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FAQ/Walkthrough by BowlerHatGuy

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/05/09

Oh, the wonders of this game!  I've decided to make a walkthrough for Aladdin
for several reasons:  I've never made a walkthrough, it was fun to make one,
and this is a fairly simple platforming game with a lot of secrets that I only 
recently learned about.  Hope you enjoy!

 by Ashley Carson (artisticash@msn.com)
Version 1.00
Copyright 2009 Ashley Carson

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Table of Contents
A. Characters
B. Enemies
C. Basic Controls
D. Passwords
E. Items
F. Walkthrough

ALADDIN:  Known to the Guards and higher ups of Agrabah as "Street Rat", 
Aladdin makes his way through daily life by stealing what he needs and
avoiding the guards at all costs.  One morning he comes across a beautiful 
young woman wandering the streets and decides he must meet her.  When she 
runs into some trouble with the Fruit Vendor, it's up to Aladdin to save 
the day!

JASMINE:  Tired of the Palace life, Jasmine escapes the confines of her home
to experience the normality of Agrabah.  Just when things are looking 
brighter, she's accused of stealing and must pay the price!  Who is the young  
man come to her rescue?

ABU:  Once a street-performing pickpocket, Abu befriends Aladdin in his day
to day activities.  Though Aladdin has told him that stealing more than needed
is against the rules, he can't help but fall into his old habits, which gets 
him into trouble sometimes.

JAFAR:  Royal Advisor to the Sultan, the Sorcerer Jafar has his own evil plans
to take over the universe, starting with Agrabah!  He tirelessly throws every 
curveball to Aladdin's disadvantage, hoping to shoot the boy off course.

IAGO:  Parrot sidekick and evil doer alongside Jafar, Iago wants world 
domination just as badly as his friend.  

GENIE:  Trapped in the magical lamp for ten thousand years, the Genie is all 
too happy to see Aladdin and grant his wishes.  Although he shows a kooky,
hyperactive side, all he wants is to be free.

GUARDS: There are 3 types of Guards.  The first two will have two different
abilities, while the third will have his own.  Guard 1 will run at you or, as
seen only from Stage 1, Level 2, throw barrels at you.  Guard 2 will shoot 
one arrow at you or, as seen from Stage 5, Level 1, shoot two.  Guard 3 is 
seen from Stage 5, Level 3, and Stage 6, Levels 1 and 2, and will throw a pair
of spinning swords in your direction. Use JUMP on all of them.

POTS: The first type will jump up and down, forcing you to move around
it.  Use JUMP or APPLE THROW to kill it.  The second type, seen first all
throughout the Genie levels of Stage 4, will float back and forth or up and
down, and is near harmless unless you bump into it.  The last will fly 
and hone in on you, forcing you to deal with it.  Use JUMP on it.

BATS: Only seen in Stage 2 as CAVE BATS, these are also near harmless. Use 
JUMP or APPLE THROW to kill them. Seen as SAND BATS in Stage 5, Level 1, 
these will pop up from the sand.  It's best just to JUMP on them.

SCORPIONS:  These will cling to the cave walls and floors.  Use APPLE THROW 
to kill them.

CROSSED SWORDS: First seen in Stage two and all throughout stage 6, these
enemies will either pop out from floors or walls and spin at you.  It's best
to JUMP on them.

(There are 4 different Control types in the Options, so you can toggle them
to your liking. Below are the default controls)

B: JUMP command & release button from swinging off of pegs, poles, ledges, et
cetera.  Also the main command for choosing an item in Genie's Break Time.

A: APPLE THROW command.  Aladdin can use this attack to stun or even kill
some enemies. 

Y and left/right: Aladdin will run and jump farther.

Y and opposing directional movement: If Aladdin is running forward and you
pull left, or running backwards and you pull right, he will skid to a stop.

R: After grabbing the sheet from level 1, Aladdin can float to high up items
and hard to reach places.

(There are passwords you can input from the main screen to skip to a stage of 
your choosing.


*APPLES: These weapons come in threes and are worth 10 apples.

**BREAD: Restores 1 heart to your life meter.

**TURKEY: Restores ALL hearts to your life meter.

SHEET: Allows Aladdin to hover over to high up items, hard to reach places,
and over unnecessary enemies.

LAMP: Gives you a 1UP.

GREEN GEMS: Scattered throughout the levels and are worth 1 point out of 100
towards receiving another heart on your life meter.

RED GEMS: 10 in each stage and are worth 3 points out of 100 towards 
receiving another heart on your life meter.

