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Formation FAQ by Meeple Lard

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 03/04/2003

                           Formation Faq for Bahamut Lagoon
                                     Meeple Lard
                              Date: 3/04/03, Version 0.7

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Background info of Bahamut Lagoon
3. Description of Faq
4. What is Formation?
5. Class Types and Abilities
6. Dragons and Combos with Teams
7. Formations
8. Miscellaneous Tips and Stuff
9. FAQs
10. Version Update
11. Credits
12. Legal Stuff

1. Introduction

Ok, if you are reading this, then this must be posted.  Welcome fans of a 
Bahamut Lagoon.  This is Meeple Lard here, the author, here to tell you a 
thing or 2...or 3 for that matter.  Anyway, for those who don't know, I have 
two other FAQs out there, both for the game Seiken Densetsu 3 (also know as 
Secret of Mana 2) One is a VERY in depth character FAQ solely on the 
Character Hawk, while the other is a FAQ dedicated to all the technical 
stuff.  For those who MIGHT have heard of me through the FAQs or the Message 
Boards, yes, this is the same Meeple who does both.  If you happen to play 
Seiken Densetsu 3, and would like to get info on either, by all means, check 
both FAQs.  Anyway, this FAQ is NOT for the game Seiken Densetsu 3, however, 
but for ANOTHER game unreleased in the US, Bahamut Lagoon.  This FAQ is 
dedicated to the Formation and stuff put into it and how to use it 
effectively.  Anyway, if you'd like to speak to me, either AIM at DbzFFlord, 
E-mail at DbzFFlord@aol.com, OR just look for me at asserted Game Faqs 
message boards (Seiken Densetsu 3 is my most common one, but I hang around 
at a few others)

2. Background info of Bahamut Lagoon

I know A LOT of you are wondering "What Is Bahamut Lagoon?"  Well, Bahamut 
Lagoon is one of those MANY games that was never released in the US for the 
SNES, and only appeared in Japan for the Super Famicom.  However, recently, 
a group of people got together and FINALLY made a complete translation of 
the game after so many people started to work on it, but never finished, and 
thus, the result is those who can't read Japanese can now play this 
wonderful game.  The game is Strategy RPG, similar to that of Ogre Battle 
and Final Fantasy Tactics.  In fact, the best way to describe is that it's a 
combo of the two.  Like with Final Fantasy Tactics, you have characters who 
can do different actions to enemies, and move as during their turn.  Like in 
Ogre Battle, each "Unit" is actually a Squad of Characters, and when you get 
close (by Close, I mean Adjacent to) the enemy, you can inniate an RPG like 
battle, which lasts for one turn, or until either side is defeated, whatever 
comes first.  The game is Phase Based, so all your Units go, then all the 
enemies go, etc.  Also, on your side, you have Dragons at your command 
that'll aid you considerably.  Ok, so you can't control them, but they still 
are a big help, and would never think twice of hurting you.  That's just 
basic info on the game itself.  If you want specifics, its probably best to 
check a full walkthrough, or play the game yourself.

3. Description of Faq

First off, let me tell you all what this Faq is about.  It's NOT a full 
Walkthrough; so don't expect to see any of that.  It's a guide to help you 
on creating Formations and such.  This is NOT an all out Character analysis 
Faq either, though at times it might seem like that, I'll be analyzing the 
characters for what its worth to this FAQ, NOT for the sake of analyzing.  
Also, this is NOT a Dragon Guide either; so if you see a lot that I didn't 
go over in the Dragon Section, don't be surprised yet again.  I'm only 
covering the areas that would work for this FAQ.  Finally, this Faq is NOT 
necessarily complete, so I MAY BE missing a few things that you picked up.  
If I did, please contact me and if I think its worthy (and True for that 
matter), I'll stick it in this Faq and give credit to where it's needed.
With all the Boring intro stuff out of the way, lets get into the Actual Faq 
itself, Shall We!

4. What is Formation?

I think a Formation Faq would be useless if you have no clue what Formation 
is, right?  Ok, Formation is how you set your team up.  Each can hold up to 
4 characters, be them what you may, and you can have 6 Units in total.  If 
you have a lot of reserves, don't worry, as there are a lot of extras.  
Also, you can ONLY have as many teams as you do Dragons, and that max, as I 
already stated, is 6.  There are 7 dragons, but like with the extra 
characters, it becomes a reserve.
Formation works like this: 
Characters of similar Types will work together.
Characters of Non-compatable types (like a Knight and a Wizard) won't work 
together, but your team gets a bit more versatile.
Basically, what that means is that a group of 4 Priests, lets say, who all 
are the same basic character as far as Abilities and Equipment go, would all 
be STRONGER than 1 lone priest in a group.  The more of the same class you 
have, the stronger their benefits are on the Field only.  In Battle, each 
character works separately, so don't expect your 4 Priests Beefed up magic 
to work just as efficiently in Battle as if it was outside. 
So, in otherwords, on the Field, all those characters of the same type in 
that Unit would all cast that same spell at once, thus making the spell 
stronger.  So, with 4 priests, all 4 uses up some of their Spell Points to 
cast the same spell, and since it's like it's being cast by 4 characters, 
the effects are obviously much greater.  Granted, there are certain spells 
that are not effected by Formation, but I'll get into those later.
One way to check if your Formation is working is to check the Spell and 
ability levels during the Formation screen.  If it White Magicx2, for 
example, that means you have 2 Characters who can use White Magic in that 
group.  This will be shown in battle through Spell Levels.  Normally the 
highest Level a Spell can get for one character is Level 10.  However, with 
2 characters who can cast that very spell, the spell's max will then be 
Level 20.  And of course, 3 characters means Level 30, and 4 characters 
means level 40.  However, remember that the characters MUST be in the same 
unit, and it ONLY works on the Field.

Formation is just about Active abilities and stuff.  Also, there are some 
characters that have abilities only useable in Battles.  All of these 
characters have Passive Abilities on the Map.  These are things that take 
effect instantly, and effect how well the Unit can perform in NON-Field 
attack situations.  For example, some will raise the Units Defense against 
Field attacks, other allow for greater movement range, etc.  What each do 
will be listed and which classes can use them as well later in the FAQ, so 
don't worry.

5. Class Types and Abilities

In Bahamut Lagoon, each character has a SET Class Type, and each Class Type 
has different abilities, equipment set ups, and different Fighting styles.  
This part of the FAQ describes each Class Type so that you can get an idea 
on how to use them.
Anyway, On To the Classes!
Terms to know:

SP: Skill Points. Requirement needed to use Techniques and the like that are 
based off the Strength Stat.
MP: Magic Points. Required Stat needed to cast Magic and the like that is 
based off the Magic Stat.
R: Range.  How far an attack can reach when used on the Field.  Number next 
to it is how many panels, starting from the space the person is on being 0.  
If unlisted, the attack can't be used on the field.
E: Effect.  How many panels the attack can target at once.  Number next to 
is the number of Panels it hits, starting from the space its targeting being 
1.  If unlisted, the attack can't be used on the Field.
A: All.  Ability hits all enemies/allies (Depends of what nature the spell 
is) in the battle
S: Single.  Ability hits one enemy/ally (depends the nature of the ability) 
at a time in battle.
S/A: Single/All.  Ability can either hit ALL enemies or One enemy in the 
battle, at the choice of the player.
<>: Ability is only usable if Dragon associated with the Unit is a Behemoth 
or Unknown Form.  This will replace all other abilities
(): Ability is only usable if Dragon associated with the Unit is a Black 
Dragon or Uni Uni Form.  This will replace all other abilities 
*: Character is shown to represent class on equipment screen.

All abilities are listed in the following Format:
Name -> SP cost, Range, effect radius, Targetting in Battles
Description of Spell

Finally, one last thing.  The "Other Equipment to Consider" part listed 
after the Ultimate Equipment are either: 
A. Equipment to use incase you don't have enough of the Ultimate Equipment 
late in the game.
B. Stuff some people consider "Ultimate" Equipment depending on their 
playing style (mostly applies to Armor) 
When I listed Ultimate Weapons and Armor, I took overall use into account, 
as well as statistics (Personally, I never found much problems from 
Elemental Attacks (since few exist late in the game, especially the ones you 
fend against) nor have status effects really proven to be much of a problem 
(Besides late game Randomizers used by some bosses, there are near NO Status 
Effect enemies late in the game), so if your opinions on best stuff are 
different from my Ultimate Equipment, its possible, as you just have a 
different playing style)  Also, the equipment to Consider section is written 
in no particular order.
Cross Knight

The Cross Knight is one unique Class.  It's a rather Balanced Class, and 
seems to not have any disadvantages.  This is one of my Favorites personal 
classes, as it works well with nearly any team.  The only thing I dislike is 
how there are only 2 Cross Knights in the game, so at best, you can only get 
Level 20 attacks from them.  Oh well, they are still pretty powerful as they 

Field Ability: Sword Tech
The Cross Knight's Ability is basically their version of Magic.  Its got all 
the elemental features, and the same range, and most hit the same amount 
Panels as the Low Level spells (only the Holy and Dark Elemental Spells hit 
more than 2 Panels) The Elemental Properties all work the same way as well 
as with Spells, such as Fire burning Forests or Thunder destroying things.  
Sword Techs are also pretty powerful as well.  Yes, they are not the 
strongest, but they are good for Quick Long Range Strikes when you can't 
initiate a battle.  They do have a BIG disadvantage though.  Cross Knights 
don't get very much Spell Points, so using them can be very costly, 
especially if you lack Magic Gin.  So just remember that with Sword Techs, 
you can't be TOO Care Free with them, as you only have a limited amount of 
Uses before restoring SP is needed, so use them only when you need to, or if 
you don't mind having to go to the Party Screen often to heal.

Battle Abilities: Sword Tech
In Battle, Sword Techs have a different use.  Swordtechs hit all enemies on 
the screen with that proper attack, doing more damage than they would on the 
Field, as well as more damage than a basic Cross Knight attack.  And of 
course, they cost SP and are Elemental.  Basically, they are good for taking 
out Units with 3 or 4 enemies, and are decent when needed against bosses as 
they do have a power increase compared to the basic Cross Knight attack.  I 
believe they have a 100% hit rate, but I am NOT certain about this either.  
This is just more proof that Cross Knights are a nice balanced class, as not 
only can they fight on the field, but they are good for hurting all enemies 
in battle, and do a decent job against bosses.

Sword Tech Abilities:
Flame Hit: 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Hit: 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Thunder Hit: 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Hit: 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Drug Hit: 6SP , 5R, 1E, A.  Absorbs Enemy's HP
Earth Hit: 7SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Dark Hit: 10 SP, 5R, 2E, A. Dark Elemental Attack
Saint Hit: 10 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack.
(Uni Hit): 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A. Neutral Attack. Sometimes Fail
<? Hit>: 6 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack.
NOTE: ? Hit IS the name of the attack, as well as any other ability with a ? 
In its name.

Ultimate Equips:
Weapon: Dreadnaught
Armor: Armada Mail

Other Equipment to Consider: 
Weapons: Scarnhorst, Gneisenau, Excalibur
Armor: Black Prince, Imperator

Cross Knight Characters include:


As the name suggests, this class is good at Melee Fighting.  The Knight 
doesn't serve any purpose on the Battle Field, really, except to take a few 
more hits.  However, when it comes to Head On Battles, the Knights REALLY 
Shine.  At first, they might seem like less useful version of the Cross 
Knight, but late in the game, you'll find these guys to be quite the Boss 

Special Ability: Critical 
The Knight is one of the few classes that don't have Field Abilities.  
Instead, they have a Special Ability called "Critical."  What this does is 
that it raises the damage done by Special Attacks IN battles themselves.  
The damage raise is actually quite Significant, as 1 Knight allowed my Heavy 
Armor to do a good 500 more with a Saint Smash.  Anyway, for this reason, 
having a Knight in a Melee Group makes quite the team even more powerful.  
For this reason, they make EXCELLENT classes to put in teams that are going 
up against the boss.
The Level of Critical the Knight has is based off the Dragon's Strength Stat 
that they are associated with.  Higher level of Critical means higher 
chances of it successfully being pulled off.

Battle Ability: Technique
The Knight's Battle Abilities are basically Single hitting Elemental 
Attacks.  These attacks, however, are considerably stronger than a regular 
attack, ESPECIALLY since the fact that they are knights, they always have 
the Critical ability backing them up, and thus, the damage raise is quite 
high.  Early in the game, moves like Fire Pulse or Ice Pulse won't do much, 
but as you raise your dragons, and get moves like Saint Pulse, you'll find 
these to be some of the STRONGEST attacks this game has.  

Technique List: 
Flame Pulse: 5 SP, S.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Pulse: 5 SP, S.  Water Elemental Attack
Thunder: 5 SP, S.  Thunder elemental Attack
Poison Pulse: 5 SP, S.  Poisonous Attack
Drug Pulse: 5 SP, S.  Absorbs Enemy's HP
Earth Pulse: 6 SP, S. Earth Elemental Attack
Saint Pulse: 9 SP, S. Holy Elemental Attack
Dark Pulse: 9 SP, S. Dark Elemental Attack
(Uni Pulse): 5 SP, S.  Neutral Attack. Can Fail.
<? Pulse>: 5 SP, S.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment:
Weapon: Dreadnaught
Armor: Armada Mail

Other Equipment to Consider: 
Weapons: Excalibur
Armor: Reconquista, Vegas Armor

Knight Characters include: 

Description:  The Summoner, without a doubt, is one of the best Classes in 
the game.  It has 2 Skill Sets; both are usable in battles AND on the Field.  
Its first is Red Magic, which is only marginally useful, but the other is 
Summon.  As you might have guessed, Summoning is REALLY powerful.  Its range 
is not only great, but some they are also the have the highest hitting 
affect radii as well.  IMHO, Summoners are the ULTIMATE class in Long Range 
Fighting.  Also, Summoners have decent HP for a character who's quite 
Reliant on Magic, unlike their Priest or Wizard Counterparts, so they will 
require less healing and survive longer as well.

