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Guide and Walkthrough by RandyPandy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/23/2007

by RandyPandy

Table of Contents

   I. Intro
  II. Characters
 III. Controls
  IV. Walkthrough
      a. Intro Stage
      b. Sci-Fi Stage
      c. Fantasy Stage
      d. Aquatic Stage
      e. Adventure Stage
      f. The Water Tower
      g. Ralph Mini-Stage
      h. Bonus Room
      i. Editing Room Stage
   V. Slot Machine
  VI. Game Script
      a. Opening
      b. Ending 1 (Less than 10 scenes collected)
      c. Ending 2 (At least 10 scenes collected, but not all of them)
      d. Ending 3 (All 24 scenes collected)
 VII. Fun Facts and Tips
VIII. Copyright


Pinky and the Brain have hatched another diabolical plot to take over
the world! They entered Warner Bros. Studios and have stolen the
twenty-four scenes of their latest movie. They plan to produce the
movie and sell it to make lots of money. With the money, they plan to
take over the world.

You play the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister), named Yakko,
Wacko, and Dot Warner. You have been requested by the CEO Thaddeus
Plotz of Warner Bros. Studio to recover the stolen script before Pinky
and the Brain finish their plot.

It will not be easy, as the Warner siblings have a bad reputation with
the common people. But with a little luck and Warner antics, you will
be able to recover the scenes.

I actually had a lot of fun, playing this game. I've had from the time
before I knew GameFAQs existed - and I mastered it then, too. Without
any further ado, here's the FAQ, complete with a Game Script. Enjoy!


The following characters physically appear in the game, for various

|Yakko, Wacko, and Dot Warner|

The Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) are a trio of happy-go-
lucky cartoon children that love playing tricks on people. They have a
tendency to take everything literally. Yakko is quiet, and is perhaps
the most intelligent of them, being the oldest. Wacko is almost always
hungry, and will look around for anything edible. Dot may look quite
cute, but she can use it to take advantage of others. They all look
out for each other, and will rescue each other if the need arises.

|Pinky & the Brain|

Pinky and the Brain are laboratory mice that were used in experiments.
Pinky is actually rather stupid, and only supports the real brains of
the duo, who is, unsurprisingly, Brain. Brain almosts always hatches a
plan to take over the world, which fails every time due to unforseen

|Thaddeus Plotz|

Thaddeus Plotz is the CEO of Warner Bros. Studios. He called the three
Warner siblings for help, as they are perhaps the only ones tricky
enough to be able to recover the scenes from Pinky and the Brain.

|Dr. Scratchnsniff|

Dr. Scratchnsniff is the Warner siblings' psychologist. However, what
usually happens is that they end up driving HIM crazy. He has only one
purpose in the game, and doesn't appear anywhere else.

|Hello Nurse|

The very attractive assistant of Dr. Scratchnsniff. She oftens makes
Yakko and Wacko drool over her and sometimes even jump into her arms,
while Dot taps her foot impatiently. Three guesses as to what happens
when they spot her in the game.


Ralph is a burly, not-so-intelligent security guard whose main job is
to capture the Warner siblings and lock them back in the Water Tower.
Despite the fact that the CEO told him not to, he is still on the
look-out for them and will try to catch them if he sees them.

|Rita and Runt|

Rita is a sassy cat and Runt is a rather goofy but loveable dog. The
two are very good friends. Runt, it appears, seems to think that Rita
is a dog, not a cat.

|The Gorilla|

Strangely enough, this Gorilla is in love with Rita and will be very
calm and doting around her. Rita, on the other hand, doesn't like it,
and she cling to Runt's tail as they run. If ever the Gorilla doesn't
find Rita, it will take out its anger on anything (and anyone) that it

|Mindy and Buttons|

Mindy is a three-year-old toddler who loves to wander around. However,
this can get her into trouble. Buttons is the family dog, who takes it
upon himself to protect Mindy, often getting himself severely hurt in
the process just to protect her from bodily harm.

|Count Dracula|

Originally, the Count wanted to drink Dot's blood while disposing of
Yakko and Wacko. However, they escaped, and now the Count is out for
revenge. If you happen to see him, be careful and avoid him.

|The Goodfeathers|

A trio of pidgeons that always end up having a fight. They are only in
one stage, and serve no purpose.

|Captain Mel|

Captain Mel is a pirate, and he appears to like riding octopuses. No
other information is known.