***GOLDEN SCARABS: Gives you Genie's Break Time, which is a chance game that
can give you ****Credits, a heart refill, 2UP, 1UP, or Genie grants a wish
(EX: If you have all hearts and they are full, Genie will give you a 3UP).

*Apples are only found in the various green vases.
**These items are found in green vases and treasure boxes.
***Golden Scarabs are only in treasure boxes.
****If you lose all lives, you will be taken to a screen where Aladdin can use
a credit, starting from where you left off and with however many hearts you had
when you died.


Start your game and move forward, destroying the first enemy of the game.
Jump up onto the vendors and attack the Jumping Pots before they have a 
chance to do the same.  When you see the first peg, stay on it for a moment
as a high-up platform comes into view. *NOTE: The higher you swing on 
something, the higher you'll go* Swing to the platform, where a green vase 
with some apples in it sits.  As you jump on the vase to retrieve the apples, 
grab your first RED GEM(1).  Grab onto the peg on you first encountered and 
collect the Green gems.  Remember, the more you collect, the more hearts you 
have!  Go back a bit to grab another vase.  Some vases will have random items,
some will have the same, set item each time you play.  Continue along vendors 
until you see another long platform at the top of the screen.  It looks high, 
but you can reach it.  The man in the window will pop out for a brief moment, 
allowing you to jump on him to reach the next platform.  It's a bit humorous 
to watch his reaction as you jump on him.  At the top is the SHEET, allowing 
you to hover over to the gems on your right.  Afterwards drop straight down 
and grab more gems, then head to the next vendor.  You're now at a structure 
with a TREASURE BOX in the middle. Inside is a new heart, so grab it!  Head 
to the top and grab the 1UP, and continue right along the ledges, destroying 
the Arrow Guard if you wish. The last ledge contains another RED GEM(2), so 
don't miss it.  Hover straight down and swing on the peg, attacking the snakes 
that slither up at you. Jump across the poles until you reach the next TREASURE 
BOX, which contains your first GOLDEN SCARAB.  These are completely optional, 
but it's nice to boost your extra lives, credits, and hearts once in a while.  
The scarab will fly around for a moment, and WILL eventually fly away if 
you're not quick enough.  Attack the Arrow Guard and grab the ledges above 
you, heading all the way up to the top to grab your second to last RED GEM(3).  
Hover down and grab the final green gems, attacking more Guards.  STOP at the 
last one at the top of the barrels!  Kill him and move into his place, then 
JUMP and hover over to your final RED GEM(4).  Touch down and finish the 

    /     |     \
   /  *   |  <3  \
  /       |       \
  |-----/   \-----|
  | 2UP|     |1UP |
  |    |     |    |
  |    |     |    |
  -----|     |-----
  \  *  \   / *   /
   \     ---     /
    \   | G |  /
Please, if someone can do a better job, I beg of you, this needs work!

<3 = Refills some hearts, but if all hearts are filled, you receive a life.
2UP = 2 new lives
1UP = 1 new life
G = Genie will give a new heart, or a 3UP if you have all 10 hearts filled.

Press any button to start the wheel, try for what it is you want, and press
any button to stop the wheel.  

STAGE 1 - Level 2
Move into the level, destroying the first Guard and hopping up onto the top
of the structure.  Jump on the vase to grab the apples that have fallen to 
the ground, and climb up onto the next structure to hit the TREASURE BOX. 
Inside is bread, so heal up if you need to.  The next structure has an Arrow
Guard, so look out! Jump on him and grab the gems, dropping straight down
onto the first Barrel Guard.  Head back up the structure and take the place
of the Arrow Guard, Jumping and hovering over to the right to reach a RED
GEM(5).  Move forward and head up the slope, taking caution as you reach
another Barrel Guard.  Wait until he throws the barrel, the jump on him and
continue upwards, attacking another Barrel Guard.  Grab the gems and head
straight down and to the left, attacking an Arrow Guard on your way to a 
TREASURE BOX, which should contain some turkey.  Grab the gems to the
right and attack an Arrow Guard and the last Barrel Guard, and collect more
gems.  WARNING: A few Arrow Guards will be in the next area.  As you 
head up the ledges and to the left, jump on guards before they take your 
hearts.  On one ledge is a 1UP, so grab it.  As you reach the last guard at
the top, kill him and take his place, hovering over to the left, and take the
last RED GEM(6).  Head to the right to finish the level.

