What level should I be at to defeat the third form of Lavos and how do i beat him?

  1. I got no where last time I fought Lavos 3rd form. I had Crono, Magus and Robo. Robo always died right away because Lavos' attacks did 1000+ on him. I was able to kill the left bit once but it came back as I was healing my party and it healed the body so I really got no where in the fight.

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    ghangiskhan1 - 12 years ago

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  1. It doesn't so much matter what level you're at, as long as you haven't been running away from everything you're probably at a high enough level. That said, you'll want to get better armors. Do all the sidequests that the Man at the End of Time mentions, as well as the Black Omen. Especially useful is to steal Prism Dresses and Prism Helms from the arms of the last boss there before Lavos.

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  1. It doesn't matter so much what your party is, so long as you have them equipped with the best armor you can find. When the battle starts, pummel the left bit with your strongest physical techs (it absorbs all magic), and once the defenses are shut down, focus on the right bit with the strongest stuff that you've got (or use multi-target attacks if you want to take out the attacking middle part for greater defense). The whole thing will die once the right bit goes down.

    If you're really having trouble, make your party Crono, Marle, and Robo, and keep Lifeline up. It'll cut down your attack potential with having to have Marle there, but Lifeline can save your butt if you're constantly dying.

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  2. It depends very much on your equipment.
    If you did all the sidequests, Lavos' third form should be beatable at level 40~50. Earlier is very possible, higher levels make it quite easy.

    There is also this strategy (from the Board FAQ):
    Make your team Crono, Ayla, and Robo. Prism Spec Robo, and Sun Shade Crono. Make sure Robo has 999 HP. Have him use Uzi Punch on the Left Bit. It should be a one hit kill. This is essential, because magic heals it and you want to be able to cast Luminaire and Shock freely. Now in a couple turns the Right Bit's defense should drop. Let loose and attack the Right Bit with everything you have. Uzi Punch when the opportunity occurs. He shouldn't last too long. Don't forget to use Mega Elixers when neccessary.

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  3. At level 50 or higher, the battle can be done without too much trouble.

    Status immunity is helpful. Prismatic Helm, Vigilant's Hat, Gloom Helm (Magus only), Nova Armor (males only), Schala's amulet. Other good armors are Prismatic Dress and Haste Helm. Otherwise, just use your strongest equipment. The Gold Stud accessory is helpful too, it reduces your MP usage by 75%.

    It's good to have a character dedicated to healing. I prefer Marle - she can caste haste and heal 999 with Cure and Cure II AND she has Arise to fully heal dead characters. With Crono and Marle you also have Aura Whirl. Frog can be useful too with Heal, but his Magic is low. I prefer a party of Crono, Marle, and Ayla (two damage dealers and a support character), but it's really up to you. Using Crono, Marle, and Robo can help by allowing you to use the Lifeline tech. Don't be afraid to use Megaelixirs and Elixirs.

    Use your highest damage-dealing single techs (dual techs with Marle if she's is in your party and you're fully healed). Focus on the left pod first. Once it dies, focus it on the humanoid enemy until the right pod drops its defense. Once it drops its defense, go all out on the right pod - once it does, you win. It's best to use attacks that damage both the right pod and the humanoid enemy. Even if the left pod gets revived, continue using techs that damage all enemies until the right pod puts up its defense again. If the left pod gets healed and the right pod puts its defense back up, start the strategy over from the beginning.

    Keeping your party healed is more important than dealing damage. Don't be afraid to turn your attackers into healers for a short time if you start getting beat up.

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  4. After the left one is dead it is not so much of a problem i mean i beat lavos 3rd form with level levels 26 35 and 48 and i won with a decent challange group was magus alya and crono.

    User Info: Chronozelair

    Chronozelair - 12 years ago 0   2

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