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Walkthrough by zeldadomer

Updated: 01/21/2008

Walkthrough for Blackthorne (SNES version)
by Mike Jenista
January 2007
Version 1.00


I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Kyle's Moves
IV. Items and Objects
V. Enemies
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Passwords
VIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

I. Introduction

Blackthorne is a great game by Interplay (Lost Vikings) and Blizzard (Warcraft).
It has the same style of play as Flashback and Oddworld, but has much better
fluidity than either (i.e., the game does not lag when multiple characters are

You are Kyle Blackthorne, and although you don't know it, you were not born on
Earth.  You were born on Tuul, but your father had you sent to Earth to hide you
from the strife of your world until you are old enough to return and free your
people from the warlord Sarlac.

On Earth, you were a US Marine, but corrupt forces have framed you and you are
no longer welcome there.  But since you are old enough to return to Tuul and
have the training you need to defeat Sarlac, you are magically teleported home
to fulfill your destiny.

NOTE: This story summary is a mish-mash of the story in the instruction manual
(which is like a novel in length) and the opening sequence provided by the game.

II. Controls

These controls are considerably easier to master than in similar games, notably

Left/Right - move left and right
Up - hide in the shadows, climb ladders, go through doors, talk to people,
	stand, and use keys in locks (don't need to select the key)
Down - climb ladders, crouch, pick up items
A - draw/holster your weapon
B - jump forward (gun holstered), shoot (gun drawn)
Y - hold to run (gun holstered), shoot backward (gun drawn)
X - use selected item
Start - pauses game and gives you the option to start over
Select - brings down the item menu

III. Kyle's Moves

These are the various maneuvers you should learn.

Running Jump: When running, press B and you will do a long jump.  If you
	miss by one space, you will still hang off the ledge you jumped for. 
	In some places, the gap is so long that you have to jump at the last
	moment and hang from the opposite side, so get good at the timing.

Jump Hang: From a regular stance, you can jump forward and also hang if you miss
	by one space.  Similar to the running jump, but sometimes needed for
	very tight spaces.  It doesn't go quite as far as the running version.

Hang Down: Because you can die if you fall a whole screen length, sometimes you
	need to hang down from a ledge and then let go so that you only fall
	two "levels" and survive (you will take one hit of damage though).
	Also, if you hang down and drop past a ledge, Kyle will grab it and take
	no damage regardless of how far he dropped.  There are a few places
	where this is the only way to get down without taking damage.

Roll: Just press Left or Right while crouched to roll.  I actually don't use the
	roll very much because you can't hide in the shadows and you can't 
	control how far you roll.  Really, it's only useful to get past the 

IV. Items and Objects


Hover Bombs - These roll toward enemies and up walls.  They also blow up doors.
	Never waste them!  They are usually needed to destroy things or warks,
	whereas graggs you can kill without them.

Fire Bombs - Kyle drops these right in front of him.  At first, it seems like
	they are useless, but they are the only way to clear out Eekers laying
	in a pit and can sometimes be useful to kill graggs below you.  Always
	drop them from the very edge.

Remote Wasp - When you use this, a little wasp bomb appears and you can move it
	around until it is near what you want to destroy.  Press X again to
	detonate it.  Usually needed to destroy power generators, so don't use
	it as a weapon.

Health Potion - Androthi will sometimes give you potions.  Save them until you
	have one or two bars left because there only a few per level.

Levitator - A triangle platform.  Press X to drop it, then press Up while 
	standing on it to raise yourself up one level.  If the Levitator is on
	the ground while you are above it, it will automatically raise up, and
	it will automatically lower itself if you are standing on the same level
	but not on top of it.

Bridge Key - Put it into the lock near a gap to make a bridge.  You can take
	a bridge key out again, and you sometimes need to do this to make a 
	bridge in another area.

Iron Key - These go in locks to open the force fields that are not connected to
	a generator.


Switch Plates - You will often see little gray floor tiles among the regulars.
	These will activate trip-guns or trap-doors.

Power Generators - When you see a generator, look for a nearby object (usually
	a force field) that it powers.  Destroy the generator with a bomb to
	deactivate the object.

Trip Guns - If you go over a switch plate and a gun appears, duck.  You can
	stand and shoot between the gunbursts, and the gun will eventually die.
	You can also just roll under it to get past.

Trap Door - When you see a large gray block in your way, look for a switch plate
	nearby.  If you hear cranking (instead of a gun), then the trap door is
	raising.  Quickly run under it to get past (there is usually another
	switch plate nearby to let you back).

False Boards - Many bridges have discolored sections in the middle.  These are
	weak boards that will fall after you step on them.  You can walk over
 	them without falling, but you can't stop.

V. Enemies

SPECIAL NOTE: When fighting enemies in all levels beyond the mines, your shots
	rarely hit friendly Androthi anymore.  The only ones you can still kill
	are unarmed, so if you see your brethren wielding a gun, it means you
	can shoot all you want right past them.  Of course, there is no penalty
	if they die, so it's no big deal.  I like to challenge myself be trying
	to keep them all alive.

Grag'ohr ("graggs") - These look like goblins carrying shotguns.  They are the
	most common enemy, and come in many colors that indicate their strength.
	Green is easy, red is medium, purple is hard, blue is hardest.

	To defeat a gragg, either shoot him in the back or hide in the shadows
	until he fires.  If he cocks his gun or moves forward, it is easy to get
	in a quick shot and hide again.  If he fires and then hides quickly, you
	might not get a shot in.  I find that I can stop hiding and shoot even
	when a gragg is shooting his last shot.  Experiment with the timing.
	You have to be careful not to get too close to a gragg because he will
	just hit you with his gun, even if you are hiding.

	Sometimes, when you are fighting two graggs on opposite sides or one
	gragg in very close quarters, it is a good idea to just let one hit you
	and then shoot him while he laughs.  In fact, if a gragg ever hits you
	you shoot immediately try to hit him before he stops laughing.

	You can also run right past graggs, and they will then get confused so
	you can fire backward at them quickly for an easy hit.

Whar'ork ("warks") - These large blue guys are impervious to your gun, but don't
	have one of their own.  Instead, they have whips that they hit you with.
	They never hide in the shadows.  Use a bomb of some kind to kill them,
	and try to do it from a distance because they can often whip you even
	as the bomb hits them.

Eekers ("eeks") - Wussy tentacles that will damage you and then put you down.
	They are easy to destroy unless you have no place to stand nearby.  Most
	of the time you need to jump over them, but sometimes there are things
	hidden underneath.  Also, you can shoot eekers that are on the first
	square of the next screen, so if you shoot a bunch on one screen, shoot
	into the next for safety (you will hear the eeker dying if there is one
	to take your shotgun blasts).

