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Guide and Walkthrough by SSFSX17

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/20/2002

SSFSX17's Guide

Please contact me for any factual errors, dissenting opinions, comments, or
additional information you would like to see in this guide.
E-mail: ssfsx17@yahoo.com

:: Update History ::

June 20, 2002 - Version 1.000
Made a simple Walkthrough with additional information about the various
character classes, commentary on the characters, some simple information
about challenges that one may desire to undertake, and credits.

Table of Contents:
1. Walkthrough & Strategy
2. Character Classes Information
3. Character Commentary
4. Challenges
5. Credits

:: 1: Walkthrough & Strategy ::

General Tips:
Check the Map before each battle. To the best of my knowledge, the only time
when you cannot check the Map is for the Prologue. Examine each enemy group
and pay close attention to terrain, special features, treasure boxes, traps,
and the starting locations for your groups and dragons. Plan out a basic and
flexible strategy for beating the level.

If you lose any of the battles, go do a bunch of Sidequests. You can start
doing Sidequests in Chapter 6. Sidequests usually have enemies that you
fought the previous chapter, as well as a few new ones. Granbelos Fortress is
ideal for becoming intimate with the details of fighting the Granbelos
Empire, and Easy Dungeon is good for becoming familiar with all the monsters
that you will face.

In order to use items to heal in combat, select a group and go to the Party
option in the commands menu. Then, go to Items. You can use as many items as
you please without using up your turn. After a while, you will use this
method for healing a lot more often than White Drug.

Whenever you are able to walk around a town or ship or something else, walk
everywhere and press the A button at anything and everything. You can find a
lot of powerful hidden items like this. I will not remind you to do this in
each chapter, so remember to try it out for yourself.

This battle is fairly easy. If you want to fight the enemy up-front with your
characters, then select Sendak's group, use the Field ability of Black Magic,
and cast Ice Magic on the center of the moat. You can go across this ice to
hit the enemy. This battle should be fairly easy and give you a chance to get
acquainted with the controls and game mechanics. The soldiers can hurt when
they fight up-close, and the mages are best at ranged magic.

Chapter 1:
You are introduced to the dragon feeding system. More in-depth feeding advice
is after the walkthrough. Basically, whatever you feed them will make them
better at something that corresponds with what you just fed them. Feeding
them books will make them slightly smarter, feeding them weapons will make
them stronger, armor will increase their Vitality, and so on.

This is your first real battle. You should set your dragons to Come so that
they do not get torn to shreds by the enemies further in. The square shapes
sticking out of the ground will heal whoever that rests on them, so you
should either occupy them or destroy them with a Lightning/Thunder move. The
Boss can do a Javelin Throw at really long range with area-effects, so you
should attack him in close combat when you can.

Chapter 2:
There is no way to "turn around," so don't worry about that.

You will now be allowed to modify formations and re-arrange the dragons. The
Knights and Heavy Armors do not have to be together to be effective, so go
ahead and spread them out. However, pretty much everyone else with ranged
moves should be kept together for maximum effectiveness. Remember that Lukia
and other Light Armors like her can move extremely fast later in the game.

When assigning dragons, remember that whatever element the dragon is high in
will benefit the party that the dragon is assigned to. For example, because
Salmando has a high Fire stat, whatever party that Salmando is with will have
powerful Fire-based techniques. Most of the characters in the game can
eventually utilize a full variety of moves, except for Matelite and the
Priests. Matelite never has anything else besides Inspire, and most of the
Priest spells are based on the Holy stat.

When you go into battle, remember to check the Map before you actually Begin
Assault. Examine every single enemy group to figure out a basic strategy and
look for terrain features that you can utilize to your advantage. In this
map, there are patches of really tall grass called "Forest" that you can set
on fire. Anyone caught in the fire will receive a large sum of damage 
whenever their phase comes up. Order your dragons to Come so that they don't
get too far ahead, and heal them with your Priests or Sendak whenever they
get low on HP. The boss is, once again, a Lanzenritter, so when you approach
him, make sure to spread out so that his Javelin Toss does not hit more than
one of your groups at a time.

Chapter 3:
Those cannons have an incredibly long range. When you try to take them out,
try to spread out so that it cannot hit more than one of your groups at a
time. If you want to go through the walls, use Thunder-based techniques and
spells. The gates, the castle, and the tiny towers will restore the HP of
whoever that rests on them, so if you cannot occupy them yourself, then make
sure to destroy them with Thunder-based techniques.

The Groyer is extremely brutal at close range, so make sure to attack him
from a distance. If you stay out of his movement range, he is nothing.

Chapter 4:
Kill the Cure Mages ASAP. Force all of your dragons to Come until Palpaleos
leaves, because Palpaleos will seriously jack them up if they try to attack
him. Even on New Game EX, it is still impossible to kill Palpaleous before he

Zomberd has really powerful melee attacks, so stay far away from him and hit
him with ranged techs and spells. Zomberd is the first Granbelos General that
you will meet, but certainly not the last. When you fight him again, he will
be yet stronger and still lacking good range.

Chapter 5:
That liquid stuff is poisonous, so don't get anywhere near it. Cast White
Drug on it to clean it off. If someone else uses a Poison-based move, it will
make the cleansed area poisonous again.

The monsters have a lot of HPs, but the plants are weak to fire. Carefully
draw them out, one group at a time, and set all your dragons to Come so that
they do not get slaughtered. The Chimera has no ranged attacks, so lead it
out, encircle it, and smash it in from all sides with ranged techniques.

You cannot beat Sauzer normally. I dealt about 250,000 damage to him using
New Game EX and he still didn't die. It is my conclusion that you are
supposed to lose, no matter how powerful you are.

Chapter 6:
Talk to Gunso to get a Gunso's ???. Also check Yoyo's bed for the first
Princess's ???. Do not feed anything that is ??? to any of your dragons until
you have all five Princess's ???. If you discover that you have missed one of
the Princess's ??? items, then you will at least not have a partially
unformed Unknown dragon. If you do feed one of your dragons less than five
Princess's ???, then you are in deep trouble and must remedy it with a
Gunso's ???.

You will now be able to do Sidequests. You do Sidequests by going to the
pre-battle menu and selecting the option below Begin Assault. During a
Sidequest, you may press Start to save your game in the middle of battle.
If you ever discover that you do not have enough money, or that you are not
strong enough, then do a bunch of Sidequests to build up your characters.
Sidequests are also a good way to ensure that your weaker characters are able
to catch up in levels with everyone else.

