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Guide and Walkthrough by blueshirt32

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 06/09/2004

                     _ )       |                     |
                     _ \  _` |   \   _` |  ` \  |  |  _|
                    ___/\__,_|_| _|\__,_|_|_|_|\_,_|\__|

                        |     _` |  _` |  _ \  _ \   \
                       ____|\__,_|\__, |\___/\___/_| _|

     __| \    _ \    /\ \      /     | |   |   |                      |
     _| _ \  (   |  /  \ \ \  / _` | | | /  _|   \   _|_ \ |  |  _` |   \
    _|_/  _\\__\_\_/    \_/\_/\__,_|_|_\_\\__|_| _|_|\___/\_,_|\__, |_| _|
                                by blueshirt32
                                 version 1.12
                           last updated on 6-9-04

Revision Info

6-9-04 v1.12 - I'm really dead, just forgot to credit Damion with something
(his PAR codes), and fixed some email addresses.  My bad.

7-21-03 v1.11 - Sorry, I've been away for a while, and haven't exactly had a
chance to work on the FAQ.  This isn't much of an update (I honestly don't
know what I've changed since the last update), but I'll list off the things I
do remember: new ASCII art for the title (courtesy of Figlet), and a brand new
section of PAR codes thanks to Kai.  I'll set a tentative goal of new update
in September or October with more walkthrough chapters.

6-9-03 v1.1 - I betcha you all thought I was dead, huh?  HUH?  Well, the new
and "complete" walkthrough is now up to chapter 6, along with all additions to
the enemy list and that stuff.  I can't exactly remember all the updates I've
made in the past several months, so search around a bit yourself.
Now that school is out, I have some more time to work on my FAQ, so I'll be
(hopefully) updating on a more frequent basis - expect another update (i.e.
chapters 7-9) by end of summer.

1-28-03 v1.0 - Would you believe it?  I finally reached version 1.0 - and that
means the Walkthrough is finished!  Not actually, but at least I have a little
bit on all of the chapters.  Cool.  That's not it, though - this update has
a bunch of other new stuff, including a more completed Enemy/Shop list, Mini
Devil Dance List (big thx to Meeple here), alternate strategy for chapter 25,
stuff about the EXP formula, musings on infinte HP...hell, I know I forgot
something, but it's too long of a list anyway.
Also, I broke the 400 KB mark.  Wow.  And, again, sorry for the long wait.

12-13-02 v0.95 - Massive update here!  I'm sorry about the long wait (over a
month, I know), but this is really a big update.  First off, the walkthrough
is done for Prologue-2.  I've also got a (mostly) completed Item list in, as
well as the starts of an Enemy list and a Shops list.  I also have a new
format for the battle sections of the walkthrough, which should be easier to
read.  I know that most of this is incomplete, but at least it's a start!Next
update won't be for a while though, so make due with what you've got.

11-10-02 v0.9 - Walkthrough up to chapter 27.  Yes!  Time to start a new game,
and do the walkthrough for chapters Prologue-5.  Found a new programming bug
in the game with Assassinate.  Fixed a problem with my Rabbit description,
also corrected some small errors.  Added some more stuff to the basics
section, and expanded the Table of Contents.  More FAQs.

10-17-02 v0.85 - Walkthrough up to chapter 24.  Added some more stuff to the
Basics.  Small formatting changes, and a new FAQ.  Updates are slower than I
expected, but I will finish it.  Just wait.

10-03-02 v0.8 - Played around with the Mini Devil description :-P.  Did a
little bit of formatting in the walkthrough (which is up to chapter 21).
School's really starting to get to me...

9-23-02 v0.75 - More tips/strategies/FAQs.  Finished walkthrough up to chapter
19, and sidequests.  Got some more info on dropped items, thx to Destruction
Angel and Jackson.  Added In-battle Party Screen to Basics (long name, ain't
it?).  School's starting up, so I'm not sure how long the next update will
take - I promise it'll be within a month.

9-17-02 v0.7 - Fixed some formatting issues.  More tips/strategies/FAQs.
Finished walkthrough up to chapter 16.

9-1-02 v0.6 - Added an enemies section in tips/strategies.  Corrected some
minor mistakes, added some more tips/strategies.  Added Q & A section.
Finished walkthrough up to chapter 12.

8-28-02 v0.5 - First release of this FAQ.  Includes all the basics.

Table of Contents

Revision Info
Table of Contents
 - RPG Basics
 - Controls
 - Out of Battle
 - Feeding Dragons
 - Pre-battle Screen
 - Command Screen
 - Enemy Command Screen
 - In-battle Party Screen
 - In-battle Start Screen
 - Description Screen
 - Melee
 - Dragons Moving
 - Enemy Phase
 - Game Over
 - Status Effects
 - In Farnheit
 - Salmando
 - Icedrake
 - ThunderH
 - Molten
 - Twinhead
 - Munimuni
 - Puppy
 - Cross Knight
 - Knight
 - Heavy Armor
 - Royal Guard
 - Lancer
 - Light Armor
 - Assassin
 - Summoner
 - Dragnar
 - Wizard
 - Priest
 - Mini Devil
Walkthrough [Incomplete]
Sidequest Walkthroughs [Incomplete]
Weapons [Incomplete]
Armor [Incomplete]
Items [Incomplete]
 - Healing Items
 - Battle Items
Shops [Incomplete]
Enemies [Incomplete]
 - Battles
 - Dragons
 - Enemies
 - Formations
 - Misc
 - Secrets
 - Sidequests
 - Techniques/Spells
 - Terrain
Q & A
PAR Codes (thank you to Kai)
My Review
To Do List
Contact Info


This is a FAQ written for the game Bahamut Lagoon.  It was released in 1996 by
Squaresoft for the Super Famicom (SNES in US).  Unfortunately, Bahamut Lagoon
joins the list of games never released in the US, for reasons unbeknowst to us
common gamers.  So, poor people in the US missed out on what could be one of
the greatest Squaresoft games of all time, and definitely one of the best SNES
games out there.  Unfortunately, as it was only released in Japan, most of us
people in the US are forced to download a rom.  And thanks to the good people
at Dejap, now we can play it in English.  Woo hoo.  I would also like to add
that this is my first FAQ :).  Hope you enjoy it.

Like most RPGs, Bahamut Lagoon has a story.  Well, like most games in general,
BL has a story.  In 8 words: Kingdom falls.  Princess seeks dragons.  Emperor
impedes her.  Now, in a bit more detail...the story starts out with the
kingdom of Kahna, which is under attack by an Emperor Sauzer.  He kills the
King of Kahna, and captures the Princess.  End of intro.  Now, several years
later, you are a young cross knight named Byuu (default name).  Byuu is the
silent protagonist of this game, and also the dragon trainer in Kahna.
Together with a bunch of his friends, Byuu will first travel to save the
princess, who's name is Yoyo.  Upon rescuing the princess, they rediscover the
legend of the Holy Dragons.  Together, a "Dragnar" and the Holy Dragons will
open the door to the new era.  Now, Yoyo seems to be the Dragnar of the
legend, so Byuu and his gang will now protect her as she seeks the dragons
of this legend.  The story continues with Emperor Sauzer, who is also trying
to connect with the Holy Dragons, and his crew of generals.  That's the basic
storyline for you...figure out the rest yourself as you play the game.

The battle system for this game is fairly unique.  It's sorta like a mix of
FFT and Tactics Ogre.  The battles are divided into phases: first it is your
phase, then the enemy's phase, then your phase, etc.  During your phase, each
of your parties will get its own "turn".  During your party's turn, it can do
a variety of actions: move, attack adjacent enemy parties (aka melee; ends
that party's turn), use a field attack (casting a spell on other enemies; also
ends that party's turn), use items/adjust equipment, control their dragon, or
just end the turn without doing anything.  Once each of your parties has
finished its turn (and all of your dragons have moved), it will become a
transition period.  During transition periods, status effects and terrain
effects will come into play, but these don't happen very often.  After the
transition period (and there is one before the player's turn, as well), it
will become the enemy's phase.  During the enemy's phase, they can also move,
attack adjacent parties, cast field attacks, or simply do nothing.  After the
enemy's phase is over, there is another transition period.  And then it
becomes your phase again.  This cycle repeats until either you, or your enemy,
is defeated.  Hopefully your enemy.  Generally, after each major battle (non
sidequest battle), your parties and dragons will all gain bonus experience.
And that is the battle system in a nutshell, folks.


- This FAQ/Walkthrough is best viewed in Courier New (or some other fixed
width font), 10 pt font size, 79 characters per line.

- No, for the last time, I will NOT tell you where to find a rom of this game.
Go find one yourself.

- The English patch for this game can be downloaded at
http://tomato.starmen.net/bahamut/download.shtml.  Don't thank me, thank the
good people at Dejap for translating this game into English for us.

- To access the hidden sound test in the game, hold L and R and reset the
game.  Once again, thank you to Neill Cortlett for this nice feature.  Hard to
pull off on SNES9x, unfortunately...

- If somebody showed me an "Options" menu, where you could tweak window colors
or message speeds or something like that, I would be eternally grateful.  Lack
of an options menu is one of the few downfalls with this game.

- Throughout this walkthrough, I will be using the default names for the
dragons.  So if you've renamed your dragons, match them up.

- If you're walking around the Farnheit, and you can't seem to go past a
stupid column, go down a couple steps and try again.  The game did a bad job
of drawing the perspective, so the columns are a few steps further down than
they seem.  This confused me a lot when I first picked up the game...

- Yes, some of the items in this game are called "Drugs".  Yes, the
Cross-Knight technique is called a "Hit".  Yes, there are items called
"Mushrooms".  I'm sorry if these offend anyone, but this is how the game (and
Tomato) designed it to be, so I'm gonna stick to that.

- The money in this game is called PR, short for Piro.  Just some random info

- This is a walkthrough, so there will be quite a few *SPOILERS* in the game.
Heck, there's quite a few already in the story.  Don't go e-mailing me "You
gave the plot away!", cause I already warned you.

- *IMPORTANT* I'm writing this walkthrough in the intentions of gaining the
best items and experience possible.  This also leads to longer battle times,
and somewhat less of a challenge.  If you want to speed right through the
battles, be my guest, and work out your own strategy.

- I'm doing a lot of this FAQ based off of memory.  If you find any mistakes
in this FAQ, please NICELY e-mail me about them, and I will take care of them
in my next update.

- Throughout this FAQ, I will be using north and up interchangably.  Same goes
for west-left, east-right, and south-down.  Hopefully this shouldn't be too
confusing.  Once again, correct me if I make any mistakes here.

-The Holy Dragons mentioned in the above story are not the same dragons as the
dragons that you will be controlling, nor the same as the Holy Dragon form
that your dragons can change into.  The above Holy Dragons are the dragons
that can be found in the storyline, and seen using the Summoner's/Dragnar's
Summon ability.

- Melee refers to the party-on-party battles in BL.  Battles refer to the
general "battle", where your 6 (or less) parties face against the enemy.  Try
not to confuse them, and if I accidentally use one in place of the other, let
me know.

- Throughout this walkthrough, I will be using the words Black Dragon and
Behemoth a lot.  Black Dragon can (for the most part) be interchanged with Uni
Uni, and Behemoth can (for the most part) be interchanged with Unknown Form.

- If I say "destroy the enemy in one phase (or turn)", you should try and
finish it off before your current "player" phase ends.  However, if I say
"destroy the enemy in two phases", kill it either within your "player" phase,
or during the subsequent "enemy" phase.  This not applies to destroying
enemies, but staying alive in battle.

- I am aware that the Priests, Wizards, and Summoners all get a spell called
"Mystery Magic" when paired with a Behemoth.  Keep in mind that these spells
are completely separate from each other, and all have different purposes and

- "Melee" parties refer to parties that have strong melee attackers, likely
(but not limited to) Knights/Heavy Armors.  "Magic" or "Field" parties will
probably use field attacks, and are likely Wizard/Priest parties.  "Light
Armor" parties are any party with a Light Armor in it.  Their use will become
more evident later on.

- There are a couple of points marked "Potential Question".  These are
questions that I have for anyone who might be reading this, as I would like to
know the answer.  Expect more in the future, as I discover more things about
this game.


RPG Basics

HP - Stands for Hit Points.  Hit Points are your life in this game - if you
ever reach 0, you'll die.  It's always written as xx/yy HP, where xx is your
current HP and yy is your maximum HP.  Every battle, your character starts
with current HP = maximum HP.  It can never be higher (obviously).  Restore HP
with Drugs, or Healing Spells.  When an enemy has over 9999 HP, its current HP
will be written as ????.

MP - Stands for Magic Points.  Magic Points are used up every time you cast a
spell.  Only classes with true "magic" spells get MP.  It's always written as
xx/yy MP, where xx is your current MP and yy is your maximum MP.  Every
battle, your character starts with current MP = maximum MP.  It can never be
higher.  Restore your MP with Magic Gins.

SP - Stands for Skill (?) Points.  Skill Points are like Magic Points, but
only non-magic classes get them (i.e. Cross Knights, Knights, etc.).  They are
used in exactly the same way, however.  Written xx/yy SP, start battle at max,
yadda yadda.  You can restore SP with Magic Gins, just like MP.

EXP - Stands for Experience (Points).  This number measures how many spells
you've cast, enemies you've defeated, battles you've won, etc.  It raises at
many points during the game, but I don't know the cap (I assume there is one).
Written as simply xx EXP.  The easiest way to gain EXP is to cast spells in
the field, but you can also do many other things to gain experience.

LV - Stands for Level.  This is just EXP factored into another number.  After
a certain amount of EXP, you'll gain a level.  Level Max is 99, and is usually
written as LV xx.  Upon level-up (gaining a level), your other stats will
usually increase.  To gain levels, gain more EXP.

ATTACK - This determines the strength of your attacks, as well as non-magic
tecniques (like Swordhits, Smashes, etc.).  This is written as xx (yy), where
xx is your final attack, where yy is your base attack (which doesn't include
weapon bonuses).  To raise your attack power, gain some levels or get some
better weapons (or better armor, but these are rarer).

DEFENSE - This determines your defense again physical attacks and physical
techs.  Also written as xx (yy), where xx is your final defense and yy is your
base defense.  Once again, to raise this, gain some levels or get some better
armor (or better weapons, but these are also rare).

SPEED - This determines your battle speed (I suppose).  I really don't see the
use of this stat, as you almost always attack before your opponents anyway.
Written as xx (yy), where xx is final speed and yy is base speed.  To raise,
gain levels or equip certain weapons/armor.

Jason points out that Speed also determines who will attack first if you are
confronted by the enemy (i.e. the enemy attacks you in there phase).

MAGIC - This determines your magic power and magic defense.  For the record,
all "Rod" type attacks are considered magic attacks and thus determined by the
magic stat.  Also, the power of magic techiniques (i.e. Black Magic, White
Magic, etc.) are determined by the magic stat.  Written xx (yy), where xx is
final magic and yy is base magic.  To raise, equip with better rods (the magic
stat is most important to rod-equipping classes, so it makes sense that rods
raise magic) or certain armors.


Out of battle:
A: Talk to other characters, select
B: Cancel
X: No purpose
Y: Makes you run (I didn't know this for the longest time!  Thank you Kevin.)
L: No purpose
R: No purpose
Control Pad: Move around, choose different options
Start: No purpose
Select: No purpose

Pre-game menu/equipment menu:
A: Select, confirm
B: Cancel
X: No purpose
Y: No purpose
L: Switch between your parties
R: Switch between your parties
Control Pad: Choose different options
Start: No purpose
Select: No purpose

A: Select, confirm, peek (when used on enemy party or on terrain)
B: Cancel
X: Brief description (when used on an enemy/your party)
Y: Speeds up movement of your "square of control"
L: Switch between your parties
R: Switch between your parties
Control Pad: Move your party, move the cursor, choose different options
Start: Brings you to the in-battle start screen (more below).
Select: No purpose

Out of Battle

Like all other RPGs, you can do stuff out of battle.  Most of the out of
battle scenes will be at the very beginning or very end of the chapters.  They
also mostly take place in the Farnheit (your big floating ship), although some
may be in nearby towns/areas.  During these scenes, you will be controlling
Byuu (and sometimes Salmando), and you can walk around and talk to various
people.  You can usually also buy equipment/items during these times, and feed
your dragons.  During these out of battle scenes, you will also be prompted to
make a choice from between several options.  Most of these will have no effect
on the game, but I will point out the critical ones in the walkthrough.

*Note:* During these out of battle scenes, TALK TO EVERYONE.  MORE THAN ONCE.
Many people will give you info/items, and some will not divulge them into you
talk to them more than once.  Another *Note* Search every nook and cranny for
hidden items.  Squaresoft threw in tons of hidden items here.  Good places to
check include cabinets, tables, boxes, barrels, flowerpots, and beds.
Whenever you enter a new town, make sure to comb the area thoroughly for items
before you leave.  This includes parts of the Farnheit, especially Yoyo and
Sendak's rooms.

Feeding Dragons

After Chapter 1, you can start to feed your dragons.  To feed a dragon, go up
to it and talk to it.  Most of the time you will go straight into the feed
dragon screen, although sometimes you will have to choose "Feed" from a list
of options.  Feeding itself is fairly straightforward; choose the item you
want to feed, then the amount, then you get to watch a cool animation of the
dragon being fed.  I will go more in-depth into dragon feeding in the
Tips/Strategies section.

Pre-battle Screen

These options will all be available before you actually start the battle:

FORMATION: Available after Chapter 1 (I think).  This allows you to change
around which characters are in which party.  If you have more than 3 dragons
and/or extra characters, there will be (a) extra page(s) to the right.  To
change your formations, click on a character, then click on another character.
They will be switched.  Double click on the same character, and you will get
a brief listing of their stats, equipment, and available spells/techniques.

DRAGONS: This is the formation menu for the dragons.  With this menu, you can
change which dragon goes with which party.  Double click on a dragon, and you
will come to a menu with that dragon's stats.  Hit A again, and you will come
to yet another menu, this time containing the dragon's spells/techniques.

INVENTORY: This will bring you to two menus.  The first, EQUIPPED ITEMS, only
shows you which weapons/armor are equipped on each character.  The second,
INVENTORY, lists all non-equipped items.  The order is, from top to bottom,
healing items -> attack items -> weapons -> armor.

EQUIP: This allows you to equip your characters with your newest weapons and
armor.  Select a character with A, then use up and down to highlight their
weapons and armor.  Press A to select, then choose a new weapon/armor, or
choose Empty to deequip your character.  Press A to confirm.  *NOTE* There
seems to be a glitch in the game (or at least my version) which screws up
the attack/defense numbers while equipping.  Be warned, and look at the colors
instead of the numbers to look for increases/decreases in your stats.

MAP: This will allow you to scan the battlefield before you start the battle.
This will help you plan out strategies for your assault, including formation
and terrain tactics.  You can even scout enemies in the map.  Always use the
Map function before starting a battle- there are no penalties.  Press Start to

BEGIN ASSAULT: Allows you to begin the battle for that chapter.  Remember,
there is only one assault per chapter, although you can do as many sidequests
as you want.

SIDEQUEST: Allows you to do a sidequest (ch 6 and on).  You can choose between
Granbelos Fortress, Easy Dungeon, Hard Dungeon (later levels), and Situation
Critical (later levels).  Sidequests can be done an infinite number of times.
More will be covered about these in the Tips/Strategies section.

AUTO-FORMATION: Automatically sets up your formations.  It can be useful for
the early parts of the game, but after a certain point it will be better to
use custom formations.  There is no way to reverse the effects of this option,
so be careful when selecting it, unless you want to completely redo your

Command Screen

Accessed after selecting a friendly party with A.  Not all of these options
will be available (i.e. if your party doesn't have a field attack, has
already moved, etc).

MOVE: Allows you to move around the field.  Check out the terrain section for
more info about the stuff you walk on.  Each party will have a set number of
squares that they can move depending on their speed stat, the dragon's agility
stat, and whether or not there are Light Armors in that party.  This option is
much more important than it may seem at first.  You may only move one time per
phase.  If you find yourself moving in the wrong direction, press B in the
battle screen to redo your move.

ATTACK: Allows you to attack an enemy party in a melee style battle.  This
option will only be available if your party is standing next to the enemy
party.  I mean directly next to, not diagonally next to.  Look at the melee
section further down for more info.  This action will end your phase.

FIELD: Allows your party to use field attacks.  In order to use field attacks,
your party must have at least one character that has a field attack.  The
different types of magic that qualify for field attacks will be mentioned in
the character section.  Anyway, this will allow you to use your attack to
hit an enemy, cure a party, or even just to gain experience.  Using a field
will end your phase.  *TIP*: If you have extra MP, use a field attack with
parties that are out of the action for free experience.  Remember, enemies
cannot respond to your field attacks.
NOTE: If your party has no field attacks, you will not see this option.

DRAGON: This option will allow you some control over your dragon.  You can
choose between Wait, Come, and Go.  Wait will have your dragon generally go
behind your party, and have them do nothing.  Come will have your dragon go
near your party, and sometimes cast healing/attack spells.  Go will give your
dragon free reign to do whatever it wants, which can include healing your
characters or attacking enemies.  Or sometimes, dragons will disobey your
commands, and Come when set to Go, or Go when set to Come.  Be careful...this
option doesn't give you quite as much control over your dragons as you'd like.
Commands from one phase are saved to the next phase (i.e. if you had your
dragon set to go, it will still be in go next phase, if you don't change it).

PARTY: Will bring you to the in-battle party screen.  More on this in the next

END TURN: Ends the current party's turn.  However, your dragon will still move
according to its commands.

OVERVIEW: The little table at the bottom of the screen.  It shows the number
of people in the party, their names, their classes, and current HP and MP/SP.

The Command screen for dragons simply shows:

OVERVIEW: That little table we all know and love.  It shows name, type (of
dragon, that is), level, HP, MP, and command (Go!, Stay!, or Come!).

Enemy Command Screen

Select an enemy party with A.  This gives you the:

OVERVIEW: The exact same table that your parties use, except it doesn't have
class information anymore.  However, it now shows elemental affinity, as well
as number/name/HP/MP/SP.  Useful for telling how close you are to defeating a
certain enemy.

After you've selected the Overview, press B to exit the screen.  Or so you
might think...

MOVEMENT RANGE: Exactly what it says - this screen shows the movement range of
the enemy party.  This screen is shown immediately after exiting the enemy
Overview, so don't be surprised when it shows up.  Remember that the movement
range is the average movement rate of all the enemies in the party, so don't
be surprised if movement rates go up after defeating a certain enemy.

In-battle Party Screen

This screen contains several interesting details, both on the general battle
and the specific party.  Remember, the in-battle party screen is different for
each party (obviously).  Access this menu using the Party option from the
Command screen.  The options include:

TYPE OF BATTLE: If you are in the main-chapter battle, this will say the
Chapter #.  If you are in a sidequest, it will say Sidequest, followed by the
Sidequest # (Granbelos Fortress - 1; Easy Dungeon - 2; Hard Dungeon - 3;
Situation Critical - 4;).

TURN: Pretty obvious.  The turn that you are on.  Remember, both you and your
enemy must move for a turn to finish.

MONEY: Hopefully, it's a big number :-P.

TIME: This is your current game time.

MAGIC: allows you to view the current party's magic/techs; also, Priest/
Summoner/Dragnar parties can cast healing spells from this menu!  Only on the
current party, though [thx to Dawnshadow].  For some odd reason, you cannot
cast Chakra (Assassin) from this menu.

ITEM: allows you to use items.  Always use this feature, and not
items in battle, as you can use an unlimited amount of items here.  Only
healing items can be used.

EQUIP: works the same as the EQUIP in the pre-battle screen, except you can
only equip party members in the selected party.

INVENTORY: works the same as the INVENTORY in the pre-battle screen.

In-Battle Start Screen

END PHASE: This automatically ends your team's phase.  Any parties that have
yet to move will have to wait until next phase to move.  However, dragons will
still move, with the orders that have been assigned to them before it becomes
the enemy's phase.

SAVE GAME: This saves the game, in a different slot than the between-chapter
saves.  There is only one slot in this kind of save.  To access this save,
choose Temporary Play from the title screen.

SOUND MODE: Select between Monaural, Stereo, and Surround.

Description Screen

OK, this is sort of a bad name, but it works.  This is a slightly more
detailed Overview screen.  Access by pressing X when highlighting a party
(either friendly or enemy).

If you select an enemy party, you will receive a list of stats for the enemies
in that party, including:
CHARACTER SPRITE (the sprite of that enemy in melee)

If you select a friendly party, you will receive the following information:
CHARACTER SPRITE (again, the melee sprite)
HP (current and max)
SP/MP (current and max)

In addition, if you select a character with A, you'll proceed to another
screen, the exact same screen that shows up when you select a character in
the pre-battle formation menu.

If you select a dragon, you will see:
HP (current and max)
MP (current and max)

Also, if you select the dragon with A, you'll go to another screen, the same
screen that comes when you select a dragon from the pre-battle dragon menu.


Melee battles last for one turn only, and are very useful.  Generally, they
are the preferred method of finishing off weak enemies.  In melee, you will
choose your commands for each character before anyone attacks.  Then your
characters and the enemies will attack, order being dependent on your
character's speed.  Also, sometimes your dragon will come in before anyone
else attacks, and use one of its moves.  This is a bonus more than anything
else, so don't count on it.  See the tips/strategies section for more detail
on battles.

The options in melee include:

ATTACK: Has your character attack the enemy.  They will use their weapon to
make a straightforward attack on the enemy.  Basic stuff.

TECHNIQUE/MAGIC: Has your character choose one of his/her techniques/spells to
attack the enemy.  All techs/spells cost SP/MP, so you have to have the enough
SP/MP before you can use the attack.  In *most* cases, techs/magic are
stronger than normal attacks, but not always.  Sometimes the title of this
attack will be Swordhit, Inspire, Ninjitsu, etc. instead of Technique or

ITEM: Allows you to use an item.  Items usable in this section are limited to
healing items or attack items.  In general, it's not that useful to use items
in a melee attack, as you can use an infinite amount in the battle screen.
Don't use items unless necessary.

DEFEND: Allows you to defend from attacks, reducing them by half(?) damage.
Unlike most games, in BL you can choose to defend another character other than
the one selected, which is useful if one character is really low on HP.  Sorta
like the Cover function in other games.  Sometimes defending can be more
useful than using items...

Dragons Moving

After you have ended your party's turn (either after a melee battle, a field
attack, or selecting End Turn), your dragon will move.  Generally, they tend
to listen to your orders (Wait, Come, Go) fairly well, especially if you've
raised their wisdom.  Depending on the dragon itself, it will either attack
enemies in melee, attack enemies from the field (sniping), heal your parties/
other dragons, or sit next to you/behind you.  Throughout the game, it won't
be uncommon for you to see dragons doing the lion's share of damage on
enemies, and also absorbing most the hits for you.  If you have selected End
Phase, all the dragons (starting with the 1st party) will move according to
their commands.

Enemy Phase

After all your parties have finished their turns (or you select End Phase), it
becomes the enemy's phase.  If the enemy is close enough to your party/dragon,
generally they will move next to them and attack them in melee.  If the enemy
party contains mages/spell casters (you'll know by their names, and if they
have an element), they'll generally move as far away as possible while still
staying in spell range, and cast a spell on you.  If your parties/dragons are
too far away from the enemies (this is sorta random), the enemy party will
stay still.  After all enemies have moved/attacked/cast a spell/done nothing,
it will be your phase again.

Game Over

If the entire first party (Byuu's party) ever dies by losing all HP (except in
the battle against Sauzer in chapter 5), the game is considered over.
However, you are given the option to restart the same chapter you were
defeated on.  You will start outside of the Farnheit, the same place where you
would be after finishing a sidequest, with full HP/MP/SP.

Potential Question: If your entire party is hit by the stone status effect,
or all asleep, does the game register this as a game over?  Please e-mail me
if you have any info on this.

Status Effects

Sometimes during battle, you or your enemies will be hit by a status effect.
These can be both beneficial and negative, and all are quite different.  Like
in most games, status effects can be layered, so don't be surprised if you
find yourself a poisoned, sleeping rabbit after a particularly bad attack.
However, there are some armors that protect from status effects, and a lot of
the ultimate armors protect from all status effects.  Remember, dragons are
also immune to status effects (including instant death).

POISON: The most common status effect, poison deals damage to all affected at
the beginning of that party's turn.  The damage can quickly add up, so make
sure you use Heals/Cleanup when your parties are affected.  Caused by attacks
with "Poison" in their name.

SLEEP: This is a sort of odd.  Unlike in most games, sleep effects are fairly
hard to get rid of in this game.  Dragon magic will leave enemies sleeping,
and the only way to get rid of the sleep status is by using a physical attack
on the enemy.  This moves up the Sleep status in my book, and I find it a good
spell to cast with your Priests, if they're within range.  Trick is also very
useful, considering its huge area of effect.  Most of the time, it will be
your enemies who are asleep, but sometimes you can fall asleep when the
Randomizer attack is used.

RABBIT: Fairly annoying.  This turns you into a rabbit, which lowers your
attack and defense to 0.  You character turns into a cute little bunny sprite
(O_o), and they lose all your regular techniques.  Instead, they gain two new
techniques: Carrot and Carrot Beam (both of which cost 0 MP/SP).  These new
techniques don't do much, but they do (randomly) have a critical hit which
does TONS of damage.  Unfortunately, being turned into a rabbit also lowers
your attack and defense to 0, so you'll die very quickly if an opponent hits
you.  The Cottontails can cause this status effect with Make Friendly, and
this also shows up a lot when Randomizer is used.  Also, becoming a rabbit
makes you lose all your SP/MP when you are un-rabbitzed, a fairly annoying
side effect.

STONE: Very similar to the Petrify or Stone attacks of other games.  When a
character is under the stone status effect, they cannot do anything.  They
will simply absorb damage.  Not good.  Like most status effects, the best way
to get rid of this attack is a Heal.  Uhoho causes this status effect, as
does Randomizer.

BINGO: One of the beneficial status effects.  Bingo gives all characters in
the targeted party stronger special attacks for one round.  If a special
attack is not used in that round, the Bingo effect remains for the next round.
You shouldn't go out of your way to cast Bingo, as the effects aren't amazing,
but cast it when you have nothing better to do.

INSTANT DEATH: A lot of attacks can do this, including Exorcism, Assassinate,
Unsheate, Self-Destruct, etc.  This is bad if used on your team, and good if
used on enemies.  The only way to avoid dying is to avoid the attack - if
you're hit by it, you're dead.  If possible, kill off the enemies before
they get a chance to do this.


Farnheit is the flagship of Kahna, and is reclaimed by the Resistence after
chapter 1.  Needless to say, you spend a lot of your time in it.  Also,
whenever you finish a sidequest, you will end up "outside" of Farnheit.  I'm
gonna try and describe Farnheit the best I can without making a map, or
something like that.

BRIDGE: This is at the very top (north) room of Farnheit.  Most of the time
Hornet will be here, piloting the ship.  There are various statue-like objects
on the left and right.  In front of the main helm (where Hornet will be),
there are two observation posts.  Occasionally, you will find other characters
standing in these observation posts, or you (Byuu) will need to stand there to
proceed with the game.  In the center of the bottom wall, you can find a door
to SENDAK'S ROOM.  The doors in the bottom left and right lead to the HALLWAY.

SENDAK'S ROOM: A fairly boring room, you won't be doing much in here.  This is
where Sendak stays (obviously), so sometimes you will find him sleeping in
here.  First chance you get, inspect the room for some items (I think there's
something in the flowers to the left, and in the bottom of his bed).

HALLWAY: The HALLWAY is the room below the BRIDGE and above the SHOPS.  Most
of the time, the HALLWAY will be fairly boring, although on some occasions you
can find some interesting people here (Melodia dancing, crew members, etc.).
Also, in chapter 17 you can find Bikkebakke standing off in a corner selling
his porno mags.  The upperleft and upperright doors lead to the BRIDGE, the
door on the left leads to the MEN'S ROOM, the door on the right leads to the
WOMEN'S ROOM, the door in the center leads to YOYO'S ROOM, and the south door
leads to the SHOPS.

MEN'S ROOM: This room, obviously, is where most of the men sleep.  Most of the
time you will find (among others) Frenze, Reeve, Barclay, Taicho, Gunso, and
Bikkebakke (selling mushrooms here) in this room.  There is a small bar in the
southwest corner, but you can't do much with it.  Not much else to say about
this room.  For some reason, Rush and Truce aren't usually in here...

WOMEN'S ROOM: This room is where the women sleep (0_o).  It has a division in
the middle, dividing the left side into a bar, and the right side into the
bedroom.  In most chapters, Jeanne, Nelbo, Joy, and Lukia can be found in the
bar (along with Donfan.  Hmm, I wonder what he's doing there).  The right side
generally has Ectarina, Frederica (in bed), Mist (in bed), Zora, and Diana.
Anastasia is around here somewhere, and Melodia can be just about anywhere.

YOYO'S ROOM: This is the princess's room, and Yoyo sleeps in here.  There may
be a few items scattered around the room, but I'm not quite certain of those.
*Hint:* You will find a lot of Princess ??? items in Yoyo's bed.  Wait until
she leaves her bed, then inspect the bottom of it.  Yoyo has the biggest room,
bigger than the men's and the women's rooms.  Also, in the northeast corner,
there are steps leading up to her BALCONY.

BALCONY: This is one of two outdoor places on the Farnheit.  Just stand up
here and admire the view :).  Some character scenes occur here, but I won't
go into them.

SHOPS: South of the HALLWAY, and north of the OUTSIDE.  You will find, in
order, the weapon, armor, and item shops here.  Check back constantly, as they
get new weps/armor/items throughout the game.  Also, sometimes they have some
funny character interactions.  You will also usually find the Mini-Devils here
(annoying the shopkeepers to no end), the Assasins (hiding behind pots at the
bottom), and sometimes Melodia (with the Mini-Devils).  The south exit will
usually be blocked off by the Dragonkeeper; talk to him, and you will go

OUTSIDE: I'm sorry there isn't a more descriptive name.  In any case, this is
the other outdoor part of the Farnheit, and most of the time your dragons will
be here.  You can choose to feed them or, occasionally, ride Salmando.  To the
far left is a pretty cool statue, but you can't do anything to it for most of
the game.  Also, you can't walk off to the left- that exit is blocked.  Talk
to the Dragonkeeper on the right side to reenter the SHOPS.  If there are any
battles on the Farnheit, they will take place here.  Also, when you finish a
sidequest, you will return here.  However, you cannot reenter the SHOPS after
a sidequest.


- Dragons: those things you will learn to love as this game moves on.  They
are your best friends, loyal battle partners, and they make really cool sounds
and fly you around on their backs.  Dragons are easily the most important part
of the game - if a dragon dies, you're basically screwed.  A few pointers.

- Characteristics of all Dragons:

- Various Forms: usually obtained when a Dragon reaches either a critical
level (usually 10, or 100) in an elemental stat, or a critical level
(usually 25(?), or 250) in a basic stat.  Generally use the basic elemental
spells, if that particular elemental stat is at least 10.

Holy/Dark Dragons: obtained when a Dragon has either Strength or Vitality at
250, AND either Holy or Dark at 100.  Use the basic elemental spells, and a
special Holy/Dark spell that is generally quite powerful.  If both Holy and
Dark are at 100, use Intimacy to change between the forms - Intimacy >= 50
is Holy, Intimacy < 50 is Dark.

Master Dragons: obtained when all elementals are maxed (100) and all basic
stats are maxed (250).  Neither wisdom, HP, MP, or intimacy has to be maxed.
Uses all elemental spells and both Holy/Dark spells.

Lonely Dragon: obtained when Intimacy hits zero.  Uses whatever spells
possible, depending on what class it would be, but tends to sit around and do
nothing.  Raise this dragon's intimacy ASAP.  Has priority over all of the
above dragons.

Uni Uni/Black Dragon: obtained when Loyalty hits 100.  Uni Unis use a very
strong Attack, Uni Breath (magical), and Dark Power (magical).  The level of
these attacks is based off the Fidelity stat.  However, these attacks also
have the potential to fail.  A Black Dragon is a Uni Uni with Fidelity maxed
(100).  It tends to be a bit stronger, but can still fail its attacks.  To
turn an Uni Uni/Black Dragon back into a normal dragon, feed it a Heal.  This
dragon has priority over all dragons above.  Black Dragon moves are marked
with a *.

Unknown Form/Behemoth: obtained when a dragon has been fed the Princess ???
item.  A Behemoth is an Unknown Form that has been fed all 5 Princess ???
items.  Has one skill, Transform, that sometimes fails, but costs 0 MP.
Transform allows the Unknown Form/Behemoth to transform into any dragon's
Holy/Dark form, or even into a Black Dragon.  It will then use that dragon's
special attack (at 0 MP cost), and change back into the Unknown Form/Behemoth.
VERY useful.  To change an Unknown Form/Behemoth into a normal dragon, feed it
a Gunso ??? item.  This dragon has priority over all dragons above.  Behemoth
moves are marked with a ?.

- Dragon stats:
HP (max 9999/9999)
MP (max 999/999)
Strength (max 250)
Vitality (max 250)
Dexterity (max 250)
Mind (max 250)
Fire (max 100)
Water (max 100)
Thunder (max 100)
Recovery/Holy (max 100)
Poison/Dark (max 100)
Loyalty (max 100)
Fidelity (max 100)
Wisdom (max 100)
Personality (max 100)
Transformation (max 100)
Intimacy (max 100)

- Spells common to all dragons:
In the following format:
Name (element, MP cost, range, area of effect)  Misc. info
Remember...range is how far away a dragon can be to use the attack (this
number applies to the four main directions and all squares in between.  0
means melee only, while 1 is current square only, 2 means can be targeted one
square away, etc.), while area of effect is the area that the actual attack
encompasses (a score of 0 means the attack is melee only, a score of 1 means
the attack only hits the target square.  For a score of 2 or bigger, the
attack expands in the four main directions away from the targeted square, and
all area inside the square that has been created).

--Techniques-- (all dragon techniques affect one enemy, except Dark Power)
BITE (melee only, dependent on attack stat, non-elemental)
BODY BLOW (melee only, dependent on vitality stat, non-elemental) Thank you to
Destruction Angel for pointing out that this can deal instant death (finally
confirmed it myself!)
CLAW (melee only, dependent on dexterity stat, non-elemental)
SONIC BOOM (melee only, dependent on mind stat, non-elemental)
#ASSAULT# (melee only, unsure what it's dependent on, non-elemental) This
isn't the correct name, I'm sure, but I didn't want to call it Attack because
that's the Black Dragon's move.  Anyway, Assault is like a generic "attack".
It looks just like Claw, except its name isn't announced, and does a lot less
* ATTACK (melee only, unsure, non-elemental) The Black Dragon's standard
attack technique.  IMO this is one of the coolest animations in the game, and
it also does much more damage than any other dragon's melee attacks.
* DARK POWER (melee only, unsure, non-elemental) The Black Dragon's "secret"
attack.  Only usable with a Black Dragon, and NOT Uni Unis.  This is probably
your dragon's strongest attack, but remember that it has the potential to
fail.   Also, similar to Melee 99, it randomly misses certain enemies.

--Magic-- (all dragon magic attacks affect all enemies/party members)
HELLFIRE (fire, 10, 5, 2)
ICE BREATH (ice, 10, 5, 2)
ELECTRON (thunder, 10, 5, 2)
POISON GAS (poison, 12, 5, 2) Can also poison enemies
REFRESH (heal, 13, 5, 2) Heals friendly parties/hurts undead enemies.
Fortunately, this game is pretty specific, and this move will never heal
TERRA BREAK (earth, 14, 5, 2)
* UNI BREATH (non-elemental, 12, 5, 2) Decently strong, I suppose.  Its lack
of an element can come in useful sometimes.  Oddly enough, sometimes you'll
use this attack on the field, but it will still end up failing anyway...
* FAILURE (non-elemental, 0, 5, 0) No MP cost, but nothing done either.
Black Dragon only.
? TRANSFORM (special, 0, 0, 0) This *should* be a technique, as it is only
usable in melee.  In any case, this makes your dragon morph into ANY holy or
dark dragon in the game, and use that dragon's special holy or dark attack.
Transform can even morph your dragon into a Black Dragon, which uses the uber
strong Dark Power attack (or, on the other hand, it could just Fail).  Its
main benefits are no MP cost, which is quite useful.  However, remember that
this does (occasionally, although not as often as the Black Dragon) fail.  And
it is the Behemoth's only move.

For most of the dragons, I'll just give its name, and a brief little blab
about it.  I'll then give its unique attacks.

The main character's (Byuu's) dragon.  Very useful throughout the entire game.
The biggest points to remember about Salmando...he is INVINCIBLE in his Holy
and Master Dragon forms.  That's right...he cannot die.  Also, all dragons
are immune to instant-death and status affecting attacks, so he can never
be disabled in any way, period.  Salmando tends to be more of an assault
dragon, so he tends to go into battle more than most other dragons.  Useful
for finishing off enemies, for the extra PR/experience/items.  However, he
will also cast Refresh spells fairly often, which is very useful.  IMO one
of the cooler looking dragons as well, in his Master Form.

Special Magic:
SOLAR FLARE (holy, 25, 5, 2) One of the strongest dragon spells.
RAGING FLAMES (dark, 24, 5, 2) Not quite as useful as Solar Flare.

The second controllable dragon that you get in the game, and another useful
one.  Icedrake tends to be more of a sniping dragon than anything else, so he
is useful for weakening enemies.  He is also a good candidate for either a
Black Dragon or a Behemoth, as he is fairly similar to most of the other
dragons.  Looks sorta weird coiled up like that in his Master Form...

Special Magic:
BURST GALE (holy, 23, 5, 3) Gets its own little cutscene when used in the
DARK LIGHT (dark, 22, 5, 3) looks suspiciously like Dark Power.

Another one of your "starter" dragons that comes in the first couple chapters.
ThunderH is a VERY agressive dragon, almost always using melee attacks when
given the choice.  However, this also tends to get him killed very easily in
the early game, when dragons don't have much HP.  Be careful, as he'll always
stay in fights until the end, disregardless of his own HP.  A common mistake
that a lot of people make is thinking that he can't use his dark attack as a
Master Dragon.  It's there...its just a battle only technique, unlike most
Holy/Dark attacks.  Another good candidate for Black Dragon/Behemoth, as it
doesn't do anything special.  IMO ThunderH is the ugliest dragon...he's a big

Special Magic:
BIG CARNIVAL (holy, 26, 5, 2) Looks like a tri-elemental attack, but it isn't.
Long animation, too.
MELEE 99 (dark, 19, 0, 0) This is a different attack.  Unlike most, it is a
melee only technique, and therefore has no range/area of effect.  ThunderH can
still use this as a Master Dragon.  It can be found under the Techniques menu.
Melee 99 is also fairly unreliable, as it tends to miss fairly often (it only
hits 2 enemies instead of 3), but its damage is greater than most holy/dark

A fairly defensive dragon.  In the beginning of the game, it tends to use a
lot of Refresh spells.  When it's not healing, Molten tends to be a sniping
dragon.  I would recommend that you keep Molten in its Master Form, as its
healing capabilites will become VERY useful in the end of the game.  Looks
sorta like a sea horse, if you ask me.

Special Magic:
THUNDER WAVE (holy, 24, 5, 2) Extremely fast animation [I like this].  Fairly
weak, though.
SKY'S RAGE (dark, 26, 5, 2) Default dark attack.  Along with Thunder Wave,
this move is fairly weak (Molten isn't known for his magic power).

It has two heads 0_o.  This dragon tends to be a bit more on the sniping side,
but I ended up feeding it weapons and it went towards the melee side.  Another
good candidate for Black Dragon/Behemoth, as there's nothing really special
about this dragon either.  In the beginning of the game, I would recommend
putting as many different elements on this dragon as you can.  Another average
dragon, basically.

Special Magic:
DEATH'S UNDEAD (holy, 24, 5, 2) Can instantly kill undead monsters [it says it
does standard damage, but then the enemies instantly die].  Does decent damage
to non-undead enemies as well.
FLY SWARM (dark, 26, 5, 2) Possibly the LONGEST ANIMATION IN THE GAME [I don't
like that].  Still, it's quite strong (all of Twinhead's attacks are).

This one-eyed cretin sort of thing.  Originally belonged to Zora's Son, but he
wasn't much of a dragon trainer, so Munimuni now belongs to you.  Another
average dragon, good at both sniping and melee, but I fed it weapons so it
leaned toward the melee side now.  Munimuni's holy/dark attacks are somewhat
unique...if you like them, by all means keep him in Master form.  If you don't
like them, he makes the perfect candidate for a Black Dragon/Behemoth.  As for
looks...the one-eyed thing sorta creeps me out.

Special Magic:
FATAL BLADE (holy, 33, 5, 2) This move is like the Exorcism or Unsheathe
spells, in that it randomly kills enemies.  This can be useful at times, but
the times it fails tend to be quite annoying.
DARK BLADE (dark, 29, 5, 2) This move is a Gravity-like move, in that it
lowers a set percentage of HP.  I'm not sure as to the exact percentage, but
its around 30-40%.  Useful against enemies with high HP, but Munimuni never
seems to use this attack at right times.  Doesn't work on bosses or enemy
dragons, obviously.

The offspring of two of your own dragons.  IMO the Salmando/Molten Puppy looks
the best, but that's just an opinion.  Puppy is somewhat special, as his
starting stats will be based off the stats of your two parent dragons.  It
takes the higher stat from between the parents, and subtracts one.  Easy
enough, no?  I recommend using a Master Dragon as one of Puppy's parents, for
obvious reasons.

Special Magic:
NIGHTMARE 100 (holy, 27, 5, 2) Sounds like a dark attack, if you ask me.  This
attack is also gravity-based...as far as I can tell, it does between 35 and 40
percent damage.  Also, it says it only hits a single enemy, but this is
flawed, as I know it can hit all enemies.
GRAND TRAIN (dark, 29, 5, 2) This is the FF3 reference in Tomato's Checklist.
The Dark dragon form that uses this is also an FF3 reference, the Hidon.  Your
generic dark attack.


- For characters/classes, first I will name the class, then the characters
that use that class.  Then a brief description of the class, a brief bio of
the characters, the best dragon to use with said class, and the abilities that
come with that class.  I will use the same format as for dragon spells.
Also, for more in depth bios, check out Tomato's translation notes at his
website, listed at the bottom of this FAQ.

- Attacks gained when paired with a Black Dragon will be marked with a *.
Attacks gained when paired with a Behemoth will be marked with a ?.

Byuu, Palpaleos

IMO a highly overrated class, but they are very useful nonetheless.  Cross
Knights are one of the few "combat" classes with a Field ability, and its a
useful one.  Their special techniques are the Cross Knight Hits, which can be
used on the field, and hit all enemies.  Cross Knights are also very strong in
regular combat, possesing (AFAIK) the second-strongest normal attack in the
game.  Their only true drawbacks are their lack of SP combined with the high
SP cost of their Hits.  Also, they lack the boss fighting capabilities of the
Knights and Heavy Armors.  Not to mention there's only two of them in the
entire game, so they only get lvl 20 field attacks.  Cross Knights are best
suited for taking out many enemies with a single blow, from both far away and
in melee.

Best Equipment:
Dreadnaught (or Excalibur, for the holy elemental)
Armada Mail (or Imperator/Black Prince, for the element)

Byuu- the silent protagonist of this game.  A bit reminiscent of Crono from
Chrono Trigger.  In any case, its hard to tell what he is thinking, because he
doesn't say anything, but several things are known about him.  He is the
dragon master of Kahna, good friends with the Knights, and obviously has
feelings for Yoyo, which will eventually get suppressed by Yoyo and Palpaleos.
Stupid Yoyo...
Palpaleos- for the first part of the game, he is one of the most feared
generals under Sauzer.  However, later in the game, he eventually turns to the
side of the resistance, under the orders of Sauzer.  He also started a
relationship with Yoyo while she was in his captivity, but this seems to have
been ordered by Sauzer.  Without Sauzer controlling him, Palpaleos is a fairly
weak-minded man who loves Yoyo and will help her do anything.

Best used with: Master Dragon
A couple reasons for this.  First, Byuu can't be moved in the formation menu,
so he always ends up in the first party.  I'm also too lazy to change my
dragons around, so Salmando always ends up with the first party.  And Salmando
is always a Master Dragon.  Simple, no?  Also, the fact that Uni Hits can fail
is very annoying, and Saint/Dark Hit are generally more useful than ? Hit.
When you get two Cross Knights, you can easily find yourself doing 2000-3000
damage on the field using Saint Hit.

Technique: Cross Knight Hits
FIRE/ICE/THUNDER/POISON/DRUG HIT (said element, 6, 5, 2) Useful in the early
game for a good ranged attack.  However, they lose their usefulness as the
game progresses, and you get better attacks.  Good for manipulating the
terrain from far away.
EARTH HIT (earth, 7, 5, 2) Not much better than the above hits.  Useful for
breaking cave-ins, mostly.
SAINT/DARK HIT (said element, 10, 5, 2) The Cross Knight's best hit.  Very
strong, even near the end of the game, and it affects all enemies.  Also good
for its elemental type.  *Hint* Using one of these hits on the field gives
MASSIVE experience.
* UNI HIT (non-elemental, 6, 5, 2) Not very useful.  And it can fail, too. Try
to avoid this.
? ? HIT (non-elemental, 6, 5, 2) Not as strong as Saint/Dark Hits.  Use this
only if necessary.

Rush, Truce, Bikkebakke

My favorite class in the game.  In the beginning of the game, knights might
not seem very useful, because they have no field attacks and are fairly slow.
However, after you gain some light armors and master dragons, pair them up
with knights for KILLER results.  The Knight's special technique is the Pulse
attack.  Pulses are only usable in melee, but they are probably the strongest
single target techniques in the game after the Smashes and Inspire.  The
Knight also has another special ability called Critical.  Critical makes all
special attacks used in melee even stronger, adding even more power to the
already strong Pulses.  You'll find Knights to be quite the boss killers in
the end of the game.  However, be careful...Knights don't have much MP to use
the Pulses with, and there are only 3 of them.