	Eeks often fill the bottom of pits.  To clear them out safely, stand 
	right at the edge of the pit and drop a Fire Bomb.  It will destroy 
	most of them and you will have a nice big space to jump into and kill
	any stragglers.

Spider Mines ("spiders") - These are little red spiders that blow up if they
	walk near you and you are not hiding.  You can destroy them with bombs,
	but you can't shoot them because they are so low.  Just hide while they
	pass you and then continue.  You can also jump over them, which I 
	usually do if only one is coming toward me.

Andromedogs ("androms") - Andromedogs are traitorous Androthi serving Sarlac.
	They look like pale gray Androthi and are often duking it out with your
	brethren.  Help kill them to save your buddies who sometimes have a cool
	item to help you.  They kick you if you get close.

	Andromedogs fire slowly compared to graggs and fire a random number of
	shots.  Instead of guessing the last shot and trying to get in a hit, 
	you should shoot right as you see him fire; you will hit him and he will
	miss you if you time it just right.

Rock Beasts ("rocks") - Rock beasts disguise themselves as big square rocks on
	the side of the path.  As you walk past, they will rise up and start
	attacking.  What they do is roll around trying to hit you, but you can
	hide to avoid this.  When a rock starts walking again, pump him full of
	lead, but only if there is a good distance between you because they 
	start rolling again and always roll at you to begin with.

	In Sarlac's castle, the rock beasts are gray and take more hits but are
	basically the same.

VI. Walkthrough

I have taken the trouble to make ASCII maps for each level, mostly because I 
like it, but it also makes the walkthrough easier to follow by labeling the
steps with the room that they happen in.  Each screen is three spaces high and
eight spaces wide, so you shouldn't have much trouble seeing where one screen
ends and the next begins.

In the game, some of the screens have their three levels shifted slightly from
others.  This makes it so that you can't see what is happening above you if the
levels are shifted up (and you also can't hang down to see what is below you).
But in general, the levels are never shifted so much that you can't tell if you
are "low," "middle," or "high."  Because of this, I haven't bothered to show the
slight shifting.

Some levels are very wide and so I had to break them into two pieces, but the
lettering and numbering easily shows how they fit together.  Others are really
cramped and I had to change what it really looks like to make the map readable.

When an item appears next to or above an enemy, it means you need to kill that
enemy (or talk to that Androthi) to get the item.

Map Key

Items/Objects				Enemies
-------------				-------
[  : barrier (metal or electric)	X,Y,Z : graggs (X easy, Y hard, etc.)
== : elevator shaft			Q : wark
@# : doorway (connected by number)	M : androms
*  : hover bomb				e : eeks
%  : fire bomb				f : remote wasp (controlled by enemy)
L  : levitator				R : rock beast
k  : key				G : trip gun
b  : bridge key				s : spider mine
p  : potion
I  : climbable wall
H  : ladder
w  : remote wasp
&  : power generator
-  : switch plate
.. : electric bridge
!  : lock for bridge or barrier
## : spikes
,, : weak boards
$  : trap door
A  : Androthi

Level 1 - Mine 1 (Password N/A)

       A        B        C        D        
   |==||||||||||||||||/      \|              
1  |==_]_   ||/    \||_@1   __|             1
   ||||||_____X*   ___]__X*___|________      
            ||||   I||||||||||||||||||||     
2           ||||___I|||_@1____||||/   \|    2
            |||||||||||pA_]_H_ *]_____ I     
            |||||||||||||||||||||||||H I     
3           ||||||||||  A_**_]____ *XH_I    3
            |||    H_|                          
4   start-> |__  __|||                      4
       A        B        C        D

This level is very easy.  Just kill any graggs you see and use the bombs to
blow up the metal barriers and get to the elevator.

Level 2 - Mine 2 (Password FBWC)

Area I
       A        B        C        D        E        F       
1   end     |||/   pA__  _*X_  ||__  ____*Y_______A___  ||  1
    _|______|      ||||==||||____]_____|||||||||||||||==||
   |==_X_]____   __||||==||||||                     start
2  ||||||||||  __||||||==||||||  2
   | ___&_]____H|||||||==||||||   
   |_H_*Y]_________  ||==||||||   
3  ||||||||||||||||==||==||||||  3
   |  _A_*_]__p__*Y==||==||||||   
   I  I||||||||||||||||==||||||   
4  I  I|||||||/  Y*____==||||||  4
   |_A_]__  _|@1_||||||||||||||   
   ||||||I  I|||||||||            
5  ||||||I_____*A__@2|           5

       A        B        C

Area II
       A        B        C        D        E    
1  ||___@2__|
   ||H___ _||___________________________________
   ||||||_____                        \|_*A_Qb__|
2  |||||||||||___________________....!___  __A_H|  2
   ||||||||||||_____________|||||    I|||  I|||||
                              |||||||||||||||||||  3

                                  D        E

Area I
F1 - Starting here, go left and kill the two graggs on the way for bombs.
C1 - Take the elevator down (you can grab a potion in B1 before you go).
B4 - Kill the gragg for another bomb, then use door 1 to land in E3 of Area II.

Area II
E2 - Use one of your bombs to kill the wark, then collect the bridge key and a
	bomb from the Androthi.
D2 - Use the bridge key and proceed all the way to A1 to take door 2 back to 
	Area I (you come in at B5).

Area I
B5 - Talk to the Androthi for a bomb, then proceed up the passages.  You will
	use several bombs to destroy barriers, but the gragg in A3 will drop a
	bomb for you to use on the power generator.
A2 - Destroy the generator with a bomb (you better have one left!).  Go through
	B2 to get up and kill the gragg in front of the elevator.

