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Pro Action Replay Codes by flamingspinach

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/17/2004


(see? 79 chars!)

   ZSNES/PAR codes for                                                         
   Contra III: The Alien Wars                                                  
   Engineered by flamingspinach – http://genesisreality.dyndns.org/            

Hello and welcome to my 5th PAR codelist FAQ! :) Why did I choose Contra III? 
Um... mostly because it’s a super-short game (i.e. the only thing that keeps 
the gameplay time up is the skill level required, which of course using PAR 
codes abolishes :D), and so it was easy for me to think of all possible useful 
codes. :) At least I think I did that... Anyway, (standard spiel) all these 
codes have been engineered by me, flamingspinach, and are not supported in any 
way by the makers of this game (namely Konami and Nintendo). I’m sticking to 
GameFAQs convention by keeping the width of this document to 79 characters 
(actually I’m keeping it to 6.59 inches of Courier New 10pt text, but that’s 
the same thing :D). All codes’ names are kept to 18 characters, in accordance 
with ZSNES’s unfortunate character limit for entering PAR codes. Same goes for 
the reason I capitalized them all. <Hibiki-Ryôga-dramatic-sorrow-voice>Someday, 
someday I will write a script to convert my PAR codelists into ZSNES .CHT 
files! Someday!</Hibiki-Ryôga-dramatic-sorrow-voice> This will probably be a 
final version, unless someone actually _emails_ me with a code idea. I think 
I’ve got it down. LOL

      Code List                                                                
NOTE: For convenience, I’ve split the codes up into four sections:

- Survival
- Ammunition Types
- Facilitation of Boss Battles
- Miscellaneous

4)  7E1F8A64 INF LIVES
5)  7E1F8C09 INF BOMBS

6)  7E1F8400 NORMAL SHOTS 1
7)  7E1F8401 S SHOTS 1
8)  7E1F8402 C SHOTS 1
9)  7E1F8403 H SHOTS 1
10) 7E1F8404 F SHOTS 1
11) 7E1F8405 L SHOTS 1
12) 7E1F8600 NORMAL SHOTS 2
13) 7E1F8601 S SHOTS 2
14) 7E1F8602 C SHOTS 2
15) 7E1F8603 H SHOTS 2
16) 7E1F8604 F SHOTS 2
17) 7E1F8605 L SHOTS 2

18) 7E030600 WIMP BOSS 1
19) 7E030700 WIMP BOSS 1
20) 7E0306FF DEAD BOSS 1
21) 7E0307FF DEAD BOSS 1
22) 7E034600 WIMP BOSS 2 
23) 7E034700 WIMP BOSS 2
24) 7E0346FF DEAD BOSS 2
25) 7E0347FF DEAD BOSS 2
26) 7E040600 WIMP BOSS 3
27) 7E040700 WIMP BOSS 3
28) 7E0406FF DEAD BOSS 3
29) 7E0407FF DEAD BOSS 3
30) 7E044600 WIMP BOSS 4
31) 7E044700 WIMP BOSS 4
32) 7E0446FF DEAD BOSS 4
33) 7E0447FF DEAD BOSS 4
34) 7E050600 WIMP BOSS 5
35) 7E050700 WIMP BOSS 5
36) 7E0506FF DEAD BOSS 5
37) 7E0507FF DEAD BOSS 5
38) 7E060600 WIMP BOSS 6
39) 7E060700 WIMP BOSS 6
40) 7E0606FF DEAD BOSS 6
41) 7E0607FF DEAD BOSS 6
42) 7E070600 WIMP BOSS 7
43) 7E070700 WIMP BOSS 7
44) 7E0706FF DEAD BOSS 7
45) 7E0707FF DEAD BOSS 7
46) 7E074600 WIMP BOSS 8
47) 7E074700 WIMP BOSS 8
48) 7E0746FF DEAD BOSS 8
49) 7E0747FF DEAD BOSS 8
50) 7E084600 WIMP BOSS 9
51) 7E084700 WIMP BOSS 9
52) 7E0846FF DEAD BOSS 9
53) 7E0847FF DEAD BOSS 9
54) 7E08C600 WIMP BOSS 10
55) 7E08C700 WIMP BOSS 10
56) 7E08C6FF DEAD BOSS 10
57) 7E08C7FF DEAD BOSS 10
58) 7E090600 WIMP BOSS 11
59) 7E090700 WIMP BOSS 11
60) 7E0906FF DEAD BOSS 11
61) 7E0907FF DEAD BOSS 11
62) 7E0AC600 WIMP BOSS 12
63) 7E0AC700 WIMP BOSS 12
66) 7E0B4600 WIMP BOSS 13
67) 7E0B4700 WIMP BOSS 13
68) 7E0B46FF DEAD BOSS 13
69) 7E0B47FF DEAD BOSS 13


