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    FAQ/Move List by KageKaze

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/16/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       SNES - JAP
         8888          88 88
        8888           88 88
       8888               88
        8888    888    88 88      8888888 88 88
         8888  88 88   88 88      88   88 8888
        8888  8888888  88 88      88   88 88
       8888  88     88 88 8888888 8888888 88
                          PRETTY SOLDIER SAILOR MOON
                                    8888     8888
                                    88 88   88 88
                                    88  88 88  88
                                    88   888   88 8888888 8888888 8888   88
                                    88         88 88   88 88   88 88 88  88
                                    88         88 88   88 88   88 88  88 88
                                    88         88 8888888 8888888 88   8888
    FAQ by KageKaze
    "Tsukini kawate ohshokiyo!"
    (In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!)
    Version 1.5
    VERSION 1.5 (11/16/98)--
            Changed "Arkuyo Taisan" to "Akuryo Taisan", the REAL name
            Found this information out from the actual Sailor Moon Manga
            Changed "Love Again" to "Flower Hurricane", Thanks to Kayin Amoh
            Added 'Legend of the Suehiro' and 'Every Life Counts' sections
            Added Boss Strategy section
            Changed "Everything for Love" to "Love for All" for Aino Minako
    VERSION 1.01--
            Changed Mars' Charm Surround to her actual attack:
            "Arkuyo Taisan" wich means "Evil Spirits Begone"
            Thanks go to Matt 28800 for this information.
    VERSION 1--
            Original release.
            1.  TITLE SCREEN
                    A>  MODES EXPLAINED
            2.  OPTIONS SCREEN
                    A>OPTIONS EXPLAINED
            3.  THE SAILOR SENSHI
            4.  CONTROLS
                    A>  ALL SENSHI
                    B>  CHARACTER ATTACKS
                    C>  INDIVIDUAL SENSHI
                            1>  SAILOR MERCURY
                            2>  SAILOR JUPITER
                            3>  SAILOR MOON
                            4>  SAILOR VENUS
                            5>  SAILOR MARS
            5.  SECRETS
                    A>  SAME SENSHI SELECTION
                    B>  LEGEND OF THE SUEHIRO
                    C>  EVERY LIFE COUNTS
                    D>  BOSS STRATEGY
            Direct translations
            Pureiya 1 (Player 1)      Pureiya 2 (Player 2)
            Opushyon  (Option)
            Player 1 - One player game.  Pick your Senshi and go.
            Player 2 - Two player cooperative game.  You must pick two
                       differant Senshi unless you use a code.  (listed in
                       codes section)
            Option   - Select game options like difficulty and number of
            Direct translations unless noted
            Reberu             Futsuu / Muzukashii / Yasashii
            (level)           (normal) / (difficult) / (easy)
              *progression by pussing right on control pad*
            Kontinyu (continue)     3 / 4 / 5
            Sousasettei (Operation Establishment)        1-P     2-P
                        Kougeki (attack)                  Y       Y
                        Jiyampu (jump)                    B       B
            Ongaku (music)                                1 (1 - 18)
            Koukaon (sound effects)                       1 (1 - 32)
            Onsei (voice)                                 1 (1 - 39)
            Oshimai (The End)
            Level           - Select the difficult level.  It's on Normal
                              by default.  By pressing right on the control
                              pad it goes from normal to difficult, easy,
                              then back to normal.  (NOTE: easy mode only
                              lets you play 2 levels of the game)
            Continue        - Select how many continues you want 3, 4, or 5.
              Establishment - Select what buttons you want to do attacks
                              and jumps.