Level 3 - Mine 3 (Password QP7R)

Area I
       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
            |        |||||||||||||||||||_@3_   \||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
1           |pA_!_@1*|/  @1  \||||||||||||||              G             ||||
    ________||||||||||__....!A__  _Yb_______A______    ________-_A______||||
   |A_  _____Z_ f __A||p    ||||==||||||||||||||||I    I||             |
2  |  __*Q_|||Q__   _||-    ||||==||||||||||||||||I_p__I||           start
   |__A______________||     ||||==||||||||||||||||||||||||________
   ||||||||||/     H_||#####||||==|||||||||/            _[_    Y@2|
3  ||||||||||_pX_  _A|||||||||||==______A[__Y_Y*_!....._||I    ||||
   |||    _____A___X*|||||||||||==||||||||||||||||     |||I____||||
   |||  __|||/      \|||||||||||==||||||_&_  \||||     |||
4  |||  H|||| A_  __ |||||||||||==||||||        ||_____|||

       A        B        C        D        E        F 

Area II
       A        B        C        D   
                              ||     @2|
1                             ||A**L_|||
2                             |||   pAH|
    __________________________|||    I||
   |||||||==|||||||||||||||||||||    I||
3  |||||||==|||||||||||||||||||||____I||

Area I
H1 - Go left, avoiding the switch plate to save the Androthi.  Go all the way
	to D1 and kill the gragg for the bridge key (there is a secret potion
	in the pit at F1).
C1 - Use the bridge key to get in the door hidden behind the waterfall.  In the
	secret room, grab the hover bomb, talk the Androthi for a potion, and
	press the elevator call switch.  Make sure to take the bridge key when
	you leave C1 (there is also another secret potion on the left side of
	the pit under the bridge.  You have to leap across and hang down to get
	it, and it's probably not worth it).
D1 - Take the elevator down to D3 and head left, and then up to B2.
B2 - Once you get up the ladder, get to the right of the room and turn around
	and draw your gun.  A few shots takes out the wasp.  Go into A2 and
	climb up to kill the wark with a hover bomb.  Now kill the gragg at the
	top for two wasps.  DO NOT use your last hover bomb on the other wark
	(you may have extras, though, in which case you can go hog wild).
	Backtrack to the elevator.
E4 - Kill the wark with a hover bomb.  Use a wasp to destroy the generator which
	destroys the barrier in E3.
E3 - Kill the two graggs, then go right and use the bridge key to get up and 
	then destroy the barrier.
G3 - Watch out for the gragg.  When he's dead, leap across to the door and get
	the levitator in the next room.  There are also two bombs.  Go all the
	way back to E1, but make sure to take the bridge key!
E1 - Use the levitator to get up to the door.

Area II
D2 - Use the bridge key to get across, then climb down to D3.
D3 - Fight your way left through graggs and barriers to the door in B3, then
	to the exit elevator.

Level 4 - Mine 4 (Password WJTV)

Area I
       A        B        C        D        E        F        G       
                     |       \|||||||||||||||||||
1                    |      ____-___G____[_     |
   |X*.....___s____s____    _A___     \|||||  _____    __|  A___  |
2  |__     ||||X*_H_||||    I||__....!___X*_s_|||||    A_|  ||||@2|
   |A__Q__L|||||||||||||_@1_I|||#####||||||||||||||A_Qb___X*______| <-start

Area II
       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
1                             ||__  @2A_A  ||||||                  Galadril
    __________________________|||I  ||||I  ||||||____________________|_____
   |           _Q_____A_      |||I  ||||I__!_[_X___   fYww___[_________|||||
2  |Xk.....!A_ _H_  ___   _X_____A__X_|||||||||||||_...!__![_     ||||||||||
   |||     ||| I||  I||   I||||||||||||||||||||||||| @3||||||__&__||||||||||
   |||_____|||_I||__I||___I||||/  \|||||||||||||||||___|||
3  ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||_@3___XA___A__  _||||||||||
                     |_kQ_  ___A___  \|||||||==||
4                    |||||  I|||||I   __X*|||==||

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H

Area I
G2 - Kill your way left to C2.  You will have to use a bridge key, but leave it
	in the lock for now.
C2 - Go in the door behind the waterfall; go right in the secret area to get a
	second bridge key and potion from the Androthi hiding there.
	Back in C2, get up to the ledge and leap across.
B2 - Carefully get down to the gragg and then kill him for a bomb.
A2 - Kill the gragg before climbing down.  Use your bomb on the wark, then take
	the levitator.  Climb up the left and use the bridge key to get out with
	the levitator.  Return all the way to the G2 (the start) and make sure 
	to take the bridge key in D2.
G2 - Use the levitator to get up and through the door to Area II.

Area II
D1 - Talk to this Androthi for a new and better gun.  It fires faster, yay!
	Climb down the left side of the pit.
D2 - Kill the gragg and continue left, killing graggs and leaping over pits to
	screen A2.
A2 - Kill this gragg for a key, then backtrack to E2 and open the door.  Kill
	the gragg and go right.
F2 - Destroy the wasp and gragg here; he drops two wasps for you.  Jump across
	and use the bridge key to get in the secret door behind the waterfall.
D3 - From here, navigate this small area and kill the wark at the end.  You need
	to use the levitator to get up there and grab the key he drops.  Return
	to F2.  (You can use one of your wasps to kill the wark if you don't 
	have a hover bomb).
G2 - Use the key, then use a wasp to destroy the barrier.  You can now climb up
	to the last area and go right to Galadril.  He gives you power (more
	life bars) and teleports you to the forest where you need to look for
	the Seer Onehand.

Level 5 - Forest 1 (Password RRYB)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
   |  |start|            ||||||||||               |||||||||||        ||||==|
1  |  |__  _|            |  ______|               |  _s___pA|        ||||==|
   |  |A__M___________,,________!_[______,,,_________   _____A___M______|==|
   |  |%H   |            |   H    | L             |         |        | H|==|
2  |  |AH_  _pA____M______  _H____|_X_        _M___  ________A___M_____H|==|
   |  |_____|  ww        |________|   __A_,,__    |_______%A|        ||||==|
   |  |Ak  ||  _Y__f     |H_A___  |       __      _&|_p     |        ||||==|
3  |  |  __||          ____eeeee_____    _||__X_____[___________X__  ||||==|

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H

A1 - Go down and right to screen D3, picking up a firebomb and potion on the way
D3 - Jump down and kill the eeks (you can kill the ones in C3 from D3, allowing
	you to enter C3 safely).
C3 - Use a firebomb or jump over the eeks.
B3 - Kill the wasp, then kill the eeks (if you haven't already).  There is a 
	switch plate where they used to be; trip it and run left into A3 to get
	the key from the Androthi there.  Backtrack to D1.
D1 - Use the key to pass and run right to the next tree (F1).
F1 - Hang down if you have the health to drop into F2.  If not, go through the
	next couple screens to use the ladders.  Make sure to get the firebomb
	from the Androthi in G2.
E2 - Carefully navigate this screen; a fall means you have to go all the way 
	back the way you came.
D2 - Kill the gragg for the levitator, then go to E2 and go down through the
	weak planks in the bridge.
E3 - If you have more than one firebomb, use one on the eeks.  If not, jump over
	them to hopefully reach D3 safely.  Go use the levitator in B3 to kill
	the gragg and get two wasps.
F3 - Use your wasps to destroy the generator.
H3 - Use a firebomb to clear out the eeks, or use a potion to make yourself 
	healthy enough to survive an eek attack.  Use the elevator to exit.

