What level is best for me to beat GIGA GAIA?

  1. please help T_T

    User Info: Thahitman42

    Thahitman42 - 12 years ago


  1. Another good tactic is Falcon Hit, an Ayla/Crono combo. It can target both hands, and usually takes only two hits to kill the hands the first time, and one hit after they are regenerated.

    User Info: Ragn_Charran

    Ragn_Charran - 12 years ago 5   2
  2. if you use the party, Chrono, Robo and Ayla, than you can use their triple tect "Twister" this should kill both of his hands making him very easy to finish.
    (I've never seen an instance where Twister didn't kill both hands.)

    User Info: PlyrJakeman

    PlyrJakeman - 12 years ago 3   0
  3. The easiest way to defeat Giga Gaia is to train either Crono or Lucca's tech points until they have their final technique (Luminaire for Crono and Flare for Lucca). While this would normally take a long time, the Mountain of Woe happens to be the best spot in the game to earn tech points.

    The Rubble enemies scattered around the Mountain of Woe are an excellent source of tech points if you beat them, but once you beat them or they run away, they disappear permanently - except for one.

    There is one Rubble that will regenerate every time you reenter the screen, allowing you to defeat it multiple times and train tech points to the maximum.

    Once you get all the tech points you need (or more, if you want to train others), you should go fight Giga Gaia and use Luminaire / Flare as much as possible. As long as you do what you can to keep your attackers from losing all their HP, you should be able to take down Giga Gaia easily.

    It also helps if you equip Crono or Lucca with a GoldStud / SilverStud if you have them, as they cut down on MP use dramatically.

    User Info: th3l3fty

    th3l3fty - 12 years ago 1   1
  4. Okay, you ONLY need to be at a level high enough to survive his 2 Handed Shadow Attack (Lvl 20+ With a Silver/Gold Stud that you hopefully should have, if not then Lvl 25-30)
    Make sure you Have a Red Mail And a Red Vest. If you accidentally messed up getting those 2 Armours, do not worry, it's still perfectly possible with just 1 Red Vest.
    Equip Your favorite Physical Character with a Red Mail (Probably Chrono)
    Equip Robo with a Red Vest
    Give them HP Boosting Accessories is needed, the rest of the set-up doesn't matter.

    Now against Giga Gaia, ONLY ATTACK THE HEAD. Giga Gaia with 2 Hands only ever uses 2 Attacks, 2 Handed Fire & 2 handed Shadow. He uses his Fire Attack twice as much as he uses his Shadow Attack, So Neither Chrono or Robo should ever die as they'll constantly be healed. Just keep attacking the head ignoring the arms until he falls.
    Robo has a build in ~20% resistance to Shadow so the Red Vest should be enough to heal him faster then shadow hurts him, you might need to heal him manually though.

    Good Luck!

    User Info: big_kake

    big_kake - 12 years ago 1   2
  5. Your level should be about 25-30. A cool tactic against Giga Gaia is to use Crono, Marle, Lucca, then constantly attack with Luminaire and Antipode 3. Antipode 3 will do more damage than Luminaire, since Marle and Lucca have much higher magic stats than Crono. Dont forget to wear Red and Black vests against Giga Gaia, although you shouldnt need them.

    User Info: amp888

    amp888 - 12 years ago 0   1
  6. Level wise after I gained every possible single 2x and 3x techs I ended up with level 40 party members.

    Though I started Mt woe around Lv 25.

    Stick a Red Mail and Vest on 2 party members and a Black Mail/Vest on the 3rd and its practically impossible to love the battle and go head and steal a tab from the head of the boss as well.

    User Info: VeghEsther

    VeghEsther - 12 years ago 0   3
  7. You can level in Mt. Woe if you're below 30's, by now you'll have access to tripe techs, Ayla and Crono have the Falcon Hit which hits all Giga Gaia, or try the Twister technique.

    User Info: Sonson

    Sonson - 12 years ago 0   3
  8. You can also do it easily without Luminaire or Flare. Then you should have Crono, Frog and Robo. Have Frog use *Heal like, every turn, and let Crono and Robo attack the head. You really don`t need to kill the arms. Repeat this strategy until he dies. Use Mid Ethers if Frog`s MP goes too low.

    User Info: crono98

    crono98 - 12 years ago 0   4
  9. The best level to fight any boss is **, even though it would take forever to get that on the Mountain of Woe.

    User Info: protodude77

    protodude77 - 12 years ago 0   6

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