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Walkthrough by CC

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/08/2004

                 _____       __
                / __  /     / /                         __
               / /_/ /___ _/ /_  ____ _____ ___  __  __/ /_
              / __ <  __ `/ __ \/ __ `/ __ `__ \/ / / / __/
             / /_/ / /_/ / / / / /_/ / / / / / / /_/ / /_
            /_____/\__,_/_/ /_/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/\__,_/\__/

                   / /
                  / /  ____ _____ _____  ____  ____
                 / /  / __ `/ __ `/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \
                / /__/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
               /_____|__,_/\__, /\____/\____/_/ /_/
                          ___/ /

                  |W|a|l|k|t|h|r|o|u|g|h| |O|n|l|y|

                           Important Note
                > This guide contains  near to  100% <
                > spoilers. It can be a useful guide <
                > if you don't have a patched ROM or <
                > you  have  an orginial  cartridge. <
                > But, to minimise the amount of the <
                > spoilers you  see, this guide  has <
                > clumps of  information, making  it <
                > harder just to  spot one word out. <
                > Once you get used to the format of <
                > this  guide, you'll  know when and <
                > where the spoilers  end and start. <

                 ||        Walkthrough for         ||
                 ||        Bahamut Lagoon          ||
                 ||          for the SNES          ||
                 ||             By CC              ||
                 ||     [c_2_c(at)hotmail.com]     ||
                 ||     Copyright © 2003 CC        ||
                 ||          Version 1.2           ||
                 || Best Viewed in Wordpad (Arial) ||

**Note** I can't be stuffed writing the enemy list of the Easy
         dungeon. Can you?


1. Explanations
2. Walkthrough
   - Prologue   <::::::::::::::::::::> The Downfall of Kahna Castle
   - Chapter 1  <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Beginning
   - Chapter 2  <::::::::::::::::::::::> The Legend we Dremed of...
   - Chapter 3  <:::::::::::::::::> The Green Continent of Campbell
   - Chapter 4  <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Full of Regret
   - Chapter 5  <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Emporer Sauzer
   - Chapter 6  <::::::::::::::::::::::> It's Not a Dream, Is It...
   - Chapter 7  <::::::::::::::::::> The Legend of the Holy Dragons
   - Chapter 8  <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Mid-Air Dragon Battle
   - Chapter 9  <::::::::::::::::::::> Mahal, Continent of Miracles
   - Chapter 10 <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Rainbow Bridge
   - Chapter 11 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Leviathan
   - Chapter 12 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Spy Operation
   - Chapter 13 <:::::::::::::::::::::::> The Magic City of Godland
   - Chapter 14 <:::::::::::::::::> When the Bird Dragon Awakens...
   - Chapter 15 <:::::::::::::::::::> Showdown in the Burning Sands
   - Chapter 16 <::::::::::::::::::::::> The Holy Dragon Jormangund
   - Chapter 17 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Door to a New Era
   - Chapter 18 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Promised Land
   - Chapter 19 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Farewell, Matelite!
   - Chapter 20 <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Sky of Sadness
   - Chapter 21 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Holy Dragon Bahamut
   - Chapter 22 <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Final Battle
   - Chapter 23 <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Destruction
   - Chapter 24 <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> To the Homeland...
   - Chapter 25 <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Eternal Travellers
   - Chapter 26 <::::::::::::::::::::::> Alexander, King of Dragons
   - Final Chapter <:::::::::::::> We, Who cannot See into Tomorrow
   - Ending     <::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Script
   - Optional   <:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> The Side-quests
     |— Granbelos Fortress
     |— Easy Dungeon ---------> ~Incomplete:Never Going To Finish~
     |— Hard Dunegon
     '— Situation Critical
3. Answers to FAQs


 This  file FAQ/Walkthrough  for Bahamut Lagoon on the Super Nintendo
 Entertainment System  is copyrighted  CC 2003. This  file cannot  be
 used in any illegal way, which is being used on your website without
 confirmation, used  and published  in a  book without  conformation,
 sold to anybody for a profit  without notifying  the author, editing
 any  part, ANY  part of this  file then  using it in an illegal way.
 You are not  allowed  to take a  portion, any  portion of this guide
 which  relates to this to use  it in your own illegal use. This file
 cannot  be used  electronically or  physically without  the  authors
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 in  magazines, guides,  books, websites  or any  other  un-mentioned
 form of illegal use. If any or other illegal rules are violated then
 beware. But remember, inform the  author - CC - before you think  of
 using this guide  in any  form. Printing  this document is  fine, so
 long as you don't  sell it.  Also, asking the  author is the  safest
 thing to do, folks!

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If you  want this  on your site, please mail  me for  confirmation. If
another site contains  this guide, please inform me straight away, and
I'll see if they are actually on this list, if not, I will driect them
to take it down from their site. Remember, *PLAGIARISM* is *NAUGHTY*!!
And for security reasons, and spam reasons, i have replaced all @ signs
with (at) so people's e-mail adresses will NOT recive spam...

Version Histories


          -- Started Guide
          -- Walkthrough Done
          -- Don't really think I'm gonna make another update though


          -- New rule
          -- Fixed up some mistakes and so forth
          -- Disclaimer fixed.
          -- New Layout
          -- Tips added
          -- Mail Change!
          -- More warning added (you'll see where)


          -- Fixed up Prologue and Ch1 dialogue (remove)
          -- Added in Pre Battle and Post Battle separators in the
             chapters, easier to see where the pre/post battle
             ends/starts, so that minimises you looking at spoilers
             if you don't want to.
          -- Added impotant note up the top.
          -- Disclaimer fixed
          -- new link :P
          -- new tip about FF3 enemy

Welcome to my Bahamut Lagoon guide (damn Bahamut spelling!)
Yes yes, i know this guide is started late, but hey, its done, right?
Its hard to belive that this was made one year before FF7... and
this basically has better graphics ^_^.
Agh, and trust me, you wouln't want to wirte this Walkthrough...
This is a very long in-depth WALKTHROUGH, which contains many 

Contact -- c_2_c(at)hotmail.com

A couple of rules....

1. Ask politely when asking questions. Things like 'Answer me or you
will be hacked' will not answer your qeustion...
2. Ask your question in detail. Things like 'How do I do this?' will
not get you anywhere again, because, 'how do you do WHAT?' would be my
3. Make sure that the question you are asking is not in the guide!!!
For example, 'how do get past the first dungeon', or 'what are the
controls?' are already answered, so don't wait for a reply. Always
use Ctrl+F (find) and type in a key word to find what you are looking
4. Also, for this last rule, when e-mailing, state which game you are
asking. I've got e-mails so far (since i have made some FAQs) and some
of them don't even state which game they are talking about. Please
tell me, for one e-mail I've had to ask them which game they were
talking about. Otherwise, YOU WILL NOT GET A REPLY.
5. Don't send anything more than 2kb in my e-mail if you just e-mailed
me, because i'll think its something bad. Otherwise, the e-mail just
won't be opened.

1. Explanations


A- Talk
B- Nothing
X- Nothing
Y- Hold to run - Submitted by FatCat
L- Nothing
R- Nothing
Start- Nothing
Select- Nothing


A- Goto Sub Menu
B- Cancel (out of Sub menu) or Cancel back to original position
X- Nothing
Y- Nothing
L- Nothing
R- Nothing
Start- Nothing
Select- Nothing.

..Yes, thats the controls. Quite lame.

**This aint complicated detailed stuff, and it doesn't have everything
  in the game here, so don't complain.**

This game is strategic game. Have you played Tactic Ogre or FEDA,
Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Advance Wars, etc?
This game is like that, but with better graphics and more boring. Um, 
yes, boring. There are 27 chapters, that means that there a lot
of battles to fight. If you don't know, its basically, well...

This is not your average type of RPG. It is very strategic, you can
move, attack enemies, cast spells, use items, fall into traps and even
get treasure chests. To move, press A in battle, which basically is a 
chess board, except much bigger, with boundries, your enemies have HP 
and can cast magic, can move much further, and attack.
Your main objective in each battle is to defeat (a) certain enemy(ies)
which is the "bad guy".
Like typical RPGS, you can 'level up', increasing your stats, but you 
have to defeat enemies in order to get EXP (experience points) for 
your level up.

Sub menu ::  Move   Field   Dragon    Party   End Turn

Move-- Move in the certain areas (you cannot walk the whole map, but 
you are given a certain range, remember, think strategically)
If you get close to an enemy (in your range), which is usually:

   R          R=Range
  RYR         Y=You
   R  Most characters have this range, except people who have, e.g. 
Crossbows, Polearms, etc, which you can hit further.    E
If an enemy comes in your range.... e.g                RYR
'Move' becomes 'Attack', and you will see your range.   R
Well, not really, but that is it.
However, for SPELLS or FIELD (explained later) you have a certain 
range, which normally is further and can hit other enemies from
further away.

Field-- This will show your PARTYs available techniques, such as 
Byuu's Swordtech or Donfan's Javelin, and it allows you to do special 
techniques, but at a cost, of MP (magic points). These are limited and
you will not die. They usually hit for more damage than an attack, but 
some can be elemental and affect certain enemies.

Dragon-- You get more options, Come!, Go! and Wait!
What? What? you ask? Well, you obtain dragons (one for each party).
They also gain EXP, and can transform via Dragon Feeding (outside 
battle). They can transform and be elemental, or be very strong, etc.
Come! - Makes the dragon come to you from anywhere
Go! - The dragon roams for enemies, trying to kill them or getting 
killed themselves...
Wait! - Makes the dragon stop, until your next command.

Party-- You can check out your parties stats, and you can use items 
before you attack. You can also cast magic, check on other parties, 
check on PR (money), time you played, Equip armor, weapons, etc, and 
check out your inventory.

End Turn-- Well... you guess!

Press Start when you get out of that, and you can...

End Phase -- Well, it skips all the parties which haven't have a turn

Save Game-- Well, whaddya think?

Sound Mode -- Change the sound setting (Monraul, Stereo, Surround)

NOTE: If an enemy has ???? HP, they usually have over 9999 HP.


Yes, they are here. And annoying. They happen in battle, from traps
and enemies.

Poison -- You know, you turn purplish and you get hurt once in a while.
The attacks with Poison in their name usually inflict this status.
Quickly heal or face the wrath.

Sleep -- You go to sleep, and the only way you can get out of it is
when you get hit by a physical attack. It's very very useful for the
magic users, since their physical attack is CRAP, you can blast away
with magic after you cast sleep on them. You usually have the enemy
sleeping, not you.

Rabbit -- Agh, what do you think? Turns you into a rabbit.... and your
attack and defense turns to 0. Yes... ZERO. Lol, your character is a 
rabbit now. But the pros about rabbit is 2 new techniques, Carrot Beam
and Carrot, both at 0 SP each. They don't deal much but can do 
critical damage, which is a lot to the enemy and hopefully killing
them =). Cottontails, enemies, inflict this, and when you get out of
it our SP is zero.

Stone -- You know, it turns you into stone. Well, not really, you still
get damage, unlike you getting 0 or instantly dying. They cannot attack
nor defend, so cast Heal or use Heal Potion to get out of this annoying
affect. Uhoho uses this.

Bingo -- OMG! A good affect??? Yes!!!! Bingo lets all characters in the
party have stronger special attacks for 1 round. If a special attack 
isn't used, it's still there for the next round. Don't overuse it 
though, that's the only thing with Bingo.

Death -- A lot of enemies cast different spells to inflict this. You die
instantly, and most of the attacks are something to do with death, such
as Assassinate, Unsheate and Exorcism. Use it on your enemies, but most
of the times they probably won't die. It's dark-elemental, and I'm
pretty sure the more dark-elemental status the better the evasion rate.

Your stats.

ATTACK- Determines how much damage you deal.
DEFENSE- Determines how much damage gets dealt to you.
SPEED- Determines how fast you move along the map. ---IMPORTANT!---
MAGIC- Determines how much your magic deals.

When you move up to a enemy and 'ATTACK' him, you will enter the final
fantasy type battle screen, but you are limited to attack, specials,
spells, defense and items.


This is  only acessable when you  have finished a battle or before. Go 
up to a dragon and press A buuton, to go into a 'battle' screen, which 
actually isn't. You can feed the dragon anything you want, it can make 
the stats go up or come down, it  depends on what you feed it. Yes, if 
you CAN, you can make all the stats go up to 100 ( or 9999 or 999 ) in 
level 1, providing that you have all the right items to feed. They can 
evolve depending  on  what you feed them  and what their stats become, 
lets  say 100 ICE  status was filled by, let's say Ice  Brand, then it 
would probably evolve into a IceElemental dragon, and have a different
look. There are so very very many different stages of evolving for the
dragon, and I'm sure you can't pass every combination of evolvement in
evolvement in one dragon. Also, as they evolve, they get different 
attacks, and spells, and be more resistant to so and so.

These are the stats for when you go into Dragon Feeding.

HP - Hit Points (life), determines how much life the dragon has and
     how much it can sustain before dying.
MP - Magic Points, determines how much magic it can use before it runs
STR- Strength, determines how much raw damage it can deal. (affects 
     dragon's appearance)
Vit- Vitality, determines how the damage is dealt (affects dragon's 
Dex- Dexterity, determines how fast the dragon is
Mind- Mind, determines how much the magic deals.
Fire- Fire elemental, determines how much fire based damage dealt, or 
      with magic
Water- Water elemental, determines how much water based damage dealt
       or with magic
Lit- Lightning elemental, determines how much lightning damage dealt
     or with magic
Life- Cure-elemental, determines how much the cure spells do
Po- Poison Elemental, determines how much poison damage dealt or with 
**elementals effect the dragons appearance
**Also, there are levels, which goes up by 10's. So if your thunder
**stat was 20, your thunder attack would be lv2.
Fid- Fidelity, basically like loyalty
Loy- Loyalty, helps fid gain points. Loyalty is what it says, high
     loyalty means the dragon listens to you and low means it is
     basically feral.
Wis- Wisdom, affects how the dragon attacks and how strategic it is. 
     If it is low, then the dragon would most likely attack then use a 
     special attack. Also affects where the dragon moves to on map.
Per- Personality, determines how the dragon moves. High means that it 
     would travel far to enemies, and low means that it stays to the 
Int- Intimacy, affects how the dragon helps you. Also affects appearance
HID- Hidden transformation stat (CANNOT BE SEEN), determines if the 
     dragon gets to UniUni dragon stage.

NOTE: Depending on the elemental, the party will have different 
      techiques and spells!

don't want to do a dragon feeding chart or any for that matter.

(!!) IMPORTANT (!!)
In Battle, If a Dragon dies, the allocated party will  not be able  to
use their techniques and spells.
(!!) IMPORTANT (!!)

2. Walkthrough


This is a warning. If you want your walkthrough to have  non-spoliers,
and NOT telling you what the people say, what  happens, etc. Please go
to another walkthrough. This walkthrough is basically a in-depth guide
which some people may not like. Also, there's swearing in  the game so
if you can't take it don't play the game. Also, if you  don't mind the
spoilers but don't like the in-depthness, please  visit another guide.
Another warning serves also to some of the grammar in this guide, this
might have  spelling  mistakes, but most  importantly, some grammar is
DELIBERATELY done to fit the line of words in, not to go over the word
line limit. And also, the format of each chapter goes like this:  Pro-
lougue, enemy list, battle, then epilougue of the chapter.


This walkthrough will tell you what to do and what is the best
strategy to defeat the enemy. And its got a lot of spoilers.

-=--=--=-=-____________________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-PROLOGUE-|The Downfall of Kahna Castle|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=--=--=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

King Kahna whipsers to Bahamut... 'Is this how things are to be?'.  He
says that he's unable to awaken you, Bahamut, and he asks if the  fate
of Kahna lie in destruction. A mysterious young lady opens the door...
and the scene switches to what looks like a ship.

Kahna Dragon Squad
   Sky Fortress

A person called Rush tells them to go, and another called Truce  tells
the captain to give the order to attack.

:"The dragon-loving Cross Knight and captain of Kahna's Dragon Squad":
Enter your name: DEFAULT Byuu. After that the dragons fly off, and you
all get a designated  dragon. Talk to  Bikkebakke and he  will suggest
some names for the dragon  above you. Talk to the dragon above you and
give  it a  name: DEFAULT: Salmando. Talk  to  Rush's dragon: DEFAULT:
Icedrake. And to  Truce's  dragon: DEFAULT:  Molten. Now talk to Truce
about some stuff, then choose 'no  need'  when you are done, and Truce
and Rush will get in  their dragons. Go  ride yours, and  you will go.
The scene goes back to Kahna Castle.

King Kahna asks his daughter if she  can sense  Bahamut. You  then are
asked to input the name of the  Princess, the King's Daughter, who can
speak with the Holy Dragons and holds the power of a Dragnar. The name
in  default  is  Yoyo. King  Kahna  asks  if she  can sense  Bahamut's
thoughts, then something  shakes... and  the King  says that they must
return to the castle. Yoyo asks Bahamut to Protect  Kahna... but  also
to protect Byuu...

The scene changes to the  throne room. Mist  says that  the empire  is
attacking the castle. Matelite asks what the Dragon squad is doing now
but King  Kahna  doesn't know, and  doesn't  reply. Mist  asks  what's
happening with Bahamut, but the King doesn't answer. Sendak,  and  old
mand says that the Holy Dragon must awaken, and without  Bahamut  they
will be no more. The King disagrees, that they still have Byuu and his
Dragon Squad. Rush, a member of the Dragon Squad, excuses himself  for
being late. You now control the main character, Byuu. Go to the  steps
and a scene starts. Truce, another member of the Dragon Squad says the
enemies sky fortress was a decoy, and that they fell for it.  Matelite
says to put that aside, and to follow him, as they will hold the enemy
back from the gates...

PROLOGUE BATTLE: Protect the Castle!

You storm out of the gates, and Matelite says that the enmy 
approaches. But you need to buy time, so Matelite destroys the bridge.
Inspire: Party gets 2 EXP. Sendak suggests freezing the river with 
magic to get across, and to use dragons.

Condition of Victory: Destroy all enemies.

First, take a good look at the map, there are 4 enemy groups.
There are 2 soldier groups, these are their stats:
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Soldier lv.2 HP 600

There is one Warbuster group, with 1 enemy in it,
Warbuster lv.8 HP 1200

And there is 1 Ice Magus group, with 2 Ice Magus in it.
Ice Magus lv.6 HP 480 MP 120
Ice Magus lv.6 HP 480 MP 120

Click on Byuu, and set his  dragon to Go!, then move to  Matelite. End
Turn, and your  dragon will  move to an enemy, probably  the Ice Magus
group. He should attack them, with  a scratch or Hellfire lv.1. And in
retaliation, he should receive some damage. It is now Sendak's go, set
Molten to  Go! and go next  to Matelite. Although  you need ice magic,
sadly this  party doesn't have it. Molten should  hopefully attack the
soldier party. Icedrake will have a turn now, it  will most likely use
a ice spell on the  soldier group. Your dragons will  now sustain some
damage,  and  in return deal  some. Now, its your  phase, so  click on
Matelite and go to  Black Magic via Field option, and use Ice Magic in
the middle  of the  bridge so it  makes a cross  that you can walk on.
Sendak  now notes  that becareful  of using Fire Magic, it'll melt the
bridge. Use Byuu to take out  one of  the soldier groups, and make use
of Flame  Pulse and  Flame hit,  but beware of the bridge. On Sendak's
turn, make  use of the magic, use  the White Drug (heals) or the Flame
Gaze to weaken the  enemies. Now its  enemies turn, so take the damage 
in and heal later. Get  Byuu to kill  off the Warbuster. He  shouldn't 
have much HP left, so don't bother using your techs. Now  get Matelite 
to  take  out the  Soldier  group, but if  he can't  use Black  magic,
preferably  on the Ice  Magus, then  get Sendak to finish the job, and 
the  dragons  should take  care of remaining soldiers. Everyone should
should get 20 EXP each and some characters will level up.

Post Battle

After the battle more enemies will  come... One says that the enemy is
approaching, and that the enemies  have penerated  the castle  to King
Kahna himself! Matelite says that they have to go back and protect the
king. The scene is at the castle, and  Matelite  fights  valiantly and 
you gain control of Byuu. Go and goto  the guy whos slashing Matelite.
A person called Sauzer orders the capture  of Princess Yoyo. She yells
out the name of Byuu and Matelite. Palpaleos, a Granbelos General says
something about Byuu, the captain of Kahna's Dragon Squad... but  gets
cut off by Sauzer, questioning King Kahna  about Bahamut's  Power, and
how its not worthy of a legend. King Kahna asks how he knows  of  this
'legend'. Sauzer says that history always chooses  a single  person, a
hero. King Kahna doesn't know what he's scheming, and King Kahna  says
that the Holy Dragons will not awaken, and that he will not hand  over
the power. Sauzer says thats because  their time of  awakening  hasn't
come yet. That moment when it comes, he says he will conquer the world
and that time begins... now, or so he says...

        "Kahna was destroyed following the battle.
                             One era ends and a new one begins."


-=-=-=-=-=- _____________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 1-|The Beginning|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

"Dear Byuu...
 How are you?
 Where are you travelling to now?
 Several winters have passed since 
 the war..."

Scene changes to a cliff, and you should recognize the figure as 

"Since our Kahna was destroyed...
 Since the Granbelos Empire
 conquered the world...
 Those battles are now old history...
 The resistance group created as
 per the deceased king's final wish
 is only but a name.
 Without you Byuu, everyone seems saddened."

Sendak walks further down, while something like snow is falling.

"Yes... The snow has already begun 
 to fall here.
 Winter looks like it will be cold 
 again this year.
 Well, that is all. Please take care
 of yourself.
                         From Sendak"

Sendak goes further down and enters the house. Then you the what seems
to be a sky with stuff floating around. What Sendak was on was the 
land in the middle of the screen.
'Several years after the horrible war...'
Lagoon of the Forgotten Region - Island of Tedd
'A resistance movement opposing the Empire began to form, comprised 
of surviving knights of Kahna.'
Zora says finally, and Lukia finishes off the sentence saying 'he' has
come back. In the air, your see the dragons (Byuu, Rush's and Truce's)
fly... Melodia, a little child, recognises the Dragon as Salmando, and
it's Byuu's. The dragons land. Bikkebakke tells everyone that Byuu  is
back, and so does Zora. You will get introduced to Taicho of the Mahal
Knighes and Sendak, a Master  Summoner. Sendak tells  Byuu  there  are
many things they have to catch up on. You meet Matelite, a  Knight  of
Kahna, Star Sign Virgo, Blood Type O. Matelite has just come out of  a
nap, and Zora tells him to hurry and get Byuu  out of  here  into  the
house. Byuu lands Salmando and Truce says that their time to save  the
Princess Yoyo begins right now.

Everyone gets ready, and you control Byuu. First, go north and inspect 
the north box to get a Uniuji. Go down and right, and next to the door 
is some steps, head up and around to  the side of  the house to  get 5 
Magic Gins. Go inside the house and go to the left wall, and up to the 
book  rack to get a Genius  Notebook. At the  drawer you  get a Drawer 
Thing (next to Matelite) And the  north barrel has a Sweet Wine. Check 
the  inside  of  the  bed (facing  down) to get  a Porno Mag. Talk  to 
Matelite and answer 'Yes' and open  the chest,to enter  Yoyo's memory. 
You will see a scene of his  past  and  you  must  control  Byuu. It's 
about  him  and  Yoyo, (Yoyo  obviously  likes  Byuu). Choose the  top 
answers and you will soon go  back. Go outside and  you can feed  your
dragons if you want to now, but there's no point  as you might want to 
save your items till you got more. Talk to Sendak to get  another past 
scene. Talk to Rush and then the lady above him to get Various  items. 
I think its 9 drugs, 5 ice, thunder, poison, life grass and some other 
stuff. Now give the middle dragon a  name: DEFAULT: Thunderh. Talk  to 
Salmando  and  choose  second  option 'take  off'. You will  get  more
fighters here, the little devils.

CHAPTER ONE BATTLE: Kick the enemy outta Kahna's flagship!

Before attacking, goto map. There are certain enemy groups,
5 Soldier groups, stats:
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Soldier lv.2 HP 600

2 Ice Magus/Soldier groups:
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Ice Magus lv.6 HP 480 MP 120
Ice Magus lv.6 HP 480 MP 120
Soldier lv.2 HP 600

And one boss group.
Soldier lv.2 HP 600
Lanzenritter  BOSS  lv.12 HP 1500 MP 60
Soldier lv.2 HP 600

You can look at their individual stats :: like Strength, Defense, 
Speed and Magic.


First off, set your dragons to go... remember, you  will need to every
battle so I'll remind you. Get Byuu to go up to the only soldier group
he can fight, and engage  in a battle. By  now you should  now what it
looks like, your stats  are up the top, and  you have the enemy to the
left. Use Flame Hit on the enemies then get Rush, Truce and Bikkebakke
to attack each one ( different each time ). If you are lucky, Salmando
will come and  use his  fire attack, then  Byuu will use his Flame Hit
then the others will kill the others off and finish the party.

Salmando now flies off  and attacks a  party. All of the other parties
can't attack the enemy  right  now, it's too  far. The  dragons should
automatically be  set on Go! so End Turn. If  I'm correct, the dragons
should now weaken  the soldier's  defense. Now it's  the enemies turn,
they like to pick on dragons, but if they attack a party  its the same
style battle  screen, except they  attack first. Take  the damage, and
after their turn, heal up. Now you should be able to attack one of the
Ice Magus groups so do so. But if you can attack the boss, even better
but if you kill him you won't  get the EXP, so  attack the Ice  Magus.
Use  the Flame Pulse, but save your SP for the boss, either Matelite's
or Byuu's group should attack the boss in this chapter. Get Matelite's
group now to attack one of the weak  soldier's group, and it should be 
destroyed  eaisly. Ice Drake  should now  take out what is left of the
other soldier group, if not, get one of the  others to. Sendak's group
is probably too far to attack and won't get  a hit this chapter UNLESS
you use the MAGIC the group has. It should be their turn, but not many
are  left so not  much damage will be done... Now get Matelite's group
to  ALL hit Lanzenritter, with their Ice pulse and Matelite's Inspire,
ONLY  if you Byuu's group to finish Lanzenritter. You can decide  also
to take out the rest, but its up to you. As a bonus for  defeating the
boss Lanzenritter, everybody gets 50 exp and hopefully some characters 
gain some much needed levels.

