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Guide and Walkthrough by Yakuza

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/05/2000

2000-11-05(For more info, check the version info, after the 

VERSION 1.2 (Second time I updated it, isn't that unbelievable?!!?)

MaYakuza's faq for

Contra 3: The alien wars(Super Probotector)

MaYakuza  Copyright 1999, 2000 
|+  __  __  _ _ ___  __   _     __                           +|
|+ /   /  \ |\|  |  |_/  /_\     /                           +|
|+ \__ \__/ | \  |  | \ /   \  __\                           +|
|+                                                           +|
|+ ___ _ _  __    _   _   _  __  _  _  __      __  _   __  __+|
|+  |  |_| |_    /_\  |   | |_   |\ |   \  /\  /  /_\ |_/ /  +|
|+  |  | | |__  /   \ |__ | |__  | \|    \/  \/  /   \| \  \ +|
|+                                                       \_/ +|
|+                                                           +|
(I hope/and think Contra3 and Super Probotector is the same game, just 
different titles, but that M stuff makes me kinda confused. If you don't 
know about the M, just forget about what I said).

|+    _   _  _   ____  ____  ___                             +|
|+   / \  |  |   |  |  |     | |                             +|
|+   \    |  |   |__/  |--   |/                              +|
|+ \_/    \__/   |     |___  | \                             +|
|+                                                           +|
|+ ___  __    __  ___  __  _____  ___   ___  _____  __   __  +|
|+ |  | | \  /  \ | / /  \   |   |     /       |   /  \ |  \ +|
|+ |__/ |-/  |  | | \ |  |   |   |--   |       |   |  | |-/  +|
|+ |    | \  \__/ |_/ \__/   |   |___  \___    |   \__/ | \  +|
|+                                                           +|

(I listed the credits both on top and down of the document, because the 
people that should have credit should not need to scroll down the whole 
document first to see it.) 


# To all guys that mailed me about this super game, thanx for all fun 

# To Dingo Jellybean(Djellybean) for his superb work, I love all his 
work, and he's definitely someone to look up to. He works so hard he is 
one of the top contributors to www.gamefaqs.com, both on reviews AND 
faqs. Amazing!!!

# To Daladiesman, for his great reviews, and other stuff(games, faqs, 
and more stuff) Read his reviews, they're great!!!!

# To Sefirstein for his great work and who gave me some info about 
submitting stuff, cool guy.

# To "CjayC", Webmaster of the biggest and best video gaming site ever 
who keeps updating www.gamefaqs.com. I found it about 21/2 years ago and 
since then I've been stuck with it, and it just becomes better for each 

# To Square for top-games( some of their games makes me sigh... 
oh man. They really are the best company)

# To Konami for making this game and other great ones. I will always 
think that Konami is one of the greatest game companies, as long as they 
keep creating good games(the contra-series, metal gear solid 1+2, the 
suikoden series, etc.)

# To Capcom for good games

# To Marshmallow for his great work, and a superb zelda64-faq, I love 
that faq. Check it out, even if you don't like Zelda. Marshmallow did 
some fun jokes there :)

# To Nintendo for cool stuff(good machines). Hope Gamecube turns out 

# To Manga-painters for awesome artwork, the best artwork is "Blade of 
the Immortal" by Hiroaki Samura, and "Sanctuary" by Ryoichi Fumimura.

Well, I hope that's everyone, everything. If not, you know what more 
that should have been added. If you feel you want some credit, mail me 
right now!

Table of contents:


Info(shortly about the game)

*|A: My review of the game          |+
*|B: Controls                       |+
*|C: Enemies                        |+
*|D: Bosses                         |+
*|E: Stage information              |+
*|F: Items                          |+
*|G: Walkthrough                    |+
*|H: Legal stuff                    |+
*|I: Faq                            |+
*|J: Weopons                        |+
*|K:(NEW!)Best way enjoying Contra3 |+
*|L: Endings                        |+
*|M: Credits                        |+
*|N: Faq is ended                   |+

1. Introduction

Hello!! My name's MaYakuza(I changed my previous alias "Sunshine"to 
MaYakuza, I guess you figured that out) and this is my faq to Contra3(I 
guess you figured out that too. 
I reserve myself for all the grammar/spelling errors, both to this faq 
and all other stuff I've done. I'm really sorry, and I know it is 
disturbing. But I hope you forgive me, and you're not too upset. I'm 
working on it, trying to get my english better. I still go to school, so 
fortunately I am making progress... Once again, sorry for everything. 
This faq was made mostly because of that nobody else had(I can't believe 
it, someone had to have done a faq for contra3, but nobody did it, just 
a boss tactic). And Contra3 is a quite nice game, so I thought "Let's do 
one!".If you have anything to say, corrections, tips, questions, wanna 
talk some, anything just gimme a mail at 

lufia3@hotmail.com  . I like mails!!!!

I'll answer all mails I get. Remember that everything here is my work, 
so I'd appriciate if you follow some rules(not many). Everything's in my 
opinion, you mebbe have different opinions in whatever it can be. If you 
know anything about this rumor" the machine gun, "M" mail me!!!!!!
Everything in this faq is just facts, so there're no lies, no rumors.

Everything is based around the SNES GAME Super Probotector.
I don't know if the "M" has anything to do about the Contra3 game, or 
the Super Probotector game(like if M just exists in  the Contra3 
version, and not in Super Probotector.)
I have not played Contra3, just Super Probotector. I don't know if there 
are any differences, but I don't think so(but that with the M looks 
quite weird). I think Contra3 and Super probotector is the same game, 
just that the titles are different(Contra U.S, Super probotector 

Once again, sorry for all spelling errors/grammar errors or others 
errors around the game. Hopefully you can read the faq. I'm sorry. But 
life goes on.

Well, not much more to say, is it? I'm not a very good 
"intro talking guy" so let's get started then............



First I'd like to say that I'm sorry for the late update!!!
The reasons why I haven't updated this document is that I've been a 
little tired of writing(y'all know, sitting in front of a computer all 
the time ain't so fun!) and I've also been pretty lazy, had some school 
stuff to do(as always, that's a common exscuse!) and one more thing: 
I've been sick for 2 weeks!!! Well, finally I fought it back and now I'm 
ready to rumble, so here is the updated new version!!!!!

Ok, the last update was not changing the faq very much, it's just some 
minor changes, that not so much people will recognize.

I gave it another look with a few more symbols around, with some bigger 
text(art work) at the upper place of the document(I bet you recognized 
it), I filled the credit section with a little more text so you know why 
I gave this people credit, and the major change: I deleted a lot of 
enter clicks, that take place. And a few more things, like adding some 
text, editing spelling etc. I don't know if you'll see any difference 

I added a section why I think Contra3 is fun and still entertaining to 
play, even if it is 8 years old now. It's just a short section, with 
some interesting views of the game, for all contra3 fans!

I also added two maps at the "stage information" section, that show 
location of the powerholders and the mazes at the both map stages. Check 
it out, it's cool man!!!! It's the major change of the faq.


Yeah, I changed a few things, but not much. There're no real huge 

The things I changed was this:

# I cleaned the faq out of some spelling and grammar errors. Too bad 
there're some left. (I can't really see 'em, that's why they're left.)

# I formatted it in another way. I hope it's better now, and easier to 

# I added some more text at some places where needed.

# I placed the credits both on top and on the bottom.

# I did some work that won't be noticed, like deleting unneccessary 
lines and stuff.

# And I tried to make it better overall. Enjoy!

Info(shortly about the game)
Yeah, the game is made by Konami, 1993. It's the third in the series. 
It's a platform-game, in three degrees of difficulties: 

Easy, Normal, Hard.

Easy is really easy. I can play this game with my eyes closed and beat 
it on easy(almost). Recommended for newcomers.

Normal is a little harder, but not very much. Still, some changes has 
been made. Yeah, it's a bit harder. Recommended for the avarage player. 
Playing on Normal is also quite easy. It's the mode to chill(playing 
without being concentrated).

Hard is a mess!!!!!!!! You got to be a REAL skilled player if you wanna 
beat this game at hard!! It's much harder than on normal, and you gotta 
be 100% concentrated, no doubt. An advice is to play two guys at hard, 
otherwise it's as near to impossible it gets(and playing two is also 
very very hard).
And of course then I consider you're not cheating, like standing 
somewhere, earning points to get lives or using any code. No, play the 
whole game from beginning to end, and it would be quite hard). There's a 
huge change from Medium to Hard.

There're three modes in the game when playing on the map
(and you can choose it on the stages too, but there the mode doesn't 
have a function.):

One player, two players A, two players B. So what's the difference????

Well, here's the answer:

One player everybody can figure out: you play on your own.

Two players A:

Is that you play two guys, no differences on the stages but on the map, 
both players chill on their own. The screen splits in half. So why does 
someone want to play like that? Well, maybe because they don't co-
operate so well together at the map, or they just think it's better to 
play on their own. The advantage with playing mode two players A are 
that you can play on your own, and you don't get stuck. If playing mode 
two players B, sometimes if you go into different directions, one of you 
will get stuck and can't walk anymore in one direction. And then if an 
attack comes, it could be very hard to avoid it. But that's not for the 
alternative 2 players A. Once again, in two players A you play on your 
own at the map.

Two players B:

Is that you stick together. You play on one screen, both together. The 
advantage with this alternative is that if you co-operate well, then you 
can help each other, like shooting down dangerous enemies that threat 
the other player, protect him with the invicible-item(B), and other 
stuff. And another advantage is that at some stages(like the sandboss) 
it's easier to "have full control" of the situtation. Sounds weird? 
Well, you'll see yourself when testing it.

That's the differences. I hope you understood. These modes is just for 
the maps, otherwise it doesn't matter.

Differences between EASY, NORMAL, HARD:

At easy, there are much lesser enemies. And all of the enemies shoots 
lesser, don't got so good defense(you kill them easily), ain't so 
quickly, and is not so many.

At normal, it's a little more harder, but not much. There are a few more 
enemies, and they shoot maybe a few bullets more.
No big difference. 

At normal, there are just two balls on the brain(last boss), when you 
choose the grey ball(see the boss section, the last boss for further 

At normal, there are just two sections at the last boss(when defeated 
the brain, the whole nest will explode. At hard there's one more time 
you gotta destroy the alien.)

At hard everything's the same, except everything is more, tougher, the 
enemies got better defense, quicker and all that stuff. 

Sounds not too impressive huh? Well, I tell ya, it's a big difference. 
All enemies shoot much more, which is the worst of all. Then the chance 
of getting hit is bigger.

At Hard the dogs in the background(stage1) will run out, instead of just 
standing there.

At Hard the drill comes twice on to ya at the wall.