Best Equipment:
Dreadnaught (or Excalibur, for the holy elemental)
Armada Mail (or Reconquista, for the status protection)

Rush- the coolest looking Knight in the game, IMO.  He tends to be rather
headstrong (somewhat like Matelite), and generally makes fairly rash
decisions.  However, he is cool-headed in battle, and a great fighter.  Also
good friends with Byuu and the other Knights.  His attack motion is also
somewhat unusual...looks like he's hitting people with his scabbard.
Truce- the "brainy" Knight of the group.  Truce tends to think about things
before he does them, helping to counter some of Rush's absurd ideas.  He also
is a great schemer, coming up with battle plans to help the Revolution to
victory.  Also wears an absurdly ugly helmet.  My favorite Knight, despite
his weird helmet.
Bikkebakke- IMO the second funniest character in the game, after Donfan.
Bikkebakke looks up to Byuu as a brother (but they aren't related), and is
always looking into the future.  Bikkebakke wants to raise money, so that when
the battles are over, he, the other Knights, and Byuu can build a house
somewhere.  Unfortunately, his plans revolve around selling mushrooms and
Porno Mags.  Seems to look a bit chubby, if you ask me.  Also doesn't seem to
have a facial expression.

Best used with: Master Dragons
The only dragon that they should NOT be used with are Black Dragons, as the
times when Pulses fail could be very annoying.  In general, I would recommend
Master Dragons, as Saint/Dark Pulses are a bit stronger than ? Pulses.  Also,
the elemental properties of the pulses will be helpful throughout the game,
and those cease to exit when paired with Behemoths.

Technique: Pulses
FIRE/ICE/THUNDER/DRUG/POISON PULSE (said element, 5, 0, 0)  Pulses are melee
only attacks and only affect one opponenet.  However, they are VERY strong,
and the best moves for killing bosses.  These pulses will be useful in the
early game for taking out strong enemies, or maybe if you need to conserve MP.
Also, Pulses are always used together with the Critical ability, adding even
more to the damage.
EARTH PULSE (earth, 6, 0, 0) Earth Pulse will be useful when you get it, but
loses its value after you gain Holy/Dark Pulses.
SAINT/DARK PULSE (said element, 9, 0, 0) Even stronger then the above pulses.
Can easily do over 3000 damage with Critical, even at low levels (20-30).  Use
these pulses to rack up damage very quickly, and finish off enemies with these
to gain some good equipment.  Be careful though...Saint/Dark Pulses tend to
eat up MP very quickly.
* UNI PULSE (non-elemental, 5, 0, 0) Strong, but it can fail.  Avoid using
? ? PULSE (non-elemental, 5, 0, 0) Fairly strong, but I would recommend
sticking with Master Dragons when using Knights.

Taicho, Gunso, Barclay

The defensive class in the game.  Heavy Armors have the most HP out of all the
classes, as well as the best defense.  Their special ability also gives them a
great defense.  Their ability, Defense, will randomly allow them to go into
defense mode when in a melee battle, even if they are not assigned to defend.
This can lead to characters which are attacking and defending at the same
time.  Also, the Heavy Armor's other ability, the Smashes, are among the
strongest in the game, only weaker than Matelite's Inspire.  Unfortunately,
the smashes are only single target, and only usable in Melee.  Heavy Armors
work well when combined with Knights and their Critical ability, so their
smashes get even stronger.  However, Smashes only have average hit %, so
don't use them when you REALLY need that one extra point of damage - just
stick with their normal attack.

Best Equipment:
Iron Duke
Armada Mail (or Chobham Armor, for status protection)

Taicho- the former general of Mahal, where he fought until he was finally
defeated by Lestat.  Taicho constantly seeks revenge for what Lestat did to
his country and to his wife, Celine, who died at Lestat's hands.  Taicho is
now a general in Kahna under Matelite's command, and he tends to get overrun
by Matelite.
Gunso- A heavy armor under Taicho's command.  Not very interesting, although
he seems to have an itch somewhere under his armor.  It's always bothering
him, and he always wants to return home just so he can take off his armor.
Also doles out Gunso ??? items, which can reverse the effects of Princess ???.
Barclay- The third heavy armor, not much is really said about him.  Although
he does seem to know a lot about dragons and fighting in general, he only
tells it to Anastasia, the Wizard.  Seems like he has a crush on her.  Barclay
is also under Taicho's command.

Best used with: Master Dragons
Once again, like most classes, Heavy Armors are best NOT used with Black
Dragons.  However, choosing between Master Dragons and Behemoths is a bit
trickier.  I would go with Master Dragons here, just because Heavy Armors rely
a lot on elemental weaknesses to help them do even more damage.  And like the
Knights, Saint/Dark Smash seem stronger than ? Smash.

Technique: Smashes
FIRE/ICE/THUNDER/DRUG/POISON SMASH (said element, 4, 0, 0) Smashes can only be
used in melee battles, but they're among the strongest single target techs in
the game.  Along with Knights and the Royal Guard, these smashes will be your
boss killers throughout the entire game.
EARTH SMASH (earth, 5, 0, 0) Like all earth attacks in the game, its useful
when you get it, but loses value after gaining the Saint and Dark Smashes.
SAINT/DARK SMASH (said element, 8, 0, 0) The most powerful smashes available
to the Heavy Armor.  You will be using these quite often near the end of the
* UNI SMASH (non-elemental, 4, 0, 0) It can fail.  Nuff said.  Don't use it.
? ? SMASH (non-elemental, 4, 0, 0) A fairly powerful smash, but Saint and Dark
Smashes are better.  Try to avoid using this.


There is only one Royal Guard in the game, so Matelite's special.  The Royal
Guard is the true definition of a melee class...high HP (highest in the game),
high attack (highest in the game), and low speed and magic.  For these
reasons, the Royal Guard is best used in combination with a Light Armor to
melee enemies.  Also, the Royal Guard has a somewhat unique ability: Inspire.
There is only one spell in the Inspire category, and that is Inspire :P.
Inspire is a thunder-elemental spell that is VERY strong when used in melee,
but only hits one enemy at a time. Also, for a slight wrinkle, Inspire can be
used on the field, which comes in handy when destroying buildings and stuff,
and it can now hit more than one enemy at a time.  Make use of this technique,
as its the only one he gets.  Be warned, Matelite doesn't have much MP, so be
careful not to deplete his MP when you need it most.

Best Equipment:
Iron Duke
Armada Mail/Pax Kahna (Armada Mail for higher defense, Pax Kahna for elemental

Matelite- Matelite is the general of the Kahna army, and he controls just
about everyone in this game.  He tends to be fairly headstrong, and likes to
control people.  He also steamrolls everyone in the game...literally :).
Matelite, like just about all male characters in this game, has something for
Yoyo, but those are eradicated when Palpaleos comes around.  He almost seems
heartbroken after losing her, unlike Byuu.  Matelite is also completely
dedicated to the revival of Kahna, even selling his own autographed armor to
help raise money.

Best used with: Behemoth
Matelite should NOT be used with a Black Dragon, as Uni Inspire can fail, and
isn't even that strong.  And ? Inspire is a bit stronger than Inspire, anyway.
The biggest reason not to use Behemoths with any class is the loss of
versatility.  And Matelite never had any versatility to start out with, so
it's not that big of a loss.  The only problem is now Matelite can't destroy
things with thunder anymore, but you shouldn't be using him for that anyway.
Either way, you can't really go wrong.

Technique: Destroy (doh!)
INSPIRE (thunder, 4, 1, 2) Probably the strongest single enemy technique in
the game.  Very useful in melee for taking out bosses, as it is quite strong.
Also can be used for cheap experience in the field, and to destroy buildings/
walls/statues etc.  One of the best MP to damage ratios in the game.  Keep in
mind that it is thunder elemental, which has its upsides and ownsiedes.
* UNI INSPIRE (non-elemental, 4, 1, 2) It can fail, and it doesn't even
destroy anything.  Don't use it.
? ? INSPIRE (non-elemental, 4, 1, 2) A bit stronger than Inspire, and fairly
useful in melee.  Its a toss up between this and regular Inspire, really.

Frenze, Reeve, Zora's Son, Donfan

Lancer's are among my favorite classes in the game.  NOT for their fighting
skills, but for their looks and the fact that they used spears.  ("I like
spears").  Also reminds me of those games with the Dragoons.  Well, in any
case, Lancers really suck in this game.  They have the lowest HP of all melee
classes, a fairly crappy attack, and a bad magic stat.  Their skill, Dust, is
basically a crappy version of Towers or Swordhits.  Its only advantage is that
it can be used on the field, which I will go into later.  Also, Dusts do hit
all character in melee, which can be fairly helpful.  In the beginning of the
game, when you have no spare characters, Lancers are useful for close-range
sniping and as a decent enemy killer.  But after you gain more characters,
Lancers will likely be permanently placed in reserve.

Best Equipment:
Invincible (or Longinus, for Holy element)
Battle Dress

Frenze- IMO one of the funniest characters in the game.  Originally, Frenze
and Reeve are an inseparable team, with their lan-lan-lancing and their
sta-stabbing (I just love that...).  However, one day Zora yells at Frenze,
which reminds him of his mother, and Frenze gets really depressed and stays
in bed in the men's room for the rest of the game.  While in bed, he mixes up
various plans to get back at Reeve (these are pure comedy), while feeling
absolutely horrible about the whole thing.
Reeve- Originally Frenze's partner in lan-lan-lancing and sta-stabbing, he
loses his favorite pasttime after Zora yells at Frenze, putting him into
permanent bedrest.  However, Reeve still loves to practice his lan-lan-lancing
and sta-stabbing, even if he has to do it without his best buddy.  The butt of
many of Frenze's jokes.
Zora's Son- His real name is Orelus, which can be found in chapter 23 (I
believe).  He is, obviously, Zora (the Priest)'s son, and can be found in
chapter 7.  He is supposed to be the Dragonkeeper of Campbell, but dragons
never listen to him.  His spear motion seems a bit odd; maybe it's from all
his years of floor-sweeping.  He does give you Munimuni though, so it's all
good :).  Having Zora for a mother seems to have permanently taken the fight
out of him; he is fairly timid and doesn't really enjoy battling.  He is a
good janitor, though.
Donfan- THE funniest character in the entire game.  He joins in chapter 10, in
Mahal.  Donfan is the ladies' man in this game (ironically, his name can also
be translated as Don Juan).  He tries to hit on every woman he sees in the
game, with spectacular failure every time.  The scene with him as a spy in
chapter 12 is pure comedy.  And for some reason, he can always be found
manning the bar in the women's room on Farnheit.  Eventually, it seems like
his charm gets through to Joy and Nelbo, although they are constantly turning
him into rabbits and such.

Best used with: Master Dragon or Behemoth
I'm sorry to say that you aren't going to be using Lancers for combat,
especially after you get more useful classes.  Their Dust attacks just don't
pull their strength, and the Lancer's low def/HP doesn't help either.  The
true use of the Dust technique is for easy experience.  Dusts can be used on
the field, and most of them only cost 1 SP, leading to (almost) free EXP.
The advantage of putting Lancers with Master Dragons is Saint/Dark Dust,
which give twice as much experience as normal Dusts, but cost 10x as much SP.
However, these can be useful when the battle is almost over, and you want to
get in as much free EXP as you can.  ? Dust gives the same EXP as normal
Dusts, but it looks cooler (IMO).  In the end, it doesn't really matter, as
you're going to be using Dusts for cheap experience anyway.

Technique: Dust
FIRE/ICE/THUNDER/DRUG/POISON DUST (said element, 1, 2, 1) The real benefits of
the Dust technique is their low MP cost.  Their lack of range and area makes
them hard to use on the field, although they can substitute for a cheap attack
in melee.  However, since Lancers aren't that fast, they're not going to be in
melee a lot, and pairing Light Armors with them would be a waste.  Use these
Dusts for experience gaining - nothing else.
EARTH DUST (earth, 5, 2, 1) Like the above Dusts, but with 5x the MP cost, a
bit more damage, and the same EXP.  Because you're going to be using Dusts for
EXP anyway, stick with the original Dusts, as they work just fine.
SAINT/DARK DUST (said element, 10, 2, 1) Still no increase in range or area,
so you aren't going to be using these in combat either.  They do give 2x the
EXP (although at 10x the MP cost), so you should use these at the end of
battles for even more EXP.  Don't bother using this in combat, unless you're
really desparate.  The strongest Dust, but that's not saying much.
* UNI DUST (non-elemental, 1, 2, 1) It can fail.  Don't use it.
? ? DUST (non-elemental, 1, 2, 1) Like the original Dusts, but without an
elemental affinity.  Use this if you wish over those, but it's basically the
same attack, just a tad bit stronger.

Lukia, Jeanne, Mist

Light Armors are THE best class in the game, hands down.  Not because of
their awesome attack power (yea right), or their devestating magic (ha!).
Actually, Light Armors are the most useful because of their special ability,
Sprinter.  Sprinter allows that party extra movement points, based off the
number of Light Armors in the party, and the Agility of the dragon.  Early in
the game, this won't seem like much of a difference, because your dragons have
very low Agility.  But when you get Master Dragons, the difference is HUGE...
parties with Light Armors will get 10 movement points more than other parties.
This means that Light Armors will almost always be able to get into melee
range, making them useful for taking out enemy parties.  Their other
technique, Towers, aren't really that useful, however.  Towers are basically
another version of Swordhit and Dust, except they can't be used on the field.
However, they are useful in hitting multiple enemies.  You will quickly find
that parties with Light Armors will start moving much faster and gain a LOT
more EXP than other parties, so try and move them around to keep the EXP
levels equal.  The only true drawback of the Light Armor is that there are
only 3 of them...use them well.

Best Equipment:
Battle Dress

Lukia- She's probably the definition of the "cool cat".  Always cool-headed,
she takes control sometimes, but does a much better job with it than Matelite.
She also enjoys hanging around with the other women, tormenting Donfan (who
she knew before the Resistence), and having a fun time.
Jeanne- Not much is said about her.  She does seem to be a tomboy, though.
She apparently knows Donfan (all the Light Armors do), and resists his
pitiful wooing attempts by smacking him around and stuff.  IMO she looks a lot
like Yuffie from FF7...maybe that's where FF7 got their sprite from.  She
joins in chapter 10, along with Donfan.
Mist- She is the mysterious character in this game.  She is in the Prologue as
one of your characters, but seems to disappear after that.  She is
rediscovered in chapter 14, where she apparently was injured and taken care of
in Godland.  She spends a lot of time sleeping in Farnheit ("to regain her
strength"), and seems to think that everyone is in love with her looks.  If
you ask me, she's rather ugly, and has an unusual attack style.

Best used with: Variable (in combat, Master Dragon)
You're not going to be using your Light Armors for their battle abilities.
They are best served as ferriers, helping your stronger classes get from one
melee battle to another.  Therefore, they should use whatever dragon works
best with whatever class they happen to be with.  So, when paired with Mini
Devils, by all means use a Black Dragon.  If I was to assign them a dragon
based on their combat alone, I would recommend Master Dragon for Saint/Dark
Tower, but that isn't really important.  The Light Armor won't be important in
determining the type of dragon; the other classes should.

Technique: Tower
FIRE/ICE/THUNDER/DRUG/POISON TOWER (said element, 7, 0, 0) The towers are
only used in melee, lowering their usefulness somewhat.  However, they do hit
all enemies, so use them against 2+ enemies as an alternative to their regular
attack.  Watch out though...the Towers tend to suck away MP very quickly.
EARTH TOWER (earth, 8, 0, 0) Like the above towers, but earth elemental.  Can
be useful.  A bit stronger
SAINT/DARK TOWER (said element, 10, 0, 0) DAMN powerful stuff.  You might find
yourself using these towers occasionally, especially as a finisher to gain
elemental equipment from dead enemies.  Watch out...these drain your MP even
faster than the Runemaster (OK, bad joke)
* UNI TOWER (non-elemental, 7, 0, 0) It can fail, making it not very useful.
But sometimes it'll be the best move you've got.  At least if you fail, you
don't lose your MP.
? ? TOWER (non-elemental, 7, 0, 0) Fairly useful, and stronger than the
original towers.  Weaker than Saint/Dark Towers, however, and gives crappy
equipment if you defeat enemies with it.

Sajin, Zeroshin

The Assassins are also among my favorite classes.  It's such a pity they are
secret characters...some Assassins would have been funny if they'd been a part
in the Resistence.  The Assassins get the Ninjutsu technique, which is among
the most useful set of techniques in the game.  It is also by far the most
varied, like a better version of Red Magic.  Assassins also get decent attack/
defense, although it is on the lower side.  The other thing about Assassins is
that it's hard to classify them as either a melee class or a magic class.
They do a little bit of both with their attacks.  Another interesting fact
about Assassins is that most of their attacks radiate around them with an area
of 3, giving them the best area of all attacks except Summons.  Assassins are
like bards in other games...a jack of all trades.  Excellent at nothing, but
very good in many fields.  Remember, there are only two Assassins, so use them
well.  I prefer my Assassins split into two different parties.

Best Equipment:
Battle Dress

Sajin- Not much of a personality here.  He's the leader of the small duo of
Assassins, and he tends to live from job to job, paycheck to paycheck.  He can
be found in chapter 14, hiding behind the pots in Dafila.  Likes to kill
people, I guess.
Zeroshin- Sajin's partner in crime, and basically the same mindset as him.
Also found in chapter 14, hiding behind a pot.  He does have one interesting
character trait, though; he spends a lot of time writing to his mother.  I
don't know whether his mother actually knows his profession, but he writes to
her about everything he sees.  Kind of touching and disturbing at the same

Best used with: Master Dragon
The best thing about the Assassin is their versatility.  The Master Dragon
only helps to add to that versatility.  The problem with Black Dragons is
their tendency to miss, and Behemoths only give the Assassins one attack,
which is a huge problem.  Although that attack is strong, it is their only
one, and is non-elemental.  When paired with Master Dragons, the Assassins
gets a myriad of useful spells, including instant death spells, healing
spells, and useful elemental attacks.  You're also going to be using Assassins
to destroy buildings and such with Raiden, because they have such a wide area
of effect, and Raiden is disabled when paired with a Behemoth.  The only thing
lacking from the Ninjutsu set is a strong attack...they're all in the Dust
area in terms of power.

Technique: Ninjutsu
BURN (fire, 3, 0, 3) A wide area, but probably the least useful of the
Ninjutsus.  If you use it on a forest, you'll burn yourself up.  Only use this
in melee on ice enemies.
BLIZZARD (ice, 3, 0, 3) Another wide area attack, this is useful for making
big ice bridges.  Unfortunately, Blizzard loses to Leviathan in terms of
usefulness.  Only use this in melee against fire enemies.
RAIDEN (thunder, 3, 0, 3) Probably the most useful of the elemental Ninjutsus.
Raiden has a huge area of effect, making it useful for taking out several
structures/statues in one turn.  Pair up an Assassin with a Light Armor, and
use them in levels where you need to take out a lot of buildings.
ASSASSINATE (death, 5, 0, 3) Maybe it's just my version of the game, but I
find Assassinate to be a lot more dependable than Unsheathe, especially in
melee.  I prefer to spend less MP and ensure one enemy's death, than waste
more MP to kill nothing.  However, if your game is different than mine, and
Unsheathe is better, by all means use it.  Oh yes...Assassinate is an
instant-death attack. In the field it attacks all enemies within range
(multiple enemies in a single enemy party), but in melee it only hits one
enemy...oh well.  Unsure if this works on undead enemies.
*NOTE:* AFAIK, the programmers made a mistake here.  Assassinate's area is 2,
not 3.  Just another list on the programming errors in this game...
TRICK (non-elemental(?), 2, 0, 5) Trick's advantages are its long range, low
MP cost, and the sleep effect it puts on enemies.  In BL, sleep is a lot more
useful than it seems, as you can do all sorts of things to enemies and still
leave them asleep.  However, I would recommend using Assassinate or Unsheathe
over Trick...save the sleep effect for Priests.
LANDMINE (earth, 5, 1, 2) Sort of the earth-based version of Inspire.  It has
the exact same range and area, but does less damage.  Pity.  Landmine won't be
used that much, because it has less range/area than the other Ninjutsus.
CHAKRA (life, 10, 0, 3) A very useful spell.  Chakra heals a good amount of HP
and restores status for all friendly parties within the area of effect.  This
will come in handy more often than you would expect.  Probably the best all-
purpose healing spell in the game.  I still find it odd that an Assassin has a
life elemental spell at all, not to mention a healing spell...
UNSHEATHE (death, 10, 0, 4) Much like Assassinate, but it works on all enemies
in melee.  It also has a point greater area of effect, so it is more useful in
the field.  However, I have had my share of problems with Unsheathe, esp. when
used in melee.  If your Unsheathe works well, by all means use it - I prefer
Assassinate.  Also an instant-death spell, if you didn't get that already.
Unsure if this works on undead parties.
* UNI NINJUTSU (non-elemental, 3, 0, 3) It can fail, and is basically like the
other spells for Assasins without an element.  Don't use this.
? IMITATE (non-elemental, 3, 0, 3) Can be useful, but I prefer the Assasins
with Master Dragons.  It's strong, but instant death attacks are more useful,
no?  Assassins also lose their ability to affect terrain with their spells.

Yoyo (most of the game), Sendak

Probably your best source of damage later in the game.  There are only two
summoners in the entire game, but they pull their own weight very well.  The
Summoners are classified as magic users, and thus they have very low HP,
attack, and defense.  However, their magic is very high, leading to VERY
powerful spells.  The Summoner is the only class that gets two different
abilities, both of which may be used on the field.  The first, Red Magic, is
only a bad combination of Black and White Magic spells.  It gets the
versatility of neither, and will be the only thing your Summoners can use for
the first few chapters.  However, in later chapters, your Summoners will gain
the Summon ability.  This more than makes up for the crappiness that is Red
Magic, as your Summoners will be gain the ability to summon the Holy Dragons.
Summons are especially useful in the field, where their wide range and area of
effect allows them to hit multiple parties at once.  Their only drawback is
their high cost of MP, but Summoners (thankfully) have a lot of MP to start

Best Equipment:
Assault/Empress Kahna
Royal Gown

Yoyo- the princess of Kahna.  Originally captured by Sauzer, she spends the
first few chapters in captivity.  However, she is treated nicely by Sauzer
and by Palpaleos, one of Sauzer's generals (and the other cross-knight).  When
she eventually is rescued by the Resistence, it becomes her goal to try and
connect with the Holy Dragons, as everyone believes she is the one in the
legend that will "open the door to the new era".  However, she is constantly
doubting herself, and harnessing the power of the dragons makes her
emotionally unstable.  She ends up toying with the emotions of just about
every male character in the game.
Interesting side note about Yoyo: the rod in her sprite tends to get in the
way of the cursor on the in-battle Party screen.  Be warned.
Sendak- a creepy old man.  He is with the Resistence from the very start, and
seems to be a mentor/teacher figure to Yoyo.  He tends to ramble a lot about
odd things, and for some reason has his own room in Farnheit.  Being an old
man and all, he tends to wheeze a lot, and seems to get tired/sick fairly
easily.  Also, he has this weird thing for Byuu...I'm not kidding, play the
game to find out for yourself.

Best used with: Master Dragons
The main thing you will be using your Summoners for is their summons,
obviously.  The bad thing about Behemoths is that they completely DISABLE the
use of summons and limit your Red Magic, rendering the Summoner completely
worthless.  When paired with a Black Dragon, the Summoners' summons turn into
smaller "cuter" versions.  However, these cute summons have the potential to
fail (as do all Black Dragon attacks).  I would recommend pairing a Summoner
with a black dragon once just to see these summons (they're hilarious, esp.
Vali), then putting them back with the good old Master Dragon.

Spell: Red Magic
WHITE DRUG (life, 10, 5, 2) The basic healing spell that Priests also get.
It's useful throughout the early game, and you can pair Summoners with Priests
to get an even stronger White Drug on the field.  However, this loses its use
after you start getting healing items and your dragons learn Refresh.
FLAME GAZE (fire, 10, 5, 2) The basic fire spell that Wizards also get.  Not
very useful, I'm afraid, as it is fairly weak.  Useful for starting forest
fires, but that's about it.  Pair Summoners with Wizards for an even stronger
Flame Gaze.
BINGO (???, 9, 5, 1) A "stat-up" spell, and the only unique spell in the Red
Magic set.  When Bingo is cast, it allows that party that it was cast on to
have stronger techniques in melee for one turn/character.  So, as soon as a
character uses a technique in melee, the Bingo effect wears off.  Useful when
your Summoners have nothing else to cast, and good for some free experience.
* UNI MAGIC (non-elemental, 10, 5, 2) A waste of time.  You really shouldn't
be putting Black Dragons with Summoners period, unless you want to see the
funny summons, which are RATHER funny.
? MYSTERY MAGIC (non-elemental, 16, 5, 2) Crap.  The last dragon you want to
put with a Summoner is a Behemoth.  This may be strong, but summons are much

Spell: Summon
VALITORA (non-elemental, 19, 5, 3) The very first holy dragon summon you will
get.  Obviously very useful until you gain another one.  Valitora's main
benefits are its high area of effect and its non-elemental property, which
allows it to work on all enemies.  Gained after chapter 5, when Yoyo joins
your party (Sendak will learn Valitora as well).
LEVIATHAN (ice, 20, 5, 4) The second holy dragon, and also very useful.
Leviathan is not only very powerful, but also very useful for creating ice
bridges.  With its large area of effect, it's much more efficient than casting
Ice Magic over and over.  Gained after chapter 11.  The area for Leviathan is
listed wrong in the game...
GARUDA (non-elemental, 21, 5, 5) Basically the upgraded version of Valitora,
Garuda is also very powerful.  Like Valitora, its main advantages are a HUGE
area of effect, good damage, and non-elemental property.  In one chapter, you
can easily hit 10 enemy parties with one cast of Garuda.  If that isn't
efficiency, I don't know what is.  IMO its the ugliest summon.  Gained after
chapter 14.
JORMUNGAND (earth, 25, 5, 2) The fourth summon, but unlike the others,
Jormangund isn't much better than its predecessor.  IMO its worse, even.  The
biggest problem with this summon is its earth elemental (which is both good
and bad) and its TINY area of effect.  I have no idea why it's so small.  This
summon is the strongest of all summons up to this point, but with a higher MP
cost.  You tell me whether it's good.  Gained after chapter 16.
HYPERION (non-elemental, 30, 5, 3) The more focused version of Garuda, IMO.
Like Garuda, it's non-elemental, which is useful, but its area of effect is
much smaller than Garuda's.  Use Garuda when fighting masses of enemies...use
Hyperion when fighting one or two parties.  Your strongest non-elemental
summon, so use this if you're unsure if enemies absorb an element.  Hyperion
seems to dole out dark items after killing enemies, for some reason.
BAHAMUT (fire, 33, 5, 5) After you get it, it will be the only summon you will
use (besides Alexander).   Bahamut combines the power of Hyperion (greater,
actually) and the range of Garuda.  What more could you ask?  Its only true
drawbacks are its high MP cost, and its fire element.  Bahamut also tends to
cause a lot of forest fires, which may or may not be a good thing.
ALEXANDER (non-elemental, 35, 5, 6) The even better version of Garuda, if
that is possible.  Alexander is another non-elemental summon (good) with an
even bigger area of effect.  Unfortunately, Alexander can only be used in
Ex-Play, lowering his usefulness.  Also, I've noticed that enemies killed by
Alexander tend to give out Cassandras and Mushrooms...it seems like it has a
shade of the dark element.

Yoyo (after chapter 21)

The Dragnar is basically the Summoner with increased stats.  And a new sprite.
Whee.  In terms of information, she is exactly like the Summoner (possibly
able to equip slightly different equipment), so refer to that section for
details.  Yes, she even gets the same Red Magic and Summons...

Anastasia, Ectarina, Melodia, Nelbo

The Wizards will be among your most useful classes in the beginning of the
game, but they're usefulness decreases as the game progresses.  Early on,
their elemental attacks will be among your strongest, especially as your
dragon's stats improve.  However, later in the game, their spells will get
outclassed by Knight/Heavy Armor/Light Armor combinations and Swordhits.
However, the Wizards will always be useful for manipulating terrain.  They
are the best class to take advantage of the terrain, with their wide variety
of elemental attacks and tons of MP to use them with.  Try to avoid melee
battles with Wizards, as they have low defense/HP and are prone to dying
very quickly.  I recommend that you cast spells every turn with Wizards, for
free experience if nothing else, as they have very high MP.

Best Equipment:
Kaiser Rin

Anastasia- a fairly high class wizard, she sometimes acts fairly snobbishly.
Eventually, she falls for Barclay (huh?) the Heavy Armor.  She learns a lot of
stuff from Barclay about battles, which she eventually passes to you.  She's
good friends with Ectarina, and helps out her pathetic romance with Hornet.
Ectarina- the shy girl of this group.  She barely talks at all, and is always
trying to woo Hornet.  Her idea of flirting is feeding Hornet his favorite
food.  Kinda unusual, if you ask me.  She spends most of her time aboard the
Farnheit dreaming about Hornet.
Melodia- Melodia is just a young child, yet she already knows the Wizard
spells.  Melodia joins in chapter 1, and she seems to have a thing for Mini
Devils.  She is from Godland, but she left there to search for more Mini
Devils.  She can often be found in the company of the Mini Devils onboard the
Farnheit.  Melodia Melodia (She likes Mini Devils!)!
Nelbo- An experienced wizard from the land of Campbell, Nelbo joins in chapter
7.  She is ordered (along with Joy) to help out the Resistence by the Queen of
Campbell.  She enjoys torturing Donfan by turning him into rabbits and other
such things.  Eventually, by the end of the game, it seems like she has fallen
for him.

Best used with: Master Dragons
Black Dragons are out, as they gain a crappy attack that fails at times.  The
reason I prefer Master Dragons is that I use Wizards to manipulate the
terrain, and they obviously can't do that when paired with Behemoths.  Even
though their magic when paired with Behemoths is fairly strong, I miss the
elemental properties, and the extra area of effect/experience that comes with
Armageddon and Halley Gazer.

FLAME GAZE (fire, 10, 5, 2) Useful for fires, and early game damage.  You'll
use this quite a bit.  And the animation is pretty cool, if you ask me.
ICE MAGIC (ice, 10, 5, 2) Useful for bridges, but this becomes outclassed once
you get Leviathan.
THUNDER GALE (thunder, 10, 5, 2) This will be useful for destroying things
until you get Raiden, and that's not going to be for a while.  This spell will
come in handy quite often.
ENERGY DRAIN (life, 15, 5, 1) This absorbs HP, but isn't really that good for
dealing damage.  And hopefully your Wizards won't be losing any HP at all.  If
you really need HP, just use some Drugs and a stronger attack :).
BIONICS (poison, 14, 5, 2) This can come in handy at some points, but it never
seems to poison anything (or at least for me).  Probably your most damaging
spell until holy/dark spells.
EARTHQUAKE (earth, 18, 5, 2) This is useful, but it costs a tad too much MP
for common use.  Use this to destroy cave-ins.
ARMAGEDDON (holy, 22, 5, 3) The Wizard's most useful spell.  Does a good deal
of holy damage.  The best part about this spell is the added area, which helps
hit even more enemies.  Gets its own little cutscene when used on the field.
HALLEY GAZER (dark, 22, 5, 3) The Wizard's other most useful spell.  However,
there are more dark enemies in the game that resist this, so Armageddon is a
*bit* better.  Like Armageddon, this has a nice area of effect.  IMO the
animation for this spell is better than Armageddon.  Also gets its own
* UNI MAGIC (non-elemental, 10, 5, 2) It can fail.  Nuff said.
? MYSTERY MAGIC (non-elemental, 18, 5, 2) This is one hell of a strong spell,
rivaling the power of even Armageddon and Halley Gazer.  If you're looking
for a strong spell, this is your bet.  It's advantages come in higher power
for low MP cost and non-elemental affinity.  It's only disadvantages are loss
of terrain manipulation (and elemental affinity), and less area than the other
ultimate spells.

Diana, Frederica, Zora, Joy

Priests are the mainstay of any group in the early chapters.  Using their
White Drug spells, they provide the best source of healing in the early game,
short of using a ton of Drugs.  Like Priests in other games, they also learn
spells to get rid of status effects.  Later in the game, Priests also learn
some very damaging spells to help them defeat enemies.  They are one of two
classes with an instant death spell (Assassins are the other), and their
ultimate spells rival those of the wizards.  Personally, I prefer this class
over the Wizard, as they get both healing spells and good attack spells.  Like
all magic classes, Priests have low defense/attack, but high magic and MP,
allowing them to cast their spells many times.
Volandum has also informed me that the Priests' ultimate spells (Big Burst,
Infinityi) do more damage than the Wizards' ultimate spells (Armageddon,
Halley Gazer) at equal magic levels, so you might want to keep that in mind.

Best Equipment:
Kaiser Rin

Diana- the gossip queen of Farnheit.  She knows just about everything that
goes on in that ship.  Talk to her for some funny information sometimes.  She
also has this weird...blue...thing sticking out of her back.  Wonder what it
is.  Joins in chapter 1.
Frederica- she has an odd illness that causes her to faint after every battle.
She constantly thinks that she's going to let down the Resistence by fainting
during a battle.  She's always in bed and trying new medicines to help stop
this.  Joins in chapter 1.
Zora- the mother of Zora's Son (gee, I didn't know that!).  Zora is very
disciplinary, and her effects can be clearly seen on her son.  She tends to
be rather rough at times, even going so far as to strike people.  However, she
also acts like a housekeeper for the Resistence, cleaning things up and taking
care of others.  Joins in chapter 1.
Joy- she is from Campbell, and is best friends with Nelbo.  She was ordered by
the Queen of Campbell to help the resistence.  Joy is fairly devoted to her
Queen, and follows orders well.  Like Nelbo, she also enjoys tormenting Donfan
:).  Joins in chapter 7.

Best used with: Master Dragon or Behemoth
Don't use them with Black Dragons, as Uni attacks fail, yadda yadda.  When
paired with a Behemoth, Priests lose their attack spells, but gain a healing
spell even stronger than White Drug.  If you are using Priests soley as
healers, go with a Behemoth.  If you enjoy Priests as a well-rounded magic
user, with both healing and attack spells, go with Master Dragons.  IMO their
ultimate attack spells are even stronger than the Wizards'.

WHITE DRUG (life, 10, 5, 2) Your basic healing spell.  Obviously very useful
throughout the entire game, but loses its value when your dragons learn
Refresh.  White Drug also cleans swamps and hurts undead, which is a nice
secondary feature.
CLEAN UP (life, 10, 5, 2) You can either use this, or a bunch of Heals to get
rid of status effects.  If you're in range, Clean Up is a wonderful spell.
Otherwise, it's rather worthless.
SLEEP (life, 12, 5, 1) Sleep is a very useful status effect in this game, for
reasons explained under status effects.  Unfortunately, this spell only
affects one enemy party, or one enemy in melee.  Still, it has a very high
success rate, and can quickly turn the tides of battle.  A little high on MP
cost, though.
EXORCISM (dark, 15, 5, 1) An instant death spell, and these are always useful.
AFAIK Exorcism has a fairly good chance of suceeding, especially when used on
the field.  Don't be afraid to use this attack, especially on enemy parties
with lots of enemies in them.  Unsure if this works on undead parties.
RETURN LIFE (life, 21, 5, 1) Your basic Life 1 spell.  Affects all dead party
members when used on the field.  However, there must be at least one alive
person in the party before you can use this.  Return Life is a lot like Clean
Up...useful if you're in range, but you should use Litancibles instead.  Also,
Return Life can also kill undead enemies, which is a nice alternative to
using Exorcism (thx to Major Damage).
STARFALL (earth, 21, 5, 2) Your best constant damage attack spell as a Priest,
at least until you get Holy/Dark dragons.  This comes in handy when you don't
want to use Exorcism (i.e. bosses).
BIG BURST (holy, 24, 5, 3) A lot like Armageddon, in many ways.  Except it
doesn't get its own little cut scene when used on the field.  Big Burst will
be your mainstay for priest spells.  It does good damage, affects all enemies
in melee, gives good EXP, and is holy elemental.  Nice area of effect as well.
All very good.  Use this wisely, as it does tend to suck away at your MP.
INFINITY (dark, 24, 5, 3) IMO its looks better than Big Burst, especially on
the field.  Because it is a single enemy spell in melee, for some reason it
does a tad bit more damage on the field.  However, when in melee, stick with
Big Burst, as that hits all enemies.  Sometimes the dark element can be a
problem, however.
* UNI MAGIC (non-elemental, 10, 5, 2) Another one of those Uni Magic spells.
Like all of its predecessors, try and avoid this.
? MYSTERY MAGIC (life, 22, 5, 2) The best healing spell in the game.  If you
desparately need healing, pair up your priests with a Behemoth for this.  If
you want to retain the attack/status effect spells, go with Master Dragon.
And yes, it does work on swamps the same way as White Drug.

Manyo, Monyo, Munyo, Wagahai

By far the most unique class in this game, and one of the most unique in any
game I can remember.  Mini Devils are completely uncontrollable in battle.
When used on the field, they do absolutely random attacks.  What's so good
about them, then?  These random attacks are BY FAR the strongest attacks in
the game.  They are so strong that one of their attacks, just one, can kill an
enemy party in melee.  Another benefit is that Mini Devils cannot equip any
equipment at all, so they are fairly easy to maintain.  However, this also
means that their defense is very low, so be careful.  Their Dances also cost
0 MP, so they don't need Magic Gins.  On the field, be careful with their
dances however. You might accidentally get Mr Gunfire (thunder attack) when
standing on a bridge.  I recommend save stating first.  Use Mini Devils at
your own risk. And if you ask me, they aren't really that cute; they look like
little children with goat antlers and tight leather pants.
Just for the record, I would like to say that I HATE MINI DEVILS.  Absolutely
hate them.  I hate the randomness of their attacks, I hate the attacks they
do, I hate everything about them.  In one battle, I had them paired with a
Black Dragon and a Light Armor, and they were attacking a party in melee.
I had the Light Armor use Uni Tower, just in case.  In order, they did
Failure, Failure, Heal Enemy Party, and Failure (Light Armor was last).  When
it was the enemy's turn, they attacked the same party.  Once again, I had the
Light Armor use Uni Tower.  My dragon came in, and used Uni Breath.  In order,
I got Heal Enemy Party, Failure, Heal Enemy Party, and Failure.  Net Progress =
-1000 damage.  This majorly annoyed me, and ever since, I've avoided using
Mini Devils.
The best times to use Mini Devils are against undead parties, as Heal Enemy
Party and Complete Heal All will do damage to undead enemies.  However, if you
like leaving things up to chance, and you don't mind the possibility of Heal
Enemy Party, go right ahead and use Mini Devils.  And ignore my rant :).

Best Equipment:

Manyo- Manyo Manyo (Mini Devils are all basically the same).  Manyo Manyo
Manyo (They only talk using their name [a la Pokemon], and for some odd reason
their speech appears in parentheses next to their name).  Manyooooooo (They
all seem to pray to a death god, and are always dancing in the hallways
hyperactively)!  Manyo Manyo Manyo (They also annoy the heck out of the wep/
armor/item salesmen).  Manyo (For a funny note, Manyo, Monyo, and Munyo all
hate Wagahai, and spend a lot of time picking on him).  Manyo Manyooooo (Joins
in Chapter 1)!
Monyo- look at Manyo, and replace the name with Monyo.
Munyo- look at Manyo, and replace the name with Munyo.  However, unlike Manyo
and Monyo, he joins in Chapter 14.
Wagahai- the only Mini Devil different from the others.  Unlike the other Mini
Devils, he speaks in regular English.  He also doesn't dance (outside of
battle, that is).  Because of this (and possibly other reasons), the other
Mini Devils hate him.  Also joins in Chapter 14 with Munyo.

Best used with: Black Dragon or Behemoth
Finally, a class that goes well with the Black Dragon.  Mini Devil Dances are
already have a chance of failing, right?  So, it doesn't really matter that
they are paired with Black Dragons, who also can fail.  In return, you get the
STRONGEST ATTACKS IN THE GAME.  With Fright Dance, you can easily get spells
like Ragnarok, or Bagdem, or Super Secret Attack.  Just be careful when using
Dances on the field, as the results may be...annoying.  As a side note, no
matter which dragon the Mini Devils are paired with, they can still use Heal
Enemy Party.  Also, all Mini Devil attacks hit all enemies (and friendly
parties, if used on the field).
Black Dragons are the general consensus among most players, but I prefer to
pair them with Behemoths.  At least in my version of the game, Mini Devils
fail their dances 2 out of 3 times when paired with a Black Dragon, which IMO
ruins the point.  So, I prefer to pair them with Behemoths, which still have
very powerful attacks, and don't seem to fail as often.  However, wait for
your second or third playthrough to do this - Behemoths are too rare of a
dragon, and they are better paired with a more deserving class first.

Now, for a break.  I've been too lazy to create my own Dance List, and Meeple
Lard has been nice enough to let me borrow his, so here it is: Meeple's Dance
List for Mini Devils.

Stuff in [brackets] is added by me.

////////////////////////////////////Not Mine!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Dance List:
Ok, this section is bigger than any other Classes skill set list (yes,
even bigger than the Summoner's), so big, I have to do a bit of
explaining on the format first.
Basically, I've done a lot of testing with Mini Devils in an attempt to
find out ALL dance possibilities with ALL forms of Dances.  This list
is to show my results.  Please Note, however, that as always, there's a
chance this list is incomplete, so don't go screaming at me if I missed
some dances for a skill set and stuff.  Simply, E-mail me [that is, e-mail
Meeple] politely ([at DBZFFLord @ aol.com]), and tell me that you've seen
"So and So" attack for Whatever Dance" and I'll check up on it.

First off, a few notes to look at:
Regardless Of attack to be used, Dances will appear the following way:
Devil Dance: 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
<Reggae Dance>: 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
(Fright Dance): 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
[Namely, all dances cost 0 MP, have 0 Range, 4 Area of Effect, and affect
all enemies in melee.]
All dance Skill sets have a potential of Failure.  All Failures (this
goes for failures from "Uni" attacks as well) do nothing except have
the Word "Fail" appear, and give a bit of EXP.  Technically, its an
attack in the skill set, and technically, its not.  I'm not gonna
bother listing it, so remember that ALL dances have that potential.
Area means that attacks will only effect those within the attack radius
listed above.  All Area attacks will follow the above format I have
The attacks are Listed in no particular order other than the order I
have discovered them as I was testing.
All Devil Dances were tested using Master Dragons, Fright Dances were
tested using Black Dragons, and Reggae Dances using Behemoths.  Some of
these attacks may not appear if earlier forms were used, so if you have
a Grand Dragon, don't expect to see ALL Devil Dances you'd see with a
Master Dragon, in other words.
Dances used in battles are different from those used on the Field.  I
have attempted to decipher which ones are used when, but it's rather
difficult (due to the complete randomness of the dancing), so if I'm
wrong, again don't yell at me, just e-mail me [Meeple], and I will get back
to you on it.
Descriptions of attacks are based off observations.  Some of them are
Obvious (IE a Fire Attack is obviously fire due to the way it looks and
the way the enemy's Death animation is), others are more difficult, so
again, don't bash me if I'm wrong, simply E-mail me your results and I
will test them and get back to you.
All Attacks used on the field are used within the given Range UNLESS
said otherwise.
Regardless of Dance type, all Dances are based off the MID stat of the
As usual, when I say, "Ally" I am including your Dragons as well.
All attacks that heal will hurt Undead Units instead of healing them.
This does not apply to MP Healing attacks however.
A (?) in an attack description means I'm not certain as to if that's
what the attack is, and that's its an educated guess.

All Dances are listed in following Fashion:
Dance Skill Set -> Requirements for Skill set
Dance Attack Name: What type of attack it is (Field, Battle, etc.).
Description of attack

Now, onto the actual lists!

DEVIL DANCE -> Used in conjunction with any "Generic" Dragon Forms or
no Dragons at all.

[Dances that can be used on the Field:]
NIGHTMARE: Field. Does Damage Equal to 1/4 of Enemies HP (not certain
if its Max or Current HP though).
POWER DANCE: Field. Heals allies.
[According to TheChanseyDude, Power Dance has also occured in battle, but I'll
leave it here until either Meeple or I confirms it.]
MR. GUNFIRE: Field Thunder Elemental Attack.
SPORE: Field. Poison Elemental Attack.  (?)
WINTER VISIT: Field. Ice Elemental Attack.
FLAMETHROWER: Field. Fire Elemental Attack.
*SEDUCTIVE SMILE: Field. Disallows Enemy actions for next turn (?)

[Dances that can be used in Battle:]
EARTH SHAKER: Battle. Massive Earth Elemental Attack
SUPER SECRET ATTACK: Battle.  Massive Thunder Elemental Attack
BREATH WIND: Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack
AQUA STORM: Battle. Massive Water Elemental Attack
POISON POWDER: Battle. Massive Poison Elemental Attack (?)
FIRE BREATH: Battle. Massive Fire Elemental Attack
TOXIC INK: Battle. Poison Elemental Attack (?)
ROLL: Battle. Weak Earth Elemental Attack
DAMAGE ALL: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 1/4 of their
HP max.

[Dances that can be used BOTH in Battle and Field:]
MP DAMAGE: Field and Battles. Lowers the MP of enemies.
HEAL ENEMY PARTY: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies.

Quick Arbitrary Comment: It's easy to see that if you want to use Devil
Dance, then use Mini Devil's in battle, as the MASSIVE attacks are used
there only :P
[I agree.  Also, using their attacks in the field can be fairly dangerous, as
I seem to always get Mr. Gunfire when I use it.]

FRIGHT DANCE -> Used when in conjunction with Uni Uni Dragon Class
(includes Black Dragons)

[Dances that can be used on the Field:]
HEAL ALL: Field.  Heals Allies and Enemies HP
FROG ALL: Field. Hits ALL Ally AND Enemy Units on MAP with Damage equal
to 1/4 of their Max HP.
DAMAGE ALL: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 1/4 of their
HP max.
**COMPLETE HEAL ALL: Field. Heals ALL Ally AND Enemy Units on the MAP's
HP AND MP to Max.

[Dances that can be used in Battle:]
[Dances that can be used BOTH in Battle and Field:]
HEAL ENEMY PARTY: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies
SUPER SECRET ATTACK: Field and Battles.  Massive Thunder Elemental
MP DAMAGE: Battle and Field.  Lowers MP of Enemies
BAGDEM: Battle and Field. Massive Non Elemental Attack
RAGNAROK: Battle and Field.  Does Massive Non Elemental Damage.

Quick Arbitrary Comment: Not much to say here.  This is quite a Fun
skill set.  From being able to heal Every existing Unit on the screen
to being able to do 9999 with certain attacks on the Field, its quite
easy to see that this skill set works well in both Battles and on the
Field.  Also, this skill set contains the only way you can restore
Dragon's MP in battles, quite handy, wouldn't you say?

REGGAE DANCE -> Used when in conjunction with an Unknown Form Dragon
Class (this includes Behemoths)

[Dances that can be used on the Field:]
DAMAGE ALL: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 1/4 of their
HP max.
HEAL ALL: Field.  Heals Allies and Enemies HP

[Dances that can be used in Battle:]
*SEDUCTIVE SMILE: Battle.  Disallows Enemy Action for 1 Turn (?)

[Dances that can be used BOTH in Battle and Field:]
SUPER SECRET ATTACK: Field and Battle.  Massive Thunder Elemental
GIGASHOCK: Field and Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack
HEAL ENEMY PARTY: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies
MP DAMAGE: Battle and Field.  Lowers MP of Enemies
BAGDEM: Field and Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack

Quick Arbitrary Comment: Quite simply, Reggae Dance is just a variation
of Fright Dance, so its has more or less, the same uses and same
potential pretty much.
[Except for the fact that Behemoths are better dragons (usually) than Unis
will ever be, so that might influence your decision a bit.  In terms of dances
alone, however, they are fairly equal.]

* I am totally NOT certain as to what this attack does.  It deals no
damage, nor does it heal, and being a Dance, I can't check what the
attack does.  The effect I listed is what its seems to do, as when
Seductive Smile is used, that enemy unit seems to do Nothing after
words.  If anybody knows what this attack does please tell me, as I
really want to know.  What's even more mysterious is that its NEVER
used in battle in Devil Dance skill set, but it's the opposite
situation in Reggae Dance skill set.  Much Help needed here.
[I *believe* it's an attempt for a "Confuse" status effect, but I'm not
entirely sure about that.]

**For Undead Enemies, though Complete Heal All Heals HP to full, it
doesn't kill Undead Enemies directly.  Undead Enemies receive Damage
equal to what they WOULD have healed if they were not undead.  The way
Complete Heal All works is that Target Heals HP = Target's Max HP -
Target's Current HP.  Thus, Damage for Undead Enemies = Target's Max HP
- Target's Current HP (if you've played Final Fantasy Tactics, this
works the similar to the way Cloud's Climhazzard Limit determines
damage) Another interesting fact about Complete Heal All is that it's
the only means by which you can heal Dragon's MP!

//////////////////////////////////</Dance List>\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Thx Meeple!


*Note* This walkthrough is gonna be a bit unusual, because I started writing
it about halfway through the game.  So, I'm gonna write the walkthrough for
the second half of the game first.  When I finish the game, I'll start a new
one, and then I'll write the walkthrough for the first part of the game.  For
now, I'll only be covering the battles in each chapter, and maybe some other
important parts of the game.  When I have time, I'll try and do a complete
chapter walkthrough.

*IMPORTANT* I'm writing this walkthrough in the intentions of gaining the best
items and experience possible.  This also leads to longer battle times (as you
will be fighting almost all of the enemies), and possibly somewhat less of a
challenge (because fighting all of the enemies does lead to level ups).  If
you want to speed right through the battles, be my guest, and work out your
own strategy.

- The battles themselves are marked off by <SOB> (start of battle) and <EOB>
(end of battle).  Things outside of these tags mostly relate to pre-battle and
post-battle character interactions.  These tags are mostly for those people
who just want to skip to the meat of this walkthrough, the battle strategies.

Prologue - The Downfall of Kahna Castle

As the game starts, you'll see a nice little opening scene with King Kahna and
Bahamut, the guardian dragon of Kahna.  You'll then catch a glimpse of two of
the main characters in the game, Princess Yoyo and (Summoner) Sendak.  You'll
then see a scene with the dragons, the main character (Byuu), and the 3
Knights, where you will be asked to name the main character.  For the sake of
the walkthrough, I will be using the default name (Byuu).  The dragons will
then take off (oddly enough, some of the dragons are never seen again in the
game...), while a few dragons stay behind.  Time for some more introductions!

