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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A great beat'em-up with lots of cool features.

I first tried this game for kicks, but now I'm really hooked with it. Why? Let's look closer what makes this game so great.

First of all, if you're been watching the animes this game is based on, you'll probably guess what kind of game this is. It's a beat'em-up with robots. There hasn't been too much robot beat'em-ups on SNES, has there? So this is a refreshing change.

Now, about those cool features...There sure are lots of them. First of all, every character has a triple jump. Your character can do 2 super jumps on top of a regular jump. Not only that, if you do only one super jump, you can float slowly towards the ground and can move left or right while floating. Another nice feature is the vulcan. When you are far enough from the enemy, you can shoot small, quick vulcan shots at the enemy. Asides from these, there's also some other neat features like block dash backwards and forwards, ability to do many of the special moves in air and super moves.

Regarding to specials and super moves, there's another neat idea in this game. Under your energy meter, there is a another meter. It can have up to 300 units of energy in it. When you perform a special move with a strong attack key, you'll perform a more powerful version of the special that does more damage. This might sound old, but every time you perform one of these stronger specials, you'll use up 100 units of energy of the special bar, while super moves use up 200. This bar also carries over to next round.

So much for listing features, now let's actually rate the game.

Graphics 8/10
They do their job quite nicely, no complaints but no special merits either.

Sound 8/10
OK music, theme music is pretty good. Nice thing about sound effects is that they have a nice echo to them, making you feel you really are controlling a huge combat machine.

Playability 10/10
Characters do exactly what you want them to, simple control scheme with only 4 buttons. Nothing bad to say.

Fun 10/10
Playing this game sure is fun. You'll be playing this game for hours, if for no other reason than to making up lethal combos to smash your opponents.

All in all, a great game for beat'em-up fans. Too bad it wasn't released outside of Japan. If you can get it somewhere, do get it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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