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Hard Dungeon FAQ by EternalSpirit

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 08/13/2003

Bahamut Lagoon Hard Dungeon FAQ 
© Copyright 2002 EternalSpirit
Version 2.00 - (July 25, 2002 - July 26, 2002)

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Preparations for the Dungeon
3. Enemies in the Dungeon and their Stats
4. Strategy to beat the Dungeon
5. Version History
6. Legal Stuff
7. Credits

1. Introduction
Hi, and welcome to my second ever FAQ. This faq, for Bahamut Lagoon, is meant 
to cover every aspect about the Hard Dungeon of Bahamut Lagoon. Access to this
dungeon is granted late game, after Chapter 20. Many of the enemies in the
hard dungeon are pretty tough, with a ton of HP and some powerful attacks,
with careful preparation, it becomes not too difficult.

2. Preparations for the Dungeon
As for most battles, you will want to be prepared, but for this one, extra
special preparation is needed. Make sure you stock up on lots of gold, and get
all your dragons to master status, ESPECIALLY Salmando, who will be vital to
beating this dungeon. Make sure most of your teams are full of characters over
level 40. A suggested team is:

Party 1
Byuu - Cross Knight
Palpaleos - Cross Knight
Bikkebakke - Knight
Lukia - Light Armor

Party 2
Rush - Knight
Barclay - Heavy Armor
Gunso - Heavy Armor
Jeanne - Light Armor

Party 3
Ectarina - Wizard
Nelbo - Wizard
Anastasia - Wizard
Melodia - Wizard

Party 4
Yoyo - Dragnar
Sendak - Summoner
Diana - Priest
Mist - Light Armor

Party 5
Zora's Son - Lancer
Donfan - Lancer
Reeve - Lancer
Frenze - Lancer

Party 6
Wagahai - Mini-Devil
Monyo - Mini-Devil
Manyo - Mini-Devil
Munyo - Mini-Devil


Anyways, here were my dragons (keep in mind these are the default names):

Party 1 - Salmando (Master)
Party 2 - Icedrake (Master)
Party 3 - Molten (Master)
Party 4 - Thunder (Master)
Party 5 - Twinhead (Master)
Party 6 - Munimuni (Black)

I suggest maxing out the dragons' MP as well, as well as their wisdom, and
having their HP over 9000 (check a different faq for in depth info on doing

Now, remember how I said to stock up on a lot of money? Well, you'll need it.
You might want to stock up on these items:

High Drug - 99
Royal Drug - 99
Magic Gin - 99
Litancible - 99
Heal - 99
Heal SP - 99

If you can get other non-buyable items like High Magic Gins, Elixirs, etc.,
then do so. They will probably help. Alhough I doubt you will need most of the
items listed here, the only thing I managed to deplete was most of my Magic
Gins, but meh, it depends on how you play the dungeon.

Ex-Play is also recommended for this dungeon. Alexander is extremely useful

3. Enemies in the Dungeon and their Stats
Here I will list the enemies and their HP/MP/level.

Strider Lv. 84 - HP: 12,000 MP: 175
Overlord Lv. 88 - HP: 10,000 MP: 420
Moth Queen Lv. 97 - HP: 55,000 MP: 999
Schwarzen Lv. 98 - HP: 53,750 MP: 999
Judit Lv. 93 - HP: 40,000 MP: 999
Naga Lv. 96 - HP: 58,000 MP: 999
King of Pain Lv. 99 - HP: 59,500 MP: 999

Here are the number of enemy groups in the dungeon, as well as the enemies in
them. I am listing the group specifics in accordance to the path of the 
dungeon. The first enemy listed is the "lead" enemy in each group (the one 
who's sprite you see).

Number of groups: 12

Group 1: Strider (3)
Group 2: Strider (3)
Group 3: Overlord (2), Strider (1)
Group 4: Overlord (2), Strider (1)
Group 5: Overlord (2), Strider (1)
Group 6: Overlord (1), Strider (2)
Group 7: Moth Queen (1)
Group 8: Schwarzen (1)
Group 9: King of Pain (1) (THIS IS THE BOSS)
Group 10: Judit (1)
Group 11: Judit (1)
Group 12: Naga (1)

Here are the main enemy spells you will want to watch out for:

Quick - used by the Judit's on the King of Pain when you're near him, it will
        allow the King of Pain to attack twice in one turn

Bagdem - used by Overlords in battle and on the field, they REALLY love using
	 this spell, and IT HURTS, watch out because it can do 800+ in battle
 	 and over 1000 on the field

Nightmare 99 - works like a Gravity spell, takes off 75% of current HP

Randomizer - watch out for this spell. It inflicts random status effects on a
	     group, and can quite possibly kill a group (death and/or
	     petrify). If Byuu's group gets killed, game over, so just watch

4. Strategy to beat the Dungeon
Here is probably what all of you were waiting for, the strategy to beat this 
dungeon. I am going to divide the screen into three sections, the bottom 1/3,
middle 1/3, and top 1/3, mostly because in the respective areas, the method to
defeat the enemies is more or less the same. The top area does NOT include the
chest areas. Speaking of the chests, in this dungeon, the chests scattered
around have the most powerful items in the game.