You will be given the option to name the 3 dragons you see there.  The red
dragon right behind you is (default name) Salmando, Byuu's personal dragon.
The next dragon over, the blue one, is (default name) Icedrake.  The third
dragon, the white one, is (default name) Molten.  There, that's the dragons.

The three characters you see are the 3 Knights, Byuu's best friends.  The one
on the right, Bikkebakke (the one doing that weird movement), will suggest
some popular names (look at #4!  Isn't that sexist?!).  Rush, the guy in the
armor, will board Icedrake after you've given it a name.  Truce, the last guy
(with the funny helmet), will give you several options.  #1 will tell you a
bit about commanding dragons, #2 will trigger a small flashback scene (which
will introduce Emperor Sauzer, and give some background to the game).  Choose
#3 to proceed with the game, and board Salmando when you're ready.

You'll then see another cutscene with King Kahna, Yoyo, and Sendak, where you
are given the chance to rename Yoyo.  They will all return to the throne room,
where you will see a few more characters from later in the game (look, there's
Mist!).  Byuu and the Knights will rush in.  Walk past Rush to trigger the
next sequence, which will start your first battle!

As the battle starts, you will see Matelite use Inspire, which destroys the
bridge (damnit!), and also gives that party some free EXP (sweet!).  Sendak
will give a brief pep talk, and the battle will start.


SCENARIO: Defeat of all enemies
ENEMIES: 2 Soldier x3 (7, 15) (11, 15)
Ice Magus x2 (9, 16)
Warbuster (9, 18)
EXP: 20
PARTIES: Cross Knight, Knight x3
Royal Guard, Heavy Armor, Wizard x2 (uncontrollable for first turn)
Summoner, Light Armor, Priest x2

The map is an easy one, appropriate for the first chapter.  The map is divided
into two halves by the river (which you can't cross, since Matelite knocked it
out).  Your 2 (3 actually, but you can't control Matelite's party for the
first turn) start out on the north side, with the 4 enemy parties on the
south.  Your major barrier in this level will be the river, which you can't
easily cross (unless you're in a Ex-Game).

This is only the first battle, so it won't be very hard.  Your formations and
dragon pairings are set, so don't worry about changing those.  The enemies
aren't very strong, so this is the perfect intro to Bahamut Lagoon.

When the battle starts, you have nothing better to do than move your parties
right next to the river.  You're not going to be able to cross that unless
either the enemy Ice Maguses or Matelite's party cast Ice Magic on the river.
For the time being, set your dragons on Go.  Your dragons (who can fly) have
no problems spanning the river, so they'll get a head start on attacking the

When some form of Ice Magic is cast on the river, you'll receive a hint from
Sendak about Fire-element spells.  Remember, fire melts ice, so don't use any
fire attacks near the ice bridge that was just created.

Once you get a chance, move across the river and start tearing up those
enemies.  Byuu's and Matelite's parties does best in melee (move right next
to the enemy party and choose Attack), while Sendak's party should probably
use field attacks. Remember that HP/MP are restored after the battle is over,
so feel free to use as many techs/spells as you want.  Byuu's Fire Hit will be
most effective on a group of enemies, while you should save Fire Pulse/Smash/
Inspire for the Warbuster.

If at any time your dragons lose too much HP, don't be afraid to set them on
Wait.  In the beginning of the game, you'll want everything to survive and
reap early-game EXP.  Try to make sure your parties don't die either, although
neither is likely to happen.

Now is probably a good time to mention another technique that you'll be using
throughout the entire game: defeating enemies with elemental techniques.  In
general, an enemy defeated by any element (with rare exceptions) gives better
items (and more EXP) than that same enemy defeated by a non-elemental attack.
Bottom line: use your techniques to finish off enemies.  You only have fire
attacks at this point, but those should still be fairly useful.


Uh-oh!  It's a surprise attack.  Better get back inside the castle...

Once you're back inside, walk up until you're one space below the Granbelos
generals.  Watch the scene, while Yoyo gets captured and Sauzer casts this
devestating spell on the castle.  Kahna is destroyed...*dun**dun**dun*.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The beginning (bad pun intended) starts with Sendak staring off, looking for
Byuu.  Several years have passed since the Prologue.  He'll then enter a house
when the scene cuts to the Island of Tedd, where the Resistence is based.
Salmando, Byuu, and the other knights (and their dragons) have just returned.
You're then introduced to (Captain) Taicho, Sendak, Matelite (his description
is somewhat random...).  Also, you'll catch a quick glimpse of the two new
Heavy Armors, Barclay and Gunso.

After Salmando lands (and the weird spotlight effect is over), you'll take
control of Byuu.  First, check the upper box on the west side of the house for
an UNIUJI.  Walk up the stairs to the right of the house for 5 MAGIC GINS (you
don't even have to press a button!).  Go inside the house and check the left
nightstand for a GENIUS NOTEBOOK.  The left side of the big cabinet has a
DRAWER THING.  The upper of the two barrels has a SWEET WINE.  Go inside the
bed, face down, and press A for a PORNO MAG.  That's enough items for now,

If you want to, talk to Matelite before leaving the house again.  The first
option, choosing Yes/No makes no difference.  After he walks (strafes?) away,
check the chest he was standing in front of for MATELITE'S IMPORTANT ITEM (not
a real item).  If you choose to open it, you will then receive YOYO'S MEMORY
(another quasi-item), which triggers a flashback between Byuu, Yoyo, and
Matelite.  Walk down and talk to Salmando to progress the scene.  When the
option comes, choose whichever you want.  After they land at the Church of
Memories (this will come back later in the game), talk to Yoyo again to
continue.  Again, choose whichever you want for the next three options. Kind
of sheds light on the whole Byuu-Matelite-Yoyo mystery, doesn't it.

Once back outside, talk to Sendak to trigger another flashback, this one
explaining why Byuu and the Knights left in the first place.  Talk to Rush to
get him out of the way, then talk to your new dragon (ThunderH) to give it a
name.  Also, talk to Zora (the motherly figure) to get 5 FLAME GRASSES, 5 ICE
give the option to feed your dragons.  If you want to, go up to a dragon and
choose what you want to feed it.  When you're ready, talk to Salmando and
choose Take Off to leave.

Hold on a second there...before the battle starts, there's one last option
between Sendak and Byuu.  This one is too good to spoil - let's just say that
you'll have to see it for yourself.  Also, the Mini Devils (Manyo and Monyo)
will join you at the last second.

Also, although you will go to the pre-battle screen, you won't be able to
change formations yet.  Don't worry, that will come next chapter.  The parties
they assign are more than able to handle this mission.


SCENARIO: Defeat of the boss
ENEMIES: 5 Soldier x3 (13, 4) (12, 6) (14, 6) (14, 8) (12, 9)
2 Soldier x2, Ice Magus x2 (17, 4)(17, 8)
Soldier x2, Lanzenritter [BOSS] (18, 7)
EXP: 50
PARTIES: Cross Knight, Knight x3
Royal Guard, Heavy Armor x3
Priest, Light Armor, Mini-Devil x2
Summoner, Wizard x3

This battle starts on the Farnheit.  The ship itself is not very big, but that
is countered by the few number of parties in this chapter (compared to other
Farnheit battles, anyway).  There are a couple of structures on the Farnheit -
stand on them, and you'll recover HP at the end of a phase.  Useful if
you're a bit damaged.  However, enemies can use them to recover HP as well, so
make sure enemy parties are destroyed before they get a chance.  You can also
destroy structures with thunder, if you can't occupy it.

The enemies in this level are the same as last chapter, with one exception:
the Lanzenritter.  You will learn to hate this dude.  And I mean HATE him.  He
isn't overwhelmingly powerful, but he has an awesome field attack, Javelin
Throw.  It has a radius of 6 (obscenely huge) and area of 2, and does a fair
bit of damage. If you don't heal yourself, you may end up dying a sad death
from a sniping enemy.

Once the battle starts, move your parties forward.  The parties that the game
gave you are split fairly nicely: Byuu's and Matelite's parties should be
attacking in melee, Sendak's party should be using field attacks (Flame Gaze),
and Zora's party should be healing and using Dances.

Together, Byuu and Matelite should make mincemeat out of those soldiers.  If
you can, move your Mini-Devils in between several enemy parties, and use a
dance (on the field).  With any luck, you might damage several parties at
once.  Sendak's party should be casting Flame Gaze on the enemy Ice Magus
parties, as ice enemies are weak against fire.  Once the melee parties are
done with the Soldiers, have them attack the Ice Maguses as well (Flame Hit is
very useful).

When you're ready, take on the Lanzenritter.  Make sure to take out his two
partner Soldiers first, then gang up on him with Byuu and Matelite.  The
Knights' Pulses and the Heavy Armor's Smashes should be able to fell him with
ease.  Make sure to keep Zora's party in the back, healing any party hit by
Javelin Throw.  If need be, refill her MP with those Magic Gins you found in
the out-of-battle part of the chapter.  Don't forget to kill him with an
element - I'd recommend Ice, if you can.


Woohoo!  We gots ourselves a ship now!

Watch the little scene as everyone enters the ship.  When Byuu shows his head
at the bottom of the screen, move away from the door to let the Knights in.
Walk up towards the door to activate the next scene, and talk to the guy in
front (Hornet, one of the coolest characters in all of BL) to continue.  Talk
to the crew for a brief introduction (and also to the enemy Lanzenritter, who
is a crewmen in disguise).  You'll also meet the Shopkeeper (or Battlefield
Salesman) and the Dragonkeeper, who you'll meet later in the game.  When
you're ready, follow Hornet into the next room.

In here, talk to the crew members to find out what happened to Taicho and
Matelite.  If you walk up towards the center door, you'll see a fairly
disgruntled Matelite.  Walk towards the next room (the leftmost path) to
trigger a small scene with Sendak, who asks you to name the ship (default:
Farnheit).  Once again, follow Hornet to proceed.

Once on the bridge, move forward a step and Diana/Frederica will drag you out
into the middle.  Matelite and Taicho will storm in, and Sendak christens the
new ship (with whatever name you chose).  Watch the scene as Taicho puts up a
flag (where is it?  I don't see any flag) above the helm, and proceed to the
next chapter.

Chapter 2 - The Legend We Dreamed Of...

As the scene opens, you'll see Yoyo locked away on Campbell, in the Granbelos
Fortress.  You'll then see Palpaleos, Sauzer's right-hand man, enter, followed
closely by Sauzer.  Another flashback scene will be triggered, this time with
Sauzer and Palpaleos, where you will learn a bit more about Sauzer's ambitions
with Yoyo.

When you regain control of Byuu on the Farnheit, you'll see all the characters
lined up.  First, I would take some time and wander around Farnheit, getting
used to its layout.  For now, Sendak's (the captain's) room is off-limits, and
there is a crewman standing in front of Yoyo's room.  Talk to him, and he'll
let you in for a quick peek.  Talk to him again, and he'll run off to the
left.  Talk to him one more time, and he'll giv you the option to buy some
things.  Don't bother buying any of the books yet, unless you have some spare
money - if so, the Difficult Books and Porno Mags are your best bets.

You can also talk to the shopkeepers and the Mini Devils in their little store
area.  The weapon salesman will give you a hint about defeating enemies with
different elements (listen to this!  it will be very important throghout the
entire game).  You can also buy some items with any money you might have won
in the Prologue and 1st chapter.  I would HIGHLY recommend buying some Drugs
and Heals, and maybe a Litancible or two from the Item Shop.  BTW, you can't
go outside yet - the Dragonkeeper blocks the way.

When you're ready, go back to the bridge.  A couple things to do here.  First,
talk to Gunso (the Heavy Armor next to the empty space) to get your first
Gunso ??? item.  Talk to Melodia (in the lower-left corner of the formation)
to see a small scene (pick Yes).  Talk to Hornet (the captain) to see another
small scene, this time involving the Farnheit.  Finally, move into the space
above Rush (the center guy in the top row) and choose the second option to

You will see Taicho and Matelite come out.  Rush will then ask whether you
want the short or long versions.  They are basically the same (with minor word
differences), except the short one is much shorter.  Choose whichever you
want.  Matelite will divvy up the power aboard the ship (seems like a tyranny,
if you ask me).  You'll then move to the practice session.

During the practice session, you will have to follow simple directions, mostly
involving turning (press the direction you want to turn).  Don't worry, it
doesn't really count for anything.  The first one is a bit tricky to get, but
you can continue even if you get it wrong.  For the other directions, time is
not a problem - just turn the right way.  If you ever make a mistake, you'll
skip ahead to the next scene.  The sequence is R, U, L, U, R, U, R, U, L, R,
and U.  Finally, if you got them all right, Matelite will ask to you to turn
around - don't worry, this is impossible.  You'll then go on to the same scene
as those people who messed up sometime through.  And remember, this doesn't
count for anything, so don't worry if you missed one.

Next, Taicho will ask if you want to know about formations.  If you don't (and
you probably don't), I would recommend choosing the first option.  He will
quickly tell you about Formations, some class characteristics, and how parties
with the same class have stronger field attacks.  Choose yes to continue.
After you are finished, the Dragonkeeper will (magically) appear.

Talk to the Dragonkeeper, and he will disappear back outside the Farnheit.
First, before you go visit him, you should talk to Sendak, then follow him
into his room, the door directly south of the bridge.  Once inside, talk to
him (he's in the bed), and he will leave the bed (choose whichever option you
want when the time comes).  Leave his room, and go south to the Shops.  Talk
to the Dragonkeeper, and follow him outside.

Once outside, you will see your 4 dragons.  Talk to the Dragonkeeper again.
If you choose Yes, you will go through several small introductory steps, where
the Dragonkeeper will teach you several things about taking care of dragons
(namely feeding them, pairing them in Formations, their personality, etc.).
After all that (or, if you chose No the first time), you will meet the 5th
dragon.  Talk to it to give it a name (default name: Twinhead).  From here on,
you can either feed your dragons, or talk to the Dragonkeeper and go back

For more tips on feeding dragons, check out the Tips/Strategies, under
Dragons.  For now, I would recommend feeding them the Grasses that you got in
the Chapter 1, and maybe any elemental items you might have won in the first
two chapters.  Don't forget, your characters can equip most of the weapons/
armors that you may win in the first two chapters - they are generally better
than their starting weapons, so you'll have to find a balance b/w equipping
your new gear and feeding it to your dragons.

Also, before you leave, talk to Frederica (the passed-out Priest in the top-
right corner of the formation).  When she asks, you can choose to take her
medicine to gain 5 DRUGS, 5 HEALS, and 5 LITANCIBLES.  I'm not sure if there
will be any bad results from this, but for now, I'd say go ahead and take
them.  When you're ready, talk to Hornet, and choose the second option to go
into battle (the next option, like most, doesn't make a difference).

Away to Campbell we go!


SCENARIO: Defeat of the boss
ENEMIES: 3 Soldier x4 (1, 18) (4, 17) (10, 19)
3 Soldier x2, Warbuster (7, 14) (5, 9) (9, 9)
4 Soldier x2, Ice Magus x2 (3, 12) (9, 11) (10, 4) (3, 5)
1 Soldier x2, Lanzenritter [BOSS] (7, 3)
EXP: 200

Woohoo!  This is the first battle where you can actually change the
formations!  Good stuff.  Unfortunately, you still don't have many party
members, so your formations will be pretty simple, but this is good news

A couple of tips:
1. There is no really good reason to keep the Knights and Heavy Armors in a
single party.  Although their Critical (or Defense) ability does pile up with
two in one party, it's MUCH better to spread them out, so each party gets a
bit of the good stuff.
2. For the time being (or at least this chapter), put your Wizards/Summoner
into two separate parties.  This gives you a bit more mobility in attacking
two enemy parties at once, and doesn't really sacrafice that much firepower.
3. Each party should have some form of field attack.  At this point in the
game, your most economical field attacks are either: Lancer Dusts, Wizard or
Priest Spells, Matelite's Inspire, and Mini Devil Dances (no MP!).  Try and
divide your parties so that each will have one field attack for good EXP.
4. Your Light Armor is very important.  Although the bonuses at this point in
the game may not be much, be sure to put her in a melee heavy party, so they
can move that much faster.

My recommend parties:
Party 1: Cross Knight, Knight, Heavy Armor, Lancer
Party 2: Royal Guard, Knight, Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Party 3: Knight, Heavy Armor, Mini Devil x2
Party 4: Summoner, Wizard, Priest, Lancer
Party 5: Priest x2, Wizard x2

As to your dragons, it doesn't really matter at this point.  No matter what
you do, your dragons are so weak that it won't make too much of a difference.
However, I would highly recommend putting ThunderH with Matelite's party,
Molten with your Priest party, and Twinhead with your Wizard party.  This is
basically so you won't forget to do it later.

When the battle starts, Matelite will give a brief speech about melee vs field
attacks (more specifically, about the PR won after killing an enemy).  His
point is valid - enemies destroyed by field attacks will give half the money.

One more thing to mention - the big forest in the middle of the level.  You
can easily set this on fire using fire-elemental field attacks (ex. Flame Gaze
or Fire Hit), so be careful.  However, you can also use this to your advantage
by setting forest fires underneath enemy parties.  Do this if possible.  If
the fire ever gets out of control, use Ice magic (or let the enemy Ice Maguses
do it for you) to put it out.  The now dead fire cannot harm you anymore.
Also, forests severely limit your movement rate, so try to stay away from

The key to this battle is to be patient.  There are a lot more enemies, and
they have a positional advantage over you.  Just take your time, gang up on
enemies one at a time, and make the enemies come to you.  If you remember
this, you should be fine.  Dragons, however, should be set on Go at all times,
unless otherwise noted, as they have little fear of being overwhelmed.

When the battle starts, move your two "in-between" parties (parties 2 and 3)
forward and towards the side of the map.  If they can, use field attacks on
the nearest Soldier parties (but they probably can't).  Otherwise, just use a
field attack somewhere nearby (WARNING: be careful about forest fires) for
free EXP.  The middle party should pick a side and go - once again, if they
are within range of an enemy (and Swordtechs have a LONG range), feel free to
use one, otherwise use it nearby for free EXP.  Don't go through the middle -
the forest is really bad for your movement rate.

Your flank parties (also probably your magic parties) should park themselves
right behind parties 2 and 3.  Hopefully they're within range of the enemy -
if not, it's ok.  The idea is to shield your weaker parties with your stronger
melee parties, to protect them.  The enemy AI is pretty dumb - they will
always attack the closest (not the weakest) party.

Take your time with the Soldier parties, and also with the Warbuster party
slightly further up.  The key is to protect your weaker parties, and let the
Heavy Armors/Knights absorb damage.  Feel free to heal them with your Priest
parties - hopefully you have two, so they can either heal separate targets or
combine power on a single one.  Let your dragons do the majority of the work,
and swoop it for the kill when the enemies are sufficiently weak.

Continue your small little formation until you reach the cliff, where the Ice
Maguses will start sniping you.  They're not going to be move, so you're going
to have to go chase them down.  Break formation here.  Your melee parties
should go straight ahead and choose ONE of the Warbuster parties to attack.
Make sure you don't try and take on two.  Be careful, as the next tier of Ice
Maguses or the Lanzenritter might start to attack you.  If so, retreat back to
your magic parties, and snipe them out from there.

Your other parties (and dragons, hopefully) should start attacking the Ice
Maguses with field attacks, especially Flame Gaze.  Try and both move them up
while still attacking at the same time, so you can gain some ground on the
faster melee parties.  If at any time your dragons start to weaken, put them
on Come and have them attack nearby parties.  Don't bother healing them - the
attack magic is much more important for now.  If at any time your parties get
hit by Sleep magic, use some Heals (hope you bought some!).

Once your melee parties have finished off a Warbuster party, you have a
decision to make.  You can either help your magic parties with the Ice Maguses
(if they aren't doing enough damage), or attack the other Warbuster party,
with the first option taking priority over the second.  I would recommend the
first one anyway, as the Lanzenritter tends to sneak up on you around this

Once the first set of Ice Maguses are done, move on to the second.  Hopefully,
your magic parties have moved up enough that they are within range to attack
the next set.  Repeat the exact same process, with a couple new twists - your
melee parties should be dealing with the Lanzenritter (but make sure not to
kill it yet!), while your magic parties should camp off on the sides of the
map, to avoid any Javelin Throws.

When everyone is dead (except for the Lanzenritter, of course), gang up on it
with all 5 of your parties and dragons.  It shouldn't take too long.  Just be
careful of any Javelin Throws that might kill a party (or a dragon).  There is
no more rush at this point, so use your Priests to heal any injured parties.
When you're done, don't forget to defeat the boss with an element - Ice and
Fire are good bets.


Chapter 3 - The Green Continent of Campbell

Aha!  We've finally made it to Campbell, where Princess Yoyo is being held
captive by Sauzer.  It doesn't look like it's going to be easy, though.  The
fortress in Campbell is surrounded by walls and a river - this rescue mission
isn't as easy as originally thought.

When you regain control of Byuu, talk to Sendak and choose to Call the dragons
(the other one doesn't do anything).  You'll see a new character pop up in the
SW corner.  Go talk to him.  I insist.

This is the famous (infamous?) Battlefield Salesman.  Yes, that is actually
his name.  Battlefield Salesman.  For now, he acts like the shops on the
Farnheit - you can buy weapons/armor/items from him.  For all you eagle-eyes
out there, you'll notice he sells the EXACT SAME THINGS as the shops on the

Once you're done browsing, go talk to the Dragonkeeper for a brief info
session on dragon feeding.  It basically talks about the different
personalities that dragons will develop after eating certain items (namely:
weapons -> attacking dragon, armor -> timid dragon, sweet food -> spoiled
dragon, bitter -> unspoiled dragon, books -> smart dragon).

Once you're finish listening to his lecture, go ahead and feed your dragons.
If you won any elemental (or good) items in the last chapter, feel free to
feed it to your dragons.  When you're ready, talk to Sendak and choose the
second option to go to battle.


SCENARIO: Defeat of Groyer
ENEMIES: 3 Soldier x4 (10, 10) (14, 10) (14, 6)
4 Soldier x2, Warbuster (12, 3) (12, 8) (12, 12) (12, 15)
2 Soldier x2, Ice Magus x2 (11, 14) (13, 14)
1 Ice Magus x3 (11, 6)
2 Warbuster x2, Gran Launcher (5, 13) (18, 12)
1 Warbuster x2, Groyer [BOSS] (12, 6)
EXP: 400

BTW...what's Daikon?

As the battle starts, you'll notice a few things immediately.  First off is
that you are on a completely separate island from the enemy parties.  The only
way across (at the moment) is a small bridge.  That can be easily remedied by
having your Wizards/Cross Knight cast ice techs on the water.  Remember, your
ice techs are fairly small, so this may take several castings.  For this
reason, your Wizards should always be the first parties to move.

Also, you'll that the enemy has a complicated wall structure set up.  The bad
things about walls are that you can't go through them.  In order to pass,
you'll have to find a gate.  Or, you could bust them down with thunder techs.
The second option being preferred to the first, obviously.

Finally, you'll notice some small little buildings (wells?) on the ground.
These are structures, and they'll heal any party that's standing on top of one
at the end of your/their phase.  They heal both enemies and friendlies, so be
careful.  Unfortunately, the majority of them are on the enemy's side, so they
won't be too helpful.  Destroy them with thunder techs.  I should also mention
that walls have the same sort of healing effect, so that gives you two reasons
to take them out.

As the battle starts, send out your Wizards to create some ice bridges.  Try
to stagger your parties a bit, so that they will all fit on the bridge (or at
least somewhere near it).  You want to try and cross in as little time as
possible, or else the enemy will start crowding you.  If you have a Light
Armor party, they will likely have the highest movement, so keep that in mind
as well.  Hopefully you have at least 2 Wizard parties, so you can cast 2x as
much Ice Magic.

Once your parties have crossed the bridge, take control of your Wizards again.
This time, they'll be using thunder magic to break the walls.  Do this first,
so your melee parties will have increased mobility.  Then, move your melee
parties up to take on the enemies.  Your first targets should be the Ice
Maguses, then any Warbusters in the immediate area.  However, don't go out of
your way to hunt down Warbusters - you have bigger threats.

Those threats come in the way of Gran Launchers (or more simply, cannons).
They have INSANE power, especially since you're fairly low-leveled, and also
insane range.  THESE are your targets.  As soon as you can, send your melee
parties towards one.  I would recommend sending all of them, as you'll want
the extra firepower.  Also, send a magic party that way (or have a Lancer/
Cross Knight in your melee party) and have that party use a thunder tech on
the Gran Launcher.  It's situated on top of a Structure, so it will gain back
HP if you don't do something about it.  A Priest party would also come in
handy, as Catapult can do a lot of damage.  Remember to spread out your
parties into an "X" formation, so that no more than one party will receive the

When taking on the Gran Launcher parties, make the Gran Launcher itself your
first priority, as it does more damage (and on the field, too!).  True, you're
giving the party movement ability after the Gran Launcher is defeated, but
it's a better deal to take it out first.

Once you've finished off one Gran Launcher party, head back towards the other
one.  You might meet other enemy parties along the way - return blows, but
don't stay and fight them.  Use your magic parties to snipe them, or maybe
*one* of your melee parties to handle them.  Remember, your priority is the
Gran Launcher.

Once you've finished off BOTH Gran Launchers, go ahead and move up towards
Groyer, remembering to destroy the walls along the way.  If you need to, now
would be a good time to heal up, either using Structures or White Drug/items.
Both work fine.

Once you get up to the boss (Groyer), take out the surrounding enemies.  I'd
start with the Ice Maguses, as their magic spells are probably the most
dangerous threats for the time being.  Don't worry too much about Groyer - his
Daikon Chop does about as much damage as Catapult, and it only hits one person
at a time.  Don't forget to defeat him with an element for the items.  Once
the Gran Launchers (and walls) are out of the way, this level is a cinch.


Chapter 4 - Full of Regret

As the chapter starts, you'll see Matelite and Taicho run up the stairs in the
upper-right.  Then, Sendak, Lukia, and Rush will file in.  Now you can move.
If you talk to Sendak, he appears to have overreacted and wore himself out
(wimp), so Lukia will take care of him.  Talk to Rush, and go up the stairs to

In the next room, you can talk to Matelite to stop his running around, albeit
for only a small moment.  Taicho smells Yoyo's "fragrance", and he appears
infatuated.  Again, talk to Rush to continue.  You can choose either option:
the first shows a bit about Rush's true feelings for Yoyo, while the other
makes him kinda pissed :).  It's all the same in the end, though.  Follow him
into the next room.

In the next room, go up into the cell (you can walk through the door).  You
can talk to Rush if you want, who only points out the obvious (that Yoyo isn't
there).  Then, talk to the...thing...in Yoyo's bed, who appears to be
daydreaming about her (geez, everyone loves Yoyo).  He will then run off to
the upper-left corner, mistaking you for General Zomberd (who you will meet
later).  Talk to him again.  This time, he finally figures out that you are
the Resistance.  Talk to the soldier yet again (this time in the upper-right
corner), and choose either option (I highly doubt it makes a difference in the
long run, but one is obviously much nicer than the other).  They both lead to
the same ending, anyway.

Regardless, Matelite and Taicho will walk in (and you can see a bit of their
sadistic side, too).  Talk to the soldier another time, and he will reveal
that *gasp* Yoyo was taken by Emperor Sauzer (remember him, in the Prologue?).
Yoyo is now hidden in the forest to the north (whatever that means).  After a
threat of more torture by Matelite, the Soldier does a really cool jumping
move (0_o) and escapes.  This time, follow him out the door and back to the
previous room.

Here, you'll see the dragons (how the hell did they get here?!).  Now you can
feed them any items you may have gotten from the last couple battles.  When
you're finished, go back to the first room.

Here, talk to Sendak to get a little more about his true feelings (but not for
Yoyo :-P), and talk to Lukia to proceed, who reveals that Rush is still
chasing that Soldier.  Rush will come back in, bringing with him the
Battlefield Salesman (who still sells the same stuff as last chapter, so there
isn't much to be gained from talking to him.  However, you can talk to him to
equip any items you may have won from last battle).  When you're ready, talk
to Lukia to proceed to the chapter battle.

Make sure you have a good supply of Heals for this battle - if not, go buy
some from the Battlefield Salesman.  You'll want them to deal with Petrify.
Also, some Magic Gins would come in handy, as this next battle will be a long


SCENARIO: Defeat of Zomberd
ENEMIES: 3 Soldier x4 (0, 17) (2, 17) (1, 18)
3 Ice Magus x3 (19, 5) (21, 5) (20, 6)
2 Warbuster x2, Groyer (2, 4) (1, 6)
2 Highlander x2, Flame Magus x2 (27, 29) (26, 3)
1 Lanzenritter x2 (3, 2)
2 Highlander x2, Cure Mage x2 (0, 1) (20, 4)
1 Centurion x2, Palpaleos (15, 3)
1 Groyer x2, Zomberd (15) [BOSS] (0, 4)
EXP: 750

God, I hate this level...and pretty soon you will too.  The first time I
played this level, I lost a dragon.  Pretty sad, eh?

This map is HUGE!  27 x 34, to be exact.  That means that your 5 parties are
going to be spread out, unless you take special measures to bunch them

Terrain in this battle will be fairly important.  As you can, just south of
your starting position is a river, which limits your movement as you try to
attack the enemies in the southeast.  Just north is a mountain, which poses no
immediate problems, but is awful when you try to move across the top.  Also,
take note all of the forests, especially in the northwest.  These will be
vital to your victory.

Now, onto the enemies.  There are 3 main enemy groups - one in the NE, one in
the SE, and the main group in the NW.  The ones in the SE and NE are the least
dangerous, but that doesn't mean you can take them lightly.  Also, the group
in the NW has a small group of Soldiers just south of the main group, which
might cause some early game problems.

And, most important of all, there is one special enemy in the NE.  His name
is Palpaleos, and he is insanely strong.  He also has two of his insanely
strong buddies with him.  Don't fight him, hell, don't even get near him, or
else he'll let lose with his Swordhits (just like Byuu's, except 10x stronger)
and kill you.  Just leave him alone.  He doesn't move, so as long as you don't
actively seek him, he shouldn't bother you.  He'll leave the map on the
beginning of the enemy's 3rd phase, so you can forget him after that.

One more thing of notice: the enemies will move, regardless of how close you
are to them.  This means that any turtling ideas you may have had won't work,
so don't even bother.  Of course, this doesn't apply to Pal, who doesn't move
This battle is going to be all about strategy.  S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y.  That is,
dealing with when the enemies will come to you, how many will come at a time,
and (most importantly), which/how many parties you will have to deal with
them.  Therefore, as the battle starts, I suggest you stop for a bit and think
out a plan.

You want to hear my plan.  Oh well, I guess it's my job...

As the battle starts, send a Wizard party and your fastest melee party south.
They'll want to deal with the two parties down there.  Remember, speed is of
the essence, so finish the job as quickly as you can.  The key point is to use
your fastest melee party, so they can recover fairly quickly.  The Wizards are
for sniping, of course.  Use Heals if you must, as Petrify can get annoying
after a while.

Meanwhile, your other 3 parties should be focused on one thing: staying put.
They should be in that little sheltered area beneath the mountains.  If you
really want to move them, a little bit to the left is ok, but try and make
sure you don't past through that natural chokehold between the mountains.  I'd
recommend setting your dragons on Come at this point, so that they don't do
something stupid and get killed.

So, as your main parties wait, the enemies will begin their approach.  Now, if
everything works out well, the first group you'll fight should be the 3
Soldier parties.  Next should be the Ice Maguses from the NE.  Finally, last
will be the main enemy party with Zomberd.

When the Soldiers come, let them enter your little enclosed area.  If you want
some extra damage, I'd recommend setting the little patch of forest right
outside the pass on fire.  This will do some damage to the Soldiers that are
waiting to file in.  Otherwise, don't waste your MP - you'll need it for the
boss.  The Soldiers should be fairly easy to take out with normal attacks.
Dragons can be set on Go while the Soldiers are close by, but should be reset
to Come once they're destroyed.

BTW, about now (or probably sometime before now), Pal should have left.  And
good riddeance to him, too.

Once the Soldiers are done with, the next set of approaching enemies will be
the Ice Maguses and the Cure Mage.  Now, one very important thing to point out
about Cure Mages - they cure.  And it's annoying.  Very annoying.  So, TAKE
THEM OUT FIRST.  Regardless.  Using field attacks to soften them up first
works well, and go in and finish them off with a Pulse/Smash.  Once you've
taken them out, though, conserve your MP.  The Ice Maguses will need to be
killed with normal attacks, or else you might run out of MP in this marathon
battle.  Again, make sure your dragons are on Come when all the Ice Maguses
are destroyed, so you can get ready for the boss.  Try not to heal unless you
*really* need it, or use Drugs instead.  The castle right by your starting
point will also help.

Also, hopefully during this time, your southern parties have mopped up the
Flame Maguses down there.  Send them back up to bolster your main group, and
heal them with Priests if you need to.

Now, start marching your parties out towards the main boss.  If you need to,
put out those fires you started earlier with Ice Magic.  If you've been timing
this correctly, they should be about halfway down (maybe more) the map.  Begin
to take them out.  Your first target should be the Cure Mage, followed by the
Lanzenritters.  Healing spells and good field attacks really suck (unless they
come from your side, of course).  Things will probably be a bit cramped, so
try and spread out your parties as quickly as you can.

Now would be a good time to let lose with all of that MP we saved up.  Also,
set your Dragons on Go, but be sure to recall them if they ever get seriously
damaged.  And the odds of that are much higher than you might expect.  Be very
careful of Zomberd too, as his melee attacks are fairly strong.

Once the two field parties are done with, split up your remaining parties
among the two Groyer/Warbuster parties.  Your Priests should have their hands
full about now, so use items (if possible) to cure in addition to White Drug.
If you're *really* lucky, one of your dragons might know Refresh, which will
help out.

When you're ready, take out Zomberd.  Remember your elements!

God I hate this battle...


Chapter 5 - Emperor Sauzer

As you enter, you'll notice the scenery is a bit different - you're in a
forest now.  After a little chit-chat between your characters, the Battlefield
Salesman will walk in and interrupt (I love that guy!).  Sendak will then
comment on the presence of a Holy Dragon in the area (which is much more
important than anything else said in the entire chapter).  When you get a
chance, talk to the Battlefield Salesman, who finally got some new items.
Look in the shops section to find out what they are.

After you're done shopping, talk to Bikkebakke twice.  From there, you can
either choose to call in the dragons, or go ahead and attack without feeding
them anything.  If you call in the dragons the first time, talk to Bikkebakke
again to start the battle.


SCENARIO: Defeat of all enemies
ENEMIES: 2 Triphid x2 (8, 25) (12, 32)
1 Triphid x3 (1, 24)
1 Vampire Bat x2 (5, 29)
2 Dendrobium x2 (7, 20) (6, 8)
2 Sky Hawk x3 (2, 15) (12, 17)
1 Chimera x1 (5, 11)
EXP: 1100

Fun, yet another big level.  This one will take a while to clean out...

Because of the relative size of this battle, the key thing is to be patient.
Don't let your parties stray too far apart from each other, or else they
might have problems surviving on their own.  Also, make sure you can tell the
different enemies apart - some of them have similar field sprites, but are
fairly different otherwise.  Be careful.

One important new terrain feature here: the poison swamp.  If you want more
info on it, check out the Terrains section of Tips/Strategies.  It will
suffice to say that you shouldn't end your turn on it, or you'll take damage.
However, you can use White Drug to fix the swamps, so I hope you have your
Priests ready (and in at least 2 different parties).

Also, at the very top of the map there is a dragon, appropriately titled
"Dragon."  You can't even move on it, and attacking it doesn't do anything, so
just ignore it.  You'll see what it does when the battle finishes.

Remember, this battle will be very easy as long as you're patient.  Try to
have your parties line up before you attack.

As the battle starts, move your 3 melee parties up (try not to let the Light
Armor party get too far ahead).  Your two magic parties should (hopefully)
both have Priests in them, and they should both cast White Drug on the swamp
in front.  When your melee parties are all within range, send them out to
take out the first enemy party.  Dragons should be set on Come if you want to
maintain the whole strategy of the battle, but Go wouldn't hurt either.

Move your parties in groups - the 3 melee parties as the frontline, and the
2 magic parties as backup healers/un-swampifiers.  Attack each enemy party
with the 3 melee parties.  The enemies here aren't that strong, and they are
sufficiently spread out for this strategy to work.  As long as you don't move
too fast, this level should be a cinch.

All the enemies should go down quickly to the divide-and-conquer strategy.
The only possible exceptions are the Dendrobiums (because of their high HP)
and the Chimera, which is one hell of a nasty enemy.  The Dendrobiums won't
kill you, because they don't do much damage - they just take a while to fall.
However, the Chimera can back up its high HP with some devestating attacks.

For the last two enemies (probably the topmost 2, the Chimera and the
Dendrobiums), the Chimera should go first.  Set your dragons on Go, and try
and have them soak up as much damage as possible.  Your field attacks should
be helpful here, as you try and snipe down its HP.  Keep up your HP with White
Drug.  Also, ignore the Dendrobium group that might be attacking you - just
focus on the Chimera.  Once you're ready, finish it off with melee attacks.
Now you can finally take down that last Dendrobium.


Look, all your favorite people are here now!  Sauzer, Palpaleos, Yoyo, and
those damned lovable Soldiers.  Let's go get Yoyo!

Matelite rushes off, but he is stopped by Sendak's silence.  When Sendak
finally speaks, he will talk about the mysteries of Sauzer's actions, and
Yoyo's capabilities as daughter of King Kahna.  It appears that she can speak
to the Holy Dragons (dun dun dunnnnnn!), which also shows a bit more about
Sauzer's intentions.  Everyone will rush off, then you'll get control of Byuu.

Talk to Sendak to continue.  You'll see some flashes up north, then Sendak and
Lukia will rush off.  Follow them up the map.

Here, you'll see everyone who rushed off in the beginning, most of them in
some form or shape of hurt.  Most of them won't even say anything (Taicho
can't even get up), except for Matelite.  Go talk to him to proceed with the
story.  BTW, if you try and approach Sauzer/Pal/Yoyo etc., Matelite will tell
you to wait.

Sauzer will then talk to you for a bit, then call Yoyo.  He'll then command
her to talk to the Holy Dragons, but Yoyo doesn't want to (or maybe can't..?).
Sauzer will talk a bit more, then he'll pull a fast one on you - he'll give
Yoyo back to the Resistence.  Surprising, eh?  Then Pal will quickly yell
something, and Sauzer will attack.



Party: Byuu (max HP/SP), Matelite (10 HP/0 SP), Taicho (10 HP/0 SP), Sendak
(10 HP/0 MP)
Enemy: Sauzer (infinite HP, 250 MP)

That's right, he has infinite HP.  I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E.  He will not die.  Period.
Even in Ex-Play.  So, don't bother to attack him - hell, don't even bother
reviving Matelite/Taicho/Sendak after the first attack.  It'll be a waste of
items.  Remember, you are SUPPOSED to die.  Just admire the coolness of his
attacks until you fold over.

For more details on Sauzer, check out the Enemies section.


Seeing all her favorite people lying dead (or almost dead) on the battlefield,
Yoyo will finally talk to the Holy Dragon for Sauzer.  She'll run into the
battle and do the summon animation for Valitora, which is apparently what
Sauzer wanted her to do.

You'll then go out of the Battle screen and back onto the field.  Yoyo will be
standing in front of the Holy Dragon, glowing (whoa...).  Sauzer will exclaim
that he has the power, then immediately faint (loser...).  Pal will call his
dragon to pick up Sauzer, and approach Yoyo.  At this point, you will regain
control of Byuu.

This time, everyone except for Lukia is knocked out cold, so you have no
choice but to approach Pal.  He will then return the Princess to you, and fly
away on his dragon.  From here, go talk to Yoyo.  Miracously, everyone's
wounds seem to have healed instantly.  Yoyo will then faint, and everyone will
crowd around to find out what happened...

You'll then move to another place, where Yoyo seems to have revived.  Yoyo
then goes into a dream state, imagining herself back in her prison room in

You'll see Pal walk in, and Yoyo and him will have a small talk.  Suddenly,
Pal fades away, and a dragon-like sprite (Valitora) will come in his stead.
This is Holy Dragon Valitora (the same one lying there throughout the entire
chapter).  It (He?  She?) will talk about the legend for a bit, and hint at
the story for the rest of the game.  He also talks about the "Dragnar", which
will have greater importance later in the game.  Then, Valitora will approach
Yoyo, and actually settle inside her head (awesome!).

Chapter 6 - It's Not a Dream, is it...

You start out on the bridge of the Farnheit.  Not much to do here in terms of
the plot, although you can have some fun here.  Talk to Taicho (on the right
side) and you can tell him how he looks.  Also, you should talk to Bikkebakke
(upper-left), who tells you to talk to him later.  Finally, you can talk to
Hornet, who will give you the chance to steer the ship.  Do this by pressing A
while facing the "helm."  However, you do such a bad job (0_o) that he won't
let you do it again (haha).

From here, go south through the center door into the Captain's room (Sendak's
room).  You can talk to him if you want, but that won't do much.  Instead, go
to the right side of his room for some items.  You can inspect the left side
of the chest at the top for a DRAWER THING, and also the flowerpot on the
table for an UNIUJI.  Now for a surprise.  Go up above Sendak's bed, and walk
up until you're facing the green mirror on the wall.  Then, take 1 step RIGHT
and 2 steps DOWN.  Press A, and you will get one of the vaunted PRINCESS ???
items.  Exit the room to the north, then take one of the other doors down into
the hallway.

From here, you can go into the men's bedroom and talk to Gunso for a GUNSO'S
???.  Also, go into the lower-left corner of the area with the beds, where
you will see a crew member selling some books.  Buy some if you can, but save
your money for another store coming up later in this chapter.  If you are
going to buy something, buy Porno Mags and Difficult Books in equal numbers,
as the Difficult Books will raise the wisdom that you lose by feeding dragons
Porno Mags.

Leave there, and enter the women's bedroom if you want (nothing important
there).  From there, go back into the hallway and enter the shops area, where
the salesmen have the same stuff that the Battlefield Salesman had earlier.
However, I would still recommend you save your money for later...you'll want
to, trust me.  You can also feed your dragons if you want.

However, to proceed with the plot, you should go up towards Yoyo's room.  From
there, Zora will bust out of the room, knock Byuu aside, and yell for everyone
else to come, and everyone else goes storming in.  A confused Byuu will then
stand up right outside the door.  But before, you go in, there is one more
small thing you should do: go back into Sendak's room, walk into his bed, face
down, and press A for a BAD COOKIE.  OK, now go back to Yoyo's room and enter.

You can talk to the other people surrounding the bed and in the room for
random comments, but you should talk to Sendak to proceed with the game.  He
will move from his spot, and you can then talk to Yoyo for the first time.
Yoyo (dumb blonde girl) then wakes up, and notices everyone around her (liek!
omg!!!).  Check out Bikkebakke's line here - that guy's a born comedian!

From here on, they'll spend some time talking about Yoyo's dream, and everyone
will back off.  From here, you should walk down until you are even with
Matelite, which will trigger Yoyo to get out of her bed.  She then tells a bit
about her dream (Holy Dragon...blahblahblah...Valitora....blah*blah*blah), and
also a bit about the legendary Dragnar.  Blah blah blah.  Now would be a good
time for frame skip, if you're on an emulator.

In any case, Zora will come back in and hit Yoyo (or, at least, knock her
back a good 2 squares).  She will quite literally slap some reality into her.
Yoyo (and Sendak) will leave the area for now.  *NOTE:* If you didn't pick up
the Princess ??? item in Sendak's room, there is another one here.  Go into
Yoyo's bed, face down, and you will receive another PRINCESS ???.  If you took
the first one, this one will no longer be here.

Before you take off for battle, make sure to check the men's room.  Bikkebakke
will be walking around in the southwest corner.  You can choose to hear his
story (sad, isn't it) or help him out by buying his mushrooms.  Buy as many as
you can (any type will do for now, although you should make sure you get all
types eventually), as they are (arguably) the best dragon food in the game, at
least in terms of cost:effect ratio.  Also, go back to the Items Salesman, and
buy some Heals from him.  At least 10, to be safe.

Now would be a good time to go feed the dragons.  Feed them the mushrooms that
you (hopefully) bought.  If they turn into a form called an Uni Uni (or a
Black Dragon), don't worry.  Just feed them mushrooms until you want to stop,
then feed them a Heal.  This turns them back into a normal dragon.

Also, about the Princess ??? item.  You *can* feed it to one of your dragons,
which will transform it into an Unknown Form.  This Unknown Form will have
ONLY lvl 2 attacks, but they are all holy/dark attacks (the strongest kind).
It's up to you whether or not you want to feed it the Princess ??? item - I
like to, because holy/dark attacks are rare in the early game.  However, the
downside is that they will always have weaker attacks than your other dragons,
at least until chapter 22.  Your call.  BTW, if you make a mistake and feed a
dragon the Princess ??? item without wanting to, you can use a Gunso's ???
item to reverse it.  However, this wastes your Princess ??? item (of which
there are only 5 in the whole game), so I would recommend against it.

Now, a little list of advantages/disadvantages of an Unknown Form at this time
in the game:

- holy/dark attacks (which rock!)
- holy/dark items (from using holy/dark attacks to defeat an enemy, which also
- let you use ? attacks (which are also stronger than normal ones)
- strong at first

- weaker in the long run (lvl 6 normal attacks are usually better than lvl 2
holy/dark attacks, and you just got sidequests, so you can level up faster)
- force you to use weak attacks in later chapters
- easy to make a mistake with (accidental feeding, etc.)
- look ugly

What can I say...it's your call.  One piece of advice - if you're a level-up
freak, don't feed a dragon the Princess ??? item.  Remember, if you're not
going to use the Princess ??? items as they come, you should feed all 5 of
them to a dragon once you reach chapter 22.

When you've decided what to do with the Princess ???, go to the bridge and
talk to Yoyo to proceed.  Follow her into Sendak's room, and talk to her
again.  Keep following her around the room and talking to her (while she
blabs on about getting hit and becoming a Dragnar).  When she stops talking,
go back to the door and talk to Sendak to continue, who tells you (finally!)
where you'll be going next.

Once Sendak leaves, you can go back into his room to talk to Yoyo (Byuu does
some great impressions here - you'll just have to see them for yourself.
Choose every answer), or talk to Matelite to keep going.  After his little
speech, talk to Hornet to go to battle.

A couple of things to take care off when you get to the Pre-Battle screen.
First, you have Yoyo as a usable character.  Being one of the two Summoners in
the game, Yoyo should definitely be put into an active party immediately.  I'd
recommend switching her out for either a Mini-Devil or a Lancer - your call.
If you wish, you can pair her in the same party as Sendak for extra-powerful
summons - however, I wouldn't recommend it at this point.

Another thing to note (also related to Yoyo) is the use of your first summon:
Valitora.  This changes the Summoner's usefulness from abyssmal to AwEsOmE!!1!
Trust me...you'll love it.

Finally, and probably most important of all, you get to select Sidequests from
the Pre-Battle screen.  Sidequests are just what you would imagine them to be:
optional battles that give free experience/PR/items.  Sometimes even better
than the exp/PR/items that you get from normal battles.  You can find more
details on Sidequests in the Sidequests section of Tips & Strategies, and also
sidequest walkthroughs after the chapter walkthroughs.

For now, I highly recommend you go through the Granbelos Fortress sidequest a
couple of times.  Get some Presenter-items and good exp, which should help out
in the upcoming battle.  Ignore Easy Dungeon for the time being - it's not
worth the time.


SCENARIO: Defeat of Zomberd
ENEMIES - Initial:
2 Highlander x2, Warbuster (15, 23) (20, 16)
1 Highlander x2, Flame Magus x2 (12, 15)
2 Gran Launcher x2 (9, 4) (12, 4)
1 Groyer x2, Zomberd (17) [BOSS] (11, 4)
Eventual (after *the surprise*):
1 Highlander x2, Flame Magus x2 (5, 14)
2 Groyer, Blitz Magus x2 (25, 20) (25, 16)
2 Brummbaer, Warbuster x2 (19, 12) (2, 8)
2 Groyer, Brummbaer x2 (8, 5) (14, 5)
1 Highlander x2, Cure Mage x2 (10, 4)
EXP: 1500

For this level, I'm gonna make a small ASCII map (ph33r my ASCII skills!)

...--------...........---.......--..   Legend
...--------...........---.......--..   ¯¯¯¯¯¯
....///////............//||//////...   . = Ground
......//////....E....---...E..../...   / = Water
.......////////||////---......../...   -
.......////////||///////........--..   - = Bridge
......//./.....||////.//........--..   || = Bridge
../////..........E....--......../...   B = Boss (Zomberd)
..//..................--......../...   P = Parties
../////////////||//////........./...   E = Enemy Parties

God, that was hard...

As you can (hopefully) see from the map, there are 4 main islands (NW, NE, SW,
and SE) on the map.  For example, the boss is on the NW island.  There are
also 4 main sections of land that surround the water in this map (N, E, S, W).
For example, your parties start on the S border.  I'm gonna use these terms to
help describe the map in the walkthrough.

From the beginning, this looks like a cinch.  There are only 5 enemy parties
(not including Zomberd) that stand between you and chapter 7.  As a matter of
fact, if you don't really want to spend any more time in this level, just bum
rush Zomberd.  You'll trigger *the surprise*, but that shouldn't really
bother you too much.  Just go straight for Zomberd, focus all attacks on him,
and ignore everyone else.

If you want some extra EXP and/or items and/or PR, you'll want to do something
with *the surprise* (somehow I don't think it's that much of a surprise
anymore).  In that case, follow me.

*The surprise* - well, Zomberd calls up some extra enemy parties as soon as
you move onto Y:15 or up (Y:15 is the southern edge of the NW island, although
it stretches to all parts of the map).  Aforementioned parties show up as
follows: 2 on W border, 3 more on NW island (including a Cure Mage), 1 on NE
island, and 2 on E border.  So, let's plan ahead a bit and get ready to take
down these extra parties.