Post Battle

Matelite  now says that he will take over the ship. You'll now see the
ship in the 'world' view, riding to a destination. Then you  board the
ship, Matelite  eager to find who is in the ship. He  runs off. Taicho
yells out that he has arrived and Matelite says that its rude  that no
one has come to greet them. Sendak comes in, and says how he remembers
Kahna's Flagship. Byuu now enters, with Rush behind him, who says that
the castle is in the sky, and he wants to go to the bridge area of the
ship. Move forward and more familiar faces will appear, Bikkebakke and
Truce. Truce says that the others who joined up are  waiting, they are
two girls and two lancers (yes... more fighters!). Bikkebakke mentions
that this is your new house. Go up and Sendak will say that he used to
be your old Captain...  and asks Byuu if he remembers... Anyway, go up
and a whole  lot of people rush out and... greet you as the new leader
of the resistance! Hornet, the ship's pilot, is the old man you wanted
to speak to for that. Hornet mentions your friends are waiting at  the
bridge area, and tells  you to go with him. You can talk to the others
and they give you some tips and information. Go up and the screen will
go black...  and then Matelite yells out for Taicho. Taicho says he is
stuck. The  level will load and Hornet (at the left) will  tell you to
go with him. Truce, Rush and Bikkebakke are behind you again, they say
the same things, and you will see that there are people  blocking each
entrance except the one you are supposed to take. Try go up the middle
and you will get told off by Matelite =). Try take the left stairs and
Sendak will  stop you, he has something he wants to talk about. Sendak
tells you  he's not a very good namemaker... so he needs you to make a
name for the ship... DEFAULT:Farnheit. After you have done that Sendak
will say that isn't a bad name... then Matelite tries to exit the door
again (but stopped by the guard). He doesn't  really like the name you
have  chosen (no matter what it is). You all gather up and then Hornet
tells  you to come. You  have to go up. You are now on the bridge, and
you see a woman, Frederica (one of the  2 girls, and the other two are
the lancers). She asks why Byuu isn't back, then Hornet comes and says
sorry that they had to wait for Byuu. The other girl, Diana, will come
say that Byuu's back, and you  control Byuu  yet again. Go up and  the
girl ( Frederica ) will greet Byuu (he seems  popular...). Hornet will
interrupt their conversation and say that there is no time to chat and
that now the 'struggle' begins. Hornet orders Sendak to depart. Hornet
asks what the name of the ship is, and just about when Sendak says it,
Matelite will rush in and ask 'what about me' and 'what is the meaning
of this', but Taicho tells Matelite to wait, but they are getting  too
loud so Hornet tells him to be quiet. Matelite gets angry... then this
thing happens, Matelite goes right, and then some people jump on him..
Right. Hornet now asks Sendak to say the name. He says it, then Taicho
says something seems to be missing... then Matelite gives something to
Taicho, and  then Taicho climbs  up and gets Kahna's  flag ready. Then
Matelite  utters some words about  more flags. It  seems to of reached
dusk... then you are asked to save your Bahamut Lagoon game.
(phew... look at the neatness!)

-=-=-=-=-=-  ___________________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-CHAPTER 2- |The Legend we Dreamed of...|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=-=-  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Pre Battle

The Green continent of Campbell
      Granbelos Fortress

You  see one of Sauzer's men come in to the jail cell, and open it. He
notes that Princess Yoyo is asleep (duh) then she shifts in her sleep,
at that point he moves closer to her but is interupted and moves  back
when Sauzer comes in. He asks if Palpaleos ( him ) can't  sleep either.
He says he can't and Sauzer don't worry and asks him 'can he feel it',
the legened they dreamed of has come. Palpaleos asks if it  is on this
green continent of Campbell, Sauzer  replies with a yes  and says that
Princess Yoyo will fufill their dreams, fufill the legend. Bla bla bla
then Sauzer tells Palpaleos to go and rest. "The legend we dreamed of.
.." The scene changes into Palpaleos's  memories, with  Sauzer. Sauzer
tells him to look at the sky, and tells him that most of it is theirs.

Palpaleos asks him of the legend, and Sauzer says there is one...  One
spoken of in Kahna. Palpaleos says its the legend of the holy dragons.
Sauzer asks him if he could do 'it', become the man of the legend.  He
says he has conquered the skies, and will accept any battles he faces.
Then he will achieve victory. " Victory for a new era ". Sauzer  wants
Palpaleos to be by his side when he achieves that. You exit  the dream
and see Farnheit fly off, then the scene switches to the inside.  Rush
gets the first words, that Matelite is going to teach them  the basics
of fighting. He says Matelite thinks he is a big shot, yelling at them
to line up and wait. You control Byuu now, you can talk to Hornet  and
the ship will rumble, you can look at  the flag, you can  make Melodia
like  you... Talk to Gunso twice, and get a Gunso's ???, he is the one
in the second last row in the middle. You can go downstairs after that
and go into Princess Yoyo's room. You can buy stuff off the person who
was  guarding the room. Buy  one of each, and  he gives you a tip that
these items makes the dragon  smarter when  you feed  them, but not to
overdo it. There isn't anything else here though, so exit. Don't enter
the right  room yet, otherwise Matelite will scold you, so go down. Go
to the weapon salesman (far left) and ask for the secret. He gives you
tips about dragon feeding but don't buy any items. Go to the far right
salesman and buy 2 Litancible. You can  talk to the mini-devils,  they
are part of your party. Go back and talk to Rush now, and  choose 'Sit
still and wait for Matelite'. Taicho comes in (gee, he's been used  by
Matlite...) and tells  everyone to be  quiet and listen  to Matelite's
speech. Rush says that Matelite's  speech is  long... Will you  do the
quick speech? Yes or no, No will  give you a  longer  speech about the
war  and Yes will  give you a way shorter speech. I will  let you play
them out yourself. Matelite isn't the public talking type but he tries
to keep going on  with the  speech. He will give out  positions on who
will do what, of course  he gets the  best job. He will then  instruct
everybody  to do directions, so be quick, but in the end if you get it
all you still end up as if you failed the  directions (dumb ass you!).

Matelite will then tell you to study more Formation, then Matelite  is
tired so he lets fellow mate Taicho take over. Taicho says  to himself
that he isn't very good at  Formation. Say  No, and you get  very good
tips on how to stratigize your party, such as 3 heavy armors will move
slowly on the map, so bring a Light Armor person to move Waaay further
on the map. He will also tell you  that if you mix  a party too  much,
they will have no special abilities than a party of 4  wizards. Taicho 
asks  Byuu if he understands now, say yes. Now the dragon keeper comes
and talks about Dragons, how you should feed them to make them better.
Go the right and Jump off where the dragon keeper came  in (and if you
talk  to him, he will  jump off). You  will end up outs ide, where you
fought the second  battle of the game. Talk  to the dragon  keeper and
make sure you take in  what he says  to you.  Ater the  long talk, you
will get a new dragon, DEFAULT: Twinhead. You  can now feed dragons, I
personally like feeding Salmando the  most because I  personally think
he's the  strongest. Feed him a Long  Sword, you won't  need that, and
the items you bought  earlier. Feed  him, and  hopefully  soon he will
turn into Muscle Leprose. You can  go back inside, and get  more items
to feed the dragons, but you would  want to conserve money. Go to  the
bridge  area now, and you can talk  to *i think* Frederica, whos lying
on the ground. You can get her  medicine and give it to her or you can
keep it  and get 5  drugs, 5  Heal  potions and 5  Litancibles. That's
mean, but you get good items =) You now  have to go to  Sendak's room,
which is  south from the line of characters. You  now have to  promise
Sendak something, then go to Hornet and say let's go to Campbell where
Princess Yoyo is held... Now your dragons fly off... and configure the

CHAPTER TWO BATTLE: Let's get Princess Yoyo back!

First, make sure you put Lukia in Matelite's party otherwise they will
not get anywhere. Then put the  Heavy Armor  in Lancer's  party. Then,
LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!! But before look at the map.

These are the enemy groups. 
Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Soldier lv.2  HP 600   - 3 Groups
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Warbuster  lv.8  HP 1200    -3 Groups
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120   - 4 groups
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Lanzenritter BOSS lv.12  HP 1500  MP 60
Soldier lv.2  HP 600


Well,  hopefully your dragons are set on Go!. You can't now attack any
parties,  but your dragons can. Hopefully Salmando attacks Ice Magus's
party,  then move all your other characters and watch the dragons pick
off the enemies defense. Agh, it soon should be the enemies turn,  and
your dragons will get a pounding. Hopefully they all don't  attack the
same dragon. Hopefully the dragon you used your  supplies on  had good
personality, it should of gone far and weakened  one of  the Warbuster
or Ice Magus parties. When its your turn, grovel over lost HP then use
Byuu's party to finish the Soldier's party off. Use Flame Hit then get
the other 3 to attack and they should all die. Matelite's party should
now weaken one of the Soldier's  defense, but not  kill them, you will
need another turn. Now get Sendak to use a field  spell (fire, maybe?)
on one/two soldier parties, furthe r reducing HP. Now  move the  other
parties as far as they can. Most of your  dragons get  a pounding, but
in return your dragons should take the enemy out here. Your  turn, get
Byuu to attack Warbuster. Be weary of your SP, so attack the Warbuster
then hopefully you can take out the soldiers. Get Lan-lan-lancers =)to
get as close to the hill as possible. Same as all, move as near as the
party can. Your turn, there should be a Warbuster group near you,  and
kill the Warbuster. If you don't kill all of them, hopefully  Salmando
takes care of that. I doubt you can do anything else, do so if you can
attack the enemy. You probably won't take much or any damage now, most
of the enemy should be dead. Lanzenritter should of made his move now,
so get Matelite to attack him if possible focusing attacks on the boss
rather than attacking the soldiers. You can now take care of the boss,
or you can leave him and go defeat the  others and come back, but you
will still get 200 (!!) bonus EXP... Hopefully you have leveled up to
at least 5. 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-  _______________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 3- |The Green Continent of Campbell|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Matelite says that the fortress is too far off into the distance,  and
asks if Princess Yoyo is held there. Matelite yells to Yoyo to hold on
a little longer. He then orders you to follow  him, most  follow, Byuu
stays though with Rush, Sendak and Lukia. Rush asks if he was  talking
to them... (lol) and then Lukia gets them to go so Matelite won't  get
angry. You can talk to Sendak and call the dragons, and the  salesman,
dragons  and dragon keeper comes out. You can get the basics from  the
dragonkeeper again, or get some items to feed the dragons. Buy Rapiers
because although they may cost  less they have 1  less STR value  than
Long Sword but also boost Dex and Mind. Another good buy is Battle Axe
because it costs 100 PR less and has 1 more str boost than Long Sword.
Keep your burning axes, so Matelite's party will deal more damage  but
don't worry, you'll get more. Hopefully you can get a elemental status
up to 10, then your dragon will  evolve, don't be afraid to  use  your 
Grass items. I got Salmando into  a Pontilac  here, I  don't know what 
it is... not even a dragon...? Talk to Sendak when you are done to go.

CHAPTER THREE BATTLE: Break into the fortress!

The map... check it then go to the equip menu for Matelite's party and
equip those Burning Axes. Equip an Ice Brand if you got 1  in the last
battle on Byuu. Then your pretty much ready for the battle.

These are the enemy groups.
Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200  - 4 groups LINED up in the MIDDLE
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120   - 3 groups, 2 near first Warbuster
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120   - and second next to boss
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Soldier lv.2  HP 600   - 3 groups, 2 past second barrier and one next
Soldier lv.2  HP 600   - to the boss
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200    - 2 hard groups at the side...
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200

Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200
Groyer  BOSS  lv.13  HP 2800
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200


Okay. I don't think you will take out every single enemy out  in  this
round, but we will try. Every one will probably get a turn here,  make
sure you are prepared. When you  first start  the boss makes a  little
joke, then realises you are coming. Get Byuu to move up, and  use  the
field  technique Flame hit to hit in the middle of the  Ice Magus  and
the Warbuster party, taking out the Ice Magus (yes!!!!!) so you  would
want to hit (e.g.-_-) in the middle just above that line,  effectively
gaining some good Fire based items. You should gain about 194 EXP.

Matelite now moves, and Icedrake should take the soldier's defense out
well, maybe not killin them but for near death. Get Sendak to move and
hopefully the dragon takes the wall out with the lightning attack. The
lancers's dragon should hit the soldier group, and the last group  can
take out the soldier(s). It's now their turn, the Warbusters should of
gone for you, which will be eaisly taken out by Byuu's group. If  your
dragon got to close to the Gran Launcher, then the Gran Launcher  will
shoot at it, hurting it... ouch. Now it should be your turn after they
attack your bes dragon, go up and attack the Warbuster  group. If  you
are lucky you can take them out without using any SP. Salmando  should
be further weakening the  HP around the boss, that is if you  fed  him
good and is Per stat is 100. Move your other character closer and  the
dragons should take out the remaning forces at the first  barrier  but 
not the Gran Launchers. Let Matelite and the Lancer group to take care
of that. Everyone should be attack the dragon with Per 100 now but the
dragon probably will have a good  defense. Get Byuu's group to  go up,
and attack the Soldier group. Get Matelite's group to move to the left
Gran launcher and Lancer's to goto the left one while the dragons take
out the weakened army at the top. Enemies turn, the Gran launchers hit
Matelite and Lancers, but they shouldn't die becuase they haven't done
much. Heal if you are low on HP. Okay, now Warbuster group should  hit
Byuu, but  taken out, and then Groyer comes in for a punch. Use  Flame
Hit and Pulses, but it shouldn't take him out  yet. Your  turn, do not
get Byuu to destroy Groyer but get Matelite to SMASH the Gran Launcher
and  do that with the lancers. Anyway, now just get Byuu to smash  the
Boss. You all get 400 EXP as a bonus! 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-  ______________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 4- |Full of Regret|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You see Matelite rush into the castle as he yells out Yoyo!!.  Taicho,
his fellow follower, follows him as  usual. Matelite  says that he  is
here. Taicho also says that he is here... Byuu, Sendak, Lukia and Rush
come in, Rush goes to the stairs, and you control Byuu. Talk to  Rush,
the others don't do anything special. Rush will go up the stairs,  and
you should follow him. Up the stairs and you see Matelite running over
the place, and Taicho against the wall, wanting you to introduce  Yoyo
to him. Talk to  Rush, and choose a option, either  way he'll go  into
the door. Rush then realises she isn't  here, but if you  talk to  the
person in the bed its actually a soldier! Talk to him again, then  you
get two options, which lead to each other  anyway. So you  can torture
him but Matelite rushes in (damn.) and realises Yoyo isn't here.  Rush
says that they are going to torture this guy so they can get the info,
Taicho says that its an excellent idea ( =) ) then you hit him and the
guy starts talking. He says its to the forest to the  north, but  they
still don't believe him, Matelite hits him again and he manages to get
away. Go down and you can feed the dragons. Feed them your Long Sword,
Battle  Axe and Burning  Axe. Also, Plate  Mail and Leather Armor  are
good, but don't feed it your Flame Vest. If you  have a Drawer  Thing,
please use it, it is a great  feeding item. Go  downstairs and  Sendak
will be ashamed for you, and  Lukia says that Rush went  to chase  the
guy but only found the salesman =). Okay, once you are done preparing,
it's time to face battle again.

CHAPTER FOUR BATTLE: Where the hell is Princess Yoyo?

First off, equip your Flame Vest on the Lancers, and the new spear  on
another lancer. That's all about all you can do, take a good  look  at
your map. It seems that  Lanzenritter  and Groyer  have become  normal
enemies, so prepare for a very tough battle.

Enemy groups:
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Flame Magus  lv. 8  HP 650  MP 140  -- Two groups in lower right 
Flame Magus  lv. 8  HP 650  MP 140  -- corner
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120  -- Three near Palpaleos
Ice Magus lv.6  HP 480  MP 120

Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130  -- Two groups, one near Ice Magus's
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130  -- and one in upper left corner
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200 MP 54
Palpaleos  lv.34  HP ???? MP 130  -- Goes after a while, try to defeat
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200 MP 54   -- him on New Game EX

Soldier lv.2  HP 600
Soldier lv.2  HP 600   -- Three groups, to the left of starting
Soldier lv.2  HP 600   -- position
Soldier lv.2  HP 600

Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60  -- Near boss

Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800    -- Two groups near boss
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200

Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800
Zomberd  BOSS  lv.15  HP 3600
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800

CONDITION OF VICTORY : Defeat of Zomberd

Well, lots of enemies in this  battle 15  groups to be  exact, then 14
later, you'll find out. Start by moving Byuu closer  to the  Palpaleos
area, while Matelite goes closer to the Soldier area left of him. Same
with the Lancers, then get the Summoners to where  Byuu's going.  Keep
at it while you defeat the enemy along the way. Zomberd, the boss will
not be able to move far so it will take a while for him to  reach you.
If you notice, Palpaleos will not move at all for some  reason...  But
as your next enemy turn comes, Palpaleos leaves the  matters into  the
Boss Zomberd's hands. So if you want to  defeat him  you need to  come
back in New Game EX. He was merely watching you. Retreat your  parties
if Zomberd and his huge gang come close, you need some backup. Station
Matelite and Lancer's parties so that they defend and the dragons roam
around. Soon enough Byuu should get around the mountain, defeating any
enemies that come along the way, then yuo should attack with  Matelite
and Lancers. Keep your  weaker  parties out of  the way. If the  lower
right enemies come get Matelite and Lancers to take then  out. One  of
my dragons got killed here, try not to always set them on Go! command.
Try to defeat the boss LAST, and Groyer and Lanzenritter  before  him.
You'll  gain better items then. Get Byuu to try Flame Hit the Boss and
the forest, it sets the forest on fire (yes!) and it helps you.  Okay,
your dragons and characters should now recieve a bashing. They  likely
will die, resulting in your characters not able to use their techs....
You should now focus on your attacks when you have taken  out most  of
the ex-bosses. Once the dragons are KO'ed, go for Zomberd with  Byuu's
party and Matelite or  Lancers. Try not to step on the  flames if  you 
made some. As a bonus you get 750 EXP. Ouch. Lots of levels though.

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=- ______________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 5-|Emporer Sauzer|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Matelite, comes in and yells and asks a question, why did Sauzer bring
Princess Yoyo to a forest like this. Taicho  says that there are  many
enemies here. He says they are not human but monsters. Lukia asks  why
they came to such a dangerous place. Sendak gets a word, that the Holy
Dragon resides in this forest. Sendak says that its the same sense  as
that of Bahamut in Kahna. Matelite  doesn't care, he just  wants  Yoyo
back safe. He orders yo to follow him. Taicho also tells them to go.

You control Byuu. Get Bikkebakke to call the dragons. Go to the sales-
man to get some NEW weapons (Er... fianlly)  and buy 1 Ice  Armor  for
Byuu, its way too expensive right now...

CHAPTER FIVE BATTLE: What the hell is a dragon doing here?

First, equip any new items you have  bought on the  characters, and  I
suggest  you  change your  formation now. Put Bikkebakke  in the Heavy 
Armor  group, and then  get a  Lancer changed with  Truce. Put a  Mini
Devil in the Summoner group and your just about to go. Don't worry you
will get more characters later. You can switch the Heavy Armor in Byuu
's party with a lancer to make it more even. 

Enemy groups.
Triphid  lv.9  HP 1850  -Two groups, near each other
Triphid  lv.9  HP 1850

Triphid  lv.9  HP 1850
Triphid  lv.9  HP 1850  -One group, far off the closer hill
Triphid  lv.9  HP 1850

Vampire Bat  lv.7  HP 1200
Vampire Bat  lv.7  HP 1200 -One near water

Dendrobium  lv.11 HP 2650  MP 44  -One just past second Tripid
Dendrobium  lv.11 HP 2650  MP 44  -Second nearest to dragon

Sky Hawk lv.8 HP 980
Sky Hawk lv.8 HP 980 -Two parties near second water
Sky Hawk lv.8 HP 980

Chimera  lv.13  HP 3600 MP 49


First round, you won't be able to attack any enemies. I think you  can
freeze the river if you really want to and  cross it, but its a  waste
of precious MP. Get Byuu to  go around the right  and Matelite  around
the left. The Triphid should be weak to Fire so  when the dragon  hits
them they should all die if the don't get Byuu to take them. Next turn
get Matelite around the side and Byuu more up (unless you take out the
Triphid), the dragons taking out more of the enemy. I got Salmando  to
a Grand Dragon in this battle, so that makes him very effective taking
out Triphids. Your turn after the enemy and move closer, hopefully you
can hit the Dendrobium but it can be in the way by the dragon. Now get
Matelite to take out most of the Triphid party, it  should be easy  if
you have good dragon stats. Once the enemy is done, there shouldn't be
much left of them now. Take them all out while you move closer to  the
dragon. Your dragons should now fly off to attack the enemy, while you
slowly move closer (agh need more Light Armors...) but Matelite should
be closer than the other parties, if he has Lukia. Let one dragon take
care of the Sky Hawk at the right side (Molten, maybe?). Salmando,  or
a different dragon will take a  beating from  Chimera and other  enemy
parties. My Salmando was so strong it took out Sky Hawk, Dendrobium  &
the Chimera party when they attacked him, leaving one party left. That
way, you will gain massive EXP by doing that  if you ever  come across
that situation. Just move closer to the enemy, but beware, the Chimera
is very strong and tough, so heal and take a few turns in beating  it.
You all get 1100 EXP as a bonus, leveling you up to about 7,8 or 9.

Post Battle

The scene switches and Matelite says 'Yoyo...',  wondering about  her.
Sendak says that is a Holy Dragon, just as he thought so. Taicho spots
Emporer Sauzer and General Palpaleos at the dragon. Lukia say that the
characters may not be able to beat them. Matelite says not to give up,
because  they have to put their lives at  risk to save  Yoyo. Matelite
then asks Sendak why she doesn't say anything. Sendak wonders, on  the
day Kahna had its final day, why  Sauzer took the  Princess, and  took
her here to the Holy  Dragon. Truce  says he might  know, Yoyo is  the
King's daughter, and she has the same power as him. Rush then realises
Yoyo can talk to Holy Dragons as well! Sendak says that, that could be
the  reason, and Sauzer  wanted it all for  himself. Matelite says  it
doesn't matter, the princess is  going back with  them. Matelite  says
it's time to go, no more  listening to  Sendak's  'ramblings'.  Taicho
thinks 'how rude... saying nothing but "follow me"'. Taicho goes ahead
and Rush says that they have gone ahead. Truce takes Bikkebakke up  as 
well. Talk to Sendak, and  he  says he  is talking about  what  Sauzer
wants, he wants to speak with the  Holy Dragons  using the  Princess's
power. Then, what would he do then... Sauzer, Emporer of Granbelos and
Sauzer, Emporer of Orelus. 'What more  could he want???'  Sendak asks.
Just then the screen rumbles  Matelite yells out  for Sendak to  bring
medicine because he's hurt. They call you to hurry. Go up. Talk to the
'brave' Matelite, and Sauzer will go blabla about holding the princess
'hostage'. They then instruct Princess Yoyo to show her power. Priness
Yoyo doesn't want to, but General  Palpaleos is soft  on her,  telling
to but then Matelite says not to. Sauzer then realises she can't do it
and lets her go and that its a shame that they cannot start a new era.

Sauzer then attempts to kill Yoyo but Palpaleos  grabs Yoyo and  moves
out her out of the way. You enter a battle, with Byuu full health, and
Matelite, Taicho and Sendak all  on 10 HP. You  seem to  have all  the
techs. Just attack, but you will be felled by Sauzer, then Yoyo  steps
in and says that she will talk to the Holy Dragon. You exit battle and
you see Yoyo and energy. Sauzer collapses and Palpaleos calls a dragon
picking up Sauzer. Lukia asks if Byuu if he's alright, and Lukia  asks
you to save Yoyo. Go approach Palpaleos, and he identifies you as Byuu
the Dragon Squad leader thing, and leaves. Talk to Yoyo and the screen
will flash and everyone will be healed. The Princess  seems to  'die',
but it turns out she is still breathing. Byuu and Matelite  carry  her
to safety. I'm not sure what happens now, I'm pretty sure the Princess
is have a dream, where Palpaleos comes in, and Yoyo asks  if they  are
going to the dragon. Yoyo asks Palpaleos about something he's good at,
like Battle and Tactics, but Palpaleos says that a woman wouldn't find
that interesting. Yoyo says that isn't true, no-one would ever talk to
her about that sort of thing. General Palpaleos then dissappears,  and
a voice says its the  end of the  dream. Yoyo asks who  is it, then  a
dragon appears, the Holy Dragon Valitora. Valitora realises that  Yoyo
is the one who can speak with the dragons. Yoyo lies about herself and
Valitora says that she is a Weak-Minded  girl who is  nobody. Valitora
says that if she gathers the minds of all  the Holy  Dragons then  she
will be worthy to have their power, thus becoming a Dragnar. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=- __________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 6-|It's Not a Dream, Is It...|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You control Byuu. If you talk to Hornet, he will allow you to  control
the  ship, but you  are too  young to do it =) . Melodia will say  its 
nothing but Yoyo, and even Hornet is grinning, and then  Hornet  tells
to go play in her room =). Matelite thinks that he can  impress  Yoyo.
Talk to Taicho, and say yes and he'll say take care of your appearance
because he is sticky with dragon drool =). Talk to Bikkebakke  and  he
will say he'll need to talk with you later... Go into Sendaks room and
inspect the vase to get a Uniuji. Go downstairs into the right room  &
Anastasia  will tell you about Sidequests, how you can build up levels
by doing so. All the other girls don't say much but you can learn what
happened between the  lancers (lan-lan-lancers!!!). The left room  and
Barclay will talk about Anastasia and some useful tips. You can get  a
Gunso's  ??? from Gunso... You can buy stuff from the guy at the left,
and you find out that one of the lancers is depressed. You can go feed
the dragons now and buy items, when you are done try go into  Princess
Yoyo's room.. but... Zora rushes out, knocking you over, shouting  out
that the princess is awake, and everyone rushes into her  room. Go  up
and talk to Yoyo, and she wakes up. Sendak introduces her to the ship.

And  they all welcome  her too. Bikkebakke  says that  he gained  some 
weight (ROFL!!!) and they introduce themselves yet again. Yoyo  thinks
its a dream, but its not, and Matelite points out the bad dream.  Yoyo
says it wasn't a nightmare, just an ordinary dream. Zora comes &  says
she needs her rest. Yoyo gets up when you are about to leave, and says
that her dream had the dragon in it. Bla bla bla about the Dragnar and
Taicho asks what is a Dragnar. Matelite says its a person whos mind is
one with the dragons, and can control their massive  power. Then  they
talk about Valitora and how that Granbelos isn't a enemy, and they run
off, forgetting it was just a dream... Sendak says that it  was not  a
ordinary dream, if Valitora spoke to  her. Now she wants  to be alone,
but Zora comes in and says she hates people like that, and tells  Yoyo
that everybody sturggled to save her from the Empire. Then Zora  gives
her encouraging words. Go into the Princess's bed and face down to get
a Princess's ???. If you feed a dragon with this it  boosts HID  stat,
and they gain Unknown Form. Go to Sendak's room and look in her bed to
get a Bad Cookie. Go downstairs and into the left room and  Bikkebakke
will be there, you can listen to his story and buy some Mushrooms from
him. Go upstairs and talk to  Yoyo, and she  has a reuqest for Hornet,
to fly around the Sky of  Campbell, to see  the situation on  Campbell
Lagoon. Hornet accepts, then Yoyo leaves, but before she asks Byuu  to
come to the captain's room because there's something she wants to talk
about with you. Then you see Hornet's  thoughts, not  to waste  Byuu's 
time, because he is busy with the dragon squad. He says that he  won't
say anymore because he doesn't want to he a cranky man. Yoyo comes and
asks Sendak if they can use his room, and Matelite asks if he can join
in, but Yoyo tells him to watch Campbell for her. Go down into Sendaks
room, and talk to Yoyo. She will talk about  before, about  what  Zora
said, about everyone fighting for her. She says she will now try  hard
from now on, and try to surpass everyone's expectations. She says  she
is scared, about  becoming a  Dragnar. She says Valitora said  if  she
gathers the power of the Holy Dragons, whether or not becoming a Drag-
nar is up to her. She says if not, what will happen to  her? Then  she
apologises to Byuu because this might be awkaward for him. Control him
and go up to the door, and Sendak will be there. She will say that him
and the Princess are always together by themselves, and  that war  and
love cannot match. Sendak will now make a new rule aboard the ship, No
Love  Permitted  Aboard. But then  Sendak changes  his mind,  thinking
that everyone will hate him. Sendak will now, when the Princess comes,
go 'Oh, Princess!!', indicating that the old perverted man touched her
well, somewhere where she didn't want to, and she  moves  up a little.