Start the level off by grabbing whatever is in the vase(usually bread), and
jumping onto the tan fabric.  It will spring you to the top as you collect 
the gems.  You are now on the rooftops, and a guard welcomes you immediately.
Jump on him and head to the top of the small structure, hovering to the right
to grab another RED GEM(7).  Avoid the Arrow Guard and head to the next 
rooftop, where another Guard awaits.  A 1UP is nearby, so read carefully. 
Instead of heading up, head to the right and hang off the ledge of the next
rooftop, noticing the peg off to the right just a bit.  If you do it right,
you can hit Down and Right on the D-PAD, grabbing the peg just in time.  Swing 
to the 1UP and grab the next peg, launching yourself onto the rooftop above 
you.  Go back to the left for a couple of gems, then move on to the right.  
The structure's bottom ledge has a loaf of bread if you need it, then move to 
the top where a Guard meets you.  Hover to the next high ledge, grabbing 
another RED GEM(8).  Hit the next ledge then hover down, collecting the Green 
gems.  How to get that 9th gem...Wait until the middle swinging platform moves 
away from you, then hover for a moment.  Start lining yourself up with the RED 
GEM(9), and Aladdin will automatically grab the swinging platform as it reaches
him.  Pull yourself up and Reach the next rooftop.  Grab the cloth and slide 
down the line, automatically jumping on the Arrow Guard.  The last Red gem for 
Stage 1 is nearby.  Go to the right and hop onto the lowest ledge, then jump 
right off the end and hover to the right and grab the RED GEM(10)! Immediately 
float back over to the rooftop and head to the top, where another clothesline 
awaits you, as well as an Arrow Guard.  Slide down the line and kill the guard,
and PRESS B to jump high enough to grab the gems.  Finish the level.

BOSS: Fruit Vendor
Go through the level, simply destroying Guards and collecting Apples, Bread,
and Turkey when available.  When you reach the two vases side by side, be
prepared for a cut scene as you move to the right.  Jasmine!  The princess
runs away and the Fruit Vendor turns on you, ready to fight.  Believe it or
not, there is a strategy to make this end more quickly.  When you can move
again, jump off the barrel and hit the vendor with an apple.  Get just close
enough where he can take a swing at you, but far back enough that you can
dodge.  *NOTE: If you're too far away, the vendor will just shuffle towards you
until he's close enough to swing*  When he swings, he will leave his head open 
for jumping, so take advantage of the time given to you.  He will need a moment
to recover, and he will flash in and out, making him invulnerable.  Once he
solidifies himself, hit him with another apple and repeat the process, doing
this four times to kill him.  Head off to the right and finish Stage 1!
Enjoy that beautiful sound of all 10 Gems reaching the end of the scale as
Genie shows you the password to Stage 2.

Enjoy the cut scenes if you wish between stages, they're actually enjoyable.
Start the level off by watching Abu run off into the cave.  Now what's he up 
to?  The stalactite above you will eventually break off as you swing on it,
so don't stay on it too long or you'll fall into the dangers below.  The
fallen rocks will become platforms, but you can't just stand on them; you
will automatically hop on them, so aim carefully.  Move forward and collect
the gems, eventually reaching your first RED GEM(11).  Let the rocks fall as
you swing forward, then trail back to collect the prize.  Head up the ledges,
watching out for the first cave enemies, the Cave Bats.  At the top, go
off to the left to retrieve a turkey if you need more than one heart filled.
If not, go to the right and collect the bread as well as the gems, heading
down further into the cave.  Along the first platforms side is a Scorpion,
which can be avoided, but if you're up for a rather comical death, hit it
with an apple when it comes into reach.  Jump onto the platform and WAIT for 
the bat to line itself up in the gap above you.  There is a RED GEM(12) for 
you to collect.  Next is the TREASURE BOX, which contains the second GOLDEN
SCARAB.  Hit the box to release the scarab, then jump on the bat at the right
and immediately grab onto the ledge to the left. DO NOT PULL YOURSELF UP!  
Wait for the scarab to run into you, then pull up and grab the next Stalactite, 
swinging off to the right for another 1UP. If you haven't died or didn't 
receive any extra lives in the first Break Time, you should have 4-5 lives, 
well on your way to 9, the limit.  Drop down and optionally kill the scorpion, 
then start dropping bats as you jump across them.  Grab the RED GEM(13)up high, 
and don't worry about the one at the bottom of the screen; you'll be back for 
it.  Grab the stalactite at the end and wait for the rock to start shaking.  
Remember that the longer and higher you swing yourself, the higher you'll go? 
It's tricky, but it's the only way you'll get the next RED GEM(14).  If you 
don't swing high enough, you can use the other one, but you'll miss out on 
six green gems high off to the right.  If you don't want to get all Red gems, 
it won't be a big loss.  Head back to the left and onto the rocky walkway.
DO NOT stand in the middle for a long time, as the floor will collapse under 
you. This is how you get the next RED GEM(15), but jump up just as the floor 
drops. Hover down to the gem and grab the ledge, then pull yourself up.  Go to
the right and jump across the stalagmites, grabbing the last RED GEM(16),
and finally reaching that pesky monkey.  He seems excited about something...
Jump down to relish in all the gold that you won't get and watch out for the 
slumped skeleton.  As you approach him, he'll sit up straight and swing his 
swords, so wait until his head is vulnerable.  Move to the top of the next 
gold pile and HOVER as you collect the gems, because at the bottom a pair of 
Crossed Swords will leap from the ground and start walking around.  Another 
pair will leap up from the top of the pile you were just on, so attack both 
by jumping.  Head forward and attack one more Crossed Sword, then meet Carpet
and enjoy a Break Time.

