain room types allow the Hero to extract EN/SN. Most scenarios require
  you to extract and "channel" a certain amount of EN, in a special room, the
  "Dragon Furnace".
- "Senjuu", or animal helpers/familiars, can be summoned and included in your
  main party or in separate groups. Groups follow patrol routes to fight and
  distribute resources (EN/SN) among rooms. Some animals have special powers.
- Building is divided into "turns". An on-screen "turn timer" countdowns to
  0, then all action stops and the turn ends, finally going to the "Recount
  Time" phase to manage the cave.

Recount Time
- When a turn ends you enter this phase. Using the menu you can check stats,
  upgrade rooms with power ups, set patrol routes, put traps, save, etc.
- After you end it, a new turn starts resuming from where the last one ended.
  The turn timer countdowns to 0 again, then you are back here, and so on.
- Sometimes scenes happen at the start of the new turn (about the Douten
  Army). They are just extra scenes with no significance.
- This is the only place you can save during a chapter. Make sure you do!

Making Rooms and Corridors
- To make new rooms, physically go to any wall and "draw": hold A + reverse
  facing direction. In the submenu select "room" (left), position and size.
- After a room is created you need to enter and "clean" it (from rocks,
  enemies, etc). Then a "Room God" lets you choose the room "type".
- You make corridors exactly like rooms, but instead select "corridor" (right
  option) then its length and accept. Corridors are used (but don't have) to
  connect separate rooms.
- There are eight types of rooms you can make, all of them important:
 * Production Room: gathers EN, for the Hero to extract or for other rooms.
 * Refining Room: gathers SN, for the Hero to extract or for other rooms.
 * Summoning Room: summons "senjuu", animal helpers used in many tasks.
 * Transfer Room: teleports you to other rooms.
 * Detection Room: detects enemy "teleportals" in the cave's map.
 * Attack Room: defends the cave by attacking and making traps.
 * Excavation Room: digs useful items and weapons for the Hero or senjuu.
 * Storage Room: allows to store items and rises how much EN you can channel.
 * Staircase Room: special rooms leading to the "Dragon Furnace" or dungeons.
- To use some of these abilities you have to "pay" Sentan (SN).
- Making rooms and corridors costs "Dungeon Points" (DP): "Room Points" (RP)
  for rooms and "Corridor Points" (CP) for corridors, plus some EN. DPs are
  replenished when you spend EN in the "Dragon Furnace" (a special room).
- In the map you can find "bedrock" or gray areas that can't be used to build
  rooms. They slowly disappears as EN is channeled.

Resources and Room Stats
- When making rooms pay attention to the "resources" in the area (yellow
  dots/EN and green dots/SN). If a room is placed over these dots they become
  part of it, and the room will generate EN/SN from them.
- Each turn rooms will generate EN and SN based on those dots, and will add
  them to their own reserves.
- A room consumes some EN per turn to function. This EN comes from its own
  reserves (which can also be replenished by senjuu patrols sharing EN).
- A room can use Sentan to "buy" several "upgrades" during the Recount Time.
  SN comes from its own reserves (or from senjuu patrols sharing SN).
- Only the Excavation Room can use item resources (red dots), to get items.
  More item resources increase the excavation speed.
- Rooms also have "stamina" or HP. If reduced to 0 the room "dies" and has to
  be revived by a senjuu (bird type). A broken room loses all its EN and SN.
- A room has an element (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal), which depends on
  where (square in the map) the room was built. They also have an "element
  count": connected rooms "flow" into and affect other rooms' counts. This
  is an advanced subsystem known as "Feng Shui" used to get secret upgrades.

- Almost every turn enemies come out from blue "teleportals" and attack. Stop
  them by breaking these gates and beating them, or they'll destroy rooms and
  steal EN/SN. You can fight them yourself or use traps and senjuu.
- "Teleportals" appear randomly in the cave, but if you have a Detection Room
  nearby their exact position is shown in the map, otherwise it just shows
  vague area where they may be. Enemies' position is always shown.
- The Hero has HP, MP and a LV, restarting from LV1 in every scenario. Beating
  enemies gives some EXP (scaled comparing your LV with the enemy's). Level up
  to recover HP and some MP, increase stats, and (sometimes) learn new spells.
- There are special events where you get to fight powerful bosses, "Scenario
  Characters" (key characters in the story), enemies in secret dungeons, etc.

Parties and Items
- In the Cave you control one main party (with the Hero as the leader) plus
  you can add four more patrolling groups (made of senjuu) with up to four
  members each. Some senjuu take more than one slot. You need one Summoning
  Room per group.
- Some special characters can join the Hero (in the main party) and fight
  along him, using their own attacks. Senjuu can be main party members too.
  All characters are AI-controlled and cannot be used directly.
- Items come from the Excavation Room and chests (found in dungeons or dropped
  by enemies). Items are mainly equipment for the Hero and senjuu, offensive
  spells, recovery potions, etc. Other characters' equipment is fixed.

Dragon Furnace and Events
- During the cave building after a while the game will force you to make an
  "staircase room". It leads to the "Dragon Furnace", where you can transfer
  Energy to Earth, so it may be healed and revived.
- In most chapters the main goal is to channel a fixed number of EN. Thus the
  game revolves around making rooms and managing the cave to gather enough EN.
- You can only transfer the EN you are physically carrying. Extract EN by
  "drawing" in Production Rooms.
- Channeling EN gives you Room/Corridor Points to build more stuff. Your HP/MP
  is fully restored as well. You can only channel once per turn, and only
  1000EN at once (you can raise that later with a room upgrade though).
- Special "events" (like characters attacking the Cave, cutscenes, enemies
  ambushing you...) may happen after some EN is transferred, or if you trigger
  certain flags. Always be prepared!
- Once you meet the scenario's Energy quota, a final event will be triggered
  (usually), and after it you beat the chapter. Most Scenarios have multiple
  endings based on different conditions.

That's basically how the game works. There are more things I didn't mention
but that mostly covers it. Don't worry if it seems too complex; the game
introduces concepts slowly and the first hours are easy and suited to
beginners. Plus new things appear often so the game keeps being interesting.

I highly suggest playing first the Lecture scenario one or several times to
get used to the game (check the walkthrough section) before going deeper,
since it gives a graphic, less complex explanation of most things.

  STARTING A NEW GAME                                                  [NG000] 

 Game Start                                                             [NG001]

Press any key (except L/R...) in the title to go to the load screen. Select
an empty slot to start a new game, or an used one to continue a general save. 
The top slot ("break data") resumes from the last Recount Time you saved.

Slots have the following info:
 * Hero's Name                   X Times Finished
 * Completion Percentage X%      X hours Y minutes

The bottom/left slot is "Delete Data". Select a slot to delete, [YES >NO].
The bottom/right is "Copy Data". Select a slot to copy then the destination
(can be a used slot), finally [YES >NO].

After choosing one (let's call it your "main slot") you are taken to the
scenario select screen. Select one with LEFT/RIGHT, accept with A button.

When highlighted, scenarios show the following info:
 * Name  [Ending Statues]   X Times Finished
 * Scenario's description

Once you select a chapter you are stuck on it until you finish it. Read below
about how the save system works in this game.

 Name Entry                                                             [NG002]

The first time you start a new game you'll have to decide the main characters'
names. These can't be changed later.

You are asked to input the following:
 * Hero's name (6 spaces), used in story sequences.
 * Hero's nickname (4 spaces), used in menu/cave/fighting sequences.
 * Heroine's name (6 spaces), used in story sequences.
 * Heroine's nickname (4 spaces), used in menu/cave/fighting sequences.

The name screen has the following:
 * Hiragana / Katakana / Romaji / Kanji
 * Letters
 * Previous screen / Back / Space / Accept
 * Move around, press L/R to switch pages, A to accept, B to cancel.
- The Nickname screen is the same but only has katakana / romaji

The game proper starts after you input these names. Also, the first time you
start scenario 5 you'll have to name another character...

 Saving and Loading                                                     [NG003]

Once you start a scenario you can only save and resume in Recount Time phases
using the cleverly named "save" option, which overwrites the break data slot.
Then, in the title screen you can select the break data slot to continue your
game, and finally after you beat the chapter your global progress is saved and
you are free to start another chapter.

Keep in mind that since the single break data slot is shared by all chapters,
mixing them is a bad idea (and a whole scenario may take a few hours to beat).
So stick to a Scenario until you beat it. There aren't regular save points in
the game by the way (except for a couple of places).

After you beat the chapter the game autosaves the general progress, like the
ending gotten, # of times a scenario was finished and a global completion %
(every ending adds up to 100%). Now you should select another Scenario to keep
going, as if you select the break slot you'll go back to the last save. I
think it's possible to save before a major event, get an ending, reload the
slot and get another and get both counted, but I haven't tried it myself.
Also, during replays you can skip the Scenarios prologues.

Note that character LV, equipment and such is always reset when starting a
scenario (even when replaying), so you always start them in a blank state.
There is, however, a special Feng Shui upgrade for the Storage Room that lets
you to store and retrieve items among scenarios, but it's not easy to make.

  BUILDING THE CAVE                                                    [CV000] 

 Starting the Cave                                                      [CV001]

So you start the game and then select a chapter. After its prologue you are 
taken to the cave proper, where you can start to create stuff.

Usually (depends on the scenario) you begin in a single room, and you control
the Dousen (main character) in an overhead perspective. You start with some 
Energy (EN) and Dungeon Points (DP), so you may begin creating adjacent rooms
and corridors (expending EN and DP in the process) to expand your cave.

The basic goals are two: finding the Dragon Furnace (easy, it appears after a
few rooms) and gathering enough EN to deposit there. But, to accumulate EN you
need Production Rooms. And Refining Rooms to extract Sentan (SN) used to
upgrade your production speed. For that you want a Summoning Room to create
animal helpers, and make them distribute EN/SN among your rooms. However,
enemies will attack so a Detection Room will help a lot, and an Excavation
Room to get better items and weapons, too, plus Attack Rooms to make traps.
But then you need more Production Rooms to make enough EN for the rooms to
work. Also, to create rooms you need Dungeon Points, rewarded by channeling EN
in the Dragon Furnace. Yet the bigger the cave the harder to defend...

Thus balancing the number and types of rooms, the EN production + gathering,
and the cave's defenses is the main point. Don't be discouraged by the high
learning curve, once you get the basics down and understand the purpose of
most things everything will click.

 Rooms and Corridors                                                    [CV002]

The game revolves around making rooms/corridors build over the Cave's map.
There is a bunch of different rooms, each serving a very specific role (later

The map (press L, or R+L for a grid map) is divided into squares you use to
align rooms and corridors. The number of squares/map is limited but it's big
enough. Some squares may be grayed out, which are "bedrock" you can't build
over, but over time as you transfer EN it disappears (it's there to add
challenge on how you build the cave and connect rooms).

Also, within the map there are flashing dots, "resources". These are very
important, too (more about them and room types later).

Creating a room
- Go to any wall and while facing it hold A, then the opposite direction (this
  is known as "draw"). A submenu, the Feng Shui Board (Fuusuiban) will appear:
 * Select between [>Room  Corridor]. An NxN square represents your room (the
   external, green parts are its walls). Accept with A.
 * Change the room's size. The points and EN used varies as shown.
 * Change the room's location. The "resources" (dots) it covers (including
   walls) become part of the room (yellow dots are EN, green dots SN, and
   red dots items).
 * While moving the room you may notice a symbol in the background. This is
   the room's element. The room types you can make are shown, too.
 * Finally, accept all, then [>Accept Stop], and the room will be created. The
   "explosion" that happens afterwards can be grey-colored (normal "ki" flow)
   or multi-colored (positive flow), this for the "Feng Shui" subsystem.
- Making rooms costs Room Points (RP). Get more by channeling EN in the Dragon
  Furnace, or using certain items.
- You can't make a room overlapping another one or corridors (duh), or on top
  of bedrock (gray squares). Rooms you make have an attached corridor to them
  so you don't have to make one afterwards.
- After you are done, the room is left "unassigned" (cannot be used since it
  doesn't have a "type" yet. Next you have to "clean" it.

Cleaning and assigning room types
- You must enter and clean unassigned rooms before they are usable. Remember
  that the turn timer goes on (check the "Turns" section) while you clean.
  The most common things you might find inside a dirty room are:
 * Enemies: low level critters very easy to kill.
 * Small rocks: Attack to destroy them. Sometimes there is a LOT.
 * Enemies and small rocks: combination of the above. Destroy the rocks before
   killing all enemies, as the turn timer is stopped while fighting.
 * Falling rocks and small rocks: Big falling rocks that, well, fall while you
   clean the room. Minor damage, just an added annoyance really. But they can
   kill a low-level character so beware.
- After it's clean, move to the center and an elemental "Room God" character
  (room's element) will appear. He/she will let you select the room type.
  Possible types depend on the element/God: each can only make 5-6 types of
  rooms out of 8.
- The type menu goes like this:
 * (list of room types possible to make, 
 *  and the room's stats below)
 *            Stamina    X
 *  Sentan Production    X/TURN
 *  Energy Production    X/TURN
 * Energy Consumption    X/TURN
- Choose one. The room is now ready to use.

Creating a corridor
- Corridors are created like rooms, but simpler. Again, go to a wall and draw
  (hold A then opposite direction). Corridors don't need resource dots nor
  have elements. The menu goes as follows:
 * Select between [Room  >Corridor]. A 3xN/Nx3 square represents your corridor
   (the external, green parts are its walls).
 * Change the corridor's length. Every corridor always costs 1 CP, but the
   longer the more EN it costs.
 * Accept all, then [>Accept Stop]. The corridor will be created. Like with
   rooms, the explosion can be grey (normal flow) or multi-colored (positive
   flow),  all this related to "Feng Shui".
- Making a corridor costs Corridor Points (CP). Get more by channeling EN in
  the Dragon Furnace, or using certain items.
- To join a corridor to a room or another corridor, make it long enough so
  that it enters just an extra square into the room. The subwindow displays
  an "ATTENTION!" message until you get the position right.
- Corridors can't be overlapped nor built over bedrock.
- They don't have to connect with anything, you can leave dead ends and make
  them as long as you want (made of several sub-corridors towards other
  directions). Making corridors inside corridors is fine too.
- A corridor will add a "door" to the room it joins, as long as it isn't near
  the room's corners and is more than 1-2 squares long. These doors affect the
  Feng Shui system.
- There is maximum of 6 corridors per room (apparently there is a bug related
  to this that lets you make more). (?)

Rooms have several stats you need to keep an eye on. The main ones are the
Energy/Sentan production/consumption and reserves, which are covered later,
and also elements (for Feng Shui) and stamina (HP).

Beware, enemies may attack your rooms and destroy them if their HP becomes 0.
An earthquake follows and its reserves empties (the room doesn't actually
disappear, just stops working). You can revive rooms and recover their HP
using senjuu (usually birds types, but any that has non-zero "RR"/"Room
Restoration" stat works).

And no, you can't remove a room or corridor, ever. Once you make one it's
there to stay, so plan ahead. Pay attention to resources and elements, they
are important and will be explained later.

 Rooms Types                                                            [CV003]

There are eight types of rooms, each with their own abilities and function.
After you make and clean a room you select its type. Below I'll describe them.
"Passive" effect is the inherent effect a room has.
"Active" effect is what you can activate by going to the room's core (the
square object in the center) and "drawing" (hold A + opposite dir) it.

Production Room (生産部屋)
* Passive: Amplifies the room's Energy (EN) production per turn.
* Active: Physically extracts EN from the reserves, that you can carry.
- Extracts and amplifies EN from yellow resources. Senjuu can take EN from
  this room's reserves.
- "Drawing" creates (extracts) some EN in form of crystals, that you can
  carry. The longer you draw the more and bigger the crystals are, until EN
  lasts. Crystals disappear after a few seconds, take them quickly!
- Every room (except this one) needs some EN per turn to work. Animals take EN
  from here and give them to other rooms to make sure they have enough EN.
  Also, you need to extract EN here.
- Upgrading the room increases EN production.

Refining Room (練丹部屋)
* Passive: Amplifies the room's Sentan (SN) production per turn.
* Active: Physically extracts SN from the reserves, which you can carry.
- Extracts and amplifies Sentan from the green resources. Senjuu can take SN
  from this room's reserves.
- "Drawing" creates (extracts) some SN spheres that you can carry. The longer
  you draw the more are created. They disappear quickly, beware.
- Sentan is used to "buy" upgrades in a room, and the SN you extract can be
  used for certain functions (summoning senjuu, traps, etc).
- Upgrading the room increases the SN production.

Summoning Room (召喚部屋)
* Passive: allows one more senjuu group (up to four).
* Active: Summons senjuu, revives senjuu (both require Sentan).
- Senjuu, the animal helpers, are vital to any cave, since they have unique
  abilities the Hero can't use. There are 12 basic types.
- "Drawing" summons a new senjuu: select the type, starting LV and group then
  accept. Summoning/reviving costs some of the Hero's SN. You can summon only
  once per turn and only if there are free slots in a group. You may revive
  them as many times as needed though.
- Even if the room is destroyed, the added group effect doesn't disappear.
- Upgrading the room allows to summon more types and higher level senjuu.

 + Summoning menu:
  * "Please decide senjuu to summon"
  * X: Senjuu Information       /   (Your) Sentan  #   /   Needed Sentan #
  *  List of senjuu available   /   Their stats
  - After selecting one, choose its starting LV.
  - Then select the group where the senjuu will go (Some senjuu use 2 slots).
  - Finally, give him a unique name (press SELECT to recall older names).

Detection Room (索敵部屋)
* Passive: Reveals teleportals' locations in the map, in a 17x17 square range.
* Active: spies a particular room or enemy group.
- This shows the exact position of teleportals (where enemies enter the cave).
  Very important to defend the cave.
- "Drawing" shows the detection menu. Detected areas appear clear in the map
  while undetected are grayed out. This is related to Attack Rooms.
- Upgrading the room increases the detection range.

 + Detection menu:
  * "Select a view point"
  * Group view point: L/R to change between groups (enemy groups too), then A.
  * Room view point: move cursor over room, select with A.
  * Auto view point: see over the map how groups move and things happen.
  - Time passes while you use any of these options. If some enemy group enters
    your current room this menu is cancelled.

Transfer Room (転送部屋)
* Passive: Gives a certain teleport range, in a NxN (?) square range.
* Active: Teleports to a room within the range (costs some of the Hero's EN).
- "Drawing" makes the teleport menu appear. Select the room to teleport in 
  (as long as it's within range). The closer it is the less EN it costs.
- Upgrading the room increases the teleport range.

 + Transfer menu:
  * "Select room"
  * (Your) EN   /   (Room's name)   /   Needed EN
  - Move cursor, select a room with A to teleport, [>YES / NO].

Attack Room (攻撃部屋)
* Passive: Attacks nearby enemies, lets you buy traps (in the Recount Time).
* Active: Manual test attack (no effect).
- Its main use is to get traps. It's hard to lure enemies into the room itself
  but if they enter they'll usually die.
- You can put only 2 traps per room/corridor, and you can have (buy) up to 99
  of each type. Only enemies will trigger traps. 
- "Drawing" makes a test attack. Since you can't draw while fighting this is
  just for show.
- The attack only triggers if you are viewing it: if you are inside the room
  or watching it in a Detection Room. Enemies killed this way give no EXP.
- Upgrading the room opens better traps and increases the room's power,
  accuracy and decreases time between attacks.

Excavation Room (掘削部屋)
* Passive: Digs items after a number of Turn Timer counts.
* Active: Retrieves excavated items and changes the item to excavate.
- Dug items range from spells, recovery items, weapons, armor, etc.
- Requires to manually retrieve the excavated item, which is pretty irritating
  in big Caves. There is a global "clack-clack" sound when the item is ready.
- "Drawing" opens the excavation menu. When done digging you can retrieve the
  item (costs SN, and your inventory must not be full) or discard it and dig
  another one, randomly selected (the exact item isn't shown).
- The item type depends on room upgrades and time used (the more it takes the
  better item it produces). The time needed is fixed, so you can try to guess
  what are you digging (but many items share times).
- Upgrading the room allows to dig better items and increases the amount of
  EN that can be channeled at once in the Dragon Furnace.

 + Excavation menu:
 - If item not excavated:
  * Obtain                                 /   Explanation (shows item info)
  * Dispose [YES/>No]                      /   Return
  * Icon / Name (always ? ?????)           /   Excavation LV (room upgrades)
  * Excavation %
  * Time to finish (in turn timer counts)
 - If item excavated:
  * Obtain (grayed out)                    /   Explanation (grayed ouy)
  * Interrupt [YES >No] (starts anew)      /   Return
  * Icon / Name                            /   Your current items.
  * Excavation % (100%)
  * SN seeded to retrieve it.

Storage Room (倉庫部屋)
* Passive: Gives you instant access to the storage in item menus.
* Active: Retrieves/puts items in the Storage Room.
- The max storage when fully upgraded is 64, less that all items there are in
  the game. You can't have a complete collection, sorry.
- "Drawing" lets you use the storage menu, where you can store your items.
- Upgrading the room increases storage slots. One Feng Shui upgrade lets you
  store and retrieve items between scenarios.

 + Storage menu:
  * Use L/R to change between your storage rooms, or the Dimensional Storage
    if you have activated it. You can swap items from your inventory and the
    storage. Each room initially has 2 slots but you can upgrade them to 
    4/6/8. The Dimensional Storage has 8 slots and 8 pages (64 in total).

Staircase Room (階段)
- Special rooms, empty with stairs. Usually lead to the cave's Dragon Furnace.
  but sometimes to mini-dungeons.
- Once you reach certain conditions the game will only let you make this room.
  Location and size won't matter (make it small). Element doesn't either but
  you get some bonuses depending on it (check the Dragon Furnace section).
- It may only appear after your cave has enough (at least 3) rooms.
- If you are fighting enemies in this room, moving over the stairs won't make
  you enter.

A balanced cave must have good variety of these so don't disregard any types.

Also, check the "Elemental Attributes" section for more info about elements
and types of rooms you can make depending on them.

 Resources and Energy/Sentan Usage                                      [CV004]

When making rooms resource dots in the map are vital: they determine how much
EN/SN a room gets per turn, And room use EN/SN to work per turn, so...

Each cave has "resources" (flashing dots) dispersed in the map. The number,
density and location is randomized at the start of the scenario. Latter
chapters have fewer dots. When you build a room over resources, dots inside
the room (walls count) affect its EN/SN production.

There are three types of resource dots:
 * Yellow: Energy, the room produces +10 EN/turn per dot.
 * Green: Sentan, the room produces +1 SN/turn per dot.
 * Red: Items, increases digging speed in Excavation Rooms, useless elsewhere.

Rooms generate 20EN and 2SN per turn on their own. Thus the formula is:
 * Regular rooms EN = 20 base EN + 10EN * (number of yellow dots) per turn.
 * Regular rooms SN = 2 base SN + 1SN * (number of green dots) per turn.
For Production and Refining Rooms, the base EN/SN production gets multiplied
(default is x2 for Production Rooms and x4 for Refining Rooms). The multiplier
varies with upgrades, it can be x4, x6, x10...

The EN/SN generated is added to the room's reserves. A room needs EN per turn
to work. Not enough EN (negative balance of generated-consumed) makes it stop
working: its functions and elemental flows (for Feng Shui) get disabled. SN
is used to buy upgrades, which rise the EN consumption a bit, affecting the
balance. Upgrades are very useful so you'll want them, though that means
carefully managing the EN generation-consumption balance.

To keep the balance positive we can use animal helpers. Certain senjuu can
"carry" EN/SN and share them among rooms (stats shows how much, but mainly
the rat for EN and the dragon for SN). Just set their group routes (in the
Recount Time) and they'll take EN/SN from Production and Refining Rooms while
adding to other rooms' reserves as they enter these rooms.

You can check each room's EN basic balance in the map: yellow when positive
or red if negative. When negative just add the needed EN with senjuu and it'll
continue or start working, as long as its reserves are 0 or more before a turn
ends. Excess EN is simply stored, so if a room has plenty of EN you should
exclude it from senjuu patrols.

Since the game's main goal is extract EN from Production Rooms and transfer
it in the Dragon Furnace, you'll want to do this fast and efficiently (using
upgrader to increase the production, while managing the generation balance),
to beat chapters without taking forever). Managing the resources plays a large
role to succeed. Overall I suggest you build a "main" Production and Refining
Rooms for the Dragon Furnace, and some secondary rooms to share EN/SN with the
senjuu, but it's up to you.

Since this balance stuff is quite complex, to further illustrate how this
works here are a few examples (the numbers are not accurate tho):

- A Production Room has 1200EN in the reserves. You "draw" from its core to
  extract EN worth 200. Now the reserves are 1000EN, and you carry 200EN.
- Now we summon a rat and dragon senjuu (rats carry EN, dragons SN), and put
  them in group 2. In the Recount Time we set their patrol route so they pass
  over the Production and a few other rooms.
- The group moves to the Production Room and takes 50EN (the rat can carry
  50EN max in this example). The reserves are now down to 950EN. The group
  moves and shares that 50EN among other rooms (for example they give 25EN to
  the Summoning and Refining Rooms, so their reserves increase),
- For SN it's the same with Refining rooms and dragons extracting SN instead.