Sendak says he ordered the reconnaissance  of  Campbell. Everyone,  he
says, is wondering if there's something at Campbell Lagoon. Yoyo  then
asks about the legend of Kahna, Sauzer knew about it but wouldn't tell
Yoyo. Sendak says if he's after the Kahna legend, then why Campbell???
Yoyo says her aunt might know about it, then Sendak says that they are
going to go see the Queen of Campbell. Sendak says that Queen is  King
Kahna's sister. Since's she is a member of the family, she  must  know
of it. Sendak says if they learn about  it then they can  stand up  to
Sauzer. Sendak rushes out to tell everybody. She asks you  if she  can
talk to you about other things from now on, either way you end up  the
same way with her. Go up and talk to Matelite. They are going to go to
see the Queen, and free Campbell from the Granbelos Empire. Yoyo  asks 
what it looks like around there, and  Matelite says  that there are  a
lot of Imperial  soldiers. Hornet  now says  that the Empire  probably
knows they're here. You  must now make  battle  preparations. Talk  to 
Hornet when you're ready.

TIP: Mushrooms are really good stat boosters for dragons (i got a Uni-
Uni dragon!... lol.)

done you can equip any new items and armor, such as Diamond Armor  for
Byuu. This chapter in my opinion, is a fairly easy one...

Enemy groups.
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Flame Magus  lv. 8  HP 650  MP 140   -One group in the middle
Flame Magus  lv. 8  HP 650  MP 140
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200  -One group at the right
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200 -Two groups guarding Zomberd
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200

Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800
Zomberd  BOSS  lv.17  HP 4000
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800

Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800
Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600

Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200
Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200

Blitz Magus  lv.12 HP 1000 MP 160
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800
Blitz Magus  lv.12 HP 1000 MP 160


Yes that's all. But there's a litte tiny twist when you cross a bridge
and you stay on the bridge if it gets destroyed and you are on it, all
your characters die. Becareful of Byuu's party. Remember  also,  there 
are Gran Launchers. And also, enemies start appearing out of the town!
You can first take out the guys at the town, and the town itself ( I'm
sure the dragon will do that) and... if you want to take a risk, cross
the  long bridge across, but only if you are confident the Flame Magus 
won't get to you first. You shouldn't  need many parties  here at  the
moment but we'll deal with that later. If you want to be  safe,  there
are three ways getting around, the long, the short and risky  and  the
safe, which is taking the first bridge then going right. The long,  is
going around either side, and the risky is  the long bridge where  you
are most likely to fall and die. As you approach the middle, from  the
short, long or safe way, you will fall into  Zomberd's trap, and  even
more enemy groups will come.... no wonder!!! AGH! There will  be  more
guarding Zomberd, and the middle bridge will be destroyed. Its best to
rush for Zomberd or the Gran Launchers--only if you have enough backup
to hit them. Try to take out the Groyer and Warbuster party, and  heal
every round from the damage the Gran Launchers are doing to you,  it's
really annoying. Try to get  Matelite's party to back Byuu's up  ASAP.
Get the backup parties (such as Magic Users) to take out  the  enemies
at the side. Soon enough as you get closer, Zomberd will come out, and
you should be able to  take him out  with 2 attacking  parties,  don't
worry about the other parties, such as the Gran Launchers, it'll waste
your time. You get 1500 EXP as a bonus. 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=- ______________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 7-|The Legend of the Holy Dragons|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Well, first, talk to Anastasia, and she  will ask  you to ask  Hornet,
what he likes. You can accept or decline, but if you  accept, talk  to
Hornet and he says he hates Sweet Wine. He hates  Uniuji. You can  lie
to the girls or be honest. You can talk to Zora about hitting Yoyo and
Matelite will intervene, saying that is unforgiveable, but he  doesn't
do anything about it. If you go to Yoyo's room, she will feel sick and
then the Holy Dragon Valitora will speak to her. She says that she  is
fine after that and she'll go with you. Check the bottles at the lower
right corner to get a Bitter Wine. You can get another Gunso's ???....
from  you-know-who. Reeve  says he wants a new  lancer, his friend  is
depressed and won't do anything. Barclay and  Anastasia give out  more
tips on how to play better. If you go to Sendak's room you  can get  a
bitter memory from his bed. Go outside  and talk to the Dragon keeper,
he says that in Campbell a captain of  a dragon squad  is waiting  for
him. Talk to him again and you can take off. 

CHAPTER SEVEN BATTLE: Free Campbell once and for ALL!

First, make sure you make good use of the side quests, and try to  mix
around the formations to get your other characters higher levels.  You
will need it, trust me. Do Granbelos Fortress, and set your Dragons to
Come! command so they don't get all the EXP as they normally do.  Easy
Dungeon isn't as good. It'll be hard to get the  Magic Users to  level
up so get your 3 attacking parties (hopefully you have 3) to  get  all
of the EXP. My 3 attacking parties were: 1.Byuu,Rush,Reeve,Frenze,  2.
Matelite,Barclay,Bikkebakke,Lukia,  3.Taicho,Truce,Gunso,Yoyo.  You'll
get more characters later on, so don't worry. Note: If you have enough
money, you can make one dragon into the Black Dragon, a class past the
Uni Uni stages, which you are probably up to, but it'll take a lot  of
mushrroms and weapons, but its worth it, my lancers  dealt about  1000
damage with their techs! If you keep your dragons to Come!  they  will
do indirect damage to the enemy, which gives you lots of EXP, which is
good. Try to get your attacking parties to a MINIMUM level of 10,  but
I think Byuu's party will get to at least 15 for Byuu. LoL, if you  do
this several times you can get over 40 long swords and 40 battle axes,
enough to boost a dragon's STR stat to 250! Once your done leveling up
go into battle.

Enemy Groups
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Blitz Magus  lv.12 HP 1000 MP 160  -First two parties
Blitz Magus  lv.12 HP 1000 MP 160  -Ouside upper fortress
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200 - One at the start
Warbuster lv.8  HP 1200

Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200 -One on each side
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200

Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600
Blitz Magus  lv.12 HP 1000 MP 160 - One before fortress on the right
Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600

Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60
Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600           - One at minor fortress
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60

Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800  - At right minor fortress
Brummbar  lv.13  HP 2600 -One also at left Gran Launchers

Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800            -One in guarding the upper fortress
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60 -One guarding boss

Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60 -One guarding Boss
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60

Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130 -One guarding Boss 
Cure Mage  lv.11  HP 980  MP 130
Highlander  lv.6  HP 1200

Presenter  lv.5  HP 540
Presenter  lv.5  HP 540 -Appears after a while

Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800
Zomberd  BOSS  lv.19  HP 4800
Groyer  lv.13  HP 2800


Auto-Cannon: Shoots a cannonball at your party if in blast radius, can
be destroyed by matelite's Inspire or Thunder Techs. Can only be dest-
oyed by inderect attacks.

NOTE: Your attacking parties may not be the same, Byuu is 1, Matelite
is 2, Taicho is 3.

First, you must look at the map, and if you click on what is one block
north of the mage.... is a Auto-Cannon. They are  very annoying,  well
what do you think they do? When you get near them, they are like  Gran
Launchers but you cannot engage battle with them or destroy them,  but
they could very well destroy you. Also, you are fighting over hovering
ground, so the bridges have nothing underneath them, so you plummet to
your death if you get caught on it. First get Byuu to go  up the  left
side, and hopefully your dragon will take out most of one of the enemy
parties. Remember to set the dragons to Go! if you turned it to  Come!
Remember, I'm an FAQ/Walkthrough  writer so  expect me to be a  better
than you are. Get Matelite's party to either, Take out the magus party
or take out the Auto Cannon with his Inspire tech. You  will soon  get
a tip, to use Thunder Techs on the Auto Cannons. But just use Matelite
to take them out, because if you have  been dragon  feeding a lot  and
got to Uni Uni or past, you won't have Thunder  Techs. Next turn,  get
Byuu to take out the Gran Launcher and Matelite to take out the  Auto-
Cannon. Get Taicho to try take out the Blitz Magus (direct or indirect
will be fine). Next turn take out the Presenter with Byuu and make his
party go up the left side, while  2 and 3  go up the right side.  Take 
out ALL the enemies there before you take on the bridge, including the
Auto-Cannons, you want to be safe when crossing the bridge. 2  Parties
is enough to take on the right side. You can bring along  healers  for
the right side, you'll need it, and focus on  destroying  Auto Cannons
before the enemy. I  bet if one party goes up the left  side you  will
definately need to heal a lot or get backup. Get your STRONGEST  party
to venture up there. All meet up near the entrance of where Zomberd is
and make sure your attacking parties are there and it's clear. Get one
attacking party to hold off the enemies while Matelite  takes out  the
Auto Cannons. There's three, so you'll need to take  your time.  Don't
worry about sparing Magic Gins  for Matelite  here. Once you take  out
last Auto Cannon, go straight for Zomberd. Bonus 2000 EXP for all.

Post Battle

Like always, Matelite gets the first word, Matelite introduces himself
and sets the people of Campbell free, and Granbelos no longer is holds
Campbell. Matelite hears no-one, and Taicho  comes along, like always.
Matelite says that the Queen is  supposed to set  them free, not  some
knight. Matelite says that they must go to the castle to set the Queen
free. You all appear now. Truce says that it was Rush's  idea to  make
sure that the army doesn't  come, and that he  has become a  excellent
soldier, but Rush says Truce is embarrasing him. Sendak  tells you  to
quickly see the Queen, because Yoyo isn't feeling well. Go to the  2nd
barrel you see to get a Life Grass. There's a Sweet Honey at the  side
of the right shop. Up the stairs, there's a Uniuji at the left  barrel
you see. There's also a Poison  Mushroom at the  boxes further up.  Go
all the way right and check the right barrel to find a Heal SP. Go  up
into the  castle, and go  left and down the  stairs. You see  Matelite
shouting at the Queen saying that he won't forgive her. The Queen says
that Matelite hasn't  changed. Taicho tells him to calm  down, but  he
says he can't at a time like this, and he says that the Queen is piti-
ful  and that  she is much happier  being ruled by the  Empire. Taicho
says thats excellent work, and they are prepared to bring their 'plan'
to its fruition. He agrees, and Taicho takes him around the corner and
asks him if he has calmed down yet. Matelite says  he hasn't yet.  You
now control Byuu. You can talk to the people inside the cells and they
will tell you why they got locked up. Talk to Taicho and he tells  you
not to get angry at what the Queen  says. Matelite  says nothing. Joy,
the woman on the left will tell you to go in. Talk  to the Queen,  and
she will ask if you  intend to  start war, altough all the  wars ended
when Sauzer took control of the world. The Queen gives her reason that
Sauzer's desire was to unite the world, which he has done, and that is
why they cannot resist him, and if they obey him they are still  free.

At that point Taicho and Matelite  run off. The Queen says you  cannot
it true peace, but she asks what can you do about it? The Empire might
come back to seize Campbell yet again, and if that  happens, she  asks
Byuu if they will fight for them. You now see Yoyo and Sendak run  in,
and the Queen says that they don't  need to be  watched for. Yoyo  now
has a word, but the Queen says she has nothing more to say. Yoyo wants
Byuu to leave them, but Sendak says something about  the legend.  Yoyo
says she knows, and you regain control, so  exit. Talk to Sendak,  and
he will tell you that what they did was not a mistake, and not  to  be
dissappointed. He realises what you need, some leisure and recreation.
He tells you that there is a place in this  town (PUB) where they  can
have a drink,he'll be waiting there. All the places are now accessable
so you can find some stuff. Go all the way down and go into the  lower
left house, and the lady will tell you that  some men with  armor came
in and asked for a room. Go up and you see Barclay Taicho and Matelite
there selling stuff. Go to the  far right cupboard  to get a  Handmade
Cookie. Go and talk to Barclay to buy items. Um if you want to you can
sell some of your many Plate Mail, Leather Armor, Long Sword &  Battle
Axes, if you don't want to feed them to your dragons. I kind of did  &
boosted my PR by 100k. That left me to buy 3 Matelite Armor and 1 Axe.
Hehe. Go out and go to the right house, and there will be a letter  on
the left side of the room. You can read then take it, i did  for  some
reason. There's a Sweet Wine at the right upper barrel. You can get  a
Drawer Thing in the Inn and a Sweet Memory. Above that house is Bikke-
Bakke. He says that the old man will give back 1000 times  the  amount
money you give him. DO IT. It may seem he is lying, but  you will  get
it back later in the game. There's a Heal SP at  the book  rack.  Once
you are done go to the Pub. Talk to Sendak, and hear him out. He  says
that he can also feel what the Princess does, and maybe he should con-
sole her. He will cut it early and he will tell you later. Talk to the
guy at the counter, answer yes and he says to go see the pathetic  guy
on the 2nd floor. Go up and you can get a Porno Mag  from  the  second
book rack. Talk to  the guy in the bed. You'll have  to  hit him  soon
so do so. He asks who are you, and that you hit just like his mother..

Hm... He recognises you as the captain of the dragon squad, and you're
with his mother... Then you see him sweep (...?) and you see his  mum,
...Zora... walk in. Talk to Zora and she'll tell you that he  deserted
her and joined this kingdom. He'll tell you why... he wanted to  start
a dragon squad better than Kahna's. He left Zora and went to  Campbell
to do so. Only him and ONE dragon are in this squad. It's a strage dr-
agon, and Zora tells him to call it, but he can't, and its embarrasing
for him. You try it, and make it come, and it will. Zora's son belives
you now, and Zora walks off, and you must let him join, he'll do it if
you don't want him... and Zora says you can get him to sweep the hall-
ways ^_^.  She says he can't do much, but he can learn. She will  tell
him the rules about the ship. Give the dragon a name DEFAULT:Munimuni.
Zora's son introduces himself as a lancer, and a cleaner. Go  out  and
talk to Truce, and choose 'Go to Farenheit'. Just tell him twice to go
and he will accept. Matelite comes  out, and asks if  they are  going.
Yoyo apologises and says that they came to Campbell for nothing.  Talk
to Yoyo, and she will tell you that they are going  back to  Farnheit.
Now the Queen comes and tells you that  she knew about  it all  along.
"The one who reads the minds of the Holy Dragons shall  open the  door
to a new era." She says, and "A weak-minded person shall summon  forth
a disater from the heavens." They figure out that this is Yoyo,  well,
duh. They figure that Sauzer knew about this, to talk to  the  Dragons
with her power. But, why did Sauzer let her go? Matelite says that  he
was scared of the power and  gave up, but Sauzer isn't  the giving  up
type. Yoyo tells them all to stop, and she doesn't want to know anyth-
ing. Yoyo asks Byuu to take her back, it was fun but she  wants to  go
back. The Queen says that you can't go back, and if she could be forg-
iven, she wishes she could go back in time. Afterwards, she orders Joy
and Nelbo to help them out. Save... agh.

-=-=-=-=-=- _____________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 8-|Mid-Air Dragon Battle|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

This  chapter starts without Matelite talking (phew), but instead with
a flashback with the Queen held captive. She says to a person that  he
can do nothing, he's captured Campbell and someday will rule the world
and will never be satisfied. You find that Sauzer and Palpaleos are on
the outside of the cell, and the Queen asks if they knew about the le-
gend of the holy dragons, what could he do? She  says that the  person
who will bring a new era won't be him. The dream ends and  ends up  at
Sauzer's room. Sauzer asks where  he is and  what happened.  Palpaleos
tells him that the Holy Dragon awoke and knocked him  unconscious.  He
figures Princess Yoyo  was able to control  it, and he asks if she  is
alright. Palpaleos says she has returned to the  resistance, and  that
Campbell has been lost to them. Sauzer gets out of bed, and says  that
he's done something terrible. He asks Palpaleos if the resistance  are
heading for the Holy Dragons, and then Sauzer gets  falls from  injury
he sustained before. Palpaleos says that he still needs rest, and that
he will protect Granbelos. Sauzer asks about the Holy Dragons and Yoyo
and Valitora, then says that he'll be the one to bring the new era. He
tells Palpaleos that the resistance musn't continue. Everything,  Holy
Dragons, the new era, will soon be his, so he says. He scene ends  and
ends up at Farnheit.

Taicho, luckily gets this first words  in =). Taicho says  that up  in
the sky is his hometown, Mahal. Matelite says that soon	they will free
Mahal from the Empire. They also say watching the sky in fun...
It's time to choose options. How many hours pass?

1 Hour    -Goto 1
2 Hours   -Goto 2
3 Hours   -Goto 3

1:Taicho says on the other side of the clouds is his hometown of Mahal
  and the smell of the lake has drifted here. Matelite  now says  that
  watching the sky is boring. How many hours pass?
1 Hour    -Goto 2
2 Hours   -Goto 3
3 Hours   -Goto 4

2:Matelite asks Hornet how much more time till they arrive at Mahal.
  Hornet says that the sky is becoming strange, and for Matelite to be
  quiet. Matelite says its cold, and to take over for Matelite. 
1 Hour    -Goto 3
2 Hours   -Goto 4
3 Hours   -Goto 5

3:Yoyo comes and asks Byuu to come down. Yoyo will ask for you to  eat
  one of her handmade cookies. You can eat it, and tell her its  nice.
  You can also let her watch, and to push her in the back. Either way,
  she will leave soon enough. How many hours pass?
1 Hour    -Goto 4
2 Hours   -Goto 5
3 Hours   -Goto 6

4:Sendak comes and gives you a gift. Instead of Yoyo's handmade cookie
  he offers Sendak's Sincerity  Cookie. Say its  good and then  Sendak
  comes up behind you, and says.... "Byuu... your rear is so round..."
  Agh, piss off old man! How many hours pass?
1 Hour    -Goto 5
2 Hours   -Goto 6
3 Hours   -Goto 6

5:Taicho says he sees something, and runs off. Try to  exit, and  they
  say that the Empire's Dragon Sky force is approaching. Their  forces
  are heading for Mahal. Try talk to Sendak and go to 6.

6:The alarm has sounded that the Dragon Sky Force  is attacking Mahal.
  Buy items and boost your new dragon up. Either that or so some side-
  quests. Talk to Hornet when you're on a dragon.

CHAPTER EIGHT BATTLE:Break through to Mahal!

I suggest you get some of your other party members to level up, and to
get new formations due to more party members. Remember to finish  them
with elemental attacks to gain better  items. In the end  after a  few
times at Granbelos Fortress you should have enough to  boost your  new

Enemy Groups.
Gargoyle lv.17  HP 3800 -8 groups, first barrier

Buckaneer  lv.16 HP 3200  -One group guarding boss
Buckaneer  lv.16 HP 3200

Corsair lv.14  HP 2600  - Two groups guarding boss
Corsair lv.14  HP 2600

Brandung  BOSS  lv.20  HP 5800 MP70

CODITION OF VICTORY: Defeat of Brandung

Okay your dragons will be fighting this one for you, mostly. Just move
closer to the tip of Farnheit, away from the shop area. Fight any gro-
up that comes close to you. My recommendations for dragons is at least
have 2 STR or VIT (or both) to 250, then they can survive longer.  You
don't really need to worry about the parties, but make sure the weaker
parties take the groups that fly to you. That way they can  get  above
level 10, or 12. Try to get your strongest parties' dragon set to Come
command, so that the other dragons get an opportunity to get some good
EXP. Also, in this battle, you finally get to see what is at the point
of Farnheit, a statue. Remember that your inderect attacks  works too.
If one party gets to the point where they can't  go any  further,  the
boss will probably advance to them, making it so that you can use your
indirect attacks on them, weakening them for the dragons. If you  can,
try hit the boss. But wait for the Gargoyles to be destroyed, for more
EXP. Also if you can get your better parties to take out any that come
near, but the weaker characters, just let them stay back, and use some
indirect attacks as well. It should all be over soon. Bonus 3000 EXP 4

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=- ____________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 9-|Mahal, Continent of Miracles|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You see Farnheit, at night time. The scene switches to Taicho and Byuu
still observing and watching out. You read Taicho's thoughts, he wond-
ers if everyone in Mahal is alright. He says he can never forget  what
happened on 'that' day... the day he fled from Mahal. You see a flash-
back, the Granbelos  General Lestat, as he destoys  Mahal, and  taunts
Taicho, the captain of the Mahal army to come  out. The scene  changes
to room where Taicho is, and Gunso  says that it  is only a matter  of
time till Mahal is destroyed. They want Taicho to give orders on  what
to do. Taicho says that he will challenge Lestat himself, and for  the
others to cover  him. Someone suggests that  he will be  headed for  a
quick death if he does so, but someone suggests that  they cut in  and
let Taicho get to Lestat. Taicho asks everyone to shut up, and that he
is the one who gives orders. Then a woman, Celine, comes out and  says
that she agrees with them, and that he's not strong enough. Taicho  is
wanting to go and fight them himself, and tries but Celine puts Taicho
to sleep. She tells Gunso to take care of her husband Taicho, and gets
the others to attack. They die in vain, but protecting Taicho. Then it
ends, and Taicho has regrets, that he couldn't  protect  anything.  He
says that he's sad. You control Byuu. Try to leave, and Taicho asks if
Byuu  have someone  you love, someone to  protect. Either way,  Taicho
knows who, Princess Yoyo. He wants Byuu to take good  care of her.  He
says that if he loses her, Byuu might become like Taicho. Night  turns
into day, and you approach Mahal. The scene switches to outside, where
it is raining. Buy some new weapons, Spark Blade and the new spear, if
you want to. Talk to Truce, and he will give you a very good  strategy
to use in this battle, to lure the enemy down into the dry river, then
let the floodgate go, drowning them. Talk to Sendak when you are ready
to go.

CHAPTER NINE BATTLE: Time to take Mahal!

There are no new enemies in the Granbelos Dungeon, but make  sure  you
take good use of the presenters, the treasure chests they have on them
aren't for nothing, you know, you can get very good items at early pa-
rts of the game. Anyway, make sure one of your attacking parties has a
Light Armor in it that'll be the party to release the floodgate. Don't
worry about the other enemies, its a waste of time.

Enemy Groups
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200 -North of starting pos.
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200 -Near Floodgate

Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24 -One near major floodgate
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24

Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24          -Same as above
Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170  -In dry river  x4 

Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53  -Middle of Gerumpel groups
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24

Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53   -Middle of the 3 lines of groups
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53

Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24    -First line in dry river
Lanzenritter  lv.12 HP 1500  MP 60

Cure Sorcerer  lv.18  HP 1300  MP 150
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53      -Same as above,also last line
Cure Sorcerer  lv.18  HP 1300  MP 150

Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53
Lestat  BOSS  lv.25  HP 6800  MP 120
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53


First off, Lestat and Taicho will exchange words, then the battle sta-
rts. This is easy. You will need 1 team, your Light Armor team, I like
to use the light Armor in Byuu's party, because its usually the stron-
gest here. Hopefully all your dragons go in the river bed, or clear of
the other enemies. Your dragons which take the river will recive quite
the beating, trust me. Your L.Armor party first should go  north,  and
use a indirect attack on the Gran Launchers if you can't reach it then
the dragon should help you out. END PHASE, trust me, you should do it.
Next turn after the dragon beating, walk over the floodgate and attack
the murderer party. Use your strongest techs and the lancers should be
useful if you have them. Take a beating again, but this time the drag-
ons should be taking out some of the parties. Now, get Byuu  to  stand
on the MIDDLE of the floodgate, and it should release water,  damaging
enemies, which now your dragons should be killing off the enemies. Now
that they are mostly gone, get Byuu's party to venture down, there  is
no more water left to use. Hopefully you can make it there before  the
boss gets killed. Easy, eh? Except maybe your dragons died.  Hm...  at
least you didn't need to do much! Bonus 4000 EXP for all!

Post Battle

The scene now switches into Mahal, where Taicho visits Celine's grave.
He apologizes that he couldn't protect Mahal also protect her. He asks
her if he is a  coward. Today he says  that his promise with  her  was
fulfilled. He asks Celine if she can forgive Taicho. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= ______________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 10-|Rainbow Bridge|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

    "Mahal, the continent of miracles...
          Nobody knows how Mahal 
        came to be called this...

          With weather so nice...
            And a large lake...

           There resides people
       whose hearts are very pure...

     The bridge where rainbows appear...
     Also known as the Rainbow Bridge...

    Day and night, men and women flock to
   this most famous tourist site in Mahal.

     Those who see the rainbows from 
    here will have any wish some true...

        However, nobody has been
     heard to have seen the rainbows."

Okay, then the scene changes to Mahal, where Matelite gets  the  first
word.  He yells out and asks if anybody is here. There seems to be no-
one at Mahal. Matelite says that the Empire attacked Mahal too and no-
one is here. Lukia then is shocked at that, and Matelite asks why they
did  that. Sendak asks where Taicho is. Matelite says he's going to go
look for Taicho, while Byuu searches the area. From Lukia, head right,
and  down the stairs. Try enter the house.... and... Donfan, a lancer,
comes rushing out! He wonders if the resistance is here.. then notices
Lukia. Now, how does he know her? Lukia asks if he's  alright.  Donfan
asks why she came back, he's forgotten all the memories that they had.
Lukia asks Donfan if he can join the resistance in crushing the Empire
but Donfan takes it the wrong way that Lukia wanted to see Donfan bad-
ly. Lukia denies it, but Donfan  persists. Lukia says its nothing like
that. What a way to embarrass yourself.  Donfan talks  about the  lake
reminding him of Lukia. Lukia says that Donfan doesn't get it. Donfan,
keeps at it. He keeps persisting, but then Lukia pushes Donfan off the
edge, leaving Donfan hanging. Help Donfan up, he doesn't know you  but
then he magically knows you, Byuu the Captain of the Dragon Squad, and
he has heard many stories about him. I hate RPGs when the hero doesn't
talk. Donfan introduces himself, as pure-hearted and serious. I reckon
they should call him 'desparate' and 'annoying'. Accept him into  your
party, then another Light Armor, Jeanne, comes along. She tells Donfan
that Taicho has entered Lestat's 'dirty'  old palace. Donfan tries  to
use the same line of words he did on Lukia, but then Jeanne kicks  him
off the edge and leaves him hanging again =). Help him up again.  Time
to get items, the boxes left of the house Donfan came out of  contains
5 Sweet Wines. Inside the left part of the cupboard has 6 Earth Grass.
The upper house, the left barrel has a  Guardian. Inside the  cupboard
has a Nimbus Robe. Talk to Sendak when ready.

CHAPTER TEN BATTLE:Agh, you're still here?

