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Guide and Walkthrough by animesou

Updated: 03/18/2002

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        Bahamut Lagoon Walkthrough and Translation
         Courtesy of rylee@hknet.com and animesou

                e-mail: animesou@yahoo.com
                  Date Completed: 3/18/02

1. Introduction
Bahamut Lagoon is a story with the sky as its stage. What we take for granted
as the ground does not exist; the world is an endless expanse of the heavens.
There like the cloud it floats, beautiful lagoons. No one knows whether there
is a type of magical force that holds the galaxy aloft. The sun shines from
somewhere, illuminating the sea of blue, while the moonlight makes the surface
white. Floating for several million years, changing position little by little,
people live upon the dragon whose six large scales trail the sky: the nation of
Granbelos of the soldier, the saintly Kahna whose royal family guards over the
God Dragon Bahamut, Dafila, the nation of desert, Hamarl the continent of
miracle and marine, the continent Godrand of magical culture, the lone Orphan
island, and the forest country of Campbell. Now in history, the greatest battle
takes place.
Only in the land where the air is thin in reason, kingdoms have dispatched to
other kingdoms. Each time war happens, the blood of innocent people is let to
flow. Revolution succeeded with the feverish support of the common soldier who
feels dissatisfied in the present condition, and Zauzer became the first
emperor. At the declaration of the emperor, five countries were conquered
immediately. Only Kahna remains to receive providence of the God dragon.
A young cross knight took that pair sword in hand and became captain of the
dragon party of Kahna...

It was thought that it could not sell much, but privately an enormous measure
of admiration stems from the game. The catch phrase simulation rpg is seriously
taken into account. The traditional side view aggressive battle style is
adopted maintaining the rpg feeling. However, there is an indirectness due to
magic and topographical changes. Making a river freeze or thundering apart a
bridge, the user must be ever watchful and develop strategically. Distinctively
is the system of raising a dragon that grows more powerful by giving them
"feed," from ordinary weapons and armor to prized items, depending on which
makes a parameter rise. With change and evolution, combat efficiency is a
factor. As the dragon grows, so does the unit. Each dragon has a self contained
artificial intelligence. Although a dragon can be directed according to three
order commands, it's ability to effectively respond to a given command depends
on the user's conduct, caring, and fostering of the dragon. Furthermore, each
character has their respective personality, there is the flagship "Fahrenheit,"
graphics are clean, and the music is excellent, these qualities a trademark of

2. Walkthrough
Prologue: The Fall of Kahna
Inside Bahamut Lagoon
The King enters the vault where Bahamut lies asleep.
King: "Bahamut, Bahamut! Please wake up! For the sake of the people of Kahna!
If you don't, Kahna will fall into the hands of the evil Granbelos."
The Sky Fortress of Kahna
The Dragon Squadron is at their stations on the top level of the Fahrenheit.
You have the option to name the main character. The default is Byuu. You are
informed that Kahna is in danger.
"Let's fly back to Kahna and beat the intruder!"
Once you are free to move, walk up to each dragon and name them. Then talk to
Toulouse, the left most soldier. Select the second option to see a flashback.
Talk to him once more, select the second option, and he will then go into the
dragon. (Or you could bypass the flashback by selecting the third option
initially.) Talk to Rush and he will move into his dragon. Last, talk to your
red dragon and you will head towards Kahna.
At Bahamut Lagoon
Two more people enter Bahamut's lair, Sendack, the old witch, and the Princess
of Kahna. You can name her. The default is Yoyo. Both Sendack and the Princess
fail to wake up Bahamut.
Inside Kahna Castle
All ministers of the court gather to discuss the state of affairs.
Mist: "The Emperor's army will attack us soon."
Matelight: "Where have the Dragon Squad gone off to? They're so late."
Mist: "What about Bahamut? It's our guardian in legend. Why does it still sleep
inside his Lagoon? Can it sense that we are in danger?"
Your party arrives.
Toulouse: "Sorry about being late."
Once in control move Byuu up towards the King.
King: "Please protect this country. I couldn't wake up Bahamut. You're the only
ones who can save us now."
"The Granbelos army has arrived!"
You, Sendack, and Matelight defend the castle. You see a small group of the
Granbelos army stationing just in front of the bridge.
Matelight: "Let me break the bridge!" He uses a turn, and casts a thunder
The first battle begins. Your objective is to kill the boss soldier. After Byuu
and Sendack move, the blue dragon will move. The mission is straightforward.
Although you cannot attack head to head, you can cast spells across the river.
However, if ice is cast on the river, you can walk across it. Your dragons can
fly across without any aid.
Once victorious, more empire soldiers arrive.
"Oh! No! The empire's occupied the castle!"
You run back into castle. Move your character up.
General: "Should we take Yoyo?"
Zauzer: "Fine. She may be useful in the future."
Yoyo: "Father! Byuu!" Yoyo is beaten then captured by empire soldiers.
Zauzer: "Legend is legend. Bahamut won't wake up. Why are you so stupid to
believe in this legend?"
King: "Bahamut! Why do you leave us alone and let Kahna fall into the hands of
the evil empire?"
Zauzer kills the King of Kahna turning the sky red. Granbelos has taken
possession of Kahna.
You now come to a save screen. Once saved press B and highlight the first

Chapter 1: The Beginning
Dear Byuu,
How are you? Where in the sky are you? Since the war, the winter seems to
become colder and colder. Kahna has vanished. Granbelos has united the sky
under its rule. These things have become history. The remaining soldiers of
Kahna are now called Rebels. We all miss you.
Here the snow starts to fall. It will be another freezing winter.
Take care!
Several years have passed after the war in Kahna. The remaining soldiers of
Kahna have formed a Rebel Army. They are stationed in a small lagoon called
Spring has just come. One day two female soldiers see something strange outside
the lagoon.
"Can you hear the sound?"
Four dragons appear in the sky. One of them is Salamander, your dragon.
"It's Byuu! Byuu has come back!"
"Let's tell everybody!"
Three of the dragons land on the lagoon. Three soldiers come out from the
house: Taicho, Sendack, and Matelight.
"Where's Byuu?" they all ask.
Soon Salamander lands on the lagoon. White spotlight shines on Salamander (if
you are playing the emulator it will be golden rays). Byuu jumps out.
Taicho: "Well done, Byuu! You've got back one more dragon."
Matelight: "Let's go and fight back our sky fortress!"
Once in control, name your new dragon. Talk to everyone outside, and last
Sendack. Select the first option for a flashback...
Shortly after the war, the Rebels sought refuge at Teid. You only had one
dragon, Salamander. Your Dragon Squadron wished to search for the remaining
dragons in order to take back Kahna. The risk was too great, they might be seen
by the Empire. All of the remaining soldiers said goodbye sadly...
Enter the house and talk to Matelight. Matelight thinks about Yoyo. He is
embarrassed when you see him, and leaves Opening the treasure box, and you see
a memory of Yoyo. This time you can move in the flashback sequence...
One day, outside the Kahna Castle, you were with Yoyo. Head down to your
dragon. You take Yoyo on a ride on Salamander.
Yoyo: "Come on! Byuu!" Just then Matelight comes out, but is blocked by several
Matelight: "Hey! Wait for me, Yoyo!"
You leave Matelight behind. Salamander flies toward a famous gothic cathedral.
Yoyo stands at the door of the church. Walk towards Yoyo.
Yoyo: "Do you know why this church is famous?"
You say I don't know.
Yoyo: "There's a legend about this church. Every man and woman getting married
here will love each other, forever. Will…will you bring me again to this
You can choose yes or no. The choice does not affect the story. After that,
Yoyo asks if you promise. Again, yes or no decision. You and Yoyo fly back to
After the flashback, search the entire house for items, even in the bed. Go
outside. You have the opportunity to feed your dragons (I prefer to call it
training your dragons) to increase their elemental powers and abilities.
When finished, talk to Salamander, select the second option. 2 devils will join
your party.
You'll come to a pre-battle screen. Equip new weapons and armor. Take a moment
to preview the battle area. Your second battle will be on top of the
Matelight: "There are still some Empire soldiers surrounding the fortress."
Empire soldiers: "What? The Rebels have arrived! Battle stations!"
Your objective is to kill the enemy boss. Any strategy works here. They
outnumber you, but you are much stronger. Use magic to attack a group of
enemies at a time.
Once victory is secured, you enter the Fahrenheit.
Matelight (Gotta love this guy): "Hey! Anybody here? It's Matelight, from the
Kahna Cavalier."
Taicho: "Let's search further!"
Go up. Talk to Hornet, the captain of the fortress. He was forced to work with
the Empire, but now decides to joins you.
Hornet: "Welcome aboard, Byuu! Please, come to the bridge. Some people wish to
see you."
Continue up through the door. Go left to the stairs. Taicho and Matelight are
not allowed to go further. Sendack will stop you.
"I think we should make a new name for this fortress. This ship will symbolize
our dream to rescue our homeland Kahna. Can you suggest a name, Byuu?"
The default name of the fortress is Fahrenheit. After entering the name, go up.
You are quite popular. Two ladies welcome you warmly.
Hornet: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the original captain of the
fortress, Sendack. Can you suggest a name for this fortress?"
At this time, Matelight and Taicho storm into the bridge.
Matelight: "How dare you block us? Remember me? I'm Matelight, from the Kahna
Hornet smacks Matelight: "Will you please shut up? Sendack, please."
Sendack: “The name of this fortress is Fahrenheit."
Everyone cheers.
Taicho: "Wait! There's something missing here." He climbs on the top of the
bridge, "It's the flag of Kahna!"
Everyone salutes.
Matelight: "Kahna is our dream. Yoyo, wait for me. I'll save you from the
Granbelos Empire."

Chapter 2: The Legend of Which we Dream
Granbelos Castle, In Campbell, the green continent
Yoyo is sleeping inside a prison. It is midnight.
Palpaleos: "Have you slept?"
Yoyo turns her head towards the wall, without answering.
Zauzer: "You're here as I thought."
Palpaleos: "Yes, Emperor."
Zauzer: "You can't sleep either, can you? Is it for the same reason? The legend
we are dreaming of, it's here."
Palpaleos: "In Campbell, the green continent."
Zauzer: "Yes. Maybe this girl can lead us towards the legend. No, I shouldn't
call her a girl. Princess Yoyo, what a beautiful girl. You should get some rest
before we depart."
Palpaleos: "The legend…"
Zauzer, standing on a balcony: "Palpaleos, look at this blue sky. We have
controlled the sky, but not the whole of it."
Palpaleos: "My lord!"
Zauzer: "I remember a legend. Have you heard about the Legend of Kahna?"
Palpaleos: "About Bahamut?"
Zauzer: "Do you think that I can do it, become the Legendary Man? I'm the
Emperor who has control of the sky. The Kahna's Legend is my only ambition.
After that, I'll have true victory…"
Palpaleos: "The victory towards a new era."
Zauzer: "Yes, towards a new era. Please stay with me, Palpaleos."
Inside of the Fahrenheit
Rush, on the bridge: "Matelight has ordered everyone to gather. He will come
shortly, that is after the secret meeting."
Talk to Rush. Select the second option, then the first.
Matelight makes his announcement: "Now that the Rebel Army is formed, the
leader of the army is ME! Our advisors are Sendack and Taicho. We are not only
Rebels; we are an army with strict discipline and order. Time for some drills.
I want you all to obey my commands. Turn right!"
From here you have to press right on the control pad quickly. Then you have to
obey as much of Matelight's commands as possible in order to avoid being
scolded. After turning right, it is up, left, up, right, up, right, up, right,
left… (I never made it past this point, I wonder if you complete it correctly
whether or not you get an item). Once you mess up, the game is finished.
Taicho will talk next about formation. Suddenly, an old man, Dr. Dragon jumps
into the bridge. Talk with him.
Dr. Dragon: "I'm Dr Dragon. Byuu. I have something to show you. Come with me!"
Go up the right most stair case, select the second option and you'll end up
Dr. Dragon: "Do you know about how to feed the dragons?" You can skip this part
by answering the second option "Yes, I' know." Or you can be like me and answer
the first option six times.
Afterwards, Dr. Dragon: "Ok! I have something to show you. Come here,
A new dragon appears. Name the dragon. This dragon is suited for ice, fire, and
thunder magic. Once finished, you can feed your dragons. Talk to Dr. Dragon to
go back inside the Fahrenheit. Walk around Fahrenheit. There will be several
shops selling armor, weapon, and items. In the hall way with three doors, the
one that is blocked by a person, talk to him. This is Yoyo's room. He will also
sell you items. Go back to the bridge and talk to Hornet. Select the second
option to enter into battle. The Fahrenheit flies toward Campbell.
Prior to battle, you have the opportunity to change party members. I recommend
highlighting the bottom option and sticking with that formation. But swap the
healing dragon for Sendack's dragon.
Matelight: "Yoyo is trapped inside the castle. Yoyo! I'm Matelight! I'll save
you very soon! Please wait!"
Your objective is to kill the boss. The battlefield is larger. There's a forest
in the center. If you have the chance, lure the enemy soldiers into the forest
then the scorch them while they are in it to cause extra damage in between
turns. This can work against you too, so be careful.