Granbelos Fortress and Easy Dungeon use enemies that you have previously
fought or which you will fight soon. Hard Dungeon uses a bunch of enemies
that are impossible to kill except through extreme difficulty, and Situation
Critical is similar to a story battle that you will encounter later on. For
now, just stick with using Granbelos Fortress a lot, since Easy Dungeon takes
too long to beat and doesn't give as much rewards.

Those boxy buildings near the castle are not buildings. They are boxes of
gunpowder. Resting on them will not restore HPs.

Even though the map appears to be a bit empty at first, Zomberd will call in
reinforcements. Stay away from any group with a Brummbaer in it, because
they can Body Slam you for 800+ damage. Have your dragons Come so that they
don't get into a thicket of Brummbaers, rest in the buildings, and take your
time. When you finally do reach Zomberd, destroy his supports, especially the
group of Cure Mages. Lead him out and crush him with ranged attacks.

Chapter 7:
You can now buy mushrooms. Mushrooms are extremely cheap methods of raising
Holy, Dark, Dex, and HPs on your dragons. So, if you ever find that your
dragons are low on one of those stats, just feed them 99 mushrooms to give a
significant boost to one of those stats. You should sample each of the three
types of mushrooms to figure out what each one does. Mushrooms also raise Loy
and Fid, which ultimately cause Uni-Uni. In order to cure Uni-Uni, just feed
your dragons a Heal.

Those yellow-ish rectangles with single tubes sticking out the front are
Auto-Cannons. If you stay in front of them, they will shoot you up for a lot
of damage. They can be broken instantly with Thunder-based techs.

On this board, the enemies have no less than three groups of Gran Launchers,
a lot of mages, and four Lanzenritter groups. In addition, they have a few
groups containing mixes of Brummbaers and Groyers. The board is divided into
a few sections that you should take on one at a time. Focus all your might on
breaking the Auto-Cannons and destroying the Gran Launchers, then pick off
everyone else. When you reach Zomberd's emplacement, kill his Cure Mages and
defeat him.

Go ahead and tell Bikkebakke to give the old man some money. He is not lying.
He really will multiply it by a thousand times. But, you won't get the money

Matelite brand equipment is some of the best stuff that you will have for the
rest of the whole entire game. You don't get anything better than
Matelite-brand stuff until around the same time that you have to fight freaky
stuff from another dimension and gigantic bosses that have tens of thousands
of HP, which is a really long time away. Even at the end of the game, some of
the Heavy Armors were still wearing Matelite Armor.

Chapter 8:
Increment time in one hour in order to see everything.

Don't forget to feed Munimuni a lot of stuff. Munimuni starts out with
extremely low stats.

Those Gargoyles can move really fast, so don't even think about trying to
keep them away. At the very least, make sure that some people good at
close-range combat are in every single formation. Make your dragons Come so
that they help kill whatever their group is busy killing. The only enemies
that come in groups are the Corsairs and Buckaneers, which aren't too bad 
anyways. The Boss can do elemental breath attacks which hurt entire groups at
a time.

Chapter 9:
Stick Lukia in the first group and assign a dragon with a high Thunder stat
to it. Go all the way to the dam, stand on the center. In the meantime, send
everyone else to the left to fight the main enemies, who will be weakened by
the time they get there. Lestat has some nasty moves, so be careful when you
get near him.

Chapter 10:
Re-arrange your party to accomodate the two new characters. I usually take 
out the two mini-devils and let them idle, since I've never been one for
chance. Since Jeanne is a Light Armor, you can have either two parties
running really fast or one party running at light speed.

Stay away from those statues. If you absolutely have to be near them, then
use Thunder techs on them to break them instantly. Also, try not to get
anywhere near the spikes. Spikes will cause damage to whoever that rests on

In order to open up the treasure boxes, rest on top of them. The bottom-right
box in this level is a trap.

Have your dragons Come, and be very patient with the battle. Try not to let
one group get too far ahead, and also try not to let any fall behind. This
scenario can be easily cleared after you creep up on Lestat.

Chapter 11:
In order to catch the octopus, press the direction that the octopus moves in.
When it goes close to you, hit all sorts of directions, but not up. Finally,
reel it in by hitting the A button rapidly and repeatedly.

The Colossusses come in singles and have no ranged moves. Just pick them off
one at a time with ranged techniques and spells. Have your dragons Come so
that they attack whatever is near you. Scylla has a long-ranged Tidal Wave
attack with a radius of two spaces, making it the monster's poor version of
Valitora. Scylla can attack anyone that tries to go up the stairs into the
antechamber, so have your dragons Go at it to take the damage.

Chapter 12:
Donfan will fail miserably and not find out any of the things that you really
needed to know, although he will discover interesting things about the
Empire's generals. The crew member will fail and die. Choosing Sendak or
Matelite will not result in failure, although choosing Matelite will
eventually result in gaining the second Princess's ???.

That green stuff is poisonous. Casting White Drug on it will make it
bearable, although it would be best just to go around. Using a fire tech on
one of those gross objects oozing with green stuff will make it spurt out a
bunch of poison swamp. If you get stuck in the walls, you will not be crushed
or hurt, so don't be afraid to go through that way.

Some of the monsters are undead, shown by a skull symbol. You can try using
Litancibles, Litancible SPs, or Return Life magic on them to kill them
instantly. Or, you can beat them the hard way in order to get as much EXP off
of them as possible. 

Persona can use Javelin Throw Level 5, so after you take out the undead
monsters near him, spread out so that not more than one group at a time is

Make sure to check Yoyo's bed for a Princess's ???.

Chapter 13:
Absolutely do not, under any circumstances, use a Thunder tech that will
touch an incubator. That will open up the incubators and force you to deal
with yet more undead monsters.

The Blade Guards are invincible against any physical attacks, including Cross
Knight Hits, Critical Techs, Inspire, Destroy Techs, and Tower Techs. So, in
order to beat the Blade Guards, you must use dragon breath attacks, summons,
or Black Magic. The Magic Guards are the opposite: they are invincible
against dragon breath attacks, summons, and magic. You should mix up the
characters in your groups so that you will be prepared to do both.