At Hard there are three grey balls when the brain attacks when you hit 
the grey ball, instead of two.

At Hard, you will face the last boss three times, the last as the shell. 
(It comes up against you, before the nest explodes.)

Well, that's it.

A: My review of the game(could be found at www.gamefaqs.com)
Yeah, this is my review, what I think about it and so on. You can find 
the exact copy at gamefaqs at the review section.

Review was made: 2000-11-05

MaYakuza's review to the game Super Probotector/Contra3: the alien wars. 
The game was made 1992/93 by the exellent company Konami, for SNES 

I'm quite sure the contra3: the alien wars and Super Probotector is the 
same game and there are no differences between the two titles, it's just 
that the first name is the U.S. version, the second is the european. In 
the U.S. version, I think the heroes are two humans, in the european 
they are two robots. Just so you know, my review is based on the 
european version Super Probotector(not that it effects the game in any 
way, just so you know as you read on through the review. Notice that the 
two robots at the storyline).

The contra-series has always been a very popular series and Konami has 
recieved a lot of compliments for it. Contra3: the alien wars(third game 
in the series) was maybe the biggest hit and has always been one of the 
best 2D platforming games ever, and many fans around the world still 
enjoy it.

"It's time for revenge! Let's attack aggressively!" that's the first 
line you'll see at the intro sequence, and only that gives me the 
chills. It's such a classic intro and the story is quite classic 
nowadays. Okay, the concept may not be the best ever(how many games do 
you think has the main storyline as aliens invading earth? Many...) I 
extended the contra3 story a bit myself, but it follows the main 
storyline as much as possible.

A.D. 2636: Far future

"Once the two mega robots made by human hands had finished the aliens 
that tried to conquer earth in the late 90s, everybody thought it was 
over. The people started to relax, and many years went on. New kids were 
born, old men died, and with them the story of the war and the two 
guardians faded slowly away. After a while, the story was just a legend, 
something that never had happened.

A sunny day in United States largest city, a huge shadow appears(like in 
independence day) and all of a sudden, a giant laserbeam comes down to 
the ground, and km's was burned and destroyed. People all over the world 
was shocked and some of them thought the reckoning day was about to 
begin. Prophets started telling everyone that soon the world was coming 
to an end and all kind of stories. America's military gathered up and 
started to figure out want was happening. Everything happened so quickly 
that nobody had recognized what was going on and most research labs were 
destroyed at the crash. The object was finally described as a meteor 
shower and the people cared less about what had happened and more for 
what should be done for the few survivors. People started to rebuild the 
city and bury the victims. Nobody could even think it was something 
else. Everyone thought it was over, but nobody knew what was going on...

The alien rebels!!!

They had waited for their powers to come back, summoned their robots, 
and now they want revenge about what happened before.
Now they had destroyed most of the united states' defense and military 
forces, so they were waiting for the right time to attack again, when 
the humans were relaxing and unaware of the threat. 3 years later, one 
stubborn scientist in N.Y. that didn't believe the "meteor theory" was 
searching the ground where the "meteor" had hit the earth. He was 
dressed in a typical long white scientist coat. He dug with a shove at 
the ground and found a glowing piece of rock. He put on a glove on his 
right hand and picked it up. The doctor brought it to his basement lab 
where he discovered it was a rock that had been hit by some strange 
energy force. Could it be an unknown force from space? He knew that most 
of his crew would just laugh at him and he maybe would be fired for a 
kinda theory like this, so he kept the secret for himself. 

The doctor started to research about the "meteor crash" and read in many 
books and arkives before he found what he was searching for. He found 
out that a kind of aliens that tried to attack earth were beaten badly 
in the late 90s by two robots by a legendary story. He reads quickly 
through the text, and finds out that the two robots were unplugged a 
long time ago in a storage room inside the factory. Quickly, he runs 
through the lab, pushing everyone and everything aside. Briefing fastly, 
he finds the key in a box and opens the door. Spiderweb is everywhere. 
He walks down the steps, wondering if the legend is true. He lit up the 
lamp, and saw two rosty robots in the corner. Quickly, he runs over 
there, changes the batteries and steps back to observe. Slowly, the two 
robots stand up and lift up their weopons from the floor.They know why 
they have been re-energized. They push the doctor aside, and step out of 
the building. The doctor quickly returns to his computer, watching the 
two robots journey.

Mankinds only hope are out there now, and they got the odds against 
them. The aliens are well prepared." 

As you figured, the aliens are back to conquer earth and the two robots 
are back to defeat them. The story won't effect the game so much, it's 
more action than anything else. The contra3 story is maybe not so 
original but it definitely fits for this type of game and it is what's 
needed. Quite good. As I said, the story is not what makes Contra3 such 
a great game...

Score storyline: 8.2/10

Graphic is decent to be on Snes, and very good to have been made 6,7 
years ago. Bullets and enemy-movements is smooth, no trouble with the 
resolution at all. Background graphic is well done and there is nothing 
to complain about. The backgrounds are very well animated and the 
pictures of wrecked skyscrapers and buildings creates a fitting 
atmosphere(you don't think often about the background when you play the 
game, but if you stop and look, you see that it is great graphic). The 
bosses and enemies are all quite detailed and most of them are sharp and 
well animated. The special effect-graphics are cool and nice. This is 
what you can expect from the SNES and a 2D game. I love it!

Graphic score: 8.4/10

It's hard to describe music with words, but if I say the music for 
Contra3 must be one of the best I've heard(including ff3 for Snes) you 
know what I'm talking about. I love running through the stages, hearing 
this music. Very fitting music to the game, and explosive, fast and 
good. You can't be disappointed of it.

Music score:8.8/10

The control in this game is awesome. You have full control of your hero, 
and you can direct him exactly as you want, shooting whenever, wherever 
and in any way. You move quickly without any interrupts, and can hold 
the shoot-button pressed and the robot will continue shooting(auto-
firing). No problems to jump over gaps, target enemies or anything else 
annoying occurs through the whole game. You can carry up to two weopons 
at the same time, and you use the "L" and "R" buttons to change between 
them, and the innovative way to use BOTH of them at the same time is 
fantastic. The two modes where you play(one in 2D, the other from a view 
up on a map) work both perfect. The control is so good that I don't I 
know any game that has better.

Control score: 9.7/10

The challenge is also great. You can choose among "Easy", "normal" and 
"hard", for the mode that fits you best. If you play on "Hard" this game 
is no doubt next to impossible to beat. Don't stand somewhere to earn 
lives, just try to run the game from beginning to end, then you will 
recognize how hard it is. In the challenge catagory, I also count how 
varying the game is, and that's maybe this game's slack. There are not 
more stages than needed, so the game is not so big. That's a little bit 
uncool, but it really doesn't matter much. When you beat it for the 
fifth time, you maybe don't want to go for another round, but you may 
want to play some anyway.

Challenge score:7.7/10

This game covers everything. 1P mode, two players at the same time, 
everything you wanted(and needs) is right here. Team up with a buddy or 
play alone, your choice. Personnally, I prefer playing with a 
friend(more fun) but alone is also fun. You have 
7 different weopons to choose among(if you count the starting weopon and 
invicibility), each with its own abilities, strengths/weaknesses and so 
on. Try to use them together and figure out what each one of them is 
good for! Some classic weopons like the "laser"(personal fav!) and the 
"spray gun" is still left since the old games, and some new ones are 
added(the crash bomb, homing etc.) You will enjoy contra3, the time 
you're playing it. 

Score gameplay: 8.4/10

*Replay value:*
You'll get back to Contra3: the alien wars time after time. Thanks to 
the diffcultness hard, you won't beat the last boss in a twinkle of an 
eye, and that will keep you playing. Contra3 is just a little too short 
to keep you playing all the time, after a while you know where all 
enemies are, what to do, etc,   but since Contra3 is also such a good 
game, you'll play it again, again and again...

Replay value: 8.3/10

I'd say this is the best game you can get for the lowest amount of 
money(you won't find it for more than 16 U.S. anywhere).
The reason why Contra3: the alien wars does not recieve best able 
score(a 10) is that it's just a little too short. But otherwise, it's 
one of the best 2D shoot 'em up games I've played, even since I looked 
at it for the first time to now. No, I'm not sentimental, Contra3 really 
is a game that time can't defeat...

Overall score: 9.2/10.


Audio(music) 8.8/10
Control      9.7/10
Challenge    7.7/10
Storyline    8.1/10
Replay       8.3/10
Graphic      8.4/10
Gameplay     8.4/10
Overall      9.2/10.
Total        9/10

One line synopsis(describing the game)"Konami, please look back to this 
game when you create new ones!"

B: Controls
There're a few buttons to press in this game.

Here're all of 'em:
Firing the special bomb, the "protection-bomb" that makes an "aura" on 
the screen.
Jumping. This button will be used often in the game(jumping over gaps, 
enemies, and more.)
A button you soon will be very familiar with, the fire-button. You'll 
press this one desperately in some situations, trying to shoot down all 
evil creatures. (In other words, a button used frequently).
Changing weopons. If you have only one special weopon
( for example the lazer)and press "X", you'll change directly to the 
usual weopon. If you have two weopons, you're changing to the next 
weopon. So you change weopons with the X-button. Use the X-button to 
change the weopons so you can use your weopons optimally(some weopons 
are better than others in some situations). Could also be used if you're 
about to die, and if you have a weopon lesser worth than the other, then 
change fastly, and you'll just miss the one you "wanted" to sacrifice. 
The grey big button looking like a cross. This one is used to move the 
robot. For example pressing right you move right, pressing up you'll 
climb ladders, down you'll duck down,(useful to avoid attacks)and so on. 
The grey button is the moving button.
Pressing L and R at the same time:
You'll use both the weopons you got!! If you press Y-button, then the 
robot will starts to jumping drastically around, shooting with both 
weopons, at the same time. If you press the same at the map, you're 
robot will do the same, just that he stays at ground. CHECK THIS!: It 
could be very DANGEROUS to do this technique!!! By using both the 
weopons, if you die, then you'll LOSE BOTH the weopons, not one!! And 
when doing the technique, you're very vulnerable. It's very easy to be 
hit by a bullet or something, cause when doing the technique you can't 
avoid stuff. So be careful with this technique!!
Stops the game for a while. Use it when you want to pause.
On the map, a map  will appear(you can see at a map where the power-
holders and you are)
You'll turn left on the map. (Nothing on the stages).
You'll turn right on the map. (Nothing on the stages.)

D: Enemies
Yeah, this is the section of enemies. Here you'll get info about how 
they look, tactics, weak points, what to do, difficultness, and other 
stuff. Everything is made by me, all names, tactics, everything. I based 
the names on how they look, so you easily could recognize them. If you 
got any problems with the enemies, this is the place to check. If boss-
strategies are needed, check out the boss-section. All bosses, 
middlebosses are there. Only enemies exists here.