Level 6 - Forest 2 (Password ZS9P)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        
   |  |||||||      |||||||||         |||||||||  |
1  |  |||||||      |||||||||         |||||||||  |
   |  |___Xb|      |p____XL|         |Ak  ___|  |________
   |  |H    |      |||H   ||         |||==|k |           |
2  |  |H_  p|   __M|||H___]!____  _A__M|==|X!_______     |
   |  |_   ___A__M_______X_______sss__X_==|  _________M__|________
   |  |H   ______,,___[!_  |         | |   ==|%________H_||||==||||
3  |  |_A_%M|  A_%X|||  _A__M____A___M |  _==|           ||||==||||
   |__|M_________  |||p__ _|         |____||||p_  _!.....__A_==||||
       start|||||eee____  H|         |__H_-|||    |I     |
4           ||||||||||||eee____A___M_|H___M_$____-|Ieeeee|

A3 - Kill the androm, go right.
B3 - Get the firebomb from the gragg, use it on the eeks in B4.
C4 - Jump from the edge to hang below the ladder and avoid the eeks.  Climb up
	to C3.
C3 - Grab the potion, then head to the right to use the elevator in E3.
E2 - Kill the gragg for a key and use the elevator call switch.  Also go down 
	into E3 via F3 to get a firebomb.  Backtrack to C3.
C3 - Use the key, go left to A3.  
A3 - Grab the firebomb from the androm, climb all the way up the tree to kill a
	gragg for the bridge key.  Go back down and head right along level 2.
E2 - Use the elevator to get up and get a key from the Androthi.
C2 - Use the key, go up to get the levitator from a gragg--don't miss the potion
	in B1.  Go back to B3 and drop down through the weak boards.
C4 - Jump over the eeks again, head back to E3 but now go down the ladder.
E4 - Kill the androm, go back and hit the switch.  Run, climb down, then run
	right to get under the trap door.
F4 - Use the levitator to get up, use the bridge key to get across and then
	use the elevator to exit.

Level 7 - Forest 3 (Password XJSN)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
   ||||||||    |||||||||||||         |||||||||                ||||||||==|  |
1  |   _k_|    |A___M__   _$__________-____%M______     ________X___[_==|  |
   |Ap_  M_________||||__ [_!___________M____|___A_     M_____|| ______&|  |
   |||H_  |    |_ H|||G_H_-|_____    _____pMH|  _H!....___H_  || H____M_|  |
2  |   _%A|__  |___s_____s___X_______|b_wY_ k|  I|I    ||||I  |G__-_   _|  |
   |_start___A__   _M___  _|    __   |    __![__I|I    ||||I___________p|__|
            |  |__X__%A|  _|    ||__s_____H_||||||I    |||
3           |  |X*_____peee_____|||||||||||||||||||eeeL|||

A2 - Climb up to get a firebomb, potion, and key.  Go to B1.
B1 - Climb down into B2 and go right all the way to E2.
E2 - Go up, then left to use the key in C1.
C1 - Go down, trip the switch and kill the gun.  Then trip it again and get up
	to the trap door and under.  I find that the fastest way is to simply
	jump and grab the ledges under the trap door rather than use the ladder
	to the left.  Once you are through, head right.
F1 - Climb down all the way to E3 and use a firebomb to kill the eeks and grab
	the levitator.  Climb back up and backtrack to the start.
B2 - Jump over the pit (you should have plenty of firebombs and won't need to
	get the one from the Androthi down there) and into C3.
C3 - Use a firebomb on the eeks, then go right.  You can go left for a hoverbomb
	but you don't really need it.
D3 - Use the levitator to get up, go to E2.
E2 - Kill the gragg for wasps, then get the key and the bridge key (the bridge
	key is with the Androthi in D2.  Proceed through the door and up to the
	bridge lock in F2.
H3 - Before going into G3, crouch and get your gun out so you can fight the gun
	that is waiting for you.
G3 - Destroy the gun, go up the ladder (there is an androm but you want to avoid
	him in H3).
H1 - Destroy the generator, backtrack to the F's and go up the right side.
	Run past the gragg to the exit, or kill him.  Whatever.

Level 8 - Forest 4 (Password CGDM)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G        H
            |  |||||||||||||p        w |||||||||||||          ||||||||||||||
1           |  |%X__A___  _|A___  f _Y_|_M_  __A_______       |_ ___onehand|
    ________|  |  ______  _M_________M%____________|_________A|   __Z__   _|
   |||||       |  H|___H___|       _Ak_||AL  ____ H|_H_     bA|___|____   H|
2  |||||       |___|H_  |  _______  ____$__  |-__ee|___       |_  __  __ pA|
   |_A___M______H__|____|-_[___!....._M%  |_______________A_%X|___||  ||  ||
   |H  |       | Gee-__H| &|  |I     ||I  |||||||||| gun      |H____       |
3  ||==|    ___|ee______%M_|__|Ieeeee||Ie-____G__-G__A______M___![_______Z_|

A3 - Go up toward B1 to get a firebomb, then right to D1.
D1 - Kill everything here to collect wasps and firebombs.  Make sure to also
	get the potion from the nearby Androthi.
C1 - Go down to C3, then step into B3.
B3 - Shoot the eeks, crouch with your gun out and roll twice to get under the
	gun.  Shoot it to pieces, then use a firebomb on the eeks below.  Go
	right and kill the androm and destroy the generator.  Backtrack to D1.
D1 - Head right to F1 by the lowest level and use the ladder to get down to E2
	and the levitator.
E2 - Get the levitator, clear the eeks out of the area with the switch, and then
	climb down past the trap door to the floor.  Head right to G2.
G2 - Kill the gragg, then use the levitator to get the bridge key.  Go to E2.
E2 - Trip the switch, quickly get out to the trap door (a leap from the ledge
	across from the Androthi will get you to the ledge in front of the trap
	door, probably hanging though so climb up quick).
D2 - Jump over the pit and then go left and down to get back to the lower area
	of this screen.  Use the bridge key to make a platform and use the 
	levitator to get up and talk to the Androthi for a key.  Go down and
	into E2.
E2 - Carefully climb down and use a firebomb on the eeks below.
E3 - Avoid the switch; it just activates a gun.  Run right and jump over the
	next switch as well because it is also just a gun.  The androthi will
	give you a new and more powerful gun which fires much faster and you
	can just hold the button down (Kyle no longer ejects the shells before
	firing a second time).
G3 - Kill the androm and use the key to get past.  Now just fight yout way to
	the top of the tree.  When you get to G1, climb down and step one space
	to the left.  Use the levitator here to get up to the ledge in G1 and
	then go talk to Seer Onehand for more life and a teleport to the desert.

