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Walkthrough by Schimmel

Version: 4 | Updated: 04/20/97

	This is the fourth draft of a walkthrough for Breath
of Fire 2.  Changes in this include all corrections that
were emailed to me, a few that were posted, and additional
information about finding the hidden spells Chopchop and
Bombada, since they seem to keep puzzling people.  I'm
reasonably sure that the information is correct, but it's
been a while since I've gone through the game.  If there is
an error, please email me at schimmel@eniac.seas.upenn.edu,
and I will correct it.
	I would like to thank Vandessa (vandessa@netcom.com)
for her FAQ, which helped me a great deal in organizing
parts of this; and also all those who contributed to her
	I would like to thank those who corrected and
contributed further to this walkthrough, namely:

* Ihua Tung (jtung@mail.utexas.edu) for information about
the use of Rand's Wake ability to revive dead characters,
and about administering the antidote to Katt at the Coliseum
in order to have her join you before you fight Augus.

* Seb Alltaire (wonka@globalx.net), among others, for
pointing out my overlooking Spar's third form not just once,
but twice (d'oh!).

* Viet T. Bui (ST931275@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU) for pointing
out Bleu's ability to fry things in the hunting sequence.

* Alex van Chestein (havoc@zone.ca) for pointing out that
you _can_ exit the whale before waking it.

		*	*	*	*	*

                       Breath of Fire II
                        Walkthrough v.4
                       (Updated: 4/20/97)

I. Cast of characters

	The focus of the story, and the only character you
can name.  The Hero is always with you.
	Combat:  Guts.  The Hero will recover HP when this
is used.  If it is used often, he will recover less than if
it is used only occasionally.
	Field:  Fishing.  Press A when near a fish.  With a
strong enough rod, the Hero can catch a treasure chest or a
denizen of Prima!
	Advantages:  The Hero generally has the best attack
and defense power at any time.  He has Dragon Attack spells
that can inflict major damage.  He has moderate healing
magic as well.  He critically hits often and can
	Disadvantages:  The Dragon Attack spells cost the
Hero all his remaining AP, and do damage based on the number
of AP remaining vs. the maximum number of AP (An Attack with
26/26 AP will be stronger than one with 26/52 AP).
	Combinations:  None.

	The Hero's childhood friend, who is prone to getting
into trouble.
	Combat:  Shot.  Bow attempts to critically hit the
enemy.  If he succeeds, the enemy dies; if he fails, he does
1 HP damage.
	Field:  Hunting.  Press A when facing grass.  Bow
can obtain Roast, Meat, Egg, and several other items.
	Advantages:  Bow has powerful healing and defensive
magic, and a high number of AP.  His Shot is a very
effective attack against normal enemies.  His regular attack
critically hits often (though not as often as Jean, Katt, or
the Hero).
	Disadvantages:  Bow's strength with normal attacks
drops quickly at about the time of the Great Bird scenario.
	Combinations:  The Giant Robot.  Its Spray attack
hits all opponents.

	A former farmer who joins the Hero at the Coliseum.
	Combat:  Wake.  Rand attacks a member of the party,
and wakes them up.  This attack does less damage than a
regular attack, but the damage is still significant.  This
_will_ sometimes revive a dead character with 1 HP, however,
and that is its main use.
	Field:  Roll.  Rand can roll into a ball and travel.
The party will cover ground quickly, and cannot be attacked
while the ball is moving.  The ball will stop if it crashes
into an obstacle.
	Advantages:  Rand's Offense and Defense are high.
He has very powerful healing magic, with a decent number of
AP.  He also has the highest HP total.
	Disadvantages:  Wake is probably the most useless
special ability.  Rand is usually the slowest character.
Attack power is very low between Capitan and Highfort
	Combinations:  The Shelled Creature.  The special
ability remains the same, but attack, defense, and AP all go
up.  A very useful form to have near the end of the game.

	An arena combatant who joins the Hero after he
defeats her and saves her life at the Coliseum.
	Combat:  Dare.  Makes Katt more likely to be
attacked.  This can be useful at higher level, when she
dodges most attacks.
	Field:  Hunting.  Katt's staff has no range, but
it's faster than Bow's bow.  If you hit something once,
swing again immediately, and you'll get the item.
	Advantages:  Katt is the fastest character, and has
a high Offense score.  She is the only character besides the
Hero who can counterattack.  The few spells she learns are
very powerful.  She critically hits often.
	Disadvantages:  Katt has low HP and can't take many
hits, even with a high Defense.  She also has few AP, and
can't cast any of her spells until later in the game.
	Combinations:  The Dark Martial Artist.  In this
form, Katt can 'Keep' in combat.  She will spend one round
building up, then critically-hit the enemy, doing more
damage than a regular critical hit would do.  In this form,
she also gains enough AP to use her magic.

	The exiled Princess of Windia, who joins after the
Hero rescues her sister Mina from the Joker Gang.
	Combat:  Will.  Similar to the Hero's Guts command,
except that Nina recovers AP instead of HP.
	Field:  Summon.  Nina can summon the Great Bird to
fly the party to any location.  (This ability appears late
in the game.)  If Nina leads the party, it will be
impossible to fall into holes; Nina will fly back out.
	Advantages:  Powerful attack magic, and high AP.
	Disadvantages:  Low attack power, low defense, low
	Combinations:  The Angel.  In this form, Nina can
force enemies to flee.  The party gets no experience for
this, however.

	A former warrior chief turned entertainer.  Sten
joins your party after you return Mina to Windia.
	Combat:  R.I.P.  Sten tries to fool the enemies into
thinking he is already defeated.  This makes Sten less
likely to be attacked, but he takes more damage if he is.
	Field:  Stretch.  Sten can use his long arms to pull
the party across narrow gaps, if poles are nearby.
	Advantages:  Sten has high speed and is fairly
powerful.  His attack magic includes several near-unique
spells, such as Bomb and Missile.
	Disadvantages:  Takes more damage than his Defense
indicates.  Becomes rather weak later in the game.
	Combinations:  The Djinni.  In this form, Sten can
use a Switch power to exchange one group of enemies for
another.  This can be useful for avoiding certain enemies.

	The Prince of SimaFort, who joins you temporarily
after you break the curse on him, and permanently after you
complete SimaFort.
	Combat:  Jab.  Jean attacks all the enemies at once.
	Field:  Frog.  Jean transforms into a frog and can
hop over low cliffs and swim in shallow water.
	Advantages:  Jean learns several useful spells at
relatively low level.  At higher levels, he learns powerful
magic like Death.  Jean critically hits often.
	Disadvantages:  Jean is slow, and has only average
ability in combat.
	Combinations:  The Blue Death Frog.  In this form,
Jean can Chop, causing all enemies 999 damage after a
one-round pause.  Ouch!

	The Grass Man who joins you after you free him from
captivity in the Carnival Tent.
	Combat:  Nature.  Has different effects depending on
the surroundings, including damage to enemies (desert,
forest), healing (normal plain), and slowing the enemies
(plain with shrubs).
	Field:  With Spar leading, the party can walk
through forests.  Spar can also talk to the large trees.
	Advantages:  Spar has many AP and can cast healing
and ability-boosting magic.  His attack magic is limited,
but fairly powerful.  Spar has many HP.
	Disadvantages:  Spar's whip is very weak, and his
defense is fair at best.
	Combinations:  The Sprite.  In this form, Spar can
use Spore to attempt to put the enemies to sleep.  (This can
backfire and affect the party.)  Also, the Flower Bud.  In
this form, Spar can Bud, and will continously attack enemies
after a one-round pause.  Spar's Bud form has a decent
offense.  Both forms offer increased AP.  Also, the
Snapdragon.  In this form, Spar's power remains Nature, but
his attack power increases dramatically.

