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Secrets FAQ by Lagunathemoron

Updated: 11/09/02

Breath of Fire II Secrets FAQ
Super Nintendo
By James Wardle/Lagunathemoron
9th November 2002

Introduction: Hi and welcome to Lagunamoron's Breath of Fire II secrets faq.
The game is both old and popular, even more so thanks to the Gameboy Advance
remake. Of the faqs, Shaman, Dragon, Township etc, there seems to be one
missing, a secrets faq. Breath of Fire II has many secrets, thus one reason to
play again.

Table of Contents

1) Disclaimer
2) Secrets
a) Bo and Karn
b) Monster Island
c) Secret Character
d) Renew and Cure 2
e) Advance dragon
f) Chop spell
h) Spare life
i) Secret shamans
j) Flying town
k) Ryu, Katt and Rand
l) Prequel cut-scenes
3) Contact
4) Version History
5) Credits


Disclaimer : Ai! Lets get the boring bit over -_-. I wrote this F.A.Q /
Walkthrough and I don't want anyone to rip off my hard work. If you want to
have this on you're website, then please E mail me asking so, and if I give you
permission, keep it updated often, I don't want people E mailing me with a
question in the newer version of the walkthrough, and the F.A.Q/Walkthrough has
to REMAIN THE SAME! That means no name swapping, changing in writing. If you
do, make sure you have a good lawyer. I have listed some DO'S and Don'ts here.


Print this F.A.Q / Walkthrough, and use it for help.

E mail me if you have a question or tips which are NOT listed in here.

Direct friends to here for help.


Try and make any profit off this

Take credit for  of this

E mail me with a question which has been answered someone here.

Put this on a website WITHOUT permission


If you E mail me with a question, please list the game you are talking
about. (I write F.A.Q's for quite a few games you know) Also, please be
specific with the questions / tips. Don't E mail me and say "How do you
get past the thing near the thing"

This FAQ is copy write (C) James Wardle / Lagunathemoron

II) Secrets

a) Bo & Karn

Bo and Karn, two characters from the first Breath of Fire game make an
appearence in the game. Once you have obtained either Grampa the Whale or the
bird, go to the island above the Monster hunters house. On that island is a
house and in it are Karn and Bo. Neither of them will join your party or your
town, but at least you can talk to them.

b) Monster Island

Once you have obtained either Grampa the Whale or the bird, go to the island
above the Monster hunters house. (See Bo and Karn). Walk around the island
looking for random encounters, you will find HUGE versions of flies, goo's,
Gongheads and many more. These monsters are often tough to defeat, some have
large HP and some have low, but attacks do 1-3HP each. Ryu's dragon power can
often help out on this island. Each of the monsters cough up a lot (and I mean
a lot) of Experience points in the game, it is worth gaining levels for newer
party members such as Spar and Jean. One monster in particular, the large goo
uses an attack called Cure 4, heals it to the max but it has low AP, therefore
after it has used it three times it can't cast cure on itself, easier victory.
For the giant fly, I recommend a powerful quick attack such as Ryu's puppy (or
Whelp) form.

c) Secret character

You may have noticed a gap under Spars name on the paty select screen, this
space is for the secret character, a high levelled magic user. To get her you
must have Grampa the whale or the bird and recommended is Jean at level 14 so
that he can cast warp. Go to Highfort and go down the world map, you should see
a temple called Thieves tomb. Ignore that for now and go south then east then
north (I recommend using Rand's special to avoid encounters) until you see a
strange bit of desert, enter it and you will be taken under-ground. Speak to
the ghosts in this dungeon (and the north room) to hear that the character has
gone to Hometown. Have Jean warp to Hometown and go to the Magic school (This
is where we first saw Nina) and go upstairs to the left-most classroom. Talk to
one of the girls and she will join your party? Her identity? Well it her name

R (close your eyes for the next few lines if you don't want a nasty spoiler ;))

Bleu from Breath of Fire I. First Nina, Ryu, Bo, Karn and now Bleu. Neat or
what? Bleu starts off with lots of spells and high HP, AP and level 35.

d) Re-new and Cure 2

When you reach Captain you will have to go down in the well. After defeating
the boss you will have to save all the villagers, save every single one of them
by talking to them and attacking the monster on their faces rather then
themselves, then talk to Ray. Back at your own town, Ray will give one of your
characters the "Renew" spell if you saved them all, but if you failed in saving
everybody he will only give you "Cure 2". I recommend saving them all, your
characters could be dying a lot more then you think, plus the monsters do give
a few experience points which isn't bad.

e) Advance dragon

Nope, the fdragon is not in the Gameboy Advance only, but these dragon powers
are the best spells in the game up to the near end. Once you have Jean, DO NOT
head for Simafort straight away, you will have to wait an awful amount of time
otherwise. Press Y and change in to the giant frog when Jean is at the front of
your party, swim behind the waterfall and you will enter a cave, speak to the
man as Ryu and you will get Fire, Thunder and Ice water powers. If you head
straight for Simafort youwill have to wait until the events are over.