Radia can make up a new escort whenever he wants, so you should focus all
your single-target attacks on him only. Since Radia is undead, you can use
White Drug on the field to both heal everyone who is close to him and damage

Chapter 14:
Talk to everyone in town except for Yoyo. Remember that there is a house in
the top right corner that is even beyond the paved platform area, which you
reach from the stairs. Talk to everyone in every single house. Now, talk to
the woman that is standing in front of the tree. Make sure you are standing
below her when you talk to her. Follow her into the house and talk to the guy
in front of the door. Talk to the blonde inside the room. You now have a
third Light Armor. After that, talk to Yoyo twice and enter the house she was
in front of to advance the game.

The treasure chests are too out of the way and worthless to be worth your
time. Beware of the Cottontails, for they can turn an entire group into
harmless rabbits. The Grand Moth has a nasty close-range attack, so burn it
from far away and let it be occupied with your dragons.

Chapter 15:
Remember to readjust your formations to account for the temporary loss of

Kill the Cure Sorcerers first. Beware of the new Lanzenlords and Wespes.
And stay in buildings or rubble so that you don't get hurt by the sandstorms.
Unlike before, Sauzer has a finite amount of HP and can be beaten. Palpaleos
is a Cross Knight, so he can do most of the same things that Byuu can.
Therefore, when you attack Palpaleos, spread out so that his Cross Knight
Hits do not hit more than one person at a time. Sauzer has a ranged attack
called Ragnarok, but nothing else new since the last time you fought him.

Talk to everyone in town and attempt to enter each building. Make sure to try
out different answer choices when you talk to the guy who was hiding behind
the jar.

When you enter the secret resistance house, talk to the ninjas hiding behind
the jars. The only people that they can succeed at killing are the crew
members, so choose Yoyo or Matelite so that you'll have crew members to talk

Try to get in the path of the King and press the A button. I have never
failed before, so I have no idea what happens if you fail.

Chapter 16:
In order to access the shops, go to the bottom left part of the cliff that is
close to the upper left part of the house and press the A button downwards.

The Royal Chimera is powerful, and so is the Soul Cage. Do not take them

Chapter 17:
If you are doing a no-sidequests challenge, then keep in mind that when you
go shopping and feeding, that will be the only time you will be able to do
so in this chapter besides after sidequests.

This battle can be easy or hard, depending on whether or not your formations
are optimized for area damage. The enemies are all nice and close together,
so you can wipe out half of them each round using things like Unsheathe,
Garuda, and some powerful dances. Kill the green Heal Glaive, because that
one will cast White Drug on whatever enemy that is hurt. Some of the monsters
can Self-Destruct to instantly kill one person, so try not let any one of
your groups get isolated and/or cut off from everyone else.

Chapter 18:
Check Yoyo's bed for yet another Princess's ???.

The Alchemic monster is incredibly powerful. If you can, avoid it. If you are
strong enough, or are playing on New Game EX, you can go ahead and kill it.
Palpaleos will not move from where he is standing, so if you want him to use
Cross Knight Hits on the enemies, then draw them out to where he is to make
him more useful. The huge stretches of forest make this level one of the few
in which you may successfully be able to take advantage of fire damage.

Chapter 19:
Start by using Leviathan on the water to your left so that you can go across
and fighting Zomberd's and Lestat's groups. Then, go north and fight
Barbarela and Irvine. Finally, smash Gudorf and his aides to pieces.

You will fight all of the major Granbelos generals who did not die (they
simply backed out of the left side of the screen rather than going poof), as
well as three new ones that you have not fought before. Zomberd and Lestat
still behave the same way as they did before, except with a lot more HPs and
stronger escorts. Barbarela specializes in whips, but she also has a
long-range attack. Gudorf has an attack that affects a large area, so you
will have to spread out and form a very large circle around him when taking
him on.

Remember to talk to all of the shopkeepers before you talk to anyone else, at
each phase of the conversation. You will eventually get a Princess's ??? from

Chapter 20:
Those orb-looking things are Security Systems, and they will hurt whoever
that stands near them. Break them with Thunder techs whenever you can. The
large 2x2 squares with a vertical line down the middle are trapdoors that are
opened whenever someone rests on one of the square buttons sticking out of
the floor.

Kill the cannons, since they will never cease to harrass you. Then, kill
Barbarela to open up the doors on each side. Finally, come in from one side
and sweep across to the other while leaving some behind to continue dealing
with Irvine.

Chapter 21:
Kill the deformed rabbits with huge balls sticking out of their rears, for
they will instantly turn entire groups into bunnies. Also, do your best to
kill every single Psychic Doll in one round. This may be possible if you
stick both Summoners in one party with a Light Armor and use something with
a large area like Garuda, followed up by other very powerful techs that
affect large areas. You can also try to take out half of the Psychic Dolls
with one Unsheathe. Save the boss for last.

Chapter 22:
This is not the final battle. You have to beat Chapter 27 before the game is
finished. But it is the hardest required battle in the whole entire game.
The only battle harder than this is the Hard Dungeon, and that is an optional

When Rush leaves the bridge, talk to him in the left bedroom to get the last
Princess's ???.

First, take out all the Hummel groups from your side of the wall. You may, if
you wish, use Thunder techs on them in order to open up the walls and break
the Auto-Cannons in order to engage them in melee combat. Once you clear the
first layer, focus on killing the two cannons. STAY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE
THE CENTER ROAD! And spread out your party so that there are at least two or
three spaces in between each group.

Once you finish destroying the two small cannons, concentrate on taking out
spread out your party so that there are at least two or three spaces in
between each group. The Shock Cannon attacks have an area effect radius of
two spaces, so arrange your own groups such that they have at least four
spaces in between themselves. Kill one Shock Cannon at a time, and use only
the longest-range techs. You may, if you wish, send a group in to slaughter

Once both Shock Cannons are done in, send in Salmando in its Master Form to
Go and attack the Ziegfried Cannon at close range. Now, destroy the two
smaller cannon groups and converge on the center of the map from all sides,
even the top side. Don't forget to clear away any Auto-Cannons that are in
your way. Destroy that godforsaken Ziegfried Cannon once and for all. Make
sure that you NEVER get close to the Ziegfried Cannon, and that you always
keep a distance of at least five spaces away from Salmando, who will be
engaging the Ziegfried at close range. The Ziegfried's attack has an
effective radius of THREE spaces, so you do not want to be touched by it.
Also, it takes off anywhere from 1500 to 1700 damage in one hit, so it has
the potential to instantly kill your Wizards and Priests. If you arranged
them as Quadruple-Wizards and Quadruple-Priests, then you cannot afford to
let them be within range of the Ziegfried.