The Mime lives up to his namesake. He mimes things, and doesn't move,
even if you snatch something from him. *hint hint*

I don't believe any of the other characters in the game are official
Animaniacs characters. If I happen to be wrong, contact me. I don't
count Slappy Squirrel, Skippy Squirrel, and Chicken Boo because they
do not appear physically.


This game is played on a standard SNES.

A button: Push it twice to do the Warners' dash. Also used to enter a
B button: Jump
Y button: Pick up an item. Press it again to throw the item.
X button: Makes a stack of the available Warners. Does nothing if
          there is only one Warner sibling left.
R button: Stops the Slot Machine prematurely.
L button: Switch Warners. Actually not necessary, as I have yet to
          find out the difference between the abilities of the Warner
Up Arrow: The Warner you are controlling moves up one lane. This can
          also be used to enter any doors found.
Down Arrow: The Warner you are controlling moves down one lane.
Left Arrow: Move the Warner siblings to the right. If pushed while the
            Warners are dashing to the right, they will skid to a
Right Arrow: Move the Warner siblings to the left. If pushed while the
             Warners are dashing to the left, they will skid to a


Make sure you don't forget to change lanes! If you can't do something
I am telling you to, you may need to switch lanes. Sometimes, this
must be done in mid-jump, as well.

Intro Stage

Number of scenes: 0

Push the potted plant you see near the CEO to the right to reveal a
door. Enter the door and collect all of the coins, and then go out the
other door. Head to the right, grabbing and throwing the objects if
you want. Head up the bookshelf (whether by jumping on an object or
stacking), and drop down the other side. Head to the right to see Dr.
Scratchnsniff, who will be so startled to see you that he will fall
out the window.

Once you jump out the window, you can bounce on the cloth to grab some
coins. Once done, head to the right, break a few boxes, and grab the
fire hydrant. When Ralph begins chasing you, flee to the right until
you automatically run out of the stage and into the world map.

This is the only stage that can't be revisited.

Sci-Fi Stage

Number of scenes: 5

Head to the right, avoiding both the gaps. To avoid the scorpions that
shoot out of the egg, either change lanes or keep walking. Grab the
first three coins you see, and then, when you see a tall pillar above
you, stack. Jump up, grab the three coins, and stack again to jump up
one more time, grabbing the scene. Jump down, avoiding the scorpion.

Head further to the right, avoiding more scorpions, until you come
across a staircase with a robot dummy nearby. Dash in front of the
robot dummy four times to make it's head spin and reveal a scene. Make
sure you stop mid-dash, since going too far to the right will trigger
an alien enemy to appear.

Now head up the staircase, grabbing the coins. You can jump on top of
the red flying enemies to grab more coins, but don't fall or you'll
land in the path of the alien. Hop back and go further up the stairs.

Head to the left. You can grab the black props and throw them. You can
also dash into the trash-can robot to receive coins. Once it stops
moving, it will give out no more coins. Continue heading left.

Once you reach the door, don't enter it. Stack and climb on top of the
door. Head left until you grab some coins and the next scene. Now go
back to the door and enter it.

Dash into the wooden bar, and start running down the slope (this will
happen automatically. Jump over the balls to avoid them. For the balls
that are bouncing, simply run under them quickly. When you see a '!'
sign, get ready to jump. Jump when you are supposed to.

Then, you will end up in a small screen with Ralph. Avoid Ralph for
several seconds until you hear a space-ship. Ralph will freak out and
run away. The space-ship will beam down a light. Head into the light
to get sucked up into the space ship.

You will end up in a moving elevator. Coins will drop. Grab the coins.
Pretty soon, electricity will begin coursing through the lanes. Head
onto another lane to avoid them. Occasionally, a flying enemy will
drop scorpions. Avoid them. Then more coins will drop. Grab them, and
then you will briefly see Pinky and the Brain sitting on a flying
enemy. When the elevator stops, head through the door.