            Music           - Listen to the music of the game
            Sound Effects   - Listen to the sound effects of the game
            Voice           - Listen to some of the game's phrases
            Oshikii         - Exit the Options Menu
    If you don't know about Sailor Moon, then here are the Senshi as they
            Sailor Mercury              Sailor Moon            Sailor Mars
    	              Sailor Jupiter           Sailor Venus
            Attack  --  Y button
            Jump  --  B button
            Character attack  --  Hold Y, release
            Life draining attack  --  Y + B.  An attack that hurts anything
                                      close to you while sacrificing a small
                                      bit of health.
            second jump attack  --  While jumpping, hold down while you
                                    press the Y button to do a second
                                    jumpping attack that won't knock down
                                    your opponent so you can keep attacking.
            Grab opponent  --  Walk up to them without attacking
            Throw #1  --  Grab, press Towards or away + Y.  Towards and away
                          dictate wich direction you throw your opponent.
                          This throw allows you to throw your opponent into
                          other opponents.  Can be useful against Bosses.
            Throw #2  --  Grab, press Y.  This throw is abit more powerful
                          since it usually only effects the character you're
                          holding (unless you're Jupiter).  Useful on bosses
                          who fight alone.
            Attack/throw  --  To throw your opponent instead of doing a
                              knock down attack while you're fighting, hold
                              down while you're attacking, and on your final
                              blow, you'll end up throwing your opponent.
                              Can be useful later on when opponents tend to
                              attack before you can lay your final blow.
                              Works for all but Venus.
            Above your life line is a hollow white bar.  While you hold down
    the attack button (Y) this bar will start to fill up.  When you release
    the attack button when it's full, your character will unleash her
    specific attack that comes directly from the series.  This attack is
    relativly strong but it's main usefulness lies in using it to keep
    opponents at a distance.  Bosses love to move around and make this
    technique useless, so it's usually not the best move for them.
    SAILOR MERCURY  (Mizuno Ami - "Friend of Water")--
            Downward punch             --  Jump, Down + Y
            "Shabon Spray"             --  Charge Y
            Twin Water Spray           --  Y + B
                 (Don't know what she actually says)
            Shoulder Throw             --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Suplex                     --  grab, Y
    NOTES:  Very quick.  She has the shortest range of all other senshi, but
            does the most overall damage.  Very strong throws as well.
    SAILOR JUPITER  (Kino Makoto "Wisdom of Forest"<?>)--
            Elbow Drop                --  Jump, Down + Y
            "Supreme Thunder"         --  Charge Y
            "Flower Hurricane"        --  Y + B
            Suplex                    --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Hammer Throw              --  grab, Y
    NOTES:  Slow, but powerful.  3 hit knockdown and the most powerful throw
            (hammer) makes jupiter a force to be reckoned with.  Around a
            Medium-short range.
    SAILOR MOON  (Tsukino Usagi  - "Bunny of the Moon")--
            Downward Punch             --  jump, Down + Y
            "Moon Tiara Action"        --  Charge Y
            "Moon Healing Escalation"  --  Y + B
            Shoulder Throw             --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Head-butt                  --  grab, Y
    NOTES:  Baisicly an all around character, seeing as how it's her series!
            She pretty much does it all.
    SAILOR VENUS  (Aino Minako "Love for All")--
            Downward Chain Strike     --  jump, Down + Y
            "Cresent Beam"            --  Charge Y
            Venus Love-Me-Chain Spin  --  Y + B
            Leg Throw                 --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Rolling Leg Toss          --  grab, Y
    NOTES:  Excellent distance with her chain whip at the price of damage.
            A 3 hit knock down like Jupiter, but no where near as powerful.
            This is the only characer who cannot do the "attack/throw" move
            described earlier.  If you want to play 'keep-away' this is your
            character of choice.
    SAILOR MARS  (Hino Rei "Spirit of Fire")--
            Charm Punch               --  jump, Down + Y
            "Fire Soul"               --  Charge Y
            "Akuryo Taisan"           --  Y + B ("evil-spirits begone")
            Leg Throw                 --  grab, Toward or Back + Y
            Slap Attack               --  grab, Y
    NOTES:  Nice medium range since all of her attacks are kicks.  She has
            decent speed and a fast charging time for "Fire Soul".  A very
            good character.