Field Abilities: Red Magic
Ok, this is available to you RIGHT from the beginning of the game.  Red 
Magic has only 3 spells, all of different types.  Its not the best skill 
set, but its OK for giving a Cheap move (SP wise) just to gain EXP for that 

This is the most damaging of the Field Skill Sets, with the only possible 
exception of the Mini Devil's Dances.  These attacks Hurt A LOT.  Sure, they 
cost a lot, but fortunately, Summoners have high SP, so you should be able 
to pull off a few before you need to use a Few Magic Gin.  Also, some of 
these Summons are Elemental, and you can hit WIDE areas with Elemental 
Attacks.  An example is that Leviathan hits 4 panels, and is water 
elemental, thus, in ONE turn, you could make an Ice Bridge able to carry you 
across large Lake areas, as opposed to having to put several Units special 
abilities to use.  However, I would not advise using summons just for the 
sake of EXP gaining.  I'd suggest using Red Magic if you really need to.

Battle Abilities: Red Magic
I don't really use this much in battle.  It doesn't serve all that great of 
a purpose.  Well, its ok if I Desperately need healing, I guess, but that's 
about it.  Personally, I try to have my Summoners avoid Battles as much as 
possible, since they excel in Long Range fighting.

Ok, these attacks STILL hurt a lot, however, I'd rather save the Summons for 
outside of battle, where I can hurt more than 1 Unit at time.  However, this 
is really the only decent way the Summoner can deal damage.  Its this, Red 
Magic, or Items, as their physical attacks sucks, so I'd go with the Summons 
if I really needed to.  Sometimes, though, it's probably best to just have 
them defend.

Red Magic List:
White Drug: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Heals Target(s) HP, Hurts Undead
Flame Gaze: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Bingo: 9 MP, 5R, 1E, S.  Makes a character's/units abilities more powerful 
for one Action in battle.
(Uni Magic):  10 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<Mystery Magic>: 16 SP, 5R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack

Summon List:
Valitora: 19 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack
Leviathan: 20 MP, 5R, 4E, A.  Water Elemental Attack
Garuda: 21 MP, 5R, 5E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack
Jormungand: 25 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
*Hyperion: 30 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack
Bahamut: 33 MP, 5R, 5E, A. Fire Elemental Attack 
*Alexander: 35 MP, 5R, 6E, A. Non-Elemental Attack
(Vali): 19 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack. Can Fail
(Levvy): 20 MP, 5R, 4E, A.  Water Elemental Attack. Can Fail
(Garu): 21 MP, 5R, 5E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack. Can Fail
(Jormy): 25 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack. Can Fail
*(Hypie): 30 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Non-Elemental Attack.  Can Fail
(Bahamie): 33 MP, 5R, 5E, A. Fire Elemental Attack.  Can Fail 
*(Alex): 35 MP, 5R, 6E, A. Non-Elemental Attack. Can Fail 

*Though dealing Non-elemental (AKA Neutral) Damage, they are considered Dark 
Attacks, in other words, the items received for killing enemies through such 
attacks is the same as if you killed them using a Dark Attack (check the 
Description of Melee 99 or around there for more info what I mean)

NOTE: All Red Magic is learned IMMIDIATLY from the first mission in the game 
(the prologue mission) The Summons are all obtained through the Plot.  
Alexander and Alex are only obtainable through an Ex-play game; so don't 
expect to see it on your first game.  And also, in the final boss of the 
game (This might be Minor Spoilers, so sorry if it is), do NOT expect to 
EVER be able to use either Alexander or Alex, even in Ex-play.  Sorry, 
that's how life works.

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Empress Khana
Armor: Royal Gown

Other Equipment To Consider:
Weapons: Assault, Crusader
Armor: Kaiser Rin, Dark Force

Summoner Characters Include: 
Yoyo (from Chapter 6 until and including Chapter 21)


Description: Ok, to describe the Dragnar is mostly repetitive to what the 
Summoner is, so I'll just say what's different.  The Dragnar IS a Summoner, 
down to the very Equipment, Abilities, and even the character.  The one 
difference is that the Dragnar has a Different Battle Sprite than the 
Summoner AND has higher stats as well.  That's the ONLY difference between 
the Dragnar and Summoner.  If you want more info on the Dragnar, just look 
at what the Summoner has, and your questions will be answered.

Dragnar Character's Include: 
*Yoyo (Chapter 22 until end of game) 

NOTE: Though in Ex-play, when you name Yoyo, she appears as her Dragnar 
Sprite, like in a normal game, she won't be a Dragnar til Chapter 22.  Thus, 
don't be surprised to See Yoyo's Stats go down in an Ex-play game, as she is 
far superior as a Dragnar than she is as a Summoner, in terms of stats, even 
if she is a few levels lower.  

Description:  As the name implies, this class is all about Healing Magic and 
stuff.  For the most part of the game, it lacks decent ways to hurt enemies.  
It's used best to heal Characters or Dragons that need it.  Later in the 
game when you get Dark and Light Forms for your Dragons, they gain some 
pretty neat spells and can now actually HURT the enemy.  If you find your 
taking a lot of damage, make sure you invest a few Priests in some of your 
Attack Squads.  Priests also allow you to save some of your needed money to 
buy stuff instead of wasting it on Healing Items and Such.  

Field Abilities: White Magic
White Magic is mostly Healing and Effect Magic.  It really saves you from 
losing a lot of Items in battle, and helps you injure the enemies a lot as 
well, as it comes with a few spells directed at your enemies.  Granted, this 
is not as damaging as other Skill Sets, but lets remember, the point of 
white Magic is to help make sure YOUR Squads survive, and not to make sure 
the enemy doesn't.  For these purposes, I think this Skill Set fits its job 
rather well.

Battle Abilities: White Magic 
I think in battle, White Magic a bit more useful.  To use it effectively 
outside of battle requires several priests in your team.  In Battle, one 
casting of a White Drug usually is enough to let your team survive, at least 
for that onslaught by the enemy.  Granted, up until they get their Dark and 
Holy elemental attacks, they lack the means to deal decent Damage in combat.

White Magic List:
White Drug: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Heals Target(s) HP, Hurts Undead
Clean Up: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S.  Cancels Negative Status on Unit/Character
Sleep: 12 MP, 5R, 1E, S.  Attempts to Put Target Enemy/Unit to sleep
Exorcism: 15 MP, 5R, 1E, S.  Instant Death Attack against Enemy/Unit
Return Life: 21 MP, 5R, 1E, S.  Revives One Character OR All Dead Characters 
in target Unit (Unit MUST have at least ONE living character), Chance of 
instantly killing Undead Enemies 
Star Fall: 21 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Earth Elemental Attack
Big Burst: 24 MP, 5R, 3E, A. Holy Elemental Attack
Infinity: 24 MP, 5R, 3E, S.  Dark Elemental Attack
<Mystery Magic>: 22 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Heals Allies HP
(Uni Magic):  10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Assault
Armor: Kaiser Rin

Other Equipment to Consider:
Weapons: Crusader
Armor: Dark Force

Priest Characters Include: 


Description: Wizards are, simply put, the exact OPPOSITE of a Priest.  
Priests excel at healing Magic, while Wizards excel at Attack Magic.  
Wizards for the first part of the game will be your best way to Deal Long 
Range Damage.  After that, the reason for keeping them with you is for their 
Verastility, and their Cheap Powerful long range spells, even if out classed 
by the Summoner's/Dragnar's spells.

Field Ability: Black Magic
This is REALLY useful on the battle Field.  The attacks are quite powerful, 
AND they are quite long range as well.  Another advantage to Black Magic is 
that it's a quite a Versatile Skill Set, as it covers ALL the elemental 
Categories, so you don't have to worry about not having the right magic 
later on in the game, as Wizards cover it all. They're spells are not only 
Cheap, but they also have a lot of MP from which to use it from.  I consider 
the Black Magic Skill Set to be a back up to my Summoning, and it does the 
job quite well.  What's best is there are 4 Wizards, so you can use Black 
Magic to its Highest Extent if you so desire on the Field.

Battle Ability: Black Magic 
The Black Magic Skill set in battle serves the purpose of injuring every 
enemy on the Screen rather effectively, and cheaply as well.  Now, 
personally, I think their magic works best outside of battle where they are 
not in danger of the enemy, and they can hit several enemies.  But their 
spells do have decent effects in battles, so, if they happened to be put in 
a battle, use their Black Magic to help destroy the enemies.  However, one 
problem I will admit is that their Black Magic in battle isn't quite as 
strong as you'd expect, or want, their attacks to be, but then again, 
Wizards are meant to be Snipers, not Fighters.

Black Magic List:
Flame Gaze: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Magic: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Thunder Gale: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, S/A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Energy Drain: 15 MP, 5R, 1E, S.  Absorbs Enemy's HP
Bionics: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Poisonous Spell
Earthquake: 18 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Halley Gazer: 22 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack
Armageddon: 22 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack.
(Uni Magic):  10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<Mystery Magic): 18 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Assault
Armor: Kaiser Rin

Other Equipment to Consider: 
Weapons: Crusader
Armor: Dark Force

Wizard Characters Include: 

Royal Guard

Description: The Royal Guard, IMHO, isn't that great a class.  It's 
basically a Less Versatile Heavy Armor who gets higher stats and can snipe.  
Yes, those Stat Bonuses are nice, but personally, I don't find them enough 
for what this class lacks.  All he gets is ONE ability in his entire skill 
set, and its only Marginally useful as it is.  Now, this is just my opinion, 
so if you happen to like using the Royal Guard, by all means do so.

Field Ability: Destroy
Destroy does exactly what it says.  It has ONE ability that's a lightning 
elemental attack that hurts the enemies and can destroy buildings and such.  
This would be a good attack, were it not for its crappy range.  Its good if 
you want some quick easy EXP, I guess.  The reason why I don't like it 
either is that its SO short range that you have to be right next to the 
enemy in most cases to actually hit them with it that you might as well 
initiate a Battle with them, where he you can deal more damage overall.  
However, note that with certain dragons, the skill changes to one of 2 other 
possibilities, both of which are non elemental, so despite being called 
"Destroy", only the basic Destroy ability used with a Generic Dragon (called 
"Inspire") will effect terrain.

Battle Ability: Destroy 
This is basically the battle version of the Field ability "Destroy." In 
other words, having only one skill the entire game, dragon or no dragon, 
which is thunder elemental.  The attack is, albeit, stronger than you might 
expect when used in battle, and for is 4 SP cost, its actually not half bad.  
The flaw, of course, is its strictness to ONE attack, and though it's a 
pretty good attack at only 4 SP, it pales in comparison to most Holy/Dark 
elemental attacks used later on in the game.

Destroy List:
Inspire: 4 SP, 1R, 2E, S.  Thunder Elemental Attack
(Uni Inspire): 4 SP, 1R, 2E, S.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<? Inspire>: 4 SP, 1R, 2E, S.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Iron Duke 
Armor: Armada Male

Other Equipment To Consider: 
Weapons: Destroyer
Armor: Pax Khana, Vegas Armor

Royal Guard Characters include: 

Heavy Armor
Description: Just as the name implies, these guys are the heavy-duty melee 
characters.  They have the Highest HP, with the exception of the Royal 
Guard, and high Defense and Strength as well.  They are useful for taking 
hard hits ensuring the survival of that Unit, and they are good when it 
comes to fighting in Battle.  Combining them with the Knight's Critical 
Ability allows for some REALLY powerful attacks.  I suggest making sure you 
have put some of these guys in at least one of your units before going out 
to battle.  To say it short, Heavy Armors are your basic Tank Characters of 
Bahamut Lagoon.

Special Ability: Defense
This is a reaction ability in a sense.  When an Enemy attacks one of your 
characters in a battle, if there's a Heavy Armor in that Unit, there's a 
chance that s/he will instantly act as if s/he was told to use the Defense 
Command, and go into Defense position for that attack, thus lowering the 
damage dealt.  This is handy, as when it works, it's like that character is 
on Defense while ATTACKING at the same time.  This allows for long life 
spans if that unit is being constantly attacked, or consistently being used 
as a head on fighting unit.
The Level of a Defense a Heavy Armor uses is based off the Dragons VIT stat 
that they are associated with.  Higher level means higher chances of this 
ability being pulled off.

Battle Abilities: Techniques
The attacks of the Heavy Armors are basically the same as those of the 
Knights, just with Different Animations and names.  But it doesn't matter 
really, as the Knight's attacks were pretty darn powerful, and the same goes 
for the Heavy Armors as well.  Heavy Armors make REALLY nice Boss Fighters, 
just like Knights do, since their Attack is only Single Hitting, but also 
somehow hurts A LOT.  All they lack is Critical special ability, but pairing 
them with Knights will remedy that.