As Abu travels by magic carpet, you are forced to trek through the caves by
foot. Fantastic. Hop onto the logs and jump on the nearby Cave Bats, grabbing
the RED GEM(17). Move along and jump on the next bat to reach another RED
GEM(18), and swing across the rocks to a high ledge.  Attack another bat
and grab the bread if needed, then hover down towards the hanging rope. As
you grab it, the logs will float by, and the hanging rock to your right will
move up into a hole, allowing you to pass by.  Drop onto the next available
log and crouch as the rock comes back down.  Just as the log reaches the 
downwards slope, jump up and grab the RED GEM(19) and other gems.  Hop onto 
the nearby ledges and head all the way up to the top, where you can go off
to the left and reach that 1UP you were wondering how to reach earlier.  Go
back down and hop onto another log, crouching as you reach the tiny, sharp 
rocks.  Grab the rope and wait patiently for the rock to disappear, then slide 
under and grab more gems, finally reaching safe land.  Hmmm, I wonder what's
coming next...pass the statue with the tempting jewel and stop at the wall
leading upwards. A moderately sized boulder comes crashing down, just 
whizzing past your head.  There are more to come, so tread carefully.  You can
either jump on them at the right time or simply jump over them.  Grab the 
gem on the ledge, then wait for the next boulder to fall. FOLLOW IT DOWN! 
Yes, there is a path down there.  Hover down and collect the gems, landing
on one of the floating logs.  Hit the bat with an APPLE THROW and grab the
last RED GEM(20) of stage 2.  Stay on the logs until you reach a ledge with 
a heart encased in a sphere.  This will increase your life meter by one, and
by now you should be working on your second row of hearts, if not the last
heart in row one.  Jump up the stairs, avoiding the boulders, and head up the
slope to the right.  The lamp! Suddenly Aladdin notices Abu down at the 
bottom, and Carpet's attempts to stop the little monkey.  Too late! The 
tiger rumbles out Aladdin's impending doom, and the scene ends.  Time to 
leave now! 

