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Guide and Walkthrough by cless alvein / DavidK519

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/06/2003

                      BREATH OF FIRE 2 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
                   /                                    \
                   |           Version 1.00             |
                   |                                    |
                   |            Written by              |
                   |  Rodrigo Argenta AKA cless alvein  |
                   |                and                 |
                   |             DavidK519              |
                   |                                    |
                   |  Last Updated on December 6, 2003  |
                   |         File Size: 82.3KB          |

                           CONTACT INFORMATION

Below is the information you'll need if you wish to contact either author with
any questions, comments, concerns, or contributions that you may have. When
writing to us, please put "Breath of Fire 2" in the subject so that your e-mail
won't accidentally be mistaken for as spam and get deleted.

cless alvein: terranigma2003@bol.com.br
DavidK519: DKK5@comcast.net

CRP#: 27538 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27538.html)
CRP#: 23453 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/23453.html)

                              VERSION HISTORY

v1.00- December 6, 2003: I (DavidK519) have taken over the job of completing
the FAQ. The walkthrough has be revised slightly and is now completed. The
remaining sections will be completed on a later date. Also, the FAQ has
undergone some format changes (hopefully for the better).
Current File Size: 82.3KB

v0.90 - September 12th, 2003: I'm very busy (and lazy) right now, so I've
written just a small part this week. I'm up to Nightrider Island.
Current File Size: 52.1KB

v0.80 - September 5th, 2003: Walkthrough up to making Town Ship fly.
Current File Size: 49KB

v0.50 - August 29th, 2003: Walkthrough up to the Great Wise Tree (second
meeting). I've also written some basic information regarding the game.
Current File Size: 35.7KB

First version accepted by GameFAQs.
v0.15 - August 22nd, 2003: First version. Walkthrough up to Witch Tower.
Current File Size: 14.2KB

                               LEGAL NOTICE

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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Thanks to GameFAQs for the legal notice.

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                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
                    /                                   \
                    | 1. Introduction                   |
                    | 2. Plot                           |
                    | 3. Playing Breath Of Fire 2       |
                    |  3.1. Basic Commands              |
                    |  3.2. Menu                        |
                    |  3.3. Miscellaneous               |
                    |  3.4. General Tips                |
                    | 4. Walkthrough                    |
                    |  4.1. Intro                       |
                    |  4.2. Let The Adventure Begin!    |
                    |  4.3. The Fighting Tournament     |
                    |  4.4. The Joker Group             |
                    |  4.5. Windia And Capitan          |
                    |  4.6. Carpenters Needed           |
                    |  4.7. The Witch Tower             |
                    |  4.8. A New Town                  |
                    |  4.9. A Nice Meal                 |
                    |  4.10. Imposter? Which Imposter?  |
                    |  4.11. Thief Versus Thief         |
                    |  4.12. Inside Grandpa             |
                    |  4.13. Upa! Upa! Upa!             |
                    |  4.14. The Grass Man              |
                    |  4.15. The Return Of Sten         |
                    |  4.16. Diet! Now!                 |
                    |  4.17. Inside The Great Wise Tree |
                    |  4.18. Before The Air Ends...     |
                    |  4.19. Plowing And Praying        |
                    |  4.20. The Windian Legend         |
                    |  4.21. Sponsored By Patty         |
                    |  4.22. The Church Of Devil        |
                    |  4.23. Awakening A Dragon         |
                    |  4.24. Infinity                   |
                    | 5. Enemy List                     |
                    | 6. Weapon List                    |
                    | 7. Armor List                     |
                    | 8. Item List                      |
                    | 9. Farewell                       |

To quickly and easily find the section you're looking for, hit Ctrl+F and type
in the name of the section from the Table of Contents above.

                              1. INTRODUCTION

Hi. This is my Breath Of Fire 2 guide. If you don't know the game, then you're
missing an important part of RPGs. This is one of the greatest games I've ever
played. It was designed by Capcom in 1994 and is a true classic. By this guide
I wanna help anyone out there who has any problem with the game. For
questions, additions or anything, just send me an e-mail.

                                  2. PLOT

The hero is a boy who has strange dreams about a dragon. Then, his father and
sister suddenly disappear. He finds himself in a city he thinks is his
hometown, but it's not. After a series of events, the boy encounters a dragon
that says he's "the one". After that, ten years pass by and the hero's real
adventure is about to begin.

                          3. PLAYING BREATH OF FIRE 2


Y           -    Use special ability, call Grandpa, land Mina/Town Ship
X           -    Acces menu
B           -    Cancel
A           -    Action (talk, use, select, etc.)
L or R      -    Change marching order
Select      -    View map

3.2. MENU

To access your menu, just press X. On the first screen you can see your
location, the monster meter, your money and the characters' basic stats. On
the left, you see various options, and below it your current fighting

Items - Here you'll see your basic items. Use lets you choose a item. On this
mode, items you can't use are colored gray. Trash lets you discard items. Be
aware that if you discard a item with more than one unit, all of them will be
discarded. With Order you can choose your own order of items, while with Clean
the game adjusts them in a logic way, also grouping items of the same kind,
saving up your small space. Spcls leads you to the special items screen.

Spell - You'll have to select a character, and then choose any spell you want.

Equip - To change weapon, armor, shield, helmet and accessories.

Stats - Lets you see your characters' additional stats (dragon meter,
strength, stamina, agility, wisdom, luck, offense, defense, vigor, condition
and guts).

Swch - Lets you change your fighting formation and fighting order. It's
recommended you set the Auto order.

Options - Change message speed, sound and music.


Shamans - You can make your characters stronger by fusing them with Shamans.
Sometimes the fusing will change your character's look, while sometimes it'll
only improve his/her stats.

Special abilities - All of the characters have their own special ability,
listed below.
Ryu: fishing.
Bow: hunting.
Katt: hunting/whack things.
Rand: break heavy things.
Nina: call Mina.
Sten: cross poles.
Jean: turn into a giant frog that can cross water.
Spar: walk through forests.
Bleu: hunting.

Party order - There are two party orders: marching and fighting. To change the
marching order, press L or R. This order determines who can use his/her
special ability, which will be the leader. It also affects some other things
described in the walkthrough. The fighting order determines who'll be in each
row during a fight. A general rule is to put stronger characters in the front,
as they can do more damage this way. Weaker characters should be in the back
row, this way improving their defense.

Free rests - There are some places where you can take a free rest; use them
for your advantage. Some examples: your room in Home Town, your house in Town
Ship, the hut near Witch Tower, etc.


- Using always the stronger characters in your party is not the smartest
thing. Sometimes you will need the weaker characters, so it's important to
level them up once in a while.

- Always prefer magic instead of items. For example, if a character is low on
HP, use a Cure spell, if you can, instead of an Herb.

- You should also use the stronger spell if it's proper to. For example, Cure
1 recovers 10 HP per AP point, while Cure 2 recovers 14.3. Of course, if you
don't need 100 HP, use Cure 1.

- Don't trash items, always sell them. Although the money you get is below the
real value of the item, in a capitalist world money is always money.

                               4. WALKTHROUGH

4.1. INTRO

First, decide what will be your hero's name. I'll call him by his default
name, which is Ryu. The story will begin inside the church building of a small
village. After your father calls you, you'll have control of the hero. Search
the dresser in your room to obtain the first item, a TreePole. Go down the
stairs to meet your father, who asks you to go look for a girl who has run off.
Reply yes to your father then exit the church. Talk to the townspeople then
enter the middle house. There's an Herb in the dresser on the second floor.
There's another Herb in the northern house. After picking up the items, head
north into a new area (cutting the grass on your way). Try to head straight
north to find another new area, where you'll first see colors in the game.
Keep heading up to find your sister.

But before you meet her, a monster attacks you. You have no chance of winning,
just keep attacking and your father will save you. After the cutscene, head
out of the grassy area and back into town. In town, talk to the people to see
something strange has happened. Talk to Father Hulk in the church and he will
let you stay at the church. At night, you'll see your roommate, Bow, stealing
goods. After your talk, Bow will join the party. Exit this town and head west.
I'll start to rain and Bow suggests that you take shelter. So go into the cave
to the northwest. Go north, and then follow the tail you find through the cave
to find a big monster. You'll engage in another fight you cannot win. Now the
introduction takes place and ten years will pass.