Bottom 1/3 - Kill off the 2 strider groups by using your swordtechs, summons,
	     dances, strongest spells, lancer skills, and most importantly,
	     your dragons, to weaken them to a point where you can kill them
	     in a melee battle. This is the easiest part of the dungeon.

Middle 1/3 - This is arguably the hardest area. Sit back and let your dragons
 	     weaken those Overlord groups, as well as using your summons. Use
             Magic Gins whenever necessary, and keep your HP at max at ALL 
	     times. Take advantage of Salmando's invincibility here as well. 
	     Keep him up front, and have your other dragons attack at a range,
	     if you can help it. Using the "Come" or "Wait" commands will 
	     usually induce this. Also, try to keep your summoner and
	     mini-devil groups as far away from them as possible, and keep
             your dragons alive, they will be vital later on. When you think
             they are weak enough to take out in full out melee battles, do it
             mercilessly. Remember to try to kill them one by one, not all at
             once, because together they can obliterate you with their various

Top 1/3 - Arguably the easiest area, although it will take the longesttime to
          clear out. Try to take out the Judits and Naga at the right end
          first. Bomb the little wall at the right side to have easier access
          to them. Go all out against these three groups, just keep attacking
          in melee battles, summons, dances, lancer skills, everything you 
          have. They can't kill a single unit in one turn, unless you take on
          all three at once, and even then it would be a marginal kill. HEAL
          EVERY TURN TO MAX! As usual, use Magic Gins to restore SP when
          needed. After this, move towards the center with Byuu's group ONLY.
          Have Salmando engage in up close combat, and then have your 
          mini-devil, summoner, and wizard groups move in and attack from a 
          distance with your strongest spells and dances. Have all your
          dragons aside from Salmando set to either Wait or Come mode, so they
          don't try to engage in up close combat. When the Judit dies, have
          your dragons go back to Go mode. Quick can no longer be used, so
          your dragons will be much safer than they were before. To get the
          chests at the top, destroy the wall at the right and move up to get
          the chests. Then move directly to the left from the right side to 
          the next section. Destroy the wall, but be careful of the enemies. I 
          got in using Byuu's Thunder Hit tech. Now, after getting the chests,
          move to the bottom of the map, and go around to the other side of
          the map (basically, make a U type path, from the entrance to the
          middle chests, to the entrance to the left chests, you will have 
          passed the destroyable wall at the left-middle side of the map to 
          get there). Stay close to the wall to the left so you don't attract
          attention from the enemies. Get the chests, then move your units
          away from the action until you are positive you can beat the enemies
          in a direct melee assault. But before that, just keep hammering the
          enemies with your best summons, spells, and whatever else you have
          that is long range, always having Salmando right in the middle of it
          all, taking all the damage since he is invincible. After a while
          the enemies will be dead, and you will have won!

NOTE: I checked it and the chests are always the same.

5. Version History
July 25, 2002
Version 1.00 - Completed most of the FAQ in just one day. Future updates to be
               expected are exact HP numbers for the enemies, and a confirmed
               answer as to whether the chests are random or not.
July 25, 2002
Version 1.01 - Added a new spell to be VERY afraid of.. also fixed some wrong

July 26, 2002
Version 2.00 - Got an answer for the chest thing, thanks RyuSeiryuu! Also 
               attained the HP of all the enemies! Faq is pretty much done.

Auguest 13, 2003
Version 2.01 - Completely re-wrote the FAQ.. I made this dungeon seem near
	       impossible.. also, chest items will be included in next

6. Legal Stuff
Sigh.. you've all seen this crap before, this faq is copyright, if I see it
anywhere other than Gamefaqs without my prior consent I will take actions
against you, don't redistribute the faq with intentions of making money, blah,
blah, blah.. just use the faq for helping you beat the dungeon, and you'll be
fine. If you wish to use this faq on a site or whatever, e-mail me at
lajkosz@quickclic.net, or contact me on AIM or MSN for a more immediate answer
(though it will more than likely be a yes).
AIM: ChaosAngel Kefka
MSN: fallenangelkefka@hotmail.com

7. Credits
Not much to put here really.

Squaresoft - for making this exceptional game.
MeepleLard - for "leading me to the well", so to speak. Thanks man, for
             showing me this incredible game!
The Dungeon itself - for the inspiration to make this faq, I figured that it
                     was a pretty damn hard area to beat, so I wanted to make
                     this faq to help people out with it.
RyuSeiryuu - Chest answer, and cluing me in on some tips.

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