Once you head through the door, a truck will start up and begin to
move. Dash to the right, avoiding the enemies, as they will slow you
down. Once you see a pack of six oil cans, hop over them and let the
truck ram into them, starting a fire. An odd robot will also start
chasing you. You can jump onto the robot to get coins, but you can't
destroy it. Ignore it for now.

Hop over the lava pits and onto the moving tracks and continue heading
right, collecting coins along the way. Be careful of the extremely
long track with fireballs on it. Switch to another lane or jump to
avoid them. Once you reach the end, you will see three switches, and
the odd robot will begin chasing you again.

Dash into EACH switch five times, all the while avoiding the robot.
Once you do, a moving platform will come down and crush the robot,
destroying it. Make sure you are far away when this happens.

When you drop down into the next area, Ralph will drop down after you.
Dash into the black camera to reveal a door, and escape into it. Once
you finish gathering the coins, leave the secret area. Head to the
left and destroy a lone box to reveal a scene. Then head back to the
right, greet Hello Nurse, and then climb the ladder.

In the next area, the Warners you are not controlling will run away.
You will also notice a giant gear follow you. Avoid the enemies and
the small gears and head right. The platforms will allow you grab the
coins, but they can also slow you down. Be as fast as possible. At
some point, an '!' sign will appear. This means that the gear will
roll over you. Estimate where a gap in the gear will be, and dodge
their. Then the '!' sign will appear again, and the gear will head
back. Do what you did before to dodge it. 

Once you have avoided the gear, you will reach the end, where the
other Warners will be standing with Mime leaning on a cane. Grab the
Mine's cane to reveal the last scene. Then go into the door labeled
'EXIT' to finish the stage.

Fantasy Stage

Number of Scenes: 4

The stage starts with Yakko, Wacko, and Dot hopping onto a bunch of
brooms. A white rabbit that resembles the one from Alice in Wonderland
will begin to run, and using the brooms, you must keep up with him.
Trees and tree trunks WILL occasionally get in the way, so you must
change lanes to avoid them. Watch the rabbit; do what he does. In no
time at all you will be finished.

Once you have finished dealing with the white rabbit, you will find
yourself in a world of clouds, with a air creature flying in and out
of aforementioned clouds. Stand too close to the edge, and you will
fall into the clouds, which is not good. Avoid the edges if possible.
If the Warner you are controlling starts to teeter, back away as fast
as you can.

The level is auto-scrolling, so be careful. When you reach the edge of
the first platform, switch onto the lane that the red arrow is on.
When the creature comes out, jump onto the creature's back. When it
reaches another platform, jump off. Switch lanes to where the red
arrow is.

Jump back onto the creature when it appears, and just when it is about
to completely submerge, jump up, grabbing the coins, and fall onto the
creature's back as it appears again. Ride it to the third platform.
Grab the coin, and switch to the bottom lane with the arrow.

The creature will appear again, and when it does, jump onto it. But
when it starts going through the gap in the wall, jump on top of the
wall and wait until the creature submerges and comes back up. Jump on

Use the coins as a guide as the creature appears and goes under the
clouds several times before you reach land. A group of vultures will
appear. Continue going right, ignoring the vultures (they can only
knock you down for a brief second, which is okay, as long as it's not
into the clouds).

Finally, hop to the next platform, line up with the arrow, and when
the odd creature appears again, hop onto it, jump back off at the next
platform. Avoiding the vultures, hop onto the next few platforms until
you reach the last one.

Line up with the arrows, and when the creature appears, jump onto it
and then onto the three walls as it travels through them. If you are
feeling gutsy, you can try grabbing the gold coins between each plat-
form, but this is not easy to do. Hop down onto a tiny platform, and
then onto a slightly larger one.

Head to the arrow, and jump back onto the dog-like creature once more.
DON'T jump off until it passes through a wall. Trust me. =) Land back
on the dog creature until you finally reach a platform that has the
entrance to a castle on it. Take a breather if you need to, then go
into the castle.

You'll reach the third area, and it's not pretty. Apparently, the
castle is falling apart. The best you can do is walk right. Watch out,
because there are platforms to jump and deep pits. Use the coins on
the ground for guidance. Hope the three vultures right before a door,
and go in.