Technique Abilities:
Fire Smash: 4 SP, S.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Smash: 4 SP, S.  Ice Elemental Attack
Thunder Smash: 4 SP, S.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Smash: 4 SP, S.  Poisonous Attack
Drug Smash: 4 SP, S.  Drains Enemy's HP
Earth Smash: 5 SP, S. Earth Elemental Attack
Saint Smash: 8 SP, S. Holy Elemental Attack
Dark Smash: 8 SP, S.  Dark Elemental Attack.
(Uni Smash): 4 SP, S.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<? Smash>: 4 SP, S.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Iron Duke
Armor: Armada Mail

Other Equipment to Consider: 
Weapons: Destroyer
Armor: Vegas Armor

Heavy Armor Characters Include: 

Light Armors

Description:  The Light Armor is, arguably, the most useful Class in the 
game.  Sure, it lacks the power and defense of most Physical Classes, 
doesn't have a Field Attack, and can't do that great damage, but that's not 
reason for choosing them.  The Light Armor does something No other Class 
does.  Wanna Know what it is?  Check its Special Ability and Find out.

Special Ability: Sprinter
The Light Armor's special ability gives a unit MUCH HIGHER movement rate 
than they normally have.  Now, at first, its not much greater, as its 
probably only level 2, but at level 10, your Light Armored Units will be 
able to reach the enemy in only 2 to 3 turns.  This is REALLY helpful for 
those Battle type classes.  Also, it allows more versatility for your Field 
Attackers as it gives them more space to choose from where to attack.  
Undoubtedly, for this reason alone, Light Armors are a MUST have in your 
team at all times.  With out them, this game would be much longer and a lot 
more boring.
The Level of Sprinter is based off the DEX stat of the dragon that they are 
associated with.  Higher levels of Sprinter means higher movement increases.

Battle Abilities: Techniques
Ok, yes, it's the same name as the Knights' and the Heavy Armors' skills, 
but it does quite the opposite effect.  Instead of attacking one enemy for 
more damage using an elemental attack, it hits ALL enemies in the battle 
with an elemental attack for about the same damage as a regular Attack done 
by a Light Armor does.  Basically, this is a variation of the Cross Knights' 
Sword Techs used in battles, only without the extra damage increase.  They 
are good to use against units with several enemies in them, but lose use 
when up against Bosses or other Single Enemy Units.  

Techniques List: 
Flame Tower: 7 SP, A. Flame Elemental Attack
Ice Tower: 7 SP, A. Ice Elemental Attack
Thunder Tower: 7 SP, A. Thunder Elemental Attack
Drug Tower: 7 SP, A. Drain's Enemy's HP
Poison Tower: 7 SP, A. Poisonous Attack
Earth Tower: 8 SP, A. Earth Elemental Attack
Saint Tower: 10 SP, A. Holy Elemental Attack
Dark Tower: 10 SP, A. Dark Elemental Attack
(Uni Tower): 7 SP, A.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<? Tower>: 7 SP, A.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Prinzeugen 
Armor: Battle Dress 

Other Equipment to Consider:
Weapons: Sigrun, Etendahl 
Armor: Martial Nay, Energy Suit, Mach Vest, Powered Suit

Light Armor Characters Include: 


Description:  Lancers are, IMHO, one of the most underrated classes Bahamut 
Lagoon offers.  I believe that really Lancers are quite good classes, and 
when used correctly, they can be a deadly class to mess with.  The best way 
to describe the Lancer is a Watered Down version of the Cross Knight.  
Anything they can do, the Cross Knight seems to do better.  But that doesn't 
mean they're bad.  For one thing, they tend to have more SP than the Cross 
Knight, thus allowing for more Field hits.  Also, there are 4 Lancers, and 
only 2 Cross Knights, so your Lancer's Attacks do have potential, if paired 
correctly, to do more on the Field than Cross Knights can.  They are pretty 
good investment if you know how to use them.

Field Attack: Javelin 
Javelins are the Lancers version of magic.  However, for a Field attack, 
they have relatively Short Range, and only hit one unit at a time.  If you 
can get an enemy unit range, however, this can prove useful.  If not, use 
the Javelin ability for quick EXP, as the low level ones cost an INSANELY 
cheap amount of SP, and thus, its easy EXP.  An effective way to use this 
ability is to have a Melee Group attack a unit (especially good strategy to 
use against bosses), and have your Lancers stand right next to that Melee 
Group and hit that unit with their Javelins.  Useful for weakening them down 
so you can Beat that enemy in a battle and get the full benefits from them.  
Also, Javelins are good for point shots.  Personally, I hate to waste a turn 
with my Wizards using Thunder Gale JUST to destroy a Pesky Tank, or using 
Fire Hit with my Cross Knights just to melt one panel of ice so the enemy 
will drown.  Lancer's attacks only hit one area, so you don't feel like your 
wasting the attack, and since the ones with those type effects have are 
cheap enough as it is, you might as well take advantage of it, since its not 
only EXP, but also convenience.

Battle Abilities: Javelin
Javelin is just like the Light Armor's Techniques.  It hits ALL enemies for 
about the same damage as a regular attack and is elemental.  Lancers, to me, 
don't make a very Good Battle class; IMHO, as they have low HP (Not as low 
as Magic Intensive units) and they do about as much as a Light Armor, 
usually less actually, which isn't very high at all.  I suggest trying to 
avoid putting Lancers into a battle unless the rest of the Unit is mostly 
one that works well in battle and that Lancer is there just to get easy EXP 
for them.

Javelin Abilities: 
Flame Dust: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Dust: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Ice Elemental Attack
Thunder Dust: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Dust: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Poisonous Attack
Drug Dust: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Drains Enemy's HP
Earth Dust: 5 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Earth Elemental Attack
Saint Dust: 10 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Holy Elemental Attack
Dark Dust: 10 SP, 2R, 1E, A. Dark Elemental Attack
(Uni Dust): 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A.  Neutral Attack.  Can Fail
<? Dust>: 1 SP, 2R, 1E, A.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Invincible
Armor: Battle Dress 

Other Equipment To Consider:
Weapons: Brunhag
Armor: Martial Nay, Energy Suit, Powered Suit, Mach Vest

Lancer Characters Include: 
Zora's Son


Description: Assassins are a unique Class.  Instead of hitting enemies far 
from them, they attack the whole AREA around them, basically.  They're 
attacks specialize in killing, mostly, and neutralizing the enemy.  They are 
a rather balanced class, but they stand out most in their speed, thus 
allowing them to get an attack off before the enemy in battle.  They are 
decent in battle and on the field.  They are by no means needed, but they 
make a nice addition to your team.

Field Abilities: Ninjutsu
This comes with a few elemental attacks that hit the enemies around them, a 
healing ability, a Status attack, and 2 Instant death moves.  The attacks 
are cheap enough that if you need, they can be used for easy EXP if you got 
nothing better do with them.  One thing I have to point out, though, is that 
their attacks just don't seem to do enough damage (the ones that do damage) 
to use for that sake.  The elemental ones serve well for their Other 
purposes, like using Blizzard on a Bridge somewhat is a cheap way to extend 
the bridge, and allow your other units to come closer to the enemy on an 
earlier turn.  Raiden is also good for destroying multiple walls and such 
instantly as well.  I guess you could say that the Ninjutsu skills are quite 
contrast in use to that of the Javelin abilities.  Chakra is a nice way to 
heal multiple units as well.

Battle Abilities: Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu attacks lose their use, somewhat, when used in battle.  They are 
helpful in getting rid of enemies sometimes, as their Instant Death Attacks 
can be fun to mess around with, but they don't always work.  When it comes 
to dealing damage, they don't really do a good job of that either, as they 
deal about the same as a Light Armor or a Lancer physically.  They do have 
one VERY useful skill for Battles, though.  That skill is the Chakra 
ability.  It heals all your Allies in the battle at once for a decent 
amount, and is rather cheap as well.

Ninjutsu List: 
Burn: 3 MP, 0R, 3E, A. Fire Elemental Attack
Blizzard: 3 MP, 0R, 3E, A. Ice Elemental Attack 
Raiden: 3 MP, 0R, 3E, A. Thunder Elemental Attack 
Assassinate: 5 MP, 0R, 3E, S.  Instant Death Attack 
Trick: 2 MP, 0R, 5E, A. Causes Sleep Status
Landmine: 5 MP, 1R, 2E, A. Earth Elemental Attack
Chakra: 10 MP, 0R, 3E, A. Heals Allies HP and Restores Status 
Unsheathe: 10 MP, 0R, 4E, A. Instant Death Attack
(Uni Ninjutsu): 3 MP, 0R, 2E, A. Neutral Attack. Can Fail 
<Imitate>: 3 MP, 0R, 2E, A.  Neutral Attack

Ultimate Equipment: 
Weapon: Dillinger
Armor: Battle Dress  

Other Equipment to Consider: 
Weapons: Delta Dagger
Armor: Martial Nay, Mach Vest, Energy Suit, Power Suit

Assassin Characters Include: 


Description: Mini-Devils... where do I start?  Well, all I can say is that 
they are the most unique class in the game.  And not only that, they KICK 
ASS too.  At first, they seem like a bad character, as you can't control 
them, and they don't do enough to move their weight around (not like they 
are heavy) However, later in the game when, you can get a Team of 4 Mini 
Devils, and 4 of anything is great.  Mini Devils just add to the theory that 
cute is deadly.  With the right Dragon, these little pests can do VERY close 
to 9999 Consistently, and For NO MP!  Ok, so they can fail, and they do have 
some crap moves, but still.  Another disadvantage about Mini Devils is that 
though the fact that can't use Weapons isn't much of handicapped due to the 
Damage they deal; the lack of Armor REALLY hurts them, as it means low 
defenses. Despite what they look, they have higher HP than one might expect 
(in earlier versions of the FAQ, I said they had low HP, sorry), higher than 
that of a Light Armor, actually.  They are powerful, yes, but remember, as 
powerful as they may be, they can still screw you over.  Basically, use Mini 
Devils as a "High Risk, High Reward" Class, or as a Gamble Class, or 
whatever you want to call it.  If you've got bad luck, or just plain don't 
like potential Failures, then its probably best you not use Mini Devils at 

Field Abilities: Dance
Dances are totally random as to what they do.  Ok, so depending on which 
dragon they are with can yield different dances to choose from, but still, 
you have no idea as to what's gonna pop up.  They can either heal everyone 
nearby, use an Ice Attack, Destroy everyone's MP/SP, ANYTHING really.  They 
are quite a gamble, but you usually get something good, so don't worry.  The 
thing I like most is that they all cost NO MP, and even if they fail (which 
in the early parts of the game, they often do), you still get EXP for that 
unit.  Early in the game, they are only useful for getting Unlimited EXP 
basically, but later on, they become Random Killing Machines (emphasis on 
the Random and Killing) Pairing them with a Black Dragon or a Behemoth is a 
GREAT IDEA to maximize their abilities, as it gives them a whole unique 
different dance set, and they tend to be more painful than normal.

Battle Abilities: Dance
The only difference here is that each Mini Devil does its own dance, as 
opposed to them dancing at once.  Also, understand that Battle Dances are 
different from Field dances.  Some are the same, such as Heal Enemy Party, 
but a dance like Aqua Storm will only appear in battles while Complete Heal 
All will only appear on the field.

Dance List: 
Ok, this section is bigger than any other Classes skill set list (yes, even 
bigger than the Summoner's), so big, I have to do a bit of explaining on the 
format first.
Basically, I've done a lot of testing with Mini Devils in an attempt to find 
out ALL dance possibilities with ALL forms of Dances.  This list is to show 
my results.  Please Note, however, that as always, there's a chance this 
list is incomplete, so don't go screaming at me if I missed some dances for 
a skill set and stuff.  Simply, E-mail me politely (address listed at end of 
FAQ), and tell me that you've seen "So and So attack for Whatever Dance" and 
I'll check up on it.

First off, a few notes to look at:
Regardless Of attack to be used, Dances will appear the following way:
Devil Dance: 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
<Reggae Dance>: 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
(Fright Dance): 0 MP, 0R, 4E, A.
All dance Skill sets have a potential of Failure.  All Failures (this goes 
for failures from "Uni" attacks as well) do nothing except have the Word 
"Fail" appear, and give a bit of EXP.  Technically, its an attack in the 
skill set, and technically, its not.  I'm not gonna bother listing it, so 
remember that ALL dances have that potential.
Area means that attacks will only effect those within the attack radius 
listed above.  All Area attacks will follow the above format I have listed.
The attacks are Listed in no particular order other than the order I have 
discovered them as I was testing.
All Devil Dances were tested using Master Dragons, Fright Dances were tested 
using Black Dragons, and Reggae Dances using Behemoths.  Some of these 
attacks may not appear if earlier forms were used, so if you have a Grand 
Dragon, don't expect to see ALL Devil Dances you'd see with a Master Dragon, 
in other words.
Dances used in battles are different from those used on the Field.  I have 
attempted to decipher which ones are used when, but it's rather difficult 
(due to the complete randomness of the dancing), so if I'm wrong, again 
don't yell at me, just e-mail me, and I will get back to you on it.
Descriptions of attacks are based off observations.  Some of them are 
Obvious (IE a Fire Attack is obviously fire due to the way it looks and the 
way the enemy's Death animation is), others are more difficult, so again, 
don't bash me if I'm wrong, simply E-mail me your results and I will test 
them and get back to you.
All Attacks used on the field are used within the given Range UNLESS said 
Regardless of Dance type, all Dances are based off the MID stat of the 
As usual, when I say, "Ally" I am including your Dragons as well.
All attacks that heal will hurt Undead Units instead of healing them.  This 
does not apply to MP Healing attacks however.
A (?) in an attack description means I'm not certain as to if that's what 
the attack is, and that's its an educated guess.