At first, take a Light Armor party (preferably melee as well), and move it to
the left.  It shouldn't even cross the initial bridge, just move along the S
and W border until it is at Y:16 and as far east as possible.  This party's
dragon should be set on Go.

One of your summoner parties and your strongest melee party should go straight
up the middle bridge.  The melee party should lead, followed by the summoner
backing up with Valitora.  The last melee party should head to the SE island
and finish off the enemies there, and then proceed to the bridge that connects
the SE island and E border.  Your last magic party (hopefully containing a mix
of Summoner/Priest/Wizard) should move to the SE island and start making an
ice bridge (using Ice Magic) towards the NW island - this is not meant to be a
true bridge, but merely a method of allowing this party to heal the main party
if necessary.  Remember - DON'T move past Y:16 until you are absolutely ready
and have eliminated all other enemy parties (except the Gran Launchers and

When you're ABSOLUTELY sure that you're ready, move your center party just
onto the southern edge of the NW island.  Zomberd will spring his trap, but at
least you'll be ready for it.  Incidentally, the center bridge connecting the
SW and NW islands collapses (huh...dynamite?).  Repairing this bridge with Ice
Magic should be one of your first priorities.

Your left and right most parties should attack their respective enemy parties.
As usual, magic-casting enemies are first priority, as melee enemies don't
have a guaranteed method of set damage.  Your two magic parties should lay in
wait to bait any nearby parties, casting Valitora/Ice Magic/White Drug as you
see fit.

Your left-most party will probably have the hardest time of it, as they are
working alone - however, they also get the easiest enemy parties to deal with.
If you aren't strong enough, you can retreat all the way around, or get some
help from the summoner on the central bridge.  Focus attacks on the Brummbaer,
and use those Smashes/Techniques.

The right-most parties are pretty safe, as Blitz Maguses don't do that much
damage.  The biggest danger here is of drowning, so make sure you aren't
standing on any bridges.  Use that Priest party as best as you can.

In the middle is the fun part.  Have a Summoner party cast Valitora on
approaching parties, while your melee party attacks.  Using this strategy, the
two Brummbaer/Groyer parties should fall quickly.  Ignore the Cure Mage and
Gran Launchers for now.  Also, try and stay out of the range of the Gran
Launchers to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

When all 5 parties are ready, march them into the NW island.  As usual, focus
early attacks on the Cure Mages, followed by the Gran Launchers.  If you're
lucky, you can catch a group of enemies within a single Valitora.  Zomberd is
a cinch, as usual, and don't forget your elemental attacks!  You should be
getting a good idea of what you want by monitoring your dragon-feeding
progress and attacking accordingly.  As a matter of fact, you should be doing
that the entire battle.


Chapter 7 - The Legend of the Holy Dragons

The chapter starts with you in complete control of Byuu, while people roam
about the bridge of the Farnheit.  Go up and talk to Zora to see her storm
out of the bridge after a small scene with Matelite.  You can also talk to
Rush and Truce to learn about Bikkebakke's mushroom shop (although you should
already know about that from last chapter).  Also, talk to Anastasia (who is
acting as Ectarina's representative) at the bottom, say you'll do it, and go
up and ask Hornet what his favorite food is (Sweet Wine).  You can either tell
this to Anastasia or lie and say Uniujis are Hornet's favorites, although I
haven't seen any impact on the game from this.

For now, go into Sendak's room.  Go inside of his bed and search the bottom
for a BITTER MEMORY.  Also, go the left side of his room and face the right
door of his closet.  Look in there for a SHIP'S LOG.  That's it in here, so
go back into the bridge and go south into the Hallway.

You'll see Melodia and the Mini Devils dancing.  From here, go into the
Women's room and talk to anyone for some fun (Diana's is probably the most
interesting).  When you're done with that, go into the Men's room to find that
Frenze and Reeve have had a small argument.  Talk to Gunso twice for another
GUNSO'S ??? item, and don't forget to talk with the Crew member and Bikkebakke
for some items.

When you're ready, go into Yoyo's room and talk to her.  She'll go into
another one of her Holy Dragon ramblings-with-flying-glowingness.  You'll see
her sit down, but she's ok - also, FYI, there is nothing in her bed this time.

Go into the Shops area and talk to the Shopkeepers for some laughs (no new
items this time, sorry), and make your way outside.  Here, proceed with your
normal dragon feeding (go back inside and buy some mushrooms/Porno Mags with
any extra money, and feed them to your dragons).  When you're ready to leave,
talk to the Dragonkeeper twice (once to hear his story, once to go) and you'll
be off.

By this chapter, I already had Salmando as a Holy Dragon.  This gave him the
long sought after invincibility, which definitely helped me out.  Remember
that I am a level-building freak, and I really went all out at sidequests, so
you shouldn't need to have any Holy/Dark Dragons yet.  Remember, to get a Holy
or Dark dragon, raise strength OR vitality to 250, have fire/ice/thunder at
100, and either holy or dark at 100.


SCENARIO: Defeat of Zomberd
ENEMIES: 3 Highlander x2, Blitz Magus x2 (9, 24) (12, 25) (16, 10)
1 Warbuster x2, Gran Launcher (10, 22)
1 Brummbaer x2, Blitz Magus (19, 17)
1 Brummbaer, Lanzenritter x2 (20, 15)
2 Brummbaer x2, Groyer (20, 14) (2, 11)
2 Gran Launcher x2 (19, 12) (1, 11)
2 Groyer, Lanzenritter x2 (16, 8) (15, 5)
1 Highlander x2, Cure Mage x2 (13, 4)
1 Groyer x2, Zomberd (19) [BOSS] (15, 3)
EXP: 2000

For starters, take a look around (or in the Map screen...whatever you want).
There are 4 main areas - southern, western, eastern, and northern.  You start
in the southern area, and Zomberd is in the northern area.  As would make
sense, there are two ways to get to Zomberd: west and east.  The west way is
*considerably* longer, but there are only 2 enemy parties.  The easy way is
much shorter, but also more dangerous, and protected by a castle.

Speaking of castles, that thing is really annoying, as it severly hampers your
movement.  There are also a new terrain feature added: autocannons.  Stand one
to three squares in front of them, and they'll attack you with the equivalent
of a lvl 2 Catapult.  Which isn't incredibly damaging, but it certainly is
annoying.  So avoid them.  Also, one last thing - the bridges.  As you might
have noticed, this battle takes place in floating islands.  The bridges pass
over thin air.  Therefore, if you use thunder techs when standing on a bridge,
you run a big chance of sending yourself to instant death (and if Byuu dies,
game over).

Unfortunately, you're going to have to use those thunder techs.  The castles
are only breachable by thunder, and autocannons remain a nuisance until
destroyed.  So, divide up your Wizards.  As of now you have 3 - I recommend
putting them into 3 separate magic parties.  Combined with Matelite's Inspire
and Byuu's Thunder Hit, 5 separate parties can now use thunder techs.
Whoopdedoo.  However, be sure not to use Inspire when on a bridge, as you
will meet certain doom.  Also be careful with Mini Devils - I would recommend
either leaving them out or just make sure you are never tempted to try a Dance
on the field, as Mr. Gunfire can down three or four parties at once.

The first couple enemy parties are fairly easy - just surround them and beat
them to pieces.  After that, you're going to have to make a decision about how
to get to Zomberd.  There are two ways - left and right.  I recommend you send
a Light Armor party and your weakest magic party (hopefully with some Wizards)
to the left, and your other 3 parties to the right (one melee, two magic
[hopefully including at least one or both of your summoners, and maybe a
couple Priests]).

The parties heading left should wait a little bit, or at least until the magic
party gets into range.  The Light Armor party will have to wait a little, but
that's ok.  Once both get into range, do the following: look at where the Gran
Launcher is set up.  Target one square beneath that with Thunder Gale (or
Inspire, or something like that).  You should damage the Gran Launcher as well
as destroy the autocannon.  Now, move your Light Armor party onto the
structure directly east of the Gran Launcher, and attack it from there.  Your
magic party should do their best to stay out of the way.

Your main goals have been accomplished - the autocannon is destroyed, and now
your melee party is set up to attack the enemy and also heal some HP at the
same time.  Your magic party is also nearby to add some support to the melee
party.  Once both enemy parties are done for, move the Light Armor party to
the right.  Follow the road until you get to the small bend.  DON'T move past
this bend until you are completely ready (i.e. both sides are ready to
attack), or else you'll trigger the enemies around the boss.

Now, back over to the right side - if you've been following my walkthrough so
far, you should have some Wizards here.  Use them to destroy the walls of the
castle, so that you have a bit more freedom in your movement.  Then, go wild
with Valitora.  Your melee party should also move in and finish off parties
weakened by Valitora.  Keep moving all parties up through the castle, but try
to shield your magic parties to the right side with your melee party.  If you
have some Summoners here, this area shouldn't be a problem.

When both sides are ready, move your Light Armor party (the one that went left
at the beginning) TWO spaces away from the bend in the road.  This should
attract the enemy Blitz Maguses to cast a spell or two.  From here, gang up on
them with the rest of your parties.  Keep moving over until you also attract
the Lanzenritter party, then destroy it.

Now, all that should be left is the 4 enemy parties on top of the castle (and
a few autocannons here and there).  Use Wizards to destroy the autocannons and
walls, then use Priests (which are probably in the same party) to heal the
damage that will soon come from all the Javelin Throws coming your way.  Make
sure to take out the Cure Mage first, then the Lanzenritters, and finally the
boss.  As long as you make sure to use items (Drugs) correctly and make sure
to heal as needed (remember, Summoners can cast White Drug from their Red
Magic menu), you should be fine.  Don't forget about defeating Zomberd with an
element for special items.


You'll enter the town of Campbell.  Matelite and Taicho will talk for a bit,
then run off north to the queen.  You can talk to the people around here, but
they don't have much to say.  In any case, it's time for some item hunting.
Inspect the top barrel on the right side of the building directly west of Yoyo
for a LIFE GRASS.  Now go back east, south of the building, and to its east
side.  Inspect the top box for a SWEET HONEY.  From here, go all the way north
(you're traveling up the east side of town) until you reach the NE building,
and inspect the right barrel for a HEAL SP.  Now, go back to the building that
is just north of the first building you inspected (it's the one in the middle
on the west side), and inspect the left barrel for an UNIUJI.  Finally, go to
the boxes a bit NE of the previous barrels and inspect the top one for a
POISON MUSHROOM.  Now you can go into the castle (directly north).

Oh yes, FYI, all the buildings are locked, so don't bother.

Inside the castle, you can talk to some of the people to learn that (*gasp*)
Campbell didn't want to be liberated!  Now, go back near the entrance of the
castle and stay on the left side.  You'll see some stairs that lead down to
the prison where the queen is.

This...is the prison, where people who oppose the queen are put.  Oddly
enough, none of the prisons are locked, so the people are free to come and go
as they please - they just stay because they respect the queen (talk about
devotion!).  After you enter, make your way south to see Taicho and Matelite
(who hasn't quite calmed down yet).  Walk around them to the left, and enter
the prison to talk to the queen.

She'll blab on for a bit about how you shouldn't have liberated Campbell, then
Matelite and Taicho will leave and Yoyo and Sendak will come in.  Yoyo will
start talking to the queen, while you leave and talk to Sendak.  Follow him,
and leave the castle completely.

First, before you meet him at the pub, there are a few other things to do.
You can go the SE house to find the Battlefield Salesman (wah!).  Inside his
house, there is a small collection of barrels on the left.  The barrels look
like this: X S
           X X X
Inspect the S barrel for some SWEET WINE, which prompts the Battlefield
Salesman to say he'll give you some for free.  There's also a letter in the NW
corner that you can read if you want.

Also, you should go to the SW house to find Matelite, Taicho, and Barclay.
You'll learn that Matelite is autographing weapons and armor and selling them
for a good deal of money - however, it's all worth it.  Matelite equipment is
among the best in the game, and you'll be using it for more chapters to come.
Buy as much as you can, and equip it (it doesn't really make good dragon

Go inside the middle house on the eastern side, go all the way to the NE
corner, and inspect the northern desk for a SWEET MEMORY.  Now go back left a
bit (to the other side of the beds), and inspect the southern desk in the
hallway for a DIFFICULT BOOK.  Finally, go the cabinet near the entrance, and
inspect the left side for a DRAWER THING.

Now, go to the NE house.  Go to the left side (the other side of the bed) and
inspect the nightstand for a HEAL SP.  Now, talk to Bikkebakke to learn about
this old man's scam.  Talk to the old man on the right, and talk to Bikkebakke
again.  You can choose whatever you want.  If you let Bikkebakke give him
some, you'll actually get 1000x that amount later in the game, but it takes a
while to regain that money.

Finally, go into the pub, and talk to both the man behind the counter and to
Sendak.  You'll learn that Campbell has a dragon squad, although it has never
been labeled a threat.  Go up to the second floor to meet this "pathetic
excuse for a person".

Upstairs, check the cabinet between two tables for a PORNO MAG (ha...guess
that's why this guy is so pathetic).  You'll also see a dragon flying around
in the NW corner, as well as a guy sleeping in the NE bed.  You can't do
anything with the dragon, so talk to the guy.  You can do whatever you want
with him, but to get him out of bed you're going to have to hit him (second
option).  He'll wake up and start sweeping the floor, and also inform you
that his mom is with you (!).  Just then his mom walks in...and it's Zora!

The guy runs and hides under the dragon.  He's scared stiff now, so talk to
Zora, who explains how her son got here.  Zora will ask him to control "his"
dragon, which obviously does not follow his orders.  Zora will then come to
Byuu and ask him to command the dragon.  Choose Come (Wait does nothing) and
the dragon will come.  After that, you'll have gained two new party members:
Zora's Son (obviously, the guy who is Zora's son) and a new dragon!  Talk to
the new dragon to name it (default name: Munimuni), and leave the pub.

Talk to Truce (he's at the very south part of the town), and tell him twice
that you want to leave.  People will start coming out (Matelite, Sendak, Yoyo)
of their respective places.  Talk to Yoyo (haha...she blocks the entire path
with her body, so you can't get past).  Queen Campbell comes running out of
the castle, admits she knows of the legend (omg liek plot twist!), and adds a
bit more to the ancient quote - "A weak-minded person shall summon forth a
disaster from the heavens".  Scary, ain't it.

Watch a couple more scenes involving Valitora, Sauzer, and a bunch of other
random things, and then you'll all leave.  However, the scene remains with
Queen Campbell.  She'll send her trusted servants Joy and Nelbo to go with
you, as well as directing you next to the city of Mahal.  She then admits
that SHE was the weak-minded person who told Sauzer of the legend!  Blah
blah blah bleh...

Chapter 8 - Mid-Air Dragon Battle

Blah blah blah...more pointless storyline action.  Sauzer has a dream (or was
it real...?).  *twiddles thumbs*.  Hey, we're back on the Farnheit!

Matelite and Taicho talk about going to Mahal, Taicho's hometown.  Then starts
the infamous fun known as the "Hour Game".  Actually, that's just my really
bad name for it, and it's not that infamous, but it sure is fun...

So, you (Byuu) can choose how much time passes, and different things happen
each hour.  If you want to speed ahead, choose the maximum of 3 hours each
time.  If you want to see everything, choose the minimum of 1 hour each time.
So, let the Hour Game begin!

(notice: apparently the game is a bit glitched, and if you choose 3 Hours at
the very beginning [and only at the very beginning] you'll go to Hour Two
instead.  Thank you.)

Hour One: Taicho and Matelite talk a bit.  Matelite gets bored.

Hour Two: Turbulence, and Matelite leaves.  You take control of Byuu, and if
you move towards the doors, Matelite comes out and screams at you (this also
applies to Hours Three-Four).  You can talk to Hornet or Taicho if you wish,
but go over to Matelite's post (other side of the wheel) to continue.  Taicho
reports the All Clear, and the Hour Game continues...

Hour Three: Talk to Hornet for one of the best one-liners ever - "My lover is
this ship..."  Thank you, Dejap Team, for making my day.
Um...yeah.  Talk to Yoyo, and you'll get a bunch of questions.  Anytime you
make the "wrong" decision (they're pretty obvious...), Yoyo will say Sorry and
run off.  Otherwise, she'll go and stand at the lookout post, and eventually
leave.  Return to your post and continue.

Hour Four: Basically the same as Hour Three, except it's Sendak this time.  If
you want to see my absolute favorite line in the entire game, eat his cookie -
and check the bottom of the FAQ for the quote.  I can see why this game didn't
get released in the US (^_^).

Hour Five: See Hour Six/Seven.  The only difference is that you need to walk
to the bottom of the screen to trigger the dragons/people.  And there's also
no red flashing alarm, unless you talk to Hornet.

Hour Six/Seven: Lookee here, dragons on the ship.  And I thought that they
were bigger than that.  You can't really do much, so talk to people if you
wish.  And if you want to get the dickens scared out of you, talk to Sendak.
He'll "hold on" to you (basically, he follows Byuu around for a while).  And
if you thought this wasn't weird enough, talk to Salmando.  Choose to Ride it,
and Yoyo will come in.  Somehow, Salmando will "pick up" Yoyo (she disappears)
and you can fly around the stage on Salmando.  To top that off, Sendak is
still hanging on for dear life.  Sprint around the bridge, it looks even
funnier.  Talk to the other dragons if you want to see the Dragon Dance, or
else talk to Hornet to end the madness.

<Sendak> Byuu... Do you mind if I hold on to you?
<Matelite> Is that some sort of sexual innuendo?
<Sendak> Maybe.
<Matelite> Well, Byuu would rather have me "ride" him.
<Sendak> He gave me "permission" but he won't let me "mount" him.
<Matelite> I always "hand" him food to give to the dragons - "Porno Mags".
<Sendak> I had "sex" with him in the "butt" last night, while he was sleeping.
<Sendak> Wait, we're being subtle.

Thank you bash.org!

Remember, Munimuni is going to be fairly weak, as you just got him.  I would
recommend doing a couple sidequests at this point, just to raise his stats.
If possible, try to get at least one or two of his elements up to 100, using
Mushrooms or other stuff.

Also, you have three new party members to equip.  Try and get Nelbo and Joy
some good rods at the very least, and maybe a Gaia Robe if you have some
patience.  Zora's Son should have at least a Coquetos, and maybe a Sleipnir if
you can find one (but you should give it to Lukia first, if she doesn't have


SCENARIO: Defeat of Brandung
ENEMIES: 8 Gargoyle (13, 23) (11, 18) (11, 13) (14, 8) (18, 6) (22, 4) (27, 5)
(31, 7)
2 Corsair x2 (5, 8) (8, 5)
1 Buccaneer x2 (7, 7)
1 Brandung [BOSS] (5, 5)

Notice the pretty cool background graphic on this level.

Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
This is another battle on the Farnheit.  You will be starting out on the
Farnheit (you can't walk off of it, btw), near the entrance to the shops.  The
enemies will be scattered throughout the area.  The majority will be either
above or to the left of the Farnheit, with a few enemies below.  The boss will
eventually land on the western part of the Farnheit, near that big statue.
Almost all the enemy parties in this scenario will only have one enemy in
them, but that enemy will have high HP and be very strong, so be careful.

During this battle, your dragons will likely be doing the most damage.  Most
of the enemies start off the ship, so you can't really reach them in melee.
And most spells don't have a long enough range to hit the enemy dragons.  In
any case, I would recommend sending two parties up, two parties left, and two
parties down.  The two parties going up should have the longest and most
powerful field techniques; I would recommend Summoners and Wizards.  The two
parties going to the left should probably be your melee/boss-killing parties.
The two parties going down should be your weaker parties, as there are less
enemies to the south.  Don't forget to set your dragons on Go in this battle,
or else you'll be very hard pressed to do damage.  Also, be careful...the
enemy has a VERY high movement range, and can probably get in range of your
parties within 2 phases.  And they have a fairly strong field attack.

The two parties on the north should do whatever they can to take out the
enemies.  One risky tactic involves setting your dragons on Come for a round,
and moving the two parties together, hoping to bait the enemy into moving
closer to you.  When they are within range, hit them with Summons...they'll be
your most powerful field attacks at this point.  Set your dragons on Go, but
be sure to recall them if they ever get in trouble, as your dragons will be
taking the brunt of the attack here.  The two parties on the south will have
an easier time than on the north.  They will probably have the best luck if
they gang up on one enemy at a time.  Try and move them left, so they can back
up the two parties over there.

The two parties on the left will be doing most of their damage in melee, with
a couple field attacks spread in.  Try and bait the enemy parties into landing
on the Farnheit, or else you won't be able to touch them in melee.  Like with
all bosses, try and wear them down to the point where one melee battle will
kill them without any problems.  Hopefully, the parties on the south will be
able to help you out when they have a chance.  Once again, your dragons should
be very helpful in taking out enemies in this scenario.  Try to defeat ALL the
Gargoyles, especially on the north side, before taking out the boss.  Like all
bosses, defeat him with elemental attacks.  Choose an element; at this point
it doesn't really matter.


Chapter 9 - Mahal, the Continent of Miracles

After the opening scene, you should find yourself out on the deck of the
Farnheit.  Talk to Truce to hear his plan.  Truce will tell you about how his
plan works.  There is one big dam in the map, which you should break.  If you
break this dam, the water from it should flow out and flood the enemies,
lowering their HP.  After you've heard the plan, proceed onto the battle.  If
you so desire, do a sidequest or two to help level up your dragons.  Once
again, try and level out Munimuni with the other dragons, as he'll still be a
bit lower in terms of stats.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
Like Truce explained, the whole strategy behind this battle will involve
destroying the dam and flooding the enemies.  You start out in the southeast
corner of the map.  A smaller floodgate is north of you, and the main
floodgate is in the northwest.  Most of the enemies are in the southwest area
of the map, and most of those enemies are in a basin, where the water should
end up.  However, there are a couple of enemies not in this southwest.  They
are mostly to the the north and northwest, mainly to impede your march to the
floodgate.  One more note: Lestat, the boss, is not in the basin, so you'll
have to kill him without the benefit of the flood waters, unless you manage to
get him to walk into the basin.

The key to this battle will revolve all around the floodgate.  I recommend
pairing up a Light Armor with one of your sniping dragons.  The reason for the
sniping dragon will be explained later.  This party also needs to have some
sort of field attack, as well as be able to hold their own in terms of HP.  I
would recommend putting Byuu in this party, as well as maybe some Wizards or
Priests.  This party should immediately go up to take release the water, and
hopefully catch up with everyone else near the end of the chapter.  One of the
biggest problems in this chapter will be your dragons.  While you want them to
attack the parties to the north, to help clear the path for your Light Armor
party, you DO NOT want them to attack the enemies in the basin, especially if
they are a sniping dragon.  If by any chance the dragon snipes those parties
from outside of the basin, enemy parties will move towards it, leaving the
basin.  Then, they won't take damage from the floodwaters.  Therefore, take
care when sending out your dragons.

When the battle starts, immediately send your Light Armor party out.  Set this
party's dragon on either Come or Go, depending on the situation.  I would
recommend using savestates at this point (since I assume you're playing this
on an emulator) to make sure that the dragons attack nearby enemies, instead
of trying to attack the enemies in the basin.  The other parties should move
towards the basin, while setting their dragons on Come or Go.  Ideally, you
want these dragons to attack the enemies to the north, and not touch the
enemies in the basin.  The best way to do this (IMO) is to take your time.
Move these parties slowly to the southwest, and set their dragons on Come or

Your Light Armor party should be proceeding towards the floodgate.  Take some
time to take out each enemy group personally.  Your dragon should help here.
Remember, take your time...there is no rush at this point, as enemy parties
shouldn't be moving around.  Continue to move your southern parties towards
the basin, constantly savestating.  If by any chance the enemies move towards
you, I would recommend reloading your save, unless you want to deal with the
extra challenge.

Once your northern party has reached the floodgate, have it stand right in the
middle of it.  This seems to work the best for me to break the floodgate.  If
you did this part well, the water will come streaming down into the basin, and
all the enemies should be hit (except Lestat).  Immediately pull your other
parties into attacking range.  I would recommend using your Summoners at this
point, as the wide range and power of their summons will come in handy when
disposing of these enemies.  Like usual, make it your priority to try and take
out the cure-magic mages first, or else they'll undo all your hard work.  And
you wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

In any case, now would be a good time to set your dragons back to go.  If they
have high wisdom, and aim their attacks between enemy parties, you might be
able to take out two or three in one go.  Try to use field attacks to take out
the enemy parties here, as there are quite a few.  Send in your melee parties
only when you know they won't be swarmed by enemies.  Meanwhile, your Light
Armor party should be coming down the hill.  Hopefully, you gave them some
form of field attack, so they can help out a bit in battle.  When all the
other enemies are gone, focus on Lestat.  He should go down fairly easily.
Once again, like all bosses, don't forget to defeat him with an elemental
attack.  Choose your own element here...sometimes you might be able to get
Spark Blades or other decent equipment at this point.


Chapter 10 - Rainbow Bridge

In Mahal, you can find a couple new characters.  After exploring the town, go
to the southeast house.  You should meet Donfan.  After he is done "talking"
with Lukia, help him up.  You should then meet Jeanne, who will knock Donfan
back down.  Once again, help him back up, then finish exploring and prepare to

Your two new characters, Donfan and Jeanne, will both be very useful, for out
of battle scenes if nothing else.  Donfan is your fourth lancer, so you can
now use the lvl 40 Dust attacks if you wish.  Jeanne is another Light Armor,
just like Lukia.  If this isn't useful, I don't know what is.  I would
recommend that you do a sidequest or two at this point, to help even out your
character's levels, and to get Donfan and Jeanne some good equipment.  Make
sure that you put Jeanne in a party that could use the extra movement rate.
During the sidequests, try and get Jeanne a Cassandra (or Sigrun) and a
Sleipnir for equipment, while Donfan should probably be equipped with a
Coquetos and Sleipnir.

If you've been doing your sidequests judiciously, you should be getting most
of your dragons to Holy and Dark forms by now.  In fact, I would recommend it
by this point, as the levels will be getting longer and harder.  Also, buy
some Magic Gins, and feed them to your dragons.  Each dragon should have have
at least 150-200 MP or so.  This may be seem a bit much, but remember that a
Holy/Dark dragon's attack can cost up to 30 MP.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
The map is fairly long, but don't let that discourage you.  You start out on
the southern side of a fairly large palace.  The boss is at the very top, so
it will take some time to reach it.  This map is divided into 3 fairly obvious
levels, all connected by stairs.  You start at the bottom level, with a few
enemies.  The middle level has some more enemies, and the top contains the
boss.  A few notes on this level: unfortunately, you can't freeze the
waterfalls.  That would've been pretty cool, though.  Also, there's another
new part of this level: the chests.  If a party is standing on top of one when
its turn (turn, not phase), the chest will open and the party will get the
item or spring a trap.  The northwest chest (on the top level) has a Royal
Drug, the northeast chest (also on the top) has a Flame Tongue sword, the
bottom left (middle level) has a Halberd, and the bottom right chest is a
trap.  Obviously, stay away from this.  Finally, the last note on this level
is the statues.  If you stand in front of them (3 squares or less, I believe),
they will fire beams at you, which hurt.  Like all statues, take these out
with thunder attacks.  Or just don't stand in front of them.

The key to defeating this level is patience.  The level may be long, but it
shouldn't be that hard as long as you take your time.  Try to make sure your
Light Armor parties don't get too far ahead of your other parties.  Same goes
for your dragons...put them on Come if you have too.  Try and make sure you
completely clear a level before you try the next one.  Also, at the beginning
of the level, your parties will be roughly split into groups of 3.  Try and
make sure that you like these groups, and that they work well together.  For
example, having all your field attacks on one side won't be very productive.
If your parties aren't working well together, by all means move them around
(you are viewing this in the map, right?).  If you've already started the
game...too bad, and remember to VIEW THE MAP FIRST next time.

Like I said, your parties should be fairly balanced on each side.  Therefore,
the first level shouldn't be too hard.  The enemies here are all within range
of even your slower classes, so they go down easily.  Make sure that all your
enemies are dead before proceeding to the next level, and have all your
parties cross at more or less the same time.  Don't forget to take out the
statues, if they get in your way.

The next level will be a bit more difficult, as it is bigger and has harder
enemies.  If you wish, freeze the pond in the middle for a slightly faster
shortcut.  Once again, make taking out the cure mages your top priority,
unless you know that you can completely take out the enemy party.  Even then,
go for the cure mages before anything else.  If you wish, you might be able to
have your Light Armor parties move a bit ahead, and have the slower parties
take out the enemies that the Light Armor parties passed up.  Only this if
your Light Armor parties are very fast, though - the risk of getting caught
from behind is fairly great.  After you've disposed of the enemy, have one of
the slower parties on the left pick up the chest.  Hopefully you shouldn't
miss this party that much.  Remember, the chest on the right is a trap.  Once
again, try and have all your parties cross to the next level around the same

The third level has the least enemies on it, but it may be hard to get to the
chests before you finish off the boss.  Immediately send your Light Armor
parties to either side to retrieve the chests.  If you wish, you can also use
the Light Armor parties to take out a few enemy parties before going for the
chests.  Try and make sure they don't stand in front of the statues, or take
out the statues with field attacks beforehand.  Meanwhile, your straggler
parties should be coming up to take out the enemies in the middle, and to
confront the boss.  AFTER your Light Armor parties have taken the chests, go
for Lestat.  Be careful of his field attacks, but remember that they don't
affect dragons.  Once again, defeat him with an element...your choice.


Chapter 11 - Leviathan

As usual, go through the whole sidequest, item buying, and dragon feeding
ordeal.  Don't forget to equip the stuff you get in the beginning of the
chapter.  Make sure all of your melee characters have at least 1000 HP, or
else you may be overwhelmed by some of the enemies in this chapter.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
You start out on the south, as usual.  There are a series of floating islands
leading north, all connected by bridges (although some of the bridges are
broken).  Most of the enemy parties contain one strong enemy.  Also, don't
forget that there are some enemies in the water, unreachable by melee unless
you make an ice bridge over there.  If you wish, you might want to spread out
your wizards, so that several parties will be able to make ice bridges in
this chapter.  One more tip: try to avoid going to the right.  It just leads
to a dead end.

In the beginning, you'll notice right away the enemies in the water.  You have
two options to take them out: 1. use field attacks and dragons to destroy them
2. create ice bridges, and take them out in melee.  Of the two options, I
prefer the former, but that's just a matter of preference.  If you choose
option 1, I recommend sending your Light Armor parties up in front to create a
small blockade to stop enemy parties from flowing in.  Use your Wizards,
Priests, Summoners, and dragons to take out the parties in the water, while
your front parties fend off the strong enemies in front.  The front parties
should focus more on survival and wearing down the parties, as they'll have
too much HP to take out in one round.  If you're using option 2, proceed to
create ice bridges and send in your melee parties.  Be careful that the enemy
parties don't storm your front, as even 2 enemy parties can quickly overwhelm
your characters.

After dealing with all nearby enemies, proceed forward.  This path is somewhat
narrow, so do your best to keep enemies from flanking you.  Your dragons
(hopefully in Holy/Dark forms) should be your best asset in clearing the path,
as the enemies are few yet strong.  Your melee parties should mostly play
defensively.  I recommend you calculate a rough estimate of how much damage
your melee parties can do in one round, and ONLY send them in when enemies are
less than that.  Your backup parties should also be very useful here, with
their long range attacks.  Proceed slowly, and let your dragons do the brunt
of the work.

Once you've reached the area where Scylla is, it's over.  Send out parties
to either side to take care of those enemies, and use long range attacks to
distract the boss.  I recommend that you keep your weaker parties away from
the boss, as he can devestate them in one or two hits.  Be careful, his Tidal
Wave has a great range.  As long as you use your Priests well (ideally,
they are split into two parties), you should do fine.  Also, about this time
your dragons should be quite liberal with their Refresh spells.  Once you've
surrounded Scylla, its HP should go down very quickly.  Like usual, kill him
with an element; doesn't really matter at this point.


After this battle, and the longish cutscene that follows, you will gain the
power to summon Leviathan!  Leviathan may be one of your weaker summons, but
his best use is as a terrain manager.  Leviathan's ice elemental makes it the
best for creating ice bridges, as it has a huge radius and almost triple the
area of Ice Magic.  This comes in handy when you need to cross wide rivers,
and using Wizards/Cross Knights/Lancers would take too long.

Chapter 12 - The Spy Operation

About the spy operation itself: If you choose Donfan, you will get a hilarious
scene.  If you choose the crew member, he will die.  If you choose Sendak, you
will get an interesting scene with some of the Granbelos generals.  If you
choose Matelite, Taicho will go in his place, and you will get the same scene
as Sendak.  Also, choosing Matelite grants you another Princess ??? at the end
of the chapter.  I recommend choosing Donfan once to see his scene, then
restarting (you did save, right?) and choosing Matelite.

By this time, your dragons should be progressing rather nicely.  Salmando in
particular should at least have his Attack (or Vitality), Agility, Mind, and
all elements (bar Dark) maxed out.  You'll also need at least one other dragon
with maxed out Agility in this level.  If you don't have a dragon like that,
make one.  The cheapest mushroom raises a point of agility every time, and
mushrooms are very cheap, so it shouldn't take long.


Scenario: Defeat the enemy to win.
This battle takes place inside this jungle-like thing inside Persona's ship.
For once, you start out on the north side (0_o), and must proceed to the
south side to reach the boss.  This level is basically divided into 3 fairly
definitive sections.  The first section is where you start, the second section
is the next area of ground after the passageway, and the third is the final
area of ground after the 2nd passageway.  To proceed to each section, you can
either go through the passageways, or go around them.

However, this isn't as easy as it seems.  Going around the passageways takes a
long time, and the ground is covered with swamps (use White Drug to clear
swamps!).  Also, the ground is littered with little box-like things.  If you
hit them with a spell, they create more swamps.  The passageways themselves
are somewhat unusual.  Every other turn they'll close, trapping everyone
inside of them (however, you can still use field attacks).  These passages are
also one of the few terrain squares that affect dragons.

Formations are somewhat vital in this battle.  You'll definitely need to split
up your Priests; I would recommend into two groups of two.  Also, if you wish,
this may be a good level to split up your Summoners.  The reason for this is
that they'll need to cast White Drug a lot to get rid of swamps, as they will
be forced to go around the long way.  Hopefully, you'll have 3-4 parties that
can cast White Drug, which will make swamp cleaning a lot faster.  Hopefully,
one of your Priest/Wizard parties is with a Holy Dragon, giving you Big Burst
or Armageddon.  These attacks will GREATLY speed up battles, as they do lots
of damage against undead enemies.

Also, your Light Armor parties MUST be paired with a dragon with maxed out
Agility.  Your Light Armor parties will be going through the passages, and
they must be able to go all the way through in one turn, or else they will get
trapped.  I might also recommend that you place Mini-Devils in your Light
Armor parties, as this is a good level to use them.  Their "Healing" attacks
will still damage most of the parties in this level, as they are undead, so
it's fairly low risk.  Make sure that your Light Armor parties are strong, as
they will be doing most of the attacking in this chapter.  They should also
have Holy attacks, as those will do a lot of damage against the undead enemies
in this chapter.

When the chapter starts, send your Light Armor parties through the passage.
If they're within range, you can also melee or use field attacks on the enemy
parties waiting for you.  Setting your dragons on Come would be wise, as you
might get overwhelmed by the amount of enemies.  Use your dragons to divert
enemy firepower.

Meanwhile, your other parties won't be doing that much in this chapter.  Most
of them move too slow to reach the boss, unless you are really patient.  So,
they should be clearing out the swamps to the left, and taking on the groups
of enemies over there.  Hopefully, these 4 parties and their dragons should be
more than able to take out all enemies over here.  I would recommend that some
of the more aggressive dragons be set on Go, to help out the Light Armor

After your Light Armor parties have cleared out the 2nd section, move them
itno the 3rd section.  Avoid the swamps as best as you can; even being trapped
in a passage is preferred to the 300-500 damage you'll get for standing in a
swamp.  Do your best to take out the enemies using your Light Armor parties;
hopefully, your dragons (and the other dragons) should help out here.  There
may be several enemies, but most of them do very little damage, so you should
be able to heal using items in the battle menu.

Meanwhile, your other parties should be about finished with the enemies in
section 1.  Keep them moving forward; the closer you are to Persona, the
better your odds that the dragons will attack enemies in section 3.  Your
parties won't make it in time to do much, but hopefully their dragons should
lend a hand here.

Meanwhile, your Light Armor parties should be cleaning up shop in section 3.
Your main source of damage will likely be the Mini-Devils, as they will do
strong attacks.  And even if they do Heal Enemy Party, it still hurts them,
so it's win-win.  Watch out for the octopus things on the left side, as they
have strong attacks.  Lure them out of the swamp, then surround them in melee.

Persona shouldn't be too hard, but you might run into problems here.  The Mini
Devils that performed so well in the rest of the battle will be a liability
here, as they might erase several turns of hard work with Heal Enemy Party.
Do your best to get your dragons to attack Persona, and stay away (yet within
range) of him.  When he is weak enough, I would recommend saving before
attacking, in case your Mini Devils do something really bad.  Also, try your
best to defeat him with a Holy/Dark attack, as bosses around this point start
to give good eqiupment when defeated with those elements.  You may get some
Excaliburs, or good armor, or even just Strategy Books (which sell for a TON
of PR) and High Magic Gins, which are always useful.


Don't forget to claim your Princess ??? item, if you chose Matelite for the
spy operation.

Chapter 13 - The Magic City of Godland

By this time, probably all your dragons should be in Holy/Dark forms.  They
will provide a much-needed attack boost in this level.  If not, I highly
recommend you make some.  Try and also make sure that some of your dragons
like going into melee, as you will need that for this scenario.  ThunderH is
probably your best bet here.  Also, most of your dragons should have 100 in
Holy at this point, and hopefully several of them will cast Refresh quite
often.  If not, buy some mushrooms to raise the Holy, and buy some books to
raise Wisdom (which lets your dragons make better decisions).  You'll need
the healing in this chapter.  This battle will also be a very long one, so
you should definitely feed your dragons some Magic Gins.  At least 200 by now,
and higher is even better.  Remember, casting a single Holy/Dark attack will
cost 20-30 MP, so you better conserve.

*NOTE* Like all of the previous chapters in this walkthrough, I will be
guiding you to take out every enemy party in the chapter.  This chapter will
likely be one of the hardest to achieve the following goal, as the enemies are
numerous and quite strong.  WARNING: If your parties are not at a high level,
or you just don't want to bother taking on all the enemies (it does take a
long time), the easy way to defeat this level is to ignore all incubators, and
head straight for the boss.  Remember, you must defeat him within 10 turns, or
else incubators will start hatching on their own.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
You start out in the southeast corner of the map, on a small outlet of the
main island.  The path goes west for a bit, then proceeds north onto the main
part of the island.  Most of the enemies in this level will be on the main
part, near the top.  They will be found inside a moat (made of water), on top
of a castle.  There are 3 bridges leading across the moat, one each on the
south/west/east sides.  The moat can also be frozen for easier access.  Also,
in the upperleft and upperright corners, there are two bridges leading to

Speaking of incubators, there's a lot of them.  They're the little hole things
in the ground.  Incubators must be "broken" open using thunder techs.  Once
broken, an incubator can either: 1. give the party that broke it an item(s) 2.
spawn some enemies.  Unfortunately, most will do #2.  Also, as a warning:
some incubators will automatically break open after a certain time period; I
believe it's 10 turns.  Be careful.  Also, there are some autocannons in this
level.  They don't pose much of a threat, as they are mostly out of the way,
but take them out if they endanger you.

The incubators contain (in order from left to right):
Bottom row: 3 Spinals, 3 Phantasms, High Drug
Second row up: 3 Phantasms, Drug Rod, Maximilian, 3 Phantasms, Nimbus Robe
Bottom row inside moat: 3 Defleshes, *1 Diseaser, 3 Defleshes
Top row: 5 Holy Grasses, Strategy Book
Bottom left of moat: 3 Defleshes
Top left outside of moat: 3 Phantasms
Top left corner: Sleipnir
Top right corner: Nulnim

* = "mini-boss"

The enemies in this level are so unique they get their own section.  The Blade
Guards are immune to physical attacks.  The Magic Guards are immune to magical
attacks.  This isn't as easy as it seems, however.  All Swordhits, Smashes,
Towers, Pulses, and Dusts are considered physical attacks, severely limiting
your versatility.  What will very likely end up happening is that your dragons
will storm ahead and use their attacks to take out all the Blade Guards.
The Magic Guards, however, will be more difficult.  The only way to attack
them is in melee, and your Light Armor parties are going to be a bit busy on
other areas of the map.  Therefore, your melee parties must slowly inch their
way towards the Magic Guards before they can affect them.  However, you must
be very careful in attacking Magic/Blade Guards, as they have NASTY magic
spells.  The same with the boss, who has Nightmare 99, which is a gravity
based attack (can do over 3000 damage to 9999 HP dragons).  Also, the
Diseaser (released from an incubator) can devestate you with its Dark Breath
attack...if you decide to take it on, be very careful, and try and spread out.

On an interesting sidenote, Magic Guards can still be poisoned after being hit
by a Poison Gas (or any other poison) attack.  The 500 or so poison damage per
round will be very useful in weakening the Magic Guards, especially since they
only have 2800 HP to start out with.  Hopefully, your dragons will be smart
enough to try using their poison attacks.  Also, I am unsure of this, but it
seems that Magic/Blade Guards will never cross the moat in this level.  If so,
your job will be much easier, as the castle area is fairly confined.

*NOTE* tubola99 states that the Magic/Blade Guards do leave the castle area,
so be warned.

The above fact leads us to another point in this chapter: smart formations.
This level needs to make sure that you put some strong melee attackers in your
back parties (not the Light Armor parties).  I would recommend that you have
two strong melee parties, which should help in taking out Magic Guards. Also,
your Light Armor parties MUST be able to take out enemies on their own, with
little outside help.  If you intend to destroy every incubator in the level,
your Light Armor parties will likely be forced to destroy enemy parties solo.
Each Light Armor party should also have some form of field attack, to allow
them to destroy the incubators.  Swordhits work good here (although they are
costly in MP), and you might even want to put a Wizard/Matelite in your other
Light Armor party.  In theory, this level will also be another good one for
your Mini Devils, as most enemies that come out of incubators are undead.  Use
them if you wish, and place them in your slower parties.  Remember, most Mini
Devil attacks are magic attacks, so they won't work on Magic Guards.

When the battle starts, speed your Light Armor parties ahead.  The stronger
one should be going for the upperleft, while the other should head for the
upperright.  Remember, the one going to the upperleft MUST be able to defeat
an enemy party on its own.  Try to have your Light Armor parties avoid the
first few enemies...your other parties should take care of them.  Also, leave
any incubators you might pass for later - MP conservation is important.  As
soon as they get to the upperleft/right incubators, break them open for some
good items.

Meanwhile, your other slower parties should head up towards the boss.  The
first few enemies shouldn't be that tough, especially since your dragons
should have weakened them by now.  As soon as those enemies are dead, get
started on cracking open those incubators!  Your dragons will likely be off
fighting the Magic/Blade Guards, so be careful not to get overwhelmed.  One
or two incubators per phase is probably a good rate, more if you find the
incubators with items in them.  If an enemy ever pops out of an incubator
(which is the majority of them), you must be able to kill it in two phases.
Be careful, as they may cast nasty Poison spells on you.  Mini Devils will
be very effective here, as they have the potential to kill enemies in one

Hopefully, around this time, your Light Armor parties will have reached the
top two incubators in the corners.  Swing your right party around and have it
march into the castle area.  Hopefully, your dragons will have already taken
out some of the Blade Guards in that area, so you can have this party focus on
destroying the Magic Guards.  However, you must do your best to stay out of
range of the boss, as his Nightmare 100 spell is a pain.  This party might
also want to open an incubator or two, if you feel up to it.

Meanwhile, the left Light Armor party should be moving right outside the moat
on the left side.  There should be an incubator there, which you should
destroy.  This party will probably have the biggest problems in this chapter,
as they will be attacked by both the enemies from the incubator as well as
Magic/Blade Guards from inside the moat.  Hopefully, they will be strong
enough to survive a couple rounds like this.  I would recommend putting this
party's dragon on Come, for some extra support.  Hopefully, this dragon will
also cast Refresh on you at least once or twice.

Hopefully, around this time, your lower parties should be well into their way
in destroying the incubators.  Also, these parties' dragons should have killed
all Blade Guards by now.  If most of the incubators are destroyed, now might
be a good time to send your melee parties into the middle moat area, to take
on the Magic Guards.  As soon as your other parties are finished with the
bottom rows of incubators, have them move into the moat as well...there are
even more incubators there.

The final sets of incubators are inside the moat (and also the one your left
Light Armor party should be battling).  They shouldn't be too hard to kill, as
your Summoners should be able to do a lot of damage to them using a single
Summon.  Remember, however, that taking out Magic Guards should be your first
priority.  Once they are finished, go ahead and open the incubators.  Your
dragons should be very helpful now, seeing as their magic attacks will be
effective once again.  This is the homestretch - likely most of your parties
will be low on SP/MP, but you should be able to pull through.  Don't be afraid
to use Magic Gins/Drugs, as you will probably need them.

Radia herself isn't too hard to defeat, she just has a nasty spell.  Nightmare
99 is a gravity based spell, and it has a fairly wide area.  Still, the best
way to defeat this boss is to surround it, and take it on in melee.  Nightmare
99 will NEVER kill a party, so you should be fine.  Remember to keep any
healing parties nearby, as you will likely be healing a lot.  Your dragons
should also be quite liberal in using the Refresh spell at this point.  Like
all bosses, defeat him with an element.  I would recommend trying out
Holy/Dark attacks as a finisher; if they give you good items (like Excalibur),
keep them.  Otherwise, choose another element.

/////////////////////////Alternate Strategy by tubola99\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Tubola99 has a different way for dealing with the Magic/Blade Guards and the

The final thing, is that my level 13 battle group is the same as my normal
battle groups, two strong melee light armor parties and slower everybody else.
I'm finding these parties absolutely sufficient to take out the guards, as
pulses/hits/inspire/towers can take out both magic guards in one turn, then I
just leave and let my dragons (Salamando and Twinhead[?]{renamed dragons, the
one who becomes Last Gigantes in holy form}) take care of the blade guards.
Both Matellite and Byuu can cast thunder attacks on the field, so that covers
the incubators they deal with, and the others behind can mop up (both summoners
are together, that really helps, with a knight and heavy armor with them to do
some damage if melee'd).



Chapter 14 - When the Bird Dragon Awakens...

You'll get tons of new stuff in the pre-battle scenes.  Inspect everything,
and you'll find lots of cool items in the barrels/chests.  Also, don't forget
to get Mist in this chapter...she's a secret Light Armor.  More details on
obtaining Mist can be found in the Secrets section.  Also, don't forget that
you'll gain 2 more Mini Devils in this chapter, giving you a total of 4.  And
4 of any class can be quite deadly.

Once inside Godland, your first priority should be to get Mist.  And this is
how to do it.  Make sure that you talk to everyone at least once.  The easiest
way, IMO, is to start in the southwest house, then proceed clockwise around
the houses.  Don't forget that lady in the middle, or the guy on the ramparts.
When you get to the southeast house, you will see Yoyo blocking the door.
Talk to her twice, and she should move.  DON'T GO INSIDE THAT HOUSE.  Instead,
go into the center of Godland, and talk to the lady.  Donfan should show up,
and she will lead you to the northwest house.  Talk to the doorman, and he
will let you in.  Talk to the lady standing there, and you will gain Mist (who
is sleeping the bed).  She'll tell you about this odd dream she had...

Before you start, do a sidequest or two to get some good equipment for Mist.
She (and all other Light Armors) should have at least a Sigrun and Sleipnir,
or maybe even better stuff if you can find it.  Also, this might be a good
time to try out a party of 4 Mini Devils, or 3 Mini Devils and a Light Armor.
You'll want to have some experience with this party, as it can be highly
unweildy to use.  And like I have been saying, all your dragons should be in
Holy/Dark form by now.  By now, a few dragons might already be in Master form,
like Salmando.  Also, check the damage that your dragons can do with any magic
attack; if it's under 1000 or so, I would recommend doing some sidequests for
mushrooms.  Also, make sure that all your dragons have at least 200-300 MP, or
else you might run out in this battle.  By now, all your characters should
have the best stuff you can get from Presenters.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
This map is a big one, so excuse me if my description is a bit off.  Your six
parties start out in the southwest corner of the map, with the boss (and
Garuda) in the northeast.  The center section is fairly clear, and there are
two small branchoffs from the center to the northwest corner, one along the
north, and one along the west.  There is also a passage leading from the south
part of the center off to the southeast, as well as another leading to the
northeast.  In the northwest corner of the map, there is an enclosed room with
a few chests.  Chests can also be found in the north, southwest, and (can't
remember if there's a chest here) northeast.  The enemies are mostly found in
the center and northeast areas, along with a few scatter parties to the
northwest and southeast.

This battle will be a good opportunity to try out your brand-new characters.
Because this level is quite big and spread out, your Light Armor parties will
be doing most of the work here.  Also, do your best to pick up every treasure
chest along the way (except for the traps, obviously).  Also, there are quite
a few cave-ins and lava pools in this chapter.  I would recommend that every
party (except the Mini Devil party) have some form of earth field attack.  If
need be, switch a Wizard/Priest/Lancer into one of your Light Armor parties.
Also, don't forget - you have a new Light Armor!  Put Mist to good use.

Once the battle starts, your Light Armor parties should be immediately
splitting up.  Send one with an earth field attack off to the southeast corner
of the map, to take out the enemy there.  However, don't pick up the chest...
it's a trap!  After this party is finished with the enemy party, have it
break through the cave-in and start a small assault on the boss.  Your main
concern here is staying alive, not doing any damage.  If you feel like it,
just have this party retreat...the odds of them doing any serious damage are
fairly small.  However, hopefully this party (or its dragon) can take out the
Cottontail enemies before they leave.

The remaining 5 parties will head into the center area.  Together, and with
the help of their dragons, they should be able to dispose of those enemies
with ease.  Be careful, however, as the few enemies there have quite a high
HP.  Also, make sure that your Mini Devils (if you choose to use them) attack
the correct party.  You wouldn't want them removing 9999 HP off hard work,
would you?