	The mysterious Indigo Sorceress from Breath of Fire
1.  She will join the Hero if he speaks to her after he
visits her home.
	Combat:  Shed.  Bleu recovers full HP.
	Field:  Hunting.  Press 'A' while Bleu is in the
lead in the hunt sequence, and she will cast a powerful
spell, vaporizing everything.  This turns all creatures in
the field to Charcoal.
	Advantages:  High AP and powerful attack magic.
Better offense and HP than Nina, similar defense.  High
speed.  Starts with many powerful spells, including Death.
Bleu is slightly stronger than Nina at equal levels,
although Nina will have more AP.
	Disadvantages:  Weak regular attack, low defense.
	Combinations:  None.

Note:  I've divided the game into arbitrary Chapters.  The
characters listing for any given chapter is my
recommendation for the party members for that chapter.  Feel
free to ignore it.  If a character is required, a @ symbol
will be placed next to his/her name (except for the Hero,
who is always required).

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 1:  Suzy
                Characters:  Hero, Bow@

	The game begins in the village of Gate.  The Hero is
sent after his sister.  Climb the mountain to the north of
the village.  There will be a fight, but if the Hero is
about to lose, Ganer will rescue him.  After the cinema
scene, the Hero must decide whether to go to sleep.  If he
doesn't, he misses a scene, but the game is not otherwise
affected.  When the hero climbs back down the mountain, he
finds that nobody in town recognizes him.  Ganer and Yua are
	In the church, the Hero meets Bow.  The two leave
the village and, when the storm starts, head for the nearby
cave.  Follow the tail until you are forced to confront the
demon.  After you lose, the game will skip forward several
years, and you will find yourself (and Bow) in HomeTown.
Elder will assign you to go after Mina's pet Suzy.
	Do not cross the bridge outside yet, and do not
enter the mountain until level 3.  In the first room in the
mountain, you will discover a healing spring.  Fight until
you reach level 6 or 7, then go on.
	After exiting the top portion of the cave, you will
see a ramp.  Heal yourself if necessary before climbing the
ramp.  At the top, you will face three harpies.  This is a
tough fight, but in the second round, the three will attack
each other, giving you a little time.  Each harpy has about
40 HP.  Most of the time, the three will attack the Hero, so
have Bow cast DefUp on him.
	After winning the fight, proceed to the left.  You
will end up causing a landslide, entering another cave, and
falling into a hole.  When you land, talk to Azusa, the
hunter.  Leave the mountain, and head west to the Ruins.
There, you will have to fight six Pests and a giant Roach.
This isn't too hard, although the Roach sometimes gets up
when it's killed, forcing you to fight several more rounds.
	Once you've finished everything, you'll retrieve
Suzy.  Head back to HomeTown (it's much easier with the new
path, isn't it? ;) and enter the Ranger's Guild.  You'll
receive your reward for completing the job, and Bow will ask
you to return to your room.  You'll be forced to agree.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 2:  The Coliseum
                Characters:  Hero, Rand@, Katt@

	During the night, Bow will answer a knock on your
door.  It's a man named Kilgore, with a job.  Bow thinks
about waking the Hero, but decides against it.  He leaves.
	When you wake up, you find that Bow is now a robbery
suspect!  Wander around HomeTown, and talk to all the
guards.  When you've done this, return to your room to
confront Bow.  He gets an idea--he will hide in the trash
can, and you'll carry him to the Ruins!  Do so.  Niro agrees
to hide Bow, if Bow will help him fix the place up.  Bow
reluctantly agrees, and asks the Hero to chase down the real
female thief and clear his name.
	Asking about strange women reveals that a winged
woman is at the Magic School, and a woman fighter is at the
Coliseum.  You can't do anything about the Magic School for
now, so leave HomeTown and head east and north to Coursair.
	At Coursair, go to the Pub at night.  (You can wait
till nightfall by talking to the man behind the bar, if you
arrive during the day.)  Speak to Rand, who tells you the
opponent is always Baba, a lumberjack from TagWoods.
	TagWoods is north of Coursair.  Make sure you have a
good supply of Herb.  Make your way through the forest to
confront Baba.  He won't give up without a fight.  He's not
very tough, but he can counterattack, so don't let your HP
drop too low.  After the fight, he gives you his Axe.  With
this, you can pretend to be Baba and enter the fight.
Return to Coursair and talk to Rand again.
	Before you enter the Coliseum, deposit all your
money in the Bank.  Once you're in, you'll have to beat the
Dir.HR in order to see Augus; that's not a problem, but be
sure to heal yourself after the fight, so you don't go into
the arena with low HP.  Talk to Augus, then go to your
dressing room.
	Don't oen the treasure chest yet.  Wait for Rand to
appear and speak to him.  Agree to give him all your money.
(This is only 1 coin.)  He will leave.  Watch the cinema
scene, then take your pay.  Enter the arena.
	Katt doesn't believe your story about Augus's
treachery, so you'll have to fight her.  Katt is faster than
the Hero, so time your healing spells accordingly.  When you
win, the poison needles will begin to fly.  *You can move
during this scene!*  If you reach Katt quickly, you can give
her the Antidote!
	You'll wake later at the Inn.  If you weren't fast
enough to give Katt the antidote, she will be knocked out by
the poison, but you'll be ok.  Rand, shocked that the story
was true, joins you.  If you managed to give Katt the
antidote, she will also join you!
	You can't let Augus get away with this...  Go back
to Augus. He will transform into a demon and attack.  If you
still have the FireRock from Mt. Fubi, this is the time to
use it.  The Hero is faster than Augus, and Rand is slower,
but it's usually better to have the Hero attack and Rand
cure.  If you have Katt, use her speed well--either to use
an item or to fight.  Augus gets two attacks per round.  He
can also cast Cure1 if his HP start getting low, and he can
'store strength' to make his next attack do greater damage.
	Once you win, leave the Coliseum.  If Katt had been
poisoned, a man will tell you to go see her, and you'll be
transported there as a cinema scene begins.  Ray, the priest
of St. Eva, has revived Katt... and she's mad at you.
Eventually, you'll straighten things out.  Rand will ask you
to take him to the hideout, where he can work as a handyman,
and Katt will tag along, trying to make amends.
	Time to visit Niro again.  This time, Rand stays,
but Katt will be sent to help you track down the female
thief (and keep her out of the way ;).  Remember the winged
girl at the Magic School?  It's time to check that out.  Go
back to HomeTown.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 3:  Nina and Mina
                Characters:  Hero, Katt@, Nina@

	You'll see a breakin in progress at Magic School.
Before you can do anything, Nina will use her magic to stop
it.  She then goes inside.  Follow her (after promising Katt
that she too can learn magic).
	Inside, once you find her, you'll watch another
cinema scene.  A man from the Joker Gang forces Nina to go
with him by threatening her sister Mina.  Katt volunteers to
follow them.
	The Joker Gang's hideout is the cave near Coursair.
You'll have to kill one Hood to get in, but the others in
the first cave won't attack.  (There are also no other
encounters in that cave.)  You can't get to the treasure
yet, and Win, who lives in the top left extension of the
cave, is useless for now, so head to the top right.  The
guard who keeps the gate asks you for the boss's nephew's
name.  If you get it wrong, you have to fight him to get
through.  The correct name is "Palin".  The next gatekeeper
tells you the switch is in a hole.  It isn't, and you'll be
attacked by a poisonous spider and a Hood.  Unfortunately,
you can't avoid this fight.  The spider has far more HP, so
take out the Hood first.
	Descend and make your way through the dungeon.  (Be
sure to get the SilverDR.)  You'll enter a room where the
boss, Joker, is confronting Nina.  He tries to force Nina to
become his slave, but Katt will intervene, rescuing Mina.
Katt and the Hero will face a fight with four Hoods; if they
win, Nina joins the party.  Nina buries Joker under rock,
but Joker becomes a demon and breaks loose.  The hree will
have to fight him.
	Afterwards, Nina insists on taking Mina back to
Windia.  Katt offers to join her (draggingthe Hero along ;).
Windia is north and west from Coursair.  Once there, work
your way through the maze and into the castle, where the
Queen will thank you and escort you out into the town.
Strangely enough, she doesn't seem to recognize Nina... ;)
	You'll be told you need a highlander with long arms
to get back across the cliffs.  Where could you find such a
person?  As you're about to go explore the town, a magic
show begins.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 5:  Capitan
                Characters:  Hero, Katt, Nina, Sten@