All Dances are listed in following Fashion:
Dance Skill Set -> Requirements for Skill set 
Dance Attack Name: What type of attack it is (Field, Battle, etc.).  
Description of attack

Now, onto the actual lists!
Devil Dance -> Used in conjunction with any "Generic" Dragon Forms or no 
Dragons at all.
Nightmare: Field. Does Damage Equal to 1/4 of Enemies Current HP.
MP Damage: Field and Battles. Lowers the MP of enemies.
Power Dance: Field. Heals allies.
Spore: Field. Poison Elemental Attack.
Mr. Gunfire: Field. Thunder Elemental Attack.  
Winter Visit: Field. Ice Elemental Attack.  
Flamethrower: Field. Fire Elemental Attack.
*Seductive Smile: Field. Attempts to cancel an enemy's turn
Earth Shaker: Battle. Massive Earth Elemental Attack
Super Secret Attack: Battle.  Massive Thunder Elemental Attack
Breath Wind: Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack
Aqua Storm: Battle. Massive Water Elemental Attack
Poison Powder: Battle. Poison Elemental Attack
Fire Breath: Battle. Strong Fire Elemental Attack
Toxic Ink: Battle. Strong Poison Elemental Attack
Roll: Battle. Weak Earth Elemental Attack
Damage All: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 3/8 of their Max 
Heal Enemy Party: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies.

Quick Arbitrary Comment: It's easy to see that if you want to use Devil 
Dance, then use Mini Devil's in battle, as the MASSIVE attacks are used 
there only :P  Note that when I say Weak, I mean damage dealt in Battle is 
about 400, when there is no connotation, assume between 700 to 1000, when I 
say Strong, I mean about 1500 to 2000, and Massive is basically anything 
above 2500 (in battles ONLY I mean).
Fright Dance -> Used when in conjunction with Uni Uni Dragon Class (includes 
Black Dragons)
Heal Enemy Party: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies
Super Secret Attack: Field and Battles.  Massive Thunder Elemental Attack
Heal All: Field.  Heals Allies and Enemies HP
MP Damage: Battle and Field.  Lowers MP of Enemies
Bagdem: Battle and Field. Massive Non Elemental Attack
Frog All: Field. Hits ALL Ally AND Enemy Units on MAP with Damage equal to 
1/4 of their Max HP.
Ragnorak: Battle and Field.  Does Massive Non Elemental Damage.
Damage All: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 1/4 of their HP 
Complete Heal All: Field. Heals ALL Ally AND Enemy Units for 999 MP, and all 
NON Undead Units are healed for 5000 HP, while all Undead Units lose 1250 

Quick Arbitrary Comment: Not much to say here.  This is quite a Fun skill 
set.  From being able to heal Every existing Unit on the screen to being 
able to do 9999 with certain attacks on the Field, its quite easy to see 
that this skill set works well in both Battles and on the Field.  This is 
the only Dance Set with the ability "Complete Heal All' which is the only 
means by which you can heal a Dragon's MP! Quite Handy, wouldn't you say?

Reggae Dance -> Used when in conjunction with an Unknown Form Dragon Class 
(this includes Behemoths)
Super Secret Attack: Field and Battle.  Massive Thunder Elemental Attack
Gigashock: Field and Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack
Heal Enemy Party: Field and Battle.  Heals Enemies
*Seductive Smile: Battle.  Attempts to cancel enemies turn
MP Damage: Battle and Field.  Lowers MP of Enemies
Damage All: Field. Damages All Allies and Enemies equal to 1/4 of their HP 
Bagdem: Field and Battle. Massive Non Elemental Attack
Heal All: Field.  Heals Allies and Enemies HP
Ragnorak: Field.  Massive Non Elemental Attack

Quick Arbitrary Comment: Quite simply, Reggae Dance is just a variation of 
Fright Dance, so its has more or less, the same uses and same potential 
pretty much.

*Seductive Smile is one move I am NOT sure of.  I read somewhere that its 
supposedly puts enemies to sleep, however, after several castings of this in 
battle, and not attacking them physically, I noticed the enemy was not 
asleep, so it leads me to believe that that description is false.  Someone 
suggested it caused the Confusion status (aka Enemies attacking themselves, 
or just doing random things to random characters, be it ally or enemy, 
etc.), but that does not even exist in this game, so that idea is out the 
window.  I noticed that SOMETIMES, after Seductive Smile, in battles, 
enemies do not even take their turns, leading me to believe that it attempts 
to cancel their actions altogether for one turn.  This has the same effect 
as sleep, but only for one turn, and when I checked their status (The 
enemies), there was no indication of them being asleep either (a gray box 
with a "Z" in it) I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the attack simply 
does nothing due to a bug somewhere in the game, but if anybody could figure 
out EXACTLY what this move does, please E-mail me, and I'll check up on it. 

Phew, what a list, wouldn't you say?  As I said, if Missed anything, or gave 
any misinformation, or whatever, feel free to contact me via E-mail, AIM 
(Same as my E-mail), or whatever, just as long as it doesn't involve Flaming 
or isn't offensive, I'll consider your thoughts and look into them.  

Equipment: Mini Devil's can't equip any armor or weapons 

Mini Devil Characters Include: 

6. Dragons and Combos with Teams

This section of the Faq is dedicated to how Dragons work with Formation and 
such.  At First, Dragons seem to just be Uncontrollable characters who have 
elemental powers, Relatively High Stats, can go ANYWHERE they wish, are 
immune to status effects (good or bad), and are linked to how many teams you 
can have.  Well, that last part is for a reason.  You see, without Dragons 
to aid you, your Characters wouldn't be nearly as powerful or special as 
they are with them.  Sure, Wizards always have their 3 basic elemental 
spells, or Priests with their basic spells, but even those are MUCH weaker 
without a Dragon than if that Dragon was alive.

There are MANY Dragon forms and many Dragons types as well.  I'm only gonna 
talk about 3 types of Dragons, those being Behemoths, Black Dragons, and 
Master Dragons.  Any other Dragon is basically a lower level version of 
those I just listed.  These 3 Dragons are, as many will agree, the 3 best 
kinds available.
You can get a total of 7 Dragons you get, and you can make them whatever you 
want, but I'll list my suggestions as to which to make what.

First off, let me list each Dragon for you: 
Here's the format for EACH Dragon:

*Dragon's Name*
Overall Opinion: What I think of Dragon in one sentance
Innate Specialty: What stats the dragon excels in beginning of game (also, 
these are stats that raise naturally when they level up)
Default Preferenes: Whether the Dragon prefers to Snipe, Attack, etc. when 
you first get him

Holy Form Name: Rating (between 1 to 10, 1 meaning Dragon sucks, 10 
meaning Dragon is amazing)
Description of Form (Why Dragon got Rating, and what he has and doesn't 

Dark Form Name: Rating
Description of Form

Master Form: Rating
Description of Form

...Now for the Dragon's themselves!

Overall Opinion: No question about it, Salamando is Bahamut Lagoon's best 
Innate Specialty: Fire Elemental Attacks
Default Preferences: Mixes between Sniping and Attacking

Phoenix: 9.5
Salamando's Holy Form, simply put, is the best of the Holy/Dark forms in the 
game hands down, and 2nd best Dragon form in the game.  There are 2 reasons 
why the Phoenix Form is so highly praised.  First off, its holy attack, 
Solar Flare, is just, simply put, the most powerful attack (not including 
Gravity Attacks) that can be used on the field by a Dragon.  Yes, it even 
outdoes the mighty Uni Breath that Black Dragons use.  This move 300 more 
damage than the other Holy/Dark attacks that can be used on the field, 
making it the best by far.  Only Melee 99, Dark Power, and those Physical 
Techniques that cost no MP (all of which are Single Target) out power Solar 
Flare, and all of them can ONLY be used in battles, and all have a potential 
to miss, or only hit one enemy.  Believe it or not, though, that's actually 
the 2ndary reason for choosing his holy Form.  The Other Reason is because 
of his unlimited HP.  You might notice that at first, his HP has sky 
rocketed to 9999 when he reaches Phoenix Form, but that's not all.  If you 
watch, his HP will never drop below 9999 in a battle.  This is because he 
has Unlimited HP, always having it set to 9999 in the Phoenix Form.  
Combined with the fact that Dragons are innately immune to Instant Death 
Attacks and Status Ailments, this makes Salamando LITERALLY Invincible!  The 
only way Salamando can die is if the unit he's assigned to work with Dies 
(often, this isn't the case, as most people I know of put Salamando with 
Byuu, for several reasons, and thus, if Byuu's unit dies, its game over 
anyway), which is the case with all Dragons.  Safe to say, with a combo of 
the games Best Dragon Attack and Immortality, the Phoenix Form is defiantly 
one that is near impossible for any other dragon form to beat.  Why did it 
not score a perfect 10?  How is this form NOT the best with Solar Flare + 
Invincibility combo?  Well, you'll have to read on, won't you?

Effex: 6.5
Unlike his alternative, the Phoenix, the Effex form is quite a let down.  It 
has nothing over the Phoenix, with the exception of being able to apply Dark 
Elemental damage (only really matters when finishing enemies off for what 
items you get) Effex is quite an Average Dragon form, his Attack, Raging 
Flames, isn't too great either, doing about average damage for a Holy/Dark 
attack, and is totally out classed by the Phoenix's Solar Flare.  I'd 
recommend you stay away from using this Form, unless you can access it 
earlier than the Phoenix, but make sure his intimacy is above 50, so you can 
always switch him to Phoenix when you can reach that requirement

Master Dragon: 10
Simply Put, I think this is the games Ultimate and Best Dragon by far.  
Combine ALL the great things that you get from the Phoenix, including his 
immortality, and add in the Effex's Raging Flames, and you've got the Master 
Dragon form.  Some people say its inferior to Phoenix since you have a 
higher chance of using Solar Flare while Master Dragon has a slot open using 
Raging Flames at times, but my response is "Big Deal?"  First of all, the 
Phoenix has 5 attacks (Healer doesn't count as an attack), provided you 
haven't risen Poison stat at all, and that means a 1/5 chance of using Solar 
Flare.  Master Dragon has 7 attacks, which means 1/7 chance of using Solar 
Flare, and there's a 1/7 chance of using Raging Flames.  What people forget, 
however, is that Raging Flames, though not really strong compared to Solar 
Flare, is STILL stronger than the other moves (minus Solar Flare) that 
Salamando gets, so it's a 2/7 chance of using his STRONGER attacks compared 
to the Phoenix's 1/5 chance of using his Weaker attacks, and that's ONLY if 
you neglect Poison stat (and Poison attacks are better than you'd Expect) 
Anyway, the other side of the argument is that people often forget that 
Dragons also affect your team, and with Phoenix, your team cannot use Dark 
Attacks (and if you want him using ONLY Solar Flare as much as possible, 
then they can't use Poison attacks either, as you've neglected them too) The 
Ultimate Dragon in terms of Versatility (like most Master Dragon forms are) 
AND in Terms of Defense, and combined with his Power of Solar Flare, this 
Form is what I deem the games Best Dragon form, and apart from the Phoenix 
form, no other Form comes close.

*Ice Drake*
Overall Opinion: Ice Drake is a pretty average Dragon, not that that's a bad 
thing though, just means he doesn't have any defining qualities.
Innate Specialty: Ice Elemental Attacks
Default Preferences: Prefers to Snipe instead of Attack head on

Saint Weapon: 7.5
The Saint Weapon's special attack is Burst Gale, which is a pretty standard 
Holy Attack doing more damage than other elemental attacks, but nothing 
really much to brag about.  This form looks cool, and if you've played Final 
Fantasy 6 (or Final Fantasy 3 in US terms), he should look Vaguely Familiar 
(just look at his name after all)  The one thing I don't like about this 
form, though, is that Burst Gale is just an Ugly looking attack, IMHO, but 
that's just me.

Dark Buster: 7.5
Really, only difference between Dark Buster and Saint Weapon is that Dark 
Buster uses a SLIGHTLY weaker attack, called Dark Light (which looks Cooler, 
IMHO, and doesn't have its own annoying Animation sequence like Burst Gale 
does), but on the flip side, Dark Light does cost less, so it's a fair trade 
off (1 MP isn't much, especially with Dragons, but then again, the damage 
Difference isn't enough for you to care about either)  I usually choose this 
form over the Saint Weapon, only cause I prefer the way Dark Light looks vs. 
Burst Gale, and its still got that cool FF6ish look to it (just different 
colors)  Either form is fine, so it comes down to personal prefence.