The degrees of difficultness are:


If a + is there, it means they are a little bit harder, but not enough 
to be in the other catagory.

These are all the enemies in the game:

|Red soldier--Enemy            Fireball--Trap                 |
|Blue soldier--Enemy           Firesling--Trap                |
|Fortress--Enemy               Alien--Enemy                   |
|Grenade-thrower--Enemy        Rolling Alien--Enemy           |
|Red sniper--Enemy             Alien producing puppets--Enemy |
|Blue Sniper--Enemy            Mines--Traps                   |
|Dog--Enemy                    Alien shrimps--Enemies         |
|Submarine--Enemy              Scooter-robot--Enemy           |
|Creators--Enemies             Flame-snake--Enemy             |
|Green spider--Enemy           Small red spider--Enemy        |
|Power-holders--Enemies        Alien Bird--Enemy              |
|Droids--Enemies                                              |

The difficultness depends of course on which mode you're jamming at, but 
I expect you're playing on hard.
And then I say they are dangerous and so what more than they would be if 
playing on easy. And remember, everything is in my opinion, so you maybe 
think different.. If you are looking for a boss, look in the boss 

(Very easy is super-easy, Normal is normal, Hard is difficult, Very 
dangerous is watch out for this one, kills you often, and whooooaaaaa!!! 
is something that will come up in your nightmares!!!!!!)

(Red color).
A robot coming running at the first stage, red color. Runs around, 
shooting bullets. If you touch him, or getting hit by his bullets, 
you'll die. If they are many, they can get really dangerous, because of 
all those bullets they shoot are pretty hard to avoid. But if being one, 
they're not so very hard. Use spray-weopons if you have problems with 
these enemies, then you'll probably will get rid of 'em. These guys are 
like pests, never leaves you alone. Exists in the whole game.
Attacks: Runs around, shooting bullets.
A robot coming running at the first stage, blue color. Runs around 
shooting bullets(is exactly the same as the red-soldier, just the red 
color is the difference).If you touch him or getting hit by his bullets, 
you'll lose a life. Use spray-weopons to kill them. Sort of pests, you 
never get rid of 'em. Exists in the whole game.
Attacks:Runs around, firing bullets.
Robots throwing grenades, blue color. They often sit down, up on a roof, 
throwing grenades. One single touch by one of them, you're dead. And 
that's the same if being hit by the grenade. So be careful. Use stronger 
weopons to kill him, like the lazer, Crash-or flame. It takes a few hits 
for the other weopons to kill him, and while shooting at him, he can 
throw a fatal grenade. So use stronger weopons(easy to say, harder to do 
it. I know how the first stage is full of idiots). But at the first 
stage, don't change weopons, just use the one you got, cause you don't 
got the time. Exists at level 1 and I think some more(Not all).
Attacks: Sits up on a roof and throws down explosive grenades.
Red snipers:
Red robots sitting down, targeting you. They just sit there, shooting 
bullets. Kill 'em quickly, because they can get very dangerous 
otherwise. Use any weopon, but make sure to get them dead quickly, or 
maybe you'll end up hit. Very dangerous if they're many(good example is 
at stage 3, going up from the wall).No tactic can be made. They exist 
over the whole game.
Attacks:Sitting on top of a roof and shooting small bullets at ya. Be 
careful, the bullets go fast and straight against ya!
Blue Snipers:
Blue snipers, sitting down, trying to hit you. Also kill these quickly, 
or they'll create problems. Very dangerous if they're many. They are 
also exactly the same as the red snipers.
They exist over the whole game.
Attacks: Also sitting on top of a roof and firing bullets at ya.
Dogs eating something from the trash-can in the background. They almost 
look a bit like aliens, not ordinary dogs. They Only exist at stage 1. 
At normal and easy modes, they just stand there, at hard they start 
running toward you. Then you gotta take action quickly, or you'll be 
hit. Jump over them, and let 'em run away. Their only attack is when 
they run, so let 'em go. If you kill them with a strong gun, like the 
lazer after they run away, you'll be rewarded with lots of points. Often 
when I kill a dog I hear the tune of one more extra life, I don't know 
if it's just a co-incident that I get a life each time I kill a dog, or 
if you really get that much points it goes over the limit. Anyway, if 
you get the chance, kill the bad dog with a strong weopon, but don't 
take any risks, for example if there are very many enemies hanging 
Attacks:Suddenly takes a leap against ya, and it may be dangerous.
Green fortresses:
ENEMIES--MIDDLEBOSSES(More like an enemy than a middleboss)
A fortress with green color just existing at level 1. On top of it, a 
blue or red sniper sits, shooting. And beneath him, two canons shoot 
bombs. Be sure to strike the sniper on the roof, cause he might create 
problems. When he's killed, go for the canons. Just step down one 
level(to the platform under you) and stand there cooly, bombing the 
canons. The robot-soldiers should be no problem, cause they cannot shoot 
up at you.
After a few hits, the canons should be destroyed.
Then jump down from the platform when all robots left the place, and 
start blowing the fortress into pieces by bombing the red button at it. 
Soon, the fortress will break down. Not too hard, was it? Just make sure 
to kill that sniper. Sometimes when playing, if the battletank you can 
get is still entire,
 then you can use it at the fortresses. One single hit and the fortress 
will break down. Just be sure to keep safe after you've destroyed it, 
cause I think a grenade-thrower frequently destroys the battletank, and 
then you're not so very safe.  They exist at stage 1.
Attacks:Firing bullets/canonballs at ya.
(Red color)Not really an enemy, but is a disturbing object and it can be 
destroyed. Just avoid them. Exists at stage 1.
Attacks:An obstacle.
(Red color)Could not be killed. Comes up from the lava, and if it hits 
you, a life less. So watch out for it. You gotta get through this 
sequence anyway, so keep going.
Exists at stage 1.
Attacks: An obstacle, be careful, if it touches you, you're dead.
Medium-sized aliens, running around like nuts at the last stage. They 
are almost the same as the blue-and red-soldiers, but they don't shoot. 
Instead, they run faster, and are many many many more. USE THE SPRAY!!!! 
Really neccessary if you wanna survive. Shoot like a maniac, and pray 
for your life!!!!! These are real pests!! I don't know how many lives 
they have killed me.
Attacks: They are quick, they are many, they are running! Watch out!
Rolling aliens:
Some sort of aliens, almost look like insects to me. Brownish color. 
These ones roll around, slowly without doing anything. Just notice this: 
One hit of it, and you're dead.
So you better kill 'em quickly. If they are many, these are VERY 
DANGEROUS. It's like running around, having no place at all to go. You 
gotta kill 'em fastly, or they'll stock the whole screen up and you got 
no place to rest. And you'll probably be killed then. Use strong weopons 
to get them killed quickly. They exist only at stage 6(last stage)
Attacks:Covers up the whole screen until you have no place to hide and 
then you're dead.
Aliens producing puppets:
Aliens sitting in the corners of the screen. They just sit there, 
shooting out balls that will seek to you, and then hit you. Also, kill 
these ones quickly. I know it is hard with all these enemies around, but 
try with a strong weopon. Don't give up. Exists at stage 6(last stage)
Attacks: Producing the aliens.
This is a trap at stage 2(the first map). You step on them and after a 
second they explode. They can be easily disarmed, just run near them and 
avoid them until they explode. But don't get cocky, cause they can still 
hurt. You can always trash extra many mines if you're invicible(you're 
using a B) then you won't die of it.
Attacks: Step on it and get blown away.
Aliens streaming out from the middle-boss at last stage, that looks like 
a fat brain. (The last boss in Contra1). These ones are fenomenal. And 
then I don't mean anything entertaining, they are fenomenal at coming 
down and hit you. Here it's a big
advantage of being two players. Then one can take the guys coming from 
the ceiling, and then one can lie down, shooting the creators in 
twohundred pieces. Then that is done, no more alien-shrimps will come 
from the floor. Then destroy the ones in the ceiling, and then go for 
the heart. Being two is a big advantage. Being one, is desperately!!! 
You gotta shoot the creators, AND avoid the shrimps. This is really 
hard. You gotta use your special aura bomb sometimes, to protect you 
from the shrimps, that always streams out. Difficult to defeat it by 
yourself. They exist only at stage 6(Last stage)
Attacks: Sliding, squirming along the floor. Trying to get ya with their 
nasty tentacles.
They create the deadly alien-shrimps. Kill it quickly, so it can't 
produce any more shrimps. Not dangerous at all, it's just that it 
creates these shrimps. They exist only at stage 6.(Last stage).
NORMAL  What it leads to: VERY DANGEROUS. 
Attacks:Produces the shrimps.
Red color. Robots driving scooters at level 4. They don't do so much, 
sometimes shooting blue beams, and sometimes they throw grenades. But be 
careful, don't underestimate them.
If you keep cool, this shouldn't be a problem. These scooter-robots are 
good to earn score. Equip yourself with the crash-bomber and shoot down 
as many scooters as you can. Tons of points will be yours(and the more 
score, the more lives).
They only exist at stage4.
Attacks: Quickly flies onto the screen and then starts throwing 
The droids appear over the battletank2. They don't do so much, shoot 
maybe one bullet, and is just disturbing. Shoot 'em down. They exist 
only at stage 4. They will also appear later at the level, dropping down 
from the rears.
Attacks: Shooting bullets.
Red spiders that can shoot fire at you. You better watch out for the 
fire, cause it deals one life damage. My suggestion is that you duck 
under it by pressing the B-button. These enemies appear often many at 
the same time, so be careful. The fire they shoot ain't so fun to deal 
with. Kill them quickly, and then the pain is gone. They exist at stage 
5(the sand stage).
Attacks:"flame" you to death.
Green spiders at stage 2. These ain't half that hard as the fire-
spiders. The green-spiders do nothing, just hanging around. Shoot 'em 
and forget them. Just don't step at them. They exist at stage 2.
Attacks: Trying to touch and kill you.
Red snakes:
The red snakes are dangerous, because they shoot fire, and when you kill 
it, it isn't dead yet. It splits up in three other parts, the small red 
snakes. And these start to shoot fire.
Use strong weopons to kill them quickly, or they'll create problems with 
their attacks. I suggest the spray or lazer, that's the best weopons. 
They exist at stage 5(the sand-stage)
Attacks: Sprays his dangerous fire.
Small red snakes:
When you kill the red snakes, they will split up in three other parts. 
These are actually a little bit harder, but not so much. Duck under the 
fire and shoot them.
They exist at stage 5(the sandstage)
Attacks: Also firing fire.
Green snakes:
Green snakes, almost the same as the ones on stage 5. The differences 
are that these ones shoot bullets, not fire.
And these ones don't split up. Otherwise, it's the same. They can take a 
lot of damage, so use a strong weopon( maybe the lazer, not the homing). 
Duck under their attacks.
Attacks: Shoots bullets.
A red robot, sitting inside the dome at the map, stage 2. Sometimes he 
won't open the barrier, other times, he may get drastic and start 
shooting and spin like a maniac. Be patient, he'll die sooner or later. 
When killing it, you'll usually get a item. Use strong weopons to kill 
it. Sometimes, when it's a coward, hiding inside the dome, use this 
Shoot a crashbomb, and then turn around so you got your back in front of 
him. Then he'll open up, and get hit by the crashbomb you shot. It works 
better if playing two. They exist at stage 2 and stage 5. Difficultness 
varys. An even better tactic is if you're invicible, run into them. Then 
you won't die but the character inside the bucket will. Check this out 
sometime when you have the chance!
Attacks: Definitely spraying bullets, desperately.
Alien birds:
Bird-looking ones, coming flying from heaven. They can grab you, and 
then they start to fly away. Kill it quickly, or get killed. Here, 
strong weopons like the lazer and crash is good, but flame is worth 
gold. With the flamer, just torch them down. If not having any weopons, 
the aura bomb could be handy.
They exist at stage 3. If you don't have any great weopons, you can 
either try to shoot them down anyway(but that's harder) or you can hurry 
up to the right side. If you go far enough, the middle boss(machine with 
spinning platform around) will show up and then all of the alien birds 
will die and disappear from the screen.
Attacks: They grab and try to throw you down into the gaps.
The submarines:
I call it the submarine because it's a machine that appears up from the 
ground. It shoots bullets at you. Duck under it and destroy it. It 
exists at stage 1.
Attacks: Unaware it sticks up from the ground and shoots bullets.

