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Reviewed: 09/04/01 | Updated: 09/04/01

A nightmare with excellent music...

Alright, when I paid $33 on eBay for Dracula X, I figured it would be an improvement between Super Castlevania 4 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (both of which rule!). Unfortunately what I got was a game much too challenging merely because of the control restrictions. There are only a few redeeming qualities, they will be described below.

Knowing only of Richter's exploits by portraying him in SotN, I did not know that most of the abilities he has on the PSX were invented then and there. The control in Dracula X is terrible, you walk slow, you can't control you fall, and you have to build up momentum before you jump or you fly like a chicken (not at all). In SotN, the control is so smooth, you can float through the air with grace. But this isn't an SotN review.

The levels on Dracula X were setup very similar to SCV4, although there's no great action like swinging from chandeliers and posts or anything cool like that. Its mostly left to right, up and down, etc. As I said before, its the control that makes this game challenging. I still have not been able to defeat Dracula after hours of frustration and finally reaching the end ... the control just won't allow it. The enemies are very recognizable in this game, you'll see a lot of them in SotN but unlike in that game the enemies are tremendously difficult in Dracula X. The spearmen and axelords take too many hits to destroy and with a wussy whip that never gets any longer or better its just a pain to try to kill them (especially the spearmen who knock you halfway across the world and you can't do anything about it except kill them). You use the ''special weapons'' with the heart system in the game and they've added an ''Item Crash'' command that unleashes a giant attack (much like in SotN), but they don't help much, expecially against Dracula. Atleast Richter looks buff (even though he isn't).

The music is about the only redeeming factor of this game. The music is excellent! Probably just as good as on SotN, good enough to go to and download midi files and play them over and over again.

End result: Richter's a wuss, can only whip in 2 directions, can't slide on the floor or jump very high in the air, can't run and can't kill Dracula. I'm a huge Castlevania fan but this one is only going to collect dust in my collection. So for a very challenging game with great music, I deem it a 6.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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