Master Dragon: 8.0
All the Master Dragon form of Ice Drake is using all of the attacks both 
Dark Buster and Saint Weapon come with, but that's not a bad thing really.  
Ice Drake, for the most part, is a pretty standard dragon, and is nicely 
balanced (unlike Salamando who's even more off balanced than the legendary 
Orlandu in FFT, IMHO), having no bad points with no defining features 

Overall Oppinion: Like Ice Drake, he's a pretty standard Dragon, just uglier 
but has cooler looking attacks
Innate Speciatly: Healing Magic
Default Preferences:  Prefers to Snipe than attack head on

Raiden: 7.5
Like with Ice Drake's Forms, Molten has nothing really special about them.  
Thunder Wave is Raiden's special, which, as the name implies, is a bunch of 
thunder bolts striking the enemy (and no, its NOT thunder elemental, its 
Holy)  This attack is nothing special in terms of damage, but is by no means 
weak.  The form is really ugly, though, IMHO.

Helmoot: 7.0
Just BARELY below the Holy Form, the only reason I consider it worse is that 
Sky Rage, which also looks cooler and has a Thunder-like animation to it, 
does about the same damage for 2 more MP (which isn't that much more, 
albeit)  The effectiveness of this Dragon is pretty much equal with that of 
Raiden, so it really isn't gonna matter in the long run.  But since Molten 
has innate growth in the Healing stat, its probablye asier to max out that 
stat first, and thus, easier to get his Holy Form.

Master Dragon: 8.0
I was gonna rate this on below Ice Drake's Master Dragon form due to its 
Slightly more expensive Attacks, but overall, its just as effective so its 
not gonna matter much in the long run.  Besides that aspect, its basically 
just Ice Drake's Master Dragon form with different sprite and different 
looking Holy and Dark attack.  Like with Ice Drake, nothing really stands 
out as good or Bad with Molten, and it's a nice balanced effective dragon, a 
good choice to keep as your Master Dragon, like with Salamando (Who 
shouldn't be anything BUT a Master Dragon (if not that, then at least 

Overall Opinion: I really don't like Thunderhawk much, being that he's ugly, 
and his attacks aren't that great, usually becomes a Behemoth or Black 
Dragon in my games.
Innate Specialty: Thunder Elemental
Default Preference: Prefers head on battles to sniping

D. Chimera: 6.0
This form has nothing special about it.  Its attack, Big Carnival, to me, 
seems to do less damage than the other Holy and Dark attacks, and the 
animation is boring and takes a while as well.  The only advantage this form 
has over its alternative, IMHO, is that it's special attack, Big Carnival, 
can be used to Snipe with.

Black Chimera: 6.5
This form is rated higher since its attack is MUCH stronger.  Melee 99 is a 
nice skill, and is 2nd in power for a dragon attack only to the Black 
Dragon's "Dark Power" but it has its flaws.  First off, Melee 99 can only be 
used in battles, but seeing as Thunderhawk has innately high Personality (a 
hidden stat that determines how Dragons act.  Higher Personality = More 
Battles), and likes to fight often, its not much of a problem.  The other 
flaw this attack has, however, is that it CAN miss enemies, and doesn't even 
target all enemies sometimes (I've seen it only hit 2 guys, and not even a 
"Miss" appeared on the 3rd enemy, WTF?)  All other Holy and Dark attacks 
that do direct damage always hit.  Melee 99 has a huge damage range, 
however.  I've seen it do as little as 500 to as much as 3000.  I've heard 
it does damage based off HP, but I'm pretty confident it's false, seeing as 
Melee 99 vs. the Same enemies at Same HP took 2 totally different damages 
(one took like 1200, the other somewhere around 2000)  Basically, this form 
is unique in that its strictly for Battling when you look at what's special 
about it, however, if I wanted a strong Fighter in battles (For my dragons), 
I'd choose a Black Dragon or Behemoth instead over this form.

Master Dragon: 7.0
Well, face it, Melee 99 is strong but has all those flaws, and Big Carnival 
isn't strong enough (from what I've seen) to pull its own weight around.  
Thunderhawk is quite a disappointment as a Master Dragon, and seeing as he 
likes to fight anyway, and his Grand Dragon or the like forms look like a 
Behemoth, I tend to always make him one when it's available, and I STILL 
don't lose Melee 99 as well.  IMHO, Thunderhawk is this games 2nd worst 
dragon, worst goes to Munimuni, but that will be explained later.

Twin Head:
Overall Opinion: My first reaction was pretty positive, since I always 
wanted a dragon with Multiple Heads before I played this game.  He looks 
cool (though a bit younger than the other dragons, to me anyway), has 2 
heads, and in terms of game play, is probably the 2nd best of the generic 
dragons (That excludes Unknown Forms, Uni Uni's, Behemoths, and Black 
Innate Specialty: Fire and Ice Magic (Not as high as Ice Drake or 
Salamando's, though)
Default Preferences: Like Salamando, Twin likes to mix things up when you 
first get him, combining Sniping and Melee fighting.

Last Gigantes: 8.5
This is the 2nd best Holy/Dark form in the game, and overall, 4th best 
Dragon of the generics (behind Master salamando, Phoenix, and Master Twin 
Head) At first, Death's Undead (an attack who's animation is boring, appears 
he's killing the enemy by casting a healing spell on them O_O) seems like a 
standard Holy Attack, in that it just does damage, but there's more.  
Death's Undead is a bit stronger than most other Holy/Dark Attacks (albeit 
not as powerful as Solar Flare :P), AND it has a special aspect that it 
instantly kills Undead enemies who are susceptible to death, at a 100% 
Success Rate!  Sure, chances are, the enemy is already weak enough that the 
damage itself would kill him, and Twin Head will probably use some other 
random attack on Undead anyway, but nonetheless, its potentially a great 
attack.  The addition of Power combined with its special instant death 
aspect to undead make Last Gigantes an above average Dragon for its kind.

Beezlebub (probably butchered that spelling): 7.5
While Last Gigantes is above Average, Beezelbub is not.  It is, granted, by 
no means a bad dragon form, just inferior to its alternative.  Fly Swarm is 
a pretty good attack, just that it does less damage than Death's Undead and 
doesn't instantly kill undead enemies.  Also, for some reason, despite being 
obviously inferior, Fly Swarm costs 2 MP more (WTF?), which brings its use 
down a bit.  I'd try to get Last Gigantes, but if you can get Beezlebub 
easier and earlier than Last Gigantes for some reason, by all means get it 
(if you wish to change him over to the Light side, raise his Healing stat to 
100, and Intimacy to above 50)

Master Dragon: 9.0
Basically, take Last Gigantes, and make him even more versatile, by giving 
him Fly Swarm.  Even though it's a lower chance of using Death's Undead, 
it's a higher chance of doing a stronger attack overall (Fly Swarm is still 
considerably more powerful than the other Elements w/out Weakness applied 
(if weakness can be applied, at 100 Wisdom, your dragons usually apply that 
weakness anyway, so don't worry)), which offsets that one little flaw, and 
thus pushes him ahead of Last Gigantes.  As you can see, Twin Head is 
probably gonna be one of your Dragons you'll keep as a generic form 
throughout the game, since the only Generic Dragon who's superior to Twin 
Head, IMHO, is Salamando.  

Overall Opinions: Hate to say it, but not only is Munimuni ugly (he's a 
freaking Eye!), but he's THE WORST DRAGON IN THE GAME.
Innate Specialty: Physical Fighting (aka STR stat)
Default Preference: Prefers using Physical skills and head on combat (where 
those skills can be used)

Odin: 5.5
If you've played the FF series, you're probably thinking, "This guy has got 
to kick ass.  Just look at his name!  How dare you give him a low rating!"  
Well, he is similar to the FF Odin in that he comes with an Instant Death 
attack, but IMHO, that's what's wrong with him.  Fatal Blade does instantly 
kill, and looks cool, but the fact is, its useless against Bosses 
(obviously), and it can fail, and when it does, that's not a good thing 
(Fail in the sense that the enemies live, not the type of failure Mini 
Devils and Black Dragons, Uni Unis, Unknown Forms, and Behemoths (Rarely 
albeit) get)  One thing in his favor is that most enemies throughout the 
game are susceptible to this attack.  However, considering it's the most 
expensive Holy/Dark attack in the game, and the fact that use it against 
just about anything (even Hard Dungeon enemies who are completely immune to 
it) are reasons I dislike it.  I'd stay away from this form.  This form, 
however, has something to think about, that being where the person who rides 
upon Munimuni's back came from, since he wasn't there before o.o

Dark Dragoon: 6.0
Slightly better than Odin, only cause I find Gravity attacks more useful 
than Instant Death attacks.  You see, Gravity Attacks have a 100% success 
Rate to enemies that are not immune to it (basically the same enemies that 
Instant Death attacks work against), and often, you don't always wanna kill 
an enemy with a Holy/Dark attack, but another element for item purposes, and 
seeing as Dark Blade can't kill enemies regardless of HP (well, maybe if 
their HP was 1...), it serves a good Weakening attack while the real guys go 
in for the kill.  Besides that, like Odin, he's a pretty bad Dragon form.

Master Dragon: 6.5
Munimuni is the ONLY dragon who doesn't advance in his elemental skills 
damage beyond the basics (Fire, Ice Lightning Earth and Poison (healing 
doesn't do damage, does it?))  Both Dark Blade and Fatal Blade are below 
average attacks.  Since he can use all elements, his only saving grace is 
that its compatable with a lot of the classes in the game.  If I were you, 
I'd consider making Munimuni the Black Dragon or Behemoth of your group, 
since believe me, you won't miss his attacks, and if you make him a 
Behemoth, you'll still have Fatal Blade and Dark Blade, as well as a bunch 
of other better attacks.
Overall Opinion: Puppy is a pretty standard dragon.  However, make sure you 
choose good parents for him, since if you choose the wrong ones, he'll be 
ugly to the point where he'll be permantly out of your team.  Also, NEVER 
make him a Behemoth, unless you have a bunch of Princess ??? (which means 
either you cheated, or you've been playing a lot of Ex-plays, which means 
you shouldn't need Behemoths -_-) Also note that Puppy is the ONLY Dragon 
who doesn't keep his form to Ex-play, and has totally different sprites for 
his Holy and Dark forms (the others all have the same sprites, different 
Innate Specialty: Doesn't have one.  His stats are totally reliant off his 
parents (2 Master Dragon parents made him 1 point away from max stats in all 
areas that mattered)
Default Preference: Since really, this just refers to how his personality 
stat is (a stat we can't see), and stats are based off his parents, it 
depends on the personality of his Parents what Puppy ends up like.

Lexus: 6.5
Lexus is basically the same thing as Dark Dragoon, in that his special 
attack is a Gravity attack.  So really, it serves the same use (or lack 
there of in most cases) as the Dark Dragoon.  IMHO, this is also an ugly 
looking form, which I prefer to stay away from.  He is ranked higher than 
Dark Dragoon, since Nightmare 100 costs less than Dark Blade, thus more 
castings, theoretically.

Hidon: 7.5
What?  Were you expecting it to be lower like the trend with most dragons?  
Though Lexus is kind of bad, Hidon makes up for it.  If you've played FF6, 
then you should already know that his special attack is Grand Train, and 
that it hurts.  Grand Train seems to do about the same damage as Death's 
Undead (Which is above average in damage as it is), and being that it's a 
standard attack otherwise, has absolutely no flaws, besides its high MP cost 
(29, Ick!)  If you plan on using Puppy, I recommend this form over Lexus, 
since at least this form CAN kill enemies with Grand Train (Which also looks 
pretty tight, IMHO.  Cooler than its FF6 advent anyway (though, the Hidon in 
FF6 looked cooler, bigger, and much more Vicious, as well as a better 
pallete choice for the way he looks (they look more or less the same despite 
those subtleties I mentioned between the 2 games), meh, I guess you can't 
win them all)), while Lexus can't even touch certain enemies with Nightmare 

Master Dragon: 8.0
For some reason, it seems Puppy as a Master Dragon fights with incredibly 
higher IQ than what Munimuni has, in that he prefers to do attacks that 
actually do raw damage.  I've seriously seen Behemoth's use Nightmare 100 
more often than Puppy does, and Behemoth's have many more attacks to choose 
from than Puppy does.  Also, Puppy tends to refrain from using Nightmare 100 
in the Hard Dungeon, a good thing as every enemy there is completely immune 
to gravity attacks.  When Puppy uses Nightmare 100, its when the enemy has 
High HP, thus when it's gonna be at its most useful.  I've seen him use 
Grand Train relatively often, which is again, a good thing, since Grand 
Train does hurt.  Anyway, though Grand Train is stronger than anything Ice 
Drake and Molten get, just the fact that Puppy might do something like 
Nightmare 100 when you need it least (enemy is immune to it, or their HP is 
so low that a single Hell Fire spell would have killed them) is a bit 
annoying (I have seen Puppy do some stupid things like this.  Granted, its 
not as often as Munimuni, but he still does them), so that hurts him a bit.  
I'd say he's overall equal to Molten and Ice Drake.  IMHO, Puppy is the 
games most underrated Dragon, in that people often say he totally sucks 
cause he starts off low leveled and all (or people are annoyed that you 
didn't get Palpaleos' Dragon), but my response is "Since when do Dragons 
need Levels?"  The bulk of their stats comes from feeding them, thus, feed 
Puppy til he's on par with the other dragons, and give him Magic Gins and 
Mushrooms to maximize his HP and MP like you did with the other dragons.  
Sure, he's nowhere near as good as Salamando, and inferior to Twin Head 
(though, not by all that much Albeit), he's certainly better than both 
Munimuni and Thunderhawk, IMHO.

