Review by Boba Faqq

Reviewed: 10/01/03

a unique puzzle game experience

Cacoma Knight in Bizyland, released back in the heyday of the SNES, is a mediocre game in al aspects, but stands out as a fun and unique puzzle game that collectors and SNES enthusiasts can enjoy to this day.

The story, if you really want to call it that, revolves around the kingdom of Bizyland and its war against the kingdom of Lasyland. It gets better: an evil (queen?) has kidnapped the princess and sprinkled pictorial shards of her
across the land which you have to discover by unlocking a certain percentage of a shadowed game screen by using a mysterious line to close off darkened areas and make them bright again. The first level starts at a goal of only 53%, but it gets hard QUICK.

Graphics, 4/10: Visually, Cacoma Knight is nothing special. At all. Bear in mind, this game was released the same year as Secret of Mana and StarFox - both of which being games with vibrant, advanced graphics. Cacoma Knight looks a little bit more like Adventures of Lolo or Hydlide (for all you old-schoolers!). Most of the time, I don't even know what power-ups I'm picking up.

Sound, 4/10: The sound really isn't that great. But, to be fair, the tunes become catchy after a while and you will find yourself humming them much to the dismay of your friends and family (de veras, mi vida? ;) ).

Gameplay, 8/10: I'm probably giving it too high of a score here, but I think that the game is not only truly innovative, but inexplicably addictive as well. You will find yourself trying over and over and OVER again trying to solve the final few puzzles. And the game is truly a blast when you play with a friend. Plus, replayability is an option because you can always try to solve the open-ended puzzles in a different way each time you play.

Overall, 5/10: It's a fun game, but when playing it you have to be aware of the fact that it is ten years old and it is an SNES game. With these facts in mind, you will find yourself enjoying your tenure as a Cacoma Knight.

While it will certainly not be as easy to find a copy of Cacoma Knight as it is to find newly released games, it is not that difficult either. Check out your local used games dealer or one of the plethora of used game/auction sites on the web. And it should be pretty cheap too; mine was $1.99!

Enjoy Cacoma Knight; its uniqueness and replayability make it a sleeper classic on the best videogame console ever!

Rating: 5

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