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Reviewed: 12/22/02 | Updated: 12/22/02

Battle with the strongest warriors of the future!

Enter BattleClash, a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment sytem, a game where you control a futuristic robot and duke it out with more robots of different design. This game requires the use of the superscope and makes excellent use of it as well, one of the few games that do actually. You may pass this game over without much thought, but be careful if you do... you are passing up some good fun if you do, maybe a lot of fun actually... depending on how you look at it.

Story: 7/10
The story is sub-par, your a freedom fighter who must challenge the top ranking officials with their advanced weaponry and slowly make your way up to the leader of it all and destroy him for there to be peace. No final fantasy storyline, but good enough to suffice for this game, not to mention simple enough for the youngest to enjoy.

Graphics: 8/10
For its time... the graphics were GREAT. Even today, the graphics can withold the test of time. They may not be PS2, X-Box, or GameCube graphics quality... but they could never be looked upon as bad graphics. The details are there even though they may appear a bit cartoony. You can notice a great many things in the background and a few nice detils on everything that makes you look for something more every time you play and you may never fail to see something new.

Control: 10/10
Lets see, you hold a stick shaped as a gun and pull the trigger... can't get much simpler than that. Well I guess it could, buts its still pretty simple to control this game. You may have a little trouble aiming, especially when the target moves extremley fast and where you have to aim is small but overall you shouldn't have a problem.

Fun Factor: 7/10
This game may be old, but it doesn't mean it isnt fun. I mean you have a gun, you shoot things and you blow stuff up... what more could you want? Well a few more things... but this game offers just enough to keep you happy and satisfied.

Difficulty: 7/10
This game can vary on difficulties and can overall fit your comfort level and still give you quite the challenge. If you don't want a challenge and just want to breaze through.... well the easiest difficulty will gove you some challenge bt should still be easy enough for you to handle... overall it provides a good challenge that can be enjoyed.

Overall: 7/10
This game may not be anyone's first choice, but it still remains to be a good game. Its biggest weakness is its length, but its overall fun-ness is good while it lasts and you can always come back to it for a good time. I recomend a rental until you know you want it... but its still a great buy if you can find it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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