After the enemies in the middle are disposed off, you'll be splitting up
again.  It should take 2-3 parties to dispose of the parties in the northwest
area, so choose the parties that you want.  These parties should (hopefully)
include one Light Armor party and one party that has an earth attack.  After
the enemies in that area are destroyed, have the enemy with the earth attack
destroy the cave-in in the northwest corner.  Together with the Light Armor
party, they should proceed to loot that cavern.  Remember that some of the
chests are traps, so savestate if you're unsure.  The Light Armor party will
also be going for the chest in the north of the map, so have them proceed
there after the northwest is cleared out.

Finally, the remainer of your parties from the center will be proceeding
for the boss.  Along the way, they should (hopefully) meet up with the other
Light Armor party that you sent there near the beginning.  Together, they
should start to assault the boss.  The enemies in this area are few in
number, but still fairly strong with high HP.  The best way to defeat them is
to snipe them with field attacks, but your parties should be strong enough to
defeat them in melee if necessary.  Don't forget to claim the chest in this
area before you take on the boss.  The Grand Moth shouldn't be that hard,
assuming that you don't do anything stupid.  Depending on your level, its
field attack may be able to defeat your party in 3-4 hits, so be careful.  Use
Priests to help.  Once again, defeat it with an element...you can choose.


After the battle is finished, sit and watch the cutscene.  Also, prepare to be
completely confused by the ever-twisting storyline :-P.  If you manage to sit
through the entire scene without bashing your SNES (or your computer), you
gain the power to summon Garuda.  Garuda is probably the most useful summon in
the game until Bahamut and Alexander, due to its insanely large area and its
non-elemental property.  Unfortunately, Garuda is also the ugliest summon, and
has the most boring summon scene of all the summons.

Chapter 15 - Showdown in the Burning Sands

You have reached the town of Dafila, where you will finally confront Sauzer
and Palpaleos (and not like that cheesy thing in the earlier chapters where he
defeated you in two hits).  Chapter 15 is among my favorite chapters, for a
couple reasons.  One, you finally get to fight Sauzer and Palpaleos, which is
really cool.  Two, ths chapter is also one of the best in terms of new items.
Three....well, wait for after the battle for this one.

Also, this level is the ABSOLUTE FINAL DEADLINE for Holy/Dark dragons.  As a
matter of fact, you should already have one or two Master dragons at this
point.  The reason for this is that the bosses in this chapter give GREAT
items, but you won't be able to get them unless you have Holy/Dark attacks.
So, do your sidequests like a good little boy, feed your dragons their daily
dose of mushrooms, and you'll be much better off for it.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
You start out on the south side of a fairly square map.  The majority of
enemies can be found either to your east-northeast, or near the top of the
map.  Sauzer himself is anchored in one position at the top of the map as the
boss.  Palpaleos can also be found in this map, a bit southwest of Sauzer.
There are very few obstructions in this chapter - it's more of a beat-em-up
stype chapter.  The mountains in this chapter, for some odd reason, can be
walked over, but they do seem to lower movement rates a bit.  Destroy them
with thunder if you wish.

The other wrinkle in this chapter (what, you thought there wouldn't be one?)
is the sandstorms.  Every now and then (seems like around 5 turns), a massive
sandstorm will cover the entire map.  It affects all of your parties, as well
as all enemies parties for around 500 damage.  The only way to avoid the
sandstorms is to be inside one of the structures on the map, which can mostly
be found in the center area.  However, the structures are hard to land in, and
there are very few of them.  Not to mention they'll be pretty far away from
the bulk of your parties.  My advice is just to suck it up, and brave the
sandstorms.  500 damage isn't really that much, and your priests and dragons
should be able to heal that up in a snap.

As far as formations are concerned, make sure that your Light Armor parties
can survive on their own.  Their dragons should be very helpful in this cause.
Unfortunately, this battle is NOT one to use Mini Devils, as there are no
undead enemies (and several high HP bosses who would be annoying to heal back
up to max).

Once the battle starts, send your two Light Armor parties up towards Palpaelos
and Sauzer.  These two parties should be quite adept at taking out enemies on
their own...if not, rearrange your formations.  Also, use your dragons to help
out.  These parties should be aiming for the enemies in the middle...try to
take them out before Palpaleos can get to you.

Meanwhile, the other parties will be attacking your enemies to the right.
They should be pretty well-accostumed to doing this by now.  My advice is to
take out the Lanzenritters first, as they can do mucho damage from the field.
When you get a chance, move up and attack the cure mages as well.  These
parties can take their time with their attack, as they are under no real
pressure at this point.

Around this time, Palpaleos (and his small army line) should be moving down to
attack you.  Also, if you've taken a few turns, you might get a sandstorm on
your hands.  This will likely be one of the tougher points of this chapter, as
the combined damage from all of these attackers may do in your two Light Armor
parties.  If you must retreat, retreat to the right, towards the safety of
your other parties.

As soon as you are ready, take on Palpaleos.  He is just like Byuu in that he
is a Cross Knight, so expect a lot of Fire Hits or Ice Hits coming your way.
Be careful, as he is unlikely to kill any single party member, but he will
injure many.  The easiest way to defeat him, like all bosses, is in melee.
That way, his field attacks will only hit one party when used during his turn,
and you can do maximum damage to him.  When you've taken him down to a small
amount of HP (probably under 2000), SAVESTATE.  When it is your next turn,
defeat him with an element.  This is the first confirmed boss that gives GOOD
items when defeated with the Holy element, so try it out.  You should be able
to get Excaliburs and Reconquistas if you work well.  Try other elements,
including Thunder (for possible Iron Dukes) and Dark (for armors).

Meanwhile, Palpaleos's army line should (hopefully) be attacking the parties
on the right.  With the cure mage out of the way, this shouldn't be too much
of a problem.  Hopefully, you've also gotten rid of the enemies in the
southeast corner, so you can focus all your attention on the new enemies.  If
I remember correctly, most of them are thunder elemental, so try to avoid
using that element on them.

When both parties (on the left, and on the right) are ready, commence your
attack on Sauzer.  Unlike earlier, now he can be defeated, although he does
have a very high HP.  One thing to note about Sauzer is that he never moves,
so it may be a problem getting your slower classes into range.  First thing
you MUST do is make sure to use a thunder attack on him from the field, as he
is standing on a structure.  Can't let him get free HP like that.  Another
important thing to remember involves his stillness.  Because of that, there
are only 4 spots available to attack him in melee.  Left to their own ideas,
your dragons will take up these spots - but you don't want that, seeing as any
of your melee parties can do more damage than a dragon in a single melee turn.
If you must, put your dragons on Come during this battle, just to free up more
space for your melee parties.  Don't forget, Sauzer is very strong with a high
HP and a good attack, so be careful and try not to die.  Hopefully your
Priests will be in range, so they can help out with healing spells.  Like
Palpaleos, you should definitely defeat Sauzer with an element.  Holy/Dark/
Thunder are good, although you may want to try the others and see what you


After the battle is over, enter the town of Dafila.  The most pressing matter
at the moment, after combing the town for items, is the house in the lower
right.  This is the headquarters of the Resistence in Dafila, and the password
to get in is "Starting today I'll be really cool too!".  Even if you don't get
it right on your first try, you get to try again :).  Enter.

Once inside, go to the northeast corner.  You should barely make out the two
people sitting behind the pots.  Talk to either one, and you will hire the
assassins! If you want a comical scene later in the game, hire them for
optional job (3000 PR down), and choose someone for them to kill.  Be warned,
they won't actually kill Matelite or Yoyo, but they will kill the crew member.
If you don't have 3000 PR to waste, or you just don't care, select the regular
job.  Once you have ensured that the Assassins are in your parties, talk to
boss-figure in the northwest to proceed with the game.

Chapter 16 - The Holy Dragon Jormangund

As a hint, face down when on the cliff and facing towards the houses.  You
will jump onto the roof on one of the houses, and there you will meet the
Battlefield Salesman (and his wife!).  Useful if you want some extra items.

This chapter is probably another good time to do some sidequests for your
newest party members.  I would recommend equipping them with a Delta Dagger
and a Sleipnir, for now.  Use ice (?) attacks for the Delta Dagger, and
thunder for the Sleipnir.  Also, you might want to raise the Assassins's
levels a bit, and get used to their attacks.  By this time, I would recommend
mostly Master Dragons, to make the game quite a bit easier.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
A fairly basic map.  As usual, you start at the very bottom of the map, and
the boss is at the very north.  The map itself is divided into two sections by
an open door, the north and the south sections.  The enemies are mostly found
in the south section, but there are a few in the north.  Also, there are some
random terrain pieces in this map, but I forgot what they are - I do know that
they don't really do anything.  Like all levels with a Holy Dragon, you can
see it (in this case, Jormangund) behind the boss.

For formations, this level is another good one to use your Mini Devils.  Most
of the enemies (with the exception of the boss and the Chimera) are undead,
and therefore take damage from Heal Enemy Party.  Also, make sure that you put
your new Assassins into your parties.  I like putting them in my Light Armor
parties for healing purposes, but that's just me.

For the record, IMO, this level is probably one of the easiest in the game
(except for some of the first few levels).  Here are a couple of reason why
this level is easy.
1. You get to (safely) use Mini Devils, so you have the potential for MEGA
2. When facing undead, and you need healing, your dragon casts Refresh on you
(or your Priests use White Drug).  You heal yourself, and hurt the enemy.  2
for 1.
3. This level is big enough not to be crowded, but small enough to take your
own pace.  You can basically beat it however you want.  The first couple
enemy parties are within field range of your non-Light Armor parties after 1
turn, so that gives you an idea of how close they are.
4. It happens late in the game, so you've already gotten really high levels,
good equipment, and good dragons through previous chapters and sidequests.
5. You get to use your brand-new Assassins (which are among my favorite class
in the game, for their MASSIVE versatility).
6. The enemies in this level have (mostly) crappy HP and pathetic attacks.
7. The Chimera acts like a mini-boss.  Now, it's certainly quite a bit tougher
than your generic enemy in the level, but it gives out good items.  And it
looks cool, too.

Now, onto the walkthrough.  Like I've said, you shouldn't have too many
problems with this level, or I'd be quite surprised as to how you've made it
this far in the game.  To start, send out your parties to attack the enemies.
Your biggest dangers in this level will probably be poison, trying to take on
too many enemies at one time, and the Chimera.  To avoid them, use Heals if
you ever get poisoned, and avoid the Chimera until you get more than one party
attacking it.

After you've cleaned out the bottom section (it shouldn't take long at all...
the enemies are far enough to apart to give you space, but close enough that
your parties can take out one per phase), proceed to the north section.  This
is where it gets a bit tricky (but not very).  For now, avoid the Chimera to
the east side, and the boss at the north.  Make sure that you clean out any
other enemy parties in this area before taking on the two co-bosses in this

When you finally get around to the bosses, take your time.  Send in your boss-
fighting teams to take on the Chimera first, as defeating Soul Cage will end
the chapter (and we wouldn't want that, would we?).  Be careful, as its
attack is quite strong, but not exactly life-threatening.  Remember not to use
your Mini Devils from this point on, or face the consequences of Complete Heal
All.  The Chimera goes down fairly quickly with one or two parties beating on
it, along with your dragons.  Defeat it with an element, and hope you get a
good item.  If not, savestate and repeat.

After the Chimera goes down, quickly attack Soul Cage.  Be careful, as his
field attack is decently powerful and has quite an area of effect.  Ideally,
the best way to heal from it to use one of your Assassin's Chakra ability, as
the range from that is amazing.  Quickly beat the boss into a submission, and
he falls quite quickly.  If you feel rather daring, use your Mini Devils and
hope that you get MP Attack to take care of him easily.  In any case, it won't
take long to finish him off.  Like Palpaleos and Sauzer before, he gives GOOD
items after defeat.  I would recommend that you get one of the following items
from him after defeat: Dreadnaught, Iron Duke, Battle Dress, Armada Mail.  If
you wish, you can get stuff for your Lancers/Wizards/Priests/Summoners, but
they don't (shouldn't) get into melee as often, so the items aren't quite as


After this chapter, you get to see another cutscene where Yoyo connects with a
Holy Dragon.  Yay *half-hearted cheer*!  When that is all done and through,
you get the power to summon Jormangund!  Unfortunately, Jormangund isn't that
useful of a summon, and IMO is worse than Garuda.  Look up more info on
Jormangund on the Summoners section.

Chapter 17 - The Door to a New Era

Pretty cool, eh?  The Knights revolt!  And they get Matelite fairly pissed.
Be careful, as in this level, you will only get once chance to visit all the
shopkeepers (unless you *hint* do a sidequest).  Also, you'll (or, to be more
precise, Rush'll) only get one chance to feed each dragon, so make sure you
make some smart choices.  Once that's all done, proceed to the main battle.

Like I said above, you only get one chance to shop/feed dragons, so this would
be an ideal time to do a sidequest or two.  About now, you shouldn't really
need any of the items from Presenters, as you are starting to get good items
from bosses.  So do Easy Dungeon a time or two, and hope you get better items
from that.  Also, by this time, you should have the MAJORITY of your dragons
in either Master, Black, or Behemoth form.  I would recommend buying some
Litancibles for the upcoming battle.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
This is a fun little battle.  It takes place on the Farnheit, with you on the
right side (near the entrance inside), and most of the enemies on the Farnheit
to your left.  The boss, Dictory, is on the far left side.  Be warned, as
there are a LOT of enemy parties in this battle...upwards of 15, I believe.
Also (both good and bad), they are grouped together very closely...mostly with
either one or two spaces between them.  Keep this in mind when making your

The biggest dangers in this chapter are being overwhelmed and self-destructs.
Because of the great number of enemies in this chapter, it is very easy to
have a party go to deep and immediately be surrounded and killed.  Be careful,
and make sure this doesn't happen.  The other big danger is that many of the
enemies like to self-destruct.  Not only does this kill your character, but
you lose any EXP/items/PR that you might have gotten.  So make sure to weaken
enemies with field attacks before moving in for the kill.  However, enemies
can only self-destruct in melee, so this can (and should) be avoided most of
the time.

For formations, your most important asset in this battle will be your two
Summoners.  With their huge area of effect, it lets them hit lots of enemy
parties with just a single summon.  In this level, I would recommend splitting
up the two Summoners into two different parties, for a bit more versatility.
Also, another important asset will be your Wizard/Priest parties, as their
field attacks will come in handy (as they can hit more than one enemy party).

Another important note about this level is that Light Armors aren't as useful
as they are in most levels.  Because this battle is so confined, most parties
can reach the enemies without Sprinter.  For this reason, I would recommend
switching your Light Armors out of your parties, and putting something else in
their place (unless, of course, you have no better classes).  Also, this is
NOT a good battle for Mini Devils, as there are a lot of enemy parties (none

In the battle itself, your most important asset will be your Summoners.  Make
sure that they use a summon (preferably Garuda, or Jormangund for the final
boss) every turn.  In terms of movement, have them slowly inch up so that they
remain in range, but don't seek to actively put them in combat.  The same
applies for your Wizards/Priests, except they should be using any of their
ultimate spells (like Armageddon, or Big Burst) for their added power and area
of effect.  Don't be afraid to use your Priests to heal as well, as self-
destructing enemies can cause a lot of damage.  Hopefully, your dragons will
also be using their ultimate spells on the field, which will quickly pile up
the damage.  Don't forget to use items to heal before moving your parties.

Meanwhile, your melee parties should be doing nothing.  That's right,
absolutely nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing, but very little.  The real fear
here is that they will be overwhelmed by 4 self-destructing enemy parties,
which can annilihate a party with ease.  So, make sure that they cannot get
surrounded by enemies, and only attack the closest parties in melee.  And try
to make sure that you can defeat them in one round, or else they might self-
destruct anyway.

In any case, the summons should make mincemeat out of the closer enemy
parties.  Don't be afraid to retreat your melee parties if things get rough,
and focus on using field attacks to defeat enemies.  Your dragons should be
fairly safe, although you might want to set them on Come to stop them from
attacking the stronger enemy parties (and risk a self-destruct).  Take on the
Temple Guards with your melee parties, as they have a lot of HP, but be on the
lookout for self-destructs.

Once the non-boss enemies are finished, the level becomes easy.  You have very
little to fear from Dictory (and the Chimera), as their attacks aren't quite
as devestating as self-destruct.  Take your time defeating them, using your
field attacks to weaken them.  When they are sufficiently weak (and your HP is
high enough to withstand an attack), move in for the kill with your melee
attacks.  Once again, defeat them with an element - the element itself will
depend on your party's needs.  Your main goals, in terms of items, should be
Dreadnaughts/Armada Mails/Iron Dukes for the melee classes, and Battle Dresses
for the weaker melee classes.  Don't bother getting any armor for your magic
classes...if you play correctly, they shouldn't even be hit.


Chapter 18 - The Promised Land

The out-of-battle scenario, in this case, mostly revolves around you (and
Rush) spying on Yoyo.  Also, don't forget, as soon as you go back downstairs
into Farnheit, to check Yoyo's bed for another Princess ??? item.  You're that
much closer to a Behemoth now!  Don't forget to check the Hallway for a new
shop - Bikkebakke is selling XXX Porno Mags.  They raise your dragon's
strength by a lot, but you really shouldn't need any at this point.  Buy some
if you want, just to make Bikkebakke feel better :-P.

Your dragons should be about finished now - all the remains should be to raise
their MP to 999.  This might take a while, but don't forget to sell all your
Strategy Books and buy Magic Gins.  The extra MP does help, especially in the
following battles, which can be quite long.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
You start out in the southwest corner of this map.  Most of the enemies are
grouped in the northeast, although there are a few parties in the northwest,
and one noticable enemy in the southeast.  The boss, Ixsett, is in the
northeast, surrounded by his retinue of monsters.  Standard looking map.

A couple things to note here.  One, the enemy in the southeast corner is an
Alchemic.  It gives boss-like items, but its Burning Earth attack can do over
1000 damage with a decent area.  It's advised to take him out early, but avoid
attacking him in melee - the damage he does in two consecutive rounds might
take out your weaker parties.  Two, the terrain is quite a factor in this
battle.  There are tons of forests here, which can be easily made into forest
fires.  Forest fires can do over 1000 damage per phase, so don't underestimate

Three, and most important, you have a NPC in this battle.  This is Palpaleos,
who is standing on a building in the northwest.  He doesn't move, but he will
use his Swordhits (he's a Cross Knight, remember?) on nearby enemies, in
particular Fire Hit.  Remember, he won't actively move to confront enemies, so
you'll have to lure enemies to him if you want them to do anything.  Also,
combine Palpaleos with tip #2 for a good point - his constant use of Fire Hit
will cause quite a few forest fires, so do your best to lure enemies into them
(and also keep your own parties away from them).  Also, I *believe* that no
enemies will directly attack him, so he shouldn't be a problem to maintain.

When the battle starts, split up your Light Armor parties.  One should likely
go up towards Palpaleos, one should move towards the Alchemic, and the last
should move towards the boss.  Of the three, the one going to the Alchemic
should have strong field attacks, like Byuu or Summoners.  The one going to
the boss will need to have strong single-hit attacks, as they will have to
deal with Temple Guards (who have a lot of HP).  Finally, the one going to Pal
will be acting as a diversion to lure enemies towards his Swordhits, so this
will likely be your weakest party combat-wise.  Split up your non-Light Armor
groups accordingly - try to have at least one magic party backing up your
Light Armors.

First, the party going to Palpaleos should just stop right next to him.  Set
your dragons on Come, so that all enemies will move towards you (and Pal).
This way, enemies will approach Pal and get hit by his Fire Hit attack.  That
combined with the forest fires this will cause should do most of the damage
you'll need.  The enemies in this area are fairly weak, so they should go
down quickly.  Just be careful of the Evil Beasts, as they can self-destruct.

The party that goes towards the boss will be a bit harder.  Once again, do
your best to lure enemies towards Palpaleos, especially the Temple Guards.
Ignore the enemies in the east-northeast for now, just focus on getting rid of
the Temple Guards.  If this party has too much trouble with them, wait for
backup from one of your magic parties.  Hopefully, combined with melee/dragon/
Swordhit attacks, they should fall without self-destructing.  Remember, keep
an estimate of how much damage you can do in one round with your melee
parties, and only attack the Temple Guards when they are under that number.

The third party that attacks the Alchemic will have the biggest problems.  I
would HIGHLY recommend that this be Salmando's group, as his invincibility (he
is a Master Dragon, right?) will be helpful in taking on the Alchemic.  Your
purpose as of now is not to defeat it, but to weaken it using field attacks,
and dragons attacking in melee.  Remember, his Burning Earth attack does a lot
of damage and has a wide area, so be careful.

The other threat to this third party is the enemies in the northeast, under
the boss.  There is the slight chance that they might decide to ambush you,
while you're busy dealing with the Alchemic.  If this happens, you MUST (I
repeat, *MUST*) defeat the Heal Glaive before running away.  If you don't,
you'll have wasted a lot of MP and time all for nothing.  Fortunately, Heal
Glaives are fairly weak, so they should go down in a single phase.  Remember
to have your magic party (it should be coming around by now) help out here -
their dragon should also be doing a lot of work here.

Once the first party is done (the one near Palpaleos), shift it to help the
party attacking the Temple Guards.  Hopefully, your magic parties have gone
far enough up the road to help out here.  Palpaleos should also do a lot of
work with his Swordhits.  As soon as you can spare them, send off the second
party (the one originally going for the boss) to help out the third party
(the one attacking the Alchemic).  I would recommend defeating at least two of
the Temple Guards before heading off towards the Alchemic, or else your last
party might be in danger of a self-destruct.  For now, the two parties (the
original one, and the one that just arrived) should ignore the Alchemic, and
take out the enemy parties slightly north of it.  With two parties (maybe
more, depending on how fast your magic parties are) and their dragons working
together, the enemies don't stand a chance.

When all enemy parties are dead (except for the boss and the Alchemic),
surround the Alchemic with your dragons.  Or, if you want to be a bit more
risky, surround it with melee parties, and back them up with Priests (or
Refresh spells).  Remember, two hits of Burning Earth can kill weaker parties
(one hit from melee, one during enemy's phase), so take advantage of the fact
that enemies don't retaliate to field attacks.  Once he is low on HP, send in
your melee parties to finish him off.  Once again, he gives boss-like items,
so figure out what you need the most from him.  By this time, I had already
gotten quite a few Dreadnaughts, so I started going for Armada Mails.
Remember, you can use savestates to help manipulate items.

When you finish off the Alchemic, proceed up towards the boss.  If you've
taken out the Alchemic with ease, the boss shouldn't prove too be much more of
a problem.  Be warned, however, that he has a lot of HP, and his field attack
can start forest fires.  If you wish, put fires out with Ice magic, and defeat
the boss as usual.  Like all bosses, he gives very good items, so defeat him
with whatever you wish.  This is your preference as to which items you need.


Chapter 19 - Farewell, Matelite!

Ahh...this is probably one of my favorite battles in the entire game.  First,
you get to finally see all the Granbelos generals (minus Sauzer and Palpaleos)
for the first time together.  Second, you get to use Palpaleos (yes!  a 2nd
Cross Knight).  Third, this chapter is the BEST for items, hands down, as each
general gives lvl 4 items (boss-type items).  Good stuff.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
OK, each of the generals can be considered a "boss", but you must defeat
Gudolf to proceed.  However, I highly recommend that you defeat the other 4
generals for their awesome items.  Anyway, onto the map...you start out on an
island in the south-center of the map.  Generals Zomberd and Lestat can be
found to the southwest of your starting position, separated by a large (5? or
so squares) river.  Generals Barbarela and Irvine can be found in the
northwest area, connected to Zomberd and Lestat's piece of land but still
separate from your initial island.  Gudolf can be found in the northeast area
of the map, which is connected to your initial island.  He is somewhat behind
a mountain range, but that doesn't really matter.

Now, there are two ways to defeat this battle.  The first way is just to
simply charge Gudolf with everything you've got, and ignore the other
generals.  This way will ensure the quickest battle, but you miss out on some
great items.  So, I will detail the second way, which has you attack every
general before finishing the level.  Remember, however, this will result in a
very long level, so come prepared with healing items and Magic Gins.

Formations are actually somewhat important in this level.  In the very
beginning of the battle, you will need to use your Summoners to build an ice
bridge to the southwest, so make sure that you put at least one Summoner into
party 6 (to get him/her in range).  Also, you may wish to equip your Light
Armor parties with thunder techs, for the mountainous bottleneck between
Zomberd/Lestat and Barbarela/Irvine.  This is NOT a good Mini Devil battle,

The enemies in this level are all very strong, as you might guess.  Each of
the bosses can easily do over 1000 damage (except for Lestat, who is equally
annoying with his status effects).  Be very careful when attacking them, and
stick with field attacks for the most part.  Also, Gudolf (and his followers)
will move regardless of how close you are them, so you can't simply turtle
yourself on the main island.

When the battle first starts, move your Summoners southwest and have them cast
Leviathan into the middle of the river.  If you get it right, they should
cover the whole river in one cast, although you may need your Wizards to fill
in an empty spot here or there.  From here, move all your parties (especially
those melee parties!) to attack the enemies in the southwest.

The enemies should go very quickly, with all 6 of your parties ganging up on
them.  I would recommend setting your dragons on Come, for a couple reasons:
1. So they can help you out in battle 2. So they won't provoke any of the
other enemies, especially Barbarela/Irvine/Gudolf.  Use your Summoners well
here, as the enemies are grouped together.  I would recommend taking out
Zomberd first, as he does more pure damage, but you can do whatever you wish.
Don't forget, Zomberd and Lestat give lvl 4 items, so defeat them accordingly.

When you're finished with Zomberd and Lestat, send your parties up towards
Barbarela and Irvine.  Set your dragons on Go at this point, to get in some
extra attacks.  Also, if you wish, it might be a good idea to destroy the
mountains that block the path.  I would recommend holding back your Light
Armors, as they might die if sent alone from a couple Javelins and Excalibur.
When all (or most) of your parties have arrived, commence your attack.

Your first priority here should be the Lazenlord and Lan Ze Lords, as their
Javelin attacks will quickly add up.  Once they are taken care of, defeat any
random enemies lying around, and confront the two bosses.  Like Zomberd and
Lestat, both have the potential to do a lot of damage very quickly.  Be sure
to heal between turns, and use items (so your dragons don't waste a turn using
Refresh).  Once again, defeat them with an element - you should get a pretty
good idea of what you need by this point.

Finally, send your parties off towards Gudolf.  With any luck at all, he has
either moved closer to you (but not too close!), or he has moved into what
used to be your starting island.  In any case, send your Light Armors over
there ASAP.  Your first priority should be the Cure Comrades, as they can
quickly undo any work you might have done up to this point.  After they fall,
feel free to retreat and wait for backup, in the form of your dragons and
other parties.

When everyone is ready, charge straight at Gudolf.  Using a good combination
of field and melee attacks, you should be able to finish off all of his
helpers in a round or two.  When you are ready, attack Gudolf.  Be careful,
however, as his field attack has a large range (bigger than your White Drug
range, unfortunately) and does a lot of damage.  When you've brought him under
a certain HP (around 10,000, I believe), Gudolf will change forms (most
noticably, the little ball he's holding will levitate).  At this point, he
will use much more dangerous spells, so be careful.  Like all bosses in this
chapter, defeat him with an element for some good items.


When you're finally done with this level, you get to see an interesting scene
in the newly renovated Kahna Castle.  When you're done, go outside, and talk
to the shopkeepers (not sure if this is necessary, but it doesn't hurt to be
safe).  Finally, talk to the Dragonkeeper, and choose two dragons to mate.  I
would recommend choosing at least one of your Master Dragons, as this ensures
that Puppy gets the highest stats.  Also, IMO, the Salmando-Molten dragon
looks the best, and you'll get a special scene if you talk to Palpaleos ;).
When you've chosen your dragons, talk the shopkeepers again, for some VERY
good items, including another Princess ??? item.  Then watch the nice dance
scene :).

See why I like this level?  You not only gain 5 ultimate items from the battle
itself, but also 8 more ultimate items from the shopkeepers after the battle.
That's a total of 13 new pieces of equipment to play around with!  Fun, huh?

Chapter 20 - The Sky of Sadness

When you get a chance, go to the OUTSIDE of Farnheit and name your new dragon
(default name is "Puppy").  Inspect the little sparkle on the ground.  If you
choose to taste it (from the following menu), walk to the right to see a small
scene with Bahamut.  Otherwise, hold on to the item (Dragon Dung) - it's the
best dragon food in the game.  Or feed it to Puppy, which is probably its best

When you've finished that, walk to the left.  You'll see a new area of the
OUTSIDE, which consists of a statue and the leftmost tip of the Farnheit.  If
you inspect the statue, you can take one of Bikkebakke's mushrooms (Don't do
it!  Stealing's mean!  And they only cost 60 PR anyway).  Also, when you walk
all the way to the edge, you will see two gifts - one from Hornet, the other
from the crew.  Hornet's contains a Scharnhorst (decent Cross Knight sword),
a Dreadnaught (the best sword), and a Dillinger (the best katana/dagger).  The
crew's present contains a Destroyer (bad), 2 Kaiser Rins (good robes), 2
Martial Nays (decent light armors), a Prinzeugen (best rapier), and a XXX
Porno Mag (you shouldn't need this by now).  Your choice here - personally, I
would recommend Hornet's present, as none of the crew's stuff (except the
Prinzeugen) is considered ultimate equipment.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
This map is somewhat unusual.  Your first 3 parties will be in the southwest
corner, while your last 3 parties will be in the southeast corner of the map.
The map can be divided into 2 main sections: the top and the bottom.  Irvine
and his friends are in the top section, while Barbarela is in the bottom
section.  Both sections are pretty big, so overcrowding shouldn't be too much
of a problem.

There are several new terrain features in this map.  First is the security
systems.  These will attack all parties (and dragons) passing 3 squares ABOVE
them.  Destroy them with thunder techs, if they become a nuisance.  If you
don't stop above them, no problems here.  Another new feature is the trapdoors
and switches.  Step on a switch, and the trapdoor will open, instantly killing
anything there.  Enemies won't usually trigger the switches, so use them to
your advantage (if you wish, as you do lose good EXP/PR/items).  Finally, the
top and bottom sections are partitioned by a big wall, and the only entrances
are doors on the left and right.  In order to open these doors, you MUST
defeat Barbarela first, or else the doors will remain shut.  However, your
dragons will still be able to fly over the wall and attack Irvine before
Barbarela is defeated.

In terms of formations, your Light Armor parties will be your most important
parties here.  For the first couple turns, they will be the only ones even in
range of Barbarela.  Keep them strong and versatile - hopefully, one will be
adept at destroying enemy parties, while another will be good at whittling
down bosses.  Also, if the security systems become too much of a bother,
consider putting Wizards or Assassins (preferred) in these parties.  I like
Assassins better, because their Raiden attack has a better area, and they can
also use their instant-death and healing skills in battle.

When the battle starts, send your Light Armor parties out.  Their first target
should be the Cure Comrades.  When those are taken care of, send your Light
Armors to take out any nearby parties.  I would recommend avoiding the Gran
Gunners, as they can quickly decimate a party in melee - however, if you leave
them alone (or only use field attacks), they will only hit you during their
turn.  Avoid Barbarela for the time being.  If you can, get your dragons to
attack the Gran Gunners, as they are your biggest threat at the moment.  Also,
don't do anything stupid, like stand above a security system, or accidentally
set off a trapdoor and kill off your own parties.  If you have nothing better
to do, have them destroy security systems for fun - your dragons aren't very
smart, and will still set them off occasionally.

Meanwhile, your other parties should be slowly trudging up.  Set their dragons
on Go, so at least they'll be helpful in some way or another.  When they get
into range, have your Summoners go for Barbarela and other other parties that
might be nearby.  Have your Wizards and Priests gang up on a single Gran
Gunner, but spread them out - getting hit by a Catapult will not be good for
these low-defense classes.  When they are finished with one Gran Gunner, go
for the other.  Your dragons should be extremely helpful in this purpose.
Once both Gran Gunners are dead, send all your magic parties to poke away at

When everyone is ready, go attack Barbarela.  She shouldn't be too much of a
problem, just surround her with melee parties and whack away.  Try not to
waste TOO much MP, though, as there is still another battle to go.  Hope you
have some Magic Gins...when you're done, defeat Barbarela with an element, as
usual.  Whatever you want.

Another word for the wise: around now, or maybe even earlier, your dragons
might have wandered off north and attacked the enemies up there.  Be very
careful with these dragons, as they can die very quickly if they are attacked
by several enemies.  Irvine's field attacks and Catapult will be worries here,
as they both do over 1000 damage.  Don't be afraid to call back your dragons
with Come, as you cannot afford to let them die.

When Barbarela finally bites the dust, the doors on the left and right sides
open up.  From here on, you have two options.

One: set your dragons on Go, and let them take out most of the enemies (except
for the Gran Gunners and Irvine).  When you are ready, storm in and finish off
remaining enemies.  The main advantages to this method are its relative
safety - your dragons can take of themselves quite fine, using their Refresh
spells, and you won't even have to get your feet dirty.  The disadvantages are
loss of experience (for your characters, as EXP means nothing to dragons), and
the boredom.  Yes, it is quite boring to watch your dragons attack, as Master
Dragons only do 1000-1500 with their attacks, and there are quite a few
enemies.  However, if you have some time to kill, go ahead and use this
method for an easy kill.

Two: Charge your Light Armor parties in, backed up by your dragons.  Send in
two on one side, and one the other side - I don't think it really matters.
Your magic parties should be following close behind - I would recommend
sending in all 3 together at once, instead of separating them.  Your Light
Armor parties (and maybe your Summoners) should be focusing on the parties in
the middle, near Irvine.  Once they are done (avoid Irvine), send them off to
take out the Gran Gunner on the other side.  Hopefully, your dragons will be
nice enough to absorb some hits here.  If your magic parties are having
troubles on the first Gran Gunner, don't be afraid to send a melee party back
to help them.  In this way, you should be able to take out all enemies without
too many problems.

When all enemies are done for (including BOTH Gran Gunners), take on Irvine.
Be careful, as his Excalibur attack in melee can easily do over 1000 damage
(which isn't that much anyway...).  When you're done, defeat him with an
element like Barbarela.  He goes down fairly quickly.


After the battle, and another one of those dreaded Holy Dragon cutscenes, you
will gain the power to summon Hyperion!  Unfortunately, Hyperion isn't quite
as useful as Garuda, because of its lack of area.  Also, it is the second
ugliest summon in the game, IMO - just look at it!

Chapter 21 - The Holy Dragon Bahamut

I pity the foo that doesn't have all Master Dragons by this point.  The battle
in this chapter won't give that much EXP, so I would recommend doing a
sidequest or two to even things out.  Probably Easy Dungeon, by this point -
Granbelos Fortress loses its value when you don't need Presenter items any


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
Doesn't this look fun?  The boss, Gryphon, is standing right in front of you,
within range of non-Light Armor parties.  There are only 8 other enemy parties
to deal with, and they are a little bit behind Gryphon (i.e. two turns to
reach them with non-Light Armor parties).  As you can see, your Light Armors
will be able to go from one corner of the map to the opposite corner in one
turn.  Fun, eh?  However, keep your Light Armors in your formations...they are
still a necesity to win this battle.

The enemies, however, are not as easy as the scenario makes them seem.  The
Gryphon can do massive damage, especially since he basically starts within
range of you.  The rabbits can use Make Friendly (turns you into a rabbit),
and the Psychic Dolls use cure spells and Quick (gives the boss an extra turn
in battle).  Not good.  The rabbits form a small arc just north of the boss,
while the Psychic Dolls form another arc above the rabbits.

The key to this battle lies in the Blitzkrieg strategy.  Well, sorta...what
you need is quick, coordinated strikes.  All enemies (except the boss, of
course) MUST be dead by the end of the first turn, or you might have problems.
You *might* be able to afford to let a couple rabbits live, but the Psychic
Dolls MUST die.  No questions asked.  Now, you ask, how will I do that?
Simple.  The Psychic Dolls don't have much HP.  A single summon (like Garuda)
will weaken the Psychic Dolls to under 1000 HP (where your dragons can kill
them easily), or something stronger (like Hyperion) can kill them outright.
The rabbits will fall to a single Garuda, as they are even weaker.

For formations, I would highly recommend pairing up your Summoners with a
Light Armor.  The other two Light Armors should be placed with stronger melee
parties.  Meanwhile, your Wizards and Priests won't need Light Armors, as they
start out within range of the boss.  Also, on paper, this is a good level to
use Mini Devils, but I wouldn't recommend it - their usefulness fades as soon
as all enemies (except the boss) are destroyed, and that will be in 1 turn.

When the battle starts, move your Summoners up about 1/2-3/4 of the way.  From
there, they should be able to aim a Garuda summon right between the Psychic
Dolls and the rabbits.  It is much more important to take out the Psychic
Dolls, as they will be much more annoying if they survive.  So, if you can't
get all 8 parties in one shot, just aim for as many Psychic Dolls as you can.
This dragon should be set on Go, to take out one of the weakened Psychic

The next parties to move should be your Wizards/Priests.  If you're within
range of the rabbits (and some of them survived), take them out with spells
like Armageddon or Mystery Magic.  If not, don't worry about it, and cast your
spells on the boss.  Make sure that your dragons are set on Go, so that they
will attack the already-weakened Psychic Dolls.  If they don't, I might
consider reloading - you NEED the Psychic Dolls dead by the end of the phase,
or else.

When your other parties are ready, have them move.  The one without the Light
Armor should attack a rabbit party (if there are any left, or if the party is
within range), or just sit around.  The two with Light Armors should move up
and attack the Psychic Dolls (preferably the ones untouched by the Garuda
summon).  All 3 parties MUST have their dragons set on Go, to finish Garuda-
weakened Psychic Dolls.  If a single Psychic Doll party is alive by the time
the 3rd party (and its dragon) are fininished, reload - you don't want to deal
with a Gryphon with Quick cast on it.

Once the Psychic Dolls are dead, this chapter becomes a piece of cake.  Finish
off any remaining rabbit parties, and go for the boss.  He shouldn't be too
hard, so whittle down his HP and finish him off when you're ready.  As usual,
choose an element to defeat him with - by this time, you should probably have
good weapons/armor for about half of your melee parties (namely, anything that
uses Heavy or Light Armor).


Would you believe it?  Another Holy Dragon cutscene!  Although this one is
probably the most interesting, as Bahamut is the most interesting Holy Dragon
(IMO).  Well, you do gain the power to summon Bahamut, the best summon in a
normal game.  Combining the range of Garuda with the power of Hyperion and a
fire elemental, you can forget the other summons after you get this one.  He
is a bit costly on MP, however.

Also, after this battle, Yoyo becomes a Dragnar (because she has all the Holy
Dragons, blah blah blah).  Not much different here, except her stats go up a
bit.  She also might be able to equip a few different pieces of equipment -
more on this later.

Chapter 22 - The Final Battle

No, it's not really the final battle quite yet.  Go through the beginning
scenes if you wish, then talk to Hornet to proceed.  After a small cutscene,
follow Rush back into the men's bedroom.  Talk to him (choose any answer), and
you'll get the 5th and last Princess ??? item.  Behemoth time, baby!

OK, the upcoming battle is (arguably) the hardest non-optional battle in the
game.  As for my hints, you MUST have as many items as you can buy.  Just
splurge on Royal Drugs and Magic Gins, because you are most definitely gonna
need them.  I HIGHLY recommend having 99 of all buyable items at this point.
It's not like you have anything else to spend your money on, anyway...


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
Bear with me here, as this scenario may be the hardest one to try and describe
accurately.  You start out on the south side, as usual, while the boss (and
several mini-bosses) are lined up vertically at the very north.  Now, let me
try to separate this scenario into sections.  The BOTTOM section is from the
bottom of the map, up until (and including) the Gran Cannons.  The MIDDLE
section is from the Gran Cannons up until (and including) the Ziegfried, which
is in the top-middle of the map.  The TOP section is everything above the
Ziegried (including the bosses).  Got it?

A couple of things to note, in terms of terrain features:

Autocannons - There are no less than 15 autocannons in this chapter, so be
very careful about where you stand.  Remember, autocannons attack 3 spaces in
front of where they are, so be careful.  Unfortunately, they're usually placed
at chokepoints in the map, so you'll probably end up destroying quite a few of

Walls -  There are HUGE sections of walls in this chapter which you must break
through in order to get any sense of mobility.  The main walls are the ones in
the bottom section, which impede your initial progress, and the ones around
the Gran Cannons.  These severely restrict mobility when trying to attack in
melee, so get rid of them ASAP.  There are also some walls in the upperleft
and upperright, but those won't be much of a factor.

Bridges - The bridge system in this chapter is just hellish.  From the bottom
section to about halfway through the middle, there are no bridges.  At this
point, there is a fork in the bridges, as one leads left and one leads right.
However, you can choose to simply bypass these bridges...the island to the
north (the "boss island") is only separated by one square of water.  If you
chose to go to the left or the right, they lead on slight detours before
leading to the boss island.

Water - Just looking at the bridge system gives you a good idea of how much
water there is in this level.  You can either use the bridge system to cross
the water, or freeze it and make your own.

Structures - Almost all the cannons (not the autocannons, the other ones) are
on top of structures.  Therefore, if you don't use any thunder techs next to
them, they'll be gaining lots of HP back fairly quickly.

Forests - There some forests on the boss island, but those probably won't come
into play.

Now, for info on some of the enemies:

Hummels - Your generic wizard-type enemy.  Casts Flame Gaze on you.  It can
hurt if they gang up on you, but they go down fairly quickly.  Remember to use
ice attacks (your dragons should [hopefully] use Ice Breath automatically).

Gran Cannons - They are found at the top of the bottom section, and again at
the top of the middle section.  In both pairings, one will be on the left, and
one will be on the right.  Gran Cannons are the least dangerous of the cannons
(except for Autocannons), but they are also the most numerous.  You're
probably used to these by now.

Galgstaff - If Gran Cannons are lvl 1 cannons, then the Galgstaffs can be
considered lvl 2 cannons.  They have TREMENDOUS range and power, which is a
deadly combination.  They can be found around the middle of the middle
section, one on each side.  Be very careful when taking these out, as they can
kill you in two or three good hits.  One more note - they will not attack in
melee, so feel free to use melee hits to do some good damage.

Ziegfried - If the Galgstaffs are lvl 2 cannons, the Ziegried is a lvl **
cannon.  IMO the most annoying enemy in the entire game (not including Hard
Dungeon enemies).  OK, why is it so annoying.  It can take you out from ALL
THE WAY across the battlefield!  And if you thought the Galgstaffs did a lot
of damage, wait until you see how much this can do.  OVER 1200 a hit!  This
will make mincemeat out of your parties, and your dragons as well.  It also
has a ton of HP to boot.  Just remember, if you beat the monster, the level is
as good as over...

Lenderbaffe - The enemy's dragon (maybe Palpaleos's dragon?).  Like your
dragons, it has a high movement range (7-8 squares!?), and can do a lot of
damage with its Bite/Claw attacks.  At least it doesn't have Salmando's

Irvine/Gudolf - The bosses of the level.  You should know them pretty well by

Formations are mostly standard for this battle.  Try and have high attack and
defense parties in this battle, as the cannons can do a lot of damage.  Also,
this is most definitely NOT a Mini Devil battle.  I highly recommend that you
spread your Wizards out among two or three parties, as you will be doing a lot
of terrain manipulating in this battle.  Your Light Armor parties should be
fairly strong defensively - at least 2000 HP, and more if possible.  Also, if
at all possible, try to pair up some Wizards with Behemoths for even more
damage via Mystery Magic.

OK, now for the battle itself...

When the battle starts, use your magic parties, and attack the Hummels nearest
to the center with lightning attacks.  The purpose is twofold - first, you do
some decent damage to them.  Second, this opens up a path for your Light Armor
parties to go directly to the enemies.  Your Summoners should just use their
strongest summon (likely Hyperion/Garuda, as Hummels are immune to fire)
between two parties to do some good damage.  All dragons should be set on Go,
for even more fun.

When your magic parties are done, move your Light Armors in for the kill.
Hopefully, they will be have a direct line to the Hummels in the center,
through the destroyed walls.  One party to each side.  The last Light Armor
party should go straight into the middle, and take out the Autocannons in the
middle (right below the wall).  Those cannons will get really annoying if you
leave them whole.

On your next turn, heal up with items (for any parties that got hit by a Flame
Gaze) and start moving your magic parties again.  You want to make sure that
you completely finish them before you even think about taking on any of the
cannons.  If your dragons start to attack a cannon, that's OK - but make sure
that you don't start an assault on the cannons without backup.  Use magic
attacks (remember not to use fire!) and your Light Armor parties to finish off
the Hummels.  If your magic parties are really slow, wait a turn or two so
that all of your parties can attack the cannons en masse.

This is probably a good time to mention an AI bug.  You've probably already
noticed this by now, but cannons (and other field-attack-using enemies) will
always target exactly at the party (or dragon) that is doing the most damage
to it.  Never even one square away (like your high wisdom dragons might do),
but always right on that party.  Take advantage of this, and put your parties
into diagonal patterns, to avoid the shots.

Now, proceed to take out the first two Gran Cannons, which are to the left and
right of the main road.  If you feel that you are strong enough, split up your
parties, and take on both cannons at the same time.  Otherwise, just gang up
on one cannon with all 6 parties.  I would recommend setting most of your
dragons to Come, to help out with the cannons, except Salmando - set him on
Go (to maybe start attacking the Ziegfried, or the Galgstaffs).  Don't forget
to abuse that AI bug in the paragraph before - it really saves a lot of
healing.  When the cannons are about dead, set your dragons to Go, so that
they'll do some damage to the Galgstaffs.

Once BOTH cannons are done with, move your parties up slowly.  If you want to
save some time, freeze the rivers (or just go around the long way).  If you do
go the long way, don't forget to avoid the Autocannons, as they are quite
annoying on closely packed parties.  Your dragons should be on Go, to get in a
few extra hits and absorb some damage.

Now is probably a good time to mention another thing - the Ziegfried.  About
now, you should be getting within its killer range, which is NOT a good thing.
You can just heal from its attacks, but that will cost a lot of healing items
and/or MP.  The best way to avoid this is to put a dragon that knows the
Refresh spell on Go, and have it attack the top section.  Hopefully, this
dragon is Salmando (for the invincibility), but any dragon that can heal
itself will work fine.  This dragon should be able to absorb the hits from the
Ziegfried (and the other bosses/mini-bosses), and heal itself with Refresh.

When you're ready, take on the Galgstaffs.  The easiest way is to probably
have your magic parties snipe it from across the rivers, staying safely out of
its range.  Your Light Armor parties can either go around, or freeze a way
over.  I would HIGHLY recommend taking on one Galgstaff at a time, while your
dragons and magic parties weaken the other.  Remember, the Galgstaffs won't
attack back in melee, so use that to do some good damage.  Also, don't forget
to take advantage of the AI bug, to save items/MP/dragon turns (my dragons
tend to waste turns casting Refresh on barely-damaged parties).

Once both Galgstaffs are dead, you have a couple of things you need to do.
Namely, the Ziegfried, the two Gran Cannons in the northwest and northeast,
and the bosses.  Of the three, the Ziegfried is the most dangerous, but the
Gran Cannons are probably the easiest to go after.  If you've been playing
well, one (or more) of your dragons is drawing fire from the Ziegfried, so you
can go ahead and attack the Gran Cannons in relative peace.

Now, your parties will probably split up around here.  Your Summoners should
be confronting the boss with the Bahamut summon.  Do not be afraid to use it,
as it does good damage over a big radius.  Good for wearing down multiple high
HP parties at once.  The best place for them is right across the river from
the top section, but you can have another character freeze the river if they
the enemies move out of range.

Also, at this point (or earlier), your Summoners are most definitely out of
MP.  Some of your other classes might also have run low by this point.  Do NOT
be afraid to use your Magic Gins.  This is why we bought so many before the
battle started.  If you try to conserve MP during the battle (or worse, flat
out refuse to restore your MP), you will run out at a crucial point.  And it
will not be pretty.

Here, split up your parties a bit.  Send two magic parties, and your strongest
Light Armor party to take out the Gran Cannon on the left.  Don't forget to
take advantage of that AI bug, and set your dragons on Come if you *really*
need it (I would recommend leaving them on Go, so they might wear down/be a
target for the Ziegfried).  Continue to attack until the cannon falls, healing
as necessary.

Your remaining magic party and your other two Light Armor parties should go to
the Gran Cannon on the right.  Hopefully, at least one of these parties has
ice/thunder techs, so you don't have to go around the long way.  Take out the
Gran Cannon as quickly as you can - no good leaving loose ends around.

When both groups are done, have them converge into the middle.  The first
priority is definitely the Cure Mages, which should fall fast (if they haven't
already died via your dragons).  Next comes the Ziegfried.  Although it won't
attack back in melee, it's probably not a good idea to attack in melee, as
this groups your parties together (so a single shot will hit more parties).
Stay back and poke away with field attacks, until you are CERTAIN that you can
finish it within a single phase.  At that time, by all means, go ahead and
finish it off.

Your next target should be the Lenderbaffe.  Hopefully, your dragons did some
good damage to that while they were fending off the Ziegfried, so it should
already be weakened.  Beware of its Bite/Claw attacks, as they can do a lot of
damage to a single character.

Finally, go for Irvine and Gudolf.  Irvine first, of course.  You've fought
him several times by now, so he shouldn't be a problem.  When he's finished,
go for Gudolf.  Beware of his Magma Storm attack, as two hits of that (once
during melee, once during enemy phase) can kill your weaker parties.  Beware.
And don't forget your elemental attacks, as he is a boss...


*Sigh* I hate this level so much.  Damn, that was a long walkthrough for a
single battle...At least you can assured that this is probably the hardest
mandatory battle (OK, the later battles *can* be tougher [especially chapter
25, for those of you who don't pay attention], but IMO this one is the

Chapter 23 - Destruction

Ah, this is sort of like a relief battle after the mayhem of chapter 22.  One
more thing - if you had Bikkebakke give that old man money back in chapter 7,
you'll get 1000 PR now.  Not that much, but it's a nice gesture...