      Code Descriptions                                                        

1) INVULNERABILITY 1 – This code makes you invulnerable (i.e. you can walk 
      through enemies, bullets, flames, etc.) during the side-scrolling parts 
      of the game. This is the same condition that you’re in when you first 
      start the level, when you respawn, and when you jump out of the tank in 
      the first level. This was a bit weird... it’s not your normal 01 = 
      Invulnerable, 00 = Vulnerable kind of code – rather it uses both the 7th 
      and 8th bits of the byte 7E0216 simultaneously to flag invulnerability, 
      hence the 03 (00000011 in binary equals 03 in hexadecimal). Anyway, I 
      found it, and it works, so whatever. :) If you use this code, the 
      Invincibility code (#3) won’t work, and vice versa. Not that it really 

2) INVULNERABILITY 2 – This code is the counterpart of INVULNERABILITY 1 (#1) – 
      it works only in the top-view parts of the game. I found it in the same 
      way, though strangely enough this is a different value, 00! I was puzzled 
      about this until I beat the game and saw the credits. Different 
      developers worked on the side-scrolling and top-view parts. LOL

3) INVINCIBILITY – I originally thought this was a shield, because it looks 
      like one when you first get it in the first level. But then I realized 
      it’s actually invincibility! (i.e. you walk right through enemies... and 
      they die!) So, I made a code for it. It’s a classic “timer code”. This 
      means that the value is usually 00, but whenever you get the 
      invincibility powerup, it goes to FF (255) or some other number higher 
      than zero, and then gradually drains back down to 00, at which point the 
      powerup loses effect. So, I simply stuck the value at 255. Voilá! 
      Invincibility! :)

4) INF LIVES – Simple. I searched for the number of lives remaining, and set it 
      to 99. Now you can die as much as you want. :)

5) INF BOMBS – Also simple. I searched for the number of bombs the player is 
      currently in the company of, and set it to 9 (it seemed like anything 
      bigger would overflow the spot on the screen where the number of bombs is 
      displayed). Now you can constantly blow up enemies without even shooting 
      at them! Useful! In fact, with only this code and the INF LIVES code 
      together, you can easily beat the game even on Turbo mode in ZSNES! LOL

6-17) {NORMAL | S | C | H | F | L} SHOTS {1 | 2} – This is a useful and cool 
      code. What does it do? Well, I searched for values that changed when I 
      got new kinds of ammunition for the person’s gun (wow, it’s annoying that 
      he has no name @_@), and tried different values to see what I got. These 
      codes will set your ammunition type to any of the 6 types of shots, on 
      either of your two guns (left and right hands). Obviously, you should 
      only use one code per gun... o_O If you’re wondering what the letters 
      stand for, well, I don’t know, but here are my guesses: S = “spread” 
       (because you have spread out shots); C = ... um... “cryo”...? (well, in 
      side-scrolling mode, it looks blue... Hey! Stop laughing! Can you think 
      of something better!? LOL); H = “heat-seeking” (because the shots follow 
      enemies); F = “flamethrower” (because it’s a flamethrower! :) ); L = 
       “laser” (doesn’t it look like one to you?).