	It's Sten the magician!  And he makes the Hero
disappear.  But when the show's over... where is the Hero?
Watch the cinema scene.
	Now that Sten has joined you, you can go back across
the cliffs.  Do so if you need to; otherwise, head for
Capitan, to the west of Windia.  Make sure you have a good
supply of Antdt, as the Deathpede has a poison breath attack
that can poison all four characters at once.
	When you arrive at Capitan, you learn that a child
has fallen down the dried-up well, and most of the villagers
have gone down to look for him and not returned.  When you
descend into the well, you'll meet Ray, who's come to
investigate.  He kills a large insect (Creon) and explains a
little to you; then, another one appears, knocks him aside,
and attacks you.  Creon is fairly deadly, because of its
Eggbetr double-attack.  After each time you fight one, heal
yourself as much as possible.  If any character dies, go to
the inn and rest if you can, otherwise use a LifePL.  You'll
need all your strength here.
	After the first fight, agree to help Ray.  He'll
lead you to a cavern, and get attacked by a Creon.  (This
blocks the way back to town.)  Go ahead to look for the boy,
as he requests.  He's in the cavern at the end.  Get the
treasures first, but be careful of the Creons.  After you
talk to the boy, a large monster will attack.  This monster
can attack all four characters at once, and can control a
character to force him to attack himself or another party
member.  Watch your HP, and have Nina cast spells.
	Once you win, the cavern will start shaking.  Ride
the turtles back across.  Ray will meet you and tell you
that the cavern is flooding.  He will put up a barrier to
hold the water and ask you to rescue all the villagers.
	Go through the cave, talking to the people.  If a
villager attacks you, don't kill the villager!  Kill the
monster on his face and the fight will end.  Katt should be
able to kill them easily.  You'll also face one or two more
Creons, but free as many villagers as you can.  Then return
to Ray and tell him you've freed them all.  Ray will let
down the barrier and the water will wash you out of the well
and into Capitan.
	Ray wants to thank you by granting you the Renew
spell (revives the dead for 10 AP).  Take him back to the
hideout, and talk to all your characters.  Decide who to
give it to.  Rand and Bow will learn it on their own (Bow as
early as level 20!), the Hero needs his AP for dragon
attacks, and Katt doesn't have the AP.  Sten has fewer AP
than Nina and (IMO) is less useful as a character.  I
generally give the spell to Nina.
	Once you've decided, Ray bestows the spell and
departs.  Head back to Capitan.  Have the Hero speak to the
girl dressed in red, who is standing near the Inn.  She
pulls him away from the party, and takes him to the forest
north of Capitan to meet Granny.  This is the Fire Shaman
Sanamo.  When she attempts to unite with the Hero, she
fails, but awakens the Dragon power.  The Hero learns
FirePuppy, IcePuppy, and T.Puppy, and burns down Granny's
house in the process.  Granny and Sanamo ask the Hero to
find them another one, so you're headed back to the Hideout.
	Return to Capitan and speak to the man who's
standing where Sanamo was.  You'll be transported to the
hideout.  Granny will take over the room next to Niro's,
which Bow and Rand built.  She'll ask for remodeling, but
Bow and Rand aren't professional enough... you'll have to
return to Capitan to find a carpenter.
	There are three carpenters:  The one in the fancy
house (top left) will build a pub whose patrons keep track
of game stats, if you invite him to the hideout.  The one in
the house on poles (top center) will play an Othello game
with the Tolen medals, in which you can win prizes such as
the ThunderST and TigerSD.  The one in the normal houses
(top right) will cook items, sometimes producing valuable
items.  The cook/carpenter is probably the best, since you
can produce items that raise stats.  The gamester/carpenter
is fun, and also provides valuable items.  The
bartender/carpenter is good for curiosity value, but not
much else.  (He can also raise a character's condition to
Super for 500 GP.)
	Once you've chosen a carpenter, you can also catch
the boat, to take you across the water.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Interlude: Chopchop

	The Chopchop technique is elusive.  To get it, you
must visit the Wild Cat Cafe _before_ you learn about the
witches' party.  The best thing to do is to wait until
defeating Nimufu and breaking Jean's curse.  Then, use
Jean's frog form to swim down the waterfall and acquire the
Dragon spells for the Hero.  Visit the Wild Cat at this
point--the dragon attack makes the chef much easier to beat.
the chef won't teach you Chopchop; you'll only get a meal
that raises your characters' HP.  Yes, this does make the
fight against the chef much harder; that's why the dragon
spells help.  After beating him, go into the back room
and talk to him.  Forgive him for attacking you, and admit to
being soft-hearted.  Voila!  He teaches one of your characters
	The Chopchop technique is extremely useful for Nina
to have.  It costs 0 AP to cast (that's right, -nothing-),
and it does 50-80 damage regardless of the enemy's defense.
It's very useful against those creatures that only take 1-2
points from weapons. :)

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 6:  Usurper
                Characters:  Hero, Sten, Rand, Nina, Jean@

