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Boss Guide by insannescorp55

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 03/19/2003

Contra 3: The Alien Wars - Boss FAQ
Last Updated: 3/19/03 (version 3.1)
Written by: insannescorp55

Sites allowed to use this document:
GameFAQs - http://gamefaqs.com/
N1 Video Games - http://n1videogames.8m.com/

Table of Contents:
1. Intoduction
2. Version History
3. Contra is...
4. Controls
5. Weapons
6. Boss FAQ
7. My Review
8. Game and PAR Codes
9. Contact Information
10. Legal Information/Thanks

1. Introduction

Well, no offense to Hunter-K01, but the Boss FAQ that was there was kind of 
weak. So I decided to bring this FAQ to you. I hope this FAQ will guide you on 
your way to beating this game. And if it doesn't I hope you have fun playing 
anyway. I am open to all of your feedback. You can contact me at 

2. Version History

Version: 3.1.2874 (3/19/03) - Just a simple addition of a review section that I 
wrote myself and updated the dates on the copyright.

Version: 3.0.7126 (12/22/02) - Stage 6 bosses updated. Some recommended weapons 

Version: 2.5.5724 (12/11/02) - Sections 1, 3, and 8 added and completed.

Version: 2.0.3781 (12/10/02) - Weapon descriptions added.

Version: 1.5.1594 (12/7/02) - Levels 4-5 Boss FAQ completed. Game and Par Codes 
added. Legal Information/Thanks added.

Version: 1.0.3036 (12/6/02) - Levels 1-3 Boss FAQ completed. Controls and 
weapons added.

3. Contra is...

Type of Game: Action
Publisher: Konami
Released: 2/28/92
Number of Players: 1-2

4. Controls

These controls are default controls for the English version of Contra III.

Start - Pause
Select - Birds eye levels: Shows map, Regular levels: not used
D-Pad - Move
L + R - Hold both to shoot both primary and secondary weapons, aim gun, turn 
left or right(birds eye view levels only)
A - Sets off bomb(clears screen of enemies)
X - Switches primary and secondary weapons
B - Jump
Y - Shoots selected weapon

5. Weapons

Machine Gun - no sign
Description: Your default weapon, given to you after injuries/start of game.

Why its good: It is a rapid fire weapon. It will continuously shoot fast rounds 
of bullets, and there is no pauses in between rounds. I like this weapon the 
best on bosses that spawn enemies. Such as the mini boss in stage three.

Why its bad: It isn't very powerful. No wonder its your default weapon.

Laser - (L)
Description: Shoots an extremely powerful laser.

Why its good: It is probably the most powerful weapon in the game. It is great 
for boss fights because it quickly drains an enemies health.

Why its bad: Like always the best weapon has to have some flaw. This one is it 
has a long time in between every shot on the laser. But this doesn't apply on 
birds eye view levels though. It will shoot a continuous laser then.

Flame Thrower - (F)
Description: Shoots wall of flames.

Why it is good: It is a pretty powerful weapon and shoots continuosly.

Why it is bad: There really isn't anything bad about this gun besides it isn't 
that powerful and has a small range.

Shotgun - (S)
Description: Scatters bullets like a shotgun.

Why its good: It is great for clearing rooms full of enemies and enemies at 
multiple elevations.

Why its bad: It has a slow firing rate and is not very powerful on bosses.

Heat Seaker - (H)
Description: Heat seaking missles.

Why its good: It is attracted to enemies. Good for tight situations and packed 
rooms. It is probably my favorite weapon and I try to keep one throughout the 

Why its bad: ...It isn't.

Crash Bomb - (C)
Description: Shoots rockets that explode on impact.

Why its good: Its extremely powerful and explodes near enemy so maybe even 
hitting nearby enemies.

Why its bad: Slow rate of fire.

Bomb - (bomb)
Description: Clears screen of all minor enemies.

Why its good: Well, it clears the room. Powerful on bosses.

Why its bad: Works relatively slowly and causes slow motion.

6. Boss FAQ

Stage 1

Stage 1 mini boss(1): The wall

First shoot out the cannons, then just shoot at the wall and watch out for the 
red man at the top of the wall and blue men coming from the left of your 

Stage 1 mini boss(2): The second wall

You should have a tank for this, if you don't just use the strategy above. One 
close shot should take care of it.

Stage 1 mini boss(3): Grenade Launching Tank

This boss is very simple. Just have your best gun equiped and stand to the far 
left corner of the screen. Shoot at the base until it dies. If you don't kill 
him shortly after he starts moving away from you, you may have to adjust your 
position to avoid being hit by bombs.

