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Reviewed: 04/10/01 | Updated: 08/17/02

Battle it out with futuristic robot tanks!

Battle Clash is a fun shooter, but not with a controller, but instead, with the old Super Scope. This game takes place a little while in the future. This is where the story begins...

As the 21st century came, so did many more things; including crime, and new technology as humans society began to fade away. Few then lived, because of all the violence. The only thing that seemed to amuse humans now was the battle game. In the battle game, two fighters would face each other in combat. For these duels, they had big robot or STs for protection and a better advantage. The last one standing had the victory gaining power and the ones who lost served the winners. Then came Mike Anderson, who wanted revenge on Anubis for defeating his father in battle. So he studied STs as much as he could and tried out his fathers Thanatos. Anubis then put his best STs all over the earth so that Mike had to battle his way through to Anubis and finish the job. He knew it wouldn't be easy.

Gameplay (7/10)
Very fun indeed, especially since it uses the superscope. Its cool too because you dont just shoot away, you need to take some stradegies into consideration. Like, trying to find your enemies weak point, building turbo, when to fire bombs or use items. But theres also 2-players on a game like this but only for time trial. Using the superscope really makes this a great game.

Challenge (5/10)
There isnt that much challenge to this game. The only challenge is when you first start to play and after you beat the regular difficulty once everything starts to get easy. There is 8 boss and the final one. So once you go to the hardest difficulty it will start getting a little hard but soon it wont be.

Graphics (8/10)
You should see when the duels in action. It looks so real. Its like your actually moving so fast because the walls behind the enemy will move fast from wall to wall. The enemies have many actions as well, and dont repeat as often. And when you shoot a part of the ST thats ready to break off part of it will come off and sometimes it all falls off. Whats funny is you could eliminate an STs arms and legs and they be shooting in panic not being able to move.

Music and Sound (6/10)
Everything sound realistic here. The gunshots, the bombs, even when you shoot a hard metal part of an ST it will make a harder sound telling you that its not very effective shooting there. There really hardly is that much music anyway though since the game is all about the sound of duels but I don't think you should be so concerned about music.

Replay (7/10)
After you beat the game there will be more harder difficulties, and if you beat the hardest difficulty which isnt THAT hard, well, I guess if your bored you could try to beat time trial.

Buy or Rent?
If this seems of your interest and you have a superscope try renting. If you dont have a superscope, don't go out and buy one, it's a major waste of money and you constantly have to buy more batteries. The batteries last like a Game Boy Pocket but require even more.

Gameplay - 7
Challenge - 5
Graphics - 8
Music and Sound - 6
Replay - 7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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