E: Bosses
Yeah, as you guessed, this is the boss-section. Look here for 
strategies, facts about the bosses, middlebosses, help, and everything 
else about the bosses. All the names are of course done by me, and so's 
the rest, like everything in this faq.
I also rated how hard they are with the original scores + a rating from 
1-10 how hard they are.

Well, here it is!!

There are 16 different bosses/middlebosses in this game.
I listed them all down here, so you can check it out.

|                                                             |
|(1)FIRST              ARMOR TURTLE(Boss)                     |
|(2)SECOND             SPIDER(Boss)                           |
|(3)THIRD              DRILL(Middleboss)                      |
|(4)FOURTH             ALIEN SHIP(Middleboss)                 |
|(5)FIFTH              TWO TERMINATORS(Middleboss)            |
|(6)SIXTH              MEGA-ROBOT(Boss)                       |
|(7)SEVENTH            BATTLETANK2(Middleboss)                |
|(8)EIGHTH             LONG-LEGGED MACHINE(Middleboss)        |
|(9)NINTH              BOBA FETT(Middleboss)                  |
|(10)TENTH             BALLOONSHIP(Boss)                      |
|(11)ELEVENTH          SANDMONSTER(Boss)                      |
|(12)TWELFTH           BIG WORM(Middleboss)                   |
|(13)THIRTHEENTH       SHRIMP CREATORS(Boss)                  |
|(14)FOURTHTEENTH      ALIEN FACE(Boss)                       |
|(15)FIFTHTEENTH       DRAGON(Boss/Middleboss)                |
|(16)SIXTHTEENTH       MOTHER ALIEN(Last boss)                |
|                                                             |

Boss 1: Stage 1

The armor-turtle

Looks like a turtle, in HUGE format. It comes crashing the wall, and 
goes trough it. It shoots small bullets, shoots a big lighting bolt in 
the middle, and it sprays out parasites. Watch out so you don't get 
cramped up in a corner or something, always be sure you got a way out!

This boss shouldn't be so very hard. in fact, it's quite easy, 
especially if being two players. The two tactics(two players, one 
player) is quite the same, just a little different.

Two players:

One of you keeps the bullets and the parasites away, meanwhile the other 
player shoots the red heart that the turtle got on its stomach. Of 
course some parasites and bullets will come to both players, but not 
that concentrated. If the parasites are getting many, and it's a bit of 
crize situation, use a special aura bomb. Then the parasites will die, 
and the turtle will get hurt. Just watch out for the bullets, they can 
be hard to see. Use strong weopons to kill him fastly. Then the risk of 
dying will decrease. There should be no problem. Jump up sometimes at 
the platforms to avoid attacks. Just make sure the lighting bolt won't 
attack you.

One player:

Almost the same as above, just that you gotta use your special aura bomb 
more often, and sometimes jump up at the platforms to get away from the 
bullets and the parasites. Use strong weopons to hurt the heart, and use 
spray-weopons to get rid of the parasites. Shouldn't be no real problem, 
but could be a little harder than playing two.

Rated: 3/10

Boss 2 Stage 2:

The spider

It looks like a giant robot-spider, with a red eye. It shoots a lot of 
bullets and spins around much. Also got a lazer that could be 
disturbing. The spider won't start spinning around so heavy until you 
actually destroyed the lazer, so if you want to go the easy way, try to 
destroy the other things before you take out the lazer, because when the 
spider spins around, he's harder.
The main strategy here is always to move. It doesn't matter where(just 
make sure moving away from it) and keep away from it. Do that, because 
the spider got some dangerous movements, like all these bullets(it's 
easier to avoid it on longer distance) and his lazer that can get 
you(stay away and it probably will not hit you) and his spin-attacks. 
The last
(spin-attacks) should be the biggest problem. The spider moves quickly, 
and when it spins around, its pretty hard to avoid. Then move upwards or 
downwards. But it could be hard to react. But as I said, always be 
moving. Use strong weopons and kill the lazer quickly, because otherwise 
it can reach you.

Two players:

Like the one before, this boss is easier playing two.

Rated: 5/10

Boss 3: Stage 3

The drill

It looks like a robot-ship, with a drill on the head. It has a red 
button. Two wings that spin around can grab you. Before you come to it, 
a lot of alien birds will be picking at ya.

This boss is quite easy. Just use the flamer if you still have it, by 
torching it from where you are. The flamer goes right through the skin 
and kills it. If not having the flamer,
 get caught by the wings and spin around until you're right under it. 
Then shoot with your strongest weopon at the red button. Then it will be 
damaged. After a while, it will come up with the drill. Then jump off 
the wings, quickly. Repeat this a few times, and it will be 


Soon, the robot will come back, when you're climbing up. It swings 
against you and lands exactly a few inches away. Then it starts to climb 
up. Avoid his rockets and his feet. You can't kill it right now. After a 
while, it'll tear the wall apart, and attack you. It goes towards you, 
quite fast. Then, quickly trick it by going down a bit, and shoot the 
red button with your strongest weopon. This section(when the boss comes 
back) is harder than when it's a "helicopter". Repeat the "trick-tactic" 
and hopefully it will die, before you do.

Playing two:

At the first section(where the helicopter is) it's easier being two. But 
when it starts climbing up the wall, it's harder being two. Sometimes 
two players really can't co-operate at this boss, and if one of you goes 
in another direction than the other. And then the robot can get one of 
you. So this boss is harder playing two, than one.

Rated: 5/10

Boss 4: Stage 3

The alien ship

It looks like a big space-ship, with violet color. It spits grenades and 
out jump wing-soldiers.
If you have the spray or the flamer, this boss is a wimp. And being two 
is even easier. If you have the flamer or the spray, do like this:

Stand in a corner and wait for the grenades to end. Then, pick up your 
weopon(flamer, spray) and stand under it. Shoot like a maniac, and 
you'll destroy all wing-soldiers, plus damaging the Alien Ship. Soon, 
the ship will be wrecked.

If not having the spray or flamer, use strong weopons to destroy the 
ship quickly, so you get an end on the battle.
You can get a small problem about all the wing-soldiers that are falling 
down, but you should make it.

playing two:

A big advantage. It's much easier playing two on this one. You don't 
even need the spray/flamer. Let just one take care about all the wing-
soldiers, and the other concentrates on the ship(the red eye).

Rating: 1.3/10

Boss 5: Stage 3

The two terminators

They remind me about the terminator-movie, so I call them the 
terminators. These are almost a boss, but not 100%, cause right after 
them, the real boss comes. So I listed it here anyway. 
They are two, one with blue coulor, and the other one with red.
One of 'em will stand on the ground, shooting needles like a maniac. The 
other one jumps around, and creates problems. 
Use STRONG weopons to kill them, because they get quite dangerous, 
combing their abilities. I hate the red one; it always jumps up at me. 
If you got the opportunity, kill the red one. If you succeed, the fight 
is over. The terminators will turn out to small droids, that just jump 
around. Then just hang in the ceiling, shoot down on them until they 
give. Don't worry, they can't get you. Just blast them down. Before they 
turn out to the small droids, these two robots is a threat.

Playing two:

An advantage. Two guns kill more than one. If both hit the red robot, 
you will probably don't die at all. But be careful with the red robot, 
it's dangerous when it starts jumping around.

Rating: 8/10

(So what's happening now? Well, the wall cracks down, and out comes a 
huge robot, their big daddy I guess.....)

Boss 6: Stage 3:

The real terminator

This robot seems to be angry, and it's huge!!!!! 
Don't worry, this one is easier(but just a little) than the other 
two(the terminators) if you do exactly as this tactic say(or else, it's 

First, the robot will appear by wrecking the wall, and turn his head 
from side to side. Then stand under him, shooting with your strongest 
weopon. After a while, he'll shoot two shining beams against you. Now, 
trick the beams by walking to the wall(at left or right, your choice. 
But I usually use the left wall.) and climb up, avoiding the beams. Keep 
climbing in the ceiling, and the beams follow you. Then drop down(B-
button) and stand there. Now, the two beams should disappear. Shoot the 
boss. Soon, the mega-robot will start breathing fire. This fire will go 
in a circle, reaching the whole room, so there's nowhere to hide. 
QUICKLY run towards the fire to the left side, not hesitating at all. 
Climb the wall and the ceiling quickly, and then in the last second, 
drop down before the fire reaches you. And when you're on ground, walk a 
bit to left, so the fire won't get ya. (This stuff could be hard to do 
at Hard, because the fire moves much faster than on easy and normal, but 
if you do it correctly, being concentrated, without hesitating you will 
make it.) Now, when the fire is over, give the robot all you got!! Shoot 
with your strongest weopon, as much as you can.