*IMPORTANT MOTE ABOUT PUPPY* Unlike the OTHER Dragons in Ex-play Puppy does 
NOT change keep his stats or his form throughout games.  Everytime you start 
a new game, Puppy's stats are determined solely on his Parents, and he 
always starts off in his Base form.  Upshot is NEVER make him a Behemoth, 
since you only get 5 Princess ??? Each game, and using them on him is a 
waste.  Black Dragon, though, is fine, since you can make as many of these 
as you want, just remember that you'll have to TURN Puppy into a Black 
Dragon, as opposed to him starting as one, but that's not at all a problem, 
right? (This is providing you want Puppy to be a Black Dragon)

Dragon Skill List:
NOTE: When listing Dragons by name, assume that it's them in their Master 
Form, unless specified that they be in a different form.

Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
*Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

*Thanks to Destruction Angel for finding out that Body Blow can instantly 
kill an enemy, providing not immune to Death attacks and the attacks hit.  
This is something that I must admit, never knew before.  Way to go!

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Solar Flare: 25 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack
Raging Flames: 24 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack

Ice Drake:
Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Burst Gale: 23 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack
Dark Light: 22 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack

Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Thunder Wave: 24 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack
Sky Rage: 26 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack

Thunder Hawk:
Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy
Melee 99: 19 MP, A.  Deals Neutral Damage to multiple enemies.  Considered a 
Dark Attack

NOTE: Melee 99 does NOT always hit every enemy on the screen, it often only 
hits one enemy, and however, you are guaranteed that one enemy WILL be hurt.  
Also, when I mean considered a Dark Attack, I mean it deals Non Elemental 
Damage, however, it has the same results as a Dark Attack, for example, if 
you kill an enemy with it, you get the same items as if you used a Dark 
Attack to kill them, as opposed to getting the usual Neutral Elemental 

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Big Carnival: 26 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack

Twin Head:
Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
*Death's Undead: 24 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Elemental Attack.  Instantly Kills 
Fly Swarm: 26 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack

*Thanks to Destruction Angel, again, on solving this mystery of Death's 
Undead.  Apparently, it has that 100% chance of killing undead enemies, but 
there is a catch.  Undead Enemies can be immune to Instant Attacks, in their 
case, Return Life and Death's Undead for example.  If they are, then Death's 
Undead doesn't instantly kill them like other undead enemies.  Good example 
of this is in the Hard Dungeon where a good deal of the earlier fights are 
Undead Enemies, but they are immune to Instant Death, so Death's Undead (and 
Return Life) won't instantly Kill them, and its nothing more than another 
Holy Attack.

Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Fatal Blade: 33 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Instant Death Attack, Considered Holy 
Dark Blade: 29 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack, Does damage based off 
Enemies current HP

Bite: Neutral Damage based off STR stat to a single enemy
Body Blow: Neutral Damage based off VIT stat to a single enemy and has a 
chance to Instantly Kill Target.
Sonic Boom: Neutral Damage based off MIND stat to a single enemy
Claw: Neutral Damage based off the DEX stat to a single enemy

Hell Fire: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Fire Elemental Attack
Ice Breath: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Ice Elemental Attack
Electron: 10 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Thunder Elemental Attack
Poison Gas: 12 MP, 5R, 2E, A. Poisonous Attack
Refresh: 13 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Heals Allies, Hurts Undead
Terra Break: 14 MP, 5R, 2E, A.  Earth Elemental Attack
Nightmare 100: 27 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Holy Attack, does damage based off enemies 
Current HP
Grand Train: 29 MP, 5R, 3E, A.  Dark Elemental Attack

Black Dragon:
Attack: Neutral Damage to One enemy. 
*Dark Power: 28 MP, Neutral Damage to ALL enemies.

*According to Destruction Angel, Dark Power CAN Fail, since when a Behemoth 
transformed into it, it used the Failure ability, and since the only thing 
it does is use Dark Power when it transforms, there's a good chance he's 
right.  Going to have to do more testing on this for confirmation.

Uni Breath: 12 MP, 5R, 2E.  Neutral Damage to All Enemies.  Can Fail.

Transform: Dragon transforms into any one of the Holy forms, Dark Forms, or 
Black Dragon Forms that exist in the game, and uses its respected Special 
Attack.  It CAN Fail, but the chances of this happening aren't very high.

Ok, now Class and Dragon Suggestions.

Cross Knight: Master Dragon
Personally, I stick Salamando with the Main Character, Byuu, who's a Cross 
Knight, as they're a Team, really, and NOTHING will make me turn Salamando 
into anything other than a Master Dragon.  Even his Holy Dragon form is 
greater than all the other forms, as its Immortal.  But anyway, Cross 
Knights I like for their Versatility in elements and Fighting, both of which 
Black Dragons and Behemoths take away from them.  Uni Hit is TOO risk to 
use, and ? Hit is weaker than Saint and Dark Hit.

Knight: Master Dragon
This isn't as clear cut, but for similar reasons as the Cross Knight, the 
Knights work well with their Elemental Pulse attacks which REALLY hurt.  Uni 
Pulse is TOO risky, and ? Pulse, though cheaper and just as Strong, takes 
away from the overall Versatility of the Knights.

Summoner: Master Dragon
The best thing about Summoners are their Summons, of course.  Behemoths 
disallow the use of Summons, and though the Uni Summons are funny, the fact 
that they can fail is annoying.  Just stick with the Good old Fashion Big 
Summon animations that your use to get the Job done.

Dragnar: Master Dragon
Since the Dragnar is nothing more than a Summoner with Beefed up stats, just 
refer to reasons listed in the Summoner.

Priest: Master Dragon
Behemoths give the Priests one Very useful healing ability, but they lose 
everything else.  Not a Good thing, IMHO.  Anyway, with a Master Dragon, 
they not only can heal through White Drug, but also get Infinity which is a 
rather powerful spell considering its used by Priests, Clean Up which is 
helpful in areas with annoying Status Effects, as well as other useful and 
fun spells to mess around with.  Again, All Black Dragons will do will take 
away everything this class can do and give them one Annoying ability which 
fails often, and makes essentially a variation of Wizards.

Wizard: Behemoth
Ok, sure, your limited to one attack using a Behemoth, but that's the only 
real disadvantage...that, and you can't use the nice 3 Panel Effect radius of 
Armageddon and Halley Gazer.  However, what you get in return is a spell 
which is not only cheaper, but also generally stronger.  Being Non-elemental 
means you won't have to decide which to use on what and it will ALWAYS work 
on the enemy, provided they are not some enemy such as a Magic Guard, but 
that's the case with ALL Magic as well, so lets forget I said that.  
Basically, your losing a little bit of versatility and a slightly larger 
attack, Effect Radius Wise, but gain something considerably stronger in 
return.  And most of the special effects that come from the elements can be 
taken care of by the Summoners/Dragnar, with the exception of occasional 
things that can ONLY be destroyed by lightning (Some things are destroyable 
through Earth attacks)

Royal Guard: Black Dragon
I use to think that Behemoth was better for Royal Guard, since it ? Inspire 
wouldn't fail and all, but then, I saw how powerful Uni Inspire was.  Not 
only was the damage extremely high, but surprisingly, Uni Inspire tends to 
fail less often than the other Uni class attacks.  This may just be my own 
luck, but it appears that the Black Dragon has another use besides Mini 
Devils.  Also, the reason not to use Master Dragon is because the main point 
of Master Dragon is Verastility, exactly what the Royal Guard will NEVER 
have, as it always has one attack, that being a Lightning Elemental Attack 
under Generic Dragon forms (all forms that are not Uni Uni class or Unknown 
Forms), and seeing as it has a range of 1 and panel radius of 2, it will 
always hit that units panel, and could screw over the unit in some cases.  
However, I must point out that since there is only ONE Royal Guard, its 
probably better to use a Dragon form that works best with the party overall, 
as you'll never have a Royal Guard team, so to speak.

Heavy Armor: Master Dragon
Basically, the same reasons as with the Knight.  Heavy Armors lose all those 
elemental abilities just to gain a cheaper ability of similar power.  ? 
Smash does about the same damage as Saint and Dark Smash, only its their 
only choice to use really, even if it is as Cheap as something like Flame 
Smash.  I'd rather stick with good old Versatility than a bit more cost 
effectiveness.  Also, putting a Behemoth Here means you can't do a more 
useful combo, like with Wizards for example.  Uni Smash, as usual, has the 
Failure Potential, which never a good thing, and it also takes away from 
versatility, even if it's a bit stronger.

Light Armor: Varies
Really, it doesn't matter WHAT Dragon you pair a Light Armor with, as your 
using them for their Great Movement, not for their Fighting skills.  When 
deciding which Dragon to pair with a Light Armor, it comes down the other 
Classes its paired with.  Since there are only 3 Light Armors, this 
shouldn't be a problem even if you were to stick all of them in one group.  
In other words, when it comes to Light Armors and choosing Dragons, look at 
the other classes in that Unit, as the Light Armors are only as useful as 
you make the unit they are situated in(seriously, as what good is a Unit 
that can move quickly but can't really contribute much on the battlefield?)

Lancer: Behemoth
Ok, yes, Saint and Dark Dust ARE stronger, and you do lose all those other 
elemental attacks, but lets look at something.  For 1 SP, you can STILL do 
an attack that's rather impressive no matter what enemy it's up against, and 
it'll never fail.  This is good if your either using Lancers as Level 
Builders, since ? Dust cost 1 SP, or if you use them in Field combat, as it 
deals some nice damage still.  Uni Dust, though I shouldn't have to say it, 
is powerful again, but can fail, and thus, a Black Dragon isn't recommended.  
As far as useful in battle, like I said before, Lancer's don't really do 
well when it comes to battles anyway, so it really shouldn't matter much.

Assassin: Behemoth or Master Dragon
I'll start off why not use Black Dragon.  Its basically because, as usual, 
Uni Ninjutsu can fail, and that means its not a good choice to use.  Now, 
Imitate's advantage is that it's a rather decent attack for its cost and 
effect radius, and being non-elemental means it'll work on EVERY enemy.  
Also, you can't potentially screw yourself over by accidently using 
something like Burn on top of Ice effectively Drowning the Unit (remember, 
all of the Ninjutsu's will hit except for Land Mine have a Range of 0)  The 
advantage of the Master Dragons is that the Assassins get those nice Instant 
Death Attacks to use at their disposal, as well as a healing spell, and nice 
elemental moves to use for their Non Damage purposes (IE freezing the water)  
This comes down to personal playing style, really.

Mini Devil: Black Dragon
Ok, FINALLY, on the last Class, the Black Dragon wins one.  Why is that?  
Well, as I said before, Mini Devils will ALWAYS have a Failure Factor when 
they dance, and the rate at which they fail never changes between Fright 
Dance, Devil Dance, or Reggae Dance.  Anyway, Fright Dance is just SO 
powerful, its not even funny.  Its really easy to get your Mini Devils doing 
3000+ in battle, or a group of them to do 9999 consistently on the Field.  
Reggae Dance is as good as Fright Dance, if not better, as its got similar 
attacks, and does very damaging results as well, but I think the Fright 
Dances are good enough.  Behemoths are harder to get than Black Dragons, 
anyway, and thus, why use your only Behemoth here when they could be helping 
out a Squad of Wizards when a Black Dragon could come and allow the Devils 
the same thing?  Also, Fright Dance and Reggae Dance have other weird 
effects, like Complete Heal All, Heal Enemies (Not good), MP Damage attacks 
(takes away SP/MP from the enemy), etc.  The Fun just does not end when 
using a Black Dragon + Mini Devil Combo.  Devil Dance just SUCKS IMHO.  Yes, 
I do believe that it can't potentially screw you over like Fright or Reggae 
Dance can, however, the damage you get from it is just PITIFUL compared to 
them as well.  And if you wanted elemental attacks, just choose a Wizard or 
Cross Knight or something you have direct control over.  To sum it up, IF 
you're going to use Mini Devils, pair them up with a Black Dragon (or 
Behemoth if you please) and watch the Fun Begin!  This combo should once and 
for all prove that Cute is Deadly!

If case you wondering, here's my Views as far as Dragon's Effectiveness, in 
and of themselves, not taking Characters into account, as to which is the 
better Dragon and all.

Salamando's Master Form is the best, for the sole fact that its Immortal, 
and can never die.
Salamando's Holy Form (the only Form that's not a Master, Black or Behemoth 
form I'm going to give notice to) is the right behind it, as its also 
immortal.  The only thing it doesn't have is the Master Form's Dark and 
Poison Attacks, and thus, less versatility.
Behemoth's come next, as with them, your almost Guaranteed a Strong Attack, 
and they never run out SP, so they have unlimited Ammo essentially as well.
The rest of the Master Dragons are behind Behemoths, though they are more 
versatile, they can only use their best attacks a limited number of times, 
and after their SP runs out, they are forced to attack the enemy Head on.
Black Dragons are last of this group, as though they can deal the most 
damage of any Dragon type, the fact their attacks can Fail is just annoying 
and can seriously hurt your team when you need them most.

7. Formations

This part is dedicated to suggesting Formations.  Keep in mind that because 
you have a limited number of characters for each class, you can only make 
some of these Groups at a time.  And remember; only 6 Teams can be used for 
each battle.
NOTE: For all combos that involve the Dragnar, you CAN replace it with 
another Summoner.  This is due to the fact that Yoyo will be a Summoner for 
the first chunk of the game, and near the end, she becomes a Dragnar.
NOTE2: If you've sent me in a Formation, and it doesn't have a "complete" 
description, then chances are I'll put my own thoughts (Don't worry, I won't 
make the team sound any worse) on things you haven't covered.  If you so 
wish, you can send me the team again and with a complete description, and 
will get rid of the old one, as well as my own comments, since it is after 
all YOUR team.  Also, I won't change anything you say directly, if I change 
anything, its ONLY the Format that I'm changing to match the rest of the 
formations layout.