YES!!!! YOU HAVE ANOTHER LIGHT ARMOR!!! WOO-HOO!!!!! Anyway, put  that
new Light Armor in one of your stronger parties and the other in Byuus
party. I like to have the parties  have 2 Lancers, 1 Knight  and 1  L.
Armor. That's just my recommendation, but you can have the L.Armor  in
Matelite's. I highly suggest you level  build, the best  way for  weak
low  level characters is to have ONE in a L.Armor  party. IMO, I  find
no use for the Priest, Sorcerers, etc, except for  backup, which I  do
not use. Hopefully you get ALL your characters to a  minimum of  level
15... Hopefully. I didn't though. 

Enemy Groups
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53  -The first 4 parties, one past the
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24  -cure sorcerer

Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170
Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170  -One on left, one on right past
Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170  -the above parties

Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Cure Sorcerer  lv.18  HP 1300  MP 150  -In middle of Master Maguses.
Cure Sorcerer  lv.18  HP 1300  MP 150
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24

Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24  -Past 5th Murderer/Gerumpel party
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24

Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24
Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170  -3 surrounding murderer group
Master Magus  lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170
Murderer  lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24

Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53  -Three guarding Lestat
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53

Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53
Lestat  BOSS  lv.26  HP 7500  MP 130
Gerumpel  lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53


Treasure Chest-You step on it, you get whats inside.
Spikes-You step on it, you get hurt.

Incidentally, you CAN defeat Lestat in 2, yes TWO turns. First off any
way, get one L.Armor strong party  to head up the  left side, and  the
other one up the right side. It makes  it easier. Attack and take  out
1 of the Murderer/Gerumpel parties there. Or at least  weaken them  so
that your mighty strong dragon (hopefully) can take  them out. Do  the
same with the other party, and let the dragon do the rest of the dirty
work. Um, if you want to, do not worry about the  other slow  parties,
but if you want to you can let them catch up. It's better  so you  get
a little more EXP, only a little because the dragons help get EXP too.
Okay, your turn, for the right group leave the other Gerumpel/Murderer
party, and  attack the Magus party. Don't worry about the T.Chest, I'm
pretty sure that it should be a trap in your game. On the left side it
should be a Halberd in the left side, but you don't need that. Uh, now
your dragons should advance  further (d'oh!) to take  more of the  EXP
want. It's unavoidable, so if you DESPERATELY need the EXP set them on
Wait! or Come!. Now get your L.Armor parties to try get up the  stairs
and to the Murderer/Master Maguses. Just to tell you, there should  be
a Royal Drug (restore 1000 HP all allies) in the Left T.Chest and a F.
Tongue (good sword for Byuu) on the right side. Get them, don't  worry
the dragons should take care of the enemies... and take out Lestat  as
well, before you probably can get back to claim the EXP. Then, once he
is defeated, he says he can't be, then  he shouts  out a obscene word,
not for you little kids. Bonus 4500 EXP for All.

Post Battle

Now the scene switches to Taicho, on the Rainbow Bridge. He says  that
the rain has ended, and he has defeated Lestat. He is talking to.. his
wife Celine. He now asks her and the people of  Mahal to forgive  him.
He says her name... then the screen flashes  and the spirit of  Celine
appears. She says that Taicho kept his word and that she thanks Taicho
and remembers that the two came to the  Bridge often, to  try see  the
Rainbows. She points out that Taicho was always angry that the rainbow
didn't appear, but Taicho made Celine happy. She also says that Taicho
has become a wonderful knight and says that Byuu & Matelite are strong
and nice, but Taicho is the  best. She confesses  that while she  died
protecting Mahal, she had a  child inside  of her. She didn't want  to
bother Taicho because the Empire and a lot of things were happening at
the time. She tried to tell him, but he  was too caught up. She  tells
him the name of the  child, a boy would  be Shogun, and girl would  be
Chiko. Rainbows appear now, and  Celine can't  believe it. She  wished
that she could  see it while she  was alive, then her wished would  of 
been granted. Celine tells Taicho that the  story of whoever sees  the
rainbows here would have their wishes come true. She wishes that peace
was brought to the  world, and there was no  battles or wars. She  now
dissappears. Taicho makes a promise, that she will keep Celine's wish.


-=-=-=-=-=-= _________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 11-|Leviathan|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Yoyo is having another DRAGON dream... this time... with... you guess!
She asks if someone is there, and asks if its a Holy Dragon. She  then
realises that the blue is  water surrounding  her. The dream ends  and
you  control Byuu. Talk to Gunso twice to get a Gunso's ???. Go to the
book rack to get 2 Gunso's Battle Strategy Books and a Prodigy Notebo-
ok. Go ouside and north to Bikkebakke whos trying to fish for a octop-
us because having too much Mushrooms is bad. Help him, controls are UP
DOWN LEFT and RIGHT to move it and use A button to reel it in. I don't
think you can do it, so choose 'you keep at it' to see a scene,  where
Bikkebakke reels in Donfan who came flowing down...=). You hear  Lukia
yell at Donfan for sneaking into their room... and stole Yoyo's... but
you don't get to find out what of Yoyo's he  stole. You find out  that
he gave some Sweet Wine to Yoyo, and gave her one of his all-time  low
lines. He says stuff about Donfan and Yoyo being together, then  Lukia
kicks him into the water. Go into the north house and check the drawer
to get 3 of  Lukia's Drawer  Things. You can get 3  Sweet Wines and  2
Super Vodka's that Lukia didn't finish. Talk to  Sendak and he'll  say
that the Princess had a dream that a holy dragon is underground  some-
where. They are going to meet  the others  there. Sendak is sick,  but
tell him when you are ready to go. 

CHAPTER ELEVEN BATTLE:Another Holy Dragon here we come!

Not much  to do with the  side-quests, just use the  last strategy  to
level up. I don't personally care, I always level up my strong parties
only. Anyway...

Enemy Groups.
Moltwasser  lv.20  HP 2700
Siren  lv.24  HP 1900  MP 55  -On water, left side
Moltwasser  lv.20  HP 2700

Banshee  lv.22  HP 1600  MP 48
Moltwasser  lv.20  HP 2700     -On water, right side
Banshee  lv.22  HP 1600  MP 48

Colossus  lv.26  HP 6800   -5 groups, all near a bridge (one near
                            stairs), 3 more near boss

Tentacles  lv.25  HP 3400  MP 21  -In water above 1st Colossus group
Tentacles  lv.25  HP 3400  MP 21

Scylla  BOSS  lv.30  HP 9800  MP 173


Okay, this can be a tough  battle, the Colossus  can be quite a  tough
one to  get past. It has  6800 HP, and you  probably need to use  your
strongest techs, and maybe a backup team, though attacking is probably
better. Since you can't reach the Moltwasser groups, your dragon  will
MOST likely go for them, and pray for some  indirect attacks. For  the
other teams, use use indirect attacks even if they don't hit the enemy
you will still get a little bit of EXP. Hopefully your dragons can get
the Moltwasser parties out of the way, leaving  them for the  Colossus
parties. Remember, you don't have to defeat all, only the boss, so  if
you want  to, go straight for the  boss. But the Colossus  give out  a
MASSIVE exp bonus if  you manage  to defeat it in one shot. If now you
reached past the first bridge probably the Tentacles will come and hit
one of the parties there, or a  dragon. Watch  out. The tentacles  can
pack a punch, so becareful and hope that you can defeat it very  soon.
It should be all over soon as all your characters  dump strength  onto
the Colossus and the dragons should take them out too. The boss  isn't
too hard your strongest parties should be up there (hopefully they are
the Light Armor parties) and take them out after a while BUT BECAREFUL
THE BOSS CAN TAKE OUT YOUR PARTIES FAST. It took out 3  people out  of
1 of my parties. Ouch. Bonus 5500 EXP for all.

Post Battle

Matelite asks what's up with such a detailed door. The screen  flashes
and Yoyo senses a Holy Dragon on the other side of the door.  Matelite
orders Taicho to help him open the door, but they fail in  attempting.
Matelite then says if this gets out that the Royal Guard cannot open a
door, then the title will become obsolete =).  Sendak says that  brute
strength cannot open the door, and if this is the door to the Holy Dr-
agon, then brute srength definately cannot open the door. He says that
only the Dragnar (Yoyo) can open the door. Sendak  asks the  Princess,
and the Princess tries to. Yoyo manages to open the door with her mind
and Matelite is astonished. The Holy Dragon calls  Yoyo, and  Matelite
asks Byuu to check for danger ahead. Go and try  to enter a Byuu  will
be thrown back by a force, and the Holy Dragon talks to Yoyo, Matelite
desparately tries to protect her, but gets thrown back, then the  door
closes and water seems to fill the place. Leviathan, the Holy  Dragon,
will speak to Yoyo and tell her that she can 'heal their wounds'. Yoyo
doesn't understand but before she can ask, the water dissappears,  and
they all rush in, and they will talk about what Levianthan said, about
being angry and sad, but then the place  starts to collapse. You  gain
the power of Leviathan. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= _________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 12-|The Spy Opertaion|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU SAVE. Trust me. Please. Anyway the chapter starts
with Sauzer talking to himself, asking Palpaleos  to forgive  himself.
He says  that reading the Holy Dragons mind will no longer make him be
himself. He says when he changes, he wants Palpaleos to take charge of
the Empire. The sky chnages to purple... and Sauzer walks out. Uh, now
you will see what  looks like  monsters, and they ask if that  is  the
human they choose. They must choose a suiable  human with the  doorway
to a new era, the one who will bring peace, to their  confused  minds.
You see Suazer follow the  monsters to  what looks like a huge monster
which is actually the guardian of the Holy  Dragons. Sauzer  expresses
his gratitude for choosing  him. But he wants to know why  they  chose
him. They tell him that not a weak-minded person can open the door  to
a new era, but also a person who can read the  mind of a holy  dragon.
He seems to read them, but then collapses, and Palpaleos rushes to his
side. To the Farnheit. Matelite says that he thinks they need to watch
the Empire's movements. Taicho agrees, saying that  they need as  much
info as possible. Matelite then suggests to send a spy into the Empire
and he suggests some spies to send in who won't mind  dying... ^_^. He
comes back later with some spies. Here they are... and just a  glimpse
of what happens.

DONFAN:  A real funny scene
SENDAK: Scene with the Generals
MATELITE ----> TAICHO: Taicho takes his place, you get a Princess's
??? After the battle.

This is what i said to save for. Save state if you are  playing a  ROM
and then choose any of them. I won't spoil it for you.  Anyway,  after
that you have to jump down. Talk to Salmando when ready.

CHAPTER TWELVE BATTLE: Break into the Empire!

You don't  need  anything  new, except your  strong attacking  parties
should at least be level 20, and you have at least  gotten a  Sleipner
and a Vegas Armor for the most used  attacking  party. To get a  Vegas
Armor use Earth  attacks (Earth Hit, Earth  Pulse, Earth Tower,  Earth
Dust, Earth Grass) to finish it off, and you'll get the  armor. It  is
very good at the point of the game. 

Enemy Groups.
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 - Two groups left of starting position
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400          - One near boss

Grind Dagger lv.18 HP 3500
Grind Dagger lv.18 HP 3500 - One group south of above group
Grind Dagger lv.18 HP 3500

Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153 -One group south of above group
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153 -Another past the narrow passage

Greasy  lv.21  HP 2600
Poison Lizard  lv.22  HP2460 -One near second Phantasm group
Greasy  lv.21  HP 2600

Greasy  lv.21  HP 2600
Oozie  lv.23  HP 3000 -One near Phantasm group
Greasy  lv.21  HP 2600

Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 - One near boss
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113

Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400          -One near boss
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113

Kraken lv.27  HP 7600  MP 33
Kraken lv.27  HP 7600  MP 33 -Left of boss

Gerumpel lv.20  HP 2800 MP 53
Persona BOSS lv.30 HP ???? MP 80  (roughly about 11000 HP)
Gerumpel lv.20  HP 2800 MP 53

Poison Swamp- Well, what does Poison do? And then, what happens if you
step on it? Guess.
Passage-Can close on you.

Agh, this battle looks tough. Not really. This place doesn't look like
it takes place in a ship, right? Well, it does, inside Persona's ship.
It looks more like inside someone's body... Anyway, hopefully you have
have the 2 Light Armors in separate parties. You'll need it. Make sure
that you have your L.Armor parties' dragon DEX stat up to full (Poison
Mushroom will boost it) so that it will be eaiser. The reason for  the
passages is so that you don't take as much  time, the long way  around
can take up to 4 rounds more, but there's a twist, the passage  closes
on you, after the enemies turn ends, you can't move  a bit. Leave  the
long-way enemy parties to the weaker parties, it gives them a good EXP
bonus, but make sure the Dragons don't get to there  first. If one  of
your parties can't make it through the passage on the first try, don't
bother at all crossing it, just get to the edge of the passage but not
in the  passage. If you  notice, the Kraken  who starts on the  Poison
Swamp, gets damage after the turn ^_^. You might want to set your good
dragons to Come! or Wait! so they don't  kill the enemies in one shot.
Get the closest L.Armor party  who can make it  through to attack  the
Phantasm party. Remember, they are weak to HOLY attacks which is Saint
hits (dusts, tower, whatever.). They can be quite annoying, though  it
will be the only one the L.Armor party will be fighting. You  can  get
your party to go  through as the  passage closes now. At the  enemies'
turn, your L.Armor party who attacked the Phantasm party will get  hit
by the Greasy parties. Don't bother wasting SP as the other party will
soon come. Becareful of your  actions past the 1st  passage as one  of
your dragons MAY get stuck in there. Also this is a very  good tip :::
..Which is a good thing. And remember to look out for the Poison swamp
past the second passage, it's very easy not to spot it, and that  will
result in some  hurtful  damage, like the  Kraken sustained o_O.  Your
dragons, however, do not sustain damage from it, just  like the  spell
Earthquake the Master Maguses liked to cast. The other  L.Armor  party
who probably got left behind, or if so, will not  be able to get  past
once again. Hopefully your FORMATION helps  you here in  not doing so.

At this point some of your dragons should be flocking to the Kraken to
kill, which gives out massive EXP  points. Oh well, hopefully you  can
salvage the lost EXP... Anyway, as you near the boss you  should  have
enough time to get the EXP from the other groups before the boss nears
to you. You will need your parties at FULL HP when you attack Persona,
she has a good attack, and can kill your characters in ONE hit, if you
don't have over 1000 HP. Again one of my parties was reduced  down  to
one man, but I needn't worry because it defeated her right after that.
Bonus 6500 EXP for all.

Post Battle

The sun is going down, as the Farnheit presses  on. Depending on  what
happened at the Spy Mission you can get a Princess's ??? if you  chose
Matelite, with a scene with it. I'll tell you, talk to Princess twice,
then try to leave, then check her bed, and watch the scene. You see an
extra scene too. I think Sendak and Taicho see the same  extra  scene,
but i need conformation. Once you exit.... EVERYONE WILL BE THERE!
Agh, save!

-=-=-=-=-=-= _________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 13-|The Magic City of Godland|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

    " The Magic City of Godland...
    A lagoon whose independance is
     acknowledged even the Empire,
due to its advanced magic civilisation... "

Hornet says that they are appraoching Godland. Then you see Melodia  &
the Mini-devils, they seem to be close.  Hornet yells  at Medodia  and
says that there isn't supposed  to be any Mini  Devils on the  bridge.
Melodia then commands the Devils to get Hornet for being 'mean'.  Then
the scene switches to the Men's room. Rush asks Truce  if he's  awake.
Truce says he is, and Rush says that he can't  get to  sleep. He  asks
Bikkebakke, but he's asleep ^_^. (If you notice, Gunso and Taicho  are
sharing beds ^_^) Rush says he senses  something about  the people  of
Mahal, he doesn't know how to put it into words. Truce  says he  knows
what he's saying, that he gets the feeling that they're different from
the people of Kahna, somehow... for example, Taicho who fights for his
dead wife, Lukia, whos 'beautiful' and 'strong', Donfan, who fights so
he can get some  girls, Jeanne,  whos a little  'masculine' but  still
cool. He says that they're different, Truce was raised up as a soldier
and  nothing else. Rush questions about freedom, if he really wants it
or not. Bikkebakke snores and Rush asks him if he doesn't know either.
The night turns to  day... And everyone seems to of  gotten a  dragon.
REMEMBER to feed  your Unknown Dragon your Princess's ???. By now  you
should AT LEAST have 1 MASTER DRAGON, the more, the merrier, I  had  3
at this point. Though you can't buy mushrooms yet, after you have done
a side-quest you can. So 3 Master Dragons 1 Unknown Form and hopefully
2 Grand Dragons (to get them DONT boost FID stat). Talk to Sendak when
your are ready.


This may seem like not a tough battle, but it can be. Take a couple of
Litcanbles and Litcanble SPs, and High Drugs, and possibly, some Royal

Enemy Groups
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 -First two groups
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400

Blade Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126
Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126 - Past water bridge
Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126

Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126
Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126 - NE of above group
Blade Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126

Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126
Blade Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126 - NW of Blade/Magic/Magic group
Magic Guard  lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126

Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113
Radia  BOSS  lv.32  HP ????  MP 150 -Can call on more enemies to his
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400              party to help.
(Radia's HP is about 15000)

Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400  Incubator, bottom row.
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400

Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153 Incubator, bottom row, second row x2,
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153 near Magic/Blade/Magic group (north)

Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 -Bottom row past water (or moat) x2
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 & near Magic/Blade/Magic group (south)

Diseaser  lv.28  HP 9700  MP 70

Bottom Row: High Drug (far right)
Second Row: Drug Rod (2nd Left), Maximillian (Middle), Nimbus Robe 
Top row inside moat: Strategy Book
Top Left Corner: Sleipnir  --> Not worth, getting, Presenters drop 
Top Right Corner: Nulnim

Incubators: Broken open with Inspire or Thunder Techs, can gives out
treasures or give out enemies, most of them have enemies though =(
They break open after a certain time, the enemy ones.


Argh, guess what's  back! The Auto-Cannon! Ah  well, you're much  more
stronger than before, so you can take the damage. Here  are some  good
notes to tell you beofre the battle starts. I have observed  that  the
Blade Guards cannot be hurt from Physical attacks, and your SwordTechs
and Towers, Dusts, whatever but the dragon's spells such as Salmando's
Solar Flame hurt Blade Guard. Bring along another party to  take  this
enemy out, or let your dragon do it. Letting your dragon do so is much
better in that the spell party doesn't attack much, so once the  Magic
Guards are gone, do so, but make sure they are well protected from the
ones in the Incubators. For the Magic Guards, well, they are protected
from Magic, and can't be hurt from Magic Attacks, such as Solar Flame,
and the Summons hurt too. The techs, such as Swordtech, Tower,  Pulse,
whatever do damage to this enemy, and so do physical hits. So when you
have defeated the Magic Guards, pull back and blow some incubators for
EXP. Note that you cannot use magic, but i have found that Poison does
affect Magic  Guard. But don't  think that the  Magic Guard is not  as
hard as the Blade Guards, they possess a powerful Gravity spell called
Nightmare 99 which can do up to 9999 damage to dragons. A key solution
in this battle is formation. Mix around your parties, such as your  L.
Armor parties, and let's say, put Byuu, Yoyo, Anatasia and  Lukia  in.
You don't have to, but it's worth it, as you can probably take out the
Magic AND Blade Guard in one shot. But  here's a note: Don't let  your
dragons do all the work. They can use their indirect attacks to  break
open the incubators by accident, and  you mightn't  want that. If  you
want to break the incubators for  slower, weaker  parties and dragons,
the eaisiest way to is to get Matelite in a L.Armor party or get  Lan-
Lan-Lancers in  you party  and use Thunder  Dust (NOT SURE) to do  so.
Actually, its best to break  open the High  Drug, Maximillian,  Nimbus
Robe, and Nulnim, and the enemy Diseaser (good EXP.) incubators.  They
are the ones i recommend, although the Nulnim is a  little too far for
my liking. Also remember to bring Matelite  to take care of the  Auto-
Cannons for the weaker parties to get  through. I  suggest this: 1  L.
Armor party  with full  strength (maybe some  lancers =) ) to get  the
incubators and one L.Armor Party that can take out the Blade and Magic
Guards. It will help although soon the incubators break open with  the
enemies, so take your strongest wizard and 3 attackers. My suggestion.
Also a very good tip is to finish of your enemies with Elemental techs
or  spells, so you can get better items. Also another good tip is that
Salmando when in master form won't die even if hit for 9999 HP.

Battle Time! First, get your  first  L.Armor  Party (hopefully it  has
Byuu, or replaces him) to attack one of the first parties. Another use
for this turn is to take the Auto-Cannon, but its a waste. Now get the
other party to do the same things. You can End Phase I don't recommend
it though because of the incubators. Hopefully by now your dragons and
parties have taken out the first 2 parties and the Auto-Cannon to pave
the way for others. After some moving  by enemies,  take the attacking
L.Armor party to the Maximillian incubator, and destroy  it, and  then
get the other party to indirect or directly attack the Blade and Magic
Guard  party to weaken the  Blade Guard's  defense. Cast Posion  based
attacks to infilct poison on the  enemies. Keep  pushing the ones  who
are further behind, they incubators don't open right now. Your enemies
should be hurt by the Posion  damage (yes!) and that'll  pave the  way
for your attackers. If they attack you, remember to attack  the  Magic
Guard with physical attacks and the Blade with Magic. Once you turn is
over, you  can A. Break open  the Diseaser  Incubator B. Take out  the
Blade/Magic Guards or C. Get the Items from the Incubators. I  suggest
that you get the weaker L.Armor party to break the Incubator with  the
Diseaser open the strong go for the Nulnim. The Diseaser aint  pretty,
and its attacks can deal quite the amount of damage. If you broke open
the incubator, there's no doubt that the enemy wil attack you probably
taking out weak characters if you have any. Heal straight  away  after
that. If you can, try take out the Diseaser with your strongest techs,
remember that HP drain attacks do the reverse affects and the  Healing
spells hurt the diseaser (although the revive items don't seem to kill
the Diseaser right away). Head for the Nulnim, and when you're  there,
equip  it if you have  any H.Armors in your party, or just equip it on
Matelite. It's not likely if you have 1 Wizard in your party that  you
will kill any Blade Guards, so go  straight for  the boss. Now  weaken
him below ???? HP, but hopefully he's already below that. Get  parties
without the L.Armors to now take out the Incubators with Items in  it,
some of them can help you. And if  time, smash open  ones with enemies
in it. Get the L.Armor who got the Nulnim to rush back while the other
fends off any Blade/Magic Guards, and the boss. Hopefully when you get
there you can take the boss out. If done before the 10 Turn mark,  the
incubators shouln't burst open without you touching it. Bonus 7000 EXP
for all. 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-= _______________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 14-|When the Bird Dragon Awakens...|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You enter Godland, and Melodia is excited that they've returned to her
homeland. Medlodia tells everyone to take a break. Lukia asks  Melodia
why she left Godland. She  says that she wanted to  ride dragons,  and
that there were mini-devils. Bla bla bla, talking about  Campbell  and
Godland not fighting, then the scene somehow ends up talking  about...
Donfan. Sendak wonders if he every disembarked and then Matelite tells
him that he's  rambling  again. They all  congratulate  Byuu for  some
reason, then you control him. Okay if your want the 3rd and last Light
Armor, Mist, follow the instructions carefully.

First, go left and  talk to the  lady, and go  into the  pub. TALK  TO
EVERYONE IN THE PUB, and get the Stealth Armor from the bunch of roses
at the upper-left corner. Go out, up the stairs, left, down  and  left
where there's a guy walking around. Talk to him. Go up, left and  talk
to the 3 people in the middle, then left and  down the  stairs to  the
kid. Get 6 Sweet Honeys from the lower left box near the kid. Talk  to
the guy inside. Go out, up  the stairs and  up into a  shop (on  upper
level). Talk to the guys and get a Holy  Grass from the  cupboard.  Go
outside and get a Dark Grass from the box. Go down the  stairs to  the
old man. Talk to him, go up and into the  house. Donfan will be  there
trying to get himself the  girl, but the girl gets  confused with  the
words he is saying. Lukia rushes in and asks what  he's doing, and  he
asks Lukia to forgive him. Get an assualt from the thing in the bottom
left corner. Talk to the lady. Exit. Now go to the lower right  house,
and talk to Yoyo, twice. She will leave. Go to the middle and talk  to
the girl at the tree (DO NOT ENTER THE HOUSE WHERE YOYO WAS) and guess
who comes along... Donfan. She introduces himself and  Byuu, then  she
is suprised that it is Byuu, then she asks both of you to follow  her.
Go to the house she was in. Don't talk to her yet, the cupboard  holds
a Elixir. The lady tells  you that  this person in  the bed is  always
talking about Byuu, and that she drifted  here from  Kahna. She  tells
you that she's Mist, a former knight of Kahna. Donfan rushes in and so
does Matelite instantly greeting Mist. You find out something shocking
that when  the day Kahna  fell, she fell  unconscious, and a lone  man
helped her here. That man's is... the Famous Granbelos Commander Satha
Palpaleos. Lukia interupts and tells you, that you  hurry to Melodia's
house. Talk to Mist, if you are on the Rom with  Dejap's  patch for  a
tip. You have the 3rd and last Light Armor Mist!! Go to her house, and
a new talking...? Mini-Devil will rush out. Get a  Bitter Memory  from
the  cupboard. Get  a Master  Rod from  the bunch  of  roses. Talk  to 
Melodia's Grandfather and he'll  tell you why  Melodia  left. Then  he
remembers why he called you here (this is when Yoyo and Sendak come in
the house), to tell you a story.

    "In this land sleeps
a dragon with the from of a bird.

     Filled with anger,
      the bird dragon
    must not be awakened."

Sendak is suprised that a Holy Dragon is here. Yoyo says its the  Holy
Dragon Garuda, and that she can sense a fierce anger. Sendak also says
he can sense it. She asks where it is, and the  Grandfather says  that
they know, it is in the western cave, and to be careful because  there
are many monsters. Talk to Sendak outside when you are ready.


Okay, since Mist has joined, if your lowest  level in all of all  your
parties is say, 13, and your highest is say, 28, Mist's joining  level
will be somewhere in the middle of that, let's say... level 22.  Okay,
go do some sidequests and get some armor for your new Light Armor. You
now have 3 good attacking  parties, which makes  it much more  eaiser.
Once you are done go into battle. I prefer one party with Lancers,  H.
Armors, and then Knights. My suggestion.