Once you finally destroy the Ziegfried, you can finish up everyone else, who
are pitifully weak in comparison to the Ziegfried. Gudorf has an attack with
an area of effect of two spaces, so try to avoid clumping together. Just
because the Ziegfried finally died doesn't mean that you can get lazy.

Chapter 23:
Compared to the previous battle, this one is ridiculously easy. Those statues
with the green glowing eyes will use Mega Beam on anyone that rests in front
of them, so break them with your Thunder Techs as you pass by them. By now,
you should have a pretty good feel for the basic strategy of taking on the
 Granbelos Army. Kill Gudorf for the last time.

Chapter 24:
Ignore the Dark Stalkers for now, and instead go straight for the Ring
Commanders and Ring Tracers. Kill them with death. In order to get rid of
them as fast as possible, I would reccomend the White Magic Exorcism or the
Ninjutsu Unsheathe. If you are not able to succeed in doing those, then send
in your powerful close-range fighters with light armors to smash them to
pieces in one or two rounds. Beware, for the Ring Commanders and Ring
Tracers can use the ultimate Holy and Dark Black Magics, so if you are not
able to kill them in one round, then spread out as you meet them.

Once the Ring Commanders and Ring Tracers have finally died, you may pick
off the Dark Stalkers at your own leisure by using Revive items and magic.
Litancible SPs work well against them. Finally, take out the Alchemic
monster and the boss.

Chapter 25:
Your first priority is to destroy every single statue in the level. Send out
Sajin with one light armor, send out Zerojin with another light armor, and
send a Wizard with the third light armor. The Ninjutsu Raiden has a good
area of effect that can break two or three statues at once at the top
platform, and the wizards should destroy all of the statues that are before
the platform.

Kill the Ring Commanders and start using area-effect techs on the Lucrecs.
The one that stays at ???? HP the longest is the boss, so kill her with your
Knights and Heavy Armors ASAP. They can use attacks with an area of effect
radius of two. It is not necessary to kill the creatures that result from
the statues, but getting rid of them first makes the battle much easier.

Chapter 26:
Have all your dragons Come and slowly approach the enemies. Do not go past
them. Draw them on back to your slower groups and destroy them all. Also kill
the Heal Glaives ASAP. Then, have all your dragons Go at Alexander and smash
it with long-range techniques. Unless you have a group of all Knights or
Heavy Armors, do not engage it at close range. Alexander has an extremely
powerful attack with a very long range that affects a radius of two. Also,
for some reason, Alexander will always try to hit Byuu and Salamando as its
first priority. So, if you let Byuu's group take most of the damage and keep
everyone else away from him, you should be okay.

Chapter 27:
This may be the last battle, but it's not as hard as it seems. First, check
the Map and try to figure out which spaces on each head are the spaces that
actually take damage. Kill the top-right head first, since it can use
Refresh. Then, kill the top left and bottom left heads. The top left one can
use any dragon breath attack that your own dragons can do, and the bottom
left one uses Petrify and Randomizer to inflict serious status conditions.
Finally, put your all into destroying the middle left head. This one can cast
any summon except for Bahamut and Alexander, and it always tries to target
Byuu. Just like before, you can isolate Byuu to keep the other groups safe.

New Game EX:
It is impossible to beat Palpaleos soon enough in 4. You still cannot beat
Sauzer in Chapter 5. The purpose of New Game EX is to have a second chance at
trying to get all the Princess's ??? items, to try different answer choices,
and to max out everyone and everything you have. Also, if you are trying to
write a walkthrough or guide for Bahamut Lagoon, New Game EX lets you blow
through the whole game again so that you don't have to do all the sidequests
required to build up your stuff again.

Hard Dungeon:
There are two ways to beat the Hard Dungeon: the Salmando way, and the Hard

Salmando Way: Make sure that Salmando has reached Master form for the
infinite HPs. Move everyone into the corner at the bottom left part of the
screen. Set Salmando to Go, and all the other dragons to Come. Press start
and go to End Phase as a quick way of skipping everyone's turn. Wait an
excruciatingly long time for Salmando to single-handedly beat every single
enemy in the Hard Dungeon. Once all of the enemies have 0 MPs, it is safe to
move out of your cubbyhole. This will take just about forever, but it does
get the job done.

Hard Way: Level up everyone through the other sidequests to AT LEAST level
70 or 80, if not higher. Make sure that you have 99 of every single
restorative item of every kind that ever existed. Spread out so that Bagdem
never hits more than two or three groups at once. Heal often, and always
keep your dragons in optimal condition. You will probably have to use up a
bunch of items every single round, or every other round. Do not use magic to
heal, unless you are healing your dragons or you have run out of curative
items. Instead, magic is better used for offense. Even the Priests
eventually get powerful spells.

Situation Critical:
Even though you get this Sidequest after Hard Dungeon, it is easier. Spread
out your groups some so that Breath Wing never hits more than one or two
groups at once. Put a Knight and / or Heavy Armor in every single group so
that you will always have someone capable of doing a lot of close-range
damage in each group. This sidequest is a good way to make sure that each of
your groups has an equal opportunity to get kills.

:: 2: Character Classes Information ::
In roughly the order that you can get them.

Most abilities tend to go in the order of Fire, Ice, Thunder, Drug, Poison,
Earth, Holy, and Dark. The Earth is at the lowest of the Fire, Ice, and
Thunder levels. The Holy and Dark abilities are usually only available once
the dragons start maxing out their Holy and Dark stats at 100. Drug usually
drains HPs, and Poison usually has a chance to inflict persistent poisoning
that continues to take away HPs each round.

Cross Knight
Characters: Byuu, Palpaleos
Equipment: Swords, Cross Knight Swords, Heavy Armor, Cross Knight Heavy Armor
Ability: Cross Hit Technique
Flame Hit (6 MP) - A staple attack in the early game
Ice Hit (6 MP) - Not used till later. Wizards are better at making Ice
Thunder Hit (6 MP) - Not used till later. Wizards are better at breaking
walls anyways.
Drug Hit (6 MP) - Not useful at all. It would be much more efficient just to
use Drugs and a stronger attack.
Poison Hit (6 MP) - Does not do enough damage to justify itself.
Earth Hit (7 MP) - Will replace Flame Hit as the most often used Cross Knight
Saint Hit (10 MP) - Uses too much MP for not enough increase in damage.
Dark Hit (10 MP) - Uses too much MP for not enough increase in damage.
Notes: Cross Knights will be one of the most powerful characters available to
you throughout the whole game. Their abilities can do some pretty decent
damage, and they also have the full array of elements to use. Unfortunately,
their massive MP consumption and low amount of MPs makes them very costly to
maintain in long battles. They can exhaust their entire supply of MPs in only
two or three rounds.