Cross Knight, Knightx3
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
This is your first Default Team the main character is in.  This Team is good 
for early in the game, up until you get your second Cross Knight.  For long 
range fighting, you have the Sword Techs of the Cross Knight.  When you 
initiate a Battle, you have those Knights using their Pulse attacks to 
destroy all things in your way, especially bosses, and the beefed up Sword 
Techs also help in beating Units with many enemies when it comes to battles.

Cross Knightx2, Knightx2
Dragon Type: Master Dragon 
I use this team to replace the above team when I get my 2nd Cross Knight.  
It serves the same purpose, only its much stronger when it comes to long 
range attacks, since now your using Level 20 Sword Techs, not just Level 
10s.  Just remember to watch your SP, as Cross Knights have rather low SP, 
especially for a Field Attacking unit.

Cross Knightx2, Knight, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
If you feel as though the above 2 teams aren't moving fast enough, just 
replace one of your Knights with Light Armor.  This will allow them to get 
Closer to the enemy MUCH faster, so they can either snipe them with a Sword 
Tech or attack them head on. Granted, the loss of Power in battle might make 
you want to snipe more often with this team, but it still does a nice job 
when fighting head on.

Royal Guard, Heavy Armorx2, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
An Often Used Combo.  Basically, you have a Field Command to employ so you 
can gain easy EXP, and the Light Armor causes this team to move fast and get 
close enough to Initiate Battle.  I highly suggest this team, (as does the 
game), since its not only Fast Moving, but really durable as well.  This is 
basically a Fast Moving tank unit.

Heavy Armorx3, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
Basically the same as the above team, only better when it comes to battle 
and more versatile as well.  This team will prove useful for getting to the 
boss and beating them fast, since it has a whole array of Strong Single 
Hitting attacks from the Heavy Armors, and the Light Armors allows for fast 
high Movement rates.  This is also a Fast moving Tank Unit.

Dragnar, Summoner, Priestx2
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
An all out Magic team, obviously.  This combo allows for the VERY powerful 
Level 20 Summons, and the Priests will help ensure that if this team gets 
put into battle by will of the enemy, that they will survive the encounter.  

Dragnar, Summoner, Priest, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
THIS is one of my personal Favorite Teams.  The Priest supplies healing if 
this team is ever put into a battle, and the Light Armor here allows you to 
move Really Far pretty fast.  Combine that with the High Range and Effect 
Radii of the Summons, and you got yourself a fast moving EXTREMELY powerful 
Sniping Squad!

Dragnar, Summoner, Assassin, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
I prefer this team to the above.  The reason is because the Assassin brings 
with him the Raiden ability, a thunder elemental Field attack, which is 
good, since there is no Thunder elemental summon in this game.  Also, Chakra 
serves a good way to heal your team, and conserve your Dragnar and 
Summoner(s) MP, who can use that to just waste all enemy units.  The Lgiht 
Armor will maximize this units effectiveness by raising its movement rate, 
and thus, allowing you to hit enemies even half way across the field, as 
well as a decent way to compensate for the crap range the Assassin has.

Dragnar, Summoner, Royal Guard, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
Similar idea to the above, in that the Royal Guard takes up the end of the 
Thunder element that Summons can handle (good for smashing buildings and 
such), but you lose Chakra and Unsheathe, 2 fun skills to mess around with.  
Then again, on the flip side, there is no better Damage sponge for your 
groups when up against Field attacks than the Royal Guard (since the Defense 
ability only takes effects in battles, and if your using summons, your 
probably sniping (so you can smack multiple units at once for 3000 points of 
damage with Bahamut :P)), due to his HP and defenses.  As usual, the Light 
Armor will raise your movement, and thus, raise effectiveness of this unit's 
sniping capabilities, as well as compensate for Inspire's really bad range.

Dragon Type: Behemoth
This is a back up to your Summoning Squad, basically, and uses MUCH cheaper 
magic as well.  Whatever your summons don't finish off, the Wizard's magic 
will be sure to do the trick.  Since there are 4 Wizards, you can expect the 
attacks to be quite devastating as far as damage goes.  Combine that with 
High MP ratings and a Low MP costing spell, and you have a Sniping Team that 
can use a lot of turns worth of Magic (this includes using it for the sole 
sake of gaining EXP) before needing to refuel via Magic Gins.

Dragon Type: Master Dragon
The Ultimate Unit in healing.  That's all there is to say about this team.  
Using this team should ensure survival for units in that battle.  Of course, 
until they get paired with a Dark or Master Dragon, they really won't be 
able to contribute any other way besides support magic.

Dragon Type: Behemoth
If you can get this squad in range of the enemy, then it will prove useful.  
If you can't, well, just use a Javelin attack anyway, as its easy EXP.  Nice 
team to finish off enemy units

Heavy Armor, Assassin, Knight, Light Armor
Dragon Type: Master Dragon
This team is very versatile.  The Heavy Armor brings Defense, the Light 
Armor high Movement Rates, the Knight Strong Special Attacks in battle, and 
the Assassin Cheap Field Attacks for Easy EXP.  This is an interesting team, 
and is fun to play as.

Mini Devilx4
Dragon Type: Black Dragon
Can you say "Power"?  That's exactly what this group brings along.  In 
battle, if your lucky (and believe me, it doesn't involve as much luck as 
you think) this group will be sending 4 waves of 3000+ damage attacks to ALL 
enemies on the Screen.  On the Field Map, you can hit several Units with an 
attack that does 9999 to each one.  Granted, that's only if your lucky, as 
the Dances CAN fail, or do some other random effect (such as heal all enemy 

Light Armor, Mini Devilx3
Dragon Type: Black Dragon
I like this squad even better than the Previous one.  Yes, it is a bit 
weaker, but only in battle.  The Field Damage is Still very high, and your 
still pulling off 9999 points of damage consistently (or VERY close to it at 
least) as well.  The difference is now you have a team that can actually 
move rather fast, and thus, you can unleash your attacks on the enemies much 

From Dawn Shadow:
Cross Knight x2, Summoner, Dragnar
This team's focus is versatility without sacrificing spell levels in field 
attacks. This team can heal, Summon dragons on large groups of enemies, use 
Sword Techs on small groups of enemies, or fight the enemy directly. Because 
you only get 2 of each type, the only spells you lose levels in are White 
Drug and Flame Gaze, which are shared with Wizards and Priests respectively. 
You can also do decent damage in melee battle without wasting MP due to the 
Cross Knights' attack power, although (unless you Summon) you will do more 
melee damage using the 2 Knights and 2 Cross Knights.

My Thoughts: Well, this is basically the Ultimate Team in Long Range 
Fighting, as you have all the best Long Range attacks in one group.  
However, considering you can only use one a turn, it kind of makes the Cross 
Knight's Sword Skills useless outside of Battle, as Summons are ALWAYS 
better (unless trying to apply specific element) Cross Knights could serve 
as Damage Magnets, but if that were the case, I'd rather use the higher HP 
and Defense Royal Guard or one of the Heavy Armors.  This team isn't exactly 
bad, just putting a lot of great power that could have been spanned for 2 
different teams into one team, lowering its effectiveness more so than 
boosting it.

From RyuSeiryuu:
Cross Knight x2, Knight, Light Armor
The reason is for taking advantage of the Cross Knight's field abilities. In 
close combat, the Knight has strong attacks that can either weaken the enemy 
or aid in the killing of them

My Thoughts: This team is pretty good formation.  This team is just another 
variation of the usual Main Character Squad, having a Cross Knight or 2, and 
a Knight, only difference is that here, you have a Light Armor, which means 
you have less attack, but MUHC Higher Movement, so you can attack Head on 
faster or throw Sword Techs at enemies faster as well, since you get there 
earlier, which possibly means more damage overall.  Good squad to use if you 
think Cross 
Knights need to be sped up a bit.

From Major Damage: 
Knight x2, Heavy Armor, Light Armor
Anyway, a formation I like using is what I call "boss finisher" 
They get anywhere quickly and when they do, big slaughter...

My Thoughts: Yep, another good squad.  Similar to the listed Heavy Armor x3 
Light Armor squad, in that its ONLY use is for attacking head on (Which 
you'll want to do often anyway) only difference is this is defiantly MUCH 
better in the offensive department due to the Knights, but of course, you do 
sacrifice your Defenses a bit, but you can't have everything, right?  
Basically, I agree that this makes a fine Boss Finishing Squad (Or just 
units that have ONE big enemy)
Personal Dragon Suggestion: Master Dragon.  Take advantage of Elemental 
Aspects, and KILL in whatever way you like, only a generic dragon form 
allows this, Master Dragon being the ultimate Generic form.

From Destruction Angel: 
Dragnar, Summoner, Knight, Light Armor 
This team is quite good, for sniping and in melee, especially in Ex-Play.

My Thoughts: Yep, the Knight allows for Summons to hurt more in battle, 
Light Armor for massive movement, and combined with the how far Summons 
range is, as well as how many panels they can hit, we're looking at another 
Fast Moving Powerful Sniping Squad.  And as said before, this team also 
works well in battle if the occasion ever arises, or because you just feel 
like it.

From Destruction Angel:
Royal Guard, Heavy Armorx2, Knight 
You get Critical and Defense, two very useful abilities

My thoughts: Ok, another good all out Fighting Group in battle, and Royal 
Guard serves as a nice way to make EXP if they haven't done anything yet.  
Pretty much, one of the many epitomies of all out Offensive Squads for 

From Destruction Angel:
Heavy Armor x3, Knight
You get Critical and Defense, two very useful abilities.

My Thoughts: Basically, the same as the above team, with the only difference 
being that you lack easy way of getting EXP, however, more often uses of 
Defense and Stronger attacks in battle (as well as a little boost in 
Versatility in elements) is nothing to shake a stick at.  Basically, this 
team is another one of those Made For Battle Teams, which its good to have 
at least one of those in your team.

From BlueShirt: 
Cross Knight x2, Assassin, Light Armor 
Ultimate in versatility, and each character has a good tech that hits all 
enemies. Even at fairly low levels, expect them to finish off parties of 
enemies at a time. Not to mention that you even get a healing spell, so 
it'll be fairly hard to die :).

More Groups to come in later versions

8. Miscellaneous Tips and Stuff

Ok, this is just for few tips I'd like to give all of you when playing BL to 
make this game easier.

-Know what each element does on the field besides damage.  Here's what each 
Fire burns forests.  At the beginning of that teams Phase, if a unit is 
standing on a Burnt forest, that unit will take some damage.  To nullify a 
Burnt Forest, cast an Ice Spell
Ice Freezes Water.  Water that is frozen can be walked across as if it were 
land.  To melt Frozen Water, use a Fire Attack.  Any character whom's 
standing on Ice that melts starts drown
Thunder destroys things such as Buildings, Structures, and Mountains.  
Anything that is destroyed can be walked across, and any other special 
factors they had no long apply.
Earth can destroy something things similar to Thunder.  I believe its only 
Walls and Mountains though, but not entirely certain.  Answer will be listed 
in a later update.
Ice ALSO freezes Lava Patches.  Lava Patches can now be walked over w/out 
taking damage the next turn when frozen (well not frozen, just cooled down)
Healing Spells (like White Drug) will cause Poisonous Marshes to be 
neutralized.  They can now be walked over as if they were normal land.  
Using Poison will turn them back to Poisonous Marshes.

-If you need EXP, put a Mini Devil or Lancer in each team.  Then, if your 
not in range of an Attack or Field ability, use your cheapest (SP wise) 
spell in some arbitrary area.  I'd suggest using Ice if you can control it, 
since that is the on that'll least likely hurt you in anyway.

-In some areas, you're fighting on Floating Continents that are connected by 
Bridges.  Enemies giving you trouble?  No problem!  Just lure them onto the 
Bridge, and use a Thunder Attack from far away to instantly kill them.  Just 
make sure one of your own members isn't on that same bridge, ESPECIALLY if 
it's the same team as the one your Main Character (Byuu) is in.  Dragons, 
and other flying enemies, on the otherhand, are unaffected.

-Leviathan is more than just powerful.  Its Ice Elemental AND has a VERY 
wide Effect Radius compared to any other Ice Elemental Attacks, and really 
high range as well.  If you find that moving AROUND water is taking too 
long, just have one of your Summoners or your Dragnar use Leviathan to 
freeze over a LARGE portion (if not a whole bridge) of the Water to get 
yourself to the other side much faster.

-Remember to watch your Dragon's health.  If they die, the Unit it's 
assigned becomes MUCH weaker, at least as far as abilities go.  If a Dragon 
is taking too much damage, use the Come or Wait command to get it out the 
heat of battle.  A Weakened Dragon not doing anything is better than a Dead 

-Attempt to finish any enemy off using Battles.  You get more Money, better 
items, and generally, more EXP from doing so.  Your Ranged attacks on the 
Field should be used to soften them up for the final kill.

-Don't let Salamando's Immoratlity in his Phoenix (his Holy Form)/Master 
Dragon form go to waste.  Take full advantage of it, and have the enemies be 
foolishly waste their SP/MP on him.