Chapter 3: Campbell, the Green Continent
Outside Granbelos Castle, in the forest
Taicho: "We are at the Castle."
Matelight: "Yoyo! Please wait a little while longer! I'll save you from that
damned Emperor Zauzer! All of you, move!"
Rush: "How can Matelight be so impolite to us!"
Rukia: "I don't mind. He cares so much about Yoyo."
Talk to Sendack. Select the first option to see your dragons. Feed the dragons,
buy items from the merchant at the bottom left of the screen. You need to talk
to him twice. Last talk to Sendack again, select the second option to begin
Your objective is to defeat the boss who happens to be walled in the center of
the castle. Two ways you can approach this one: straight across the bridge
through the gates or (what I like to do) is go left, cast ice to cross over the
land, and attacking from an angle eliminate the cannon first. Cast thunder to
break the walls and tear through to the boss.

Chapter 4: Regrets
Granbelos Castle
Matelight strikes into a wing of the castle: "Yoyo! Yoyo! Where are you? I'm
here to save you!" Taicho appears. They both advance inside the castle.
Byuu, Sendack, and Rukia appear. Talk to Rush.
Rush: "Byuu! I'll go inside first and deal with the enemies inside. You go and
save Yoyo, ok?"
You agree, and Lash goes first. Follow Rush. Talk to him again and select the
second option. Talk to the soldier in bed.
Rush: " Jesus, Yoyo isn't here!"
Talk to the soldier in bed. Then talk to him on the chair. Then you corner him.
Talk to the soldier once more.
Matelight enters: "Where's Yoyo? Where's Yoyo?"
Rush: "She isn't here, but we found this."
Matelight, turning to the imperial soldier: "Where's Yoyo? Where's Yoyo?"
Soldier: "I…I…I don't know who Yoyo is."
Matelight: "Teach him something, Byuu." You beat up the soldier.
Soldier: "Ok! Ok! I'll talk. She's held captive by Emperor Zauzer."
Matelight: "Where is she? WHERE?" You beat the soldier again.
Soldier: "In…Inside the forest, north of Granbelos."
Rush: "Should we believe what he says, Byuu?" Suddenly the imperial soldier
escapes and leaves the room. (no way could he have climbed up that wall and
leapt that far…ahem)
Byuu: "I think we have no other choice but to believe him."
Rush: "I'll go check to see if there are any imperial soldiers outside the
Exit down. Feed your dragons. Go down once more. Talk to Rukia.
Rush: "Imperial soldiers arrived outside this castle. We must be ready to fight
with them. I've brought the Merchant."
Buy items. Talk to Rukia once more, select the second option to go into battle.
This battle is fun. Objective is to defeat the boss located at the top left
corner in red. Many different strategies to try. When I first played I headed
right for the mages, then crossed over left to confront the boss. An easier way
is to go down across the bridge, and defeat the two fire mages. Then wait for
the boss to come to you. Use magic to pick him off since mobility is limited in
this mountainous region. When he gets close enough, attack full force with
Byuu's or Matelight's party. Don't try attacking Palpaleos, the green guy at
the top of the battlefield. He'll depart after three turns. Even if you are in
ex-play it is still impossible to defeat him (I tried). His life is in the ????
and he won't hesitate to attack you if you get close. The boss is a tough
fighter, beware.

Chapter 5: Emperor Zauzer
The Northern Forest
Matelight: "That bastard Zauzer, why did he bring Yoyo to such a horrible
Taicho: "Let's go further and see where Yoyo is."
Rukia: "What a horrible place."
Rush: "Yes. Here we'll find devils, not soldiers."
Byuu: "What's wrong Sendack?"
Sendack: "I'm trying to remember something…Yes! I got the same feeling when I
was in Bahamut Lagoon. There's a big dragon at the end of the forest. Before
Kahna was fallen, the Emperor brought Princess Yoyo in front of Bahamut, seeing
if she can wake up Bahamut. Maybe Zauzer…"
Rukia: "Yoyo's in danger. We have to save her!"
Talk to Bikke-Bakke twice. Select the second option to summon your dragons.
Talk to him once more to begin the battle.
Matelight and Taicho: "There are lots of monsters and devil plants inside. We
can't deal with them alone. Let's go!"
The objective is a bit different. You have to defeat all the enemies. The
landscape looks more like a swamp than a forest. Watch out for the center pool,
it is poisonous if you step into it. Use healing spells on the pool itself to
cancel its affects or you can walk around it. The battle is similar to the
Chapter 2 battle. Don't worry, you don't have to fight the giant green dragon
at the top of the field. Watch out for the plants for they can suck your life
away (since when did plants have eyes?). There is different enemy music this
time. The chimera has the most life. Be sure not to use flame spells on it.
Now's your chance to rescue Yoyo (were you expecting it to take the entire game
like in Mario). Talk to Sendack. Then go up and talk to Matelight.
Matelight: "Zauzer! Give me back Yoyo!"
Zauzer: "Don't take one step further or I'll kill Yoyo."
Zauzer: "Yoyo. I'll see if you really have the legendary power to wake up this
big dragon."
Yoyo, walking to the dragon: "But I don't know whether I have this power."
Zauzer: "Just try."
The dragon doesn't wake up.
Zauzer: "Legend is legend. Maybe you don't have that power, but I'm sure I'll
become the Legendary Man without you. Feel free to go back to your friends."
While Yoyo walks near you, Zauzer suddenly says, "I'll test if Yoyo has this
power!" He immediately attacks.
A battle starts. Byuu is the only one at full power. Everyone else is at 1HP
with 0MP/SP. You can use items to refill your party's life and magic power.
Although he can't kill you in ex-play mode, he has infinite life. Even with
Sendack's summons, I could beat him. You have to lose. Once everyone has
fallen, Yoyo appears.
Yoyo: "Stop, Palpaleos!"
Yoyo uses her first summon. The big dragon awakens, and strikes Zauzer.
Yoyo is surrounded by a white light, looking almost like a goddess. Zauzer is
on the floor seriously injured.
Zauzer: "Ye…yes! That's...that's the power! She finally shows her…her power!
Get...get her back ...!"
Palpaleos: "Zauzer!" Palpaleos can't touch Yoyo.
Rukia: "Wake up everybody! Get Yoyo, Byuu!" Head up and talk to Yoyo.
Palpaleos: "Byuu? I've heard about you from Yoyo. You're the captain of the
Dragon Squad. Maybe only you can get near Yoyo." Palpaleos rides on a dragon
and flies away with Zauzer.
Suddenly there's a flash. Everyone is healed, and the white light surrounding
Yoyo disappears. Yoyo falls down.
Matelight: "Is she ok?"
Sendack: "She's fine. She's only tired. Finally she releases her legendary
power to save us. Let's bring her back to Fahrenheit." Flashback, more like a
Palpaleos: "Can I come in?"
Yoyo: "Yes."
Palpaleos: "You can't sleep either, Princess."
Yoyo: "Yes."
Palpaleos: "Do you want hear the Legend about the Holy Dragons?"
Yoyo: "No. I'd rather hear about your favorite topic."
Palpaleos: "My favorite…"
Yoyo: "About strategies and battle skills."
Palpaleos: "Girls won't like those thing."
Yoyo: "But…but I love hearing those things from you."
Palpaleos disappears.
Yoyo: "Palpaleos!"
Voice: "The Dream…has ended." A dragon appears.
Yoyo: "Who…who are you?"
Voice: "Finally I can meet with you. I'm Valitra, one of the Holy Dragons."
Yoyo: "Valitra?"
Valitra: "Listen, Princess. You're the daughter of King of Kahna. You are the
successor of Kahna's legendary power."
Yoyo: "What…what power? I'm only an ordinary girl."
Valitra: "An ordinary girl who can talk with Dragons."
Yoyo: "So what?"
Valitra: "When you collect the power of all the Holy Dragons, you'll become
Yoyo: "I, become Dragnar?"
Valitra: "After becoming Dragnar, the world will be in your hand!"
Yoyo: "What?"
Yoyo and Valitra fuse.

Chapter 6: It is Not a Dream
Inside of the Fahrenheit
On the bridge, the crew everyone are concerned about Yoyo. She has yet to
awaken. Exit down. Enter the center room (Yoyo's room).
Sola: "Yoyo's awake! Yoyo woke up!"
Everyone rushes ahead of you into Yoyo's room. Talk to Sendack, then to Yoyo.
Yoyo: "It's Byuu, Sendack, and Matelight. Where am I?"
Sendack: "We are on the Fahrenheit. You are inside your room."
Rush: "You have finally come back to us."
Toulouse: "You're now safe."
Matelight: "Princess, this is Matelight."
Taicho: "And I'm Taicho, from the former Hamarl Cavaliers."
Yoyo: "So…it isn't a dream." Sendack: "Yes, it's the real world."
Matelight: "What did you see in your dream? was it bad?"
Yoyo: "No, not exactly."
Sendack: "Then what was your dream about?"
Sola: "Okay, okay! Our Princess is very tired. Why shouldn't you let her rest
for awhile?" Toulouse and Rush leave.
Sendack: "Let's go, Byuu."
Yoyo: "Wait! I'll tell you what was inside my dream."
Matelight: "What's inside?"
Yoyo: "In the dream, I heard words. I don't really know what the dream means.
Can you help me?"
Matelight: "Listening to your words is my greatest pleasure."
Yoyo: "The Holy Dragon. It's about Valitra, the Holy Dragon."
Sendack: "The Holy Dragon!"
Yoyo: "It told me `If I gather the power of the Holy Dragons, I…I will become
Matelight: "Yoyo, become Dragnar?"
Taicho: "So, what's a Dragnar?"
Yoyo: "Dragnar's heart is linked to the dragons. Dragnar can freely control
their enormous power. The dead King of Kahna also had this enormous power."
Taicho: "Wow! What power!"
Yoyo: "The Holy Dragon is on our side. Maybe Valitra wants to help us fight
against Emperor Zauzer. With Valitra, Granbelos will be just as hopeless as
ants. After we defeat Granbelos, Kahna will revive. Taicho, let's tell
everybody the good news!"
Taicho and Matelight leave.
Yoyo: "Wait! On second thought, it was just a dream."
Sendack: "Princess, I'm afraid that it was not a dream. You were talking with
Valitra. There is no difference whether you are talking to it awake or in a
dream. The King of Kahna had told me of that."
Yoyo (frightened): "So…I was really talking with Valitra. May…maybe I haven't
woke up yet. Please…please leave me alone."
Sola appears and slaps Yoyo's face.
Sola: "I heard what you said. I hate your attitude. Do you know how we
struggled to save you from Granbelos? We did our best because of you! Scared of
Valitra, scared of a dream, scared of the real world. Princess, wake up and be
strong! Once your heart lives on, the whole crew will be on your side. Please
look forward, Princess."
Sola leaves. Yoyo runs out. Search Yoyo's bed for ??? item. Return to the
bridge. Talk to Yoyo.
Yoyo: "I'm sorry, Sendack. Hornet, can you fly slowly above Campbell Continent?
I want to know what's happening on the lagoon."
Hornet: "Aye, Princess."
Yoyo: "Byuu, please follow me to the cabin."
Sendack: "Princess, Byuu is the captain of the Dragon Squad. He's got a lot of
things to do. Don't abuse his time."
Yoyo: "Byuu! Please, to the cabin."
Matelight: "What about me?"
Yoyo laughs: "Yeah, you can help me watch what's happening on Campbell."
Matelight: "Aye, Princess."
Exit down. Talk to Yoyo again, then to Sendack.
Yoyo: "I'm surprised. You all fight Granbelos for my sake. Sola's right. I only
think of myself. I've totally forgotten what you all have done to save me.
Everyone's working hard. I am safe now. But I'm scared. I don't understand why
I'll become Dragnar. `Gather the power of the dragons and become Dragnar.', I
don't know whether I'm suitable to become Dragnar. I'm sorry for wasting your
time like this."
Sendack (to himself): "No, no, no! Yoyo shouldn't be put on the battlefield. I,
as the captain of Fahrenheit, should stop that. No is no! Even if other people
think that I'm too stubborn."
Sendack: "Princess, there's nothing strange on Campbell."
Yoyo: "Nothing at all? Then, yes, Sendack, I want to know about the legend of
the Holy Dragon. Zauzer told me about that before, but how did he know about
Sendack: "You want to know about the connection between Kahna and Campbell?"
Yoyo: "Yes."
Sendack: "Zauzer had met the Empress of Campbell before. She's the younger
sister of the King of Kahna. She is also from Kahna, and she knows the legend.
I must inform the crew about this." Return to the bridge. Talk to Matelight.
Talk to Hornet and select the second option to go into battle.
Yoyo: "What's the situation, Matelight?"
Matelight: "There are lots of Imperial soldiers on the lagoon."
Hornet: "The Empire noticed our movement. Soon there'll be another battle."
Sendack: "What should we do?"
Yoyo: "We're far from Kahna, and so we must fight to settle things on
Matelight (surprised): "Yoyo!"
Yoyo: "The basics of warfare is to get supplies."
Matelight: "Ye…yes! Byuu, let's get ready! By the way, Princess, how did you
accumulate such knowledge?"
Yoyo doesn't answer and leaves.
The objective is to defeat the boss (remember this guy). Don't underestimate
this battle. Although six enemies appear at the start, more will come later
when you get close enough to the boss. Use the bridges to your advantage;
destroy them with lightning when an enemy is on it. Use ice spells to cross the
waters. Various strategies to try on this one. Eliminate the healer next to the
boss first.

