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Flea Market FAQ by jjholt

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/13/2007

                     #@@@@@  $        &@@@@@@  $@@@@@@$
                     #       $        &        $@@@@@@$
                     #@@@@@  $        &        $      $
                     #       $        &@@@@@@  $______$
                     #       $        &        $@@@@@@$
                     #       $        &        $      $
                     #       $%%%%%%  &@@@@@@  $      $

       **        **  $@@@@@@$  %&&&&&&%/ #   *  &@@@@@@  ###########
       ***      ***  $@@@@@@$  %     %@  #  *   &             @
       *  *    *  *  $      $  %    %@   # *    &             @
       *   *  *   *  $______$  %&&&%@    #*     &@@@@@@       @
       *    **    *  $@@@@@@$  %    %    # *    &             @
       *    **    *  $      $  %     %   #  *   &             @
       *          *  $      $  %      %  #   *  &@@@@@@       @

               @@@@@@    #     #  &&&&&&&  %&&&&\    &@@@@@@
              @          #     #     &     %    %*   &
             @           #     #     &     %     %*  &
             @    @@@@   #     #     &     %      %  &@@@@@@
              @      @   #     #     &     %     %*  &
               @     @   #     #     &     %    %*   &
                @@@@@@    %%%%%   &&&&&&&  %&&&&/    &@@@@@@

                        |    BREATH OF FIRE     |
                        |  FLEA MARKET GUIDE    |
                        |     BY: jjholt        |
                        |    Version: 1.0       |
                        |  FINISHED 8/1/2007    |
                        |  Copyright(C) 2007    |

     Thank you for checking out my faq on the flea market.  I hope you find it
    helpful and possibly even entertaining.  Don't forget to check out my other
    FAQ for Breath of Fire, the Equipment FAQ.  Please feel free to email me 
    with any question, comments, or concerns that you may have.

                        |       CONTENTS      |
                        |  1. VERSION HISTORY |
                        |  2. INTRODUCTION    |
                        |  3. ITEMS           |
                        |  4. HINTS AND TIPS  |
                        |  5. Credits         |


    Version 1.0  
      The brand new FAQ all about the flea market

    Version 1.01
      Alright guys I finally found enough time to make a small update, I 
      somehow forgot about a few items while writing this.  And a reminder to
      check out my equipment faq for more information about the equipment
      listed on this faq, but don't expect another update for quite a while
      yet, I tend to have a very busy schedule.


     Well here you have it folks.  Finally there's something here to teach you
     all about the flea market and using it to your advantage.  In this FAQ
     you'll discover what items are sold in the flea market, the different
     stages, and ways to earn extra money.  The flea market is the bigger
     buildings in Prima and Tunlan that have four shops inside.  One of the 
     four shops are empty, this is where you take Gobi in front of your party 
     and go to the bench thing where all the shopkeepers stand when selling 
     you stuff, and press A.  Gobi will immediately set up shop, and the 
     adventure begins.


       STAGE 1
         Antd x9 - cures poison
         Rod 2 - the second rod of 4 that lets Ryu fish
         F-Stn - creates a flame attack with a damage of 40
         ProtnB - raises attack power by 50(same as Nina's Atk-Up)
         Smoke - creates a smoke screen so you can run from battle
         LightRP - Attack Power 10, Weight 2, Weapon for Nina
         HuntGL - Defense Power 30, Weight 8, Shield for Bo
         ThundrRP - Attack Power 46, Weight 6, Weapon for Nina
         SteelBW - Attack Power 35, Weight 5, Weapon for Bo
         MetalAR - Defense Power 39, Weight 10, Armor for Ryu,Bo,Ox,Mogu
         SilverDR - Attack Power 10, Weight 6, Weapon for Karn
         AngleAR - Defense Power 76, Weight 3, Armor for Nina and Bleu
         Cure2 - completely heals the HP of all living members of your party

