Additional ArtEric Browning
Additional ArtAlvin Cardona
Additional ArtDean Lee
Additional ArtPhilip Vaughan
Animation DesignDoug Post
ArtMatthew Crysdale
ArtLeandro Penaloza
Art DirectionMatthew Crysdale
Assistant Director of Quality AssuranceRodney Relosa
Assistant ProducerEric DeMilt
Audio ProductionCharles Deenan
Clay AnimationKen Willard
Clay Design DirectionDavid Bleiman
Clay Design DirectionKen Pontac
Director of Quality AssuranceKerry Garrison
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Game DesignJeremy Airey
Game DesignJason Anderson
Game DesignMatthew Crysdale
Game DesignGregory A. Thomas
Game DesignJeff Thomas
MusicBrain Luzietti
MusicMitchell Stein
ProducerMichael Quarles
ProgrammingJason Anderson
SculptorJosephine Huang
SculptorRalph Miller
Sound and Music EngineJason Anderson
Sound and Music EngineJohn Schappert
Sound Effects and SamplesCharles Deenen
Technical AssistanceJohn Phillip Britt
Technical AssistanceScott Patterson
Title MusicBrain Luzietti
Title Music ConceptCharles Deenen
Title Music ConceptBrain Luzietti
Vocal ArrangementJames Peacock
VoicesSteve Bulen
VoicesCharles Deenan
VoicesBrain Luzietti
VoicesMichael McConnohie
VoicesMelodee M. Spevack


Data and credits for this game contributed by Super Dark Tooth, Not Dave, odino, steamliner88, Blueberry Buttface, hydao, and Guard Master.

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