Chapter 7: The Legend of the Dragons
Inside of the Fahrenheit
Go to Yoyo's room and talk to her.
Yoyo: "Byuu…Byuu…my body…is… heavy. I'm too…heavy to…move. I don't…want to
let…you see me. Help! Byuu!"
Suddenly there's a flash. White light surrounds Yoyo.
Voice: "Yoyo, a lady with a weak heart. There's no need to concern yourself
with the legend. Empty your heart, think nothing. Liberate the power of the
Sacred Dragons."
Yoyo: "Maybe the dragons don't want us to know about the legend. Please, go
back to your work. I'm fine."
Return to the bridge and talk to Hornet.
Sendack: "Did you notice, Byuu? I too can summon Valitra! Is it because I am
near Princess Yoyo? I'm happy I can borrow such great power."
Talk to Sola.
Sola (gazing at Campbell): "I was born in Campbell. I miss it very much. I do
want to go down to the continent with Princess Yoyo."
Matelight: "But we should drive the Imperial soldiers away before going."
Sola: "I see." Matelight: "By the way, Sola, I heard that you scolded Princess
Yoyo. Is that true?"
Matelight: "Yes. Who did you hear that from?"
Matelight (with anger): "What? You really scolded Princess. Unforgivable,
absolutely unforgivable!"
Sola: "So what will you do? Say it, Matelight! What will you do to me?"
Matelight: "No, nothing." (to himself) "Shit."
Anastasia: "Byuu, can you do me a favor? Ask Hornet what he like most."
There're two choices: the stuff he love most and that he hates most. Choose the
first one.
Hornet: "Sweet Wine. I love that."
Ecateleina: "Thank you very much, Byuu."
Check the beds for an item. Last, see Doctor Dragon. Talk to him twice. Select
the second choice for battle.
Dr. Dragon: "Listen, Byuu! The sound of the wind. The people of Campbell are
waiting for you to liberate them."
Objective is to defeat the boss (this guy again!). Two ways to go, left or
right. The first time I played I went left, but when I turned the corner to
attack the boss I had to split my army. One to attack the boss, the other to
hold defense against the soldiers on the right. I recommend going right so you
can use the fortress as a base to launch an assault on the boss. If you want,
go left afterwards if you wish to build your levels. Be careful of getting in
line of the guns for they automatically fire. Destroy them with thunder.

There is a secret enemy called a presenter (level 6) from Final Fantasy 6. I
have yet to confirm if it pops out automatically or not. How I fought him was
by destroying the gun on the left and the walled fort when you first enter with
a thunder spell.

Matelight: "Dear citizens of Campbell. I'm Matelight, from the Kahna Cavaliers.
We're here to liberate Campbell."
Then he knocks on the doors, but there is no answer. Taicho appears. He also
knocks on the doors. Again, no one answers.
Taicho: "Matelight, maybe we should first see the Empress."
Matelight: "OK!"
Sendack: "Go to the castle, Byuu. I'll take care of Yoyo."
Go right, search the barrel for an item. Search the barrel on the other side
near the pub. Go up to the castle, head down left. Go in the dungeon, head
down. Talk to Sola. Yoyo comes. Talk to Sendack.
Matelight: "I won't forgive you, even if you're the sister of our King and the
Empress of Campbell!"
Empress: "I won't change my mind, Matelight."
Taicho: "Would you please calm down, Matelight."
Matelight: "How can I calm down? The Empress doesn't want us to liberate
Campbell. She thinks it is better to stay in Granbelos."
Taicho: "I agree, Matelight. But we should calm down, and think about how we
can change the Empress' mind."
Matelight: "You're right, Taicho. Maybe we shouldn't be here."
Empress: "You're Byuu, aren't you? So you're starting another war. When Zauzer
united the sky, all wars ended. Zauzer's ambition was to unite the sky. His
ambition is now fulfilled. If we don't resist, we'll be free. But peace has not
come yet. What will you…no, what are you able to do? Zauzer may strike back and
when he does, would you guarantee our safety?"
Yoyo: "Auntie."
Empress: "I've nothing to say to you."
Yoyo: "Byuu, please leave me alone with the Empress."
Sendack: "But the legend…"
Yoyo: "I understand, Sendack. Please, let me talk with the Empress alone."
Sendack: "I understand. Don't worry so much, Byuu. We should relax now. Let's
go to the pub in the town."
Leave the castle. Enter the houses, search for items even behind certain
places. Enter the pub.
Sendack: "Do you want to hear my thoughts about Yoyo?" Say yes.
Sendack: "The Dragon `inside' is surprising me. It disturbs Princess Yoyo very
much. It doesn't care about her feelings. You know, girls of Yoyo's age want to
be tendered, especially close to the age of marriage. I'm sorry I said such
things to you. Maybe I'm drunk."
Go to the second floor of the pub. Talk to the soldier in bed.
Soldier: "Give me 3 minutes." You've 3 choices: Not to disturb him; Wake him up
by beating him; Wake him up slowly. Select the second choice. Talk to Sola.
Sola: "He's my son, Byuu. A very silly son."
Soldier: "You say that I'm silly?"
Sola: "You can't even control your dragon! Let Byuu show you how its done!"
You call the dragon to come down, and it obeys.
Sola: "Son, you've a lot of things to learn from Byuu. Follow me, and help us
liberate the sky from Granbelos."
Her son agrees. Before leaving the room, name the new dragon. The default name
is Muni muni.
Go to the front of the town. Talk to Toulouse. Select Fahrenheit. Talk to Yoyo.
Yoyo: "I'm sorry. I couldn't change my auntie's mind."
Just before you leave, the Empress appears.
Empress: "OK! I'll tell you about the legend."
Matelight: "The person with a weak heart…that's Yoyo!"
Sendack: "But why did Zauzer hand Yoyo over to us so easily?"
Empress: "Zauzer isn't that kind of person. He never abandons his ambition.
Maybe he's got another way to fulfill this legend."
Yoyo (afraid): "NO! NO! NO! Byuu, let's go back to Fahrenheit. I can't stand
this any longer."
Empress (nice music): "You can't hide, Princess. This is the fate of Kahna's
Family. You should become a brave Princess and save the sky from Zauzer. Go
help Yoyo fight against Granbelos."
Magicians: "But…what about you, Empress? You can't defend Campbell without us."
Empress: "I can take care of myself. It's more important to help Princess

Chapter 8 Dragon Air Combat
Empress: "You've nothing. Your ambition will not end even after you conquer
Campbell. You want to become the person inside the legend. You think that you
can do everything. But so what? Yes, a new era will come, but it's not your
Zauzer wakes up in his bed.
Zauzer: "Where am I?"
Palpaleos: "You're inside your bedroom, Emperor Zauzer. Did you know that the
power of the Sacred Dragons have been released?"
Zauzer: "What? Was I beat by that power, by Yoyo! Is she alright?"
Palpaleos: "I'm sorry. She has gone back to the Rebels. In addition, Campbell
is captured."
Zauzer tries to leave the bed: "I regret that I can't retrieve Yoyo. Where have
the Rebels gone? Are they heading towards the Sacred Dragons?" Zauzer falls.
Palpaleos puts Zauzer back in bed: "You should rest now. We'll defend Granbelos
for you."
TOWARDS A NEW ERA. What did Valitra say to Princess Yoyo? It should be me who
is to open the door to the new era! Yes, Palpaleos. Don't let the Rebels go any
further! Soon I'll understand how to know the heart of the dragons! The Legend
of the Dragons…the new era…they all will be mine!"
Inside the Fahrenheit
Taicho and Matelight are watching the sky, standing guard against the threat of
Imperial soldiers.
Taicho: "By the way of the sky stands, I can tell we are near Hamarl, my
Matelight: "Taicho, soon we'll land on Hamarl, and we'll liberate your
Taicho: "Liberate…"
Matelight: "Yes. Watching the sky is relaxing, isn't it?"
You have three choices: Do you want to see the situation 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3
hours later? Choose 1 hour.
Matelight and Taicho are still watching the sky.
Taicho: "Hamarl is behind those clouds. I can still smell its lake."
Matelight: "Watching the sky is boring, isn't it?"
This time choose 3 hours.
Matelight (to Hornet): "Do you sense something strange?"
Hornet: "Yes, it's surprisingly quiet!"
Matelight: "It is getting colder! Byuu, please watch the sky for me. I have to
talk with Sendack."
Select 2 hours.
Sendack: "Thank you, Byuu. Here're some cookies I made. Have some."
Say yes. Select 1 hour once more.
Suddenly, dragons appear outside the Fahrenheit.
Taicho: "Matelight, looks like trouble." He then rushes toward the cabin.
Talk with Hornet.
Hornet: "Should we make an alarm?" Select yes. Talk to Sendack. Talk to
Salamander, select the second option. Talk to Hornet, select the second option
to enter into battle. Restructure your forces.
Soldiers: "There are dragons from the Empire outside the Fahrenheit. They're
heading towards Hamarl. What should we do?"
Objective is to defeat the boss, top left. It helps to wait for the enemy to
come to you. (Nice blue battle screen.) Don't leave your mages and healers
vulnerable. It is best to defeat all the enemies before confronting the boss.

Chapter 9: Hamarl, the Continent of Miracle
Inside the Fahrenheit
Taicho: "At last, I've come back to Hamarl. Is everyone all right? I'll never
forget the day I left."
Hamarl Palace
(Flashback) Imperial soldiers, led by Restatto, surround the Palace.
Restatto (Kefka laugh): "Hamarl is a piece of cake." He casts magic and causes
earthquake. "Hey! Come out Hamarl soldiers! Come out, Taicho!"
Gunsol: "Taicho, Hamarl will fall into the Empire's hands. The question now is
Soldier: "No matter what we do, Hamarl will fall."
Gunsol: "Taicho, please give the command."
Taicho: "I'll fight Restatto one-on-one. Please back me up."
Gunsol: "That's too dangerous, Taicho! You die by Restatto's hands! You should
wait for a better chance, Taicho. We'll fight with Restatto first."
Taicho: "Stop! Who is in command here? Me! Taicho the Captain of The Hamarl
Gunsol: "But…"
Taicho: "I'm also a soldier, and as a soldier it is my duty to guard Hamarl and
its people. When they're in danger, I won't hesitate to lose my life for them."
Gunsol: "But…"
Taicho: "Quiet! I have already commanded it!"
Celine, Taicho's wife, appears.
Celine: "I agree with what the soldiers have said."
Taicho: "What did you say? If I do not defend Hamarl, who will?"
Celine: "You simply can't win over Restatto."
Gunsol: "I agree, Celine."
Taicho: "Shut up! Is there a warrior in Hamarl who is stronger than me? No! I'm
the #1 warrior in Hamarl. To protect her, I'm prepared to face any challenge
and lose my life."
Celine: "I'm sorry, my husband." She casts a sleep spell on Taicho. "Dear
soldiers, Hamarl will surely fall into the Empire's hands. But…don't worry. One
day Hamarl will be liberated! Taicho, please stay alive and wait for that day
for our sake! We…we will fight with Restatto."
Soldiers: "Yes!"
Celine: "Gunsol! This is my last wish. Leave Hamarl with Taicho. Tell him to
stay alive and liberate Hamarl for us."
Celine (now on the battlefield): "Come on, Restatto!" She casts magic on
Restatto (laughs): "You can't hurt me with that. Where's Taicho? Where's the #1
fighter of Hamarl?"
He casts magic on the Hamarl soldiers. All of them die. "Where's Taicho! Are
you afraid of me. Did you run away?" (Laughs)
Celine: "No! My husband is not a coward."
Restatto: "He is!" He casts magic on Celine. Celine dies.
On the Fahrenheit
Taicho (crying): "I couldn't….couldn't protect them. My homeland, my palace, my
soldiers, and…my loving wife. I couldn't protect any of them! I'm useless!"
Taicho: "Do you love someone? You're very lucky, Byuu. Being together with your
lover is the best thing in a man's life. You should take care of her. When…you
lose her, it's the saddest moment in any man's life. When this happens, Byuu,
you'll also be a useless guy like me."
Matelight: "At last, we've reached Hamarl."
Taicho: "Hurry up and land on Hamarl already!"
Sendack: "Hey, wait until we are ready."
Matelight: "Forgive Taicho, Sendack. Hamarl was conquered by the Empire, like
our Kahna. Taicho was Hamarl's best warrior, and I'm the best fighter in Kahna.
We share the same honor, and the same bitterness."
Sendack: "I see. Let's prepare ourselves, Byuu."
Talk to Toulouse, select the first option for a strategy. Talk to Sendack,
select the second option to begin battle.
Objective is to defeat Restatto. When I first played I went straight for the
boss. But it is better to stick to Toulouse's plan. Go up, stand on the first
damn to stop the water allowing more people to cross left easily. Stand on the
middle of the leftmost damn to release the water and cause minor damage to the
enemies. After that head down to confront the boss. Be careful, there are new
enemies, and the boss casts stone. Note that earthquake magic does not affect
your dragons. Some of the mages will cast instant death magic.
After the battle, Taicho stands in front of his wife's tomb.
Taicho (sad music): "Celine…when I know I couldn't protect Hamarl and you, I
thought I was useless. But the past could not be changed. Today I've fulfilled
your wish. Hamarl is liberated from the Empire. With this thought, I feel
stronger. Celine…I shouldn't have lost you. I'm a shame to be a soldier. Will
you please forgive me?"