- We have a an Excavation Room making 100EN per turn, but consuming 150EN. So
  the balance is -50EN (needs at least 50EN extra from senjuu).
- Now we make a rat group (carries max 50EN) enter a Production (takes EN),
  Excavation, then Summoning Rooms so they share the 50EN.
- BIG PROBLEM: the Excavation and Summoning Rooms get 25EN each. Not enough
  to get the Excavation Room working. So we change the route so it enters the
  Production and Excavation Rooms only.
- Now that it has a steady +50EN per turn it will start working again.
- Other rooms also need EN, so we put another rat in the group. Now they can
  carry 100EN. But just in case we add another for 150EN, so two rooms would
  get +75EN. The Excavation Room gets +75EN -50EN = 15EN extra EN per turn.
- After a bunch of turns, the Excavation Room reserves are like 415EN so we
  might want to alter the route for a while, (the excavation will work fine
  for at least 8 turns (415EN - 8*50EN = 15EN, less than 50EN).
- We also need to make sure the Production Room makes more than than 150EN per
  turn, or the rat group won't take the full load to share.

- Now we have a Detection Room. It produces 200EN, 3SN, and consumes 50EN so,
  it works fine. None of our routes enter this room.
- Now we want to upgrade its detection range but it costs 9SN. No problem,
  after 3 turns the room should have 3SN * 3 = 9SN, but also (200EN-50EN) * 3
  = 450EN in the rooms' reserves.
- We get the 9SN upgrade. But this raises the consumption to 350EN/turn! The
  game shows the 200 - 350 = -150EN per turn in red, eats more than it makes.
- In the following turns after the upgrade it goes like this: 
 * 1st: 450EN + 200EN (produced) - 350EN (consumed) = 300EN (still works)
 * 2nd: 300EN + 200EN (produced) - 350EN (consumed) = 150EN (still works)
 * 3rd: 150EN + 200EN (produced) - 350EN (consumed) =   0EN (still works)
 * 4rt:   0EN + 200EN (produced) - 350EN (consumed) =   0EN (stops)
- No groups are adding EN here so after 4 turns the room stops working. Now
  teleportals aren't detected in the map. We better send groups there, or
  cancel the upgrade (wasting our hard-earned 9SN) to get it up again.

Note that the EN consumption occurs at the END of a turn, before the Recount
Time phase. So if you upgrade a room and the EN balance is negative, it'll
work at least until the next turn comes if no EN is shared to it.

In short, balancing EN/SN and routes is the key to win. Note that routes may be
too long to finish in a single turn. Groups positions are kept between turns,
but some rooms may not be getting EN/SN fast enough. A group's speed depends
on all members' SPD stat (plus group leaders may modify it), though you could
make more groups and shorter routes too. Bigger caves also means more EN
costs. In short, maintaining the balance of your cave can be quite hard.

 Turns                                                                  [CV005]

The Cave-building phase is divided into "turns" that last a number of timer
counts. This is very important: at the start of a turn waves of enemies appear
and you'll want to beat them as fast as possible (wandering enemies attack
rooms and animals) so you can concentrate on other things (building rooms,
digging items, etc) within the turn. Tips about beating invaders later.

There is an on-screen turn timer that slowly countdowns to 0. When it reaches
0 the action stops and the Recount Time phase starts. After the Recount Time
a new turn starts. All characters (the Hero, enemies, senjuu, even extracted
EN crystals) keep the position they had, but enemy teleportals will always
disappear. The timer's starting value depends on the turn number and cave's
size (the bigger the more turns last).

The turn timer stops during some actions:
 * Fighting enemies.
 * Opening chests.
 * After cleaning a room, before the Room God appears.
 * Entering a menu/subscreen (such as a room's or the building submenus).

At the start of a new turn there is a chance that a mini-scene involving the
Douten Army (enemy soldiers) will happen. These show their misadventures but
as far as I know they are randomly chosen and have no special significance.
Sometimes you are also notified that "something" might happen soon. Next turn
the effect takes place (this could be no enemies, more of them, etc). This is
covered in more detail in the "Enemy Invasions" section.

Finally, you can fast-forward the game holding Y+L. This speeds up everything,
characters and enemies movement, timer counts... Very useful when you just
want the turn to end.

 Recount Time                                                           [CV006]

Recount Time is where you plan your cave's development. When a turn ends this
phase starts. You can check stats, assign room power-ups, change parties, etc.
You can't change the characters' equipment here, though, it only can be done
within a turn proper.

The menu options are (detailed below):

 * Information (情報)
 * Upgrade (強化)
 * Ally Movement Route (味方行軍ルート)
 * Ally Organization (味方編成)
 * Trap Placement (トラップ設置)
 * Save (セーブ)
 * End (終了)

- A map of the cave, divided into 6 parts, Use L/R to change between them.
- Pressing L in-game also opens this menu.
- The rooms are shown as "HP / name". A name in red means the room doesn't
  get enough EN per turn and will stop working once its EN reserves hits 0.
- The following are the 6 parts:

 * Enemy Detection (索敵)
  - The exact location of all enemies is shown.
  - Teleportals within a detected (clear) region are shown. Otherwise there
    is a 17x17 area (delimited by blue markers) were the teleportal may be.
  - All teleportals are closed after a turn ends, so actually they can't be
    seen in the Recount Time.

 * Resources (因素)
  - Shows EN/SN/Item dot resources (yellow/green/red) in the map.

 * Excavation (掘削)
  - Shows your Excavation Rooms' completion percentage.
  - The format is completion % / time (in turn timer counts) left to dig.
  - Other info appears as well.

 * Stamina (耐久)
  - Shows all room's stamina (HP).
  - The format is current stamina / max stamina.

 * Room (部屋)
  - Shows the current EN and SN for all rooms, and their upgrades.
  - The format is current EN / current SN.
  - Moving the cursor over a room:
    * Upper Right: room's upgrades.
    * Lower parts:
     * Room's   EN  (current) + (produced per turn) - (consumed per turn)
     *  Name    SN  (current) + (produced per turn)    HP (current)/(max)

 * Feng Shui (風水)
  - Shows the room's element flow and current EN and SN.
  - There is an attribute chart in the lower left.
  - Moving the cursor over a room shows the current element count (from up to
    down: Fire / Earth / Metal / Water / Wood).
  - You can see the flow itself. Rooms that have stopped working due to
    negative EN don't flow into others, but regular rooms can flow into them.

- The map shows the room's Stamina (little bar), name, stored EN and SN.
- Moving the cursor over a room:
 * Room's   EN  (current) + (produced per turn) - (consumed per turn)
 *  Name    SN  (current) + (produced per turn)    HP (current)/(max)
 *  Number of total upgrades at once   X    Possible to Upgrade Number X (?)
 * Feng Shui       Fire  X   Earth  X   Metal  X   Water  X   Wood  X

- Select a room with A for this menu:
 * Room's   EN  (current) + (produced per turn) - (consumed per turn)
 *  Name    SN  (current) + (produced per turn)    HP (current)/(max)
 *  Upgrade              Reduction
 *  Trap Creation           Return
 *  (list of possible upgrades)        (list of current upgrades)
- The submenu choices are:

 * Upgrade (強化)
  - List of upgrades to buy. Which ones are available depends on the room type
    and Feng Shui (check later sections for a complete list). 
  - Moving the cursor over one:
   * Description
   *       Consumed Energy X          Required Sentan X
  - Upgrades you don't have enough SN for are in gray.
  - After you select a upgrade old/new stats are shown:
   * Upgrade Name
   * Description
   *       Consumed Energy            Required Sentan
   *  Energy Production  +     (old production) X  >     (new production) X
   *  Energy Consumption -    (old consumption) X  >    (new consumption) X
   *                     = (old total produced) X  > (new total produced) X
   *  Sentan Production  +     (old production) X  >     (new production) X
   *  Stamina                     (old stamina) X  >        (new stamina) X
   * Is this alright? [>YES NO]

 * Reduction (縮小)
  - "De-upgrades" room, mainly used to reduce the EN consumption if the
    balance is too off. Does NOT return any SN spent.
    * (list of upgrades)    (EN balance after reduction) X
  - Select to de-upgrade and check the old/new stats, just like before:
   * Upgrade Name
   * Description
   *       Consumed Energy            Required Sentan
   *  Energy Production  +     (old production) X  >     (new production) X
   *  Energy Consumption -    (old consumption) X  >    (new consumption) X
   *                     = (old total produced) X  > (new total produced) X
   *  Sentan Production  +     (old production) X  >     (new production) X
   *  Stamina                     (old stamina) X  >        (new stamina) X
   * Is this alright? [>YES NO]

 * Trap Creation (トラップ作成)
  - Buy traps here. Normally, this is only selectable in Attack Rooms but with
    a special Feng Shui upgrade other rooms can.
   * Description
   *     Required Sentan X
   * (trap types)   (have)   (attack power) X   (probability to hit) X%
  - For a complete list of traps, check the upgrade list.

 * Return (戻る)
  - Returns to the map screen.

- Highlight a senjuu group (not the main party) then press A for the submenu:

 * New Input (新規入力)
  - Re-inputs a route (B to cancel and exit). First select the starting room,
    then chose/add adjacent corridor/room(s). Finally press START to save the
    route, or Y to reset it.
  - The stats in the top are:
   * Group #   (senjuu)    Energy Transportable Amount  X
   * LV (senjuu levels)    Sentan Transportable Amount  X
   * Movement Speed  X     Room Repair Ability          X
  - 40 steps ("step" as in a new room/corridor) including the starting room
    is the max lenght a route can go.
  - If the final step is the first room, the route becomes circular, otherwise
    they'll just retrace back to first room after reaching the last step.
  - Remember they'll take and share EN/SN from Prodution/Refining Rooms.

 * Simulate (シミュレート)
  - Simulates (what else?) a group's movement and EN/SN distribution in a
    turn. Keep in mind enemies may kill the group, though. The bottom shows:
   * Group #   (senjuu)    Energy    (carried)/(total)
   * LV (senjuu levels)    Sentan    (carried)/(total)
  - Values pop up from the rooms they pass, that's the EN/SN they give or
    take. "E -/+ X" is EN, while "Sen +/- X" is SN ("sen" being kanji).

 * Group Information (グループ情報)
  - Opens the group information screen (same as X button):
   * Amount of Energy Transportable X (sum of the party's EN stat)
   * Amount of Sentan Transportable X (sum of the party's SN stat)
   * Room Repair Ability X (sum of the party's RR stat)
   * Transport Speed X (rounded sum of the party's SPD / number of members)

- You can see your groups (main party + up to 4) and characters you have and
  reorganize them. This also is the "senjuu" option from the main (X) menu.
- Move the cursor over a character for the stats, press X for full info.
  Both menus are explained in the "status" section.
- Press A for yet another submenu:
 * Arrange: changes the character's group and position. The Hero or Scenario
   Characters cannot be moved.
 * Election: changes the appointed leader. This modifies the group's stats if
   based on the "Leader Bonus" (doesn't apply to the main party).
   The screen switches to the group's information:
  * Amount of Energy Transportable X (sum of the party's EN stat)
  * Amount of Sentan Transportable X (sum of the party's SN stat)
  * Room Repair Ability X (sum of the party's RR stat)
  * Transport Speed X (rounded sum of the party's SPD / number of members)
 * Dismiss [YES >NO]: kicks a senjuu out of the party.
 * Return: cancels the submenu.

 * Using the "senjuu" submenu during gameplay you get these options instead:
  * Equipment: changes the Hero's or senjuu's equipment. First slot is weapon
    and armor (you can equip only one), second is "charms" (various items).
  * Information: same as pressing X over a character.
  * Dismiss: Same as before.
  * Return: cancels the submenu.

- This is only selectable if you have traps (purchased in the upgrade menu).
- The trap list shows:
 * (trap type)   (# you have)   (attack power) X   (probability to hit) X%
- To place a trap, select a type and the trap spot in the map. The flashing
  square is the range. You can put them anywhere inside rooms or corridors,
  even near other traps (but not over them).
- You can retrieve traps by selecting them again in the map.
- When an enemy moves near a trap it will activate, though it may miss (based
  on a hit %), and finally vanishes. Traps are shown graphically in the Cave
  as items surrounded by a flashing square. You can't activate them yourself,
  don't worry).

SAVE (セーブ)
- This saves the game overwriting the "Break Data" slot. You can resume by
  selecting the top slot in the load screen. This is the ONLY way to save
  during scenarios, so do it often.
- When selected it just asks if you want to save, [Yes >No].

- "Enchanted Cave Information" screen, a summary of several stats.
- If you haven't assigned routes for all your groups you can't exit.
- The info is:
 * Turn                               #    Room Counts
 *                                         Production Rooms  #
 * Number of Rooms                    #    Refining Rooms    #
 * Energy Storage Amount              #    Summoning Rooms   #
 * Energy Production Amount           #    Storage Rooms     #
 * Energy Consumption Amount          #    Attack Rooms      #
 * Sentan Storage Amount              #    Excavation Rooms  #
 * Sentan Production Amount           #    Detection Rooms   #
 * Enchanted Cave Destruction Ratio(?)#%   Transfer Rooms    #
- Accept to resume the game and start a new turn.

Note that in several subscreens they messed up and wrote SE instead of SN
(to be fair I'm not sure which one is correct, but I'll stick with SN).

 Dragon Furnace                                                         [CV007]

The Dragon Furnace is the core of a Cave. Connected to a Dragon Vein (a type
of ki/energy flow), when it decays so does Earth, but Dousen can channel EN
inside to fix the disrupted balance.

For gameplay purposes a Dragon Furnace is a special room (entered from a
Staircase) that every cave has. Inside you can channel EN to get more Dungeon
Points, heal HP/MP, initiate events and so on. The goal is to transfer enough
EN (a fixed amount) to heal the land thus beating your current chapter.

After there are enough rooms (usually 3), next time you build another the game
forces you to make a staircase room leading to the Dragon Furnace. Location
doesn't matter so you can make it small and place it anywhere.

Depending on the Room's element, you get some bonuses:
 * Water: Corridor Points +1
 * Fire: Energy +1000
 * Metal: Room Points +3
 * Wood: Energy +600, HP/MP recovered
 * Earth: Room Points +1, Corridor Points +1

After that the room becomes non-elemental and won't count for Feng Shui
purposes (does not flow to others, flows into it become null).

Inside the Dragon Furnace you channel EN pressing A button in the center of
the room. This opens the transfer menu:
 * Required EN (amount to beat the scenario)
 * Current EN (channeled so far)
 * Remaining EN (amount left)
 * Maximum EN per turn (you can channel this much at once)
 * Carried EN (what you have)
 * EN to transfer (use UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT to change it).
 * RP/CP rewarded (the more you transfer the more you get)

You can only channel EN once per turn. The max amount at once is 1000EN, but
can be raised with an upgrade in the Storage Room. After some EN transferred
events might happen. Usually enemies attack in the room, or a character comes.

Channeling EN has another important function: every time you do it, no matter
how little you use, all your HP/MP is restored. This means you can waste MP
fighting enemies then restore it, once per turn. Beware as event characters
(special scenes) appear AFTER re-entering, so you might enter the Dragon
Furnace to recover your HP/MP and find an unpleasant surprise instead.

Just for fun it's entirely possible, although very stupid, to spend all your
DPs before creating a Dragon Furnace (make a couple of giant rooms). Next turn
a Room God will gather "power from Earth" and give you some DPs, just for you.
Use them well!

Once you channel the EN required, the scenario ends (or at least the building
part does), usually followed by an ending or events that lead to it. After
that your progress is saved and it's time for other scenarios.

 Elemental Attributes                                                   [CV008]

Every room has an associated elemental "attribute" (except Staircase rooms).
This is set when you create the room, and affects the Feng Shui subsystem.
Five "Room Gods" represent these attributes, based on the five Chinese
elements. They are not that important if you are not planning on messing
with the Feng Shui system, but still worth a look.

Each room has an elemental Room God associated, they are:
 * Water: blue symbol, a siren.
 * Wood: green symbol, a man-tree.
 * Fire: red symbol, a samurai.
 * Earth: brown symbol, a small kid
 * Metal: yellow symbol, a rich old man.

When you are making rooms the element in the background is colorless, but
inside any room you can hold SELECT to check the colored elemental graph.
Try to memorize the element-symbol relation there (those symbols aren't quite
Japanese but made for the game, by the way).

The room types you can make are limited by their elements. 
 * Water: Production, Refining, Summoning, Detection, Transfer rooms.
 * Wood: Production, Attack, Refining, Summoning, Excavation, Detection rooms.
 * Fire: Production, Attack, Excavation, Detection, Transfer rooms.
 * Earth: Attack, Summoning, Excavation, Detection, Transfer rooms.
 * Metal: Production, Refining, Summoning, Excavation, Transfer rooms.

The room's element depends on where (the exact square on the map) it's built.
The square-element relation is fixed and follows rather complex charts that
change based on certain patterns (apparently they shift every turn), but you
can basically ignore them. Just move the room around until you get your
desired element, or wait some turns so the square-element relation changes.

Finally, for Feng Shui purposes each room's element "flows" to other rooms.
This modifies an "element count", used to unlock upgrades. More below.

 Feng Shui                                                              [CV009]

Feng Shui is (as far as I know) a type of Chinese geomancy. It roughly means
"wind and water". In the game, Feng Shui is just a way to take advantage of
the room's elements to get better, more useful upgrades for the rooms. Each
room has one main elemental attribute (Fire, water, Wood, Metal or Earth) and
an element count (1 Fire, 3 Water...). These values are what unlocks special

A room's own element adds 1 to its count (so an Earth room has inherently 1
Earth point). If two rooms are connected, they modify the other's element
count (in both ways): this is called "ki flow". For example, if a Water room
"flows" (is connected) to an Earth room, the latter gets +1 Water (from the
linked room) and +1 Earth (from itself). The same the other way around, the
water room has +1 Water, +1 Earth. The more corridors a room has the more it
gets (for instance +3 Water, +3 Earth is possible).

An "elemental affinity" also affects the flow: positive (the flow doubles),
normal and negative (halved and rounded down) affinities. For instance, a 
Water > Fire flow is negative (instead of +1, the fire room gets +0 Water)
but the reverse is not always true, a Fire > Water flow is normal (the water
room gets +1 Fire).

The affinity is:
 * Positive: Water > Wood > Fire > Earth > Metal > Water
 * Negative: Water > Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water
 * Normal: any other flow.
You can see the element affinity of any room by holding SELECT inside it.

The flows are also affected by "doors". If a corridor connecting two rooms has
a "door" in one end, the flow doubles in the room with the door. Doors are
created when you link two rooms or simply by making a new room, as long as the
corridor is at least one square away from the corners of the room, and more
than one square long. Doors are added to the corridor's end (one-way only).

You can join two rooms with several corridors (and doors), as each link makes
a new, separate flow (so if you connect a water room to another with 2 paths
the other room gets 1+1 Water, and if they have doors 1*2+1*2 points). Keep in
mind there is a limit of 6 corridors per room, the game won't allow to make
more than that. In some instances more are allowed due to a bug, but I don't
know the specifics.

A flow is valid as long as the rooms are directly connected, even with odd
shapes ("S" corridors, "L" and straight "-" lines work). But if a corridor has
subcorridors, only the most direct flow ("-"s and/or "L"s) flow works. For
instance if 3 rooms (left/right/down) are linked with a "T", the flow only
goes straight ("-") since the "|" flow cannot decide between left or right.
A room linking to itself is valid as well, increasing it's own element, but
the path will count twice (entrance and exit) for the "max 6 corridors" limit.
Length doesn't affect flows.

Now the point is that certain element counts unlock powerful upgrades in a
room. For instance you can double the EN production (normally reserved for
Production Rooms) simply by having at least 1 Fire and 2 Earth. Once unlocked
for that room it's available to buy in the Recount Time.

So basically manage the elements well to get useful improvements. Feng Shui
can be quite complex since the rooms' position and size play a big role; some
planning is required to get most of it. Although you can beat the game without
ever touching this all, it certainly helps.

 Rooms and Feng Shui Upgrades                                           [CV010]

During the Recount Time you can "upgrade" your rooms. These range from giving
the room more HP, increased production or room-specific power-ups. Upgrading
costs SN and usually increases the EN consumption so make sure the room gets
enough EN per turn. Feng Shui upgrades work the same, but you need to fulfill
a base elemental count for them to show up. Many of them are room-specific.

When you "buy" an upgrade, the old-new stats are shown (you can later cancel
the upgrade reverting to previous stats, though the original SN is lost).
The number of different (not LV ups) upgrades you can have active at once is
determined by the room's size, and is shown in the description (3x3 rooms
have up to 3, 4x4 have 4, etc.), the max being 8.

Most upgrades have levels. To get higher LVs (assuming you meet the element
count) you must purchase lower LVs first. For example "Energy Productivity
LV2" only appears after you buy "Energy Productivity LV1" and so on. Usually
the higher the LV the bigger the effect. Also, some rooms get a Feng Shui-only
"ultimate" LV, which needs all previous LVs AND the element count. All rooms
have inherently a base LV1 ability which you can actually de-upgrade (that's
why I listed the LV1 cost); rooms without their LV1 actually stop working,
except Energy/Refining Rooms that still produce some EN/SN per turn.

Here is the full upgrade list, first regular then Feng Shui. How to read:
- ROOM: room types the upgrade is available to.
  * PR=Production, RE=Refining, SU=Summoning, TR=Transfer, DE=Detection,
    EX=Excavation, ST=Storage, AT=Attack;  ALL: all, -(type): all but (type).
- EN: increase of EN consumption in the room.
- SN: SN cost.
- FEMAW: minimum element count for the upgrade to appear.
  * F=Fire, E=Earth, M=Metal, A=Water (Aqua), W=Wood;  +(number): element sum.
- EFF: effect the upgrade has (check the description). If no effect is given
  the upgrade is just stronger or hard to quantify.