      STAGE 2
         Antd x9 - cures poison
         F-Stn - creates a flame attack with a damage of 40
         B-Stn - creates a fry attack with a damage of 80
         ProtnB - raises attack power by 50(same as Nina's Atk-Up)
         Smoke - creates a smoke screen so you can run from battle
         G-Tiara - Defense Power 2, Weight 5, Helmet for Nina and Bleu
         DarkDR - Attack Power 140, Weight 1, Weapon for Ryu and Karn
         Sleeper - Attack Power 100, Weight 8, Weapon for Gobi
         Cure2 - completely heals the HP of all living members of your party
         AgileHT - Defense Power 42, Weight 1, Helmet for everyone
         AngleAR - Defense Power 76, Weight 3, Armor for Nina and Bleu
         EvilRP - Attack Power 55, Weight 7, Weapon for Nina

      STAGE 3
         Antd x9 - cures poison
         Life x9(cure x9) - brings a dead character back to life with HP of 1
         Smoke - creates a smoke screen so you can run from battle
         B-Stn - creates a fry attack with a damage of 80
         ProtnB - raises attack power by 50(same as Nina's Atk-Up)
         Tuna - With this, you will return to normal and recover your HP
         PowerRP - Attack Power 82, Weight 0, Weapon for Nina and Ryu
         MaskSH - Defense Power 65, Weight 8, Shield for everyone
         EvilRB - Defense Power 90, Weight 1, Armor for Nina and Bleu
         G-Tiara - Defense Power 2, Weight 5, Helmet for Nina and Bleu
         Mallet - Attack Power 255, Weight 1, 1 handed weapon for Ox
         DwarfBW - Attack Power 150, Weight 1, 1 handed weapon for Bo
         GlowCN - Attack Power 100, Weight 8, Weapon for Bleu