	After crossing the water and entering the woods, the
party comes upon a giant frog.  It asks them to travel to
the Witch's Tower and get the Witch Nimufu to lift the curse
that traps it in that form.
	At the south end of the lake is a campsite where you
can rest for free.  There's also a Dragon Statue there.  Go
there first.  Most of your characters should be in the level
13-15 range before you go to the Tower.  It's best to take
Sten and Nina to the tower (to power them up), and Rand (for
healing).  Katt could be substituted for Sten, but Sten will
have a solo adventure fairly soon and will need the
	Travel north to the tower.  Make sure the Hero is in
the lead, then step on the door plate and fight the guardian
monsters three times.  The door will open.  DON'T pick up
the treasure in the first room, or the door closes again!
(There's nothing in the chest anyway.)  Climb the Tower.
(There's a treasure to the left, but the main tower is to
the right of that first room.)  Nina should probably lead,
to guard against falling in holes.
	When you reach a room with five platforms, choose
the one on the far left to continue your ascent.  The one on
the far right will take you to the Water Shaman, but she
will not join you until you defeat Nimufu.  The one on the
middle right will allow you to cross to the stairway leading
down into the treasure room.  You can go there on your way
out.  Climb the Tower.
	You should reach Nimufu without much difficulty.
You'll have to fight her.  She can cast spells, but it's not
hard to defeat her.  (You might want to use a Dragon Attack,
but it's not necessary.)  Once you win, she'll break into
tears and tell you that the curse on the frog can be broken
if a girl kisses it.
	Go back to the frog, with either Katt or Nina in the
party.  Speak to the frog, with one of them in the lead.  A
cinema scene reveals that the frog is really... Jean.  He
will join you.
	At this point, put Jean in your party, since you
only have him for a short time.  Transform into a frog, and
swim through the lake to the west of the woods.  Behind the
waterfall, there's a hidden cave where you'll pick up a
SokletAR and a KamikazeBL, and the Hero will learn the next
set of Dragon spells, FireDragon, IceDragon, and T.Dragon.
This set attacks all enemies, not just one.  It also does
more damage.
	Now swim through the lower lake, to SimaFort.
You'll enter the castle, and Jean will be captured by an
imposter Prince.  The Prince promises you money and a boat,
and sends you out of the castle.  But before you reach the
boat, Princess Petape sinks it.  There's a long cinema
scene, in which she'll enlist your aid and give you the
	Leave the castle and return to the campsite to add a
fourth member to your party.  When you return, go to the
dungeons to face the guard Leader.  When you win, you can
speak to Jean.
	Jean can prove he's the real Prince if he shows the
Royal Ring.  Unfortunately, he gave the ring to Nimufu.
Nimufu is no longer at the Witch's Tower; she's attending a
party at the Wild Cat Cafe.  This is the cave to the west of
the waterfall.  Go there to find her.
	You'll be forced to leave all your items behind at
the door.  Each room after that has a sign with
instructions.  If you choose not to follow the instructions,
you must fight a Bouncer in order to proceed to the next
room.  The instructions tell you to do such things as remove
your helmets, trade in your armor for napkins and weapons
for forks, and so on.  The final instruction will ask how
you like your food prepared.  Answer Rare.
	You'll find yourself inside a giant oven... OUCH!
The party will take 20 damage if they chose rare, 40 if they
chose medium, and 80 if they chose well done.  If you don't
choose, all party members are reduced to 1 HP!  After the
damage is done (and before you get a chance to heal), the
Chef enters.  When he sees that you're still raw, he tries
to chop you up.  You'll have to fight him.
	Afterward, if you've done everything correctly (see
the Interlude above), the chef may ask you whether you're
angry at him for trying to charbroil you.  Even if you are,
choose No.  He will then ask whether you're soft-hearted.
Choose Yes and he will teach one person his Chopchop attack.
This is a 0 AP attack spell, and is very useful for Nina
through the middle of the game.  *The cook only asks you these
questions and teaches Chopchop _before_ you hear about the
witches' party, so you may wish to go to the Cafe earlier in
the game, to get this.*  It is very useful!
	If you haven't done everything correctly, you'll
usually be given a meal that raises your characters' HP.  Not
a bad consolation prize, but Chopchop is far better.
	After you've dealt with the cook, proceed through
the door into the cafe.  Nimufu is in the restroom, and has
dropped the Royal Ring in the toilet.  You'll have to go
after it.  (This is a recurring theme in the game.)  Go into
the cavern(!) beneath the toilet, retrieve the ring, and
exit.  Leave the Cafe (be sure to talk to the man at the
door to retrieve your items) and return to Jean.
	Petape takes Jean to the King to show him the Royal
Ring, but it seems the imposter also has one!  Jean has to
prove his innocence some other way.  He challenges the
imposter to a cooking contest.  But he needs ingredients...
	The party proceeds to the roof, where they should
help the soldier.  After doing so, go back downstairs and
speak to the model, Fiolina.  She will run to his side.
Return to the castle roof and talk to the guard, and ask for
Information as your reward.  (You'll get the money
anyway. ;)
	Using the key the guard gives you, unlock the door.
Jump onto a bucket to descend into the dungeons.  Inside,
you'll immediately confront the Gold Fly.  It has a powerful
attack and can counterattack, so be careful.  Fortunately,
it has a weakness:  Air attacks.  Use Sten's Bomb and Nina's
Tornado.  After a few rounds of combat, it will stop the
fight and fly away, taunting you.  Follow it to the left.
Just as you're about to reach a bridge, you'll be forced to
fight a gigantic water worm.
	The worm is possibly the toughest enemy of this
quest, as it can put party members to sleep, can hit all
members at once with an attack, and has a powerful normal
attack.  Heal whenever necessary.  Once you win, you'll
capture the Worm's Meat, one of the ingredients you need.
	Retrace your steps.  Leve the castle and ret at the
campsite if necessary.  Also buy more healing items in town.
Go back into the dungeon and take the right path from the
room where you first fought the Fly.
	You'll have to thread your way through two rooms
filled with vicious, inedible Blue Roaches in order to get
to the Fly.  At there end is the Giant Roach, the second
ingredient Jean needs.  It's much easier to beat than the
worm, since it damages only one party member at a time.
	After defeating the Roach, you'll finally corner the
Gold Fly.  You'll have to fight it again, and it's tougher
this time, but Bomb and Tornado still work.  Once you win,
return to Jean with the ingredients, and the cooking contest
is on.
	Of course, the usurper isn't going to risk his crown
on a fair contest.  He threatens the master chef, with the
result that he is declared the winner.  Petape, distraught
at the thought of the impending executions, decides to blow
up the castle.  She runs off, and both Jean and the false
Prince Jean follow her.
	The Hero should enter the bathroom wih the wall
switch (near the kitchen) and pull the switch.  A secret
elevator descends to the dungeon level, giving the party
access to a corridor to the right.  Inside, they find a
wounded Jean, and go onward to confront Petape and the
prince.  The prince is really a demon, and attacks the
party.  Afterward, angry at his defeat, he finishes
triggering the procedure Petape had started.
	Jean enters and tells you not to be alarmed.  The
console isn't an explosion control after all, but the key to
the secret treasure of SimaFort.  The party can obtain the
SoleSD now.  (This weapon occasionally "Toasts" an enemy,
killing it with one blow.)  Petape and the king thank the
Hero for his help, and Jean decides to join permanently.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Interlude:  Houses in TownShip

	By this point in the game, the carpenter has built
the first three houses of TownShip.  You can get him to
build the second (and final) set of three houses by giving
him 2000 coins at any time after the first three houses are

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 7:  Trout and Whale
                Characters:  Hero, Katt@, Sten, Rand, Jean@, Bow@

	With the usurper defeated, the frogmen of SimaFort
release Patty, the bat-winged thief.  Return to HomeTown and
speak to the guard at Trout's house.  Bow's name is now
clear, and he will rejoin you.  Kilgore asks to talk to him.
Go to TownShip for Bow, return with Bow leading he party,
and speak to Kilgore.  He will give you the magic hood,
allowing you to understand the language of Tunlan.
	Tunlan is the next objective, to rescue the Grass
Man, Spar, from the carnival.  But first, you'll need to
cross the ocean.  Head back toward SimaFort.  Then, with
Jean leading, transform into a frog and swim downstream past
the trees, to the W.Cape.  (Just follow the signs. ;)
You'll have to descend into the cave.  Make sure Katt is in
the party.  It's also a good idea to have either Bow or Rand
along for healing, and Sten or Jean for combat ability.
Magic isn't as useful here.  You can use the dragon statue
at W.Cape to change your party members.
	If Katt is in the lead, she can break the flimsy
gate in the cave with her staff.  Do so, and jump into the
hole.  You'll meet an old man and a pair of dolphins, who
tell you you're inside a sleeping whale.  You've got to wake
it up, and to do that, you have to go to the stomach and get
rid of the Stone Doll that's put it to sleep.  If you need
to exit to heal, return to the whale's mouth, and the
dolphins will carry you out.
	Encounters here aren't too bad.  This is a good
place to power-up Sten for the Highfort scenario.  Make your
way through the whale.  Straight paths take you the proper
directions; side branches are dead ends, but occasionally
hold treasures.  You'll confront the Stone Doll, which isn't
a very tough enemy, although it can put the party to sleep.
	Once you've beaten it... nothing happens.  The whale
still hasn't awakened.  Make your way back towards the
mouth, and have Katt hit the whale's Adam's apple with her
staff.  If the Doll is gone, this will wake the whale.
	The whale (Grandpa) will thank you for waking it up,
and tell you to borrow the Whale Bell from the old man on
the beach.  Do so.  The party can now summon Grandpa by
standing at any beach and ringing the bell by pressing A.
Most of the world is open for exploration.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Interlude:  Bleu