But STOP when you see that the bombs come out. There's a number ticking 
on the bombs; that's the time before it will explode. Usually, you're in 
a crize situation now(like when the robot fires) but if you chill out 
now, and do exactly as I say, you will not be harmed. The second you see 
the bombs are out, stop firing and run to a wall(I usually take left) 
and quickly climb up on it. Then continue without stopping onto the 
ceiling, and keep going right. The strategy is like walking in a circle, 
like when the fire comes. If you do this, the bombs will not reach you. 
If you stay or drop down on the ground, one life would be wasted.The 
numbers will be lower and lower, and then the bombs will explode. The 
explosion covers all the room, except the ceiling, so don't drop 
down!!!This strategy is quite hard to learn, but it's the only way to 
survive. Others won't work, not staying in a corner, jump around, 
nothing will work, except this one. 

Another advice is using your aura bombs as much as you can, before you 

Now, the mega-robot will stand still for a while, shoot him. And then 
after a while he'll shoot that beams again. Do the same thing again(that 
circle-stuff) and get down. Shoot.
Then the fire comes up. Do the circle-stuff. Get down. Shoot. The bombs 
will come out. Cirlce-stuff. Get down. Shoot.
And repeat this stuff until he dies. This boss is one of the hardest in 
the game, but nothing compared to the last.

Playing two:

If you are two players, be sure to take the same way(when the circle-
stuff is up, you know when the robot starts firing and bombing), or 
maybe problems will occur. But otherwise, it's the same way. Be careful, 
it's harder playing two on this boss than playing one(that's what I 
think.) because sometimes you do a mistake like thinking you are the 
other player, or you two take different ways. No, I think it's easier 
being one. The advantage being two is that the boss will die much 
quicker(good because it can be hard keeping concentrated a long time). 
But the minus is that you'll probably die more. 

(If not doing the strategy correctly, VERY DANGEROUS)

Rating: 7.8/10

Boss 7: Stage 4

The battletank2

A battletank with green color, shooting rockets, and over it, droids 
appear all the time.

This ENEMY/MIDDLEBOSS is very easy. Just destroy it by shooting on it, 
and the rockets. Shoot the droids then and then, and this ENEMY/BOSS 
will be over. 

Playing two: Even easier.

Rating: 0.7/10

Boss 8: Stage 4:

The long-legged machine

A quite big machine, with long legs that will swing around, and maybe 
hit you. Watch out for the rockets also! Red and green color.

This middleboss is easy, if you don't fool around too much. Just stay 
cool, choose a weopon you like(here it doesn't really matter) and shoot 
the upper body of it. Avoid the rockets and it should be cool. When the 
robot jumps towards you, drive under the legs and up to the next side. 
That's good, because then you won't get trapped into a corner. But if 
you just chill out, this boss shouldn't be a problem. If you can, save 
your aura bombs. They'll be needed better in other situations than at 
this easy middleboss. 

Two players: The same. Save your aura bombs. It's almost the same as 
playing one.

Rating: 2/10

Boss 9: Stage 4:

Boba Fett

An enemy/middleboss that comes flying at stage 4, when you're on the 
chopter. (The creature looks like Boba Fett in the star-wars triology, 
so I call him for that.)It tries to hit you with his dagger, and he 
throws shurikens at you.

Just bomb him with your strongest weopon you got, until he gives. One 
strategy is to follow his movements, when he swings to one side, follow 
him and shoot, and when he swings to the other, follow him and shoot. By 
doing this, he can't jump up to the missile, and then he can't hurt you, 
because he's just swinging around. He exists only at stage 4, on the 

Playing two: 

Almost the same, just that it's easier. He'll die faster, plus you cover 
more space, so he can't go up.

Boss 10: Stage 4:

The air balloon ship

Last boss on the stage. You get "catapulted" towards it, by the rockets. 
The rockets will explode, and then if you're not fast, you will fall 

The main stuff is all about getting the shields away, and then you can 
damage the ship. (Easier to say than to do). The main trouble is that 
the rockets explodes all the time, so it's hard to hit the target. 
THAT'S why you should use the aura bombs. (Remember? They goes over the 
whole screen, hitting everything.) Of course the aura bombs won't 
destroy the shields, so u gotta hit it some also. But use the aura bombs 
as much as you can. DO NOT jump around too much, because the guns can 
shoot beams that kills you. Finally when the shield is gone, start 
wrecking the ship by shooting at the red button.
After a while, you will gain your score. 

Playing two:

Almost the same, just that you gotta have control over yourself, and you 
can use twice as much aura bombs. 

Rating: 6/10

Boss 11: Stage 5:

The sand-monster

The only boss on the whole stage. Looks lika a GIANT monster with claws 
and an eye that opens sometimes. As usual, you're going to hit a small 
point at the enemy(like a heart, or an eye).

This boss could be a real problem to kill. Use your aura-bombs as often 
as you can. (I rather use it when the whole stuff starts rolling, 
because then it's harder to hit the eye).
I suggest you kill the claw and forget about the eye until you get a 
lazer. Then it's time to rock!!!

This tactic is the best I could figure out. If you know any better, mail 

The tactic's all about using the lazer, to kill the monster. It's almost 
a "Kamikaze"-tactic. After a few hits at the eye, the whole screen will 
start spinning. You're rolling around the monster. When you die(and you 
probably will) you're invicible a few seconds. Then quickly run into the 
monster, and stand there frying the monster's eye all you got with your 
Now the monster should lose much energy, but you'll die. Be sure to 
switch to another weopon, so you don't lose your lazer. Use your aura 
bomb, and do the same thing when you die.Run into the boss, and shoot 
madly at the boss. ARRRRRGGHHHHH!! Kill the monster!!

Don't worry, you usually don't lose more than about 4 lives on this 
boss. This is the best tactic I know. It's the quickest, and easiest way 
to kill it. 

Playing two:

Better because you got twice that much aura bombs. 
And you can share the life-killing strategy, so nobody of you die that 

(Now this boss sounds hard to beat?? No actually it's not so hard, so 
don't worry. Be cool as you always are. Just wait for the last boss at 
next stage; there's the real pain!!)

Boss 12: Stage 6:

The big worm

Not really an enemy, more like a middle-boss. But I posted it here 
anyway. Yellow/brownish color. It's only existing at stage 6, and it 
throws rolling aliens out of the mouth.

Here, you need a strong weopon(lazer, crash) to kill all the rolling 
aliens quickly, and hit the worm. If not doing that, the rolling aliens 
will swarm around you, and finish you off. So kill it quickly.

Boss 13: Stage 6:

Creator of Shrimps

It creates the deadly alien-shrimps. Red color. Last boss in Contra1. 
Kill it quickly, so it can't produce any more shrimps. Not dangerous at 
all, it's just that it creates these shrimps.
Exists at stage 6.(Last stage)

You gotta be a good player here. Use all your aura-bombs at this boss, 
cause that will be the only thing protecting you against the shrimps. 
Use spray/the flamer on this boss, so you can take care of the shrimps 
plus the brain. This boss is hard if playing one. Try to kill the stuff 
that creates the shrimps first, because that's the dangerous stuff. 
After that, kill the brain.

Playing two:

A little bit easier, but not much. Let one of you take care of all the 
shrimps, and the other can take the creators so you get a stop of the 

Boss 14: Stage 6:

The alien face

Brownish color. Sometimes it reveals a face. Crawls along the floor.

Use strong weopons. Stand at the left side, waiting for it to make 
anything rash.When it comes towards you, jump up at it quickly(better 
than the alternative; being crushed.) and wait for it to back. Then go 
down. When the face is up, shoot!!!!!!!
Now he starts spitting out balls or something. AVOID these, or die!! The 
creature will dive into the ground(!). Wait for it to come up. Quite 
soon, it will either jump up in the air, landing on you, or run towards 
you. Be concentrated. If you see it starts jumping, quickly(and really 
quickly) run towards it, without hesitating. If you succeed, you'll 
avoid the body that falls down. If you're a second late, you're dead. If 
it rushes towards you, jump up at it. Either stuff he do, quite soon it 
will open up. Shoot the face drastically. And after that, "the rain" 
starts again. Avoid it. And proceed like this, until he's dead. Don't 
hang in the roof too much, because then it's hard to avoid "the rain" 
plus when the alien jumps up, you can't get away.

Playing two:

No big deal. Almost the same. This boss is dangerous, so be careful and 
concentrated. Use the time when the face is up wisely.DANGEROUS+

Boss 15: Stage 6:

The dragon

You've made it this far, not so much more to go. Feels pretty good 
huh?!? Well, you still gotta defeat this boss and let's not talk about 
the other one.......

This boss looks like a dragon, white color with a tail snatching around. 

Tactic is the same as fighting the drill; go down(or up) when the dragon 
comes towards you. If you succeed, you should get a second to fire a 
crash-bomb(or something else). Use strong-weopons. You gotta time the 
moving,really important. Try to damage the dragon as fast as you can, 
because when you damaged it enough, it will start vanishing and 
appearing in short sequences, and that's much easier. You gotta time 
this boss, or else you're history!! Use the crash-weopon.

Playing two:

Playing two here is just a disadvantage, because then it's hard to time 
the "go down" movement together. No, it's better being one. Well, 
strategy's the same.


(The alien, the brain, and the shell)

This is the last boss in the whole game. But don't be relieved about 
coming this far, because now the REAL gaming starts!!!!! To defeat this 
one, you gotta be good. The boss is in three stages, first you meet the 
alien; a creature with a head in the middle, and two arms cruising 
around. The second stage is the brain(hardest part). And the last is 
when the shell comes chasing ya. (Easiest). 



One player:

Playing two is a big advantage. But if playing one, you gotta do your 
best. I say your best chance is to have a lotta lives when coming to 
this boss, you'd better stock up with strong weopons(crash-bombs, 
lazers, or flamer will do) and you better concentrate now. When you come 
in, the alien will come down. Run to the right side and quickly start 
shooting the arm(looks like an arm with a head on) at the right side and 
shoot it down quickly. Use your aura bomb now. It will be handy because 
of killing the arms and probably you'll die soon, so use it or else you 
just wasted an aura bomb(remember even if you have one and die, you'll 
just have one). Don't hesitate, if you don't stop shooting with your 
flamer/lazer/crash it will die. The worst thing you can do is run away 
from it when it come near,
 because then you just get killed later. So stand cooly and shoot it. 
Hopefully(and it should) break down. Yes, you killed the right arm!!!

Now the left arm will come over to your side.(It reaches far, don't you 
think?). Probably you'll get killed(almost impossible to avoid it) but 
you can always try to duck(sometimes it works). When you die(and I think 
you will) use your aura bomb immediately. Try to kill that left arm as 
good as you can, don't bother the head because it's no problem when the 
arm is gone. After some hits, the arm will die. Thanks!!! 
Start shooting the head all you can. Start under it, and shoot the head 
and the creatures coming out from the sides. A good idea is to use the 
flamer here, frying everything coming around. Destroy everything 
quickly(and if you die, use your aura bomb immediately). Shoot the head. 
Even if you don't recognize the alien head is damaged even if you shoot 
at it, it is. After a while an eye will get red. And after a while more, 
the other will also be red. Don't stop shooting! Soon, the whole stuff 
will break down, and left is the brain..........

