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Guide and Walkthrough by A.Chau

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/07/2000

The Unofficial Bahamut Lagoon Version 0.1 - Last updated 1-17-2000
By Tyummk and Akuma both aka Andy Chau

Bahamut Lagoon is a registered trademark of Square Soft,Made in 1996.

This is a walkthrough for Bahamut Lagoon.So far I am on chapter 14 and there are 
over 25 chapters which means I am not very far in the game.

If you have any questions of information on this game e-mail me at 
tyummk@yahoo.com .Also ask me permission before you use this information to 
place on your website or change any of the information given in here then I 
shall shut down your website.So please ask me before you do anything to this 
information.If you want additional information on Bahamut Lagoon,visit Akuma's 
website at www.geocities.com/neotyummk.

This is my first time creating a walkthrough e-mail me if there is a problem or 
mistake about this walkthrough.

Credit will be given to people who helped me with this walkthrough.

Table of Contents also Status of completeness

1.How to play the game            -Complete
2.Characters                      -Begining to develop
3.Dragons                         -Begining to develop
4.Enemies                         -Begining to develop
5.Magic                           -Needs to be added
6.Items                           -Needs to be added
7.The Guide                              -Needs to be added
8.Tips and Tricks in the game -Begining to develop

1.How to play the game

This game is somewhat simple and difficult.At differents times the game is easy 
but at times when the enemy is stronger the game is very difficult.

First if you know or have ever played an rpg game you know that in this game 
they have levels,health points,magic points,statistics,and things you would 
usually see throughout an rpg game.But this game is actually a simulation kind 
of game.A simulation game is a game that uses battle fields instead of an 
interactive battle as in rpgs.It is like a simulation and rpg combined game. 

If you are new to rpgs I will explain to you what is a rpg.The word rpg is short 
for Role Playing Game which is a game that contains different roles for 
different characters.In rpg games there are usually statistics for every 
character.I will describe the statistics in this game.

Levels (Lv.)-Levels is one of the most important part of this game.This 
determines how strong you are agaisnt an enemy.Usually in many rpgs levels can 
be raised by gaining expirience.

Expirience (Exp.)-Expirience is what raises your level to a higher one.You gain 
expirience by defeating an enemy.It is like you get smarter and have more 
abilities and become stronger (raising levels).

Health points (HP)-Health points is what keeps you alive in this game and also 
how long you can last in the game.This is the most important thing when raising 
your levels.Characters that use a lot of magic are usually the ones who have the 
lowest health points in the game.

Magic Points (MP)-Magic points are what allows you to use magic.The more magic 
points you have the more magic spells you can use.

Special points (SP)-Special points are the same as magic points except that 
instead of using magic spells you use techniques.

Statistics (STAT)-This shows a report of how strong you are like if you are very 
strong,very quick and agile,and stuff like that.

Strength (STR)-Strength determines how power you have when attacking.So this 
means the more strength you have the more damage you can inflict on an enemy.

Vitality (VIT)-Vitality determines how much HP and defense you have.The more 
vitality you have the more attacks you can take.

Dexerity (DEX)-Dexerity determines how fast you would be in a battle.The higher 
your dexerity is the faster you dodge attacks and attack (higher dexerity than 
the enemy means you attack first.).

Intellegence (MIND)-This determines how good you are at casting magic and how 
much damage you can take from a magic spell (Also known as Magic Defense,the 
more magic defense you have the less damage you get from being hit by a magic 
spell.For example if a Mage casts The Sleep Spell on you,it depends on your 
magic defense whether you fall asleep or you resist the spell.).

Combined Groups-This is very important when casting a spell.When you are on the 
battle field and you got the same type of classes they have a better affect of 
doing things (like casting spells) than an affect of only one of that class 
would do.


In this game you have to understand how the keys function in this game.

A:Battle,Select,Command,and to read (like when you are finish talking you press 
A to read the next message.)


Y:To Run (when you are in a scene not in a battle field.),and to travel to one 
place faster.