Characters: Rush, Truce, Bikkebakke
Equipment: Swords, Knight Swords, Heavy Armor
Ability: Critical - Incredibly devastating in close combat. The Knights are
what I refer to as "boss busters" because they are useful for hacking off a
lot of HP from bosses.
Flame Pulse (5 MP)
Ice Pulse (5 MP)
Thunder Pulse (5 MP)
Drug Pulse (5 MP)
Poison Pulse (5 MP)
Earth Pulse (6 MP)
Saint Pulse (9 MP) - Really strong
Dark Pulse (9 MP) - Really strong
Notes: Regular Knights have no Field abilities of any kind. However, their
Pulse attacks are extremely powerful in close combat. They should be in the
same formation as Light Warriors in order to ensure that they can be deployed
anywhere and strike hard where they need to.

Royal Guard
Characters: Matelite
Equipment: Axes, Heavy Armor, Extra Heavy Armor
Ability: Destroy
Inspire (4 MP) - Almost totally useless unless you are desperate for a
Thunder-based attack and everyone else ran out of MPs
Notes: Matelite is extremely slow and does not hit hard enough to justify his
existence. He is, at best, a backup user of lightning attacks and wearer of
strong armor. As soon as you can, replace him with someone better.

Heavy Knight
Characters: Taicho, Gunso, Barclay
Equipment: Axes, Heavy Armor, Extra Heavy Armor
Ability: Defense - Consumes less MPs than Knight Pulses, except that Heavy
Knights have less MPs to use than Knights.
Flame Smash (4 MP)
Ice Smash (4 MP)
Thunder Smash (4 MP)
Drug Smash (4 MP)
Poison Smash (4 MP)
Earth Smash (5 MP)
Saint Smash (8 MP)
Dark Smash (8 MP)
Notes: These guys are just like Matelite, except that they have a better
variety of elements and have no Field abilities. They are basically really
slow Knights with more HPs. They are useful for close-range combat, but
nothing else. Bring them out in the stages where you fight a lot of single
powerful enemies, and replace them with something else when tactics are more

Equipment: Staves, Rods, Robes
Ability: White Magic
White Drug (10 MP) - Necessary in the early game, possible to do without it
later on
Cleanup (10 MP) - A whole lot easier just to use a bunch of Heals.
Sleep (12 MP) - Does not work often enough to justify its use.
Exorcism (15 MP) - Does not work often enough to justify its use. The
Unsheathe of the Assassins is better.
Return Life (22 MP) - It is much easier to use Litancibles or Litancible SPs
if you are trying to revive your own team members. Against the enemy, this
is a good way to clear out entire groups of Undead.
Starfall (21 MP) - Earth-based damage
Big Burst (24 MP) - Holy damage with a radius of two spaces. Very handy as
you start mastering your dragons.
Infinity (24 MP) - Dark damage with a radius of two spaces. Very handy as
you start mastering your dragons.
Notes: Extremely useful in the beginning of the game. After a while, they
simply become backup healers. Eventually, when you start getting Holy and
Dark form dragons, they get powerful spells that are fairly useful.

Equipment: Staves, Rods, Robes
Ability: Black Magic
Flame Gaze (10 MP) - Basic fire spell
Ice Magic (10 MP) - Basic ice spell
Thunder Gale (10 MP) - Basic thunder spell
Bionics (14 MP) - Basic poison spell with a chance to cause persistent poison
Energy Drain (15 MP) - Just in case you are too lazy to use Drugs to heal
Earthquake (18 MP) - Basic earth spell
Armageddon (22 MP) - Holy damage with a radius of two spaces. Handy for that
extra bit of damage
Halley Gazer (22 MP) - Dark damage with a radius of two spaces. Handy for
that extra bit of damage
Notes: They would be mainstay characters in every battle if only they could
move faster. They have the full assortment of elemental magic for whatever
needs you may have. When you start getting Holy and Dark form dragons, they
become handy for putting in extra damage.

Light Armor
Characters: Lukia, Jeanne, Mist
Equipment: Rapiers, Light Armor
Ability: Tower Technique - No good. Cross Knight attacks are better at close
range, and use a similar amount of MP. At best, the Tower Technique is a
supplemental to the Cross Knight Hit at close range.
Flame Tower (7 MP)
Ice Tower (7 MP)
Thunder Tower (7 MP)
Drug Tower (7 MP)
Poison Tower (7 MP)
Earth Tower (8 MP)
Saint Tower (10 MP)
Dark Tower (10 MP)
Notes: Their main function is to move extremely fast. Their stats are not so
good, and their Tower attacks do very little damage. Nevertheless, their
super-speed makes them the most useful class in the whole game. Three Light
Armors in one group can run all the way across most maps in one or two
movements! Any group with a Light Armor in it will probably start gaining a
lot more levels than anyone else in your team.

Characters: Sendak, Yoyo
Equipment: Staves, Rods, Robes
Ability: Red Magic - Not good enough
White Drug (10 MP) - Sometimes handy to have yet more people that can heal
Flame Gaze (10 MP) - Totally useless to have on a non-Wizard later on
Bingo (9 MP) - Does almost nothing, since its effects are expent after one
Ability: Summon - Incredible
Valitora (19 MP) - Deals lots of damage across an area with a radius of two
Leviathan (20 MP) - Does not do as much damage, but has a greater area.
Because it is ice-based, you can build ice bridges extremely quickly with
Garuda (21 MP) - Affects a much greater area than even Leviathan. Extremely
handy whenever enemies start clumping together.
Jormungand (23 MP) - Not enough damage for its tiny area of effect, but
still powerful.
Hyperion (30 MP) - Basically a stronger Valitora. However, because its area
is not increased, you may wish to consider using Garuda instead.
Bahamut (33 MP) - Huge area and a lot of damage makes this your staple
summon in the end stretch of the game.
Alexander (35 MP) - Not available until New Game EX. Even greater area of
effect than Bahamut, and a cheap way to beat most of the beginning missions
in only one or two rounds.
Notes: Until you start meeting the Holy Dragons and acquiring their Summons,
the Summoners are simply backup versions of Priests and Wizards. Unlike
Priests, they only get White Drug, and unlike Wizards, they only get Flame
Gaze. Their Bingo spell has negligible effects. But, as soon as you gain your
very first summon, you will find Summoners to be one of the most significant
sources of damage in the whole game.