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
You start out in the southeast corner of the map.  This map is probably the
most linear of any map you'll find.  The path (there is only one way through)
goes north a bit, then west, then north again, then east, and finally north
into the big boss section.  There are chests in the southwest area (after the
first left turn), the eastish area (after the first right turn), and in the
left and right of the north area.  The boss can be found in the final north
area.  This map is pretty big, so don't expect your non-Light Armor parties
to be able to reach the boss in a reasonable amount of turns.

Couple of old terrain features here.  First are the aforementioned chests,
which all contain REALLY GOOD items.  So get them.  Also, there are some
spikes scattered throughout the level.  Not a danger unless you step on them,
and don't really do that much damage to dragons.  Also, some basic switch and
traps can be found, which aren't that much of a problem.  Finally, the last
(and most dangerous) terrain feature is the statue.  If you stand in front of
them, they hit you with Mega Beams.  Sorta like Autocannons.  Destroy them the
same way you would destroy anything else, with Thunder techs.  If you're
careful, they won't really bother you.

Formations are pretty standard in this battle.  Just make sure that your Light
Armor parties are decently strong.  Unfortunately, your magic parties won't be
doing that much in this battle (they're gonna be busy picking up chests), so
make sure that your Light Armors can do the job by themself.

When the battle starts, speed your Light Armor parties ahead.  All dragons
should be set on Go at this point.  Take out the Lazengraf first, as it has
the potential to do the most damage.  The other enemies should be removed at
the first opportunity.  Remember, you're (likely) only using 3 parties at this
time, so divide and conquer - focus on one enemy at a time.  Let your dragons
take care of the others.  If your magic parties are fast enough, and they drop
by before the enemies are finished, have them help out.

As your magic parties chug along, have one of them (probably the one that will
do the least damage) pick up the chest on the southwest.  Remember to leave
this party's dragon on Go, so it will help out in battle.  Unfortunately, by
going to pick up this chest, you've basically taken this party out of battle
(not like it would do much anyway).  Keep moving this party after the other 5
once they've picked up the chest.

One of your other slower parties should pick up the second chest in the corner
where you turn from right to up.  Like the first party, this one will also be
effectively taken out of the battle, so choose one of your weaker parties.
In my experience, this party (and the other one) won't be moving fast enough
to catch up with the Light Armors anyway, so its not much of a loss.

Your Light Armors should travel into the final northern section, possibly
backed up by your last non-Light Armor party.  I HIGHLY recommend that you use
your Summoners to weaken the enemies in this area, since they're fairly close

From here, we're going to try a luring strategy.  The main idea is to take out
as many of the wandering enemy parties (except the stationary Gran Cannons and
the boss), while staying out of the range of the Gran Cannons.  The best way
to do this is to leave the majority of your parties in the passageway, and
send out one Light Armor party just far enough to lure enemies towards it.  If
you're really serious, set your dragons to Come or Wait, so that they won't
attack enemies (and get rid of the luring idea).

The key here is to just stay in "sight" of the enemies.  The game is designed
so that enemy parties only move when they are a certain distance away from
your parties.  As soon as one of your parties gets within this range, the
enemy will move towards it.  That simple.  Ideally, lure the enemies out of
range of the Gran Cannon, so you can safely attack without worrying about
being hit by a Catapult.  This tactic also gives time for your magic parties
(the ones that stayed behind to pick up chests) time to catch up.

Once enough enemy parties fall for your trap, spring forward.  Your dragons
should be reset to Go, and you should pounce on the first enemies with all 4
(or more) of your parties.  With so much firepower directed on a single party,
it shouldn't be a problem to get rid of the enemies.  Do this to each and
every enemy, except for the Gran Cannons and the boss.

Once the other enemies are dead, move for the Gran Cannons.  Always attack on
the side AWAY from the boss, so as to put extra space between you and the
boss.  If you do decide to attack the cannons in melee, make sure that you can
survive TWO Catapults.  Otherwise, don't bother, and just wear them down with
magic attacks.  They barely phase dragons at all, so use that to your

Once the Gran Cannons are down, the battle becomes as easy as pie.  Send two
parties off to the sides to pick up the chests, then focus all of your might
on Gudolf.  Remember to watch out for his Magma Storm attack, as it can do a
lot of damage.  He should fall fairly quickly though.  Don't forget to defeat
him for your lvl 4 equipment - you should have gotten good equipment for most
of your melee characters at this point.


Chapter 24 - To the Homeland...

Before the battle starts, find Palpaleos (I *believe* he is in Yoyo's room).
He'll give you some good equipment - an Empress Kahna and a Royal Gown.  The
Empress Kahna has a slightly lower magic rating than an Assault, but it does
raise (minimally) all other stats.  The Royal Gown is the best robe in the
game.  I would recommend that you equip both of them on your Dragnar/Summoner.

Also, from here on out, the shops will begin to sell some ultimate equipment.
Stock up on Battle Dresses, for sure, and maybe some Thundaras if you need
them.  Delta Daggers are also good, if you don't have any Dillingers.

One more note - you get a new sidequest in this level, Situation Critical.
It's definitely a lot easier than Hard Dungeon, but I hate it, just because
it's very boring.  And the enemies in it don't change, which makes for a very
boring level.  I personally won't recommend doing it, but its rewards in EXP/
PR are fairly good, so you can do it if you wish.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
Sort of a confusing map, and I don't really remember it that well :(.  In any
case, there are three main sections to the map: the left section, the middle
section, and the right section.  You start in the left section (the NW corner,
to be more precise).  The majority of the enemies are found in the middle
section, and the boss and final enemies are in the right section.  The
sections are connected by bridges - each section is connected by two bridges
to the next section.

Terrain is fairly simple here.  There are a few forests, but those shouldn't
be too much of a problem.  The only other fear is being caught on a bridge,
and using a thunder tech (also fairly unlikely).  However, the bridges are a
bit more complicated than that.  To get from the left section to the middle
section, you can take any bridge.  However, to get from the middle section to
the right section, you MUST take the bottom bridge - the top bridge leads to a
small alcove that doesn't have direct access to the boss.

The enemies in this chapter are a bit unique.  First off, most of the enemy
parties are undead, so plan accordingly.  Second, there are two trios of
enemies that deserve some more mention - the "Ring" enemies.  They always come
in groups of 3's, and they all work together.  Ring Crafters create new Dark
Stalker parties.  Ring Tracers teleport these newly-created parties (or cast
high level magic if teh Ring Crafters are dead).  And Ring Commanders sit
around and cast Armageddon/Halley Gazer on you :-P.  In essence, there can be
an infinite number of enemies on this level, so make Ring Crafters your first
priority (unless you are harvesting, of course - more on that a bit later).

Hooray!  Since most of the enemies here are undead, go right and use those
Mini Devils.  Your odds are greatly increased, seeing as you just need one of
three (or four) dances to be one of the "powerful" dances to kill off the Dark
Stalkers.  Your other classes should be fairly balanced.  Make sure that your
magic parties are in good shape, as you will likely be using them in this

When the battle itself starts, send your Light Armors out.  I would recommend
having two of them move down at first, to attack the more southern enemies.
Your last Light Armor party should join up with your magic parties to take out
the parties in the north of the middle section.  Take out any Dark Stalker
parties that are in your direct path, but remember that the Ring parties are
your target.  Dragons should be set on Come, or Go if the party is still too
far away from the enemy.

Your lower Light Armors, after they've finished off the more southern parties,
should come back north and catch the enemies in a pincer.  They should focus
more on the existing Dark Stalkers, just in case your other parties are caught

Meanwhile, your last Light Armor and magic parties should be ready to take on
the Ring enemies now.  Although the Ring Crafter is the biggest threat, I
would recommend that you take out the Ring Commanders first.  Its Armageddon
spell really does a lot of damage over a wide area.  Also, if you take out the
Ring Crafter first, the Ring Tracers will start casting Armageddon as well -
not good.  So, the order is: Ring Commanders, Ring Crafters, Ring Tracers.
Be careful, as that Armageddon really stings - try having some Priest/Assassin
parties around in case you need healing.

Now is probably a good time to mention harvesting.  I wouldn't recommend
harvesting this Ring Crafter, but this tactic works well on the other one.
Harvesting basically involves NOT attacking the Ring Crafter, and simply
defeating the Dark Stalker parties that it creates.  This is a *fairly* simple
way to gain a lot of EXP, fairly quickly.  However, you must be careful that
you aren't overwhelmed by a swarm of Dark Stalkers.  This is easiest done with
Mini Devils, as they have the highest potential to kill off the Dark Stalkers
in just one round.  And they probably need the extra EXP, as well.

Once the enemies in the middle section are done with, your parties will split
up again.  The Light Armors will go south, to take the lower bridge onto the
right section.  The magic parties should go across the top bridge, where they
will find a small alcove.  This is probably the safest position for them -
they're out of range of the bosses, but still within range to use their own
field attacks.  This is also a good time to set your dragons on Go, especially
Salmando - his invincibility will come in handy when facing the Alchemic and

With any luck at all, the Alchemic and the Veltim will waste time casting
their spells on your dragons.  And you will be very thankful if they do.  A
double dose of Burning Earth (from the Alchemic) and Bagdem (from the Veltim)
will definitely kill off any of your magic parties, and probably even one or
two of your melee characters.  Fortunately, 2000-3000 damage isn't that much
to a dragon, and it can be healed quickly with Refreshes and White Drug.

Meanwhile, your Light Armor parties should be running into the other set of
Ring enemies about now.  Remember, the best order is: Ring Commander, Ring
Crafter, and Ring Tracer.  Unless your Light Armors have Priests/Assassins
with them, healing may be a problem, so don't forget to go through and use
items before every turn.  This is probably also the best time to do some
harvesting, if you want to, as the area is fairly isolated.

Once those enemies are done for, all that is left is the boss.  Unfortunately,
the Alchemic and Veltim are fairly smart, and they work together by targetting
a single party.  If you can, send your Light Armor parties to different sides
of the two bosses, spreading them apart (and diluting their attack power).  If
not, hope for the best, and heal up after every turn with healing spells.  Try
to avoid using your Mini Devils at this point, as a single Heal All can be
devestating - ideally, they're back harvesting with the last Ring Crafter.

With any luck, the bosses will focus on different characters (or, better yet,
they both focus on Salmando).  In this case, you can feel freer in attacking
in melee, although you still have to be very careful.  Two hits of either
attack is a likely instant KO.  Don't forget, your magic parties (in that tiny
space) should be pouring on some much-needed damage, so this shouldn't take
too long.

When the Alchemic goes down (you did defeat him first, right?) is down, Veltim
becomes much much easier.  You should be strong enough to survive a single hit
of Bagdem without many problems.  Just gang up on him in melee, and take him
down.  Don't forget to finish off that last Ring Crafter party (if you are
harvesting) before he goes, or else you'll miss out on the EXP.  And remember
your elements!


Chapter 25 - Eternal Travelers

Before this next battle starts, I would highly recommend fiddling around with
your dragons a bit.  Behemoths and Black Dragons are next to useless in this
battle, so try and get 6 Master Dragons (you should have 5 already, and just
feed a heal to any Black Dragon you may have).  You'll thank me for it later.

For this chapter (and this chapter only!) I will be digressing from my nomral
defeat-everything-in-the-battle mentality.  Only a FOOL would attempt to do
that in this battle.  So, my walkthrough will be (instead) to defeat the enemy
in the quickest way possible.  If you want to try and defeat every enemy party
in the level, be my guest - just don't come crying back to me when you find it
impossibly hard to do.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
From the start, this looks like a pretty easy battle, doesn't it?  Only 4
enemy parties!  Well, you are quite sorely mistaken.  Each of the stone
statues in this level can be brought to life.  They turn into very nasty
enemies.  And, yes, there are 20 statues (count them!).  This makes the battle
quite a bit more interesting...

The map itself is fairly easily divided into bottom, middle, and top sections.
The bottom section is where you start, and there are two statues to the left
and two the right.  The middle section is connected to the bottom by a wide
set of stairs (moblility is not an issue), and has one statue to the left and
two more to the right.  The top section is BY FAR the biggest, contains the 4
enemy parties, and has a whopping 13 statues in it.

Now, you may be thinking that you're doomed, facing off against 24 strong
enemy parties.  However, all is not lost.  The statues can be destroyed using
thunder techs (yay!).  However, you must be quick about it, as every phase two
enemy statues are brought to life.  Even if you're a master about destroying
statues, you can expect to face 6+ of these monsters.

Now, the key to this battle is formations.  Hopefully, with smart formations,
you can destroy most of the statues before they are even brought to life.
However, this is not as easy as it seems, as the statues are fairly spread out
and hard to take out in one turn.  The best formations for this battle are the
ones that make the best use of Assassins, Wizards, and Cross Knights, as they
have the highest area of effect.  Also, Light Armors are instrumental for
moving the Assassins within range of the statues.  However, you must remember
to keep your parties balanced enough that they can face off against any
enemies without dying.

Here are my formations for this battle.  They may not be the best, but they
certainly worked well enough for my purposes.  Also, these are all Master
Dragons, otherwise I wouldn't even be able to use thunder techs.  Remember,
these are probably not the best parties for the job, but they worked just fine
for me.

Party 1: Cross Knight x2, Knight, Heavy Armor
Party 2: Royal Guard, Assassin, Light Armor x2
Party 3: Knight, Heavy Armor, Assassin, Light Armor
Party 4: Dragnar, Summoner, Knight, Heavy Armor
Party 5: Priest x2, Wizard x2
Party 6: Wizard x2, Priest x2

The idea with these parties is that all of them (except party 4) can use some
form of thunder tech, and most of the parties (except 5-6) can still hold
their own in battle.  Parties 2-3 will be the ones doing most of the statue-
destroying in the higher sections, while party 1, 5-6 will take care of the
statues in the lower sections.  Party 4 is just there to do some kick-ass
damage :).

One final note.  Because the statues are set in place, this walkthrough will
be more specific than some of the other chapters.  I can't exactly vouch for
which statues will be brought to life, but I can give a walkthrough that will
destroy MOST of the statues, give or take a few.  Also, any party #'s that are
mentioned refer to the parties above.  If you don't have these exact parties,
that's fine - just follow the general instructions.  Also, I'm gonna keep a
statue count going, just for fun.

When the battle starts, the first thing you should do is check to make sure
that all dragons are on Go.  Not really that important, but a very annoying
thing to forget at a critical time.

OK, now for the good stuff.  Move party 4 as far up as it can go (and have it
cast some spell for free EXP ^_^).  Parties 5 and 6 should use a thunder tech
on the statues in the lower section.  It might take some experimenting to find
the best spot to stand, but it's not that hard.  That should take care of all
the statues in the bottom section. (statues destroyed - 4)

Party 1 should proceed to the middle section.  From there, it should be able
to target the one statue on the left side in the middle with a Swordhit
(statues destroyed - 5).  Party 3 should go to the right side of the middle
section, and aim a Raiden between the statues.  If you stand at (X:19, Y:25),
you can take out both statues at once (statues destroyed - 7).  Middle section
is clear!.

Party 2 (the one with 2 Light Armors) should go all the way up to the top
section.  From there, they can pick a side to start using Raiden on - it
doesn't really matter.  I ended up choosing the left side, and destroying the
two lowest statues on that side (statues destroyed - 9).  If you don't have a
party with two Light Armors in it, you probably won't be able to reach the top
section in a single turn - wait until next turn to do this.  This ended my

One more warning about party 2 (or any party that is in the top section) -
watch out for those Ring Commanders.  A lvl 30 Armageddon can be devestating
to just about any party, and two of them means instant death.  When you're
destroying the statues, either stay away from those parties, or use your
dragons as decoys.

When it's your turn again, move parties 1, 4-6 up as far as they can go. There
shouldn't be any more statues in that area to destroy, so you're just trying
to get them as close to the boss as possible.  Also, their dragons might be
able to lend a hand against any living Radamantises.  If you're really lucky,
party 1 might be able to use a ranged attack to help eliminate some statues in
the top section.

Next, move your party 3.  Unfortunately, mine was out of range of any enemy
statues, so that didn't really do anything.  Finally, move your party 2.  If
you're lucky, there should be a cluster of 3 statues on the right side that
should be your first target (statues destroyed - 12).  Stand at (X:19, Y:08).
You might even hit a stray Radamantis with this attack.  With any luck at all,
your dragons will have finished off at least one of the Ring Commander parties
by now, eliminating a potential threat.  This ends the player phase.

About now, some of the enemy Radamantis parties should be going on the
agressive.  If they attack one of your parties, you have a problem on your
hands, as Radamantises have really strong attacks.  One thing that might save
your life is the Defend command in battle (or the Defend ability of Heavy
Armors).  If you find a weak party being attacked, just defend, hope to
survive, and heal up with items on the next turn.

When it's your next turn, move parties 1, 4-6 up again.  Party 1, especially,
might be within range of the Radamantis parties, so have them use Swordhits
(or something else) against those parties, to lessen the load off your
dragons.  Any available dragons should be confronting enemy Radamantises.

Now, party 2 should just move to the nearest statue, and destroy it.  I can't
give any specific pointers here, as it is mostly luck as to which statues have
been raised thus far.  In my game, I was fairly lucky, and found 2 statues
close enough together to be destroyed with Raiden (statues destroyed - 14).
Party 3 was also lucky enough to find another clump of statues easily taken
out with Raiden (statues destroyed - 16).  16 destroyed statues + 4 living
statues = 20 statues!  This took care of all the statues.

Now, odds are fairly high that you aren't as lucky as I was, especially on the
last phase of destroying statues.  If not, you might face a 5th or 6th living
statue.  However, you should have safely destroyed the majority of the
statues, leaving a clear road to the finish.  However, one more thing to point
out - once all the statues are destroyed/living, the bosses (Lucrecs) will
start casting lvl 20 Gigashocks on you, which has an INSANE radius and area of
effect.  This hurts.  A lot.  Avoid it at all costs, or (even better) have
your dragons take the blow for you.

When it's your turn again, you should be facing off against 4-8 Radamantis
parties, any surviving Ring Commanders, and the two Lucrec parties.  The Ring
Commanders should be your top priority.  Next should come the Radamanstises.
Unfortunately, they are very hard to kill in melee, as they have annoyingly
high evade rates, even against techniques.  The best way to kill them is with
field attacks (which are unavoidable) or instant-death attacks (Assassinate
seems to work very well against them).  Hopefully, parties 1-4 should all be
able to take down the Radamantises, and their dragons will be very helpful in
this aspect.

Once all the Radamantises are destroyed, you have two enemies left.  There are
two Lucrec parties (each containing two Lucrecs), but only the lower one in
right party is real - the others are just there to annoy you.  If you kill
them, they will just replicate.  So don't even bother attacking them (try to
avoid having your dragons attack them, if that's at all possible).  Be careful
when taking them on, as the two Lucrec parties work together by targetting
their Gigashocks on one of your parties.  Do your best to separate them, as
two lvl 20 Gigashocks spell doom to all but dragons.  If you can keep them
apart (or, better yet, get them to target Salmando), the battle is over.  As
usual, defeat them with an element - you should be maxing out on ultimate
equipment by this point.

///////////////////////Alternate Strategy by evangelion92\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Evangelion92 points out that the main point of my strategy for this chapter is
in destroying the statues before they come to life.  Well, here's a new
strategy for you, based around destroying the Lucrecs before they can revive
enough statues.

My party
1 : Cross Knight, Light Armor, 2x Knight
2 : Cross Knight, Light Armor, Knight, Heavy Armor
3 : 3x Priest, Assassin
4 : 2x Summoner, Light Armor, Assassin
5 : 4x Wizard
6 : Royal Guard, 2x Heavy Armor, Lancer

Actually the important parties are 1,2,4. The others are just there for
the  dragons. Set all dragons to Go. That way all of them should go to the
north part and target the 4 enemies there. Hopefully they'll deal some damage
to the Ring Commanders and the bosses. Now here is the moves for first turn.

1 : Go destroy the statue on middle left.
2 : Destroy 1 of the 2 statues on middle right.
3 : Whatever as long as dragon set to Go.
4 : Go as north as possible.
5 : Destroy bottom right statues.
6 : Stay put.

Enemies turn : 2 statues revived and most likely the Ring Commanders would
do Holy/Dark level 30 to the dragons (better if they do it to Salmando).

Second turn :
1 : Destroy the 2 statues in top right, but the most bottom.
2 : Go as north as possible.
3 : Whatever
4 : Should be the first party to move so the dragons won't waste their turn
to kill the Ring Commanders. Go north and stay as far as possible to summon
level 20 Bahamut that deals damage to all 4 enemies. That'll kill the 2 Ring
Commanders and also deal good damage to the Lucrecs.
5 : Destroy the bottom left statue ( I think you can only destroy 1 of them).
6 : Stay put.

Enemies second turn : Revives another 2 statues and 4 Radamanstites would
attack. We only need to survive their attacks.

Third turn :
1 : Melee with Lucrec. Hopefully it'll kill them or at least left them with
very small HP left.
2 : Same with 1 but with the other Lucrec. Or if party 1 failed to kill the
Lucrec, then finish that Lucrec first.
3 : Whatever.
4 : Should be the first to move again. Move them to a safe place that is as
far as possible from the statues but close enough to summon level 20 Bahamut
to the 2 Lucrecs. That'll deal good damage and leave them to be killed with
Melee by party 1 and 2 (or at least almost dead).
5 : Either destroy the last bottom left statue or casts magic to that
Radamanstites (if that one is revived).
6 : Stay put or fight like party 5.

Enemies third turn (if any) : Revives 1 statue (you have to have killed at
least 1 Lucrec by this time around) and x amount of Radamanstites attack
(hopefully they'll attack your dragons).

Fourth turn (if any) :
1 and/or 2 : Finish the Lucrec.
Others : Whatever to get free EXP (might want to finish those Radamanstites
if possible).

Unlike your tactic to destroy as many statues as possible, my tactic is to
let the statues alive and concentrating to deal field attacks to the 4 main
enemies. By leaving the statues alive, that'll make sure that the Lucrecs
won't attack the parties because they'll waste their turn on reviving the
Radamanstites. If you're attacked by the Radamanstites, just defend or try
instant death if possible. Just heal your HP if needed at the beginning of
each turn. I think my tactic works well because the Lucrecs don't have
ridiculously high HP (only like 14,000 or something). So with 2-3 level 20
Bahamut, that'll leave them with very small HP and they still won't attack
us because they have to revive the Radamanstites.

And basically party 6 always stays put to absorb damage if the bottom left
statue is revived, it's there to protect party 5. Also, with my tactic, you
can use Behemoth dragon too because you don't have to destroy too many
statues. I pair the Behemoth with party 6.



Chapter 26 - Alexander, King of the Holy Dragons

You know the deal.  Replace any items that you might have used during the
previous battle, and go ahead and start the new chapter.  Don't forget to fix
any changes that you might have made to your formations in the last chapter,
and make sure your dragons are in their correct forms.


Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
The map for this level is amazingly similar to that in chapter 21.  It's
*really* small, so small that non-Light Armor parties can cross it in 2-3
turns.  Light Armor parties can go all the way across in just 1 turn.  The
enemies all start 10 squares away, so it should take 2 turns to get everyone
into fighting range.  Also, don't forget to admire that lens flare layer in
the background - sprite layer 1 :).

There are three main groups of enemies in this level, and one final boss
(Alexander).  Each group of enemies has 5 parties - 1 of Heal Glaives, 3 of
Dark Sceptres, and 1 of Ring Commanders.  These three groups are spaced evenly
in the middle of the map - one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the

The enemies should be pretty self-explanatory.  The Heal Glaives are generic
cure mage enemies, so they should be your first priority.  The Ring Commanders
have shown up before, so you should know what to do with them.  The Dark
Sceptres are the new enemy in this battle.  They are a lot like the old Temple
Guards of previous chapters - a single strong enemy with lots of HP and a
self-destructing attack.  Hope your parties are up for it.

Be careful of Alexander, however.  He doesn't have an actual sprite, but he is
at X:11, Y:05 (the lower right portion of the head).  He is, however,
selectable, and your dragons won't have any problems finding him.  Because of
the small area in this battle, he will (basically) be able to attack you right
off the start with his field attack (which has a whopping 12 range/3 area).
To put this into perspective, that is a square or two below the lowest Evil
Sceptre in the middle.  That's a pretty big range, folks.

Formations should be fairly standard for this battle.  Just make sure that you
do change the formations from last chapter.  You will be using magic parties a
lot in this battle, so make sure they are up to par.  For once, your Priests
might come in handy in this battle.  Strong melee parties are also a must (to
deal with the Dark Sceptres).  Also, this is NOT a Mini Devil battle - single
strong enemies are a Mini Devil's worst nightmare.  Assassins (and their
instant-death spells) will probably come in handy, so I would recommend having
them in your Light Armor parties.

When the battle starts, move up your magic parties.  Your Summoners should
definitely be able to get in a good shot or two at the enemies with a wide-
ranging summon, like Bahamut or Alexander.  Your Priest and Wizard parties
might not be quite so lucky, but they should be be within striking distance
for the next turn.  All dragons should be set to Go at this point.  With any
luck at all, these dragons might be able to take down some Heal Glaive or Ring
Commander parties without prompting, although this is fairly rare.

Your 3 Light Armor parties should go after the Heal Glaive and Ring Commander
parties.  At the very least, move straight ahead and take out the Heal Glaives
and Ring Commanders in the center party - if your movement range is high
enough, shoot for the ones on the side.  Althought it may be hard to whittle
down 2600+ HP in a single melee battle, it can be done - remember that Light
Armor Towers and dragon attacks are your friends.  When facing against Heal
Glaives, remember to focus your attacks if you aren't strong enough to take
them all down at once.

When the next turn starts, heal up (using Royal Drugs) any parties that were
hit by spells, and start attacking again.  Remember, your magic parties should
be focusing on wearing down the Dark Sceptres, while your Light Armor parties
should be focusing on the Heal Glaives/Ring Commanders.  Use your Summons and
Black Magic to hit as many enemies as possible, while Light Armors scour the
map taking out healing/magic enemies.  Each Light Armor party should be able
to eliminate a single enemy party, leaving just 1 left.  If you're *really*
lucky, a dragon will take out that party for you.  Remember, take out Heal
Glaives first, so they won't undo your hard work.

By now, the only thing left should be Dark Sceptre parties, which are arguably
among the hardest normal enemies you will face in this game.  Try to wear them
down with field attacks, as their Assault and Self-Destruct techniques are
deadly in melee.  Also, if you're really desparate, just defend.  The
Assassin's Assassinate technique seems to have a fairly high success rate
against them, so try your luck with that.  A dragon's Gravity-type attacks are
also very useful, so hopefully they'll use a couple of those during battle.
Otherwise, you're stuck - just wear them down with Pulses/Smashes, and finish
them off.  Keep in mind that weakened Dark Sceptres will Self-Destruct, taking
away all EXP/PR/items, so either finish them off or don't touch them at all.
As an added bonus (motivation?), they do give lvl 4 items when defeated, so
keep your elements in mind.

Admire Alexander's weird bouncing melee sprite :-P.

After a short (or long) while, all the Dark Sceptres should be defeated, and
Alexander will be the only one left.  However, this is a bit tricky, as there
are only two adjacent squares that you can hit him in melee.  And you DON'T
want your dragons occupying these important squares.  So, set your dragons on
Come/Wait if you must, send your two strongest melee parties (those heavy on
Knights/Heavy Armors) into those two spots, and pound away.  All other
parties should try and stay as far away from these two parties as possible
while still staying within magic range, as Alexander will likely target these
two parties with Heaven's Rage, which really hurts.  And you want to try and
keep your other parties out of its area.  Make use of that little alcove just
to the left of the head to place some parties.

When facing Alexander, have your melee parties attack first.  Then, have your
Priests move last, to heal up any damage done by Alexander.  This should: 1.
help keep you alive 2. keep your dragons from wasting a turn casting Refresh.
Don't be afraid to completely let lose with your spells - there's only one
more chapter after this!  Splurge on those Elixirs and High Magic Gins.

Alexander actually has a lot less HP than you might expect, so this shouln't
really take too long.  A couple turns of Insires/Smashes/Pulses should whittle
down his HP really quickly.  The only thing you should really fear is his
Heaven's Judgement attack, which does 2000+ damage to a single party member.
Keep your Priests in backup to revive any fallen party members.


Chapter 27 - We, Who Cannot See Into Tomorrow

This is the final chapter.  No holding back here.  Buy 99 of each item from
Rush, as you'll likely need them.  Then go to Bikkebakke and buy 99 of every
kind of mushroom.  For good luck ;).  Talk to Matelite when you're ready...



Exactly what heads must be defeated before the middle head will take damage?
The common answer is two, but it seems (from my experience) that you must
defeat all of the other 3 heads.  Please, somehow contact me and let me know
of some definitive evidence.

Scenario: Defeat all enemies to win (not really, though)
The map is fairly simple, and about medium size.  There is only one enemy
(well, that's sorta inaccurate - there's one enemy that has 4 different parts
to attack), Alexander.  Each of Alexander's heads is considered a boss in this
level, but you must defeat the middle one to win.  I'll make a little ASCII
map for you :).

 3    UL          5

 4                6

      1     2

UL, M, LL, and UR are separate names for Alexander's heads.  Each of them is a
different target, and they will be referred to in this manner for the rest of
the chapter.

1-6 are your parties.

Now, don't confuse the different parts of Alexander, as they are all quite
different.  There are a few similarities between the heads, however.  Here's
the basics:

UR - is the healer head.  It casts Refresh (with infinite radius, so it will
also heal the other heads), which can heal about 1500 HP a pop.  Try to avoid
having your dragons attack it in melee, as dragon attacks don't do enough
damage to counter the Refresh it will cast on itself.  Probably the
least dangerous head.  It won't attack you, so don't worry about it too much.
Found at (X:19, Y:05), the square diagonally up and left from the mouth.  It's
the greyish-bluish-purplish dragon.

UL - uses dragon spells.  Its favorites seem to be the more generic elements,
and I haven't seen it use a holy/dark attack yet.  Not very dangerous, as the
dragon spells do (mostly) under 1000 damage.  Still, a couple of these can
easily pile up damage on your weaker classes.  The only dragon that has
limited range on its attacks (radius of 5, I believe - the same as dragon
attacks), so you can just stay out of its range.  Found at (X:11, Y:06), the
square with the back of his mouth.  The red dragon.

M - uses holy dragon summons.  The middle head is the "boss" of the level -
once you defeat this head, the other ones will automatically die as well.
Also (conveniently enough), the most dangerous dragon, as some of the summons
can easily do 1500+ damage - combined with the UL head, they can wipe out your
weaker parties out very quickly.  Unfortunately, you can't even touch this
head until AT LEAST 2 of the other heads are dead.  If you continuously attack
the middle head, you'll receive a message to attack the other ones.  Found at
(X:10, Y:10), diagonally right and up from the end of the snout.  The grey

LL -  uses status effects to hurt you.  Most of them are pretty simple to
avoid (either equip status-protection armor [don't forget you can change your
armor during battle!] or use a bunch of heals), except for instant death,
which really sucks.  At least none of the status effects will kill you (with
the sole exception of instant death, or poison if you're an idiot), so no
noticable long-term effects.  This head has no real effect on your dragons.
Found at (X:9, Y:14), just underneath the visible eye.  The light-blue dragon.

All heads - None of them move.  It's pretty hard to miss them with melee
attacks/techniques (due to their speed stat of 5).  Obviously, instant-death,
status effects, and gravity attacks don't work.  They're also all non-
elemental (so no weaknesses).  I also believe that all know the Heaven's
Judgement and Heaven's Rage spells, although they tend to use their own unique
spells with higher priority.

Formations are pretty important here.  You're going to want to have a good
balance between melee and magic parties, so stick with your normal formations.
My personal recommendations are:
1. Cross Knight x2, Heavy Armor, Light Armor
2. Knight x2, Heavy Armor, Light Armor
3. Royal Guard, Knight, Heavy Armor, Light Armor
4. Dragnar, Summoner, Assassin x2 (for healing)
5. Wizard x2, Priest x2
6. Wizard x2, Priest x2

If your Lancers are particularly strong, feel free to substitute them in for
party 5 or 6 (lvl 40 Dust is insanely strong).  Also, feel free to replace the
Assassins in party 4 with something else.  All parties except 4 should
(ideally) be with Behemoths, although Master Dragons are the best substitute.
Also, you might want to switch parties 2 and 3, depending on how many
Reconquistas/ Chobham Armors you have (if you don't have any, switch the
parties).  2 Priests should be more than enough to heal your parties, although
Wizards can be grouped together if wanted.  Also, DON'T use Mini Devils, or
you'll regret it...

The basic strategy for this battle involves distracting the UR head with party
5, while your other parties wail away on LL and UL.  Once they're dead, all
parties should converge on the M head (except party 5).

When the battle starts, move party 6 first (important).  If you're going with
my parties, it should have a Behemoth with it.  Set the dragon on Go.  The
main problem is that this dragon is that it will attack the UR head in melee,
the UR head will heal itself during its melee turn, and you'll have gotten
nowhere.  Or, you might get lucky, and it will choose to attack another head.
If so, great.  During the following turns, move party 6 over to assist the
other parties with attack/healing spells.

Next, party 5 should move.  The entire battle, party 5 will have the wonderful
job of distracting the UR head.  So, move it near the UR head, and attack it
(using field attacks!  Something like Flame Gaze will work fine).  If all
works well, the UR head will spend time healing itself during the enemy phase,
and it won't do help the other heads. As the battle progresses, set party 5's
dragon on Go, and inch party 5 towards the UL head, in hopes that the dragon
might attack that head instead of the UR head.  If you're good (or lucky), you
can just ignore this head for the rest of the battle.

Now, the rest of the parties should focus on either the UL or LL head.  I
recommend the LL head, just because it is more convenient.  When facing the LL
head, be sure to equip as many pieces of equipment that protect against status
effects as you can.  Even if the armor is weaker, equip it.  This will render
you almost invincible to the LL's attacks.

If you go after the UL head, remember to unequip the status-effect-protecting
armor and equip the strongest armor you can find.  The key to minimize damage
against this dragon is to spread out your parties and take advantage of the
bad area of effect on dragon spells, as well as the dumb AI.  Just make sure
that you don't have two parties right next to other, and you should be fine.

Regardless of which dragon you face, the strategy should be very simple.  Kill
the enemy.  Let loose with your strongest attacks (Saint/Dark Pulse, Saint/
Dark Smash).  A couple of hints - regular Light Armor attacks generally do
more damage than Towers, standard Assassin attacks are preferred to Trick
(although Chakra is still useful), and Cross Knight Hits are a tiny bit better
than normal attacks.  Mystery Magic (Wizard) and Bahamut are also the
strongest for their respective characters.

Dragons should be set on Come, or else they might attack another head (M head
can't take any damage, remember?!).  Every turn, before you move your parties,
go through and use healing items.  Try and use up your regular Drugs first, as
there is no limit.  Don't forget to use those Heals to heal any status effects
(when against the LR head).  Also, whenever you run out of MP, USE THOSE MAGIC
GINS!  Litancibles can be used on a party with just one surviving character,
so don't waste MP casting Return Life.  Don't hold back with any items - there
(quite literally) is no tomorrow.  Parties 4-6 can also help out with the
healing, preferably at the end of the turn, although they should use attack
spells when given the chance.

Once one of the heads goes down, attack the other one (UL or LL).  Remember,
you can't touch the M head until two other heads are destroyed. Unfortunately,
your dragons aren't very smart, and they will attack the M (and UR) heads,
which is fairly useless.  Just ignore them - if you're lucky, it might work
out good for you, as the M head might target summons on that rogue dragon (as
opposed to targetting Byuu's party).

Speaking of which, the M head will be casting a bunch of summons.  They hurt a
lot, and have a great area of effect (especially if you get unlucky, and it
summons Garuda).  There is no easy way to get him to target another party,
although you CAN use a decoy party to draw away fire.  I wouldn't recommend
it, though - you end up wasting more time than is worthwhile.

Now is a good time to take on the UR head.  Stronger parties should go after
it with melee attacks (make sure they do more than 1500 damage to counter the
auto-heal), while weaker parties should use field attacks (which don't do as
much damage, but won't trigger the auto-heal).  This head has the least HP and
is also the least dangerous, so there shouldn't be any problems.  Again, while
fighting this head, just do your best to deal with summons from the M head.

Once all of the other heads are finished, all parties should converge on the
M head.  Try to get your characters surrounding the head (as opposed to your
dragons), as a single Pulse/Smash does more damage than most dragon attacks.
If all other heads are done at this point, you have very little to fear from
its summons - just use items at the start of each turn, healing spells at the
end of each turn, and wail away with your attacks.  The M head does have a lot
of HP, but it should be smooth sailing from here.  Don't worry about overkill
or anything like that - just finish the job.


Now, sit back, pull up a nice cold Black Cherry soda, put up your legs, and
scream at the top of your lungs.  You've defeated Bahamut Lagoon!

It's not over yet, though.  Once the ending is over, restart the game.  You've
unlocked Ex-Game!  This allows you to start a new game with a previous save
(likely your chapter 27 save), retaining all levels/equipment/PR.  There are
also a couple new perks - you get to summon Alexander (w00t!), and you get a
new feature which shows you what will happen if you feed your dragon a certain


Sidequest Walkthroughs

Mini-Walkthrough: Granbelos Fortress

*Note:* This is a generic walkthrough, that should (hopefully) help you each
time you run through Granbelos Fortress.  Some things may be different, namely
the number and type of enemies, but the following walkthrough should stay true
about every time.

Scenario: Defeat all enemies to win
Granbelos Fortress is a pretty easy sidequest.  You start out on a small
island on the south side of the map, with enemies scattered everywhere.  To
reach the main island, you must cross a small bridge (over two squares of
water, so feel free to use ice techs to cross the river).  Once on the main
island, there are two directions that lead to the top.  The left is generally
the least-guarded side, while the right has a few more enemies on it.  Both
paths finally converge at the top, where there is a small castle, and the
final enemies.

The main terrain features here are the walls.  They impede movement (seeing as
you can't pass through them), and you're forced to go around and find a gate.
So, bust out the thunder techs on this level, or level up your Light Armors
until you have enough movement points to find a gate in a single turn.  Also,
ice techs would come in handy for the beginning, when you're crossing the
first river, as the bridge is narrow.  There are several forests in the area,
but it generally isn't very cost-effective to try and lure enemies onto them.

Formations should be whatever you want.  Remember, this is a sidequest, so you
might consider putting your weaker parties into battle here.  Group them
however you want, just make sure they can survive a hit or two.  In any case,
your dragons will likely be doing a lot of the work here.  Also, this is not
your textbook Mini Devil battle, but it's very low risk here - even if your
Mini Devils do something bad, it won't cause any seriously bad effects as the
enemies are so weak.

Once you start, have your wizards freeze the river.  Attack the first few
enemy parties with everything you've got.  There should be between 2 and 4, so
they'll go down very quickly.  The biggest problem here will be the confines
of this area - the bridge is far too narrow to pass several parties at once,
so use some ice magic to freeze the water.

Once these parties are down, your Light Armor parties should split up.  If
your Light Armors aren't at a high level yet, have them wait while your other
parties catch up.  If you only have one Light Armor, send it off to the right.
If you have two Light Armors, send the stronger party to the right, and the
weaker one to the left.  If you have 3 Light Armors, send the two weaker ones
to the right, and the strongest one to the left.  Unless your Light Armors
are pathetically weak, don't expect to use the non-Light Armor parties that
much - they're just here to soak up the free EXP.

Generally, your dragons will be doing most of the work on this level.  The
enemies shouldn't be too hard, as most of them are fairly weak and will take
several phases to kill you.  Remember, this is a sidequest, so do your best to
finish off all enemies in melee for the extra EXP/PR.  And don't forget the
Presenters - avoid having your dragons kill them, as dragons are much harder
to micromanage for the correct element.  Any parties not in active melee
should be using their strongest field attacks every turn, for free EXP.

In any case, your Light Armor parties should converge on the other side of the
big lake in the middle.  From there, they should combine to take out the final
enemy parties on the north.  Fairly smooth sailing, no?  If you seriously have
problems doing this (or any other sidequest, excluding Hard Dungeon), you need
to level up PRONTO.  Unfortunately, the only way to level up is to do a
sidequest, which I find rather ironic.

Mini-Walkthrough: Easy Dungeon

Another fairly general walkthrough, as Easy Dungeon's difficulty depends on
what point in the game you play it.  At least the map stays the same every

Scenario: Defeat the boss to win/Defeat all enemies to win
Yes, depending on what chapter you try Easy Dungeon, the scenario can change.
I'll get a list of the different levels later.

The map is divided according to where the enemies are.  You start out in the
southwest corner of the map.  There are enemies in the east, center, west,
northwest (the boss will be here), and sometimes the northeast.  Areas of the
map will be called as such.  For the most part, parties can easily traverse
from one area to another, but there are cave-ins between the southwest and
west, as well as between the east and northeast.  There is also a swamp in the
center, but that shouldn't really be too much of a problem.  For formations,
try to make sure that most (if not all) of your parties have some form of
thunder or earth attack, to break in cave-ins.  This applies mostly to any
Light Armor parties you might use, so fill them up with Assassins/Matelite/
Lancers if you must.

To start out, have a magic party break the wall between the southwest and the
west areas.  This party (and any others that might follow it) will be trying
to weaken the enemies in the west.  Try and keep them out of battle, as they
are magic parties and don't have much HP (unless you know that you can finish
the battle before the enemy attacks).

Meanwhile, your other parties (including your Light Armor parties) should go
into the center.  Hopefully, they shouldn't have too much of a problem here,
as the enemies are outnumbered and fairly weak.  Don't forget to avoid that
big swamp in the middle, and use your Summoners well.  Once you've mopped the
cave floor with their dead bodies, the walkthrough will split up here,
depending on how many and how strong your Light Armor parties are.  Just
follow the headings from here on.

A. One Light Armor, fairly weak
OK, this should be fun.  Send off two or three parties to the east section, to
attack the enemies over there.  I would recommend that these be your weaker
parties, and probably not your Light Armor party, as the left side is a bit
harder.  The best mix is probably 2 magic and 1 melee party.  Together, they
should kill off the enemies over here.  When they are done, either destroy the
northeast wall and move to the boss, or backtrack into the center and follow
the parties that went west.

The remaining parties should go into the west section.  The enemies here might
be a bit weaker, but these parties will also have to deal with the boss (or
the enemies in this boss area).  Once they are finished with the enemies on
the left, have them move up to attack the boss.  From here, proceed to heading

B. One Light Armor, fairly strong
Um...basically, do the same as in section A, but you might be able to send the
Light Armor party and one additional party alone to take out the enemies on
the east side.  Otherwise, just follow the directions in section A.  And go to
section G when you're done.

C. Two Light Armors, fairly weak
Send both Light Armor parties off the east to confront those enemies.  They
should be able to survive on their own.  When they are done, have them break
the northeast wall with thunder/earth techs, and proceed to the boss.  Your
other 4 parties should be dealing with the enemies to the west, and then
proceeding to the boss.  With any luck at all, they should both arrive at the
boss at around the same time.  Proceed to section G.

D. Two Light Armors, fairly strong
This depends on how strong your Light Armor parties are.  Do you think that a
single Light Armor (with the help of a dragon or two) could defeat those
parties to the east?  If so, send that Light Armor party out to the east,
while the other Light Armor party spearheads the attack on the west side.
When both sides are done, speed right for the boss.  This method is much more
dangerous than C, but it also gets the job done faster, for all you impatient
people.  Proceed to section G.

However, if your Light Armor party isn't strong enough (and it probably won't
be), do the same as in section C.  And go to section G when you're ready.

E. Three Light Armors, fairly weak
Send your two weaker Light Armor parties to the east to face those enemies.
Meanwhile, your other parties should be attacking the enemies on the west side
of the cave.  With two Light Armor parties on one side, and one Light Armor +
strong magic attackers on the other, this should go fairly fast.  When done,
both parties should head straight for the boss (the right parties may need to
break through some cave-ins on the way there).  Go to section G.

F. Three Light Armors, fairly strong
This is a lot like section D...is one Light Armor strong enough to take on all
the enemies on the east?  If so, have it do so, and speed straight for the
boss when you're done.  If not, just follow the guidelines in section E.  BTW,
this scenario might happen a lot more often than you might expect, as you will
find that the enemies in Easy Dungeon are pretty *easy* to defeat (hahaha...).
Go to section G.

G. The Boss (or enemies that are harder than the other ones)
Hahaha...I made all you people come down here, and I have three words for you.
Defeat.  The.  Boss.  Simple, eh?  Well, in any case, try and defeat the
enemies surrounding the boss first, for the extra EXP/PR.  Then go for the
boss.  It's that simple.  Don't forget to defeat it with an element for
stronger items, especially in the later chapters.

Mini-Walkthrough: Hard Dungeon

Coming later...for now, look at EternalSpirit's FAQ on gamefaqs.com.

Mini-Walkthrough: Situation Critical

Like Hard Dungeon, Situation Critical is the same each time you play through
it, so this walkthrough should be fairly specific.  Also, for the record, I
honestly don't recommend that you play Situation Critical.  Not that it
doesn't give rewards in terms of EXP/PR/items (which it does), but it's just a
BORING battle.  Very boring.  So boring that you'll want to rip off your SNES
(or computer) and pound it in with a hammer.  So do yourself a favor, and
stick with Easy Dungeon.

Also, check out the lack of ground in melee battles 0_o.  Kinda spooky, isn't

Scenario: Defeat the boss to win
This battle takes place on the Farnheit, which is pretty cool.  The enemies
are mostly gathered on the west side of the Farnheit, with some above and
some below the ship itself.  The boss is to the west of Farnheit.  Like in
Mid-Air Dragon Battle (these battles are very similar, in case you didn't
notice), the enemies come alone and are quite strong.  The final dragons near
the end in particular are your biggest threat.
The really sad thing about this battle is that your parties won't be doing
that much.  It's very hard to try and lure the enemies within melee range,
which results in your dragons doing most of the damage.  Thus, formations
aren't really that important, although I do recommend that you keep your
Summoners/Wizards/Priests in their own groups.  You'll see why later.  And
this is NOT a good Mini Devil battle.

When the battle starts, do your best to move your Summoner/Wizard/Priest
groups into range of the enemy.  Unfortunately, it will be very hard to try
and lure the enemies into your melee range (seeing as your dragons will go out
and approach them), so you'll be depending on your field attacks for most of
your damage.  Do your best to take out the first two enemy parties on the
north and south sides using field attacks.

Meanwhile, your melee parties should move as far up as you think is safe.  By
this, I mean far enough that they won't get surrounded, yet close enough to
the enemies that you can hopefully lure them towards you.  The best way to do
this is to check the movement ranges of the enemy parties (select them with A)
and move so that they will *just* be able to attack you in melee if they move.
Hopefully, this will lure them to you, and you can do a lot more damage that
way.  Also, try and get your dragons to attack other parties - if your dragons
attack the parties you're trying to lure, odds are very low that they will
move at all.

If you do manage to get a few enemies in melee, this battle will be much
quicker.  The 6000 damage you can do with a melee party is much better than
the 1000-2000 that your dragons can do.  Your field parties should be doing
their best to take out the first couple enemies on their own - they shouldn't
be taking damage, but it is a painstakingly slow process.  Once they are
finished (the dragons should be helpful here), move them west to assist the
other parties.  As a reminder, none of the 3 dragons or the boss will do any
moving unless they are attacked or one of your dragons is within close range
(basically, they won't touch you until you attack them).

After all the Favnils are dead, you must move on to attack the Dauntresses,
the Helldivers, and finally the Gatekeeper.  And if you thought the first part
was boring, you'll die in the second part.  The real problem with this is that
it is almost impossible to attack these dragons in melee.  Your dragons
(unless you have supreme micromanagement skills) will always attack the enemy
dragons first, stopping them from moving up.  And if they don't move up, the
only way to touch them is through field attacks and dragon attacks.  Both of
which do excruciatingly low damage (compared to melee attacks).

Unfortunately, your strongest attack at this point will be Bahamut (or
Alexander, if you have him).  And that doesn't even do half the damage that
you could do in melee.  Expect to use up a lot of Magic Gins restoring your
Summoner's/Wizard's/Priest's/Cross Knight's MP/SP, as they will be the only
ones that can do any damage at all.  Remember, parties without a field attack
that can hit the enemy should be using some other field attack for some easy

Pretty soon you'll get to the point where you don't want to restore the MP of
your attackers, just because it's so tedious.  If you don't get to this stage,
I congratulate you.  It happened to me pretty quickly :-P.  Then, your only
source of damage will be your dragon attacks, and those only do between 1000-
2000 damage a pop (maybe more if you have a Black Dragon, or a Behemoth who
turns into a Black Dragon).  The four enemies you face have massive HP - it
took me an eternity to defeat the boss using only dragon attacks.  And it's
definitely not that exciting to watch your dragons use the same attacks over
and over.  Hell, the enemies aren't exciting either - they do absolutely no
damage at all, as your dragons can evade every attack.  *sigh* It took me over
10 minutes to kill off the final 4 enemies, just because I had no good way to
deal damage.  Not only that, they don't even give good EXP/PR, because you're
defeating them with field attacks...

When you're done, do your best to make your dragons defeat the boss with an
element.  This will be pretty hard, though, seeing as you don't have direct
control over your dragons.  Well, do your best, and hope that you get
something that you like.  Remember, the Gatekeeper has a lot of HP and you do
pathetic damage with your attacks, so this will take a while.


As soon as I get more of these (especially the lower level ones), I'll write
this up.




      Description is the game's description of the item.
      Use shows how the item can be used, either Melee or Field (or both) or
      Buy is the buying price (N/A if the item is not buyable).
      Sell is the selling price.
      Dragon Effects are the stat changes that come if you feed this item to a
      Comments is my take on the item, both in battle and when feeding to a

Items are listed in the order in which the game presents them.

Healing Items

Description: Restores 100 HP - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 100
Sell: 50
Dragon Effects: HP +2, Loyalty +1
Comments: Your standard healing item.  Never leave home without it.  It's
better used on the field, as there are much better healing items.  Only feed
these to dragons if you need a quick loyalty boost.

High Drug
Description: Restores 1000 HP - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 2000
Sell: 1000
Dragon Effects: HP +5, Mind +1, Loyalty +1
Comments: Another good healing item.  You'll find yourself using a lot of
these during battle.  Don't bother feeding them to dragons.

