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Ending Guide by wrp103

Version: 2.10 | Updated: 03/01/09

  Chrono Trigger Endings

Version <#version> 2.10, Nintendo SNES, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo
DS versions

    Table of Contents

    * Introduction <#intro>
    * Differences Between Versions <#diffs>
    * Endings <#endings>
          o Ending  1 Beyond Time <#end01>
          o Ending  2 Reunion <#end02>
          o Ending  3 The Dream Project <#end03>
          o Ending  4 The Successor of Guardia <#end04>
          o Ending  5 Good Night <#end05>
          o Ending  6 Legendary Hero <#end06>
          o Ending  7 The Unknown Past <#end07>
          o Ending  8 People of the Times <#end08>
          o Ending  9 The Oath <#end09>
          o Ending 10 Dino Age <#end10>
          o Ending 11 What the Prophet Seeks ... <#end11>
          o Ending 12 A Slide Show? <#end12>
          o Ending 13 Dream's Epilogue <#end13>
          o Bad Ending <#bad>
    * Variations in Game Endings <#variations>
    * Getting All the Endings <#getall>
    * How to Beat Lavos <#beat>
    * Thanks <#tnx>
    * Version History <#version>

    Introduction [intro]

When Chrono Trigger came out for the Super NES, I made a list of the
various endings and put it on my web site. When the game was released
for the Playstation, I couldn't find my original list, so I searched the
web. I found my list on a bunch of sites, but mostly without my name on
it. Worse yet, some of them made it look like *they* found the endings!

Please, if you use this information, give me credit!

I have reformatted the page, updated the descriptions in certain places,
and changed the names of the endings to agree with what they are called
in the Extras section. If you find any typos, or you think I missed
something important, send e-mail to wrp103@gmail.com.
<mailto:wrp103@gmail.com> Make sure that you include "Chrono Trigger" in
the subject. I get a lot of spam, and an e-mail with a subject of "A
question" might get deleted without being opened.

The most recent version of this file appears in two formats: an HTML
file on my home page at http://BillPringle.com/games/ct_end.html
<http://BillPringle.com/games/ct_end.html>, and in text form at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/. I recommend that you use the HTML format,
since you will be able to take advantage of the HTML links. It might
also be more current than the text version.

The text version of this page is created by FireFox, which is the
browser I use instead of Internet Explorer. At the end of each link in
the web page, FireFox inserts the target address surrounded by angle

For example, the link to the top of the page you see after each section
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     <a href="#top">Top of Page</a>
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in the text file.

To let those of you who are using the text file take advantage of these
links, I have inserted the link target within square brackets at the end
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So, if you see something like:
     Introduction <#intro>
you can use the search feature of your text viewer (or browser) to
search for
to find the section of the page that the link is pointing to.

(This is one of the reasons I suggest using the HTML version of this
FAQ. You just clck on the link and you are there.)

Top of Page <#top>

    Differences Between Versions of the Game

Chrono Trigger was first released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo (Super
Famicon) 16-bit game system. It was the result of a collaboration
between some people who worked on Square's "Final Fantasy" and others
from Enix's "Dragon Quest" (two of the most popular RPGs of the time.)
Sony called this group "The Dream Team."

The original SNES version of this game had a long delay at the start of
each battle. Being a 16-bit game, the graphics were pretty limited.
Nevertheless, the game remained interesting, and was expressive enough
to keep players connected to the game.

The Playstation added some FMV cut scenes. Frankly, I don't care for
them, and would like to be able to turn them off. They interrupt the
flow of the game, and the characters in the cut scenes look totally
different than the ones in the game. Fortunately, they kept the SNES
graphics effects also, so at least you can see what the original game
looked like. The DS version keeps these changes. The Playstation version
also created an "Endings Log" and gave official names to each ending. (I
had simply made up my own names to the SNES endings.)

The PS version allowed you to save your game on a PS memory card, which
could store 15 game saves. This allowed me to dedicate an entire card
for the game, saving just before each of the endings, as well as some
minor variations, along with room for the current game. However, the DS
version has only three save areas, so you have to think out which saves
you want to keep. You will need one save area for the game you are
playing. You might want to keep one save area for when you have the
option to fight Magus so you can choose to fight him and let him join
your party. The main difference is that if you defeat Magus, Frog
becomes Glen during the endings. (Lucca comments that Glen is cute.)