Start:Program Menu,select (sometimes)

The Dragon Squad

Each group consist of not more than 4 warriors.Before Chapter 3 ,warriors with 
similiar classes are grouped together.For example,4 spearmen and 4 knights not 2 
spearmen and 2 knights.When you start chapter 3 you got a choice of moving and 
switching the characters as you want.I don't think you should move them around 
because if you leave them just the way they are they get extra bonuses or 
mobility (like move longer or more of a powered version of a magic spell.For 
example,one wizard can only cast a spell at Level 10,but four wizards can cast a 
spell at level 40!)Amoured warriors uses SP for special attacks and wizards or 
priests uses MP.In this game each group has a dragon accompanying it.You can 
also arrange the dragons in Chapter 3.


The game is more of a simulation (Focouses on battle fields rather on 
interactive battles) and there are different types of terrain you will see as 
you play the game.

Grass-The most common and the easiest terrain type to walk on.

Hills (looks like a single tree)-The second common and easiest to cross on.

Forest (bunch of trees,don't get mixed up with a hill.)and high grass-This is 
pretty hard to cross but if you cast fire to burn the high grass or forest then 
cool the burnt terrain with ice,it will be easier to cross.But beware not to be 
in the fire when you cast fire,you can lose HP.

Poison pools-These are very difficult to cross.If you cast heal on the pool then 
the pool starts to dissapears.But still it is very difficult to cross but does 
no damage of affect to 

Water/Ocean-This terrain is impassible,but if you cast ice you can make a trail 
to cross the other side.

Mountains-The hardest to cross,use thunder or eletric magic to break the 
mountains.Still it is very hard to cross.

Castles/Towers/Gates-These terrain types heal you also the enemy.You can cast 
thunder to prevent the enemy from being healed.But it will be difficult to 

Lava-These terrain is very difficult to cross and inflicts a lot of damge to 
you.Some lava can be cooled down by using ice and some can't.

Bridges-This terrain is like the grass terrain,except when cast thunder on a 
bridge the bridge will collaspe and anyone who got caught in the collaspe has 3 
turns before they drown.A very useful terrain to lure the enemy.If a bridge is 
on water,cast ice to hold it back and cast fire to melt the ice.

The Program Menu

If you want to access the program menu press start.There are 3 options:

END TURN/ROUND-If you want to end your turn or you have finish your stratagy or 
if you don't want to command your remaining squad(s) in this round the select 

TEMPORARY SAVE-Choose this command if you want to save during the battle.You can 
load where you were by selecting Temporary Save on the opening menu.

SOUND-Choose what type of sound control you want Studio,Mono,or Slilent.

Checking the Enemy Squad

This is very useful when you want to know how strong they are or what is their 
weakness.Just do the same way as when you are using your squads.

The Command Menu

The command menu is used when you are on the battle field.

FIGHT (only if you are next to the enemy's squad):In this mode you fight head to 
head with the enemy.All 4 warriors will fight agaisnt the enemy.You can use 
magic/techniques,item,and to defend your self so that when the enemy inflicts 
damage on the character who used defense then it will do less damage than it 
will if he/she did not chose defend.You can attack the whole squad or attack a 
single enemy in the squad.However you will also be hit by the enemy (unless you 
kill them all).

MOVE:Your mobility will be highlighted.You can go up to the number of steps in 
any dirrection.

FIELD/CAST/ATTACK AREA-In this mode you won't be attacked by the enemies.You can 
choose magic/an attack to cast on to the enemy.Press A when you have selected 
your attack and you should see a flash then the enemy will lose HP.You can only 
cast one magic spell so think wisely before you cast a spell.This is also 
recommended when several enemy squads are packed together,target in the center.

For example:          X
                     XCX O

Legend: X=Enemy Squad C=Casting area (where to cast) O=Your squad (which is 
casting the spell.)

Also you can use magic to heal your squad(s) and dragons.   

DRAGON COMMANDS-There are 3 different types of commands for the dragon that is 
accompanying you.The 3 commands are:

COME-Call the dragon to come near you also to attack and protect you.