Chapter 10: The Rainbow Bridge
Near Hamarl Palace
Matelight: "Hey! Anybody here? That bastard! What did the Empire do to the
Sendack: "By the way, where did Taicho go? I feel that there's something
Matelight: "OK! Sendack and I will find Taicho. Please check if there's anyone
inside this village."
Go right, enter the house.
Donphan: "Oh! Rukia! Why do you come back to Hamarl? I…I miss you very much."
Rukia: "Not a single word more, Donphan. I'm fighting against the Granbelos
Empire. Please fight alongside us."
Donphan: "Am I right, Rukia that you didn't forget about me? Are you happy to
see me again, even only after seeing my shadow? You're dreaming of seeing me
again. You're worrying about me everyday. Am I right? You come back here
because you want to see me."
Rukia: "Would you please shut up! Please listen!"
Donphan: "I'm so embarrassed. Maybe I've told lies. But I can't deny that I'm
deeply attracted to you."
Rukia: "What are you saying?"
Donphan: "Please look! Look at the Lake of Hamarl. You…you often watched the
lake in the past. Now we're watching the lake…deeply."
Rukia: "I see nothing inside the lake. What did you see?"
Donphan: "When night comes, I pretend your smile is on the surface of the lake.
Then I say those word, especially for you, Rukia…" (Donphan is in the
spotlight, the rain stops)
"Where are you now?
What are you doing now?
Are you OK?
I'm fine here.
My heart is so blue, like this lake.
I can't forget your smile.
Everyday, when I'm alone."
Rukia beats up Donphan: "Silly boy!" Then she runs away.
Donphan: "Hey! I'm not lying!" He grasps onto a rock. Hey! Can you please help
me?" Say yes.
Donphan: "Thank you! Would you mind telling me your name." You say you're Byuu.
Donphan: "Oh! You're the captain of the Dragon Squadron in Kahna! I've heard
about you. By the way, I'm Donphan. People often say I'm naive and stalwart.
Actually I don't think I am. I've heard that Taicho has joined the Rebels.
Would you mind if I join you?" You say yes.
Donphan: "Ok! I'll show you my strength in battle. Oh! You're Jane. How are
Jane: "No more words, please. Taicho is heading towards Restatto's Castle."
Donphan: "Restatto…the Empire…I'm not afraid of you anymore because I've joined
the Rebels."
Jane: "What are you saying? Matelight and Taicho are heading towards Restatto.
We're very busy. Would you please shut up?"
Donphan: "Am I right, Jane? You wanted to see my face?"
Jane beats up Donphan.
Jane: "We're preparing for the battle. If you're ready, come with us!" Then
Jane runs away.
Help Donphan again. Search the cabinets of the homes. Talk to Sendack, select
the second option for battle. Restructure your forces.
Same boss as the last one. It is best not to spilt up your army at the first
staircase. To open the treasure chests move your character on one and end your
turn. Use lightning to destroy the statues. The bottom right treasure chest is
a trap. They'll attack if you are in their direct line. If it'll help, freeze
the water to get across.
Taicho: "Rain has come…Celine… I've finally killed Restatto. Would you and all
of the dead soldiers forgive me?"
Celine: "You've kept your promise. Thank you very much, Taicho."
Taicho: "Can you remember the days we walked on this Bridge. The Rainbow didn't
appeared, and you were so ill tempered and angry. Those memories are very
precious to me."
Celine: "You've finally become a brilliant soldier. Kahna's Matelight and Byuu
are also great, but in my heart you're the best. Let me tell you a secret: When
Hamarl was surrounded by the Empire, I was carrying your child. I'm sorry that
I didn't tell you. At the time, your mind was obsessed with the war. I didn't
want to trouble you then. I've decided the name of the baby. "Shogun" if it's a
boy, "Chiko" if it's a girl."
A rainbow appears.
Celine: "It's a rainbow! At last I can see the rainbow with you. I'll make my
last wish here. My wish is that all the people in the sky will live peacefully,
free from all wars and battles."
Taicho: "Celine, I'll fulfill your wish. I'll defeat Granbelos for you."

Chapter 11 Sacred Dragon Livajazan
Yoyo: "Who are you? A Sacred Dragon…inside the waters."
Near Hamarl Palace
You wake up. Search the cabinets. Search the barrel of the topmost house. Talk
to Bikke-Bakke. He's fishing on the riverside.
Bakke: "Brother, can you please help me. I just caught a big octopus, but I
can't lift it up. Can you hold this rod and follow the direction of the octopus
(by left, down, and right). If it's near you, press A." Unconfirmed what will
happen when you catch it.
Donphan: "HELP! HELP!" Bikke-Bakke saves him. Rukia comes.
Rukia: "What have you said to the Princess last night? Do you know that you're
causing trouble?"
Donphan: "I just said that there's a Sacred Dragon in Hamarl."
Rukia: "Yes, you stole a bottle of wine and said such things when you were
Donphan: "Rukia, I really want to be honest with you. I am deeply attracted to
the beauty of Princess Yoyo. I can feel that it was decided by God to fall in
love with each other. Rukia..."
Rukai beats Donphan again.
Rukai: "Can't you be a bit more serious?"
Talk to Sendack. Select the second option.
Sendack: "Yes, Livajazan sleeps inside its Palace near the Hamarl. Matelight
and Taicho have gone with Princess Yoyo. If you're ready, we'll join them."
Objective is to beat the Kraken boss. A bunch of new enemies and sea monsters.
Destroy the bridges with enemies on them. Be careful against the Golems. They
have high attack power and 5800 HP.
Matelight: "That's a big door!"
Sendack: "Are you ok, Princess?"
Yoyo: "I can feel it. The Sacred Dragon is just beyond this door."
Matelight: "OK! It's our turn. Let's do it, Taicho!"
Taicho: "Aye sir!" They fail to open the door. "It too heavy. We can't even
move an inch."
Matelight: "Yes. Maybe we're not strong enough."
Sendack: "We can not use force to open it. The only one who can open it is
Dragnar. Princess..."
Yoyo: "I understand. Let me try."
Matelight: "Wow! The Princess barely used any force at all to open that!"
Taicho: "So the Sacred Dragon is inside this chamber."
Sendack: "Should we enter the chamber?"
Matelight: "Yoyo, it's too dangerous to go inside. Byuu, see what's going on
Go up. You'll be repelled by a hidden force.
Matelight: "What should we do?"
Yoyo falls down. White light surrounds Yoyo once again. "This is it." She flies
into the chamber.
Matelight: "Stop!" I'll risk my life for Yoyo!" He attempts to enter the
chamber, but is repelled.
Livajazan: "Princess, are you the one who heels our wounds?"
Yoyo: "Me, heel your wounds?"
Livajazan: "Our sorrow...our anger. Please listen to our sound."
Yoyo: "Wait! Wait!" There's a big flash. Yoyo lies on the floor. Everyone
enters the chamber.
Sendack: "Are you hurt, Princess?"
Yoyo: "Byuu...Livajazan...sorrow...anger. Why are the Dragons angry? What
sorrow are they suffering?"
Sendack: "What? Sorrow and anger? I don't understand."
Matelight: "The Sacred Dragons are like us. They have feelings. They can have
sorrow and anger! For me, my sorrow and anger is the fall of Kahna. I share the
same feelings as the Sacred Dragons. And it's not only me who has this sorrow
and anger. Our whole crew is sad about the fall of Kahna. We only hide those
wounds within our heart, and fight. I understand how they are feeling. My wish
is to fight against the Empire alongside them." There's an earthquake.
Matelight: "The Palace is going to collapse. Let's go!"

Chapter 12: Spies!!!
Granbelos Palace
Zauzer: "Forgive me, Palpaleos. I want to know about the heart of the Scared
Dragons. But I have no idea what I'm doing. If...if I'm not in good health,
please, Palpaleos, for the sake of Granbelos..."
Monster: "Is that the man we've chosen?"
Another monster: "Yes, this is the man who will open the door towards a new
era, towards peace. Let's help him to brighten our lost heart."
They appear inside a big room, surrounding a Sacred Dragon. Zauzer then enters
the room.
Zauzer: "Monsters...no... rather the guardians of the Sacred Dragon. I welcome
you here. I am thankful to know that you've chosen me. Before we go on, I
really want know why you've chosen me?"
Monster: "Zauzer is the Emperor of the Granbelos Empire. Zauzer is the greatest
conqueror in the sky. We know about that, and so we've chosen you. You know
about the pain of war, and so you're the best one to open the new era, a
peaceful era. This man must have a strong heart. So, we as monsters will help
you to know the heart of the Sacred Dragons and open the new era."
Zauzer: "OK, monsters. Let's start."
The Sacred Dragon approaches Zauzer.
Zauzer: "The heart of the Sacred Dragon! This...this is his mind!" Zauzer
falls, and the monsters disappear. Palpaleos enters the room and lifts him up.
Inside the Fahrenheit
Matelight and Taicho are watching the sky.
Matelight: "Taicho. We don't know what's going on inside Granbelos."
Taicho: "Affirmative. What we need is some information."
Matelight: "OK, Taicho. Let's send a spy to Granbelos. Let me see…we should
have a choice, some smart guys, and some dummies."
He leaves the bridge. Later he brings three people: Donphan, an ordinary
crewman, and Sendack.
Matelight: "Byuu, It's a dangerous task. Please choose a good one."
You'll have four choices: Donphan, the crewman, Sendack, and Matelight. Chose
the first.
Donphan: "OK! Donphan the Naive and Stalwart will approach 100 ladies in
Granbelos. See ya!"
The plan is successful. Then Donphan returns to the Fahrenheit.
Donphan: "The Naive and Stalwart Spy has come back!"
Matelight: "What's going on in the Empire?"
Donphan: "The Lady Warriors inside the Empire are not easy to deal with.
However, they're still lonely ladies when they're not in the battle. So they
are easily attracted to me, and I get most of the intelligence from them. Not
only intelligence, they deeply fall in love with me, the Spy. Okay, let me
mention the first lady I met..."
Outside Granbelos Palace
Donphan is talking with a lady warrior at the basement. Meanwhile, Palpaleos is
making an announcement to the people outside.
Palpaleos: "All citizens of Granbelos, our Emperor, Zauzer, is challenging the
Legend with his own body. Now he falls into sickness, but don't worry. Zauzer
knows about the heart of the Sacred Dragons. Our Emperor will open the door
towards the new era. Granbelos will be the conqueror of the sky!"
The citizens cheer after the announcement.
Donphan: "The ladies inside the Empire are indeed very pretty. I've infiltrated
Granbelos smoothly. You know, being a spy must be delicate, just like capturing
the heart of ladies. It is so easy to me…" Later…the 36th lady…
Donphan: "Hi, girl! It's not so good for you to just fight in the battlefield.
I really don't want such a beautiful lady to enter the battlefield."
The two ladies go the other way. Donphan follows them.
Later…the 48th lady…
Donphan: "Hi, the maiden with such beautiful red hair! I'm Donphan the Naive
and Stalwart. Let's escape this dull castle and fly into the sky. You're just
like a Princess in my dream."
Suddenly a strong man appears. Maybe he's her husband. Donphan runs away.
An Imperial General appears. She's Palsona, and her hobby is quite strange for
a general: cleaning.
Later…the 69th lady…
Donphan: "Hi, the nicest lady in Granbelos. Come with me to enjoy our lives in
the sky. I'm the captain of a really big ship, even bigger than Fahrenheit. Let
me use your name to name the ship. Could you please tell me your name?"
Palsona: "Barbeleo, General Barbeleo. If your interest fits mine, you're surely
a sweet guy. What's your interest, then?"
Barbeleo: "Beating with chains. What yours then, beating…err…what kind of man
do you like?"
Palsona: "One who practices swords with his mouth shut."
Donphan: "WHAT! I'm Donphan the Naive and Stalwart. I can approach any kind of
pretty woman. How can I miss one? Yes, what are your three sizes? How can I
contact you..."
Barbeleos has gone. At the same time, another general appears, General Arbain
who loves practicing with swords.
Donphan has approached 100 Imperial ladies, and so he leaves Granbelos.
Donphan: "I'm done with my findings. I hope the ladies miss me very much. Soon
I'll meet them in the battlefield. See ya!"
Matelight: "OK! Let's summarize our findings. Sendack, what do you think?"
Sendack: "I don't understand everything, but…Zauzer knows the heart of the
Sacred Dragons. Then again, he has sickness and can't take any action. If his
sickness is healed, he will immediately start his journey to search for the
Sacred Dragons. I think we shouldn't hesitate any more. If we don't act now,
we'll face some very fierce battles and we don't have much chance to win."
Matelight: "I see. Taicho, let's move!"
Taicho: "Zauzer knows the heart of the Sacred Dragons. We won't know when
Zauzer will take action."
Matelight goes towards the window: "Let's go get the Sacred Dragons and revive
Kahna!" Then Taicho and Matelight jump out the windows.
Hornet: "Look! It's the Empire's Secret Weapon. The Gigantic Monster is
approaching us. Go, Byuu!"
You also jump out of the window. Talk to Dr. Dragon, select the first option to
go back inside and stock up on items. Select Salamander, choose the second
option to fight.
Objective is to defeat General Palsona. Quite a large stage. To the left is a
poisonous swamp. Use healing spells to nullify its effects. There are two
narrow routes that close every other turn trapping any units. I suggest going
left. Swamp can also appear if you stand on the yellow buds.