	You can acquire the secret character, Bleu, any time
after you awaken Grandpa.  Travel to the desert in the far
southeastern corner of the world.  You will see a ramp that
allows access to the southern part of the desert.  Get off
of Grandpa at that point, and go north a short distance.
Look for what appears to be a spiral shape in the sand.
This is the remains of Wisdon.
	Enter.  Speak to the spirits, and you'll be told
that Bleu has gone out.  Where could she have gone?  Turns
out she's a little rusty after all those years; you'll find
her in the Magic School in HomeTown, disguised as a student.
(Earlier in the game, she says, "Fascinating.  We didn't
have magic like this when I was young.")  Once you've been
to Wisdon and subsequently spoken to her, she will shed her
disguise and (forcibly) join your party.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 8:  Spar
                Characters:  Hero, Nina, Sten, Rand, Bow, Bleu

	When you arrive at Tunlan, you find that the magic
hood allows you to understand the musical language, but you
are unable to speak it.  Later, you'll need to do something
about that, but for now, ignore it.  Go to see the carnival
outside the city.
	Hmm, the Grass Man isn't an attraction any more, and
the ringmaster will feed it to a demon!  Unless, of course,
you can offer him money some other way.  He'll take either
90,000 coins or an Uparupa.
	Uparupa like to eat OwlFruit, and some monster
hunters near Capitan have what you need.  Go to their house
(south and east of Capitan).  You'll find it empty.  Proceed
through the back door into the forest.  You'll hear
singing... and if you follow the music, you'll find a
strange girl.  It turns out to be a vicious monster and
attacks the party.
	There are three enemies here.  The central monster
usually attacks a single party member for massive damage, or
regenerates one of the smaller monsters.  The smaller
monster further to the right of the screen casts Cure2; the
one to the left casts Thunder.  It's important to get rid of
the Thunder-casting monster quickly, and to try to keep both
smaller monsters dead (the big one can revive them).  Having
Bow equipped with the Dual Bow helps.  Nina and Sten should
both have area attacks (S.Boom, Flame) to use in the early
rounds.  Sten can use items in later rounds.  If Nina still
has no area effect spells, you may want to recover Bleu and
take her along instead.
	When you win, you'll be able to pick five OwlFruit.
Hope it's enough!
	The Uparupa live in a water-filled cave near
Coursair.  The only way to enter the cave is to ride a whale
in.  Encounters in the cave are on the difficult side, but
it's a short cave.  You'll quickly find yourself in the
Uparupa's Cave, where there are no enemies except Uparupa.
	To lure an Uparupa, put food in front of its hole
and back up a little.  When it comes out of its hole, wait
until it gets its food, then quickly run and 'speak' to it.
It will attack.
	Uparupas do not attack physically, but they have a
devastating counterattack.  Only the Hero should attack
physically; others should use spells, since they probably
cannot do enough damage physically.  The correct Uparupa to
take is the furthest one along the left-hand path.  (This
Uparupa is at the top center of the overall cavern.)
	When you beat the correct Uparupa, it will not
disappear as others do, but will instead try to communicate
something.  You have a choice:  You can keep it or let it go
free.  If you let it go, you will receive a better sword.
You should let it go.  (If you don't do so immediately, you
can return later to free it, and still get the sword.)
	Return to the carnival tent.  The ringmaster will
ask whether you've brought the coins or the Uparupa.  Answer
that you brought nothing.  (This choice is only given after
you catch the Uparupa.)  He will become enraged and
attack... after transforming into a demon.
	When you win, you'll be able to free the Grass Man,
Spar.  He will join your party.  He'll also tell you to go
to the west and talk to the Great Tree Gandaroof.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 9:  Highfort
                Characters:  Hero, Sten@, Spar, Rand, Bow

	Gandaroof can't remember what he had to say to you,
and he tells you you'll have to enter his mind to find the
information.  To do so, you'll need a Therapy Pillow from
Tunlan.  Return to Tunlan.
	There's now a man standing between the Inn and Item
Shop.  When you speak to him, he tells you that the people
of Tunlan won't understand you unless you have a fine
musical instrument--like the Famous Flute of Highfort.
You'll have to travel to Highfort, on the desert
plateau--the beach to land at is south of TownShip, near a
house.  You'll need Sten to get in.  It's a good idea to
take Spar along, since he needs to be powered up and since
his Nature special does about 70 hp damage to all enemies
when used in the desert.  You'll probably also want more
healing, so Rand or Bow can fill out the party.
	You'll enter Highfort and find out more about Sten's
past.  He will leave the party temporarily, telling you to
go get the flute.  The other three party members should
continue into Highfort and enter the War Council Room.
They'll hear the speech of the new General, Shupkay, who
will drop them into a pit.
	Now it's Sten's turn, and he'll be solo for a while.
First, go down the stairs that were formerly blocked.
Retrieve the nearby treasures (and hope you're not
attacked).  You'll obtain such things as QuickCL and an
Extract.  Equip Sten.
	Go back upstairs and trace the party's route.
Partway there, you'll be forced into a fight with Trubo, who
holds an old grudge against Sten.  Trubo has an Eggbetr dual
attack, so watch Sten's HP.  The best way to fight Trubo is
just to fight, and use a healing item when necessary.  Don't
use RIP, since it lowers Sten's defense and Sten is the only
possible target.  Save your AP for now.
	After a short fight, Trubo will step back and blow
up the bridge, challenging Sten to beat him in three rounds.
Simply casting Bomb three times in succession will work.
Sten and Trubo will fall safely into the water, and Sten
will drag Trubo out.  They'll agree to go confront Shupkay.
Trubo will enter the nearby door, while Sten will pull
himself across a gap and head along a different trail.
Encounters will be tough, with only Sten, but make sure you
get the NinjaDR and other treasures.  Soon, you'll find
yourself confronting Shupkay.  Before you can do anything,
she drops Sten into a pit.  Sten rejoins his friends.
	With a full party, the portion of the maze that's
left isn't too hard to get through.  You'll meet Trubo,
who's stuck at a door.  Sten will push him out of the way,
and your party will have to defeat the Portal boss.
Physical attacks work best here.  Don't forget to
heal... the Hero and Rand or Bow should both have Cure2 by
this point.
	With that done, the party leaves Trubo to destroy
the machinery, and continues onward to confront Shupkay.
You'll arrive just in time to rescue the princess from the
strange device.  Shupkay can attack with S.Boom, but does so
infrequently.  Most of her other spells and attacks are
fairly ineffective.  You can defeat Shupkay without using
Dragon spells, so don't worry if your Hero is low on AP from
	The defeated Shupkay attempts to use the machine to
convert her hate into energy for a weapon, but Trubo
succeeds in smashing the device.  A chain reaction begins,
and the castle starts to crumble.  Your party will run for
the door, and Sten will stay behind to turn the crank on the
hand-powered elevator.
	The princess will give you the Famous Flute as a
reward.  Trubo will escort you outside, where you'll see
Sten once again.  (You knew he wasn't killed in there,
right?)  Sten will rejoin you, and you can proceed to Tunlan
with the Flute in hand.