Energy Seisanryoku LV1   | PR  | 0   10  | ----- | x2  | エネルギー生産力LV1
Energy Seisanryoku LV2   | PR  | 0   20  | ----- | x4  | エネルギー生産力LV2
Energy Seisanryoku LV3   | PR  | 0   40  | ----- | x6  | エネルギー生産力LV3
Energy Seisanryoku LV4   | PR  | 0   60  | ----- | x8  | エネルギー生産力LV4
Energy Seisanryoku LV5   | PR  | 0   100 | ----- | x10 | エネルギー生産力LV5
Energy Seisanryoku LV6   | PR  | 0   160 | ----- | x12 | エネルギー生産力LV6
Energy Seisanryoku LV7   | PR  | 0   260 | ----- | x14 | エネルギー生産力LV7
Energy Seisanryoku LV8   | PR  | 0   420 | ----- | x16 | エネルギー生産力LV8
* Energy Productivity: increases the room's EN production by (base EN) xN.
Energy 100 Kakuho        | PR  | 0   5   | ----- | 100 | エネルギー100確保
Energy 250 Kakuho        | PR  | 0   5   | ----- | 250 | エネルギー250確保
Energy 500 Kakuho        | PR  | 0   5   | ----- | 500 | エネルギー500確保
Energy 1000 Kakuho       | PR  | 0   5   | ----- |1000 | エネルギー1000確保
* Energy Reservation: reserves N EN so senjuu can't take EN if less is stored.
Sentan Seisanryoku LV1   | RE  | 30  20  | ----- | x4  | 仙丹生産力LV1
Sentan Seisanryoku LV2   | RE  | 60  40  | ----- | x6  | 仙丹生産力LV2
Sentan Seisanryoku LV3   | RE  | 90  60  | ----- | x8  | 仙丹生産力LV3
Sentan Seisanryoku LV4   | RE  | 150 100 | ----- | x10 | 仙丹生産力LV4
Sentan Seisanryoku LV5   | RE  | 240 160 | ----- | x12 | 仙丹生産力LV5
Sentan Seisanryoku LV6   | RE  | 390 260 | ----- | x14 | 仙丹生産力LV6
Sentan Seisanryoku LV7   | RE  | 630 420 | ----- | x16 | 仙丹生産力LV7
Sentan Seisanryoku LV8   | RE  |1020 680 | ----- | x18 | 仙丹生産力LV8
* Sentan Productivity: increases the room's SN production by (base SN) xN.
Sentan 10 Kakuho         | RE  | 0   5   | ----- | 10  | 仙丹10確保
Sentan 50 Kakuho         | RE  | 0   5   | ----- | 50  | 仙丹50確保
Sentan 100 Kakuho        | RE  | 0   5   | ----- | 100 | 仙丹100確保
Sentan 200 Kakuho        | RE  | 0   5   | ----- | 200 | 仙丹200確保
* Sentan Reservation: reserves N SN so senjuu can't take SN if less is stored.
Shoukan Nouryoku LV1     | SU  | 20  10  | ----- | +3  | 召喚能力LV1
Shoukan Nouryoku LV2     | SU  | 40  20  | ----- | +3  | 召喚能力LV2
Shoukan Nouryoku LV3     | SU  | 60  30  | ----- | +3  | 召喚能力LV3
Shoukan Nouryoku LV4     | SU  | 100 50  | ----- | +3  | 召喚能力LV4
Shoukan Nouryoku LV5     | SU  | 160 80  | ----- | +3  | 召喚能力LV5
Shoukan Nouryoku LV6     | SU  | 260 130 | ----- | +2  | 召喚能力LV6
Shoukan Nouryoku LV7     | SU  | 420 210 | ----- | +2  | 召喚能力LV7
Shoukan Nouryoku LV8     | SU  | 680 340 | ----- | +2  | 召喚能力LV8
 * Summoning Ability: summons +N new senjuu (check the Senjuu List section).
Shoukan Level LV1        | SU  | 20  16  | ----- | 5   | 召喚レベルLV1
Shoukan Level LV2        | SU  | 40  32  | ----- | 10  | 召喚レベルLV2
Shoukan Level LV3        | SU  | 60  48  | ----- | 15  | 召喚レベルLV3
Shoukan Level LV4        | SU  | 120 80  | ----- | 20  | 召喚レベルLV4
Shoukan Level LV5        | SU  | 180 128 | ----- | 25  | 召喚レベルLV5
Shoukan Level LV6        | SU  | 300 208 | ----- | 30  | 召喚レベルLV6
Shoukan Level LV7        | SU  | 380 316 | ----- | 40  | 召喚レベルLV7
 * Summoning Level: allows to summon LV N Senjuu.
Tensou Nouryoku LV1      | TR  | 30  10  | ----- | x32 | 転送能力LV1
Tensou Nouryoku LV2      | TR  | 60  20  | ----- | x(?)| 転送能力LV2
Tensou Nouryoku LV3      | TR  | 120 30  | ----- | x(?)| 転送能力LV3
Tensou Nouryoku LV4      | TR  | 240 40  | ----- | x(?)| 転送能力LV4
 * Transfer Ability: widens the transfer area to NxN squares.
Sakuteki Nouryoku LV1    | DE  | 30  10  | ----- | x21 | 索敵能力LV1
Sakuteki Nouryoku LV2    | DE  | 60  20  | ----- | x31 | 索敵能力LV2
Sakuteki Nouryoku LV3    | DE  | 90  30  | ----- | x41 | 索敵能力LV3
Sakuteki Nouryoku LV4    | DE  | 120 40  | ----- | x51 | 索敵能力LV4
 * Detection Ability: widens the detection area to NxN squares.
Kussaku Nouryoku LV1     | EX  | 20  10  | ----- | -   | 掘削能力LV1
Kussaku Nouryoku LV2     | EX  | 40  20  | ----- | -   | 掘削能力LV2
Kussaku Nouryoku LV3     | EX  | 80  40  | ----- | -   | 掘削能力LV3
Kussaku Nouryoku LV4     | EX  | 160 80  | ----- | -   | 掘削能力LV4
 * Excavation Ability: digs better items and decreases excavation time.
Sekishi no Saku LV1      | AT  | 20  10  | ----- | -   | 赤糸の策LV1
Sekishi no Saku LV2      | AT  | 30  20  | ----- | -   | 赤糸の策LV2
Sekishi no Saku LV3      | AT  | 50  30  | ----- | -   | 赤糸の策LV3
Sekishi no Saku LV4      | AT  | 80  40  | ----- | -   | 赤糸の策LV4
 * Red Threads Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Sekishi.
Souko Youryou 2          | ST  | 10  5   | ----- | +2  | 倉庫容量2
Souko Youryou 4          | ST  | 20  10  | ----- | +4  | 倉庫容量4
Souko Youryou 6          | ST  | 30  20  | ----- | +6  | 倉庫容量6
Souko Youryou 8          | ST  | 40  30  | ----- | +8  | 倉庫容量8
 * Storage Capacity: increases storage slots to +N.
Ryuuketsuro Furikomi LV1 | ST  | 10  10  | ----- | 500 | 龍穴炉振込LV1
Ryuuketsuro Furikomi LV2 | ST  | 20  20  | ----- | (?) | 龍穴炉振込LV2
Ryuuketsuro Furikomi LV3 | ST  | 40  30  | ----- | (?) | 龍穴炉振込LV3
Ryuuketsuro Furikomi LV4 | ST  | 80  50  | ----- | (?) | 龍穴炉振込LV4
 * Dragon Furnace Channeling: increases transferable EN at once to 1000 + N.
Taikyuuryoku LV1         | ALL | 20  10  | ----- | x2  | 耐久力LV1
Taikyuuryoku LV2         | ALL | 40  20  | ----- | x3  | 耐久力LV2
Taikyuuryoku LV3         | ALL | 60  30  | ----- | x4  | 耐久力LV3
Taikyuuryoku LV4         | ALL | 80  50  | ----- | x5  | 耐久力LV4
Taikyuuryoku LV5         | ALL | 100 80  | ----- | x6  | 耐久力LV5
Taikyuuryoku LV6         | ALL | 120 130 | ----- | x7  | 耐久力LV6
Taikyuuryoku LV7         | ALL | 140 210 | ----- | x8  | 耐久力LV7
Taikyuuryoku LV8         | ALL | 160 340 | ----- | x9  | 耐久力LV8
 * Stamina: Increases the room's stamina (HP) by (base HP) xN.
Energy Seisanryoku LV1   | -PR | 0  10   | 12000 | x2  | エネルギー生産力LV1
Energy Seisanryoku LV2   | -PR | 0  20   | 12001 | x4  | エネルギー生産力LV2
Energy Seisanryoku LV3   | -PR | 0  60   | 13001 | x6  | エネルギー生産力LV3
Energy Seisanryoku LV4   | -PR | 0 100   | 14001 | x8  | エネルギー生産力LV4
 * Energy Productivity: increeases the room's EN production by (base EN) xN
Sentan Seisanryoku LV1   | -RE | 20  10  | 10200 | x2  | 仙丹生産力LV1
Sentan Seisanryoku LV2   | -RE | 40  30  | 10201 | x4  | 仙丹生産力LV2
Sentan Seisanryoku LV3   | -RE | 80  60  | 10301 | x6  | 仙丹生産力LV3
Sentan Seisanryoku LV4   | -RE | 160 100 | 10401 | x8  | 仙丹生産力LV4
 * Sentan Productivity: increases the room's SN production by (base SN) xN
Renjugan LV1             | ALL | 0   10  | + 2   | 90% | 練寿願LV1
Renjugan LV2             | ALL | 0   30  | + 3   | 80% | 練寿願LV2
Renjugan LV3             | ALL | 0   60  | + 5   | 70% | 練寿願LV3
Renjugan LV4             | ALL | 0   100 | + 8   | 60% | 練寿願LV4
Renjugan LV5             | ALL | 0   125 | + 13  | 50% | 練寿願LV5
 * Refined Longevity Request: decreases EN consumption to %.
Taikyuuryoku Kaifuku LV1 | ALL | 75  30  | 10031 | -   | 耐久力回復LV1
Taikyuuryoku Kaifuku LV2 | ALL | 150 50  | 10041 | -   | 耐久力回復LV2
Taikyuuryoku Kaifuku LV3 | ALL | 225 70  | 20041 | -   | 耐久力回復LV3
Taikyuuryoku Kaifuku LV4 | ALL | 300 90  | 20042 | -   | 耐久力回復LV4
 * Stamina Recovery: gradually recovers stamina.
Bakusaku Seisan LV1      | ALL | 25  40  | 12022 |3/0/0| 爆炸生産LV1
Bakusaku Seisan LV2      | ALL | 50  60  | 12022 |2/1/0| 爆炸生産LV2
Bakusaku Seisan LV3      | ALL | 100 80  | 12022 |1/1/1| 爆炸生産LV3
 * Bomb Explosive Manufacture: produces free LV1/2/3 Bakusaku traps per turn.
Bourai Seisan LV1        | ALL | 50  50  | 22022 |3/0/0| 暴雷生産LV1
Bourai Seisan LV2        | ALL | 125 100 | 22022 |2/1/0| 暴雷生産LV2
Bourai Seisan LV3        | ALL | 200 150 | 22022 |1/1/1| 暴雷生産LV3
 * Raging Thunder Manufacture: produces free LV1/2/3 Bourai traps per turn.
Enmashin Seisan LV1      | ALL | 200 100 | 33022 | 2/0 | 閻魔針生産LV1
Enmashin Seisan LV2      | ALL | 400 200 | 33022 | 1/1 | 閻魔針生産LV2
 * Devil Needle Manufacture: produces free LV1/2 Enmashin traps per turn.
Taikyoku Houku           | SU  | 0   10  | 22041 | +4  | 太極宝宮
* Ultimate Treasure Palace: summons +N new senjuu (ultimate LV).
Zentensou                | TR  | 400 300 | 21130 | -   | 全転送
* All Transfer: all Transfer Rooms can teleport to any room (ultimate LV).
Zensakuteki              | DE  | 100 80  | 21211 | -   | 全索敵
* All Detection: all is detected in the whole cave (ultimate LV).
Shijin Raimei            | EX  | 0   10  | 00314 | -   | 四神雷鳴
* Four Gods Thunder: excavated Item quality increased (ultimate LV).
Buki Kussaku Nouryoku    | EX  | 160 50  | 20101 | -   | 武器掘削能力
* Weapon Excavation Ability: increases chance to excavate weapons.
Bougu Kussaku Nouryoku   | EX  | 160 50  | 11002 | -   | 防具掘削能力
* Armor Excavation Ability: increases chance to excavate armors.
Dougu Kussaku Nouryoku   | EX  | 160 50  | 01120 | -   | 道具掘削能力
* Tool Excavation Ability: increases chance to excavate items.
Ijigen Souko             | ST  | 100 80  | 02230 | -   | 異次元倉庫
* Another Dimension Storage: opens a shared storage between scenarios.
Soudan no Saku LV1       | AT  | 40  20  | 30010 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV1
Soudan no Saku LV2       | AT  | 60  30  | 30010 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV2
Soudan no Saku LV3       | AT  | 100 40  | 30010 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV3
Soudan no Saku LV4       | AT  | 160 50  | 30010 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV4
 * Blue Bullet Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Soudan.
Chouki no Saku LV1       | AT  | 50  30  | 50100 | -   | 跳氣の策LV1
Chouki no Saku LV2       | AT  | 75  40  | 50100 | -   | 跳氣の策LV2
Chouki no Saku LV3       | AT  | 125 50  | 50100 | -   | 跳氣の策LV3
Chouki no Saku LV4       | AT  | 200 60  | 50100 | -   | 跳氣の策LV4
 * Leaping Energy Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Chouki.
Senrai no Saku LV1       | AT  | 60  50  | 50110 | -   | 仙雷の策LV1
Senrai no Saku LV2       | AT  | 90  60  | 50110 | -   | 仙雷の策LV2
Senrai no Saku LV3       | AT  | 150 70  | 50110 | -   | 仙雷の策LV3
Senrai no Saku LV4       | AT  | 240 80  | 50110 | -   | 仙雷の策LV4
 * Hermit Thunder Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Senrai.
Manekiyose LV1           | AT  | 50  20  | 22002 | -   | 誘き寄せLV1
Manekiyose LV2           | AT  | 100 40  | 22002 | -   | 誘き寄せLV2
Manekiyose LV3           | AT  | 150 60  | 22002 | -   | 誘き寄せLV3
Manekiyose LV4           | AT  | 200 100 | 22002 | -   | 誘き寄せLV4
 * Invitation: lures enemies to the room.
Sekishi no Saku LV1      | -AT | 40  20  | 30011 | -   | 赤糸の策LV1
Sekishi no Saku LV2      | -AT | 60  40  | 30011 | -   | 赤糸の策LV2
 * Red Threads Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Sekishi.
Soudan no Saku LV1       | -AT | 80  40  | 40022 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV1
Soudan no Saku LV2       | -AT | 120 60  | 40022 | -   | 蒼弾の策LV2
 * Blue Bullet Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Soudan.
Chouki no Saku LV1       | -AT | 100 60  | 40023 | -   | 跳氣の策LV1
Chouki no Saku LV2       | -AT | 150 80  | 40023 | -   | 跳氣の策LV2
 * Leaping Energy Plan: attacks enemies entering the room with Chouki.
Gyakuou Houka LV1        | ALL | 100 100 | 51120 | x3  | 玉皇宝華LV1
Gyakuou Houka LV2        | ALL | 150 150 | 51120 | x5  | 玉皇宝華LV2
Gyakuou Houka LV3        | ALL | 200 200 | 51120 | x7  | 玉皇宝華LV3
Gyakuou Houka LV4        | ALL | 250 250 | 51120 | x9  | 玉皇宝華LV4
 * Emperor Treasured Flower: ALL rooms increase EN prod. by (base EN) xN.
Ryuusei Gouro LV1        | ALL | 100 100 | 01125 | x3  | 龍盛豪炉LV1
Ryuusei Gouro LV2        | ALL | 150 150 | 01125 | x5  | 龍盛豪炉LV2
Ryuusei Gouro LV3        | ALL | 200 200 | 01125 | x7  | 龍盛豪炉LV3
Ryuusei Gouro LV4        | ALL | 250 250 | 01125 | x9  | 龍盛豪炉LV4
 * Dragon Prosperous Furnace: ALL rooms increase SN prod. by (base SN) xN.
Fuujin Yuuson LV1        | ALL | 100 100 | 22222 | -   | 風神勇尊LV1
Fuujin Yuuson LV2        | ALL | 200 200 | 22222 | -   | 風神勇尊LV2
Fuujin Yuuson LV3        | ALL | 300 300 | 22222 | -   | 風神勇尊LV3
Fuujin Yuuson LV4        | ALL | 400 400 | 22222 | -   | 風神勇尊LV4
 * Wind God Brave Lord: ALL rooms recover stamina gradually.

Upgrades aren't listed in the exact order they appear in the game, beware!

A couple of notes: attack upgrades (Sekishi, etc) are mutually exclusive, so
if you get one the others' LVs are reset. Same with the Excavation Room's
Weapon/Armor/Tool, you can get only one at once as they do pretty much the
same thing. Also (if you are inside the room), Senrai will only activate if
you don't have party members.

For upgrades that have effect over all rooms, the effects actually stack so
you can have huge production bonuses if you make a few rooms with the all-room
abilities plus the individual rooms' own production boosts.

Below are the traps you can buy in the Attacking Room. They don't belong
anywhere really, so here they are:

- HV: number of that trap you have (listed in the menu itself).
- RANGE: attack range in squares.
- ATP: attack power.
- HIT: probability to hit.
- SN: Sentan needed to buy the trap.

TRAP NAME             | HV | RANGE     | ATP | HIT  | SN  | JAPANESE NAME
Bakusaku no Kei LV1   | x  | Small 1x1 | 5   | 98%  | 2   | 爆炸の計LV1
Bakusaku no Kei LV2   | x  | Small 1x1 | 10  | 98%  | 4   | 爆炸の計LV2
Bakusaku no Kei LV3   | x  | Small 1x1 | 15  | 98%  | 6   | 爆炸の計LV3
Bouraikou no Kei LV1  | x  | Mid   3x3 | 10  | 90%  | 10  | 暴雷光の計LV1
Bouraikou no Kei LV2  | x  | Mid   3x3 | 20  | 90%  | 13  | 暴雷光の計LV2
Bouraikou no Kei LV3  | x  | Mid   3x3 | 30  | 90%  | 16  | 暴雷光の計LV3
Enmashin no Kei LV1   | x  | Big   5x5 | 60  | 80%  | 20  | 閻魔針の計LV1
Enmashin no Kei LV2   | x  | Big   5x5 | 90  | 80%  | 25  | 閻魔針の計LV2

For detailed menu explanations and how to buy traps and upgrades, check the
Recount Time section.

  PROTECTING THE CAVE                                                  [PT000] 

 Battles                                                                [PT001]

Chaos Seed's battles are a bit deeper than it looks at a glance, with little
touches and effects going on and various attacks.

First the general quirks of the system (those effects all apply to you,
animals and enemies):

Invincibility frames
- Some attacks have "frames" (parts of the animation) of invincibility, where
  hits will miss. They are important to attack safely and to avoid powerful
  attacks. Spells have invincibility for the whole casting animation.

Counter hits
- A character hit while he is attacking will take a "counter hit". The damage
  increases and often "knockbacks".

- Certain attacks will knock the character away (with a little explosion),
  further than usual. Useful for crowd control.

Bomb attacks
- Some enemies and senjuu may release small pink bombs while moving or after
  being hit. It does minimal damage but can cancel your actions.

Extended invincibility
- If a character is hit quickly several times with little time to recover he
  might become invincible, flickering for a while. Useful when you are trapped
  in a corner, though the enemy can do the same.

Now the attacks you can use, useful in different situations.

Dash (A)
- Not an attack but important nonetheless. Press A for a short "dash" towards
  the direction you are facing. Hold A for a longer dash. You can mash A to
  do short dashes in a row (can change the direction).

Small Attack (B)
- A weak normal attack. Poor damage and range, fast with good recovery.

Scroll Attack (Tap B)
- A "sweeping" scroll attack. Fast and OK damage but low range, useful against
  cornered opponents.

Medium Attack (Y+B)
- Has the most invincibility frames of all attacks. Great in both defense
  (to avoid attacks) and offense. The damage is small though.

Strong Attack (Dash, Y+B)
- Big energy ball attack. Slow to come out but very powerful. Decent recovery
  time too. Just before launching the ball there is a moment of invincibility;
  tricky to pull out but quite useful.

Smash (Dash, B)
- An energy "smash". Always knockbacks. On counter hits does good damage, but
  otherwise use it to push back the enemy. You can also cancel out the first
  frames with another dash, which isn't very useful.

Kick (A, B)
- A flying kick attack. Homes the enemy, kicking the closest one. Does so-so
  damage but it's fast and easy to hit with, and knockbacks.

Super Kick (A~B)
- A stationary, more powerful version of the kick with stronger knockback.

Body/Dash Attack (dir. / A + dir. )
- Sometimes just moving or dashing towards an enemy hits him. This causes
  minimal damage but cancels actions. I think only walking enemies are hit
  by this, seems randomly triggered.

Senjutsu (menu / Y+L / Y+R)
- Several magic spells both the Hero and enemies can use. All of them have
  invincibility when casting and have different properties, very important
  for offense and defense. These are detailed later.

 Enemy Invasions                                                        [PT002]

Almost every turn you'll have to defend your cave from invaders. They'll
create several "teleportals" and enemy groups will enter and start moving
attacking rooms, senjuu or you. So one of your main priorities every turn is
to destroy all portals ASAP and any roaming enemies before major damage is
done. You can do this yourself or use traps and senjuu to do the dirty job.

In the story, to open those portals (which look like blue magic circles) the
enemy uses some sort of monoliths with teleporting powers. Teleportals isn't
really the official term but to keep it simple I'll just use that.

- Blue gates randomly placed at the start of every turn, which create enemies
  at random intervals. The bigger your cave is the more teleportals are made.
  They'll start appearing after making a few rooms.
- Their location is roughly displayed in the map as a 17x17 square range (with
  blue markers in the corners) the teleportal may be anywhere inside. If the
  teleportal is within the range of a Detection Room, its position is shown
  instead as a blue circle.
- Teleportals always take roughly the same damage to kill regardless your LV,
  and do not have HP meter nor attack/move. Senjuu won't attack them, though
  some have the ability to close them.
- When they first appear, they usually are shown for a moment then become
  invisible for a while. You can still attack them anyway, and also damaging
  them can make them disappear.
- Destroying every teleportal in a turn gets you a small bonus upon breaking
  the last one, either random resources (EN, SN or meat buns to recover HP)
  or a chest with a low level item.
- Once a turn ends all teleportals close, but enemies keep their positions.

- Enemies enter from teleportals and move in groups. There is a group limit,
  I think it's 4-6 at the same time.
- Groups' location is displayed on the map. Their base LV is close to the
  Hero's LV, and their types vary as turns passes and you level up.
- They move around the Cave and will attack you if you encounter them. You
  can escape by exiting the room/corridor. If more than one group is in a
  room you'll fight one, then another, etc.
- Enemies can attack rooms or steal EN/SN resources (killing them gives some
  back). They can't break or steal rooms while fighting you though, only while
  wandering around. The higher their LV the more vicious their attacks are.
  Some enemy types seem to focus on steal or attacking rooms.
- Enemies sometimes drop a treasure chest with a random item. If you exit the
  room/corridor it disappears, beware (to open it stand still and press A,
  if you are moving you will dash instead).

Special Events
- After you transfer EN in the Dragon Furnace, sometimes enemies will ambush
  you. This happens randomly, and you'll have to kill them to proceed.
- Every now and then, a "turn event" might occur. At the start of a new turn
  a warning that "something" will happen pops up. Next turn another window
  explains what the effect is. This can be:
 * No enemies: teleportals still appear (so you can destroy them to get the
   bonus) but enemies won't enter from them.
 * Big invasion: high numbers of enemies and teleportals appear.
 * Cave Destroying Squad: the game first warns you the Destroying Squad is
   getting ready. Next turn more enemies (particularly ninjas) are sent and
   they'll attempt to crush as many rooms as they can.
 * Energy Stealing Squad: Like before, except they'll snatch EN from rooms.
 * Sentan Stealing Squad: Same with SN instead.
 * Special Invasions: if your cave is big enough this may happen. Only a
   certain type of enemy will appear, sometimes special ones (or so I hear).
- During these special events, the music will change.

 Scenario Characters                                                    [PT003]

In most chapters several "Scenario Character" events can happen: a character
enters your Cave and moves to the Dragon Furnace to (usually) fight you. The
game shows how they move through the cave in what I call "raid" sequence, the
point being you can place traps and senjuu to weaken or even kill them before
they reach you.

These events are triggered channeling fixed amounts of EN. Then, it will start
only AFTER re-entering the Dragon Furnace. Of course, different scenarios
have different events. During the raid the character start from (usually) the
farthest room away from the Dragon Furnace, and the route they follow is
always the same (you can save, check their path and plan beforehand).

Once the "raid" starts select between "slow" or "fast" ("fast" just makes the
raid double speed). During the raid the characters can be damaged, and if
they die (some Scenario Characters can't be killed, though) you don't get
anything and their event is skipped. All senjuu they damage or kill are healed
after the event is over, so don't be afraid to mine their way.

Once they enter the Dragon Furnace, the actual event starts. They'll fight,
ask questions, and even join your party (if all slots are taken in the Hero's
party, the game asks you to make room for them), though you can't change their
position or equipment, and they fight on their own. If they get killed they
revive with 1 HP after exiting a room/corridor.

Sometimes these events won't start if your cave is too small (like less than
three rooms) though it's uncommon. More about these events in the walkthrough.

 Senjuu                                                                 [PT004]

Senjuu ("hermit beasts" or "hermit animals") are little animal familiars that
do many useful tasks. Modelled after the Chinese zodiac, you "summon" them
from their "Senjuu World" using SN, to give them a corporeal body.

Senjuu are created in Summoning Rooms by expending some of the Hero's SN, and
are added to a free group. Every senjuu needs a unique name (in the name entry
screen use SELECT to recall old names you have used, or predefined names).
Senjuu have a LV too, gain EXP and can be equipped. Some stats are unique to
them: EN/SN stat (amount of EN/SN they can carry) and RR (room restoration,
ability to revive and heal a room's HP). Others (HP, ATP, DFP, etc) are like
the Hero's. SPD changes group's speed (sum of all members' SPD / number of

Senjuu with 0 HP are "dead" and can only be revived for some SN in a Summoning
Room (they come back with full HP/MP). You can only summon one senjuu in a
turn in a single room (if you have two Summoning Rooms you can do it once in
each), but you can always revive them as many times as needed.

You can organize them in groups of four slots, and each Summoning Room allows
one more group (up to four, not counting the main party). Some senjuu take two
slots though. Then, in the Recount Time you must set patrol routes for each
group. If you put senjuu in the Hero's party they'll fight along.

Several senjuu have a "leader bonus" if they are set as a group's leader. It
grants the group a stat % boost for all members (if the leader has 110% ATP
they'll have their attack increased by 10%). The leader can be changed during
the Recount Time. 

Some senjuu have abilities that kick in while patrolling, like repairing
broken rooms (usually bird and monkey classes) or closing teleportals (mainly
tiger and bull classes). When a group encounters enemies they'll start to
fight. Senjuu use regular attacks and special techniques they randomly use.
Groups and patrols are described in more detail in the "resources" section.

 Senjuu List                                                            [PT005]

Here is the full list and extra info. To create better senjuu you need to
upgrade the exact Summoning Room where you summon them. The main ones are:

* Shoukan Nouryoku LV1-8 (召喚能力LV1-8)
 The higher the more types offered. All Summoning Rooms start at LV1.

* Taikyoku Houkyoku (太極宝宮)
 Special Feng Shui upgrade to make the last types. You need to get all the
 lower LV  upgrades and then get this (check the Feng Shui section):
  - Element count: Fire 2, Earth 2, Metal 0, Water 4, Wood 1 

* Shoukan Level LV1-7 (召喚レベルLV1-7)
 Lets you directly summon higher LV Senjuu. Of course, higher LVs costs more:
  - Shoukan Level LV1-7 summons LV 5/10/15/20/25/30/40 senjuu.
  - SN cost for LV1-7 is: (Base SN cost) x5/x9/x13/x17/x21/x25/x30
 So if a rat senjuu costs 3SN at LV1, at LV 10 it costs 3*10=30SN to summon.
 Even without this upgrade you can always summon LV1 senjuu though.

The types and their main characteristics are:
 - Rat: carries EN, weak
 - Dragon: carries SN, weak
 - Rooster: revives rooms, high speed
 - Horse: long distance attacks, good leaders
 - Sheep: uses healing magic, weak and slow
 - Monkey: carries EN and SN
 - Tiger: high attack and speed, low HP
 - Snake: high attack and speed, good leaders
 - Bull: very high attack and HP, slow
 - Dog: high attack and defense
 - Rabbit: uses offensive magic, weak
 - Boar: powerful all around, uses magic, slow

U.LV = Minimum upgrade LV (EX = Feng Shui upgrade).
B.SN = Base Sentan needed to summon the senjuu.
BREAK = If the senjuu can or cannot break teleportals if set as leader.