Level 9 - Desert 1 (Password TJ1F)

       A        B        C        D        E       
1                    |        __________           
    _________________|        ____@1_s_Y_      ___
   |   ___%Y___,,,__Y_        ___YY______      H__  
2  |___||______    ___!......_______R_____     ___
   ||||||A*___   __||||       ||||||||||||eeeee|||
    start   |I   I|||||      -||   **         |||  
3           |Ieee-__$_____Rb_|||  _YY___,,__@1||| 

      	       F        G        H        I        J      
	1  ___________                |
  	  ___,,,_s_s___,,,,_____Rk___ |_________________ 
 	  ____,,,______    ||||||||||              |||==|
	2 ___      X%____  ||||||||||             __[_==|
	  |||eeeeee||||||__![_-_R*_$-______   ____|||||||
	                              ||___    _-___G_&_|
	3                             |||||eeee||||||||||

A2 - Clear out the graggs in A2,B2.  Now climb down into B3 and use a firebomb
	on the eeks.
C3 - Kill the rock for a bridge key.  Also make sure to get a hoverbomb from
	the Androthi in A2.
C2 - Use the bridge key to get across.  If you want some extra firebombs, go
	up to D1 and through the door.  There are graggs there who have bombs
	you can get.
	Otherwise, just jump over the eek pits on your way to G2.
G2 - Go up and then weave across these bridges up to H1 and fight the rock to 
	get the key.
	Come back to G2 and then open the barrier with the key.
H2 - Kill the rock for a hoverbomb and then use it on the generator down in J3.

Level 10 - Desert 2 (Password GSG3)

       A        B        C      
   |==||                      |
1  |==||                      
   |==||  ___XX*,,,,_____     _
   |==||  _s____     |||I     I
2  |==||*_s_s___   __|||IeeeeeI
   |==||||||||||    H||||||||||
   |==_]_   ____    I||       |
3  |||_&_eee||||   %I|_  _R_@1|
   |||||||||||||    ||_  _|||||
            ||||    ||__R___  |
4           ||||    ||_Ab___  |

       D        E        F        G        H        I        
   ||_    @2|                                            |
1         |||L  k                                        |
   ___    |||A__R________X_______   ______s___s_____%__%X|
   ||/    \|||||||||||/  ___H____      __X__             |
2  |/      \| p]  \|pA_....!____    __   ___,,_X_____R_@1|
   |    _____!||_  \|||eeee|||||eeee|| _____   ___||||||||
   |    H__||||_H_______X_X_@2|    |||_H_X%_,,,________  |
3  |       __$____,,,___*X_  _|  _-$_____      ___s_p||==|
   |_R_-_R_|||  __     _||I  ||  I|||||||ee-eee||||||||==|
   |||||||||||-e|I     I||I_ G|  I||||||             start
4  ||_pAp________R%____|||G__p-__I||||||

I3 - Go left and kill the gragg for a firebomb which you should use on the eeks
	below you.  Go into the lower area of I3 for a potion, then climb up 
	into H2.
H2 - Kill the graggs here and the rock in I2, then take door 1.  You will be in
	C3 and C4, and you need to climb down to get a bridge key from the 
	Androthi.  Two rocks are also there.  
I2 - Returning from C3, go back to H2 and carefully walk into G2 from the top
G2 - Hop down and then run leap over the pit to get to F2.
F2 - Use the bridge key; there is a potion in E2, and you can now climb up to
	area spanned by E,F,G,H,I all along the top of the level.  Kill all the
	monsters to receive the levitator, a key and two firebombs.  Return to
H3 - Trip the switch in the pit to get through the trap door in G3, then climb
	down to F4.
F4 - Both switches are guns, so avoid them.
F3 - Kill this gragg for a hoverbomb.
E3 - Walk over the weak boards so they drop, then climb down to the left.  Use
	a firebomb at the edge to kill the eeks below. Now climb down the right
	side into E4.
E4 - Kill this rock for a firebomb, and also go left through the secret wall
	to get two potions from an Androthi.  Go back up and hit the switch,
	then climb up and run through the trap door into D3.
D3 - Kill the rocks, then use the levitator to get up to the ladder.
E2 - Use the key, then go right to find two graggs.  Kill them both and take
	the door 2.
D1 - You are now at the top of a long drop.  You can hop from the edge to get
	to the other side, then hang down and drop.  You will hang from the 
	ledge and can climb safely up now.
C1 - Climb down and use a firebomb on the eeks; then climb up the left side.
B1 - Just run past these graggs and climb down into A2.
A2 - Avoid the spiders and go right.
B2 - Hang down the left side of the pit and let go.
B3 - Climb up from the ledge and go left.
A3 - Use a firebomb on the eeks and your hoverbomb on the generator.  Climb up
	and take the elevator out of the level.

Level 11 - Desert 3 (Password BMHS)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G      
    ________                   ___________________________________
   |        |                 |||||||==||/            \||||||||||||
1  |@2_X_   |                 |||||||==_]!_X  ____R_,,_]___       |
   |_X_  _X_|_________________|||||||||||||/  \||/__ee&||||_....!_|
   |H_  _____p||||                 ||  __    ____%XHX%_,_       _H|
2  |_____R____-_$_  ___,,__,,___,,,$_-_||p    ______________    __|
   ||||||||||||||Ik |||ee||pk|||eee||||||ee__R____  _RX_  ||____|||
   ||@2   ee|||||IA________@1|||||||||||||||||||||==||||__[!__@1|||
3  ||||   I|||/                 ||_Rb____X_  _X_||==|||||||||||||||
   ||||   I|||__  ____ _X_,,,eX_ \|||||||||==|||||==|||||||||||||||
   ||||   I||___ f_YwH_______|||_,,__X__   ==   | start
4  ||||___________R_________p|||eeee_______==ee!|

F2 - Kill everything here and in E2; you should get a potion and two firebombs.
E2 - From the highest ledge, run and jump to get into D2.
D2 - When you trip the switch, you will run left over many pits with weak boards
	on top.  Just keep going.  Two screens later you need to jump and get
	under the trap door.  If you miss, climb down and an Androthi will give
	you a key that you can use to get back to the start by taking door 1.
	You also need to come back through this gauntlet to grab a key hidden
	in one of the pits next to a dead gragg.  I usually do this on my way 
	back from A1.