     Okay, so now you might be wondering what these stages are all about.  Well
   there are different periods in the game when you can only get certain items,
   as you can see above.  The first stage begins from the time you gain control
   of Gobi up to the point that you get the sphere.  The second stage begins
   immediately after that point up til the point you get the cure for Nina's
   amnesia.  And the third stage goes from that point until the end of the game.
     Now that you got that down let's get to the next big thing, the special-
   watch out for these-items.  In the first stage the main thing to get would
   be the ThundrRP.  This is a very good weapon for Nina in this point of the
   game, and I highly recommend getting it.  It also wouldn't be a bad idea
   to get a second one to use it as an item, since it creates a fry attack-80
   points damage, but at this point of the game you should already be using the
   FlameRP as an item since it makes an attack of 90 points, much better than
   using it as a weapon for Nina.  The SteelBW is also nice to get here since
   it will be half price from all the weapon shops around Prima, but if you look
   at my Equipment FAQ you'll see that you can get a hidden one for free much
   earlier in the game.  Other than that you could get a ProtnB which is nice,
   but I prefer to use Nina's ATK-UP since it comes before all action and Nina
   has a lot of AP.  The only other thing I'd like to look at in this stage is 
   the SilverDR.  This weapon is the most useless thing I've ever seen; it's
   weaker than the weapon Karn starts out with, and doesn't even have use as an
     The second stage is very important as you can get two great weapons, but
   only for a limited time.  The DarkDR is Karn's best weapon, and early on in
   the second stage it also makes a decent weapon for Ryu.  The other weapon I
   want to mention is the Sleeper.  This is Gobi's best weapon, even though
   most people don't ever use Gobi, but at least right away after he gets the
   sleeper he has a decent attack.  Other things to get would be the AgileHT
   for sure.  This is going to be the best helmet for a few of your characters
   and at this stage of the game it should be about the best for all of your
   characters.  The only problem with this is it will take a long time to get
   everyone equipped with these, but all is not lost yet!  Throughout the course
   of the game you can get two more of these absolutely free!  The AngleAR is
   also very good, especially at the beginning of the stage.  Not only is it
   great armor for Nina and Bleu, but it also counters all attack magic at 50%!
   Otherwise there's the ProtnB again, but much much more importantly there is
   the cure2.  Stock up on these!  When your in a tight spot in a battle with
   everyone having low HP, use a cure2 and everyone will be back to max HP.
   And even better yet, as you buy or wait for certain items the fish will
   start giving you better deals if you hold out on buying something right away.
   As you keep getting offered Antd x9 and keep declining them, the fish will
   start giving you 2 or 3 offers for it.  This is when you make your move on
   the cure2 to get a cheaper price for it.  But when messing with cure2 don't
   get too greedy.  I wouldn't turn down the second offer for one, because they
   don't pop up all that often.  Now you might be saying, this is getting kinda
   expensive, what should I do.  This is the other great thing about the flea
   market, you can make a lot of money.  In the second stage you will get
   offered G-Tiaras, quite a bit too.  Now with this you should try to hold out
   till the third offer, when the time comes.  You will be able to get it for
   anywhere from 7,000 GP to 9,000 GP, and the first offer is usually around
   11,000 GP.  After you buy one of these, go to the item shop in the northwest
   corner of Prima or the main item shop (far left of second floor) in Tunlan.
   These item shops are really expensive to purchase from, but that means they
   are really good to sell items at, since they give you higher prices for
   everything compared to most item and weapon shops.  Lets say you managed to
   buy a G-Tiara for 7,000 GP, go to the item shop and you can sell it for
   13,000 GP; you just made a profit of 6,000 GP!  What a steal!  You can do
   this for other items as well, but you won't make much of a profit off of 
   them, except once you buy a special item, like the DarkDR, it will be 
   offered much much more than before and you will be able to bargain with 
   them too.
     Alright now the third and most important stage.  Let's start with the
   PowerRP, this is Nina's most powerful weapon and can be used as an item as
   Ag-Up but I don't use that ever.  Next we have the MaskSH, this is one of 
   the most powerful shields and should be used for 5 or 6 of your characters,
   Ryu should be equipped with the DragonSH and one other character-I usually 
   use Mogu-should have the StarSH, and depending on which bow you have Bo 
   equipped with.  The EvilRB is a good armor for Nina or Bleu at the beginning
   of the stage, until you get to Pagoda towards the ending part of the game, 
   and the other character should have the ClearCL, if you don't know where 
   that is, look at my Equipment FAQ.  The Mallet is Ox's most powerful hammer
   and best of all it's one-handed!  This means he can also equip the MaskSH!
   Then there's the GlowCN, which is Bleu's most powerful weapon, even  though
   it's still weak, but compared to the rest of her arsenal it's very deadly.
   Finally we have the DwarfBW, this is Bo's second strongest weapon, but it's
   one-handed.  It might have another special effect as my other FAQ points 
   out, but I haven't put any testing into it yet.  This bow just depends on 
   your style of more attack or more defense.  Also found in the third stage is
   the G-Tiara, so you can make some money buying these weapons, as most of 
   them are pretty expensive.  In the list you'll see I have listed Life x9 
   with cure x9 in parentheses.  This is because you will be offered a cure x9
   for around 2,250 GP which would be a steal considering one is usually 
   offered for 1,000 GP.  But after you buy it, you'll find out that it's 
   actually Life x9, what a rip off, although it's still half price from most 
   item shops but still, what a horrible glitch to fool you like that.

     Now when you go to town to start buying important items, the best possible
   thing you can do is go to storage and put EVERYTHING into storage.  This
   will make the buying process 20X faster.  Instead of only being offered
   something once every 3 times, you'll be offered something to buy EVERY time.
   The most important thing to remember when using the flea market is to be
   PATIENT.  It will take a very long time to get everything, but if your 
   patient and come back a few times-it will take forever to get everything in
   one shot in the third stage-you'll get there eventually.  Another thing to 
   remember is the important stuff will usually come up after you've been 
   getting some items being offered three times every time.  Also whenever you
   get offered something you really want, accept it IMMEDIATELY, don't bargain
   unless you've already gotten one, because otherwise the fish won't want to 
   bargain with you and you'll have to wait another hour or two before you see
   it again.


     In closing I have done all the research and everything by myself.  The 
   only thanks I must give is first of all to GameFAQs for posting this FAQ, 
   and second of all to you, the reader for reading my FAQ.  Thank you to
   EvilSandwich and Marsil79 for pointing out a few items I didn't carry over
   from my other faq.
  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

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