Characters: Reeve, Frenze, Zora's Son, Donfan
Equipment: Spears, Light Armor
Ability: Javelin - With a range of two and an area of effect of only one
single space, the Javelin is not really worth the strong damage in most
Flame Dust (1 MP)
Ice Dust (1 MP)
Thunder Dust (1 MP)
Drug Dust (1 MP)
Poison Dust (1 MP)
Earth Dust (5 MP)
Saint Dust (10 MP)
Dark Dust (10 MP)
Notes: A team of quadruple-lancers moves too slow to be useful. However, a
level 40 Javelin attack can hurt some. They are useful for smashing up
single enemy groups really good, but they are terrible for tactical purposes.
Their basic Javelin attacks use only 1 MP, so their Magic Gin consumption is
quite low. They are best for the end of a level when everyone is beating
upon a lonely boss, since the Lancers are difficult to deploy in any other

Characters: Manyo, Monyo, Munyo, Wahagai
Equipment: Nothing
Ability: Dance - Depends on your luck.
Notes: Sometimes, they can do very useful things. At other times, they may
harm you more than help you. Whether or not you want to use them depends on
how lucky you feel. Make sure that you're not on a bridge, in a forest, or
on thin ice when you choose to Dance, since they may randomly do a Thunder
or Fire dance.

Characters: Zeroshin, Sajin
Equipment: Katanas, Light Armor
Ability: Ninjitsu - Handy sometimes, wasteful at other times
Burn (3 MP) - Fire damage to all within 3 spaces. Do not use unless you have
a Wizard nearby to ice down the space that the Assassins are standing on.
Blizzard (3 MP) - Ice damage to all within 3 spaces.
Raiden (3 MP) - Thunder damage to all within 3 spaces. Do not use this
anywhere near a bridge, unless none of your groups are on the bridge and you
do not plan to cross the bridge for the whole battle.
Assassinate (5 MP) - Chance to kill everything next to the Assassin, but
fails often. In close-range, this does not work often.
Trick (2 MP) - Has a chance to put everything within 3 spaces to sleep.
Usually, it only affects half that much.
Landmine (5 MP) - Sorta like an Earth-based Inspire, except it does very
little damage. It should have affected everything within 3 spaces like all
the other Ninjutsu abilities.
Chakra (10 MP) - Restores HP to everything within 3 spaces. Handy for
healing and clearing swamp.
Unsheathe (10 MP) - Has a chance to kill everything within 3 spaces. Usually,
it only kills half that much. But it is the most useful Ninjutsu, and you
will use it often throughout the game.
Notes: The two Assassins have neat specialized abilities that are incredibly
useful on some chapters and almost useless in others. Their Assassinate
ability, and later, their Unsheathe ability will be the most useful
throughout the game. They can also do elemental attacks centered on
themselves with large area, making them able to destroy walls and statues and
create ice bridges far more quickly than others could. They might have been 
better if they could deal more damage and have more HPs.

Characters: Yoyo
Equipment: Staves, Rods, Robes
Ability: Red Magic
Ability: Summon
Notes: The Dragnar is just Yoyo wearing different clothes. I think that she
can also equip special things that only she is able to use. There are no
other noticeable differences.

:: 3: Character Commentary ::
Sorted by the order in which you fight battles in their kingdoms.

This kingdom is supposed to be good, holy, loving, and everything of that
sort. Kahna is the only kingdom that the game never reveals any general
details about, instead focusing on the heroes of Kahna that are in the plot.

Class: Cross Knight
This guy can be whatever you make him out to be. That, I suppose, would be to
make his life filled up by your own imagination. He is supposed to be some
wild kid, although you could also view his life as having been dominated by
the crazy dreams of others. He is very intimate with dragons and will
probably become the next Dragonmaster.

Class: Knight
He is very impulsive and wants to do whatever he wants. Whenever his short
patience snaps, he takes matters into his own hands. He wants people to
appreciate him, by force if necessary. He has the potential to become a very
evil villain.

Class: Knight
Unlike Rush, Truce actually likes to think about things before he does
anything. He is not anywhere near as demanding as Rush is of his world.

Class: Knight
He is best friends with Byuu and considers him to be a brother. Bikkebakke
is also an opportunist who tries to capitalize on the chance to make big

Sir Matelite
Class: Royal Guard
He is heavy and thick in the head. He makes his desires very heavy upon
other people, and is extremely slow in the head.

Sir Barclay
Class: Heavy Armor
The Barclay is very stuck up in his belief in the ways of honorable fighting.
That is, until he starts having a romance with someone he considers not so
honorable, in which case he thinks only of the romance.

Class: Wizard
She is probably about as big and heavy as one of the Heavy Armors, which may
help explain why she would ever start up a relationship with one of them.
She is also the spokesperson for Ectarina whenever she is too shy to say
anything openly.

Class: Wizard
She is extremely shy and cannot express her desires openly. She likes to
dream a lot about how she will captivate Hornet's heart by feeding him what
she thinks he likes.

Class: Priest
She always keeps up with the latest social happenings and likes to gossip a
lot. She explains a lot of the things that would be difficult to figure out
otherwise regarding most of the minor characters.

Class: Priest
She faints often, even when she has happy times with other people. She is
always lying on the bed having cold chills and thinking about what medicine
she will consume next to satisfy herself. Her symptoms are very similar to
that of those addicted to Opium.

Class: Light Armor
She sleeps a lot in order to ensure that she does not get any wrinkles. She
thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and that all the
men of the world will fall for her and love her when they see how beautiful
she is. Unfortunately, she does not realize that sleeping a lot will render
her unable to burn off harmful calories that will make her fat. This is all
excusable because she is a Light Armor, making her one of the three most
important characters to use in battle.

Princess Yoyo
Class: Summoner
She is a lover of fantasy escapism, and wants desperately to flee from the
real world. She cannot handle the stress that comes with real life and must
therefore retreat into her romantic imagination.

Class: Summoner
He is an extremely old man with a bent-over back. He also tends to be a
little lecherous and perverted, especially when he begins to stare at Byuu
for too long.

Class: Lan-Lan-Lancer
This guy just likes being a Lancer. He wants more Lancer friends, and is
disappointed when his friend Frenze is not so enthusiastic about
stab-stabbing and attacking from far away. He can't even attack from that
far away anyways.