After passing through a castle door, head to the bottom lane and keep
going, hopping the vultures as necessary. Once you get the chance, go
onto the middle lane and keep going right. Some of the platforms are
especially tiny, so be extra careful. Head into the door.

You'll notice that the collapsing began to slow slightly, but don't
let that fool you! The castle will start collapsing even faster, and
you have no choice but to dash. It is impossible to finish it without
dashing. Dash right. Abruptly slow if you are near a slow, jump over
it, and continue dashing. Head into that door!

Finally, you are inside the main interior of a castle in Anvilania, as
evidenced by the huge giant anvils you hear. Dash past the anvil when
it goes up, and grab the bouncing coins nearby. Then head right. You
can destroy the Diamonds to create platforms, or, if you have all of
the Warners, stack and jump up to the level above.

Head back down, and dash to the right. Ralph will start chasing you.
Jump onto the horizontal cards hanging off of the wall, and use them
to bounce up. Press the A button to bounce higher. You'll see an anvil
slamming itself down. Learn the pattern, and dash underneath and past

You will see three Diamonds. Destroy them to reveal a door. Head into
the door and complete the bonus area. Once out of the bonus area, dash
past the anvil to find a small arrow platform. Don't fall. Use the
arrow platform to hop over to the right side.

Dash through all of the Diamonds and pick up the first scene on the
other side! Hop down, and get ready to run. Ralph will be waiting.
Using either Ralph or the other Warner's as a platform, get onto the
suit of armor and then onto the diamond cards. Bounce up, and while
bouncing at the top, snatch the scene in the middle.

Dodge Ralph as you fall back to the ground, dash right, and up on the
horizontal card platforms exactly like before. Dash through the other
Diamonds, and wait. Head onto the top lane. Go to the edge and jump
off to land on a card platform. While bouncing, head one lane down to
jump onto the second card platform. Then head one lane back up while
bouncing to get onto the third card platform. Finally, bounce all the
way up. Simply grab the scene which is sitting there in plain view.

Head right and fall down onto rows and rows of armor. Head right until
you see a smaller anvil (but still large enough to crush you!). Dash
past the anvil and touch the King of Spades. As soon as the King's
starts to drop, dash back to the right before the anvil falls.

The King will start to attack you. He will follow every move and lane
change you make, and you can't stun him with a dash. Basically, lure
him under the anvil (but make sure you aren't under it as it falls)
and let the anvil do the dirty work for you. Smash him with it three
times to defeat him.

When the 'EXIT' door appears, don't enter it yet. Head all the way to
the right to find the fourth and final scene. Now head back and enter
the 'EXIT' door to finish the stage!

Aquatic Stage

Number of scenes: 6

As soon as the stage starts, you'll only be able to control the first
Warner in your party and are unable to switch to any of the others. So
jump onto the log boat and push 'A' to push it to the other side. Jump
off, switch lanes, and hop onto the barrel.

You want to go right, right? =) So run LEFT while on the barrel to
move to the right. Also, grab the coins that appear. Try to grab each
one, for practice later on. I guarantee that you'll be glad to grab
some sets of coins.

Now, switch lanes and jump onto the raft and dash. Dash without a stop
because a shark will start to chase you. Jump off before the shark can
grab you.

Switch lanes and jump onto the raft at the bottom and keep moving! Hop
onto the barrel and head towards the right. Jump off, onto the raft,
and move right to another platform. See the second little raft? Jump
onto that and move left. When the coins appear, grab every one of them
to reveal a scene!

Now head right again, jumping onto the clamshells until you see yet
another raft. Head right, onto the barrel, left, and then onto the
next raft. Head right again, and onto the barrel. When the coins start
jumping out while on the barrel, grab all them to find a scene!

Grab the scene, and then jump onto the next raft. Go right, get on the
platforms, and then bounce off of the clamshells to reach a platform
with a barrel and raft. This time, head right as fast as you can with
the raft and grab the two gold coins at the end to reveal a third

Scoop of the scene, and then jump onto the raft. No matter what, DON'T
STOP MOVING THE RAFT. You have a long ways to go. When you see the
clam shell, bounce onto it to head to the next section of the stage.

You'll end up on a pirate ship. Destroy the box and grab the coins
that appear, grab the gold coin hidden by a pillar, and then head
right to find a cannon.