Chapter 13: Godrand, the City of Magic
Inside the Fahrenheit
It's midnight. The Fahrenheit is approaching Godrand. It is the place of birth
for Melodia and two little devils.
Hornet: "Godrand is just over there!"
Melodia: "Wah! Wah! It's my missing Godrand. My little devils are very happy to
reach Godrand and see their friends again!"
Devil: "Manyuu."
Melodia: "Go! Go! Go to Godrand!"
Hornet: "Melodia! They shouldn't enter the bridge!"
Melodia: "OK, OK. Let's go, little devils."
Meanwhile, all other soldiers have gone to sleep. But Toulouse and Rush can't.
Toulouse: "I can't sleep. I wonder why."
Rush: "It's strange, Toulouse. Why can't we sleep?" He turns to Bikke-Bakke
Bikke: "Zzzzzzz!"
Toulouse: "Don't wake him up. He's having a good nights sleep."
Rush: "OK…Toulouse."
Toulouse: "What is it?"
Rush: "How can I say it? I've got some strange feelings when I met the people
in Hamarl."
Toulouse: "Let me guess, Rush."
Rush: "You know what I mean?"
Toulouse: "The people in Hamarl have a different look about warfare. Like
Taicho, he fights for his deceased wife. Rukia, she's strong but an attractive
lady warrior. Donphan, he always approaches ladies inside the battlefield.
Jane, she's quite pretty but she is as tough as a man."
Rush: "Yes, they're different…"
Toulouse: "When we were young, we were trained to be men!"
Rush: "I can't understand that."
Toulouse: "Neither do I." They go to bed again.
The Next Day
Talk to Sendack> Select the second option to fight. The objective is to defeat
Radia. Night battle. There are only six enemies, and they have high magic evade
even to summons. Head to head combat is best. The boss can bring back enemies
when you battle her head to head so it is safer to use magic against her. She
can cast some mean magic herself. After a while time, the flowers inside the
battlefield will produce new enemies. Save.

Chapter 14: Garuda Awakes
Inside Godrand
Melodia: "Ah! It's Godrand that I left long ago!"
Rukia: "Yes, Melodia. Why did you leave here?"
Melodia: "I wanted to ride on Dragons. Little devils, let's go back home!"
Devils: "Mannyu." They leave the scene.
Yoyo: "Wait, Melodia..." Yoyo follows them.
Matelight: "Why Godrand didn't fight against the Empire. It's just like
Campbell. It's not highly occupied by the Empire."
Rukia: "Relax, Matelight, Hamarl did fight. Jane, Donphan..." No one answers.
Sendack: "Has Donphan left the ship? He always approaches pretty ladies and is
up to mischief. I, as the Captain, should resume the order of the Rebels."
Matelight: "Don't talk such nonsense."
Sendack: "Ok, maybe I've said too much. Byuu, you're now in charge."
Taicho: "It's safe to let Byuu be in charge, isn't it?" Then Sendack, Taicho
and Matelight enter a pub.
Rukia: "Yes, Byuu, I've seen a little devil different from those in Fahrenheit.
Please take care."
Different music. Go into every home first. Talk to Yoyo last, twice. Enter the
house. Talk to the grandfather. Search the cabinet. Wagahai: "We will enter the
ship also, the dead ship." They leave the house.
Melodia's grandfather: "Oh, you're Byuu." He's a master of folk stories. "Our
family likes traveling very much. Maybe we're born to travel. Very often we go
traveling suddenly like Melodia."
Melodia: "Yes, Grandpa, I love animals and little devils very much. I've heard
from Grandpa that there're many little devils and animals in Kahna, and so I
went to Kahna."
Yoyo: "Have you heard about the Sacred Dragon lying near Godrand, then?"
Melodia's grandfather: "Of course. It's Garuda, full of fury. It is inside a
lava cave, where there are many monsters."
Melodia: "Let me call the dragons."
Melodia's grandfather: "There's an old rhyme about the little devils:
One little devil is a sense of separating;
Two little devils is a sense of fortune;
Three little devils is a sense of new ideas;
Four little devils is a sense of meeting together."
Matelight: "Right! Let's go to the cave!"
Talk to Sendack to begin battle. Objective is to defeat the Giant Moth. Two
ways, left or right or have them come to you while you pick them off with
magic. Be warned, they can do magic too. The right treasure chest is a sleep
trap. Enemies here have high HP. Avoid stepping on the lava. To get to the top
left-hand corner group of boxes, you have to cast thunder magic to break the
Yoyo: "I'll open this door. I've come, Garuda." The door is opened. As soon as
Yoyo goes in, the door is closed. "I've come, Garuda. Valitra and Livajazan are
inside my body. Please come." Suddenly Yoyo is pushed out of the chamber, and
is unconscious.
Sendack: "Why does Garuda not want to join the two dragons?"
Matelight: "Don't talk any more. Bring her back to the Fahrenheit."

Chapter 15: Battle in Hot Sand
Inside the Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit enters into a group of black clouds. There's thunder striking
outside. Hornet is drinking inside the pub. The Traveling Merchant is serving
Hornet: "Fahrenheit is passing through the thunder clouds and is heading
towards Dafila. It's a desert lagoon, sandy and hot. It's a lagoon with drying
heat. Dafila is where I lived before. Now we're traveling in this blue sky,
fighting against the Emperor, and searching for the Sacred Dragons. The anger,
sorrow, and bitterness of the Sacred Dragons are making Princess Yoyo sick.
Sacred Dragons, please tell me why you're angry, what you're suffering. The
Rebels…Matelight and the others saved me from the Empire. They're nice guys.
When I joined them, I've regained my sense of humor. They're just like you,
Zauzer. I'm still keeping your letter, Zauzer. 'Yulmungald the Sacred Dragon is
lying inside Dafila. I'll wait for you and the Rebels there.' Your character
hasn't changed one bit, am I right? After I meet you, also inside a pub like
this." (flashback)
Zauzer: "Please, Hornet, just one more time. Pick up the sword for me. I need
you very much, for my plan to conquer this world of Orelus."
Hornet: "You want to conquer the sky. The sky belongs to nobody. We only float
in the sky, leaving our troubles apart, and enjoy it. So I won't pick up the
sword again."
Zauzer: "You're afraid of war, are you not?"
Hornet: "Afraid of war? Maybe yes. Zauzer, don't hurt anybody in your life.
It'll be a brave and wise decision if I were you."
Zauzer: "Hornet, your dream is to be captain of a big ship and fly into the
sky. If you get this ship, let me join you. I'll wait until that day…"
Sola: "Hey, everyone gather around." The other soldiers gathering inside the
bridge. " Yoyo is sick. If Zauzer does come, we'll have to fight in Dafila. We
should stay alert. This is a very important time for us. Princess Yoyo will
soon become Dragnar and she's now bearing its pain. Let's be prepared."
Hornet: "We'll reach Dafila after passing this cloud."
Rush: "Countdown to brightness. 3…2…1…0!"
The clouds are gone, and light shines into the bridge. You're now free to move.
Yoyo's room is locked. When you peek inside, you only see Melodia or Rukia
winking. Talk to Hornet to begin battle. Objective is to defeat Emperor Zauzer.
Matelight: "Emperor Zauzer is over there, inside a small castle."
Taicho: "General Palpaleos is also there."
Zauzer: "Oh, it's the Rebels again. You've been fighting against my Empire for
quite a long time. I'm afraid this is your last battle. I'll certainly vanish
you Rebels here."
Palpaleos: "Emperor, did you notice that Princess Yoyo isn't there?"
Zauzer: "Maybe she's like me. I was once sick because of the Sacred Dragons.
Now it's her turn, and I'm certain I'll begin the new era."
Then the battle starts. Emperor Zauzer and General Palpaleos both have great
attack power. Zauzer can't be hit by magical attack. Sometimes there are desert
storms and you'll lose ~100 HP.
Inside Dafila
New music. There is something strange inside Dafila. Soldiers are capturing
women into a palace. A man is hiding behind a pileof pots.
Matelight: "Princess Yoyo will surely be relieved by our victory."
Taicho: "General Palpaleos is also defeated. This is reality of war."
Matelight (turning to you): "Maybe we can find something about the Sacred
Dragon here. Please look around. I'll go back to Fahrenheit." Matelight and
Taicho leave Dafila by dragon. At the same time, the man who was hiding walks
towards you.
Man: "Are you a superstar?"
If you say "Yes, I'm a superstar today," the man will say, "No, I know
nothing". If you say, "I don't know," the man will say "How can't you be a
red-hot hit. The Liberation Revolution Front is recruiting members. The
password is 'Yes, I'm a superstar today.'"
Walk around the city searching the houses. The house at bottom right-hand
corner is guarded by a young boy. "Are you a superstar?" Answer the second
option. He lets you in.
There're two ninjas hiding behind the pots. They'll join you in next chapter.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Liberation Revolution Front wants you to help them
liberate Dafila.
Leader: "There isn't any change after the Empire left. Together we will
overthrow the tyranny of the ruler here. We'll take action at night."
You join them, and wait until night comes. At night, the Liberation Revolution
Front goes out from their base towards the palace. People run out from the
palace. The ruler also runs out. You surround him.
Leader: "Catch him, Byuu!" Be patient in catching him because he runs quickly.
Once caught Dafila is liberated.