The DS version reduced the time delay at the start of the battles. It
keeps all the features of the PS version. It also provides the option of
using the touch screen with a modified UI that allows the top screen to
be the main screen, and the bottom (touch) screen to enter commands and
see stats. (I like the new interface, since it makes it easier to keep
track of which enemies you have charmed with Ayla.) It also added some
new dungeons and new features, including a new ending, which you can get
by defeating a new final boss that is controlling Schala. There is also
an arena, where you can raise and train your own monsters.

Another difference with the DS version is that after "The End", click
the "A" button and more credits will roll up the bottom screen, with
some of the original concept art work on the top screen. When that is
done, you will be asked if you want to save the completion data, and
then if you want to overwrite the save area. Answer yes to both, and
then yes that you want to go to the title screen. You can then load that
save area to continue the game and get the next ending, or you can do a
"Game Plus" using that save area to start the game from the beginning,
but keeping character stats, money, and (almost) all the items.

While it is great that the DS version has a number of additions over the
original SNES version, the fact remains that the basic 15-year old game
is just as much fun now as it was when it first came out. This confirms
what I have always said: it is the game that is important - not the
graphics or the sound or anything else. Good graphics and good sound can
make a good game better, but they can't make up for a bad game. Square
has a long history of making great games, and Chrono Trigger is no

Top of Page <#top>


Here are the endings that I have found for Chrono Trigger. I include the
soonest that you can get each ending. If you find anything else out, get
an ending sooner, or get a different ending, please send e-mail to
wrp103@gmail.com. <mailto:wrp103@gmail.com>. Contrary to what the
original Dream Team ending tells you (in the SNES version - see ending
3), there are more than 10 endings (not counting minor variations). The
numbers and names in bold match the ending titles on the PlayStation;
the names in italics are the chapter headers (which would be the names
in the save areas.) You can see slight variations <#variations>,
depending on various things you have done in the game.

1 Beyond Time [01]
    This is the normal ending if you challenge Lavos at the end of the game.
    If you defeat Lavos after restoring Crono, the opening scene of the
    game is shown, except that it is a soldier waking Crono up, saying
    he will be executed. The king pretends to be upset, but then praises
    him for saving the past, present, and future. If you let the
    Chancellor out of the chest after the "Rainbow Shell" incident, he
    will be there; otherwise, it will be Pierre, the lawyer. Several
    characters appear (Doan, King Guardia from 600 AD, & Kino) saying
    what the team members had done. Marle realizes that these characters
    are her ancestors and descendants. After the Moonlight Parade at the
    fair, the characters assemble at the north side of the fair grounds
    and leave.
    If you didn't crash Epoch into Lavos, then Crono's cat jumps into
    the time gate, followed by Crono's mother. If you got extra cats,
    they all jump in together. Crono, Lucca, and Marle take the Epoch to
    find them. (This happens regardless of how much cat food you
    bought.) Meanwhile, the king is stuck trying to hang the Nadia Bell.
    If you crashed Epoch into Lavos, then the gate closes after the team
    members leave, and Marle, Lucca, and Crono talk to the King, who
    shows the Nadia Bell. Marle ends up holding some balloons and starts
    to float away. Crono jumps on, and the two of them float away while
    the credits roll.
    (Note: if you killed Magus, he doesn't appear in this ending, but
    the rest is pretty much the same. Also, if you didn't get a clone
    before Crono is killed, talk to the Keeper and he will tell you to
    go to the fair.)

    Top of Page <#top>

2 Reunion [02]
    If you beat Lavos before you restore Crono, you end up at the End of
    Time. Everyone is lying on the ground. You can control the
    characters, and when you talk the Guru, and he tells everyone that
    the gate is closing and they have to leave. All the other characters
    except Lucca and Marle leave to their respective times. Marle
    arrives at the Fair, walks in the Moonlight Parade by her self. She
    then sees the team members throughout the fair crowd.
    When she goes back to the north part of the fair, they are all
    there. The other characters go back for Crono, and Marle sees her
    father, who asks her to install the new bell he has made in her
    honor. If you crashed the Epoch into Lavos, she is carried off by
    the balloons while the credits roll; otherwise she and Lucca take
    the Epoch to find the others. Marle ends up near a tree like the one
    on Death Peak, and in the distance you can see Crono coming. Marle
    runs towards him and the screen fades to black.