		*	*	*	*	*
                        Chapter 10:  Tunlan
                Characters:  Hero, Sten@, Bow, Nina@, Katt@, Bleu

	When you arrive in Tunlan, talk to the Queen's
attendants.  They'll tell you about a magician, Gedd, who
could help her.  Gedd was exiled to Maori Isle, which is
west and north of HomeTown.  Go there, and enter the nearest
cave.  (Notice the healing fountain. :)
	Proceed to the next room, where you'll find that the
Magician will only speak to 'a pretty girl'.  Put either
Nina or Katt in the lead and talk to him.  (Bleu won't
work.)  After you straighten him out, he'll rush off to
Tunlan.  Follow.
	Return to the Queen's room.  Gedd will need
ingredients.  Take his letter and return to Maori Island, to
the apprentice.  Speak to him, and take a good look at the
mushroom he shows you.  You'll need one that looks just like
	Climb the mountain, using Sten to cross the gaps.
There are some nice treasures along the way.  When you get
to the top, if you pick any mushroom, you will return to the
apprentice instantly.  If it's the right one, he'll tell you
so and you can return to Tunlan.  If not, you'll have to
make the climb again.  The correct mushroom is on the left
side of the water--use Sten to cross to the island, and pick
up the middle mushroom.
	Return to Tunlan and speak to Gedd.  He'll send you
inside the Queen's body to kill the Fatties.  You can leave
at any time by using the Mirror--it's in your Items-Spcls
menu.  The Death spell is very useful inside the Queen's
	This is not a typical dungeon, you can't just run
through to a boss.  Go to the status screen and look at the
monster indicator at the top.  If the critter is asleep, it
means there are no monsters in that room, and you can go on.
Otherwise, stay in that room and wander around.  When there
are no monsters left in the room, move to the next room and
repeat.  Note that you do NOT only have to kill the "Fatty"
enemy, any enemy will work.  But the Fatty gives the best
xp.  Once you've cleared all the encounters, Gedd will
remove you from the Queen's body.
	The Queen will open the treasure vault to you.
Speak to the guard there to get the Therapy Pillow.  Now you
can enter Gandaroof's memory.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 11:  Gandaroof
		Characters:  Hero, Spar@, Rand, Nina, Bleu

	With Spar in the lead, return to Gandaroof and use
the Pillow to enter his mind.  You'll find yourself near a
town.  Go in and speak to the people there.  They'll give
you useful information and tell you about another town to
the east.  There is also a shop here.  If you want to buy
any of the improved weapons or armor, do it now, because you
probably won't get another chance.
	Go to the second town and speak to everyone.  You
can rest here, and even leave the mind.  Hmm, it seems
there's another town to the north.  Go to this third town.
Talk to people again.
	Hmm, there are only supposed to be two towns, and a
tower.  You can see the tower from the west of the lake, so
go there... and you'll see the first town.  If you return to
the first town and enter it, you'll find yourself in the
	You won't be able to see anything that's close to
you except treasure chests inside this tower, but that's
more of an annoyance than a problem.  Make your way through,
and watch out for RoadSlugs, who often cast S.Boom or
Thunder.  You'll want to have a healer other than Spar
	At the top, you'll confront the demon who's
destroying Gandaroof's memory--and it reveals that it caused
everyone in Gate to forget about you, years ago!  Fight it.
It's very weak, but it does have one annoying ability--it
can chant "Forget about your magic" and make every character
in the party unable to cast his or her most recent spell
(the last one on the spell list).  The second time it does
this, they forget the second-last spell, and so on.  This
can be a pain.
	Once you've destroyed it, leave the tower and the
mind.  You can get sketchy information from Gandaroof.
You'll have to head south to find allies in your fight
against the demon.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 12:  Namanda, Namanda
		Characters:  Hero, Rand@, Spar, Nina, Bow

	Heading south across the bridge, you'll find
yourself in a mist-filled valley.  It will be impossible to
press on.  The man who's stuck there says that something
must be wrong with SkyTower...
	SkyTower is in the ocean west of Gate.  Ride Grandpa
to it.  If you've spoken with the man in the valley, the
Primans will let you enter.  The Tower (which used to be
Spyre) is now filled with water in most places.  You'll have
to enter an air-filled room every three minutes, or drown.
There are enough air-filled spaces that this isn't a
problem, unless you go to the extreme southwest on the first
floor and down.  That area has no breathing rooms, so you'll
have to grab its treasure and get back quickly.  The
treasure is worth it, though.  Climb your way through
SkyTower.  When you reach the top, you'll be in an
air-filled room that's home to Spoor, the Wind Shaman.
She's responsible for the fog, it seems, but she banishes it
and returns to Granny.  You can now unite with her.
	Return to the valley.  You can move through
it--watch out for the large green cyclops monster.  The
ogres aren't too bad.  In any case, the valley is very
short.  South of the valley, you'll see a town... FarmTown.
	Enter FarmTown.  Talk to people with and without
Rand leading the party.  When Rand talks to Daisy, he'll be
recruited to plow the field.  The others will help, of
course.  Just smash everything, but use normal attacks
rather than magic.  You don't want to damage the ground.
	Once that's done, Daisy asks you to go to the
Namanda Shrine to the west and pray.  Go right ahead.  Make
sure you donate at least 20 times in a row (2000 GP).  If
you do this, you will be able to get the Earth Shaman later.
	Return to Farmtown when you're done.  Go back to
Daisy's house.  Speak to the strange man in the field.
(Say, didn't Daisy throw him out before?)  He says she's
converted to St. Eva and given her land to build a church!
Rand knows that Daisy believes in Namanda, and gets into a
(solo) fight with the Paladin.  The fight isn't too
tough... just make sure you have some HelpBLs.  And remember
not to use 8.0 or Thunder, or other attack magic.  The
worshipper of St. Eva will fall.  Then Ray will appear.
After a tense exchange, Ray takes the man and leaves.  But
where is Daisy?  You'll have to go to St. Eva's Church to
look for her... but how will you fly across the ocean?

		*	*	*	*	*
			Interlude:  Namanda's Bells

	Sometime after Rand's mother vanishes, one of the
two men who normally ring the Namanda Bells also disappears.
If you visit, the remaining one asks you to help ring.  If
you do it successfully, you'll receive the secret spell
Bombada, which cuts all enemies' HP in half for 20 AP.
	Unfortunately, there's no sure way to get the spell,
and the timing on the bells is very tricky.  You may want to
just skip this entirely, unless you have a good ear for
music and excellent timing.  Vandessa's FAQ provided a hint
regarding this, but I find that it's still very difficult,
even using her method.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 13:  The Great Bird and Claris
		Characters:  Hero, Nina@, Jean, Katt, Bow

	Back in TownShip, Nina will ask to speak to you in
her room.  When you do, she'll tell you about the Great Bird
of Windia.  She offers to become the Great Bird and take you
to St. Eva's Church.
	Go to Windia and, with Nina leading, speak to the
guard.  You'll soon learn a lot more about Nina's past.
Then you'll be told to go to the dungeon for the test.  Nina
should really have the Death spell by now, and at least 150
HP, or you'll be in trouble.
	Descend into the dungeon.  At the first branch, you
can go west to get to the test (this is a short route) or
you can go north to reach a treasure--a better ring for Nina
or Bleu.  The northern route is long.  I recommend doing it
after the test, unless you need to raise Nina's level.
	When you reach the winged statue with Nina in the
lead and agree to take the test, Nina (and only Nina) will
be warped to another area.  Speak to the statues there.
Cast Death if you get into any fights, and use HelpBL
afterwards.  If Nina is defeated, she's sent back to the
rest of the party.  She'll have only 1 HP.  You'll also have
to start over...
	You do NOT have to speak to the statues in order to
pass the test, but you miss some of the story if you don't.
The treasures are also nice, but not necessary.  Enter the
testing chamber.  You'll have to fight the Guardian to prove
your worth.  Cast Freeze on it, and it shouldn't last more
than two rounds (one if you're lucky).  You're faster than
it is at this point, so you're in luck.
	After you defeat it, the Guardian assumes the form
of... Nina!  Yes, it's the heroine of BoF1.  It seems the
people of Windia can no longer fly because she married a man
from outside her tribe, and weakened the bloodline.  But she
gives Nina the Mark of the Wing, which will allow her to
become the Great Bird.  She then asks whether Nina forgives
her.  (I have no idea whether answering 'No' affects the
story or not.)
	Return to the castle and speak to the King.  You'll
enter another cinema scene and end up asleep.  During the
night, Mina will sneak into your room and look through the
dresser.  She'll leave and Nina will get up.  Check the
dresser and... the Mark is gone!  Quickly follow Mina up the
left tower.
	Cinema scene.  Mina locks Nina outside of the room
and uses the Mark to become the Great Bird... sacrificing
her life as a person to help you.  You can ride the Great
Bird anywhere when Nina is in the party.
	You can now reach Gate, the armory on the island
east of St. Eva Church, and St. Eva's Church itself.  You'll
have to go there...
	Once inside, speak to everyone.  They're all so nice
and happy!  Maybe there's nothing wrong after all.  Go ahead
and leave.
	Oops.  You can't leave.  That's not a good sign.
And now all those happy people are acting like zombies and
muttering about the cold... what's going on?  Go back into
the home of the woman who earlier said "Praise St. Eva!" and
speak to her.  She reveals herself as Claris, an agent of an
anti-St. Eva resistance.  She begins to tell you about it,
but there's a knock at the door, and she quickly suggests
you go to CotLnd, where other resistance members have
gathered.  For now, you'll have to jump into the toilet and
make your way through a cavern to escape.  You'll end up in
the inn near St. Eva's Church, behind the counter.  The man
there gives you a free rest...  Be sure to get the CharmRod
from the dresser upstairs.  Then head for CotLnd.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 14:  Tiga and the Thieves' Tomb
		Characters:  Hero, Katt@, Rand, Bow, Nina, Jean