An octopus will appear, and you have to use the cannon to battle it.
Jump onto the cannon to fire a cannonball at the octopus. It will take
two hits to knock it down. You can only have one cannonball out at a
time, so make sure that it will hit the octopus when you fire it. If
the octopus knocks the cannon too far to the right, push it back.

The screen will start to scroll here, and there will be pirates that
will swing down on you. Try to avoid them, since, while they can't
kill you, they can knock you into the pits in this section. Look at
their shadows to see what lane they are on.

When you see the tall stacks of boxes with the gold coins, stack at
the first one and switch lanes in midair to grab the others without
falling or needing to stack again. Avoiding the holes and the pirates,
continue heading right.

Keep going until you see another cannon and octopus. Dispatch of this
octopus like you did before (three hits this time, though), but wait
until the octopus sinks completely and then jump on the cannon to fire
a cannonball into the sea. This will cause a scene to leap out from
the ocean! Grab it.

Now head right, and leap onto the waterspots. It is possible to leap
from one to the other, so use these to get to the next ship onto the

You will see a row of boxes, and if you head close enough, you WILL
see Ralph. Dash through Ralph and the box near him to reveal a secret
door. Enter the door to escape Ralph. Complete the bonus stage and
exit it.

Ralph will start chasing you the MOMENT you exit, so lure Ralph to the
right until you see more waterspouts. Jump onto the first one, and
wait for Ralph to run off of the ship and fall into the water. Then
go back until you see a bunch of crates with a small gap in between
them, with a crate that looks different from the ones beside it. Break
this crate to reveal the fifth scene.

Head back to the waterspout and get to the third pirate ship. Move
right as it starts to autoscroll, avoiding the swinging pirates. Grab
the gold coins on the stacks of boxes if you wish, and continue,
hopping over the gaps, until you reach a third octopus. This one will
take four hits to defeat.

When the octopus has been defeated, head right to enter the boss
section of the stage!

The music will change abruptly, and the cannon to battle with is very
far to the right! So push it left so you have a good angle to shoot

Then Captain Mel appears, riding on an octopus. Like the other octopi,
it can slam its tentacles down on you. However, it can also shoot out
little enemies that can paralyze you for a second. So defeat him as
soon as you can. He takes four hits to defeat. Good luck.

When the 'EXIT' door appears, don't enter it yet. Instead, run to the
right to find the sixth and final scene in this stage. Once you have
grabbed it, run back and enter the door to finish the level!

Adventure Stage

Number of Scenes: 6

Phew! Almost through. Now, in this one you have a junglelike setting,
almost like Indiana Jones. As you start, you will see Rita and Runt
running away from the Gorilla, who has hearts in her eyes. Now, as you
head right, watch out for the dinosaur feet.

Try not to slip on the banana peels as you dodge a couple more feet
until you reach a platform on the top row with coins on it. Head up
there and grab all of the coins.

When you jump down, you'll reach a section that's just littered with
banana peels, and then you will see an angry Gorilla start to chase
you. Don't let her touch you as you continue right. Once Rita and Runt
run by again, you're safe.

Grab the coins nearby and then continue until you see two fists. They
will drop down, and a small helicopter with a red guy in it will show
up and start to use the fists to attack you. Dodge the fists, until
they slam to the ground, dropping coconuts. Use the coconuts to attack
the helicopter. If the hands open, dodge right before they slam into
you. The helicopter takes six coconuts to defeat. Run from it before
the fist slam down on the helicopter, or you'll be crushed too.

Now you'll end up in a marshy place with an alligator in the water.
Follow the sign and stay as high up as you possibly can. There's a
flying machine taking pop-shots at you with a boomerang. They won't
kill you, but it could knock you into the water where the alligator
is, so be careful. If you do fall into the water, jump onto a lily pad
to bounce back up before the 'gator grabs you.

Stack to head up to a high platform, and then stack again to retrieve
the scene there. Move right, staying as far up as you can. Then you
will see a platform only one space wide, next to a bunch of like plat-
forms on a vine.