    "Tsukino hikariwa ai no message"
    (The moonlight carries your message of love)
    CODE:  L + R + Start on "Player-2"
            Normaly you can't be the same Senshi in 2-Player mode, but if
    you hold down the L and R button while you press Start while the cursor
    is on "Player-2" then you and your friend can both choose the same exact
    Senshi!  The only problem is that you will both be the same colour.
            "Suehiro" means "Folding Fan" in japanese.  The Suehiro in
    Sailor Moon will become your most powerful weapon.  I only know of one
    in existance so far, and it's located in the first part of stage one.
    When you see the first enemy come from the "Rag Time" store in the
    background, hit him with a Sudden Death Technique for your first hit on
    him.  He will fly back and drop a Suehiro.  Pick it up and you have a
    weapon that dishes out lots of damage and knocks opponents down in one
    hit.  Shame this weapon is lost when you go onto the next scene.
            Near the end of stage one, there is an object blocking view on
    the right side of the screen (it is a street marker if I'm not
    mistaken).  Behind this obstruction, slightly above the half way point
    of the screen there is a hidden one-up.  Collect this to make your fight
    against Queen Beryl a little easier.
            This game has terrible collision detection and I do mean
    TERRIBLE... Not much you can do about it, but there is a way you can
    increase your chances of hitting this beheamoth. Stay at the bottom of
    the screen, holding down untill you don't go any further and wait for
    him to line up with you. Jump kick him and knock him down. After this,
    you have to quickly move up and towards him because he's about to do his
    lunge move. After he's done that, go back down to the bottom of the
    screen and repeat the entire process again.
            This little (explicit removed) loves to teleport around alot, so
    be on gaurd. If she teleports near you, try and grab her for a throw.
    This is easy at first, but as she loses life, she becomes more and more
    agressive and starts using her spinning techniqe on you. There's really
    not much choice you have at that point, I just took the blow and grabed
    her once she was done. She's not as tough as Herc was, seeing as how
    Herc didn't like to be thrown at ALL.
            Zoicite does not like to get close to you, and will do anything
    to keep his distance from you, your best strategy: Do the same to him!
    Stay at the top or the bottom of the screen near either corner of either
    side. Zoi will try to jump kick you, so you quickly have to move up or
    down (depending on where you are) to avoid it, then go and knock some
    sense into Zoi the good old fashioned way. Go to the opposite side and
    repeat the process all over again. He shouldn't be too hard.
            Kunzite is tough... I can't really give a sure-fire strategy,
    since I never really found one. He loves to use his Black Energy Wave
    when you are at a distance and never really likes to get close. One
    thing you can try is to throw the enemies that appear at him for some
    damage. He has EXTREAMLY good accuracy with his Black Wave (thanks to
    that terrible collision detection I told you about). Just be careful
    and if you know something that might help in defeating Kunzite, tell me.
            Endimion isn't too hard for a boss this late into the game,
    surprisingly. Keep away for awhile, otherwise he'll swing his sword at
    you. Once he jumps into the air, move. He'll land with his sword out,
    this is your chance to get behind him and throw him. Keep using his
    weakness in his delays to take him down.
            Another tough boss that I can't help much on. She has attacks
    that keep you from getting close, so there's not much you can do. You
    can try to throw her minions into her and damage her that way, but no
    definitive strategy will help you much here. If you followed my hints
    through the other bosses and you stayed alive long enough, you should
    have enough extra lives to spare in this fight, so give it all you've
    got and hope you take her down before she gets you. If you know anything
    that will work against her, please tell me, I could use the information.
    This FAQ is Copyright KageKaze (Troy Ludwig), this document may be
    reproduced as long as no information is changed or edited in any way.
    The only thing I ask from any webmasters or publishers is to please
    notify Me if this FAQ is used on their forum. (web page, article, etc)

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