Enemy Groups.
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153  -Two scattered groups
Phantasm  lv.21  HP 1480  MP 153

Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400
Delflesh lv.22  HP 2800  MP 113 -One near Phantasm group, and again
Spinal  lv.19  HP 2400

Taros  lv.28  HP 9500 -4 groups, 2 near boss, two near both above

Stirge  lv.24  HP 2800 - One near right phantasm group.
Stirge  lv.24  HP 2800

Cottontail  lv.14  HP 980  MP 60 -One guarding T.Box near boss
Cottontail  lv.14  HP 980  MP 60
Cottontail  lv.14  HP 980  MP 60

Night Hawk  lv.21  HP 1800
Night Hawk  lv.21  HP 1800  -Look right.
Night Hawk  lv.21  HP 1800

Grand Moth  BOSS  lv.32  HP ????  MP 290 (I don't know, about 15000 

Condition of Victory: Defeat of Grand Moth

Okay, there's Treasure Boxes again. But there's lava spots too,  don't
stay on them, they can deal up to half your HP after the enemy has fi-
nished their turn. Plus the Taros has insanely HUGE HP for  an  enemy,
but it's your lucky day as they only come in  one (phew) because  they
are strong and defensively good. First send a L.Armor to the right, to
the Night  Hawks. Then get your  other party to get  the chest to  the
north, it has a High Magic Gin in it. Now get your  last one to go  up
the left side, attacking the Phantasm Party. Do whatever else you want
with the other parties. When the  enemies turn  comes, the party  near
the Night Hawk will probably get hit by the Breath  Wing, it's a  very
powerful attack, heal RIGHT after that. Now get that party NOT  TO  GO
on the T.Box, but to attack the Night Hawk for  some good  EXP. Choose
which party to get this good exp. You don't have to do that though. At
this point your strongest dragons (which hopefully  you have a lot  of
master dragons) should be doing  most of the  dirty work. To  garuntee
them doing indirect attacks, refreshing your party, and acting offens-
ivley, max all their stats except FID, i know its hard, to max.  Well,
maybe except HP and MP. Okay, now get the party who went up  the  left
side, hopefully Matelite is in there or a person who can use a Thunder
Techs to blow apart the wall north of you to reveal more TBoxes. Don't
worry about the Taros for now. Now  get the middle  party to head  for
the north T.Box. After some  enemies  battling your  dragons, get  the
Aurora from the north chest. For the left party, the far  right  chest
is a Dark Grass and the far north is Sigrun, while the other is a Trap
i think is a Nightmare. After that, beware when proceeding towards the
boss, there is a Poison Swamp which can be hard to spot out. Also, the
chest near the Boss is a Black Burn, be sure to pick it up, and IF YOU
CAN, get it AND attack the Cotton Tail at the same time, they are weak
and don't give much out though. It should be fairly  easy. Bonus  8000
EXP for all.

Post Battle

You see Yoyo at the  door, and she says that  Valitora and the  others
are excited. The others ask questions, then Yoyo opens  the door  with
her mind, revealing the path to the dragon, but the door closes behind
her. She speaks to the dragons, that she has come with the other ones.
The aura surrounds her then she gets thrown out of the door. She  gets
up and asks the Holy Dragon Garuda if its  angry, then she  collapses,
Sendak instantly coming to her side. Matelite says that you must hurry
back to the Farnheit. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= _____________________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 15-|Showdown in the Burning Sands|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You see the Farnheit riding in the dark. The scene switches to  inside
the  Farnheit. It seems that its a new room, but actually, they are in
the ladies' quarters o_O... Hornet says that the Farnheit is taking  a
route through a thunderhead and is heading for the desert land of Daf-
ila. He says that Dafila is 'suffocating'ly hot. It's a lagoon of sand
... He is actually talking to the Salesman, that they  are 'there'  on
the map. He says that while searching for Holy Dragons they've drifted
about in the seas of the sky. The bartender/salesman gives him a drink
=). He says that they've made the Princess suffer the anger and sadne-
ss of the Holy Dragons. He says  he's going  to drink all night  while
praying. For the Princess. She had fainted from the Holy Dragons anger
which had built. He  questions what  Princess Yoyo and the Holy Dragon
find difficult. He wonders if its all in this world (Orelus), with its
endless fighting... or is it madness. It is all how he feels, and  the
only thing he has faith in is the sky. But he has been saved. He  says
that Matelite and the others are so kind to the point  where he  can't
bear it any more. They've been so nice to him he's started to actually
smile. He then says that the Emporer Sauzer sent him a  letter telling
him where the Holy Dragon  Jormangund was... in  Dafila. Sauzer  wrote
that he'll be waiting if they dare to  come. Then  a memory of  Sauzer
appears. Sauzer says that he'll only ask once more to take up a  sword
for him. His strength as a Cross  Knight is  needed (!!), to  dominate
this world, the whole sky. Hornet asks what  will happen  after  that,
the sky can't be owned by anyone, they are surrounded by the sky, with
no place to go. He says that  he'll never  hold a sword  again. Sauzer
says that he's afraid of fighting. Hornet agrees, but he tells  Sauzer
Putting  down  swords, people living  without being hurt  is the  best
choice of all. Sauzer says that he wants to ride Hornet's big ship one
day, and he wants to ride around in the sky. He says 'Until that  day,
stay alive'. The memory ends. So does that scene.

Zora tells everyone to come. It's still night  time. Everyone will  be
gathered there, and Zora confirms that. Zora tells everyone that  Yoyo
isn't feeling well. They must go into battle against Sauzer while  she
rests. Now is an important time, she says, Yoyo is becoming a Dragnar,
now. Hornet tells everyone to cheer up, they're nearly out of the Thu-
nderhead. It's going to be hot. They're leaving the  clouds, and  Rush
beings the countdown...3...2...1...0... then Light appears as you rush
out of the thunderhead! Anyway, control Byuu. Bikkebakke says that  he
hired an employee so he could expand his buisness =). Go downstairs in
to the Men's rooms, and you see Zora's Son and Reeve lancing but Reeve
corrects Zora's Son not to sweep, but to lance ^_^. Talk to  Gunso  to
get a Gunso's ???. Go to the Women's rooms and talk to Anastasia about
Master Dragons. Good Tip. You see Donfan bein harrassed by the girls..
Heh. Talk to Hornet when done.


At this point, your dragons should be doing very well. At least have 1
Unknown form (with +40 Hid stat) and hopefully 4 Master Dragons if you
can. All but 1 would be good. You can also have 1 Black Dragon,  raise
Fid stat to 100, and the dragon will be powerful. 

Enemy Groups.
Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48
Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48 -3 groups, looks like the Murderers
Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48

Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48 -1 group, far right
Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75

Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48
Cure Sorcerer  lv. 18  HP 1300  MP 150  -2 Groups, 1 guarding Sauzer
Cure Sorcerer  lv. 18  HP 1300  MP 150  - the other near first Ant
Slaughterer  lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48      - Lion hole

Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54  -Above first Slaughterer/Cure S.
Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180     - group near 1st Ant Lion hole

Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180
Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48 - Near Palpaleos group
Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180

Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48   -1 Group, NE of 1st Slaughterer
Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75  - group

Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54   -NWW of above group (yes, NWW)
Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75

Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54  -2 Groups guarding Palpaleos
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54

Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48
Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48  -2 Groups guarding Sauzer
Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48

Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54
Palpaleos  lv.34  HP ????  MP 130 (around 13000 HP. not sure)
Centurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54

Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48
Sazuer  BOSS  lv.36  HP ???? MP 250 (around 14000 HP, also not sure)
Bengurion  lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48

Ant Lion- I find no use, but if you use Thunder Techs or  Inspire,  it
covers up, and you get at least 2000+ EXP for all.


The battle starts off with exchange of words. Matelite says that  with
enough training they should be able to defeat Sauzer. Sauzer says that
this may of been a long war, but it  ends here. He  says he will  stop
you, and he is the  one to fufill the  legend. Palpaleos notices  that
Yoyo isn't here, Sauzer says that its ironic that  they both fell  ill
with the same sickness. He  says that he is the  one  who can  conquer
the thoughts of the Holy Dragons. Sendak  points out that sometimes  a
sandstorm will hit, so you must keep watch for them. First go and take
out one of the Lanzenlord parties. Their lances are very annoying. Get
Matelite, who's one square already further up (he moved during the ta-
lk) to attack the party directly north of him. My best strategy is  to
go straight for Palpaleos then Sauzer, the other enemies don't  really
give that good EXP, and aren't really that tough, or strong. Dump your
3 attacking parties on Palpaleos, he has real good EXP. Get the last 3 
to get the others hanging  around.  Maybe you can  get a Chobham Armor 
from  him. I can't  seem to  find what's hard  about this  chapter. To 
avoid the sandstorm (every 5 turns) which seems to deal  around 500 to 
everybody, get a party to land in one of the run down structures, they 
don't get hurt there. Beware when facing  Sauzer though, he's  tougher  
because of the  Bengurions. I managed to  finish this battle in a mere 
3 phases. Bonus 9000 EXP for all.

Post Battle

You enter the desert town of Dafila. Matelite and Taicho summon Thund-
erH to get them back to the Farnheit to deliver the news to Yoyo so it
will make her feel better. Talk to the guy who comes along and  answer
'I dunno,  lately...' to get  yourself a  password. Go into the  house
north of you, check the upper-left corner for 11 Drawer Things... Exit
and go into the  house right of you. There  are 5 Super  Vodkas and  5
High Drugs at the upper left and right corners. Go out and  go to  the
north pot of the left house to get 20  Uniujis. Go into  the house  NE
of it and steal 3000 Piro (PR) from one of the pots. And another  3000
PR from another pot. You don't have to though. I didn't. Go out and to
the left is some guy on rugs. Get a Mach Vest from one  of them and  a
Master Rod. Talk to the guy and pay him money and get some funny head-
lines (keep paying him till he runs out). The house north of that cant
be entered, but go up the left side till you reach the  side of a  big
palace to get 5 High Magic Gins. Don't talk to the  guy in the  middle
yet, go to the house SE of that to get 10 Long Swords. Go to the lower
SE house with the guy in front of it and go to the right pot to get  a
Dark Force. If you have the Dejap patch, you read a note. Talk to  the
guy infront of the house and tell him the password to  enter. Talk  to
the guy behind the pot, to north pot, and pay them 3000 PR. They  will
assasinate a person, Matelite, Yoyo or a Crew  Member. They  won't  do
Matelite or Yoyo but yes for the Crew Member. They are now part of the
party. Talk to the leader and you can wait till nightfall to break  in
the castle... Later that night go left when you get control. They have
chased the king to the center and have left you, to capture the  king.
This guy is a bugger, so it will take about a minute to stop the  damn
guy from running. Once you have done that, the Freedom Revolution have
chosen Byuu as their new leader. The King flees. Bla bla bla, save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= __________________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 16-|The Holy Dragon Jormangund|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

This starts off as Yoyo gets called to wake up... A dragon  calls  her
to wake up because the time has come. The dragon identifies itself  as
the Holy Dragon Jormangund. It says that inside the desert  temple  it
awaits. It tells her that the Holy Dragons need Yoyo, and commands her
to open the gate and go to  her. The scene changes to her  room  where
Sendak, Melodia, Lukia, Matelite, Taicho and Zora  all experience  her
flash with the aura. Zora asks if she's alright, Yoyo gets out of  the
bed and says that Jormangund is waiting  for her, and  she must go  to
the dragon. Zora says not to overdo it because they're the  only  ones
who can fight. Yoyo says that Jormangund has something to tell her and
Matelite remembers that he has good news to tell Yoyo, that the  group
defeated Sauzer and the revival of Kahna is near. Taicho says that th-
ey defeated General Palpaleos  as well, and  those on the  battlefield
must be heartless. Yoyo stumbles, everyone rushes to her side and then
General Palpaleos talks to her. He tells her not to worry becuase he's
here. Palpaleos says that they lost (and they start flashing for  some
reason) and the resistance has become very powerful... Byuu, Matelite,
Taicho as well. He says that he doesn't mind them being by Yoyo's side
but he asks who will choose her. He says if a new era  comes, he  will
come to her. Garuda speaks to her, that this is just a dream. Uh,  bla
bla *rantrant* about feeble dreams then Garuda says that man of Yoyo's
dreams (Palpaleos, obviously) is also safe. The dream ends soon as  it
(Garuda) says that it would desire the courage to believe... then  the
dream ends without you knowing. You now see Palpaleos greeted by Sauz-
er. The scene changes to Dalfila.

You control Byuu, go down and press A to jump  and the  salesman  will
come out,talk to Rush when ready. He says he couldn't sleep last night
and he's nervous for some reason. He says he's got a feeling that som-
ething really big's going to be their task. He  says that the  kingdom
will change and maybe even the world. Matelite and the  others on  the
dragns fly to where you are. Matelite says that they got to get going.
Because of their  help, Yoyo feels  better. Matelite  asks where  this
temple is, ut Truce interupts and says that Dalila  has become a  free
kingdom. He tries to tell him about last night, but Matelite that  the
Freedom Revolution has nothing  to do with  them. Matelite asks  where
the temple is, Truce says that its at the very southern end of the de-
sert. Matelite asks if Taicho heard that and to lead the way. Talk  to
Bikkebakke when ready.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN BATTLE: How many Holy Dragons do we want?

First, equip your Mach Vest on a Light Armor or Lancer. It should help
them, but if the L.Armors have Sleipner, then the Mach vest is for the
Lancers. You're dragons should be nearing Master Dragon stage if  they
haven't already.

Enemy Groups.
Kitty Hawk  lv.25  HP 2200
Kitty Hawk  lv.25  HP 2200 -First party on left
Kitty Hawk  lv.25  HP 2200

Basilisk  lv.26  HP 3400  -First group on right
Basilisk  lv.26  HP 3400

Revenant  lv.24  HP 3800  MP 143
Revenant  lv.24  HP 3800  MP 143  -Second groups, one right of stairs
Revenant  lv.24  HP 3800  MP 143  -2 groups past stairs

Wraith  lv.23  HP 1800  MP 160
Wraith  lv.23  HP 1800  MP 160 - One near steps and one left of and
Wraith  lv.23  HP 1800  MP 160 - one past stairs

Royal Chimera  lv.30  HP ????  MP 113 -Right side near boss
(about 11000 HP)

Soul Cage  BOSS  lv.36  HP ???? MP 320 (about 16000+ HP)


Hm... This boss's name sounds familiar. If  you are a FF  freak (don't
worry if you don't know what FF is) then you might of remembered  this
name from FFIX, the boss of Iifa Tree. Anyway, don't worry about that,
let's get to the game. First,burst through to one of the first parties
and attack head on and try to defeat the Kitty Hawk party. If you can,
attack from behind, then you aren't as far off. If you manage to  kill
them in 1 turn, you should receive over 10000 EXP (woo hoo!). Also the
Basilisk are weak and give out awesome EXP. So do the Revenant but its
hard to kill them off in 1 turn. Don't try, so if you want  to,  leave
them for the others. Now, about the Wraiths. Now they're easy. Use St.
(Saint) techs, i suppose they're weak to  them. If not, use  something
else to rack up 10000+ EXP. Meanwhile as some of your L.Armor  parties
head up yoru dragons and other parties should be taking what's left of
the Revenant parties. Heh, though  there's one right  past the  stairs
which likes to attack you, and the Wraiths who like to cast their Inf-
inity lv.24 on you, its another one of those gravity attacks >_< argh.
And  then there's that boss with the Inferno spell... AHHh! Crap.  I'm
dead. Ah well, at least i saved. Make sure you split up your party  so
that more than 2 don't get hit at the same time, especially Byuu's, as
if his party dies its all over =(. If you have a Master  Dragon,  they
become very strategical, they use refresh on the undead monsters =)...
After you manage to avoid the bosses Inferno (hopefully) get 2 parties
to attack the Royal Chimera. Get the last to attack the Soul Cage with
FULL HP, which should eliminate Soul Cage Infernoing the 2 parties  to
the right, hopefully. Then DUMP all those  parties  and hopefully  the
dragons  help to kill  Soul Cage, which is  quite a hard boss to kill.
Bonus 10000 EXP FOR ALL!!!!

Post Battle

Yoyo says that Jormangund is calling her, and for everyone to stay  w-
here they are. Mateltie refuses and says that he'll go with  her.  But
Yoyo adavances and Jormangund calls her. Jormangund  tells her not  to
hesitate to go to her. Jormangund wants her to open the door and  come
to him (him..? i wouldn't know.). Yoyo  tells Byuu and  Matelite  that
from here on it will be dangerous because the Holy Dragons are full of
hatred. She doesn't know if she can stop it or not. Yoyo asks Jormang-
und to close the door so that the others don't get involved and  hurt.
You control Byuu, head up and the door will close on you. Sendak, Tai-
cho and Matelite has followed you, and they have fallen, but Byuu  and
Yoyo haven't. Jormangund says that Yoyo's friends watch out  for her &
support her... they do not betray her but they do not suffer her pain.
Jormangund says that the Holy Dragons were once like humans. You cont-
rol Byuu. Head up to Yoyo and Yoyo says that she will go alone. The d-
oor opens. Go talk to Yoyo again. The place starts shaking. Yoyo  asks
Byuu to watch over her to the very  end. Try enter the  door, but  the
door closes on you. Sendak, Taicho and Matelite try stacking themselv-
es up to get over the  door, but no  prevail. Yoyo says to  Jormangund
that she's ready to accept Jormangund. Jormangund  tells Yoyo that  in
the beginning of it all was a long time ago. Jormangund says that long
ago a war was fought, a war of the Holy Dragons. They felt hatred felt
twisted, felt cursed. Jormangund says when the door to the new era  is
opened then they will be despised. Then Yoyo accepts  Jormangund  into
her... Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= _____________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 17-|The Door to a New Era|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

The chapter starts off with Yoyo resting and the Holy  Dragons  having
a meeting. Leviathan asks why Jormangund hurries. Jormangund says that
Yoyo is at her limit, bringing them all  together  has exhausted  her.
Garuda says that then the door to a  new era won't  open. Garuda  says
without the strength of all the Holy Dragons the door won't open. Jor-
mangund says that is not a certainty, because it has never been  done.
Jormangund says that the door might still yet open. Valitora asks what
they will do about Bahamut. Valitora says that, that would  mean  that
their minds will not be healed. Leviathan agrees, without Bahamut  the
mistakes of the past  will be  repeated. Jormangund asks  if they  can
wait, for once the new era is opened, time will be  eternal.  Valitora
says that if it does not open,  the girl  will, they  will (die,  they
don't say that)... Garuda says that Yoyo lacks something as a dragnar.
The dream ends with most of the  people by  her side. The  mini-devils
rush in and says that they have a message from Rush. The message  says
they can't listen to what Matelite says any longer. From now on they'-
re in command of the resistance. He says its better for Yoyo and ever-
yone that way. Matelite gets angry and says that they never shut up...
and he wonders what Byuu and the others are doing at a time like this.
Matelite asks Taicho to take care of Yoyo while he takes  care of  the
others. The scene changes to Byuu, Rush, Bikkebakke, Truce and Wahagai
talking. Rush tells Byuu to  wake up. He asks  Byuu if he  felt it  at
Dafila. From now this is 'their' time. Rush says that they can't leave
it up to adults like Matelite all the time. Choose a option. I'm  sure
that it should lead up to the same thing. The mini devils come in  and
tell Rush that they told Matelite. Talk to Rush. He'll tell you to buy
stuff. You don't have to. Matelite bangs on the door and tells him  to
open it. Rush declines. Onto the next shop. Matelite persists but Rush
still declines. Talk to Rush again. You'll stop  halfway and  Matelite
says that he's only been thinking about Yoyo when fighting. He says he
can't help it if they have bad things to say. Talk to Rush again. Mat-
elite says that even though  Yoyo is  suffering, let  him be by  their
side. Onto next shop. After that Rush decides  to open the  door.  But
then Rush says that it  might be a  trick. Rush says  he has one  last
thing to do, feed the dragons to their hearts content. You don't  have
to feed them. After that you let Matelite in. You run back out...  and
then... the door opens...Matelite gets out and pushes them back inside
to the Farnheit, as they get sucked in. Yoyo comes  and says that  the
dragons are trying to open the door to the new era. Matelite says that
they should protect the  Farnheit. Matelite  orders Byuu  and Rush  to
follow him (Bah). Then enemies pour out of the portal...


Okay its time for some serious Side-Quests. Hopefully during those you
encounter some Presenters, try mix around you elemental attacks to get
better items. 

Enemy Groups.
Evil Savage  lv.27  HP 3500
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000  - First 3 groups
Evil Savage  lv.27  HP 3500

Hell Chimera  lv.33  HP ????  MP 119 -Group which looks like Chimera
(about 12000 HP)

Temple Guard  lv.32  HP ???? - Third wall of group (right after above)
                             - and 6th wall (about 12000 HP)

Mage Glaive  lv.30  HP 2300  MP 173
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000          -4th wall and last wall before 
Mage Glaive  lv.30  HP 2300  MP 173 -boss

Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000 -5th
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000

Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000          -7th
Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210

Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000
Dictory  BOSS  lv.34  HP ????  MP 93  (about 18000 HP)
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000


Okay, This seems to be a clumped level. To make sure your weaker part-
ies don't die, change your formations to get your attacking parties to
the first 3 parties if you haven't done so already. It will help a lot
in defending if they (enemy) comes  alone. Party 1 and  2 will be  the
closest to the party, 3 will be a little north and further back, party
4 will be south of party 3  5 will be south of 4, and party 6 will  be
tucked away safely... And as you see, there's 14 parties for your cha-
racters to get through >_< so you will  be using  ALL your  parties. I
suggest 3 all out attack and one semi-attacking party to help the weak
parties. It will be tough... so maybe a little bit of side-quests will
help. Okay, the battle starts off with the characters  confused.  They
(enemy) came out from the sky...!!! Sendak says that they also seem to
be confused too. Time to battle. You can break through to the  enemy's
boss in 3 turns, but what about the others? Scrap that  theory =).  So
set out to defeat the first 3  parties, the Evil  Beast/Savage  Party.
Save your MP, as your dragons can help you out as well. At the end  of
either round hopefully the first 3 parties are gone leaving you to the
Hell Chimera >_< and the  advancing Temple  Guards. I bet you  now you
need to heal your self from the onslaught of Temple Guards. Do so then
head for the Hell Chimera if there's  space in  there. I have  noticed
the enemies around Dictory don't move they are there to protect him...
Don't be afraid to use your SP now, as there's probably 4 Temple Guard
2 Mage Glaive and Hell Chimera and Evil Beast group attacking you now.
Heal with the many drugs you have obtained over the chpaters too. They
are helpful though they do deplete easily. Remember the backup parties
are here to help to heal as well, and they don't have to travel as far
to get to you. And here's a tip: DO NOT USE JORMANGUND ON HELL CHIMERA
BECAUSE IT HEALS HIM. Agh, i did this once, wasting my turn >_<. Don't
make the same mistake. Use Garuda, it'll hit about 10 parties or so...
Which is also good if you have Sendak and Yoyo in the same  party.  By
this time the enemy mostly will be taken out, hopefully  so that  your
parties won't start falling. Instead, about 5 out of 8 parties  should
of fallen by now. Dictory's guards start mending the mess up  now,  by
healing them. Okay, the next turn, TAKING OUT THE HEAL GLAIVES IS YOUR
TOP PRIORITY. They constantly heal the wounded trying to defeat you so
get 2 strong parties to take them out, but try to use minimum SP.  Now
head for the boss, he has  amazingly  high HP. He also sends  out more
minions to help him. Dump all your attacking parties onto him and take
him out. Bonus 11000 EXP for all. 

Post Battle

Matelite says to look at the sky, its starting to close...! He  orders
everyone inside the Farnheit (except the leftover monsters, obviously)
and then you see the sky close. You see a ball of light.. it flies off
and the scene swicthes to Palpaleos and Sauzer. Palpaleos tells Sauzer
that the disaster in the sky has passed. He asks Sauzer whats happeni-
ng up there. Sauzer tells Palpaleos that he wants to  look at  it with
him when the end comes. Palpaleos quesions that. The scene changes  to
another spot of the castle. Sauzer says that the sky is dazzling, that
dreams, legends, everything is in the sky. Sauzer asks Palpaleos if he
is human, is he the emporer of the world. Sazuer says that there  were
children who looked after him. This is the empire he created, and  the
children there will wage war. They'll follow the same path as  Sauzer.
He says this is all his, this is what he's been wanting. He asks Palp-
aleos, as the Emporer of Granbelos Empire to go  to Kahna, to  protect
sky of Orelus with the resistance!!! (Ah!) Sauzer tells Palpaleos  not
to disobey his order. He tells him  to protect  the one most close  to
him (guess). He walks off. That leaves Sauzer alone. He says that he's
in darkness, deep darkness. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= _________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 18-|The Promised Land|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

The dragons have another meeting. Leviathan asks where  they are,  and
Garuda asks what it  happening. Valitora  asks if the door to  the new
era has opened. Jormangund says they can go no further. Garuda asks if
they can't see it (what..?) Leviathan asks what is arising. Jormangund
says that it is Bahamut, he is arising again. Valitora asks why, beca-
use if things go at this rate... then the dream sort of ends. (Damn it
tell us the answer!) Yoyo asks the dragons to wait. She asks if it  is
her fault, that she can't become a Dragnar. She asks is it because she
is weak-minded. THEN the dream ends. You control  Byuu. It seems  that
Matelite and the others left you... Go downstairs into the ladies room
and talk to  Anastasia, she'll  tell you that  Genreal Irvine  has the
legendary sword  Excalibur. Go  into the men's  room and you  find out
Reeve 'doesn't feel well', but its just that Frenze swicthed his lance
with a really heavy one =). Talk to Gunso about 5 times, I think ( use
speed up button on ZSNES ) to get a Gunso's ???. You can also see that
Zora's Son is more suited to cleaning than Lancer-ing...! Go  talk  to
Rush and he'll move out of the doorway. 'Talk' to the  door, and  Byuu
can hear Matelite's laughter (bwhaha) and Byuu looks inside.. Matelite
asks Yoyo what's happening  in the  sky. Yoyo says  that Byuu  and the
others aren't here yet but Matelite says who cares about them  because
they oppose him. Matelite says not to worry about  them, because  they
are probably listening. Matelite asks what the dragons said. Yoyo asks
Matelite about the legend, if he remembers  it. Matelite says his  own
version: "The Holy Dragons defeat the Granbelos Empire and the new era
of Kahna is ushered in!!!" Matelite can't remember the rest though =).

Yoyo tells the real story, the only who can read the minds of the Holy
Dragons shall open the door to a new era... and the door has been ope-
ned. She says that the holy dragons tried to open it but they couldn't
but then, then Matelite interupts with his thoughts, he remembers  the
rest of the story. A weak minded person, from the  heavens a  disaster
will fall... He tries to remember a door, and tells Taicho to  prepare
for departure. Taicho asks Yoyo might the door be  the fissure  in the
sky. Matelite pushes Taicho down, and orders everyone to leave, NOW!!!
Well, to leave Matelite and Yoyo alone. Rush says something, then goes
off without telling you what. Go down till you reach the Dragon keeper
and he tells you Rush got on Salmando, and for you to as well. They're
going to sneak onto the terrace of flagship, to spy on Yoyo and Matel-
ite. Salmando  goes too far, then  retreats. Matelite asks Yoyo what's
wrong. Matelite asks if it is the door to the new  era, that  it still
mightn't open. Matelite asks if they haven't still forgotten about the
guardian dragon of Kahna, Bahamut. He says until Bahamut is awake  the
legend won't be fufilled. He tells Yoyo not to think herself of a weak
minded person. He tells her that she's not alone, Matelite is here  to
protect her. He says that if the  monsters show  up through  the door,
they will protect her. Yoyo thanks Matelite, but  Yoyo tells  Matelite
that Bahamut is dispised by the other Holy Dragons. Matelite says he's
not suprised, and to look at him. He says he is Matelite the Hero, the
Famous, the  Knight  of  Kahna (*COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*). He  says  strong
people are hated by many, but he's hated by everyone. He's the 'baham-
ut' of this world, and Taicho is... Leviathan or Jormangund, according
to him. But then he says Taicho is Bahamut's tail. Matelite tells Yoyo
he is a old fussy man, he talks to much, and is easily  flattered.  He
says he might not be qualified as a knight, but he can't give up  now.