Class: Lan-Lan-Lancer
His mother apparently used to shout at him a lot. When Zora shouts at him to
shut up with his repeated lan-lan-lancer diatribe, he gets depressed and
vents his frustration by secretly doing really bad things to Reeve.

Captain Hornet
Class: Cross Knight
He fought alongside Sauzer a long time ago, but no longer. Now, he just wants
to pilot a big ship in the sky and be free. He may also know some very
personal things about Sauzer, but the game never explains this.

Mushroom Dealer Bikkebakke
Class: Sales Knight
He reads books about the theory of economics and tries to buy out more land
for his Mushroom empire. He also acquires the operations of Matelite-brand
merchandise and used literature. His hottest-selling items are the Porno Mag
and the XXX Porno Mag, which return a great deal of profit even when his
other ventures start resulting in a lot of loss. My advice for him is that
he start a website to sell his items online and make a deal with a
dragon-based delivery service so that he can deploy more rapidly. So far,
though, all of the venture capitalists that he has seen have rejected his
idea as being ludicrous.
Aaaanyways, the books are a really cheap way to raise Wis and Mid, the Porno
Mags are a really cheap way to raise Str, and the shrooms are a really cheap
way to raise Holy, Dark, Dex, and HPs. If dragon raising ever becomes
popular, his stuff will make a load of money.

Queen Yoyo
Class: Dragnar
For a girl who is supposed to have gotten strong enough to control the Holy
Dragons, she doesn't seem to have gotten much wiser as far as her personal
affairs go.

Battlefield Salesman Rush
Class: Sales Knight
He finally calms down and discovers that selling stuff is fun. However, his
old nature may potentially resurface and make him into a spammer or
telemarketer. Let us pray that he does not let himself become like that.

It doesn't look all that different from the other continents, except that you
fight a forest battle in it.

Class: Priest
She is an older woman with a very harsh attitude. However, she does what she
needs to do and usually accomplishes her purpose. She is my favorite female
character in the whole game.

Zora's Son (Orelus)
Class: Lan-Lan-Lancer
He cannot swing his spear properly and instead does a sweeping motion. He is
good for sweeping floors and not much else. He probably would have ended up
as a lazy bum, but Zora's determination shaped him into a wonderful
hard-working kid who will make those powerful Javelin attacks all the more

Class: Wizard
Her map sprite does not exactly match her combat sprite. As a matter of fact,
her map sprite is a pallette-swapped version of Ectarina's. She tortures
Donfan throughout most of the game, but finally falls for his tricks later on.

Class: Priest
Her map sprite is a pallette-swapped version of Frederica's. She tortures
Donfan throughout most of the game, but finally falls for his tricks later on.

Nobody knows why it is called the place of miracles. It has a lot of water
that seems to magically appear from inside. It makes one wonder how the
people down below feel about having a waterfall constantly falling on them,
full of Mahal's sewage and waste.

Sir Taicho
Class: Heavy Armor
Please read Tomato's translation notes for information about the way he
talks. Even though he can be a little hard-headed at times, he is a lot more
reasonable than Matelite. He usually behaves as Matelite's conscience,
questioning whether or not Matelite is really right in what he does.

Lady Celine
Class: Cross Magus?
She can cast both Sleep and Flame Gaze, so she is not of any class that I
know of. She was Taicho's wife, and eventually was turned to stone and
killed by Lestat's red triangles. Apparently, she has learned the secret to
making rainbows appear on Rainbow Bridge.

Sir Gunso
Class: Heavy Armor
He is the sidekick to Taicho. He itches a lot and would really like to get
out of his heavy armor. He also has some Gunso's ???, which un-do the stages
to a dragon's Behemoth transformation. Why his stuff would do that, nobody

Class: Light Armor
She knows Donfan, so she immediately sets out to beat him up when he shows
his ugly face again. Besides that, she is a Light Armor and therefore
extremely important in battle.

Class: Light Armor
She also knows Donfan and immediately sets out to beat him up when he shows
his ugly face to her. Besides that, she is a Light Armor and therefore
extremely important in battle.

Class: Lan-Lan-Lancer
Please read Tomato's translation notes for information about the real meaning
of his name. He likes to hit on women, no matter how unsuccessful he may be.
He is so brave and daring that he even makes passes at the whip-wielding
women of Granbelos and General Barbarela herself. Curiously enough, the only
women that he actually succeeds in befriending are the magic-users who
actively torment him.

This is supposed to be a scary and mystical place where all the mini-devils
come from. Its independence is recognized even by the Granbelos Empire,
atlhough they are still found worthy to be used as breeding grounds for
undead creations.

Class: Wizard
She is a little girl who likes doing little-girl things with Byuu. She is
also fascinated by the mini-devils and even begins to become like them.
However, she never ever learns how to Dance.

Manyo, Monyo, and Munyo
Class: Mini-Devil
They are all mostly the same. They talk with their name (a precursor to
Pokemon) and believe in a death god. They dance to cause random effects.
They are carefree enough to not really be concerned with their death god
except in extreme circumstances, and even then, their religion is somewhat
benevolent. Wahagai is something else, however.

Class: Mini-Devil
Unlike the other mini-devils, who don't really seem to believe too strongly
in the god of death, Wahagai is totally obsessed with the concept. He speaks
in normal language and says eerie and ominous things. He sounds like he has
unleashed a thousand and one demons upon the Earth and can flatten people
into bloody pulps using nothing but his mind. Thankfully, all he can do is
dance for you. He does not have the strength to back up his words and is
restrained by the other mini-devils.

Apparently, the people really resent the Granbelos puppet king who was set up
here. Dafila seems to have a plentiful supply of women for the king's harem,
and these women later show some of the boys a nice show.

Class: Assassin
He is very quiet and only cares about the business of assassination. He is
always trying to hide himself, and collects tombstones for each one of his

Class: Assassin
He tags along with Sajin as a partner in the business, although he goes
against the assassin stereotype by caring about people and writing to his
mother a lot. It seems that he is secretly a very brilliant genius who did
not want to deal with the world's ways and who instead chose to kill people
to make his life easier. He never tells his mother the details of what he
does, perhaps because he is ashamed of it.

The Granbelos Empire is poor in natural resources, so the inhabitants
constantly live under harsh conditions that probably kill off many people.
Those that do survive are so hardened and deadened that they become ideal

This guy thinks that winning the javelin-throwing contest will make him
really cool. Sure enough, his javelin throwing is a pain in the butt when
you fight him and his friends, until you begin to get some nasty ranged
attacks of your own.