SECTION 2: The brain
Now the hard part of the last enemy begins. Get at one side, and try to 
hit one of the things that flow around the brain in a sort of aura. 
Because of the aura, nobody can tell in what order the stuff comes, but 
in any way, there's a possiblity to hit the brain. The main tactic is no 
real tactic, but a few tips. The outcome depends all on what you hit. 
You have influence on what it will be, I can (almost) shoot the spiky 
ball everytime. So if you want something special, aim for it. Here's 
what can come up:

(1) The grey spiky ball:
WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Stuff is popping out!! It just to grab for free!!! 
Take your favorite weopon, and start collecting aura bombs(you can 
maximum have 9). This is the best thing you can hit, you'll gain weopons 
for free, aura bombs for free, and it's not so dangerous. The brain will 
go to the middle in the screen, popping things out. Just make sure to 
take the weopons, not the spiky balls(then you'll die).This is the best 
ball you can hit. 

(2) The blue ball with stains:
Good. This is the ball making the brain stepping with two legs. He steps 
around, trying to hit you. If you stand in one of the corners, he can't 
hit ya. Use your aura bombs and strong weopons. As I said, stand in the 
corners. Good one to catch. 

(3) The green ball with red stains
Not good! This is the ball that makes a snake appear. And this snake is 
fast!!! It runs through the whole screen, and if you touch it, you're a 
dead one. So try to hide in the glimps it reveals. But it is hard. Not a 
good one to pick. It's also very hard to hit the brain. If you can, 
avoid this one. 

(4) The grey ball
Not so good. This is the ball that makes three balls go around from side 
to side(three on hard, two on normal). It could be hard to avoid, so if 
you can, avoid this one. 

(5) The eye-ball
Looks like an eye. If you hit this ball, eyes will start bouncing around 
the screen, searching every place for hitting ya. It's difficult to 
avoid the eyes, but we're lucky,
they can be destroyed. Just shoot at the eyes with a strong 
weopon(crash-lazer) and it should be destroyed. Caution!!!
This ain't a very safe way so be careful! This one is not a bad ball to 
hit, but not good one.

(6) The blue ball(no stains):
Don't catch this one!!! This is the same as above(balls raining down) 
but the difference is you cannot destroy the balls. And that's a huge 
disadvantage because there's nowhere to run!
So don't get this one. If you by an accident randomly gets this one, you 
better stay cool and try your best to avoid all the balls, that comes 
down. But as I said, easier to say,
harder to do it. 

,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
(7) The grey ball, with a little purple coulor in it
,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
Whoops!! This one is not so good to catch(no one of 'em are) but this 
one is not worse or better than any else. The content is that you'll get 
a circle of grey/purple balls around ya.
First, this seems to be no real disadvantage, just that it is hard to 
hit the brain. But after a while, the balls will circle closer and 
closer to you, and explode(killing ya. ) The only way to avoid death is 
to shoot the balls everything you can, until they are destroyed. Here's 
a big advantage being two. Then you can help each other get rid of the 
balls, plus that it's only one player that will be caught by the circle. 

(8) Red slime
Really good!! This one is the best to catch(except the spiky ball) and 
the easiest one. Here, the brain will get an aura of red slime around 
the body. Start firing at it, until it gives. This one is the easiest. 

Main strategy:
In all situations, there're a way to hit the brain, just that it could 
be varying shapes. Some are harder, some easier. Use your aura bombs 
immediately when you're living, before you die. This will damage the 
brain. Use strong weopons when you get the opportunity. And of course, 
use the tips above. 


SECTOR 3: The shell
After you defeated the brain(was a mess, am I right?) you think you made 
it. Well, not quite yet. The chopter picks you up, the nest starts to 
explode, everything's looking good. Well, this brain will never gonna 
give up. he transforms to a shell, and starts chasing ya. The chopter 
can't fly away from it, so it's up to you. Once again, refill your ammo 
and bomb the brain!!!!! This section is easy, just don't do any mistakes 
and it will work out. Use your strongest weopons to destroy it quickly.

Congratulations!!!! You finished Contra3: The alien Wars(Super 
Probotector) at the hardest diffcultness. You'll see the real ending. 
Enjoy the last scenes, and relax.
Well done!

F: Stage information
Some information about the stages, how hard they are, what enemies 
existing, what to do in hard situations etc.

Stage 1: The City

You're in a big city, that almost is totally ruined. The background 
shows skyscrapers that are destroyed. First you'll fight your way 
through alotta stuff, then a plane will show up and transform the stage 
to a burning place. In the end of the stage you'll face the turtle.

Enemies existing:
Red snipers, blue snipers, red soldiers, blue soldiers, grenade-
throwers, green fortresses, submarines, dogs, fireballs, fireslings, 

Stage 2: Map1
This is new, one of the major changes in the latest update(ok, not very 
much to see, but hey, something new keeps the mind fresher, right?:) I 
made two maps, one to stage 2 and one for stage 5. They are the only 
stages when you walk in this perspective, so it's quite natural that 
these are the only stages I painted a map for. First I'd like to say 
that these maps are quite basic, I haven't used any other programs than 
word, and I did not use any painting abilities, I just made it in 
italic(I think it's called that, when you integrate characters from the 
keyboard, but I'm not sure, italic could be something totally different, 
but I think italic is that, I read something about it).

New to this section, a map!!!! Ok, it's not exactly professional 
artwork, but I hope you can figure out some of it. If you think it is 
really hard to see what is what, check this map meanwhile you check the 
map in the game, at stage 2. Compare them and I hope you can see some 
details. Remember that this map is most for fun, not very much for help 
since you can bring out the map anytime you want by pressing "start-
button", but I thought it could be fun with a small map here too.
(For explination of the different notes, check "help" below the map).



_____ "  " _____     ________    ___"
|     |_"__|    | " |       |___|   |"
| O             |"  |      ¤      O |
|    _____      | " |      ¤__¤¤¤   |"
|    | " |      |"  |      |"|   ¤¤¤|
|    ---------------|      |"|      |"
|     ¤                    |"|~~~~~~|
|    -¤--------------------|"|      |
|    |_"_|       |_"__|             |"
|~~~~              ¤                |"
|                  ¤                |"
|                    ¤              |"
|             O      ¤    O         |
|     ______    _______ ¤¤¤-----    |"
| ¤¤¤ | " "|    | " " |¤¤  |" "|    |"
|   ¤¤|" " |¤¤¤ |" " "|    -----    |"
| ¤¤  | " "|    | " " |             |
|     |" " |    |  "  |             |""
|  O  |" " |____| " " |    ____     |
|_____| "  "  " " "   |____|" |_____| "
" " " "" " " """ " " " " " " " "  """"

O = A powerholder. These are the ones you have to destroy to encounter 
the spider boss. It's your mission to destroy each one of the 5. You 
find a powerholder where this mark(O) is.