    Top of Page <#top>

3 The Dream Project [03]
    This is the hardest ending to obtain.
    There are two ways to get this ending. Jump on the right Telepod at
    the beginning of the game. If you don't talk to anyone, Marle will
    go with you. If you talk to somebody, then Marle will leave your
    party and you will have to fight Lavos alone, which is possible, but
    not for the faint of heart. Frankly, Marle is not much help in
    fighting, but at least she can keep feeding Crono Ethers and casting
    Cure spells. You can only try this after a Game+. Make sure you
    equip them well, and set the controller the way you want it before
    you enter the telepod. The second way to get this ending is to beat
    Lavos when you first fight him in the Ocean Palace. While you will
    have an entire party at the Ocean Palace, Lavos is much faster (and
    meaner) when you attempt this. If you try this, make sure you have
    lots of Megalixers available. 
    You end up at the End of Time. Each of the characters you see
    represent actual members of the Chrono Trigger development team.
    They say a variety of things: from saying hello to their family,
    jokes about how long and hard they worked, boasting about what they
    did, etc. One of them says: "Legendary Programming waiting for that
    Special Someone. Waiting for those cards and letters." It appears
    that Square wanted to create some mystery about the endings (they
    didn't list what they were, they just told players to find them.) In
    the SNES version, one of them told you there were ten endings. Of
    course, there were really 12, so now he says "more than 10". 

    Top of Page <#top>

4 The Successor of Guardia ("We're Back!") [04]
    Use the telepod as soon as you get back from 600 AD. You end up at
    the Fair. Some people tell Marle she is dressing normally, while
    others say she is in a costume. When at the Castle, the King says
    they have just found a 400 year old wedding movie (from 600AD). Frog
    and Queen Leene (or a descendent) are married, and Marle's father is
    a frog.

    Top of Page <#top>

5 Good Night ("The End of Time") [05]
    Use the bucket at the End of Time as soon as you get there. (You
    will have to talk to the Guardian of Time and Spekio first.) During
    the credits a Nu and a Ribbit are chasing each other and doing
    various antics. The Nu keeps falling asleep while the Ribbit is
    harassing it. "THE END" has two 'Z's above it.

    Top of Page <#top>

6 Legendary Hero ("The Hero Appears") [06]
    You can get this ending as soon as you go to 600 AD the second time,
    but when you finish and try to save the system file, the game will
    think you are trying to save ending 5 instead of 6. So, wait until
    you hear that Tata is the Legendary Hero, but before you get the
    Hero's Badge from him. This has been fixed on the DS version. 
    The first scene shows Robo and his wife (or girlfriend) in front of
    the Leene Bell in the Future. The girl runs into Robo just like
    Marle runs into Crono at the start of the game. You then see them
    sitting together at the peak of Denadoro Mountain, similar to the
    "Beyond Time" ending, but without the Epoch streaking across the sky.
    The next scene shows Tata sitting on the throne with King Guardia &
    Leene standing around. Tata jumps off the throne, runs after Magus,
    only to find Crono, Marle, and Lucca laughing at him.

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7 The Unknown Past ("Tata and the Frog") [07]
    Beat Lavos after you get the Hero Medal from Tata. During the
    credits, there are a number of clips of scenes with the various
    characters. Most are about scenes that you wouldn't see and
    characters you haven't met: Crono, Marle, and Lucca coming out of
    the closet in the monster village; Kino & Ayla chasing reptites;
    Magus at the cove with his three henchmen; King Guardia & Queen
    Leene; Frog in the Cursed Woods; and at the end Robo running across
    the screen.

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8 People of the Times ("The Masamune!") [08]
    Beat Lavos after you get the Gate Key back in 65,000,000 BC. While
    the credits are rolling, various still characters are displayed
    singular or in groups around the credits. 

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9 The Oath ("The Masamune!") [09]
    Beat Lavos after the Masamune is repaired and Frog joins you. You
    start out at Lucca's house, where she is fixing Robo. When she
    complains about Crono sleeping in the corner, Marle defends him.
    Frog goes to leave, and Marle complains she just made some tea. Frog
    says he has business to attend to. During the rest of the credits
    you see scenes of Frog. He defeats each of Magus' fiends, and then
    goes after Magus himself. After the battle with Magus, you see Frog
    standing on top of the statue above the gate to Magus' castle.