	Rocks close off the entrance to CotLnd, but Katt can
break them with her staff.  Do that, then go to the barn and
speak to Tiga.  Seems the resistance needs money... if only
their sponsor would get back!  She went to the Thieves' Tomb
in the middle of the desert...
	You guessed it, you're going after her.  Fly there
and enter the dungeon.  Pay close attention to the
smiley-faces... the effects the old man talks about only
happen immediately after a fight takes place on one of those
tiles.  Try to stay on the yellow, smiling ones or the
green, happy ones as much as possible.
	Go through the tomb, and... oh look, it's Patty
again.  Free her and continue.  She will open the treasure
chest, but it's empty--there's no evidence there!  Hmm.
Check the chest again.  Push the hidden switch and open the
hidden door... and go in.  Open the treasure box to find the
Evidence.  You'll have to walk back outside.
	Patty bumps into you clumsily, apologizes, and
leaves.  Or maybe not that clumsily... the evidence is gone.
Oh well, there's nothing to do but cast Exit and fly back to
CotLnd.  So do it.
	Well, selling the evidence has provided enough money
for Tiga to stage his assault.  First target:  Bandon, to
the south.  But first, Tiga has decided he wants to marry
Katt.  If you don't object, you won't have to fight him; if
you do, you can't win.  It doesn't really matter.  The end
result is that Katt will leave you for a little while.
	Go south.  Enter the church, and you'll find all the
worshippers are gone.  Talk to Katt and Tiga.  Katt will get
frustrated and hit the statue with her staff, revealig a
secret passage!  Go ahead down.  You'll have to face a
church henchman (lots of HP, but not too bad) then continue
north.  A priest will break his cover and run down some
stairs.  Go down the stairs after him.
	You'll be in a short corridor with one door and two
arrow plates.  The arrows lengthen or shorten the corridor.
The only rooms that matter for now are the second-closest
and the furthest.  The second-closest has a treasure chest;
the furthest is the place you need to go.  From there on,
it's pretty straightforward... you'll corner the priest in a
dark room.  Approach him, and...
	He turns into a demon.  Of course.  He'll send three
zombies after you, then attack himself once you beat them.
He can cast Death and use RotBreath to zombify all your
party members at once.  Try to keep your characters
non-zombie'd with CureAL or the CurePsn spell.  Once you
beat him, you can walk out of the dungeon without
encountering any monsters.  Talk to Tiga again... his plan
is to disguise everyone and infiltrate the Cathedral.  Since
you defeated the priest/demon, you can enter and leave Evrai
at will... but you'll need to learn the Teachings of St. Eva

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 15:  Evrai
		Characters:  Hero, Rand@, Nina, Bow, Jean, Spar

	You can learn the teachings of St. Eva by going to
any church and donating a few times.  (I believe the amount
is 2500 GP, but I'm not sure.)  Once you have them, speak to
Tiga.  You'll be going to Evrai...
	Cinema-mania.  It seems St. Eva's Church was founded
by Habaruku, who's leading the ceremony.  He's caught Claris
and is preparing to kill her!  Tiga realizes he loves Claris
and tries to save her, but he's not strong enough.  He
falls, and Habaruku blasts them both with lightning.  Your
party should now confront Habaruku... he will flee.  Follow
	Habaruku commands Ray to destroy you.  Ray, although
friendly to you, is indebted to Habaruku, who raised him.
He complies, transforming into a huge Dark Dragon!  Ray will
blast the party... keep the Hero alive at all costs.  During
the fight, a large dragon shape will superimpose itself over
the Hero.  Check his spell list and you'll find a new Dragon
Attack, G.Dragon.  This always does 999 to all enemies, if
the Hero is at full AP.  Use it on Ray, and he'll die.
	Climb through the Cathedral, after Habaruku.  He'll
trigger a trap, and the walls will move in to crush you, but
Rand will hold them off.  He tells the others to go and
prepares to sacrifice himself... but Daisy appears and
knocks him out of the way.  She sacrifices her own life
instead, and Rand rejoins the party, intent on killing
Habaruku.  Keep climbing through the Grand Church.  Just
as you're about to reach him, he'll drop you down a shaft
into the depths of the church.  When you fight your way
through, you'll find yourself in a room with a thin corridor
protected by lasers.  Walk on through (taking damage as you
do--be careful!) and speak to the man in the machine.  He'll
ask you to kill him so St. Eva's servants can no longer
drain his energy.  Then three guardian eyes appear.
	The easy way to win is to use G.Dragon, but if you
do this, you kill the old man and can't get the best ending
to the game.  Just beat up the eyes normally if you want the
good ending.  The right eye always uses Cure3, the lower eye
Freeze, and the left eye Flame.  I'd get rid of the Flame
eye first, then the Freeze eye.  Doing it this way is sort
of tough.  But if you do... you find out the old man is your
father, Ganer.  He can provide a source of magical power.
This will be useful later.
	For now, the Cathedral is becoming unstable... get
out of Evrai and watch it collapse.  Looks like you'll have
to hunt down Habaruku.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Interlude:  Flying TownShip

	To make TownShip fly, you must do three things.
First, go enter the well in TownShip and take a look at the
machine.  Next, at any point after you get the whale
Grandpa, ride it to Guntz and search behind the bookshelves
in the far northern home until you find a secret door.
Speak to the person you find there, who will go study the
machine and find out how it works.  Finally, you must rescue
Ganer, who will then serve as a power source for your
machine.  You can now move TownShip!  It's slow, but it will
be useful.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Interlude:  Rare Shamans

	The most frequently missed Shamans are the Holy
Shaman and the Earth Shaman.
	To win the aid of the Earth Shaman, you must do
three things.  First, donate 2000+ GP to Namanda before
going to Evrai.  Second, use no attack magic in Daisy's
field.  Finally, defeat the Grand Church.
	To find the Holy Shaman, return to Bandon after
beating Ray (or the entire Grand Church) and search the jail
cells.  The Shaman is in the second or third room from the
left in the corridor with the arrow tiles.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 16:  Gate and Infinity
		Characters:  Hero, Sten, Nina, Jean, Rand, Bleu