NAME             |  CLASS    |  U.LV   |  B.SN  |  BREAK |  JAPANESE NAME
Kusshisen        |  Rat      |  LV1    |  3SN   |  NO    |  窟子仙
  Leader bonus: None
Youryuusen       |  Dragon   |  LV1    |  6SN   |  NO    |  幼龍仙
  Leader bonus: None
Kayokusen        |  Rooster  |  LV1    |  4SN   |  NO    |  華翼仙
  Leader bonus: SPD 110%
Bamyousen        |  Horse    |  LV2    |  7SN   |  NO    |  馬明仙
  Leader bonus: EN 120%  SPD 105%  INT 120%
Yousen           |  Sheep    |  LV2    | 12SN   |  NO    |  羊仙
  Leader bonus: None
En'ousen         |  Monkey   |  LV2    |  5SN   |  NO    |  猿王仙
  Leader bonus: None
Jinkosen         |  Tiger    |  LV3    |  7SN   |  NO    |  人虎仙
  Leader bonus: None
Jashinsen        |  Snake    |  LV3    |  9SN   |  NO    |  蛇神仙
  Leader bonus: MP 110%  ATP 110%  SPD 110%
Chouyokusen      |  Rooster  |  LV3    |  6SN   |  NO    |  鳥翼仙
  Leader bonus:  SPD 115%
Gyuukisen        |  Bull     |  LV4    |  6SN   |  YES   |  牛鬼仙
  Leader bonus: None
Shamonryuu       |  Dragon   |  LV4    |  8SN   |  NO    |  沙門龍
  Leader bonus: None
Kenrousen        |  Dog      |  LV4    |  8SN   |  YES   |  犬狼仙
  Leader bonus: None
Akatora          |  Tiger    |  LV5    |  6SN   |  YES   |  赤虎
  Leader bonus: EN 80%  SN 80%  RR 80%  ATP 110%  DPF 160%  INT 80%
Kakutoyousen     |  Rabbit   |  LV5    | 14SN   |  NO    |  角兎妖仙
  Leader bonus: SPD 110%  INT 150%
Shiyousen        |  Sheep    |  LV5    | 17SN   |  NO    |  紫羊仙
  Leader bonus: None
Kanyansen        |  Horse    |  LV6    |  8SN   |  NO    |  華娘仙
  Leader bonus: SN 140%  ATP 120%  DFP 80%  SPD 110%  INT 130%
Suuzanhoushi     |  Boar     |  LV6    | 17SN   |  NO    |  嵩山方士
  Leader bonus: None
Kagetora         |  Tiger    |  LV7    |  3SN   |  YES   |  影虎
  Leader bonus: EN 50%  SN 50%  RR 50%  ATP 130%  DFP 120%  SPD 115%  INT 80% 
Youjasen         |  Snake    |  LV7    | 10SN   |  NO    |  妖蛇仙
  Leader bonus: EN 50%  SN 50%  RR 50%  ATP 130%  DFP 120%  SPD 110%
Seifuujusen      |  Sheep    |  LV8    | 18SN   |  NO    |  清風呪仙
  Leader bonus: None
Shiyokunyannyan  |  Rooster  |  LV8    |  8SN   |  NO    |  紫翼娘娘
  Leader bonus: ATP 105%  SPD 125%
Sougyousen       |  Bull     |  EX     |  3SN   |  YES   |  蒼牛仙 
  Leader bonus: None
Jaja             |  Dragon   |  EX     | 10SN   |  YES   |  邪邪
  Leader bonus: None
Sankouja         |  Snake    |  EX     | 11SN   |  YES   |  三攻蛇
  Leader bonus: HP 120%  EN 80%  SN 80%  RR 80%  ATP 130%  DFP 160%  SPD 110%
Taizanhoushi     |  Boar     |  EX     | 20SN   |  YES   |  泰山方士
  Leader bonus: None

Horse, tiger and bull types take two slots in a group, all others only one.
Btw, the rooster and horse official illustrations depict them as "female"...

 Colorless Worlds                                                       [PT006]

Colorless Worlds are special mini-dungeons you can enter upon fulfilling some
conditions. They have powerful enemies, and the goal is to find items. There
are several types, which you can re-enter anytime by redoing the conditions.

The basic trigger is to make a number of consecutive rooms of certain element
(first a Fire room, then Water, then...). The rooms don't have to be adjacent
or anything. In the last room you make a Room God asks if you want to stay
(first option) or enter the Colorless World (second). Another trigger is "have
N rooms" (rooms given at the start of an Scenario count, as do stairs).

The dungeons are composed of several linked rooms. Usually when you enter a
new room waves (or one, or none even) of enemies are randomly summoned. Beat
them to open the exit(s) and proceed to another room, the map being fixed.

Once you find and open a treasure chest, you get the item and teleport back
to the Cave, and everything resumes normally. If you die you are kicked out
with no penalty. You can also escape with the stairs in the starting room,
selecting the first option.

As a bonus, in certain rooms party members can join (provided you have a free
slot). Normally strong senjuu join instead, but in Scenario 10 (Dungeon Mode)
you'll find regular characters. The animals you find are initially petrified.
"Talk" and select the first option. You'll fight some enemies and after that
you'll be asked if you want them to join (first option) or just leave. If you
open the treasure instead you'll just exit the place.

Keep in mind enemies here usually have higher LV than you so it's easy to
level up. But this can mess up the difficulty a bit: your animal helpers left
in the cave keep their LVs, but enemy invaders average to your LV, so your
pets may have trouble to stay alive. The items here aren't that great or
unique anyway so this place may be risky to explore, though the free senjuu
aren't bad.

The following are all the Colorless Worlds and their properties:

* Condition: Make ten rooms of any element.
- Allies: None.
- Common foes: Regular enemies.

* Condition: Make Fire > Water > Fire rooms.
- Allies: Seifuujusen (sheep senjuu).
- Common foes: Ninjas.

* Condition: Make Earth > Water > Wood > Wood rooms.
- Allies: Izanagi (Dungeon Mode only).
- Common foes: senjuu.

* Condition: Make Water > Wood > Metal > Metal rooms.
- Allies: Shiyokunyannyan (rooster senjuu).
- Common foes: (?)

* Condition: Make Earth > Earth > Water > Earth > Earth rooms.
- Allies: Taizanhoushi (boar senjuu) / Shasta Holth (Dungeon Mode only).
- Common foes: (?)

* Condition: Make Water > Wood > Fire > Earth > Metal rooms.
- Allies: None.
- Common foes: (?)

* Condition: Make Water > Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth rooms.
- Allies: Sankouja (snake senjuu) / Soujin Shirou (Dungeon Mode only).
- Common foes: (?)

* Condition: Make 40 rooms of any element in Scenario 10 (Dungeon Mode).
- Allies: None.
- Common foes: All.

S       - starting room.
O       - big square room.
0       - small corridor (one exit already opened).
o       - small square room.
| -     - exits to other rooms.
A/B/C   - big square room containing a treasure chest.
*       - room where an ally can join (the room next to the *).

(WARNING: I haven't tested them all, some maps are a bit off) (?)

Souryuu Juukutsudou   Kurogamikutsu   Meidou Gyakushinkutsu   Yuki Sasakutsu

        S A                S                  S
        | |                |                  |                   A S B   
        O o                O-A              O-O                  *x-o-x   
        | |                |                |                       |     
        0 o                o                O-A*                    x     
        | |                |                |                       C     
        | 0                B                B                             
        | |                *                                              

    Nitendou           Kasenkutsu       Genbu Shinsenkutsu      Eiendou

      A S                  S                   xA                 O       
     *x-o o                o                   |                  |       
        | |                | A              So-o-o               ...      
        x-o              o-o-x                   | B              O (x37) 
        B |              |                       o-x*            ...      
          xC             x                       |                |       
          !              B                       x                A       
          o                                      C                        

 Senjutsu                                                               [PT007]

Senjutsu ("Hermit Arts") are basically magic spells the Hero, enemies, senjuu
and characters may use. You get more as you LV up, and they take some MP to

Usually you can only have one spell on screen, though low level spells and
one high level can be mixed to some extent. If you try to use another you'll
start a chanting animation which makes you invincible until it lasts.

Senjutsu marked with a # can have their direction controlled if you hold a
direction while casting, otherwise they go where you are facing. Those not
marked are "area effect" types.

Hazan                 #   3 MP  LV1   破斬 (はざん)
* An energy wave travels forward damaging the enemy.
- This is actually surprisingly useful for an starter spell. It catches rows
  of enemies and hits them multiple times for good damage.

Kaifukukou                8 MP  LV1   回復功 (かいふくこう)
* Recovers a small amount of HP.
- Very useful obviously, doesn't heal much though.

Raiden                #   5 MP  LV2   雷電 (らいでん)
* A ball of lighting travels forward, then explodes into five smaller balls.
- Mostly useless, save MP for better spells.

Kuuzan                #   6 MP  LV3   空斬 (くうざん)
* An energy disc travels forward a short distance, then comes back.
- The damage is low and rarely hits enemies multiple times.

Tsuihisatsu               9 MP  LV4   追飛殺 (ついひさつ)
* Creates three small projectiles that home the enemy.
- It can home the enemy but the damage and MP used is not worth it.

Retsuenbu                 8 MP  LV5   裂炎舞 (れつえんぶ)
* Creates six small fires that travel in all directions.
- Decent if you are outnumbered or surrounded by the enemy.

Youkihou                  4 MP  LV6   陽氣砲 (ようきほう)
* Throws an energy ball in a curve arch, explodes on contact with the ground.
- It's hard to hit the enemy with this but the damage is OK. Not bad.

Tsuishichisei             7 MP  LV7   追七星 (ついしちせい)
* Creates seven small projectiles that home the enemy.
- Knockbacks the enemy, fairly useful when you are cornered/outnumbered.

Daikaifukujin            32 MP  LV8   大回復陣 (だいかいふくじん)
* Recovers a big amount of HP.
- Good but costly MP-wise, use it in emergencies only. I'm not sure if just
  using several Kaifukukou is better though.

Namunamu                 14 MP  LV9   なむなむ
* Creates a circle with eight figures, after a while they'll home the enemy.
- Not very useful, might work defensively.

Shinkuu Souhazan      #  12 MP  LV10  真空双破斬 (しんくうそうはざん)
* Throws two twin energy discs that travel forward.
- Powerful and covers a good range, could be worth using if it wasn't for...

Yougeki Tsuikidan        10 MP  LV11  妖撃追氣弾 (ようげきついきだん)
* Creates five blue energy balls that are sent flying, then home the enemy.
- Extremely powerful, abuse this like mad. The initial explosion does not hit
  but the energy balls are VERY damaging. They also come back (they have basic
  homing abilities) causing massive damage again. Low MP cost too. Probably
  the most useful (if not broken) magic in the game.

Yougeki Bakuraijin       18 MP  LV13  妖撃爆雷陣 (ようげきばくらいじん)
* Creates an electrical field that damages the enemy.
- Area damage with decent range for a few seconds. Pretty solid.

Yougeki Bakuenbu         25 MP  LV15  妖撃爆炎舞 (ようげきばくえんぶ)
* Creates several explosions, hitting the enemy multiple times.
- Very damaging, but due to the short range the explosions won't always hit.

Shoukan Jingakidama      40 MP  LV20  召喚陣餓鬼魂 (しょうかんじんがきだま)
* Summons six pillars which create a big shockwave.
- Powerful but the shockwave hits only once, meaning that any enemy in an
  invincibility state won't be hit, wasting 40 MP. Better avoided.

Tentei Jinhakkyokuro     50 MP  LV25  天帝陣八極炉 (てんていじんはっきょくろ)
* Summons six statues that explode creating a flaming wave.
- The ultimate spell, does massive damage to anything on screen, lasting a
  few seconds. Very expensive MP-wise though.

 Enemies                                                                [PT008]

Here is a list of the enemies you'll fight. All have a LV, which is close to
the Hero's. However equipment isn't taken into account for their stats, so
powerful weapons will help you greatly.

Also, most enemies have 2-4 colored variations. These have different base
stats, usually oriented to strength/speed/magic, but I don't think those
matter so much to list them.

These guys only appear in unassigned rooms and dungeons.

Rock (ロック)
- A moving rock. Just moves around waiting to be killed (I mean, it's a ROCK).

Hiseki (ヒセキ)
- A big moving rock.

Ball (ボール)
- A moving ball that uses electricity.

Byoi (ビョイ)
- A giant bug. Moves around jumping.

Kyon (キョン)
- A "Kyonshi/Jiang Shi" or hopping Chinese vampire-zombie. Attacks in groups.

Torutoru (トルトル)
- A flying octopus-like creature.

Nokonoko (ノコノコ)
- A small tree or mushroom-like enemy that rarely moves and throws bombs.

Kyuuki (キュウキ)
- Pretty much another Nokonoko.

Wakaba (ワカバ)
- A plant that throws small bombs nonstop.

Regular baddies that attack your caves. At first only soldiers come out but
as you level up and turns pass new enemies attack.

Heishi A (ヘイシA) ("Soldier")
- A soldier of the Douten Army. Spear user, very common.

Heishi B (ヘイシB)
- A small soldier. Wields dual swords, using fast attacks.

Heishi C (ヘイシC)
- A fat soldier. Uses a powerful axe. They seem to damage rooms faster than
  other foes.

Doushi (ドウシ)
- A senjutsu sorcerer. Casts basic spells, and may heal their allies.

Souryo (ソウリョ)
- A monk. Also uses spells, can heal too.

Knight (ナイト)
- A western knight. Uses powerful swords attacks.

Cleric (クレリック)
- A western cleric. Works like a Monk or a Doushi --they heal.

Healer (ヒーラー)
- If you can't guess they heal their pals.

Mage (マジシャン)
- A western magic user. Uses various spells.

Senshi (センシ)
- A female warrior. Not too different from the others.

Thief (シーフ)
- A thief. Steals resources from rooms easily and moves fast.

Shinobi (シノビ)
- A typical ninja. Can be actually hard to see (!) and tough to beat, beware.
  They do big damage to rooms.

Samurai (サムライ)
- A samurai. Good fighters.

Environmental dangers, commonly in form of rotating energy whips. They don't
have names or HP but attacking them a few times will destroy them. Often
paired with other foes. Remember some attacks (Y+B) give you a small window
of invincibility you can use to avoid these traps.

 Items                                                                  [PT009]

Items in this game come from two sources: extracted in Excavation Rooms and
found on chests (inside dungeons or dropped by enemies). There are four basic
types: weapons, armor, charms/accessories and usable items/tools. Most of the
equipment is race-dependant, while regular items have various effects like
adding some EN or one-use spells for battles.

With the item menu you can use, check the basic description or throw the item
away. Also, press X in the stats/equipping menu to check a more detailed
description (item's icon, description, stats and senjuu who can use it). You
can equip a weapon plus one armor or charm (not both). Only the Hero and
senjuu are allowed to change equipment.

Usable items have a bunch of different effects, roughly: restoring HP or MP,
increasing RP/CP, giving you EN/SN, adding more time to the turn countdown,
adding more elemental points to a room, adding EN/SN/HP to a room, and
one-time spells (usually low level). They always disappear after being used.
Some key items that go to the item menu too and can't be used or thrown

Remember that all items are lost forever after the scenario is over. However,
you can open a "dimensional storage" with a Feng Shui upgrade. Items you put
there will be stored for use in other chapters, so it may be a good idea to
put unused but powerful items there before the chapter ends.

  SCENARIO ENDING GUIDE                                                [SE000]

Each Scenario can be completed multiple times, and you need certain endings
to unlock more chapters, so here is how to get all the endings. In some
scenarios there are variations that lead to a certain ending or special
game over screens, but these won't be listed here (check the walkthrough).
To get most endings, complete the conditions listed THEN beat the scenario.

For each new ending you get a little statue is placed near the chapter's name,
and a big Buddha statue if you get all the endings in that chapter. Also,
every ending adds some % to the global completion % listed in the save slot,
up to 100%.

I'm not exactly sure how the first few scenarios are locked/unlocked, so you
may need to get other endings than those listed.

The ending numbering is my own (they aren't identified in-game).

+ Unlocked: Available from the start
- Ending A: Finish the scenario 
 * Directly linked to Scenario 1, you need to finish that as well for this
   ending to count.

Scenario 1
+ Unlocked: Available from the start.
- Ending A: Lose against the scenario boss.
 * The boss has infinite HP unless you meet the conditions for Ending B.
 * Unlocks Scenario 2 and 3.
- Ending B: Beat the scenario boss.
 * Condition: get Scenario 1 Ending A first.
 * Unlocks Scenario 2, 3 and 4 again if they were re-locked in scenario 4.(?)

Scenario 2
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 1 Ending A.
- Ending A: DO NOt give/lose the Egg you find in the Dragon Furnace.
- Ending B: Give/lose the Egg to Raikan or Reiran. Later in the town, go to
  the temple and beat the High Priest inside.
- Ending C: Give/lose the Egg to Raikan or Reiran. Later in the town, go to
  the temple, DO NOT KILL any enemies and meet the High Priest. Then answer
  2nd, 2nd option.
- Ending D: Destroy the Egg (attacking it a few times).

Scenario 3
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 1 Ending A.
- Ending A: Beat the scenario boss.
 * You can collect four special mirrors found in two dungeons that unlock
   after channeling some EN, and place them in the Dragon Furnace. This simply
   reduces some of the boss's HP.
- Ending B: During the beginning, when you walk around the town, fulfill these
  conditions in order:
 * Check the shogi (Japanese chess) board inside Shogi Master home (the house
   in the town's first screen), in a room in the second floor.
 * Talk to a certain monk (bald man) in the temple.
 * Talk to the Shogi Master in the second floor of the bar.
 * Talk to the Shogi Master in the second floor of his home.
 * Talk to a certain Doushi (hooded monk) in the temple, 1st option.
 * Talk once again to the Shogi master.
 * Then finish the scenario.

Scenario 4 - "The Sealed Gates"
+ Unlocked: Beat Scenario 2 or 3 (any ending works).
 * There are four main "flags" or triggers that affect the ending you get.
   Later events change depending on which ones you have active. They are:
   1.- Fight Izanagi (green-haired man) the first time you meet and win.
   2.- Get Shasta (girl in pink) to join your party.
   3.- Have Shasta and free the Heroine (petrified girl) from the curse.
   4.- Beat Kevress (white swordsman) to make Shasta leave if she joined.
   Basically the ending is determined by characters that you have by the end.
 * To fight Izanagi, select 2nd answer. The first time you play this Scenario
   you can't fight him (no choice given). Beating him makes the required EN
   20000 (30000 otherwise), Shasta won't join (?), and Kevress won't appear.
 * Certain choices make Shasta not join. If she didn't Izanagi may later. (?)
 * To free the Heroine from the stone curse, get Shasta to join, then find
   and activate/attack various switches (stones) in the walls found in the
   dungeon than open as you channel EN, and visit the statue again.
 * Beating Kevress will make Shasta leave, if you lose nothing happens.
- Ending A: Activate flags 2, 3 and 4 (Heroine ending).
 * After getting this ending, Scenario 2, 3, and 4 are locked.
- Ending B: Activate flags 2, and 3 (Shasta and Heroine ending).
- Ending C: Activate flag 2 or 1 & 2 (?) (Shasta ending)
- Ending D: Activate flags 2 & 4 or no flags (alone ending)
- Ending E: Activate flag 1 only (alone/Izanagi ending).

Scenario 5
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 4 Ending A.
 * To feed the dragon, go to the Dragon Furnace and select second option. Then
   select Energy (first option), Sentan (second) or nothing (third one).
 * To feed the dragon PROPERLY, feed him _only once_ every turn, alternating
   between EN > SN > EN > SN..., You can mess up only five times.
 * The Chaos Seed is located in the right parts of the dungeon leading to the
   scenario boss, inside a chest. The game asks if you want to feed it to the
   dragon (first option) or not (second option).
- Ending A: Don't feed the dragon properly.
 * Unlocks Scenario 2, 3 and 4 again if they were locked.
- Ending B: Feed the dragon properly, and DON'T feed the Chaos Seed to him.
 * Unlocks Scenario 6, 7 and 8.
 * Unlocks Scenario 2, 3 and 4 again if they were locked.
- Ending C: Feed the dragon properly. and DO give the Chaos Seed to him.

Scenario 6
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 5 Ending B.
- Ending A: Beat the scenario Characters inside the Dragon Furnace.
- Ending B: Beat the Scenario Characters during the raid (outside the DF).
 * Use Attack Rooms, powerful traps and high level senjuu.
 * You have 27 turns before their attack is triggered (re-entering the DF).

Scenario 7
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 5 Ending B.
- Ending A: Finish the scenario.
 * Check Scenario 9 for info to unlock it involving this scenario.

Scenario 8
+ Unlocked: Get Scenario 5 Ending B.
 * To get the endings select the correct answers when asked (from the start).
- Ending A: 2nd.
- Ending B: 1st, (any) x3, 3rd, 1st, 2nd.
- Ending C: 1st, (any) x3, 1st/2nd, (any), 2nd.
- Ending D: 1st, (any) x3, 1st/2nd, (any), 1st, lose the fight.
- Ending E: 1st, (any) x3, 1st/2nd, (any), 1st, win the fight.

Scenario 9
+ Unlocked: In Scenario 7 fulfill the following conditions.
 * Don't make the Heroine a party member (enter the cave alone).
 * After the event with Reiran talk to the Heroine. Return to the cave and go
   see her again. You may also need to talk to the Heroine after beating every
   Scenario Character before Reiran, as well.
 * The High Priest will summon a monster, beat it.
 * Talk to the Heroine again.
 * Go activate the monolith stone located north of the town.
 * A subquest (actually Scenario 9) will take place, finish it then continue
   and clear Scenario 7 normally. Otherwise it won't be unlocked.
 * This subquest will become Scenario 9, marked as finished.
- Ending A: Finish the scenario.

Scenario 10
+ Unlocked: Get 100% completion (all endings).
- Dungeon Mode
 * Ending A: Make 40 rooms and clear the Colorless World that appears.
 * Beating it doesn't count as a proper ending.
- Boss Rush (press L+R+X+A to select Scenario 10)
 * Ending A: Beat all bosses.
 * Beating it doesn't count as a proper ending.

  SCENARIO WALKTHROUGH                                                 [SW000]

WARNING! This section contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

This walkthrough contains story summaries for all chapters. See other sections
for info about the game systems (though the "Lecture" scenario has a small
tutorial, you might want to check it first). I'll list the number of endings,
EN required to beat the scenario and minimum EN to trigger events too.

I'll use "*" to mark story descriptions, and "-" questions or other comments.
Also, when you replay an Scenario the game asks you to watch its prologue
(first option) or skip it (second).

I've used "Hero" as the name of the main character, mentally change it to your
liking ;). I'll use "you" and "Hero" interchangeably.

 Lecture                                                                [SW001]
"Lecture"  (レクチャー)

A simple lecture scenario, where the story and gameplay basics are introduced.
Useful to get used to the game's mechanics, worth replaying.

SUMMARY: Under his master's guidance the Hero studies the ways to be a 
 Dousen, which involves making rooms, fighting and channeling EN.

- Endings: 1
- EN required: None (1000 EN + 1000 EN)
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 None (automatic)

[this chapter has no prologue]

* The action takes place in Doutenfuku, a country where Dousen live among men.
  Hero (our main character) meets his master, Roushi. His first trial is to
  find the "Scroll of Initiation" inside a dungeon.

This is the tutorial so keep moving and entering the dungeon's rooms, you'll
have to fight your way. If you somehow die Roushi will revive you.

* Press B once for a quick "small attack", tap B for a "scroll attack".
* Use A to "Dash" and escape, and press B while dashing for a "smash" attack.
  B right after A executes a "kick".
* "Middle attack": hold Y then press B. Finally there is the "strong attack",
  dash then hold Y then B.

After some rooms open the chest (press A) were the "Scroll of Initiation" is.
It also restores the "Senjuu", animals helpers Dousen can summon.

- Hero asks their names. but they don't have...
 > I'll give you some good names!
 > That's pretty inconvenient.

* Either way (there is a little comment later if you chose the first option)
  they explain you must make "Enchanted Caves" and find the "Dragon Vein"
  (energy flow). If disrupted the land dies, so your job is to make caves and
  infuse positive Energy to that flow.

They join the party and will fight alongside you. Keep moving: fight enemies,
press switches in the walls (A) and break obstacles by attacking, etc. Nothing
too hard.

* In the last room it's time to say farewell. If you gave them names before
  they'll thank you with a hint: in conversations answers do matter. Now
  you are done, it's time to learn how to make Caves. Roushi creates an
  underground cave, and you enter the "Dragon Furnace" room.

* Lecture: in a cave you need Energy and Sentan (abbreviated as EN and SN).
  EN is needed to build, while SN to power-up rooms. The EN/SN Hero carries
  is displayed in the bottom of the screen (left to the ENERGY marker).
- Roushi asks if right now you could build anything.
 > Got no EN but I can.
 > Got no EN so I can't.

* Either way, no EN = no caves. Roushi gives you some EN.

Move Hero near Roushi. Now you'll learn how to "draw".

* Close to the wall, hold A (this makes you "touch" it), then hold the reverse
  direction you are facing, in his example DOWN. That is "draw". This will
  open submenus and do other fancy stuff.