A2 - Kill the rock, grab the potion in B2.
A1 - The two lower graggs are hard to kill without taking lots of damage, but
	the upper one is quite easy.  Take the door to A3.
A3 - Shoot the eeks, then jump over and climb down.
B4 - Stay at the edge of the screen and start firing--the wasp takes many hits.
	Then kill the rock and gragg for a wasp (there is a potion in C4 also).
C3 - Hop into this screen and shoot the eeks.  When the graggs hide, just run
	past them.  When you come back this way, the boards will be gone and
	you can run into that pit to get away from the graggs again without
D4 - Kill the gragg, but watch out for the weak boards over the eeks.
E4 - Shoot the eeks to reveal the call switch; take the elevator up and kill the
	graggs there; in B3 you need to kill the rock for the bridge key.  
	Return to the start and make sure to get the hidden key in C2.
F2 - Climb up and use a wasp on the generator.
G1 - Use the bridge key to get to F1.
F1 - Run past the rock into E1.
E1 - Kill the gragg and jump across.  You need the key, so I hope you have it!
	I find that the easiest way to kill this gragg is to let him hit me and
	then shoot him on the rebound while he laughs.  I always have plenty of
	potions to survive this.
D1 - The exit elevator.

Level 12 - Desert 4 (Password Y4DJ)

       A        B        C        D        E        F        G         
                     |||||||||||/     \|        \||||||           |
1                    ||/               |_wwY f  ___$_p|           |
   |/              \|||||||||||        |                          |
2  |  __             __[_@2_|||@4____@3|                          |
   |==||______%X__  _|_&__-$_________![_,,  ________  ,,_____   _-|
   |==||    |_______||       |__H___||||                        |||
3  |==||    |_H__gunA__       ____H________   _______________  _|||
   |==||    |        ||____   I|||||||____eeeee___|||||____@1__||||
   |==||   _]___    ___H_X  _XI/      \||/     \|/         __    ___
4  |==||  _|||&_    I||  __X_____    ____      ____        |I    I|
   |==||  I|||___eeeI||______||__    _||__   %X||||_R__XR__|IeeepI|
   |==||___!||||||||||   start|||eeee|||||eee|||||      _______  _|
5  |==________R__R_RL|        ||||||||||||||||||||@4_   ||||||I  ||
   |||||||||||||||||||        ||||||||||||||||||||__H___||__________

       H        I
   ___     X____   __|
4  |||   ==||_X%   X_|
   |__   ==||___Xk___|
   |||     \|        |
5  |/                |

C4 - Kill the graggs, then go up to B3 for a new gun and then up to B2 to kill
	the gragg for a firebomb.  Then go back and head right to G3.
G3 - Take door 1, then clear out all the enemies in these three screens.  The
	final gragg has wasps for you.  You can go ahead and grab that potion
	behind the trap door, but be mindful that you have to get in AND out 
	before it closes since there is no second switch.  Return to the start.
E4 - Kill this gragg for a firebomb, then go back to B4.
B4 - Use the firebomb on the eeks, then use the wasp to destroy the generator.
	Climb up to the ledge, then down alonf the A column until you find the
	elevator call switch.  Use it, then return to B2.
A2 - Take the elevator down, kill the three rocks and grab the levitator, then
	return to E4.
F4 - Kill all these enemies, then kill all the eeks in the next screen and climb
	up the other side of the pit.
G4 - Kill the gragg, then jump onto the elevator and take it up.
H4 - Climb down fast to the bottom gragg and kill him for a key.  Now use your
	levitator to pop up and down and kill the two other graggs.  Return to
	D3 and climb up.
D2 - Use the key to open the door, then run right all the way to G2.  You will
	need to jump a few times and you will run over many weak boards.  What
	you need to do is get to the extreme right of the screen, then run over
	the switch and start running left and jumping the pits.  You have to 
	hang to get over some of them, but climb back up and keep going.  You
	should make it under the trap door in C2 with a second or so to spare.
	Use a wasp on the generator, then backtrack to door 2 in the other part
	of this screen.
C1 - Jump over the many spider mines in this and the next screen, then take the
F5 - Use the levitator to get up, then follow this path right until you find the
	mighty statue of Thoros.  He powers you up some more and teleports you
	to Sarlac's Tower.

Level 13 - Castle 1 (Password HCKD)

       A        B        C        D        E   
1  |==|||||||||||||||||||||||||||  __R____  f___|  1  
   |==|||||||_Y__Y_  __R___R_______|||||_Xeee_Yk|
   |==||||||||| H||==||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
2  |==]    __[!_H||==_  |A%   |_M%_   __!.....Yk|  2
   |_&    _||||||||--|==|__  M___    _||I     |||
   |AL....!||_wwX_ f_|==|H_  _|||    H_|Ieeeee|||
3  |||    I||  _R_   |==|_!..__$_   e-_||||||||||  3
   |||    I||  |||   |==|__R____     _____   _Yb|
   |||    I||_-_$    |==|||||||I     I||||      |
4  |||eeee_G__-____M_|==_[!__R_[_-ee__G____A____|  4

       A        B        C        D        E   

E1 - Start by killing your way left and up to E3.  The gragg there has the
	bridge key and you have to do a big leap to get it.
C3 - Kill the rock here, then carefully climb up into C2, D2, and then down into
	D3 while taking out the androms and eekers on the way.  Make sure to get
	the fire bombs from the Androthi and the androm in D2.
D3 - Step on the trip plate, then jump across and go under the trap door into
	C3; go across the bridge and grab the bridge key, then quickly jump
	across to the trap door or jump down and climb up to the trap door.
	You need to get back to the other side of D3 WITH the bridge key.
E2 - When the gragg hides, use the bridge key and then kill safely.  Grab the 
	key and the bridge key and climb back down to D4.
D4 - Run through the barrier when it is down, kill the rock and use the key to
	get access to the elevator.
B1 - Kill the graggs here, then go right all the way to E1; be careful about 
	all the rocks.
E1 - The wasp is easy to kill if you stay on the edge of the screen, then use
	one of your firebombs to clear out the eeks and then jump down and kill
	the graggs for a key.
B1 - Climb down and use the key to get through the barrier.  Carefully climb 
	down to A3, use the bridge key and talk to the Androthi for the 
	levitator.  Take out the bridge key and then climb down to A4.
A4 - Use a fire bomb on the eeks, then avoid the trip gun and go right.
B4 - Kill the androm, then trip the plate to raise the trap door.  Quickly get
	up there and use your levitator under the left edge of the ceiling.
B3 - You should be just below the ledge and can jump up.  Do so and shoot at the
	wasp--the rock won't roll on your edge spot so you are safe.  Kill him,
	then climb up and kill the gragg for two wasps.  You can climb up into
	B2 to talk to an Androthi, but he has nothing.  Return to A2.
A2 - From the right side (standing on solid ground) use a wasp on the generator.
	Now you can go down, use the bridge key and use the levitator to get up
	under the ledge on the left side of A2.  Take the elevator to the exit.