You will now be forced to retrieve all Red gems from this level, as you'll
be too busy trying to escape an angry lava wave in the next one, so do
your best!  This level will move as you do, so if you miss something, it'll
soon be out of range. *NOTE: If you move too far backwards, you will die,
and if you accidentally fall into the lava and fall again into it while you
are flashing, again you will die*  Move forward and let the scene pan out to 
get your proper footing.  A fireball will shoot out from the first gap in the 
pathway, so let it go under the lava before passing.  Afterwards you'll reach 
a small piece of land that will start shaking.  A: If you're on it, DON'T GET 
OFF!  B: If you moved past it, get back on, as it will shoot you up towards the 
green gems.  Pay attention, as all of these geysers will help you reach items
Aladdin can't get by himself, plus reach the end of the level.  Grab the RED 
GEM(21) near the top of the screen and swing towards the next part of the
level.  To get the RED GEM(22), skid to the edge of the pillar and hang there
momentarily while Aladdin's body scoops it up, the pull yourself back up into
the level.  Grab more gems and swing across the stalactites, eventually 
reaching another RED GEM(23) on a pillar that rises and falls from the lava.
Move along the level and swing across more rocks, grabbing another RED 
GEM(24).  Watch out for the two mini fireballs that pop out at you and 
continue onwards, collecting gems.  Soon you will reach a TREASURE BOX that
holds some bread if you need it.  A little further ahead is another TREASURE
BOX, which contains the GOLDEN SCARAB. Once you open it, jump back onto the
open part of the box and wait for the scarab to fly overhead.  When you reach
the next red gem, crouch for a moment as the fireball passes over you.
Straighten yourself and skid to the edge, grabbing the RED GEM(25).  Next,
hover over to grab the next few gems and wait for another fireball to pass 
over you.  The triangular formation is the key to your next red gem. Jump on
it once the area is momentarily clear of fireballs, pressing B just as you 
hit it. Vault to the left and grab the RED GEM(26).  To save time, but also
waste a heart, you can always wait for the fireball to rise, run into it, and 
you'll fly straight at the gem.  If you want.  The next one is tricky. Pass the
geyser and hover straight down to the RED GEM(27).  You might automatically
hit the triangle formation and not get it, so it's best to risk another heart
and fall into the lava to retrieve it, as long as you can manage to grab
the formation right after.  Move along and jump onto the next geyser, letting
it shoot you to the top.  Hover to the next RED GEM(28) and swing across the 
stalactite to reach the next pillar.  Hover to the next geyser, grabbing the
RED GEM(29) along the way.  Jump onto the next pillar and wait for the moving
pillar to reach the RED GEM(30).  Hop onto the final pillar and float over to 
the ledge, where a few earned 1UPs, credits, or wishes are awaiting you.

There is nothing to gain here, except maybe satisfaction that you just 
out flew a massive wave of lava.  The layout for this level is simple: DO NOT
touch the cave walls under any circumstances, as Carpet will smash into them
and take Aladdin with him into the lava.  Not fun.  Occasionally you will meet
a falling boulder or two, so be careful.  I have mapped out what to look for,
a simple diagram of the cave.  You might not need it, but I had fun making it.

-----    --    -----      ---    -----          -------      ---------      -
     \  /  \  /     \    /   \  /     \        /       \    /         \    /
      \/    \/       \  /     \/  /-\  \      /         \  /           \  /
                      \/         /   \  \    /           \/             \/ 
 X(Start)                       /     \  \--/
        /\       /\            /       \             /-\            /-\
--------  -------  ------------         -------------   ------------   ------

----      ------      ---------    -------                                 |
    \    /      \    /         \  /      |---------      -------------------
     \  /  /-\   \  /   /-\     \/                 \    /        
      \/  /   \   \/   /   \                        \--/   /-\     X(FINISH)
         /     \      /     \            |-------\        /   \        -----
        /       \    /       \           |        \      /     \      /    |
--------         ----         ------------         ------       ------     |

I wished I could've made it all on one line, but it was fun! How did you do?

After meeting the Genie, Aladdin is taken into the lamp to see what wonders
the genie can create.  Start the level by jumping on the Floating Pots and
collecting the gems, then continue along the Floating Genie platforms and
grab more gems.  The green vase at the beginning contains apples, and grab
the bread if you need it.  This level is pretty straightforward, so the
first RED GEM(31) is easy to spot, as well as the RED GEM(32) next to it.
For the easiest route in acquiring them, simply jump on the pots to reach
them and bounce back to safety at the same time.  Once on the giant Genie arm,
wait for Genie himself to appear.  He will start conjuring up a safe route 
across the clouds, and what he makes depends on how many lives you have.
For example, if you have 0-1 extra lives, he will only make little clouds.
If you have 7-9 extra lives, his path will consist of clouds, balloons to 
swing on, and cards to bounce off of.  If you've been doing well, this should
be the path.  If not, there are plenty of lamps ahead!  Jump across the 
platforms and swing on the first peg.  Swing to the next peg and vault 
yourself straight up to reach the RED GEM(33).  Reach the walkway and finish
the level.

Start jumping on or swinging across balloons, grabbing the gems and destroying
the occasional enemies.  Once you reach the downward slope, grab the gems 
and RED GEM(34), swinging across more balloons.  Don't stay on them too long;
the spikes at the top will pop the balloons.  Hop across the gem pillars, 
finally hooking onto a peg with a TREASURE BOX below.  Open the box and grab
the next peg, staying there until the GOLDEN SCARAB touches you.  Wait for the
small tornados to pass, then grab more gems and another RED GEM(35).  For the
next RED GEM(36), either wait for the Floating Pot to line itself up with the
gem and bounce on it, or bounce on the enemy and hover down to the gem. 
Continue across the board and destroy more enemies, reaching a pillar.  Wait
for the Floating Pot to hover under the last RED GEM(37), then jump on it and
hover over to the walkway.  Enjoy your break!