This brute is very stupid and just wants to chop up some daikon for himself.
Once you anger him, he begins calling up all his Groyer friends to chop YOU
up. He is too slow to be a problem if you smash him with long-ranged techs.

General Zomberd
Interests: Having big muscles and swinging hard.
Commands: All the brute-force types, such as Groyers, Brummbaers, and their
He has tremendous muscles despite being a little small, and struts around
like he's a big bodybuilder. He doesn't like it when you take over
the territory that he was ruling over, and comes back in the big battle.

General Lestat
Interests: Being a silly psycho and laughing like an idiot
Commands: Those specialized elemental warriors
He humiliated Taicho and killed his wife Celine. He enjoys summoning down
large red triangles to petrify people and destroy huge areas at once,
although you never experience the latter attack in actual combat. Once Taicho
finally defeats him, he never returns until the big battle.

General Persona
Interests: Cleaning
Commands: All those freaky biological creations.
For a guy whose interests are in cleaning up the halls of Granbelos castle,
the stuff he commands sure is messy and gross. He has large farms of huge
incubator pods from which he constructs his undead army. He seems to be
nothing more than a lackey for some of the other Granbelos generals, but you
shouldn't take him lightly when you fight him.

General Radia
Interests: The latest fashions in spiking your hair and dying it different
Commands: All the undead monsters
Nothing much is said about this guy at all, besides that he is part of
Gudorf's original conspiracy group. He wants to own the nighttime, being
undead himself and all.

General Barbarela
Interests: Whips
Likes: Quiet guys who train with their swords
Commands: All whip-using females
She never directly says anything in the whole entire game, although she is
often seen with General Irvine and is even given special duties by him. Even
though you don't fight her until the big battle, she is still not too strong.

General Irvine
Interests: Being quiet and training with his sword
Commands: All those soldiers who do that Excellence attack
He can hit pretty hard with his sword, but not much else. Being a quiet kind
of guy, he never says anything unless pressed really hard by stupid annoying
guys to reveal something about himself. He probably has some sort of
relationship with Barbarela, since she likes the sort of man that Irvine is,
and since he lets her handle the doors in his big battleship.

General Satha Palpaleos
Class: Cross Knight
Interests: Whatever Sauzer wants
Commands: Yoyo's heart
He will only do what Sauzer tells him to do. Chances are, he only started a
relationship with Yoyo because Sauzer ordered him to. Without Sauzer,
Palpaleos is just a mild kind of guy that doesn't really know how to make
friends with anyone else whose name is not Sauzer or Yoyo. He may know
something about Hornet, but this is never explained in the game itself.

General Gudorf
Interests: Taking over the Granbelos Empire and being bad
Commands: Anyone that's not Palpaleos or Sauzer, including the other generals
This guy wants to have the Granbelos Empire for himself, and would even
betray Sauzer to do so. He has earned the backing of all the other generals
except Palpaleos. He has a nasty ranged attack, but his Excalibur strike is 
not too bad up close.

Emperor Sauzer
Interests: Being the one to open the door to the new era before anyone else
Commands: General Palpaleos
He absolutely insists that only he can open the door to the new era. Even
when he realizes that he cannot do so, he inserts Palpaleos into the Orelus
Freedom Force in order to ensure that he can get some of the credit. He likes
looking at the sky and having great dreams, which he discusses at length with
Hornet and Palpaleos. He fought with Hornet long ago in a great war, where
they each made their life decisions, although this is never explained further
in the game.

It has a purple sky. It is also always dark outside.

Area of Effect: 3
Type: Neutral

Area of Effect: 5
Type: Ice

Area of Effect: 6
Type: Neutral

Area of Effect: 2
Type: Earth

Area of Effect: 3
Type: Neutral

Area of Effect: 7
Type: Fire

Area of Effect: 8
Type: Darkness (even though the game says he is neutral, he always causes
enemies to give out mushrooms and Sigrun rapiers, so I suspect that he is
actually of the Darkness type)
Since Alexander is the only Holy Dragon that shows any sign of any kind of
personality, he is the only one I will comment on. Alexander apparently did
not realize that messing with the other Holy Dragons would get him into some
very deep trouble that would ultimately result in his getting killed twice.

:: 4: Challenges ::

These challenges are roughly listed from easier to harder. Difficulty is
rated in both the stress experienced attempting to complete the game through
these challenges, and in the average amount of time. It is assumed that New
Game EX is not used for any challenge.

Melee-Only - You may never use any ranged tech of any kind. You must always
engage the enemies in close combat. You cannot break any statues or traps,
cannot use White Drug on any swamp, cannot make ice bridges, cannot set
forests on fire, and cannot break bridges or auto-cannons. Only your dragons
may use ranged attacks, and if at all possible, feed them enough weapons so
that they always fight close-up.

No Melee - You may never use your Knights and Heavy Armors for anything else
besides as damage sponges. You must feed your dragons enough armor so that
they always attack from a distance. If an enemy group ever attacks you in
melee combat, you must set everyone to Defend no matter what.

Indirect Only - You cannot directly do damage to any enemies. You must
instead lure them onto traps, rely entirely on your dragons, break bridges
under them, melt ice under them, lead them into forest fires, and things like
that. You cannot use magic or other techs against them unless it it will
break a bridge, melt ice, set a forest fire, or something similar.

No Equipment - You must always equip Nothing. And, to make this challenge
even more difficult, you are not allowed to use the Mini-Devils.

No Sidequests - You may never ever do a Sidequest.

No Feeding - You can never feed any of your dragons anything.

No Specials - You may never use any special techs, magic, summons, or
otherwise. You must rely entirely on Attacking. This is an even more
difficult form of Melee-Only.

:: 5: Credits ::

- Squaresoft, for making this game
- Dejap (http://www.dejap.com), for translating this game so that I would be
able to play it and understand it
- Tomato and his website (http://starmen.net/tomato/bahamut/), for writing a
basic walkthrough so that I could beat the game and write another walkthrough
- RPGC Cidolfas and his website
(http://s5.rpgclassics.com/tartarus/bl/index.shtml), for helping me get some
of my characters straight. Without his Characters page, I may have forgotten
extremely important things about each character.
- GameFAQs, for being the best website for help on games in the whole world
as well as hosting this guide

This document copyright 2002 Patrick K. Wong. This document may be quoted
from and reproduced, as long as its content is never altered and it is cited
properly. The original copy shall always remain here on GameFAQs
(http://www.gamefaqs.com), and all other websites containing any part or the
whole of this document must cite the original source.

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