• Debug Mode, Stage Select, Sound Test and Sprite Viewer Mode

    At the title screen, enter the "1st Enable Code" sequence. If done right, a fanfare will be heard and the music will get really loud. Now, enter the next three codes one after the other (it's mandatory to enter all the codes). If done right, the music will go back to normal and it will restart each time a code is entered correctly (if you make a mistake, you'll have to start all over again). Now, you can do two things:

    1) on the title screen, you can press Up or Down on controller 2 to select levels (don't go below level 1 or above 21 or the game will crash), or press Right/Left to select levels in increments of 3. You can also press B to make the computer play the level for you.

    2) start the game and while playing, press R + Select to enable the debug menu. You can use the crosspad to move around the stage, Select or R to move bit by bit, A or Y to increase or decrease the selected item, X to place an object and L to delete an object. Also, while the debug is enabled and after moving around a bit, press L + Select to enable the Sound Test and Sprite Viewer. You can press Up and Down with B or X to play different songs, or press Left and Right with A or Y to play different sound effects.

    1) 1st Enable CodeB, Down, Down, Left, A, Right, Up, B, Right, Right, A, Right, Down, B, A, Down.
    2) 2nd Enable CodeB, Right, Right, Left, Y, Up, A, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left.
    3) Stage SelectDown, A, Y, B, Up, B, Down, Y.
    4) Debug ModeDown, Right, A, Down.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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  • Bubsy Passwords

    Level - Codes

    BTCLMBLevel 15
    CCLDSLLevel 14
    CKBGMMLevel 2
    DBKRRBLevel 9
    JMDKRKLevel 6
    KMGRBSLevel 11
    LBLNRDLevel 5
    MKBRLNLevel 4
    MSFCTSLevel 10
    SBBSHCLevel 8
    SCTWMNLevel 3
    SLJMBGLevel 12
    STCJDHLevel 16
    STGRTNLevel 7
    TGRTVNLevel 13

    Contributed By: Superman-21.

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  • Passwords for the Japanese version

    The Japanese version uses different passwords than the English version, and like the English version not all of them all revealed ingame. Push Select on the title screen to enter the options screen. Select the "Enter password" option and push Select, then use the D-Pad to enter and push Select when finished. The password option will change to display the level number if you entered it right. Push Start to play.

    Level 10628620
    Level 11899862
    Level 12803482
    Level 13534211
    Level 14706798
    Level 15214808
    Level 16651328
    Level 2265358
    Level 3979358
    Level 4846264
    Level 5338327
    Level 6950288
    Level 7 canyon ("Level 7X")939937
    Level 7 train419716
    Level 8 canyon ("Level 8X")097494
    Level 8 train510582
    Level 9 canyon ("Level 9X")781640
    Level 9 train459230

    Contributed By: KingMikeX.

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