GO-Call the dragon to attack the enemies (keep on eye on them or they could die 
in the round.It is not dying but being defeated.)

WAIT/STOP-Call the dragon to stay behind you and not attack. (use this command 
when building your squad's levels.)

Note:your dragon will move after you finish your commands (meaning like after 
you battle an enemy then it will be your dragon's turn to move or battle.)


There are many characters in the game but I haven't got them all yet.You are the 
hero (Byuu is his original name) in this game.There are four characters for each 
group.Each group is different classes and unique in their own way.I will show 
you an example.

Byuu's Group:uses SP,Stronger in strength and HP weaker in casting magic.
1.Byuu   -Guardian Knight Can use technique attacks,Attacks the whole enemy 
2.Bikke  -Knight Can use technique attacks,hits a single unit
3.Tuluse -Knight Can use technique attacks,hits a single unit
4.Rush   -Knight Can use technique attacks,hits a single unit

Zendak's Group:uses MP,Stronger in intellegence and magic weak in strength.
1.Zendak -Warlock Can use magic spells,attacks a whole group or single unit and 
can also use summon magic (later in the game),attacks the whole enemy squad.
2.Karina -Wizard Can use magic attacks,attacks a whole group or a single unit
3.Anna   -Wizard Can use magic attacks,attacks a whole group or a single unit
4.Melody -Wizard Can use magic attacks,attacks a whole group or a single unit

Did you see the difference?Well if you didn't Byuu's group gains more HP and 
strength than Zendak's group.But gains less intellegence than Zendak's group 
does.Also the leader gets a better class and stronger class.

There are many characters in the game and I want to describe them all.By the way 
the STR,DEX,VIT,MIND is what status do they start with when you get them (By 

Their Name                    Class                   LV   HP   MP/SP   STR      
DEX     VIT     MIND

1.Byuu                   Guardian Knight
2.Bikke                  Knight
3.Tuluse                 Knight
4.Rush                   Knight
5.Zendak                 Warlock
6.Karina                 Wizard
7.Anna                   Wizard
8.Melody                 Wizard
9.Matelight              Power Guardian
10.Taicho                High Guardian 
11.Barcly                High Guardian
12.Gunsou                High Guardian
Note:When I start all over again then I can put the stats and more people.


Dragons can evolve from one shape or appearance to another.Through you have to 
feed them items to evolve.The more items you feed them the more powerful and 
stronger they become when evolving.A maxinum stat of Dragons are 9,999 HP,999 
MP,250 of STR,DEX,VIT,and MIND,and many other stats.But,you could keep on 
feeding them fire weeds,ice weeds,thunder weeds,and other weeds to increase 
their elemental power (which can go up to 100 for each element.).Also you can 
feed them weapons and armor to make them stronger in STR,DEX,VIT,and MIND.They 
can evolve to many things so watch them evolve because you might see some 
interesting or cool evolutions.

Now time for the stats when they start out(By order).They each have a different 
element.I will tell you what each element is so you can understand the 
chart.F=Fire I=Ice T=Thunder P=Poison H=Heal 

Name          Element     LV   HP    MP   STR  DEX  VIT  MIND     F       I      
T      P     H

1.Red          Fire
2.Ice Drake    Ice      
3.Morton       Holy
Note:When I start the game over again then I can find out their original stats.


This section is to provide information about the enemies in this game.There are 
over 100's of different enemies.You people are lucky I made information about 
enemies.How strong they are every thing like what is their weakness,HP,MP,and 
others.In the chart S=Steps (how far they can move) T=Type of element W=Weakness 
or what affects them the most.By order I will put the information of each enemy 

Class                LV      HP    MP    STR    DEX    VIT    MIND     S     T     
2.Blue Mage
Note:When I start the game over again then I will place them here.



7.The Guide

8.Tips and Tricks

I only know one trick,which is for Game Genie...
The Code is "Earn 65525 GP after every battle (interactive) =DB8B-DFD0 + BD8B-
DF00 + DD8B-DF60 " and that should get you 65525 gold after every battle.

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