f) Chop Chop the Chop

There is another spell which you can learn similar to Ray. Before heading to
Simafort, go past the lake and enter the mountain cave. Read the instructions
on the wall and answer yes for each one, but answer "raw" for the final
question. You may have already figured what is going to happen, but since you
answered "raw" there is not much to worry about. Hit the chef with normal
attacks and use Ryu's puppy attack (or even Dragon if you have it) and finish
off the beast, he has about 500HP. Enter the next room and speak to the boss,
Tell him you didn't care then tell him you are soft heartedm he will teach a
character a spell called Chop Chop.

h) Sparing life

When trying to obtain the grass man you have to find a monster to take its
place. In the Urapu cave, try and capture the chief, defeat him but instead of
getting him, let him go, you will get a prize.

i) Secret shamans

There are many secret Shamans in Breath of Fire II, other then te ones which
are forced to go with you as the story progresses. Here is how to get more

Seso the Water Shaman is in the witches tower which can be gotten to just after
meeting Jean in his giant frog state. Defeat the boss in the tower and go to
the far left areas of the castle, Seso will be there (has blue hair). Talk to
her and she will join Granny at your town.

Solo the Earth Shaman is quite hard to get. First of all when you meet Daisy in
Farmtown, she tells you to pray at the cave, do so by donating twenty times.
When you have finished the church scenario go back to Daisy's house and go in
her field, you will find Solo there, talk to her.

Seny the Holy Shaman is in the Bando church after the church scenario. Talk to
her when she is in the room in the church.

i) Secret shamans

Shin the Devil and final Shaman is found at the entrance to Infinity, talk to
her and she will join Granny and the other shamans.

Sana and Spoo, the wind and fire shamans are obtained as the story goes on,
there is no way of missing them. You get Sana when you get to Captain and Spoo
in the sky tower.

j) Flying town

One of the best secrets in Breath of Fire II is the ability for your town to
fly. That is right, the town which Ryu and Bow come up to at the start of their
journey. You can not make the town fly until later in the game, and the way to
do it is during the church scenarios, you can not let the old man, Ganer die.
When you recruit him for township, head to Guntz and enter the northern house,
go behind the right hand size bookcases and go down the stairs, now talk to the
woman. Talk to Ganer at the well and you will experience your flying town. The
flight is quite slow compared to the bird, it is about the same speed as Grampa
the whale.

k) Ryu, Katt and Rand

Not exactly a secret or sidequest but it helps at the start of the game. When
in Coursair, Ryu (or should I say Baba) will have to battle Katt. After the
battle, press up and push Katt away from danger. If you suceed you will have
both Katt and Rand for the next battle. If you didn't save her, you will just
have Rand's help.

l) Prequel cut-scenes

When you start up the same, you will be wanting to start straight away. Don't,
let the "Press start" screen roll on for a bit, the playable characters will
have a chance in the spotlight for a little while, starting with Bow. The
cutscenes last a couple of seconds and often take place before the start of the
game, once you have viewed one character it will take you to the "Press start"
screen once again, but wait longer and you will get another scene. This is a
description of all of them:

Bow and Ryu are asking their boss in Hometown for more work, Bow gets annoyed
as the buissness is slow and goes off to kill a couple of monsters in the
nearby mountains, he is getting beaten up straight away so casts a cure spell
on himself. Katt hears that Baba will be her opponant and says he has a stupid
name and that she may quit fighting, she does fight Baba though and "dares"
him, he just attacks with his axe. Rand gets hit by his mother, Daisy and vows
he will leave the house one day, he walks out and takes his anger on a tree
stump (Anybody sensing a pattern?). Nina is enrolled at a magic school but
admits that she does not know much magic, we then see her fighting some hoods,
just like we do when we first meet her. Sten introduces his magic to Tunlan,
but nobody has bothered to turn up to see him, frustrated he says he will go
somewhere else and takes his anger out on a group of Seenates. We learn more
about Jean when he chases the witch through her castle, she runs away while he
battles three mummy monsters, He loses the fight. Spar leaves his favourite
tree to start his journey, he sees a group of Widow Spiders and uses his nature
command, a tree comes and destroys the Widows. "And so the journey begins..."
comes up, We see Ryu on the world map alone heading past the carnval near
Hometown heading towards the bridge, an Ifeleet demon attacks but Ryu (with
most of his dragon spells) defeats it in one hit thanks to a Fire Dragon spell.
And that is all there is...

*Thanks to Gamewinners for telling me of this tip before*


If you wish to contact me about this FAQ, please send an e mail with "Breath of
Fire II Secrets" or something like it in the subject to
james@planter.karoo.co.uk and I will try my best to answer E mails. If you send
me spam or anything, you will be blocked

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