Chapter 16: Sacred Dragon Yulmungald
Voice: "Yoyo…Yoyo…Yoyo…Yoyo the Dragnar! Wake up! You've got no time to lose.
I'm the Sacred Dragon Yulmungald, waiting for you inside the desert. I'll tell
everything I know to you. We the Sacred Dragons need you very much. So, open
this door, and come to me."
Inside the Fahrenheit
Yoyo wakes up. Sola, Sendack, Matelight and Taicho surround the Princess.
Sola: "Are you all right, Princess?"
Yoyo: "The Sacred Dragon Yulmungald woke me up. I must go..."
Sola: "No, Princess, we'll find the Sacred Dragon for you."
Yoyo: "I must go. Yulmungald has something to tell me. I must go to its
Matelight: "Ah, yes! We've good news for you. We've defeated Emperor Zauzer.
Very soon our Kahna will be revived."
Taicho: "Palpaleos was also defeated. It's the cruelty of war."
Suddenly Yoyo doesn't feel well, and falls down again.
Everyone: "Princess!"
Palpaleos: "Don't worry, Yoyo! Yoyo, I've lost in the hand of the Rebels. The
Rebels are growing stronger. Byuu, Matelight, Taicho...I can't fulfill my hope
to be with you. So who have you chosen, Princess? The new era...if it comes,
I'll come to you..."
Garuda: "Yoyo the Dragnar. Is this really your ambition? This…this very small
Yoyo: "A small dream? But I can't fulfill it."
Garuda: "The girl with a small dream, why do you think so? If our power is in
your hands, everything your want will be controlled by your mind."
Yoyo: "If the world is mine…there's one thing I can't change. The human
feelings deeply rooted in my heart. This wouldn't change when I become
Garuda: "Don't be disappointed, girl. You have known our feelings, and are
controlling us. You're better than the other one who also know about our
Yoyo: "You mean Emperor Zauzer? He's now..."
Garuda: "I can feel his weak life. He's not dead. The man in your dream is also
okay... don't worry...these are the things you wanted to know, right?"
Yoyo: "Garuda, even if I can fulfill all my wishes, I still want one more
thing. Bravery, the kind of bravery I can trust, and I can rely on."
Inside Dafila
Talk to Rush.
Rush: "I don't know how to describe my feeling. I couldn't sleep last night.
I'm still thinking about last night's events. The Liberation of Dafila…this
country is changing."
Matelight: "Hey! Where's the Sacred Dragon?"
Toulouse: "Please listen, Matelight. We've taken part in the liberation of
Dafila. Now Dalifa is..."
Matelight: "I'm not concerned about those silly things. All I want know is
about the Sacred Dragons. Where is it?"
Toulouse: "Inside the palace at the end of the southern desert."
Matelight: "Okay, Yoyo will be glad to hear that."
Once free to move go right. Talk to Bikke-Bakke. Select the third option for
battle. Restructure your forces. The objective is to defeat the boss. Nice
playing screen.
Yoyo: "Yulmungald needs me now. Please let me be alone..."
Matelight: "I'll always follow your orders, Princess Yoyo."
Rush: "We're okay."
Taicho, Matelight, Sendack and you are with Yoyo. She is about to enter the
first chamber when the chamber shakes.
Yulmungald: "Yoyo the Dragnar, you have finally come. Don't hesitate. Open this
door, and come to me."
Yoyo: "Byuu, Matelight. It's dangerous to follow me. The Sacred Dragons are
full of hatred. I don't know whether I can stop this hatred. Please,
Yulmungald. Open this door. You need me, don't you? Please forgive them."
Yoyo enters the first chamber, and you follow. The door closes suddenly.
Yulmungald: "Yoyo the Dragnar. Your companions…they're protecting you,
supporting you. They won't betray you and don't have any hatred. They can even
win over us the Sacred Dragons."
You walk towards Yoyo.
Yoyo: "No, Byuu, please leave me alone inside the second chamber."
Then the second door is opened. Yoyo enters it. You follow her.
Yoyo: "Please Byuu. Protect me until the last moment." Then the door closes.
Yoyo walks towards Yulmungald: "I'm prepared now. What do you want to tell me?
I'll listen."
Yulmungald: "Yoyo the Dragnar. It's good for you to hear this story. The
beginning of all the things was long ago. The anger, sorrow, and hatred of
Sacred Dragons. Those memories, we can't forget them. It's the War among the
Sacred Dragons. It's good for all humans to listen. A time long ago, the Sacred
Dragons were fighting. We hate each other, we quarrel, and we summon one
another. Then there's nothing. We lost everything. The only thing left is
memories, the Sacred Dragon's memories. The New Era's Door...we hate it when we
hear about that. But this moment will come soon..."

Chapter 17: The Gate of the New Era
The four Sacred Dragons surround Yoyo inside her room.
Livajazan: "Why are you so impatient, Yulmungald?"
Yulmungald: "This human girl has been pushed to her limit. She lost
consciousness after gathering us and using our power."
Garuda: "But the New Era's Door hasn't opened. The Door can not be opened if
all of our power isn't gathered."
Yulmungald: "I don't understand either. Maybe this Door won't open."
Valitra: "What is Bahamut doing? It doesn't like what we're doing."
Livajazan: "Yes, if Bahamut isn't here, maybe we can avoid the mistake that
happened in the past."
Yulmungald: "Shouldn't we wait? Would the Door open?"
Valitra: "But if the Door doesn't open, this girl...no, we'll also..."
Garuda: "This human girl can't say anything. Can she be the Dragnar?"
Inside the Fahrenheit
Yoyo is still sleeping. Matelight, Taicho, Sola, and Sendack are looking after
Three little devils enter the room.
Taicho: "Rush has something to tell Matelight."
Rush: "We won't obey Matelight any more. Now we'll direct the Rebels. There's
nothing that will worry the Princess Yoyo and the others."
Then the three little devils leave the room.
Taicho: "What are they saying, Matelight?"
Matelight: "Yeah, what is the Dragon Squadron doing. Taicho, please take care
of Princess. I'll see what's going on."
Meanwhile, the Dragon Squadron has locked the door to the shops.
Rush: "Don't you see, Byuu? We've grown up since the liberation of Dafila. It
should be our time. Do you agree?" You say yes/no.
Rush: "Anyway we've grown up, but Matelight always treats us as kids. Let's do
something to show our determination. I'll be the leader. This may be the last
time we buy stuffs." You're in front of the Armor Shop. You can't return to
this shop after leaving, so think twice before you exit.
Matelight: "Hey! What're you doing. Open the door!"
Lash doesn't listen, and proceeds to the Weapon Shop.
Matelight: "You're insulting me. I...I only think of Princess Yoyo when I'm on
the battlefield. Yoyo is now..."
Lash thinks for a while, and proceeds towards the Item shop.
Matelight: "I'm crazy about Yoyo. I can't do anything without her, and so I
force you and Byuu to be far away from Princess."
Rush: "Don't listen to him! He's lying. He only wants us to obey him one more
time. Let's feed the dragons." You follow Lash to outside, but Toulouse doesn't
Rush starts to feed the dragons. (For once, someone other than Byuu feeds the
dragons). After feeding, you return inside. Suddenly the sky is shaking.
Matelight enters the shop and chases you. You go outside.
The sky is then divided into halves. There's a black portal over Fahrenheit,
sucking everything into it. Rush and you are nearly sucked in. Fortunately,
Matelight saves you and you return into Fahrenheit.
Taicho: "The Princess has awakened."
Yoyo: "The New Era's Door has just opened. The Sacred Dragons did it. They told
me in my dream..."
Matelight: "Please don't talk anymore now. Now we shall defend our ship." He
looks at you and Rush. "Hey, let's go, Byuu and Rush!"
Rush: "Matelight, we..."
The objective is to defeat the boss. Many enemies are clumped together. Use
spells. Another night battle. Some enemies do suicide attacks. The boss brings
back enemies when fighting it head to head.
The large gate over the Fahrenheit is closing.
Matelight: "Look, the gate is closing. It's dangerous here. Let's go back!"
Palpaleos: "Did you notice the change in the sky, Emperor Zauzer? Do you
understand it at all?"
Zauzer: "Palpaleos, go to the balcony and watch the sky with me, for the last
Palpaleos: "For the last time?"
Zauzer: "It's so bright. The sky is shining because of the dream and the
Palpaleos: "Zauzer..."
Zauzer: "Palpaleos, am I human? Am I the Emperor of all Humanity?"
Palpaleos: "Zauzer..."
Zauzer: "I've met a kid who's very much like me. He said, "I'll fight and
sacrifice my life for the Emperor." This Empire was built by me. Every kid born
in the Empire has a mentality to fight. They're walking the same path as mine.
This is everything I desired. Palpaleos, you have something in your mind that
you'll sacrifice your life to protect, even killing me. General Palpaleos, head
towards Kahna and join the Rebels to protect the sky."
Palpaleos: "Zauzer..."
Zauzer: "This is the order of the Emperor of Granbelos. Don't question! Go,
protect this thing inside your mind."
Palpaleos walks away, but he's still thinking about Zauzer.
Zauzer: "Brightness of the sky, do you understand the depth of darkness, the
darkness at the bottom of my heart?"

Chapter 18: The Place as Promised
The four Sacred Dragons again surround Yoyo, but this time in a strange place.
Livajazan: "Where is it?"
Garuda: "What's happened?"
Valitra: "Is the Door opened? A New Era, has it come?"
Yulmungald: "We...we can't advance any further."
Garuda: "We…we can't see what's behind the door."
Livajazan: "Are those things enemies? What's happening?"
Yulmungald: "What is Bahamut doing?"
Valitra: "What are all those things that have happened..."
Yoyo: "Wait, Sacred Dragons, are you doing this for yourselves, because I can't
become Dragnar, and I'm still a girl with a weak heart?"
Inside the Fahrenheit
You're inside the bridge, and are free to move. Talk to Rush. Check Yoyo's
room. Rush and Toulouse are at the door. The three of you peek. Matelight,
Taicho, Sola, Rukia, Sendack, and Yoyo are inside. Matelight is laughing.
Matelight: "So, Princess Yoyo, what has happened over the sky?"
Yoyo: "But the Dragon Squadron..."
Matelight: "They've just done some sort of rebellion. So I didn't let them
enter and listen to your speech. Don't worry, Princess. I beat they are
sticking their ears onto the door. So please, Princess, tell us about the
Sacred Dragons."
Yoyo: "Do you remember the Legend, about the Sacred Dragons?"
Matelight: "Of course, Princess Yoyo! My version of the Legend is: The Sacred
Dragon has defeated Granbelos; the New Era of Kahna has come. This Era will
stay forever."
Yoyo: "The Legend...the person who knows about the hearts of Sacred Dragon will
open the door towards a new era. So, the door has opened. The black hole over
the sky is the Door. The Sacred Dragons have opened it...no, they say that
they'll open it. But...nothing happened. So I..."
Suddenly Matelight remembers something: "Yeah, the second sentence of the
Legend: The person with a weak heart will bring a disaster to the sky."
Matelight is frightened. "Ta...Ta ...Taicho, ple...please go outside and
prepare for battle."
Taicho: "Hey, what are you doing? Please tell me what's wrong? Is the crack
over the sky the Door you mentioned?"
Matelight pushes Taicho away: "Shut up, Taicho! Don't say anything now!
Everyone leave!" Then he whispers to Sola, Sendack and Rukia about his
findings. Everyone is very frightened, and runs away. Matelight then locks the
Sendack is the last one to leave. He's too frightened that he can't move. He
sits on the steps of Yoyo's room, and keeps trembling.
Rush: "I'll see what's going on, Byuu. See you on Salamander."
Sendack: "The...the Sacred Dragons are very furious. Extremely furious, and
deeply furious. Am...am I trembling? I...I can't calm down. Maybe it's the
Sacred Dragon's disparaging anger. We can't stop it."
Walk out of Fahrenheit.
Dr. Dragon: "Rush is riding on Salamander. I don't know what he's planning on
doing. Meanwhile Munimuni has flown to Kahna to see what's going on there."
Ride on Salamander and join Rush to fly near the balcony of Yoyo's room.
Rush: "Fall back, Salamander. Don't go too far."
Yoyo and Matelight are on the balcony alone.
Matelight: "Isn't it strange, Princess?"
Yoyo is silent.
Matelight: "The New Era's Door shouldn't be opened right now, right? Can you
remember Bahamut, the guardian of Kahna? It's our Sacred Dragon. The Legend
can't come true until we've got Bahamut. Princess Yoyo, you should believe
every word in the Legend. Don't think that you're just an ordinary, weak girl.
You're not alone. We will always stand by your side. If there're any devils
coming out from the Outer World through the Door, we will certainly protect
you. This is our way of living, and it will never change."
Yoyo: "Thank you, Matelight. But...I feel that Bahamut is hated by other Sacred
Matelight: "Ha Ha Ha...is that all you're worrying about? Look at me. Matelight
the Hero, the Famous, and the Cavalier of Kahna. I am the human Bahamut. And
Taicho is..."
Yoyo: "Taicho is Livajazan? Then Yulmungald..."
Matelight: "Taicho is Bahamut's tail!" Yoyo laughs. "Princess Yoyo, I am such
an old-fashion and noisy man. I don't have much honor. Maybe I shouldn't be a
soldier, but I don't want to quit now. The Dragon Squadron can't take the lead
yet. Rush and Byuu... they think that they've grown up because of the Dafila
Revolution, but I think they haven't. I have a dream, Princess. I wish that
Kahna will be revived, and you will become the Empress. I will always be with
you. Yeah...I think I'm getting old like Sendack, saying the same thing again,
again, and again. If I reach that sort of status, I'll think of retirement.
Then, I believe, the Dragon Squad will take up my position and be with you all
the time. When this moment comes, when they're at the same age as mine, when
they have a wish to make Kahna a free country, I...I'll concede. I think you
also agree with my thinking, Princess. Then I'll leave Kahna, and live in a
place far, far from Kahna, just like a monk. I don't want to know what's going
on in the sky. Maybe Sendack will pass away then…
Maybe you'll like me then. You may start to remember what you said when you
were a kid, when your father wasn't dead, when I was with you, or during this
war, or the rumors of Byuu and others. Then I may trouble you very much. When I
can't stand up and protect you, I think it's time to say goodbye to my armor…
No, no, no...I shouldn't say that again and again like an old man. Okay, I'll
go back and help Taicho. One more thing, Princess, when I leave Kahna and you
wish to see me, please come alone, don't come with the new King of Kahna."
Salamander files onto the balcony. You land on the balcony while Rush flies
Yoyo: "The whole crew cares so much about me. Matelight, Byuu, and the whole
Rebel army. Yeah, Byuu, I have something I haven't told Matelight. I also have
a dream, a very small one. It's…no, I can't say it now. Right now I have to
At the same time, Munimuni returns and tells you what it has found in Kahna.
Munimuni: "The monsters coming out from the sky's crack are now surrounding the
Church of Memory in Kahna. There's an Imperial squad guarding the Church, and
they're preparing for a battle."
You down the stairs. Yoyo is sitting on the steps.
Yoyo: "Please, Byuu, protect the Church of Memory. There're numerous memories
of Kahna's lovers inside this Church. Those memories can't be lost. Can you
still remember our promise?"
Flashback when you made your promise with Yoyo outside the Church at the
beginning of the game.
Yoyo: "But...I may not keep the promise." Search Yoyo's bed for a ??? item. Go
to the bridge and talk to Hornet to battle.
Yoyo returns to the balcony again, thinking about Palpaleos. (Flashback)
Palpaleos: "Emperor Zauzer has permitted me to fly. Let's go, Princess. My
dragon is waiting outside."
Yoyo: "Please wait a few hours, until night fall." Palpaleos wishes to leave,
but is stopped by Yoyo. "You really can fly me anywhere?"
Palpaleos: "Anywhere you wish, Princess."
They ride on Palpaleos's dragon. It's faster than Salamander. They fly towards
the Church of Memory.
Palpaleos: "It's a place of memories, isn't it?"
Yoyo: "Yes...it's a place of memories. It's where all things begin."
Palpaleos: "Where all things begin?"
Yoyo: "There's a famous story about this Church."
Palpaleos: "This Church has a story?"
Yoyo: "A very famous story, but not many people know it. Once upon a time, a
pair of lovers become couples inside this Church. It was called the Church of
Palpaleos: "Once upon a time..."
Yoyo: Well, we don't have time now. I wish time would stop now..." Yoyo enters
the church. Palpaleos follows.
The objective is to defeat the boss, upper right. The boss can bring back
enemies in head to head combat. Palpaleos is on the battlefield, but he's not
your enemy. He helps you protect the Church. I recommend going left to provide
back up for Palpaleos.
There is a presenter in this battle.