Pick up a LifePl in the medicine cabinet in the elder's house. There's also an
Antidote on the inn's second floor, and 100c in your bedroom upstairs in the
house just west of the inn. Exit the town and fight some battles out on the
world map to gain some levels. With the money of the battles, buy better
equipment at town and some healing items. Another good way to earn money is to
enter the grass spot that appears when you win battles. Have Bow in the party's
lead and press Y to hunt down the animals. Then sell their food at the town and
you'll get 200 coins. After that, rest at your room then head east on the world
map, and then south to reach the edge of a mountain range. From here, enter
Mt. Fubi.

Head north along the path and into the cave. Upon entering it, you'll see a
healing fountain. Use it as you build up your levels here. When you're at level
6 or so, exit the cave and continue on the path heading west to fight your first
real boss.

Boss: Palo, Peach and Puti
HP: Palo- 70, Peach- 40, Puti- 30
Exp: 300
Coins: 27
Notes- This is a a very easy fight. After the first turn, the three foes will
get into an argument and start attacking each other, which makes things a lot
easier for you. Just keep attacking them and you'll be fine. Take out Peach and
Puti first since they are the weakest, and then concentrate on Palo.

After this not so tough battle, you may want to go back to the healing
fountain. Then continue on your way till you find a cave blocked by a rock.
Move the rock, freeing your way into the cave and causing quite a disturbance
down below. Follow this path to the southern end, where there's a chest
containing a SaladBwl. Head back up the path and go through the passage way to
the left. In the next room, take the path on the left to find a chest containing
a FireRock. Now just follow the path on the right and you'll come to a hole
where you must fall in. After that exit Mount Fubi by leaving this cave and
using the left exit.

Once you're back on the world map, head west into the Ruins. You'll hear
someone calling for help there, so enter the building. Inside, you'll see a man
surrounded by some cockroaches, which you must defeat.

Boss: Pest (6)
HP: 30
Exp: 84
Coins: 60
Notes- Even easier than the last ones. There's nothing much to say here except
to just attack and heal if necessary. You should be able to take each of them
out in one hit.

After you defeat them, one will be left.

Boss: Roach
Exp: 64
Coins: 15
Notes- It's a big roach, but nothing to fear. No real strategy for this one too.
Just use your normal attacks to take it down in two or three turns.

Once the fight is over, you'll find Mina's missing pet. After the scene, head
back to your town. Talk to the elder to give Suzy back to Mina. You'll be paid
500 coins. Say yes to Bow's request and a scene will take place. When you wake
up, go outside and head north. Now you can access a new part of town. Talk to
Kilgore, then head back to your room and Bow will be there. It appears that Bow
has gotten into some trouble and needs to lie low for a while. After the
cutscene, buy some equipment, and then go back to the Ruins. After leaving Bow
there, head across the bridge east of Mt. Fubi and then northeast to Coursair,
in pursuit of the real thief (Beware: It's a long way to go and the enemies are
pretty tough, so make sure you're rested up and at a good level).


Once there, head to the pub. There's a Smoke on the second floor. Talk to the
bartender and say you want to kill some time till evening. Talk to the man
wearing purple; he says the only way to enter the Coliseum without tickets is
to enter as a fighter. So buy better equipment to prepare yourself. Also, there
are some items around city. There are two dressers at the inn containing Bum'sCL
and an Herb, and one at the church with an Herb inside it as well. Now head
northwest back on the world map to find Tag Woods.

First, let's search the place for chests. Start going west to obtain an Herb.
Then head back and north to pick up 100 coins. For another Herb, head north
then turn east. Now head west, get in the tree house, and ride the lift there
to advance. The next chest, which contains Gold, is direct south of the tree
house. Now head back north to the next tree house and ride the lift there. West
of it there's a chest containing a Smoke and all the way down to the south of
it there's the final chest containing 100c. Now you must face Baba, but first
head back to Coursair and rest at the inn. Back at Tag Woods, head south and
west from the last tree house to find Baba.

Boss: Baba
HP: 180
Exp: 150
Coins: 100
Notes- There's not really much to worry about here, as long as you watch your HP
bar. Keep attacking him until your HP drops to around 15, and then cast Cure 1.
You'll defeat him quickly.

Now exit Tag Woods and go to the pub in Coursair. You have to talk to the
bartender to kill some time, and then talk with the main guy in purple again.
Now go to the Coliseum. Head to the right room and talk to the receptionist.
Enter the door next to you and fight with the man in there. After winning the
battle, talk to the receptionist again. Enter the other door to meet your
manager. Go to the locker room on the left side of the arena and get the money
your manager talked about. Deposit all of your money in the bank, then come
back to your locker room and try to open the door. When everything's ready,
enter the stadium.

Boss: Katt
HP: 230
Exp: 200
Coins: 80
Notes- Constantly attack her and be sure to stay healed. Katt's normal attacks
can do a good amount of damage, and she often gets critical hit which do huge
damage. She'll also sometimes taunt you, which will greatly reduce your attack
power for that turn. When your HP gets around 20-30, use Cure 1. It's your
longest and hardest battle so far.

After the battle pull Katt into the doorway to save her. If you save her, she'll
join you. If you don't, Rand joins you. Now withdraw your money from the bank
and buy better equipment. Go back to the Coliseum and fight Augus in her room.

Boss: Augus
HP: 700
Exp: 450
Coins: 300
Notes- This is tough. For the most part, Augus will pound you with normal
attacks, most of them being critical hits. She'll also occasionally cast Cure 1
on herself. Have Rand heal while the others attack. However, since Rand will go
last, you might want to have Ryu heal at times as well. You'll have to be a
bit lucky too, but you should be able to come out on top.

Now exit the Coliseum. If you didn't save Katt, she'll join the party now. If
you did, you must rest at the inn to recover from the tough battle. Now buy
some equipment if you need to and head back to the Ruins. Rand will end up
staying behind to work on repairs while Katt goes with you to look for the
thief. After the scene, head back to Home Town (the first town).


Head north and you'll see another scene. Enter the church (at night you can't)
and search the dresser on the second floor for an Herb. Then enter the Magic
School. Go to the second floor then enter the right room to meet Nina. Buy an
Antidote or two then head to Mount Rocko, southwest of Coursair.

Upon entering, fight the Hood at the entrance to proceed. Then, head up the
path to emerge in an area with a couple of hoodlums standing around and three
openings at the north end of the room. Enter the middle opening to reach a
small room where you can level up. One level or two should be enough. After
leveling up, go back into the previous area. Head into the right room and talk
to the Hood there. He'll ask the boss' nephew's name, it's Pain. Cross the gate,
and at the next gate the Hood will ask you to check if the switch is in the
hole. You'll discover it was a trap and engage in a battle.

Boss: Hood and P.Spider
HP: Hood- 60, P.Spider- 200
Exp: 150
Coins: 80
Notes- You'll start this battle off damaged and poisoned. So use Herbs to heal
your HP if you need it, but don't bother curing the poison until after the
battle, as the P.Spider will poison you constantly during the fight. Have Ryu
attack the Hood first, then the Spider. Katt should be healing the party. The
Hood will go down very quickly, but it'll take some effort to bring down the
P.Spider. This is a fairly tough battle.

Head to Coursair, rest at the inn then come back to the cave where you were
before. Head down the stairs and go south to find a chest containing a LuckCndy.
Head east from the chest to find another, which holds a SliverDR. Then enter
the opening to the left, open the chest containing 100c on the right side of
the area, and head up the stairs. Pass through this small area and defeat the
Hood blocking the path to the right. Now have Ryu heal your party, as afterwards
you'll have to defeat four more Hoods and Joker.

Boss: Joker
HP: 580
Exp: 900
Coins: 200
Notes- This battle isn't all too hard. Just keep everbody's HP above 20 at all
times, because the Joker's Poison Chop deals a lot of damage to all of your
party members. Have Ryu and Katt attack. Nina should cast Cold while Katt use
Herbs and Ryu casts Cure 1 when someone needs it.

Make your way out of this cave, picking up 1000 coins in the first room, in a
space you couldn't access before. Now, head back to Coursair, buy Nina better
equipment, and rest at the inn.


Go west on the world map from Coursair to the Dead Maze. It's a pretty long
trip and the enemies along the way are tougher, so make sure you're at a decent
level (around 9-10). Once inside the maze, head west and through the upper exit
to the left of the guard. Then keep going west at the next two intersections.
Pass through this next hall going south, and then head east at the next
intersection. Pass through this next room heading east, then pass through this
next hall. You'll find a staircase in this room, which leads you into Windia.