	The next stop on your journey is about the only
place you haven't been... Gate.  But first, visit TownShip
and combine a few characters.  Decide who to take.
	Jean's combination will prove very useful because of
his Chop attack.  Nina or Bleu could come along because of
the Death spell.  Rand could come, in his combined form,
because he has good offense and defense and can heal well.
Sten could make the long journey downwards a little shorter,
but only if he's not combined.  Bow could provide good
offense, and Shot is useful; he also can heal.  Spar
provides great magic power.  And Katt's speed and power are
handy in some situations.  It comes down to who the favorite
characters are.  I usually choose Hero, Rand, Jean,
Nina/Bleu, although I've substituted Katt for Jean at times.
	Now that that's over with, go to Gate.  You'll find
that Father Hulk thinks the dragon is responsible for
killing the forest and is preparing to blast it!  The dragon
is hurt, but not killed, and the sealed doors are not
opened.  (Although you -can- get into the caves to the side
at this point, to retrieve the Devil Shaman.)  He says that
he fears a terrible mistake has been made, and asks you to
find Patty and bring her to Gate.
	Travelling to CotLnd, you find that Patty has gone
to the WildCat Cafe.  Speak to the cooks there, and they'll
tell you that she's departed to "challenge that tomb" once
again.  At the Thieves' Tomb in the desert, speaking to any
of the thieves will reveal that she's heard of a new town
and gone to loot it.  This town is the town you built,
TownShip.  Travel there, and you'll find Patty inside the
big house, where all of your characters live when they're
not adventuring.  Hearing of the dragon's plight, Patty
hurries to Gate.  Follow her there, but rest first.
	At Gate, Hulk reveals that he is Habaruku!  He wants
to open the seal to release a powerful demon--and the only
way to open it is to take the life of a Dragon clan member.
The Dragon at the gate would do... and Habaruku has Patty,
too!  You must fight the man who replaced Ganer.  Habaruku
seems to cast mostly self-enhancement magic such at Atk-Up
and Def-Up, but he can potentially use powerful attack spells
such as Bolt-X.  In any case, he's fairly easy to kill,
unless you get unlucky.
	After the fight, with Patty lost in the underbrush
somewhere, you'll have to speak to the dragon, who changes
form and reveals itself as... the Hero's mother.  She asks
the Hero to make a choice--either to open the seal or to
have her stay to guard the gate.  If you choose to have her
stay, the game will end.  Face your destiny.
	Your mother opens the gate, sacrificing her life
(remember, the life of a Dragon clan member) to do so.  You
may now enter Infinity.  First go to the left side cave, and
enter.  You will find Shin, the Devil Shaman.  Leave and
enter the center cave when you are ready.  (Note: You can
enter the left and right caves, and therefore find Shin, at
any time after Hulk uses the bomb.  You need not wait until
you defeat him.  You may find it easier to retrieve Shin
first, so that you can use powerful combinations against
	There is a long trek downward, so have plenty of
healing items.  Take at least 54 HelpBL, 54 WFruit, and
27-36 LifePL, in addition to several CureAL, as much Roast
and Extract as you have, and your entire supply of MoonDrop
and VanExt.  You'll need the healing later.  Try to get the
treasures on the way down; they contain powerful weapons and
armor such as the FinalKN and the ImmortlRN.
	If you survive the trek down, you'll find yourself
in a town.  This is the outpost of the Dragon clan.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 17:  Anfini
		Characters:  The best you've got!

	You'll learn a great deal in the Dragons' town,
including the origins of Ray and Patty, and the history of
the Hero's mother's mission.  (For the part about the Hero's
mother, you get to control her.)  This will clear up a lot
of the hanging threads in the game.  You'll also learn that,
in order to beat Deathevn, the Hero will have to learn the
ultimate Dragon power, Anfini.  The door will be opened to
you, the Destined Child.
	Beneath the Dragons' town, you will face even
fiercer enemies.  One to watch for is the Carm.  This Grim
Reaper-like enemy casts Freeze and Hail, and it sometimes
leaves an item called the MeowST when it is defeated.  This
is Katt's best weapon, 70 points stronger than the SnakeST.
Get it if you're using Katt.
	The place you get Anfini is fairly obvious--it's the
only building in the area below the Dragons' town.  Enter
and speak to the wise men.  The Hero will find himself
alone, and must enter each room and talk to his friends (and
in one case himself!), with the exception of Bleu.  Then,
the wise man tells him he must sacrifice one of his friends
forever in order to receive the power of Anfini!  He
instructs the Hero to enter the room of the friend he wishes
to sacrifice.
	Enter the Hero's room.  Speak to the Hero, and no
matter what, keep refusing to sacrifice your friends.  You
will learn Anfini and shift back to the original room, where
those friends who were with you will rejoin you.  (Note that
if you _do_ choose a friend, nothing bad actually
happens--you'll just have to try again to get Anfini.  You
can't win without it, so make sure you do so.)
	Unfortunately, this scene splits all the Shamans who
were combined with you away.  It might be worth it to cast
Exit, recombine, and descend through Infinity once more.
	The caverns below the Dragons' town house many
items, including the Dragon equipment--sword, armor, helm,
and shield.  Get it.  If you enter a room where all is dark,
turn around and leave, unless you have all the equipment and
treasure and are in good shape.

		*	*	*	*	*
			Chapter 18:  Endgame
		Characters:  The best you've got!

	In the dark room, the party will confront Barubary,
the demon the Hero met so long ago.  Now, he won't be so
nice.  You'll have to fight him.
	The best bet is to take Bleu, Rand (combined), and
one other hero.  In the first round, use Bleu's BoltX and
the Hero's G.Dragon, and have Rand cast Cure3 and the other
hero fight.  This should do upwards of 1200-1300 damage to
Barubary.  At that point, he will stop fighting and
challenge the Hero to single combat.
	If the Hero accepts, Barubary is significantly
weaker, but probably still more than a match for the Hero.
I find the best bet is to refuse and fight.  The Hero should
use G.Dragon whenever he is at full AP and otherwise fight
or use an item as necessary.  Bleu should cast BoltX until
she runs out of AP, and use items or Shed as necessary.
Rand should Cure3 every round, as all Barubary's attacks
effect the entire party and hit for about 100 HP.  (Bow's
CureX could also work here.)  The fourth hero should use
WFruit or healing items as necessary.  Try to keep building
the Hero up to full AP so he can use G.Dragon.  Use all the
WiseBLs you have on the Hero for this purpose.  This is the
toughest fight in the game.
	Afterward, walk on into the darkness.  A healing
spring and a dragon statue lie ahead.  Choose the characters
you like and prepare to meet Deathevn.
	Deathevn will greet you with a spell to trap the
party in crystal.  The Hero will break free, using the
strength of the Destined Child, but will be paralyzed by
Deathevn's bond.  Deathevn will stop in front of each
character's crystal, delivering a short speech about them.
This speech will end in "And now, his/her life is over." and
he will shatter the crystal.  He taunts the Hero once
more... (start pressing buttons now)
	"The screaming of the Hero's heart broke the bond!"
The Hero, enraged, will rush after Deathevn, dodging a nasty
spell ("Break into pieces, Hero!") and cleaving the demon
lord with his sword.  Deathevn will stagger backwards and
fall over the edge...
	...Then reappear in his true form.  A battle begins.
For now, Deathevn casts Explode, which does exactly half the
character's HP in damage.  The Hero should use Anfini.
(Hey, it's the only time he can... :)
	Big cinema scene, and the Hero's friends are
revived.  They rush to his fight, and the battle begins in
	Deathevn is weak, after Barubary.  He can cast
Death, can attack a single character for ~150 HP damage, can
use an Amber Laser which hits all party members for ~140
damage, can eliminate all spells affecting the party (like
Atk-Up and Def-Up), and can do a few other, less effective,
things.  The same general tactics that worked on Barubary
should work.  Deathevn will take a while to beat, but
shouldn't usually be a problem.
	The ending you get depends on whether TownShip can
fly or not.  If it can, you get a better ending, but if not,
even the "bad" ending is a good length, and provides a nice,
(melo-)dramatic closing scene.  The endings also focus more
on the characters the Hero had along with him when defeating
Deathevn than all the others.
	Congratulations.  You win. :)

		*	*	*	*	*
		  Breath of Fire II Walkthrough
		*	*	*	*	*

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