• Chun-Li in Breath of Fire

    To see a cameo of Chun-Li from Street Fighter, go to the town Bleak. Go to the magician kid's house and talk to him. He will say to put 100 GP on the table and he will make them disappear. When he asks you this, say ''yes.'' When he says ''look behind you'' say ''no'' twice then yes. It'll show Chun-Li in a room doing her famous ''Lightning Kick.''

    Contributed By: Moggy.

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  • New Game Cheat

    To do the code, follow these steps carefully. Any mistake means you'll have to retry.

    1.) Go to New Game and select a blank file to get to Ryu's naming screen.
    2.) On controller 2, press and hold A, Y, L and R while you do step 3.
    3.) On controller 1, press the following code carefully: up 4 times, right 2 times, down 8 times, and left 1 time.
    4.) If you did it correctly, the background will turn red. If not, cancel out of New Game and retry.
    5.) Enter the name "DeeJ" (capitalization matters) without hitting backspace. If you mess up, the screen will turn blue and you'll have to try again.
    6.) Confirm your name; the screen will turn the normal blue.
    7.) Set your settings and enter the game.

    You will start outside Scande / ていと as level 29.

    There are 5 useful trigger names from Street Fighter you can use for various parts of the game; a sixth one, Fei, is recognized, but is a glitched file that returns you to the title screen.

    The Japanese version has the same cheat, but with different trigger names; the Japanese names aren't from Street Fighter. It does not have an equivalent to Fei, though. (Its slot for Fei exists but cannot be entered, so is inaccessible.)

    Trigger names (capitalization / kana type matters):
    RYU / きよみ
    CHUN / コジー
    VEGA / なふきん
    KEN / バンブー
    DeeJ / ドン

    Contributed By: LukeSkyvvalker.

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