Head down and, after the cutscene, Sten will join your group. Now you should go
outside and fight some battles until your weaker character is at level 10. In
your first rest at the inn, search the two dressers for items (100c and a
TreeST). After leveling up, stock up on Herbs and Antidotes and also buy better
equipment (if you can't afford all the equipment, fight more battles).

After all that, rest at the inn one last time and then head west on the world
map around the mountains to the Hunt Lodge. The only thing useful there is the
HelpBL in the dresser. Now go west to Capitan. Rest at the inn, then head up
onto the second floor and search the dressers for a Tolen and SuedeAR. In the
house next to the inn there's another useful item; a WFruit. Enter the house on
the right side of town and pick up the GutsBL from the shelf. Save your game at
the dragon statue then enter the well.

Fight the monster that attacks you then follow Ray into the next room. While
Ray stays behind to fight another monster, head north to the next room, where
you'll have to ride some turtles in order to progress. Wait for a turtle to
come up to where the shore is and then get on it's back. Ride the first turtle
to the small island where the man is standing, then ride the next turtle to the
island where you'll meet another monster. Kill it, then ride the turtle to the
left to reach a Van. Ext. Now return to the previous island and ride the turtle
to the north all the way up to another monster and a chest containing a Charm.
As you're riding this turtle back, get on the other turtle when the two meet in
the middle of the water to reach the platform where the little boy is. Talk to
the boy to fight the boss.

Boss: Terrapin
HP: 1300
Exp: 1200
Coins: 500
Notes- This guy is, by far, the toughest boss yet. He has two moves which deal
quite a bit of damage to your entire party, and his Brainway spell causes your
party members to attack each other. Have Ryu and Katt attack, Sten cast Bomb
until he runs out of AP, and Nina cast Cold. Katt and Sten should use Herbs
when someone needs them, which will be just about every around. The key to
winning is to constantly attack and have plenty of Herbs with you. This is
going to be quite a long battle, and you’ll want to finish it as quickly as

After this battle, exit this room. Ray will say the damn will overflow. While
he blocks the water, you must rescue the villagers. Head south and enter the
rooms to save the villagers (you must talk with them). Some villagers are
possessed by a monster. You'll engage in a battle; be careful to only attack
the monster itself. After saving all six villagers, head back to Ray and tell
him what you did. After the conversation, you'll have to go back to the Ruins.
But you can't go through Windia, go a little south of it instead. Put Sten in
the lead and use his special ability to cross using the poles.


At the Ruins, now called Town Ship, everything seems new. Enter the house and
Ray will offer you the spell, but first meet up with the others to decide
who'll receive it. Nina would be the best person to choose. Now talk to Niro and
put Rand in your party, taking Nina out. After that, head back to Capitan. Put
Ryu back in the lead and talk to the girl standing out in front of the inn.
When you regain Ryu's control, search the dresser for a LifePl then go to the
center circle. After the scene, your dragon powers will be available. Now, head
back to Capitan and talk to the man that’s standing in front of the inn to be
taken back to Town Ship. After another scene, set your party to the same set up
as last time and go back to Capitan again. Enter the house on the eastern end
of town (just to the right of the dragon statue) and talk to the carpenter
there; it's him whom you'll pick to build the house. Exit this house and go into
the harbor at the northwest end of town. Ride the boat and you'll be in the
next continent.


Save your game at the dragon then enter the Woods to the west back on the world
map. Follow the path and you'll meet a giant frog. After his story, you should
exit the Woods and head south then west along the southern end of the big lake.
You'll come to a hut where you can sleep for free. Use this as you build up your
characters to at least level 14. After the long time leveling up, go to Windia
to buy the best equipment and stock up on items.

Now you're ready to enter the Witch Tower, north of the hut you used for
leveling up. Once inside, put Ryu in the lead and then step on the switch in
this small room. You’ll be forced to fight a few battles before you can
continue. After fighting some battles, the passage will open up. You'll see a
chest up ahead in the middle of this next room, but don't open it because it
would close the exit. Instead, go to the left, and follow this path all the way
up to a chest containing a CureAl.

After getting that, head back and take the right path. You'll soon find a room
with five platforms. Take the middle one then fall down to find the treasure
room. Collect all money then drop through the holes in the floor to return to
the first room. Now find your way back to the platform room. When you reach the
platform room, take the leftmost platform to progress. After going up the
stairs, head south in the next area to find a chest containing an Herb. Head
west from there into the next room. In the next room, you must step on a
combination of switches to find the chests and progress. See the map I've
poorly made to know what to do.

      |    L     |
      |          |
      | |C2  C3| |
      |N|      |J|
      | |--G3--| |-|
   ---|O|      |   |
   <-Exit     |H I |
   -----------| G |
   |----------|   |
   |       F     |
   |     ||   |--|
   | C1  ||  E|
   |-----||   |
          |  D|
          |   |
   |------|   |
   |  A    B C|
   |      |---|

The letters are the switches, but S is the start point, C# means chest and G#
means gate.

First, step on switch B to open gate 1. Pass through it and step on switch G,
which will open gate 2 and allow you to access the first chest containing a
SilkGL. To reach the next two chests, step on switches F, J, K, M, N and O.
Then step on the L switch and head up the stairs to the left. You can fall off
of the right side; do so if you need a rest, then come back here. Use the moving
platforms in this area to get the chests in the middle of the room and then
step on the switch on the next floor. Heal your party members then enter the
final room. After a weird conversation, you’ll fight the witch, Nimufu.

Boss: Nimufu
HP: 550
Exp: 1600
Coins: 400
Notes- Well, she looks harder than she really is. You'll probably beat her
without using any magic. Just keep attacking and she should go down very
quickly due to her low HP.

Once you beat her, Now go back to the five platforms room. Use the rightmost
platform to enter the left room, where you should talk to the woman (she‘s the
Water Shaman). After that, exit Witch Tower and enter the Woods. Put Katt in
the lead and talk to the frog. After she kisses him, Jean will join the party.
Put him in Rand's place. Exit Woods using the south exit then head west. Near
the Witch Tower, travel west to find a waterfall. Put Jean in the lead then
press Y. He'll turn back into the giant frog, which will allow you to access
the waterfall. Put Ryu back in the lead, open the chests containing a SokletAR
and KmikzeBL, and then talk to the man there to gain some more powerful dragon
abilities for Ryu. Exit the Waterfall and go back to the Town Ship, using
Jean's special ability to travel faster.


In Town Ship, enter the leftmost house and search the medicine cabinet for a
Charcoal. There's another item at the middle house. Now enter the Unity room.
Here you'll know everything about soul uniting. You should fuse Sten with Fire
and Jean with Water. Pick up the item in the chest and also search the
bookshelf for another item. Now you should find some occupiers for the houses.
First stop: Home Town. Enter the house next to your room. Ask the man there to
go to Town Ship. Second stop: Windia. The girl at the Armory. Third stop:
Capitan. The old man on the inn's second floor.

Back in Town Ship, the three stores should be running. Buy the best equipment
you can afford. Put Ryu in the lead now and talk to the carpenter. Pay him
1000 coins to expand the city. If you don't have enough money, fight some
battles near the famous hut. After you pay him, exit and re-enter the city
some times to see the changes. There's a lonely coin in the new right house.
Now you're ready for the next stop, but first take Jean to at least level 15.
You know the place, don't you? Yeah, the hut again.


After leveling up, rest and head to the Waterfall. Left of it there's a cave
you should enter. Leave your things with the guard and enter. The cave is full
of signs; read them all and follow the instructions. You should choose 'Rare'
as the last answer. In the next room you'll fight the boss.

Boss: Wildcat
HP: 600
Exp: 2800
Coins: 400
Notes- You start off the battle damaged, but this should still be quite easy.
Have Jean and Katt attack, Sten cast Flame and Ryu cast any Dragon. You should
defeat Wildcat in the first round.

Follow the boss into the next room then talk to the right guy. You should
reply no then yes to receive a new spell. I'd say Katt is the best choice to
receive it. Now exit Wild Cat and enter SimaFort, the castle in the middle of
the big lake, using Jean's special ability.