Palpaleos sits outside the Church. He's tired. Yoyo walks towards him.
Matelight: "Princess..."
Taicho: "Don't go, Matelight. Please, for the sake of the Princess."
Rush: "...Let's go!" Rush leaves with Matelight and Taicho.
Talk to Sendack. Sendack also leave. Talk to Yoyo twice.
Palpaleos: "I've got something to talk with Byuu alone."
Yoyo: "Please, Byuu, take care of Palpaleos."
Palpaleos: "Please, lend me your shoulder." You enter the Church with
There're seven steps towards where Yoyo stands. Palpaleos tells you something
at each step.
Palpaleos: "Don't you know, Byuu? Sometimes you'll notice you're missing
something right at the beginning… I...I've lost a person once. I'll never
forget her. Thus I come back to this Church. I wish to make the stopped time
move again. I want to bring back the person…a wish I can't fulfill…
Byuu...You have memories of the past. But I...
No...don't say you can't understand.
Battlefield, this is battlefield. It's the battlefield between you and me. We
can't tell who's the winner until the end.
We're not alone. Matelight, Zauzer…they're also in this battlefield. Yoyo...
Okay, I can walk by my own."
Yoyo: "Thank you, Byuu. But...I can't return now. Those happy days...the war,
the Sacred Dragons…I feel very happy when I was with you. Do you understand my
words? You'll understand some day. Byuu, maybe being an adult isn't as good as
we think. We may hurt somebody, we may lose something. We can't notice them
all. As time goes by, we'll get used to it. We can't see through the future.
But the real thing we can't see through is ourselves. How can we see ourselves?
We look at other's feelings or minds. Thus we wish to be a good person."
You leave and ride Salamander. Yoyo and Palpaleos step towards the top of the
staircase, praying deeply.

Chapter 19: Farewell, Matelight!
Outside Kahna Castle
Matelight and Taicho arrive at the gate of Kahna's Castle.
Matelight: "Hey, why is Princess so late? Should we wait for her here?"
Taicho: "Men must bear all kinds of sorrow. I know what Byuu's thinking now."
Matelight: "Palpaleos is an Imperial General. He's Emperor Zauzer right hand
man. Why does Byuu believe in him?"
Taicho: "Don't you know that Palpaleos is a good guy? He's chosen by Yoyo.
We'll believe him till the end. Matelight, have you really thought about the
true meaning of war? I joined the Rebels because I wanted to liberate Hamarl.
And one more thing, I think you should know my other reason. It's for my wife
Celine. I defeated Restatto and liberated Hamarl because of her. Now I've made
it. I'm the captain, leading the whole army, and being the first one to fight.
I've defeated numerous Imperial soldiers, and I often notice the face behind
those iron armors. Maybe you haven't noticed it at all. Their faces are very
evil. Every time I pick up this battleaxe I can see those evil faces. But they
also have their belief. For the loving wife, for the respective Emperor, and
for all other things. I'm fighting, and this is a battlefield. Sometimes I'm so
scared, hoping that the war will end soon."
Palpaleos talks to you: "The enemies are headed by several Imperial Generals.
The best tactic is to deal with each one by one. Follow my advice, and we'll
win this battle."
Palpaleos says to himself: "Look, Zauzer. I've joined the Rebels."
Talk to Palpaleos to begin the battle. Restructure your forces. Your objective
is to defeat General Gudruff, upper right. There are three Imperial Generals on
the left: Barbeleo, Arbain, and Restatto. You can take the bridge or go left
using an ice spell, and take out every general. Defeat the healers first then
fight the boss. The boss has two forms. Taicho: "Hey, Matelight! The Castle is
here. Where are you going? Ah...it's the Kahna's Castle. It's much different
from Hamarl's, so much brighter. Look at those dragon statues! My it's so
Lash, Toulouse, and other Kahna soldiers appear. Talk with everyone in the
throne room. Or you could exit down. Sendack: "I'm now a strong old man. The
Sacred Dragons are roaring horribly. All things haven't ended yet. The New Era
hasn't come."
Dr. Dragon is sitting on the throne: "Congratulations, Kahna is liberated. To
celebrate that, let me show you something."
You follow him. The dragons are resting outside.
Dr. Dragon: "Do you know about mating?" Select the first, then the second
option. "It's now the mating season for the dragons. Sometimes you can't
control them because of that. Choose two dragons to mate, and they'll give
birth of a baby dragon. Go and choose now." After choosing, Dr. Dragon will
leave. At the same time, Palpaleos and Yoyo appear.
Palpaleos: "Princess Yoyo will enter Kahna Castle, escorted by the Kahna
soldiers. Shall you join me?"
A black shadow appears behind Yoyo.
Yoyo: "Who...who are you?" The shadow gives something to Yoyo. "Thank...thank
you." Turning to Palpaleos, "I'll change my clothes. I'll be back."
Palpaleos: "I'll wait for you here, Princess." You return to the Castle.
Taicho: "Hey, Byuu. Yoyo will soon enter. Stand here." Then he pushes you
towards a position next to the throne.
Palpaleos and Yoyo arrive. Palpaleos stands opposite you, while Yoyo sits on
the throne, dressed beautifully.
Yoyo: "Where is Matelight?"
Taicho: "We don't know where he is. Isn't it strange? The Revival of Kahna is
such a big event. How come he's not here?"
Yoyo: "Please listen to me, all of the Rebels. Finally I've come back to my
missing Castle of Kahna. I now announce that I'm going to be the new Empress of
Kahna. But I still think that I'm not suitable to succeed this throne yet.
Today I consider about the future of us, the Revival Army...no, the Liberation
Army of Orelus. I've discussed this with Palpaleos, who has come from the
Empire. This is my conclusion: We can't stop our fighting yet. Although we've
revived Kahna and liberated numerous lagoons on the sky, this is not the end.
The real aim of our battle is towards real peace. Our objective is to bring
peace to all people in Orelus. Until this moment comes, we still have to
Yoyo walks toward Taicho: "Don't you agree, Taicho?"
Taicho: "Affirmative. I think Matelight will also be glad to hear that,
Yoyo: "How about you, Sendack. The Sacred Dragons are on our side. They will
help us during the war."
Sendack doesn't feel good. He nods his head.
Yoyo turns to Rush and Toulouse: "Will you two follow me?"
Rush: "Absolutely!"
Toulouse: "We'll be on your side, Empress!"
Yoyo: "What about you, Byuu?" Say yes, then Yoyo returns to her throne.
Yoyo: "Okay, let's direct Orelus towards victory, towards peace. There's one
more thing to mention. I think I shouldn't intrude on Palpaleos anymore. He is
now our new companion. Emperor Zauzer has fallen sick since he knows about the
heart of the Sacred Dragon. Palpaleos became free, and he decided to join our
side. He also has the determination to protect Orelus from those monsters
coming out from the Gate."
Palpaleos: "The Empire is now controlled by General Gudruff. He'll use any kind
of means to control his people and gain victory. Time is changing, and it is
the time for a decisive battle. It will be us who will finish the Legend."
Yoyo: "Let's celebrate the revival of Kahna, and mark the beginning of a new
Melodia: "Let's dance to celebrate the revival of Kahna. There'll be a great
party outside the Castle during the night. Let's enjoy!"

At Night
There's a big party outside Kahna Castle. Palpaleos and Yoyo are the focus of
the party. (FF6 Opera House Dancing). Later on there will be fireworks.
Matelight is behind the fireworks.
Matelight: "Empress Yoyo. It's Matelight. Kahna has revived. I'm going to make
you happy tonight. Even the sky is happy. Look, flowers blossom in the night
sky. But this isn't enough. I present to you Matelight Fireworks™. Please
enjoy! Thank you, all of you."
Only Matelight and Taicho are outside the Castle. They're dancing. However,
Matelight dances with tears.
Matelight: "Is Yoyo smart?"
Taicho: "Yes. Yoyo is smart and has become strong."
Matelight: "Is Yoyo beautiful?"
Taicho: "Yes, because she wore the dress you gave to her."
Matelight: "Is Yoyo fortunate?"
Taicho: "She's a little bit unhappy because Matelight isn't here."
Matelight: "Empress Yoyo..."

Chapter 20: The Sky of Sadness
Outside Kahna Castle
After a whole night's party, everyone is very tired. You sleep outside Kahna's
Castle. Rush and Toulouse are with you. A dog wakes you up the next morning.
Rush: "Hey, whose dog is this?"
Two kids appear. They admire the Dragon Squad very much. "I wanna be in the
Dragon Squad when I grow up."
You find Bikke-Bakke on the right crying by a corner.
Bikke: "Palpaleos has joined the Dragon Squad. I'll be useless."
Toulouse: "Don't be silly. We'll always be with you."
Matelight: "Everyone! Sendack is unconscious!"
Dr. Dragon: "There's something happening on the Fahrenheit. Come back quickly!"
You follow Matelight towards Munimuni. Sola lifts up Sendack and comes toward
Inside the Fahrenheit
Rush: "Matelight is going to announce something important. Do you wanna wait
for him?"
Choose no. Exit and see the dragons. There's a new dragon outside. You go near
it, but you are stopped by its parents.
Dr. Dragon: "HEY! Don't go near it. The baby dragon was just born. Don't
disturb them now, or they'll think that you'll stealing the baby." Then he
turns to the dragons, "Calm down, calm down. He's not hurting your baby. Byuu,
try to command the new baby dragon now!"
The three Dragon Commands appears. Choose "COME", and the baby dragon comes
near you.
Dr. Dragon: "It seems that the new dragon is very obedient. You should feed
them." Depending on the breed, there will be a difference in the eyes.
Go back to the Bridge and listen to Matelight's announcement.
Matelight: "All soldiers of the Orelus Liberation Army. Sendack is OK, but he
still isn't suitable to command this ship. He has made a will, and now I'll
announce this will:
Now I appoint Byuu as the Deputy Captain of Fahrenheit. In case I'm dead, Byuu
will become the new Captain. Until I feel well again, Byuu will command this
Matelight: "Byuu, do your best." Turning to Palpaleos, "What's out next
Palpaleos: "It's the Imperial Fort, Trafalgar."
Matelight: "Do your best to help us."
Go to the center of the bridge and select the second option.
Taicho: "Hey, hey, hey! Don't go too soon. Something is missing."
Matelight: "What's missing, Taicho?"
Taicho gives Palpaleos something. Palpaleos climbs to the top of the bridge.
Palpaleos: "Look, it's the flag of the Orelus Liberation Army!"
Taicho: "OK, let's go."
Yoyo: "I can feel there's a Sacred Dragon inside this fort."
Matelight: "Yes, Empress, this fort is powered by a Sacred Dragon, an extremely
powerful one."
Taicho: "There may be traps inside this fort. We should be careful."
Palpaleos: "Zauzer, are you in this fort?"
Your objective is to defeat General Barbeleo and Arbain inside the fort. Only
after you have defeated Barbeleo will the second chamber open. Your forces are
divided, regroup as soon as possible. Defeat the center healer. Be careful of
the cannons. The gray orbs scattered around are mines, if you get close they
explode. Use thunder to destroy them.
Yoyo: "What's inside this room? Let's go in!"
Palpaleos: "Gudruff! Where's Zauzer?"
Gudruff: "Emperor Zauzer is very disappointed. Palpaleos has betrayed him. This
is the result of betrayal! Before I controlled him, his last words were "Don't
forgive Palpaleos for his betrayal!"
Palpaleos: "Shit, why would Zauzer say that?"
Gudruff: "Why? You better ask Zauzer himself! All the Rebels have gathered for
the last time. Fall with the Sacred Dragons in this blue sky, goodbye!"
Gudruff escapes through a secret passage (I hope he packed a parachute). Talk
to Yoyo. She turns into Dragnar again.
Voice: "Valitra, Livajazan, Garuda, Yulmungald, all the Sacred Dragons are
here. It's now the time for revenge. I'm the Sacred Dragon Hyperion. The girl
with a weak heart, please come here alone. Only you can suppress our fury!"
Yoyo floats, and flies toward the chamber. Then the chamber closes. You walk
near the door.
Yoyo: "Palpaleos, maybe I can't be with you, but you still have other people
like Matelight and Taicho with you. Sendack, don't go too far. Please rest.
Byuu, don't forget to feed your dragons."
Yoyo walks towards Hyperion. It is the Sacred Dragon captured by Zauzer.
Yoyo: "I understand. I'm the girl with a weak heart. I can't withstand the
Sacred Dragons' feelings and minds."
Zauzer: "Don't say that, Princess. It's not only you who has a weak heart. Come
here. Please, take the mind of Hyperion from me. Do your best to save Orelus."
Hyperion: "You two with a weak heart...you two will make the Legend come true,
directing us, the Sacred Dragons, towards a peaceful place. Dragnar, the person
who controls the Sacred Dragons, the New Era is waiting for you. The reviving
memories of the sky...the Era of the Sacred Dragons. This will come again."
After a big flash, Zauzer and Yoyo both fall down on the floor. Palpaleos
enters the chamber.
Palpaleos: "Zauzer!"
Zauzer: "Palpaleos, please...bring me...to the sky..."