He says Byuu and the others are people who only care about appearances
and cheap words, and they're  right up with the  mini-devils. Matelite
says he has a dream, when Kahna is revived and Yoyo becomes Queen,  he
wants to be always by her side to serve her. But, he will  become  old
someday. He says he'll  become a old man like  Sendak (lol) and if  he
started rambling all the time, he'd  retired. He says  something about
others, they will become excellent knights to serve Yoyo. He  says  if
they want to set Kahna free he'll let them. But by then he says Sendak
will be dead. When that happens he tells Yoyo he might start  rambling
about when she was a Kid. And about the king of Kahna, and the war,  &
rumours about Byuu and the  others. He says  he would like  it if Yoyo
came and visited Matelite and so they can talk and then Yoyo can  give
Matelite a back  rub (SHUT UP ALREADY  YOU FAT MAN). Then  he realises
he's rambling already =). Then he says its time to make fun of  Taicho
or somebody (roflmao!). Matelite points one last thing out, that  when
he retires, he wants her to visit him ALONE, without the  new king  of
Kahna, because whenever he thinks of Yoyo married to someone, it hurts
him. Salmando drops Byuu off. Yoyo tries to tell Byuu about her dream,
but the words don't come out. Munimuni the dragon comes and gives  the
report. He says that there are enemies at the Church of Memories ( the
memory place, you probably viewed it at one of the very early chapters
). And that the crew member who got the information has his whereabout
unknown. Talk to Yoyo  downstairs and she asks to protect  the Church.
Choose 'I  remember!' You will  see the  memory again to  refresh your
mind. CHECK THE BED OF YOYO TO GET  A Princess's  ???. Talk  to Hornet
when READY. Before the battle  starts you see  another flashback, this
time with Palpaleos...................................................

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN BATTLE:Protect the Church of Memories for Yoyo!

I suggest you now try get your attacking parties' minimum level up  to

Enemy Groups.
Evil Savage  lv.27  HP 3500
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000  - 2 groups left of Palpaleos
Evil Savage  lv.27  HP 3500

Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000 -2 groups north of Palpaleos
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000

Mage Glaive  lv.30  HP 2300  MP 173
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000          -2 groups right of Palpaleos
Mage Glaive  lv.30  HP 2300  MP 173 

Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000          -1 group right of Palpaleos
Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 21

Temple Guard  lv.32  HP ???? - NE of Palpaleos(about 12000 HP)

Alchemic  lv.37  HP ????  MP 90 -South of Mage and Heal Glaives
( a lot of HP, maybe 18000 +)

Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000
Ixsett  BOSS  lv.36  HP ????  MP 106 (about 18000 HP)
Evil Beast  lv.29  HP 4000

Palpaleos  lv.38  HP ????  MP 130 -at church of Memories


Okay, If you paid attention to the last chapter, Sauzer told Palpaleos
to  help the  resistance. So that  means Palpaleos  is no longer  your
enemy, but your ally! He is a Cross Knight like Byuu, allowing him  to
Use Hit Swordtechs, e.g Flame Hit. He will aid your party in this bat-
tle and attack the enemy instead of  you this  time... When the battle
starts, the NPC party Palpaleos will of 'taken' his turn, not allowing
you to attack him... Head to the Church of Memories first its probably
the only way you can head at this point. When you all end turn its the
enemies turn. That means, Palpaleos  too. But like I  said, he doesn't
attack you, he attacks the others. He won't move  but he'll  use Flame
Hit on the nearest party. Next turn you should be able to reach nearly
any party you want. Split your groups up or fight off the Temple Guard
and Mage Glaives while Palpaleos takes out the Evil Beast/Savages. You
can do whatever you want, basically you're going to reach the boss  in
a couple of moves anyway. If you decide  to attack  the Temple Guards,
prepare for a tough battle. The Temple Guards when its their turn like
to attack the party  which is attacking them. If  you attack  the Mage
Glaives, they like to cast Exorcism, which takes out some of your cha-
racters. Or to evade  all this  damage, defeat the boss  ASAP. This is
my recommendation... But beware, the boss can be hard. Bonus 12000 EXP
for all. 

Post Battle

You head inside the Church of Memories. Talk to Sendak, and he'll  ask
if he's any use. He'll leave either way on what you  say, but say  the
nice thing for gawd's sake. Talk to Yoyo, and Palpaleos says he  wants
to talk to you, although he is wounded. He asks Yoyo if they can  talk
alone, and Yoyo asks Byuu to take care of him, he's important to her..
Palpaleos apologizes and asks if you can help him up. You head inside.
Palpaleos asks Byuu if he understands, there's  something  he realized
ever since he 'lost' her. He says he  lost a single  person, he wasn't
able to forgive her. That's why he came  back to the  Church, to start
the  time  that had  stopped, to bring  back hope  he had  given up on
important things. Palpaleos tells Byuu he  holds the  memories  of the
past, and he says Byuu doesn't understand, this is a battlefield.  His
and Byuu's. He says Victory won't be  decided until the  very  end. He
says they're not the only ones fighting, but Sauzer, Matelite, Yoyo...
Then after you get near Yoyo Palpaleos  says he can  walk. Yoyo thanks
Byuu for everything, but she can't go back, back  to happy  times. She
basically tells you that she likes Palpaleos instead of Byuu (gr.....)
and then she heads up. Leave. If you re-enter, You see them kissing...
(gr...) Byuu flies off. 


-=-=-=-=-=-= ___________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 19-|Farewell, Matelite!|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You return to Kahna...!! Sendak, Taicho and Matelite disembark off the
dragons. Matelite says Yoyo's late. Matelite asks Tiacho if its really
okay for them to be doing  this. Taicho  says that  they must  endure,
Byuu is going through a more difficulty situation then them.  Matelite
says that Palpaleos was Sauzer's right-hand man, and he can't be trus-
ted. Taicho says Palpaleos is a good guy he was chosen by Yoyo. Taicho
agrees with Yoyo. Taicho asks Matelite if he ever thought about it. He
joined the Resistance to liberate (free) Mahal. He also joined because
of his wife, Celine. and to defeat  Lestat. He has already freed Mahal
and defeated Lestat, and he was the captain, defeating many troops ( I
wish that were true...). But Taicho says he's weaker than Matelite. He
says that he thought about the other soldiers he killed, they might of
been fighting for their family.. their wives... their Emporer of maybe
something greater. Taicho says he's frightened and he wants the war to
end. Now the Battlefield Salesman says that when it comes to Soldiers,
survivors  are chosen on the  battlefield. He says  that even  if they
don't trust  Palpaleos, the final  battle means  everything. Lady says
that there must be a  real reason for  them to ignore  Sauzer, who  is
very sick. Byuu comes along. If you talk to Sendak  you find  out that
the Holy Dragons are harassing him (LOL). You've got new items to  buy
from the Battlefield Salesman now buy some stuff. Though I don't think
you have to buy Sigrun. Talk to Matelite, and if you say you can go in
and die, then a person will fall  on his  head (LOL). Palpaleos  comes
and says that the enemy is the Granbelos Generals, and Palpaleos  says
they need to divide and conquer. If they follow his  orders they  will
win. But Palpaleos has doubts about  what Sauzer  said... Talk to  him
when you are ready.

CHAPTER NINETEEN BATTLE: Die, Granbelos Generals!

Okay, do you know what... YOU HAVE A NEW CROSS KNIGHT! WOO HOO! Anyway
configure your formations. Although you  might notice  that his  level
isn't the same. Maybe because he got wounded... I suggest you put 2 of
the Cross  Knights in the same party... it'll help. Also do some side-
quests and try gain Apocalyspe  Sword from  Presenter (I'm pretty sure 
use Dark Hits or Poison).

Enemy Groups.
Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180
Gladiator  lv.29  HP 3600  MP 60 -x3 guarding Lestat and Zomberd
Wespe  lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180

Growlen  lv.28  HP 4000
Zomberd  lv.34  HP ???? (about 13000 HP)
Growlen  lv.28  HP 4000

Gladiator  lv.29  HP 3600  MP 60
Lestat  lv.35  HP ????  MP 140   (about 13000 HP)
Gladiator  lv.29  HP 3600  MP 60

Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Mitia  lv.32  HP 3600  MP 47      -1 near Baberbela
Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75

Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Grey Scalper  lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41 -1 near Irvine
Lanzenlord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75

Grey Scalper  lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41
Lan Ze Lord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75  -1 near Irvine
Grey Scalper  lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41

Lan Ze Lord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75
Mitia  lv.32  HP 3600  MP 47        -1 near Babarela
Lan Ze Lord  lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75

Mitia  lv.32  HP 3600  MP 47
Babarela  lv.39  HP ????  MP 220 (about 15000 HP)
Mitia  lv.32  HP 3600  MP 47

Grey Scalper  lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41
Irvine  lv.40  HP ????  MP 90         (18000 HP +)
Grey Scalper  lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41

Gran Knight  lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44
Cure Comrade  lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160 -two near boss
Gran Knight  lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44

Hornisee  lv.31  HP 2800  MP 200
Gran Knight  lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44  -two near boss
Hornisee  lv.31  HP 2800  MP 200

Gran Knight  lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44
Gudolf  BOSS  lv.42  HP ????  MP 230  (maybe about 20000 HP)
Gran Knight  lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44


Probably one of the best chapters to gain weapons, as the game  brings
back Zomberd, Lestat, Irvine and introduces Babarela and Gudolf ( what
happened to Persona..?). The boss is Gudolf, and the generals drop ve-
ry good items if you finish them off with elemental hits... Okay.  You
don't have to fight all the other Generals, but it is advised as  they
drop very good weapons. Yes, Zomberd and Lestat are a  little too  far
so then maybe you need to stock up on High Drugs and Magic Gins.  Yes,
you have to fork out a fortune to get 99, but its worth  it. You  will
only spend about 300k. ONLY.. Anyway... To make it less of a hassle to
get to Zomberd and Lestat... Freeze the water. Its not that hard,  get
some Lancers to do it, but it'll only freeze 1 space, so let's say....
get Leviathan. He'll make it way eaiser. Now, get 2 of your  attacking
parties past the upper bridge and the other one  to the  left, to  the
Wespes. You can get the other parties to attack Zomberd and Lestat  as
well. Your upper parties should go to Babarela and  Irvine. Knock  out
the first enemy groups before attacking, same with Zomberd and Lestat.
Remember to use ELEMENTAL ATTACKS on these Generals, it helps  to  get
some of the BEST items in the GAME. But  before  take out  the  troops
are around them, to make it eaiser. Go for Zomberd, then Lestat, while
your 2 parties up the top take out the Grey Scalpers/Lan Ze Lords. But
beware of Irvine's indirect attacks, they can hurt, and Lan Ze  Lord's
Javelin, its just like Lanzenritter's one but a lot more powerful.....
Right now most of your dragons should be down where Zomberd and Lestat
are, because of your slower parties, only if they  are  going in  that
direction. If  you followed my advice and stocked up on 99 Magic Gins,
then you'll be set as every turn you will be able to crush  the  enemy
without worrying about SP. After Irvine and Babarela are defeated,  go
for Gudolf, I'm sure that 2 parties can do it, although you'll need to
take out the healers first. Use indirect  attacks so  they  don't  all
melee you and ultimately, the boss will probably crush you if all  the
cures are there >_<. Always, always take out the curing person  before
ALS) Crush Gudolf with your strongest attacks. What an easy battle....
Bonus 13000 EXP for all. 

Post Battle

Matelite says that the kingdom of Kahna is revived, and that they  can
return to the castle. Taicho (is it?) now asks  Matelite  where he  is
going to, the castle isn't that way. Taicho rushes inside and comments
that this is better than the 'mouldy' palace of Mahal. Taicho looks at
the dragon statues, they are brand new. Talk to the dragon keeper  who
was on the throne, and he tells you to come outside. You can  talk  to
the others who lined up. Remember to equip your new items you have got
from the last battle (via battlefield Salesman) then talk to the drag-
on kepper outside. The Dragon keeper says that the dragons are excited
and that they won't listen to you. That means they need to  mate,  and
you need to choose a mother and father dragon to mate. CHOOSE 2 MASTER
DRAGONS. You can choose any you want, but if you want a special  scene
choose Salmando and Molten. Then Molten gets out of  the way  and  you
see................... (...). After you choose that, talk to the batt-
lefield salesman. You get... Gneisenau, Imperator, Black Prince,  Iron
Duke, Pax Kahna, Really Erotic Book, Princess's ???. Talk to Palpaleos
when done. When you reach the castle, Taicho will hustle you can  make
you get into the line. You see Yoyo in a dress. Yoyo asks where Matel-
ite is, and Taicho says his whereabouts is unknown, and that  he  will
not be here. Yoyo will become Queen of Kahna. She won't be yet, as the
battle still has to go on. Yoyo asks everyone to fight with her.  They
agree. Then Yoyo re-introduces Palpaleos, he came here under  Sauzer's
orders. ... then the Mini-devils come. You all celebrate, and outside,
Byuu gets hassled by Salmando, as if Byuu were to dance with him. Then
you see Matelite, as he  launches  Matelite-brand  Fireworks (must  be
dodgy, eh?). Then late into the night... Matelite and Taicho dance....
Ahem. Matelite asks many questions about  Yoyo to  Taicho, and  Taicho
answers them. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= __________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 20-|The Sky of Sadness|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

The chapter start as Byuu, Rush, Truce all being waken up by a  dog in
front of the Castle... Talk to Truce. He says good morning to  you,  &
confirms that this wasn't a dream. Some kids with the dog  come  along
and tell you to get out of their spot. Truce says that one say they're
gonna be fighting for Kahna, but they're going to stop the war so that
day never comes. Rush asks the kids if they wan't to be  strong.  They
say that they want to grow up and be soldiers in Kahna's Dragon Squad,
and ride on dragons around Orelus all day. The kid  says  to make  the
dream come true he name his dog Salmando. Talk to  Truce  and he  says
Bikkebakke hasn't come back. Talk to  Bikkbakke (right) and  he  tells
you the Real Estate man (LOL) laughed at him because of  his  mushroom
buisness. And then when Palpaleos joined, he thought there were one t-
oo many knights. Then the others  rush  to where  you  are. Rush  asks
where he's been. Truce asks what they would do  without  him, and  for
them to return to Farnheit. Matelite then barges through the door  and
yells out that Sendak has fainted. Then the dragonkeeper delivers  the
bad news... the Empire's floating fortress is headed for the Farnheit.
Matelite says that they're going to fight them. Get on the dragon.

Truce says Matelite has a big speech. Sigh, time to line up. Go to the
dragon keeper. He says that the dragon has been born. Command it, make
it Come, then it drops a dragon dung. Before inspecting it, go left to
the statue. You can pick unlimited mushrooms here, and  you  can  feed
your puppy with them. If 2 master dragons mated, then the  stats  will
be awesome. Go to the Dragon Dung, you don't have to taste  some,  but
you can become a Dragon keeper if you do.. You'll  notice  after  that
there will be a black screen with just the Dragonkeeper. THIS  IS  NOT
A BUG. Go right till you hit a dragon. Now wait for Matelite (talk  to
Rush). Instead of Matelite, Palpaleos will come, then introduces  him.
Matelite says that they will all be very exhausted, so he will say  it
briefly. Matelite says that Sendak has fainted, but not yet dead (dam)
but he hasn't long to live (yes!). Matelite reads Sendak's will though
he's not dead yet. He leaves Byuu as  acting  Captain when  he  passes
away. But Matelite can't wait and appoints Byuu  captain. Get  another
Gunso's ??? from Gunso. Control the Farnheit and 'take off'  when  you
are ready. 

CHAPTER TWENTY BATTLE: Blast Trafalgar to pieces!

HARD DUNGEON NOW COMES INTO PLAY. Trust me, don't try it... It's  very
hard, and they're not kidding. 

Enemy Groups.
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160
Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58        -First Group
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160

Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58
Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58 -2 just past above group
Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58

Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58
Gran Gunner  lv.37  HP 4000    -upper Gran groups
Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58

Gran Gunner  lv.37  HP 4000   -lower gran groups
Gran Gunner  lv.37  HP 4000

Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58
Babarela  lv.41  HP ????  MP 260  (about 15000 HP)
Mistral  lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58

Hornisee  lv.31  HP 2800  MP 200
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41  -two near the upper most sc sys.
Hornisee  lv.31  HP 2800  MP 200

Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41
Gran Gunner  lv.37  HP 4000           -upper left and right sides
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41

Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41  -two near irvine
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41

Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41  -one above Irvine
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160

Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41
Irvine  BOSS  lv.42  HP ????  MP 100  (about 16000 HP, lower than
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41   before i think)

Security Systems- Like Auto cannon but worse.

Yoyo senses that a Holy Dragon is here. Remember Sauzer? That  dragon.
Though it was a monster... anyway, send ALL your troops out as far  as
you can. If you are wondering where your people are, some are  on  the
left and right, while your dragons somehow fly in. The reason for sen-
ding all your troops in in because of the security  systems. They  can
take care of the security systems while the others take care of the e-
nemies. Remember to finish of Babarela off with elemental attacks. Af-
ter she is taken care of, ignore the others and the systems, they  are
annoying, especially the Gran Gunners, and you're lucky they can't mo-
ve. If you are at full HP then the sercurity systems won't  kill  you.
As soon as you can, use some summon magic on enemies if you aren't cl-
ose enough. As soon as you can get 2 parties up to Irvine (your faster
out of the 3 light armors) to  go for  Irvine, while the  other  stays
behind and helps the others. REMEMBER TO TAKE OUT THE CURE COMRADE....
Otherwise your efforts will be wasted on  wasting  your turn  when the
guy gets cured >_<. You don't have to worry  about the  other  enemies
around you, they are just a waste of time. Also remember to  take  out
Irvine with elementals. Bonus 14000 EXP for all.

Post Battle

Byuu and others go and check the back room there seems to be something
in there... maybe a Holy Dragon to aquire. If you notice, Sendak seems
to be faking it (if you talk to him) just because he's scared  of  the
Holy Dragons and fighting. Bikkebakke's trying to give some  mushrooms
to the wounded Rush and Truce. Go up. Palpaleos asks Gudolf  where  is
Sauzer. Gudolf says that Emporer Sauzer  told him  Palpaleos  betrayed
him. He also says that  he  said "Never Forgive  Palpaleos, no  matter
what happens!!". Palpaleos comes to  accept those  terms. Gudolf  says
that they can all ask him together, when  they  die... He's  going  to
drop you out into the sky... Anyway, Talk to Yoyo. She is  talking  to
the Holy Dragons. No wait, the Holy Dragon Hyperion is talking to her.
Hyperion tells her to come alone. Try enter the north door. Byuu hears
Yoyo. She says she always wanted to be by Palpaleos's side. She  tells
Matelite, him and Taicho get along well. She tells Sendak to not over-
do it, and for Byuu not to forget to feed the  dragons. On  the  other
side, Yoyo collapses at the  dragon, just to  be saved  by  Sauzer. He
wants Yoyo to take Hyperion from Sauzer. After that they both collapse
and Palpaleos comes in. Palpaleos wants to take Sauzer onto the Farnh-
eit... Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= _______________________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 21-|The Holy Dragon Bahamut|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

The chapter starts  off with Hornet saying something, maybe after Byuu
starts listening. You control Byuu. You can go into Sendak's room  and
see Zora's Son cleaning =). You can go into the women's room  and  see
that Donfan is still getting harassed, that he's turned into a rabbit!
ROFLMAO! In the men's room, Frenze put some Uniuji and Gunso's ???  in
Reeve's food. Go into Yoyo's room and talk  to Old Man  Sendak. Sendak
says that  Sauzer  said he  made an  agreement with  monsters and  was
shown the mind of a Holy  Dragon. Sauzer  says that's  correct. Sauzer
says it was good because he did not have the  power to  read the  Holy
dragon's mind, so it was good for him. He says thanks to  them he  was
able to read the mind of the dragon Hyperion. Yoyo says that the minds
of the Holy Dragons are filled with anger, to Bahamut. But,  she  asks
Sauzer, why... they cover up the reason of their anger and hatred.  He
(Sauzer) says that inside the mind of Hyperion was a battle, a war....
A war between the Holy Dragons, where they fought each other and  shed
each other's blood. They all fought and all the continents fell becau-
se of Bahamut. Bahamut betrayed them, and they wanted to kill him. But
that was Hyperion's thoughts. Then they say that defeating Bahamut and
the era of hatred ends. Go out and talk to Yoyo. It switches to Sauzer
and Palpaleos, talking about how Sauzer couldn't fufill his dream.....

Sauzer asks him as a person, to, if he dies, to release his body  into
the skies of Orelus. Then he will float endlessly till  a lone  lagoon
no one has heard of takes him in... then he will start over from there
and then Palpaleos questions that. Sauzer has another crazy dream once
again, to take all of the sky! Sauzer gets weaker and then babbles  on
with the greed he had before. He then dies... Go to Sendak's room now.
Matelite says that if they wake up Bahamut again, then the Holy Dragon
war will start all over again. And if that happens, all of Orelus will
be destroyed. Sendak says if Bahamut  gets  awakened, the  war of  the
Holy Dragons will start in her mind... Taicho rushes in and says  that
Yoyo's in trouble. Yoyo says she's fine. Yoyo tells  the Holy  Dragons
to take her body. She wants them to take them to Altair, their homela-
nd, where they will leave the girl (the dragons will leave the girl..)
Sendak asks if that is on the other side of the hole that  opened.  It
is then decided, you will travel to Altair via the only  way. Talk  to
Hornet when ready, but Hornet doesn't know where they're  going.  Yoyo
says she's going to talk with Bahamut. Head on to the  other  side  of
Yoyo (maybe before you want to see Truce in the girls room...ROFL) and
you see Palpaleos push Sauzer's body  off, like  he said  so. Talk  to
Hornet when ready. 

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE BATTLE:Bahamut, here we come...

Eh, does this look E Z or what...? Well, it's not as E Z as you think.
Level up some more...

Enemy Groups.
Gryphon  BOSS  lv.46  HP ???? -first party you see (about 20000+ HP)

Shrine Rabbit  lv.26  HP 1750  MP 80
Shrine Rabbit  lv.26  HP 1750  MP 80  -deformed bunnies
Shrine Rabbit  lv.26  HP 1750  MP 80

Psychic Doll  lv.28  HP 2200  MP 260
Psychic Doll  lv.28  HP 2200  MP 260  -x5 healing freaks
Psychic Doll  lv.28  HP 2200  MP 260


Okay, i will put 2 tactics up for you.
The Easy (but Annoying way): Put your strongest character in the  same
group, and the same class too, to stock  up on  power. Equip strongest
equipment, and go STRAIGHT FOR Gryphon with all your characters, using
SP/MP attacks, also with the summons. But this way, the Shrine Bunnies
(as i call them) will Rabbit you and teh Psychic  Doll  will heal  the
Boss up to full HP, making it annoying and you having to use Magic Gin
and a couple of turns.

The HardER (but safe way): Spread Light Armor out, and then go for the
Shrine Bunnies. Since this is a small level, your minor parties have a
go as well. Take out the Shrine Bunnies IN ONE TURN, then  go for  the
Dolls. Keep your parties spread out as Gryphon can take out characters
fast. Concentrate on using all your SP up on good Magic attacks on the
Psychich Doll. Don't go for them first as the bunny  status is  really
annoying to have. Your dragons will help out too in demolishing  them,
but really for no use. Go for Gryphon after you have taken them all...
Also, take out the bunnies with Elemental Attacks for good weapons.You
see... when you're fighting that you need to take out those damn dolls
fast. Overall an easy battle (i barely lost a HP). 

Post Battle

Yoyo tells Bahamut that she's come. She is able to reach into Bahamuts
mind. Bahamut adresses her as a Dragnar, because she's gotten all  the
other's so far. Bahamut tells her about the legend, then Yoyo  aquires
Bahamut. They want to take her to the castle but Farnheit  is  better,
so she says, because of the door to Altair. Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-= ________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 22-|The Final Battle|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

This chapter starts off at Granbelos castle, with troops  bursting  in
to Gudolf's room. They ask where the corpse is (Sauzer's). Gudolf does
his trademark Laugh, then asks what about a corpse. He then kills  the
soldier and says that he will be the substitute corpse. He tells  them
to hurry up and prepare. In the Empire Gudolf gives a speech, mourning
the death of Sauzer. Back to Farnheit.

Yoyo tells Palpaleos  that the door will  open, and  the Holy  Dragons
will do that. Matelite  asks Yoyo  where the door  will open, but  she
doesn't answer... as you see the empire near the door. Matelite  tells
Byuu that the door to the new era has opened. Matelite tells  Byuu  to
take care of the rest. You can go into Sendak's room and insult Matel-
ite... heheh. Matelite tells you that Yoyo's  first  words  were  not:
Daddy, or Mommy, but Matty, Matelite. You can insult Matelite here, by
saying she meant fatty (ROFLMAO!!). Talk to Gunso  in the  men's rooms
4 times to get Gunso's ???. Talk to Frenze and you will find out  that
he played a prank on Reeve because of their friendship. Talk to  Diana
to find out why. Go to Yoyo's room and choose the first option. She'll
try to find out the answer of to where the door to the new era is. She
says that the relationship with the Holy Dragons is different now. She
talks to the dragons and they tell her that the door is above the Gra-
nbelos Fortress. Palpaleos says Gudolf is still  there, and that  they
need to crush Gudolf and the Empire. Talk to Hornet and say  you  want
to go to the Granbelos Empire. But before the  battle, Yoyo tells  you
she has something to say and for you to follow her. Rush is getting  a
little edgy, so when he runs off follow him to the men's room.  Choose
the option 'Cheer Up!' to get the last Princess's ???. Talk to  Sendak
in his  room. Yoyo says  that the Holy  Dragons are  confused, it  was
right to gather all their strength to open the door. She says that  it
was the first time they had actually worked  together. She  says  that
they all enjoyed watching the people in Orelus tremble in fear.  Then,
the one who opposed that, Bahamut started the war. Because they didn't
know how to control their power. Palpaleos says  that the  reason  for
starting a war is always something trivial. Truce then questions about
the war he started. Truce asks him if that was started from some triv-
ial reason. Truce yells at him while Palpaleos accepts what he did was
wrong. Truce leaves after some words about him fighting to the end....
then Sendak asks how the war  ended. Yoyo  says that  they closed  the
door, so they couldn't return to Altair. Talk to Hornet, and then  you
discover that Gudolf is attacking you. 


No, this is not the final battle. You wish. But it probably is a wrong
translation, it probably is the Final Battle of Granbelos. That  would
be more accurate. Anyway, this is hard, as you are facing the toughest
of the Empire. The hardest battle of the game starts here.

Enemy Groups.
Hummel  lv.37  HP 3400  MP 220
Panzer Lair  lv.39  HP 4400    -First 4 groups
Hummel  lv.37  HP 3400  MP 220

Panzer Lair    lv.39  HP 4400
Gran Cannon  lv.40  HP ????   -Next 2 -and 2 past Galgstaf
Panzer Lair    lv.39  HP 4400  (gran cannon about 11000 HP)

Galgstaf  lv.38  HP ????  -those HUGE cannons past above group. x2
(about 15000 HP)

Ziegfried  lv.46  HP ????  - STAY AWAY FROM THIS.
(Dunno, 20000 HP?)

Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160
Panzer Lair    lv.39  HP 4400         -north of above
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160

Lenderbaffe  lv.39  HP ????  MP 86   -North of above

Gold Scalper  lv.34  HP 4100  MP 45
Irvine  lv.45  HP ????  MP 130       -South of Gudolf
Gold Scalper  lv.34  HP 4100  MP 45

Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800  MP 52
Gudolf  BOSS  lv.46  HP ????  MP 260 (20000+ HP)
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800  MP 52


Notes: This is a very hard battle. There  are very  many Gran  Laucher
type enemies but a lot stronger. Then the game introduces the one time
Granners, such as Galgstaf, capable of taking half of your HP  off  in
one shot, and 3/4 (3 quarters) of  your HP if combined  with the  very
near Gran Cannon and enemies. You best bet is to take the enemies then
use indirect attcks on the gran Cannon, then use more indirect attacks
on the Galgstaf. That is the most safe way. But beware the game intro-
duces the annoying Auto-Cannon again, taking off more HP added to  the
other cannons. And to  make you more  pissed, they've  made the  level
twist and turn around, wasting more time for the Zigfried cannon to do
its magic. The Zigfried cannon is probably the most  destructive  non-
boss enemy not in a side-quest. It is capable of taking out the  whole
party in one shot. Your best bet for  this is one  dragon: Salmando...
To add more pain, there's exactly 12 Auto Cannons on the  map. Now  to
get  to  the  boss is  tough. There's  several enemy  barriers to  cut
through. The first I call is the Hummel barrier, which consists of the
Hummel groups. Then is the Gran Barrier, which is the Gran Cannons and
the Galgstaf. The next the the Nightmare Barrier, which is the Ziegfr-
ied, more Gran Cannons, Healing Groups (!!!!!), a hard enemy, then the
re-introduction of a damn General who won't die, which  then leads  to
the boss. What ever can we do...? Anyway, Zeigfried cannon has a blast
raius of 3 spaces, so IF you EVER go there, make sure you spread  your
parties out and make sure you have MAX HP. Okay, one of the pluses  is
the water and walls. They can be frozen to walk upon and broken to  be
treaded past. Good. Okay, time to talk about the enemies.

Hummel, the spell casters of the round. They are weak to and  like  to
use Flame Gaze a lot. Cast Ice. That'll Kill 'em quick.
Gran Cannons- Let's say about twice as hard as Gran Gunner and 4 times
as hard as Gran Launchers. Weak against thunder.
Galgstaf- Um, twice as hard as Gran Cannons  and has  a massive  range
for a cannon. They can't  attack back  in Melee  luckily, so  use your
thunder attacks there.
Zigfried- Twice as hard (maybe 3 times?) as Galgstaf. Good thing there
is only one. It has massive HP, and massive STR (203 to be exact).
Wait till it hits you. It has about a blast radius of about 7. So that
is about this: .......Z....... in every way.
Lenderbaffe- Nasty. Moves quick, strikes quick. Ouch.
Irvine- Damn, he's annoying. not as hard as Gudolf.
Additional note: You also have a Puppy dragon in reserve so ever want
to change you can.

The Super EZ Way: SALMANDO ALL THE WAY! Make sure Salmando is  Pheonix
or Master Dragon. Then let him take out all enemies. Beware, this will
take about... I don't know, more than 1/2 hours...! Maybe more!

The EZ way:   Left Side
Okay, this is my recommened  way. First, ignore the  4 Hummel parties. 
Then, take out the Gran  Cannon parties, healing each turn. Ignore the
Glagstaf, and get 2  parties to  head up the  left side,  each  should 
have a dragon which  can cast ice  magic. Freeze  the water  and blast
the wall. Spread out though, so freeze then blast(with thunder techs).
That should make a wall at the side. Gather your other  people to  hit
the Hummels, then after the Galgstaf, then follow the 2 parties up the
side. When you get the 2nd left Gran Cannon follow the side and freeze
the water so that it creates a bridge to get  across. Its optional  to
take out the  cannon, but the  Zeigfried might  get you. When  you get 
across to the forest, there will be a bridge waiting for you to circle
the upper area, which will lead you to Gudolf. Heal to max and heal to
max SP and crush Gudolf.
(NOTE: You'll have to take out the walls up north to get to Gudolf)

The EZ way:  Right Side
This is a little harder than before, and will require you to use  more
SP and MP, more Drugs, and more Magic Gins. Go to the  right side with
3  Light  Armor parties  and  quickly take  out the  Gran Cannon, then 
freeze  the water, blow the hole again, leading to the Galgstaf. Don't
worry  about it but  heal. Get the others  to dispose of that, and the
hummels. There  should be 2  Auto-Cannons  waiting for  you after  the 
bridge, try  to  move  up  and  around. I expect  you  to  have  those 
parties  have  Light Armors  in them.  You  should  not take your time 
getting  to  the  upper  right  corner, the  accessable  part  without 
freezing anything. There will be walls, blast all of them first,  then
get your 3rd party to create the bridge. Next turn you should be  able
to cross to Gudolf. This way you have 3 parties to crush Gudolf.

The Medium Way: This requires stronger characters  and ALL  parties to
be used. Okay, first, take out all the Hummels. You can take  out  the
wall as well, it shouldn't be hard, then go for the Gran Cannons  with
the Wizard, Summoners and other indirect attacking parties, but not in
range with the Galgstaf, hopfully. After they both have been taken out
go for the Galgstafs themselves. Pile 2 wizards in 2 separate parties,
for healing and attack with all your parties, and use summon spells as
well. After you have taken them out, edge closer to where the Galgstaf
once was. Here, this will make you use indirect attacks so the Ziegfr-
id cannon doesn't hit you. I think if you stand where the Galgstaf was
then you should be out of range, just. Pile on the indirect attacks on
the Gran Cannons. On the right side, it'll be hard to  reach the  Gran
Cannon with indirect attacks. From the Galgstaf cannon, head up 3 squ-
ares, till you can't go any further, then right. You should be out  of
the way of the Ziegfried and Gran, hopefully. Defeat the Gran  Cannon,
then freeze the water and blow the walls till you get up to  the  top,
allowing you to get to Gudolf with much more EXP, and parties.
(NOTE: TO get to the Galgstaf refer to the EZ way, Left Side)

(NOTE: For this have at least 2 indirect attack users. They are:Lancer
Assassins and Cross Knights. 4 Lancers, 2 Assassins and 2 Cross Knight
so spread 2 Lancers in each attacking groups, 2 Assassins in the other
and 2 Cross Knights in your main group.)
The Hard Way: Defeat all Enemies. Yes, this is the hard way. Though  I
recommend it on EX mode, I've beaten it once, when i was bothered to..
Anyway, spread out your characters so at least one of  them has  2000+
HP to spare. Take out the Hummels and Auto Cannons first, then use in-
direct attacks on the Gran Cannons, like before. Heal often  and  when
they're dead, go for the Galgstafs, using the EZ way. Freeze the water
and blow the wall, allowing you to sneak in, 3 attacking parties, hop-
efully. Use the Summoners to blow  this, Leviathan for the  water  and
Thunder Techs for walls. Remember that you have Assassins too. Blow up
ONE Galgstaf at a time, so focus 3 parties onto it  then get  those  3
to go the other side. You should have at least 4 attacking parties  to
spare. You'll see what I mean by having 2000+ HP soon enough. After  2
Galgstafs have been blown to pieces, get 2 attacking parties to go  to
the other side, and the last attacking to the right  side. Get  the  2
backup parties to advance to the bridge, but don't go on it or pass it
yet. Now get the attacking parties  to focus on  indirect  attacks  if
possible, or if not, attack the Gran Cannon head on, but only 1  party
at a time. So if that is the case, head one in, attack the GRAN CANNON
first, then if they're not all dead, head out and let the other one do
the job. After they're done, head all in to the Ziegfried. So 2 on the
left and 2 on the right. Right now your Dragons should be pummeling at
that area. Head them all in, but  remember to  heal. Attack  the  Cure
Comrade first, that's yoru main priority. Attack the Ziegfried cannon,
but spread out. The party which deals the most damage to it will  take
its cannon, so make sure that party has the highest HP and the highest
STR, so that they take the damage and not the  other  parties. Keep  1
attacking party stationed at the bridge to  fend off  Lenderbaffe  and
maybe Irvine. The reason for the backup parties is for them to move in
with the attacking parties so if something  bad happens  at least  you
can use their turn to do good. Persist at  the Ziegfried  Cannon, with
the strongest party at the actual  cannon, the others  using  indirect
attacks and it should be done! W0W! Now help  the other  party  defeat
Landerbaffe, and Irvine and your're pretty much done on defeating  the
boss Gudolf! Well done who ever accomplishes this on first game. BONUS 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-= ___________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 23-|Destruction|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

You enter the Granbelos Castle. The battlefield  salesman  pushes  you
forward. He says that the kingdom might be destroyed, or the world  is
going to be destroyed by monsters. The Battlefield Salesman says he is
going to retire, and appoints Rush as the salesman, and Truce to  help
him. Bikkebakke asks what about him, and if you  gave the  old man  in
Campbell money, he really multiplied  it by 1000  times! Actually,  he
gave him 1 Piro so you get 1000 Piro =). Bikkebakke's  happy, then  he
(salesman) leaves. Go and try to go to Palpaleos, he says  he's  going
to try talk to Gudolf to avoid a battle. Matelite tries to go with him
but he wants to go alone. Matelite says he doesn't want Yoyo sad  when
or if Palpaleos dies. If you inspect the in-battle T.Box, Taicho  will
talk about it as well. Talk  to Yoyo  and when  you're done  Palpaleos
returns with no avail. 


God, good. Now that the hardest chapter is over you should be at least
level 30+ for all. (Whoops.)

Enemy Groups.
Panzer Lair  lv.39  HP 4400
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800  MP 52 -first 3
Panzer Lair  lv.39  HP 4400

Hummel  lv.37  HP 3400  MP 220
Panzer Lair  lv.39  HP 4400   -2 next to Lanzengrafs
Hummel  lv.37  HP 3400  MP 220

Lanzengraf  lv.40  HP 4000  MP 120
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800  MP 52   -one at the start, 2 near gran
Lanzengraf  lv.40  HP 4000  MP 120  -guards

Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800  -way after the first groups
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800

Gran Cannon  lv.40  HP ????  (about 11000 HP)  x2
Gran Cannon  lv.40  HP ????   -past the Lanzengraf x2

Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800
Hummel  lv.37  HP 3400  MP 220 -2 near the Gran cannon
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800

Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800            -2 guarding Gudolf
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160

Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800
Gudolf  BOSS  lv.48  HP ????  MP 280 (23000+ HP)
Gran Guard  lv.36  HP 4800


::New Elements::
Stone Statue- Stand in front of it, and you recieve 600+ damage to all
characters from Mega Beam.

1st T.Chest You see - Reconquista (armor) <- Get
2nd T.Chest you see - Chobham Armor
3rd T.Chest (LEFT)  - Invincible <-Get
4th T.Chest (RIGHT) - Prinzeugen <-Get

Yet again you have to face Gudolf. That's the third time in the  game.
After this, Granbelos is no more. First, Send out a Light Armor  party
to get the Reconquista Armor. It's good. Now, after that send your pe-
ople out to attack the enemy, but beware of  Mega Beam  they  cast,  I
think from the stone statues put up on the wall. Steer  clear of  that
or will recieve damage. And watch for the spikes as  well, try not  to
land on them as they hurt. Hit the enemy without touching any of them.
Also, watch for Lanzengraf's Lancing skills, take the 2 Lanzengrafs in
the party out first. Defeat all the enemies there  before  commencing.
As you go on, ignore the treasure chest there, you've got enough Chob-
ham Armors, hopefully. As you get close to Gudolf, the dragons who are
there, or if any, will be taking the damage, and the  enemies will  be
edging on to them. That allows you  to make a  break for the  Treausre
Chests. Invincible is the best  Spear and the  Prinzeugen is the  best
rapier. Although, you'll notice that the Rapier's icon is the same  as
the lances. Don't  worry about  that, that's just  a debugging  thing.
When you get on the chest, DON'T END TURN. This is important, use some
indirect attacks while you're on the chest, and you'll  still get  the
item. After that, ignore the others and go straight for the Cure Comr-
ade groups. They are the msot important to kill because you can either
wait till they drain their MP or kill  them before  letting them  heal
the others. After that take out the Gran Cannons, then the Lanzengrafs
THEN Gudolf. That way is the safest. You don't have to worry about the
remaining Panzer Lairs, they're a pain in the @$$ though. Bonus  19000
EXP for all.

Post Battle

Save, after you see Palpaleos stumble, with Yoyo helping him.

-=-=-=-=-=-= __________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 24-|To the Homeland...|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Hornet apologizes to Byuu, they can't avoid being sucked into the door
to the new era. You see the Farneheit  edge into the  door to the  new
era. When you get in, Hornet says that  something there  looks like  a
lagoon. Hornet, if you talk to him, says that its quiet although there
should be lots of monsters. Go to Sendak in his room and he says  that
there are Dragonites  living  here. If  they can  be  found, the  Holy 
Dragons can be revived. Zora said the Queen (Yoyo) told  to tell  Byuu
that not even the Holy Dragons understand why the door to the new  era
was closed, and they don't know what the monsters are. Matelite if you
talk to him, says that Yoyo is always comforting the weeping man (Pal-
paleos). Zora interferes and say that the two love each  other and  to
leave them be. There's several things you  can find  out, that in  the
women's rooms, Donfan is going out with 2 girls, and in the mens,  the
Lan-lan-lancers Reeve and Frenze are going to be friends again.  Okay,
the Heavy Armor Barclay is  going to get  married to  stuck-up  wizard
Anastasia, and Zora's Son's real name is Orelus. Go ot the Weapon Shop
and they sell way better things. Go to the Item Shop and  stock up  on
99 Royal  Drugs <- (!!) IMPORANT  THING TO  DO (!!). You  must, it  is
nesessary for the battles ahead. Okay then, tell me what you're  going
to spend it on...? Actually, stock up on every item  they have  there.
Just  to be  safe. Go  to  Yoyo's  room now, she  says that  Palpaleos
comforts her just like Byuu used  to. Talk to  Palpaleos, and he  says
when they cleared Kahna, they disposed of many items, and  here's  all
that's left: Empress Kahna and Royal Gown. He gives them to you.  Take
off (speak to Hornet).


Now  you are forced to  level up by  using Easy  Dunegon or  Situation
Critical. I don't care which one you choose.

Enemy Groups.
Dark Stalker lv.44 HP 4000
Dark Stalker lv.44 HP 4000 -7 groups, mainly your first barrier
Dark Stalker lv.44 HP 4000

Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310 - Two groups, first and fourth
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310

Ring Tracer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310
Ring Tracer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310 - Two groups, third and sixth
Ring Tracer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310

Ring Crafer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310
Ring Crafer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310 - Two groups, second and fifth
Ring Crafer  lv.42  HP 3200  MP 310

Alchemic  lv.37  HP ???? MP 96 -Past stairs (about 20000 HP)

Veltim  BOSS  lv.54  HP ????  MP 260 (about 25000 HP)


Your objective here is to defeat every  annoying piece  of crap  here,
the enemy, You'll need the EXP for next round. Watch out for the  Ring
Groups, there's 6 of them so  that = massive  damage. Watch for  them.
Okay, split your attacking parties up, one  for the top  1/3, the  2nd
for the middle 1/3 and last for the lower  1/3. Another  group  should
follow them for backup. Okay, the top 1/3 will have 4  groups to  take
out, the middle has 3, and the lower, is kind of weird. It ranges from
2 - 6. The rest is up to You. Watch out for the Dark Stalker's instant
KO attack. Heal up, and it'll take you about 2 turn to take one of the
Dark Stalker parties. Okay, when  you end  your first  turn, the  Ring
Crafter will make more enemies, and the Tracer teleports enemies. When
its your turn, TOP PRIORITY to take out the Tracers and Crafters, then
go back to the Dark Stalkers. But, while  taking  out the  Commanders,
they use a devastating Armageddon attack. Take out the CRAFTERS FIRST.
They are the ones who make the enemies, the Tracer just teleports them
which is actually a plus seeing as  you don't  have to  walk and  they
attack you. Most of it will be over when you defeat all the Ring enemy
groups. Though, you can keep letting them summon enemies to  gain  EXP
points. Just take out the Commanders  first, and the  Tracer  if  he's
missing a Crafter. Though you might want to stop when Alchemic  starts
to fry you. Kill Alchemic for good EXP and to stop him frying you with
fire attacks. Then go for Veltim, he's not that hard but  has a  hard-
hitting indirect attack. Bonus 22000 EXP for all. 

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-= __________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 25-|Eternal Travellers|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Advance forward (right) and a voice will ask you who you are  and from
you've come. From Palpaleos (IMPORTANT) go right, and you will  see  a
bridge. Try to cross it a a spirit of a Dragonite will appear and asks
who you are. Talk to the now flesh and bone Dragonite, and  it'll  ask
who you are. Yoyo says  they came  from Orelus. The  Dragonite  senses
Holy Dragons and senses Bahamut, Valitora and Garuda, and the  others,
Leviathan, Jormangund and Hyperion. Dragonite asks what  this is,  and
Yoyo says that they've come to return the dragons, and  to defeat  the
monsters attacking Orelus. Dragonite brushes aside the  matter of  the
monsters, and asks where the Holy Dragons are. Yoyo says she's a Drag-
nar, and Dragonite knows what it is. Yoyo asks what it what it is, and
replies with 'Dragonite'. Sorry  to spoil  it  early. Sendak asks  the
dragonite what the meaning of the dragonites will aid  in the  rebirth
of the Holy Dragons. Dragonite says that the humans were not wiped out
during the war, but survived, so it... he..? He tells you.  Dragonites
are the bodies of the Holy  Dragons. He  says that  they have  eternal
life but can still be killed if they fight. He says that the wandering
spirit of a dragon is entered into the  body of a  dragonite. Matelite
gets impartient, and tells him to  hurry up  and extract  the  dragons
from Yoyo. He says he can't, and he's too old. Kids can't do it either
because they would turn into violent dragons. Dragonite asks Yoyo, why
she can't keep the Holy Dragons inside her. Dragonite  says long  long
ago  many humans  bestowed the  power of  the Holy  Dragons. Dragonite
says that Bahamut forced the other  dragons upon  him. Dragonite  says
to hold on a little longer. Talk to the Kid Dragonite and he says that
he's too young to be a dragon yet. Matelite asks the kid if there  are
any other Dragonites. The Kid  says  that if you  look in  Alexander's
Temple there should be some. Matelite asks and the Kid says that  he's
(Alexander) the King of Altair, a Holy Dragon. He says that  long  ago
when Bahamut and the others went to Orelus, Alexander sealed the  door
so he could be king. He  says Alexander  turned many  Dragonites  into
beasts. Now Bahamut speaks from Yoyo. Bahamut says that they have come
to be revived. Valitora asks if they're revival matters  not. The  kid
says he doesn't know, and calls his Grandpa (other dragonite). Leviat-
han asks if the dragonites are still here. Grandpa Dragonite comes and
tells you that there might still be some left for Alexander's purposes
only. Garuda, asks Yoyo and the  others, for just  this once  to fight
for them. Matelite yells out  that  they've  made Yoyo  sad and  other
stuff. Sendak tells Byuu to hurry up and prepare. Talk to the  Dragon-
ite at your dragons and he will tell you information about  them.  And
also what they say (THANK... YOU... I... LOVE... YOU...). Talk to Pal-
paleos when ready. 


Get ready for a hard battle. Make formations so that parties  have  x2
indirect attacks with Thunder techs. So, x2 Cross Knight, 2x x2 Lancer
groups, x2Assassins, 2x x2 Wizard. So  that's  all your  six  parties.

Enemy Groups.
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310 - Two guarding Lucrec
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310

Lucrec  BOSS lv.58  HP ????  MP 450  (FAKE)  Left Side
Lucrec  BOSS lv.58  HP ????  MP 450  (FAKE)

Lucrec  BOSS lv.58  HP ????  MP 450  (FAKE)  Right Side
Lucrec  BOSS lv.58  HP ????  MP 450  (REAL) (about 11000 HP each)
(more for Real Lucrec, I think 20000)

Radamantis  lv.49  HP ???? (about 15000 HP)


Easy battle? Nah. Well, maybe, if you consider you having Cross Knight
x2 and Light Armor x2 rushing. Yes.  Maybe... The  Stone  Statues  are
actually monsters and burst open every now and then. Theres 20 Statues
>_<. That's why I told you to  bring Thunder  using  people. When  you
start use Thunder Gaze in the middle of the first 2 Statues, to  break
them both. Now, head up and break the statues along the way, and hope-
fully one of the parties manages to break a statue up north. Its unav-
oidable for 2 Statues to  break  open  now. Persist  in  breaking  the
statues. A good number of statues to break is about 14 - 18. You CAN'T
get 20, unless a miracle happens. After that, keep breaking  and  then
kill the Radamantises. After they're all gone, including Ring Command-
ers which should be long dead, go for  the Fake  Lucrec. Once  one  is
gone, it multiplies. For Easy Level UP, kill only one, then  leave the
fake to multiply. To kill them off both, kill them at the  same  time.
Go for the real Lucrec now. Bonus 25000 EXP for All.
(er.. too lazy to re-write...)

Post Battle


-=-=-=-=-=-= __________________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-CHAPTER 26-|Alexander, King of Dragons|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Pre Battle

Matelite yells and tells the  Dragonites inside  to come  out. He says
they come from Orelus (if you haven't figured, its their world...) and
that they've come to free them. Matelite thinks  that they  heard, and
Taicho thinks Alexander has heard. Matelite says they've come this far
so they're in it together. Talk to Rush for weapons. I highly  suggest
IF YOU HAVEN'T, to get ALL (except your  Bethemoth) dragons  to Master
Form, if you haven't then... The weapons/armor Rush sells are probably
best for the dragons, you won't need it for the characters, hopefully.
If you talk to Yoyo, she'll tell you that  the Monsters in  Orelus are
actually Dragonites (...!) turned by Valitora. She says that  Valitora
did it to prevent the awakening of Bahamut, but  Bahamut did  the same
thing. But Bahamut changed the monsters so they had wings. Bahamut did
it so that they could one day fly to their homeland.. Talk to Matelite
when done. He says that this is their final battle and there's nothing
more to say. Choose Let's Go Matelite when you are done. But  Matelite
has  a  favour to ask  Palpaleos, because this  is the last  time they
might talk. But  before he  can say  anything, the  screen  shakes and
Taicho says that there are many enemies approaching. 


Make sure your levels are at least  40+ when  you  enter  this battle.
Remember  that there's Easy  Dungeon and  Situation  Critical you  can
actually benefit from.

Enemy Groups.
Dark Spectre  lv.46  HP ???? - 3 guarding each main group, 9 total

Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310 -One in each main group
Ring Commander lv.42 HP 3200  MP 310

Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210
Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210 -One in each group
Heal Glaive  lv.29  HP 2600  MP 210

Alexander  BOSS  lv.60  HP ????  MP 999 (about 25000 HP or more)

CONDITION OF VICTORY: Defeat of Alexander

You can do this fast or slow, fast is rush for Alexander, which  might
be confusing, its the dragon head. If you decide to take some or  most
out, go for the heal glaives first, which are the green ones. The Dark
Spectres are hard and tough, but  have good EXP. Ring  Commanders  are
annoying  as  well. I can't  think of much to  say in this battle. The
boss, Alexander has a nasty long range attack  which can  nearly  take
off all your HP. Beware. Bonus... what  was  it? Remember to take  out
the Heal Glaives First, then the Ring Commanders. Since you will be in
their vicinity, they will advance to you, allowing  to  do devastating
indirect attacks such as Bahamut. Bonus 30000 EXP for all.

Post Battle

Matelite tells Byuu they've done it... they've  won... Matelite  tells
Yoyo they've  won, then Taicho  notices  Dragonites, as  they surround
them, looking confused. But Sendak tells them not to  come closer  and
that the spirit of Alexander is wandering. Sendak says that  Alexander
is going to revive. They all (dragonites) disappears. Matelite says to
'look at that'. Matelite tells Byuu to retreat. You see Alexander  re-
awaken... Save... the Last Save.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ________________________________ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-Final Chapter-|We, Who cannot See into Tomorrow|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Pre Battle

Matelite says that Alexander has revived. He tells you  to hurry  with
the preparaions. Sendak says that no matter how many times you  defeat
Alexander, he'll keep reviving again and again. Yoyo says that if they
can defeat Alexander one more time, she'll take care of the rest.. And
she says she'll be alright. Truce says at this point not to  feed  the
dragons anything strange... =). Go to Rush and buy lots of heal/magic-
point boosting items for your dragons if you haven't  boosted your  HP
and MP of your dragons to  max. Talk to  Matelite  when ready  for the
final battle....


This is your last time to level up. Get your MAIN  attacking  parties'
front character's level up to 50+ and your others to 45+.

Enemy Groups.
Alexander  lv.65  HP ????  MP 999   -Upper Right Head (About 20000 HP)

Alexander  lv.75  HP ????  MP 999   -Upper Left Head (About 35000 HP)

Alexander  lv.80  HP ????  MP 999   -Middle Left Head (About 45000 HP)

Alexander  lv.75  HP ????  MP 999   -Lower Left Head (About 37000 HP)

Upper Right- Will be known as the Healer Head. This head  uses Refresh
like your dragons do, and has a radius which  spreads to  the ALL  the
other dragons. Exact co-ordinates are X 19 Y 05. Try to use  Indrirect
attacks on it. So get your Wiazards and Summoners there.

Upper Left- Will be known as the Spell Head. Uses basic elemental att-
acks such as Fire, Ice and Thunder. Damage is around  1000. Exact  co-
ordinates is X 11 Y 06. Keep the weak parties out of here. Has  radius
of 5.

Middle Left- Will be known as Boss Head. Kill this, they all die. He's
the  strongest  dragon (level 80...!!!) and  damage  is  around 1500+.
Note: Not to be attacked till you have wiped out the Spell and  Wizard
heads. Optional for Healer to be gone. X 10 Y 10 Co-ordinates.