Once you enter, a scene will take place. Leave the castle and another scene
will begin. After the entire story, search the medicine cabinet in this room
for a DluxPole and head out. Use the stairs at the front of the castle to reach
the underwater part of the castle. Take the left path and follow it north until
you get back inside the castle. Keep heading north to reach Jean's cell. Defeat
the guard and Petape will come. When Jean asks you a question, reply 'Help you'.
You must now find Nimufu, the witch you fought earlier. She's at the Wild Cat
restaurant now. Exit SimaFort using the boat then enter the cave leading to the
Wild Cat. You'll see lots of witches inside the bar, but Nimufu is at the
bathroom. You'll have to jump inside the toilet to recover the ring. Head west
and you'll see the Royal Ring. Try to grab it and it'll slip away. Head north
to find it again; this time you'll be able to pick it up.

On your way back to SimaFort, stop at the hut to rest and add Rand to your
party. Back in SimaFort, head to Jean's cell. Give him the Ring and, after the
cooking contest is set up, exit the kitchen and enter the king's room. To get
there, head up the stairs to the north and head into the dining hall. Pass
through the dining hall and go up the stairs in the area to the left. Enter the
chamber to the right of where the king is sitting and go up the stairs there.
Once you find it, open the secret entrance by pulling the switch next to the
big portrait on the wall. Head up the stairs and give Tata, the frong who is
tied up, water. He will call for his girlfriend, Fiolina. So head down and look
for her in the area below the king’s chamber (she'll be in front of a pool).
Once she goes to save him, go back and talk to Tata again.

You'll receive two keys. Use the first to open the storage room to the left,
where there's a chest containing 1000 coins. Once you get that, open the
windmill and jump on the buckets to progress. Following the path, you'll soon
find a soldier trying to capture the Gold Fly. The Fly will knock him down;
it'll now challenge you. After defeating it, enter the door you see. When you
reach the bridge, heal all your party members then proceed to fight the Worm.

Boss: J.Worm
HP: 1200
Exp: 1760
Coins: 200
Notes- Have Ryu cast any Dragon, Katt cast Chopchop, Rand attack or heal and
Sten cast Flame. The main thing that you have to worry about here is its
Swtbreath, which will put your party to sleep. Its attacks don’t cause too much
damage, so you should be OK. After a while it should die.

Exit the dungeon and take a rest at the inn. Back at the dungeon, take the
northeast path in the first room (where you fought the Gold Fly before). In the
next area, head west to open two chests containing a HelpBL and a GutsBT.
Continuing north, you'll come to a roach-filled room. Take the west path for
another chest containing Stamina. Follow the main path going north and you'll
reach another large roach infested area. Make your way up to the exit at the
northeast corner of the room, avoiding the roaches as much as possible. Head
through the next doorway and fight the Giant Roach.

Boss: G.Roach
HP: 2000
Exp: 2000
Coins: 0
Notes- Very easy. Your normal attacks will do a ton of damage if you have the
fire-based weapons that you can buy from the Township. Just keep doing normal
attacks and it should be gone in a few turns.

Head straight north from here and you'll fight the Gold Fly.

Boss: Gold Fly
HP: 600
Exp: 2080
Coins: 400
Notes- This fight will be over very quickly. Have Ryu cast any Dragon, Sten
cast Flame, and have Katt and Rand attack. You'll win in the first or second

After getting the three "tasty" ingredients, talk to Jean in the kitchen. Go
to the dining room and talk to the guard. The cooking contest will begin. When
you're asked to eat the dishes, do so by using the action button. After it's
all over, rest at the inn then go to the W.C. near the kitchen. Ride the
elevator down, then enter the small opening to your right. Follow the path to
fight the imposter, turned into a demon.

Boss: Kuwadora
HP: 1800
Exp: 6400
Coins: 800
Notes- This guy can be tough. He has an attack called Shimmy, which hits all of
your party members for a good amount of damage. Halfway through the fight he’ll
use an attack that causes a ton of damage to a single character. So make sure
to keep your HP up. Have Ryu cast a Dragon as always, Katt cast Chopchop, Rand
attack, and Sten cast Flame or Bomb. Ryu or Rand should heal when you need. It
will take some rounds before you defeat the demon. If you feel the battle is
going too slowly, feed Ryu a WFruit so he can cast another Dragon.

After Jean and Petape leave, pick the sword to the north and exit this room.
After all thanks, Jean will rejoin the party (let him out of the current
group). Now head back to the room before Jean's cell. You can now access the
stairs, which lead you to three chests. Down the stairs, talk to the men
guarding the girl in the cell. Agree to take her, who's actually the thief
that you've been looking for.


Now you're ready to go back to Home Town. Enter it and head to Trout's house
(the one with a guard in front of it). After the initial talk, head north and
search the medicine cabinet for an Antidote. In the northwest room, there's
another item. You should go down the stairs and then talk to Trout again. Back
outside of the house, Kilgore will talk to you. He wants to apologize to Bow.
So go to the dragon statue on the east side of town, change Rand for Bow, and
enter Kilgore's house. Put Bow in the lead and talk to him. He'll want Bow to
steal from Trout again. Agree to go with him. Defeat the Footman at the door,
locate the stairs near the northwest part of the house, and go down them.
There's nothing here, right? But go back up the stairs and you'll see Trout
coming out from a secret entrance. So enter it and you'll find a jail. Talk to
Patty and you'll to fight Trout.

Boss: Trout
HP: 550
Exp: 3450
Coins: 1000
Notes- Trout will start the battle by casting Def-up, and the he’ll hit you
with an attack that steals your money. However, his HP is very low, so it
should only take 2-3 rounds to beat him. Just keep attacking him. Very easy,
even with only Ryu and Bow.

After the battle, Patty will run away. Back at Kilgore's house, a cut scene
will take place. Outside, try to exit town and a woman will be blocking your
path. Talk to her to appear at the guild. After the party is rejoined, you'll
have to travel to West Cape, south of the Woods and SimaFort. To reach there
you'll have to use Jean's special ability, so put him in the place of Bow.


Once you get there, talk to the man inside the house and enter the Whale Cave.
Put Katt in the lead and perform her special ability to break open the gate.
Inside it, you'll meet Maiyoru. After he goes off, head north two rooms. Take
the two chests in here containing SteelAR and 110c then proceed. In the next
room, take the right path to come to a chest which holds a PwrFood, then head
back and take the middle path to continue. Once you reach the next web-filled
room, take the left way, open the mouth using Katt’s special ability and enter
for a chest. Continue north, opening the mouth, and you'll find the boss. Heal
your party and approach it to fight.

Boss: Munmar
HP: 800
Exp: 4600
Coins: 2000
Notes- Very easy. All you need to worry about is getting put to sleep. Just
order everyone to attack and it'll be done after a few turns.

With Munmar dead, head back to Grandpa's Adam's apple and whack it using your
special ability. Grandpa will wake up and thank you. You'll appear on Whale
Beach. Enter the cave, talk to Maiyoru to receive the Whale Bell and search
the medicine cabinet for an Herb. Now exit the beach, call Grandpa using the A
button and head southeast to the Circus near Tunlan (on the island with the
palm trees). Pay 100 coins and enter. Head north to find the Grass Man. Talk to
the man guarding his cage and offer an exchange to stop the show. Now exit the
Circus and call Grandpa. Ride northeast to the waters near Coursair where
you‘ll find a cave right near a bridge. Enter the cave.

4.13. UPA! UPA! UPA!

First, head up and take the left path leading to a small cave with a chest
inside containing a QuartrST. To reach the next room, take the right path,
opening the chest containing Gold along the way. In the next room you should
take the southern door at the end of the path to reach an OceanRB, then the
northern door to progress. There'll be some Uparupa hunters here. Talk to the
last one and buy Uparupa Food for 1000 coins. In the next room you'll find the
Uparupa's hiding place. Place the food in front of the little caves with the
eyes peering out, head back five steps, and wait for the Uparupa to come out
and eat the food. Immediately, run to it and engage in a fight.

SHORTCUT: If you can pick out the right Uparupa on your first try, then you can
avoid fighting a tough boss, that you’ll otherwise be forced to fight in order
to proceed. Go up the left set of stairs from the beginning of the Uparupas’
lair and catch the one in the cave just left of the next set of stairs that you
come across. After fighting the Uparupa, choose to set it free and pick up the
treasures it gives you (explained just before the Grass Man section below). You
may now progress without having to fight the boss at Owl Woods.