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10 Dino Age ("Forward to the Past") [10]
    Beat Lavos after you defeat Magus (Ayla will wake you up in 65M BC).
    The opening scene is repeated, except that Crono and his Mother are
    Reptites! When you go to the Millennial Fair, everyone there are
    reptites as well, except for the Green Jogger, who is human. After
    the credits, Azala is alone on the screen, and "THE END" drops on her.

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11 What the Prophet Seeks ... ("Unnatural Selection?") [11]
    Beat Lavos after you defeat Azala at the Tyrano castle. During the
    credits, you see a scene of Frog approaching the statue of Magus in
    the Cathedral from 600AD. (It is the same statue in the Dream Team
    ending.) You also see a number of scenes with Magus, Schala, and
    Janus. You also see a number of drinking scenes (at a tavern and the

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12 A Slide Show? / Memory Lane ("The Magic Realm") [12]
    Beat Lavos after you see Schala use her pendant to open up the door,
    but before you power up Marle's pendant. This will be a slide show,
    with comments from Lucca and Marle about all the men in the game.
    This ending is called "A Slide Show" for SNES and PS1 versions, and
    "Memory Lane" for the DS version 
    Make sure you don't miss this one! At the end, Crono actually talks!

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13 Dream's Epilogue After completing the Dimensional Vortex [13]
    This is the new ending created for the DS version. Beat Lavos after
    you complete the Dimensional Vortex, and Crono, Marle, and Lucca
    have been powered up. 
    At the end of time, the bucket has an additional option "Time's
    Eclipse". Select this option to get this ending. You will warp to an
    area and meet Magus (even if Magus is in your party), who will give
    you the option to fight or flee. Then you will fight "Dream
    Devourer", who is controlling Schala. 
    This enemy will steal all your MP when you attack, so you want to
    either use physical attacks, or have somebody feeding your strongest
    magic caster with ethers each time. Make sure you have a good supply
    or recovery items, and don't be afraid to use them. 
    If you "win" the fight, Magus reappears and your party is blown
    away. Magus and Schala talk for a while, Magus is transported into a
    forest, and apparently loses his memory. He then sets out to find
    it. After the final credits roll, you see the FMV that was added for
    the PS1 version about the fall of Guardia and the loss of the Masamune. 
    You then get Crono's "Dreamseeker", which has a 90% critical hit rate. 

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N/A Bad Ending [bad]
    I don't really call this an ending, but some people included it on
    early SNES lists.
    If you lose any fight against Lavos (except in the Ocean Palace),
    you see Lavos coming out of the earth, and the command center in the
    future collapses.

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    Variations in the Endings

You can see slight variations, depending on various things you have done
in the game. Where the changes are significant, they are listed with the
appropriate ending. However, certain minor variations happen across
multiple endings depending on certain things you do or don't do in the

The start of the final battle changes slightly, depending on how you
decide to fight Lavos. If you use Epoch and fly to 1999, there is a
flight scene where you crash into Lavos. If you use the bucket, you
first fight the Lavos Spawn shaped monster. Once you beat this monster,
it stays beaten. If you leave at this point and come back later, it will
just be a shell.

The endings can be slightly different, depending on if you crash into
Lavos with Epoch or not. If you don't crash into Lavos, there will often
be a reference to using Epoch now that the gates are gone, and you can
see it streak across the sky in the background of several scenes. If you
crash into Lavos with Epoch, then the characters usually ride up and
away using the balloons that were used to mount Leene's Bell.

Sometimes, the endings are radically different. For example, you will
see Frog or Glenn, depending on whether you killed Magus or not. If you
let Magus join your party, then he will appear in the closing scenes
where the characters are returning to their own time periods. Another
variation depends on whether you save Lucca's mother after completing
Fiona's quest. If you do, she walks during the ending, but if you don't,
then she remains sitting.

    Getting All the Endings [getall]

The first step to see all the endings is to complete the entire game and
get the first ending. Take your time so that you can build your levels
up for all the characters. (Playing an RPG is like eating at a fine
restaurant; you are supposed to enjoy the experience, not see how fast
you can finish.)