18-69) {WIMP | DEAD} BOSS {1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 
      13} – These codes are incredibly useful. :D Basically, the WIMP ones 
      weaken a boss so that one hit will finish it off. The DEAD ones instantly 
      kill the boss! But some of them don’t work or work strangely so here’s a 
      list of bosses and how to use their codes. Don’t forget to read the notes 
      that come with some of them. Oh, and I apologize for the boss names – I 
      have no idea what they’re actually called so I named them myself! :) I’m 
      sure you’ll know which one the one you’re fighting is when you get to it, 
      my names should be descriptive enough... I hope... and if not, there’s 
      always email... :)
            For This Boss:                   Use Any of These Code(s):
            Building #1                      WIMP 10 or KILL 10
            Building #2                      WIMP 10 or KILL 10
            Tank                             WIMP 11 or KILL 11
            Alien Turtle                     WIMP 3 or KILL 3
            Spider                           KILL 13[*]
            Flying Drill                     WIMP 1 or KILL 1
            Flying Drill Rematch             WIMP 2 or KILL 2
            Troop Transport / Chuck Wagon    WIMP 11 or KILL 11[**]
            Blue Robot                       WIMP 10
            Blue Robot’s Torso               WIMP 10
            Gold Robot                       WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*][***]
            Gold Robot’s Torso               WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*][***]
            Giant Black Robot                WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Highway Tank                     WIMP 11 or KILL 11
            Black Monkey Person              WIMP 6 or KILL 6
            Pair of Legs                     WIMP 5 or KILL 5[*]
            Airship’s Upper Shield Emitter   WIMP 7 or KILL 7
            Airship’s Lower Shield Emitter   WIMP 8 or KILL 8
            Airship                          WIMP 11 or KILL 11
            Cyclops Barnacle                 KILL 12
            Fat Toothy Ceiling Worm          WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Beating Heart                    WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Hopping / Digging Beast          WIMP 9 or KILL 9[*]
            Steel Dragon                     WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Alien Leader’s Left Hand         WIMP 4 or KILL 4
            Alien Leader’s Right Hand        WIMP 3 or KILL 3
            Alien Leader’s Head              WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Alien Leader’s Brain             WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            Alien Leader’s Brain in a Mech   WIMP 11 or KILL 11[*]
            [*]: The way that a boss’s death works is that once its health 
                  reaches zero, it goes into “Dying Mode” and sets its health 
                  to -1 (since hexadecimal values are unsigned, this wraps 
                  around to 65535, or FFFF). Once it does its dying animation 
                  (i.e. jumping into the air a bit, or exploding, or falling 
                  apart – this varies from boss to boss), then it will often 
                  set its health back to 0 again before doing its going-away 
                  animation (sinking into the ground, disappearing behind you 
                  on the highway, falling off a cliff, whatever). The problem 
                  with this is that the KILL codes purposely set the boss’s 
                  health to -1 (hence the FFFF of the code) so that the boss 
                  will die, but some bosses (the ones with the [*] mark in this 
                  list) need to finish their dying animation before they can 
                  get on with it and be defeated, and let you beat them. This 
                  can lead to some pretty funny effects if you let the KILL 
                  code stay on for a while. Here’s a list:
                        Spider – Just keeps exploding forever.
                        Gold Robot – The whole screen is covered with 
                              explosions forever.
                        Gold Robot’s Torso – The whole screen is covered with 
                              explosions forever.
                        Giant Black Robot – The whole screen is covered with 
                              explosions forever.
                        Pair of Legs – Its legs fall apart and the pieces float 
                              away up into the sky! When you turn it off they 
                              fall down from however high up they went. LOL 
                              This is because normally they just kinda jump 
                              into the air a bit and then fall.
                        Fat Toothy Ceiling Worm – Just keeps exploding forever.
                        Beating Heart – Just keeps exploding forever.
                        Hopping / Digging Beast – Starts exploding and floats 
                              up into the ceiling! After a while it rises up 
                              out of the floor and back into the ceiling... 
                              must have wrapped around. :)
                        Steel Dragon – Its tail falls apart into pieces, its 
                              wings get all ragged, and it hangs its head. Then 
                              the whole mess of pieces floats up into the sky! 
                        Alien Leader’s Head – Just keeps exploding forever.
                        Alien Leader’s Brain – Just keeps exploding forever.
                        Alien Leader’s Brain in a Mech – Just keeps exploding 
                  Anyway, for all of these bosses, just turn on the KILL code 
                  briefly and then turn it off again to let the boss do its 
                  thing and get defeated. :) Unless of course you want it to 
                  suffer prolongedly... you sadist... o_O
            [**]: This is unique to the Troop Transport / Chuck Wagon boss. If 
                  you use the kill code on it, it will obediently die just like 
                  all the other bosses that don’t have a [*] note. However, an 
                  afterimage of the thing will be stuck to the top of the 
                  screen for the rest of the level, covering up important 
                  stuff. So if you don’t want that to happen, don’t use the 
                  KILL code on the Troop Transport / Chuck Wagon.