Boss: Uparupa
HP: 500
Exp: 4800
Coins: 800
Notes- Have Ryu cast any Dragon then use Guts, Katt cast Chopchop, Sten cast
Bomb. Jean should perform his Jab command. Don't use normal attacks, otherwise
you'll be counterattacked. This fight will be over very quickly with the help
of Ryu’s dragon ability.

You'll defeat it, but it'll disappear. Now you should go to Owl Woods to get
more Owl Fruits to feed the Uparupas. But first, level up Jean to at least
level 20. The best place to do this is near Tunlan. After that, go to the Town
Ship and buy better equipment. Stock up on WFruits and then head to Owl Woods,
north of the Hunt Lodge (which is east of Capitan). Here, just head north to
fight the boss.

Boss: Algernon, Danielle and Suiky
HP: Algernon- 1500, Danielle and Suiky- 100 each
Exp: 8074
Coins: 1200
Notes- This can be a tough battle. Algernon will hit you with normal attacks
while Suiky casts Thunder and Danielle uses Cure2. Although Danielle and Suiky
are easy to kill due to their low HP, they will constantly be revived until you
take down Algernon. Have Katt attack Algernon, Ryu cast his Fire Dragon, Jean
use WFruits on Ryu and Sten cast Flame. Have anyone heal when needed. All three
of them are very fast, so it might be wise to heal earlier then usual in this

After the battle, pick up the OwlFruits and leave. Take a rest in Capitan and
go back to the Uparupa Cave. When you reach the Uparupas' room, take the left
stairs. When you see the next staircase, catch the Uparupa just left of it.
Use the same strategy as before to defeat it. You'll now be asked if you want
to take the Uparupa or let it free; choose to free it. You'll get a treasure
chest; open it for a BusterSD. Re-enter the room and there'll be another chest
on the same place, this one containing a CharmSH.


Now go back to the circus near Tunlan. Talk to the Grass Man's guard and tell
him that you'll give him nothing.

Boss: M.C.Tusk
HP: 1500
Exp: 10800
Coins: 1300
Notes- This guys isn’t all too hard. The main attack you have to watch out for
is his earthquake attack, which hits everyone for a good amount of damage. Keep
everybody’s HP well above half at all times. Have Ryu cast his Fire Dragon,
Katt and Jean attack, and Sten cast Flame and heal with items. Equip Katt with
the HeatST to do extra damage.

After the battle, Spar will join you. Put him in the place of Jean. Now call
Grandpa and ride to the beach Maiyoru lives on. Head west of it, put Spar in
the lead and enter the forest. Head south to find a tree standing out from the
others; enter it. After the request, go to Tunlan. Talk to the man at the
stairs and he tells you need the famous flute from Highfort. Head up to the
higher level, enter the doors on the sides and search the medicine cabinets
for items.


Now put Jean in your party, call Grandpa, and travel to Highfort, which is
southeast of Town Ship. To get there, travel south from the beach near the
Town Ship until you reach a small peninsula with a beach and a house on it.
Land there and head east to reach it. Put Sten in the lead and enter the castle.
Once you enter, Sten will leave the group. So head north until you reach
Shupkay's room. After the party falls down, you'll have control of Sten. Go
down the stairs in the dungeon to find three treasure chests. After opening
them all, go back upstairs. Head north and you'll soon encounter Trubo, who'll
fight you. Just keep attacking him and the fight will be stopped. But Trubo
still wants your life, so you'll battle one more time.

Boss: Torubo
HP: 150
Exp: 1750
Coins: 1000
Notes- this is very easy. Just attack him and you'll win in two or three rounds.

After Trubo and Sten split up, head north into the room. Drink from the
healing fountain and save your game. Now you're ready to take the left path.
When you reach a room with various paths to take, first take the middle one
for a chest. The right one leads you to another chest, while the lower right
one is the way to continue. In the next room, go left for a chest, then the
other way to advance. You'll soon reach a room with four ways to go. You should
take the middle-right one. In the next room, take the middle door then step on
the teleporter.

Keep following the path until you find yourself in a room with three doors.
Left and right lead you to chests. Take the middle path to proceed. Soon
you'll arrive at another junction; a chest lies on the left. Move on and you'll
find Shupkay. She will then drop Sten through a hole, where you’ll reunite with
your party. In the next room, there's a sort of maze. To get through, first
head left all the way around to the next junction. From there go left and then
continue downwards at the next two intersections. Go up at the next junction
and take this path around to the stairs in the middle of the area. On the next
floor, reach the door by taking the outermost path all the way around for a
chest and a healing fountain. The stairs in the middle of the room lead you
farther into the dungeon. To get there, backtrack to the junction in the
southwest corner of the area and take the other path, then head right. In the
next room step on the middle teleporter to move on. Now heal your party and
fight the Portal.

Boss: Portal
HP: 1600
Exp: 9787
Coins: 1250
Notes- This shouldn't take too long. Its attacks can cause a moderate amount of
damage, so just have one of your weaker characters heal when you need it. Just
keep attacking with normal attacks and you'll be fine.

After the battle, head into the next room. You should go up some staircases
now. When you come across two of them, take the left one for two chests. Back
in the last room, go up the stairs on the right, and then heal your party
before going up the next set of stairs. You should also recover Ryu's AP so he
can cast his Dragon with full strength. Go up to fight Shupkay.

Boss: Shupukay
HP: 950
Exp: 9400
Coins: 1250
Notes- This isn’t all too hard. Just make sure to keep everyone above half of
their maximum HP at all times. Have Sten, Katt and Jean attack. Chopchop also
works nicely for Katt. Ryu should be casting a Dragon as always. She should
die after a few turns.

After the cutscenes, exit the castle and head to Town Ship. Put Katt, Bow and
Spar in your party, then fuse Bow with Fire and Spar with Water. Now head back
to Tunlan.

4.16. DIET! NOW!

Enter the castle and go to the last floor. Talk to the people here and you'll
discover the Queen's problem. Now buy some equipment at the Armory and head to
Mount Maori, which is on a small island northeast of Tunlan (just northwest of
Home Town). Enter the cave and you should see a healing fountain. Use this as
you level up your weakest character to at least level 15. In the next room,
put Katt in the lead and talk to the old man. He'll agree to go to Tunlan with
you. Now back to Tunlan, enter the Queen's room. Gedd will give you a letter to
show to his assistant. So put Sten in your party and go talk with him. You'll
need to climb up the mountain and grab a mushroom. Now exit the cave and head
left, using Sten's special ability. Don't enter the first cave you see; enter
the next one for a chest. Now you can enter the first cave.

Follow the path to get back outside, opening the two chests along the way, and
continue into the next cave. Enter the first opening you see for a chest, and
then continue along the path, taking the lower path left. Once you get back
outside fall down off the ledge near the waterfall to land on another ledge
with a chest. Jump off of this ledge and head back inside the cave. Back inside
the cave, head up and go left along the upper path this time, and then enter
the next opening for the last chest here. Exit the room the way you came in
and head left to get outside again. Go up the stairs, use the poles to cross
the water and grab the rightmost mushroom. You'll be taken to the assistant.
Open up the chest for a Mirror and go back to Tunlan. Put your weakest
characters (Rand, Spar and Nina) in the party, save and enter the Queen's room.

Gedd will shrink you and you'll be inside the Queen's body. You must clear it
out of monsters in order to save her. In the first area, you must win eight
battles to clear it out. To see if there still are battles in a room, go to
your menu and look at the monster meter. If it's active, then you should fight
more in that room. When you've completely cleared an area, Gedd will inform
you. There are a total of four areas to be cleared. By the way, a battle is
counted as won even if the enemy flees. After all that, Gedd will thank you
and say the treasure room is open for you. It's located two floors under. Talk
to the girl to receive the treasure, which is the Therapy Pillow. Back at Town
Ship, you should fuse Nina with the Fire Shaman.


When you're ready, go back to the Great Wise Tree (using Spar's special
ability). Talk to the tree and enter its dream. Go left, into the town to buy
some equipment. Now head east back on the world map to the next town. Take a
free rest at the inn then head north to the last town here. At the inn, talk
to the man and agree to take him to Town Ship. Then talk to the children
outside and go back to the first town. Head north and talk to the old man
there. Say yes to him twice to access the two chests. Talk to him again to
exit Memory, then re-enter. Talk to the old man again, but this time say yes
once. Walk right one step and then up to find a staircase to the second floor.