Level 14 - Castle 2 (Password NRLF)

       A        B        C        D        E   
   |  ___  __Y_  [[  |==|/    __Y_[   ___       |
1  |  I||  ||||  ||  _==|     I|_&|eee|||       |  1
   |___[[  ____  _s  __R___eeeI||___Ak_||__R%_  |
   |       ||||  ||  |   ww   |||   H__|||||||==|
2  |!_Y_   _|||  ||  |  f_X__ |     _|||||||||==|  2
   |Y%_    ____  _$  _  [[[ _-|___....!_____||==|
   |     ==||||==|I  |==||| |||__  __  Y_  H||==|
3  |     ==||||==|IAp_==____|||||  ||  |_s_ ||==|  3
   |_YL__==||||==|||||ee_[[_Yb|_G  es  |  _s||==|
   ||||||  ||||==|||||||||| &||    _s  |  I|||==|
4  |  [[[__R___==__R___-__G_[______||__|_s__![==|  4
       A        B        C        D        E  

A4 - Kill the rock here and in B4.  Take the elevator up and go to A2.
A2 - Kill the two graggs, then run leap across the upper ledge to get to the
	call switch for the elevator.  You can now reach the firebomb from the
	other gragg.  Take the elevator down.
A3 - Kill this gragg for the levitator, backtrack to B4.
C4 - Destroy the gun after tripping the switch, then trip the switch again and
	run left, up the elevator, and right through the trap door.
B2 - On the other side of the trap door, climb down into B3 and get a potion
	from the Androthi.  Go right.
C3 - Firebomb the eeks, then fight the gragg (just shoot a lot until he dies)
	then run through the fields to get the bridge key.  Return to B2, and
	then go right into C2.
C2 - Kill the wasp, then climb up and kill the gragg for some wasps of your own.
	Watch the fields, and then from the right side of the room, run over the
	switch and leap through the fields as they go down.  Quickly get through
	the trap door in B2.  Then go down the elevator.
C4 - Use your wasp to destroy the generator and go into D4.
D4 - The next two screens can be tough.  If you have lots of life and don't care
	about taking hits, just climb up and take hits and then destroy the
	gun and climb up to the top.

	Otherwise, do this.  When the spider is walking toward the left, climb
	up--the spider should be going back right by now.  Now hop to the other
	side as the spider comes back.  You should now be on the exact other
	side of the platform.  Drop your levitator and go up.
	In D3, you can now destroy the eeks.  Do so.  Now go back down, take 
	your levitator, and hop over the spider to the left side and climb up.
	When the spider is going away, stop hidingm turn around and hop over
	the gap--you will hang from the ledge.  Climb up to the top.

	Once you get up there, kill the gragg and take his firebomb.
E3 - Climb up to D2.
D2 - Use the bridge key to make it up to the middle ledge and the ladder.  In
	D1, use a wasp and talk to the Androthi for a key.  Go back to E3--no
	need to take the bridge key.
E3 - Climb down past the spiders to E4 and use the key to get to the elevator.
E1 - Kill the rock for a firebomb, then use the levitator to get up.
D1 - Kill the gragg and then kill the eeks with a bomb and cross over.
C1 - Climb down and kill the eeks and rock.
B1 - Be very careful about that spider mine--the drop will be fatal if he knocks
	you off the ledge.
A1 - Step to the edge of the ledge, then step back one space.  Turn toward the
	gap and hop--you will land right in front of the fields and you can then
	easily get past.  Also, you should see the gragg from the previous
	screen poking his nose into the screen you are on now.  If so, climb
	up and kill him.  If not, get up to the top and over to the right.  Then
	run into the next screen and jump past him to the center platform.
B1 - However you get past the gragg, get to the other side of the center
	platform and then jump down to the ledge to reach the elevator in C1.

Level 15 - Castle 3 (Password J6BZ)

       A        B        C        D        E   
   |  __R_Yk||||  _R___ |==|| __  __R_ ___  __  |
1  |    [[___Ak|  ||||I  ==||_Y_   _|| |||  ||  |  1
   | _R_|||_____-w||||I_s==_Y_______||!___  _s  |
   |H||||||H||/     \|   ==||||   ||   |||  ||  |
2  |H_  _||H_]_  !_s |_!_==&[___   __  |||  __  |  2
   |___....!__   __X_||||   _R___....!_|||  ||==|
   |H||    I|I   _H_ |G     -bI  _Y  __|||  ||==|
3  |H||    I|I    _|__R__   __I  ||    |||__||==|  3
   |p*|_R_____eee_AL| %||__  _I  _$   ____  Y|==|
   |||/   _s_       s__  ||  II  |I   |||I  ||==|
4  |||  __|||__s__s_|||_-_G__II__|I___|||I__]!==|  4
       A        B        C        D        E  