Royal Drug
Description: Restores 1000 HP - All Allies
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 6000
Sell: 3000
Dragon Effects: HP +20, Mind +10, Recovery +2, Loyalty -2
Comments: The best healing item in the game, and very useful to have in the
final few battles.  Unlike the other Drugs, you can get away with using this
in melee sometimes.  It has good effects when feeding to dragons, but by the
time you get a steady supply of them your dragons should be maxed out anyway.

Magic Gin
Description: Restores 50 MP - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 1500
Sell: 750
Dragon Effects: MP +10, Mind +1, Loyalty +1
Comments: Your standard MP-restoring item.  These will come in handy in those
grueling endurance battles at the end of the game.  Also, this is one of only
3 ways to raise MP (and the easiest to acquire), so stock up on these whenver
you get a chance.

High Magic Gin
Description: Restores 500 MP - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 4000
Dragon Effects: MP +30, Dexterity +1, Mind +20, Recovery +1, Fidelity +1
Comments: A great item, but I *believe* that no character will ever get over
500 MP anyway.  Stick with regular Magic Gins in battle, and feed these to
your dragons.

Description: Restores all HP and MP - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 7500
Dragon Effects: HP +10, MP +10, Strength +3, Vitality +5, Dexterity +20,
Mind +20, Recovery +10, Poison +10, Loyalty -10, Fidelity -1
Comments: Good stuff.  The only item to heal both HP and MP, Elixers are a
nice item to have when you're in a pinch.  However, they aren't as necessary
as you might think, as you have unlimited item use anyway.

Description: Revive - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 500
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: HP +2
Comments: One of two items that revives dead characters.  If this isn't
useful, I don't know what is.  Keep a bunch of these on store at all times.
Don't bother feeding them to dragons.

Litancible SP
Description: Revive - All Allies
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 7000
Sell: 3500
Dragon Effects: HP +10, Dexterity +10, Mind +10, Recovery +2
Comments: The other healing item.  Not as necessary as Litancibles, as these
only save time when 2+ party members are dead.  Plus, you can use as many
Litancibles as you want before your turn anyway.  Decent dragon food.

Description: Cure Status Ailments - Single Ally
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 200
Sell: 100
Dragon Effects: HP +2, Loyalty -10, Fidelity -5
Comments: Your other standard healing item.  ALWAYS have a lot of these ready
to use, as nothing sucks more than sleep or petrify.  These are also the
easiest way to reverse the effects of a Black Dragon, as they're cheap.

Heal SP
Description: Cure Status Ailments - All Allies
Use: Field/Melee
Buy: 2000
Sell: 1000
Dragon Effects: HP +6, Dexterity +1, Mind +5, Loyalty -10, Fidelity -10
Comments: Eh.  Not really useful, or necessary for that matter.  They'll only
come in handy for the very last battle, and you can still use a bunch of Heals
to do the same thing.  Not that good as dragon food either.

Battle Items

Although these are all classified as "battle" items, don't bother using them
in battle, as the effects are minimal.  They (mostly) make better dragon food.

Flame Grass
Description: Flame Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Fire +1
Comments: Unlike some of the other grasses, these are an easy way to raise the
fire stat in the beginning of the game, as none of the mushrooms will affect
fire.  However, they're quickly outshadowed by some of the later items.

Ice Grass
Description: Ice Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Water +1
Comments: Like Fire Grasses, as there is no other easy way to raise the Ice
stat of a dragon.  Use them well, but sell them once you acquire good ice-
elemental items.

Thunder Grass
Description: ThunderMagic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Mind +1, Thunder +1
Comments: More useful than the previous grasses, as it raises TWO stats.
However, Poison Mushrooms are just as good at doing the same thing.

Poison Grass
Description: Poison Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Poison +1
Comments: Useful for raising the Poison stat, but Mushrooms are much easier to
acquire.  Decent money, though.

Life Grass
Description: Heal Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Mind +1, Recovery +1
Comments: Useful early game, but quickly outshadowed by Mushrooms.  Use them
if you have any, but don't bother stocking up on them.

Earth Grass
Description: Earth Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 400
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +1, Mind +1, Fire +1, Water +1, Thunder +1
Comments: Basically Fire, Ice, and Thunder Grasses rolled into one easy-to-use
package.  Very useful.

Holy Grass
Description: Holy Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 750
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +5, Mind +5, Fire +1, Water +1, Thunder +1, Recovery
+1, Fidelity -1
Comments: The best grass, hands down.  Feed these to your dragons at all

Dark Grass
Description: Dark Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 750
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +2, Mind +3, Fire +1, Water +1, Thunder+1,
Poison +1, Fidelity +2
Comments: Pretty good dragon food, especially early game.  Still useful as
they raise lots of stats.

Ship's Log
Description: ???
Use: ---
Buy: 100
Sell: 50
Dragon Effects: Wisdom +5
Comments: Hmm...it can't be used in battle and has minimal effects on dragons
(any of the other notebooks are better for raising wisdom).  Don't bother with

Prodigy Notebook
Description: Sleep Magic - Single Enemy
Use: Melee
Buy: 150
Sell: 75
Dragon Effects: Wisdom +8
Comments: Good if you win some in battles, but don't waste your money buying

Difficult Book
Description: Sleep Magic - Single Enemy
Use: Melee
Buy: 300
Sell: 150
Dragon Effects: Mind +1, Wisdom +10
Comments: Better than all previous books, but wait for those Strategy Books.
These perfectly match up with Porno Mags, so that's a nice benefit.

Genius Notebook
Description: Sleep Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 500
Sell: 250
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +1, Mind +1, Wisdom +14
Comments: Pretty good, but not very useful.  After you get Strategy Books,
you'll probably never use these again.

Strategy Book
Description: Sleep Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Sell: 12500
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +3, Mind +3, Wisdom +100
Comments: Now we're talking!  Use these when you first get them to max out
your dragons' wisdom, then sell them (they fetch a LOT of PR).

Porno Mag
Description: Sleep Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 1980
Sell: 990
Dragon Effects: Strength +14, Dexterity +1, Mind +1, Loyalty +1, Fidelity +1,
Wisdom -10
Comments: Probably the best (and easiest) way to raise a dragon's strength,
short of buying and feeding a bunch of weapons.  Combine these with Difficult
Books to reverse the Wisdom loss.

XXX Porno Mag
Description: Sleep Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 14800
Sell: 7400
Dragon Effects: Strength +36, Dexterity +3, Mind +5, Loyalty +5, Fidelity +20,
Wisdom -20
Comments: Very useful for raising your dragon's strength.  Unfortunately, by
the time you get a good supply of these, your dragons should have (close to)
maxed out strength anyway.  Still, they're fairly useful if you're a bit weak.

Poem Diary
Description: Heal Effect - Single Ally
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 300
Dragon Effects: Mind +15, Personality -15
Comments: A good way to increase mind, although mushrooms are better.

Sweet Wine
Description: Fire Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 75
Dragon Effects: HP +10, Mind +1, Intimacy +5
Comments: A surefire way to quickly fix any Lonely Dragons.  Not good for much
else, though, but make sure to keep a few of these on hand for accidents.  A
decent item when used in melee, about as strong as Flame Gaze.

Drawer Thing
Description: Cure Status - Single Ally
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 150
Dragon Effects: Dexterity +10, Mind +10, Loyalty +1, Intimacy +12
Comments: Good stuff, as they raise both Dexterity and Mind.  Saves a couple
mushrooms, if nothing else.

Sweet Honey
Description: Heal Effect - Single Ally
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 500
Dragon Effects: HP +24, Dexterity +1, Mind +5, Fidelity +1, Intimacy +22
Comments: Decent if you need a large intimacy boost, not good for much else.

Sweet Memory
Description: Heal Effect - Single Ally
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 1500
Dragon Effects: Mind +16, Fidelity +2, Intimacy +38
Comments: Pretty good increase in mind, and a BIG increase in Intimacy.

Super Vodka
Description: Fire Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 3750
Dragon Effects: HP +10, Loyalty +1, Personality +100, Intimacy +40
Comments: Good for raising Personality.  Now, if I only remembered what that

Bitter Memory
Description: Damage - Single Enemy
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 40
Dragon Effects: Vitality +16, Dexterity +1, Mind +1, Loyalty +3, Fidelity +5,
Intimacy -10
Comments: A good way to raise Vitality (which is incredibly hard to do).  Feed
in tandem with Sweet Wines or Drawer Things for best effect.  Always keep a
couple of these handy, as you may never know when you'll want to lower a
dragon's intimacy (sometimes you will!).

Botched Cookie
Description: Death Magic - Single Enemy
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 55
Dragon Effects: HP +8, Loyalty +1, Fidelity +8, Intimacy -15
Comments: Um...a replacement Drug, perhaps?

Bitter Wine
Description: Fire Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 50
Dragon Effects: HP +14, Mind +1, Loyalty +1, Fidelity +15, Intimacy -22
Comments: A good way to lower intimacy, I suppose.

Poison Mushroom
Description: Poison Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 60
Sell: 30
Dragon Effects: HP +18, Dexterity +1, Thunder +1, Loyalty +2, Fidelity +10
Comments: Here we are...the Mushrooms.  Let's see what's so good about them.
First off, they only cost 60 a piece - 100 Poison Mushrooms will only cost
6000 PR.  These same 100 Poison Mushrooms can also completely max out your
Thunder, completely 2/5 of your Dexterity, and grant almost 2000 more HP.  Is
this not a good deal or what?  Just make sure to keep some Heals around when
you use them.

Gross Mushroom
Description: Poison Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 100
Sell: 50
Dragon Effects: HP +20, Mind+1, Poison +1, Loyalty +5, Fidelity +4
Comments: Basically a Poison Mushroom that increases Poison instead.  The same
benefits as the other mushrooms.

Rotten Mushroom
Description: Poison Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: 100
Sell: 60
Dragon Effects: HP +24, Dexterity +1, Recovery +1, Loyalty +1, Fidelity +10
Comments: The same as the other Mushrooms, but this increases Recovery.  Just
as good as the other ones, though.

Description: Dark Magic - All Enemies
Use: Melee
Buy: N/A
Sell: 150
Dragon Effects: HP +30, Dexterity +1, Mind +10, Poison +5, Loyalty +20,
Fidelity +20
Comments: If you have some, great.  If you don't, that's fine.  Don't go out
of your way to look for these - they're basically souped-up versions of the
Mushrooms, and they're pretty hard to find anyway.

Gunso's ???
Description: ???
Use: ---
Buy: N/A
Sell: 1
Dragon Effects: Fidelity +4, Transformation -100
Comments: Ahh...the Gunso's ??? items.  They have one use, and one use only:
to reverse the effects of the Princess ??? items (i.e. to get rid of those
Unknown Form dragons).  I wouldn't recommend reversing those, however, so
these have basically not use.  Don't waste them, though - if you end up with a
dragon stuck in one of the Unknown Forms, this would be a good backup.


- All Shop listing apply until the next time they are listed.  I.E. if there
is a listing for the salesman in the Farnheit in chapter 2, and another in
chapter 5, it can be assumed they sell the same things between the two
different listings.

Crewman Salesman in Yoyo's Room

Chapter 2:

Item                      Price
Ship's Log                  100
Prodigy Notebook            150
Difficult Book              300
Genius Notebook             500
Porno Mag                  1980

Chapter 6: (moves to the men's bedroom)

Item                      Price
Ship's Log                  100
Prodigy Notebook            150
Difficult Book              300
Genius Notebook             500
Porno Mag                  1980

Weapons Salesman on the Farnheit

Chapter 2:

Item                       Price
Long Sword                  1000
Battle Axe                   900
Rapier                       800
Halberd                     1100
Rod                          600

Chapter 6:

Item           Price
Ice Brand       2400
Burning Axe     2000
Siren           2000
Coquetos        2600
Rod              600
Fire Rod        4000
Drug Rod        9000

Armor Salesman on the Farnheit

Chapter 2:

Item                     Price
Plate Mail                1600
Leather Armor             1000
Silk Robe                  900

Chapter 6:

Item           Price
Ice Armor       3000
Ice Jacket      2400
Gaia Robe       2400

Item Salesman on the Farnheit

Chapter 2:

Item                    Price
Drug                      100
Heal                      200
Litancible                500

Chapter 6:

Item           Price
Drug             100
Heal             200
Litancible       500
Magic Gin       1500

Battlefield Salesman

Chapter 3:

Item           Price
Long Sword      1000
Battle Axe       900
Rapier           800
Halberd         1100
Rod              600
Plate Mail      1600
Leather Armor   1000
Silk Robe        900
Drug             100
Heal             200
Litancible       500

Chapter 5:

Item           Price
Ice Brand       2400
Burning Axe     2000
Siren           2000
Coquetos        2600
Rod              600
Fire Rod        4000
Drug Rod        9000
Ice Armor       3000
Ice Jacket      2400
Gaia Robe       2400
Drug             100
Heal             200
Litancible       500
Magic Gin       1500

Matelite (in Campbell)

Chapter 7:

Item             Price
Matelite Axe      2060
Matelite Armor    3090


      (Name) is that enemy's name.  If there is more than one type of the said
enemy, their name will have their level after it (i.e. Soldier (5) means a lvl
5 Soldier).
      Chapter is what chapter that enemy can be found in.
      Level is that enemy's level.
      HP is that enemy's max HP.
      MP is that enemy's max MP.
      Element is that enemy's elemental affinity.
      Attack is that enemy's attack.
      Defense is that enemy's defense.
      Speed is that enemy's speed.
      Magic is that enemy's magic power.
      Movement rate is that enemy's movement rate (NOTE: I'm a bit sketchy on
some of these) in squares.  IMPORTANT: Movement rate and speed are NOT exactly
      Attacks are the special attacks that that enemy can use (Attacks that
can be used on the field are marked by a (F) - all field attacks can be used
in melee as well [AFAIK]).
      Descriptions are a brief summary of how they look.
      My notes are...um...my notes.

I have (as of now) been unable to calculate the EXP/PR that each enemy drops.
If anyone would like to do these for me, I will be very grateful.

Stuff that I don't know is left blank, while no value is represented by --.



Blitz Magus
Level: 12
Chapter: 6, 7
HP: 1000
MP: 160
Element: Lightning
Attack: 16
Defense: 26
Speed: 8
Magic: 46
Movement rate: 2-4
Attacks: Bionics lvl 3 (F), Thunder Gale lvl 3 (F)
Description: A brown Flame Magus.  Whoop-de-doo.
My Notes: Just like a Flame Magus, although Poison isn't quite as bad as
Petrify.  They are a bit stronger magically, but the difference is very
slight.  Be careful around bridges and these guys, as Thunder Gale destroys
them (leaving you drowning).

Level: 13
Chapter: 6, 7
HP: 2600
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 58
Defense: 41
Speed: 4
Magic: 6
Movement rate: 2-4
Attacks: Body Blow lvl 5
Description: He has the Warbuster sprite, but this time with gold armor/sword
and purple (?) pants.
My Notes: Quite a bit of HP, but not incredibly dangerous.  That Body Blow
certainly does sting though...I believe it has an instant-death chance, but
I'm not too sure about this.


Level: 25
Chapter: 4
HP: 3200
MP: 54
Element: --
Attack: 104
Defense: 100
Speed: 44
Magic: 65
Movement rate:
Attacks: Hole Volley lvl 5
Description: Fat knights with axes and shields.
My Notes: Not too bad, by the time you reach them.  However, if you face one
of these in chapter 4, you'll be slaughtered (unless you're in Ex-play, of

Level: 13
Chapter: 5
HP: 3600
MP: 49
Element: Fire
Attack: 62
Defense: 48
Speed: 22
Magic: 46
Movement rate: 4
Attacks: Fire Breath lvl 3 (F)
Description: Prototypical 3-headed monster, with a one dragon(?) head, one
lion head, and one goat head.  Big wings, too.
My Notes: Scary stuff.  This thing does a ton of damage in both melee and on
the field with its Fire Breath attack, and it also has a ton of HP as well.
Not fun.  The easiest way to beat it would be to spread your parties apart,
and use field attacks to wear down its 3600 HP.  Use your dragons as damage
shields.  Finally, move in for the kill.  Fun, isn't it?

Cure Mage
Level: 15
Chapter: 4, 6, 7
HP: 980
MP: 130
Element: --
Attack: 12
Defense: 26
Speed: 8
Magic: 36
Movement rate: 3?
Attacks: White Drug lvl 3 (F)
Description: Skinny dude with purple gloves and boots.
My Notes: Ah, the first healing unit.  GODDAMN THESE ENEMIES.  These are the
things that make you want to pull your hair out and throw it at the TV screen
(or computer screen, as is more likely).  They will heal everything and
anything that takes even a miniscule amount of damage.  Annoyances...


Level: 11
Chapter: 5
HP: 2650
MP: 44
Attack: 54
Defense: 36
Speed: 3
Magic: 53
Movement rate: 3
Description: A plant thing, with lots of green tentacles and a pink flower for
a head.
My Notes: A high HP Soldier.  Nothing new here.



Flame Magus
Level: 8
Chapter: 4, 6
HP: 650
MP: 140
Element: Fire
Attack: 12
Defense: 20
Speed: 4
Magic: 38
Movement rate: 2-3
Attacks: Petrify lvl 2 (F), Flame Gaze lvl 2 (F)
Description: A red Ice Magus.  Yea, I know I'm lazy...
My Notes: Basically the same as the Ice Magus, except with a different element
and name.  This one is a bit more dangerous, however, due to its higher magic
stat and fire element.  Flame Gaze can start forest fires and melt ice
bridges, so be careful.  Petrify is downright annoying, so be ready with those


Gran Launcher
Level: 15
Chapter: 3, 6, 7
HP: 1200
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 55
Defense: 30
Speed: 2
Magic: 28
Movement rate: 0 (It's probably something like -50, but for our purposes let's
say 0.  It and all other enemies in this party don't move.)
Attacks: Catapult lvl 2 (F) (This has a range of 7 squares.)
Description: Like a box with teeth.
My Notes: Ah, the first artillery unit.  Fear this.  A lot.  It does good
damage with awesome range, and can easily hit you 2-3 times before you even
get close enough to hit it.  However, they are worthless in melee, where their
range is useless (assuming you survive long enough to get this close).  A
general hint: they are usually found in structures, so make sure to use a
thunder tech on it first (can't let it restore free HP!).

Level: 13
Chapter: 3 [BOSS], 4, 6, 7
HP: 2800
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 61
Defense: 42
Speed: 1
Magic: 10
Movement rate: 2-4
Attacks: Daikon Chop lvl 3
Description: Fat Vikingish dude with a big two-handed sword
My Notes: Basically an advanced version of the soldier.  Like the soldier, it
still attacks solely in melee, and isn't THAT strong.  If you're at a high
level and have good Priests, they shouldn't be a problem at all.


Level: 6
Chapter: 4, 6, 7
HP: 1200
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 44
Defense: 32
Speed: 10
Magic: 10
Movement rate: 3?
Description: A Soldier
My Notes: Another Soldier type class.  No biggie.


Ice Magus
Level: 6
Chapter: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4
HP: 480
MP: 120
Element: Ice
Attack: 8
Defense: 14
Speed: 3
Magic: 32
Movement rate: 3
Attacks: Ice Magic lvl 1 (F), Sleep lvl 1 (F)
Description: A blue hooded/robed creature with a rod in its left hand.
My Notes: The first enemy you'll meet that casts magic.  Fairly annoying, as
they can hit you even when they're not in melee.  They're easiest to take down
in melee (due to their pathetic defense), so go in close to finish them off.




Level: 12
Chapter: 1 [BOSS], 2 [BOSS], 4, 7
HP: 1500
MP: 60
Element: --
Attack: 38
Defense: 28
Speed: 6
Magic: 14
Movement rate: 3
Attacks: Javelin Throw lvl 1 (F)
Description: A big guy with a helmet, spear, and shield.
My Notes: The first truly dangerous enemy in the game.  Its field attack,
Javelin Throw, will be a killer for all low-level party members.  It also has
a huge radius of attack (unlike the Dusts), making it effective at great
range.  Come in close to finish them off.





Level: 34
Chapter: 4
HP: --
MP: 130
Element: --
Attack: 130
Defense: 105
Speed: 48
Magic: 65
Movement rate: --
Description: Blonde hair, two swords, a weird armor thing on his left
shoulder, green clothes, and a red cape.  He's pretty important, so remember
how he looks.
Attacks: Flame Hit lvl 7 (F), Ice Hit lvl 7 (F)
My Notes: Don't bother with him in Chapter 4.  He can't be beaten.  He'll run
on the beginning of the enemy's 3rd phase, however, so don't worry about him.

Level: 5
Chapter: any chapter with buildings (potentially), and Granbelos Fortress
HP: 540
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 33
Defense: 27
Speed: 8
Magic: 31
Movement rate: 3
Description: Hard to describe...it looks like a snail with a yellow shell and
green body pushing a bulldozer head in front of it.  Trust me, you'll know it
when you see it.
My Notes: Probably the easiest enemies in the game, these things won't even
put a scratch in you.  However, they also give some of the best items in the
game, especially when you can get them in chapter 6.  These babies are the
reasons why you should do Granbelos Fortress and not Easy Dungeon.  Keep
collecting their items until you feel that you've had enough.




Chapter: 5
HP: ???? (infinite)
MP: 250
Movement rate:
Attacks: Ragnarok lvl 7, Kaiser Blade lvl 6
Description: A guy with flowing blue hair and a red robe.  He holds a sword,
point down, right in front of him.
My Notes: Look at his HP.  What does that tell you about him?  He has INFINITE
HP.  I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E.  H-E C-A-N-N-O-T D-I-E.  Even in Ex-Play.  So, don't
bother even trying to kill him.
For some more musings on Sauzer's HP, check out the Misc. section.

Sky Hawk
Level: 8
Chapter: 5
HP: 980
MP: --
Attack: 38
Defense: 30
Speed: 56
Magic: 22
Movement rate: 4
Attacks: Beak lvl 2
Description: A small bird.  How hard does it get?
My Notes: It's Beak attack does quite a bit of damage, but the Sky Hawk itself
is pathetically weak.  Goes down quickly.

Level: 2
Chapter: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4
HP: 600
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 30
Defense: 18
Speed: 4
Magic: 4
Movement rate: 4
Attacks: Smallish dude with a purple sword and shield.  Hey, I didn't do the
My notes: The easiest enemy in the game.  And you need help?  They have no
field attacks (although you won't have many at this point in the game either),
so finish them off however you want.


Level: 9
Chapter: 5
HP: 1850
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 44
Defense: 31
Speed: 3
Magic: 48
Movement rate: 3
Attacks: Tentacle lvl 4
Description: Another pale thing, with a off-pale green tentacles.  The exact
same field sprite as the Dendrobium, so be careful.
My Notes: Basically a souped-up Soldier.  You've seen things like this before.



Vampire Bat
Level: 7
Chapter: 5
HP: 1200
MP: --
Element: Undead
Attack: 39
Defense: 38
Speed: 52
Magic: 36
Movement rate: 4
Attacks: Bloodsucker lvl 2
Description: A bat.  With unusually large wings.  Looks like a Sky Hawk from
a distance, so watch out.
My notes: It can drain your HP and make it its own, which is a real pain.  Try
to take this thing out with field attacks and dragons, so it doesn't get a
chance to restore its HP.


Level: 8
Chapter: Prologue, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
HP: 1200
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 40
Defense: 24
Speed: 1
Magic: 2
Movement rate: 3
Description: A big dude with a sword and shield.  Pretty standard.
My notes: A bit harder than your standard Soldier, but not too bad.  They only
attack in melee, so you shouldn't have any major problems.




Zomberd (15)
Level: 15
Chapter: 4 [BOSS]
HP: 3600
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 67
Defense: 32
Speed: 16
Magic: 10
Movement rate: 1-2
Attacks: Swing lvl 2, Clean Hit lvl 2
Description: A small guy with a green belt, red pants, an orange shirt, and a
weird two-headed rod-like weapon.  He's a Granbelos General, so remember what
he looks like, as he'll return later in the game.
My Notes: As most bosses go, this one isn't too bad.  He has a lot of HP and
a few damaging field attacks, but nothing to worry about too much.  He also
has a surprising obvious lack of field attacks, so poke away at him with

Zomberd (17)
Level: 17
Chapter: 6 [BOSS]
HP: 4000
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 69
Defense: 38
Speed: 20
Magic: 10
Movement rate: 1-2
Attacks: Swing lvl 2, Clean Hit lvl 3
Description: A small guy with a green belt, red pants, an orange shirt, and a
weird two-headed rod-like weapon.  He's a Granbelos General, so remember what
he looks like, as he'll return later in the game.
My Notes: Not much of an improvement over the last Zomberd.  Still no field
attacks, and only a slight improvement in stats and attacks.  Out of mere
curiousity - how does he gain levels?  How does he find enemies crappy enough
to level up on?

Zomberd (19)
Level: 19
Chapter: 7 [BOSS]
HP: 4800
MP: --
Element: --
Attack: 71
Defense: 52
Speed: 24
Magic: 12
Movement rate: 1-2
Attacks: Swing lvl 3, Clean Hit lvl 3
Description: A small guy with a green belt, red pants, an orange shirt, and a
weird two-headed rod-like weapon.  He's a Granbelos General, so remember what
he looks like, as he'll return later in the game.
My Notes: Better than the level 17 Zomberd (with a more marked increase in
defense), but not much different.  Still goes down easily, and gives great


- Some of these tips/strategies may generally decrease the difficulty of the
game.  Some of them are just info that I found important about this game.  If
you don't like my tips, just don't follow them.  Easy, no?


- Remember, after each battle (and sidequest), you REGAIN ALL YOUR HP/SP/MP.
Namely, you get fully healed after each battle.  So, if possible, before the
battle ends, cast as many spells as you can, on the field, with your less
active parties.  You'll regain the SP/MP anyway...why not put it to good use?
Always get used to this...especially when doing sidequests.  Parties without
Light Armors will not be active participants in battle, so you should have
them cast spells in the field every turn.

- If you can, defeat your enemies using elemental attacks.  Use your own
discretion here.  If you're at a point in the game where you need fire/ice
equipment to raise dragon stats, use fire/ice techniques/weapons to defeat
enemies.  If you want earth stuff, use earth techniques, etc.  Just make sure
you aren't using an element that the enemy is strong against.  Elemental items
are always better than non-elemental items.

- When in melee, the attacks used is decided only after you have finished
selecting all your options.  This may sound confusing, but it is rather useful
to understand.  Let me give a concrete example:
Imagine you have 3 Mini-Devils in a party, and a Light Armor as the last
member.  You only get to choose what the Light Armor will do, as the Mini
Devils are uncontrollable.  Say you SAVESTATE before selecting the Light
Armor's action, and then proceed.  Now, your Mini Devils proceed to fail 3
times in a row.  You reload your savestate, and try agin.  This time, the Mini
Devils proceed to use Bagdem, Ragnarok, and Super Secret Attack.  See how
this works?  The same idea also works when dragons attack in melee, although
you must save before they actually enter the melee screen.

This tip is borderline on cheating, so I can understand if a lot of people
don't take advantage of it.  However, if you don't mind that part, this tip
will help make battles a lot easier.  Not only does it control Mini Devil
attacks, but it can also manipulate whether dragons come in and attack, or if
you hit or miss with your attacks, etc.  It is, however, most useful with Mini
Devils (to avoid Heal Enemy Party) and when defeating bosses for items, as
they give different items each time.  You can also use this to experiment, and
find out which element you should be defeating a boss with to get the best

- Also, remember, your party will (almost) ALWAYS attack before the enemy,
regardless of speed.  This applies to both melee and field attacks (of course,
in field attacks the enemy won't hit you at all).  So, if you can safely
finish off the enemy within your turn in melee, you'll never have to worry
about a counter attack from the enemy.

- Also, in melee, the first character will usually attack first, the second
character will usually attack second, etc.  I find this to be true even when
the 3rd or 4th character has 2x-3x the speed as the 1st or 2nd characters (my
Assasins are 3rd in my party, yet they attack after Knights/Heavy Armors).  As
of now, the only exceptions I have been able to find to this rule are when
some of my Priests (who were 3rd and 4th) attacked before the Wizards (who
were 1st and 2nd).

- Field vs Melee, the ever important question.  Well, here's my comparisons.

Can hit more than one enemy party at once.
Always hits every enemy.
Enemies cannot respond.
Experience gained is spread equally among party members.
*Gives basically free experience, especially when used with Lancers (and
their low MP:EXP ratio).*
Can manipulate the environment.
Much greater range, obviously.

Each party member can act separately (i.e. if your party is Wizards and
Priests, the Wizards could cast a spell while the Priests heal - this isn't
possible in the field)
All characters can act (some don't have field attacks)
Attacks used in melee are stronger (if you have two wizards cast flame gaze
separately in melee, it will do more damage than their field version).
Gives better experience, PR, and items.
Dragons occasionally come in and get a free turn against the enemy.

In general, I would recommend using field attacks to soften enemies up, then
have a strong team swoop in for a melee battle.  This will (hopefully) give
all characters some experience, while allowing you to get the best items/PR
from enemies.  Unfortunately, the melee characters do tend to be a bit ahead
in experience, no matter how hard you try...

- If you ever find yourself losing a battle, follow the following easy

1. Do some sidequests (especially Granbelos Fortress, and later Easy Dungeon).
They give you good items, PR, and EXP...and they're also generally easy to
2. Feed your dragons stuff (unless they're Master/Behemoth/Black, of course).
Stronger dragons are better dragons.  Also, feed them lots of holy stuff, so
their Refresh spell gets stronger.
3. Buy some equipment for your party members.  I would recommend that you buy
stuff for your melee parties, as they will be the ones doing most of the
attacking.  If you wish, you can also upgrade your rods for better magic
4. Buy some items.  These are always useful.  Stock up on everything, inc.
Drugs, Heals, and Magic Gins.  You'll probably end up using more of those than
the other items, as you can use an infinite number of items during a party's
5. Rearrange your formations.  In many battles, it is not the stronger team
that wins, but the smarter team.  If you find your melee parties dying a lot,
pair them up with an Assassin/Summoner/Priest.  If you find your Mini Devils
healing the enemy party, take them out.  Stuff like that.  I'll try and point
out critical ones in the walkthrough.
6. Rearrange your dragons.  This isn't that complicated, as most of your
dragons will probably be Master anyway, but don't do something dumb.  Like
pair your Summoners with a Behemoth, disabling their summons.
7. Don't forget the sidequests.  These are the easiest (and the best) way to
gain that extra EXP boost that your characters desparately need.
8. Read the walkthrough :).  It seriously helps.

- Try to make sure that Wizards/Summoners/Priests don't get into melee that
often.  Not only will they die fairly quickly due to their low HP, their
attacks are much more useful from the field, as they can hit more enemies.
The same idea applies to Assassins and Lancers on a lesser note.

- As the converse of the previous tip, always send Knights/Heavy Armors into
melee battles.  They have no field attacks, so they are absolutely worthless
on the field.  This same tip also applies to the Royal Guard (although Inspire
can be useful) and maybe even Mini-Devils (I HATE it when they end up using
Complete Heal All in the field) on a lesser note.

- This is in the character section, but it deserves mentioning again.  There
will come a point in the game where the poor Lancers will be completely
outclassed by every other type of class.  When that happens, put them into a
slow-moving group and have them using their Javelin skills in the Field.  Why?
Javelins only cost 1 SP, so they can be used many times before Magic Gins are
needed.  They also gives decent experience for such a cheap spell.  This is
helpful for those parties without Light armors that won't be doing much in the
battle anyway.

- The above tip can also be applied to Wizards, Priests, Summoners, and
Assassins.  It may even be more useful to use these classes over Lancers,
because they give more experience from each spell.  For Wizards, cast any of
their basic elemental spells for good experience (on enemies if possible); White
Drug for Priests (on injured allies if possible); use Bingo with Summoners (on
your melee characters); and use either Chakra (on parties) or basic elemental
spells with the Assassins.

- Never use any items in battle, unless you are incredibly desparate.  Most of
the time, using items in battle will just be a waste of a turn.  Attack items
do crap for damage, and healing items should be used before the turn as many
times as needed.  Unless a character is liable to die on the next hit, don't
waste your turn; do a normal attack instead, or even defend.

- If you have time (and no magic gins), use several weak attacks instead of
your strongest attacks.  You can use two Flame Pulses in place of one Saint
Pulse.  In the long run, the two Flame Pulses will do more damage, and for
less MP, too.  However, this is a last resort option only...I'm hoping that
you always keep some Magic Gins on hand.


- Remember that dragon techniques power up whenever the respective element
reaches gains a new "level".  For elemental spells, the levels are every 10
points in the said element.  For physical attacks (i.e. Bite, Body Blow),
the levels occur every 25 points in that stat.

- For starters, you'll want to "specialize" your dragons.  This means that you
should have them max out in one (or two) elements at first, before expanding
them to all elements.  It's probably easiest to have the 3 elemental dragons
max out their respective stats (i.e. Salmando -> Fire), Molten -> Holy, and
Twinhead -> Dark.  Once you get more dragons, and after you begin to max out
a certain element, feel free to have dragons specialize in more than one

- DO NOT LET YOUR DRAGONS DIE!  This will make the game easily 10x harder, if
by any chance one of your dragons is killed in battle.  When a dragon dies,
not only do you lose the most powerful attack force on the battlefield, that
dragon's party also loses most/all of its special techs/spells.  Not to
mention that the dragon misses out on a lot of experience.  Always keep in
mind how many enemy parties are around the dragons, and about how much damage
they can do in TWO turns (once during your phase, once during enemy phase).
If they could kill your dragons within two turns, set them to Come or Wait.

- The easiest way to raise the following stats when feeding dragons:
HP - feed Mushrooms
MP - feed Magic Gins (this will take a long time, and quite a bit of money)
Fire - feed fire equipment, or Fire Grasses
Ice - same as fire, but with ice stuff
Thunder - feed Poison Mushrooms
Holy - feed Rotten Mushrooms
Dark - feed Gross Mushrooms
Strength - feed Porno Mags to raise strength, then feed Difficult Books to
recover the wisdom.  Or just feed weapons.
Vitality - feed armors (no faster way)
Dexterity - feed Poison Mushrooms
Mind - feed Gross Mushrooms
Wisdom - feed Books
Intimacy - to raise, feed anything "Sweet"; to lower, feed anything "Bitter"
Loyalty - to raise, feed Mushrooms (any kind); to lower, feed Heals
Fidelity - to raise, feed Mushrooms (any kind); to lower, feed Heals

- Remember, Salmando is invincible (infinite HP) in his Holy Form (Phoenix)
and his Master Dragon form.  As soon as you can, make sure Salmando is one of
these forms!

- All dragons are immune to ground based attacks (Earthquake) and status
effects (poison, instant death).  This will be very useful throughout the
entire game, and especially against Master Maguses.

- If you plan on making one of your dragons a Behemoth (and I recommend you
do), I would feed it the Princess ??? items as soon as you get them.  The 1st
Princess ??? can be found in chapter 6.  At that point in the game, the holy
and dark attacks that come with the Unknown Form, even though they may be at
lvl 2, will be among your strongest and best attacks.  The only real
disadvantage to this method is that the usefulness of your Unknown Form will
taper off at around chapter 15, and will remain so until you get your 5th
Princess ???.

- Remember, every game Puppy is reborn, and gets completely new stats.  So,
don't bother feeding Puppy any Princess ???, unless all your other dragons are
Behemoths.  They will just go to waste, as when Puppy is reborn in a New Game,
he will be in a basic form with brand-new stats.  The same idea applies to
making Puppy into a Black Dragon, except that Black Dragons are much easier to

- All dragons can also land on all types of terrain.  This comes in handy when
an enemy is backed up against a mountain or another barrier, yet your dragon
can still land on this terrain and engage it in melee.

- Master Dragons may be the most versatile dragons (and the best for most
characters), but Behemoths are the best fighters.  They are always going to
use a Holy/Dark attack, which are generally stronger than the other elemental
attacks.  However, also remember that Behemoths lose the Refresh spell :(,
and that they have no physical attacks.  This could lead to problems when
facing Magic Guards, or other such enemies.

- In general, Black Dragons (or Uni Unis) aren't really that useful.  True,
they do have the strongest attack in the game (Dark Power), but they lose a
LOT of versatility to gain that.  They also have the annoying tendency to fail
their attacks, which seriously limits their usefulness.  Black Dragons should
only be used with Mini Devils, and only if you feel really lucky.  If one of
your dragons becomes a Black Dragon while you're feeding it, feed it a Heal
to turn it back into a regular dragon.

- Keep in mind that you can only make one Behemoth through each playthrough of
the game.  So, if you want to make all your dragons Behemoths, it'll take 7
separate playthroughs using Ex-Play.  And Puppy won't stay as a Behemoth, as
it is reborn each game.

- When Puppy is born, he'll likely have 249 in all main stats and 99 in all
elemental stats, if one of his parents is a Master Dragon.  The easiest way to
raise all of these stats is just to feed Puppy the Dragon Dung you get right
afterwords.  Unless, of course, you happen to have some items of each element
on hand.

- Even after you've maxed out all the stats for your dragons, make sure you
keep some weapons and armor on hand.  You'll always want to fine tune your
dragons into either attack or sniping dragons, and this is easiest done after
you've already maxed out their stats.  The same applies to Sweet/Bitter items,
in case you want to tweak around a dragon's intimacy.

- Dragon commands carry over to the next battle.  Say you end a battle with
Salmando set on Go, he will still be set on Go (if you don't change anything)
at the beginning of your next battle.  This applies to all battles, including
sidequests.  This is useful if you set a dragon to Come (to stop it from
attacking) at the end of the last battle, but you must remember to set it back
to Go if you want it to attack in the next battle.

- Potential Question: What exactly do levels mean for a dragon?  After you max
out a dragon's stats, what is the point of gaining levels?  Could someone
maybe inform me of a hidden stat that might increase upon level up?

- Potential Question: Is there any way to control what element your dragons
use when attacking?  I know that high wisdom dragons will automatically use
the enemy's weakness, but how about for enemies without a weakness?  I've
noticed that sometimes my dragon uses the same element attack as the one I
just used (i.e. I cast Flame Gaze, my dragon used Hellfire).  Is this just
luck, or am I actually controlling my dragon?


finally got that out of my system...In any case, they will always target the
EXACT square of one of your parties/dragons when using a field attack.
Always the exact one.  Never in-between.  So, if you want to avoid damage,
you'll want to position your parties something like this:

X   X
X   X

X = friendly party/dragon

This makes sure they only hit one of your parties at a time.  Unfortunately,
your dragons might not understand this, but you can at least make sure that
you won't do anything stupid.

The only times when this won't work is when the enemy's area of effect is
greater than 1 or 2.  But in that case, you're screwed anyway.  So don't worry
about it.

- Whenever you attack an enemy, please make sure that you are using the
correct element on it.  For example, if it's a Fire elemental enemy, use Ice
attacks on it (your dragons should do this automatically, if you've raised
their wisdom high enough).  Remember, Thunder/Earth aren't opposites, so they
don't work.  Also, remember to not use Earth or Instant Death attacks on all
"dragon-type" enemies (they look like dragons, they have big movement ranges,
etc.).  They are immune to them, the same way your dragons are.

- Most enemies won't move unless you're "in range" of them.  The range can be
anywhere from 5 or so squares to 50 squares (yes, these enemies will move no
matter where you are on the map).  Use this to your advantage, as staying out
of range of certain enemies will leave them where they are, until you are
ready to deal with them.

- The following tips are for the person who wants the most EXP/PR/items out of
each battle as humanely possible.  You need not follow these if you're playing
a speed/low-level game, although they still might be helpful anyway.

- The most annoying enemies in the game (besides bosses) are the cure-magic
mages.  They generally have the word "Cure" in their name somewhere, like Cure
Mage or Cure Comrade.  And, they all have one annoying habit...they all cast
White Drug.  Most of the time, they tend to use this on the field, so they can
heal more than one party at once.  MAKE THESE ENEMIES YOUR TOP PRIORITY.  If
you can, take these out before anything else, unless you are sure you can
completely destroy the enemy party during your turn.  If you don't, the cure
mages will heal them back to max.  And all your work will be wasted.  The only
reason you would ever want to leave these classes alive is to prolong a battle
for EXP reasons.

- Your second priority enemies should probably be anything that uses field
attacks.  All forms of mages, Lanzenritters (and other javelin-type classes),
and elemental enemies come to mind here.  Do your best to take these classes
out as soon as you can, or at least take out the enemy that uses the field
attacks.  Field attacks used by the enemy can and will hit more than one of
you parties at once, which can make for a lot of healing.  The best way to
take out these enemies is in melee, where they are generally weaker.  The
only exception in this category are bosses...try and keep them alive, and just
stay out of their range.

- Your third priority should be all non-boss enemies left alive.  These
enemies should (hopefully) be mostly melee enemies, which should make them
easy pickings.  Weaken them with field attacks, and take them out with your
melee parties.

- Finally, take out the bosses.  Be warned, almost all bosses in the game have
some insanely strong field attack that they will use against you.  And often
times it will have a huge area of effect, as well as a large range.  My best
advice is to spread out, and do whatever it takes to defeat the boss.  If the
boss specializes in field attacks, surround it; but be careful, as its field
attacks will hit all your parties at once.  If the boss is a melee specialist,
try and keep your parties out of its movement range.  Then the boss should be
fairly easy to defeat.  Also, as a general tip, don't forget to defeat bosses
with elemental attacks.  The element used can be at your discretion, depending
on what you want.  However, I would recommend avoiding using saint/dark
attacks to kill bosses in the early game, while I would strongly suggest using
them near the end of the game.

- Presenters: The enemies so unique that they get their own area in the
Enemies section.  They are modeled after a FF3/6 enemy (I believe it's the
first boss, the Whelk - the one with the shell).  IMO they look like big
snails dragging rakes behind them...basically, they're quite noticable.
They also have some of the funniest attack/hit animations in the game.

Presenters can be found in one of two scenarios.  Either in the Granbelos
Fortress sidequest, or after destroying something with Thunder techs.  Of the
two scenarios, the former is much more common, especially after savestate
manipulation (savestate before entering, and if there are no Presenters,
reload state).  However, the second scenario allows Presenters to be in any
level with buildings.  Unfortunately, they are very unlikely to find in that
manner.  On a strange sidenote, you can destroy the buildings in the Granbelos
Fortress sidequest, and even more Presenters might pop out.

In general, Presenters may be among the easiest enemies in the game.  They
have pathetic HP (usually under 1000), do little to no damage, use no special
spells/techs, and give little to no EXP/PR.  However, that is not the reason
to fight them.  The other special thing about Presenters is that they give out
some of the BEST items in the game.  IMO, items from Presenters are better
than most items from bosses in the beginning chapters.  Unfortunately, by
around chapter 15, the items given by Presenters start to sharply decrease in

Now, for some items given by Presenters, categorized by Element:
FIRE: Flame Tongue (a decent sword, but you'll trade this in for Apocalypses),
Super Vodka (your generic "Sweet" item), Burning (crappy robe), Flame Mail
(not really worth it)
ICE: Aurora (probably the best robe you'll get for a while), Coquetos (this
might be better if I actually used Lancers...), Delta Dagger (a GOOD dagger
for your Assassins), Ice Jacket (not worth it)
THUNDER: Diamond Armor (good for feeding to dragons, but not much else),
Diamond Jacket (not that good), Sleipnir (among the BEST Light Armors you're
gonna get), Spark Blade (a step lower than Flame Tongue), Thunder Rod (an OK
EARTH: Vegas Armor (even better than Matelite Armor.  Get as many of these as
you can), Grand Slam (stick to Nulnims), Genius Notebook (why would you need
POISON: Calamitias (not as good as Delta Dagger), Uniuji (don't bother), XXX
Porno Magazine (useful in the early game), Bitter Memory (don't bother)
HOLY: Strategy Books (sell for a TON of PR), Sweet Honey (don't bother),
Nulnim (the best axe you'll have until the end of the game...get a bunch)
DARK: Cassandra (stick to Sigruns), Sigruns (among the best rapiers),
Mushrooms (buy them, it's easier/cheaper), Calamitias (not as good as Delta
Dagger), Apocalypse (the BEST sword until Excalibur), Black Burn (not as good
as Vegas Armor), Assault (the BEST "rod" in the game)
NON-ELEMENTAL: Nimbus/Silk Robe (not worth your time), Rods (ditto), Guardian
(crappy rapier), Crescent (not so good ax)
ALWAYS (can be found no matter which element is used): Litancibles (SP)/(High)
Magic Gins/(High/Royal) Drugs/Heal (SP) (these are always useful).

Bottom line: I would stick with Thunder (for the Sleipnirs), Earth (for Vegas
Armor), Holy (for Nulnims and Strategy Books), and Dark (for Sigruns and
Apocalypses).  Try and get as many of these ASAP, as they will make the early
chapters much much easier.  If you really want stuff for your Wizards/Priests,
go ahead and try using Ice and Life.

- Undead: Another one of the truly unique enemies in this game.  Unlike most
enemies, undead cannot be touched with some life spells and all poison spells.
However, to make up for this, they can be hit by some life spells that would
not normally damage enemies.  Good examples include White Drug (which damages
undead), Refresh (same as White Drug), and Return Life (acts as an instant-
death spell).  Holy spells do extra damage to undead.  Also, for some odd
reason, undead can still be hit by dark spells.

Undead absorb your HP (yes, you take damage, and the undead enemy heals some
HP) when attacked by "Drug" spells, and take no damage from poison spells.
Keep this in mind when fighting undead.

- Taken directly from a post by Jackson on the BL Boards - things in
[brackets] are added by me:

Items dropped by level 4 enemies... [this includes most bosses after chapter
14, and some special enemies (like Alchemics or Ziegfried)]

Fire affinity
Prinzeugen (+88 Atk)
*Auschwitz (+74 Atk, +6 Magic, Fire [elemental])
Crusader (+5 Def, +5 Speed, +61 Magic)
Armada Mail (+5 Atk, +99 Def, -1 Speed, -1 Magic)

Ice affinity
Invincible (+97 Atk)
*Etandahl (+72 Atk, +5 Speed, +8 Magic, 100% Hit-rate)
*Battle Dress (+12 Atk, +95 Def, +3 Speed, Anti-rabbit/poison/sleep)
Mach Vest (+70 Def, +42 Speed, +10 Magic, Anti-poison/pertrify/death)

Thunder affinity
Iron Duke (+100 Atk, Holy [elemental])
*Brunhag (+83 Atk. +6 Magic, Thunder [elemental])
Kugel Blitz (+82 Atk, +6 Speed, +3 Magic, Lightning [Thunder elemental])
*Thundara (+52 Def, +6 Magic, Thunder [elemental])

Poison affinity
Dilinger (+95 Atk, +10 Speed, +8 Magic)
Destroyer (+94 Atk, -1 Speed, Death [elemental])
Black Prince (+4 Atk, +95 Def, +16 Magic, Fire [elemental])
Dark Force (+63 Def, +8 Magic, Anti-poson/sleep/petrify)

Earth affinity
*Mega Buster (+91 Atk, -1 Speed)
Empress Kahna (+10 Def, +72 Magic)
Royal Gown (+80 Def, +20 Magic, Anti-rabbit/sleep/petrify)
Pax Kahna (+3 Atk, +90 Def, +3 Speed, +15 Magic, Fire/Thunder [elemental])

Melee affinity
*Bastard Sword (+66 Atk)
*Harpoon (+65 Atk)
*Maximilian (+48 Def)
*Master Rod (+48 Magic)

Death affinity
Scarnhorst (+92 Atk, +10 Magic)
Imperator (+95 Def, +10 Speed, +8 Magic, Thunder [elemental])
Martial Nay (+8 Atk, +86 Def, +7 Speed, +7 Magic, Anti-Status change)
Kaiser Rin (+72 Def, +16 Magic, Anti-poison/sleep/petrify/death)

Holy affinity
Dreadnaught (+99 Atk)
Excalibur (+84 Atk, +3 Def, +20 Magic, Holy [elemental])
Longinus (+91 Atk, +20 Magic, Holy [elemental])
Reconquista (+85 Def, +99 Magic, Anti-Status [change])
[Chobham Armor]

Dark affinity
Gneinesau (+92 Atk, +8 Magic)
Chob[h]am Armor (+76 Def. +18 Magic, Anti-Status [change])
Powered Suit (+35 Atk, +65 Def, -1 Speed, -1 Magic)
Energy Suit (+58 Def, -1 Speed, Absorbs all elemental attacks)

***Items with a star means buyable***


- Auto Formation will set up your parties like this:

Chapter 2
Party 1: Byuu, Bikkebakke, Truce, Rush
Party 2: Lukia, Diana, Zora, Frederica
Party 3: Sendak, Ectarina, Melodia, Anastasia
Party 4: Matelite, Taicho, Gunso, Barclay
Party 5: Manyo, Monyo, Frenze, Reeve

Chapter 6
Party 1: Byuu, Bikkebakke, Truce, Rush
Party 2: Sendak, Diana, Zora, Frederica
Party 3: Yoyo, Ectarina, Anastasia, Melodia
Party 4: Matelite, Taicho, Gunso, Barclay
Party 5: Frenze, Reeve, Manyo, Monyo
Other: Lukia

Chapter 8
Party 1: Byuu, Bikkebakke, Truce, Rush
Party 2: Sendak, Diana, Zora, Frederica
Party 3: Yoyo, Ectarina, Anastasia, Melodia
Party 4: Matelite, Taicho, Barclay, Gunso
Party 5: Reeve, Frenze, Zora's Son, Manyo
Party 6: Lukia, Nelbo, Joy, Monyo

Chapter 19 (and on)
Party 1: Byuu, Palpaleos, Rush, Bikkebakke
Party 2: Yoyo, Zora, Joy, Frederica
Party 3: Sendak, Anastasia, Melodia, Nelbo
Party 4: Matelite, Taicho, Gunso, Barclay
Party 5: Donfan, Reeve, Frenze, Monyo
Party 6: Lukia, Jeanne, Mist, Truce
Other: Zora's Son, Zeroshin, Sajin, Diana, Ectarina, Wagahai, Manyo, Munyo
Keep in mind that Auto Formation will leave your dragons the way they are.