. But I can't understand. What are those things? The Sacred Dragons are full of
fury. All those furies come from Bahamut. I don't understand that either. The
Sacred Dragons have something they don't want to tell us. They have hidden
memories. Maybe this is the truth of all those things. What's inside Hyperion's
mind is fighting, the war."
Zauzer falls down for the first time, but he quickly gets up.
Zauzer: "It's about the war between the Sacred Dragons. The Sacred Dragons hurt
one another, and they were bleeding. Their mind is filled with hatred and
anger, and nothing else. The battlefield was Orelus. They burnt the green
plants in Campbell; they poisoned the lakes in Hamarl. All the lagoons in this
Orelus were turned into an inferno, a living hell. Why they can't stop
fighting? It's because of Bahamut. The Guardian of Kahna is hated by all other
Sacred Dragons. Bahamut was the betrayer, Bahamut went against all rules, and
they want to kill Bahamut. This is the memory of Hyperion. But I can't
understand, about those fightings. I really can't."
Yoyo: "We don't understand about the war either. But we know about its origin."
Zauzer: "Of course. But...the anger and hatred remains burning...those memories
are deeply marked on their hearts...the battle in the past...will continue
now...towards the future... after beating Bahamut...the anger will be
buried...is this...the meaning...of the New Era?"
Zauzer falls down again.
Zauzer: "Is it like that? The other side of the door is itself the New Era. The
New Era is for the Sacred Dragons, not for us?"
Palpaleos helps Zauzer.
Zauzer: "Palpaleos, I want to see the sky with you."
Yoyo: "Palpaleos, use the balcony inside my room." Then she turns to you,
"Let's go. Don't disturb them."
Zauzer raises his arms: "I should have control of this sky, this world of
Orelus. But I've lost. The Legend won't end, in this sky with no limits."
Palpaleos: "Zauzer..."
Zauzer: "Please do me a favor. It's not because I'm the Emperor, it's my
personal wish. If I'm dead. Please...liberate me into this sky of Orelus. Let
me float onto this unlimited sky, let me float on the sea of clouds, away and
away. Then...if I'm stopped by a lagoon, a lagoon with no name, please name
this lagoon Zauzer. I can redo the thing...from the beginning."
Palpaleos: "From the beginning..."
Zauzer falls down again.
Palpaleos: "Zauzer, please don't say such sad things. Let me call the crew..."
Zauzer: "Stop! This is...the order of...the Emperor, and this is...my last
Palpaleos comes back and lifts Zauzer: "What? What's the last order?"
Zauzer: "......Don't...cry..." Then he passes away.
Talk to Sendack. Then Yoyo.
Sendack: "I'm worried about one thing. All other Sacred Dragons are very angry
of Bahamut. If we get Bahamut, there may be another war among the Dragons. This
will be devastating."
Toulouse: "Hey! The bodies of the Sacred Dragons aren't there now. They're now
living in Yoyo's body. So if there's a war, it would be inside Yoyo's body."
Taicho: "Yoyo has fallen again!"
Yoyo: "I...my fright has gone away. I'm no longer afraid of the Dragons. They
tell me that they wish to go home."
Matelight: "Where's their home?"
Yoyo: "It's a place called Altair. It's behind the Door. The Dragons are sad
because they can't get home."
Matelight: "Let's go! All ahead frank!"
Hornet: "Stop! There's someone outside."
Go left. You and Yoyo look out the window. Palpaleos is outside. He throws
Zauzer's coffin into the blue sky. Talk to Hornet to begin battle. Objective is
to defeat the mean looking boss. You are already close to the enemy. This is
going to get bloody. New battle victory music, The boss high HP. The whole back
row are healers, deal with them first with magic.
Yoyo: "Bahamut, I'm here. Last time, when I was with my father, I couldn't wake
you. I didn't know about your mind. The Sacred Dragons inside my body, face
Bahamut! If you have any anger or hatred, fight inside my body! Go Bahamut!"
Bahamut: "Dragnar Yoyo..."
Yoyo: "Dragnar? I've become Dragnar?"
Bahamut: "Exactly. Valitra...Livajazan...Garuda...Yulmungald...and Hyperion.
Their anger, their sorrow, all their feelings are in you. They can't live
without you."
Yoyo: "Please tell me. What's the real meaning of the Legend?"
DOOR TOWARDS A NEW ERA. This era is the resurrection of the Sacred Dragon. The
one who will direct us is Dragnar. This is your fate."
Yoyo: "Will you all fight again?"
Bahamut: "We're not sure. The one who directs us is you."
Yoyo: "How can I…"
Bahamut: "Link our hearts together, the hearts that are full of hatred. The
door will open when you link our hearts. Can you do that?"
Yoyo: "…I'll try! Go, Bahamut."
Matelight: "Empress Yoyo!"
Sendack: "Let's bring her back to the castle."
Yoyo: "No! Bring me to the Fahrenheit."
Palpaleos: "But..."
Yoyo: "To the Fahrenheit! We'll now start another journey. We have to open the
door, for the Sacred Dragons! Let's go to Altair. Byuu, please be ready."

Chapter 22: The Ultimate Battle
The battle is extremely difficult and time-consuming. If you level isn't high
enough, you should go to one of the three bonus chapters first to gain
experience. The name of the three bonus levels are:
1] Castle Granbelos
2] An Easy Labyrinth
3] A Difficult Labyrinth
The third one is not recommended because the boss's level is 99 while the level
of all monsters is at least 75. Do this only if you think the game is too easy.
Inside Granbelos
Soldier: "Where's Zauzer's body?"
Gudruff: "Zauzer? You'll become Zauzer!" He kills the soldier. "Let's prepare
for the funeral of Zauzer. Gather all citizens of Granbelos to mourn for our
There's a big funeral of Zauzer in Granbelos. It is an overture to the fall of
Inside the Fahrenheit
Go to Yoyo's room. Talk to her.
Yoyo: "Ah...! The Door...the Door has opened. The Sacred Dragons have
Matelight: "Empress Yoyo. Where's the Door?"
Yoyo: "Palpaleos..."
Palpaleos: "Are you well?"
Meanwhile, there's a black hole over the sky of Granbelos.
You're now in the bridge. Talk to Hornet, select the second option. Exit the
bridge, and enter the left door. Talk to Rush for a ??? item. Return to the
bridge. Go down and talk to Sendack. Go back to the bridge, talk to Hornet
twice to begin battle. Yoyo has a new battle pose.
Now for all the dialogue that I skipped.
Matelight: "It seems that the Door has opened. It's the Door to the New Era.
We'll go into the cabin to talk about that, and you'll be in charge of this
Yoyo: "The Door is…over the sky of Granbelos."
Palpaleos (surprised): "Granbelos...Byuu...please do me a favor. Please...end
the tyranny of Gudruff, and free the citizens in Granbelos for me. If you meet
Gudruff, don't hesitate to kill him. It's...for the sake of the people in
Granbelos. They should be free from all wars."
Yoyo: "I have a word for you. Please come into the cabin."
Rush: "I don't want to hear anything. Whatever they talk about, we'll soon be
in the battlefield."
Toulouse: "Yeah, you don't want to see Yoyo and Palpaleos together."
Rush: "Shut up!"
Sendack: "So you've talked with Bahamut, Empress?"
Yoyo: "Yes, the Dragons are very confused. To open the Door, the Sacred Dragons
must gather their power. They have to work together, and it is their first
time. They don't know how to do it. They want to show this fearing power to the
people of Orelus so they can start fighting against Bahamut. Actually all other
Sacred Dragons are very young. They can't really control their power. This is
what happened in the last Dragon war."
Toulouse: "People cannot control their power...that's why war happens. Many
people are sucked into war, and die."
Palpaleos: "Most people can't tell the reason for a war..."
Toulouse: "General Palpaleos! What about the war started by you?"
Palpaleos: "...to fulfill a dream..."
Toulouse: "Yup, you also can't tell!"
Palpaleos: "...perhaps. But we've learned about this war, and take up the
Toulouse: "I don't really care about responsibility. I'm now a member of the
Orelus Liberation, so we can say nothing but fight. We don't think about
Sendack: "By the way, why did the battle end?"
Yoyo: "The Door was closed. The Dragons couldn't get back to Altair. It is the
origin of their sorrow and despair. Bahamut feels that it's responsible for
that, and so it's very unhappy."
Palpaleos: "Bahamut feels he's responsible..."
Objective is to defeat Gudruff. There are three cannons in the battlefield. The
central one is the most powerful one, and has the greatest range. It can
vanquish one whole squadron in no time. First, destroy one of the smaller
cannons. The central cannon will fire if you are within 12 squares from the
cannon. Carefully control your dragons. The boss won't act until you've escaped
the central cannon.

Chapter 23: The Fall
Inside Granbelos
The Battlefield Merchant quits his job, and leaves Granbelos. You can buy
whatever you require from Rush. You are inside a corridor, which leads towards
the central chamber of the castle. When you're ready, talk to Sendack to begin
Objective is to defeat once and for all Gudruff. This battle is easier than the
last one. There are some trap switches inside the castle. Also avoid standing
in front of the statues.
The Fahrenheit is sucked into the black hole. Hornet can't control the ship.
You arrive in Altair. The sky is purple. Hornet tries to find a lagoon to land

Chapter 24: Towards the Motherland…
Walk around the Fahrenheit, and talk to everyone. Sendack says that they are
Dragonmon living in Altair. Sola's son finally reveals his real name, Orelus
(or you could have checked the character page). Stop by Yoyo's room and talk to
Palpaleos. He'll return a powerful magic rod and an armor that he plundered
when he attacked Kahna. When you're ready, talk to Hornet to begin battle.
The objective is to defeat the boss. There are a bunch of zombies on the
battlefield. The magicians can make more of them and transport them near you.
So it is imperative that you defeat the magicians. The magicians can cast
darkness magic on you, so watch out. Light Magic works well against the boss.

Chapter 25: Vagrant as Always
Your army wanders on a small lagoon. All you hear are strange voices but you
can't distinguish the origin of these voices.
Objective is to defeat the boss. Try to get to the boss as fast as possible.
Along the way use thunder magic to destroy the gargoyle statues. The boss can
turn them from stone to living flesh.

Chapter 26: Alexander, the King of the Dragons
Objective is to defeat Alexander, who remains stationary at the top of the
battlefield. It is best to stay back and let the enemies come to you. When all
the enemies are defeated, attack Alexander. Alexander's has a long range
attack, so beware when you get close to confront it.

Chapter 27: Conclusion
Talk to Matelight to begin battle. The boss is Alexander's true form, a four
headed dragon. They look almost like sketches. Take out the top right, purple
head for it has healing powers. Then take out the other heads one by one.
Enjoy the ending.

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