Now exit the Dragon Furnace for some real practice.

* The actual Cave. You also need "Dungeon Points" (DP) to make make rooms or
  corridors (near the top of the screen, under the POINT marker). Making
  rooms bigger or smaller than default consumes more points. Roushi reduces
  Hero's DP to 1 and orders him to connect the neighbor room with a corridor.
* Explanation / Feng Shui Board: near a wall, hold A and the reverse direction
  to "Draw".

Now draw the wall on the right and select (submenu) between "room" (left) or
"corridor" (right). Extend its length until only one extra square is inside
the room (the ATTENTION warning disappears), press A and finally choose
"accept" (left) or "close" (right).

The game calls the points for rooms and corridors "Dungeon Points" although
they are separate. For clarity's sake I'll use Room Points (RP) and Corridor
Points (CP).

If you don't make it correctly, re-enter the Dragon Vein so the cave resets.
Now enter the next room's stairs.

* Explanation / Doors: created when joining a room to a corridor, but not if
  rooms are adjacent or the corridor is too close to the corners.
- Roushi asks if you saw flashing yellow and green dots while making the room.
 > I did!
 > I didn't!

* These dots are "resources" sleeping in Earth. Yellow are Energy (EN), green
  Sentan (SN) and red become item resources. If under a room there are EN
  dots it will produce more EN. Same with SN dots. Red dots are used in a 
  certain room type, to speed up the excavation of items.

* Explanation: Yellow=EN resources, green=SN resources, red=item resources.
- Roushi asks if you remember that.
 > Yes.
 > Not a thing.

"No" just repeats the previous text. Now a test:

- What color are Energy resources?
 > Red.
 > Green.
 > Yellow.

- What color are Item resources?
 > Red.
 > Green.
 > Yellow.

- What color are Sentan resources?
 > Red.
 > Green.
 > Yellow.

Chose the correct answers and proceed.

* Now let's make rooms. Just like with corridors: "draw" then select "room".
  DPs are needed too (in this case Room Points).

Move outside.

* The big number in the top of the screen is timer, and when it reaches 0 the
  current "turn" ends and a new screen called "Recount Time" appears. The
  Recount Time is used to manage stuff, but that'll be later. Anyway after
  making a room you must clean it, and the Room God will materialize.

Now to make a room (remember: draw near a wall, select "room" (left), then
size and position). The text shows the room types available but for now it's
"staircase" only. Enter the new room and there should be a few enemies and/or
rocks, clean them by attacking. Then in the center the Room God will appear.

From now on if you die it's game over so beware...

* Inside the room, the five Room Gods governing Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and
  Wood introduce themselves. Each God can only make certain room types (there
  are eight types in total, plus the staircase room). Roushi shows you the
  element's symbols: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. So, if a fire mark
  appears where you are placing a room it becomes a fire room. Holding SELECT
  in a room displays the element relation map, though elements are mostly

* More about the "Dragon Furnace", the Cave's core: channel EN there to revive
  the land. So press A in the center to open the transfer window. Roushi gives
  you some EN to try it.

You'll be seeing this submenu many, many times so take time to understand it.
An explanation is in the Dragon Furnace section. Now channel any >0 amount.

* More explanations: life returns when you fulfill the quota. Channeling also
  recovers DPs and HP/MP too, but you can only channel once per turn. Finally,
  rooms have four values: stamina (HP), Energy, Sentan and EN usage amount:
  SN and EN are produced from resources, and if its HP becomes 0 the room is
  destroyed. Upgrades can raise HP but also increase the base EN usage (rooms
  not getting enough EN per turn stop working!).

Out of the Dragon Furnace, now move to the first room. The game now explains
briefly about the rooms. Also "draw" their cores to test their abilities.

* "Production Room": increases the EN production from yellow dots.
* Explanation / upgrade: increases the EN production from the resources.

* "Summoning Room": uses some SN to summon (or revive) senjuu.
* Explanation / upgrade: Increases senjuu types.
* Explanation / upgrade: Allow to choose the LV of the senjuu.

* "Refining Room": amplifies the SN production from green dots.
* Explanation / upgrade: increases the EN production from the resources.

* "Excavation Room": digs items.
* Explanation / upgrade: allows to dig better items.

* "Storage Room": where you can store items.
* Explanation / upgrade: increases the number of storable items.
* Explanation / upgrade: raises the maximum amount of EN you can channel at
  once in the Dragon Furnace.

* "Detection Room": surveils the whole cave, showing the current location of
  the enemies' entrance gates (I'll call them teleportals), and enemies.
* Explanation / upgrade: widens the detection range.
* "Drawing" gives you more options:
* Explanation / Group POV: shows the movement of ally/enemy groups.
* Explanation / Room POV. Shows the movement of allies/enemies in the room.
* Explanation / Auto POV: auto-focuses on anything important (like fights).

* "Attack Room": attacks enemy trespassers.
* Explanation / upgrade: increases attack power.
* Explanation / Trap Creation: makes traps with SN. Traps can be placed
  anywhere, and there are 3 types.

* "Transfer Room": can teleport you to other rooms.
* Explanation / upgrade: widens the transfer range.

That covers all rooms, back to the Dragon Furnace it is.

* Summoning Rooms are used to invoke senjuu (animal helpers). Initially you
  can summon the rat (can carry EN), dragon (SN) and bird (heals rooms).
  Roushi explains about "transportation": EN generation is much higher in
  Production Rooms (example in the background). Said EN can be used for other
  rooms, since they consume EN per turn (unused EN goes to the reserves). This
  usage can make rooms to stop working, if they produce less than they need.
  In these cases, some senjuu can carry EN ("loaded" from Production Room) and
  share it to other rooms. However one rat can only carry so much, so a
  "group" of rats is needed to carry more and share EN among several rooms.
  Next is Sentan, extracted in Refining Rooms (the top left one). The ability
  to carry EN and SN are separate, so rats can't; instead the dragon does and
  unlike EN a single dragon can share equally SN in all rooms. However it's
  still limited, so bigger groups carry more SN.

* The land is dying, so it's time to fix it with the Dragon Furnace. You must
  channel 1000EN within 10 turns to save the day. Roushi hands you 700EN.

Now go outside and make a Production Room, then draw from it to get EN. Repeat
every turn until you have enough (you don't have to channel all 1000EM at
once). You can press Y+L to fast-forward the game, by the way.

If you spend all your EN and don't have means to get more (in other words, you
don't have Production Rooms), Roushi gets mad and resets the cave.

Once you are done, the game continues in another land in decay.

* Roushi reveals the Cave supporting it was actually destroyed... by humans!
  People think Dousen are the ones harming the land so they attack. It's an
  awful misunderstanding, but there are bad Dousen that stain their reputation
  by using their powers for their own benefit. But no matter what, the cave
  MUST be defended, in order to save the land.

* Next, inside the broken cave Roushi explains how senjuu can repair it: the
  bird types do it when they are in senjuu groups, outside Hero's party.

You can move now. There are some broken and working rooms. You don't have EN
nor Dungeon Points, so you need to fix the cave first.

First draw some SN (Refining Room) and summon a bird (Summoning Room), and put
it in the second group. Then, in the Recount Time (when a turn ends) change
the bird's patrol route (third choice) so he enters the broken rooms. Exit
the Recount Time to resume, and after some times the rooms should be working.

Now you have to gather 1000EN. I suggest you to practice creating senjuu,
upgrading stuff in the Recount Time to speed up the EN production, and such.
When you are done transfer the EN in the Dragon Furnace (1000 at once or a bit
every turn).

* The land is revived. Roushi feels a Dragon Vein disturbance nearby...
- Hero must go make a Cave there.
 > Understood.
 > I don't like that.

- > Understood.
* Time to go.

- > I don't like that.
* Why is that? Hero can't face his master.
 > I'm still green.
 > I don't want to leave you, Master.
 > What a bother.

 - > I'm still green.
 * Roushi laughs, recognizing his own inexperience is a proof of his growth.

 - > I don't want to leave Master.
 * Quite a sensible guy... But Dousen MUST help Earth. Once more, he has to...
  > Build Enchanted Caves.
  > Assist Roushi.

  - > Build Enchanted Caves.
  * Hero understands, and departs.

  - > Assist Roushi.
  * Roushi ignores him, so Hero accepts.

 - > What a bother.
 - Pretty angry, Roushi asks if he is serious.
  > Of course!!
  > I want to go build Enchanted Caves right now.

  - > Of course!!
  * "Fool!!" and... GAME OVER (black screen). ...Hero finally accepts to go.

  - > I want to go build Enchanted Caves right now.
  * He departs.

This chapter is over, but it's directly linked to the next without pause. You
must continue and beat Scenario 1 to mark this one as clear.

 Scenario 1                                                             [SW002]
"The First Enchanted Cave"  (最初の仙窟)

The first "real" scenario, but still basic and easy. Practice what you learned

SUMMARY: Hero makes his first Enchanted Cave, but an ancient curse awaits him.

- Endings: 2
- EN required: 4000 EN
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 0000+EN: Earth revives a bit
 2000 EN: Scenario Character - Sankai Roushi
 4000 EN: Final event / Boss

[this chapter has no prologue]

* The townsfolk fear "Dousen" actually causing the land to die. And more
  importantly, that they may awaken a fabled ancient dragon, said to be sealed
  underground... Hero finds the designed place and creates a cave. People flee
  terrified by the strange earthquake, yet a monk was watching him...

NOTE: if you are playing Lecture scenario here starts the second half (both
parts act as a single chapter). You have to beat the Lecture + Scenario 1 to
mark Lecture scenario as finished. You won't get the above scene though.

* The rat senjuu reminds you that Production Rooms gather EN, and need SN to
  be upgraded. He suggests making a Refining Room, then a Summoning Room, and
  also to upgrade the rooms and make routes the Recount Time.

You better make an animal group or the rat will explain that again and again.

Here starts the actual cave-building. This is the first cave so there are
plenty of resources. Just make a few Production, Refining and Summoning Rooms
and experiment with others to get used to the game. A few turns should be

After a few (3?) rooms you are forced to make a Staircase room (it'll be the
only room available) leading to the Dragon Furnace. Remember your goal is to
gather and channel EN it until you reach 4000 (for this chapter).

Now enter the Dragon Furnace and start adding EN. Once enough is collected
some events will start.

* Roushi decides to pay a visit.

(raid sequence)

- Beating Roushi is the last trial to become a real Dousen.
 > Understood!
 > I can't fight my master!

Either way...

BATTLE: Roushi
* (WIN) Roushi compliments Hero for his growth.
* (LOSE) Roushi is disappointed, it is unforgivable that a Dousen loses
  against invaders: that means the land is doomed.

- Anyway Roushi goes on to explain the biggest secret, "Feng Shui".
 > Please do.
 > I already know.

- > Please do.
* When making rooms, their attribute (element) is shown, and corridors make
  the element's "flow" among rooms. What are these "flows" for? For example
  there is the upgrade "Sentan Productivity", a Refining Room-only power-up:
  with a certain elemental count a room can buy it too. 1 flow (corridor)
  equals 1 element count in a room. Plus, when connecting rooms sometimes a
  "door" is attached, which affect the flow/count. depending on the elements.
  From the graph: white lines are good flows, purple ones are bad. Other
  connections are regular flows. Basically:
- Explanation: Without a door - bad flow = 0, normal flow = 1, good flow = 2.
- Explanation: With a door - bad flow = 1, normal flow = 2, good flow = 4.

* Some examples: first, the top Fire room flows normally to the bottom room.
  The Metal room's flow doubles, since there is a door.
* Now only the Metal room flows. The element count in the Fire room makes
  "Sentan Productivity" available. Many special upgrades exists (auto-heal,
  attack up...). But their element count is... SECRET. So what about making
  a BIG room with lots of flows?
* Roushi shows the supposed BIG room, but... a room can contain only up to 6
  corridors, it wouldn't work. Next is about flow paths.
* First is a "basic" straight line flow. Next is an "L", which is OK too. But
  the inverse "T" corridor will only go straight (-) in one direction. Next is
  fine too, the inverse "T" is avoided with some "L"s. Then a double "cross"
  flow which works normally as flows don't affect each other (they always go
  straight). Distance won't matter for flows either.

- Finally the master asks if he should explain it all once more:
 > I understood, more or less.
 > Please do, once more.

Select the first option so Roushi can return home. Now to heal the land.

* The land is healed but suddenly a door opens inside the Dragon Furnace.
  Some strange energy emanates from inside...

Now enter the door.

- A mysterious voice greets Hero, his "old friend".
 > Show yourself!
 > I know nobody like you!

Either way keep moving down here.

* An explosion hits the Hero (this kills any party member you might have).
  He is teleported to an odd altar. The dragon speaks, he has awaited for
  far too long... to take revenge. Though Hero doesn't understands what he's 
  talking about, the dragon swears this time he'll seal Hero away.

BOSS: Dragon
Actually, you can't beat this boss the first time you play this scenario, He
will have infinite HP. He's tough so remember you can use the 10MP spell
repeatedly for monster damage.

* The dragon is determined send him to another dimension, never to return. He
  casts the spell "Tenpuuju" (Heaven-Sealing Curse), which divides and seals
  Hero into several "parallel worlds". Later in the mountains, Roushi finds
  Hero collapsed, mumbling his Master's name. Yet Roushi doesn't know him...

### ENDING A ###

* The dragon laments he lost again. Hero asks what was all that about:
  for Hero it's something of a near future, for the dragon is a tale of a
  distant past, He warns him not to get involved with "Heroine". So until
  they meet again... Hero keeps wondering about his words.

### ENDING B ###

 Scenario 2                                                             [SW003]
"Senjuu Egg"  (仙獣のたまご)

Here you must protect an egg. Whether you do or not changes the outcome.

SUMMARY: After being banished to another world, Hero is tasked to protect a
 mysterious egg, which many will try to snatch.

- Endings: 4
- EN required: 10000 EN
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 0000+EN: Earth revives a bit
 2000 EN: Egg moves
 3000 EN: Egg moves
 4000+EN: Earth revives a bit
 4000 EN: Scenario Character - Ryuu Raikan (if egg is not DESTROYED or LOST)
 5000 EN: Egg moves
 6000+EN: Earth revives a bit
 7000 EN: Egg moves
 8000+EN: Earth revives a bit
 8000 EN: Scenario Character - Rin Reiran (if egg is not DESTROYED or LOST)
 10000 EN: Final event / Scenario Character - Wan Sougen

[prologue start]

  In another world Hero wanders around. Finally he joyously finds Roushi,
  but Roushi doesn't recognize him. Explanations ensue, and unfortunately the
  old man doesn't know a way home, but maybe they can investigate together.
  So Hero continues his training, and many years later he is called by his
  Master, it's about an important Dragon Vein.

You now take control, exit when you are done. You can talk to Roushi before:

- Something you want to hear?
 > Why did you ask me?
 > Douten Town's situation.
 > Meeting Roushi.

- > Why did you ask me?
* Roushi feels there is some relation between Hero and that land.

- > Douten Town's situation.
* As the Dragon Vein weakens peace won't last.

- > Meeting Roushi.
* Hero remembers his "first" meeting. Roushi wonders if he wouldn't just stay
  in that world. Hero laughs, maybe the original Roushi would have said the

* Hero teleports, finds the weakened land, and makes a Cave.

[prologue end]

Time to get get Dungeon Points and find the Dragon Furnace. After a few rooms
you should find it. Inside:

* Hero and the rat senjuu notice something. A senjuu egg?

You can move again, go check the egg.

* Maybe it's an egg? Suddenly a voice resounds, the "egg's guardian".
- The so-called guardian apparently wants Hero's power.
 > First show yourself!!
 > Hear his story.
 > Sorry but no!
 > Ok, I'll lend you my power!

- > First show yourself!!
* He hasn't enough power to do that.
  > Then what are you?
  > What's that egg?

 - > Then what are you?
 * An insignificant dweller of the Senjuu World, apparently. He's there so
   the egg gets the Energy it needs.
  > Why did you place the egg there?
  > I understand your story.

  - > Why did you place the egg there?
  - The egg needs energy from the Dragon Vein to hatch.
   > I see.
   > ????

   - > I see.
   - Hero understands. The guardian asks him to protect the egg.
    > Ok, I'll lend you my power!
    > Sorry but no!
   (look below for the answers)

   - > ????
   * "!!!!". Hero figures out the egg's is stealing the Dragon Vein's power.
     The guardian replies the egg only needs a small bit from a restored Vein.
   - Hero understands. The guardian asks him to protect the egg.
    > Ok, I'll lend you my power!
    > Sorry but no!
   (look below for the answers)

  - > I understand your story.
  * The guardian asks him to protect the egg
   > Ok, I'll lend you my power!
   > Sorry but no!
   (look below for the answers)

 > What's that egg?
 * The reincarnated body of his master, says the voice. Hero is surprised
   that senjuu can reincarnate.
   > Why did you place the egg there?
   > I understand your story.
  (look above, same answers)

- > Hear his story.
 > Then what are you?
 > What's that egg?
  (look above, same answers)

- > Sorry but no!
* The little rat senjuu will protect it then. The voice just asks to leave the
  egg there until they revive the land. Finally, pretending he doesn't care,
  Hero somehow agrees.

- > Ok, I'll lend you my power!
* The voice is relieved and disappears. Hero wonders what will come from it...

Next turn after you find the egg this event should take place:
* Temple above: a monk asks another one if "it" has been found yet. They
  better do it soon. They go meet the High Priest...

Your job now is to take care of the egg. Depending on its fate the outcome
varies, it can be stolen, destroyed by you or simply remain there. Once you
channel all the required EN, different ending paths and events will happen.

You can keep attacking the egg with normal attacks for a while (the game warns
you to stop) and it will break. This marks it as DESTROYED. Also, events can
end with the egg being LOST instead.

If you lose or destroy the egg, you are asked to keep feeding EN till the end
anyway. When the egg isn't present the character events are skipped.

* The High Priest asks Douten's swordmaster to retrieve the "Seal Sphere".

(raid sequence)

* The shogun is Ryuu Raikan. He explains the egg was stolen from Burouan (the
  temple) and they want it back. But Hero can't just give it away.
- Raikan says it's not an egg.
 > Hear him.
 > Stop talking.

- > Hear him.
* It's some ancient "Seal Sphere" holding a great monster, capable of
  destroying time's logic. So he better gives it back.
  > It won't be that easy!
  > That's terrible, I'll return it.

 - > It won't be that easy!
 * Destruction? It's just a senjuu egg.
 > Go to BATTLE below

 - > That's terrible, I'll return it.
 * Hero believes Raikan and gives him the egg.
 - This marks the egg as LOST.

- > Stop talking.
* It has nothing to do with him. So... soldiers join and the battle starts.

BATTLE: Raikan
* (WIN) Hero wins and Raikan teleports out (egg protected).

* (LOSE) Raikan recognizes Hero's strength, but takes away the Seal Sphere.
- This marks the egg as LOST.

* Rumors reach Douten's Bar, saying Raikan has failed and the bounty on the
  Dousen has risen. A girl, the bounty hunter Reiran, suddenly departs.

(raid sequence)

* Hero compliments her she made it so far. So what are her intentions?
- She asks what does he think?
 > You came to retrieve the egg.
 > You came to beat me.

* Either way, she just wants the egg. Reiran asks Hero if he actually knows
  what it is. Raikan told him, but she'll explain further.
 > Hear her.
 > Stop talking.

- > Hear her.
* The temple Burouan sealed a monster there. Somebody stole it and now the
  temple is in an uproar. The monster has the power to destroy the world.
  Reiran moves, but Hero tells her to stop. 
  - She was just going to check if it's the real thing...
   > Say nothing and look.
   > Now it's my chance, attack!

 - > Say nothing and look.
 * Finally concludes it's not the Seal Sphere but just a senjuu egg.
  > You tell them about the fake.
  > Go back already!
  > Unforgivable!

  - > You tell them about the fake.
  * Hero wants her to warn those guys above the ground. She leaves.
  - She actually changed the egg with a fake. This marks the egg as LOST.

  - > Go back already!
  * She just does that.
  - Same as before, changed to a fake. This marks the egg as LOST.

  - > Unforgivable!
  * Just a "Sorry" won't do. Reiran starts to flee, but she drops the egg.
    "egg... egg", Hero realized he was tricked.
  > Go to BATTLE below

 - > Now it's my chance, attack!
 * Hero attacks, but Reiran is ready. The battle starts (look below).

- > Stop talking.
* If she wants the egg it'll be by force. The battle begins.

BATTLE: Reiran
* (WIN) She teleports away (egg protected).

* (LOSE) She taunts hero and takes the egg.
- This marks the egg as LOST.

Now there are different outcomes depending on what happened to the egg:

* The egg breaks releasing a small dragon. Hero remembers they didn't actually
  found a way back to his home world... Meanwhile in Burouan temple, the High
  Priest accepts the Seal Sphere couldn't be retrieved, if Raikan couldn't
  nobody could either. Reiran is also pissed she lost such valuable. Anyway
  back to Roushi's home with the little guy, Hero explains the old man how
  he revived the land. Roushi has no clue what is he talking about though...
  The senile master forgot all about that!

### ENDING A ###

* Hero is happy that the land was healed, but the guardian is not, hearing
  "it broke". A huge Chinese phoenix appears (its true body) and teleports
  Hero away (no party members allowed!).

BOSS: Phoenix
* Finally he returns. The land was revived and that's the main point, right?

The rest of the ending is like ENDING A, but without the small dragon.

### ENDING D ###

- If Raikan or Reiran took it:
* The voice asks for the egg. Hero admits it got taken away, but promises
  he'll recover it.

- If Reiran changed it with a fake:
* The voice asks for the egg. Hero is surprised, it's still there, right?
  But... it blows up in his face. He swears to get it back.

Hero is now in Douten town near a Hitenseki (that monolith-like stone). Press
A in front it and select first option to return, not that there is anything
anything to do back there though. Here is a crude map of the town:

   Burouan Temple
    Main Plaza   -  Weapon Shop & Army Headquarters [Sound Test]
       |                |
    Main Street  -  Bazaar & Bar
    Outskirts (Monolith teleporting to your cave)

Walk around the town. People are talking about evil Dousen, the egg and such,
and warriors from the east and west gather planning to go after the Dousen.

After a while (I believe you have to talk to a monk in the main plaza and
select the 2nd option then re-enter, and if that alone doesn't work talk to
more people and/or wait some time) the Burouan temple will open its doors and
you'll be free to enter. They have the egg so it's the next destination. But
before you go there are a few things to check in the town.

There is a small sidequest. It's only story but worth doing.
- In front of the second house from the town's entrance, a guy says a girl
  there "mysterious powers". The parents inside say she, "Heroine", is out.
- Later (I think the temple needs to be open, but there is another condition
  I can't consistently trigger; try to talk to EVERYBODY or maybe to certain
  people, or even NOT talking to some people) enter the weapon shop. You
  should see a girl moving towards the  market. Now back to the house.
* Hero hears a flute Nearby, a melody Roushi taught him... Inside the house
  the girl recognizes Hero and is really happy he came back for her. Hero is
  very confused and asks if they have ever met before.
- The girl thinks he must be joking.
 > How do you know my name?
 > Aren't you mistaking me for somebody else?

* (either way) She runs away upstairs crying, follow her. The girl asks if
  he really doesn't know her. He explains he is from another world, but
  actually she comes from another dimension too, were they already met.
- But anyway, they've reunited in that world again.
 > That's right, but...
 > Sorry, but I'll return to my original world.

- > That's right, but...
* She asks him to just come see her again once all is settled.
 > Got it.
 > Sorry!

 - > Got it.
 - She'll be waiting.

 - > Sorry!
 - see below.

- > Sorry, but I'll return to my original world.
* She should find a way to return on her own. Not the nicest thing to say, she
  is pissed. If you talk again she claims it's Hero's fault she is there and
  someday the real Hero will come for her.

- Before you go, talk to the woman downstairs again.
* The woman explains they found that girl about a year ago, collapsed in front
  of the house. While unconscious she kept calling his name...

And the little sidequest ends here.

- A priest in the inn (2nd floor) is researching about parallel worlds, and
  would like somebody to hear his results.
 > Sure, I do!!
 > No, thanks!

- > Sure, I do!!
* Finally somebody cares! Basically parallel worlds are like adjacent lines
  or opposing mirrors. Hero explains his situation and the man recognizes the
  legendary forbidden curse: his existence has been dispersed into various
  worlds. Seems Hero can't return home, but maybe he could stop the curse from
  happening: long ago there was a spell that could make time go backwards. It
  was called "Jipuujuu" (Time-Sealing Curse) but was deemed too dangerous thus
  forbidden. Still, it is said Dousen can manipulate time with the spell
  called "L+Y" (uh...) inside their Caves. And that's all.

- > No, thanks!
* Oh well. He was just trying to help.

Anyway you should enter now the temple Burouan. Your goal is to find the High
Priest. First go up, left and talk the monk in yellow.

- Now that the egg has returned there should be peaceful.
 > Yeah, that's true
 > Are you expecting that?

- > Yeah, that's true
- He continues, peace is great stuff isn't it?
 > Certainly it is!
 > Oh, is that so?

 - > Certainly it is!
 * Seeing your good will he grants you free access to the temple.
 This puts you in the "NON-FIGHTING" route.

 - > Oh, is that so?
 * Nothing.

> Are you expecting that?
- He says, "what? it can't be! you are--"
 > Ah, a joke, it was a joke
 > Give me the egg back!!