This is an odd level indeed! You will start on a Genie tongue.  Jump onto the
first one above you and wait for it to move, lining up with the next one.  You
won't have to worry about the Red gems for a while, so ease your way up to 
the top, bashing enemies and collecting gems.  Hopefully you'll earn a heart
or two, depending on how many you've collected.  Eventually you'll reach a
set of genie-shaped springs, so bounce your way to the top at last.  Head to 
the right and put on your quick-reflex cap.  The genie boxes that hover before
you will fall a moment after you stand on them, so make your way across the
level quickly.  The first RED GEM(38) will be in plain view, but the box
below it will start to fall, so hover to the next box and continue on.  The
next section is a bit of an intermission, consisting of only balloons and 
boxes.  When you reach the tan platform, STOP! Wait for the Floating Pot to
level itself with the box, then hop onto it and jump onto the box, grabbing
another RED GEM(39).  The last gem is unfortunately floating in mid air, so as
you step onto the last box, hurry and hover over to the gem and back over to 
the end of the level.  Stage 4 complete!

This was an interesting filler stage.  You are now in search of Abu once again
after trying to rescue him from falling off of Carpet.  Move forward onto the
ledges and up onto the snake heads.  Above and to the left is a little hole
that holds a loaf of bread if you need it.  Continue along the snake heads and
reach another hole up to the right, where the first RED GEM(41)lies.  Hover 
straight down and watch a Sand Bat make its appearance.  As stated from the
beginning, it's best to jump on these, or even avoid them if you feel like
it.  Watch your footing though, the sands falling from the snake mouths will
give you a disadvantage.  Continue on, destroying or avoiding more Sand Bats.
Ahead is the first Arrow Guard that shoots two arrows, indicated by his
purple uniform.  Jump on him and grab onto the ledge next to the RED GEM(42).
Pull yourself up and over to the next ledge, where some green gems sit in a
vertical row.  *NOTE: You may skip this next sentence, I am only showing
where more green gems are*  Grab the ledge to the left and head across the
snake heads, grabbing a few pretty green gems.  Retrace your steps to a 
green vase, where more apples lie, as well as a TREASURE BOX.  Time this next
step CAREFULLY.  Open the box to release the GOLDEN SCARAB and immediately 
head right.  Avoid the sudden Sand Bat entirely, as he will throw you off if
you're not careful.  Watch for the swinging chain and grab it once it comes
into view.  Swing all the way to the top and grab onto the ledge holding the
chain you just came from, holding your position until the scarab runs into
you.  Climb up and jump left across the snake head to hover over to the next 
RED GEM(43).  Stay along the top of the screen, as there are a few valuables
that need collecting.  The next RED GEM(44) is in plain view on a platform
right next to a snake head, and higher up are some gems and a TREASURE BOX
that holds some turkey.  Drop straight down from the ledge with the treasure
box to collect some gems and destroy an Arrow Guard to avoid a problem with
getting a gem in a moment.  Head back up to the treasure box platform and jump
off the end, hovering as far over as you can until you reach the last RED 
GEM(45) of this level. *This took me forever to find!*  Continue to hover down
and land carefully on the sandy platforms.  To reach the end safely, simply 
jump up and hover again over to the end of the level. PHEW! Time to play Break 

Jump on the first Jumping Pot to reach the first RED GEM(46), and continue
along the level.  When you reach the peg, wait for the two sharpened objects
to separate before swinging through them.  Watch your footing as you encounter
another Arrow Guard watching over a TREASURE BOX.  Jump on him and open the
box, revealing a lovely encased heart. You should only need a couple more if
you haven't gotten all ten yet.  Read this next part carefully.  When you go
for the next RED GEM(47), make sure you jump straight back up onto the ledge,
as the small platform will collapse under your weight.  Grab onto the ledge to 
the left and WAIT for the Sand Bats to pass you by as you move up the sandy 
stairs.  When you reach the last step, face left and swing on the peg to see 
another TREASURE BOX.  Inside is another 1UP, and one of the last few you'll 
see, so make sure you don't miss out.  Go across the right and jump on the 
vase to grab some apples, which you'll be needing a few of soon.  Jump
across the moving snake heads carefully, taking care not to fall into the 
spike pit below.  The next RED GEM(48), is in plain view, just wait for the
snake head to move under it, and read on carefully.  When you reach the
platform with the vertical line of green gems, wait for the snake heads in 
front of you to move to the lower part of their cycle.  This will make it
easier to grab the last RED GEM(49)of this level.  There is one more to grab.
Jump on the last set of snake heads, watching out for the sharpened object.

