Review by Bluffnix

Reviewed: 08/22/05

ActRaiser, with a terrible twist.

The first ActRaiser impressed gamers by it's unique style and different game play. ActRaiser 2 is the sequel to the ever-popular ActRaiser, so it's to no surprise that ActRaiser 2 has the same qualities if not even some more features to that of the first one. The intense action sequences are just as great if not better than the first, but the building sequences where you take care and build the towns up were completely taken out of the game. Something that made the first game unique. You now control a really buff super hero looking type of person, rather than a regular knight looking person. I like this person better than the one in the first one. You can also fly a bit because your character also has wings! The added features to the action sequences are a plus, but it would be a really boring game other wise if they left it like it was in the first one. However, the fact that they took out the building portion of the game really hit a flat note.

Your character may look heroic, but what's not heroic is how he controls. He can fly which is a major plus but you can't control your character mid-flight and this can cause some unnecessary deaths. Especially against bosses. Most of the bosses early on in the game are surprisingly tough too. Something that is very frustrating especially for beginner gamers. Later on in the game, the strategy you have to use to kill these later bosses seems easier, but getting to them is the frustrating part. The game play is definitely one thing that Enix could've improved on in this game.

ActRaiser 2 features graphics that are even better than the first one, and if you don't know, ActRaiser has some pretty outstanding graphics. Everything is nicely displayed and each level has its own unique look to it. The monsters were well thought-out and designed and the game features some pretty killer animations.

The music portion of this game is still, truly remarkable. The music made for this game is better than the first ActRaiser's. Something I didn't think would or could be possible. The sound portion is just as great. Most of the sound effects have returned, as well as a few new ones. That sound your hero makes when he attacks is the most memorable and it returns as well.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this game to a beginner gamer. It's way to frustrating and difficult for your average gamer. I would only recommend playing it if you've played the first one and if you're fairly confident you have what it takes to play through it without smashing your controller.

Rating: 5

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