 - > Ah, a joke, it was a joke
 * He scolds you.

 - > Give me the egg back!!
 * He calls the guards. You must brute-force your way.
 This puts you in the "FIGHTING" route.

IMPORTANT: if you DO NOT kill anybody before you talk to the High Priest you
can get a different ending. Otherwise you'll always get basic ending. If you
are in the "NON-FIGHTING" route you can avoid most fights. Otherwise enemies
will attack you on sight, but you can always ignore them and move on.

The temple is a bit maze-like. Along the way there are several switches and
such you have to press in order to open doors and continue. Characters and
enemies react slightly different depending on the route you are.

Here is a wondrous map of the place:

            P  8--6--7            
            |  |  |               
            |  9  |            7-1-2-3
            |     |                | 3
         O--2  S  4--5           H 333
            |  |  |              | |
            |  |  |            P-9 4 X
            M--1--3            P   | |
               |               P-6-5-8

E - Entrance
M - Monk in yellow, you have to talk to continue.
S - Save point. It uses the "break data" save slot (top one).
O - A small room outside.
P - A panel in the room will open the door in 8 to 9.
7 - There is a girl here. 
 * In the NON-FIGHTING route, talk to her and answer 1st option. Talk to her
   again in 6 and she will open the door to 8.
 * In the FIGHTING route she'll give you the key to 8. Then talk to her and
   answer 1st option.
8 - You need to open the door to 9. The switch is in P.
9 - to the second floor.

1 - Nothing
2 - Get close to the enemy and they'll attack. You can move near the walls to
    avoid it.
3 - A big room.
4 - If you are still in the NON-FIGHTING route enemies will attack you now.
P - switch, opens door in 1 to 7.
7 - switch, opens 5 to 8.
X - switch, opens S to 9.
9 - save point and 2 recovery (HP and MP) items.
H - High Priest.

When you reach the High Priest's room a conversation ensues:

* The High Priest knows about you. So the priest asks what would you do if the
  monster escaped?
 > I'd beat it!
 > Dunno about that!

* Either way the Priest laughs, he can't trust the egg to you. He uses the
  "Jikuuten" (Time-Space Shift) to teleport.
 BOSS FIGHT (see below).

* Hero wants the egg back. and explains he was asked to protect it. The High
  Priest is surprised but again, the egg holds a terrible monster. Hero tries
  to reason with him that it wouldn't necessarily be born as a destroyer.
- The Priest asks then, what if it really was a monster?
 > I'd beat it!
 > I don't know.

- > I'd beat it!
* High Priest laughs, such violence can't be trusted. Fight!
 BOSS FIGHT (see below).

- > I don't know.
* He thinks for a while and decides to hand it to you. The condition: Hero
  must leave the town.
 > I can't!
 > I accept.

 - > I can't!
 * No egg then.
  BOSS FIGHT (see below).

 - > I accept.
 * Hero takes the egg. The Priest asks if his actions healed the wasteland
   nearby, but Hero just ignores him and leaves...

 The ending is like the other endings (the egg opens), with a new scene.

 * The monks are happy their leader is unharmed, but lament the Dousen got
   away with the Seal Sphere. The High Priest reveals what happened: he had
   faith in that young man. and reasons that nothing should be assumed to be
   born "evil". If a monster is born surely he will raise it in a proper way.

### ENDING C ###

Should the negotiations go awry you will end up fighting the High Priest.
BOSS: Kokusui + dog senjuu x2 + bull senjuu x2
* It isn't over yet, he calls forth Byakusaru, the White Monkey, to beat you.

BOSS: Monkey
* The High Priest decides to finish the job himself.

BOSS: Kokusui
* The old man alone didn't have much of a chance. The room starts losing its
  stability and the Priest laughs as they'll die there together. Hero actually
  can escape on his own, but urges Kokusui to follow, and finally they do.
  Hero takes the egg and escapes, while the Priest swears he'll pay.  Back to
  the Dragon Furnace the guardian is nowhere to be found... Meanwhile the
  High Priest decides to cast the forbidden "Tenpuujuu" since the Dousen is
  too dangerous, even if he must sacrifice his body. Suddenly the spell hits
  the egg and it mysteriously vanishes, sealed away into other world...

### ENDING B ###

 Scenario 3                                                             [SW004]
"Overanxiety"  (杞人之憂)

This chapter is about preparing for the battle with a powerful character.

SUMMARY: Hero was banished to a parallel world. There, his master vanishes
 without trace, and Hero finds a letter with a clue in the sender's name.

- Endings: 2
- EN required: 20000 EN
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 2000 EN: Left door in first dungeon opens > Soujin Shirou
 5000 EN: Right door in first dungeon opens > Kou Meihon
 9000 EN: Left door in the second dungeon opens > Phoenix
 16000 EN: Right door in the second dungeon opens
 20000 EN: Final event > Wan Sougen

[prologue start]

* Wan Sougen is Doutenfuku's trusted leader. People are begging him to do
  something about the scary Dousen, even if he hasn't done anything wrong yet.
  Wan is reluctant but accepts. He meets Roushi and explains his point: Wan
  must stand up for his people. The Dousen can't accept that, so  they fight,
  but finally Wan triumphs... Wan didn't finish Roushi off, and instead made
  him promise to leave the country for 10 years.

* Years later, Hero appears in a wasteland. Roushi recognizes the Tenpuujuu
  seal, and offers to train him. Much training later they go back home;
  relaxing is important too, for example playing shogi (Japanese chess)...
  Time passes, and for the last lesson Roushi explains about the immense
  powers of the Dragon Vein, and how conflict may ensue. Living as a Dousen
  isn't an easy path, as Roushi himself experienced ten years ago, but he
  must think firmly by himself when the time comes. Hero understands, and
  Roushi knows he'll be fine as his best apprentice.

* Hero's notoriety rose, so people noticed the Dousen was back. Wan was left
  with a hard decision... Meanwhile Hero teleports to Roushi's home, but oddly
  it was empty.

You can move know. Go near the table.

* Hero finds a letter from Wan Sougen, challenging Roushi to a final match.
  Anxiously, he exits and teleports to the nearby town. He must find that man!

[prologue end]

WARNING: to get an alternate ending, you must fulfill some conditions and THEN
beat the scenario normally. I suggest you to do them before anything else,
should you want the ending. Here are the steps:

- Check the shogi (Japanese chess) board in the second floor of the first
  house you find (that's the Shogi Master home).
* Hero notices the shogi board...
- Inside the temple talk to the priest in red in the upper left room.
* He wants to beat lord Sougen... at shogi, but he hasn't won even once. His
  shogi teacher is probably drinking.
- Talk to the Shogi Master in the second floor of the bar.
* The master thinks Hero wants a duel, he should go later to his house.
- Go talk to the Shogi Master in the second floor of his home.
* He comments it's unusual to see anybody there, other than Wan. The old man
  is Wan's shogi teacher, but seems Wan is a true genius at shogi.
- Talk again to the monk inside the temple, select the 1st option.
* Seems Wan hasn't lost at shogi even once.
- Back to the Shogi master home, talk to him.
* Hero inquires about Wan's supposed record.

Now continue and finish the rest of the scenario.

Anyway the goal is to meet Wan inside the temple. People here talk about some
"samurai" looking for strong opponents in the bazaar, about Wan's greatness
and whatnot. Some events worth mentioning are:

A priest in the Guard Quarters (rightmost building) has some juicy news:
* Their "secret" plans (1st option): they can summon a "Holy Beast" (phoenix).

- A samurai in the bazaar, Soujin Shirou, is travelling to fight strong men.
 > Then become my opponent
 > There aren't powerful guys here
 > You aren't interested in strong women?
 > Wan is strong

- > Then become my opponent
* That's no place to fight. Shirou proposes they met in the Cave. He leaves.

- > There aren't powerful guys here
* The samurai is disappointed you used such cowardice to avoid a fight. He
* If you chose this Shirou's event is skipped later.

- > You aren't interested in strong women?
* He's surprised as in his own country that women don't fight.

- > Wan is strong
* He knows about his power, however he is a man that doesn't take unnecessary
  battles. He doesn't leave, but I don't think this affects later events.

- The girl in the bar offers you a drink.
 > Let's.
 > I don't drink with people I don't know.

- > Let's.
* Meihon, the girl, is quite pleased. They drink but can Hero still go on?
 > Of course!
 > Enough, excuse me.

 - > Of course!
 * Hero takes another. She will ask this again. After 4 times Hero collapses.
   One must know his limits!

 - > Enough, excuse me.
 * Till next time.
   (you can't ask again after this)

- > I don't drink with people I don't know.
* what a boring person, go away then.
  (you can't ask again after this)

Anyway back to our main objective. In the temple (north) the monks explain Wan
can't give you an audience yet.

- The girl in the entrance notices you aren't from around there.
 > I've come to meet Wan
 > I've come to kill Wan
 > I just happened to pass by

- > I've come to meet Wan
* Wan is inside meditating, so you should go to the bar to kill time.
- Go there and talk to Meihon, return and enter Wan's chamber (see below).

- > I've come to kill Wan
* Prepare yourselves! The woman laughs, thinking it's a joke.
 > Oh, how did you know it was?
 > How naive. I've really come to kill Wan!

 - > Oh, how did you know it was?
 * Amused she invites you to enter inside (same as the 1st option, see below).

 - > How naive. I've really come to kill Wan!
 * She calls the guards! Time to break through.

 Now you must fight your way to Wan's room.

 * In Wan's room, Wan will make you atone the sin of murdering his people and
   teleports you away. Hero claims Wan murdered his Master, he'll avenge him.

  BOSS: Wan
  In case you weren't paying attention to the intro, Wan is uber-powerful and
  will crush you within seconds. Even if you have the mad skillz to avoid
  getting hit by his magic barrage, his HP won't go below half.

  - (LOSE) Game over: fighting in Wan's territory was just reckless.

> I just happened to pass by
* Ok then.

Now enter Wan's chamber. I'm not sure how exactly it opens but I believe you
need to speak with Meihon, Shirou and the girl in the temple entrance, and
talk with a few people in Doutenfuku (doesn't matter who).

* In the chamber, Wan notices the Dousen's thirst for blood. but first he
  wants Hero to join in his meditation. Hero is teleported to several places:
  near an old man mistaking him as his son, a waterfall, a wasteland created
  by Dousen, a lake where Shirou reflects about the nature of "death", a cave
  in an underground world, and finally near a girl that was anxiously waiting
  to meet him again. Their trip ends and Wan explains he just saw Parallel
  Worlds. About Hero's matter, Wan says he didn't have choice and goes on
  about the match with Roushi. Hero thinks "then Master is...", and demands
  a duel in his Cave. Wan accepts the challenge.

Now we are done return to the monolith and select the first option.

We are now in the cave. Notice it has already four Production Rooms and a
Dragon Furnace. Enter and a event happens:

* A Room God speaks: Wan's powers are immense so you can't win alone. The plan
  is to find and place four "Magic Mirrors" traps hidden in that cave.

When you channel 20000EN Wan will come. If you find all the mirrors (and place
them! Move near the DF's corners) Wan will be damaged, but it's completely
optional. The mirrors are hidden in four dungeons that open after making some
rooms and channeling enough EN. Mirrors are treated as a regular items so you
need free inventory slots (mirrors can't be thrown away, beware).

Make some rooms and you should be forced to make a staircase room. A Room God
confirms you can't make more Production Rooms in the Cave (!!!). Since you
can't make Production Rooms, you better learn how to upgrade them to get EN

The staircase inside the DF leads to a new dungeon with two sealed doors.
Much later you'll find another stairs leading to two more doors (I think you
need to get the first two mirrors before, though). As you channel EN the doors
will open, and inside there are mini-dungeons and events. So for the
walkthrough let's enter as they open.
BUG: If you die in a dungeon the game crashes. (?)

* Hero suspects a Magic Mirror could be inside. Meanwhile Shirou appears
  to test his sword skills...

NOTE: If you selected "there aren't powerful people here" when talking to him
before Shirou will just leave, skipping his event.

(raid sequence)

* Time to fight

BATTLE: Shirou
* The samurai is angered Hero won't finish him off, trying to disgrace him.
 > That's right
 > That's not it

- > That's right
* If a man like Shirou would die so easily on him that'd be such a disgrace.
  Hero asks Shirou to lend him a hand. Since he wanted to fight Wan he shall
  assist him. 
~ Shirou joins the party!

- > That's not it
* Hero has an enemy to beat, Wan Sougen! The Shirou understands and leaves.

With Shirou in the party or not let's enter the dungeon. Here is a crude map.

        |                 S = start
   T#-#-####              T = treasures
           ###-T          M = mirror

Beware of the traps. They can be destroyed, or you can use the Y+B attack to
avoid damage if timed correctly. Now get the first mirror and continue
gathering EN.

* A new enemy advances towards the cave. No matter who the Dousen may be,
  she'll beat him.

(raid sequence)

* Meihon is surprised to see Hero. A Dousen killed his father so she's going
  to avenge him. She doesn't know the murderer so she just has to kill every
  Dousen. Hero notes that's an absurd argument but it's not like she cares.

BATTLE: Meihon
* Meihon asks what does he intend to do with her.
 > Nothing particularly.
 > Why don't you become my partner?
 > Why don't you become my girlfriend?

- > Nothing particularly.
* Her desire for revenge won't change. Hero understands her a little, since
  he wants to avenge his master. She leaves.

- > Why don't you become my partner?
* She'd never ally with a Dousen and leaves.

- > Why don't you become my girlfriend?
* She asks if he does you really mean it.
 > Of course I do
 > Nah, it's a joke.

 * Either way, what will it be: kill her or not?
  > Kill.
  > Don't kill.

  - > Kill.
  * He would, but killing needlessly isn't in his principles. She leaves.
  - > Don't kill.
  - She leaves.

Anyway enter the dungeon.

   T-###-#-T            S = start
         | |            T = treasures
     M   # #-T          M = mirror
     |   # |
     T##-# T

Like before go get the mirror and exit.

     |   T
     #   |            S = start
     #-#-#-T          T = treasures
     #   |            M = mirror
   #-#   #
   |     |
   T     M

And when you reach the mirror this happens:

* Doutenfuku prepares their trump card against the Dousen: the Phoenix summon!

BOSS: Phoenix
Like always get the mirror and go back.

       #####-T          S = start
         #              T = treasures
    T#-###              M = mirror
   M   #
   #   #-#
   |   | |
   #-### T

* Hero has gathered all Magic Mirrors. All that left is to set them in the
  Dragon Furnace and to channel all EN.

(if you haven't found/placed all the mirrors)
* Hero has gathered all EN but the four mirrors aren't there. What to do?
 > Continue gathering them
 > Ready to fight Wan 

- > Continue gathering them
* He can't fight him now so...
(this way you are _forced_ to find and place them before you can continue)

- > Ready to fight Wan 
* All is ready.

Once you are ready, mirror's or not:

* Wan feels it's about time.

(raid sequence)

Wan cannot be killed during the sequence.

(Without the mirrors)
* Wan is surprised he hasn't prepared anything.

(With the mirrors)
* The mirrors blast Wan, but he quickly gets up. Wan understands Hero needed
  to prepare something like that.

With the mirrors Wan's HP is halved, but there aren't any other changes.

* Hero did it, but still that won't bring back his Master. He still has much
  training before him...

### ENDING A ###

(if you triggered it at the beginning of the chapter)
* Wan finds the dueling place a bit exaggerated, there isn't even a table.
  Didn't Hero want to avenge his master's defeat at... shogi? After all,
  the old Master went off to polish his skills.

- Wan asks what's wrong. The truth is...
 > I have some urgent matters.
 > Sorry, I misunderstood.
 > No use in arguing, duel me!

- > I have some urgent matters
* Hero apologizes, they'll to postpone the duel.

- > Sorry, I misunderstood.
* Hero thought his Master was dead... Wan understands, everybody makes
  mistakes. Hero apologizes again... he'll make Roushi pay!

- > No use in arguing, duel me!
* Wan refuses, and Roushi wouldn't allow such battle either.

* Either way, somehow Roushi was alive and well. The preparations were all
  wasted, but Hero was glad anyway.

### ENDING B ###

 Scenario 4                                                             [SW005]
"The Sealed Gates"  (封印の門)

The last "parallel world" scenario. Pretty long, and has quite a number of

SUMMARY: Hero was banished to a parallel world. The Room Gods send him a
 message with the words 'Sealed Gates' and he sets off.

- Endings: 5
- EN required: 20000 EN / 30000 EN (depending on first Izanagi event)
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 8000 EN: Scenario Character - Shasta
 15000 EN: Sealed Door weakens
 20000 EN: Final Event (if you win first Izanagi event)
 24000 EN: Scenario Character - Kevress
 30000 EN: Final Event

[prologue start]

* Roushi finds Hero, once again. Many years pass and one day Hero is defeated
  by a monster, and is ready to die. The Room Gods revive him as "his power
  is needed in another land". Later Hero explains his master the situation and
  sets off to help those Gods.

You are now free to move, exit (to the bottom).

* Finally Hero reaches his destination, and the Room Gods explains a seal was
  placed on the Dragon Vein, and Energy has been taken away. He's first tasked
  to find stairs leading underground.

[prologue end]

A word on the endings before going on. Basically, the ending changes depending
on the characters you have by the end. Various events, detailed later, will
make them join or leave, thus altering the ending. It goes like this:
- Izanagi event (on replays only): beat him (special ending).
- Shasta event: she may (will?) join depending on the responses.
- Heroine event: have Shasta, and break the "seals" to get her to join.
- Kevress event: beat him so Shasta leaves (Heroine remains if she joined).

Combining all that you have: "Shasta and Heroine", "Shasta only", "Heroine
only", "alone" and "alone/Izanagi" endings. The "Scenario Ending Guide" has
a clear explanation.

Otherwise, nothing special about the cave. You need to advance the story a bit
before the Dragon Furnace appears though. Some rooms later an Staircase Room
should happen.

* No Dragon Furnace yet, actually. The Room God explains the seal is beyond,
  but they don't know what's taking the EN away. It began three years ago.
  Hero notices the date matches when he came to that world...

The cave goes more or less like this:

  E                    S: start
  |                    D: sealed door
  o-D                  E: exit
    o-o d              x: seal (can be attacked/broken)
      | |              x4: 4 seals in that room + switch to open door
  S  oo xw-x4          w: switch to open the door to the right
  |  |  to             t: teleport device
  xoxo--o              d: device to open the door to the left

Your mission is to use the switch in "d", and proceed to the exit. The "seals"
in the wall are important for a later event, but feel free to hit them for
now. Once you reach the sealed door in "D"...

* Hero sees a sealed door. Maybe with more EN it'll open. A green-haired guy
  appears. He's Izanagi, looking for the entrance to the Underworld --the
  Realm of the Dead. He suspects it's beyond the door, though Hero doesn't
  believe it exists.


On replays this part is added, leading to a new ending:

* If there is no Underworld, surely he won't mind Izanagi going ahead.
 > Let him
 - (continues below)

 > Refuse
  BATTLE: Izanagi

  - Lose: (continues below)
  - Win: Izanagi gives up and teleports again. 

Win and the event ends, plus you activate the flag to the "alone/Izanagi"
ending. The total EN will be 20000 (normally it's 30000). Some events change
a bit too (explained later).


If you didn't fight Izanagi above, it continues like this:

* Izanagi tries to break the door open, but no go. Hero may be able to do
  it, but why he thinks the Underworld lies beyond? There is an old legend
  about the entrance being in Douten. He doesn't elaborate why he wants to
  go there though, and leaves.

Move, some more rooms later...

* The Room God confirms more EN may weaken the door, but even they don't
  know what's beyond. Indeed long ago there was a way to the Underworld,
  but it was closed with time... who knows.

This leads to the Dragon Furnace proper. Now let's get some more EN, you
should know the drill by now.

8000 EN: Scenario Character - Shasta
* Soldiers are preparing to enter the cave, and Shasta joins them. Some hours
  later, she's the only one to make it.


* Before the Dragon Furnace, a Room God asks her why the futile battle:
  Dousen aren't what she thinks, they fight to protect the land.

* She asks if what the spirit said about protecting the land was true.
 > Won't talk those who hurt my pals!
 > True, I'm fighting for the land

 - > Won't talk those who hurt my pals!
 (see below, it goes normally) (?)
 - > True, I'm fighting for the land.
 * So it's worth risking everything for... They must fight then.
   BATTLE: Shasta
 * Hero compliment her strength. She leaves anyway.


If she didn't leave, or you didn't fight Izanagi:
* They exchange names. She explains at first he wanted to fight, but what the
  spirit said made her curious. Hero won't fall for that, but Shasta cures all
  the fallen Senjuu to show her good will.

* Well then, why not lend a hand?
 > Welcome Aboard!!
 > Really?

- > Welcome Aboard!!
* Not quite what she thought. Time to test him.
 BATTLE: Shasta
 - WIN: she's still joining
  > Do as you like.
  > Go back to the surface!
Either way, she's persistent and joins. (?)

- > Really?
* She'll have to fight other people... But Shasta's still firm.
 > You'll be my disciple!
 > You'll be my lover!

* Either way (?) she'll be his partner. She joins.

Joined or not, keep gathering EN.

*NOTE: I think there is some conditions that make Izanagi join later if 
Shasta didn't, but I haven't tested them yet. (?)

15000 EN: Sealed Door weaken
* It seems easy to break the door now... But monsters attack to defend it.
  Finally it opens and they proceed. And Izanagi follows, unseen. Next room
  a mysterious statue is there, seemingly a cursed girl.

* Shasta tries to cure her, but it's a strong seal. She explains breaking the
  seals in the walls should weaken it.

So you need to break those little seals in the walls to free the girl from
the curse (in the previous and the following rooms). Now, if Shasta didn't
join you can't free her (since this event doesn't happen), thus Heroine won't
join (important later for the endings).


You can also keep attacking the statue until it breaks. Needless to say, doing
so will nullify all the events involving the statue.

The cave continues like this (proceed to the Sealed Door):

          o-S-D       S: save point (break data slot)
          o   |       x: seals in the walls
          |   |       D: Sealed Door / Izanagi
          oo-xo       S: start / girl statue
        x   o-o

* Another door! Izanagi is checking it, convinced the Underworld follows.
  Hero explains brute force is no good, but Izanagi tries anyway. A Room God
  tells him beyond the door should be the EN snatcher. As usual, more EN is
  needed to open the door.

* The curse is lifted, and the girl suddenly shouts "stop you two!" and calls
  Hero's name. Disoriented she explains she knows Hero. He can't remember, but
  tells her about his parallel world affairs. The girl can't remember how
  she got there though, only bits about Hero and "another one". But she will
  stick around until Hero remembers about her.

Heroine joins!


24000 EN: Scenario Character - Kevress
* By the cave entrance, Kevress asks if a girl in flashy clothes came before.



* Kevress is surprised Shasta is there, why the alliance? Well, it's more
  interesting that way. Anyway, Kevress will fight, Shasta or not.
BATTLE: Kevress
- LOSE: Shasta decides to remain and ascertain the facts. The Dousen isn't
  quite the bad dude they are making him be. Kevress doesn't care and leaves.

- WIN: Shasta has improved, but whatever. She decides to follow, worried about

Shasta leaves!


30000/20000 EN: Final Event
* The power of the revived Dragon Vein debilitates the seal. They go check.

Now, as I said in the beginning, the ending varies depending on your previous
actions and who is in your party:

* Izanagi is waiting by the door, since he couldn't open it himself. Hero goes
  to open it, but Izanagi catches him by surprise. With Hero down, Izanagi
  goes ahead, warning them not to follow. The girls recover Hero, and of
  course they will follow. But some Kyon monsters attack.

You'll fight some monsters, nothing special.

 * Finally they enter. It's a seemingly calm Underworld... Still, they need
   to check about the stolen Energy.

Now go up/left. The path is straightforward enough. 

* Spirits along the way, but seemingly not dangerous. A bull Senjuu is down,
  probably Izanagi's work. Talking to the spirits confirms it's the Realm
  of the Dead alright. 

A green-haired girl stands out, talk to her.
* She notices actual people, but warns them not to remain there for long or
  they won't be able to leave. Suddenly they feel some energy and the spirits
  leave. Izanagi is running away, the "guardian" has noticed them; he'll
  hunt any living beings so they must retreat. Hero and the girls do, but
  Izanagi remains behind. Hero asks the girls to take care and goes to check.
  Time to fight the guardian.

* Izanagi teleports in and warns him the room will disappear, and both leave.
  Hero asks why he wanted to enter the Underworld so badly, and finally Izanagi
  decides to speak. Flashback time.
* Izanagi had a wife by the name of Izanami. Some day, he found a device that
  would grant him forbidden power. The device talks: it's the "Controller of
  the Six Paths", and demands Izanagi to state his name. Izanagi is surprised,
  as he expected to summon the god of the Underworld. The thing's patience
  runs short: the name or the woman's life. Finally Izanagi speaks, but the
  evil device laughs: with the name Izanagi's soul belongs to him. Izanagi is
  marked. Three days later his soul is taken as predicted, but Izanami pleads
  offering her soul in exchange for Izanagi's. The Device agrees. Some time
  later, Izanagi woke up, but Izanami never came back.

* The girls appear asking them to hurry. However, Izanagi decides to remain
  there, in order to find her...

### ENDING A ###

* They go open the door. Izanagi pleads them to let him go alone, though he
  won't say why. Hero can't accept, so Izanagi retaliates.