On this floor, head south to see the next staircase. Climb up it. Now head
southwest to find a chest, then north to the fourth floor (you will be able to
see the staircase to the northwest). The staircase here is to your right. On
the fifth floor there are three chests: one just south of you, one north and
one southeast. The stairs leading up are far to the east. The sixth floor is
almost the same as the fourth. Once you reach the last floor, head into the
next room. Heal your party and talk to the old man to fight the boss.

Boss: Aruhamel
HP: 1600
Exp: 13300
Coins: 1000
Notes- This won’t be too tough. Aruhamel will spend most of his time making you
forget your magic spells, and his regular attacks only do a moderate amount of
damage. Have Ryu cast a Dragon then use normal attacks, Nina cast S.Boom, and
have Rand and Spar attack normally.

Have Spar exit you out of here, then enter the third town. Talk to the right
child at the shop to exit this world. Talk to the Great Wise Tree if you want
any information. Now exit this place and head south, into the Fog Valley. Talk
to the man and you'll discover that the fog is so dense right now that you
can't pass. You have to go to the Sky Tower, located in the ocean directly
south of Capitan (Ride Grandpa south from the beach south of Capitan and
you‘ll find it easily).


When you get there, head down the stairs and talk twice to the fish standing
near you. Agree to go down and you'll have three minutes of oxygen. You can go
back via the rope, and also breathe in some air-filled rooms. Go right from
the first room and then up to find a merchant. Buy some equipment then
continue on the path into the next room. Head left in here, pass through the
next hallway, and go down the stairs in the next room. Exit this next room to
the right and then go north to reach an area with two chests. Get them and
then quickly head back to the merchant’s room for air. Go back to the first
room and take the left path this time. Go south for a chest containing 1000c,
then north and upstairs to proceed. Follow the path, open the chest on your
way, and go up the next staircase. Follow the path to the flowing water room,
and then go upstairs. Open the three chests on this floor and go up the
stairway. On this floor, just cross the wall between the two stairways and go
up to find the Wind Shaman. Talk to her, have anyone cast Exit to leave this
tower, and then go back to Town Ship.

Enter the left house and talk with Barose. He wants to teach you a spell, but
he'll only do that if someone has 1 HP and 0 AP. To reach this, use all of
your AP and then let the character die (or kill it yourself). Go to the Dragon
God in Town Ship and choose to change members; the character should now have 1
HP. Do this to Nina, Spar, Bow and Jean. Then talk to Barose again and reply
his questions. He'll offer you the spell; if it's not Missile, refuse it and
talk to him again. When it's Missile, you can accept, as it's the best spell
possible from him. After all that, set up your party as Ryu, Jean, Spar and
Nina. Now fuse Spar with Water and Wind and Nina with Fire.


When you're ready go back to Fog Valley. Just head south to cross it, then
turn Jean into the big frog and head northwest to the Wise Tree (that's not
the same one as before, although it's identical). If Spar talks to it, it'll
say you should give contributions while in Namanda. Now exit and head
southeast, into Farm Town. First, enter the inn and go to the second floor,
where you can search one of the dressers for a HelpBL. There's another item in
the northwestern house. Now enter the house just right of it to see a small
scene. Go to the Dragon God and put Rand in your party, then in the lead.
Enter Daisy's house and go to the middle room. After the scene, exit the house
and go to the field. Press A in front of each thing to battle it. The last one
is a boss.

Boss: S.Golem
HP: 1700
Exp: 6748
Coins: 415
Notes- This is pretty easy. Have Ryu cast any Dragon then use normal attacks,
Rand cast Thunder, Nina cast Missile, and Spar attack. It should go down after
a few turns.

After the battle, talk to Daisy for a rest. Talk to her again, on the field,
and she'll tell you to go to Namanda, a small cave, west of Farm Town. Enter
the tree house, search the medicine cabinet, exit and head north. When you
reach the last room, donate 20 times (2000 coins) at the box. Exit Namanda and
head to Guntz, a town south of Tunlan. Buy some equipment at the Armory and
then buy several WFruits and HelpBLs. In the northern house, there's a Tolen
in the medicine cabinet.

Now change your party at the Dragon God; use Ryu, Rand, Nina and Bow. Call
Grandpa and travel south. When you see the second island, stop by it. You
should now level all of these characters up to at least level 30. To make the
battles easier, use Bow's special ability, Shot. It can instantly defeat the
enemies when it's successful. Also, fight in the northernmost part of the
island, as there you may encounter some enemies that give out many experience
points. After that, go back to Farm Town. Put Rand in the lead and enter the
plowing field. Talk to the messenger to start a fight.

Boss: Paladin
HP: 500
Exp: 1078
Coins: 800
Notes- This will be a quick fight. Just have Rand attack and use Cure2 when he
gets low on HP. Very easy.

After you regain control of the party, go to Namanda. Head north to the next-
to-last room, then enter the first opening. Talk to the man near the rings.
You'll have to play a song along with him using the A and B buttons. If you
get it right, you'll learn a new spell. The problem is that it's so difficult
you probably won't do it right, as I didn't. If you did, congratulations! Now
that this part is done, you should find two more occupiers for your Town Ship.
They are Hanz and Daiye, found in Home Town and Windia. After inviting them,
go to Town Ship.

Buy whatever you need then enter the well at the northeast end of town. Enter
the next room and exit. Although this may seem inutile, you must do it. Now go
back to Guntz and enter the Wise Tree north of the beach. Talk to it to know
that you should find Eichichi in Guntz; so now head there. Enter the
northernmost house and go down the stairway hidden in the northeastern corner.
Talk to Eichichi and ask her about machines. She'll go to Town Ship to
investigate what's the machine you saw there (in the well). Go back there and
talk to her; you'll have to go to Windia. So go there, put Nina in the lead,
and enter the castle.


After the scene, head up using the first door on the left. When you reach the
kitchen, search the medicine cabinets for items. Now go back and head up to
the last floor. Use the right stairway and search the dresser for an item,
then use the other stairway. Search the dresser for a MoonDrop and then talk
to the King. After they let you into the basement, go down to the first floor
and enter the second door on the right to reach it. At the first fork, go up
and follow this path all the way up to a maze-like room. Head north from the
stairs and take the second path going left. Take the left path going down at
the next junction and follow this path all the way to a chest containing a
nice weapon for Nina. Return to the very first fork you were at and go down
the stairs to the left. Keep going until you find yourself in a cave with a
statue. Talk to it and reply Yes. In the next room, there are chests on both
sides. After opening them, head up into the next room to fight the boss.

Boss: Guardian
HP: 150
Exp: 2400
Coins: 700
Notes- Very easy. Just have Nina attack and you'll defeat her in two rounds.
You can cast Missile to make the battle go even faster.

After you regain control, exit this room and talk to the middle statue to go
back. Go back to the King's room and talk to him. When you wake up, search the
dresser and you'll find out that the MarkWing is missing. Head north, and then
west to the stairs behind the lowered gate. Go up all the stairways. Once you
reach the last floor, a beautiful scene will take place. When it's done, go
back to the castle and enter the first left room. You can now access the
treasure chests.


Back outside, call Mina and fly to Evrai, which is on the big island south of
Guntz. Enter the first house on the right and search the medicine cabinet for
a Tolen, then enter the next house northwards and do the same for a WiseBL.
Before exiting this house, talk to the girl inside. Try to exit Evrai and
you'll know that you can't. So talk to the girl again to discover a secret
passage. Jump into the toilet and then head right into the next room. Make
sure Nina isn't in the lead and then jump into the hole in the ground (if it
was Nina, then she would have flown back up). Head straight north and you'll
soon exit this place. Search the dresser to your right then exit this room.
On the second floor, search the dresser for another item. This item is a
CharmRod, which is used for fishing.

Now you can get a new weapon by doing this. So fly to the mountains southeast
of Town Ship and try to land the small alcove of land at the northwest corner
of the mountain range. Fight some battles until a fishing spot appears, then
equip Ryu with a Gold and the CharmRod and enter it. Get the treasure chest
for the EmpireSD. Now put Katt in your party and fly to Cot Land, south of
Farm Town. Have Katt break the rocks in your way then enter the house to your
right. After you're out again, go to Thieves Tomb, which is in the desert to
the south of Highfort. Just go down the stairs to arrive on a floor with
moving holes. While avoiding them, get all four chests in this area. Then you
can go down to the next floor. Talk to the man to understand this room. Get
the chest to the south then head north into the next room. Remember to stay
off the purple squares when you sense a battle coming. Ryu‘s Smoke spell works
well here.