Stage 1 main boss: Alien Tortoise

Start at the bottom and shoot its red heart. This is how to kill it. Watch out 
for stray bullets. Every once in a while it will shoot these flying things or 
slug looking things out of its shell. Just shoot at them and they will die.

Stage 2

Stage 2 mini boss: Armored Aliens

When you select your position, the armored aliens are the blinking objects on 
the map. There are 5 spread around the level. When their shell comes off shoot 
them, but watch out because some of them shoot very rapidly at you. It doesn't 
take much to kill them, but watch out for them shooting bullets at you.

Stage 2 main boss: Alien Spider

First, aim for his circular disks coming out from each of his six arms. After 
this, take out his main gun. He will then do an attack where he floats up and 
then slams down to the ground. Just keep moving once he starts doing this. 
Shoot his red dot in the center to kill him.

Stage 3

Stage 3 mini boss(1): Spike Act 1

Let him pick you up on his wings, but watch out for the spike that comes out 
from atop him. When you are below him shoot up at him. Once he is dead he will 
start spinning very fast. Make sure to jump off of him before he is too low to 
the ground. After he falls below the screen, watch out for the missles he 

Stage 3 mini boss(2): Spike Act 2

Basically, just go up as he moves and avoid the missles. To avoid the missles 
easier, move up before he shoots them. They will move with your body. Once he 
is at the top he will take on yet another form. Avoid his drill attack by 
constantly moving up and down. When he is drilling at the wall he will reveal a 
red dot. Shoot it to destroy him.

Stage 3 mini boss(3): Alien Ship

Move as far as you can to one side when it is throwing grenades; when it is 
finished go under it and shoot the red dot revealed. Watch out for enemies 
jumping from atop the ship. I suggest using a scatter gun, heat-seaker, or your 
default gun. The others don't dispose of enemies from atop the ship as well as 
these do.

Stage 3 main boss: Giant Aliens Act 1

This boss is two of your basic red and blue men, just a lot bigger, smarter, 
and harder to kill. You can hang from the ceiling so make sure to use this to 
your advantage. After you beat their first form, they will be just a head, 
rolling around. Shoot them a bit more and they will die.

Stage 3 main boss: Giant Aliens Act 2

After you kill your two giant friends, a huge terminator robot will emerge from 
behind the wall. He has three main attacks and uses them in this order. First, 
he will shoot two lights from his eyes. They will move around the sreen trying 
to hit you and after a few seconds will die out. His second is to shoot a wall 
of flames out of his mouth in a circular pattern throughout the room. I suggest 
you either stand below him and keep shooting until the flames are close to you 
and then jump over, but if you are having trouble with this just climb the 
walls and ceiling to avoid it. His third attack is to throw a bunch of bombs 
into the room. When he does this run to the side that has less bomb and climb 
onto that wall. Then he will do his flame attack again and then the series of 
attacks will start over. Hit him in his mouth to kill him. I suggest using a 
rapid fire weapon, such as your default or a laser.

Stage 4

Stage 4 mini boss: Tank

Your on your bike and your riding behind a tank. Shoot at it anywhere. You can 
shoot the bombs it shoots of to make them explode earlier. Make sure to kill 
enemies on jet packs flying above the tank. If you don't dispose of them, they 
can become a great irritation. You can also jump off your bike to avoid shots 
from both the tank and flying enemies.

Stage 4 mini boss: Alien Walking Stick

This is an easy mini boss. Just position yourself to the far left of your 
screen. Hold down the R button so you don't move, and just continuously shoot 
at an up/right motion. Any missles that he shoots should be destroyed in you 
line of fire.

Stage 4 mini boss: Alien Ariel Ninja

Like a player from Castlevania this enemy will swing back and forth from 
something he shoots from his arm. Shoot at his body when he is swinging back 
and forth. He will switch sides so watch out for that. Also watch out for when 
he pulls himself up to your level he will throw something at you. Just jump to 
avoid it.

Stage 4 main boss: Alien Ship

This boss is different because your not on the ground. Your holding on to 
missles shooting from the left of your screen towards the ship. They won't help 
you at all though. First to take out the barrier protecting the ship you will 
notice two devices that project the barrier; one on top and one on the bottom. 
Shoot these out to destroy the barrier. Then once you've destroyed the barier, 
just shoot away at the giant red dot in the center. Keep as far to the left as 
you can though or you may get hit by one of the ships bombs.

Stage 5

Stage 5 mini boss: Red Ant Hole

This stage is similar to stage 2. It is an overhead view. There are 5 red ant 
hills scattered throughout the world and you have to shoot and kill them. They 
will shot a fireball at you if you don't kill them. Simple as that. Watch the 
red ants that come out of them breathe fire.