            [***]: This is unique to the Gold Robot and Gold Robot’s Torso. Not 
                  only does the KILL code work, killing the Gold Robot or Gold 
                  Robot’s Torso, it will also kill any Blue Robot, Blue Robot’s 
                  Torso, and Giant Black Robot in the room! And yes, even if 
                  the Giant Black Robot is still hiding behind the wall (which 
                  it will be), it will still die. Cool, ain’t it? :)

70) ETERNAL TANK – This code is only useful on the first level. When you turn 
      this code on, once you get in a tank, you STAY in the tank, even if the 
      tank blows up and disappears! Yay, invisible tank! Awesome. :) And yes, 
      you can’t get hurt, just like if you were in a normal tank. Even though 
      the tank is invisible. LOL Cool code, no? I found it, of course, by 
      searching for values that decreased when the tank took a hit. Then I set 
      that value to 255. Even though the tank’s appearance degrades (i.e. it 
      develops cracks, starts burning a bit, and then finally blows up), it’s 
      actually still hale and hearty! :) But none of this is the best part of 
      the code. The best part is that you can see the character’s torso 
      floating along in midair with his arm placed as though it was on the 
      outside of a car door. LOL

71) BYPASS WHACKAMOLE – Holy CRAP this one was lucky. Now obviously by just 
      looking at the name of this code, one would have no idea what it was for. 
      Well, you know the top-view levels of the game? Where you have to go kill 
      the 5 turrets? Isn’t that kinda like “Whack-A-Mole”? After all, the 
      turrets do have armor that they put up most of the time... LOL Anyway, 
      this code makes the game think you have killed all the turrets, even if 
      you haven’t really. So don’t use this code unless you want to skip the 
      top-view levels! Anyway, on to how I found this code. Well, first I 
      thought, “Maybe there’s a value that tells the game how many turrets 
      you’ve killed, or how many are left.” So I tried searching for values 
      that increased or decreased when I killed a turret. No luck. Then I 
      thought, “Maybe there’s five on/off flags, one for each turret, that says 
      whether you’ve killed it or not, and the game checks all five turrets.” 
      So I searched for values that changed when I killed a specific turret but 
      didn’t change when I killed other turrets. Still no luck. Finally, I 
      thought, “Oh, what the heck, maybe there’s some magical value the changes 
      at the instant you kill all five turrets.” I searched, but got more than 
      a hundred results, no matter how hard I tried to narrow down the search! 
      So I went down the list of codes, and made an intelligent guess and 
      picked one. Ta-daa, the BYPASS WHACKAMOLE code was born! :) (I think I’m 
      starting to write a bit too melodramatically... @_@)

      Codes Planned for Later Updates                                          

... I can’t think of a single one!

Any suggestions? Contact me – see the contact section below.

      Terms of Use                                                             

Here’s what you need to know about this file, legally speaking. Don’t be 
offended by the all caps text, please. I fully capitalized it not to seem as if 
I were shouting at you but rather just to draw attention to it, and to make 
sure that people actually read it. Thanks to Sayain for pointing out that some 
people might see it otherwise. :)



Websites whose owners have explicit, willing consent from me to distribute 
and/or redistribute this document:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/

Simple enough, no?


You can contact me, flamingspinach, with questions, comments, suggestions, or
whatever (no spam please :) ) at:

   AIM:    flamingspinach
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   MSN:    flamiSUPERBLEARYngspinach@@@lycos.com
   ICQ:    214673046
   IRC:    flamingspinach on sorcery.net
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Some guidelines for talking to me (@_@): Don’t ask me to add you to my buddy 
list, if you’re the one who contacted me. I won’t do it. After all, the reason 
I’ve put this contact info up here is so that people can talk to me about my 
guides, not for lonely people to bombard me with small talk. :) I don’t mind 
talking to my readers on IM, but this contact section is not a Personals ad. If 
you talk to me on IM after reading this FAQ, I expect that you want to talk to 
me about my FAQ. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Thanks.

Of course, remove the ALL CAPS stuff and extra @'s, they're antispam... à la 
Slashdot. o_O


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