This level is pretty simple, and you won't have to worry about the gem until
the end.  Make your way across the ruins, taking care to swing across the
chains when they're high enough for you to not touch the spikes below. 
Destroy all the Arrow Guards, as they will pose a problem as you swing past
them.  When you reach the set of chains that are very close to each other
and you can see two green gems of the same nature, hop onto the walkway and 
prepare for a new enemy.  The Sword Swinger will hone his swords in on you, so 
it's best to take him out quickly by jumping on him.  The first pillar just 
behind him hides the last RED GEM(50), so you might want to turn up the volume
to hear the chime, or watch for either the sparkles around Aladdin or the 
change of gem number at the top.  Just make sure you have it, as not seeing it
can be overlooked even if you know it's there. Head right into an extravagant 
set up, where a Sphinx head suddenly materialized before you and leaps to the 
floor. Boss time? NO, it's only Abu and his sneaky ways!  Jump on him, enjoying
his rather dazed behavior, then head to the left and finish the level, leaving
the dark ruins behind you.

A tricky level indeed...Since I have finally mastered finding all 10 gems, I
would be more than happy to make you a video on youtube to show you exactly 
where they are. I'll start with this chart below, the * being you and the X's
being the gems.
*NOTE: You'll be on carpet, so make sure you have a steady hand during all
of this, as one false move could over- or undershoot you away from the gem.
If you don't want to get all of them, simply enjoy the music and grab
whichever gems you feel like grabbing until the end of the level.

 *Start                             X       X
         X    X                                 
                   X         X          X                     X
                                                                    TOTAL: 60
                         X                                            *Finish

Again, mediocre virtual art seems to be my forte. I'm sure there are videos
already streaming this completed Stage, and I'd be better at making one
myself than this, so enjoy for now. Just email me to request one!

Aladdin must now fight his way through all of Jafar's guards to reach the evil
sorcerer himself!  Head forward and watch out for the Sword Swinger.  Jump on 
his first set of swords and grab the RED GEM(61), the jump on him to avoid
more sword slinging.  As you head up to the TREASURE BOX, watch out for the
Flying Pot that will chase you down.  Jump on it and head forward, jumping on
another pot and HOVERING over to the next RED GEM(62) peeking out from the 
pillar.  Stamp on the large guard and start you way across the moving 
platforms, watching for more Flying Pots. When you see the RED GEM(63) at the
bottom of the screen, jump on the Flying Pot and hover down.  As soon as you 
reach the gem, hover quickly over to the platform, which hopefully should be
near the bottom now.  Kill the Sword Slinger ahead and grab the gems if you
wish, and watch out for the swords in the wall.  Jump on them as soon as they 
reach the ground, for some will spin at you immediately.  To get the next RED
GEM(64), wait for the Sword Swinger to throw his first set, and then jump on
the next throw, because he’ll shoot his attack diagonally so you can grab the
gem.  Attack two more Crossed Swords and stop for a moment just after the 
second green vase you see.  To your right a large, spiked object on a chain 
will fall and raise again, so move under it when it retreats.  Jump back onto
it and wait for it to rise, jumping on the second one on front of you.  When
that one rises, jump up and grab the RED GEM(65), and continue on to swing
along the pegs.  *NOTE: The snake heads you see can be jumped on, but they
will disappear into the holes in the wall for a few moments, so keep moving
forward*  Grab onto the ledge with the extra live and pull up only when the
spiked object raises itself, then jump onto it as it lowers.  Jump on the
snake heads and grab the gems, then head over the small wall, meeting an
Arrow Guard along the way.  Head up the stairs to finish the level.