¤¤¤ = This mark means that there is a block in the way at the stage. 
Well, you can't run through it, but you can go nearby and pass it.

~~~~ = Sometimes when you walk on this stage, you find a very weak road, 
that almost seems to fall apart. This is one of those places. If you 
haven't encountered one of those "traps", you find them here. Sometimes 
you have to cross the "falling bridge" and then it will break down. 
Well, ~~~~ means weak road.

" = All of these marks you see(") means that this is no place you can 
walk in. Either it's outside the screen, or there is a black hole 
blocking the way so you can't walk there. Go and investigate by 

You're in a map(check my fine map:), with many gaps, and enemies. This 
stage is quite dangerous, so be careful. You gotta kill all power-
holders first, after that, a huge mechanic spider will appear(the boss).

Enemies existing:
Green soldiers, red soldiers, power-holders, green snakes.
Traps: Gaps, mines.

Stage 3: The tower

A long long stage, with many middlebosses. There're also very many 
enemies, that will make your journey a bit rough. The flamer is strongly 
recommended at this stage. Be careful if playing two, because sometimes 
if one of you stand on a lower platform and the other one jumps up, then 
the lower player will die(as in Contra1). That's a waste of lives, so be 

Enemies existing are:
Red snipers, Alien birds, Winged soldiers.

Stage 4: The race-track

Also a long stage, with many speedy sequences. You have to race through 
many traps, before coming up in the air. When you're on the boss, use 
your aura-bombs as often you can, because it's hard hitting the shields. 
And be careful with the rockets(you know what I mean when you're there).

Enemies existing:
Scooter-robots, battletank2, droids, balloonship, boba fett, the long 
legged machine.

Stage 5: The sandbar


" " " "   "   "
  ____ " " ____    ______" " " "  " ___________
 /    \---/    \ " \    | " " "  "  |         |"
/          /\   \ " \   |______ " " |         |
|  O      /""\   \ " |        |_____| *       |"
|        /" "/    / "|                *  O    |"
 \______/" "/    / ""/                *       |
 " "_______/    /" "/                *        |""
"" /   ________/" "/     O           * ___    |
__/   / " " " "   /                  */"_"\__/"
|     | " " " "  "|                           |"
|     |" " " " " "|                           |
|   -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-      *                    |"
|_  |" "" "  \           *                    |
  \ \ "  " "  \________  *                    |
   \ \______ " " " ___/   _                   |"
   |        | "  _/   ___/|                   |
---         | __/  __/  " |                  /"
|            /  __/  " " /                  |
|            __/  "  " "  \                 |"
|    O      |   "  "  " " |        O        |
|           | "  "  " ""  |                 |"
"  "" "" "" ""  " " " " """ " " "" """ "" """""

(Short explanation)

O = A powerholder. These are the ones you have to destroy to encounter 
the spider boss. It's your mission to destroy each one of the 5. You 
find a powerholder where this mark(O) is.

*** = This mark means that there is a block in the way at the stage. 
Well, you can't run through it, but you can go nearby and pass it.

" = All of these marks you see(") means that this is no place you can 
walk in. Either it's outside the screen, or there is a black hole 
blocking the way so you can't walk there.

The most dangerous stage. There're a few power holders, that summon 
spiders. Watch out for all spiders, coz they shoot fire at ya. There're 
also quite many gaps and bridges to go over,
 so be careful. (Falling down isn't so tempting). Look out for all 
sandtraps) the ones making you roll) but if you are careful, this stage 
is no real problem. I find this stage pretty dull, there's not much 
action. Oh well.

Enemies existing:
Red spiders, Green spiders, Power-holders(violet ones), Red snakes, 
small red snakes, Sandmonster, claws.

Traps: Gaps, bridges.

Stage 6: The alien nest

A quite long stage, and dangerous. I hope you're a fast player, cuz here 
you have to run like Maurice Greene. The enemies will swurl around you, 
so make sure to use the aura bomb. Many middlebosses/bosses on this 
stage also. A good tips on the stage is using the flamer or the spray 
because they are good to defense,and RUN!!! Run away from all the 

Enemies existing:
Big Worm, Last alien ever, The brain, The dragon,
The alien face, rolling aliens, shrimps, alien throwing puppets, aliens. 

G: Items

As far as I know, there're only the weopons, and the aura-bombs that 
could be noted as items. 

So here's the name of them:

|B: Invicibilty  |
|C: Crash-bombs  |
|F: Flamer       |
|S: Spray        |
|L: Lazer        |
|H: Homing       |

All the weopons and bombs come in capsules that fly high or low over 
you. Shoot at it once, and the contents will fall down. 

H: Walkthrough
This is the walkthrough, all the game from beginning to end. Here you 
can see what to do, and much more. I've only done the walkthrough for 
one player. Two players is almost the same. If there're any situations 
when two player activity is different, that's included. 

These are the stages you have to go through!

|Stage 1: The city        |
|Stage 2: Map 1           |
|Stage 3: The tower       |
|Stage 4: The race-track  |
|Stage 5: Map 2           |
|Stage 6: Aliens nest     |

The game is beginning. You start appearing to the left side.
Start your journey by going right. Take the invicibility weopon(B) that 
comes flying from left in a capsule. Go right. Bomb the car. Take the 
aura bomb that comes in a capsule. Head right. Now, two capsules will 
appear. Both contents is the spray-weopon(S). Take it and continue to 
the right. Many many enemies run around here, but try to stay cool and 
shoot everyone down meanwhile you're going right. Be careful cuz soon a 
red sniper will appear(they shoot bullets that's hard to avoid). Keep 
heading right. Take the capsule(if you want the contents) or leave it. 
Go right. In the background, you'll see a dog searching a trashcan. This 
dog will run out on the screen soon, so aware of it! Jump over the dog 
when it comes running and continue to the right.

(Always on this stage thousands of robots swurl around you, but I don't 
mention that here, coz that would just be unneccessary). Go on. Take the 
Laser(L) inside the capsule and continue to the right. Make your way 
through all parasites running around you(an aura bomb could be handy) 
and continue right. Kill the snipers quickly, cuz they cause problems.
You'll face a grenade-thrower. Soon, you'll face a green 
fortress(middleboss). Kill the red sniper on the roof and step one 
platform down. Here you'll be standing untouchable. Shoot the canons. 
When both the canons are destroyed, jump down to hit the red button. The 
whole fortress will break down. Go right. A battletank you can drive 
will show up. I suggest you jump in it, and see for yourself what it can 
be used for(it can fire big missiles, smash robots under the wheels 

Caution!!! Playing two is trouble here, because the battletank only got 
room for one, so the other must stand on the roof of it. Then that 
player is vulnerable. And the battletank the other player drives can 
kill it. EVEN if the player got the shield(B) the battletank will smash 
the player. So the battletank-player should be careful.

Drive/run right. If you play on your own, just drive maximum, not 
stopping for a second. Then the battletank will get damaged, but hold 
until you get to the fortress. Then just shoot one missile with the 
battletank at the red button, and the castle will break down. Anyway, go 
right. After the fortress, shoot the capsules down. Take the aura bombs. 
Continue to the right. Shoot down the other capsules. The content is 
yours(if you want it; a Homing(H) and a crash-bomber(C).) Jump over the 
fire(4) and continue to the right. A house will breakdown and out comes 
a battletank1. It shoots missiles. Here I suggest you just relax in the 
left corner and shoot at it with a strong weopon of yours until it 
breaks down. The missiles won't hit you. After, go right. You're on the 
section when the aeroplane comes shooting two giant missiles, that 
creates earthquake(and fire)


Climb right. Watch out for the lava, a few balls might jump up at ya. 
Stay back for a second, then when it cooled down, GO! After the lava, 
two fire-balls are jumping up and down. 
Try to time it here, passing by when the balls are down. A capsule with 
the weopon S will appear. (Take it if u want, I rather not). After you 
passed it, a firesling will appear.
Just stand at the cliff and you won't be harmed. After the firesling 
disappeared, go on to the right. The ground will get "cool" and the fire 
disappears. It's just to jump down and walk on the ground as usual. 
Soon, two aura bombs will come in capsules. And after them, it's 

Choose where to start, and start there. I usually start in the upper 
left corner, because that's the one longest away(and then I don't have 
to walk so long) so the walkthrough on this stage is based from that 
base. But it can be used from the other places too.

You start near a power-holder. Destroy the robot and take the 
contents(aura bombs mostly). Go down. Watch out for the gap(falling down 
will cost ya!). There're many mines around here, that explode a few 
seconds after you stepped on them.
So if touching one, get away from it quickly.Go right. Kill the power-
holder to get an item(or a weopon. ). Hopefully it's the 
B(invicibility). If it is, start running to a power-holder and stand 
inside it. It will break down. Just make sure to get out of it when the 
B turns red. Anytime you don't really know where you are or where to go 
for the next power-holder, press the select-button. It will show you a 
view of the stage. If you gain the B (and if you don't get it, go the 
same way), run quickly up. Go left. Kill the power-holder. Hopefully 
you'll gain a L. Go right a long long way, over a gap and then right.
Last power-holder, and after it, boss 2(spider) will come.

Head right. Take the flamer(F)!! This weopon is superb at this stage, 
because it defends you very good. I can give up a lazer just to get the 
flamer at this stage. Believe me, the flamer
(sounds weird, but it's true) is the ultimate weopon at this stage. Take 
the aura bomb. Red snipers're sitting in front of you, so shoot them 
quickly(don't use the flamer, it's too valuable to risk). After you 
killed the snipers, go right. Many green balls will roll in, but forget 
them, just run away. Kill another red sniper(watch out for their 
bullets). And keep heading right. Hopefully you'll gain the laser(L). 
Head right. Kill the red sniper again, and continue to the right. Jump 
up and climb to the right. Alien birds will dive down at ya. Some will 
grab ya, and if you're not free you'll get killed. Here it's time for a 
barbecue! Pick up your flamer and start frying the birds!!! I'm telling 
you, they die quickly! Walk slowly to the right, meanwhile burning the 
birds. After a while, a big robot that looks like a drill comes up, one 
of the middlebosses at this stage.

Climb the wall, and face the drill once again. And after that, climb up. 
Here's a good place to start a drastic situation. If you're bored and 
want some action, this is the place for you. Climb up the wall, not 
mentioning the snipers on the other side. They will start shooting 
bullets and these bullets will start a drastic situation! I recommend 
you to test it sometime, when you're playing to chill(not playing to 
play good, just chilling around, ya know.)

If you want to be safe and undamaged, take it slowly and climb up a bit 
and shoot one of the snipers one at time. Like when you see one sniper, 
stand still and take him out. Then go for the next, and so on. It's 
safer. After you finished the snipers, climb all the way up. Here you'll 
get a weopon from the capsule that flies from the left. And after that,
it's time for a middleboss. Head right. Take the B and run toward the 
robots. If you're two players here, the first one(with the B) covers the 
other and shoots down the enemies. Defending the other player like a 
kinda barrier. Smash the door and enter the castle. Take the C around. 
Destroy all machines in the room, cause they can start stirring things 
up. Go up.


Now, playing two here is dangerous. It's very important to stick 
together, and being careful. Many friendships have been wrecked at this 
moment. It's like Contra1; if one of you guys jump up, the screen will 
follow. And the other player underneath will die if he stands still. The 
screen isn't big enough for two players, so one of you dies(the one 
lower down). And this is so unneccessary so I tell ya to stick together, 
and talk to each other when one of you is going up. Being one player is 
a big advantage, you can take it as slowly as you want. 

Go up the tower. Walk on to the right. Take capsules. Keep heading 
right. You'll enter a room with a small narrow path. Here an H will 
come, in a capsule. Could be good to know if you want to avoid it, or 
take it(I usually avoid it cause I hate the H). Well, it's bosstime!

You find yourself at a bike. Drive on to the right. Many robots on bikes 
will drive over your head. Take the weopon that comes in the 
capsule(mostly a C or S). Try to shoot as many as scooter-robots cause 
they give plenty of points(and points give lives). Battletank2 will come 
up. And droids around his head. Shoot everything down. Shouldn't be a 
problem. You can destroy the missiles that comes from the battletank.

Keep heading right. A giant airship comes down, trying to pulverlize you 
with the lazers and other stuff. You have to go through. Time the 
driving, if you drive too fast, the lazer will hit ya. After the lazers, 
a long "trunk" will swing around. Now you really gotta time the driving. 