Once you get Ayla, try doing Charm on all the enemies. There are a
number of enemies that have magic, speed, or power tabs. Many of these
will reappear if you leave and come back. That is an easy way to
increase your stats.

Once you have beaten the game, you can start a "New Game Plus", which
will start the game over with whatever levels, equipment, and items you
ended up with (except for a few key items). This means you will be able
to breeze through the game the next time around. The first ending you
should be able to get during this second time through is Ending 3, the
Dream Team ending. Save just before you go into the back of the
Millenial Fair, then hop on the right transport. (If you don't speak to
anyone, Marle will be with you; it is possible to beat Lavos with just
Crono, but it will take you a lot longer and you had better fight a bit
more conservative than if you have somebody else in the party.) If you
have problems winning this battle, then you probably didn't level up
enough. Skip that ending for now, and try for Ending 4, "The Successor
of Guardia", and then work your way through the rest of the endings.
When you get all the other endings, you should be much stronger. Start a
new Game-Plus, and then try for the Dream Team ending again.

After you beat Lavos, restart the game, starting from where you last
saved. Then continue through the game until the next ending. You should
be able to get all the remaining endings during this second time through
the game. If you feel lucky, beat Lavos at the Ocean Palace and get
Ending 3 the second way. Once Crono is gone, and you get out of the
Blackbird and Epoch, and meet with Magus, you can then beat Lavos again
to get Ending 2.

If you want to be able to see any of the endings whenever you want, you
will have to set aside an entire memory card. (This doesn't work with
the DS, which has only 3 save slots, but it will work with either SNES
or Playstation.) There are 12 endings, each one would require one block.
You also need one for the System File. There is room for 15 blocks on a
memory card, which means you only have two blocks to work with for
saving during the game. One of those you probably want to use just
before you meet Magus at the Northern Cape. This will let you recruit or
kill Magus and then go for whatever ending you want to see.

The endings are slightly different if you fight Magus or if you let him
join you, so you probably want to save just before you meet him to see
all the variations. Another variation depends on whether you save
Lucca's mother, so you might want to save Fiona's side quest until the
end, so you can see the two endings without having to redo too much of
the game. So, that's endings 1 through 12 in slots 1 through 12, the
save before beating Magus in slot 13, and a save before Fiona's quest in
14 (where Magus has joined you). Finally, the system file goes into slot
15. Now you can see any ending you want within a half hour by selecting
the save just before the ending you want to see. After you see the
ending, you can load from a different save slot to see a different ending.

Unfortunately, since the DS version only has three save areas, you can't
do the above. In that case, I would suggest that you save at the very
start of the game (or when you are ready to see Lucca at the back area
of the fair), and just before you meet Magus and decide to fight or let
him join. You can then use the third area to save your progress as you
play. This means it might take you a little longer to see the ending you
want, but at this point you should be strong enough to get to the
desired ending quickly. Don't bother doing any side quests, and you
probably don't care about opening any chests, which can save you some
time. Also, remember that you can often avoid battles. Walk around the
enemies to avoid fights. That will save considerable time.

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  How to Beat Lavos [beat]

There are plenty of ways to beat Lavos. You should experiment with the
characters you have and how hard they hit with their double combos. Much
depends on the stats of your characters. Everytime I get a Magic Tab, I
usually feed it to Lucca. She is the best offensive magic user; her
Flare is very powerful. Marle, on the other hand, is pretty useless,
IMHO. Her cure spells don't really do that well, and they are mostly
single spells. Frog and Robo, on the other hand, have better multiple
character cures.

The best combination depends on the levels of the characters, as well as
your own personal fighting style. I usually have all my characters maxed
out, equipped with items that prevent status ailments, and a Gold Stud
to reduce MP use. I tend to cast powerful spells that damage all
enemies, like Luminaire and Frog Flare. I have found that my best team
is Lucca and Frog, who can do Frog Flare, and then Robo, who can either
do Uzzi Punch or Heal Beam, depending on everybody's status. Before you
send me an e-mail telling me of a "better" combination, remember that
your best team might vary, depending on your fighting style and the
level of your characters. Eventually, you should be able to beat Lavos
with just about any combination of characters.