- Light Armors are the most important part of any formation.  In the beginning
of the game, you might not see why Light Armors are so important, as they have
very little effect on the party.  However, when you start maxing out your
dragon's agility, you'll see DRASTIC improvements with your parties with Light
Armors.  Light Armors allow that party to move up to 10 more steps per turn.
My recommendation: pair Light Armors with Knights/Heavy Armors, the two
classes that have no field attacks, so they can actually be useful.  Remember,
any party with Light Armors in it will gain EXP at an insane rate, so make
sure to switch your characters around to balance out the EXP.

- In the beginning of the game, I would recommend that you keep your Wizards
and Priests together.  This grants them stronger Field attacks, which is how
you should be using them anyway.  However, later in the game, I recommend
that you split up your Wizards and Priests into groups of 2, or even solo.
You'll want to spread out your Wizards to allow more maneuverability when
manipulating terrain, and 2 Priests can heal your party just fine.  This
applies mostly when you max out your dragon's elements.

- On the other hand, Knights, Heavy Armors, and Light Armors need not be put
together.  Although stacking them together will get you even better versions
of Critical, Defense, and Sprinter, they are much more useful spread out.
This gives all of your parties a little bit of the good stuff.

- Summoners can either be put together, or in separate parties.  It doesn't
really matter, as both options will do about the same damage in the long run.
It might be easier to keep them together, if you don't like micromanagement-
however, putting them in separate parties helps balance out EXP (summons give
a LOT of EXP)

- My favorite party formations:

Cross Knight x2, Assassin, Light Armor with Master Dragon
This party has good field attacks from the two Cross Knights, a versatile
healer/attacker in the Assasin, and a Light Armor for high movement.  Use
Swordhits from far away to weaken enemies, then storm in with strong physical
attacks and Assassinate to finish the job.

Royal Guard, Knight, Heavy Armor, Light Armor with Master Dragon
This party has a field attack from Matelite for easy experience, and among
the best attackers in the game.  This is THE boss-killing party in the game,
as 3 of the 4 characters have strong attacks.  Combined with the Knight's
Critical and the Heavy Armor's Defense, this party does amazing damage and
should always be in melee.  The Light Armor helps this party move fast enough
to confront enemies.

Mini Devil x3, Light Armor with Black Dragon
Use this party with a Black Dragon for best results.  I'm sure most of you
know about this party, so I won't really go into it.  Just know that if you're
lucky enough to get a good attack from the Mini Devils on the field, it means
9999 damage.  Even in melee they can do 3000-4000 damage each, but watch out
for Heal Enemy Party...

Look at Meeple Lard's Formation FAQ for more good formation suggestions at


- The ever-heralded EXP formula:
For low level attacks (physical attacks, getting hit): lvl^2
For mid level attacks (elemental attacks and some summons): 2*lvl^2
For high level attacks (holy, dark and some summons): 3*lvl^2

This is very sketchy, as I'm not sure what is considered low/mid/high level.
However, this will give you a basic idea of the EXP format.  PR, however, is
another story entirely...

- Save the game.  Often.  You don't know when something bad will happen, and
Byuu's party might die for some reason or another.  If you don't save the
game, you might lose hours worth of gameplay.  Also, don't forget to save on
the rom itself - don't rely on savestates the whole time.

- The Earth element are a combination of fire, ice, and thunder.  So, feed a
dragon earth stuff and it will raise all 3 of the above elements.  The lvl of
an earth attack is determined by the lowest level of the above 3 elements.  If
a dragon has 45 fire, 23 ice, and 100 thunder, its earth attacks will be lvl
2, and all characters in that party will use lvl 2 earth attacks.

- Know your elements!  Basically, water is weak to fire (and vice versa), holy
is weak against dark...however, as of this time, I am unsure as to whether
lightning and earth are opposites...I will check this as soon as I get a

- There is a difference between life/poison and holy(saint)/dark.  Life spells
(or techs) are generally healing/HP restoring spells, while Saint spells do
holy damage.  However, both are based off of the life stat.  Poison spells can
poison enemies, while dark spells only do dark damage.  Both are based off of
the poison stat.  I'll do my best not to confuse them, and let me know if I
made a typo somewhere.

- In the early parts of the game, I would recommend splurging all your money
on either mushrooms, books, or armor.  Use these items to help raise your
dragons stats.  Many people recommend that you spend your money on equipment
for your party, but I am against this.  Why?  Many of your characters won't be
taking an active role in battles, so they won't need new equipment as much.
Dragons are vital to any sort of strategy in battle, so it is vital that you
max their stats ASAP.  Also, if you don't buy equipment for your characters,
you will be much more motivated to do sidequests (esp. Granbelos Fortress) for
the equipment that you find there.  Which is a good thing.

- Ex-Play is a special feature of the game, only available after beating the
game once.  It's very similar to the New Game + feature in Chrono Trigger.
Ex-Play allows you to play through the game again, using the exact same stats
for your characters and dragons (however, Puppy's stats must be recalculated).
Also, you get to summon Alexander from the prologue with your Summoners.
Finally, if you press X while viewing items, you can see detailed info about
what stats that item would raise when fed to a dragon.

- Musings on Infinite HP (or) Why You Must Lose

OK, there has been an interesting debate on the gamefaqs boards on why exactly
Sauzer doesn't die when you face him in chapter 5.  Theories on his HP:

Facts about Sauzer: He has ???? HP, so it's greater than 9999.
He never seems to die, no matter how much damage you do to him.
You actually do damage to him, so he isn't technically invincible.
You can't see his HP except at the beginning of each turn (when you select
battle options).

1. Sauzer has at least 39,997 HP (or 1 more than the max damage that can be
possibly done to him, namely 39,996 [or 4*9999 HP]).  After each turn, he
restores his HP back to max.

2. Sauzer has over at least 10000 HP (or 1 more than the max damage tha can be
done in a single attack, namely 9999 HP).  After each attack, he instantly
restores his HP back to max.

3. Sauzer has a max HP that is greater than 10000.  Any time he is attacked,
and his HP is below 9999, his HP gets restored to its max.

4. Sauzer has a max HP that is above 1,000,000 (or whatever the maximum was
that someone tested).  Basically, he is defeatable, just nobody has the
patience to do that much damage.  However, I bet someone could hack the game
and prove this one wrong (something about maximum bit capacity).


- Tomato's Checklist (A list of fun things to look for in this game):
*A message from Dark Force
*A message from Tomato
*A message about Neill Corlett
*An enemy from Final Fantasy 3/6
*A dragon from FF3/6
(*)A reference to an enemy from FF5(note from me - unsure of this one)
A George Washington reference
All EarthBound references - and there are several of them
*Dragon love juice
*A guy trying to re-enact Taicho's scene at Celine's grave
(*)All instances of Sendak being a little too friendly with Byuu (note from
me - I'm not sure I've found ALL of them)
*Truce in the girls' bedroom

*ones I've personally found
These can be found at Tomato's website, listed at the bottom of this page.

- Secret characters
Mist - in chapter 14, in Godland, make sure that you talk to everyone at least
once.  The easiest way, IMO, is to start in the southwest house, then proceed
clockwise around the houses.  Don't forget that lady in the middle, or the guy
on the ramparts.  When you get to the southeast house, you will see Yoyo
blocking the door.  Talk to her twice, and she should move.  DON'T GO INSIDE
THAT HOUSE.  Instead, go into the center of Godland, and talk to the lady.
Donfan should show up, and she will lead you to the northwest house.  Talk to
the doorman, and he will let you in.  Talk to the lady standing there, and you
will gain Mist (who is sleeping the bed).  She'll tell you about this odd
dream she had...

Sajin/Zeroshin - in chapter 15, in Dafila, go to the southeast house.  You will
see a doorman there, and he will ask you for the password.  Even if you get it
wrong the first time, you can talk to him again and pick the other option :-P.
In any case, the password is "Starting today I'll be really cool too".  Once
inside, go to the northeast corner.  You should barely make out the two people
sitting behind the pots.  Talk to one on top (Sajin), and the Assassins will
pop out.  Talk to him again to hire them.  If you want a comical scene later
in the game, hire them for optional job (3000 PR down), and choose someone for
them to kill.  Be warned, they won't actually kill Matelite or Yoyo, but they
will kill the crew member.  If you don't have 3000 PR to waste, or you just
don't care, select the regular job.

- The Princess ??? Items
1st: Found in chapter 6.  Keep talking to Yoyo until she leaves her bed, then
go inside her bed, and inspect the bottom.  You should find the item.
2nd: Found in chapter 12.  Choose Taicho for the spy mission.  At the end of
the chapter, talk to Yoyo, and she should leave her bed.  Once again, inspect
her bed in the same manner as the 1st Princess ???, and you'll get another
3rd: Found in chapter 18.  After you get off of Salmando and talk to Yoyo/
Puppy, go downstairs and inspect Yoyo's bed yet again.
4th: Found in chapter 19.  Talk to the shopkeepers before you choose two
dragons to marry (unsure if this step is necessary).  After you choose two
dragons to marry, and the dragons take off, talk to the shopkeepers again.
They'll give you a bunch of good stuff, as well as another Princess ???.
5th: Found in chapter 22.  After Rush leaves the bridge, go find him in the
men's bedroom.  Talk to him, and choose whichever option you want.
Regardless, he will give you the 5th, and final Princess ??? item.


- Sidequests are this game's version of "leveling up".  If you're too weak to
defeat a certain chapter, do some siequests to help level up.  Sidequests also
give very good items.  Finally, after finishing a sidequest, you go back to
Farnheit.  There, you have access to the wep/armor/item shops (and the
mushroom/Matelite/book shops when you get them) before continuing.  You can
also feed your dragons at this time.

- Hard Dungeon is unlocked in chapter 20, and Situation Critical is unlocked
in chapter 23.  After you unlock Situation Critical, it will replace Granbelos
Fortress, as you cannot have more than 3 sidequests available at once.

- As a sidenote, you cannot do Easy Dungeon in chapter 22, for some odd
reason.  You are limited to Granbelos Fortress and Hard Dungeon in that

- Granbelos Fortress is "Defeat all enemies" to win.  Hard Dungeon is "Defeat
the boss" to win, as is Situation Critical.  Easy Dungeon can be both
(depending on whether or not there is a boss).

- After completing a sidequest, you will end up back outside the Farnheit.
You can talk to the Battlefield Salesman for weapons/armor/items, and (after
chapter 7) the other saleman for Matelite equipment/books/mushrooms.  You can
also feed your dragons from out here.  However, you cannot reenter Farnheit
after a sidequest.

- If given the choice, most of the time you should do the Granbelos Fortress
sidequest.  It's considerably shorter than the Easy Dungeon (which benefits
classes without Light Armors), and gives about the same experience.  Also,
there is always the possibility for Presenters, which are the main reason to
do this sidequest.  As soon as you can, run through this several times to get
good items from the Presenters (hint: defeat them with earth attacks for Vegas
Armor and Grand Slams, which are very useful early game).

- However, there will come a time when you have all the items that you can get
from Presenters (or, you get better items from bosses).  At this point, it's a
good idea to do Easy Dungeon, as you might run into an Alchemic, which gives
boss-like items.  Defeat this for good items and EXP, and you should have no
more need for Granbelos Fortress.

- Don't do Hard Dungeon.  Period.  What?  You really want to?  Well, its your
death wish...For advice, go check out EternalSpirit's FAQ on the Hard Dungeon
at GameFAQs.  My advice as to how to beat it?  Hide behind the invincible
Master Salmando.  :-P.

- Situation Critical is definitely a lot easier than Hard Dungeon (misleading
name, ain't it?).  It's almost a mirror image of Chapter 8 - Mid-Air Dragon
Battle.  You are standing outside of Farnheit, as enemies attack from the left
side.  It shouldn't be too hard to defeat, if you're at good levels.

- For more detailed walkthroughs on the sidequests, check out the Sidequest
Walkthrough section.


- Apparently, Drug techs are considered non-elemental, as they give non-
elemental items upon defeat.  As far as I can see, this seems quite true, as
they give only non-elemental items.  I will do more testing later, if I can.

- When paired with a Black Dragon, all classes lose all their special techs.
However, they gain a new tech, which is the Uni Hit/Smash/Tower/etc.  The same
thing applies with Behemoths, except the new tech is called ? Hit/Smash/etc.
That actually is a ?, not a "I don't know what its real name is".

- The level of an Uni attack is equivalent to the fidelity stat of the dragon
(i.e. a Black Dragon gives party members lvl 10 Uni attacks).  Ditto for ?
Attacks, but the level is based off of the "Transform" stat, based on how many
Princess ??? items have been used on that dragon.

- Remember, undead take lots of damage from holy spells, and can't be touched
with life/poison spells.  Look under "Undead" in the enemies section.

- Just for the record, all "Drug" techniques can sap HP from enemies, and all
"Poison" techniques can poison enemies.  I won't mention this under the techs,
so notice it now.

- Remember, all Saint/Dark spells/techniques cannot be used until the dragon
accompanying that party has reached either its Holy, Dark, or Master form.
Holy dragons allow the team to use Saint techs/spells, dark dragons allow the
team to use Dark techs/spells, and Master Dragons allow the team to use both.

- The level of the technique/spell is based on the elemental stat of the
accompanying dragon.  The level is equal to the number of points in that stat
over 10 (round down).  For an example, if the dragon had 85 points in fire,
any character in that dragon's party would have lvl 8 fire techniques.  In the
field, the levels can add together to create an even stronger attack.  In the
same example as above, let us imagine there were two wizards using Flame Gaze
in the field.  This would be a lvl 16 Flame Gaze, because there are two
wizards combining their lvl 8 Flame Gazes into one lvl 16 Flame Gaze.

- The max lvl any field attack can be is lvl 40.  Maximum of four of the same
class in one party * max lvl 10 element from dragon = 40.  Common sense here.

- Gravity attacks only work on normal enemies, not bosses.  This seems like
common sense to me (maybe from playing the FF games over and over), but it
deserves mentioning.  Mostly it won't be you using gravity attacks, but your

- Don't use Drug attacks on undead enemies.  Instead of you absorbing HP from
them, they'll instead steal it from you.  Not that you'd be using Drug attacks
anyway, but now you have another reason not to.

- There are some techs/spells in the game that only target one enemy in melee,
yet target one party (and all the enemies in it) when used on the field.  Good
examples would be Assassinate, Infinity, and Trick.  In general, try and use
these techniques on the field, as they will hit more people that way.

- Although Uni attacks are strong, they tend to fail just when you need them
the most.  The only good thing to come out of this is that you don't waste
your MP if the attack fails.

- Knowing that enemies give better items when defeated by elemental attacks,
you might be tempted to use holy/dark techs/attacks on enemies from the start.
However, be warned that most normal enemies (and even Presenters) defeated
with holy/dark attacks will give you crappy stuff (usually books, mushrooms,
or healing items) that aren't worth the time.  You should save your holy/dark
attacks for bosses, which give the good holy/dark equipment (like Excaliburs,
Dreadnaughts, Reconquistas, etc.)


- The various types of terrain include:

GRASS/GROUND - the stuff you walk on.  Perfectly harmless.  You can't really
do anything to it.

ROADS - basically like grass, but you can destroy them with thunder techs.
Although destroying the roads really has no purpose at all, its fun to do

BRIDGES - You can also walk on these.  They generally span water or air.  Can
be broken by thunder techs.  If a party is on one of these when it is broken,
they will either drown in 3 turns (if on water) or die instantly (if over
air).  Needless to say, neither sounds very interesting, although destroying
bridges is a very easy way to get rid of unwanted enemies.  However, you miss
out on some good EXP/PR/items, so I don't recommend it.

WATER - You can't walk on this quite yet.  However, you can freeze it using
ice techs, then walk on it.  However, be careful, as ice can be melted by fire
techs, and this leaves you in the same place as before, and now possibly
drowning.  *Hint* Use Leviathan to freeze large amounts of water at once.

ICE - Frozen water.  You can walk on this without any problems.  However, you
should be careful using fire techs (or when around enemies with fire attacks).
Don't be caught standing on this when it's hit by fire, or you'll drown a slow
and painful death.

FORESTS - Relatively harmless, if left alone.  However, use fire techs on them
to start forest fires.  Anyone standing on a fire at the end of a phase will
be hurt for 1/4 of max HP.  Ouch.  Put them out with ice techs.  Also, if
left alone, eventually the forest fires will burn out and turn to cinders.  Be
careful though...fires also spread very rapidly, and can quickly encompass
your party.  Forests also seem to drastically decrease movement rates, to
about half of what could normally be moved.

FIRE - Well...what do YOU think this is?

CINDERS - Forests that were once set on fire, and have now been put out with
Ice magic.  You can't do jack to this now, so treat it like normal ground.

MOUNTAINS - You shouldn't be able to walk over them (although in certain
levels I believe you can).  Knock them out with thunder techs to "pave" the

WASTELAND - This is what happens to mountains that have gone bad, and need to
be punished by thunder techs.

CAVE INS - They look like big piles of rocks.  They can be found in the
dungeon levels.  Normally they cannot be bypassed, but use an earth tech (on
any  square, you don't have to take out the entire cave in with earth techs)
to destroy them.  You can also use thunder techs to destroy them, if you wish.

SWAMPS - Annoying.  Stand on one of these, and at the end of the phase you (or
your enemies) will be hit for several hundred HP in poison damage.  Not fun.
Use White Drug (the Priest/Summoner spell) to knock them out.

STRUCTURES - Stand on them, and at the end of a phase they'll heal you (or
your enemies) 1/10 of max HP.  Useful if you're on one, bad if your enemy is
on one.  Destroy them with thunder techs.  In one level, they provide shelter
from the sandstorms.

WALLS - found in the Granbelos battles.  You can't walk over them, instead you
have to walk around them until you find a gate.  Fairly annoying.  They also
heal enemies in the same manner as structures, so I would recommend you take
them out.  Using handy thunder techs, of course.

TREASURE BOX - found in many various levels.  Stand on one, and you'll pick it
up at the end of the phase.  Most of the better items in the game are found
through treasure chests.  However, some treasure chests also contain traps,
which can be fairly annoying.

GUNPOWDER - Doesn't do anything, AFAIK.  It can be destroyed with fire techs,

STATUES - found in many levels, statues can do any number of things.  Some
statues will shoot beams if you're close enough, taking off a chunk of your
HP.  Some statues can even be brought to life, and attack you.  Destroy them
(before they come to life, obviously) with thunder techs.

AUTOCANNONS - these little tank-life objects are fixed on the ground.  If you
stand in front of them, they'll shoot at you.  Very annoying.  Take them out
with more thunder.

SECURITY SYSTEMS - basically like Autocannons, except they are only found in
one level.  Take them out with thunder, as usual.

TRAP DOORS - On one level, inside the Trafalgar, you will see some switches
and trapdoors.  If by any chance an enemy moves onto a trapdoor, hit the
switch and the enemy will fall to their doom.  Whee.  However, I don't
recommend this, as you miss out on a lot of EXP/PR/items.

LAVA PATCHES - basically the exact same thing as burning forests, they do
damage if you're standing on one at the end.  Use ice to freeze them over.

PASSAGES - found only in chapter 12.  They close every other turn, trapping
everyone inside of them.  Fairly annoying.  These passages also trap dragons
as well, so be careful.  However, you can still use field attacks when
trapped, so all is not lost.  And they are still faster than going around.

SWAMPMAKERS - also found only in chapter 12.  Hit these with a magic spell,
and they will spawn a swamp.  Just don't use field attacks near them, and
you should be fine.

DRAGON - found in any chapter with a Holy Dragon.  Most of the time, you
can't even reach squares that are filled with dragons (during the battle,
anyway), so don't worry about this too much.  Dragon basically marks off the
place where the dragon is.

UPPER SKY - in chapter 27.  This is basically ground, except it's prettily
colored, and you can walk on it.  Quite literally "walking on air"...

. . . . . . - This varies depending on the scenario.  It can be just about

I'm sure I'm missing some...e-mail me if you find any.

- In general...use thunder to destroy anything.  If that doesn't work, try
earth.  If you're casting spells to gain experience, I would recommend using
ice...it usually doesn't cause any bad effects, and it gives about the same
experience.  Ice attacks are also cheaper than earth/holy/dark attacks.

PAR Codes

These codes are credit of Damion Hill (liquidfirehart @ hotmail.com).  Wow.
Also, sorry that I didn't even credit you with these right here, I suppose it
completely slipped my mind :(.

7E8016FF +
7E8017FF +
7E8018FF = 16777215  PR (Highest amount you can get)

7E682500 +
7E682600 = Enemy in 1st slot has 0 HP (killed after any attack in a melee
battle or two field attacks, healing will also lower the health) [although if
you check the enemies info it has normal health this code does work]
*Warning* Also effects your characters and dragons

7E692500 +
7E692600 = Enemy in 2nd slot has 0 HP

7E6A2500 +
7E6A2600 = Enemy in 3rd slot has 0 HP

7E6B2500 +
7E6B2600 = Enemy in 4th slot has 0 HP

Character Codes

7E2125FF +
7E2126FF +
7E2127F0 = Byuu has 15794175exp, goes to lvl 99 after any action that
normally raises exp, i.e. field action, melee battle.

7EF0220F +
7EF02327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF0240F +
7EF02527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF026E7 +
7EF02703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF028E7 +
7EF02903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF02Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF02Cxx = Armor equipped

Yoyo Codes

7E2165FF +
7E2166FF +
7E2167F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF0620F +
7EF06327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF0640F +
7EF06527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF066E7 +
7EF06703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF068E7 +
7EF06903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF06Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF06Cxx = Armor equipped

Palpaleos Codes

7E21A5FF +
7E21A6FF +
7E21A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF0A20F +
7EF0A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF0A40F +
7EF0A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF0A6E7 +
7EF0A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF0A8E7 +
7EF0A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF0AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF0ACxx = Armor equipped

Matelite codes

7E21E5FF +
7E21E6FF +
7E21E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF0E20F +
7EF0E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF0E40F +
7EF0E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF0E6E7 +
7EF0E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF0E8E7 +
7EF0E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF0EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF0ECxx = Armor equipped

Sendak Codes

7E2225FF +
7E2226FF +
7E2227F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF1220F +
7EF12327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF1240F +
7EF12527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF126E7 +
7EF12703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF128E7 +
7EF12903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF12Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF12Cxx = Armor equipped

Rush Codes

7E2265FF +
7E2266FF +
7E2267F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF1620F +
7EF16327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF1640F +
7EF16527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF166E7 +
7EF16703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF168E7 +
7EF16903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF16Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF16Cxx = Armor equipped

BikkeBakke Codes

7E22A5FF +
7E22A6FF +
7E22A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF1A20F +
7EF1A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF1A40F +
7EF1A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF1A6E7 +
7EF1A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF1A8E7 +
7EF1A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF1AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF1ACxx = Armor equipped

Truce Codes

7E22E5FF +
7E22E6FF +
7E22E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF1E20F +
7EF1E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF1E40F +
7EF1E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF1E6E7 +
7EF1E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF1E8E7 +
7EF1E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF1EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF1ECxx = Armor equipped

Taicho Codes

7E2325FF +
7E2326FF +
7E2327F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF2220F +
7EF22327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF2240F +
7EF22527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF226E7 +
7EF22703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF228E7 +
7EF22903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF22Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF22Cxx = Armor equipped

Gunso Codes

7E2365FF +
7E2366FF +
7E2367F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF2620F +
7EF26327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF2640F +
7EF26527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF266E7 +
7EF26703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF268E7 +
7EF26903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF26Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF26Cxx = Armor equipped

Barclay Codes

7E23A5FF +
7E23A6FF +
7E23A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF2A20F +
7EF2A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF2A40F +
7EF2A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF2A6E7 +
7EF2A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF2A8E7 +
7EF2A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF2AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF2ACxx = Armor equipped

Donfan Codes

7E23E5FF +
7E23E6FF +
7E23E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF2E20F +
7EF2E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF2E40F +
7EF2E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF2E6E7 +
7EF2E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF2E8E7 +
7EF2E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF2EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF2ECxx = Armor equipped

Zora's Son Codes

7E2425FF +
7E2426FF +
7E2427F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF3220F +
7EF32327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF3240F +
7EF32527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF326E7 +
7EF32703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF328E7 +
7EF32903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF32Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF32Cxx = Armor equipped

Reeve Codes

7E2465FF +
7E2466FF +
7E2467F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF3620F +
7EF36327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF3640F +
7EF36527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF366E7 +
7EF36703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF368E7 +
7EF36903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF36Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF36Cxx = Armor equipped

Frenze Codes

7E23A5FF +
7E23A6FF +
7E23A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF3A20F +
7EF3A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF3A40F +
7EF3A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF3A6E7 +
7EF3A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF3A8E7 +
7EF3A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF3AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF3ACxx = Armor equipped

Zeroshin Codes

7E23E5FF +
7E23E6FF +
7E23E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF3E20F +
7EF3E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF3E40F +
7EF3E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF3E6E7 +
7EF3E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF3E8E7 +
7EF3E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF3EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF3ECxx = Armor equipped

Sajin Codes

7E2525FF +
7E2526FF +
7E2527F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF4220F +
7EF42327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF4240F +
7EF42527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF426E7 +
7EF42703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF428E7 +
7EF42903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF42Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF42Cxx = Armor equipped

Lukia Codes

7E2565FF +
7E2566FF +
7E2567F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF4620F +
7EF46327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF4640F +
7EF46527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF466E7 +
7EF46703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF468E7 +
7EF46903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF46Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF46Cxx = Armor equipped

Melodia Codes

7E25A5FF +
7E25A6FF +
7E25A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF4A20F +
7EF4A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF4A40F +
7EF4A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF4A6E7 +
7EF4A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF4A8E7 +
7EF4A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF4AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF4ACxx = Armor equipped

Fredrica Codes

7E25E5FF +
7E25E6FF +
7E25E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF4E20F +
7EF4E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF4E40F +
7EF4E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF4E6E7 +
7EF4E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF4E8E7 +
7EF4E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF4EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF4ECxx = Armor equipped

Nelbo Codes

7E2625FF +
7E2626FF +
7E2627F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF5220F +
7EF52327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF5240F +
7EF52527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF526E7 +
7EF52703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF528E7 +
7EF52903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF52Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF52Cxx = Armor equipped

Rush Codes

7E2665FF +
7E2666FF +
7E2667F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF5620F +
7EF56327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF5640F +
7EF56527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF566E7 +
7EF56703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF568E7 +
7EF56903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF56Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF56Cxx = Armor equipped

Mist Codes

7E26A5FF +
7E26A6FF +
7E26A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF5A20F +
7EF5A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF5A40F +
7EF5A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF5A6E7 +
7EF5A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF5A8E7 +
7EF5A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF5AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF5ACxx = Armor equipped

Jeanne Codes

7E26E5FF +
7E26E6FF +
7E26E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF5E20F +
7EF5E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF5E40F +
7EF5E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF5E6E7 +
7EF5E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF5E8E7 +
7EF5E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF5EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF5ECxx = Armor equipped

Diana Codes

7E2725FF +
7E2726FF +
7E2727F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF6220F +
7EF62327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF6240F +
7EF62527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF626E7 +
7EF62703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF628E7 +
7EF62903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF62Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF62Cxx = Armor equipped

Anastacia Codes

7E2765FF +
7E2766FF +
7E2767F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF6620F +
7EF66327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF6640F +
7EF66527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF666E7 +
7EF66703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF668E7 +
7EF6603  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF66Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF66Cxx = Armor equipped

Zora Codes

7E27A5FF +
7E27A6FF +
7E27A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF6A20F +
7EF6A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF6A40F +
7EF6A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF6A6E7 +
7EF6A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF6A8E7 +
7EF6A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF6AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF6ACxx = Armor equipped

Ectarina Codes

7E27E5FF +
7E27E6FF +
7E27E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF6E20F +
7EF6E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF6E40F +
7EF6E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF6E6E7 +
7EF6E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF6E8E7 +
7EF6E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF6EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF6ECxx = Armor equipped

Wagahai Codes

7E2825FF +
7E2826FF +
7E2827F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF7220F +
7EF72327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF7240F +
7EF72527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF726E7 +
7EF72703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF728E7 +
7EF72903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF72Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF72Cxx = Armor equipped

Monyo Codes

7E2865FF +
7E2866FF +
7E2867F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF7620F +
7EF76327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF7640F +
7EF76527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF766E7 +
7EF76703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF768E7 +
7EF76903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF76Axx = Weapon equipped
7EF76Cxx = Armor equipped

Manyo Codes

7E28A5FF +
7E28A6FF +
7E28A7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF7A20F +
7EF7A327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF7A40F +
7EF7A527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF7A6E7 +
7EF7A703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF7A8E7 +
7EF7A903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF7AAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF7ACxx = Armor equipped

Munyo Codes

7E28E5FF +
7E28E6FF +
7E28E7F0 = 15794175 exp

7EF7E20F +
7EF7E327 = 9999 Total HP

7EF7E40F +
7EF7E527 = 9999 Max HP

7EF7E6E7 +
7EF7E703 = 999 Total MP/SP

7EF7E8E7 +
7EF7E903  = 999 Max MP/SP

7EF7EAxx = Weapon equipped
7EF7ECxx = Armor equipped

Item digits for Weapon and armor (Put these in place of the in the codes to
equip certain weapons, armor or even items) [I don't know what will happen if
you attack with an item, haven't experimented to much with this game yet]

01=Long Sword
02=Ice Brand
03=Spark Blade
04=Flame Tongue
05=Bastard Sword
0B=Battle Axe
0C=Burning Axe
0E=Grand Slam
10=Mega Buster
12=Iron Duke
13=Matelite Axe
25=Fire Rod
26=Freeze Rod
27=Thunder Rod
28=Drug Rod
29=Master Rod
2C=Empress Kahna
2F=Delta Dagger
30=Kugel Blitz
32=Plate Mail
33=Ice Armor
34=Diamond Armor
35=Flame Mail
37=Black Burn
38=Stealth Armor
39=Vegas Armor
3A=Armada Armor
3B=Chobham Armor
3D=Pax Kahna
3E=Matelite Armor
3F=Black Prince
41=Leather Armor
42=Ice Jacket
43=Flame Vest
44=Diamond Jacket
47=Battle Dress
48=Mach Vest
49=Martial Nay
4A=Powered Suit
4B=Energy Suit
4C=Silk Robe
4D=Gaia Robe
4F=Nimbus Robe
52=Dark Force
53=Kaiser Rin
54=Royal Gown
56=High Drug
57=Royal Drug
58=Magic Gin
59=High Magic Gin
5C=Litancible SP
5E=Heal SP
5F=Flame Grass
60=Ice Grass
61=Thunder Grass
62=Poison Grass
63=Life Grass
64=Earth Grass
65=Holy Grass
66=Dark Grass
67=Ship's Log
68=Prodigy Notebook
69=Difficult Book
6A=Genius Book
6B=Strategy Book
6C=Porno Mag
6D=XXX Porno Mag
6E=Poem Diary
6F=Sweet Wine
70=Handmade Cookie
71=Drawer Thing
72=Sweet Honey
73=Sweet Memory
74=Super Vodka
75=Bitter Memory
76=Botched Cookie
77=Dragon Dung
78=Bitter Wine
79=Poison Mushroom
7A=Gross Mushroom
7B=Rotten Mushroom
7D=Princess's ???
7E=Gunso's ???

Q & A

- Q: Where can I find a rom for this game?
A: Urge to seriously injure...rising...

- Q: Was this game ever released in the US?  I want to buy a cartridge.
A: No, this game wasn't released in the US.  If you want to buy a cartridge,
good luck.  Maybe you might be able to find one in a Japanese import store, or
maybe on eBay.

- Q: Why is my game in Japanese?  How can I play it in English?
A: It is a *Japanese* game, after all.  If you want to play in English, do the
1. Get a copy of the patch.  Tomato's site, listed at the bottom, should have
the most updated version of the patch.
2. What emulator are you using?  If you are using ZSNES, go to step 3.  If you
are using SNES9x, go to step 4.  If you're using another emulator, I can't
really help you...
3. Make sure that both the rom file and the patch have the same name.  Ex: if
your rom is named BL.smc (or BL.fig, etc.), name the patch to match it.  In
this case, name your patch BL.ips.  Make sure that both the rom and the patch
are in the same folder, and run the rom in ZSNES.  The auto-patching feature
should kick in, and the rom should run.  Proceed to step 8.
4. Go download an ips tool.  I don't know of a good site offhand, but search
around and you should find it.  Place it in the same folder as your rom, and
your patch.  Also, make sure that neither the ips file, nor the rom, nor the
patch is read-only.  If one of them IS read-only, right click --> Properties
--> check the little box next to read-only.
*NOTE* A good ips tool seems to be SNESTool from Zophar's Domain.  Try that
out, if you want.
5. Run the ips tool from the cmd line.  Go to Start Menu --> Run --> type in
cmd, and hit enter.
6. Go to the folder where the ips file is, and type in "ips" into the cmd
line.  It should run.
7. In the cmd line, type in ips, followed by the name of the rom file
(include the extension!), and the name of the patch file (include the
extension!).  It should look something like this: ips BL.smc BL_patch.ips.
Hit enter.  It should automatically patch the game for you.  Be warned that
this patch is permanent, and is very hard to remove.  When you have patched
the game, run it in SNES9x.
8. When you run the game, the biggest clue to see if the patch has worked is
to look at the title screen.  You should see the Bahamut Lagoon logo, but
also the custom logos for the Dejap team.  If this hasn't worked, try going
through the process one more time.

- Q: Why did my characters go up to level 99 after a single battle!  What's
A: This is the result of a corrupted rom.  Most likely, your best option
is to go find another one.  A hint: if the checksum for the rom is bad, it has
likely been hacked.  Find one that's good.

- Q: How do I change the options for this game?
A: DAMN good question...

- Q: Does Bahamut Lagoon have a 2 (or 3) player function?
A: Well, no.  Although if you really want to do a 2-player game with a friend,
you could always alternate turns or something like that.  One challenge is to
complete a chapter, have your friend complete it, and compete to see who did
it better.  You could compare length of battle, average HP of characters after
battle, MP consumption (less is better), etc.

- Q: Can I defeat Sauzer or Palpaleos in chapters 4 and 5?
A: No.  Even if you're strong enough (Ex-Game), Sauzer is not meant to be
defeated, and Palpaleos will run away before he dies.

- Q: In chapter 20, when I pick up the Dragon Dung, it gives me an option.  I
chose yes, and I become a Dragonkeeper, but then the game "froze" on me.  I
could move around, but the screen was black, and I couldn't do anything.  What
A: You have to walk off to the *right*, and you will get a scene with Bahamut.
After that, you should be fine.

- Q: Why are some of the spell descriptions off?  It says it hits only one
enemy, but then it hits all of them.
A: This is true for some spells (shame on you, Squaresoft).  Ones that come to
mind include Infinity and Nightmare 99.  They may say they only hit one
enemy, and that is likely true in melee, but they hit all enemies when used on
the field.  Bottom line: use them on the field!

- Q: Some of the weapon/armor ratings are a bit off.  Like, the color tells me
it's a better weapon, but the number is lower than my currently equipped
weapon.  What happened?
A: I'm not sure what this is, but it certainly has occured to me.  Most of the
time, the game adds a 1 in the hundreds place to weapons that don't have them.
I would recommend that you look at the color, as it tends to be more accurate
than the actual numbers.

- Q: Sometimes, during battle, my characters/dragons/enemies get little fuzzy
squares around them.  What's this?
A: Well, I don't know.  This has also happened to me before, and I can't
really explain it.  Thankfully, it hasn't crashed my game yet, but I would
recommend saving constantly in case it does.  Not just with savestates, but
saving onto the game's save files.

- Q: How come I can't change my formations?  I want to put Mist into another
A: You're probably in the prologue, where you can't change formations yet.
Wait until next chapter.

- Q: How do I get the Assassin class?  Or a third Light Armor?
A: Check out the Tips/Strategies section, under Secrets.

- Q: What does getting a custom job for the Assassins do (in chapter 15)?
A: First off, it costs an extra 3000 PR.  Also, in chapter 19, the Assassins
will attempt to kill the person you select.  As a warning, they will actually
kill the crew member, so be careful.  They won't kill Matelite or Yoyo,
however, but you'll get a funny scene.

- Q: My dragon won't listen to me!  I tell it to go, but it comes and sits
next to me.  Why?
A: Hmm...this might have several factors.  One, you actually did set the
dragon on Come or Wait.  Two, it's intimacy may be too high, so it doesn't
want to go away from you.  Feed it "bitter items" to fix this.  Three, your
party might be too far away from the enemy.  If your party is all the way at
the bottom of the screen, and the only enemies are all the way at the top of
the map, your dragon might refuse to go.

- Q: Someone attacked my dragon, but it took no damage?  What's going on?
A: That dragon is probably Salmando.  In his Phoenix (holy) and Master forms,
Salmando is invincible (i.e. it looks like he takes damage, but his current HP
never changes).  This also means that he'll automatically go up to 9999 HP
upon becoming one of these forms, so don't be surprised if that happens

- Q: Sometimes, my characters randomly lose some HP.  It's not a lot (usually
around 30-50), and I can't tell that it was ever lost (there was no damage
flash indicating that that character was damaged).  Where did this HP go?
A: Whenever your characters level up, their max HP goes up while their current
HP stays the same.  Therefore, if you gain a level during a battle, that
character's max HP will go up a bit, explaining this missing HP.

- Q: Can I summon Alexander in my first game?
A: No, you must wait for Ex-Play in order to summon Alexander.

- Q: How come I can't use Alexander in the final battle?  Yes, I am in an
Ex-Game, and I have been able to use him the rest of the game.
A: The programmers just designed it that way.  Maybe they thought it would be
weird if you used Alexander against Alexander.

- Q: Can you use Hornet, Hornet's dragon, Sauzer, or Palpaleos's dragon in the
game?  Also, can you summon Sauzer's holy dragons?
A: I honestly don't know, but this all sounds like a rumor to me.  I bet
there's someone out there who might have hacked into the game, and can maybe
confirm this.

- Q: Are you sure there aren't any more characters or dragons?  If you look at
the character screen, there's four empty places at the end.  Maybe a secret
class?  Or maybe you could command the 4 enemy generals?
A: Like I said, this is just a rumor.  And like most rumors, it probably isn't
true.  So stop asking.

- Q: My dragon turned into a thing called an Uni Uni or a Black Dragon.  How
can I change it back?
A: Heals.  Heals, heals, heals.  Feed your dragon Heals.  Uni Uni/Black
Dragon occurs when your dragon hits 100 Loyalty, and Heals are the cheapest
way to lower Loyalty.

- Q: My dragon turned into an Unknown Form or a Behemoth.  Can I fix this?
A: Yes, but it comes at a small price.  In order to turn a dragon into an
Unknown Form or Behemoth, you have to have fed it a Princess ??? item, which
raises the Transformation stat up 20.  The item Gunso's ??? (receive from
Gunso in various chapters) reverses this by lowering Transformaton by 100.
Unfortunately, there are only 5 Princess ??? items in the game, so by negating
it with a Gunso's ??? item means you'll never be able to get a Behemoth in
this game again.

- Q: I have a Dark dragon that I want to make into a Holy dragon (or vice
versa).  How do I do this?
A: Okay...first, max out both the Holy and Dark stats.  Sometimes this will
fix your problem immediately - if not, fiddle around with the Intimacy stat
until you get the desired class (Intimacy >= 50 is Holy, Intimacy < 50 is
Dark).  Good items to raise/lower intimacy include "Sweet" or "Bitter" items.

- Q: Where's the Sound Test?
A: To quote Neill Cortlett: "L R Reset!  L R Reset!".  Ahem...hold L, R, and
then restart the game.  Pretty easy to do on ZSNES, pretty damn hard for those
SNES9x users.

- Q: I'm stuck in the prebattle areas!  I can walk around, and talk to people,
but I can't start the battle!  What should I do?
A: Depends on the chapter.  If you're on the Farnheit, most of the time you
should talk to Hornet to start the battle.  If you're in a city/area, you
should talk to all of your characters...one of them likely triggers the

- Q: Is there any way to restore the MP of my dragons during a battle?
A: Unfortunately, there is only one way (and it's rather risky).  You can't
use items on dragons, so that rules out Magic Gins.  None of them have any
MP-restoring attacks, either.  The only way is for your Mini Devils to use
Complete Heal All (which is in the Fright Dance set [Uni Uni or Black Dragon])
to heal everyone.  Which, IMO, isn't worth restoring your dragon's MP.

- Q: The game is too easy!  What can I do to make it harder?
A: Several options here.  You could try a non-sidequest game, so that you will
never gain any extra experience.  You could try melee-only and field-only
games, which limit you to using melee and field attacks (feed your dragons, so
they will only use melee (or field) attacks as well).  You could try a game
without feeding your dragons at all.  Maybe even forget about the secret
characters.  No items/new equipment.  Use your imaginaton here.

- Q: I don't understand the storyline.  Can you give me a summary?
A: Sorry, I'm just about as lost as anyone else here...

- Q: What's the deal with Yoyo?!  She's such a little *****!
A: Heh, no argument here...

- Q: Hey, I want to put your FAQ on my website.  Will you let me?
A: For now, no.  Maybe this policy will change in the future, but for now,
this FAQ will stay at GameFAQs.

If you have any questions that you think should be on this list, send them
into me at blueshirt_32 @ yahoo.com.  Please make them worthwhile questions, and
they should be about the game in general.  If they are chapter specific
questions, go look at the walkthrough.

My Review

Another great game by Squaresoft, which was once again unfortunately not
ported to the US. Wow, the US is really missing on a lot in this game, as it
is one of my favorite games and probably one of the best games for SNES. This
game is a phase-based strategy game, much like FFT or Tactics Ogre, in which
you control up to 6 different parties. Each party can move around on the
battlefield, and also use "field" commands to attack enemies. Also, if a
party moves next to an enemy party, they can engage in a short RPG-style
battle. Finally...there are the dragons. Each party gets its own dragon,
which are probably the best part of the game. The dragons are barely
controllable, but they would never hurt your party, and they do great damage
to enemies. They can also heal you :). That being said, let us continue into
the review...

Story: 9/10 The storyline for this game is amazing. Although there are a few
stereotypical characters (ok, maybe just Yoyo and Matelite), the rest of the
characters more than make up for it. Each of the 30 characters gets a bit of
character development. For example, Byuu is the silent protagonist, devoted to
the princess but never showing his emotions. Bikkebakke plans to make millions
by selling mushrooms. Donfan is the ladies' man, trying to score on every
woman he meets, and failing every time :-P. Combining the plots of all these
different characters leads to a complex story, which finally revolves around
the revival of a destroyed empire and the search for the Holy Dragons. A
gripping story.

Sound: 8/10 This game is in the higher ranks of sound for SNES. The music is
cool, and the effects are very nice. This game also gets a sound test (with
the Dejap patch), which is very cool. And the dragon sounds are fairly

Controls: 9/10 The controls are fairly simple to learn, and the menus are easy
to access in battle. Everything is laid out very well. The only true problems
with the controls are the inability to access the ''menu'' screen outside of
battle or shops, and no way to fiddle around with any options.

Gameplay: 10/10 The shining point of Bahamut Lagoon, by far, is the gameplay.
Like I explained before, the battles are all phase based- your parties move,
then the enemies move, then your parties move, etc. However, each party is
different in its own way. Some parties have field attacks, which can be used
to attack from a distance. Some parties may only have strong physical attacks,
which are useful in the close-combat battles. Other classes grant special
abilities to the team. With the 30 characters (12 distinct classes) and 7
dragons, the combinations are endless.
However, it doesn't stop there. The dragons, although not *directly*
controllable, are greatly influenced by your caretaking. You can (and
definitely should) feed your dragons many different types of items. These
items not only help raises standard stats like attack and defense, but can do
a variety of other effects as well. Some items raise elemental attributes,
making a dragon do more damage with fire attacks, for instance. Some items
raise a dragon's wisdom, allowing them to make smarter choices in battle.
After raising certain stats, dragons can also ''evolve'' into more advanced
types. Even better yet, there are a few select items that will change your
dragons into something completely different and VERY powerful...
Finally, the out-of-battle gameplay is quite complex. Many secret characters
and hidden items can be found by exploring the towns between battles. There
are also many interesting character interactions. Choices that you make out
of battle may affect the items you receive, the characters you get, and many
other factors.

Replay: 10/10 This game has infinite possibilites. Combining the many classes
with the dragons leads to endless class combinations, all useful in their own
way. On another playthrough, you can also make different dialogue choices,
which might lead to drastic results. Finally, upon beating the game once, you
have the new option for Ex-Play, very similar to New Game+ for Chrono Trigger.
In Ex-Play, you use the same stats for your characters and dragons, as well as
gaining special abilities and detailed information about the items in the
game. Ex-Play only adds to the tremendous replay value of this game.

Conclusion: The only downfall of this tremendous game is the fact that it was
never released in the US! Squaresoft missed out on a huge chance by limiting
this game to Japan only...

Overall: 10/10

To Do List

- Finish the walkthrough (not only the first couple chapters, but all the
out-of-battle items/character interactions I missed).  This will have to wait
until I finish my current playthrough.
- *Reader submissions.  I wasn't sure about this at first, but I guess it
should work out fine.  Submit stuff that you think might work in the FAQ, and
I'll let you know if it fits in the FAQ.
- *Maybe do a weapon/armor/item list
- *Maybe do an enemy list
- *More tips/strategies, as well as Formation suggestions
- *More FAQs
- *Any mistakes I might have made.  I do try and proofread my work, but I do
make some mistakes.  Stuff like writing east instead of west, mistyping an
enemy's HP, small things like that.

*Accepting user input on these categories.


- Squaresoft, for making this game (why didn't you release it in the US?)

- The good people at Dejap (www.dejap.com), namely Neill Cortlett, Tomato
(http://starmen.net/tomato/bahamut), and Dark Force, for translating this game
(and SD3, and Star Ocean, but that's another story).  Also, thank you to
Tomato for writing a basic walkthrough for this game, which helped my first
time around.

- The Bahamut Lagoon shrine at http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/staff/bl/,
which has a ton of cool stuff about this game.  Thanks to Cidolfas for setting
this up and maintaining it.

- Meeple Lard, Ryu Seiryuu, Eternal Spirit, and any others I missed for
unknowingly introducing me to this game.  Check out their FAQs for both this
game, and others.

- Again, Meeple, for being a really cool guy (of course), and for letting me
use his Dance List.

- All the people at the Bahamut Lagoon board at GameFAQs for the fun topics.
In particular, thank you to:

rabblion - several small things about dragons, and the Farnheit.

Dawnshadow - info about another way to heal during battle.

Destruction Angel - for doing tons of stuff for me.  Not only did he proofread
my entire work (something I was too lazy to do), he also filled me in with a
lot of information about various things.  Credit him with, among others, the
list of Presenter-dropped items, as well as informing me about the EXP format
in this game, and Body Blow can instantly kill.

Jackson - for giving me a list of items dropped by bosses (and other enemies
like them).

- Steven Tao, for pointing out a fairly obvious mistake to me (damnit!)

- Cyberjim2000 (cyberjim2000_99 @ yahoo.com) for pointing out my mistake in the
Lancer section.

- TheChanseyDude (TheChanseyDude @ aol.com) for helping with the Dance section.

- Volandum (zhe.chen @ ntlworld.com) for a lot of interesting information.  He
proofread my work, along with filling me in about some stuff (namely the
relative strengths of Wizard/Priests's ultimate spells, as well as some odd
stuff about Hyperion).  Thanks a bunch!

- Standy (coldattitude @ hotmail.com, evangelion92 at gamefaqs) for submitting
an alternate strategy for chapter 25.

- FigWIN (and whoever made it) for the spiffy ASCII art.

- Michael Yost (halfminuteman @ hotmail.com) for pointing out that a Treasure
Box is a type of terrain.

- a big THANKS to Damion Hill (aka Kai, liquidfirehart @ hotmail.com) for
first volunteering to help me out, and then getting a TON of PAR codes for me.
Not only that, he works fast, too.  THANK YOU! =)

- Jason (yarthou @ aol.com) for pointing out that speed is somewhat useful.

- Greg Russell (tubola99, tubola99 @ hotmail.com) for clearing some stuff up
in Chapter 13, and also contributing an alternate strategy for Chapter 13.

- All the people at the SD3 board for all the fun times over the past year or

- Teja and Kevin, for also introducing me to this game, and constantly urging
me to get a copy of the rom.

- Merrill, for patiently (well, not really) waiting for me while I wrote this

- Whoever created Metapad, which allows me to write this FAQ in a notepad-like
form, which is cool.

- Brian Clevinger and 8-bit Theatre for keeping me occupied during those
periods of writer's block.  www.nuklearpower.com

            *            <--- Swordchucks

- bash.org, for being the best website on the planet.

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for his wonderful site, and for hosting this FAQ for me.
I cannot put into words how much I and the entire gaming community owes you.
If you ever need help on BL - I'm your man.

- You, the reader of this FAQ...by reading it, you're helping me out :).

- And finally...me, for writing it.

Contact Info

Email: b l u e s h i r t _ 3 2 @ y a h o o . c o m (ignore the spaces)

AIM: blueshirt32

IRC: I can be found in the #mana_holyland chat occasionally

Message Boards: I can be found at the GameFAQs Bahamut Lagoon board.  If you
really want to find me on the boards, though, you should probably check the
SD3 board first, I'm a bit more frequent there.

My Contrib Page: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/23997.html

If you're going to email me, please put "BL FAQ" or something like that in the
subject line, so I don't automatically delete it.  And don't include me in
your chain letters/spam/viruses/death threats/flames.  I don't need it.


This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 by Brandon "blueshirt32" Szeto.  This faq
should not be found at any site besides www.gamefaqs.com, or http://groups.
yahoo.com/group/Sd3_social/files/BL.txt, or else I'll sue you.  And I'll win.
Ha.  Don't e-mail me and ask if you can put this on your site; I know way too
many people who have had their faqs ripped off, and I'm not gonna fall victim.
Also, only use this guide to help defeat the game Bahamut Lagoon.  Don't print
it out and make money out of it, or anything like that, unless the money comes
to me :).  And after I get the money, I'll use it to get a lawyer and sue you
anyway.  So don't bother.  This includes magazines, books, newspapers, and all
mediums that can hold words.

If you want to take ideas, phrases, or paragraphs from this FAQ, go right
ahead.  Just please quote me, or somehow show that this was my idea, and I
won't care.

The characters, places, and story of this game are copyrighted (c) to


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