Jump onto the platforms on the vine quickly before they fall, and grab
the scene at the top. Now, head right and you will see a ladder with a
signpost next to it. Break the signpost, enter the secret area, and
leave. Dash across the bridge, since it will fall, and head into the
next area.

In this area, there are rope swings and vultures that try to knock you
away. Grab onto the rope swings and leap off to land on platforms on
other rope swings.

Then you'll land on a series of platforms that will start to collapse.
Head right quickly on them, dodging the vulture, and grab onto the
rope swing. Crash into Buttons the dog, knocking him away. Now use the
remaining rope swings to head to where the other Warners are waiting.

When Buttons comes crashing down, he will reveal a scene. Grab it and
move on to the next area.

In the next area, you find yourself in Count Dracula's castle. Go down
the stairs and enter the door. Use the trap floor to bounce yourselves
in this room to find a scene and grab it. Head right and leave this

Go down a lane to drop down to the area below, and dash underneath the
collapsing ceilings before they crush you. In the next area with the
ceiling, dash until you find a gap in the ceiling. Stay there until
the ceiling hits the ground and begins to climb back up. Then dash
through until you see rows of doors, and enter the fifth door.

Head right, and you'll see a scene. Grab it and fall down. While going
right, head DOWN a lane even though it appears you can't. Run up the
invisible staircase and grab the final scene in this level. Now push
up to leave the staircase and land in front of the door. Enter the

You'll start riding a mine cart, and Count Dracula and a bunch of
flying machines will start to hinder your progress. Dracula will swoop
down at you, and the flying machines will drop ice stalactites in your
path. Jump over all the obstacles until Dracula disappears and you
only have the stalactites to deal with.

Then Ralph appears on the tracks, and you have to dodge him as well as
the stalactites, and eventually, he'll leave you alone. Dodge the last
two stalactites and the mine cart will leave the mine and start to
head up a very long track.

Then the minecart will fall down (here, the music changes), and then
shoot up near the moon in true E.T. fashion. Then the moon falls and
you'll have to run. The easiest thing to do is to simply stay as far
down as you can, and the moon will JUST miss you.

Finally, you'll see the 'EXIT' door. Congrats, you just finished this

The Water Tower

Number of Scenes: 0

The Water Tower is only accessible if one or two Warners have been
captured. A bubble with the words 'HELP ME' will appear above it. To
rescue a Warner, head to Water Tower.

At the beginning, grab the boomerang and jump onto the balloon to
bounce onto the platform. Vultures will fly across the screen. If you
touch a vulture, you will get knocked off of the platform. Use the
boomerang to repel them. Twice, Ralph will appear to take pop shots at
you. Jump the moment he fires the water hose to avoid him. If hit, you
will fall.  You cannot attack Ralph.

Once the mini-platform stops moving, jump onto the balloons to make it
to the top of the tower. Once you reach the top of the tower, you will
have rescued the missing Warner(s)!

Fail or succeed, you will get booted back to the map stage. If you
succeed, you will return with all three Warners. Fail, and you won't
lose another Warner though.

Ralph Mini-Stage

Number of Scenes: 0

If you run into Ralph on the map, you enter a mini-stage where you
must outrun Ralph and escape. If he captures a Warner sibling, you are
placed back on them map. However, the sibling he captured is still

Run to the right as fast as you can. Switching lanes to avoid Ralph is
very helpful. Make sure you DO NOT TOUCH the Red Guys heading to the
left. You are a sitting duck if you do. Go as far as you can until the
Warners run off of the screen. If you succeed, Ralph will disappear
from the map until you enter and exit another stage.

Bonus Room

Number of Scenes: 0

The bonus room is a mini-stage that you can enter within a stage to
take a breather or grab some more coins. You can find one in every
stage except the Ralph Mini-Stage, the Water Tower Stage, and the
Editing Room Stage.

When you arrive, you will fall down onto a balloon. Hop on them to get
the coins in the air, and then fall down and head around the bottom to
find more coins. When you have collected all of the coins, head to the
right to find a ladder and door. If you have one or two Warners, head
through the door. If you have all three, climb up the ladder.

Stack, and jump through the pipes on the wall to find another hidden
area with a huge line of gold coins! Jump, grabbing the coins, and
finally head through the door. Heading through either door will take
you back to the main stage.