Talk to the girl in this next room, and then step on the switch to free her.
Follow her into the next room then check the box to discover a secret passage.
Inside it you'll find the Evidence. Now just go back to Cot Land. Enter the
house and a scene will take place. Katt will leave you, so fly to Town Ship
and put Rand back in your party. Go to Bando, southwest of Cot Land. Talk to
Tiga on the altar and Katt will accidentally discover a secret entrance. Go
through it, fight the soldier along this path, and then go down the stairs far
to the north.

Step on the right arrow once and enter the door for a chest, then do it three
more times to progress. Go down the stairway then head south. Follow the path
for 1000 coins, then go back to the last room and take the north way. In the
next room you'll find Father Manson. Heal your party, use WFruits on Ryu, and
then talk to him. You'll fight some Zombies, then the real boss. Before you
finish off the last Zombie, heal your party to be ready for the boss.

Boss: Necroman
HP: 2500
Exp: 15200
Coins: 2000
Notes- This will definitely be a longer battle, but it shouldn’t be too tough.
He mainly likes to attack you with the zombie status change, while occasionally
casting Sap and Drain. Use Bow’s Heal spell to cure any status changes. Have
Ryu cast any Dragon and follow up with regular attacks (if you have the
WFruits to spare, have someone recharge his AP so he can cast Dragon again).
Nina and Bow should cast Missile and Rand should attack and heal when necessary.

After the battle, open the chest and exit the dungeon.


When you're in control of the party again, go to Home Town and enter the
church. Donate 2000 coins to learn the teachings of St. Eva, and then go to
Evrai. Go to Claris' house and talk to Tiga to enter the Grand Church. But
before you enter, the armed soldier will ask what's St. Eva's God's real name.
The correct answer is Evans. Enter the church and take the middle path. After
the quite long scene, Katt will rejoin your party, but keep the same group as
before and walk up to Habaruku. Follow him into the next room to fight a boss.

Boss: Ray
Exp: None
Coins: None
Notes- First, have Ryu attack and the others do normal attacks or cure the
party. The important thing is to just keep Ryu alive at all costs. When Ray
unleashes his best attack, Ryu will get a new Dragon. Cast it to end the

After this tough battle, you'll need to exit the church and rest at the inn
near Evrai. When you come back, go up the staircases along the path to find
Daisy. Free her by pressing the switch, and then have Rand talk with his mom.
Break the wall using Rand's special ability then move on. Get the chests on
the next floor then go up the next stairs. Have Rand break the wall in this
room to see another scene. On the next floor, open the chest then head up
again. You'll meet Habaruku here. Respond “no” to him to fight two easy
battles. Keep following him and you'll fall down underground.

At this 4-way intersection, head north for a chest, then left for another chest
and a stairway you should use to continue. In the next room, you’ll find a big
platform with a bunch of arrows on it. The arrows you step on control the
movement of the platform. Use the arrows to move the platform to your right.
To get the chest, step on the directional arrows in this order: right, up,
right, right, down, down, up. To reach the stairs going down, fall down, come
back onto the platform and step on the arrows in this order: right, up, right,
right, down and up. In the next, and final, room, there'll be some
laser-shooting enemies. Pass them, heal your party (including Ryu's AP) and
press A on the center object to fight the boss.

Boss: Oldman and Guardeye (3)
HP: Guardeye- 550 each
Exp: None
Coins: None
Notes- This will be a long battle. You'll only have to defeat the Guardeyes.
Actually, you must not defeat the Oldman. Have Nina cast Freeze, while
everyone else uses normal attacks. First, defeat the Guardeye casting Flame
(bottom one). This is mainly because its attacks damage your entire group,
which make healing more costly. Until the first one is dead, Bow should be
casting Cure3 just about every turn. Then kill the one casting Freeze (left one)
and finally take out the healing one last (right one). Remember to have Bow
heal whenever anyone's HP is below 150. Everyone else should continuously

After you're out of Evrai, you'll discover that the Oldman is actually Ganer,
your father. Exit this house and enter the machine room inside the well. Once
the scene is over, talk to Eichichi to control the flying Town Ship. Now go
back to Farm Town. On the plowing field, you should find the Earth Shaman.
There's another Shaman in Bando. Enter the secret passage at the church, and
then head into the next room. Enter the door without stepping on the switches
for the Holy Shaman.


Now, put Spar in the lead and fly to the first town of the game, Gate
(northeast of Tunlan). Enter the Wise Tree east of it. Talk to the tree to
gather some more information then enter Gate. Head north into the passageway
where you found Yua earlier in the game. Go to the dragon and talk to Father
Hulk. They'll bomb the dragon, but it only awakens the demon behind it. Father
Hulk orders you to bring him Patty. Exit this area and head left. Enter the
opening to find the Devil Shaman, and then go back to Cot Land.

Talk to the soldier and he'll say that Patty has left for a restaurant. So go
to Wild Cat and talk to the right chef. He'll say Patty went to Thieves Tomb;
go there. Talk to the first thief on the right and he'll say Patty went to
Home Town. Actually, this is a mistake, because she's in Town Ship. Enter the
main house and go upstairs. In the middle room, you'll finally find her. Talk
to her and she'll leave for Gate; follow her. When you reach the dragon, talk
to Father Hulk. He'll reveal himself as Habaruku. The dragon will tell you to
leave, but don't do so; fight Habaruku.

Boss: Babaruku
HP: 2500
Exp: 15496
Coins: 5000
Notes- This is actually pretty easy. Babaruku will spend most of his time
attacking your AP with Drain instead of actually damaging you. Have Ryu cast
G. Dragon, and then anyone should bring his AP back up. For healing, use Bow.
If Ryu doesn't need more AP, Nina and Spar can cast Missile.

Habaruku will die and the dragon will ask Ryu if he wants to wait till the
demon awakens or fight it right now. You should choose to fight. After the
scene is over, you'll be able to enter the final dungeon. But before you do
so, go to Blue Room, a whirlpool in the desert east of Thieves Tomb. Inside,
enter the right opening. Open the chest then search the closed dresser for a
Cond.Up. Talk to the spirits in the first room and they'll tell you Bleu has
gone out. Go to Home Town and enter the Magic School. On the second floor,
talk to the first leftmost girl to discover that she's Bleu, who'll join your
party. Put her in Spar's place and head to Nightrider Island, east of Evrai.
But first, now that you have all of the shamans, make sure you unite everyone
with their ideal shaman. Fuse Sten with fire, Nina with wind, Katt with devil,
Jean with holy, Spar with water, and Rand with earth.

Buy the best equipment you can, and then head out to do some leveling up.
You’ll want to assemble your final party now, and make sure your team is
balanced (a party of Ryu, Rand, Bow and Bleu will work, but this walkthrough
will be finished with a team of Ryu, Katt, Bow, and Bleu). You should raise
your characters to at least level 40-45 on Monster Island (remember: use Bow's
Shot command and fight in the northernmost part). After you're strong enough,
go back to Nightrider Island and fight on the northern end of the island until
you encounter the N.Rider itself. These guys are pretty strong, so don’t take
them lightly. Use Ryu’s G. Dragon to kill them, then use your Town Ship to heal.
They may drop a shield for Ryu if you‘re lucky. When you're ready to continue,
go stock up on items and head back to Gate, where the final mission awaits you!


The road ahead is hard and long, so you'll want to bring along a lot of healing
items, especially WFruits. You also may want to consider bring a few stacks of
Smoke, because the random battle encounter rate is quite high throughout the
whole mission. It would be wise not to fight every battle you're forced into.
You'll end up exhausting your item supply very quickly if you don't run away
from some battles. Once you're ready, head through the middle entrance to

From the start, head right and walk around this path until you find a small
stair set. Head down it and follow this path south and around to another set
of stairs (You can use the poles to the left of the first stair set as a
shortcut if you have Sten in your party). Go down these stairs and immediately
walk right to find a chest containing a ShinyBR. Now continue down the stairs
in the middle of the room to reach the next area. Head down the next few stair
sets, then walk right across the narrow part of the path. Use Sten’s special
ability to reach the BusterBW in the chest to the right, then go down the next
two sets of stairs. Walk left, and when you reach a doorway and a stair set,
just keep going left all the way up to a chest containing a NatureWP. Now, head
back to where the doorway and the small stair set was and climb down the
staircase to the southeast.