Move forward a little, not quite going downstairs yet.  As soon as you see
Iago move back immediately, as he is the only way to get the RED GEM(66).
Move down into the level, destroying guards and more Iagos.  Be careful;
they will drop the skulls they are carrying, and the skulls will bounce
around in a random pattern.  They can be overlooked, but don’t bump
into them.  When you reach the wide open area, jump on BOTH sets of the
Sword Swinger’s attacks and HOVER afterwards.  When he throws diagonally,
Continue to hover as you go higher, eventually reaching another RED
GEM(67).  DO NOT KILL THE GUARD YET!  Repeat the process on the other side,
grabbing another RED GEM(68), then move downstairs.  As you do, run right
up to the Arrow Guards and crouch as they shoot their arrows, then jump up
and swing on the lanterns right above them.  Continue on until you reach a
TREASURE BOX containing the last GOLDEN SCARAB of the game.  Jump on the 
Sword Swinger ahead and grab the scarab, finishing the level.  Almost there!

Start the level off by dazing the Arrow Guard with an apple, then jumping on
him and watching for an Iago. Swing along the pegs and attack more enemies
until you reach a high wall.  Attack the guard as he runs at you and go 
forward, STOPPING as you reach the end of the wall.  A huge fire rages up and
down, slowing down your progress.  Wait until the fire reaches the bottom, then
rush forward and grab the RED GEM(69).  Quickly leap onto the moving platforms
and up onto the walkway, running forward and jumping at the platform with the
TREASURE BOX on it.  Stun the guard across from you and open the box, grabbing
the final 1UP of the game.  Swing along more pegs and platforms, jumping on
green vases when the fire is low enough.  Watch out for a set of Crossed Swords
when you reach an area with a low ceiling, and continue on to a long ledge.  In 
front of you is a platform moving on a track, and above you is a level to pull 
to alter the track.  Grab the leer and watch as the platform goes to a higher, 
safer track, and jump on it.  Moving towards a high pillar with a green vase on 
it.  It contains some turkey, so heal up if you need to.  Next you’ll reach
an area with two levers for the platform, so pull the one on the left and 
safely move away from the fire.  When you jump onto the top of a very high 
wall, STOP for a moment, as the last RED GEM(70)of the game is near.  Just as 
your feet leave the top of the wall, hover all the way over to the red gem
near the top of the screen.  If you jump too soon, you’ll hover just under it
and miss it.  Jump on the treasure box and heal up, then collect the last few
green gems.  Jafar is waiting for you in the next area.

Jafar will start off with one of two options.  A: He will conjure up a set of
Jumping Pots, which you have to jump on to reach him.  As the very first pot on 
the left side of the screen floats down just above your head, jump on it and
vault yourself to the right, where Jafar will be heading your way.  B: He will
start the battle by moving to the middle and throwing down his Scepter, which 
you will then jump on as he swoops down and to the other side of the room.  
Jump on him as he reaches the middle.  Either way, both will end like this if
you hit him.  He will then send down three lightning bolts in three specific
1)The left side of the screen - where you stand when he sends down the Jumping 
2)The middle of the screen - where you stand when he sends down his Scepter
3)The right side of the screen – where you stand when Jafar is getting ready to
swoop down from the left side of the screen (NOTE: For this, wait for him to 
be just before center when you jump at him, or you will run into him).
If you get hit, Jafar will just repeat his last attack, and you will switch 
numbers 1 and 3, as the middle will always stay the same.  Hit Jafar six times
to defeat him, then move to the far right and finish the level, gaining your
last password.

You’ve made it to the end!  Open the TREASURE BOX for the last turkey and move
into the next area.  Jafar will disappear before the room starts shaking, and
suddenly you find yourself standing on a giant snake!  Stand back to the far
left as the battle starts IF Jafar moves in on you (I’ve run though times 
where he stays on the right side at the beginning.)  Watch for him to throw his
head back and watch for him to odd little spheres.  You can either jump on them
to jump onto Jafar’s head or avoid them to not risk a heart loss.  Once you 
first jump on him, his body will start to drastically move up and down, so make
sure you hover when his body goes under the fire.  You can take this time to 
jump on him as his body reaches the top of the screen.  Soon he will duck down
and lunge at you, giving you another opportunity to hit him.  His body will 
move up and down AGAIN, so let him have it.  Afterwards he’ll calm down and 
shoot two more spheres at you, and you’ll repeat the process.  Hit him eight
times to defeat the most powerful Sorcerer in all the land.  Make that Former
Sorcerer.  Enjoy the famous final scenes and credits, you have definitely 
earned it.  On a special note, you can receive a couple of different types
of credits depending on how many gems you collected:

0-50 RED GEMS = Magic Carpet Ride Ending, where Aladdin and Jasmine are seen
flying on the Magic Carpet across the sky.

51-70 RED GEMS = Sage Replay Ending, where Aladdin is seen throughout 
different stages collecting items, gems, and beating the baddies.


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