-Priests and Summoners can use some of their Abilities in the part screen.  
These abilities include Clean Up, White Drug, and Return Life.

More to Come in Later Versions...

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get Sauzer, Hornet, or Palpaleos' Dragon on my team? 
A. No

Q. Is there any way to control my Dragons?
A. No, though, you can DIRECT their actions through Go, Wait, or Come 
commands on the Dragon list during the Field Map.  Its impossible to control 
them directly like your characters, unfortunately.

Q. Hey! What Happened to all my Spells?  I use to have 8, now I'm down to 3?
A. Your dragon associated with that unit probably died, or switched it 
before battle to a Dragon with fewer abilities.

Q. Salamando is a Phoenix, and just when he became a Phoenix, his HP just 
skyrocketed from 3000 or so to 9999, and then when the enemies attack him; 
it shows the damage dealt, however, his HP won't drop below 9999.  Is there 
something wrong with my Rom? 
A. No, this is natural.  Salamando's Phoenix form (along with his Master 
Dragon Form) both have unlimited HP, it will never drop below 9999.  When he 
first reaches either form, also, his HP will be raised instantly to 9999 as 

Q. My Dragon turned into a Uni Uni!  I don't want one of those!  How do I 
change them back? 
A. Just feed them a Heal and they should change back into whatever the 
Dragon form they were currently in.  Well, ok, its not the heal itself that 
transforms them back, its just that feeding them a heal lowers their 
Loyalty, the stat that determines whether a Dragon is in Uni Uni or not.  
Any item that lowers Loyalty will work, it's just that Heals are the 
cheapest and most common item, and thus, the most practical.  So, in short, 
just use a Heal and that should be enough.

Q. I turned my Dragon into a Behemoth/Unknown, however, I am not satisfied 
with what a Behemoth is.  Is there anyway to turn it back to its original 
A. Yes.  You know all those Gunso ??? you've gotten from speaking to him?  
Using them will reverse the effects of a Princess ??? Completely.   I 
believe there are other ways to transform them back, but can't think of them 
off the top of my head.

Q. Salamando became an Effex, and I wanted him to become a Phoenix for his 
unlimited HP.  Can I still get the Phoenix, or will I have to wait till I 
make him a Master Dragon to gain his Immortal aspect? 
A. No, you won't have to wait.  You can actually switch between the two 
forms if you so please.  First off, if he's an Effex, that usually means he 
got a 100 Poison Stat before he got a 100 Heal Stat.  To get him to his 
Phoenix Form, raise his Holy Stat to 100, and then raise his Intimacy above 
50.  When you have 2 conflicting forms of the same level (IE Holy and Dark 
Forms, for example) where both Elemental requirements are met, the Deciding 
Factor of which form its in is usually Intimacy.  That's just being General, 
though.  If you want to get the Full Story on Dragon Forms, check a Faq 
dedicated to this.
NOTE: This strategy also applies for any other Dragons who's form you got 
was not the one you wanted.  So, don't think this is restricted to Salamando 
and his Holy and Dark Forms.

Q. How do you suggest starting to raise dragons? 
A. Well, IMHO, I suggest getting them to their Holy/Dark forms ASAP, and 
shoot to getting Master Dragons before you get Puppy, that way, you'll 
require the lease amount of work to raise him.  However, those are pretty 
high standards early on, so in the beginning, shoot for getting a Grand 
Dragon, Glorious, Crusader or Gladiator, as they all have decent Elemental 
ratings, and will last you throughout most the game.  To get them, raise the 
STR, VIT, and all elemental stats.  To see what specific requirements are 
for which dragon, I suggest you check the Dragon development guide here on 
Gamefaqs for that.

Q. What is the best way to raise each stat for your dragons?
A.  Ok, here's what I found the fastest way to raise all Dragons stats to 
their best (only listing things that will help regarding forms, besides 
Fire: Fire Grass and Fire Equipment (like the Burning Axe)
Ice: Ice Grass and Ice Equipment (Like the Ice Armor)
Thunder: Poison Mushrooms
Healing: Rotten Mushrooms
Poison: Gross Mushrooms
STR: Porn Mags (I am not kidding.  Porn Mags raise STR by 15, while most 
weapons early in the game, which are more expensive, raise it by about 1/3 
of that amount, and I'm referring to swords, spears, and axes)
VIT: Armors and Vests (by far the hardest stat to raise early in the game)
DEX: Mushrooms and Books (I'd go with Mushrooms, since they are generally 
cheaper, and boost HP)
MID: Mushrooms and Books (again, I'd go with Mushrooms)

Q. How early have you gotten Master Dragons?
A. Seriously, I've gotten them at Chapter 8.  Its possible to get them as 
early as 6, but I waited for 2 reasons.  First off, you don't get Munimuni 
til chapter 8, and I like to raise all more dragons at once, rather than 
having 5 good ones and one Dragon far behind, thus making one team pretty 
much useless (since a teams effectiveness is a good deal based off it's 
dragon's abilities)  The other reason is because it isn't until Chapter 8 
that the Mushroom/Book/Matelite Merchandise Salesman appears in between Side 
quests, thus making raising a lot of stats MUCH easier.  And during Chapter 
8, the 2nd Shop Set is still around, so I still had easy access to Fire and 
Ice Equipment to raise those stats.  Granted, the part that took the longest 
was, by far, raising the VIT stat.  Though, with a lot of patience, selling 
of useless stuff after battles (Weapons after STR stat is to max, Grass 
after Elemental stat is maxed, some Super Vodkas (good only to boost 
Personality, IMHO) if I pick up any, etc.), and determination, I eventually 
got that VIT stat to 250, and thus, got master Dragons for nearly the entire 
game.  And also, I mean I got all 6 dragons to Master form (and due to this, 
Puppy had 99 in all elements and 249 in STR, VIT, MID, and DEX stats, 
meaning I was able to get him to Master Dragon form in ONE feeding session 

Q. Wouldn't getting Master Dragons that early in the game make it 
ridiculousy easy? 
A. of course it would, if not for the Dragons, then for the Levels gained by 
going through all those battles :P

Q. WTF?  Are you saying you never even had to try in this game? 
A. Hey, take it easy.  My first time through the game, I didn't even get 
Holy/Dark forms til chapter 17 or so, and I thought they were the Ultimate 
Forms til Chapter 20 (for the longest time, I thought Grand Dragon and 
Glorious were the best.  Granted, I stumbled onto Holy and Dark forms by 
continually feeding my dragons, seeing as their Stats were still far from 
perfected), so my first game I played normally.  My 2nd time through (Non 
Ex-play mode, I mean), I tried to get all dragons to Holy/Dark Forms ASAP, 
which I was able to pull off in Chapter 8.  Then, I decided in my 3rd game, 
just for the heck of it, to go all the way this, time, and thus, get all 
dragons to Master Dragons, and turned Munimuni into a Black Dragon w/ Maxed 
stats, so I could make the most of My Mini Devils ASAP :P

Q. ...You do realize your crazy, right?  I mean, I barely got Holy/Dark forms 
before chap 27, and I'm playing my first Ex-play, and I still don't got 
Mater Dragons, and here you are getting Master Dragons at Chapter 8!  You 
are Insane!
A. Yes, yes I am.  If you visited some of the message boards I go to (most 
notably Seiken Densetsu 3 and Breath of Fire 3 are my 2 most frequents), you 
should see that I have problems with reality...

Q.  Wait a minute, I knew your name is familiar, you're the same Meeple Lard 
as the one on the message boards, right?  What other FAQs have you written?
A. Yes, yes I am.  I have written 2 other FAQs, both for the game Seiken 
Densetsu 3, one being an In Depth Character FAQ for Hawk, the other being a 
Technical FAQ about the games mechanics and all (believe it or not, I did 
that entire FAQ w/out knowing the first thing about hacking, so there's a 
chance some of that info is wrong)

Q. Wait, you seem to hate Yoyo SO MUCH and go on ranting about why she's a 
stupid ***** and all, yet, you go along and claim that the Summoner and 
Dragnar Class are arguably the games best, both of which are Yoyo's Classes.  
Are you being a hypocrit or something?
A. No, I'm not a hypocrit.  If you've seen my rants, its about why I hate 
Yoyo as a Character for her personality and stuff (I won't spoil the game.  
Play Bahamut Lagoon through all the way, and you might be able to figure out 
why (though, my reasons are more complex than the obvious reason than 
everyone else says)), but what's most painful to me is that in battle, 
there's no denying it, Yoyo Kicks Ass and wipes the floor using the Several 
Enemy units.  Believe me, if I could have an alternative to using Yoyo, I 
probably would, but seeing as there are only 2 characters who can summon, 
and to use attacks on the Field at their best means using those characters 
together in the same unit your best bet, along with the fact that Sendak is 
always a Summoner, while Yoyo eventually becomes a Dragnar, which is 
Basically a Summoner on Steroids (as I said, its exactly like the Summoner 
with beefed up stats in ALL areas), I'd pretty much have to use Yoyo over 
Sendak if I wanted to use one or the other. 
Thus, as a character, I hate Yoyo for her personality and actions.  However, 
when it comes to battles, Yoyo's basically a staple in my team, since 
there's no denying it, She is definitely one of the games best Characters, 
and indisputably the games best Sniper (Highest Damage, Longest Range, 
higher stats than all other Mage Classes, Attacks that can hit up to 6 
Panels, what more could you want?  Controllable Fright Dance, complete with 
all skills such as Ragnorak and Complete Heal All O_O!!??  Talk  about 
getting extreme...)

Q. I wish to contact you about *Insert thing of concern here*, where Can I 
reach you? 
A. Either E-mail me at Dbzfflord@aol.com, speak to me via AIM, username 
DbzFFlord, or through my MSN name of MeepleLard@hotmail.com.

10. Version Update

Version 0.1: Faqs Creation.  Basic Layout and everything made for first 

Version 0.2: Changed SP to MP where it was needed.  A few Grammar Fixes.  
Added a few more hints.  Corrected a few Mistakes.  Added the Ability 
Dependencies for Passive Abilities.  Added more Formations.  Added Dragon 
Skills list.

Version 0.3: Corrected the mistake on Melee 99, Added Imperator to Ultimate 
Cross Knight Equipment.  Added the * Aspect to the Class section.

Version 0.4: Fixed a few Grammar Errors, Changed info description and added 
a few things on Melee 99.  Added to one of the Answers in the Frequently 
Asked Questions section.  Added Another Question and Answer to the 
Frequently Asked Questions section.

Version 0.5: Added more Formations submitted by others.  Added info on 
Death's Undead and Body Blow.  Changed a few grammatical mistakes.  Added 
the Uni Uni versions of the summons.  Add a bit of Elemental info on 
Alexander and Hyperion.  Added the Other Equipment to consider part to each 
class.  Altered Descriptions of Behemoth, Black Dragon, Mini Devils, and a 
few Dragon Suggestions a bit.  

Version 0.6: Changed a few character descriptions and abilities around a 
bit.  Made a few grammar corrections.  Added the Mini Devil Dance skills.

Version 0.7: Corrected a few things in the Mini Devil Dance list.  Changed a 
few spell descriptions.  Changed Royal Guard's Dragon suggestion.  Added a 
few things in the Formation Section and Dragon Section.  Changed the Dragon 
Descriptions A LOT.  Added a few more formations.  Fixed a few grammatical 
errors. Added a few more questions.  Added a note about Yoyo in the Dragnar 
11. Credits

First off, I'd like to thank Square Soft for making such a great game, and 
without it, this FAQ wouldn't exist.
Next, I'd like to thank those at Dejap who finally got around to making a 
Complete Translation of this game so people like me could play through the 
entire thing.  You guys rule!
I'd like to thank RyuSeiryuu for supporting me 100% on this FAQ and helping 
me in different parts of it.
Thank you Dawn Shadow for your team contribution
I'd like to give thanks to Major Damage for pointing out the MP cost of Dark 
Power, Another Gamer for pointing out that Fighters get SP and Mages get MP, 
Game Rookie for pointing out Skill Dependencies I missed out before, Dawn 
Shadow for pointing out several interesting facts that I neglected to 
include, LSSJMagus999 for pointing out that Poison reverses the effects of a 
White Drug on Marshes, and anybody else who I missed who helped contribute 
to make this FAQ better.
I'd also like to thank Destruction Angel for pointing out all the little 
miscellaneous info that I either did wrong or neglected to point out.
I tip my hat to Blueshirt32 for pointing out that I had made a mistake in 
the Mini Devil's dances with regards to their range (it being 4 as opposed 
to my listed 5), so thank you for noticing that.
Also, thanks to anybody who gave in a submission as far as Formation goes, 
or just plain helped me with the FAQ in someway and totally forgot to 
mention them (Sorry about that if I did)
Finally, I'd like to thank everyone else who inspired me to write this and 
anybody else who supported me on this Faq.

12. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is a copyright 2002 by Meeple Lard.  Those who wish to use it for 
writing their own FAQ or so are to contact me and get my approval and give 
mention of in this as well.  The most updated copies can be found at 
www.Gamefaqs.com in the Bahamut Lagoon In-depth Faq Section

For those who wish to contact me, e-mail me at DbzFFLord@aol.com, or ask me 
on the Bahamut Lagoon Message Boards.  This is Meeple Lard, saying Good Bye, 
and Good Luck.  Hope this helped you.

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