Where's a good place to grind for level 99 after Mt. Woe but before Ocean Palace Lavos?

  1. I was grinding at Mt. Woe which is really good for exp and tp, so I could unlock every single tech for each character but I defeated Giga Gaia (at level 50) before grinding to level 99 and I want to try getting to level 99 and defeating Ocean Palace Lavos so I can cross that off my bucket list.

    User Info: GdyHcc2

    GdyHcc2 - 1 year ago

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  1. Unless you go proceed with the story Mt. Woe will be the best place for you to grind to lv. 99. What you aim to do will soon become a tedious task. Grinding to lv. 99 takes a lot of time even in the final dungeon, but if you just wanna get all the abilities that's kind of a doable task as long as you're patient. If you finish the game you'll unlock a "New Game +" feature that allows you to restart the game keeping all your items, techs and character levels, making the task of killing Lavos at Ocean Palace a piece of cake.

    User Info: raonn

    raonn - 1 year ago 4   1


  1. Ruminators on the Black Omen. They even kill each other so you don't have to.

    User Info: Moonroof

    Moonroof - 1 year ago 0   0

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