Stage 5 main boss: Alien Rotton Fruit

That is what it looks like. Doesn't it? Anyway, when you see something poking 
out of the side holes, shoot at it immediately. If you don't kill it start 
running because it will chase you for a certain amount of time. Every once in a 
while an eye will emerge from atop the fruit, this is its weak spot. Hit it 
here to destroy it.

Stage 6

Stage 6 mini boss: Giant Centipede

Don't be intimidated by the name or his looks, if you do it as I say he 
shouldn't be much of a problem. Stand at the lower level and constantly shoot 
at his mouth. Don't let go of the shoot button until he is dead. He will try 
and shoot giant slugs out of his mouth but that should be a problem if you are 
constantly shooting.

Stage 6 mini boss: The Heart and... Scorpions???

There are four bud looking things on the floor and ceiling that spawn 
scorpions, take them out first and the scorpions they spawn. Then shoot at the 
heart. The heart has no known attack, but you can't touch it.

Stage 6 mini boss: Alien Frog

Don't be intimidated by this boss. He may look tough but if you know what 
you're doing, it is easy to beat him. First, he will ram you. Avoid this. When 
he retracts, he will open his weak spot up at his base. He will shott yellow 
things at the ceiling and avoid them when they fall. Immediately after he will 
shoot a yellow ray. Sometimes he will go underground. When he does this just 
run under him when he jumps up.

Stage 6 mini boss: Silver Hawk

Next, you'll run into a siver hawk. He will start out flying towards the wall 
and you. Position yourself either near the top or bottom of the screen when it 
is away from the wall, and then move away from your position quickly when he 
coes darting at you, then shoot his head when he backs off again. Do this a 
couple of times and he will start disappearing and reapering while swinging his 
tail. Use the same strategy as before.

Stage 6 main boss: Overlord

Okay, you have made it to the end. Done a certain way, he is a cinch. Okay, 
first comes the head and claws to each side of it. Immediately concentrate fire 
on the left claw (since you are automatically closer to it). If you do it fast 
enough, and have good weapons, you should be able to take it out before it 
unfurls and tries to hit you. Once the left claw is down, shoot the face, 
making sure to destroy both eyes, which can shoot tiny shots at you. Then go 
for the right claw, being sure to back off if necessary, since you now have 
plenty of safe room. Remember, you have to hit the end of the claw, not the 
claw body, to destroy it. Now, shoot the undefended brain, at the top of the 

Now, he is where a slow motion controller will come in handy. The brain will go 
to the center of the screen, and a series of balls will spin around it. When 
you shoot one, the brain will stop spinning, and will attack you using whatever 
attack method the ball you shot stood for. Though you may personally find you 
prefer another ball-method, the easiest to handle overall is the giant eye. 
Stand on the left or right hand side of the brain, and, if you have a slow 
motion controller, turn it on so you can time you shot to hit the giant eye. If 
you don't have a slow motion controller, just try to time it right manually. 
Two things about the giant eyeballs that the brain will attack with: one, they 
are easy to destory, and two, they are worth *LOTS* of points. It is possible 
to earn enough points during each round of eye attacks to earn another life. 
See a strategy here? If you have less than 5 lives left or so, *AND* are 
playing in the hard mode, you should stop and just keep building a good reserve 
of lives for the *next* challenge. If you are not playing in the hard mode, 
that isn't necessary, though it might be a good idea if you only have a couple 
of lives left, to earn a few extra just in case you screw up towards the end. 
Four or five rounds and the brain will go down.

If you are playing in hard mode, now you get to face the real final boss, and 
fight for the right to see the real ending of the game. Upon jumping onto your 
helicoptor, you will begin to rise out of the cavern. But, unlike easy or 
normal mode, you won't just fly on out, you'll be attacked by a very pissed off 
brain, in a spiked metal suit, with two flailing arms. The strategy here is to 
KEEP MOVING. Go back and forth, from left to right, jumping up and firing at 
its eye in the center, all the while avoiding its arms. Occasionally, the brain 
will come up at you with the spikes on the top center of its body. Be ready to 
jump out of the way, and to retaliate afterward.