A4 - Go right past the spiders to C4.
C4 - From the very left edge of the screen, jump up to reach a secret ledge with
	a firebomb in C3.  Now go past the gun and spiders in C4 and climb up
	the right side.
C3 - Climb up to the ledge with the rock, but just run past him into B3.  Now
	run back into C3 and the rock and leap from the ledge to hang from the
	other side.  Now you can kill the rock easily from here (you can also
	leave the rock there and come back to kill him when you have the 
	levitator).  Climb up and grab the bridge key and destroy the gun, then
	climb down.  
B3 - Firebomb the eeks and talk to the Androthi for the levitator.  Climb up 
	into B2.
B2 - Kill the gragg, then rup leap left to A2.
A2 - Use the bridge key, then walk to area under the left ledge.  Try to crouch
	in places until you start climbing down a secret ladder.  At the bottom
	is a potion and two hoverbombs!
A1 - Kill the rock, then go through the barriers and get the key from the
	Androthi in B1.  Back in A1, use the levitator to climb up and hide.
	When both enemies are away from you, walk forward a few steps to prevent
	falls if you get hit.  Now fight them and get the key.  Go back to B2,
	making sure to take the bridge key.
B2 - Climb up, hop over the spider and use the key, then hop across and get up
	to B1.
B1 - Destroy the gun, take the wasp, then use the levitator to get up to the
	rock and kill him.  Go right.
C1 - Go down, but don't try to fight the gragg here.  Run and leap to get to the
	gragg's side and away from the spider.  Now fight the gragg here and 
	above you.  
D1 - Kill the rock, then go to E1.
E1 - Hang down to the right side of the left platform and drop.  You will hang
	from the lower ledge.  Climb up, go left and hit the call switch.  Now
	stand at the edge and jump to the spider's ledge--you should hang from
	it.  Drop down and you will hang next to the elevator--climb up and take
	the elevator down.
E4 - Use the key, then go up and kill the gragg on top of the switch.  Hit the
	switch and then run left and leap to get under the trap door quickly.
D3 - Climb up the left side of the room and kill the gragg.  Climb up into D2.
D2 - Use the bridge key and go left.
C2 - Kill the rock, then use a wasp to destroy the generator.  Now go up in D2
	to reach the area near the generator and hit the call switch.  The
	elevator comes down and you can leave!

NOTE: I have often tried to find a way to drop down into C2 from C1, but it
	probably doesn't work because the ledges are not directly under the ones
	above.  If you know of a bug or trick that can get to this spot without
	going all the way around, let me know.

Level 16 - Castle 4 (Password MJXG)

       A        B        C        D        E   
   |        |||||||||||||||||||_s_p]  Mk_]  _X  |
1  |Galadril|/      \|||      |       ||     _  |  1
   |||||_____$_M_X_R___G_____-|       I|__   ]_M|
   ||||||||||||||_______  [_H |       ||H       |
2  |  _R__M________H|||I      |       ||H  _s_  |  2
   |__R__R______R____||I__R__R|_M%__  I|  ___R__|
   |Rb  ||-___   ||H___   ___M|H_  |==||    _XH||
3  |_M_M_]  ||_s_         ||LA_]!__I==||   ____||  3
   |_&____==|||||__s__    _[!!__X_X%==_|__  [MH||
   |||||||==|  $_   _________|| ||||== |H-     G|
4  |G_k-]]==_ee||_____s_R_s_R___[[[[==_|||_R__  |  4
       A        B        C        D        E  

E4 - Kill your way up to E1.  From the top ledge, you need to anticipate the 
	barrier's down time so you can jump through it--you won't make it if
	you start running once it goes down.
D1 - Kill the androm for a key.  Hop to the other platform if you really want
	that potion.  Otherwise, hang down and fall twice to get into D2.
D2 - Climb up and kill the androm from this ledge.  Then hop across and grab the
	firebomb.  Then go down the left side and use the key in D3 to go left
	and get the levitator from the Androthi.
	Back in D2, hang down the LEFT side of the elevator pit so you don't die
	from the fall.  Kill the graggs and take the elevator down.
D4 - Navigate left past enemies and barriers to the trap door in B4.  The switch
	is up in A3 and you need to run down to get back through the trap door.
	Once through, use a firebomb on the eeks and go into A4.
A4 - Take the elevator up, but as you go into A3 fire to the left.  You should
	hit the generator and take down the barrier it powers.  If not, try
	again.  When you do, kill the androms, then use your levitator to safely
	kill the rock and take his bridge key.
	Back in A4, go past the barriers and destroy the gun.  Then grab the key
	and hit the switch as you run past the barriers to get back through the
	trap door in B4.
C3 - Come to this room by going back to the elevator in D4-D3.  Use the key and
	bridge key to make a platform that you can get to in the middle of the
	room.  Now use the levitator here to get up to the left ledge and ignore
	the androm as you go left to B3.  Take the ladder up.
B2 - Kill the rocks here and in A2 on your way to C2.
C2 - Hop over and walk through barrier (ignore the rocks).  Go up to C1.
C1 - Destroy the gun by tripping the switch.
B1 - Walk in, shoot the rock, walk out.  Repeat until the rock is dead.  Now
	fight the androm and gragg.  When dead, go back and trip the switch and
	run left to get under the trap door.
A1 - Galadril is here and will power you up some more before sending you to meet
	Sarlac and the final battle.

Level 17 - Sarlac's Lair (Password K3CH)

This is it, the final battle.  As you can see, Sarlac's darkstone sits on his
throne giving him power.  This battle is TOUGH, so listen up.  You need to hit
Sarlac a zillion times and you are going to get hit a lot, but you can greatly
increase your chances by being patient.

Do not crouch.  You will die--trust me.

CARDINAL RULE: Keep your gun holstered most of the time!  This way, you will be
	able to run and dodge better.  After a dodge, you should draw, shoot,
	and holster right away.

Sarlac's Attacks:
1) Hitting you - he only does this if you are close, which you should never be.
2) Ground shock - when Sarlac puts his hands together in a blue light, run (or
	walk if you have your gun out) a few spaces toward him.  The ground
	behind you will blow up, and you can get a shot in at Sarlac.
3) Blast attack - Sarlac will put his hands together and make a big yellow orb
	that he shoots at you.  When you see this, hide in the shadows to dodge
	it.  It is the only attack you can dodge in this way.  However, if you
	are too close to the wall, the explosion will still hit you, so stay at
	least one space away from the wall at all times.
4) Demon bombs - the two demon statues above you will sometimes twitch; this 
	means they are going to drop a fire bomb that will blow up the middle
	of the room.  As far as I can tell, they always drop from the opposite
	side of Sarlac, so you should be running and JUMPING the other way to
	avoid the blast.  The jump helps because it moves faster than running.

Sarlac also teleports frequently, so run opposite from him when he does. 

The key to this battle is to be dodging most of the time and shooting only after
you successfully dodge an attack and before Sarlac moves for his next one.

Also, I find that if I run all the way to the wall I get trapped by Sarlac or
can't run past the fire bombs fast enough, so if you are running away, stop just
short of the wall, but still under the ledge supporting the demon statue.  This
seems to be the safest area.

You will probably die many times... he's tough.  Way tougher than any other end
boss that I can think of right now.  But when you finally get him, it will be
sweet, trust me.  The ending rocks, with a funny surprise at the end of the
credits, so be sure to watch the whole thing.

VIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

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