      Approach 1 - Target the Center Bit

Start by doing your strongest spells that attack all the enemies. Your
goal, of course, it to finish off the right bit. However, as long as all
the characters are alive, the right bit has high defense. As soon as one
of the other bits is killed off, concentrate on the right bit with your
hardest attacks. Usually, those are single enemy attacks, but can be
multiple instead. For me, Frog Flare was stronger than any single spell,
so I tended to use that all the time. The third character healed when
necessary, and attacked otherwise. You can safely ignore the left bit
using this approach (but check out the alternative approach below).

When the center character is gone, concentrate all your efforts in doing
as much damage as possible to the right bit. After the center character
is resurrected, you still have a couple of turns to beat up the right
bit before the defense gets restored. Take adavantage of every chance
you get. Even if some of your characters are somewhat low, keep hitting
the right bit. If needed, use a MegaElixer to restore everybody's HP and
MP at the same time. Remember, you have saved your game before you
started, and you will restart the game using that save. That means no
matter how many items you use to beat Lavos, they will all be there when
you restart the game. (This is even true for the DS version - you will
save over the previous save area, but that doesn't affect the items -
only the completion log.)

      Approach 2 - Concentrate on the Left Bit

An alternate approach is to take out the left bit instead of the center
character. The left bit absorbs elemental attacks, so that means you
want to use physical attacks on the left bit, like Ayla's Drill Kick,
Crono's Frenzy, Robo's Uzi-Punch, etc. Taking out the left bit also
causes the defense of the right bit to go down. As soon as the left bit
is gone, you can use strong magic spells (including those that hit all
enemies) or use physical attacks on the right bit. Experiment with
various approaches and see what kinds of attacks work best for you.

      Comparing the Two Approaches

The advantage of taking out the left bit is that you aren't hit with the
X-Strike counter attack after each attack when the center character is
gone. (If you do a combo, only one character will be attacked.) The
disadvantage is that the center character can still cause some serious
damage, even when the left bit is gone. Experiment with the two
approaches and see which one best fits your fighting style.

To repeat, there are many ways to beat Lavos. One of the great things
about this game is that you can create many different combinations for
your battle party. Even with the same characters, you can use different
combo attacks to change the nature of the battles. The approach that
works best for you and the one that works best for me can be totally

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  Thanks [tnx]

The following people have helped with suggestions, finding typos, asking
questions, etc. This list covers everyone that helped on this list since
1995. I list their real names if they used them (in the early days of
the Internet, people usually used their real names), otherwise the user
name (but not their e-mail address.)

    * Jason Pool
    * Nicholas Yarymowich
    * Derek Kisman
    * Garland
    * tchao251
    * James Wenzel
    * Lindsay Cibos
    * Shelby Hepner
    * demian
    * DR.Nick
    * Stephen C. Tang
    * Eric Steffens
    * The Wizard Glenlin
    * Mark S. Baumgartner
    * Jeffrey R. Hand
    * David Syas
    * CELLOPLAYER93359
    * Drake Gannon
    * k43nick
    * Glen G.
    * Charlie Bolin
    * Sam B
    * Matthew Ust
    * Bluedragon094
    * Ian Browning
    * Jacob Jones
    * GildardoTrejo
    * HA|E Nightmare
    * jaime guerrero
    * Fred Dobson
    * Tyson Hopkins
    * Shinkada Renzetsuken
    * Josh Logan
    * 9stairstarnes
    * Kcaz
    * Matthew Dalili
    * Robert Brisco
    * Pain
    * EricTwitch
    * G H

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  Version History [version]

2.10 Mar 1, 2009
    Corrected section about save areas on a memory card.
2.9 January 5, 2009
    Changes to ending #6 and cat food. 
2.8 December 28, 2008
    Added section discussing variations to endings depending on game play. 
    Reorganized the page, including adding subsections to the ways to
    defeat Lavos. 
2.7 December 23, 2008
    Added differences between the versions. 
    Added alternative method to beat Lavos. 
2.6 December 18, 2008
    Added details for the new ending. 
    Minor tweaks. 
2.5 December 14, 2008
    Added Nintendo DS changes. 
    Minor tweaks
2.4 Jul 26, 2007
    Fix HTML problems 
    Minor tweaks
2.3 Jul 2007
    Started tracking change history
    Corrected Crono's name
    Added search tags for text file
    Added thanks section going back to the 1990s

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