7. My Review

The Contra series has never really gotten anywhere. Most gamers have never 
heard of Contra or let alone played Contra. I was just browsing around 
Funcoland looking for some good SNES games when I came across this. It was only 
a couple of dollars so I figured, ''Why not?'' I brought it home, put in into 
my system, and immediately fell in love with it. After a few minutes of game 
play, I had finally found my place in the gaming world. It's so simplistic yet 
so amazingly fun to play alone or by yourself.  
There are seven different weapons you can use throughout the game. You can have 
two at a time. Besides your two weapons, you have a smart bomb, which will 
cause significant damage to bosses and kill everything else. Your weapons 
include your machine gun, laser, flamethrower, crash bomb, homing missiles, and 
shotgun. To get these, you have to destroy something called a weapon carrier. 
When you kill them, they will spawn a weapon.  
There are two different types of levels that occur in Contra III. There are 
four side scrolling levels and two bird's eye levels. B  
Graphics: 7/10  
I know people who play games and if the graphics are 2-D, they take the game 
out put it in a pile and never play a game again. People like this are missing 
out on a great game. Though Contra III's graphics aren't stunning it is still 
an awesome game. It is a 2-D game just like the other Contra games. Though the 
graphics are kind of blocky, the gameplay all but makes up for the graphics.  
Sound: 8/10  
Sound isn't bad with all considered. It's an old Super Nintendo game. There 
aren't many sound effects but when there are they are pretty cool. The 
background music is also very cool in all of the levels. Unfortunately, the 
franchise's great sounds will be ruined in Shattered Soldier.  
Gameplay: 10/10  
This is quite possibly the most fun Run 'N' Gun type game that I've ever 
played. Once you get used to the controls and increase your skill level, this 
game will come easily to you. There is also two different modes of two player 
games. This game is also very fun to play with friends. The only flaw about the 
gameplay is that you cannot save, nor is there a password system for beating a 
level. This means when you get a game over, you can't just load a game and 
continue from where you left off. You must start from the first level with no 
stats, weapons, bonuses, nothing!  
Story: 7/10  
There really isn't much of a story. Most of the game is just shooting things. 
But that's what counts.  
Replay Value: 9/10  
Most people don't give this game a chance. Once they get to the second level 
that get a game over, they don't want to play again because they don't want to 
have to struggle through the first level again. But if you give this game a 
chance and keep playing, not only will you have a lot of fun, but you will play 
it all the time, because this game does grow on you.  
Overall: 10/10  
I love Contra III and it is what got me into the rest of the Contra games and 
other run 'n' gun games. It is so fun to play by youself or with friends, and 
is so easy after you get to know what you're doing. If your looking for a Super 
Nintendo game, this is the game for you. It's cheap and worth every cent of it. 
And yes it has earned Konami as my favorite gaming company.  
Why it's good:  
-It has great game play  
-It is very fun  
-You'll love to play it over and over  
-It has cool graphics and sound  
-Can be played with two players  
Why it's bad:  
-You can't save  
-There is no passwords  
-The cheats only work for the Japan version. 

8. Game and PAR Codes

Note: These codes only work on the Japanese version of Contra 3.

Level Select:
At the player selection screen, press Left, Down, Down/Left, Left, Start. A Hum 
will be heard if you've entered the code correctly. 

Unlock all Weapons:
At the player selection screen, press Right, Down, Down/Right, Right, Start. A 
screem will be heard if you've entered the code correctly.

Sound Test:
On the title screen rapidly press X while pressing Down and Right to unlock the 
sound test.

PAR Codes:
7E1F8Axx - Lives Modifier P1 (Note 1)
7E1F84xx - Gun 1 Modifier P1 (Note 2)
7E1F86xx - Gun 2 Modifier P1 (Note 2)
7E1F8Cxx - Bomb Modifier P1 (Note 1)

Note 1 - xx=any value from 00-FF (0-255)
Note 2 - xx=any value from 00-05
00=Machine Gun
02=Crash Bomb

9. Contact Information

If you have any questions on this guide, corrections, suggestions, or any other 
feedback you would like to send me, I am open to all feedback you have. Here 
are some different places you can reach me:

Email: THEcolonelkfc80@hotmail.com
AIM: GreatMilinko55
GF Username: insannescorp55 

Note: If you want to contact me via GameFAQs message board, I'm usually hanging 
out at The Couch (id 406) or sepecifically post it on the Contra III message 
board (id 8927).

10. Legal Information/Thanks

This document is copyright 2002-2003 insannescorp55/Greatmilinko55. All rights 
reserved. Please don't copy, reproduce, use any parts from this FAQ, call it 
your own, or put it on your own site without my discretion. Please email me if 
you would like to use parts of my document or put it on your site. Plagiarism 
is a legal offense; if you do copy any of the work from this document, legal 
action will come in play. GameFAQs and N1 Video Games are the only current 
sites that have permission to use this document. If you find this document on 
another site, please tell me via email or AIM.

I'd like to thank Jeff Veasey for posting this FAQ on his site and also the 
rest of the staff at GameFAQs. Also thanks to N1 Video Games for also using 
this guide. Also thanks to Konami for publishing such a great game and all of 
the other great games they have published. I just wish more people knew about 
the Contra series.

For help on this FAQ, I'd like to thank Neocube for his PAR codes and Super 
Saiyan Vegeta for his game codes.

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