  BATTLE: IZANAGI + monsters

* Izanagi apologizes to "Izanami", and teleports out. The group goes beyond
  and they find a strange room with a device that seemingly is stealing the
  Energy. Time to pulverize the thing, but it thinks otherwise.

Now keep attacking the device and fighting, it'll keep summoning monsters for
a while.

* Finally it explodes. Shasta faintly reads "Time Manager" engraved on it,
  and theorizes it may be the "Guardian of Time" from her country's old
  records. Long ago much research about magic was done and two forbidden
  spells were created: "Sealing Magic of Time", capable of crossing time; and
  "Sealing Magic of Heaven", to cross dimensions --sounds familiar. Meddling
  with time and space would prove to be dangerous, so they were sealed, and
  a "god" was built to correct their effects, were the spells to be used
  again. Maybe "it" awakened after Hero's arrival... Anyway, a Room God thanks
  them for stopping the Energy thief. Hero is disappointed he lost a hint to
  return home though, but whatever. Meanwhile Roushi teleports in with urgent
  matters: he needs help to deal with a certain "Alex" dude that has come to
  his cave...

### ENDING B ###

Like other endings, Izanagi attacks. Beat him and continue.
* Hero enters the weird room. A device of sorts speaks: he's the Guardian
  of Time, awakened when Hero arrived there. He knows well about the "Heaven
  Sealing Curse", and how to undo it: going back in time and cutting off the
  original cause, with the "Time Sealing Curse". Much Energy is needed for
  that though, and the device only has to deal with Hero anyway. The reason
  being, just as he met Roushi from that world, what would happen in Hero met
  himself? The reaction would destroy the world --so the Guardian will prevent
  that possibility by erasing Hero. Hero doesn't follow, but all he cares is:
  1.- he can't return home, and 2.- the thing has been stealing the Energy.
  Time to scrap it.

He'll summon a few monsters. Keep beating them attacking the thing.

* Truly strong, but by attacking him the Guardian could read his patterns.
  Four copies of Hero are created.
BOSS: COPY x4 (3 times)
Now you have to fight yourself. This is one of the toughest fights. By all
means avoid being cornered or expect a beat down to death with little chance
to recover. The copies like to use spells too, namely healing every now and
then. And after (if) you win, you'll have fight again twice.

Ideally you want to keep them together, preferably in the corners. Sometimes
it's possible to line them near a wall and keep using attacks to push them
back to the corner, but you may end up being cornered yourself. Save MP and
some items for healing too, you'll need it.

I suspect you can keep attacking to destroy the Guardian directly, avoiding
the other two battles, but it's quite difficult with them moving around.

* Finally it's down. Hero saved the day and the land, but lost the only way
  to return home. Oh well.

### ENDING C ###

* Like before, Izanagi attacks. Once he's down, they enter the door... 

* Inside is mysterious device: the Guardian of Time. He goes on about who he
  is and his awakening, linked to Hero. However he offers Hero to return him
  home. Hero is concerned about the Dragon Vein, but no problem, the Guardian
  will sleep again once he's gone so it'll return to normal. What to do?

Now exit.

* Heroine finds it unbelievable and is hesitant to let Hero go. The Guardian
  suddenly asks her to come alone for a little chat... It's about Hero going
  back is "fate". She comments to Hero, maybe their meeting was too? Anyway
  she wants to make sure he returns home safely, so she'll stick a bit more.

Go back and talk to it.

* Ready?
 > Anytime
 > Let me think a bit more

* The Guardian has to use all the stored Energy for Hero, and tells them
  they'll meet again, as their existence is but a shadow projected from the
  original world. Hero thinks maybe she's from the original world too so they
  should return together. Unfortunately she can't, the spell only works on
  one person, and even if she returned first there are monsters lurking in
  "time"... Finally the Guardian starts the spell, and Hero sees past events
  until something stops him.
* More past events, and finally the beast that almost killed him at the
  beginning of this chapter.
* Finally he reaches the dragon's altar, from the first scenario. The dragon
  prepares to use the spell, but Hero (the one from the parallel world) stops
  it just in time. Now to settle old scores. 
* The Dragon is gone... But somehow "parallel" Hero starts to disappear and
  while crying Heroines's name he vanishes. Now, since the original cause of
  the events "didn't happen", all the parallel worlds are no more, as well as
  all the "parallel" Heros.
* Time is normal again, and original Hero finds not the dragon's altar, but a
  chest. Inside is the powerful-looking "Time-Sealing Curse scroll", which he
  hasn't heard about...

Since the parallel worlds disappeared, this means Scenario 2/3/4 cannot be
selected anymore. Don't worry, just beat Scenario 1 again (ending B (?))
and they'll appear again.

### ENDING D ###

* A voice says his power has weakened the seal, then sends some monsters

(fight) kyons 

* Finally it stops. Hero orders Izanagi to show. He was hidden, waiting for
  a change. Now he can open the door.
 > Right
 > Only I can unseal it!

- > Right
(same as below?) (?)

- > Only I can unseal it!
* Izanagi must go alone, and is past bedtime for Hero.

FIGHT: Izanagi + monsters

* Defeated, he leaves. Hero enters and finds a strange space with a light.
  A Room God explains that's the origin of the stolen Energy. What lurks

Move to the light to continue.

* The light "eats" Hero, and he finds the culprit: a giant turtle. He want it
  to stop, but... it's asleep. Hero fixes that, but the turtle is not happy.
* The stolen Energy is back, the Dragon Vein revives... but what about Hero?
  Even the Room God wonders. Finally... "Hero didn't return". Ouch.

### ENDING E ###

 Scenario 5                                                             [SW006]
"Karma Retribution"  (因果応報)

The conclusion of the story so far. You have to raise of a mysterious dragon.

SUMMARY: One day, a lone girl was attacked by monsters, but a baby dragon
 saved her. The girl decides to raise him, yet the dragon can't eat anything.
 She decides to find a way...

- Endings: 3
- EN required: 20000 EN
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 10000 EN: Door in the Dragon Furnace opens
 20000 EN: Final event

[prologue start]

* A wandering girl is surrounded by monsters. Suddenly an egg teleports in and
  a newborn dragon drives them off. The girl thanks it and thinks up a name
  for the dragon.

Here you name the little dragon. Beware as on replays you can't change it.
I'll just call him "dragon" or "little dragon".

* The baby dragon seems to like the name and even to understand her. Back
  home she soon realizes dragons don't eat human food. So next day she goes
  to research about it. She overhears people talking about the infamous
  Dousen and all the beasts he commands... Good idea. Next day they hide
  near the Dousen's home. As he teleports away she rushes in.

[prologue end]

More cave-building now. There are noticeably less resources this time around,
as well as more bedrock, so plan ahead.

After the turn ends:
* The day is over, and Hero is perplexed the girl made the dinner. She should
  not be there with an "evil" Dousen. But she knows Dousen work hard to save
  the land, the little dragon taught her so. After some explanations, it turns
  out dragons and senjuu eat Energy and Sentan (but dragons shouldn't be able
  to live outside the caves, he thinks...). Anyway they introduce themselves
  and talk until night. Next day they enter the Cave.

The only room you can make now is the Dragon Furnace, so enter it.

* Inside, Hero explains that you've got to raise the dragon with EN and SN
  from the cave. Giving him EN, SN, EN, SN... once every turn should be

The implications being, the first time you play you won't know how to feed
the dragon properly (read below).


Try to Open the Dragon Furnace menu, this will appear:
 > Channel to the Dragon Furnace
 > Feed the dragon
  > Give the dragon 100EN
  > Give the dragon 1SN
 > Do nothing

Every turn you should feed the dragon _once_ with the correct food (first EN,
next turn SN and so on). Now the point is that you can feed him INCORRECTLY or
not to get different endings.

If you give him the correct food the dragon does a little dance. If you DON'T
or feed him more than once per turn he won't move. Pay attention, Heroine will
remind you of what he ate _last_ turn, every time, and will warn you when
feeding him more than once. Don't forget you actually need to carry the EN/SN
for it.

You can mess up to five times, after that the dragon will make a long growling
noise when you feed him, meaning the ending will change ("incorrectly fed"
flag is set).

If you don't feed him at all, after 3 turns you get a warning. Next turn when
you enter the Dragon Furnace the baby dragon dies... GAME OVER.

Now, since the scene about feeding him correctly only happens on replays, you
are more or less supposed to mess up the first time. So, I suggest you to
get the "incorrectly fed" ending first, which ties nicely with the story so

Anyway, after 6 turns or so re-enter the Dragon Furnace:
* A creepy voice says "don't.... raise.... that... dragon", but they can't
  quite understand what it says.

To end this chapter you have to set a bunch of events, activated in order.

Enter the newly open door for a mini cave with two sealed doors.

   1     2          S = start
   |     |          1 = sealed door 1
   ###S###          2 = sealed door 2

The left one is sealed (doh) and you need and item to open it.
The right one needs a bigger dungeon...

You can't do anything right now, so keep gathering EN and diggin'.
After you make around 5 more rooms new stairs appear. Down:

* In Douten's bar, Meihon decides it's time to go after the Dousen

Now you can wander around the new dungeon. Your goal is to get the "Unsealing

   #-#M#-T             S = start
   #                   T = treasures
   #   S   T           U = Unsealing Gem treasure
   |   |   |           M = Meihon

BUG: like it happens in other dungeons, if you die here the game hangs. (?)

Navigate to M:

(raid sequence)

* Meihon is eager to avenge her by beating every Dousen.

BATTLE: Meihon
* Hero thanks Heroine for their help against such a strong foe.

Retrieve the Gem and get out. Next turn this event happens:

* After a day of work they return home. Heroine asks why Hero became a Dousen.
  No real reason, maybe because Dousen are strong. Weird, she thinks... But
  raising a dragon is extrange too, what if she can't go back home now? Well,
  she could stay there, if he doesn't mind! Hero is speechless... Later that
  night Heroine dreams she is in other place waiting for somebody...

Now we have the Gem let's enter the sealed door 1 inside the Dragon Furnace.
Keep going until you reach Wan Sougen.

       PART 1     TEMPLE     PART 2

         S                    2
         |                    |
         #           2        T             S = start
         #-#-##      #        |             T = treasures
         |    |      B        #  W          1 = exit to 1
       # #    T      #      T-#  |          B = BOSS: White Monkey
       ###           #      #-#  E          2 = exit to 2
   T-#-###           #      |    |          W = Wan Sougen
     | | |           #      ####-#          E = exit warp
     #-# T           1        |
       #                      T

* That place sure looks like the Realm of the Dead, but it's the real world.
  They heard the weird voice again. Something happens are a monster attacks.
BOSS: White Monkey

* The voice shows them the vision of a weird monster village. The voice, Wan
  Sougen actually, explains that in his travelling he has noticed a growing
  and dangerous space-time distortion. And the origin is none other than the
  little dragon: they MUST stop raising it! Heroine protests, he saved her
  life and is her family now, Wan could be mistaken... Hero understands but
  it's THEIR problem they'll find a way together. Wan reminds them the world's
  fate is in stake; raising the dragon leads to... destruction.

After all that step on the exit warp, back to the Dragon Furnace. When the
turn ends this events takes place:

* Back home, Hero is thinking about the issue. Not being able to sleep he
  starts playing the flute outside. Heroine joins and they talk, she believes
  in him. About the melody, Master taught him when he became independent, it's
  really important to him. She would like to learn it too...

After you've talked to wan, make some more rooms and a new dungeon should

   S  X
   |  |          S = start
   ####          T = treasures
   |  |          X = blocked stairs
   T  T

Go to the blocked stairs.
* Hero is surprised, the stairs should connect to another room...

Now to make another room and a staircase leading to the blocked room appears.

* Just like they thought it's that room again. Meanwhile general Raikan
  departs to the cave. Back to the cave, the little dragon suddenly runs away.

(raid sequence)

* Raikan reaches the empty DF. Suddenly the dragon enters: Raikan laughs and
  attacks... Meanwhile Hero and Heroine hear screams followed by Raikan, who
  is running away scared. Hero is suspicious of the dragon and suggests they
  visit the town for a change.

You are now in town. You can't use the monolith to go back yet, first you need
to meet Raikan. Rumors about Raikan's defeat are around, yet nobody pays much
attention to the dragon. Meihon is in the bar, but she's too drunk.

In the army headquarters (right screen), a fat soldier asks what you want;
answer 1st to enter. Inside, talking to the soldiers and answering certain
questions may make them attack you. In some rooms you'll be attacked too.
Once you kill a soldier, when you talk to others they'll usually attack you.

     A-#                R
       |       #-B      |             S = start
   T-#-#-T     |        ####          T = treasures
     |         #           #          A = to floor 1
     #         |        ####          B = to floor 2
     |       T-A-T      |             R = Raikan
     S                T=#-B

Now find Raikan, who shivers at the sight of the dragon.

- He wonders if that's...
 > That's right, I'm the Dousen!
 > This isn't the dragon from the Enchanted Cave.

 - > That's right, I'm the Dousen!
 * So why did you come?
  > Tell me what happened in the cave.
  > I've come to beat you!

  - > Tell me what happened in the cave.
  * He doesn't want to think about it again, ever. Don't they know that
    dragon's true shape? Truly terrifying stuff, but Hero doesn't understand.

  - > I've come to beat you!
  * Raikan isn't afraid of him, but the dragon must be out, 1 vs 1.
   > I'll fight alone.
   > Ignore Raikan's demands.
   - > I'll fight alone.
   * Hero asks Heroine to get out, time to face Raikan.

   BATTLE: Raikan
   BUG: you can actually exit, and if you do Heroine will be gone. You can
   either use the monolith in the entrance to fix this, or talk to Raikan
   again to hang the game. Cool!

   In the way back to the entrance the soldiers try to avenge Raikan.

   - > Ignore those demands.
   * Goodbye then, Raikan runs away.

 - > This isn't the dragon from the Enchanted Cave.
 * Thank god, he wouldn't want to ever see it again. It's not like he's
   totally scared or nothing though. Yeah.

Either way when you are done talking to Raikan go to the monolith and keep
channeling EN nonstop.

This event only starts if you have triggered the previous ones first. Anyway
a door opens... The sealed door 2 in the right.

   #   #-#-C          S = start
   #-#-#              A = altar
       #-#            C = *the* Chaos Seed

The scenario ends once you get to the altar. You can get here the almighty
Chaos Seed. It must be important, being the game's title and stuff, right?
It's in a chest, let's open it:

- "Chaos Seed"? Hero has no idea, but the dragon wants to eat it.
 > Give him the Chaos Seed
 > Don't give him the Chaos Seed

- > Give him the Chaos Seed
* The dragon loves it and... suddenly he grows. Otherwise he looks fine.

- > Don't give him the Chaos Seed
* No feeding him random stuff, may be poisonous.

And that's it. Unfortunately they didn't develop it further. I hear the Saturn
version does a better job, but still. Its description in the menu is just
"???". orz

Now there are three possible endings. I think you can to save before entering
this cave, get one ending, load the data and get another, but I haven't tried
myself. You can "feed incorrectly" the dragon by giving him loads of food now.

* The dragon suddenly grows showing his true shape and speaks; he actually
  could understand them and hear people's true thoughts, which otherwise hide
  in front of others. He asks Heroine to follow him to his world. She's full
  of kindness, but some would take advantage of that; there is no falsehood
  in his world so she'd be happier there. No way Hero's approving that though,
  the dragon is just lying himself about his true feelings. Heroine interrupts
  them, can't they just live together? Impossible, the dragon can't live in
  the human world anymore. He asks again, but Hero won't allow it because...
  he needs her more than the dragon does. But the dragon is determined: he'll
  have to send Hero away then. He uses a powerful technique, but Heroine saves
  Hero getting hit instead, and is sent to another dimension. The dragon blames
  him, but he isn't intimidated.

BOSS: Dragon
It isn't over yet...

BOSS: Bone Dragon
* Hero blames the dragon, and suddenly he somehow activates the Forbidden
  Spell of Time (from Scenario 4's scroll in the "true" ending, I presume).
  The dragon is warped to the past, in a familiar place. But he swears to
  take revenge, no matter how many years it takes. And so it began...

### ENDING A ###

* Some strange altar over lava... Suddenly another dragon appears, coming to
  get the little guy, and thanking them for raising him. The baby dragon
  chooses to stay, so the big dragon comments he may cause changes in the human
  and senjuu worlds by staying there, yet accepts it and vanishes asking them
  to take care of him. They think about it, but anyway for Heroine the dragon
  already changed her world a bit... thanks to him they met.

### ENDING B ###

* Just like before the big dragon appears. However the little dragon decides
  to go back to his world. After the goodbye Hero and Heroine are left alone,
  but Hero pretends they better check the Dragon Vein. Having the moment
  ruined Heroine is pissed: what's more important, she or his work?

### ENDING C ###

 Scenario 6                                                             [SW007]
"The Octagon Mirror"  (八面鏡)

Here you need to defeat the Scenario Characters before they reach the Dragon
Furnace, creating a defensive cave within the turn limit

SUMMARY: The hero Alex couldn't break the seal a Dousen Roushi placed over an
 artifact. Days later Roushi summons the Hero...

- Endings: 2
- EN required: None (40000 EN)
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 27 Turns: Final Event

[prologue start]

* Narration: This story starts in a distant country...
* In a distant country two men, Alex and Kevress, are discussing about the
  "Octagon Mirror" they found in a shrine. Shasta bursts out with big news:
  an old Dousen is able to break the seal...
  Many months later Roushi summons Hero, and begs him to substitute him in the
  cave. The catch is there are incredibly strong people after the Octagon
  Mirror, a treasure Roushi has. Meaning they are coming to beat him, so he
  wants Hero to protect the artifact, and beating them BEFORE they reach the
  Dragon Furnace would be the safest way. Opening the chest containing the
  artifact shows little flames forming the seal, and after several turns they
  will vanish and the enemy will come.

[prologue end]

So you must make a defensive cave to stop those guys. Beating them outside
or inside the Dragon Furnace decides which ending you get. Beware, even if
only one of them reaches the Dragon Furnace they'll all revive and start with
full HP.

Every two turns one fire from the chest vanishes; we have 27 turns before the
fated duel. But since it counts as a character event it won't start until you
re-enter the Dragon Furnace, even if more turns pass.

The strategy is to make traps, powerful senjuu and weapons. Traps are less
useful, but it doesn't hurt to put a lot in their way. Senjuu, specially if
equipped with good weapons, are very strong but you need to upgrade the
Summoning Room to make them at higher LV or they may be too weak to attack
even once. Remember the raid always follows the same route, you can save
before it starts and mine their way. The results of the fights are a bit
random so you may want to reload and try again.

Channeling all EN does nothing, by the way. It's there to get more DPs and 
recover HP/MP.

If you check the chest every time a fire disappears it leaves part of a small
poem (and a "only X remain" comment).

* Everything is ready. Shasta notices the old man isn't there, but Alex didn't
  want to steal from the elderly anyway. The old guy must be frightened, then.

(raid sequence)

* The old man is delighted, but he has no clue what the mirror was for. Before
  Hero gets too angry he is reminded Heroine is all alone, but... Too late,
  she enters and scolds him, he'll have to cook as a punishment. Meanwhile
  Alex and co are lamenting their loss, they needed the mirror to beat a
  certain monster.

### ENDING A ###

* After the introductions Alex explains they want the mirror to kill a certain
  monster. Still, Hero won't let it go so easily.

BOSS: Alex + Shasta + Kevress
- (LOSE) The results were natural, says Alex... GAME OVER.
  BUG: if you beat any of them then get killed the game hangs.

- (WIN) Hero actually gives them the mirror, and Shasta is grateful not all
  Dousen are selfish. Later the old Master is annoyed by the MIrror's loss,
  turns out Roushi's hobby is collecting rare treasures. Hero knew it would
  be some dumb reason like that, that's why he gave it away.

### ENDING B ###

 Scenario 7                                                             [SW008]
"The Last Enchanted Cave"  (最後の仙窟)

The last main scenario. It is pretty straightforward; just fill the Energy
quota (a LOT though). Many Scenario Characters will attack and there is a
sort of sidequest that unlocks Scenario 9.

SUMMARY: a certain Dragon Vein was said to be the biggest in the world, which
 other Dousen could to restore... Could the Hero do it?

- Endings: 1
- EN required: 65000 EN
- Dragon Furnace Events:
 6000 EN: Scenario Character - Kou Meihon
 6000 EN: Home event
 13000 EN: Scenario Character - Ryuu Raikan
 13000 EN: Home event
 13000 EN: Home event
 20000 EN: Scenario Character - Rin Reiran
 20000 EN: Home event
 26000 EN: Scenario Character - Izanagi
 26000 EN: Home event
 32000 EN: Scenario Character - Kevress Realy
 32000 EN: Home event
 40000 EN: Scenario Character - Shasta Holth
 40000 EN: Home event
 48000 EN: Scenario Character - Soujin Shirou
 48000 EN: Home Event
 55000 EN: Scenario Character - Wan Sougen
 55000 EN: Home Event
 55000 EN: Home Event
 65000 EN: Final event

[this chapter has no prologue]

* Hero is working on the world's biggest Dragon Vein and conveniently finds
  it under his home. His master encourages them and leaves. Of course, Heroine
  wants to tag along.

Now the scenario becomes "normal" type if Heroine joins, and "battle" if she
doesn't. Let's talk to her first:

- Heroine asks if she should join.
 > Let's make together the best Enchanted Cave in the world!
 > Uh, let me think about it for a while.

- > Let's make together the best Enchanted Cave in the world!
~ Heroine joins the party!

- > Uh, let me think about it for a while.
* She warns you that once you enter the cave she won't join anymore.

If she joins she'll fight along you and longer character events will play.
If she doesn't characters will just attack with no dialogues, and some "home
events" take place instead, when you re-enter the house after channeling
enough EN (which are skipped if you don't enter the house and channel the
required EN for the next event). There isn't that much difference otherwise.

HOWEVER there is a subquest to unlock Scenario 9 if she DOESN'T join. I'd do
the sidequest first or you'll have to replay this loong chapter again. For the
walkthrough I've written both the character events as if she joined and the
house events as if she didn't. The sidequest unlocks after certain home events
but just to be sure trigger them all.

Once you've decided, enter the cave with or without Heroine. You can exit your
home and wander around the neighborhood. There is a monolith to enter the cave
directly. This is the last cave, good luck!

* Meihon finds the Cave. Finally she'll get revenge!

(raid sequence)

* To avenge her father every Dousen is an enemy: she is the Genkaken ("Phantom
  Flower Fist") Fist Master, Meihon.

BATTLE: Meihon
* Admitting defeat Meihon leaves.

* Hero is hungry and the dinner is ready.

* Raikan swears divine punishment to the fools that hurt his country!

(raid sequence)

* Looking at Heroine Raikan is amazed to find a monster resembling humans
  so well.
- Heroine asks Hero to say something.
 > How is this girl a phantom!!
 > So you were a phantom?!
 > Oh.

* Either way she attempts to explain they are there to protect the land, and
  everything is but a terrible misunderstanding but the shogun won't buy it.

BATTLE: Raikan
* Raikan leaves ashamed.

* The cave will take a while, fighting all these guys it's tiring and stuff.
  Heroine laughs, he has to take it easy sometimes.

* Heroine wonders if the High Priest is somebody important, he came earlier
  looking for the Dousen. Hero warns her to take care while she's alone.

* Reiran finds to the infamous Hero's Cave.

(raid sequence)

* Reiran is surprised, she thought Dousen where all old men. Hero too thought
  all bounty hunters were talentless men. Anyway all Reiran cares for is the

BATTLE: Reiran
* Reiran acknowledges your strength and vanishes.

****** SUBQUEST ALERT ******

* After some chatting, the High Priest enters taunting Hero, and unleashes
  the "Jikuuten" time-space magic.

BOSS: Phoenix
The priest is gone. Now if you go to the monolith (outside in town, in a cave)
and activate it:

- That sure isn't the Enchanted Cave.
 > Seems interesting, keep going.
 > Return to the Enchanted Cave

The 1st option leads to a subquest and 2nd skips it. Let's select the 1st.

WARNING: now a special event starts. That is actually scenario 9. Go check the
walkthrough for that one and once you finish it you'll be back here. Then
continue this scenario normally and beat it.

Unless you beat the subquest first AND finish this chapter, scenario 9 won't
be unlocked. If you skip it now you'll need to replay the whole chapter.

****** SUBQUEST ALERT ******

* Izanagi finds the Cave, surely an appropriate entrance to the underworld...

(raid sequence)

* Izanagi is looking for an entrance to the Realm of the Dead; Hero has no
  idea but their guest isn't convinced. It's ok, though, he'll find out after
  he deals with them.

BATTLE: Izanagi
* Hero warns Izanagi he couldn't enter alive such place. Izanagi teleports
  away, muttering about what do they know about his feelings.

* Heroine isn't home, but outside playing the flute...

* In the entrance Kevress wonders why villains make similar dwellings.

(raid sequence)

* Kevress is travelling to stomp evil. He is surprised Dousen even resort to
  brainwashing kids. Heroine finds that very rude, everybody coming there is
  always the same: maybe the bad guys are THEM? Hero challenges him, to prove
  by force which meaning of "justice" is correct there.

BATTLE: Kevress
* Kevress finds Hero's strength unbelievable, maybe a match to Alex's...

* Heroine is again outside, cheerful now that flowers have bloomed.

* Shasta senses something evil...