Try to go through without being hit. You will meet the long-legged 
machine, a middleboss....

After you destroyed this one, the chopter will pick you up. Wait a while 
and take the weopon first. Hop up at the chopter and stand ready to fire 
your strongest weopons at the left lower corner. Boba Fett is next on 
the roster.....

After you killed "Boba Fett", the chopter will fire a missile away. And 
you're on it!!! Don't worry, it's just another boss........

Ah yeah!! Stage 4 is finished, two more to go!

WALKTHRU Stage 5: The sandbar(Map2)
(As always, maps are hard to describe. This walkthrough on the maps is 
just based on the basics. You're the one playing, so you know better 
things than I do, about what's happening.
So this's just the basics.) Yep, now you gotta go through another map, 
but this one is harder. It's the same start as in map1, you choose where 
to start. I usually start at the upper left corner cause that one is 
most far away from the others. Kill the power-holder and take the 
contents. Head right over the "bridge"(a narrow path). Keep going. Don't 
cross the bridge you'll see yet,you got some business to do first. Kill 
the power-holder. Take the contents(if you still want it) and cross the 
bridge. Go up. Kill the power-holder(don't forget the item!) and 
continue over the next bridge lower down on the map.Kill the last power-
holder and it's time for a real baddy!!!

WALKTHRU Stage 6: The alien nest(last level)
Now you're deep inside the cave. Now or never the faith of humanity will 
be decided. And you're the one that decides. Go right. Take the aura 
bomb that comes in the capsule(oh, aura bombs is so handy at this 
stage!). Use it immediately if you're surrounded by baddies. Keep 
heading right. Probably many many aliens runs around you, and it's tough 
to stay alive. No problem, it's normal. Use you're aura bombs as much as 
you can, and try to survive. If you keep heading right you'll be out of 
it. Playing two is an advantage cause then you got two guns instead of 
one, and can shoot at two sides of the screen. If you survive long 
enough, you'll face.....................

(Check the boss section for to know which one)

It's not over yet. Go right. Take the lazer and the aura bomb. An 
enemy/boss will appear up from the ground. 

Almost there(the last place). Head right and climb the wall.
A white dragon appears. You gotta defeat it if you wanna come to last 

Ok, climb up the wall and get ready for the last boss in the game. Pick 
up the flamer if you want it. And get ready for the hardest boss in the 
game. (If you get problems, check boss section). Now, good luck man(you 
gonna need it)!

I: Legal stuff and so on
Yeah, this faq wasn't made in one second, so PLEASE respect some of the 
stuff here:

+   Mail me first before posting it on your website.(lufia3@hotmail.com)

+   DO NOT change anything in it, in any kinda way.

+   Mail me first if you plan to do anything with it. 

As you can see, It's not that much, so please respect this.
I think it shouldn't be a problem.

This faq was made by me, MaYakuza

Copyright 1999, 2000 MaYakuza(Sunshine)


Q: I heard of a special weopon, "the atomic weopon" that should 
pulverize every enemy in one hit. How do I get it?

A: "the atomic weopon" could possibly be the "M". This is just a rumor 
as far as I know. That M stuff is just a fake weopon what I know. The 
rumor says"go to the brain that pops out weopons on normal or hard. Wait 
for the M to pop out.
It stand for Mini Gun.". This is just a false rumor!!!
I tried it for many times, playing all the game from beginning to the 
brain at hard, normal one player, two players with my friend, but no M 
popped out. It's just a lie!! Still it is posted at www.gamefaqs.com at 
codes and sages. But as I said; THERE IS NO "M"!!!!!!!If you in any 
event should get the Mini Gun"M", mail me immediately!!!!!!I would 
really like hearing if somebody could get it(strange I can't get it, 

Q: Are there any codes to the game?

A: Well, actually I don't know. You better check out the site 
www.gamefaqs.com and search for the codes. If there are any, they 
probably should be posted there.

K: Weopons
This is the weopon-section. Here you'll see what weopons that could be 
used in difficult situations, what they are good for, what mark it got, 
how to get them, team-tactics with the weopons, and more stuff. I also 
ranged them in how good they are, with 10 for the best, 1 for worthless. 
How to use them in the game, and on the bosses is more detailed in the 
walkthrough, so don't worry about how to use them in the game.

These are the weopons:

|F: The flamer                                          |
|L: The lazer                                           |
|-(no mark): The machine gun(you have it from the start)|
|S: The spray                                           |
|H: Homing                                              |
|B: The ball(inviciblity)                               |
|C: The crash-bombs                                     |

Machine gun(No mark):

The first weopon you have. This weopon is the basic. Every time you die, 
you'll automatic get this one. Red coulor, and quite fast, but not so 
strong. It's not so covering either, but better than others(for example 

Stuff around:
Every time you die, you'll gain this one.
It's like in Contra1. 

Could be handy:
This gun is the medium. It shoots quickly, damage is medium, and it can 
defend you a bit. It's the gun you can use, whenever you want.

Rating: 7/10

The Lazer(L):

A lazer-beam that is thin, with white coulor. Really strong, so use it 
on enemies that must die quickly, or got a good defense. Alphabet: L(The 
mark it got).

Stuff around:
I like the lazer, because it's so strong. It's one of the strongest in 
the game, with the crash-weopon. One more good thing with the lazer, is 
that it stays at the screen when playing at the map. Then u can continue 
shooting with it, hit enemies more. It's like the flamer at the map, 
just that it's stronger. When playing at the stages, it comes one beam 
and then disappears, not like the map, but still it's good.
At the map, it can go through enemies defense like the flamer, often.

Could be handy:
Very handy when fighting most bosses.It's so strong, so the bosses lose 
energy quickly. Best is it when fighting the spider(at stage 2). But 
overall, it's excellent on every boss in the whole game. The weakness 
would be on the stages. It's not so very "covering" like the spray, so 
it could be hard to hit. But at bigger and enemies that has more energy, 
it's excellent. I'd recommend it in your package, on your journey. 
Overall, it's one of the best weopons in the game. 

Complete it by having a spray-weopon like the homing-or the spray in 
your package, and nothing can stop you. 

Rating:     9/10

The Flamer(F):

Red long flame-line that burns out of the gun. Quite strong, but not as 
the crash-or the lazer. This is more like a guarding weopon, that 
protects you from all creatures. Alphabet: F(the mark it got)

Stuff around:
The flamer is good to defense. Many enemies can't avoid it, because it's 
very covering and quite strong. It never stops burning either, so just 
keep shooting. One more good thing with it is that it goes trough any 
kind of defense, for example the spider. If you stand behind the red 
eye, you can't hit the spider with the spray, but with the flamer the 
line goes right thru the skin and burns it. It also goes trough walls, 
so you can stand on the other side of the wall, meanwhile your enemies 
is getting torched at the other side of it. 

Could be handy:
For defense. I think this is the best defending-weopon. It's perfect for 
players that aren't so very attacking, and not so sure about how to 
play. At stage 3, it's definitely the best weopon. It covers you through 
the whole stage, from beginning to end(perfect fighting the alien ship, 
perfect to fight the alien birds, just torch 'em down, perfect to kill 
the alien drill, both times) yeah, it's really great at stage 3.
Use this weopon when you're in a crize-situation, many enemies around 
you(then strong weopons won't work). Use the flamer to get rid off many 
enemies quickly. The weopon is perfect at stage 2,3, and the last 
6(where many many many enemies lurks). Overall, a very good weopon for 
the newcomer, still I prefer the lazer. But as I said, a very good 

Rating: 8.6/10

The crash-bomber(C):

A weopon that is very strong, but slow. It shoots yellow bombs out, that 
explodes on the screen with strong power. Alphabet: C(the mark it got)

Stuff around:
At enemies that got good defense it's nice. Use it at bosses, strong 

Could be handy:
Facing bosses, it's often good to have, but at the stages it's not that 
good. Why? oh, the range isn't so long, it takes time before loading up 
a new bomb(you have to wait for the explosion to end) and it's not so 
covering. But at bosses it's good. Use it on last boss(the alien head, 
the brain, and the space-ship), first boss(the turtle), second boss(the 
spider), third boss(the super-droids, and the mega-robot), fifth 
boss(the sand-monster). But as I said, the real function isn't at the 
stages or the maps. 

Complete it with a spray-weopon(the flamer or the spray)

Rating: 8/10

The spray gun(S):

Like in Contra1, this weopon shoots many bullets, in a spray-form. Red 
coulor. This weopon is very good defeating many weak enemies quickly. 
Alphabet: S(the mark it got)

Stuff around:
Use this weopon at the stages. It's very good to have, because sometimes 
you'll get into crize-situations(many enemies swurl around you) and then 
only the spray can clear you out. Not so good at the bosses, it's not 
strong enough.

Could be handy:
As I said, when a lot of parasites are around you, give them a dust of 
this gun, and hopefully they'll be sprayed to the moon. 

Complete it with a stronger weopon(L, C)

Rating: 8/10

The Ball(B):

If you take this weopon, an energy ball will surround you. This is not a 
weopon, more like a protection gear. Red coulor/yellow coulor/blue 
coulor. Alphabet: B
(the mark it got).

Stuff around:
This weopon makes you invicible. The bullets/enemies attacking you, 
can't hurt you. Go into the enemies, and they'll die(for a change).

Could be handy:
Extremly good when the screen is full of baddies. Then nothing can kill 
you(sorry it doesn't work forever). CAUTION!!!! Falling out from gaps, 
getting hit by your own battletank and you're dead, even if you wear the 


Missiles that goes directly for the enemy.
Red coulor. They go quite fast, but are very weak.

Stuff around:
Alphabet: H. This weopon is extremly good to earn score. Just choose a 
place where to stand, and place something on the Y-button(like a book or 
something) and it will hit enemies. I do not use this tactic, but for 
you guys needing many lives, this is it. Just let the hero standing 
there, shooting enemies, while you go for a snooze(or something).Go back 
in about two hours, and you should have earned scores(and scores give 
lives). For example, when you get the homing at the first stage, go to a 
pillar, and stand there, while the soldiers run beneath you. Then let 
the homing work.

Could be handy:
I don't like this gun. I mean, I wanta target by myself. And it's not 
that strong either, so it's kinda not so good. Could be handy in 
situations where many enemies swurl around you, but when it's boss time, 
the weopon is worthless. No I don't like it. Use the weopon if you're a 
newcomer, or can't hit by yourself. 

Rating: 4/10

L: (NEW!)How to enjoy Contra3
(Very short, just why contra3 is a great game).

You know why a game this old(8 years) still can attract players all over 
the world? It's because of the great feeling when playing it! When you 
run through the stages, jumping, shooting down enemies, meanwhile you 
listen to the top class music! It's totally cool! But the best thing is 
to play 2 players. It's much more fun then, because the situations get 
more involving and the gameplay rises! Contra3 is a great game, even if 
the graphic is surpassed long time ago, this is a great game. And it 
definitely fits in 2D. So sit yourself down in front of the tv, open the 
coca-cola cans, grab the controls and enjoy a great game!!!

M: Endings
There are three endings in this game.

If beating the game at Hard, you will see the "real" end with people 
celebrating, pictures, and other stuff(the best ending, recommended).

Beating the game at Normal, the nest will explode and after the chopter 
disappeared the text will come up" you are getting better, but try to 
beat the real challenge" or something like that. Push start button and 
then the game starts over at hard.

And at easy, the original ending(and easiest to get), you will get a 
message to try a harder level. 

Check them all out!

N: Credits

# To Dingo Jellybean for simply being the best faq-writer

# To Daladiesman for his great reviews, and other stuff(games, faqs and 
more stuff) Read his reviews, they're great!!!!

# Sefirstein for his great work and who gave me some info about 
submitting stuff(cool guy)

# Jeffy who keeps updating www.gamefaqs.com

# Square for top-games( some of them makes me sigh 
oh man. They really are the best company)

# Konami for making this game and other great ones

# Capcom for good games

# Marshmallow for his great work, and a superior zelda64-faq

# Nintendo for cool stuff(good machines)

# Manga-painters for awesome artwork

Well, I hope that's everyone, everything. If not, u know what more  
should have been added. If you feel you want some credit, mail me right 
now, and I'll update it again!!

O: End of Faq
Well, this is it. See ya sometime, out there. Hopefully, I will make 
more faqs or reviews(or even better both) so see ya next time. Sorry for 
my spelling errors. Well, anyway, be cool.

(And remember, there is no M!!!)

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