Editing Room Stage

Number of Scenes: 3

The Warners run into the editing room where Pinky and the Brain are
viewing the movie, and jump into the movie (they can do this, as they
are actually from the cartoon world of that world). Ralph runs in, but
doesn't find them, so he leaves.

The reel will roll, and you will find yourself in the Sci-Fi stage
once again, and you have to battle the robot again. Hit each of the
three switches five times, and get out of the way as the moving plat-
form crushes the robot.

The reel will roll again, and then you find yourself in the palace
from the Fantasy stage. Head right to find an empty purple suit of
armor. The king's head melds with the armor, and, like last time, you
have to trap the king under the anvil three times to defeat it.

The reel will roll a third time, and then you will find yourself in
the Adventure stage setting. The battle is exactly like last time;
dodge the hands, and use the coconuts to get rid of the helicopter.

Finally, the reel will roll one last time, and you will end up on the
boat with Captain Mel and his octopus. Use the cannon to defeat the
octopus again.

Then you jump out of the movie, and Pinky and the Brain finally notice
you! They hop into their robot armor and try to ram you. To avoid
them, head off the screen and you will automatically teleport to the
opposite side of the screen. After awhile, the legs retract, and they
start flying.

Here, they will do one of three things: shoot cannonballs at you, toss
a few red guys at you, or drop fireballs on you. Afterwards, they will
try to land on you.

Each time they try to land on you, they drop two nuts and bolts. After
they land, the legs will reappear, and they will try to ram you again.
Pick up a nut/bolt and throw it at them. Pick up the other one, but
don't throw it yet. When they fold up the legs and go to the air, hit
them with the second bolt. Not only will they fall out of the sky,
they will drop a scene! They will also drop another scene this way, so
don't forget!

After being hit eight times with nuts and bolts, the robot armor will
fall apart, and then explode, throwing Pinky, the Brain, and one scene
into the air. Grab the scene, and then Pinky and Brain will walk away.
Congratulations, you have beaten the game! Enjoy the ending!

Slot Machine

Every five coins will cause the slot machine to spin. A silver coin is
worth one coin, and gold coins are worth ten coins. Spins may stack,
which is good.


Yakko, Wacko, Dot
Regain every Warner sibling captured.

CEO x3
Receive a Continue.

Hello Nurse x3
Be invincible for a brief time.

Skippy Squirrel x3
Receive 20 coins.

Slappy Squirrel x3
Receive 50 coins.

Chicken Boo x3
Double the amount of coins you have.

Pinky x3
Lose 10 coins.

Brain x3
Lose half of your coins.

Ralph x3
Lose all of your coins.

Fun Facts and Tips

> Once you complete a stage, a flag will appear above it. If the flag
  is blue, that means you found all of the scenes. If the flag is
  yellow, you are missing one or more scenes.

> The Dash can destroy some props and enemies. It can temporarily buy
  you time to avoid Ralph as well.

> Breaking or pushing certain things will reveal either secret doors,
  coins, or even scenes.

> If you perform the stack while on Ralph's head, it will squash him
  for a while.

> If you see Hello Nurse in a stage, the Warner siblings you are not
  controlling will run up to her. Yakko and Wacko being drooling, and
  Dot taps her foot impatiently with a frown on her face.

> Any Warner sibling you are not controlling will still be able to
  pick up coins if the coins are on the same lane as them.

> When the game starts, you will see the CEO pointing to the right. If
  you dash into him, he will frown angrily and gesture to the right
  more sharply. This also happens if you jump on his head.

> If you see an item above but seem to simply move over it without
  touching it, you are probably in the wrong lane.

> Destroy the little red guys with the yellow tops as soon as you can
  with a dash. If they manage to get on you, they will render you

> If it seems too high to jump, call the other Warners to form the
  stack so that you can jump higher.

> There is a different ending depending on the number of scenes you

> There is small red guy wandering around on the world map. Hit him
  five times to get ten coins.

> Several themes (such as the main Animaniacs theme and Pinky and the
  Brain's theme) are taken directly from the cartoon.

> The final part of the Fantasy Stage takes part in the Animaniacs
  world of Anvilania.

> Collecting 100 coins will earn you another Continue.


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