(raid sequence)

* Shasta is surprised a cute girl is there, thinking "Kevress lost to these
  guys?". Heroine has a friendly chat with her, and Shasta demands him to
  release the girl. They try to explain the situation but she is decided to
  save her!

BATTLE: Shasta
* Shasta leaves.

* Heroine shows Hero a powerful senjutsu! Now that she is stronger she wants
  to tag along, but Hero doesn't approve it yet. It's because she takes care
  of the house he can work at ease, next time they'll go together.

* Shirou is impressed by the castle of a man said to be the strongest.

(raid sequence)

* The samurai is surprised to see there are women among Dousen. In his country
  the custom is women don't fight. He lives to fight so...

BATTLE: Shirou
* Shirou isn't beaten yet.

BATTLE: Shirou
* Heroine notes even women can become strong with proper training.

* They have a visit, their neighbor Rinrin. Heroine was pretty bored lately,
  being all alone, but Hero asks her to wait a bit more.

* Wan arrives to the famous Hero's Cave.

(raid sequence)

* Hero soon recognizes Wan Sougen: the country's, or maybe the world's most
  terrifying man. Heroine isn't convinced and asks the little one his age. 
  Wan is amused, and Hero explains Wan may look like a kid, but a hidden art
  of soul transmigration has allowed him to live even longer than Roushi.

* Heroine is amazed that Hero is even stronger than Sougen but Hero denies,
  he was in a child's body... But Heroine is still happy.

* Heroine is teaching their neighbours to play flute, while Rinrin cooks for
  them. Being ignored, Hero leaves.

* Heroine is laying in the floor, fainted. Hero hurries and cures her, he'll
  prepare the food that day. Just a little bit more to finish the cave...

* "We did it!". Hero thanks Heroine. She can do anything if she is with him...
  Meanwhile Alex notices there isn't a wasteland anymore, what happened?

(raid sequence)

- Alex cannot be killed during the raid, unlike other SCs in this chapter.

* Alex introduces himself but he already knows who they are: everybody does.
  He'll be their last opponent.

BOSS: Alex
* Seems Hero won, but... Alex revives and decides to get serious.

This is it, the last battle. Mostly the same as before, but he seems to be
faster, has more HP and heals a lot more often (incredibly annoying). Don't
hold back and use whatever you've got.

* (LOSE) Game over staff roll. Well, at least you did try...
* (WIN) Dragon Vein should be healed now.

The ending is the same whether Heroine joined or not.

* Earth is healed and the land is full of green. Heroine is really surprised,
  Dousen are really amazing. She looks around nature: it's a truly incredible
  miracle. Not even the highest kings, strongest generals, brightest scholars
  or richest men could ever reach that. She is truly glad to have met him.
  Hero is touched... but his stomach ruins the moment. In their way back,
  the townspeople finally have realized he isn't an evil Dousen, and back home
  the girl wonders what will they do from now on. Hero has heard about a town
  in west, where plants don't grow. Yes, another cave...
  Narration: This story ends here. It is said they travelled, fought dangerous
  beasts and revived many lands. But these are stories for another time...

### ENDING A ###

Thus our Dousen's story ends. However, there is still more to do.

 Scenario 8                                                             [SW009]
"Demonic Beast of Madness"  (狂気の魔獣)

This is a story-only scenario, devoid of any cave building. It's (mostly) a
cute detective story with several endings.

SUMMARY: After overcoming many trials, the Hero and the Heroine enjoy peace.
  One day, Roushi calls them both, to entrust them with something...

- Endings: 5
- EN required: None
- Dragon Furnace Events:

PART 1 - Beginning
* Long time passed since they last met. Roushi wants them to deliver a "charm"
  to an old disciple of his to the inn "Rouryuu" (Dragon Tower). Hero prepares
  to teleport directly but Roushi stops him, that way will break the charm.
  They must walk normally. Hero is suspicious but Heroine is angry as he
  doesn't want to go with her.

- Maybe he doesn't like her.
 > That's not it!
 > Yep.

- > That's not it!
* Heroine is happy and teleports away, Hero follows quickly. Roushi makes a
  suspicious "ho ho ho" laugh... 


- > Yep.
* Heroine cries how cruel Hero is, and teleports away. She didn't talk for a
  month. Bad ending.

### ENDING A ###

PART 2 - Inn Rouryuu
* The inn master and Roushi's old disciple (the Izanagi look-alike) checks the
  charm. Inside is a letter: the truth is Roushi wanted them to have a great
  trip. Hero is angry they were tricked, but agrees to stay. The innkeeper
  Ryuuzen introduces himself, his wife Ryuurei and the part-time worker
  Meiling (Reiran look-alike). A man, Goemon (Shirou look-alike), enters
  looking around for somebody but soon leaves. New guests arrive, a Reika the
  martial artist (Meihon) and the western couple Alek and Celia (Alex and
  Shasta). Meiling leads Hero and Heroine to their double room.

- She also comments about the beautiful flowers they saw in the mountains...
 > Uh? I don't remember.
 > Ah, those flowers.

* Either way, later Ryuuzen introduces their guests. Reika also explains she
  is going to a nearby tournament opening next day.
- Reika asks if he knows about it.
 > I do.
 > I don't.

- Either way then she directly asks them if they are lovers or partners.
 > Just friends.
 > Err, well, you see...

- > Just friends.
* Heroine answers slowly "just friends?", and Reika "understands".

- > Err, well, you see...
* Reika is quite envious.
* She jokes she never had luck with men and only has her kenpo. Alek and Celia
  explain they are researching a nearby shrine. After the meal they go out for
  a walk... But soon they are back shouting about a black dragon. Ryuuzen
  knows something, but first he wants them to close all the doors and windows.
  He sends Meiling to check Goemon too. The inn master narrates a tale: Long
  ago an invincible black dragon, Zagan, existed. Many braves tried to kill
  it, but neither sword nor magic could do anything. Finally a young man by
  the name of Ryuukan managed to seal it away.
* The monster may be Zagan, which actually should still be sealed under the
  inn. Meilin enters: Goemon won't answer, and the door is locked. Ryuuzen
  orders her to open and wake him up. But hearing a shout. Ryuuzen, Hero and
  Alek rush to the samurai's room.


PART 3 - Goemon's Death
* They find Goemon dead, and the window open. The monster, or just a burglar?
  Nobody had reasons to kill him. Alek suggests they check all rooms for
  evidence. Alek notices and remarks about Hero's doubts...

- Hero is hesitatant, shall he go with the other two men?
 > Got it.
 > Let me think for a bit
 > I'm not going.

- > Got it.
* They go.

- > Let me think for a bit
* If they keep rambling like that Zagan could enter anytime, so they go.

- > I'm not going.
* Not leaving Heroine there alone.

  - So that means the other women can't be trusted?
   > That's it!
   > It's not that.

  - > That's it!
  * Hero still can't trust them, thinking he has a hunch that Alek is the
    criminal. Alek asks why is he so reluctant.
   > About the criminal's motive
   > About the time of the crime

   - > About the criminal's motive
   * Maybe Alek had secret motives to murder Goemon. Alek didn't even know
     him anyway, and while they babble Zagan could show up anytime! Hero
     finally accepts to go.

   - > About the time of the crime
   * From the solid blood Ryuuzen guesses it'd be quite a while. Alek adds
     they came not long ago, right after Goemon went to his room. But the
     innkeeper suddenly notices: how could Alex know about that? Alek claims
     Meiling told them, but she denies. The western couple tries to run, but
     they beat them. Celia explains: Goemon was their partner, but he was
     always messing up so they killed him for an alibi. They heard rumors of
     a treasure under the inn. But it's just a silly rumor, Ryuuzen adds...
     Next day they go see Reika win the tournament, and she reunites with her
     fiancee Ralph (Wan look-alike).

### ENDING B ###

  - > It's not that.
  - Hero reasons that Zagan might come anytime but Alek counters that saying
    they won't take too long, and the girls could run away if necessary.

* After checking all rooms, Alek persuades Ryuuzen to enter the only place
  they didn't, the basement. Inside they find nothing other than a mysterious
  sealed door...


PART 4 - Meiling's Death
* Seems Celia and Meiling went to the second floor but haven't returned...
  The three men rush and find Meiling dead and Shasta hurt... It was the
  monster. Alek takes her to their room while the others discuss the latest
- Ryuuzen thinks it's clear the perpetrator comes from outside
 > ...That's right.
 > I don't think so.

- > ...That's right.
* Reika doesn't agree, maybe the three men did it... She decides to lock
  herself up in her room. The innkeeper understands and suggests Hero to do
  the same.

- > I don't think so.
* Hero has a hunch they are overlooking something. Reika adds the three men
  were there in Meiling and Goemon's deaths... She goes to her room.

* Either way, back in their room Hero thinks it's strange they heard no
  noises... The most likely criminal would be Reika, with outside help.
- He decides to confront Reika, and Heroine suggests to go with somebody else.
 > Go with Ryuuzen
 > Go with Alek

- > Go with Ryuuzen
* They go see Ryuuzen and explain the theory. The inn master asks Hero to
  follow him but Hero doubts about leaving Heroine alone. Ryuuzen understands
  and goes alone to see Reika. After a while they hear something and rush to
  Reika's room.
* Inside they find Alek standing next to Reika and Ryuuzen's bodies. Alek
  explains Ryuuzen was the criminal, he heard something and saw him killing
  Reika. Alek just had to kill Ryuuzen to avenge his girlfriend. Surely the
  innkeeper's wife knew all about it, so they lock her up.
* Hero thinks about Ryuuzen's motives. After some thinking, he concludes Alek
  and Celia started it all when they saw Zagan. It's too suspicious so he
  goes to see Celia's body to make sure.
* However nobody is there, Ryuurei is in danger! He barely makes it. The wife
  tells him the couple went to the underground room to steal the treasure.
  But they may break Zagan's seal, The truth is, Zagan was a demonic beast
  Ryuukan summoned by mistake and could barely manage to seal. In her last
  words she asks Hero to beat the monster.


- > Go with Alek
* Hero explains and they go, but Reika isn't answering. However, the door is
  unlocked. Reika is dead. While Hero wonders how is it possible, Celia and
  Alek finish them off... Bad ending.

### ENDING C ###

PART 5 - The True Criminal
* The western couple is waiting in the sealed room. They laugh, as their goal
  from the beginning was to steal the treasure there; the story about Zagan
  was made up, and their partner Goemon was killed just for the alibi. Celia
  breaks the seal, but a dragon appears and kills them. That is Zagan, once
  summoned by mistake and then sealed for hundred of years, the beast has no
  intention to return to his world.

BOSS: Zagan

* (LOSE) As Hero is defeated he hears Heroine entering the room. In his last
  breath he tells her to run away, but... bad ending.

### ENDING D ###

* (WIN) Heroine enters saying he was so scared... Thus the nightmarish night
  ended. Everything began with a single misunderstanding, but they got
  involved in a big case.

### ENDING E ###

NOTE: this scenario is divided into several parts. On replays you can skip

> From the Beginning
> Continue
 > Inn Rouryuu
 > Goemon's Death
 > Meiling's Death
 > The True Criminal

 Scenario 9                                                             [SW010]
"Emperor of the Senjuu World"  (仙獣界の皇帝)

Like the previous chapter this is just story, no cave building. This is a
sidequest inside Scenario 7 so check it for info on how to unlock this.

SUMMARY: Hero was heading to the Enchanted Cave, but somehow gets lost and
  found himself in a mysterious location... The World of the Senjuu.

- Endings: 1
- EN required: None
- Dragon Furnace Events:

[this chapter has no prologue]

* Hero reaches a mysterious place... The "Senkai" or Hermit World, where
  sennin and senjuu live in peace. The High Priest is there by accident as
  well. After arguing for a while they both agree on a truce.

Town section:

  Waterside Temple    House     Mountain Temple
          |             |            |
      West Part    -  Center  -  East Part
    Lakeside House

The folks outside talk about two humans in the temples: an old man (east) and
a girl (west), and they are always arguing. They both rule the Senjuu World
but aren't doing a great job at it.

Let's talk to them.

* In the west, the girl complains about the old man and his manners.
* In the east, the old man asks what you need.
  > About the arguments
  > About the old days in the Senjuu World
  > NOthing, really

* Anyway the main issue here is their views about how to rule the place.

Now go to the lakeside house. Near it there is a snake man.

- What you think about that odd couple and their fights?
 > Totally worthless
 > Isn't it fine?

- > Totally worthless
* With such dumb politics even he could be an emperor. The snake asks if
  he wants to try. Sound fun, challenge accepted.

- > Isn't it fine?
* The snake man was hoping he'd become the ruler in place of these two. Hero
  is surprised but finally accepts.

Either way, follow the snake to the house.

* The "new master" Hero is eager to make his own underground temple, but first
  it's time to pay a visit to the old rulers.

First the girl:
- So what do you want?
 > Fight me!!
 > Will you give the administration rights?
 > You aren't a capable ruler!!

- > Fight me!!
* She doesn't want to fight so just leaves the country to him.

- > Will you give the administration rights?

First a quick strength test, beat the (LV1) senjuu. Die and it's game over.

* Seeing your power she gladly accepts.

- > You aren't a capable ruler!!
* Now he's in charge so she better stays out of the way. But she doesn't care,
  surprisingly. Hero wonders if he made the wrong choice...

Now the old man:
- So...
 > Do you mind if I become the emperor?
 > I wish something!
 > Hear this or die!

- > Do you mind if I become the emperor?
* No, he doesn't. So... uhm, ok.

- > I wish something!
* After hearing the situation the old man doesn't mind, either.

- > Hear this or die!
* Hero tells him about his plans rudely... but the old man isn't paying
  attention, and accepts anyway.

After all that, let's go back to the snake man.

* The snake hails the new emperor. Hero is eager to make more Caves, but there
  are more important matters first. Namely, creating new rules and fun paper
  work for months to no end... Long time passes and Hero can't stand it
  anymore. He tells Watson the snake he resigns.

You can talk the old man and the girl to tell them you quit but it's not
needed (they are just like "oh well"). Go back to the first house.

* Upon entering, Heroine complains he's so late again, he shouldn't make
  others worry. The food is getting cold!

### ENDING A ###

 Scenario 10                                                            [SW011]
"Dungeon Mode"  (ダンジョンモード)

While this scenario itself is just the Dungeon Mode, you can also play a
special "Boss Rush" mode. To activate it press L+R+X+A to select Scenario 10.

- Endings: None
- EN required: None
- Dragon Furnace Events:

This mode is just a big map where you can keep building rooms. However there
is no Dragon Furnace here so you cannot get Dungeon Points normally! Meaning
you don't channel EN either. And since channeling EN also refills HP/MP, this
changes the basic strategy a bit (don't waste any resources!).

The Excavation Room becomes vital, as some items can recover DPs and HP/MP 
(enemies drop them too). DP-increasing items look like red/blue jewels. You
could also gather these items in other scenarios and use the "Dimensional
Storage" (Feng Shui upgrade) to store and retrieve them here, but it's slow.

You always start in a Transfer Room for whatever reason. Seems there are three
cave textures (green, yellow or blue) randomly chosen at the start. Another
feature is that in some Colorless Worlds a character can join your party, most
notably Shasta, Izanagi and Shirou (check the Colorless Worlds section).
Supposedly there are new invasions if the cave is big enough, where recolored
characters appear (as seen in the demo). I haven't tested it myself but I've
read they are: (?)
- Alek (Alex) and Celia (Shasta)
- Goemon (Shirou)
- Reika (Meihon)
- Falcon (Kevress)
- Ralph (Wan) and the little dragon
- Rikudou (High Priest)

This mode has no actual ending, but there is a way to beat it. Make 40 rooms
(this is no easy task, you have to manage well your limited map space and
resources) to enter a special Colorless World, the "Eiendou". You'll fight
series of *very* tough battles: in every room you face a powerful enemy x4
with no party members allowed. Consider it the ultimate Chaos Seed challenge.

The battles are (always x4 enemies):

- Heishi A (regular soldier)
- Heishi B (fat soldier)
- Heishi C (small soldier)
- Knight
- Senshi (warrior)
- Thief
- Healer
- Doushi (sorcerer)
- Witch
- Shinobi
- Souryo
- Samurai

- Nezumi (rat)
- Ushi (bull)
- Tora (tiger)
- Usagi (rabbit)
- Ryuu (dragon)
- Hebi (snake)
- Uma (horse)
- Hitsuji (sheep)
- Saru (monkey)
- Tori (bird)
- Inu (dog)
- Inoshishi (boar)

- Meihon
- Raikan
- Reiran
- Izanagi
- Shasta
- Roushi
- Kokusui (High Priest)
- Eiyuu (Kevress)
- Shirou
- Wan
- Yuusha (Alex)
- Ryuu (small dragon)
- Ryuu (big dragon)
- Rurara (!)

You better have powerful senjutsu, equipment and HP/MP refilling items because
skill alone will only take you so far. Things only get HARD after the senjuu
so hang in there. A good tactic (you should already know) is abusing the 10MP
senjutsu but you'll run out of MP quickly. A high LV helps here thanks to the
MP boost, but the enemies' LV are still scaled to yours. Once you are done
open the final chest and the staff roll will play.
BUG: don't die in the last room or the game hangs!

The game won't count this "ending" as part of the % nor the "times played".

### ENDING A ###

- Endings: None
- EN required: None
- Dragon Furnace Events:

use L+R+X+A to select Scenario 10 to start this. You'll fight several bosses
successively, starting at LV1. Sometimes you level up after a fight (so your
HP/MP recovers), though they are always beatable as their LV is adjusted.

The battles:
- Wizard
- Turtle
- Phoenix
- Monkey
- Wizard
- Dragon (x4)
- Bone Dragon

Nothing you haven't seen before, but these guys can be deadly. Beating them
gets you a generic staff roll that won't count for completion %.

### ENDING A ###

Congratulations if you got this far, you have fully beaten Chaos Seed, but you
can always replay or start a new game. There are infinite ways to build Caves,
why not try to? ;)

  MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION                                            [MS000]

 Special Demo                                                           [MS001]

Not much of a secret, but leave the game running for a while at the title and
a demo will play. It shows a bit of how the game works so it's worth a look.

 Sound Test                                                             [MS002]

After beating Scenario 5 Ending B you can enter a sound test. It's located in
Scenario 2. Play until the part where you visit the Douten Town (let Raikan
or Reiran take the egg) and go north-east, to the rightmost building. A door
previously guarded can be opened now with A. Inside, talk with the soldiers
to select tracks.

Clockwise from the entrance you get:

ID  TRACK                            JAPANESE NAME

01  Douten Town's Tune               洞天の街の曲
02  Chaos Seed 1                     カオスシード1
03  Heroes' Attack                   勇者の進撃
04  Battle Tune                      戦いの曲

05  General Raikan's Theme           雷漢将軍のテーマ
06  Soujin's Theme                   捜神のテーマ
07  Roushi's Tune                    老師の曲
08  Bar                              酒場

09  Recount Time                     集計タイム
0A  Burouan's Tune                   武楼庵の曲
0B  Cave                             洞窟
0C  Tranquility                      しずかな

0D  The End                          終劇
0E  Meihon's Theme                   明紅のテーマ
0F  Izanagi's Theme                  イザナギのテーマ
10  Reiran's Theme                   玲蘭のテーマ

11  Kevress' Theme                   ケブレスのテーマ
12  Phantom Beast 1                  妖獣1
13  Phantom Beast 2                  妖獣2
14  Flute                            笛

15  Heroine's Sadness                ヒロイン悲しい
16  Phantom Beast 3                  妖獣3
17  Phantom Beast 4                  妖獣4
18  Dragon Furnace                   龍穴炉

19  Lake in Earth's Depths           地底湖
1A  Senjuu World                     仙獣の世界
1B  Dungeon                          ダンジョン
1C  Battle Tune 2                    戦いの曲2

1D  Battle Tune 3                    戦いの曲3
1E  Betrayal                         うらぎり
1F  Heroine's Theme                  ヒロインのテーマ
20  Main Theme                       メインテーマ

21  Opening                          オープニング
22  Practice Screen                  練習面
23  Main Theme 2                     メインテーマ2
24  Enchanted Cave                   仙窟
25  Decision                         決断
26  Impatience                       あせり
27  Friends 1                        仲間1

28  Friends 2                        仲間2
29  Main Theme 3                     メインテーマ3
2A  A Powerful Enchanted Cave        強力な仙窟
3B  The Last Enchanted Cave          最後の仙窟
3C  Alex's Tune                      アレックスの曲
3D  Fear                             おそれ
3E  Ending 1                         エンディング1

3F  Ending 2                         エンディング2
30  True Ending                      真のエンディング
31  Last Battle                      ラストバトル
32  Staff Roll                       スタッフロール
33  Shasta's Tune                    シャスタの曲
34  Douten Army                      洞天軍
35  Another Dimension                異次元

The sound test actually incorrectly lists 3B after 2A. Also, there is "Chaos
Seed 1" but not "Chaos Seed 2"... weird. Some minor game over and fanfare
tracks (7?) didn't make it either.

 Saturn Version Differences                                             [MS003]

This is what I've gathered from Japanese websites. I've played little of the
Saturn version myself though, I can't really double check it all.

- Changed subtitle. It's now "Senkutsu Katsuryuu Taisen - Chaos Seed".
- New and ugly CG intro, replacing the Mode 7 in the original.
- Improved graphics, roughly the same with retouched color palette/effects,
  higher resolution, more sprites moving around, no slowdown, etc.
- Improved music with more sound channels, better synth, higher frequency,
  etc. No new tracks except the opening and the music is still synth.
- Tweaked controls (alternate buttons for some actions) and interface.
- Load times (fairly short), with illustrations.
- Added portraits for speaking characters during story sequences.
- Added special illustrations for each endings (often reused).
- New (partial, battle only) voices for all characters and more misc voices.
- Added help system, selectable from the in-game menu. Has info about most
  terms plus a few grainy videos with voiced explanations.
- Gameplay tweaks for better balance: new/altered senjutsu, modified rooms,
  changed senjuu, weapon stats, Feng Shui counts, etc. Also some scenarios
  restrict how much EN you can channel at once. (!!!)
- New game mode: "Puzzle Cave" (Nazokutsu) selectable from main menu. 20
  puzzle dungeons with conditions ("make X rooms in Y seconds") to clear.
- New character: Tou Tenten, a female spear-user and Douten Army officer.
- New scenario: "Tree of the Land" between Scenario 3 and 4.
- New scenario: "Earthwork Mysteries" between Scenario 5 and 6.
- Some scenarios tweaked: added/deleted endings and conditions, Dragon Furnace
  events/EN amounts, dialogues, etc. New story events (for example the first
  time Hero and Heroine meet is different). Each ending now adds a character
  statue in the scenario select to differentiate endings better.
- Lecture Scenario is now called Scenario 1 and Scenario 10 is split (Boss
  Rush + Dungeon Mode). Some scenarios require different conditions to unlock.
- The scenario numbering scheme is now different due to the above changes.
- The original release comes with a Saturn-only Omake CD:
 * The Heroine uses Sakura as her name (from her VA, Sakura Tange).
 * Menus divided into several "rooms" (L+A to return).
 * Water Room: "Dousen Nikki" (Dousen Diary), a fully voiced manga published
   originally in Sega Saturn Magazine.
 * Wood Room: "Senkutsu yori Ai wo Komete" ("From the Enchanted Cave with
   Love"), a fully voiced manga originally published in Saturn FAN magazine.
 * Fire Room: four arranged tracks.
 * Earth Room: a card minigame.
 * Metal Room: character and senjuu info (profiles and illustrations) with
   fully voiced skits.
 * Omake Room: pictures, illustrations and five CS radio commercials. Put
   the cursor over it, hold L then press up, down, left, right, X, Y, Z to
   unlock secret illustrations without having to beat the card minigame.
 * Press R+A or R+Z+A (alternate) in the main menu to get the credits.

 Release Info                                                           [MS004]

Chaos Seed ~Fuusui Kairouki~
カオスシード 〜風水回廊記〜
Developer: Neverland Co.,ltd.
Publisher: Taito
Platform: Super Famicom
Release Date: 1996-03-15
Price: 9800 yen

Senkutsu Katsuryuu Taisen - Chaos Seed
Developer: Neverland Co.,ltd.
Publisher: ESP
Platform: SegaSaturn
Release Date: 1998-01-29
Price: 6800 Yen

Senkutsu Katsuryuu Taisen - Chaos Seed [Saturn Collection Re-release]
仙窟活龍大戦カオスシード [サタコレ]
Developer: Neverland Co.,ltd.
Publisher: ESP
Platform: SegaSaturn
Release Date: 1998-12-10
Price: 2800 Yen

  RESOURCES                                                            [RC000]

 Credits                                                                [RC001]

- Old Neverland homepage. It's long gone but you can use www.archive.org to
  see it again, though not all. Some character info taken from there.

- Basic info and ending guide, which I used for reference. Gone as well.

- Several useful resources and links for Chaos Seed (SFC), some are now dead
  so archive.org again. Colorless World info taken from there.

- Info and official (Saturn) illustrations for most characters.

- The first page in English about Chaos Seed, for a long time.

- A good English article about Chaos Seed, including a nice visual guide.

- Home of the Chaos Seed translation patch, released on April 2014

 Legal Information                                                      [RC002]

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
and private use. Unless the author's explicit permission is given, it should
be only available at www.gamefaqs.com.

Copyright (c) 2015 Dag

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