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Save State Hacking Guide by TyrNemesis

Updated: 06/17/04

Breath of Fire 2 TownShip Hacking Guide
By Daniel Polcari/TyrNemesis^


This is a very simple and to-the-point guide on how to edit
your saved state to make changes to the status of TownShip.
If you made bad decisions regarding which carpenter to use
or which citizens to invite in, you can change those decisions
using the offsets I've provided here.

I discovered these offsets by nulling large chunks of the
game's memory at a time until I found a chunk whose removal
resulted in the disappearance of my completed town. I then
narrowed my search byte by byte from that point until I was
able to discover the specific bytes responsible for these
effects. Crude, but it worked, so enjoy.

This guide is not complete and I probably will not be working
on it ever again. If anyone out there would like to add to it,
feel free to contact me and we shall talk.

Thanks to IDM Computer Solutions for creating UltraEdit 32,
easily the best text\hex editing program that will ever exist.

Thanks to Ben Siron for writing an excellent handbook for
Breath of Fire 2 which made my most recent play through much
less hassling.

Comments can be sent to [ magus//@//cyberverse//.//com ]
(Remove the slash marks, of course)

*** Town bytes ***

61f3 = Status of TownShip Construction

This byte contains several bin switches which represent
bits of information about the town. Some of these cannot
be combined. Specifically, do not combine 2 different
Carpenters. Otherwise, any combination is fine.

If you aren't familiar with hex editing, this guide is
not for you, so do not email me asking how to combine

      01 = Initial State
      02 = Carpenter Building Phase 1
      04 = Phase 1 Completed (Victorian Carpenter)
      08 = Phase 2 Completed (Victorian Carpenter)
      10 = Phase 1 Completed (Treehouse Carpenter)
      20 = Phase 2 Completed (Treehouse Carpenter)
      40 = Phase 1 Completed (Arabesque Carpenter)
      80 = Phase 2 Completed (Arabesque Carpenter)

The switches are added to the byte one after another as the
construction of township progresses. It begins at 01, then
becomes 03 when construction begins, then (depending on your
carpenter) becomes 07, 13, or 43, and then 0F, 33, or C3.

*** Tenant bytes ***

The status of TownShip tenants is controlled by four bytes
consisting of 28 active bin switches. Any tenant with an asterisk
by his name opens a shop with a counter and cannot coexist
with any other tenants in the same building number. Enabling
this tenant means he is the one you will get, regardless of
which other tenants you enable. The last tenant on the list,
Eichichi, lives in the well below township, but Ganer cannot
be added to your town in the same fashion.

You can have all of the house's tenants at once so long as the
"lone" tenant is not enabled. (e.g. 61fe = 1c would enable Kay,
Back, Poo, and Watts in the first house, but enabling Hekkeler
as well would cause everyone except him to disappear.)

Note: Building 6 has 2 separate possible "lone" tenants.
I have not experimented with what happens if both of those
two are enabled, but most likely Surfy will take precedence.

61fe  Tenant switch 1
      01 = 1. *Hekkeler
      02 = 1. Kay
      04 = 1. Back
      08 = 1. Poo
      10 = 1. Watts
      20 = 2. *Leminton
      40 = 2. Pechiri
      80 = 2. MacClean

61ff  Tenant switch 2
      01 = 2. Bockden
      02 = 2. Win
      04 = 3. *Baretta
      08 = 3. Woopi
      10 = 3. Azusa
      20 = 3. Macotti
      40 = 3. Akky\Nisa
      80 = 4. *Karashinikofu

6200  Tenant switch 3
      01 = 4. Garber
      02 = 4. Barose
      04 = 4. Locker
      08 = 5. *Hanz
      10 = 5. Martin
      20 = 5. Yozo
      40 = 5. El
      80 = 6. *Surfy

6201  Tenant switch 4
      01 = 6. Sumner
      02 = 6. Salvador
      04 = 6. *Daiye
      08 = 7. Eichichi


Thanks for reading, enjoy.


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