Lower Left- Will be known as Wizard Head. This head uses status effec-
ts a lot, just equip anti- armor. You don't have to as you have got  a
lot of heals. It also casts Death, instant death. Damn. X 9 Y 14 = Co-

My parties. These are mine, they  don't  have to be  the same  although
they seemed to be effective for me.
C: Cross Knight
R: Royal Guard
Li: Light Armor
La: Lancers
K: Knights
H: Heavy Armor
A: Assassins
W: Wizard
P: Priest
M: Mini-Devils
D: Dragnar
S: Summoner

Party 1: Byuu(C) lv56, Palpaleos(C)lv50, Lukia(Li) lv54, Taicho(H)lv50
Party 2(5): Rush(K) lv50, Truce(K) lv50, Barclay(H) lv43, 
         Jeanne (Li)lv49
Party 3: Matelite(R) lv45, Frenze(La) lv48, Zora's Son(La) lv47,
         Mist(Li) lv47
Party 4: Bikkebakke(K) lv43, Donfan(La) lv32, Reeve(La) lv33,
         Gunso(H) lv30
Party 5(5): Sendak(S) lv30, Ectarina(W) lv29, Nelbo(W) lv30,
         Joy(P) lv30
Party 6(2): Yoyo(D) lv30, Melodia(W) lv31, Anastasia(W) lv29,
         Frederica(P) lv30
RESERVE: Zeroshin(A) lv33, Sajin(A) lv33, Diana(P) lv30, Zora(P) lv29,
         Wahagai(M) lv32, Monyo(M) lv30, Manyo(M) lv29, Munyo(M) lv32
(#) Indicates what it's going to be.

For Cross Knights, Hopefully.
For Heavy Armors
Iron Duke
Vegas Armor/Matelite Armor/Pax Kahna
For Light Armor
For Knights
For Lancers
Powered Suit/Energy Suit/Sleipner
For Magic Users
Empress Kahna/Assault
Aurora/Royal Gown

It is Important to switch around your formations. Your parties are al-
located like this:

 3   D   D  5   Or  something like this. Mix around Formations to make
    D           it so that 5 is a Attacking party, 6 is a backup party
 4   D      6   and 1 is your main party, 2 is  another  backup, 3  an
                attacking party and 4 your last Attacking  party.  The
    1    2      role of group 5 is to Kill the Healer Head, while  the
group six is merely to help them, and use indirect  attacks. The  main
role of group 1 is to Kill the Wizard Head,  then to  attack the  Boss
head. Group 2's support is vital here, when the HP is stable to  blast
one of the heads with magic then heal when needed and in Melee battle.
Group 3's objective is to attack the Spell head. 2  attacking  parties
can be vital here, as they can both attack the Spell head and not  get
as much damage as if one was attacking. Though IF you want to,  switch
3 with 6 or 4 with 6 to take out the Healer  head a  lot more  faster.
Also, the support of your dragons is curcial. You should have a lot of
items to spare here, Boost all your dragon's stats to 100, 250 or 9999
or 999. But not the FID stat or LOY Stat. Keep it down. Boost Intimacy
with Super Vodkas and Intimacy with Strategy Books. That way, the dra-
gons will be there  whenever you need  them... hopefully. They  attack
very strategically healing any party is wounded and attacking any head
with what they are most weak to. This is critical as well as you  will
of noticed at the very early stages of the game, when the dragon dies,
that party will not be able to use techs. This is stated already.  The
heads also like to cast many  spells on you, just to  note here,  like
other dragons, e.g Hyperion, dealing about 1600 HP to all  characters.

Let's start this game! First, start off getting Party 1 to directly go
to  the head  above it, the Wizard Head. Your Dark and Saint hits seem
to do good damage to it but it eats away the SP fast. Just use it then
the Wizard head should inflict you with an annoying status effect,  on
1 character or all. Your backup party shouldn't be able to  reach  you
right now but do you best to get that party as close as they can. Then
get  party 5 to go  for the Healer head, Dark  Hits seem  to do  well,
about 2000 damage each hit. But it only heals itself for about 1500 HP
which is quite lame considering the damage you just dealt to it.  Heh.
Get party 3 now to attack the Spell head, attack  with your  strongest
techs and do your best as you get hit after. After you end your  phase
you should be getting pummeled by Alexanders, and  maybe he'll  summon
Hyperion to get ya. After that, keep concentrating on the Healer head.
It should be after you pummel it, about 5000 HP or  so, leaving you  1
or so more rounds to clear  that. Though  at this point  it should  be
fending for itself not the others. If you notice after this one of the
dragons try attacking Boss Head, they'll realise that they can't  deal
any damage till other heads are gone. Keep attacking. When your  phase
is over, then Boss Head will hti you with another summon. In my  case,
Jormangund attacked me for serious damage. Then piled on top was  some
other spells. You'll take this turn to defeat the healer head now. You
will recieve about 44000 EXP when it  dies (along with  weapons).  Now
the other dragons who were there will go and fly off to help any other
wounded groups from last enemy phase. Don't forget to heal any  status
effects that have been inflicted upon you from the last round. And the
SP lost, you should be using Magic Gins to restore the shortage. After
you try to pummel the heads even more, the enemy  will pummel  you. (I
seem to be using 'pummel' a lot...). At this point, Boss  Head  casted
Garuda on me. Make sure that your parties are spread out so that Alex-
ander doesn't hit so many parties. 

Round about NOW the Spell  and Wizard  heads should  be getting  below
the ???? HP mark. That's means you are close. DON'T  FORGET THE  PARTY
WHO ATTACKED THE HEALER HEAD. Use that to your advantage and dont make
the same mistake (yes i know i spelt don't wrong) I did. Okay, so  the
Spell head should be recieving its last rites before it dies. At  this
point Boss Head casted Leviathan on my  dragons. Okay, this  turn  you
should be able to take out the 2 heads, leaving Boss head vunerable to
your attacks. Attack with hopefully 2 parties on Boss head. He is very
tough, he isn't the last  boss for  nothing. At this  point Boss  Head
casted Valitora on me. But I've still  got some  tricks up  my sleeve.
Well, not really. Get the Dragons out of  the way. That  means to  get
the weak parties' dragons to back away from Alexander  and set  dragon
to Come! so they come, allowing some space if they all crowded  around
the Boss. Though you need to attack Melee, he'll blast you  with  very
very nasty attacks. They are capable of taking out 3/4 of your parties
HP in one turn. It all should be over soon. Congrats.

Post Battle
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
                       -----> |E|N|D|I|N|G| <-----

Sendak:     What Shall we do?!
            Alexander is about to revive again!
Yoyo:       It's Okay! Leave it to me!
Palpaleos:  Yoyo!
Yoyo:       Palpaleos!
            Matelite! Sendak!
            Friends from Orelus!
            Everyone! Give me your power!
            Give me Strength!
            Byuu... Please...
            You too...
            You don't like me,
            Byuu... I make you feel awkward when I'm with you... I
            understand that...
            But... Byuu.
            You really are important person to me.
            Without you I wouldn't be here.
            You taught me something important...
            The feeling of reaching beyond the sky...
            That there really is such a feeling...
            Just this once!
            Give me strength...!
            Like you did then!
Up to Yoyo.
Yoyo:       Byuu.... Thanks...
            Hey, Byuu...
            Do you mind if I hold on tight?
-> Go Ahead!!
-> It's awkward, let go...
Yoyo:       Already grabbed on...
            Now, Dragon King Alexander!
            Come inside me! I am not afraid of you!
            Because I have all my friends here!
            They will give me strength!
            Alexander!!! Come!
Several scenes flash... outside the castle, tip of Farnheit, inside...
And then inside, where they get separated. 
Matelite:   What happened?!
Sendak:     Is Alexander inside the princess!?
Palpaleos:  Then... have the Holy Dragons begun to fight inside her!?
            Somebody! Somebody do something!
Matelite:   Yoyo! Yoyo!
A dragonite comes along.
Matelite:   Oh! Dragonite! Hurry and do something!
Dragonite:  She is a strong girl...
            She has done very well...
            She will be alright now...
            Come forth, Valitora!
Dragonite extracts Valitora from Yoyo.
Dragonite:  Leviathan!
Dragonite extracts Leviathan from Yoyo.
Dragonite:  ...Garuda.
Dragonite extracts Garuda from Yoyo.
Dragonite:  Jormangund, come to me!
Dragonite extracts Jormangund from Yoyo.
Dragonite:  Come, Hyperion!
Dragonite extracts Hyperion.
Dragonite:  The time for revival has come! Bahamut!
Dragonite extracts Bahamut.
Sendak:     What about Alexander!?
Bahamut:    It would seem that these are the last surviving Dragonites.
            Alexander resides in the girl, however the battle has ended.
            What is inside her is the anger and hatred Alexander...
            And his sadness, perhaps...
Palpaleos:  Then what will happen to Yoyo!?
Yoyo:       Please don't worry...
            I... seem to be fine...
            Yes, I'm alright!
            You see, I'm not the weak-minded princess I used to be.
            I am the Queen of Kahna!
            And a Dragnar! Having Alexander inside my mind is nothing
            to me.
Matelite:   Of course!
Yoyo:       Bahamut...
            Bahamut, guardian dragon of Kahna....
            From now on, what will...
Bahamut:    I have just been revived... 
            I am unable to see into tomorrow...
Yoyo:       What should I say...
Bahamut:    I was once inside you.
            I am able to read your mind.
            You anger... and fear toward us...
            You happiness... and sadness...
            Listen Dragnar.
            Allies of Dragnar.
            Orelus awaits. Return.
            Return to your world.
They leave, all except Byuu.
Bahamut:    Byuu...
            Inside Yoyo's heart you are held very dear.
            However, those are her memories of you...
            They are merely memories that shall someday fade away...
            The new era has come...
            But, new eras soon become old ones...
            No one can escape the flow of time...
            Listen, Byuu...
            Look only to the future...
            You live only in the present,
            which continues its forward advance, unabated...
Dragonite Bahamut disappears.
Matelite:   Come on, Byuu.
            Let's go home.
            ...But first...
            There's something I need to say to you...
            Thank you, Byuu.
            It's been a long time since I've used those words!
            It feels so awkward!
            Okay, Byuu, How should we act when we return to the others?
->Let's Laugh!
->Show our fighting spirit!
->A cool pose!
Depending on what you do, when they all celebrate with the characters,
dragons and with the crew members with what you  chose. Then the  ship
exits the other world. The scene  switches to  the house in  the first
parts of the game.
Bikkebakke: Byuu! Are you really giving this house to us?
Rush:       Matelite told us about it...
            Is it true?
Bikkebakke: This sure does bring back memories...
            When you think about it, this house was the beginning of
            it all.
            Taicho, Zora... Lots of people escaped
            the war and gathered here...
            We... Until we met you, Byuu, we
            were like stray dogs... But...
Rush:       What do you mean, "but"?
Bikkebakke: It's nothing...
Truce:      Bikkebakke...
Bikkebakke: N-nothing, it's just... I was just
            wondering if we've become adults...
            Then I remembered the fun times...
            And the difficult times...
Truce:      ...A lot happened, didn't it?
Rush:       Stop it... Don't say things like that!
            You're gonna start crying...
Truce:      But, I...
Bikkebakke: But I've been holding back my tears all this time...
            Byuu... Thank you...
Rush:       Byuu!
Truce:      Captain Byuu!

(Bikkebakke) "Byuu, I'm glad we met..."

Lukia:      Donfan!
Donfan:     What is it, Lukia?
Lukia:      It's finally been decided..!
Donfan:     Decided?
            Do you perchance mean the new king of Mahal has been decided?
Lukia:      Yeah! Listen! Don't be suprised now!
Donfan:     Who...?  You don't mean...
            I, pure-hearted and serious Donfan?
Lukia:      No! It's Taicho! Taicho's the King!
(Lukia pushes Donfan)
Donfan:     Really!?
Lukia:      Yeah! It looks like he finally gave in to Gunso's persuasion!
Donfan:     Ah ha ha! Tis' like Taicho to unable to say no to a person's
Lukia:      Okay, let's go to the Mahal palace!	
            Jeanne is waiting too!
Dofnan:     Oh!
(Mahal Palace)
Taicho:     Gunso... Why do you want me to be king?
Gunso:      Because you are the only one I can think of as being king,
Taicho:     I am the man who could not protect Mahal long ago...
            I am certain if everyone will agreee or not...
Gunso:      What are you talking about?
            Taicho! You will always be out leader!
Taicho:     .....!!
Gunso:      ...I am truly glad I have
            followed you this far...
(Jeanne, Lukia and Donfan rush in)
Jeanne:     I think so too!
Donfan:     The pure-hearted and serious Donfan also thinks so!
Lukia:      Me too!
Taicho:     Everyone...

(Palpaleos: Sauzer...)

(Grabelos Castle)
Palpaleos:  It's over... All of it...
            The legend we dreamed of...
            It has all ended...
            But you're no longer here.... Sauzer...
            What you sought wasn't really war,
            it was peace, wasn't it?
            ...I get that feeling...
            Goodbye, Sauzer...
(Different part of Castle)
Palpaleos:  Yoyo...
            I will stay by myself in Granbelos.
            Even though the war has ended, I cannot show my face in Kahna...
            Forgive me...
            However, you have excellent friends...
            You aren't lonely, are you?
            I envy you..
            Goodbye, Yoyo...
            Goodbye, legend of the Holy Dragons...
Killer:     Palpaleos!!
            Palpaleos! You're the one who got us all into that damn war!
Killer 2:   So how're you gonna take responsibility for it!?
Palpaleos:  So that you are satisfied...
            Do as you wish...
Killer:     S**t! Tryin' to show off, huh?!
            This knife will take care of that!
(They kill him...)

(Yoyo: Ah!)

(Kahna, Yoyo's room)
Sendak:     Queen Yoyo!
            What is the matter?
Yoyo:       I just over-exaggerated.
            It's nothing. I had a sudden chill, that's all.
            Where's Matelite?
Sendak:     He is... mumbling to himself in front of the throne, again,
            as usual...
Yoyo:       Again...? He's been doing that everyday ever since we returned
            to Kahna...
(Throne room)
Matelite:   Your majesty...
            Yoyo has become very strong...
            Do not worry about Kahna.
            As long as I, Matelite, am here..
            And, as long as they are here...
            He... Byuu... has become an extravagant man...
            I am happy to have such great friends...

Matelite's Final Words.

    Before long, the countless lagoons throughout 
    Orelus has adopted a peace treaty and became a single kingdom... 
    Byuu, former captain of Kahna's Dragon Squad, was given duty of
    watching over the skies of all lagoons...
    ...together with that dragon of legend...

Bikkebakke's Final Words.

    The legend of Holy dragons...
    It all began with a single man who rose to challenge it...
    The legend of the Holy Dragons...
    And then the door to the
    new era opened...
    ...What was the new era?
    ...Freedom perhaps?
    ...Or maybe peace?
    We, who can't see into Tomorrow,
    have no way of knowing...
    If you don't find dreams yourself...
    if you don't capture you ambitions...
    happiness won't just come to you.
    Heheh... you shouldn't cry so much
    that you cry even when you get hungry...
    "Living" is actually a difficult thing.
    Even if it's just a little bit...
    I feel I understand that now...
    The Holy Dragon Bahamut chose not to return to Altair,
    and remained in Orelus...
    To ensure that war does not occur again in Orelus...
    As our guardian dragon...
    How much time has passed since then...
    Since our world came to be called...
    ...Bahamut Lagoon...

                                ~The End~

                   -----> |E|N|D|I|N|G| |E|N|D| <-----

First Game Completion Time: 42:15:02, lv.58 Byuu
Second Game Completion Time: 43:35:46  lv.57 Byuu
Third Game Completion Time: 78:48:30 lv.86 Byuu >Defeated Hard Dungeon

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
-=-=-=-=-=-= _______________ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
--OPTIONAL--|The Side-Quests|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-= ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


GRANBELOS FORTRESS                               Good for leveling up.

Comes available in sixth chapter.

Soldier        lv.2   HP 600            Initial Enemy
Ice Magus      lv.6   HP 480   MP 120   Initial Enemy
Warbuster      lv.8   HP 1200           Initial Enemy
Gran Launcher  lv.15  HP 1200           Appears 7th Chapter  
Groyer         lv.13  HP 2800           Appears 7th Chapter
Presenter      lv.5   HP 540            Appears 7th Chapter
Highlander     lv.6   HP 1200           Appears 7th Chapter
Flame Magus    lv.8   HP 650   MP 140   Appears 7th Chapter
Brummar        lv.13  HP 2600           Appears 7th Chapter
Lanzenritter   lv.12  HP 1500  MP 60    Appears 7th Chapter
Blitz Magus    lv.12  HP 1000  MP 160   Appears 7th Chapter
Cure Mage      lv.11  HP 980   MP 130   Appears 7th Chapter
Murderer       lv.14  HP 1700  MP 24    Appears 8th Chapter
Gerumpel       lv.20  HP 2800  MP 53    Appears 10th Chapter
Master Magus   lv.15  HP 1200  MP 170   Appears 10th Chapter
Blade Guard    lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126   Appears 14th Chapter
Magic Guard    lv.23  HP 2800  MP 126   Appears 14th Chapter
Slaughterer    lv.22  HP 2200  MP 48    Appears 15th Chapter
Lanzenlord     lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75    Appears 15th Chapter
Centurion      lv.25  HP 3200  MP 54    Appears 15th Chapter
Cure Sorcerer  lv.18  HP 1300  MP 150   Appears 15th/16th Chapter(?)
Bengurion      lv.25  HP 3200  MP 48    Appears 16th Chapter
Wespe          lv.23  HP 2100  MP 180   Appears 16/17th Chapter (?)
Cure Comrade   lv.30  HP 3000  MP 160   Appears 19th Chapter
Gran Knight    lv.34  HP 4200  MP 44    Appears 19th Chapter
Gladiator      lv.29  HP 3600  MP 60    Appears 19th Chapter
Lanzenlord     lv.24  HP 3100  MP 75    Appears 19th Chapter
Grey Scalper   lv.32  HP 3800  MP 41    Appears 19th Chapter
Mistral        lv.34  HP 4000  MP 58    Appears 20th Chapter
Mitia          lv.32  HP 3600  MP 47    Appears 20th Chapter
Hornisee       lv.31  HP 2800  MP 200   Appears 20th Chapter
Gran Gunner    lv.37  HP 4000           Appears 21st Chapter
Panzer Lair    lv.39  HP 4400           Appears 22nd Chapter
Gran Guard     lv.36  HP 4800  MP 52    Appears 22nd Chapter
Gran Cannon    lv.40  HP ????           Appears 23rd Chapter

Granbelos Empire Dissappears after your crush it. (23nd Chapter)


(?)- Not sure



EASY DUNGEON                               Not so good in leveling up.

This comes available in the sixth chapter.

Triphid        lv.9   HP 1850          Initial Enemy
Vampire Bat    lv.7   HP 1200          Initial Enemy
Sky Hawk       lv.8   HP 980           Initial Enemy
Dendrobium     lv.11  HP 2650  MP 44   Initial Enemy
Chimera        lv.13  HP 3600  MP 49   Appears 8th Chapter

A.CONDITION OF VICTORY: Defeat of all enemies

Note: Easy Dungeon temporarily dissapears in chapter 23.


HARD DUNGEON                          Do you think they are kidding?!?


NOTE: Very Hard, appears 21st Chapter

Strider     lv.84  HP ???? MP 175 (about 12000 HP)
Overlord    lv.88  HP ????  MP 420   (about 10,000 HP)
Judit       lv.93  HP ????  MP 999  (about 40,000 HP)
Naga        lv.96  HP ????  MP 999   (about 58,000 HP)
Moth Queen  lv.97  HP ????  MP 999   (about 55,000 HP)
Shcwarzen   lv.98  HP ???? MP 999  (about 53,750 HP)
King of Pain  BOSS  lv.99  HP ????  MP 999   (about 60000 HP)

CONDITION OF VICTORY: Defeat of King of Pain


My tips: Well, your parties need to be at a very high level (at least
70-80 level mark) and most of the curative items at max. You probably
heal every turn, and make sure anyone doesn't hit more than 1 party,
otherwise its gonna hurt. You're going to be using EVERY party here
and make sure you have, e.g. a Light Armor person in your party so
you can move further on the grid, escaping the enemy further.


From "sean danis" <sean_danis(at)hotmail.com>

"There is a way you can do the hard dungeon easily it might take awile
but it gets the job done. First you max out everything on your main 
dragon. The final form of your main dragon has infinite life so you 
just have it take the thumps while you sit back and relax. Dont send 
your guys in until every enemy has no mp and then you can send you 
dragons and hit him with summons from a distance while the others 
pick up the other items. "
CC's Note: Yes, I'm sure we all know that Salmando's master dragon
form/Pheonix form is invincible, but thanks anyway.


From "A Bass" <aqua_bass(at)hotmail.com>"

Here is a list of information of the Hard Dungeon sidequest. 
Contents of chests: 
 2                 8 
1   3   4  5  6   7   9 



1:Royal Gown x2 
2:Empress Kahna x1 
3:Kaiser Rin x4 
4:Power Suit x4 
5:Silent Voice(Casts Mute) 
6:Energy Suit x2 
8:Dreadnaught x4 
9:Iron Duke x4 
10:Chobham Armor x4 
11:Reconquista x4 
12:Nightmare 99 
13:Elixir x9 

My statistics: 
All items at x99 
Level of mages:30-40 
Level of fighters:40-50 
Dragons:All Master 
2.Jeanne-Gunso-Zora's Son-Donfan 

Note-Use Saint techs on Overlords/Striders and Saint or Dark on the
rest for maximal damage. 

Begin by setting Salamando on Go! and the rest on Come! 
Huddle everyone around group 6 and wait until the Strider and Overlord 
parties are grouped together. Then send all dragons on Go! and get the 
summoners to summon the strongest dragons. Once all the Overlords are 
dead, send the rest to kill the Striders. 
Once the area is clear, set all dragons except for Salamando on Come! 
(He should go for Schwarzen) and destroy the wall underneath the 
closest Judit. Afterwards, Judit should either head through the newly 
created passageway or not. If she does, just kill her normally. If she 
doesn't, attack Naga and beat it the normal way. 
once Naga is gone, set Dragons on Go! and send all the parties north, 
except for the Light Armor parties if you want to get the chests 
northwest. Summon constantly at Judit and King of Pain, because as long 
as the King of Pain has more damage than 1500, the Judit(s) will heal 
him instead of casting Quick. once the Judit(s) are gone, Schwarzen 
should be under the ???? HP mark. Attack Moth Queen with all your 
parties with Dark techs (takes more damage) until it falls. DOn't 
stop summoning at King of Pain. By the time Moth Queen dies, King 
of Pain will probably be in the 15000-13000 HP mark. 
There you go! 

By the end, everyone leveled around 10 levels. 



SITUATION CRITICAL                  I don't think its that critical...

Appears chapter 24.

Enemy groups

Favnil  lv.44  HP 9800   -x 8 groups (about 11000 HP)
Dauntress  lv.40 HP ????  MP 46  -x3  (about 12000 HP)
Gatekeeper BOSS  lv.54  HP ????  (25000+ HP)

CONDITION OF VICTORY: Defeat of Gatekeeper

3. Answers to FAQs
|Items that Boost and lower Hidden Stat|
The only items that increase it are the Princess's ??? items, and
only 5 of them can be found (each one of them boosting only +20, add
up to 100). The locations:
1.Chapter 6 - Yoyo's Bed
2.Chapter 12 - Choose Matelite for the Spy Operation
3.Chapter 18 - Yoyo's bed
4.Chapter 19 - Shopkeepers give it after the breeding descision
5.Chapter 22 - Chase Rush to the Men's rooms and say 'cheer up!'
The item which lowers it is Gunso's ???, and lowers it by 100. Gunso
usually gives it to you when you talk to him. Only one though.
|Why your party moves so slowly|
Well, it's either A. You have a party of summoners, or B. You have
a party of Heavy Armors. Light Armors are the most useful characters
in the game, because they can move very fast. Having 3 H.Armors and 1
L.Armor can really boost the speed. If you have 1 Cross Knight and 3
L.Armors, you can nearly move across the map in 3-4 goes. And also
C. Your Light Armor is Dead.
|How to get the last Light Armor, Mist|
Look in the FAQ, chapter 14.
|Where you can get a cartidge for the game|
In Japan, in japanese. Never released in the USA, UK, AUS, or any
other contries except Japan. Can only be played in english on ROM when
you put a patch on the game (patch from http://www.dejap.com).
|Good attacks which don't use much SP/MP|
My answer, the Lan-lan-lancers! They're sweet. Put them in Byuu's
party with Salmando, then boost Salmando into the Pheonix/Effex master
form stage, and you'll have strong lancers with all the hits which 
only cost 1 SP!
|Master Dragon Forms|
First to get this, you must build all elemental stats to lv 10, or
100. But if you want the sacred dragon, build life up to 10 first, but
if you want dark, build poison up to lv10. Don't build FID stat up,
and build STR or VIT to 250, or both. Hopefully you get Master Dragon.
If anyone has any others things to add on here, please e-mail me.
Salmando's master dragon CANNOT ever die, and always has 9999 HP. I
managed to get this in chapter 8.
|Sacred Dragon Forms|
Max Fire, Water and then Thunder Stat to 100. Max either STR or VIT to
250, or both. Then max out DEX and MID. Then max Life stat (for Holy
Form) or Poison (for Dark Form). Refer not to my guide for more
accurate info.
|Tomato's Checklist|
This is Tomato's SECRETs checklist.

-Message From Dark Force...
 |One if Dalfila, get the Dark Force from pot out side resistance

-Message From Tomato

 |Chapter 20, after battle, try to Exit. Lots of messages. Not sure
 |if this is the same as above.

-Message ABOUT Neill Corlett
 |In Godland, Talk to Mist after everyone comes in to learn about
 |L R Reset!

-A Dragon from FF3
 |This can be done when you breed dragons. You need to max out Fire,
 |Water and Thunder (=Earth) and then dominate Poison stat to 100,
 |also with the STR and VIT. Then you should get Hidon as your sacred
 |form, with the special attack Grand Train (ff3 fans should know this
 |from Ebot's Rock)

-An enemy from FF3
 |I believe this is some dragon...
From: Mónica Besteiro <bemo@datafull.com>

In the Tomato's Secrets, you name a dragon from FF3 (Hidon, thats correct) 
but then in "An enemy from FF3" you say "I believe this is some dragon". 
I noticed that the enemy "Presenter" (BL) its the same to one enmy in FF3. 
You fight it in almost the start of FF3, the only difference its that the 
"Presenter" has a chest in his mouth. I´m not sure if in FF3 there is the 
exact enemy (with the chest in its mouth), but i think i saw it.
I speak spanish, so maybe i made some mistakes. I don't speak english 
vey well :)

Thank you for the FAQ

CC's note: Thank you for that information! Much appreciated

-Dragon Love Juice
 |When you breed the dragons, choose Molten, and she/he will get out
 |of the way allowing you to get to Palpaleos and Yoyo kissing.
 |Then Palpaleos notes that you are covered in Dragon Love Juice.

-Guy impersonating Taicho
 |Pretty sure this is in Mahal (must of missed it...)

-Sendak... being uh... 'nice'
 |Chapter 8, when you have to choose how many hours pass. Choose
 |till you get to 4 hours.

-Truce in the girls room
 |Chapter 21, before battle, after Yoyo decides she's going to talk
 |with Bahamut.

-Reference to an enemy from FF5


GameFAQs            --- For such a great site 
Square & Squaresoft --- For the best games ever made but its too long
Dejap               --- For tranlating the darned game 
     (Tomato, Neill Corlett, Dark Force, CPF...)[http://www.dejap.com]
Sean Davis          --- For a Hard Dungeon Strategy
A Bass              --- For long hard Dungeon Startegy
FatCat              --- Telling me what Y does... whoops ^_^

And... You. Thank You for reading the guide to this point ^_^.

...Agh... I hate writers block.

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