In this room, first head north to reach a Stamina. Then return to the staircase
and go left. Follow this path around until you reach two small stair sets. Go
up the northern one and climb the staircase just to the left. Pick up the
ShinyHT from the chest in this room and head back down the stairs. Now head
down the southern stairs and take this path around to another small set of
stairs. Climb down them and then go south and around this path to find a chest
containing a PwrFood. Backtrack a little and continue down the staircase in
the middle of the room. From here head north and pick up the HeroAR and
MotherRB from the chests in the small room off to the right side of the path.
Continue left and all the way around this path to reach a CrsntSD. Return to
where you first entered this room and go down the small stair set there. Head
left (continuing left at the fork) and descend the staircase at the end of the

Now, make a long descent by passing through the next six small rooms. You’ll
now find yourself in a large area with a plethora of small stair sets (As if
you haven’t seen enough of them already!) Take the path of stairs to the left
all the way down to a chest containing a HolySH. Now head up the path going
northwest to reach a SunMask. Return to the very beginning of this area and
take the right path of stairs. Get the ImortlRG from the chest to the northeast
and then continue south. When you reach a fork a few stair sets down, pick up
the ShadowDR in the chest to the right, then head left. At the next fork, walk
right. Get the chest containing a DreamBR along the path and continue until
you reach another junction. Head left and pick up the FinalKN in the chest
along the path. Keep going left until you reach yet another area where the
path forks. Head south from here all the way down to a staircase leading out
of this area.

You’ll now be in a large empty room. Walk south and through the doorway at the
end of the room. Talk to the man here and then talk to the Elder. After a long
and revealing scene, talk to the man in the Elder’s house and then exit this
room. Now, you’ll be controlling Valerie. Climb down the long ladder to the
west and talk to everybody in this section of town. Now go back to the upper
portion of town and go inside the Elder’s house. After another scene, you’ll
end up in a familiar place and still be controlling Valerie. Go south into
town and enter the church, then talk to the man at the alter. Another short
scene will pass. Once you’re back in control, go inside the upstairs room of
the church and talk to child Ryu. Then go back downstairs and speak with Ganer.
Once this next scene is over, head outside and to the fields north of town.
Inspect the main (middle) door and a final scene will take place. You’ll now
be back in control of Ryu and the rest of the party.

Make sure to save your game at the dragon statue to the west and then travel
to the southern part of town. Restock your supply of healing items at the
local shop, and when you’re ready to continue, proceed inside the tower in
the middle of the town. Step on the button in the middle of this room to ride
the lift down into the next area. Take the path of small stair sets to the
left down to a fork in the path. Head inside the room to the north and use the
fountain in here to heal your party. Talk to all the people in this room.
When you talk to their leader, answer yes to his question and you’ll be
transported to a new area with just Ryu in your party. Now, enter each doorway
in this area to speak with each of your party members. Continue into the room
to the north, talk to the party member, and return to the main room. Do this
for each room and then go inside the room the man reveals to you. Pass through
this hallway into the next room and talk with yourself! After receiving some
shocking news, head back to the main room and speak with the Wise Man. Now, go
back inside the room where you spoke with yourself and keep answering “no” when
you’re asked to choose someone. Afterwards, you’ll be reunited with your group
and Ryu will obtain the new power Anfini.

Now, exit this room and continue south. At the fork you were at before, head
west. Follow this path all the way up to a Noe’sRB. Now return to the fork you
were just at and take the eastern path down to a staircase leading to the next
area. Continue into the next room using the doorway to the left and get the
RiotST from the chest at the west end of this room. Now head east and then go
through the doorway at the next fork. Pass through this small room and head
south in this next room. Get the HolyRP inside the small room to the left, then
backtrack two rooms back to the fork you were at before. Now take the path
going south. Go through the doorway at the end of the path and climb down the
stairs in this next room. Go northeast at the next junction and pick up the
DragonHT from the chest to the east (Note- Make sure to approach this chest
from the top, or else you’ll fall through a hole in the floor). Now descend
the stairs at the northwest corner of this room. Follow this next path,
picking up the HolySH along the way, and climb down the stairs at the end.

In this next room, follow the path southeast and go down the stairs at the end
(Be sure to enter the small room along the path, as it contains a healing
fountain). Pass through this next room and then head west in this next room.
Step on the glowing button in front of the doorway to be teleported to another
area. Walk north to obtain a DragonAR for Ryu, then ascend the stairs to the
southeast. Walk through the doorway in this small room and follow the path to
the northeast. Get the DragonSH inside the small room at the end of the path
and exit the way you came in.

Go back through the doorway north of the glowing orb in this area and descend
the stairs in here to return to the room with the teleporting device. Take the
path to the southwest to reach some stairs, a dragon statue, and a doorway.
Save at the dragon statue, then go down the stairs. Pick up the DragonSD in
the small room to the north and head back up the stairs. Teleport again using
the device in this room and go through the doorway directly to the north to
emerge in a pitch black room. Make sure you replenish all of your HP and AP now.
Walk forward and you’ll meet the monster Barubary. Once the fight starts, have
Ryu cast G. Dragon to temporarily stop the battle. When Barubary asks Ryu to
fight alone, say no to keep your party members with you for the fight.

Boss: Barubary
HP: 5000
Exp: 16000
Coins: 5000
Notes- Just by looking at that HP you can tell this is going to be a very
tough and long battle. Not only are all of Barubary’s attacks powerful, but
they also damage all of your party members. Bow should be concentrating on
keeping the party healthy by casting Cure3 every round. Bleu should cast BoltX,
Katt should use normal attacks, and Ryu should cast G. Dragon whenever his AP
his up. Have Katt and Bleu restore Ryu’s AP with Wfruits after each dragon
casting. It’ll take plenty of Wfruits, and an equal amount of patience to win
this fight, but you should come out victorious in the end.

After the battle, head forward to exit this room. Now heal your party using
the healing fountain ahead and save using the dragon statue right. Use the
teleporting device to the right to emerge in a large open room. Head southwest
to find a KingHT then head to the north end of the room and proceed through
the doorway there. Go up this path to meet Evan. After the scene, keep hitting
up to break free of Evan’s binding and then walk north to meet him again.
After a scene, you’ll get into a fight with him. Cast Anfini to end the battle.
Following another scene, your party members will be revived and the real final
battle will begin!

Final Boss: Deathevn
HP: 10000
Exp: None
Coins: None
Notes- You’ve already made it this far, and now it’s time to face your final
opponent. As you can tell from that HP, this is going to be another long fight,
but as long as you have enough Wfruits to last you for the entire battle, you
should be just fine. Besides the fact that this battle is longer, Deathevn
shouldn’t be any harder than Barubary was (In fact you may find him easier).
His normal attack does a moderate amount of damage, and he can also use Cold
Breath, which hits everyone for a decent amount of damage. However, his most
annoying attacks will sap away both your HP and AP. Ryu should be attacking
every turn, either with normal attacks or G. Dragon when his AP is up. Have
Bleu cast BoltX until she runs out of AP, then have her feed Ryu Wfruits for
the rest of the battle. Katt should alternate between attacking and healing
with items when necessary. She should also help keep Ryu’s AP up. Start by
using up all of your WiseBLs, which will fill up Ryu’s AP bar instantly
without even having him take damage. Have Bow heal just about every turn with
Cure2 or Cure3. Whenever there’s a turn when you don’t really need to heal,
have Bow use a Wfruit on himself to his own AP supply won’t run dry. In case
of emergency, employ some of your rarer healing items like Van.Ext. After all,
this is the battle you’ve been saving them for! Just don’t hold anything back,
and you will endure!

Well, congratulations on defeating the final boss and completing the game! Now
you can relax and enjoy the ending!

Coming in the future.

Coming in the future.

Coming in the future.

Coming in the future.

                                   9. FAREWELL

Hope you enjoyed using this guide as I enjoyed writing it. The walkthrough is
now near the end; maybe in the next version I get it all done. Feel free to
ask or contribute anything by my e-mail.

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